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room was quiet and sullen, the next it was boisterous and proud. The evening started with loudspeakers pumping old-school Whitney Houston and by midnight everyone was swag surfing. Why? Despite racism, racism, racism and more racism mixed with a secret recipe of eleven herbs and spices of Southern white male incompetence, Stacey Abrams is probably going into a runoff against Republican Brian Kemp. Given everything her campaign has faced this election season, that in and of itself is a victory. Abrams, the Yale-educated lawyer, author, Spelman grad and Democratic nominee who could be the first black woman elected governor in American history had an uphill battle. Yes, it’s Georgia and it’s a Red State but the real fight was because she was running against Kemp who was double dipping as a candidate for governor while still serving as Secretary of State, overseeing the election. That means he sent flunkies out to eliminate polling places for black voters  in Randolph County two months ago. That means  he got sued and lost twice  in the last week for blocking voters and registrations. That means on Election Day there were various reports of voting machine problems primarily in majority black Democratic districts. The most egregious was an elementary school in Snellville, Ga., where electric voting machines were not provided with power cords on Election Day. Power cords. In Georgia. The state where Home Depot was founded. You can literally buy power cords anywhere in Georgia, I think you get a free one when you sign up for your open carry license at Sunday service. Yet somehow election officials didn’t have any to begin Election Day in a majority black voting precinct. 

We Can Do All Night: Talking RunTHThis IS offs and Racism at the Stacey Abrams 3. S Watch Party in Atlanta SMACAN L O

area now formally faces charges she communicated threats and misused the 911 emergency network. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police tell news outlets that 51-year-old Susan Westwood was served with outstanding warrants Saturday after contacting police in coastal Sunset RTP GO Beach. Westwood disappeared after the Oct. 19 incident in HON WIT her apartment complex’s parking lot. H YO E. LOSviral of her berating black neighbors she Video cer iwent U ANG they waited for AAA. Leisa and s R G didn’t recognize s r a uingwhile Bloo TAB c EL baby called dlig e Jones h S to report Westwood was Mary Garris : t L whil thpolice e sta Etwice Film and ET O harassing w Rev Bam te pr (AP) _ A e a them. s ie i r Baker e w p s R r p iso ondi 911, Tues egnaalso Bak Westwood the she alifdispatcher sfield syste C e nt. Scalled ng to ntelling ornWestwood d Fres rsfield a y m a i would pay $2,500 “to get them out of here.” no S Nat a i r a n a a iv c fi f h Bake if were te sh daddy” o gh Bas tate M e Na Cothe ketb m alsoasasked e oglewomen rsfiel Coogvisiting e say rrection etwe r“baby all C n’s Hea ed keshe le fil t btheir oac d d s s she offi e and if needs to show her concealed weapon. a . f h d n e y o dad tiona r a le s she i or We iscrimnmates w lost he ss str l t o I n w l w FRE d E! s enu titu asn the C ill Reap inati hen s offi onseq on la he anot ’t possib tion in ous posi cials sh uence wsui her p le an Teha s tion e w t as p chap d sh at th ositi Env W r e i o e iron e ’d . g n h C S Just n w men e h w h a a n h a lifo es nt ith ve il s Facinice Issu tal “lost e runnin he was a lower to eithe ays she rnia Co and Res g Kern es iden w rrec s r g h ts Co. e s a t a v s ake l Dep er bab to sto en m lary. eave told tha a y p o r t n d m a t u tion or ac h t Opinion Sta did nent of C e to a p fight be s pregn cept : Poli l t a a w o o to 2 rbucks ce R n c r t e t e r C , e imm n eco e har Blac CEO in Fa ging IC mmen ediat ctions a tal rupt n inmat Coogle kM tal C E Ag d en AApolog es n nd C ure.” ely c rash ents fell rres izes omm(AP) d laPublic OKLAHOMA CITY –m Oklahoma The aCity om ted ter a C ent its u a new headquarters after n Supporters cheer for Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams as se addresses the Schools is considering naming l ifo ity on e law toReintegrate crowd at an election watch party on November 6, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. Abrams and her op- woman who organized civil rightsthsit-ins habi rnia city litaShe s u businesses. it. riff ponent, Republican Brian Kemp, are in a tight race that is too close to call. ASayrunoff for Georgia’s s You Naming the future administrative building after the Urg He Wa ngbloo governor is likely. (Photo: Jessica McGowan/Getty Images) d in Kill g Any s Not late Clara Luper is on a school board meeting agenda for Inm o n e ates to later this month. Luper was a teacher and activist who led “Meet C EO & 13 youths in peaceful protests against segregation in drug Foun stores. The 1958 sit-ins preceded the 1960 demonstration der o f in Greensboro, North Carolina, which is often considered “ Ra the start of the civil rights movement. mpa Num ge T The state has honored the Oklahoma City NAACP A Q ber On akes uiet e Youth Council this year for the 60th anniversary of the local Plac from e demonstration, including the Tulsa-based Woody Guthrie Center awarding Luper and the surviving members of the Bey group its Changing World Prize for 2018. onc $ e

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OK City Schools May Name HQ for Civil Rights Leader

By COLLIN BINKLEY Associated Press Kevyn Perkins stopped cold when he saw the letters scrawled on the door to his dorm: “N----- go back” it said, inked in messy red marker. First he was blinded by confusion. Then rage. And then all he could think about was dropping out, finding a new school, escaping for good. “I thought maybe I don’t belong here. So I called my brother and I said, “pick me up,” said Perkins, 19, a

“It is like a cancer to our society” Velm

freshman at the University of St. Thomas, a private and mostly white school in St. Paul, Minnesota. “He said that’s what they want you to do - you have to stay there and stay strong.” Often overlooked amid the recent intense spasms of

Kevyn Perkins

Twin Sisters Clear Hurdles to Become Top Doctors

By Stacy M. Brown NNPA Newswire Correspondent
@StacyBrownMedia They are sisters – twins to be correct – and both are medical doctors and were born and raised in a town in Ohio called Twinsburg, a segregated, lower-income and primarily African American area. Both say they’ve always been drawn to science and excelled academically which led to each being in Advanced Placement and Honors courses in school. Frequently the only African Americans in their classrooms, the twins endured their share of racism. There’s a pressure to perform and be on when you’re the only person of color in a space, lest you inadvertently perpetuate stereotypes about your race to non-people of color, they said. But, none of that prevented them from succeeding. Both would go on to become elected as chief residents in their respective residency programs at the University of Illinois and today they are practicing physicians whose primary patients include many in underserved populations in Chicago – Brandi in the Department of Psychiatry and Brittani in the College of Medicine-Family Medicine. In an effort to give back, the twins have co-founded, a resource for high school, pre-med and others to submit questions that will be answered by

10 Giv Hist 0,000 t es Sch orically o ools Blac k

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hatred - 11 dead in Pittsburgh synagogue, two AfricanAmericans gunned down in a Kentucky grocery store, 13 mail bombs sent to prominent Democrats - are nearly daily flashes of hate that are no less capable of leaving their victims with deep and permanent emotional wounds. In October alone, there were dozens of examples of the kind of hatred that smolders without ever reaching national attention. It stretched from coast to coast, targeting victims because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, gender and myriad other differences. An Indiana woman was arrested last week after leaving a racist letter directed at African-American neighbors, urging them to leave the neighborhood because black people weren't welcome. As early voting started in North Carolina, a black Republican volunteer was accosted with slurs and had a gun pulled on him at a polling place, leading to one man's arrest. An Uber passenger in Colorado was arrested after threatening his Middle Eastern driver and chasing him down the street because police said he “hated all brown people.” Violent clashes broke out in New York City after a speech by the founder of a far-right group, leading to three arrests. In a Texas courtroom, a man was sentenced to 24 years in prison on Oct. 17 for torching a mosque near the U.S.Mexico border last year because of what authorities said was a “rabid hatred” of Muslims. In sending the arsonist to prison, Judge John Rainey declared: “This must stop. It is like a cancer to our society,” adding that incidents like this create “fear all over the world.” Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said xenophobic rhetoric is feeding the anxiety of the current political moment, and that anxiety is prompting fear and promoting resentment and “all the worst impulses.” “We’re living in a moment where hate crimes are on the rise,” said Greenblatt. “We need more than ever for our leaders to ratchet back the rhetoric. People feel like they're on edge across the country.” President Trump's critics have accused him of fanning the flames with his divisive political rhetoric - something the president pushed back against Friday. He put the blame back on reporters for “creating violence” with fake news stories. Continued on page A3

COVINGTON, Ky. (AP) – The American Civil Liberties Union says a Kentucky sheriff’s department has agreed to pay $337,000 to settle a federal lawsuit over a deputy’s handcuffing of two unruly elementary school students. The lawsuit was filed by the parents of two children who were handcuffed in separate incidents at separate schools in 2014 after officials called for assistance from a Kenton County Sheriff’s deputy who served as a school resource officer. The lawsuit and an accompanying video uploaded to YouTube by the ACLU ignited a nationwide debate about school discipline. News outlets report the Kenton County Sheriff’s Office didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment. The ACLU posted a statement on its website on saying the agreement was reached last week.

Racial Slur Defaces Burial Ground NEW YORK (AP) – New York police say a racial slur defaced a historic burial ground where the city’s blacks were once laid to rest. The offensive graffiti suggesting African-Americans should be killed were under investigation Friday at the African Burial Ground National Monument in lower Manhattan. The New York Police Department chief of detectives, Dermot Shea, says the words were discovered on Thursday. Police answered a report of the racial slur scrawled on a monument plaque. The NYPD Hate Crime Task Force is looking at footage from security cameras in the area to try to find the perpetrator. Thousands of skeletal remains from the 17th and 18th centuries - many of enslaved blacks - are buried at the site. At the time, they were not allowed to be interred in traditional cemeteries.

