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#15 in the Nation Oglethorpe’s faculty scored high marks in The Princeton Review’s 2007 Best 361 Colleges. See page 39.

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president’s message




By Lawrence M. Schall

“Who, I ask, will be the winners in this brave new world? The students who learned a single set of skills in college, who were trained well to do one thing, or those that learned in a way that allows them to be nimble and entreprenurial?”

I am working this weekend on a speech to a group of corporate executives on the subject of lifelong learning. It’s a treat to take some time and think broadly about what it is we are trying to accomplish at Oglethorpe. I am sure the life of a college president appears from the outside to be at least reasonably glamorous – sitting around all day thinking of big ideas.

Well, I can tell you my first year has been filled with thousands of hours paying attention to a host of very little ideas – accounts receivable, bandwidth, athletic rules and regulations and so on. It’s refreshing, on occasion at least, to look beyond the daily routine. The punch-line of my talk will be a simple one: I see our job at Oglethorpe as preparing students for their third and fourth jobs in life, not their first. After law school and a brief stint in a New York law firm, my dad went to work as corporate counsel for the DuPont Company (as in “better living through chemistry”). Thirty years later, he retired from that same company doing virtually the same thing he did in year one – defending DuPont in those cases where the effects of chemistry didn’t turn out so well. My father-in-law was a chemist, for DuPont of course. He worked 30 years as well for the company before her retired. Life stories like these are a thing of the past, relics like the ancient dinosaurs. My generation began to see the tables turn a bit. I’ve experienced, for example, three different careers in 30 years. I will admit that is a bit different path than most of my friends,

experienced, but possibly a precursor of things to come. Students graduating from college today can be certain that they will not only change jobs a number of times before their careers are over, but they will likely change careers a few times as well. New professions spring up all the time and old ones become virtually obsolete. Companies are bought and sold like properties on a Monopoly board, a vicious circle of downsizing and upsizing and downsizing again. Who, I ask, will be the winners in this brave new world? The students who learned a single set of skills in college, who were trained well to do one thing, or those that learned in a way that allows them to be nimble and entreprenurial? What does qualify one to be considered well-educated in the early stages of the 21st century? One of the taglines in use at Oglethorpe when I arrived was a “classic education in a contemporary city.” I wondered then as I do now how one defines a classic education. The early classical education in this country allowed for no electives, and science was simply not part of the curriculum

at all. Students were largely being trained to be ministers or civic leaders. They studied a narrow and prescribed range of subjects such as Greek, Latin and ancient philosophy. While all these subjects are taught today at Oglethorpe, students now choose from dozens of majors and minors and literally hundreds of courses. Our brand of classical education hardly resembles the original one. On the other hand, Oglethorpe, unlike virtually every other college in this country, has held onto a core curriculum, a set of courses common to all students, one that explores questions such as the nature of human virtue and the origins and sources of social order in ways not all that different from a classical education of 300 years ago. Our program today, in the broadest terms, looks back into history and forward to the future and resembles, in part, a classic education of the past. One question we ought to consider every year is exactly how the Oglethorpe education (classical or otherwise), including its core, prepares students to lead healthy, fulfilling and successful lives. I believe that a well-designed

set of core courses is a magnificent educational tool to ensure these outcomes, but we must always challenge ourselves to make what we do more effective. What are the skills and qualities our students must possess when they leave us? They must have the ability to read and think critically. They must be able to convey their ideas in powerful terms, both in writing and in speech. They must be skillful in reasoning logically and thinking analytically about important matters. They have to have a deep understanding of the most thoughtful reflections on right and wrong. They must have gained an appreciation for the increasingly international character of our lives and an appreciation for the differences that exist among us. They must be willing and able to assume the responsibilities of leadership and citizenship. And, they must be inclined to keep on learning. When it’s their time to change jobs or even careers for the third or fourth time, I want the students that have graced Oglethorpe’s campus to be ahead of the game, looking forward to new challenges, not fearing change.



Blong ’07 and Pavelk ’07 help break ground on the new halls.


Alumni Calendar

Paul Dillingham, Robert Bowden ’66 and Joel Goldberg ’00 (H) celebrate Oglethorpe’s growth.

Breaking New Ground On a warm Friday afternoon in early August, trustees, students and staff gathered behind Dempsey Hall, formerly New Residence Hall, to break ground on Oglethorpe’s newest residence halls. Building upon the success of North and South Halls, which opened in fall 2005, the new halls will feature the same Collegiate Gothic architecture and suite-style living with private bedrooms. Two seniors gained valuable experience interning on the construction project. Nate Blong ’07, completing a dual degree in engineering at Georgia Tech, worked with architects Gardner Spencer Smith Tench and Hensley. Robert Pavelka, Jr. ’07 interned with Richmond Sterling, the project managers. The $10 million project, which will include 150 beds, has been funded through the generous support of trustees, alumni and foundations. “Oglethorpe’s enrollment and residential demand have consistently increased over the last two years,” noted President Schall. “These new buildings will fulfill our growing need.” When the halls open next fall, Oglethorpe will have over 650 beds on campus. The groundbreaking received attention from WSB-TV, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Atlanta INtown.

December 8

Boar’s Head Holiday Concert

January 29

Orlando, Florida Alumni Reception

January 31

Naples/Ft. Myers, Florida Alumni Dinner Francisco Roa’s Sands Flowers (1994) and Patricia Watwood’s Flora Crowned (2003)

February 1

West Palm Luncheon/Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Alumni reception

February 15

Jacksonville, Florida Alumni Reception

February 16

Savannah, Georgia Alumni Luncheon

Museum Exhibition

March 29

OU Book Club

March 30 – April 1

Alumni Weekend

Oglethorpe University Museum of Art celebrated the opening of its newest exhibition on September 17 with a great crowd in the museum’s Skylight Gallery.

May 9

Class of 2007’s Carillon Ceremony

May 10

Commencement Rehearsal and Zero Year Reunion

May 11

President’s Reception for Parents and Graduates

May 12

Commencement and Golden Petrel Luncheon

Slow Painting: A Deliberate Renaissance brings together over 40 contemporary paintings and drawings by 22 artists of the New Realism school and was named a “Best Bet” by Atlanta Magazine. Running through December 17, the exhibition highlights artists who have studied and drawn inspiration from the Old Masters of Europe, hoping to lead contemporary art into the future. OUMA Director Lloyd Nick said the exhibition captures the boldness of the movement and will “usher in a new Renaissance in art.” The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday from noon until 5:00 p.m. Admission is $5, free for members, children under 12 and the Oglethorpe community. For a listing of museum events and lectures please visit (keyword: museum) or call 404-364-8555.

“Mr. Oglethorpe” Gets a Highway On September 26 Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue came to campus to officially dedicate Stephen J. Schmidt Memorial Highway, the stretch of Peachtree Road in front of Oglethorpe, honoring the 1940 graduate. Perdue then spoke to students, faculty, staff and the public in Lupton Auditorium. House Resolution 1302, honoring “Mr. Oglethorpe” with his own highway, was signed by Perdue on April 28. On hand to witness the signing at the capitol were Jeanne Schmidt ’42, Garland Pinholster, Representative Mike Jacobs, Senator Steve Henson, President Schall, Tony Lentini ’87 and members of the Schmidt family. The Georgia Department of Transportation’s 2005 Average Daily Traffic Report shows that an average of 15,000 drivers use Schmidt Highway every day traveling in each direction.

Freshmen Meet Chick-fil-A Founder Professor Chris Benton’s Fresh Focus class met an Atlanta legend less than one month after moving onto campus. After lunch in the Chick-fil-A corporate cafeteria, students met with two Oglethorpe alumni, Senior Vice President of Field Operations Tim Tassopoulos ’81 and Associate General Counsel Director Tammy Pearson ’86. Both alumni shared their Oglethorpe experiences before adding their advice to the freshmen. Students then toured the corporate headquarters, ending in S. Truett Cathy’s office. The founder and chairman of Chick-fil-A spoke to students before handing out his Golden Rulers and autographed copies of his 2002 book, Eat Mor Chikin: Inspire More People. The Schmidt family listens to Pinholster in the Governor’s Office.

Ricardo Bartsch-Filho ’10 and Tammy Pearson ’86 listen to S. Truett Cathy.


news & events





news & events Food For All Alumni know that Oglethorpe provides “food for thought” with its Core Curriculum, but did you know Oglethorpe provides food for pandas too? For over six years Oglethorpe has been a source of bamboo for pandas Lun Lun and Yang Yang at Zoo Atlanta. This partnership gained recent media exposure following the birth of a baby panda on September 6, with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and WAGA Fox5 covering a recent harvesting trip by zoo staff members. Dr. Rebecca Snyder, the zoo’s panda curator, said the new cub may begin playing with bamboo at 6 months and will begin eating it around 13 or 14 months. Oglethorpe’s type of bamboo, Phyllostachys nigra ‘Henon’ or Giant Gray, is typically a winter food for the pandas, and zoo nutritionists will re-introduce it to the diet with the cooler weather. Henon will grow up to 65 feet tall with a diameter of 4.5 inches and is gray-blue in color. Over 200 species of bamboo grow in Georgia, but pandas, picky eaters that they are, will only eat about 20 types and some only seasonally. Oglethorpe’s bamboo grove, located behind Emerson Student Center, is over 30 years old.

Lindsey Cooper All Hands On Deck By Kelly Robinson Lindsey Cooper, originally from Oklahoma and a 2005 graduate of Oklahoma State University, has found a vast difference already between her large state school and Oglethorpe. “It’s been a great couple of months; everyone is friendly and welcoming. It is a different atmosphere from where I graduated. It’s nice to have a familiarity with the students and staff; it’s something that is so easily taken for granted.” “I think it’s going to be an exciting year personally to be able to be hands on with the students and work with them. There is a definite need for this. I get to use my skills in this way of service. I’m excited to do this.” Zoo Atlanta president and CEO, Dennis Kelly, presents a Rikard lecture.

Carillon Cover Stars Reunited Jodie-Anne Pessoa ’04 returned to campus recently and visited with Dr. Daniel Schadler, her Carillon co-star last fall. Pessoa continues to study dentistry at Howard University. Send us your photos showing where you read Carillon. We’ll feature our favorites in future issues. Email photos to Mark DeLong (

Paul Hudson Book Signing Paul Hudson ’72 brought Dr. Thornwell Jacobs, Oglethorpe’s fifth president, back to campus. On the morning of October 28 in the Sheffield Suite, Hudson led a discussion of Jacobs’ book The Law of the White Circle on the 1906 Atlanta race riots. Long out of print, this is the only novel set during the infamous Atlanta race riot of 1906. The book explores the tensions that exploded over three days in September 1906 through the intertwined stories of a white journalist, a black college professor and an artist of mixed race who chooses to pass as white. The book includes an essay by Hudson, the recognized authority on former Oglethorpe President Jacobs. It also has supplementary readings by scholar W.E.B. DuBois and Walter White, destined for fame with the NAACP, both of whom lived in Atlanta in 1906.

Lindsey is an AmeriCorps volunteer on loan to Oglethorpe University through Hands On Atlanta to help the university gear up its civic engagement initiatives with the city of Atlanta. This partnership between Hands On Atlanta and the university is a first of its kind and came about through President Schall’s goal for the university to commit itself to community service. Each year, Hands On Atlanta trains volunteers from AmeriCorps, a network of local, state and national service programs that connects more than 70,000 Americans each year, in intensive service to meet the country’s needs in education, public safety, health and the environment. AmeriCorps members serve nonprofits, public agencies and faith-based and community organizations and now Oglethorpe University. Lindsey took part in the Schools Program of Hands On Atlanta, and most of her “class” was sent to schools in the Atlanta Public School system, tutoring and hosting after-school programs with inner-city children. Lindsey’s path veered off from that of her peers. President Schall contacted Hands On Atlanta executive director Tracy Hoover, who recommended Lindsey for this first-time role at Oglethorpe. October 7 was a big day for Lindsey. She coordinated Oglethorpe’s three projects for Hands on Atlanta Day, uniting our community with thousands of volunteers across the city. Oglethorpe participated in the Villages of East Lake, Centennial Place Elementary and Rivers Alive.


Faculty Profile

Karen Schmeichel New Tennis Facility a Boost to Both Players and Fans On the strength of donor support, Oglethorpe University unveiled a new tennis center in September that will be a boost to both players and spectators alike. The players, no doubt, will enjoy the new surfaces on all six courts made possible by a Permaflex paving system. Fans will be wowed by a new bench shade system and the construction of a beautiful gazebo that will provide views of the action taking place on all six courts. Jim Clower ’58 challenged other tennis alumni, and Joe Dennis ’69 chaired the campaign that raised a quarter of a million dollars for the renovation. The project includes road clearing and paving, new fencing, nets and retaining wall, repaving and painting of all the courts and the addition of a new windscreen. The renovation, done by Southeastern Tennis, comes just in time to celebrate what should be two of the most competitive men’s and women’s tennis teams in recent history. The most prominent reason for the Petrels’ rise at the nets is courtesy of a smooth-stroking South African,

Dr. Karen Schmeichel, Oglethorpe’s new assistant professor of biology, knows what it’s like for students unsure of their life paths. One of three new faculty members this year, Karen always had an interest in cellular biology but wasn’t sure which career track would best suit her. Luckily for her students, her “long training path” led her to experience science from many perspectives. By Hoyt Young

Eckhardt van der Linde ’07. Van der Linde ended last year by posting a nearly perfect season with a singles record of 22-1. During the course of the season, van der Linde’s ranking for the South region surged from 44th to 7th overall. Playing on the International Tennis Association’s summer circuit, van der Linde has made plenty of noise in the off-season by defeating a slew of Division I stars on full scholarships. In one particular tournament in Greensboro, North Carolina, van der Linde knocked off athletes from Virginia Tech, North Carolina and Furman in succession on his way to a semi-final finish. “Players of Eckhardt’s abilities are hard to find, and we are blessed to have him at Oglethorpe for one more year to watch him win with grace and class,” said head coach Peter Howell. “The addition of the new tennis center will elevate the tennis experience for players like Eckhardt and fans like myself to new heights.”


By Mark DeLong ’03


During her seven years of training for her doctorate, Karen learned that she enjoyed working with her colleagues in the lab, but “I always enjoyed teaching new students the ropes of the lab,” she added. “That was the first thought I had toward teaching.”

“I’ve been working toward a single goal of this cancer question,” she said, “but I’ve been in a variety of places. My focus may have been cellular biology, but I was aware of other aspects. I’m fortunate to have a broad understanding.” She hopes her knowledge base will translate to new ideas in the classroom. “I’m excited to bring some ideas from my research here, to maybe introduce new techniques or approaches to students,” said Karen. “My advisors always said innovation comes from where two fields meet, so I look forward to future discussions and collaborations.”

“I’m really happy to be at Oglethorpe. Having grown up at a liberal arts college, it’s great to be at a place that appreciates the big picture,” she said. “I think my husband is totally jealous of my job now.” As for her course load of genetics, cellular biology, developmental biology and general biology, Karen said, “The topics are diverse, but similar at the same time. I’ve got a sense of things that will be exciting to share with other people.” Karen will also be a student during her first year at Oglethorpe, sitting in on the natural science Core course she will begin

teaching next year. “I look forward to getting my feet wet in all areas at Oglethorpe,” she said. “Even when I went to graduate school, people thought students from smaller schools were more desirable. I want to help my students find their voice and ask questions. I certainly hope to be here for awhile and plan to invest myself into the teaching experience.” Ever an innovator and science promoter, Karen is ready to spread her excitement on the Oglethorpe campus.



After studying cellular biology at Middlebury College in Vermont, Karen spent two years as a research technician before heading to graduate school at the University of Utah. An interview during ski season drew the New Englander out West. “Winter sports are a big passion of mine,” said Karen, who played ice hockey at Middblebury.


Summer Grants


This summer eight faculty members were able to conduct research and finish projects thanks to the Schultz Foundation Summer Research Grants. Oglethorpe is a more enriched community because of this additional funding. DR. J. LYNN GEIGER, assistant professor of education, used her grant to conduct further research and prepare materials for future publication on the integration of music and mathematics in early grades and the role of mathematics in popular culture. DR. ROBERT HORNBACK, associate professor of English, traveled to Washington, D.C., to continue his ongoing work at the Folger Shakespeare Library, which included finishing four essays on topics that address long overlooked but ultimately significant comic traditions and additional research on the “godly comedy” produced by the Tudor evangelicals.

Karen did her post-doctoral work in general and cellular biology at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, where she focused on the cellular biology of breast cancer.

Karen also plans to expose students to Atlanta’s vast scientific community. “Most people I’ve worked with are ready to get people excited about science, so it’s not much of a stretch to call up a colleague and ask for help.”

Moving to Atlanta after her husband got a job with the CDC, Karen studied breast cancer at Emory for four years. For two years she worked at the CDC researching public perceptions of breast cancer from an epidemiological perspective and how environmental agents may contribute to cancer.

“The great thing about Oglethorpe is you may have a class of 20, but you can still connect with each student.” Adding her advice to students, Karen said, “Do good work, work hard and look at all your options. The best thing to do is to see what’s best for you. You’ve got to balance family and work to be happy.”

DR. REBECCA HYMAN, associate professor of English, completed revisions to her book Driven by Distraction: Why Progressives Must Disengage from the Conservatives and How They Can Rebuild Their Movement.

DR. ELIZABETH C. JOHNSON, associate professor of psychology, utilized her grant to complete two projects: research for a paper on her observations of drill baboons at Zoo Atlanta and a study of gender differences in completing spatial tasks. DR. PETER J. KOWER, associate professor of economics, worked with student researchers on a project to test economic theories relating to the long-run growth or stagnation of nations using the example of the Sweetwater Mill, an antebellum cotton mill. DR. ALAN LOEHLE, associate professor of art, used his grant for research into images that will ultimately lead to a new body of work on the issues of the human condition and the key themes of mortality, the physical body and unattainable desire. ANNE SALTER, librarian, worked with a colleague at Mercer University to create and implement a survey among undergraduate liberal arts students at both institutions to determine their reading habits and how trends in this area impact the collection development of undergraduate libraries. DR. WM. BRADFORD SMITH, associate professor of history, traveled to Bamberg, Germany, to conduct research for a book-length study on the Bamberg witch hunts entitled The Whole Armor of God: Witchcraft and the Thirty Years’ War in Bamberg 1616-1632.




