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ANNOUNCING OU’s 17th President

EDITOR: Mary Rinaldi Winn



PETREL PROFILES Alumni engaged in OU and their communities


CLASS NOTES News and notes from classmates

CONTRIBUTORS: Richard Bakare ’03, Mark DeLong ‘03, Barbara Bessmer Henry ’85, Kristy Henry, Kathleen McDermott Kraynick ’88, Kristen Obaranec, Mary Rinaldi Winn, Clara St. Urbain Robertson ’14 PHOTOGRAPHY: Henry Bradley, Mary Rinaldi Winn PROJECT MANAGER: Kristen Obaranec DESIGN: Niki Walker Design PRINTING: Standard Press Carillon Alumni News is published twice a year for alumni of Oglethorpe University. Founded in 1835, Oglethorpe is a private liberal arts college.

ON THE COVER: The OU Board of Trustees elected Nicholas Ladany, PhD, as the next President of Oglethorpe University, effective July 1, 2020. He also will serve as a faculty member in the role of Professor of Psychology. THIS PAGE: Randa El Jurdi is Oglethorpe’s incoming First Lady. Born in Beirut, Lebanon, she has worked as a nurse and an educator. Having lived in five countries, she is committed to diversity, inclusion and global issues in women’s rights, racial equality, civil rights, and LGBTQ advocacy. Read more about Randa El Jurdi on page 5.


MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT By Richard Bakare ‘03 President, Oglethorpe University Alumni Board

It is part of your calling as an Oglethorpe family member to make a meaningful change in the lives of others.” ’’—

Make a Life, Make a Living, Make a Difference. We all know this slogan well now. From freshman year to wherever you are now, every step in your OU journey is towards the fulfillment of this promise. As we get caught up in the day to day of our post academic lives (family, work, finances, etc.), it’s important that we not lose sight of the third part of that mantra: Make a Difference. There are many ways to make a positive impact in the world around you. It is my great belief that every Petrel Alumna/us does just that, whether unsung, heralded, or somewhere in between. In this issue of the Carillon we will recognize and

Richard Bakare

memorialize the efforts of your fellow Alumni doing great things by serving to achieve the missions of various advisory boards inside our Ogle bubble. But this issue is not the only way we recognize your fellow Petrels. Although the 2020 awards have been postponed, every year we welcome Alumni into the Hall of Fame ranks and present the Talmage, Carillon, O.K. Sheffield, and Spirit of Oglethorpe Awards to deserving members of our community. Every Alumni Newsletter is full of Class Notes that highlight amazing achievements, work, and life events of OU Alumni from all generations.

As you leaf through this latest edition of the Carillon Alumni News, reflect on the ways you are already or can start to make a difference. Whether it be financially, through time, or expertise; it is part of your calling as an Oglethorpe family member to make a meaningful change in the lives of others. In Atlanta, we are fortunate to have many nonprofit entities that could very much use your never-quit energy. As always, I hope all Alumni will take on the goal to embody our values and carry forward with the Oglethorpe Mission to Make a Life, Make a Living, and Make a Difference.




OGLETHORPE ANNOUNCES 17TH PRESIDENT Continuing OU’s growth and momentum By Mark DeLong ’03


n March 11, two Oglethorpe students were greeted with elbow bumps onstage in the Conant Performing Arts Center. The world was only starting to shift due to COVID-19. But they had just announced Oglethorpe’s next president and spirits in the room were high. At the podium, Nicholas Ladany, PhD thanked the students and the search committee, as well as outgoing president Larry Schall for leaving Oglethorpe in “a place of strength and well-positioned for the future.” “To serve as the president of Oglethorpe University is both humbling and the greatest professional achievement of my life,” Ladany continued. “I was born in Washington, D.C., and I am a first-generation college student. Growing up, I’m not sure that I could actually define what college was even while when I first attended it, but like many firstgeneration college students, I found my way and in reality, I never left.” Effective July 1, Ladany will assume the Oglethorpe presidency and serve as a member of the faculty, in the role of Professor of Psychology, in the next step of his long career in higher education. Currently Dean of the School of Leadership and Education Sciences and Associate Provost for Academic Outreach at the University of San Diego, Ladany oversees 30 academic departments and programs, including 12 multi-disciplinary