Candidate’s Own Write-in Vote will Win an Election

medical students, physicians and other professionals. The website is scheduled to launch Nov. 5. In a Q&A with NNPA Newswire, they spoke about their lives and profession. NNPA: At what point did you decide you were going to be a doctor? Brittani: I was not the kid that knew from an early age that I wanted to be a doctor. It was a slow realization. I do think the lack of societal images of black doctors made it hard for me to visualize myself in that role. I’ve always loved science and found enjoyment helping others, but being a doctor wasn’t something that honestly clicked as a viable option until the second Continued on page A3

$337K Settlement After Handcuffing Students

STANTON, Mich. (AP) – Just one write-in vote will win an election for a county post in western Michigan. Christopher Johnston lost the August primary for a seat on Montcalm County Board of Commissioners. Ron Braman’s victory meant he would run unopposed in the Nov. 6 election. But the 74-year-old Braman died on Oct. 24. The Daily News in Greenville reports that Johnston met the deadline to sign up as a write-in candidate, two days after Braman’s death. No one else did. So Johnston only needs a single vote Tuesday to become a county commissioner. The Montcalm County clerk says Johnston “absolutely’’ can write his own name. Fred Woodhams, spokesman for the secretary of state, says, “It’s not common, but it does happen from time to time.’’ Brandi and Brittani Jackson



World & Nation

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Donna Shalala Sets Her Sights on Congress By K Barrett Bilali Democrat Donna Shalala should be a shoe-in for the 27th Congressional District. The candidate for this predominantly Democratic area knows how to raise money as the former head of the Clinton Foundation; and she knew her way around Washington, D.C. as a former Clinton cabinet member. Most of all, Shalala has local name recognition in Greater Miami as the former president of the University of Miami, and she has been a resident of District 27 for the past 20 years. “I have very high name recognition,” said Shalala in a one-on-one interview with the Miami Times at her campaign headquarters in Coral Gables. Shalala won a highly contested race against four other Democratic candidates with 32 percent of the vote. She attributes her victory to support from Black neighborhoods. “I got the largest vote in those areas during the primaries,” said Shalala. So far, Shalala said she has visited every church in the

News Observer Los Angeles

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Shalala touts her work as secretary of Health and Human Services during the Clinton Administration as part of her ability to deliver to the Black community. She said 7 million children nationwide have health insurance as a result of her policies. She has worked to provide low-income housing and extend Medicaid to those who can’t afford health benefits. Black community and expects more votes from former and current students of University of Miami. “She has been at our church on a few occasions,” said Pastor Alphonso Jackson Sr. of the Second Baptist Church in Richmond Heights. Jackson says that Shalala doesn’t come to his services to politic; she is there to worship and commune with the 3, 200 congregants in his church. Jackson has been in the ministry for 35 years and pastor of his current church for the past 18 years. He said he is 100 percent in support of Shalala. “I like her involvement with the community. I like her work that she has done as an advocate for children. And the job that she did at the University of Miami is phenomenal,” said Jackson. “I followed her from afar, but I got to know her in the last three years personally,” said Jackson. “And I found out that she is really sincere and genuine and passionate in what she is doing. I think she is going to do well in that position.” Her district is known as one of the wealthiest in South Florida. Bentleys, Jaguars and even the occasional Maserati SUV pass through the tree-lined streets and perfectly manicured lawns. Some parts could be considered the

Rodeo Drive of Florida. But Shalala understands that there are people in her district who face economic and other pressures. “That’s the myth of this district,” said Shalala. “There are large pockets of poverty. Some of them are immigrant communities and some are old Bahamian communities. Many of them are being gentrified.” Her district includes Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, Perrine and some parts of Miami Beach. Shalala pointed out that both attorney general candidate Sean Shaw and gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum won these neighborhoods and cities during the primaries. Gillum was raised in Richmond Heights, which is part of her district. The strong Democratic base may be able to pull Shalala into office. Her main opponent is Republican Maria Salazar, who has never held public office and is known in the community as a TV personality. There is also an Independent candidate named Mayra Joli who is both Black and Hispanic and running in support of the Trump agenda. “Neither of my opponents have ever designed or delivered a program,” Shalala said. Shalala touts her work as secretary of Health and

Human Services during the Clinton Administration as part of her ability to deliver to the Black community. She said 7 million children nationwide have health insurance as a result of her policies. She has worked to provide lowincome housing and extend Medicaid to those who can’t afford health benefits. “Gun control is also very important to all the communities, which I would represent,” said Shalala. The 27th Congressional district is nearly 60 percent Hispanic with a diversity of Spanish-speaking communities from Nicaragua, Venezuela and Cuba. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who was born in Cuba and represented the district since 1989, was a popular Republican politician. “Cuban Dems are going to vote for me,” said Shalala, whose ancestors immigrated to America from Lebanon. “If you look at my votes and the polls, it is very clear that the Hispanic community knows me and supports me. It is a myth that you have to be a Hispanic to win this district.” Both her opponents are long-term Spanish-speaking residents of the district and are strident Trump supporters. Some political analysts have predicted that in this three-way race, the two Trump supporters may split the Republican vote and hand Shalala the victory. “My grassroot movement is catching fire,” said Joli, a former Democrat who said she sees herself as the poster child for the Walk-Away Movement consisting of former Democrats. Currently, Joli only garners about 10 percent in the polls but feels she will get votes from the 138,000 independent voters in the district as well as votes from both main parties. Shalala said she respects Joli but does not see her as a threat to her chances of winning the election. “Her impact will be as a Republican not as a Democrat,” said Shalala. “Her impact is not in the AfricanAmerican community. Her impact is not there because she is a pure Trumpite. Yes, she is Black, but her ideology is that of Donald Trump.” The district consists of 139,000 Republicans and 148,000 registered Democrats giving the Dems a 6,000vote advantage. Shalala acknowledged that both campaigns are vying for those 138,000 independent voters. A New York Times/Siena poll shows Shalala ahead by seven points while a Mason-Dixon poll shows Salazar ahead by two points, according to Neither poll includes the impact of Joli as a third-party candidate. Shalala’s campaign manager, William Washington said he has a two-fold strategy to give Shalala the win: First, by using a complete ground operation and second, a media digital operation. Washington said their team will be canvassing, calling and texting voters in order to make a personal connection to people. “We are making sure that we get across Donna’s message and why she would serve this community with great honor,” Washington said.

‘One Mistake Away’ from Homelessness Project Homeless Connect provides window into lives of the homeless

By Lee Eric Smith, The New Tri-State Defender Admit it: Sometimes you go out of your way to avoid a homeless person. So do I. I’m not proud to say it, but it’s true. If I can’t cross the street to evade them, I search my brain for my pre-programmed “no” response to their inevitable request for a dollar. “I ain’t got it, bruh,” is my go-to line, which, too often, is simply the truth. It’s not danger that I feel. If you’re like me, the problem with having even a brief conversation with a homeless person is that you come away feeling conflicted. Clearly, this person needs more than a dollar’s worth of help, but the problems they face are often so complicated,

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BORN TO BE GREAT To be ready for the jobs of the future, students need learning experiences that meet them where they are, engage them deeply, let them progress at a pace that meets their individual needs, and helps them master the skills for today and tomorrow. To learn more about ESSA and how you can get involved, visit Made possible by a grant from the

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Darrell Thomas Screencap: “Most people that got a home don’t want to be bothered with the people without a home,” said 54-year-old Darrell Thomas. (Courtesy photo) it breaks your brain. It’s easier to pretend not to see the laugh all the time to keep from crying all the time.” A few problem than it is to fix it. seconds after our interview, Thomas was approached by an When I learned that the Community Alliance for The acquaintance. They cracked jokes – the way black men do Homeless Inc. was hosting Project Homeless Connect- – before Thomas wheeled away. Given what he’d just told Memphis at the Cook Convention Center last week, I me, I wondered if he was crying inside. made a point to go. It’s an annual event that connects the Felicia Jordan, 26 homeless with organizations and resources to help them Felicia Jordan was getting her hair done when I spoke get stabilized – housing and job placement services; mental with her. She and her two children – a six-year old and health and addiction counselors. The wait for eye exams an 11-month old – have been staying in shelters for about and hair stylists were among the longest. It’s a feel-good a year. Joblessness and sporadic child support made it story, no doubt. impossible to pay her bills or keep a roof over her head. Students and staff from the Southern College of I asked her what most of us – including me – take for Optometry provided eye exams and prescriptions to dozens granted that she doesn’t. In hindsight, it’s a stupid question. of Memphis’ homeless during Project Homeless-Connect Jordan’s answer was obvious but poignant. More than that, though, I wanted to listen. What “Just waking up and knowing you have somewhere to has to happen for one to find themselves sleeping under a sleep,” she sighed. “That you’re going to eat breakfast. That bridge? Why is it so hard to stay off the streets? you don’t have to leave the house if you don’t want to.” What is it about being homeless that everyone should That last answer is telling. Though she’s grateful to stay know? in a shelter, the rules stipulate that each day she and her Darrell Thomas, 54 children must leave by a certain time each day, “even if we Darrell Thomas is a double amputee. By trade, he’s a don’t have gas or a bus to catch,” she said. “ carpenter, a fix-it guy. He lost his right leg in 2003, while As for work, Jordan would like to work in a warehouse. he was working on a car on the side of the road. His left “They usually pay every week,” she said. “When you have leg? “It was just a spider in my shoe,” he said. kids, you can’t wait two weeks to get paid. You have to Thomas said he found himself on the street earlier make sacrifices.” And like any parent, she puts on a brave this year, after he reported unsafe living conditions in his face for her children. “You know, you have to keep a smile apartment building. He said his landlord retaliated by in place for your kids,” she said. “You don’t want them to refusing his rent and evicting him for nonpayment. “It’s a see you down because you don’t want them to get down. slick way of doing slum lord evictions,” Thomas said. “My oldest questions me,” she continued. “Like ‘Ma, I mentioned that everyday people don’t really get to when are we going home? When are we going to have a hear from people living on the streets. Thomas took over place?’ She’s very advanced.” And like many parents, she from there. “That’s because most people that got a home fibs to keep hope alive. “I just tell her we’re one day closer,” don’t want to be bothered with the people without a Jordan said. “I don’t know when we’re going to have a home,” he said. “They feel like the person living out here home. I just try to keep her smiling. I just try to keep her in these streets, that’s currently homeless, that they’re here mind off of it, that’s all.” because that’s something they want to do. The homeless are people too “But that person isn’t homeless because they want to I didn’t get a chance to talk to many more people be. They’re there because certain life circumstances put there. Many were too busy trying to get supplies and them in that situation,” he continued. “But the person in services. Others didn’t want to talk or be photographed for the home needs to realize,” he warned. “They’re just one this story. From the limited conversations I had, I realized mistake from being homeless themselves.” that there were dozens, if not hundreds, of similar stories I asked if that was true for most people. Thomas wandering around that convention hall. I thought back chuckled. “That’s true for the president,” he replied. “There through the lean times in my own life, when I was living used to be a time when I felt like I could never sleep in a hand-to-mouth. In hindsight, I was probably closer to shelter . . . or even ask somebody for help,” he added. “But homelessness than I even realize now – just one more bad sometimes God puts you in a situation where you have to break. ask for help or you have to receive it whether you want it I’m not about to say that I now have a dollar for every or not.” panhandler who asks. Alcoholism, addiction and mental He believes that if more people had the experience of health problems are still persistent among Memphis’ homelessness, it would help them understand the difficult homeless population, and a dollar won’t fix that. circumstances that force people onto the street – and the But I’m grateful that the Community Alliance for the depths of despair that can come with it. Homeless hosts this event each year, and I’m grateful for “If they were living through those exact same the volunteers who help with it. It gave me a chance to circumstances, the question they would have to ask see beyond my own biases, to see that underneath the torn themselves is this,” he said. “Do I want to fight through clothes, the odors and the unkempt hair, there’s another this? Or do I want to die?” human. Open, candid and thoughtful, Thomas said, “A lot of Just like me. Just like you. people think I take my situation as a big joke, because I try to laugh all the time. But they don’t realize: I try to