ANGELA STALCUP ’03 Although Angela graduated from high school as class valedictorian, she did not pursue a traditional educational route. Moved by the suffering of women and children in the world, she decided to spend some time “saving the world” before continuing her education. She traveled to West Africa, the Caribbean, South America and Asia seeking ways to empower women. However, after 16 years of this work, Angela decided it was time to continue her educational path by obtaining a bachelor’s degree. At Oglethorpe, Angela embraced the college experience by getting involved in university life. She helped to create the Student Advisory Committee (SAC), a group representing the needs and concerns of evening students, and served as its president for two years. SAC works closely with the evening degree program director and the Evening Degree Program Council to sponsor student activities on campus.


By David-Matthew Barnes ’06

A Balancing Act Adult Learners Juggle Family and Careers While Studying Many Oglethorpe students have more in common than they realize. The evening degree program, formerly University College, is comprised of working adults who are changing careers or returning to school. Sharing the struggle of balancing family life, school, work and other responsibilities, these students are part of a unique culture at Oglethorpe. The alumni profiled here have each celebrated great success following their time at Oglethorpe.

Angela completed her bachelor’s degree in three years, earning a place in the academic honorary society Alpha Chi and graduating summa cum laude with a communications degree in May 2003. She received the 2002–2003 University College Award and was co-recipient of the 2003 Sally Hull Weltner Award for Scholarship, the award for the highest grade-point average among graduates with Latin honors. After graduation, Angela participated as a panelist at the 2004 Conference on College Composition and Communication. She presented “Mediascapes, Embodiment and the Adult Learner,” a paper based on the body of work she created during her time at Oglethorpe. “I was familiar with the reputation of Oglethorpe as a prestigious liberal arts university, and the accelerated evening program seemed like it would be a perfect fit for me. All that remained was for me to step onto the quad — the beauty of the campus sealed my fate. I was completely in love. I knew that Oglethorpe would be my educational home,” says Angela. Her fondest memories involve the camaraderie of classmates and professors and the excitement of the collaborative learning environment. “Three years after graduating, I still maintain friendships with quite a few former classmates and professors. I was so impressed with Dr. Anne Rosenthal and the communications program that I changed my major after just one of her classes, and I enjoyed being able to take film and art history classes as I worked toward my degree.” “My degree has definitely impacted my career development,” says Angela, who is now the director of marketing for Steelcoat, LLC, an Alpharetta-based software company, and a partner in SmartFish, a small business incubator/think tank.

BILL MULLALLY ’02 Bill graduated magna cum laude in December 2002 with a degree in economics. Today, he is senior vice president for investments and an Omega portfolio manager with Oppenheimer and Co., Inc. In this role, he manages stock and bond investment portfolios for wealthy individuals, business owners and corporate executives. This year Bill became the first evening degree student to be appointed to Oglethorpe’s Board of Trustees. About his decision to return to school to finish his degree, Bill explains, “An Oglethorpe alum who is a good friend and mentor of mine was very supportive. His name is O.K. Sheffield (class of 1953), and he was instrumental in my attending Oglethorpe. I am very grateful for his friendship as well as his dedication and commitment to Oglethorpe.” Bill cites a class with Professor Brad Smith as his best memory at Oglethorpe. “It was a class on Renaissance history, and I really learned a lot and enjoyed the class. Brad is an excellent professor.” When asked where he sees himself in five years, Bill responds, “Professionally I expect to be doing the same thing that I am now. I have a great job, and I love the company I work for as well as the clients that I advise. Scholastically, I am contemplating getting an EMBA. Athletically, I hope to have my golf handicap in single digits; I am currently a 14. Personally, I hope to have done a great job as a father for my two daughters, Kate and Sara, as well as be lucky enough to remain married to my wife of 16 years, Karen. She is a patient woman.” Bill has been on Oglethorpe’s President’s Advisory Council and was a two-term member of the Georgia Film, Video and Music Advisory Commission. He is a member of the Technology Association of Georgia and co-founded the Technology in Entertainment special interest group. Bill has served on the board of IMAGE, a non-profit media arts organization, and on the steering committee for the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation Classic Golf Tournament. Bill maintains a membership at the Capital City Country Club and is an active member of Christ Church in Atlanta.



“The class of 2010 had their first chance to make a difference within the Atlanta community…”

of2010 As Oglethorpe’s class of 2010 arrived on campus on August 26, they were greeted by groups of returning students waiting to help fill newly renovated dorm rooms with clothes, microwaves, televisions, computers and a few stuffed animals – all the comforts of home. For the third year in a row, returning students came to campus early to help freshmen move into their rooms and find their way around their home away from home. The experience left quite an impression with the new students and parents. “I thought we’d be unloading all morning,” said one parent, much relieved. Many packed hand trucks along with the college necessities but left them happily untouched as student volunteers unloaded the cars into the freshmen rooms. “I really enjoyed having all the people help us,” said Katie Boone, a freshman from Huntsville, Alabama. “Everyone was really friendly. I felt bad that they had to carry all my stuff, but I was grateful to have the help. It was all really well organized, too.” As a member of the cross country team, Aaron Connolly helped his fellow classmates move in. “It went very well,” said the freshman from Florence, Alabama. “It was nice for them … a lot of work for us, but nice for them.”

Callie Crabb ’10

Freshmen moving into Traer Hall found new flooring, paint and furniture in their rooms. Although they may not have noticed, the upperclassmen certainly did. “I think they look infinitely better than they did,” said sophomore Laura Braddick, who lived in Traer last year. “The walls look fresh and the outside looks more sophisticated.” The class of 2010 had their first chance to make a difference within the Atlanta community the following morning with a clean-up project at PATH Academy, a charter school on the Oglethorpe campus. Over 200 students took the short walk to PATH and began washing windows, cleaning and repainting a fence, sorting books and planting flowers. While inside washing windows, Sydney Pigram, a freshman from Atlanta, found a classroom full of Japanese posters. “I was happy because I got to speak with one of the ESL teachers there,” she said. “She told me a lot about Japan, which is my minor. And the service was worth it, because those windows were really dirty.” Outside planting flowers, Boone enjoyed the camaraderie. “It was nice to have the friendly atmosphere to get to know people,” she said. “A friend of mine at Georgia Tech didn’t get to know his classmates as well because they didn’t have opportunities like this. Even the people who didn’t enjoy the projects as much had something to talk about.”


By Mark DeLong ’03




(Clockwise from top right) Mustafa Abdullah ’10 leads fellow freshmen on the walk to PATH Academy. Heena Patel ’10, Olivia Rocamora ’10 and Kathryn Kimrey ’10 enjoy Cokes from around the globe at the World of Coca-Cola. Joey Kosciolek ’10 and his family enjoy lunch during Orientation Weekend. Bonnie Morscheiser ’10 and Daniel Brown ’10 paint a fence at PATH Academy.

16 Jonathan Kelley ’10 and Itolo Cardozo ’10 help fellow freshmen move into Dempsey Hall.

Continuing their Atlanta journey, students took their first trip in the OUr Atlanta program, connecting them with the city’s leading business and cultural organizations. At the Coca-Cola World Headquarters students were greeted by Alexander “Sandy” Douglas, Jr., who was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer of Coca-Cola North America the following day. Students visited the rarely seen 26th floor boardroom before heading downtown to experience the World of Coca-Cola at Underground Atlanta. “We got to see [Robert Woodruff ’s] office and the big boardroom,” said Connolly, the freshman from Florence. As an international studies and Spanish major, he appreciated the inside look into the global company. “It was pretty cool.” “It was amazing to have our own VIP reception,“ said Boone, the freshman from Huntsville. “It was great to try all the new drinks, have a little dessert and meet the people who work at Coke. I definitely feel more comfortable in Atlanta now. I came here from Alabama not knowing anything about Atlanta. Now I know people and how to get to the mall, the gas station, all that fun stuff. It was a great weekend” “Being from Atlanta, I had been to the World of Coke before, but I hadn’t done the tour at headquarters,” said Pigram. “You never really hear about your own city,

so it made me feel a little more connected and proud of where I’m from.” Orientation Weekend 2006 let students explore two strengths of Oglethorpe – its small, family like community and its connection to the city of Atlanta. Likewise, the class of 2010 contains some stellar examples of the typical Oglethorpe student. Take for example Mustafa Abdullah, a freshman who came to Oglethorpe from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, after spending two years at the Cairo American College in Egypt. While in Cairo, Mustafa volunteered at two very different orphanages through school. Despite difficulties with management and a lack of resources, Mustafa was able to reach out to the children. He recalls one instance where a five-year-old boy was describing his life in Arabic during an outing to the pyramids. Even though Mustafa only understood parts of what the boy was telling him he was struck by the emotional outpouring. “Through these eye-opening experiences, I have learned that the most important thing is not how I helped people or the community, but rather how they helped me to grow as an individual and appreciate the global community,” Mustafa said.

During his senior year of high school, in Winston-Salem, Mustafa was selected to represent the state of North Carolina at this summer’s National Student Leadership Conference. In one of the sessions, students were given situations and asked to react. “The first experience was similar to The Lord of the Flies,” Mustafa explains. “While we were discussing the situation within our group, I unconsciously became the leader.” Mustafa took the lead during Orientation Weekend as well, lending a hand at PATH Academy. “It was interesting to see that even though it wasn’t mandatory a lot of students came,” he said. “When you go and do service with a group of people, it’s a bonding experience. I met lots of people that morning that I have classes with now or see around campus. It made me feel more connected to the Oglethorpe community.” “It was a great statement on the part of the president and provost to be there working with the students,” he continued. “The project was good in showing the role Oglethorpe can and should play in the community by servicing less fortunate people.” Though service is important, Mustafa came to Oglethorpe for the Core Curriculum. “The emphasis on writing

prepares you for graduate work. The Core is pretty unique. It was the main thing that intrigued me about Oglethorpe,” he said. Mustafa is taking an interdisciplinary approach to his studies as well, considering a double major in psychology and philosophy with some religion courses added to the mix. After graduating, he may go into psychological research, clinical trials or teaching. As he noted on his application essay, he has an “unquenchable thirst for knowledge.” “I’m extremely pleased with the profile of this class,” said Lucy Leusch, vice president for enrollment and financial aid. “The caliber of student is excellent, the mean SAT and ACT score both increased as did mean high school grade-point average and diversity remains strong. More students enrolled from outside of Georgia, broadening our geographic reach.” This year 39% of the freshman class came from other states and countries. Leusch and her staff hope to increase geographic and ethnic diversity while building enrollment for next fall’s freshmen class. The expanded admission staff already has a full travel schedule to recruit the class of 2011 to Atlanta’s liberal arts university.



alumni alert

Christiana Johnson ’06, Joe Shelton ’91 and President Schall at the 2006 Alumni Awards Banquet.

Dear Alumni,


Feeding off the momentum and success of the last academic year, your alma mater is not resting on its laurels and is well on its way to another fantastic year. Please make sure you do not miss out.

“Mark your calendars now for Alumni Weekend, coming March 31 – April 1, 2007. Last year, we set new attendance records for Alumni Weekend with over 500 people …”

We celebrated Alumni Fall Sports Weekend October 27 – 29. This weekend began a few years ago with the John P. Salamone Alumni Soccer Tournament, but has now grown to include alumni participating in a volleyball tournament. President Schall hosted a welcome reception. We went back to the classroom. Many attended a performance of Othello at Georgia Shakespeare. Alumni and parents alike filled the field house for a pre-season jamboree in celebration of Petrel basketball. In addition to all the alumni activities, the university also welcomed parents to campus to experience Oglethorpe for themselves. Many parents enjoyed the opportunity to better get to know their child’s university on a personal level, whether sitting in on a class, visiting Greek Row’s open house or watching the Petrels take on the Trinity Tigers in soccer. Make sure you don’t miss the next great weekend on campus. Mark your calendars now for Alumni Weekend, coming March 31 – April 1, 2007. Last year, we set new attendance records for Alumni Weekend with over 500 people coming back to participate in the festivities! Plans are underway now to ensure that this year’s events top last year’s success. Visit (keyword: alumni weekend) for details. If you have not been to campus recently, you will be amazed at the changes. Beautification efforts and improvements have made an already wonderful campus even more outstanding. Also, the hum of bulldozers off the Ho Chi Minh Trail signals that the construction of the new residence halls is underway with the opening scheduled for fall 2007. In closing it will be another great year, and we hope you will be a part of it. As always, please let us know if you have any suggestions for the Alumni Association or if you want to get more involved. My contact information is below, or you may contact Barbara Bessmer Henry ’85, director of alumni relations, at or 404-364-8443. Joe Shelton ’91 President of National Alumni Association 404-240-4259

Donor Profile

Jay Williams ’99 By Mark DeLong ’03

Ask Jay Williams ’99 why he supports Oglethorpe, and the auditor at Miller Ray Houser & Stewart LLP, lists a number of reasons. “First of all, that’s how I was raised,” he says over lunch near his Buckhead office. Jay, born in Houston and raised in Johnson City, Tennessee, remarks that his father recently had a baseball field named after him for his years of volunteer service. “I also think of Norm Findley,” an Oglethorpe trustee and father of Jay’s close friend Brian Findley ’99. “There’s a guy I truly respect, and to see him so involved at Oglethorpe really inspired me to get involved with the school.” “Third, the school’s motto – Make a Life. Make a Living. Make a Difference. Obviously the education’s great. With the new president, there’s a lot of potential.” At Oglethorpe, Jay studied accounting, was in Sigma Alpha Epsilon and played soccer for four years. He remains connected with the school, acting as a class agent, helping to organize SAE’s 35th reunion last spring and serving on the SAE Housing Corps. Jay supports the Oglethorpe Fund through the Carillon Giving program, where a set amount is donated every month from a checking account or credit card. “I wanted to give at a level I could fit within my budget,” he says. “It’s nice to spread it out over the year. And you don’t have to think about it. It’s a great way to give. I don’t foresee cancelling it.” “You give back because we as students benefited from all the people at OU – faculty, staff and past alumni. It’s self-serving,” he explains. “By giving, you make your alma mater better. With the changes happening now we need help more than ever, be it time or money. We’ve got momentum. Oglethorpe’s a great school, but it can be even better with our help. Participation is just as important as the amount you give,” he notes. “You don’t have to give $1,000. Give $5. Giving back at any level will make a difference.” Jay earned his MBA from Georgia State University a few years after graduating from Oglethorpe. He noticed a marked difference in the educational environments. “The hands-on personal attention you get from Oglethorpe’s faculty – you don’t see that paralleled anywhere else.” “My career may change, I may relocate in the future, but I’ll always have strong relationships [with classmates and faculty]. That’s what keeps me coming back.”


Weddings Traci Bell ’88 married Dan West of Atlanta on Feb. 17, 2006. Jennifer DuBose ‘90 married Christopher Bivins on June 25, 2005, at the Solarium in Decatur. Alumni in attendence included Julia Wynn Safer ‘91, Greg Gammonley ‘91, Sergio Moncada ‘90, John Wuichet ‘90, Wendy Kurant Rollins ‘90 and Kevin Adams ‘88.


Reminisce on Athletics

Elmer George ’40, B.C. Crowell ’44, Jeanne Fuller Schmidt ’42 and O.K. Sheffield ’53 remember their college days.

On August 15, Alumni Director Barbara Bessmer Henry ’85 invited Elmer George ’40, Jeanne Fuller Schmidt ’42, B.C. Crowell ’44 and O.K. Sheffield ’53 back to campus for an oral history project. The four reminisced about their time on campus and the glory days of Oglethorpe athletics. Crowell and George played football with O.K.’s brother, Ernest Sheffield ’41. George was also a member of the baseball, basketball and cross country teams.

“I remember sitting in the stands at a game and asking someone why it took them so long in the huddle,” recalled Schmidt. “They had so many languages, it would take them awhile to translate for everyone.”

Bell ’88

“Football brought me and my family to Oglethorpe,” said Sheffield.

Schmidt and her late husband, “Mr. Oglethorpe” Stephen J. Schmidt ’40, were strong athletic supporters. “Any time any thing was going on here, he’d say, ‘Let’s go!’ We came out to all the events. I’d met Schmidty here, so we had a double reason. I came, I stayed and I conquered. And it conquered me!”

“Athletic support was strong,” noted Crowell. “We had a good football team and a great baseball team – a lot of people didn’t want to play us.”

“The things I have accomplished in my life,” George added, “I certainly could not have done without Oglethorpe. The faculty prepared me immensely.”

Although George had never played football before, he tried out for the Oglethorpe team. “We didn’t have the largest numbers playing, but the camaraderie was amazing,” he said.

Crowell echoed those remarks, advising current students to “pick up everything you can pick up here and distribute that across your career, because it’s meant a lot to me.”

Kirsten Hanzsek Schutt ’95 and Andrew David Schutt ’95 announce the birth of their son, Ryan Jacob, on May 1, 2006.

DuBose ’90

Butts ’98

Kirner ’93

Laura Butts ’98 and Mark Steele were married on Feb. 25, 2006, at Northside Drive Baptist Church in Atlanta. Mark Boyt ’96 and Erin O’Brien Boyt ’97 were in the wedding party. Also celebrating with the couple were Jason Hammond ’98 and Kate Hammond Breitfeller ’98, David Carroll ’98 and Michelle Barrett Carroll ’97, Chip Davies ’95 and Carrie Adkins Davies ’96, Judy Williams DeNormandie ’96 and Brandon King ’99. Laura is a communications manager in information technology at Southern Company. They live in Vinings with their dogs Kito and Koda.

Susie Polyak ’99 married fellow Oglethorpe graduate Brian Findley ’99 in October 2005. Many Oglethorpe alums attended the wedding or were in it. Susie is currently working at Smith & Howard PC, a local CPA firm as a staff auditor. She and Brian recently bought a house in East Atlanta that they are completely renovating. Susie is working on her MBA at Georgia State University and should finish in May 2007. Brian is a builder for InterUrban Construction and loves the unique loft townhomes that he is building.

Future Freshmen Cheryl Zdunek Michels ’93 and husband Jack had their second daughter, Eila Rose, in Dec. 2005. Eila’s big sister, Greta Jane, is in total love with her sister and is a great helper. Cheryl is working as a clinical supervisor in treatment foster care and enjoys working with children and adolescents.

Kim Kirner ’93 married Murray Lohoar on July 21, 2006, in a small ceremony on the banks of Loch Awe in Ardanaiseig, Scotland. Kim lives in London and is working as an editor for Bloomberg News. She has been with Bloomberg for eight years. Murray is an independent business and IT consultant. Kim and Murray will be moving to Harpenden, Hertfordshire.

Tomika Powell-Holcomb ‘97 and husband Darnell announce the birth of their daughter, Laurel Daria, born on Feb. 14, 2006, in Mobile, Alabama. Laurel weighed 7 pounds, 8 ounces and measured 21 inches long. Tomika is an emergency response social worker with the Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services.