research and community partnership institutes and centers, with more than 200 faculty and staff serving over 1,000 students. Prior to that, he served as the Dean of the School of Education and Counseling Psychology at California’s Santa Clara University. He previously served as Professor and Director of the Counseling Program at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, as well as Professor and Chair of the Department of Education and Human Services, and Program Coordinator and Director of Doctoral Training of the Counseling Psychology Program at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. “I’m struck by the work of Oglethorpe’s extraordinary students and deeply engaged faculty and staff,” said Ladany. “It is important to me to serve at an institution whose values I share. The people at Oglethorpe reached my heart.” Ladany’s appointment is the result of an extensive search that began when Schall announced his departure last spring. A search committee comprised of trustees, faculty, students, staff and alumni was appointed by Tim Tassopoulos ’81, chair of the Board of Trustees, and led by S. Tammy Pearson ’86. Finalists met with 36 members of the Oglethorpe community, who arrived at a strong consensus around Ladany. “Dr. Ladany is an outstanding scholar and experienced leader, and is highly regarded for building community while inspiring academic

CARILLON Alumni News | Spring 2020

excellence. His leadership will be key to the continuation of the growth and momentum that Oglethorpe is currently experiencing,” said Tassopoulos, president and chief operating officer of Chick-fil-A, Inc. Dr. Leah Zinner, associate professor of psychology and chair of the division of psychology and sociology at Oglethorpe said, “As a faculty member himself, Dr. Ladany has a deep respect for faculty expertise. He also has a track record of using shared governance and transparency to achieve important goals that benefit faculty, staff and students alike.” “His experience as a first-generation Greek-Lebanese-American college student has motivated his passion for diversity and global education in higher education. He is outgoing and full of enthusiasm for the challenges of his new position,” noted Dr. Jay Lutz, professor of French. Junior Olivia Kelly, who serves as a Student Government Association Junior Senator & Diversity Liaison, said, “Dr. Ladany excelled beyond our expectations as a sincere, compassionate leader who has prioritized the inclusion and empowerment of marginalized individuals throughout his career and personal life. He wonderfully encapsulates our collaborative vision for substantial growth at Oglethorpe as seen through his commitment to innovative student success and happiness on campus.”


“Oglethorpe University without question is a very special place, and, to me, there are three things that make Oglethorpe special,” Ladany said, noting the university’s “extraordinary students… deeply engaged faculty… and the dedicated staff.” “To be a successful university, we must celebrate our collective successes and offer honest appraisals of where we can go next. How we get there is reflected in three core values I aspire to demonstrate as a leader: building relationships among students, faculty, and staff… demonstrating a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion… and reinforcing a culture of innovation and creativity,” said Ladany. Ladany received his PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University at Albany, State University of New York and has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Maryland. He is a Fellow of the Society of Counseling Psychology, a division of the American Psychological Association. Ladany is married to Randa El Jurdi, and together have three adult daughters. El Jurdi was born in Beirut, Lebanon and graduated from the

At Oglethorpe, the culture is about focusing on the whole student, both in academics and life.” ’’—

Nicholas Ladany, PhD

American University of Beirut with a B.S. in Nursing. She received her master’s degree in Globalization and Educational Change from Lehigh University and is currently working on a master’s in counseling psychology. She has worked in a variety of interconnected professions including as a registered nurse during the Civil War in Lebanon in the 1980s, nursing instructor at the Ministry of Health School of Nursing in the United Arab Emirates, head of the science department of a K-12 international school, and an educational consultant with Pearson Education. Most recently, she worked as a study abroad advisor at Loyola Marymount University and Santa Clara University. She is strongly committed to diversity and inclusion, particularly in the areas of women’s

rights, racial equality and civil rights, and LGBTQ advocacy, and is passionate about international and global issues, having lived in five countries and visited more than 26 countries. “Education is a gateway to a better quality of life,” expressed Ladany. “As a university, we have privilege and with that, a duty to reach out to underserved populations. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of a liberal arts education.”

For more on Ladany, including videos with him and members of the presidential search committee, visit




ALUMNI SERVE OU AND THEIR COMMUNITIES By Barbara Bessmer Henry ’85, Kathleen McDermott Kraynick ’88, Mary Rinaldi Winn


olunteerism is an important way for alumni to remain involved and aid in the success of OU programs and activities. Volunteers connect with students and faculty, provide business or professional expertise, gain new skills, network with other alumni, and strengthen areas that were important to them as students.