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Legal Notices



FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT FILE NO: 2018259234 The following person is doing business as: THE POOL CLEANERS at 1516 Peppertree Dr, La Habra Heights, Ca. 90631 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 343 La Habra, Ca. 90633 County: LA County Full name of registrant: MELESO RAMIREZ, 1516 Peppertree Dr, La Habra Heights, Ca. 90631 Full name of registrant: BENIGNA ROSARIO HERNANDEZ PINEDA, 1516 Peppertree Dr, La Habra Heights, Ca. 90631 The business is conducted by: Married Couple SIGNED: MELESO RAMIREZ The date registrant started to transact business under The fictitious business name or names listed above: Oct, 2018 FILED: Oct 12, 2018 DEAN C LOGAN Los Angeles County Clerk By: Cortney Maffitt, Deputy The filing of this statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a Fictitious Business name in violation of the rights of another under Federal, State, or Common Law (see section 14411 ET Seq., Business and Professions Code). This statement expires on Oct 12, 2023 LOS ANGELES BAY NEWS OBSERVER (E) PUB: Oct 25, Nov 1, 8, 15, 2018

the personal representative will be required to give notice to interested persons unless they have waived notice or consented to the proposed action.) The independent administration authority will be granted unless an interested person files an objection to the petition and shows good cause why the court should not grant the authority. A HEARING on the petition will be held in this court as follows: Date: Dec 4, 2018 Time: 8:30 A.M. Dept: 2D located at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA. 90012 IF YOU OBJECT to the granting of the petition, you should appear at the hearing and state your objections or file written objections with the court before the hearing. Your appearance may be in person or by your attorney. IF YOU ARE A CREDITOR or a contingent creditor of the decedent, you must file your claim with the court and mail a copy to the personal representative appointed by the court within the later of either (1) four months from the date of first issuance of letters to a general personal representative, as defined in section 58(b) of the California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days from the date of mailing or personal delivery to you of a notice under section 9052 of the California Probate Code. Other California statutes and legal authority may affect your rights as a creditor. You may want to consult with an attorney knowledgeable in California law. YOU MAY EXAMINE the file kept by the court. IF you are a person interested in the estate, you may file with the court a Request for Special Notice (for DE-154) of the filing of an inventory and appraisal of estate assets or of any petition or account as provided in Probate code section 1250. A Request for Special Notice form is available from the court clerk. Attorney for petitioner: BRENNAN S. KAHN, Esq. PERONA, LANGER, BECK, SERBIN and HARRISON, APC 300 East San Antonio Drive, Long Beach, California 90807 Phone: (562) 426-6155 Attorney for: Erin Harris Friedman

NOTICE OF PETITION TO ADMINISTER ESTATE OF BARRY JOEL FRIEDMAN CASE NUMBER: 18STPB08880 To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, contingent creditors, and persons who may otherwise be interested in the will or estate, or both, of BARRY JOEL FRIEDMAN A PETITION FOR PROBATE has been filed by ERIN HARRIS FRIEDMAN, in the Superior Court of California, County of LOS ANGELES THE PETITION FOR PROBATE REQUESTS THAT: ERIN HARRIS FRIEDMAN be appointed as personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent. THE PETITION requests authority to administer the estate under the Independent Administration of Estates Act. (This authority will allow the personal representative to take many actions without obtaining court approval. Before taking certain very important actions, however,




The Hate Must Stop Continued from page A3

Several cases happened on college campuses, which strive to reflect the nation's diversity but sometimes attract its intolerance. At more than 40 colleges, racist flyers or stickers were found posted on campus in October, according to the AntiDefamation League, which has reported a surge in activity by white supremacist groups since Trump took office. At the College of the Holy Cross in central Massachusetts, a student was beaten in an assault that officials say was motivated by the victim's sexual orientation. No one has been arrested in connection with the crime. Students at DePauw University in Indiana reported four separate cases of hate speech in October. In three, racial and homophobic slurs and threats were yelled from cars passing by campus. In another case, a threat with the N-word was found in an elevator on campus. Anti-Semitic posters appeared at the University of California, Davis, blaming Jews for allegations of sexual assault that were made against Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Several Jewish groups on campus wrote a letter demanding a stronger response from the school's administration, saying Jews on campus have faced mounting prejudice in recent years. “Anti-Semitism is very real and alive on our campus,” the letter said. “Jewish students should not have to be scared of walking on campus. Students are choosing not to openly identify as Jews through our clothing.” For Perkins, the red lettering marred the image of the friendly, welcoming campus that was sold to him by college officials. The incident led to a student protest that prompted the school to cancel class for a town hall meeting discussing racial tensions on campus. Since he found the note Oct. 19, Perkins has become more withdrawn, he said, less outgoing. And although he decided to stay at St. Thomas, he's left to wonder who on campus felt such hatred for him, and why. “I'm already the odd one out, and the words, the hatred behind it really made me mad,” he said. “Degrading someone based on the color of their skin, I just couldn't understand why someone would do that.”

“It is like a cancer to our society”

In this Oct. 25, 2018, photo Aura Wharton-Beck, left, an assistant professor in the School of Education at the University of St. Thomas and a graduate of the school, clasps hands with Kevyn Perkins, center, during a moment of silence before a protest in the Anderson Student Center at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn. The protest was in response to a racial slur written on the dorm door of Perkins, a University of St. Thomas freshman, on Oct. 19. At right is St. Paul mayor Melvin Carter. (Jean Pieri/Pioneer Press via AP)

Stacy Abrams, a Fight to the End Continued from page A1

In case there was any question about Brian Kemp’s intentions once you got closer to Atlanta, his negligence got even more obvious. Even though every analyst predicted massive surges in turnout in the metro Atlanta area, and some precincts faced three- and four-hour waiting times, Kemp kept over 700 voter machines hidden under bubble wrap. Yet another curious decision by a man facing a political opponent he clearly couldn’t beat in a fair fight. Yet ... Stacey Abrams persisted. Around 1:30 a.m. Tuesday night Abrams campaign manager Lauren Groh-Wargo got on stage to say the words that everyone wanted to hear: runoff. A runoff in Georgia is automatically triggered if no one receives more than 50 percent of the vote and most polls  put Kemp around 50.6 percent to Abrams 48.5 percent.

Groh-Wargo announced that with all of the outstanding ballots, potential suits and late-vote counting, the campaign predicts a run-off election is the most likely outcome. Is that as good as a victory? Of course not. But on a night where Andrew Gillum got whitelashed in Florida, Steve King kept his job in Iowa and Republicans elected a dead pimp in Nevada, Stacey Abrams pulling off a runoff in Georgia can be called a victory. Abrams herself hit the stage minutes after her campaign manager and made it clear to the crowd she was not about to let a Trump acolyte with poor management skills and a penchant for hanging out with white nationalists win this race. So where do things stand now? As of 9:52 a.m. Wednesday, the Abrams campaign only needs to net another 15,539 votes to force a runoff with Brian Kemp. Dougherty County, considered ripe with Democratic

votes, had to re-route their mail through Florida in the wake of Hurricane Michael so literally thousands of votes in that area are still outstanding. There are more than 1,000 rejected ballots that are known of as of today, and it’s safe to say, given the history of Georgia, most of those ballots would be from black voters and can likely be contested and submitted. Also, according to the best estimates of the Abrams campaign, there are over 90,000 votes yet to be counted in DeKalb, Gwinnett and Fulton counties, all of which are heavily black, Democratic and in the metro Atlanta area where Stacey Abrams is from. There will be lawsuits for votes, ballot recounts, and that’s just to determine when and if the final tallies can be certified. In other words, this race is far from over. The Abrams campaign is ready to fight to the end and given what she had to go through to even get to this point, I wouldn’t discount her chances.

Twin Sisters Become Top Doctors Continued from page A1

half of college, after I saw a black female doctor, in person, for the first time in my life. Brandi: I also decided in college. I had the opportunity to study abroad in East Africa (my first time leaving the country!). As part of my program, I visited a hospital in Uganda. I remember that all of the doctors and the nurses looked like me. I was mesmerized as I watched them do their work. After that semester, I knew for sure that I wanted to be one of them. I had considered being a doctor long before that but being in a hospital full of black doctors somehow made it feel more attainable. NNPA: When you look at the numbers, the stats, obviously there are very few African American doctors and even fewer African American women doctors. Was that a factor in your decision to be a doctor? Brittani: The fact that there are very few African American doctors wasn’t a huge factor in my original decision to become a doctor. It is, however, something that both made the journey more challenging and ultimately more rewarding. It’s hard to envision yourself as something you don’t see. But as I got further into medicine, I realized that maybe I could be a visual reminder to someone who looks like me, that they can be anything. At least that’s my hope. Brandi: When I decided to become a doctor, I did think about the fact there are few African Americans in the field. Knowing that didn’t exactly motivate me. In fact, intimidated me. For much of my training, I felt like medicine was not meant for a person like me. It took years for me to feel like I was just as smart and capable as my classmates. Now, I know that I bring a unique perspective to medicine that the field desperately needs. When most people think of a doctor, they don’t picture an African American woman. My sister and I want to change that. NNPA: When did you realize or find out that your sister would also become a doctor? Brittani: I had done a pre-med summer program in New York City, and I remember telling Brandi about it. It was through that program that I got my first taste of what