Tom Namey ’02 and Sally Kaltreider Namey ’02 proudly announce the birth of their daughter, Kate Middleton, born on April 24, 2005. Kate weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces and measured 20 inches long. Yasmin Epple ‘06 and husband Dan Clark announce the birth of their daughter, Saskya Lina Clark, on March 15, 2006, weighing 6 pounds and 12.8 ounces.



class notes

Erin Sellers ’03 and Michael Newkirk ’01 were married on Nov. 26, 2005, in Charleston, South Carolina. Erin is finishing up her last year in veterinary school at the University of Florida, and Michael owns a telecommunications company and a respiratory therapy and medical equipment company.




Bird ’30

22 President Emeritus Manning Pattillo hosted a lovely luncheon for Oglethorpe alums and friends who live at Lenbrook in Atlanta to celebrate the 101st birthday of Evelyn Bird ’30. Included in the gathering were: Adele Anderson, Jackie Challoner, Charlotte Galbraith Ramage ’40, Herta Rice Schartle ’34, Jeannette Bentley Moon ’38, India Upchurch Steinbruegge ’41, Henrietta Persons ’38, Marie Lanham, Dee McKeever, Neal Wilson, President Schall, his wife Betty Londergan and Barb Henry ’85, alumni relations director. Billy Carl Crowell ’44 is a retired coach and athletic director for Porterdale High School and the Bibb Manufacturing Company. He attended Oglethorpe on a baseball scholarship. He spends his time volunteering and has a scholarship fund established in his name to provide high school seniors with the opportunity to attend college. Favorite OU Memory: Billy takes great pride in being part of the last football team fielded at Oglethorpe and appreciates the opportunity he was given to attend college through his baseball scholarship. Margaret Kerr Hitte ’47 started teaching in 1971 as a chemistry instructor at Our Lady of Good Counsel High School and retired in 1998. Before teaching she had focused exclusively on raising her three children. She now lives in Maryland with her husband of 58 years. Favorite OU Memories: Margaret still has the James Edward Oglethorpe Merit Cup that she received at graduation in 1947. Hearst Hall used to contain a painting of Lady Oglethorpe holding a decorative fan; Margaret was so inspired by the fan that she had her wedding bouquet designed to look just like it.

Rev. John Flanigen ’50 has spent the majority of his life in the service of God as a reverend in the Episcopal Church. He relocated to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, about 10 years ago to retire and be near family but continues to be as active in the community and church as his energy allows. Favorite OU Memories: John credits Oglethorpe with initiating him into the art of thinking things through. He believes that it helped prepare him for his role in life as a “foot soldier of God.” Martha Mayson Bator ’51 spent many years traveling with her husband Edmund Bator ’53 in the Foreign Service before they retired back to Atlanta and purchased a home on former Oglethorpe property. She now spends her time pursuing her interest in painting and has had a number of showings throughout the area. Favorite OU Memories: Martha met her husband of 53 years here at Oglethorpe. Daniel Louis Uffner Jr. ’51 spent the past 20 years working with the Sun City Emergency Squad as a driver, first responder and currently as a dispatcher. He remains active in the local Shrine Club to support the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children. He is the secretary for the Big Band Club (20-piece big band) and is also a columnist for a Long Island, New York, newspaper. Favorite OU Memory: Daniel remembers studying Western Civilization with Dr. George Seward. John Frederick Agel, Sr. ’52 is a retired salesman for the Bowman Distribution Company. He was honored in March 2005 by DeKalb County for 25 years of volunteer service to the DeKalb County Board of Health. Fred has visited each continent except Antarctica. Fred’s son Rick Agel ’72 is a retired surgeon, and his grandson John Frederick Agel III will graduate in 2007. Favorite OU Memories: Fred remembers borrowing $500 from the president in 1949 so that he would be able to get married. Jacqueline Miles Boles ’56 received her master’s in Sociology from Emory University and went on to attain her doctorate in sociology from University of Georgia in 1973. She is a professor emeriti at Georgia State and served on the Oglethorpe alumni board. Favorite OU Memories: Jackie fondly remembers her good friend the late Clare “Tia” Magbee ’56 with whom she practice taught elementary school during their time at Oglethorpe. Russell Eisenman ’62 published an article entitled “Gender and ethnic differences in sexual attitudes at a Hispanic-serving university” in the April 2006 Journal of General Psychology (vol.133, no. 2, pp. 153 – 162). Donald Simon ’69, owner of Simon Financial Company in Vero Beach, Florida, has just been elected the president of the Indian River Chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.

Jay Azriel ’84, wife Pat and children Jacob and Elan recently moved back to the East Coast from Illinois. Jay just finished his first year at Seton Hall University, where he is an assistant professor of entrepreneurship and strategy. Jay is excited to be back East, but is shocked by the high cost of living. If anyone lives in the Union, New Jersey, area, please feel free to look them up. Teresa Willson Bennett ’84 received her master’s in counseling from University of Georgia, and Teresa took what she thought would be a temporary job working with her yacht captain husband Brian. That was 18 years ago and she is still working and living at sea. Brian now operates a 184’ charter yacht with 15 crew and travels seasonally for charters from the Mediterranean to Tahiti. Previously the chef on board, Teresa now pilots the ultralight and runs the dive and tender operations. Charis Andrews Hanberry ’88 and David Dwayne Hanberry ’88 have lived in Suwanee, Georgia, for eight years. Charis is a senior quality assurance analyst with Turner Broadcasting’s IT group. Dwayne is the assistant commissioner of the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference, of which Oglethorpe is a member. Charis and Dwayne have been married for 16 years and have two sons, David, 11, and Daniel, 7. David M. Ross ‘93 has recently joined the staff of United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta as a writer in the Community Engagement division. He has also begun his fourth season singing tenor with Collegium Vocale. Derek Witt ’94 switched to the business field after 10 years as a college basketball coach. He is now working as a headhunter for a national software recruiting firm, RightSeed Solutions. Thomas Barker ’95 recently accepted a position as assistant professor in The Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory University. He will primarily teach the cell and molecular biology section of their year-long physiology course and biomaterials, a technical elective. His research lab is focused on understanding the role of the extra-cellular matrix in the development of tissues with complex three-dimensional architecture and the development of protein-based biomaterials for the induction of tissue regeneration. Bill Hewes ’95 is installing fitness equipment at TMLC with a title of truck driver. This is an in-between job for him, as he burned out in the corporate world. Helen Hopkinson ‘95 recently moved to the Philadelphia mainline area. She is president, CEO and co-founder of Mainline Elder Care Association.

Brooke Robertshaw ’95 is beginning a Ph.D. program in instructional technology at Utah State University. Previously, she worked for the LEAD teen program ( in Eugene, Oregon, as the technical coordinator and webmaster. Patricia Villavicencio Mazini ’96 just completed her degree at Emory Law School and has started working at the law firm of Alston & Bird. She is currently studying for the bar exam. Jenifer Parks ’96 currently attends UNC-Chapel Hill where she is a Ph.D. candidate in history. She will spend the next 11 months traveling with her husband to Lausanne, Switzerland, and Moscow, Russia, to conduct research on her dissertation entitled “Red Sport, Red Tape: Sports Bureaucracy, the Olympic Games and Political Practices in the Soviet Union, 1952-1980.” Crowell ’44

Golden Petrels

James Jaehnig ’97 just received a master’s degree in National Security Affairs from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. His thesis was entitled “Why the United States Underestimated the Soviet Biological Weapons Capability.” He will now be stationed at Naval Air Station Brunswick, Maine. Margaret (Tinnie) Waterston Weber ’97 is currently employed by New Hanover County Schools in Wilmington, North Carolina. She is a fourth grade teacher at Pine Valley Elementary School. Natalie Dietz ’98 is currently the special events manager in fundraising for The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation. She is also active in the Brookhaven Arts Alliance and is on the Atlanta Dogwood Festival planning committee. Patrick Floyd ’98 is being sponsored by the non-profit organization All Blind Children of Texas and is producing a documentary film about blind teenagers in Austin, Texas. Patrick continues to fundraise while director Keith Maitland edits the film. The project was accepted to screen at the Independent Feature Project Market in New York City in September as a work-in-progress. For more information, go to Amanda LaBate ’98 teaches humanities at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School in Washington, D.C.



class notes


Ashish Thakur ’99 resides in Atlanta and is working as a client advisor in Private Wealth Manager at Deutsche Bank Securities, Inc. He is part of a team with over 50 years of investment expertise in assisting high net worth individuals, corporations, foundations, endowments and pensions in providing customized investment solutions. Tolliver Williams ’99 received his MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill in May and started with Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking Group in New York.


Tina Stults ’00 recently completed her course work for a graduate degree in information science at the University of Tennessee. She will graduate in December 2006. In August Tina began a new job as a media specialist at an elementary school in Smyrna, Georgia. Melissa Stracener Beauregard ‘01 was awarded her MBA from the University of Oklahoma in Norman this summer. Beauregard has pursued the degree for the past two and a half years while working full time and graduated with a 3.8 GPA. Currently, she is employed by OPUBCO Communications Group in Oklahoma City. In her role as an account manager, Beauregard oversees the newspaper, direct mail, online and niche advertising needs of her clients. She and Brett, her husband of four years, live in Edmond, Oklahoma, with their two four-legged children, Smokie and Bandit. The couple is anxiously anticipating the arrival of their first child in November. Karyn Bulow ’01 is starting law school full time this fall at the City University of New York, Queens College. Betony Hall ’01 is currently working as a special education teacher in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. Laura Hope ’01 is studying for her master’s at Oglethorpe’s partner university, University of Dortmund in Germany. She is giving lectures in industrial engineering, which is an English class with a cultural studies approach. She is always excited to see Oglethorpe students in Dortmund! Lance Ozier ’01 is a policy advisor for the National Academy for Excellent Teaching at the Teachers College of Columbia University.

Eleanor Kinlaw-Ross ’03, a writer and producer, has made history as founder and producer of the first annual Island Heritage Festival, celebrating history and culture on James Island in Charleston, South Carolina. This five-day event attracted people from all across America and according to an editorial in the James Island Journal, “...has done something no one else has done in recent history...brought blacks and whites together for a celebration of history on James Island.” South Carolina’s governor issued an official proclamation for the festival. Kinlaw-Ross received a BALS in communications and history in 2002. Cassandra Whitehead ’03 graduated from Oglethorpe with a degree in international studies, French and arts (photography). Cassandra will be conducting a market study of in vivo trials for cosmetics products for the U.S. market with Laboratoire Dermscan for a period of three months. The internship is sponsored by the international internship program of Rhone-Alps France. Six students or recent graduates were selected for the program from Georgia and Pennsylvania universities. Lisa Gossett ’04 is working at Youth Villages in Memphis, Tennessee, as a family counselor. She provides in-home long term counseling for families with children that are emotionally disturbed with serious behavioral problems and provides support and interventions to change the environment of the child to improve current behavior and symptoms of the child. Melissa Patterson ’04 is a third-year graduate student in the chemistry department at Emory University. She is working on Ph.D. research on synthesis of elastin-mimetic polymers for medical applications, including tissue regeneration and small molecule drug delivery. Christina Vinluan-Heda ’04 will be leaving her position at PricewaterhouseCoopers to pursue her master of education. Christina was accepted to the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. She will be attending the elementary education program at Penn GSE in July 2006 and will accompany her husband at Penn who is pursuing his MBA at the Wharton School. Christina hopes to focus on urban school development. Amy Davis ’05 moved to San Francisco to study for her master’s in economics. She has completed her first year and is enjoying all the difficult work. She could not have done it without Dr. Cassandra Copeland.

Robert G. (RG) Lamar ’05 is currently living in Washington, D.C. and working at the U.S. Department of State Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL). He has traveled to Afghanistan, Colombia, the UK, Hungary and Russia in the last six months while advising senior INL officials. He hopes to go surfing in as many former British colonies as possible after he leaves the State Department.

A New Alumni


Rachel Jones ’06 is currently teaching English in Ichinohe, a small town in rural Iwate, Japan. She loves the warm-hearted people and the beautiful scenery. The summer festivals are great, and although the students don’t care about English, they are a lot of fun and are interested in America. Rachel has to walk three miles to the grocery store and eight to the bank. Rachel would love to receive emails or visits from alums visiting Japan! She has lots of extra room in her enormous apartment, so come to Japan and grab a slab of tatami!

The Alumni Office is pleased to announce that, coming in early 2007, Oglethorpe alumni, parents and friends will soon have a new place to gather – anytime and from anywhere – in an online community. The epetrel community will be a free, secure and interactive website designed to keep our alumni, parents and friends in touch with one another and the school. Epetrel will eliminate the geographic boundaries separating the Oglethorpe community. The Petrel family is a broad one that consists of over 15,828 alumni, parents and friends spread throughout 48 United States and 47 countries worldwide. The site will reconnect classmates with each other and ensure Oglethorpe’s friends know the happenings of the school. Features of epetrel include: ■ Your own personal page, where you can update your contact information, submit a class note or upload photos ■ A searchable database of classmates and parents ■ A newsfeed with the latest Oglethorpe news and current events ■ Online registration for events, like Alumni Weekend or Parents Weekend ■ A free Oglethorpe email address that will forward email to your personal account for life ■ And a secure way to contribute to the Oglethorpe Fund Registering for epetrel will be very simple. You will receive a letter and/or email explaining the community, listing its URL and giving you a username and temporary password. Once you have logged in, you will be able to change your password to one of your choosing. We look forward to seeing you online at epetrel, the virtual Oglethorpe!



class notes


class notes

honor roll of donors


In Memoriam Oglethorpe expresses its deepest sympathy to the loved ones of the following alumni and friends of the university who have died:

Mary Frances Brown Puett ’57 on February 10, 2006

Vincent Sherman ’25 on June 18, 2006

Lawrence (Larry) Boyers ’58 on April 8, 2006

Col. John M. Fain ’30 on September 29, 2006

Stuart L. Lynn ’63 on August 31, 2006

Florence Bryan Ansley ’34 on April 9, 2006

Rev. Vernon R. Klaudt ’65 on September 9, 2006

Stinson M. Adams, Jr. ’35 on April 22, 2006

May Ringold Whittington ’67 on July 13, 2006

Catherine Sisk Cousins ’36 on April 7, 2006

Virginia Turner Avery ’68 on February 18, 2006

Willard Hunnicutt ’37 on June 18, 2006

Curtis Carter Cook ’68 on August 30, 2006

Margaret Bible Owens ’37 on May 30, 2006

Robert B. Bowen, Jr. ’72 on May 17, 2006

Catherine Elizabeth Barnes ’39 on August 18, 2006

Robert M. Gaut ’75 on April 2, 2006

Mary Partain Good ’43 on April 20, 2006

Darlene Stone Moulder ’75 on July 26, 2006

Virginia Templin Gailey ’44 on August 16, 2006

Larry E. Stone ‘82 on September 10, 2006

Ernestine A. Mitchell ’44 on March 31, 2006

Robert Alfred MacMillan ‘84 on February 17, 2006

Denney Wells Spencer ’48 on June 14, 2006

J. B. Fuqua ’86 (H) on April 5, 2006

Dean S. Haggerty, Jr. ’50 on April 17, 2006

Brandon J. Buchanan ’00 on May 15, 2006

Mary Dell Stephens ’54 on July 21, 2006

Jennifer Ewing, parent, on July 25, 2006

Lucile Moore Wilson ’54 on July 4, 2006

Former Faculty Members

Luther McWilliams ’55 on July 27, 2006

Maria DeNoronha Gallman on April 13, 2006

Beverly Wilson Bosak ’56 on April 14, 2006

Lewis Shelton on July 20, 2006



The following pages feature student art from Associate Professor of Art Alan Loehle’s Introduction to Printmaking course. The gifts of all donors listed in the report were received by Oglethorpe University in the period between July 1, 2005 and June 30, 2006. Gifts to the Oglethorpe Fund, Oglethorpe University Museum of Art, Oglethorpe Women’s Network, Oglethorpe University athletic program and other special funds are recognized in their appropriate giving society. The entire university community thanks our donors for their continued interest and support.

Robert S. Walters, Jr. ’57 on June 18, 2006 Phoebe Apperson Hearst Society ($10,000 and above) Anonymous Accumetric, Inc. Mr. J. Frederick Agel, Sr. ‘52 Dr. Charles R. Arp and Mrs. Yetty Levenson Arp ‘68 AsiaNetwork-Freeman Fellowship Assistance League of Atlanta Atlanta Foundation BCES Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Bowden ‘66 Patricia and Robert Bowden Foundation Mrs. Martha Laird Bowen ‘61 and Mr. Robert Bowen Dr. S. Truett Cathy Chick-fil-A, Inc. Mr. Jim R. Clower, Sr. ‘58 The Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta Mr. John A. Conant ‘92 (H)* The Estate of Miriam Harland Conant ‘92 (H) The Estate of Frederick S. Daiger ‘38 Mr. Earl Dolive Federated Department Stores Mr. and Mrs. Norman P. Findley, III John and Mary Franklin Foundation Charles A. Frueauff Foundation, Inc. Georgia Foundation of Independent Colleges Dr. Joel Goldberg ‘00 (H) Mr. William R. Goodell Mr. William Howell Gower ‘68 and Mrs. Gayle Burch Gower ‘68 Mr. and Mrs. James J. Hagelow ‘69 Mrs. Jesse S. Hall The Halle Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Harald R. Hansen Mr. James V. Hartlage, Jr. ‘65 and Mrs. Jacqueline Hartlage ‘65 Mr. and Mrs. Warren Y. Jobe Mrs. Belle Turner Lynch ‘61 Mr. James R. Magbee and Mrs. Clare Findley Magbee ‘56* Mr. Stephen E. Malone ‘73 Ms. Janice McNeal ‘98 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Parker, Jr. Parker’s Express Inc. The Rich Foundation Estate of M. A. Rikard ‘37 Dr. J. Mack Robinson ‘95 (H) Ida A. Ryan Charitable Fund Schultz Foundation, Inc.

Sledge Foundation Nathan Speare Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Tassopoulos ‘81 Vasser Woolley Foundation, Inc Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation The Frances Wood Wilson Foundation Robert W. Woodruff Foundation Thornwell Jacobs Society ($5,000 – 9,999) Anonymous Mr. G. Douglass Alexander ‘68 Carvel Cinnabon The Coca-Cola Company Mr. and Mrs. William A. Emerson Florence C. and Harry L. English Memorial Fund Mr. Kevin D. Fitzpatrick, Jr. ‘78 Ms. Jeanie F. Flohr ‘99 Flohr Family Foundation Ms. Ruth G. Fox* Mrs. Martha Sibley George ‘51 Mr. J. Lewis Glenn ‘71 Harold Hirsch Scholarship Fund Dr. Kenneth K. Hutchinson ‘78 Dr. Charles B. Knapp Ray M. and Mary Elizabeth Lee Foundation Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bob T. Nance ‘63 Mr. R. D. Odom, Jr. Mr. Fred Robey ‘97 Robey Family Foundation Mr. John J. Scalley Mrs. Jeanne Fuller Schmidt ‘42 Mrs. Laura Turner Seydel ‘86 Mr. O.K. Sheffield, Jr. ‘53 Mr. and Mrs. Arnold B. Sidman Jane Smith Turner Foundation Mr. Donald W. Smith ‘56 Ms. Susan M. Soper ‘69 The Tull Charitable Foundation Philip Weltner Society ($2,500 – 4,999) Anonymous Dr. William C. Aitken, Jr. ‘64 and Mrs. Carole Moore Aitken ‘66 Mr. Howell Breedlove ‘57 and Mrs. Ann Breedlove ‘57 Breedlove Charitable Foundation Mr. David N. Cooper ‘71

27 Saye Braucht ’08 Lithograph Print Mr. Irani DeAraujo ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Dillingham Elkin Memorial Foundation Mr. W. Elmer George ‘40 Georgia Power Company Mr. Claude Spencer Godfrey, Jr. ‘98 Sarah Spencer Godfrey Trust Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grathwohl Mr. Joe T. Green ‘59 Harriett M. Marshall Trust Mr. Donald R. Henry ‘83 and Mrs. Barbara Bessmer Henry ‘85 Home Depot, Inc. Mr. B. Shane Hornbuckle ‘92 and Mrs. Elizabeth V. Hornbuckle ‘93 Mr. Joel B. Kersey ‘23* Ms. Shirley Kuse Mr. Roger A. Littell ‘68 and Mrs. Barbara Beggs Littell ‘68 Ms. Linda Mauldin Mrs. Sydney Mobley Moss ‘59 Ms. S. Tammy Pearson ‘86 Dr. Thomas W. Phillips ‘63 Mr. Brian C. Sass ‘84 Dr. William F. Straley SunTrust Bank, Atlanta Matching Gift Foundation Walter and Marjory Rich Fund Mr. Raymond S. Willoch ‘80 Mr. John B. Zellars, Jr. ‘85 The Zellars Family Foundation

James Edward Oglethorpe Society ($1,000 – 2,499) Anonymous Mrs. Annette Fry Adamiyatt ‘79 Ameriprise Financial Dr. Chris Ames Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Anderson Mr. Ted Bayley ‘58 Mr. Robert B. Baker, Jr. ‘79 and Mrs. Joselyn Butler Baker ‘91 Mr. John S. Ball ‘71 and Mrs. Mary Crockett Ball ‘72 BellSouth Corporation Mrs. Ann Kennon Breslauer ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Brisendine Mr. Franklin L. Burke ‘66 Mr. W. Q. “Pete” Butler ‘69 Mr. Gordon C. Bynum ‘50 Mr. Herman L. Campbell ‘39 Dr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Carlisle CF Foundation Mrs. Angela Clem Chattin ‘90 Mr. Kenneth S. Chestnut Mrs. Heather Andrews Clark ‘96 Mr. Milton C. Clipper Mr. James M. Cook, Sr. ‘79 Mr. Roger Couch ‘61 Dr. James L. Cox ‘53 Mr. and Mrs. William Cumby Mr. Robert B. Currey ‘66 and Mrs. Suzanne Straub Currey ‘65 Mr. Brian A. Davis ‘94 Ms. Terry Tribbet Davis ‘82


Mr. Charles G. DeNormandie, II ‘96 Ms. Sharon DiMarco Mr. F. Wayne Dobbs ‘61 Dorian Software Creations Mr. Timothy Doyle Dr. Daniel M. Duncanson ‘85 Emory University Mr. Christopher P. B. Erckert ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. John Esterline Mr. Jim H. Faasse ‘96 Ms. Kathleen M. Farrell ‘95 The First Families of Georgia Mr. and Mrs. Paul Folger Mr. William R. Foster ‘58 Frances & Beverly DuBose Foundation Mr. Harry R. Frazer ‘89 Mr. David C. Garrett, Jr. Dr. R. Derril Gay ‘62 Georgia Soc. CPA’s Lenox Chapter Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Germany Mr. Kenneth P. Gould ‘85 Mr. and Mrs. R. Louis Graner Mr. Jack Guynn Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. B. Hansell Mr. and Mrs. Greg Henderson Mr. J. Cleve Hill ‘01 Mr. William J. Hogan, Jr. ‘72 Ms. Veronica M. Holmes ‘02 Mr. Thomas G. Hood ‘78 Mr. Arthur Howell Ms. Gail Hyde Ms. Pamela Jill James ‘91 Jay S. Drotman Memorial Fund Dr. Karl Jost Dr. and Mrs. Babu Kantamneni Ms. Susan Bachman Kegley ‘04 Mr. Cary R. Kleinfield ‘82 Dr. Mark A. Knautz ‘87 Dr. Dale M. Kristle ‘78 Mr. J. Smith Lanier, II Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Large Mr. Brent W. Latham ‘97 Mr. Wilton D. Looney Ms. Gail Lynn ‘77 Mr. C. Stephen Lynn ‘66 Martha and Wilton Looney Foundation MBNA Mr. Scott M. McKelvey ‘91 Mr. James P. McLain Mr. J. Kevin Meaders ‘93 Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation Metropolitan Life Foundation Mr. Robert A. Milford ‘99 Mr. William Thayer Mullally ‘03 Mr. James M. Ney Dr. Ken Nishimura Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Mr. Thomas P. O’Connor ‘67 Mr. Steven G. Oliphant ‘84 Opteum Dr. J. Anthony Paredes ‘61

Mr. David Reynolds Pass ‘98 Ms. Anita Patterson ‘97 Dr. Manning M. Pattillo, Jr. ‘94 (H) PepsiCo, Inc. Dr. Garland F. Pinholster ‘05 (H) Mrs. Patricia Raczynski Mr. Edwin Reitman Mr. L. Donald Richard and Mrs. Adrina Richard Mr. Timothy Randall Roberson ‘97 Mr. Peter A. Rooney Mr. R. Alan Royalty ‘88 Mr. Donald Rubin ‘56 Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation Mr. Floyd D. Ruhl ‘67 Mr. Bud Salamone Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schall Dr. and Mrs. Larry Schall Mr. Eric M. Scharff ‘63 Dr. Lori Schmied Mr. Matthew A. Schuster ‘84 Mr. Charles F. Scott ‘57 Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Scott Mr. Joseph P. Shelton ‘91 and Mrs. Andrea Spencer Shelton ‘91 Mr. Michael Shirley ‘97 and Mrs. Marie Heflin Shirley ‘99

Dr. William O. Shropshire Mr. Horace E. Shuman ‘80 Mrs. Dean Dubose Smith ‘70 Dr. Joseph A. Soldati ‘61 Dr. Donald S. Stanton ‘99 (H) and Mrs. Barbara Stanton Ms. Patricia Thomas Time Warner, Inc. Ms. Trishanda Treadwell, Esq. ‘96 Mr. Bernard Vanderlande ‘76 Ms. Elizabeth Denece Watts ‘93 Mr. Charles K. Weathers ‘68 Mr. Mark A. Williams ‘94 and Mrs. Sharon Maria Williams ‘93 Dr. James W. Ziegler ‘80 Sidney Lanier Society ($500 – 999) Anonymous Dr. J. Frederick Agel, Jr. ‘72 Ms. Susan Harman Alou ‘84 Mrs. Elizabeth Kidder Ambler ‘76 Mrs. Rose Simmons Andrews ‘51 Mr. Arthur M. Armstrong ‘67 Ms. Bambi Ellison Arnold ‘83 Atlanta Educational Telecommunications Collaborative Ms. A. Diane Baker ‘77

Bank of America BKR Metcalf Davis Mr. Robert L. Boggus, Jr. ‘49 Ms. Debra J. Bradley ‘82 Mrs. Elizabeth M. Brattin ‘00 Brooks, McGinnis, & Chafin Dr. Roger Brooksbank ‘83 Ms. Lynne Bush CarMax Foundation Ms. Sona Chambers Dr. and Mrs. Koon-Lim Cheng Chronicle of Higher Education Mr. William M. Clifton ‘88 Mr. and Mrs. John Corbett Mr. Ernest Crain ‘70 Mrs. Reese Currie Ms. Sigrid K. Dassler Mrs. Roberta H. Davis ‘94 Deloitte & Touche Ms. Jennifer R. DuBose ‘90 Dr. Mimi Milner Elrod ‘66 Equifax Foundation, Inc. Ernst & Young Dr. Beatrice Hasty Favre ‘64 Dr. Marilyn Fowle Mrs. Mary Bob Cooper Fox ‘63 Ms. Eleanor Fulton ‘96 Ms. Mia A. Gallagher ‘85

Mrs. Tonya Gibson Russo ‘96 The Sallie Mae Fund Mrs. Linda Sanders Scarborough ‘65 Mr. Steven Schall Ms. Elizabeth H. Scheuer Mr. Larry C. Shattles ‘67 Mr. Matthew S. Shepherd ‘94 Mr. James M. Sibley Mr. Walter V. Slack ‘50 Mr. Dave Smiley Mr. Mel C. Stein ‘71 Dr. Elizabeth R. Taghechian ‘94 Dr. John H. Thomas, III ‘71 Mr. Joseph E. Tomberlin ‘93 and Mrs. Kristina Randall Tomberlin ‘93 Mr. S. Bleecker Totten ‘51 Dr. Pamela Tremayne Mr. Mark L. Tubesing ‘93 Mr. Morris L. Tubesing ‘95 and Mrs. Pam Tubesing UBS Matching Gifts Dr. Louise M. Valine Ms. Caitlin E. Way ‘91 Mr. Benjamin L. Weinberg, Jr. Mrs. Elizabeth Anne Weismann ‘94 Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Willis Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Wingo The Winston-Salem Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William Wise Mr. John W. Wuichet ‘90 The Zurich North America Fnd

Beth Lindahl ’08 Relief Print

Members of the women’s basketball team helped Rivers Alive during Hands On Atlanta Day. Georgia Perimeter College Mr. Alan J. Gibson ‘95 and Mrs. Teri Butler Gibson ‘95 Mr. Jon E. Gundlach ‘90 Mrs. Barbara Harrell Gunn ‘52 Mrs. Gonca Gursoy-Artunkal ‘88 Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP Mr. Scott T. Haight ‘89 Mr. Richard A. Hans ‘87 Mr. Kurt A. Hansen ‘89 and Amy Baggett Hansen ‘91 Mr. Karl A. Hansen ‘91 and Mrs. Susan Poston Hansen ‘95 Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Hanzsek, Jr. Mr. Morris Herzberg, Jr. Mr. Bruce Perry Johnson ‘83 Mr. Jonathan W. Johnson ‘89 Ms. Midge M. Jorns ‘72 Mrs. Judith Chapman Kane ‘90 Mr. Joseph Kane Mr. Edward A. King ‘24* Mrs. Fran Bennett Konradt ‘90 Mr. Joseph N. Kusmik ‘73 Ms. Mariruth Leftwich ‘99 Mr. L. Max Lehmann ‘80 Mr. Stuart C. Levenson ‘67 Mr. Jeffrey B. Levy ‘81

Link Cargo International Mr. Mark S. Lisicky ‘82 Mrs. Janet H. Maddox Dr. John M. Marshall Mrs. Margaret Woodward Mathewes ‘55 Mr. Scott D. McAdoo ‘75 Mr. Paul B. Miller ‘85 Miller Ray & Houser, P.C. Ms. Elizabeth Munson Dr. Philip J. Neujahr and Dr. Vicky Weiss Dr. Robert Boyd Oliver ‘57 Oracle Real Estate Services Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Osmanson Mr. John C. Perner Mr. L. Arnie Pittman, III Mr. Thomas C. Port ‘68 and Mrs. Kathy McLeod Port ‘69 Mr. Kenneth W. Powell ‘67 Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLP Mr. Robert L. Rasile ‘82 and Mrs. Donna Cron Rasile ‘82 Dr. W. Irwin Ray, Jr. Reznick Fedder & Silverman Mr. J. Bruce Richardson ‘69 Dr. Beth Roberts Ms. Kelly Robinson

John Thomas Lupton Society ($300 – 499) Anonymous Accenture Foundation, Inc. Anheuser-Busch Foundation Mr. Edmund A. Bator ‘53 and Mrs. Martha Mayson Bator ‘51 Mrs. Gin Bradley Bell ‘67 Mrs. Jane Cowart Bloemer ‘52 Mrs. Muriel Lewis Bono ‘52 Dr. Brooke N. Bourdelat-Parks ‘95 Mrs. Annette Schroeder Bramble ‘65 Ms. Roslyn Buffington ‘01 Mr. Bill W. Carter ‘59 Mr. Philip C. Chamberlain ‘76 Ms. Linda Childs Dr. L. Casey Chosewood ‘86 Citigroup Foundation Mr. L. Thomas Clements ‘86 Mrs. Mary Catherine Cutcliffe ‘94 Mr. Gabriel J. Dean ‘03 and Mrs. Jessica D. Dean ‘03 Mr. Douglas Robert Dubay ‘85 and Mrs. Cynthia Bjurmark Dubay ‘87 Mr. John Finnigan, III Ms. Annette M. Friant ‘77 Mrs. Dianne McClinton Glennie ‘83 Ms. Anne Hammond ‘87 Dr. Bonnie S. Hayes Mrs. Margaret Kerr Hitte ‘47

Mrs. Wynelle Smith Hopkins ‘40 Mr. Sam G. Hudgins ‘61 Ms. Loretta D. Hunt ‘94 Mr. Alfred D. Ingersoll ‘56 and Mrs. Catherine O. Ingersoll ‘56 Mr. Harold R. Ingle, Jr. ‘58 Ms. Chara Fisher Jackson ‘94 Mrs. Helen King Kessler ‘68 Mr. Wayne M. Kise ‘69 Mr. Keith A. Lane ‘43 Mr. Wilfred J. LeBlanc ‘61 Mr. Lance L. Leitzel ‘91 Dr. Jason M. Levy ‘97 and Mrs. Katherine Knott Levy ‘97 Mr. Martin I. Lipson ‘71 Mr. Louis T. Lombardy ‘69 Dr. James S. MacDonall ‘70 Mrs. Mary Louise Watkins MacNeil ‘51 Mr. Thomas C. McCague ‘93 Mr. Jorge Navarro ‘98 and Mrs. Creche Kern Navarro ‘98 Mr. Steven G. Oliphant ‘84 Mr. William E. Plowden, Jr. ‘67 Mr. Bud Porter ‘79 Mr. Clark D. Raby ‘65 Dr. James D. Rissler ‘98 and Mrs. Christina Burnham Rissler ‘98 Ms. Melanie Rosen ‘97 Mr. David M. Ross ‘93 Dr. Louis E. Rossman ‘69 Ms. Barbara A. Sanders ‘80 Dr. Daniel L. Schadler Mr. Thomas J. Sheridan ‘89 Mr. John R. Smith ‘49 Dr. Brad L. Stone Mrs. Karen Barrow Swenson ‘89 Mr. and Mrs. S. Scott Thompson Mrs. Vivian Gray Trabue ‘65 Mr. Walter W. Turrentine, Jr. ‘55 and Mrs. Joyce Nutt Turrentine ‘76 Mr. Robert L. Unger Mrs. Cathy Markland Villines ‘77 Mrs. Cathy Appling Vinson ‘92 Ms. Kelly Holland Vrtis ‘97 Ms. Teri A. Wall ‘89 Mrs. Margaret Gettle Washburn ‘76 Mr. Timothy J. Watt ‘00 Wellpoint Foundation Mr. James J. Williams ‘99 Mr. Thomas L. Winn ‘63 Mr. Randolph Wolfe Mr. Kevin A. Woolf ‘00 Society of 1835 ($120 – 299) Anonymous Mrs. Catherine Castagna Abood ‘86 Mrs. Linda Wishon Anderson ‘72 Hon. Henry C. Atchison ‘52 Atlanta Group Psychotherapy Atlanta Holland Club Mrs. Deborah Roach Avery ‘75



honor roll of donors



Mr. Franklin L. Baggett ‘74 Mr. Michael S. Bahary ‘79 Mr. Kent L. Bailey ‘93 Mr. Thomas M. Baird ‘68 Mr. Christopher A. Ballar ‘93 and Mrs. Amy Tucker Ballar ‘93 Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Baube Ms. Pat Burns Baumgarten ‘94 Mr. R. F. Beach Mr. Christian Y. Benton Mr. Carl H. Bergman ‘66 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bigelow Ms. Linda Eva Blumenthal ‘04 Dr. Robert Blumenthal Mr. John A. Boland, III Dr. Jacqueline Miles Boles ‘56 Mr. William W. Bolton ‘94 and Mrs. Heather Keehn Bolton ‘93 Mr. Manuel F. Bonilla Mrs. Emma Sewell Borders ‘69 Mrs. Mary Frances Bowlan ‘54 Mr. and Mrs. James L. Bready Dr. Donna Adair Breault ‘88 Ms. Andrea Hope Breen ‘99 Mr. Nathan E. Briesemeister ‘94 Dr. William L. Brightman Ms. Jennifer Brown ‘04 Mr. William R. Brown, Jr. ‘50 Brown Financial Services Mr. Thomas J. Browning ‘67 Mrs. Sue Goddard Bryant ‘84 Dr. Robert A. Buck ‘83 Mr. James O. Bundy ‘64 and Mrs. Jane L. Bundy ‘64 Mr. Clancy S. Burrell ‘83 Mr. Robert F. Canavan ‘92 and Dr. Amy Langham Canavan ‘96 Dr. Mark A. Caprio ‘94 Mr. Conor T. Carey ‘06 Mr. Brett Cave ‘99 and Mrs. Ann Stiner Cave ‘01 Mr. Ronald Cenzalli ‘66 Mr. J. David Chesnut ‘61 and Mrs. Linda Crowe Chestnut ‘64 Mrs. Donna Williams Chieves ‘64 Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Chimiklis Mr. William B. Christian ‘59 and Mrs. Barbara James Christian ‘62 Dr. Barbara R. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Burt Clark Mr. Hugh K. Clement ‘38 Mr. and Mrs. Walter N. Cohen Dr. Jeffrey Collins Ms. Vicki Jan Conway ‘72 Mrs. Pamela Letsos Copsis ‘93 Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Corum Ms. Ann Marie Markwalter Croch ‘92 Ms. Mary D. Crosby Ms. Jennifer Crouse ‘92 Mrs. Hallie Beasley Cullen ‘65 Mr. Alvin J. Curkin ‘51 Mrs. Jane Galler Curkin ‘50* Mr. David Dalbo