Brandi and Brittani Jackson

it was like to be a doctor and I was hooked. I was in the OR and saw a beating human heart. That changes you. I started thinking about medicine seriously then and talked to Brandi about it. I told her about seeing a black female doctor and how amazing that was. I started to believe I could do it and I think that rubbed off on her. Brandi: It did rub off on me. By the time I studied abroad in Uganda during college, the seed had already been planted. Knowing that my sister and I would be going on the journey together made the decision much less nerve-wracking. We were each other’s biggest supporters throughout our journeys. I don’t know if I would have had the courage to pursue medicine if I did not have my sister by my side. We were each other’s inspiration. NNPA: What has been your biggest challenge in pursuing and then ultimately becoming a doctor? Brittani: My biggest challenge came in the first few years of medical school. I had a very difficult transition. Brandi and I decided to go to different medical schools, in an experiment in a way, since we had always been with each other our entire lives. We wanted to learn who we were apart from each other. What I didn’t realize how much support I was losing by being away from her. I struggled to adjust. I felt like an imposter in those days; like I wasn’t smart or capable enough to be where I was. It took years to figure out that that was not true. It was a lie I believed for a long time about myself, until I realized that I was bringing something valuable and unique to medicine that isn’t common. The academics actually came easier after that, and everything else fell into place. Brandi: I think Brittani said it best. Those years that we were separated in medical school were really tough! I took a lot of train rides to visit Brittani during those years. I went through a similar “imposter syndrome” during medical school. I didn’t realize how much I had internalized the belief that I was not “supposed” to be a doctor. Overcoming that false belief was the most important things I did in my life. NNPA: How can academic institutions and even families help improve the number of Black doctors in the country? Why do you believe African Americans shy away or at least fail to consider the medical profession? Brittani: That’s a big question with a complicated answer. One reason I think African Americans shy away from the medical profession is because they don’t see representations growing up of black physicians. Most of us do not have doctors in the family or have friends who are doctors. On top of that, there are very few media representations of African Americans being doctors or holding other science-related careers. Again, it’s hard to imagine yourself being something you don’t see. So, I think those of us in medicine who are African Americans do have a responsibility to be as visible when we can manage, as a means of showing the next generation what’s possible. There is also a very large barrier to entry to the medical field. It’s a confusing thing to navigate if you do not have someone showing you the way. There’s also the extreme financial burden it places on applicants. That financial burden hits the African American community to a disproportionate extent as we are more likely than our peers to be from socioeconomically-disadvantaged backgrounds. There is institutional racism and sexism which are seamlessly built into our higher education and healthcare system to contend with as well. Those systems exert their damage in both overt and subtle ways over time. Those forces hurt you in material ways. They undermine your confidence and hinder your ability to perform at your peak. With that in mind, a lot of us, especially African Americans, are starting off with additional barriers. Brandi: As far as institutions go, I think too many operate under the premise that their work is done once they get a handful of African American or other minority students through their doors. That shouldn’t be the case. There are so many unique challenges that students of color face in higher education, that if institutions are serious about supporting diversity,

they really have to be intentional about putting support systems in place. It’s not just about getting African Americans through the door but helping them thrive in an environment that was not designed with them in mind, as higher education was not. NNPA: What’s your primary message to other black women who might aspire to be a doctor? Brittani: I want them to know that although the road is long, it is worth it. At the end of the day, on the other side of the struggle, there are real people who need someone like you in their corner, fighting the good fight alongside them. Medicine needs you. Your future patients need you. You got this! Brandi: You are smart. You are powerful. And you belong in medicine. Quiet the voices (inside and outside) that tell you differently. Your future patients will benefit from the perspective you bring, and your unique identity is your greatest asset. Remember that you are not alone. NNPA: Which one of you are older and is there any pride being the older twin? Brittani: I’m older (by two whole minutes!) and I like to think wiser as well! After all, I learned a lot about the world in those two minutes. Brandi: Older does not necessarily mean wiser... clearly. NNPA: Are you at all surprised at yours and your sister’s success? Brittani: It’s surreal to have made it through medical school and residency and to be a practicing physician. It has been my “impossible” dream for so long. I think before I always thought of doctors as these superhuman beings that were just unreachable. Now I know that we doctors struggle and make mistakes just like everyone else. We are painfully human. On the other hand, I believe a lot of success is a mental game. A lot of my strength came from my family and other loved ones, who always lovingly reminded me who I was. They overwhelmed me with positivity and support whenever I stumbled on this journey. Over time, I came to believe in myself the way they did. Once I started truly believing in myself and my abilities, I got to the point where no negativity I encountered could keep me down for long. I just kept getting back up. When you have that attitude, I believe success is inevitable. Brandi: Brittani put it beautifully, and I agree. I feel humbled by all that we have achieved. I’m looking forward to helping other achieve the same success. NNPA: Can you describe MedLikeMe? Brittani: MedLikeMe is a free online community dedicated to minorities and non-traditional students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine. In essence, we wanted to create the resource we wish we’d had when we were trying to figure out how to be doctors. High schoolers, pre-med and other pre-health students submit questions on the site, and real medical students, physicians and other

Brandi and Brittani Jackson professionals answer their questions. It is our attempt to bridge the gap between minorities and non-traditional students who are interested in medicine but don’t know where to start and those who have lived it. We also hope to highlight and share the stories of practicing professionals who have overcome struggle to succeed so that those in the community can have a source of inspiration. It’s definitely a work of passion. Brandi: For us, it’s not enough to say, “we made it”. We want to help others do it too. It’s our way of giving back for the hundreds of people who have helped us on our journey through medicine. We want to pay it forward. We’re hoping to change the face of medicine, together.

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Raptors Rout Lakers

By Cameron Buford wha good n por com Com ng home a ter a hard- ought w n on the road the Lakers come home to de end the r home court and protect Head Coach Luke Wa tons ob aga nst the Toronto Raptors Look ng to cap ta ze on the r prev ous w n they w seem ng y catch a break as the Raptors w be w thout the r star off seasons acqu s t on Kwah Leonard The Raptors exp oded out the gate beh nd 20 po nts rom Serge Ibaka A ter h tt ng h s first shot attempts Ibaka fin shed 15 or 17 or the game Unab e to keep pace the Lakers fin shed the first quarter w th 17 po nts and no one scored over 4 po nts on the team Wh e the Lakers shot ess than 34% or the quarter they a owed the Raptors to shoot or near y 70% Th s ed to the r 22-po nt ha t me defic t A ter w nn ng the second quarter the Lakers went on a coup e runs to try to get back n the game n the th rd Most notab y they went on an 8-0 run to br ng the ead down to under 19 po nts w th 3 17 to go n the th rd quarter Though Ky e Kuzma ed the Lakers w th 12 po nts n the quarter the Raptors were st ab e to push the ead back up to 21 Through three quarters Josh Hart was the on y Laker to p ay on Sunday to have a pos t ve p us-m nus James added an add t ona 8 po nts and Ingram ch pped n 8 po nts n the quarter Th s he ped the Lakers to w n th s quarter as we however they st were down by 21 po nts The a orement oned p ayers or the Lakers were a so the on y p ayers to score n doub e d g ts or the game W th LeBron on the bench the Lakers group o Ca dwe -Pope Hart Stephenson Rondo and Zubac were ab e to tr m the ead down to 10 po nts n the 4th quarter When asked about what cons derat on he gave to putt ng LeBron back n the game Head Coach Luke Wa ton responded by say ng “Yeah there was a shot or two that t went one way or another he was go ng to get back n there That group was p ay ng w th great energy and gett ng stops they were mov ng the ba so you k nd o ke to reward a group ke that … But we got t c ose enough he wou d ve made that sub and we wou d ve had h m on the floor to try to stea that one ” These fluctuat ons n the rotat ons are a necessary ev or the Lakers at th s po nt as Coach Wa ton s figur ng the r best neups These rotat ons are ke y to change w th the add t on o new ormer Phoen x Suns Tyson Chand er They w need to go through another ad ustment per od nc ud ng the m x ng o rosters I m o the op n on that Ba Hart Ingram James and McGee shou d be there

Thursday, November 8, 2018

USC has Big Offensive Output By Ear Heath Con r bu ng Spor Wr er USC p cked one o the fina games o the season to have one o the years best offens ve outputs Sen or runn ng back Aca Cedr ck Ware rushed or 205 yards and three touchdowns on 17 carr es to ead USC (5-4 4-3 PAC-12) to a 3821 w n over Oregon State Ware had runs o 57 and 62 yards or scores to ead a ground attack that racked up 332 yards “Its the O- ne every t me the runn ng game has been good ts because o them” sa d Ware

Through nearly two weeks of USC training camp, senior running back Aca Cedric Ware has received most of the reps with the first-team offense. He hopes to fill the departed Ronald Jones shoes by becoming more of a home run threat. (File Photo, Los Angeles Daily News/ SCNG)

start ng five Th s a ows them to have a prem um ba hand er and scor ng com ng off the bench w th Rondo and Ky e Kuzma Though GM Mag c Johnson and James have proc a med to be pat ent n th s process to restore the Los Ange es Lakers prom nence n the orm dab e Western Con erence The r co ect ve pat ence w be severe y tested they cont nue to w n at a 400 pace Whether you th nk a coach ng change needs to be made or some trades need to be made… what changes d you suggest to get Meewou tPPease the Laker on a wD nn ng track? a stetorme know your a r thoughts on the Los lene L . Williany wou d you Ange es Laker and what changes s phone suggest to Mag c Johnson he were to caam your p ease share your thoughts and eedback by comment ng n the comment sect on o th s art c e on www whatsgood nsports com or @whatsgood nsports

It was ta back U a over aga n as sophomore Vavae Ma epea a so passed the century mark w th 106 yards on 15 carr es JT Dan e s comp eted 14 o 26 passes or 177 yards On the de ens ve s de Isa h Lang ey and Chr st an Rector had n ne tack es a p ece to ead the Tro ans who gave up 385 yards o offense Nex up or the Tro ans s Ca at the Co seum Saturday n ght

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Minor Q So. of uakes Hit Bakers field

Missin g Brothe Bakersfield Dead i rs Found n SUV

BU say two RBANK, Cal SUV w brothers foun if. (AP) _ Sout 21-year-ere shot to de d dead along hern Californ from gu old Jan Amia ath. Coroner with another ia investigators field an nshot wound ma and 23-y’s officials said man inside an parked d a third man s to their head ear-old Lucas Saturday that in an in w s. dustria ere found de The brothe Amiama died Th field po e name of th l area of Burb ad April 17 in rs from Bakers side the reportedlice say the Ame other man haank. vehicle parked missing April iamas and a m s not been re ies may is secluded and 15. Because an named Car leased. Bakers the area los Lope have be close to en mov z were investiga where th the freew ed to Bu ting. e rbank. ay, officials said SUV was Homicid th e detect e bodives are