Mrs. Diane Williams Dalbo ‘98 Ms. Carol A. Danford Mr. and Mrs. Robert Darland Mr. Charles E. Davies, III ‘96 and Mrs. Carrie Adkins Davies ‘96 Mrs. Michelle Hughes Davis ‘88 Mr. Mark W. DeLong ‘03 Mr. Lewis B. DeRose ‘57 Mr. and Mrs. Russell L. Dickinson Mrs. Laura Zaban Dinerman ‘68 Mr. William T. Doerr Mr. Rodney S. Drinkard ‘92 Mrs. Judith Hunt Drobinski ‘84 Ms. Dorothy Deedy Dryman ‘76 Mr. Brett F. Duncan ‘92 and Mrs. Trina Cavender Duncan ‘92 Mr. Michael D. Dusang ‘99 and Mrs. Jessica M. Dusang ‘99 Mrs. Stephanie Everett Dyer ‘96 Mr. James Christopher Eidson ‘87 Mrs. Eva H. English ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. John Ernst Dr. D. Scott Faith ‘84 Mr. Atauar Faruquee ‘60 Mr. Donald R. Ferry ‘52 and Mrs. Delores Strauss Ferry ‘53 Mr. David W. Fischer ‘92 The Rev. John M. Flanigen, Jr. ‘50 Mrs. Dayle Sutton Fowler ‘90 Ms. Laura K. Fowler ‘84 Mr. Anthony N. Freeman ‘99 and Mrs. Shannon Hutcheson Freeman ‘98 Mr. James A. Fullarton Ms. Ekaterina Galperina ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. Joesph Gerard Mr. Michael A. Gerber Mrs. Vickie Vaughan Goetchius ‘78 Dr. John T. Goldthwait ‘43 Mrs. Barbara Marsh Gotsch ‘60 Mrs. Elizabeth Grant Mrs. Isabel Tonks Gray ‘33 Mr. and Mrs. William R. Gussma Mrs. Bette Makover Hagan ‘69 Mr. and Mrs. C. Stuart Hain Ms. Marion C. Haines ‘90 Ms. Kathleen M. Hakim ‘93 Ms. Cheryl Hall Mr. Tom Hall Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hammer Mr. Benjamin J. Hanes ‘98 Mrs. S. Lynne Hanzelik ‘65 Ms. Jill Reiss Harper ‘94 Mrs. Jill Cofer Harris ‘77 Mrs. Leigh Norris Harrison ‘82 Mrs. Irene M. Harrod ‘71 Ms. Marilyn L. Hays ‘85 Mr. James W. Hazelwood, Jr. ‘62 Dr. Karen Head ‘98 Dr. Sandra L. Hedge ‘68 Ms. Betsy Henderson ‘89 Mr. Robert M. Hill ‘90

Dr. James H. Hinson, Jr. ‘49 and Mrs. Doris Pickens Hinson ‘49 Ms. Danielle Holm ‘05 Ms. Misty N. Hood ‘00 Mr. Jack I. Hosford ‘49 Ms. Susanne W. Howe Mr. F. Harvey Hudson ‘61 Ms. Carletta S. Hurt ‘98 Mr. Michael A. Israelite ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. David Jackson Mr. J. Robert Jackson ‘67 Ms. Brenda Kinser Johnson, CPM ‘75 Dr. and Mrs. James C. Kasperba Mr. Michael Kay ‘71 Mr. Michael D. Kelly ‘97 Dr. Nancy H. Kerr Dr. J. Brien Key Ms. Elizabeth Roberts King Dr. John D. King ‘56 Mr. and Mrs. Jody Kinsey Ms. Jill B. Kleinman Mrs. Ellen Mullendore Knouse ‘63 Mr. George Kopec Mr. Raymond J. Koschak ‘91 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Kramer Mr. Ronald L. Kraynick ‘89 and Mrs. Kathleen McDermott Kraynick ‘88 Dr. Jack C. Lane ‘58 and Mrs. Janne Lane ‘59 Ms. Elizabeth Large Mrs. Carol Lanier Larner ‘87 Miss Tracey Lathem ‘78 Mr. David M. Leach ‘97 Mrs. Rebecca White Leavell ‘91 Mr. Jim Ledbetter Mr. Antonio V. Lentini ‘87 Mr. David M. Leonard Mr. and Mrs. David Leonard Mrs. Lu Green LeRoy ‘95 Mr. Steven W. Levinsky ‘74 Dr. Sandra Folkers Levy ‘91 Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lewis Ms. Hazel Lewter Ms. Nanette Helene Loftis ‘85 Dr. Raymond H. Lucas ‘86 Mrs. Tamara Chaffin Lynde ‘86 Mr. Robert L. Manning ‘64 Mrs. Ruth Parham Manning ‘74 Dr. Alexander M. Martin Mrs. Judith S. Massey ‘63 Mr. James E. Mathis Mr. Jeffrey B. Matthews ‘71 Mrs. Linda Triguero McCormick ‘82 Ms. A. Joann McDowell ‘90 Mr. Kevin L. Mende ‘73 Mrs. Helen Maddox Menefee ‘87 Mr. Joseph R. Menez ‘70 Dr. Mickey M. Metcalf ‘63 Mrs. Anne Cheek Meyer ‘72 Ms. Katherine Schindler Michalek ‘96

Mr. James J. Millard ‘62 Mr. Don W. Millen Ms. Vicki Miller Ms. Stephenie M. Miller ‘97 Mr. James P. Milton ‘57 Mrs. B. Michon Hall Mitchell ‘87 Ms. Shelley A. Moffitt ‘95 Mr. H. Cecil Moon ‘36* Mrs. Jeannette Bentley Moon ‘38 Mr. Donald R. Moore Mr. and Mrs. John Moore Ms. Frances W. Moorer Mr. George Eddie Morris ‘63 Miss Rosemary Mosteller ‘72 Mr. Charles E. Newton ‘42 Mr. Lloyd Nick Northwestern Mutual Financial Network Dr. Caroline Noyes Mrs. Harriet C. O’Dell ‘66 Col. H. David O’Malie ‘56 Mr. Stephen A. Orton ‘69 Ms. Jillian Page ‘04 Mrs. Lynne Bilzing Parriott ‘77 Mr. Jonnie T. Payne ‘86 and Mrs. Geneine Walden Payne ‘87 Mr. Jack Perry ‘39 Ms. Patricia Petrone Ms. Stephanie L. Phillips ‘90 Dr. Thomas N. Pirkle ‘48 Mrs. Effie Gresham Pittman ‘63 Dr. William E. Porter ‘87 Mr. Roy C. Posey ‘73 Ms. Harriet Rogers Powell ‘86 Ms. Stephanie D. Powell ‘96 Mr. Dennis C. Pratt ‘71 Mrs. Frederika Rapp Preacher ‘67 Dr. Robert H. Pullen, Jr. ‘79 Mr. Kevin C. Rapier ‘92 Mr. Christopher Raths ‘82 Raytheon Company Ms. Vera Veasley Redwine ‘02 Mrs. Paula Coker Rice ‘64 Mrs. Jean Kasperbauer Roberts ‘96 Mrs. Wendy Pearson Robertson ‘89 Ms. Angel C. Robinson ‘90 Mr. Jeffrey R. Roesch ‘69 Mr. Glen C. Rose ‘65 Mrs. Penelope McCulloch Rose ‘65 Mr. Mark Royalty Mrs. Elizabeth G. Rulison ‘84 Dr. Michael K. Rulison Ms. Kiley A. Ryba ‘99 Mr. Michael B. Saffran ‘76 Mr. Reynold F. Salmon ‘80 Mr. Jerry W. Sams ‘68 Ms. Cathryn R. Sattiewhite ‘97 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Schindler Mr. William E. Scott ‘58 Mrs. Linda Robertson Secretan ‘64 Mr. Joseph S. Shaw ‘89 Mr. Charles H. Simon, Jr. ‘78



honor roll of donors


Korinne Lassiter ’05 Lithograph and Mixed Media Print

Mr. Richard S. Simons, Jr. ‘70 Rev. John S. Sims ‘68 Mr. Christopher A. Simser ‘03 Dr. Harold J. Sleavin ‘72 Mr. Chuck Smith ‘75 Mr. D. Brandon Smith ‘97 Mrs. Jane Cannon Smith ‘44 Mr. William Charles Smith ‘57 Mrs. Cynthia May Spann ‘54 Mr. Geoffrey D. Spiess ‘91 and Mrs. Jennifer Amerson Spiess ‘90 State Farm Companies Foundation Ms. Nicole A. Stiegelbauer ‘01 Mr. R. Stephen Strachan ‘70 Mrs. Mary Denton Suttle ‘68 Mr. Clyde A. Tallent ‘72 Mr. Walter H. Tanner, Jr. ‘51 Mrs. Aimee Thrasher-Hanson ‘98 Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Tomlin Ms. June M. Tompkins ‘92 Mrs. Shirley Townsend Trade International

Ms. Mary Elaine Traer ‘66 Mr. T. Charles Truett, Jr. ‘88 and Mrs. Kimberly Rouleau Truett ‘88 Mr. Daniel L. Uffner, Jr. ‘51 Dr. Martha Vardeman Ms. Marjorie Elder Vaught ‘83 Mr. Trung Hoang Vo ‘93 Mrs. Carolyn Constangy Wasser ‘79 Ms. Kathryn D. West ‘80 Mrs. Dorothea Pickett Westin ‘89 Mr. Joe E. White ‘56 Ms. Cynthia A. Williams ‘88 Mrs. Sharon Friedrich Williams ‘65 Mr. Knox R. Wilmer ‘77 Mrs. Janie P. Wilson ‘74 Dr. Hines L. Wommack ‘58 Dr. Alan N. Woolfolk Ms. Anne Jill Writer ‘77 Mr. Paul T. Zantzinger Mr. Edward E. Zarecor ‘92 Mrs. Alice Hoke Zimmerman ‘75 Ms. Ashley E. Zimmerman ‘01

Black and Gold Club ($1 – 119) Anonymous Mrs. Geraldine Kuglar Abbott ‘69 Ms. Iris Abelson Mr. Larry S. Abner ‘65 Mr. Joseph J. Accardi ‘57 Mrs. Ann Gibson Adams ‘72 Ms. Helena C. Adams ‘06 Ms. Rebekah Ager ‘02 Ms. Aimee Ahmed Mr. Eugene Yijin Ahn Dr. Wendy F. McKelvey Aita ‘87 Mr. J. Randall Akin ‘71 Mr. Jon Akin Ms. Martye Alcini Ms. Sandra Alderman Ms. Jane Woods Alexander Ms. Amy B. Allen ‘99 Mrs. Sandra Abbott Allen ‘67 Mrs. Judy Heald Allison ‘69 Mr. Richard A. Allison, III American Berber

Mrs. Beth Morrison Anderson ‘90 Mr. David C. Anderson ‘06 Ms. Monique Latoya Anderson ‘01 Ms. Penelope J. Anderson ‘01 Mrs. Shelby Andrews ‘79 Mr. Frank S. Anepohl, Jr. ‘78 E. B. Arden Dr. Corry Arensbach ‘54 Mr. Jack B. Arnold ‘60 Mrs. Sean T. Arnold ‘06 Mrs. Beryl Folsom Arroyo ‘66 Ms. Miranda A. Atnip ‘06 Ms. Sandra Lynch Aufderheide ‘83 Ms. Kionne M. August ‘06 Mrs. Ethyl Fadden Ault ‘61 Ms. Rosalind Aussenberg AXA Foundation Dr. Jay A. Azriel ‘84 Ms. Susan Bacher Mr. Albert Nathan Baer ‘63 Mrs. Cherie Bailey Mr. Lanny Bailey


Danielle Carlson ’05 Intaglio Print

Mrs. Jamie Walker Ball ‘95 Mrs. Deda Walker Band ‘88 Mrs. Lynn Hallford Banks ‘56 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Banton Mr. Joseph J. Barenie ‘41 Ms. Lin Barker ‘81 Mrs. Virginia Barrett Barker ‘59 Mrs. Carolyn S. Barlow ‘89 Mr. David-Matthew Barnes ‘06 Mr. Jerry B. Barnes Mr. and Mrs. Rudy Barnes Mr. Howard J. Barr ‘83 Mrs. Christa Elizondo Bartholomew ‘03 Mr. Bruce Bartnick Mrs. Beverly Joiner Barton ‘54 Mr. Cato A. Bass, III ‘03 Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bassler Mrs. Viana Faile Bastacky ‘85 Mr. John H. Beach, Jr. ‘78 Mrs. Nancy T. Beane Mr. Charles K. Beck ‘87 Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Bedford Ms. Michelle N. Beeken ‘06

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Bell, Jr. Ms. Martene Monet Bell ‘05 Ms. Meiyen M. Bell ‘03 Mrs. Paula Hofmann Bell ‘62 Mrs. Nona Jones Bell ‘55 Ms. Susan Carlee Bell ‘65 Ms. Jeannette M. Bellamy ‘00 Mrs. Catherine Dennis Belles ‘80 Mr. and Mrs. Blair N. Belton Ms. Brittany M. Bennett ‘06 Mr. Ernest R. Bennett, Jr. ‘92 Ms. Laurie Berger ‘05 Mrs. Verna Miller Berthelsen ‘43 Ms. Bonnie S. Bertolini ‘88 Mr. and Mrs. Abbott Best Mr. James N. Bier ‘70 Ms. Kaylen D. Biggins ‘87 Mrs. Elizabeth Gosnell Biggs ‘76 Mr. Brent Andrew Bishop ‘88 Ms. Gloria A. Bittner Mrs. Renee Alhadeff Black ‘65 Ms. Diana M. Blake ‘73 Mr. and Mrs. Whit Blakley Ms. Jill Kaminski Blanchard ‘89

Mrs. Enrique E. Bledel Mrs. Lois Semel Blonder ‘56 Mrs. Margaret Bell Bloodworth ‘52 Mrs. Kristin Reeder Boan ‘91 Mr. Elliot J. Bodner ‘71 Boeing Company Mrs. Amy Katz Bonn ‘99 Mr. Patrick N. Bonones Mr. Jonathan Bookspun ‘05 Mr. and Mrs. Lou Boos Mrs. Danielle Oxford Boshart ‘93 Ms. Wendy Smith Boul ‘91 Ms. Helen E. Bourne ‘87 Mr. Adonis M. Bovell ‘06 Ms. Liselle C. Bovell ‘06 Ms. Jennifer Suvoski Bowers ‘94 Ms. Sabra Bowers Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bradford Ms. Anne Bradley Ms. Frances Brandt Ms. Megan Breece ‘02 Mr. Hilary Brennan ‘99 Mrs. Jane Rand Breunig ‘51 Ms. Josephine C. Breyfogle Maj. Richard A. Briggs ‘88 Ms. Marla J. Bright ‘95 Mrs. Kathleen Moran Brink ‘89 Mr. and Mrs. William F. Brogdon Mr. Daryl Brooks ‘97 Ms. Kathryn S. Brooks ‘98 Mr. and Mrs. Robin Brooks Mrs. Ann L. Brown ‘77 Ms. Ann R. Brown ‘89 Mrs. Charlesey W. Brown Mrs. Elaine MacKenzie Brown ‘59 Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Brown Ms. Virginia R. Brown ‘05 Mrs. Helen Kibler Browning ‘70 Mr. Edward Hunt Brumby ‘97 Mr. Jimmie J. Bryant ‘76 Mr. Michael S. Bryant ‘69 Ms. Dawn T. Buannic ‘98 Mr. David Buice Mr. Henry K. Bunnell, Jr. ‘87 Ms. Frances B. Bunzl Ms. Milbre C. Burch Ms. Patricia Burditt Rev. James R. Burgess, III ‘72 Mr. J. Vernon Burke ‘56 Mrs. Kathryn B. Burke Dr. Michael A. Burke ‘83 Mrs. Catherine T. Burns ‘00 Mrs. Maritta M. Bush ‘86 Ms. Sara L. Bush Mrs. Joan Robb Butler ‘49 Mr. M. Tyus Butler ‘35 Ms. Nancy H. Byrne ‘82 Mrs. Sylvia Smith Caley ‘83 Mrs. Nancy Tarrant Calhoun ‘60 Ms. Brenda L. Callaway Mr. Joseph G. Cannon ‘48 Mrs. Marion Weltner Cannon

Mrs. Lisa Wessler Canonge ‘83 Dr. James Patrick Capes ‘87 Mr. Joshua P. Caray ‘04 Ms. Denise A. Cardin ‘06 Ms. Danielle Cait Carlson ‘05 Ms. Charlotte Carmichael Miss Alice B. Carr ‘76 Mrs. Kathryn Beatty Carr ‘73 Ms. Betty G. Carter ‘86 Miss Nancy T. Carter ‘73 Mr. Richard Joseph Carter ‘65 Mr. Marcus J. Cash ‘87 Ms. Lisa Cassady Mrs. Holly H. Caswell ‘96 Ms. Beverly L. Center Mr. Veer Chahwala ‘06 Mr. Kipp A. Chambers ‘99 Dr. Paula Haver Chambers ‘69 Ms. Angela D. Chandler-Jordan ‘92 Mrs. Victoria Stevens Chapman ‘89 Mrs. Mildred Cherry, PhD ‘81 Dr. Margaret Child Mr. Albert B. Chonto ‘73 Mrs. Joyce Odom Christianson ‘48 Mr. Blake M. Christoph ‘78 Mr. and Mrs. Alan Chunka Ms. Martha J. Church ‘67 Dr. Marlene Hockenberry Cianci ‘59 Mr. Carl N. Clark ‘38 Mr. Gordon A. Clark ‘69 Ms. Yasmin Clark ‘06 Mr. James Raymond Clarke ‘74 Dr. Michael J. Claxton ‘94 Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Clayton Mrs. Nikki McCoy Clemons ‘68 Mr. Jeffrey J. Clower ‘95 Mrs. Hazel Wilson Cofield ‘53 Ms. Bonnie E. Cohen ‘92 Ms. Joyce Cohrs Ms. Margaret E. Cole ‘86 Dr. Claire Derdeyn Coles ‘75 Mr. John R. Collins ‘72 Ms. Lori A. Collins ‘99 Ms. Mary Collins Mrs. Cora Stephens Colquitt ‘56 Ms. Debra Combs Community Foundation of Central Illinois Mrs. Beth Eckard Concepcion ‘90 Ms. E. Harriett Cone ‘80 Mrs. June Hopkins Conley ‘67 Mr. J. Patrick Connor ‘93 Ms. Ember Uziel Constantin ‘91 Mr. Miles R. Cook ‘75 Dr. Kevin C. Cooper ‘78 Mr. Robert D. Copelan ‘74 Dr. Cassandra Copeland Ms. Jessie L. Copeland ‘02 LTC. George M. Corcoran ‘73 Mrs. Nancy Arnold Cordier ‘85 Dr. Louise Cording Mr. John Corey

Mr. Benjamin B. Corey-Walmsley ‘06 Ms. April J. Costner ‘99 Ms. Kathy Countin Mr. Bill Covington Mrs. Valerie Fakess Cowan ‘75 Ms. Linda K. Cowart Mr. Robert K. Cowhig, Jr. ‘70 and Mrs. Lynn Allison Cowhig ‘70 Mr. Joseph Cox ‘97 and Mrs. Theresa Linebarger Cox ‘97 Mrs. Kay Kilpatrick Crawford ‘63 Ms. Mary Elizabeth Crawford ‘92 Dr. Thomas S. Crawford ‘83 Mrs. Alice Callaway Crenshaw ‘50 Ms. Shaniece Broadus Criss ‘02 Mrs. Leah Bell Crosby ‘93 Mrs. Lynn Lasater Crowley ‘74 Ms. Dorothy A. Cunningham Dr. and Mrs. William Curlette Ms. E. Mitchell Curtis ‘87 Mr. Edgar O. Daffin ‘67 Mrs. Susan Hollinshead Dalton ‘63 Dr. Cheryl Baker Dammann ‘67 Mrs. Elizabeth Parra Dang ‘98 Ms. Kimberly Watkins Daniel ‘01 Ms. Laura E. Darnell ‘06 Mrs. Joan Darrow Mr. Gregory L. Daspit ‘97 and Mrs. Angela Bartlett Daspit ‘98 Mrs. Mildred C. Daugherty ‘48 Mrs. Emily Pooser David ‘46 Mrs. Claire M. Davis Dr. Connie Strong Davis ‘94 Mr. Danny Davis Ms. Emily M. Davis ‘06 Ms. Jillian D. Davis ‘06 Mr. Jonathan Scott Davis ‘06 Mrs. Sarah Lee Davis ‘76 Dr. and Mrs. S. Carter Davis, Jr. Mr. Bradley T. Day ‘03 Mr. John C. Day, Jr. ‘64 Ms. Donna De La Haye Ms. Cristine Deaver ‘96 Mr. Michael B. DeCamp ‘70 Mr. Dean Thomas DeCencio ‘87 Mrs. Joan Morris Dechovitz ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Defreezer Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeJanes Dr. Ann P. Delatte ‘56 The Delta Airlines Foundation Mr. J. Patrick Denman Mrs. Caroline Vinson Dennis ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. R. A. DePirro Ms. Patricia Baker DeRose ‘58 Ms. Cynthia Y. Dersch Ms. Hanh M. Deutschman ‘00 Mr. and Mrs. Panayotis Diamantis Mrs. Lisa Diedrich ‘96 Mr. Hemanth Digumarthi ‘02 Mrs. Marianne McWilliams Dillard ‘57 Mr. Joe Dinardo

Mrs. Claire M. Dionne ‘96 Ms. Carolyn Y. Dishman Mrs. Debra Dobkins Ms. Shirley Dobry Ms. Karen J. Docherty ‘94 Ms. Carolyn Doherty Mrs. Wendy Johnson Dominquez ‘79 Mr. Paul R. Donald, Jr. ‘64 Mrs. Elaine Shiflett Dooley ‘63 Mr. T. Rus Drew Drexler Shower Door Co., Inc. Mr. Ira Jay Dreyfuss ‘75 Mr. E. Jack Drummond ‘85 Dr. Joseph B. Duckworth ‘59 Mrs. Freida Beatty Duffey ‘57 Mr. Andrew Dugenske Ms. Mary Dugenske Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dumont Mr. Frank W. Dunn, Sr. ‘75 Mr. Richard T. Dupre ‘75 Mr. Mark Durbin Ms. Tara Nicole Duttenhaver ‘06 Mr. Jay D. Dye ‘60 Dr. Martha Eastlack ‘86 Ms. Kimberly D. Edmiston ‘06 Ms. Maria Elie ‘06 Ms. Lisa E. Ellis ‘06 Mrs. Mikala Warren Engel ‘73 Mrs. Nancy Thompson English ‘62 Mr. E. Patrick Epps, Sr. Ms. Ellen M. Erenbaum ‘79 Mr. W. Daniel Erwin ‘06 Ms. Krystal E. Evans ‘06 Ms. Emy Lou Faber ‘75 Mrs. Sharon Velinsky Fagin ‘85 Mr. O. Navarro Faircloth ‘65 and Dr. Kathleen Pitts Faircloth ‘66 Ms. Mu-Hung Fang ‘05 Mr. George R. Fannon, III ‘71 Dr. Fereydoon Family Mrs. Mary Poteet Fernandez ‘96 Mr. Bob L. Fesperman ‘83 Mr. Clinton L. Fincher ‘58 Mrs. Lynette Ossinsky Fine ‘80 Mrs. Sara Steinberg Fine ‘55 Mr. Marv Fineroff ‘67 Mr. John R. Fisher ‘51 Mrs. Barbara Howard Flanigan ‘76 Mr. Sheldon H. Fleitman ‘53 Pastor Mandy McDow Flemming ‘00 Mrs. Jean Callaway Fletcher ‘60 Mrs. Cynthia Flores Mrs. Ligia C. Florim Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Flynn Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Forbus Dr. Dianne Jones Ford ‘77 Mr. Richard R. Ford ‘88 Ford Motor Company Fund Mr. Thomas F. Forkner, Jr. ‘79 Mr. Christopher Y. Fort ‘01 Mrs. Carolyn Loughborough Fran ‘64

Mrs. Carolyn Morris Frazier ‘59 Ms. Christina Rice Freeman ‘58 Mrs. Lynn Andreasen Freeman ‘70 Ms. Hilde Friese Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fuller Mrs. Jennifer Sells Furman ‘00 Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Gabriel Mr. Christian G. Gackstatter ‘85 Mrs. Ellen Gray Gadberry ‘85 Mrs. Andrea Gagne Mr. Paul Gagne Mrs. Virginia Templin Gailey ‘44 Ms. Sandra D. Gain ‘86 Mrs. Lisa F. Gallagher ‘91 Mr. and Mrs. Juan Galvan Mr. Gary H. Gambrell ‘56 Mr. Jay Gardiner Ms. Pauline J. Gardner ‘02 Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Garrett Mr. David C. Garrett, III Mrs. Robin Roden Garrett ‘78 Ms. Sarah Allison Gatliff ‘97 Mr. and Mrs. William O. Gatlif Ms. Lauren L. Gay ‘06 Mrs. Paulette Gayle Mr. David M. Gerhardt ‘84 Dr. Lorraine Ghidoni Ms. G. Merrill Griffis Gibson ‘90 Ms. Marshal Gilliam ‘06 Mr. Donald Austin Gillis ‘01 Mrs. Patricia Collier Gilstrap ‘56 Mrs. Judith Draisen Glassman ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. John M. Glenn, Jr. Mrs. Nancye Rice Glenn ‘82 Ms. Margaret Elise Glover ‘91 Mrs. Sheila H. Godwin ‘02 Ms. Jodie Sexton Goff ‘01 Ms. Evelyn Goldberg ‘99 Ms. Alfreda Golden Ms. JoAnn Golden ‘92 Mr. Allen B. Goodwin ‘73 Ms. Lisa A. Gossett ‘04 Mr. and Mrs. Owen Goudelocke Ms. Ursula Graats Mr. Jeff Grace Mrs. Sally Grace Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grad Mr. Samuel L. Graddy, III Mr. and Mrs. Martin R. Grant Dr. Robert M. Grant ‘90 Mr. Jason C. Gray ‘95 Cdr. John F. Greear, III ‘62 Ms. Amanda E. Greene ‘98 Ms. Courtney Greene Mr. Jeremy J. Greenup ‘99 Mr. Robert M. Gregory ‘77 Ms. Jessica R. Griffin ‘06 Mrs. Hildred L. Griggs ‘73 Mrs. Rachel Williams Grimes ‘91 Ms. Tonia Sellars Griswold ‘96 Mr. Richard F. Grotefend ‘51 and Mrs. Telete R. Grotefend ‘51

Mrs. Telete R. Grotefend ‘51 Mrs. Millie Torbert Grove ‘44 Mr. Tihomir Guentchev Mrs. Peggy Cullars Guillebeau ‘57 Ms. Emily S. Gurley ‘96 Mrs. Nancy Guthrie Ms. Michele Anne Guy ‘87 Mrs. Lisa K. Gyllenswan ‘98 Mrs. Jennifer Ovdenk Haley ‘97 Miss Mary Constance Hamell ‘68 Mr. Charles M. Hames ‘74 Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hamilton Mrs. Patsy Griffith Hamilton ‘75 Ms. Barbara P. Hammond Dr. Hugo S. Hammond ‘59 Ms. S. Kristine Suber Hanchar ‘94 Mrs. Marilyn Whiteside Handsel ‘75 Mr. Terrence C. Haney ‘69 and Mrs. Sheryl Claxton Haney ‘69 Miss Etta Lou Hanken ‘72 Mr. Hugh Hanlin The Rev. Paul H. Hanna ‘49 Mrs. Julie Wackerman Hanrahan ‘90 Mrs. Vicki Grimes Hardin ‘77 Col. (Ret.) John E. Harms ‘58 Mrs. A. Ruth Ables Harris ‘57 Mr. Arthur Harris Mr. J. Eugene Harris ‘43 Mrs. Natalie Mintz Harris ‘73 Ms. Alice C. Harrison Mrs. Marguerite McKinney Hart ‘40 Ms. Tiffany Amber Hatfield ‘06 Ms. Sara Haviland ‘01 Mrs. Brenda Smith Hayden ‘90 Mr. Justin H. Hayes ‘94 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hays Mrs. Elizabeth R. Healy ‘96 Mrs. Mary Finn Heaney ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hedges, Jr. Mrs. Carolyn Herzog Hellerung ‘84 Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Helmbold Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Heltzer Ms. Georgia Russell Hembree ‘86 Mrs. Eugenia S. Henderson Mr. James E. Henderson ‘52 and Mrs. Jean Henderson ‘52 Mrs. Jean H. Henderson ‘52 Dr. Stephen B. Herschler Ms. Melanie Peerboom Hevron ‘96 Mr. Thomas W. Hewlett, Jr. ‘62 Ms. Vickie G. Hickam ‘05 Mr. Kenneth Hickman Ms. Roslynn Hight Mr. James Hill ‘06 Mr. and Mrs. Gene Hitchcock Mrs. Linda Robuck Hoffman ‘58 Dr. Robin Whyte Hoffman ‘70 Ms. Jennifer Hoitt Ms. Anne Holdgrafer Mr. Klaus Holler Mr. W. Ray Holley ‘49 Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Hollums



honor roll of donors



Mrs. September Holstad ‘04 Mrs. Penni Reid Holt ‘87 Mr. Floyd G. Hopkins ‘59 Ms. Lin Odom Hopkins ‘96 Mrs. Diane Schunick Hoffman ‘74 Mrs. Virginia House Howard ‘60 Mrs. Elizabeth Locklin Hrisak ‘79 Mrs. Kimberlyn Hudgens-Abrams ‘88 Ms. Norma Huff Dr. and Mrs. James M. Hughes Ms. Christina Anne Humphries ‘97 Mr. Ulrich Hunn Mrs. Edith Upchurch Hunt ‘56 Col. Thomas C. Hutchings ‘78 Ms. Celeste Boris Hutchings-Burr ‘79 Mr. Ron Hutchins IBM Matching Grants Program Ms. Jennifer A. Iddings ‘06 Ms. Pattie Ingle ‘03 Ms. Annemarie Ippolito ‘06 Mrs. Vickie Moore Irwin ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Myron Jabs Mr. Christopher S. Jackson ‘01 Mr. James C. Jacobs, Jr. ‘73 Mrs. Jo Jagoda Mrs. Florence Richardson James ‘48 Mrs. Ruth N. James Ms. Martha Ann Jenks ‘74 Mr. and Mrs. A. O. Johns Mrs. Carol C. Johnson Dr. Elizabeth C. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Harold Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Johnson Mr. Jeffrey M. Johnson ‘73 Mr. M. Deane Johnson ‘90 Ms. Susan Marie Johnson ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Willie R. Johnson Mrs. Leslie Berk Johnston ‘72 Mr. Andrew Downing Jones ‘91 Mr. and Mrs. Austin Jones Mr. E. Pendleton Jones ‘61 Ms. Mandi Jones ‘06 Mr. Jeffrey Scott Jones ‘99 Ms. Joyce C. Jones ‘76 Ms. Rachel A. Jones ‘06 Mrs. Rebecca Harbor Jones ‘62 Mr. Robert S. Jones, Sr. ‘69 Mrs. Yvonne Scales Jones ‘71 Dr. Elizabeth L. Jones-Lukacs ‘55 Mrs. Susan Goodchild Jordan ‘66 Ms. Victoria Jordan Ms. M. P. Joyce Ms. Sue McDonald Kabbourim ‘83 Mrs. Debra Losner Kahn ‘78 Mr. Jeffrey M. Kahn Mrs. Rhalda Rubin Kahn ‘57 Mr. Jason Karnes ‘97 Mr. George E. Kast ‘53 Ms. Candace Keach Mr. Michael B. Keene ‘01 Ms. Kristen A. Keirsey Mr. Jay M. Kelly ‘71

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Kelly Mrs. Lyn S. Kendall ‘83 Mr. Kevin M. Kendrick ‘96 Mr. Bryan B. Kenna ‘01 Mr. Thaddeus Kennedy ‘06 Mr. Warner L. Kennon, IV ‘76 Mr. William Aubrey Kennon ‘78* Ms. Jane Robbins Kerr Ms. Mary Brock Kerr Dr. Bonnie Kessler Mrs.Elizabeth Watkins Kessler ‘53 Kid’s Start Pediatrics PC Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Kincaid Ms. Ethel Mae King Mrs. Frances Y. King Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. King Mrs. Rosemery Pearson Kinney ‘70 Mr. Allan A. Kirwan ‘68 Mrs. Sheila H. Kitchens ‘92 Mrs. Ellen Plutchok Klein ‘70 Ms. Patricia A. Klump Mrs. Marcelle Turner Knauff ‘87 Mr. Ronald R. Knopf ‘61 Mr. Evan Kohler-Camp Ms. Svetlana Y. Kovalenko ‘06 Ms. Laura D. Kraich ‘06 Mr. and Mrs. Scott Krueger Mr. John D. Kuiken ‘62 Mrs. Betty Powell Kujawski ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. John Kulavic Mr. Ronald D. Kulhanjian ‘69 Ms. Michaela S. Kunze ‘06 Ms. Elke Kunzmann-Devine ‘99 Mr. and Mrs. Stan Kure Ms. Katarina Kurincova ‘03 Ms. Abigail J. Kurland ‘06 Dr. and Mrs. Sam Labib Mrs. Betty Clark Lafitte ‘45 Ms. Ashley Lakey ‘06 Ms. Shannon M. Lambert ‘99 Mrs. Eloise Mallory Lamons ‘81 Mr. Keith J. Landberg ‘71 Ms. Deborah M. Lange ‘03 Ms. Mary B. Lapwing Mrs. Amanda Hough Latimer ‘84 Dr. Matthew B. Laurens ‘92 Mr. Frederick J. Law Mr. Philip F. Law ‘84 Ms. Catherine M. Lawler ‘05 Ms. Ruth Laxson Mr. Jeffrey S. Layne ‘74 Mrs. Mary Ivey Leak ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Leazer Ms. Yvette Lederberg Miss Vivian Chandler Lee ‘64 The Rev. Fitzhugh M. Legerton Ms. Ann Patricia Lenzer ‘84 Mr. Robert W. Lenzer ‘79 Dr. Edward A. Leonard ‘61 Mr. Douglas C. Leventhal ‘93 Ms. Angela Levin Mrs. Stacey Bronstein Levin ‘86

Ms. Alena H. Levine ‘06 Mrs. Marcia Gruss Levinsohn ‘57 Mrs. Gwendolyn Moss Lewis ‘53 Mrs. Martha Grant Likins ‘54 Mrs. Jodi Lind Mr. Russell Lind ‘98 Mr. R. Phillip Linderman, II ‘80 and Mrs. Patricia Goodwin Linderman ‘81 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Lindley Ms. Alicia Lindsay Mr. William M. Linstrom ‘65 Dr. John G. Lipham ‘64 and Mrs. Eleanor Ann McGurn Lipham ‘62 Mr. Larry M. Lippman, Jr. ‘54 Mrs. Diana Marcus Lipton ‘79 Mr. Allan Little, III Ms. Tammy Marie Locklear ‘88 Mr. Robin Lohfert ‘03 Ms. Kathryn M. Lohmann ‘06 Mrs. Kimberly K. Lohoar ‘93 Maj. Lee London, Jr. ‘71 Mrs. Lorraine Loomis Mr. Gordon W. Love, Jr. ‘71 Dr. Robert W. Lovett ‘56 Mr. Richard H. Lowe Ms. Robyn Lucas ‘99 Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Luedtke Ms. Kathleen Lumberg Dr. Jay Lutz Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Lykens Mr. John Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Lynen Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lyon Mr. Robert N. Lyons ‘95 Ms. Brevely Mack ‘03 Mr. and Mrs. John P. Maguire Mrs. Jan Collins Maher ‘69 Mr. Richard Charles Maier ‘78 Ms. Lori Malazich Mrs. Mary Jackson Malek ‘73 Dr. and Dr. Michael D. Malison Mrs. Suzette Harvey Mancini ‘71 Ms. Jennifer Johnson Manly ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Marden Mrs. Jennifer Broadbent-Marine ‘91 Mr. Boyd Algin Martin Mr. Gary W. Martin ‘77 Mrs. Louise Hightower Martin ‘53 Mrs. Meryl Larsen Martin ‘90 Ms. Jeanie Franco Marx ‘64 Mr. Tim Marx ‘67 Materials Analysis Group, Inc. Ms. Kelly C. Matysik ‘04 Mrs. Phyllis Rogers May ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. John E. Mays Mr. Carl McAllister Mrs. Sigrid McAllister Mrs. Ella Cook McBrayer ‘53 Mr. William R. McCamey Mr. Tim McCollum Mr. and Mrs. Greg McConnell