Enviro n Justice mental Facing Issues Reside Kern Co. nts

Disting News uished Bu ringto observer Pusinessman n Priche Award bl tt/Bak isher/Editor Winne ersfiel r; Bake d New James Luck rsfield s Obser ey ver ph Jr. (Caroto)

Lifetim server e Achieve ment photo) Award Winne

Re 2018 atgional Conve 2424 C the CAPK ning will be (Breakfaottonwood Ro Friendship Hheld on Saturd ou ad st and C ay hildca , Bakersfield se Commun , April 28 Jo tal justi in Leadership re check in 9: CA93307 9: ity Center , Convenice issues in K Counsel for a 30am-10am) 30am-1:00pmer ng di n sc C ussion ounty. Th intereste is to bring on transpo d in learning together resid e objective of environmen advancertation, water more about ent leaders an this Regionallunch,an our local pr , housing, andtopics like thed local partners io Gen d childca rities. W ho re. e will prw to civically eral Plan, For en ovide a aglover@ more informat light br gage to ion, leadersh eakfast, ipcounse please contac or t: Adey in (559) 90 5-9047 ka Glover at

NAvs.Athe LeBron James shoots a jumper early in the game on Sunday visiting Toronto Raptors. (Je- Kyle Kuzma gets to the hoop easily against the Toronto Raptors in early November. (Jevone CP Moore 360 photo) Bake/rFull vone Moore / Full Image 360 photo) sfieImage & Clim on Starb l d D R ucks Froew Inmate toebath ate of ed w/N e Racism o Retri al e v i t e. Lrivae cShopping. t n I r e v r alk ste b ve. Ads T O o E!! t E ures Mo e ic E P R . m t E n e o t n c F o l C We Deeper r; Hor ace M itchel

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018




Outst Christ anding Co kersfieian of Bakerporate Mem rsfield ld New ber A Co s Obser w ver phllege. (Cattiard Winne r oto) ngton Priche Sonya tt/Ba-

BA Advanc LTIMORE, civil rig ement of ColorMd.—The N BA the disg hts organizatio ed People (N ational Associ years on KERSFIELD, phia Starraceful arrest ofn, issued the foAACP), the naation for th e llow tion’s bucks. before hi California’s deCalif. (AP) _ A two Afric an Amering statement premier “Th be freed s conviction w ath row for ra man who spen followin ican men represen e arrest of tw pi within in a Phila g days, au as overturned ng and killingt nearly 25 environmts another om o Black men Vic deleven th ente Benavide thorities said won’t be retried a toddler honor th ent for Afric inous signal at a Philadelp Tu ou and coul 1993 co gh the state s Figueroa, 68 esday. er Com e life and woran Americans.of the increasin hia Starbuck d Su nv , s m pr Le k gl ic iss em of y tio ss ion foun dangerou was false than tw Dr. Kin e Court has remaine n on gr public o g d injuries . Many doctorounds that m last month ov d in prison towardsunrest in our co racism and poand 50 years weeks after w s ed e er after th re becomin s mmuniti ic lice brut tu al testim rned hi an announ canted. Ker who testifie e Kernsc g a natio es, we sti ality at s on go y d ce n lo is th ot n where ll first-degr d Tuesday th County Dist to the cause at his trial a person have a long we ro ofu see th e with ayntoyo is 2.edWhe would be ee murder an at prosecutors rict Attorney of the girl’s go le pictur tent of judg by th hone. theecowho ond-degr “difficult, if nod that withou won’t retry Be Lisa Green r cher not the theiov t th aracter blnor smartp na ee t et co ch an ta lo d arge, he murder. Even impossible” to e medical testi vides for d r of th ureir n oa “The Styo win a co would be if Benavi mony, o dowoo it nvic arbucks skin. des ation Be im g e P ay until a navides will re mediately elig was convicted tion for secom G pp oe insight provides dang situS co m ib on ai le ur ng n the lesser A t fo er re ni on deat order to r parole ous garding ton, spok The scan ure of o h by , re G ro th p le es re w e as ou ap woman en said. e him is at San Q e and Re implicit r nation to failfo su r ue ha th 1. Get thcode with your bm nt in itted, sa order is bilitation. Be e California refuse bias seriously. take id Terr prison Dep provided na this QR smart phone. uncons to believe that We , Thor vides could be artment of C y Thorn“I’ve orre freed qu tablet or would be seen it happ nton said. ism we cious bias—th our ickly on ctions en in as within ce the of—can are often un e raclit a tle few Be as NAACP way in and does makaware St daughternavides was ba days,” she said a few hours bu Pres . t it defin our actions e its th arbucks situident and CE er was at , Consuelo Ve bysitting his gi itely e failu ation O Der and rdugo, in rlf w rie or re pr nd ri k. emergenc ck ov (NAACP ’s of our Th “W nationides danger Johnson sa y room e couple later Delano in 1991nearly 2-year-o ) Black m e know if doct ys . She di to take ous insi ght rethat the de ors that the ed abou brought the in while the mot ld require en in Philade two his way implic gardin gi fe six hju to t lp rl it ns a re hi sc ha po e bi d w a ho sa d eek lice offi as seri ch g Detroit? handcu id the gi Busine ol wou hit her ce ously. out of th head on later. The co ild to an Kern Coss Pioneer for wai ff and arrest rs to lyn fired Or explain Sa ld be shot at e ho mrl may ha up a A foreNns use and Benavi ve been struck door but at trile told field N unty SupeAward Win then wting to order cothem Stephon at ten times heed Vassell, by a homeowne ner; Ju ews O T de by ri ic al in or e a s pa an a C ju th ffe br r m be th ca Co la d ju rie e iefly lost entally-il e, back, bserve dg rk was sh ologist r when gin to st outsi shot de s from —Derri stand th r phot urt. (Caringt e Gloria J co by de she got l sig ad un be o) on Pric Cannon Presideck Johnso allows e mind state der- that he police officersot at 20 times by police offiman in Brook- the girl’s injurie ing sodomize ncluded that th ht of her. of and n, hett/B was for d, e nt and ce s th in akersCEO NAACP ous and re such overze at at least glad the culprit re Sacramento, hit 8 times, m rs. Or why m But nearly were caused by and several do girl died from an all later al- for a sponsib actiona ainly in based on ctors te edical re in the ca sexual as al deadly ry le re sti gu th co ca se sa fo th fie us e fo n. rd ult. nted r br e as of Starbu d that s “E sa are paid rce by those Ce of cks that eaking into ca sumption anult when the githat indicated , saying they the sterevery day peop who way “All too ofte to serve th ha rs no one rl w tect. n these s by and proexplain otypes and emle of co mistook . We are an d other injurie was first hosp ere was no evid dn’t seen her issues ar why G be Nlor find themse s may fu italized. while Bl media. Racism d som a wallet en e lves They also ce of sexual asll O 14-year-old Brdded fears of ot sible,” ac e said the purphave been ciety co ack so danger and biases discussed in pa ca us sa ennan W hers. H at the mercy of w id her ge ed by he or cording ow alker w training mmitting morous will not juthat make sim ssing episodi rm nita Cto the stated causw e ho miss else can we c ply brea st go aw te Supremof death “anatoedical treatmen l G ue to fa on implicit bi e resources to ed his bu T th ay t mically DgO without V in e Court’ ce the co as and ra s on di sc im us s ou sio po ns ru cism r so equences ling. sn, ffi Gation andof our fa. If we refuse toeduc E m m 1. GN w w Tm ilure to , D SCANT APP. contin-V do so.” we’ll m mm QR C Th

Trump Supporter and Attempted Los Angeles Bombing Suspect Welco me to Ben y e O n r b o t s t erver I avits s AFive t h g i R Targeted l i fitderacti v fn A e s l a The Ci F ve s e s o p x E rump C Prominent Black Democrats

r e v r e s b O s w Ne V


h s of Teet Hundred Wall Found in Deepe Lawsu r Cont it A e n t . P D YOUR ODE ictures iscrim lleges w PHON TABLET OWITH ination H V R SMA E. Move. w P RT m H regCnan D by H A SEARC m W w d w G s T 2 H . — ON LO Talk. L m GOO m t Pr m i LOGOOK FOR THIS s w O o w OR GLE PLAY f n i S fi ffi v H c eS m ffi w h 3. SC C m DO LOS D er

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Cases rug Ra d D n t n a rr nock Wa ck No K L tt e Ro

m w A A m S LE Mcer is suing NGEw MARTN LOGO WwIT w the stat S (AP) _ A C m ffi baby whi C PHON T H YO e prison alifo w le E. UR TA Th M aftem rnia correctio G was pregna responding toD system wBLET n offi r sh w a nt mra Ves m Grace Jon m Tu w w OR h Coogl fight between e says she lost he day in B . Sa Bloodlig es: m inm ht and D Th e filed a ak r er Bami m Fil T sfi m el C Review M Bakersfi d. discrim ates when she oogle sa w w m eld Na m in Fre ys as tiv at m ke sno Sta Bakersfiem e ion law she to d fo w te Me Namem Basketba suit ld m CHeadd tional Inr a less strenuou ld officials sh mll Con’sach m e st s m m po itu w as preg sition at tion in m m wasn’t po nant Te th w wFREE! another ssible and she’dhachapi. She sa e California C and w orrecposi ys sh ha M T w When tion with a low ve to either take e was told th or We wi sh w er e le w ll ReapW while ru salary. ave or ac at was se the Conse Environ cept “lost he nning to stop ven months pr Justice mental M T quences w r Facing Issues a eg ba fig m na m ResidenKern Co. w Departmen by due to a pl ht between D nt, Cmoogle fe ts m inmates t of Cor TOacC en m tion did ta w l rupture. and late ll MreN ctions not im C med ” m iately co and Commun The Californ r m mment ity Reh m ia Police w Re T C on w Charging commend w th w e lawsu abilitaStarbu T in Fatal CraICEshAg Opinion: it. m wents to 2 Bl cks CEO Affi m m ack Men polo gizes m Arresw m ted m m m m m m Sh ff m m w Youngb M TSayeri loodw w s He Urging Was Not m w Kill Inm Anyone to ates W m W w C m U m C M