Dr. T. Wayne McCormack ‘62 Mr. David E. McCormick ‘44 Ms. Jennifer McCormick ‘02 Ms. Bernadette Berry McCoy ‘05 Mrs. Ila Ann Varelmann McCoy ‘58 Ms. Janice McCummings Mr. Stanley C. McDonald, Jr. ‘70 Mr. J. C. McElroy ‘87 Mrs. Betty Stokes McGarity ‘58 Mr. Lester McGukin ‘56 and Mrs. Lois Weems McGukin ‘57 Ms. Virginia McLeod Mr. Dennis M. McPeak ‘81 Mr. Bisell H. McWilliams ‘06 Mrs. Brigitte Mebius-Moggre ‘83 Dr. Isaac Melamed Mr. Anthony R. Melillo ‘70 Mr. Charles Melville Dr. Deborah Merola Mrs. Lori A. Merrill ‘01 Ms. Leah Marie Mickens ‘05 Mrs. Holly Hofmann Middlemis Mrs. Joan Phillips Millar ‘64 Mr. Bradley J. Miller Mr. Fred A. Miller, Jr. ‘55 Mr. George A. Miller Mrs. Lois Adams Miller ‘66 Ms. Phyllis Miller Ms. Lori M. Milstead ‘02 Mr. B. Donald Minor Mrs. Caroline Cook Minor ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. Ken Minor Ms. M. Elaine Minor ‘81 Ms. Jacqueline Mirae Ms. Holly D. Mitchell ‘05 Mr. S. Morris Mitchell ‘63 Mrs. Marilyn McNeal Mock ‘74 Mrs. Dina Molaison ‘99 Mr. Herbert Monford, II ‘71 Mr. Charles R. Moore ‘92 Mr. J. Alan Moore ‘58 and Mrs. Ina Foster Moore ‘58 Mr. James W. Moore, Jr. ‘85 Mr. James N. Moore Mr. L. Silas Moore, Jr. ‘61 Mr. Robert Wyatt Moore ‘78 Ms. Sara B. Moore Ms. Kelly L. Moran ‘06 Mr. Nick Moreno Mr. Zachary M. Moretz ‘90 and Mrs. Jennifer Berry Moretz ‘92 Ms. Deborah L. Morgan ‘83 Mrs. Ruth McLaughlin Morgan ‘77 Mr. E. Lee Morris, III Mr. George F. Morris ‘67 Mr. Gordon M. Morrison ‘69 and Mrs. Kathleen Cargill Morrison ‘69 Ms. Ann Yingling Morrow Ms. Jodi-Ann Moses ‘06 Mr. Mark J. Moskowitz ‘82 and Mrs. Sharon Rudy Moskowitz ‘82 Mr. Robert F. Moskowitz ‘52

Ms. Sarah C. Mosteller Mr. and Mrs. J. Charles Mueller Miss Tommye Mueller ‘45 Mr. William B. Mullen, III ‘72 Mr. William F. Mullis, III ‘94 Mr. Anthony Francis Murphy ‘85 and Mrs. Glenda McClure Murphy ‘83 Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Myers Mr. Thomas A. Namey ‘02 and Mrs. Sallie Kaltreider Namey ‘02 Ms. Kelley Napier ‘04 Dr. John C. Nardo Mr. Alipi V. Naydenov ‘05 Mr. Mayur Nayee ‘06 Ms. Marietta Nedkova Mrs. Sybil Sanders Neel ‘55 Mr. Carl Neigoot Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Neisius Mr. and Mrs. George Nemhauser Ms. Ann D. Newman Ms. Vivian Nguyen ‘06 Mr. Charles D. Nicholas ‘82 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Nichols Ms. Mabel A. Nicholson Mr. and Mrs. Huxley Nixon Mr. David H. Noble, Jr. ‘73 Mrs. Anna M. Norris ‘59 Mrs. Rosalie Brookshaw North ‘58 Mrs. Elsa MacMillan Nownes ‘92 Mr. Steve Nygren Mrs. Diana Arthur O’Connell ‘71 Mr. Joseph J. Oddo ‘75 Ms. M. Winnifred O’Dell Ms. Ellen Heckler O’Herlihy ‘82 Mrs. Alicia S. O’Kelley ‘98 Mr. David Dean Oliver Mr. Piercen Oliver ‘06 Mr. Andrew J. Olsen ‘59 and Mrs. Barbara Coffey Olsen ‘61 Mr. Robert O’Neil Dr. John D. Orme Mr. Jerry L. Otting ‘67 Ms. Joann Overstreet Mr. Joseph T. Overton ‘52 Mr. Robert L. Owen ‘82 Mr. Charles J. Owens ‘68 Mr. Lance W. Ozier ‘01 Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Page Mr. Aron C. Palefsky ‘75 Ms. Eugenia Palmer ‘62 Mr. E. Adrian Parham ‘74 Mr. Wilbur L. Paris ‘27* Ms. Jan Parker Ms. Penny Parker Mr. William H. Parker ‘65 Ms. Sonal J. Patel ‘05 Mr. Raymond G. Pawlik, Sr. ‘70 Mr. Jeffrey S. Pearlman ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. Julian J. Pedro Mrs. Jennifer S. Pekosz ‘96 Mr. and Mrs. Edward Penn Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Penninger

Ms. Michelle J. Perera ‘95 Ms. Catherine Ann Perry Ms. Lalia Perry Mr. Edward A. Petrucci, II ‘73 Mrs. Joyce Gravel Pettus ‘62 Pfizer, Inc. Ms. Elizabeth Philpot Mr. Charles E. Pickett ‘71 Ms. Jennifer Fairchild-Pierce ‘92 Ms. Stefanie Pierce Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Pisani Ms. Elizabeth Pittman Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Plant Mrs. Virginia P. Plummer Mr. Michael O. Poley ‘92 Mr. and Mrs. Pondicherry-Harish Mrs. Grace Suder Porter ‘55 Ms. Jimmy Ann Langdon Porter ‘65 Mrs. Nikki Bolton Porter ‘95 Mr. Jerry Portwood ‘99 Mrs. Frances Creekmore Portwood ‘57 Ms. Leslie Prall ‘05 The Procter & Gamble Fund Ms. Kathleen Jefferies Proto ‘00 Mr. Michael Alan Puckett ‘69 Mrs. Lucia Fairlie Pulgram Ms. Mallory R. Pusch ‘06 Ms. Vivian K. Pyle Mr. and Mrs. James R. Pyron Mr. Jeffrey Pyron ‘97 Mr. and Mrs. Bob Quackenboss Ms. Sandra S. Qualls ‘04 Mrs. Judith Vananzi Rabel ‘81 Mr. Mark F. Raczynski ‘06 Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rader, D.D.S. Dr. Glenn W. Rainey, Jr. ‘65 Ms. Marilyn Ramick-Palmer ‘01 Mrs. Elizabeth Antle Ramsden ‘56 Ms. Margaret Randolph Mr. Tad D. Ransopher Miss Dorothy S. Rawlins ‘54 Mr. Robert L. Rawson ‘98 Mrs. Elsie H. Reece ‘83 Ms. Amanda L. Regnier ‘99 Mr. Marshall Reiser ‘95 Mr. Ronald C. Remington ‘06 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Remington Mrs. Iva Resin ‘65 Mr. R. M. Reynolds, Jr. ‘55 Ms. Ann Boon Rhea Apolline M. Riblier ‘06 Mrs. Karen Jenkins Rice ‘81 Ms. Susan C. Richards ‘06 Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Richardson Mr. James A. Riley ‘66 Ms. Ann G. Rinaldi Mr. Eugene Rivers, II ‘06 Mr. Rex G. Roan ‘70 Mrs. Amy Turrentine Roberts ‘95 Ms. Courtney Roberts ‘06 Mr. Donald E. Robertson ‘86 Dr. E. Moss Robertson ‘44

Mr. J. Cheney Robinson Miss Judith G. Robinson ‘79 Ms. Maureen B. Robinson ‘82 Mrs. Angie Baldwin Roda ‘01 Mrs. Jackie Perdue Rodriguez ‘71 Mrs. Mildred Caraway Rogers ‘61 Ms. Ann O. Rooney Cdr. and Mrs. M. H. Rose Ms. Rhoda Rosenfeld Dr. and Mrs. William T. Ross Mrs. Cynthia Larbig Rowe ‘84 Mr. Paul J. Rowe ‘06 Mr. Kurt Rowell Ms. Diane R. Rowles ‘71 Mr. Jerry Royal Mr. Scott T. Royalty ‘06 Mr. Gary E. Ruckelshaus ‘69 Mr. Anton Rucker ‘03 Ms. Betty Lee Rucker ‘98 Ms. Ann F. Rushforth Ms. Lucilla Ruvalcaba Mr. Chris Rylands ‘01 SAFECO Insurance Companies Mr. Joseph E. Salter Ms. Joyce Van Duyn Salter Mr. Charles F. Sanders ‘66 Mrs. Dianne Ottowitz Sanders ‘66* Ms. Leah L. Sanders ‘06 Ms. Kim Phillips Sasso ‘98 Ms. Angela Satterfield ‘97 Ms. Cathy S. Sauer Mrs. Carolyn Adams Saunders ‘65 Mr. Homer S. Saunders, Jr. Mrs. H. C. Savage, III ‘42 Ms. Sabina Schievelbein Mrs. Barbara Ostipwko Schmich ‘75 Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Schmutzler Mr. Dennis E. Schneible ‘63 Ms. Karen Anthony Schnick ‘02 Ms. Melinda C. Schomaker Mr. Harry L. Schroeder ‘01 Ms. Diane Lee Schuettinger ‘73 Mrs. Carolyn P. Schumacher ‘93 Mrs. Muriel Rotkewicz Schurke ‘86 Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schweitzer Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. Mr. Burke A. Scott ‘96 Mr. Burton A. Scott, Jr. Mrs. Debra S. Scott ‘89 Ms. Caroline Brooks Seay ‘85 Mrs. Darlene Baehr Seay ‘75 Mrs. Mary Louise Browne Sedki ‘65 Mrs. Ingeborg Seebohm Mrs. Marcia Seldes ‘76 Ms. Theresa Fuerst Sellers ‘83 Mrs. Ashley Everhart Sexton ‘92 Mr. Robert T. Seymour ‘54 Mr. Joel F. Shapiro ‘78 Mr. Joshua I. Shapiro ‘02 Miss Mary Anne Sharp ‘58 Mr. John Shea Lt. Col. and Mrs. Nesbit Shearouse

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Sheffield Mr. Mark L. Shemaria ‘78 Mrs. Ellen Woodson Shipley ‘62 Mrs. Betsy Edge Shirey ‘79 Ms. Brenda Shonfield ‘63 Dr. Seema Shrikhande Ms. Michelle Ann Sidler ‘91 Mr. Barry I. Silver ‘64 Mr. Bryan D. Simmons ‘04 Ms. Nancy Schaller Simmons ‘60 Mr. Donald J. Simon ‘69 Ms. Elise J. Simonton Ms. Teri Sivilli Ms. Elizabeth M. Slade ‘05 Mrs. Sandra Slomovitz ‘87 Ms. Ann L. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Smith Mrs. Lucy Lindsey Smith ‘59 Mr. Rodney Smith ‘96 Ms. Tiffany Bolen ‘06 Mr. Steven R. Smoak Ms. Abby Jean Snauwaert ‘03 Mr. John Snead Mr. Donald E. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Robert Soby Ms. Krysta C. Solomon ‘95 Mr. W. Scott Soloway ‘87 and Mrs. Stacy McDonald Soloway ‘86 Mrs. Anna San-Martin Soracco ‘94 Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Sorensen Mrs. Mildred Jackson Speights ‘58 Mr. and Mrs. Speyrer Mr. William T. Spock Mr. Blake Stabler ‘00 Mr. Del Stakcker Mrs. Nancy Staller-Brown ‘70 Ms. Heather Lynn Staniszewski ‘02 Rev. Betty Rutland Stapleford ‘64 Mr. Stuart Staton Mr. Lloyd E. Stein ‘39 Mr. and Mrs. Jay Steinberg Mr. Robert A. Stengard ‘06 Mr. Wayne G. Stephens ‘67 Mrs. Sally Bricker Stephenson ‘68 Mr. G. Scott Stevenson ‘61 Mr. Matthew P. Stien ‘89 Ms. Elizabeth Stockton ‘96 Dr. Marie Sertich Stone ‘80 Ms. Mariyandi Strachan ‘06 Mrs. Leann Payne Strom ‘63 Ms. Alison D. Stroud Ms. Stephanie R. Stroud ‘06 Mr. and Mrs. Aurel E. Stuart, Jr. Ms. Tina Marie Stults ‘00 Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Summerlin Ms. L. Katherine Robin Sun Mr. Guy S. Sunny ‘69 Mr. Robert J. Swanson, Jr. ‘88 Mrs. Kim Sapecky Swix ‘84 Mr. Michael K. Szalkowski ‘88 and Mrs. Stephanie E. Szalkowski ‘89



honor roll of donors



Ms. Elizabeth I. Talmadge ‘98 Mrs. Roberta Lane Tanner ‘84 Mr. Timothy O. Tarkington Mr. James E. Tate, IV ‘89 Mr. Charles L. Taylor, Jr. ‘76 Mrs. Kate McNeil Taylor ‘66 Ms. Angela Teasdale Mr. F. W. Laird Terhune, Jr. ‘53* Ms. Courtney J. Terrell ‘05 Mr. Ralph W. Thacker ‘37 Ms. Nancy B. Thal Mr. Matthew R. Thom ‘02 Ms. Elizabeth C. Thompson Mr. Jennings J. Thompson, IV Ms. Jerrie T. Thompson ‘86 Mrs. Martha Adams Thompson ‘58 Mrs. Mary Maihafer Thompson ‘74 Mrs. Patricia G. Thompson ‘00 Mr. Frederick S. Thranhardt ‘39 Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Thrash Dr. Margaret P. Thrasher ‘61 Ms. Kathleen Tice Mrs. Sheryl C. Tomberlin ‘84 Ms. Linda S. Torres ‘05 Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Trammel Mrs. Clara Irwin Traver ‘77 Ms. Laura Diane Trittin ‘87 Ms. Annie Y. Trujillo Ms. Vickie Tucker The Hon. Woodrow Tucker ‘44 Mr. Selby A. Tuggle ‘70 Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tulowitzky Ms. Patricia Tunno Mr. Douglas R. Turner Mr. James M. Turner ‘05 Dr. John David Turner ‘88 and Mrs. Mabel Lastres Turner ‘90 Ms. Joyce C. Turner Ms. Sharmaine D. Turner ‘06 Mr. G. Grey Umberger, Jr. ‘84 Ms. Nicole M. Urbanek ‘00 Mr. Carlos Valdes Ms. Heather D. Van Kampen ‘03 Ms. Janice Van Wart ‘82 Ms. Elizabeth S. Vantine Ms. Judith M. Vaughn ‘74 Mr. Paul W. Vaughn, Jr. ‘49 Ms. Ellissa L. Vermillion ‘99 Dr. Vienna K. Volante Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Voxnaes The Wachovia Corporation Wachovia Matching Gift Program Mr. Wesley D. Wade ‘03 Mr. J.R. Waldschuetz Mr. Christopher Wall ‘99 Ms. Casey K. Wallace ‘05 Mrs. Medora Fitten Wallace ‘40 Mr. Richard K. Wallace ‘37* Ms. Judith Carol Wallis ‘73 Ms. Lesley A. Ward Mr. Sherman C. Ward, Jr. ‘46 Mr. Ralphton E. Warlick ‘70

Mr. Ronald A. Warner ‘74 Mrs. Celia Vecchio Warren ‘79 Mr. and Mrs. Otto Warren, Jr. Ms. Cheryl Wasserman Mr. Lee Waters Ms. Regina Waters Mr. Edmund B. Watson, V ‘00 and Mrs. Christa Winsness Watson ‘92 Mr. Guy H. Watson, Jr. ‘74 Ms. Kelli Weatherall ‘06 Mrs. Ethel Law Webb ‘62 Mrs. Gloria Holbert Webster ‘50 Ms. Pamela L. Wedding Ms. Gail Wegodsky Mr. Marc S. Weinberg ‘61 Dr. and Mrs. Marvin Weintraub Ms. Alexis S. Weisman ‘77 Ms. Elena Weiss ‘03 Mrs. Rebecca Greene Weissinger ‘94 Mrs. Nancy Charnley Welty ‘67 Dr. Gerald Wempner Mr. Gary Wenger ‘61 and Mrs. Ann Klein Wenger ‘58 Mr. W. Jeffrey Wesley ‘80 Mrs. Barbara Rose Westfall ‘72 Mr. Dennis M. Wheeler ‘76 Mr. Charles L. White ‘63 Mr. Don G. White Mr. Johnny C. White, Jr. ‘88 Mr. Larry C. White ‘69 Dr. Stephen W. White ‘66 Mr. Steven John White ‘70 Mr. William B. White Mrs. Eleanor Yedvob Whiteside ‘65 Ms. Clare Whitfield Ms. Carolyn Wicher Mrs. Harriet Chapple Wilbanks ‘66 Mr. Robert Wildau Mr. and Mrs. Michael Wildenhau Mrs. Virginia Bremer Wiley ‘64 Ms. Ginger Williams Ms. Kathy Williams Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Williams Ms. Tiffany U. Williams ‘06 Mrs. Anita Gegan Willoughby ‘85 Mr. David M. Wilson ‘83 and Mrs. Sally Petree Wilson ‘83 Mr. Donald R. Wilson, Jr. ‘71 Mrs. Elizabeth G. Wilson ‘91 Mr. John B. Wilson ‘83 and Mrs. Julie Burnett Wilson ‘84 Mr. John M. Wilson ‘06 Mr. Lee A. Wilson ‘53 Mr. and Mrs. O.C. Wilson Mrs. Teresa Barnhill Wilson ‘89 Ms. Sophia Z. Winkel Mr. John H. Winsness ‘64 and Mrs. Charlotte Smith Winsness ‘64 Mr. and Mrs. Dane Winters Ms. Jaime Wojdowski ‘03 Mrs. Mary Carol Wollenhaupt ‘02 Mr. John V. Wollshlager

Mr. James A. Wood, Jr. ‘03 Mr. Wesley F. Wood ‘74 Ms. Patricia Beth Wool ‘77 The Wool Family Foundation Mrs. Ilene Roos Worman ‘66 Ms. Arleen J. Wren ‘06 Ms. Dianne Wright Ms. Lynne Wright Mr. Richard B. Wright ‘73 Ms. Wanda Wright ‘06 Mrs. Joyce Arnold Wyckoff ‘66 Ms. Megan Yalkut Dr. Michael W. Yarbrough ‘72 Mr. and Mrs. Farris F. Yates Mr. Nate Zahn ‘69 Mr. Jamil Zainaldin Dr. Sylvia G. Zapico ‘68 Ms. Elizabeth Anne Zelley ‘94 Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Zellner Mr. Scott M. Zgraggen ‘86 Ms. Amy D. Zickus ‘94 Ms. Angela R. Zimbrick ‘00 Dr. Philip Zinsmeister Ms. Sara Zipperer ‘06 Mr. Alan Zwicker ‘05