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Wednesday, April1 8, 2018 make it difficult for Black The disenfra reason, to me, people to vote? By Jeffrey is quite exactly nchise Black people (NNPA L. Boney simple. how importa Newswi Those franchis re Contrib nt votingfrom the voting who seek to court—one All e Black or the profoun process is. Those people with one you have to do utor) know your life in somemore of these who seek d impact relative ment— the many of our experien is crack open elected to disen- lifetime. Every shape, local, state, that it hasto the voting a history ced officials sacrifice ensure elected form or fashion book, or s made elders, and you More importa will and nationa at every process know of influenc Black by people level of sit Black e that we official yields through impact will ple obtaine peontly, those l. people govern- take for granted as Black of all races learn about so power and out your Regiona d the from who uninhib people powerfu . l Conven 2018 at in order the voting some seek It should l that those the CAPK ing will to able to process to disenfranchise ters or doesn’t matter never ignorelevel 2424 Cottonw to vote. ited right direct necessa know that in politica Friendsh be held on not—an whethe or (Breakfa They are ood Road, r you believe ip Saturday No st and Childcar also able ry and critical l positions of voting is adhere to any d it most certainl Bakersfi House Commu , April other to key position group law voted to ensure power are represent resourc nity Center28, y does—y your vote mat- tal Join Leadersh e check eld CA9330 of on you. es that people justice in 7 by those s. ou will in Americ select people to select areas. or reaction There Nearly issues ip Counsel for 9:30am-10am)9:30am-1:00pmeveryth ary responsis absolutely who’ve been have to Convening is in Kern County. a discussio way, is are appoint benefite a have to bring intereste elected no level influenc ing that impacts e that n on environm ed ing. There are no The together to transpor d in learning is appoint ed by from d more accepta will change of complaining our resident objective of this Either the enble excuses that. leaders introdu ed by them. an elected officialdaily lives, in fices made sacriRegiona advance tation, water, more about gaged citizensyou do it ce These elected topics like and local when it housing or someon some to come laws.legislation, and lunch,an our local prioritie partnersl many peopleby so must seekor you reap the , and comes to the General better underst e who d childcar officials vote on s. We willhow to civically to who Plan, fought, e. For and the understand consequences. votWhethe bills, that draft policy, that politics provide bled and politics En- aglover@ more information, r voting impact sentenc eventua a light engage to died fighting of the laws if they wish leadersh for I can produce. e breakfas lly beipcounse please contact: t, voting for your loved one the judge, who our freedom for martyrs only wonder and decision or Adeyink , (559) 905-904 support the judge who to a lengthy has the power s and the right a Glover that we who sacrificed , however, if many paymen prison at has the should their 7 of our as Black to vote, ts and visitatio sentenc to their graves power all appreci very lives people ate today, for the rightpolitical have. n rights to determine e or ing potenti as they look child through upon much are flipping to vote al the family The freedom Maybe and overwhelming of our squand over in this Black howeve r. At least election cycle collective politica ered votexperienAmericans will prove I hope it l apathy. ce today will. to be differen came with a sigt, nificant DELAN attached price tag Jeffrey asked prosecutO, Calif. Boney (AP) _ Immigra ors and that to it, thing that says tion and to look into Police in Central freedom some way, impacts that nearly deadly chase. filing criminal has definite Custom our daily everyCaliforn is influenc official s Enforcem ia have charges Santo Garcia been free. ly not ed by or someon ed by an lives, in ent agents against Delano e who elected and have been So much blood an elected official. was appoint involved two fled ICEwhen their SUVMarcelina Garcia in a lost—a right to hit a utility died ll for ourhas been shed, tos Garciaagents. The vote. and so pole and last month in wasn’t the couple was freedom In rural overturn in Delano and for many lives A video police man the agentsthe country illegallyed as they claimed died in fact, if you add the preciou after a quiet posted online World War up but Sanbut videothey weren’t on Wednesday were looking s tion, the discussio shows using their I, Worldthe number of for. said shows otherwis Police n that lasted police handcuffi Americ War II, lights or the two ICE The Mexica War of 1812, ees called Commissioner e. ans who several the n-Amer the agents Bakersfield siren during ng the agents the Korean ican War,all of the wars American Revolumen were told 911 to say the Richard Ross minutes. the chase formatio be charged Californian says said Starbuck the Spanish with the Indians with n to but were the men had men were trespassi total numberWar, that number police -Americ An ICE a peace office. a misdemeanor are recomm , the ng. He s employthey then denied becausecome in and of people fighting would spokesm an of providin ending refused they hadn’t asked to use said officers to end slavery. an wouldn’t who died not be as War and g false into leave. Johnson the large bought After immedia alone in police call, ’s statemen anything restroom tely commen the Civilas the North to the Civil War, t didn’t . He but the said a War t. the South many address Starbuck arrests in the exactly custome occurred has s spokeswoman new Recons in order Whites migrate what led White to the said truction to help Black d from the front of rs only. In the a policy that abolitio restroom the store where either video, no governm eral Black nists ran people s were Starbuck Johnson of the men. the South men were also for political ents. Many of thrive s items for paying said “bad the office outcome are visible compan and won. those gains and even elected elected to the ,’’ into the y’s in shop wasand the reason practices and SevU.S. the progres some Black of the Recons for the training incorrec “Our store senator Congress and s call that led arrested many Souther truction made by Black s. These politica manager t. brought to a governm police statemenand this should never intended PHILAD ents in people, as a resultl Confed n Whites ELPHIA said he the South, watch,’’ t. Johnson said never have escalatedfor these wants to al Nathan erate Army . (AP) _ men to and the were arrested angered The CEO personal support as compan videos of the be “We minds that Bedford Forrest, ers like of Starbuck y was investigaarrest wereit did,’’ said the in Philadel while sitting ly apologiz when policealso will further BAKER if they “very hard phia, an and others, Lieutenant inside one e to two black s Corp. inance ting. ism on has released SFIELD, assistanc train ally, we incident Generover Black wanted to re-estab to social of the chain’s men who made e is warrante our partners will host a 12-year- Calif. (AP) _ that prompte have to Youngbl our learning Starbuck media . coffee shops A Californ lish controlup in their a compan to stop Black people in this old video d,’’ said ood saying d accusatio s “stands profiling sary. ia jail y-wide Johnson better know of Kern score our s, discuss and dommen from country, it’s Youngbl ns of racmeeting . County guard union He said ,’’ Chief executivfirmly against ood says cheaper to kill voting by then they would he wasn’t next week“Additionwith respectlong-standingsome immedia Sheriff Nathan discrimi than the urging Donny apology. he wants to meet e Kevin Johnson any means to share Bedford nation and dignity.’ commitm te next steps helped anyone comment was cripple an inmate. ’’ The or racial Police haven’t ent to with the Forrest form the necesto kill inmates. taken out said in ’ treating and underwas shot Bakersfield Californ arrested. the first and several men to a statemen Ku Klux of context one another offer a “face-toA spokesm released the when Youngbl t. two ian says and tion Officers pretend Grand Wizard Klan (KKK), of his colleagu names face been were released an for the district of the . The Klan where he Associat ood appeared the clip released es “because order to ed to be the ghosts committ The union ion in 2006. before the served as attorney men who were wore Monday of strike fear ed, but investiga tered. Membe county declined lack of evidence ’s office said In the video,is currently tion. into the of dead Confedwhite robes and Detenthe ’’ further that trained hearts erate rs of the Youngbl backing his election so they a crime commen than soldiers of anyone had t, citing uty miscond ever because ood says detentio rival. many of wore hoods to Klan did not want , they encounin a police it costs uct millions n deputies are Then he lawsuits. and local the members cover their faces, to be recogni of dollars better of the asks cripple authori zed, primari to settle or kill an what’s better At night, ty figures. Klan were promin ly, because depinmate? financial Someon people the Klan ent citizens ly for the e not “Absolut responds: kill county: who voted. to vote and would hang them. ely,’’ To we get to would gather To further threatened to signs warning take care Youngblood says. Black kill any of them frighten togethe wooden for life.’’ “Because if we Black man ning If only being called Black voters, r in their cross cripple entrepre in front on fire. costum them neur, CEO,a “nobody” the author, ’ es and decided This served as of a Black man’s place Klan focus, Velma Trayham investor, stopped the now humanit award-w home anda large leavingdrive, determin . Velma’s the Klanto vote in the a warning to arian, speaker in- mate, ’ ation and story of transform lynched and refused next election. any Black man set it real-life her with the ability intense and purpose ation, If experien and individu passion, to connect , relates to As and have from a tree so to adhere to theira Black man who the depths ces. As you listen Group”, the Founder/CEOal level. everyon with othersall individu second warning defied to where of a woman ture election a successfu e though she is today. who has to Velma, you based on als, es connect ’ ts about in the city would , he was l Marketi of “Thinkzilla In addition with their Now, the overcome many will experienher trum, attempt ng The Klans. PR and Velma CEO of ing to votesee him tial leaders targeted Strategy Firm to her many Consult Black people quickly a multinat obstacles to ce enjoys consultihas faced that audience ing as grew across in fu- elevate s in a highhelps business ional companget nesses their vicious were vulnera themselvwell as successfuhats, Velma consults ng with and overcome LOS ANGEL all ’ excels at and es and growth l executiv brutal killingsattacks. Due ble to this Southern states high-pot y. that have faith leaders, small corporat key business challeng their team, spec- spired “Rampa ES (AP) es in their motivating others ions, small enheinous _ above thelooking to further minds in by the Klan,to the constan of When been proven to build high voting. activity and lems to mid-sizees. She to take the No. ge’’ crept past Dwayne Johnson growth competi to order to and helping them last week’s ’s arcade busition. She experienceGod Says Go – skyrocket success. marketin represen As a result, Black Blacks began t harassment and many hindering them tackle Studios 1 spot on the game-in the lessons A real-life who have from massivethe potentia to clear the clutter and on Sunday box office top film “A Quiet take, walking to slowly Velma g strategies $34.5 people gained tation, as well story began losing dismiss “The Strategis witnessed or during success. l or current Place’’ as the through she’s learned and that allows is the author ond wasmillion in its first estimate that charts, but just t” or as generat She prob- the reader through “Peoples participa God’s purpose barely. the weekend “Rampa the journey the reader ions of Reconstruction political advance political Velma’s ’ Motivat the charge ted in is referred to to Place’’ with modestly-budge ge’’ has in theaters. life’s obstacle White Americ . As time struggle . When her consulti by faith of their dreams, ments or”. grossed fusion $32.6 God she chose ted John In and biblical ng as ans began progressed, they al-life stories of recated to s of Black people outlinin s and encoura Says Go guid to sensation is now million. In Krasinsk a very close g the blueprin ges them future conversa just secprinciple i es America and The been in the plight of Blackand were not to slowly forget n theaters.just shy of $100 two weeks, the thriller “A Quiet society most effective s. t to success to take the past. word-of the techniq tional million are those people in as vocal or Third place leaders, through -mouth with a passion in grosses If you rare individu as dedi- connec ues mentors the South “Truth from North , and entrepre that Black fast-forward or Dare,’’ went to the ts that can ma, is a als who as they her in which brought low-bud managin its in only can had with voter first neurs the inspire chiseme Group”, get Blumho three days g partner come from in audi nt continuintimidation history books, in theaters in an estimate of “Heaven personal their audience use Meetup, Founder of Klan. State and you can ed ences atthe Atlanta after a Friday ly Commu experience. d $19.1 horror and has see an governm well beyond Black voter disenfra ton Forward Velbegan passing been nity Christia the 13th million the ents intiTimes N featured in Rollin n BusinessInvestment TV, and nopening sweepin in the South blatant actions and those ewspape . Fox g Women’ g Out Ma of joined 26. new as r, Black Women’ In addition NBC, ABC sets of from Black laws were the party the gazine, H s Fox , Velma ouss Expo, people. designed to laws called “Jim and by the Mayor has been 54, Atlanta the Blacks separate Crow” across various of HoustonHouston Black honored by Live White there were could not eat Texpeople in the separate countrie Humanitarian,Heritage Festival: leadersh Blacks s to deliver ip, women could not schools for same restaura and marketin Whites; empowe nts as Whites keynote has traveled Black drink g strategy. rment, entrepre discussions in Whites Blacks had to water from theand White children ; If you’re neurship could sit sit same fountai serious dream(s ; same carriage , and up front; in the back about taking ), ns as approach want to be inspired s as Whites and Blacks of the buses, action All whereas consulti to being a successfu and learn towards your NEW YORK ment hasin all, this blatanton the trains.could not ride sense, and ng is for you! in the l entrepre the strategic black form (AP) hood of significantly colleges to all on proven way, In a straight- neur, Velma’s mance, impacte of voting disenfra Black during _ Beyonce paid Velma talk, how to d the well-be tribute So, why people for centurie and business be successfu applies her no-non- universitand now the her groundb nchiseto historica singer is reaking has it been ing and ies. consulti l in . Velma’s s. ferences, Coachel donating lly liveling so importa keynote their choice The supersta worksho la $100,00 ings, business ps, women is a perfect of career ing Scholars nt for other 0 to fourperforr singer empowe fit for con- through announc training black showcas Award people rment gatherand other ed Monday Program to her BeyGOO story e success and for