Dr. J.R. Burgess, Jr. Rev. James R. Burgess, III ’72

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gulakowski Mr. W. Daniel Erwin ’06

Ms. Janice McCummings Ms. Sharmaine Turner ’06

Mr. Robert Schunick Mrs. Diane Schunick Hoffman ’74

The Williams Family Ms. Tiffany Williams ’06

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Cataline Mr. Bud Salamone

Mr. Ryan Hanlin ’06 Mr. Hugh Hanlin

Mr. and Mrs. Brian McPhee Ms. Helena Adams ’06

Mr. William Scott Ms. Jillian Dawn Davis ’06

Mr. Thomas Williams Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Williams

Dr. Mario Chandler Mr. James Hill ’06 Ms. Alena Hrebickova ’06 Ms. Connie Yip ’06

Mrs. Barbara Bessmer Henry ’85 Mrs. Nancy T. Beane

Mr. Ben Minor ’07 Mr. and Mrs. Ken Minor

Mr. Richard Stengard ’06 Mr. Robert A. Stengard

Ms. Anna Louise Wolfe ’05 Mr. Randolph Wolfe

Dr. Stephen Herschler Ms. Connie Yip ’06

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Moses Ms. Jodi-Ann Moses ’06

Ms. Frankie Smith Ms. Kirbie Smith ’06

Mr. Ed Wolpert Ms. Elizabeth Roberts King

Dr. Barbara R. Clark Dr. J. Brien Key Ms. Janice McNeal ’98

Mr. James Hill ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Hill

Ms. Anna Ksionzyk Norman Ms. Linda Eva Blumenthal ’04

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Smith Ms. Kirbie Smith ’06

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wren Ms. Arleen Wren ’06

Mr. Matt Corbett ’06 Mr. and Mrs. John Corbett

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ippolito Ms. Annemarie Ippolito ’06

Mr. and Mrs. Gil Opp Ms. Sarah Jane Opp ’06

Dr. W. Bradford Smith Ms. Kelli Weatherall ’06

Mr. and Mrs. Grayson Yelton Mr. Andrew Yelton ’06

Mr. Benjamin Corey ’06 Mr. John V. Corey

Mr. Warren Y. Jobe Mr. Milton C. Clipper Mr. Jack Guynn Mr. Roger A. Littell ’68 Mrs. Belle Turner Lynch ’61 Mr. John J. Scalley Mr. O.K. Sheffield, Jr. ’53 Mr. Arnold B. Sidman Ms. Susan M. Soper ’69 Mr. Timothy T. Tassopoulos ’81

Dr. Manning M. Pattillo, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John E. Mays

Dr. Brad L. Stone Mr. Geoffrey D. Spiess ’91

Mr. Whit Yelton ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Grayson Yelton

Mr. Mike Pusch Ms. Mallory Pusch ’06

Ms. Marion G. Strachan Ms. Andi Strachan ’06

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Zipperer Ms. Sara Zipperer ’06

Ms. Skyler Pusch Ms. Mallory Pusch ’06

Mrs. Al Thomas Dr. Alexander M. Martin

Gifts in Memory

Dr. W. Irwin Ray, Jr. Mr. David M. Ross ’93

Mr. and Mrs. Barney Toland Ms. Kirbie Smith ’06

Dr. Beth Roberts Ms. Elizabeth Roberts King

Ms. Valene Turley Ms. Tiffany L. Smith-Bolen ’06

Mr. Christopher Roberts Ms. Courtney Roberts ’06

Mr. Robert L. Unger Mr. Brett S. Cave ’99

Professor Leo Bilancio Mr. Mark S. Lisicky ’82 Mr. Joseph Robert Menez ’70 Mrs. Anne Cheek Meyer ’72

Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Roberts Ms. Courtney Roberts ’06

Dr. Kay Atchison Warfield Hon. Henry C. Atchison ’52

Mr. Monte Birnbach ’81 Mrs. Lynette O. Fine ’80

Mr. Ronald Remington ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Remington

Ms. Kelli Weatherall ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Weatherall

Mr. Kevin Thomas Bradley ’87 Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Forbus

Mr. and Mrs. John Corey Mr. Benjamin B. Corey ’06 Mr. Jonathan Davis ’06 Mr. Danny Lee Davis

Gifts in Honor (Names in italics are the honoree) Mr. Jon Akin Ms. Linda Childs Dr .G. Malcolm Amerson Mr. Geoffrey D. Spiess ’91 Mr. and Mrs. Steve Atnip Ms. Miranda Atnip ’06

Mr. Mark W. DeLong ’03 Ms. Kim Phillips Sasso ’98 Professor Edgerton Mr. Atauar Faruquee ’60 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Edmiston Ms. Kim Edmiston ’06

Dr. Keith H. Aufderheide Mr. James R. Pyron

Mr. Bill Erwin and Ms. Allie Pearl Erwin Mr. W. Daniel Erwin ’06

Mr. Harold August Ms. Kionne August ’06

Mr. and Mrs. William Evans Ms. Kristy Evans ’06

Ms. Kandyce August Ms. Kionne August ’06

Ms. Anna Ferraro Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Williams

Ms. Karen August Ms. Kionne August ’06

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Freeman Ms. Kelly Moran ’06

Ms. Kayla August Ms. Kionne August ’06

Ms. Ruth K. Frey Ms. Miriam Brown ’06

Mr. and Mrs. Owen Beeken Ms. Michelle Beeken ’06

Dr. J. Lynn Gieger Mr. James Hill ’06

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Berry Ms. Bernadette Berry McCoy ’05

Mr. James O. Good, Jr. Ms. Joann Overstreet

Ms. Vivian Bray Mrs. Sean T. Arnold

Dr. Robert M. Grant ’90 Mr. and Mrs. Martin R. Grant

Dr. William Brightman Ms. Kelli Weatherall ’06

Mr. and Mrs. Glynn Griffin Ms. Jessica Griffin ’06

Mr. and Mrs. Austin Jones Ms. Elizabeth A. Jones ’06 Ms. Caitlin Kelly ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kelly Dr. Kendra King Ms. Alena Hrebickova ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Richard N. King Ms. Ethel Mae King Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Kurland Ms. Abigail J. Kurland ’06 Mr. Napoleon Russel Lakey Ms. Ashley Lakey ’06 Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Large Ms. Elizabeth Large Ms. Shelly Larson Ms. Mallory Pusch ’06 Ms. Katherine L. Lindley ’00 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Lindley Mrs. Jan Collins Maher ’69 Dr. Paula H. Chambers ’69 Dr. Nicholas B. Maher Ms. Kelli Weatherall ’06 Ms. Kate March ’06 Mr. and Mrs. James March

(Names in italics are the honoree) Ms. Sandra Cecilia Banderas ’06 Carvel Cinnabon Ms. Alicia Lindsay Dr. Lawrence M. Schall

Rev. William C. Rhodes ’49 Rev. Paul Hawthorne Hanna ’49 Mr. Peter A. Rooney Mrs. Nancy T. Beane Ms. Evelyn Owen Rowe Mr. Jeffery Rowe ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Royalty Mr. Scott Royalty ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Wilton Sanders Ms. Leah Sanders ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Roland Sauer Mr. Bud Salamone Dr. Lawrence M. Schall Mr. and Mrs. William Cumby Ms. Elizabeth H. Scheuer

Members of Delta Sigma Phi Seesaw for Cancer to benefit the AFLAC Cancer Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.



honor roll of donors


Ms. Ruth Brewer Ms. Tiffany Amber Hatfield ’06

Dr. John K. Hodges Ms. Julia Cheryl Dammann

Mr. Joseph Edward Bryant Mr. Jimmie Joel Bryant ’76

Ms. Brooke Hudgens Ms. Kristy Evans ’06

Ms. Julie Merritt Burke Mr. J. Vernon Burke ’56

Mr. Edsel Jones Development & Alumni Relations Staff Ms. Rachel Jones ’06

Ms. Louise Hoffman Beach Chamblee Mrs. Heather Andrews Clark ’96 Mr. Thomas W. Chandler, Jr. Mr. Robert L. Manning ’64 Mr. Albert Hughes Church, Jr. ’31 Ms. Martha Jane Church ’67


Dr. Arthur L. Cohen Mr. Lewis Benedict DeRose ’57 Mr. Timothy Crowley ’97 Mr. Daryl Brooks ’97 Mrs. Jane Galler Curkin ’50 Mr. Alvin J. Curkin ’51 Mr. John Dakin Ms. Julia Dakin ’06 Ms. Barbara Dougherty Mr. Gabriel J. Dean ’03 Mr. H. Lynn Drury ’63 Mrs. Effie Gresham Pittman ’63 Mr. Elmo Ellis Mrs. Clare Findley Magbee ’56 Dr. John W. Elrod Dr. Mimi Milner Elrod ’66 Mrs. Mary Partain Good ’43 Ms. Mary Crosby Mrs. Millie Torbert Grove ’44 Ms. Nancy Guthrie Mr. Andrew Downing Jones ’91 Mr. Edward Penn Ms. Ann L. Smith Mrs. Shirley Townsend Mrs. Medora F. Wallace ’40 Professor Roy N. Goslin Ms. Linda Sanders Scarborough ’65 Mr. James A. Hatfield, III Ms. Tiffany Amber Hatfield ’06

Mrs. Cleo Large Mrs. Clare Findley Magbee ’56 Dr. William O. Shropshire Mrs. Clare ‘Tia’ Findley Magbee ’56 Ms. Yetty Levenson Arp ’68 Dr. Jacqueline Boles ’56 Mrs. Barbara Bessmer Henry ’85 Dr. and Mrs. Larry D. Large Mrs. Belle Turner Lynch ’61 Mr. James R. Magbee Ms. Rosalie B. North ’58 Mr. Peter A. Rooney Ms. Susan S. Soper ’69 Dr. Stephen C. May, Jr. ’49 Dr. Thomas N. Pirkle ’48 Ms. Nettie McWilliams Mr. Bisell McWilliams, III ’06 Mr. Jack Huell Monroe Dr. Barbara R. Clark Mr. Jeffrey A. Morton ’76 Mrs. Elizabeth Kidder Ambler ’76 Ms. Dorothy Helen Nickle Mr. David-Matthew Barnes ’06 Ms. Margaret Owens ’37 Mr. Harry Bassler Ms. Jane Peyrouse Mr. William R. Foster ’58 Ms. Nora Mae Rowser Mr. Eugene Rivers ’06 Mr. John P. Salamone ’86 Mr. James Edward Tate, IV ’89 Ms. Dianne Ottowitz Sanders ’66 Mr. Charles F. Sanders ’66

Mr. Stephen J. Schmidt ’40 Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Bedford Mr. Hugh K. Clement ’38 Mr. Thadd Kennedy ’06 Mr. and Mrs. Stan Kure Ms. Frances W. Moorer Dr. Philip J. Neujahr Dr. Victoria L. Weiss Mr. Don Shafer Mr. Bisell McWilliams, III ’06 Ms. Margaret Smith Ms. Kathryn Lohmann ’06 Mr. R. Rees Smith Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Banton Mr. and Mrs. James H. Bradford Dr. Barbara R. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. B. Hansell Mrs. Frances Y. King Rev. Fitzhugh M. Legerton Mrs. Belle Turner Lynch ’61 Ms. Tommye Mueller ’45 Ms. Ann D. Newman Ms. Joyce C. Turner Dr. Louise M. Valine Dr. Martha Vardeman Mrs. Elizabeth “Twinkle” Stevenson ’65 Mr. G. Scott Stevenson ’61 Edna Garibaldi Soldati Dr. Joseph A. Soldati ’61 Dr. Warren J. Valine Dr. Louise M. Valine Mr. Guy H. Watson, Sr. Mr. Guy H. Watson, Jr. ’74 Mr. Philip Weltner Mr. Joseph G. Cannon ’48 Lt. Colonel C. R. Wyrosdick ’41 Mr. and Mrs. Abbott Best Mr. and Mrs. Otto Warren

The Nescit Cedere Heritage Society (As of July 1, 2006) Mr. G. Douglass Alexander ’68 Ms. Susan Harman Alou ’84 Anonymous (12) Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Arp (Yetty Levenson ’68) † Mr. and Mrs. Ted D. Bayley (Ellen Kinsey) ’58/’57 Ms. Judith M. Becker Ms. Carlee Bell ’65 Mrs. Frances Norman Block ’38 Mr. Frederick Boswell ’24

Mr. and Mrs. Franklin L. Burke ’66† Ms. Mary Williams Cazalas ’54† Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Chandler Ms. Terry Tribbet Davis ’82 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Dennis ’69 Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Dillingham† Dr. and Mrs. Harold Doster† Mr. H. Lynn Drury ’63 Mr. and Mrs. William A. Emerson† *Ms. Ruth G. Fox Mr. Wilson P. Franklin ’39† Mr. David C. Garrett, Jr. ’99 (H) † Mr. George E. Goodwin *Mr. and Mrs. J. Cabot Gupton (Bobbie Dexter) ’63 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edward Brodnax Hansell† Ms. Karen Head ’98 Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Henry (Barbara Bessmer) ’83/’85 Mr. Thomas G. Hood ’78† Mr. Thomas P. Hunter ’43† Ms. Rebecca Harbor Jones ’62† Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith Lanier Mr. Wilfred J. LeBlanc ’61 Mr. Louis T. Lombardy ’69 Dr. Jay Lutz Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lynch (Belle Turner ’61) † Ms. Gail Lynn ’77† Mr. and Mrs. Henry F. McGill† Mr. John Meacham ’42 Ms. Jeannette Bentley Moon ’38 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Moss (Sydney Mobley ’59) Ms. Elizabeth Ward Pearce ’66 Dr. Guerrant Perrow ’40 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Phillips ’63† Mr. William Plowden, Jr. ’67 Mr. Timothy Randall Roberson ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Fred Robey ’97 Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Roesch ’69 Ms. Rhett Pinson Sanders ’43 Mr. and Mrs. Eric Scharff ’63† Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Schmidt (Jeanne Fuller) ’40/’42 † Drs. William and Patricia Shropshire Ms. Anne Rivers Siddons ’91 (H) † Dr. Joseph A. Soldati ’61 Ms. Susan M. Soper ’69 Ms. Denney Wells Spencer ’48 Dr. and Mrs. Donald S. Stanton ’99 (H) Mr. and Mrs. Morris Tubesing ’95† Mr. Daniel Uffner ’51

*New members in 2005 – 2006 †Charter members



honor roll of donors


Faculty: Ranked #15 in the Nation Alumni have always ranked Oglethorpe’s faculty as top-notch. Now one of the most prestigious higher education publications has followed suite. In rankings released in August, The Princeton Review placed Oglethorpe’s faculty #15 on the national Professors Get High Marks list, putting them at the top of Georgia schools. In The Best 361 Colleges Oglethorpe was also listed as one of the 146 Best Southeastern Colleges and ranked #14 on the Class Discussions Encouraged List. Academically The Princeton Review described Oglethorpe as “an intimate education.” A student was quoted to say, “Classes at Oglethorpe challenge us to think and introduce us to new concepts. Thanks to our Core program, these concepts often build upon one another, so that I feel like my education is really coming together.” The student body is described as “intelligent and want[ing] to learn. Their objective is often not ‘career prep’ but more of becoming a learned person.” The “Inside Word” written by The Princeton Review states, “It won’t be long before the academic strength found at Oglethorpe attracts wider attention and more applicants . . . Go to Atlanta for a campus interview – you’ll leave impressed.”

Dr. Cassandra Copeland, Associate Professor of Economics, and Dr. Brad Stone, Professor of Sociology, are two members of Oglethorpe’s nationally ranked faculty.



from the archives



History of

Hermance By Laura Masce

Though many people pass by Hermance Stadium on Peachtree Road, probably very few know the history of this beautiful and unique sports arena. For several years after the 1916 opening of Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, there was no place on campus for the athletic teams to compete. The football team practiced on a piece of land that was once a cornfield. They were always without a home field advantage, constantly traveling to other universities for games. The lack of a sporting venue would change under the direction and vision of Dr. Thornwell Jacobs, who wanted a stadium to support Oglethorpe’s athletics that would mirror the architecture of the other “Silent Faculty” on campus. Dr. Jacobs desired for the Oglethorpe architecture to be “a constant source of delight and inspiration to its students, teaching quietly but surely the highest ideals of life,” as he wrote in the 1931 Bulletin. Though Dr. Jacobs had a dream of a stadium, he had to find monetary support to help build it.

The future Hermance Stadium had its beginning in the early days of 1919, when Dr. Thornwell Jacobs led a group of 20 football players into the Atlanta office of the Oglethorpe supporter and benefactor Harry Putnam Hermance (1867 – 1937). The football players then attempted to incite Mr. Hermance’s interest in their need for a field. Several months later at a 1919 football banquet, Hermance and his wife, Sibyl Eloise, made an announcement, surprising everyone including Dr. Jacobs with the fact that they were donating $50,000 for a new Oglethorpe field and stadium. Because of their generosity, the students asked the board of directors to name the future stadium Hermance Field in the family’s honor. A field was completed in 1921, and the first football practice on Hermance Field occurred on the afternoon of September 12, 1921. By 1929, plans and additional financing for the actual stadium were underway. The university commissioned local architects Morgan, Dillon and Lewis to construct the first section of the stadium, with walls of blue Elberton granite, trimmed with limestone.

During the summer of 1929 the first section of Hermance Stadium, which seats about 5,000, was erected at a cost of over $100,000. During the October dedication game of the new stadium, Oglethorpe successfully defeated Dayton University, 20-12. The stadium is much the same today as it was at its completion in 1929. Though Hermance Stadium was originally built as a football field, in more recent years it has been converted into a baseball field, named Anderson Field after Coach Frank B. Anderson, and is used by the Petrels’ baseball team, which will celebrate 90 years at Oglethorpe in 2007. More than 75 years after its establishment, Hermance Stadium is still what Thornwell Jacobs dreamed it would be — an enduring structure of beauty that provides a space for Oglethorpe athletics to flourish.

Non-Profit Organization U.S. POSTAGE PAID Atlanta, GA 30319 PERMIT No. 523

4484 Peachtree Road NE Atlanta, Georgia 30319

Dialogue at Oglethorpe Sister Helen Prejean gave a keynote address to the Oglethorpe community on November 16, kicking off Dialogue on the Death Penalty, a one-day conference that examined both sides of the provocative issue. The keynote address, held in the Conant Performing Arts Center, was sponsored by the Oglethorpe Women’s Network.

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