“The week of fear became a moment of clarity for some in and out of the media as calls for Trump to dial down his rhetoric at political rallies grew louder. Trump Thinkz illaand reaffirm fear has a long history of inflammatory statements that court violence of immigrants and minorities.” “ eet CEO &

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w tt By Lauren Victoria Burke m dler Spo et m d o T s a w m s M — Th NNPA Newswire Contributor Stre m T OCK idterm m TT Th C m for M Crossing w Day fromw Oct u Less than two weeks before Election Though noTu one was injured in the attempted attacks o w n r T r al Bofigthe pipe bombs were intercepted by law enm supporter and attempted tober 22 to 26, 2018, Trump withTOBN ee ignmany s Sand ffi r e b m u bombing suspect, Cesar Sayoc, allegedly sent 14 packages N forcement in transit, the story of attempted murder and T g n w i t ffi o w V m y m m l m r armed with explosives to several Ea prominent Democrats.   domestic terrorism sent a chill through thew wpolitical worldWHw TV w m w Five of Sayoc’s targets, many of whom Donald Trump that was followed bymcalls w toTh bring down the temperature W w a da o” D Th ffi w n has repeatedly attacked verbally, are African American.  of opolitical discourse.  v a on h a a o o “v a n m b Sayoc allegedly mailed a pipe bomb to Nthew YWashingT gu The unexpected and potentially violent October surw ok h a Pa y o h Obama, o n n mprise ton DC residence of former President the news only two weeks before Election Day.H A o d ngBarack h am pvo two D o a hit h a w n Blasts and attempted bombing suspect, Cesar Sayoc, allegedly sent 14 packages a m m ou n 200 p Waters pipe bombs mailed to Rep. Maxine (D-CA) along u forniasupporter Sayoc, who has amcriminal m record, was caught in Florida af- aTrump li gh h C m y m a o yp T the FBI traced a fingerprint on a pipe bomb he allegedly to several prominent Democrats. lan texplosives with one each mailed to Sens. TCory Booker (D-NJ) and w ter w m ump Pwith rarmed T m ww ffi Km sions m is Kamala Harris (D-CA) and former Eric sent to Rep. Waters.     NN N Attorney General m m w E G G k mG c a ffi llb thatC madeC its way w York to the mailroom of the company been consistently critical of minorities while at the same m m the law enforcement entities who Ro w Holder.   “I am appreciative of m m Th m m TO m m C M N w T m U Dtheir prompting an evacuation of employees, including their time failing to call out xenophobia and racism. On Ocm and are investigating this matter. m Though none of the explosives reached intendw intercepted the package w m m Km m m GG Dm Velma

Beyonce $100,0 Gives Histor 00 to ica Schoo lly Black ls

special each that what D initiativethe 2018-20 the Homeco ences whileprovides individu it takes to events that er to Tuskegee Universi m19 Universi achieve ty, Bethune. She plans to academic year the proper still motivati als with real-life ty it. A dent give ng from eachof Louisiana and tools to -Cookm What better pursue and instilling experian Universi $25,000 Wilberfo their dream(s Beyonce school will receive in them way rce Universi ty, Xavistory to ’s Coachel Beyonce ) reignite to honor your ty. One la festival the scholarsh paid guests of success. a take-cha stuip money. ting Strateg set rge attitudethan with a and step teams tribute to the marchin was critically acclaime y Firm in them. Last year, at historically g bands, “Think d, as black colleges. the dance Awards zilla” Program the singer launched troupes in celebrati , supporti ng creative the Formati on of the album. on Scholars one-year and bold annivers ary of heryoung women, ``Lemon ade’’


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Thursday, November 8, 2018



Films Fall Short of Ethnic Equality Actress-Writer Lena Waithe: “ What to me will be true equality is when ‘Black Panther’

By LYNN ELBER AP Television Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) – Hollywood is falling short of ethnic equality despite black-led films including “Black Panther,” actress and award-winning writer Lena Waithe said. There are “a million ‘La La Lands’ every year. How often do we get a ‘Moonlight’? How often do we get ‘Black Panther’?” she said. “What to me will be true equality is when ‘Black Panther’ comes out and it's just like ‘Captain America’.” Waithe, an actress and Emmy-winning screenwriter with the streaming comedy “Master of None” who was in the film “Ready Player One,” joined in conversation with comedian Hannah Gadsby at an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences lunch. The event marked the launch of Action: The Academy Women's Initiative, aimed at creating opportunities for female filmmakers to network and celebrate inclusiveness. It included the presentation of a newly established Academy Gold Fellowship to young filmmaker Geeta Malik, writer-

comes out and it’s just like ‘Captain America’.”

director of the award-winning online short “Aunty Gs” and films including “Beast” and “Troublemaker.” Music legend Annie Lennox also spoke at the lunch, recounting how her activism was inspired after hearing South African leader Nelson Mandela describe how the scourge of HIV and AIDS was particularly devastating for women. There are many other crises faced by women and girls worldwide, Lennox said, including sex trafficking, physical and sexual abuse and illiteracy. “That is why I endorse global feminism,” she said, which encompasses Western nations as well as places where women “can't reach the lowest rung.” Men must also be welcomed into the cause, she said. “If men and boys are excluded from the dialogue, we're left with the same old misogyny,” Lennox said.

Gadsby, an Australian comic who made a splash with her standup special “Nanette,” said her autism has made her acutely aware of screen characters who are relegated to the “periphery” of the action. She said television has become a “Trojan horse” that brings such sidelined characters into the forefront of stories. When Gadsby lauded Waithe for bringing diversity to the screen, Waithe said she felt the pressure of falling short as a representative of her ethnic group. “No straight white man represents anything but himself,” she said. Waithe also touched briefly on TV personality Megyn Kelly's defense of blackface as a Halloween costume, which led to the cancellation of her NBC “Megyn Kelly Today” morning show. Waithe suggested that blackface was something that whites used to denigrate blacks but, “in a weird way,” also indicated they want to experience being black. “There's a love for us. But how do you love us?” she said. “I want us to cherish Trayvon Martin alive, as much as we do when he's gone,” referring to the unarmed AfricanAmerican teenager shot to death in Florida by a former neighborhood watch volunteer in 2012. Amy Adams, Anika Noni Rose, Rashida Jones and Lily Collins were among those attending the event held by the academy and initiative partners E! Entertainment and


Actress and award-winning writer Lena Waithe

“Magnify” Series Celebrates One Year ANNIVERSARY WITH “THEY FIGHT” PREMIERE, SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 11 ON FOX LOS ANGELES – FOX Sports Films is pleased to announce the television premiere of the documentary film, “They Fight,” airing nationwide Sunday, Nov. 11 on FOX. It also debuts in select New York City and Los Angeles theaters on Friday, Nov. 9. This is the fourth film in the critically-acclaimed “MAGNIFY” documentary film series, which debuted one year ago, November 2017. Set in Washington, D.C.’s Ward 8 neighborhood, “They Fight” follows young boxers Ragahleak “Peanut” Bartee and Quincey Williams’ journeys as part of the Lyfe Style Boxing training program. Coach Walt Manigan mentors them on the path to the 2017 Junior Olympics, while also fighting to find a permanent home for the gym. As Coach Walt looks to help young athletes avoid trouble, he fights his own personal demons. The documentary features original music from multiplatinum artist 6lack, Odie, Octavian, Boogie, and more, reflecting the films’ themes and characters’ journeys. LVRN, headed by Justice Baiden, collaborated on the soundscape. Andrew Renzi directed the film (73 minutes), which is produced by Emmy® Award, Academy Award®, Golden Globe®, and two-time Grammy Award® winner, Common and his company Freedom Road Productions, alongside Argent Pictures partners Drew Brees, Tony Parker, Derrick Brooks and Michael Finley. “They Fight” premieres adjacent to Sunday’s regional NFL broadcasts airing in-market at 1:00 PM ET and 4:05 PM ET. Viewers with an NFL matchup airing at 1:00 PM ET can watch the documentary at 4:30 PM ET; viewers with an NFL matchup airing at 4:05 PM ET can watch the documentary at 3:00 PM ET. “’They Fight’ is an incredibly powerful film – one that we knew had to be a part of the ‘Magnify’ series,” says Charlie Dixon, Executive Vice President, Content, FOX Sports. “It fits perfectly within our mission to use sports as a lens for telling important cultural stories. We’re happy with what we’ve accomplished in one year and excited to

keep growing this brand with fresh, new documentaries and influential collaborators.” In connection with the film, FOX Sports Supports and 21st Century FOX continue their partnership with Good Sports, a non-profit organization focused on providing the benefits of sport and physical activity to children in-need, through new sports equipment, apparel, and footwear. For “They Fight,” Good Sports is debuting boxing-specific donations as part of their Equip-A-Kid program and supplying equipment to Washington, D.C. area recreation centers. “They Fight” producers include Jill Ahrens, Ryan Ahrens, and Ben Renzo for Argent Pictures; Derek Dudley, Shelby Stone, and Melisa Resch through Freedom Road Productions; Renzi, Michael Minahan, Daniel Yaro, Nick Boak, and Chris Burt through North of Now productions and Andrew D. Corkin’s Uncorked Productions. Jason Michael Berman executive produced for Mandalay Pictures along with Michael Sherman and Matthew Perniciaro of Bow and Arrow Entertainment; Tommy Oliver and Codie Oliver of Confluential Films; and Stanley Twarog. The “MAGNIFY” documentary series launched in November 2017 with “89 Blocks,” executive produced by LeBron James and Maverick Carter for Uninterrupted, along with Sports Illustrated. The film was nominated for a 2018 Sports Emmy®. “MAGNIFY” bolstered its documentary slate with “Shot in the Dark,” executive produced by Dwayne Wade and Chance the Rapper (February 2018), and “Nossa Chape,” from Sports Emmy®-nominated directors Jeffrey Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist (June 2018). In 2019, it will debut “Q Ball,” from Executive Producer and Golden State Warriors AllStar Kevin Durant, following the lives of the San Quentin Warriors -- teammates and inmates at “The Q”, California’s San Quentin State Prison.

Darrin Hall (22) of Pittsburg became the first became the first panther to win the Walter Camp National Player of the week award since Nathan Peterman in 2016. He rushed for 226 yards and three scores to lead the 5-4 Panthers to a win over over Virginia.

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Autopsy Finds Rapper Mac Miller Died from Drugs and Alcohol By ANDREW DALTON AP Entertainment Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) – Rapper Mac Miller died from an accidental overdose due to a combination of alcohol and drugs, including fentanyl, a coroner’s report released Monday said. The Los Angeles County coroner’s report named the 26-year-old Miller’s cause of death as “mixed toxicity,” saying cocaine, alcohol and the powerful opioid fentanyl were found in his system. Miller’s personal assistant, making a daily visit to Miller’s home in the San Fernando Valley section of Los Angeles, found him unresponsive on his bed at about 11:30 a.m. on Sept. 7, the report states. The assistant moved the body to the floor and performed CPR at the direction of a 911 operator. Paramedics soon arrived and Miller was declared dead 16 minutes after the initial 911 call. The report says a police investigator found an empty bottle of liquor and drug paraphernalia, including a $20 bill with white powder residue on it was in Miller’s pocket. The report notes that Miller’s many tattoos included one of an hourglass on his arm with the words, “Only so much time left in this crazy world.” The rapper, whose real name was Malcolm James Myers McCormick, was generally healthy otherwise, the report

stated.áHe had a history of drug and alcohol abuse, but his mother told investigators he had not overdosed in the past to her knowledge, or been hospitalized for any reason. Miller’s mother told a coroner’s investigator that she had spoken to him the night before his death, and that he had been in good spirits, seeming very excited about a new album and upcoming tour. Miller’s assistant agreed, saying Miller was feeling positive about his projects, but said he had a tendency to slip into drug binges, and had such an episode three days before the one that left him dead. The autopsy was performed three days after Miller’s death, but the cause of death was deferred while toxicology tests were performed. The Pittsburgh native’s music, which often examined his depression and drug use, won him fans among some of the biggest names in hip-hop. Performers at a tribute concert for him last week included Chance the Rapper, Travis Scott and John Mayer. The concert launched the Mac Miller Circles Fund in honor of the hip-hop star and raised money for arts education in underserved communities. He was in a two-year relationship with Ariana Grande that ended earlier this year. Grande released a new song, “Thank U, Next ,” on Saturday that mentioned Miller along with “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson, her fiance until recently. In the song, she pays tribute to Miller. “Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm,” the song says. “Cause he was an angel.”



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LA Rams and Shoe that Fit Partner with LAPD to Provide Shoes for Elementary School Children By Cameron Buford In late October of 2018, the children in attendance of Holmes Avenue Elementary were in for a major surprise. Through no fault of their own, these children are faced with the many challenging scenarios that come with growing up in the inner city of Los Angeles. In conjunction with Shoes That Fit and the Los Angeles Rams, the Los Angeles Police Department funded the effort to provide shoes for the 200 Students in attendance at Holmes Avenue Elementary School. Schools that “have children on 100% free or reduced lunch.” Are identified as schools with “a high rate of poverty,” explains Brian, a representative of Shoes That Fit. Seeking to enhance the dignity and joy of children in need through the gift of shoes, Shoes That Fit strategically identifies these schools and provides them with new athletic shoes. Having already distributed over two million pairs of shoes the organization is currently helping children in schools across the country with other necessities, in addition to shoes. Click on this link to find out more information about Shoes That Fit. “To leverage all our assets to let these kids know how much people care. For us, it’s not only about shoes; shoes are expensive, and kids need them,” states Amy Fass the CEO and Executive Director of Shoes That Fit. She continued to say, “it’s really about their self-esteem!” Speaking of the impact the shoes will have on the children which there to receive them. On behalf of the Los Angeles Rams, third-year Offensive Lineman out of Eastern Washington Aaron Neary and fellow Offensive Lineman and former Louisville Cardinal Jamon Brown was present at this event. Consistent with their efforts to be part of the community, the Rams continue to be present and support multiple communities throughout the year. Rams Cheerleaders and Team Mascot Rampage were also there to participate in the NFL play60 activities with the children. When discussing his reasons for coming out on his

Jamon Brown gifting a Holmes Ave Elementary student new shoes in October 2018. ( photo)

kids’ faces; I think there’s no better way to spend the off day!” “The satisfaction I get, you can’t really put it into words! …A lot of us (NFL Players) love to try to put a smile on someone else face.” The children also participated in a Play 60 Assembly, sponsored by the Los Angeles Rams community team. They hosted fun and educational activities in a game-show format for the children. The assembly also incorporated fun challenges which promoted fitness and health. The challenges vary between different physical activities to encourage our young adults to be active for a minimum of 60 minutes every day. For more information on NFL PLAY 60 please visit “All three of us together, as partners to make the community better, to bridge gaps and build trust it’s something special. We’re very, very honored to have the Rams here, we are very honored to have Shoes That Fit as a true partner.” Commanding Officer Michael Rimkunas. Officer Rimkunas was on to passionately state, “their number one objective is to build relationships! Whatever we can bring LAPD in line with our community partners to give something back to the community and to give the community something special. That’s what this we’re about!” This is an impressive union sponsored by the Los Angeles Police Department. Shoes That Fit should also be commended for their efforts on this day and every other day they are assisting the challenged youth across the country. Lastly, I would expect nothing less from the Los Angeles the be associated with and participating such charitable event. This is clearly something they have been passionate about since returning to Los Angeles. Let me know What Good by commenting in the comment section of this article on or reaching out to me @whatsgoodinsports.

off day Jamon Brown emphatically explains, “Where else would you want to be, right; Out here putting smiles on

Aaron Neary gifting a Holmes Ave Elementary student new shoes in October 2018. ( photo)

Jamon Brown and Aaron Neary assist Shoes That Fit and the LAPD to provide new shoes to the students at Holmes Ave Elementary School. ( photo)

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LOS ANGELES, CA — Supporters of a Los Angeles music teacher arrested for repeatedly punching a teenage student Friday in a fight captured on video have raised more than $70,000 in his defense. The surprise outpouring for Maywood Academy High School teacher Marston Riley, 64, comes as he faces possible criminal prosecution and dismissal for his role in the classroom brawl with a student. Supporters of the longtime music teacher contend the video, which shows him wailing on the teen, doesn't show the verbal and physical abuse he's endured. “Mr. Riley is a music teacher at Maywood Academy High School. He has earned the respect of many teachers, staff and students. Unfortunately, over the past few years unpleasant events have happened to him. Despite all that has happened, he has continued to do what he loves the most, to teach music,” wrote Maywood resident Cecilia Diaz Jimenez, who created a GoFundMe page for the teacher. “We all may have mixed feelings about what happened. But please do know that this is not the first time that Mr. Riley is attacked; physically or verbally. He is a great person and a great teacher.” Riley was arrested Friday on suspicion of committing cruelty against a child not long after the fight with his student. He was released on $50,000 bail Saturday and remains under investigation. The confrontation between Marston Riley and the student occurred at 1:30 p.m. Friday at Maywood Academy High School at 6125 Pine Ave., according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. The school is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Video showed Riley slugging it out with the student as other students and a woman wearing a yellow safety vest try to intervene. Some students could be seen recording the fight on their cell phones. The student suffered moderate injuries and was taken

to a hospital where he was treated and released, the sheriff's department said. Witnesses Riley and the student fought over the teen's uniform, and the student directed racial epithets at the teacher “I think it was both of their faults, like the teacher and the student,' student Enrique Deharo told ABC7. “I was scared for the kid, and partly for the teacher, too.' The LAUSD released the following statement Saturday: “We are extremely disturbed by the reports of the events that occurred at Maywood Academy High School. We take this matter very seriously and do not condone violence or intolerance of any kind. Los Angeles Unified is cooperating with law enforcement in investigating this incident. Crisis counselors and additional School Police patrols will be at the school on Monday to support our students and staff.”

Gofundme has raised $143,897 of $50,000 goal for defense fund of Marston Riley.






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