Oglethorpe University Museum of Art Board Museum Board members support museum staff with enhancing the university’s presence and community recognition by featuring high quality international, representational or spiritual art exhibitions and programs. The Board hosts engaging educational arts-related events throughout the year.

Oglethorpe Performing Arts Council A volunteer council of alumni and community members, OPAC members are committed to ensuring a thriving performing arts program for students and the surrounding community. Council members serve as advocates and supporters of the growing performing arts programs at Oglethorpe.

Under President Schall’s leadership, volunteerism and service are values deemed essential to an Oglethorpe education. In this issue of Carillon Alumni News, we feature alumni who are serving on advisory boards, often working behind-the-scenes, to ensure Oglethorpe’s success.

President’s Advisory Council This 40-member council is appointed by the President and comprised of influential Oglethorpe alumni, community members and friends from businesses and organizations who demonstrate the OU values of leadership, service and lifelong learning. The council advances the university by sharing information and providing introductions, advocacy and feedback.

Hammack School of Business Advisory Council This new council includes senior level business alumni and community members selected to assist the Dean in advancing HSB in the business community and providing feedback and support for programs and events.

In addition to the Board of Trustees, Alumni Board and Young Alumni Club Council, there are four advisory boards which meet regularly and whose members faithfully serve the Oglethorpe community:


Bennett A. Weaver ‘98

Hammack School of Business Advisory Board Bennett says the time he spent with friends make up his best memories of Oglethorpe, in addition to “any class with Dr. Brightman.” While he enjoyed literature classes, Bennett majored in accounting, leading to a career in accounting, finance and investment management.


CARILLON Alumni News | Spring 2020

With the opening of the Q. William Hammack Jr. School of Business, an advisory board was established, and Bennett was tapped as a board member. “It is an honor to be asked to serve, and I always welcome the opportunity to give back to OU. I immensely value being able to lend my voice and ideas to shape the launch and future of the Hammack School of Business,” Bennett said.



Elizabeth Watts ‘93 President’s Advisory Council


David Cooper ‘71

Oglethorpe Performing Arts Council David remembers his parents playing classical music every day in their home. His mother, in particular, enjoyed opera and symphonic music. She was instrumental in encouraging her sons to play the piano and appreciate many genres of music. David recalls, as a fifth grader, he was much more interested in the two secret tree forts he and his buddies were building on a nearby vacant lot than he was at perfecting the piano. Nonetheless, music, theatre and an appreciation for the visual arts sunk in and have remained important to David throughout his life. In 2010, inspired by a fellow member of the Oglethorpe Board of Trustees, David created The Colonel Nathan Cooper and Mrs. Ernestine Pitman Cooper Family Foundation as a loving memorial to his parents. Generous gifts from the Foundation have been designated to enhance various areas of Oglethorpe’s growing Music Department. “As we move through the world pandemic with social distancing and stay-at-home encouragement, our lives are impacted in ways like never before,” David says. “Families can take comfort in various art forms for enjoyment, relaxation and inspiration. By helping to enhance the music and arts offerings at Oglethorpe, I hope students and alumni—indeed, the entire Oglethorpe Community—can benefit.”

Elizabeth was heavily involved in the performing arts at Oglethorpe and sang with the OU Singers and Chorale all four years. She became involved in theater and subsequently received a drama scholarship, performing regularly at the Bomb Shelter as a solo artist and in several bands with fellow OU students. Since Elizabeth cares deeply about how the world and society work, she majored in political studies and minored in sociology and writing. “Oglethorpe was a safe space for me to develop my varied interests,” she said. Her career path led into the performing arts. Elizabeth became a theatre and television actor, singer, songwriter, television host, and producer. For 19 years, she has been a spokesperson on the shopping channels HSN and QVC. She is a producer and writer for Hip Chicks Create, a video production company, “I believe this unique perspective led to my involvement with the President’s Advisory Council,” Elizabeth explains. “I’m thrilled to see the arts continuing to be a focus, along with business and the sciences. I volunteer as an alum to help pass along opportunities to young people so they can develop their interests and broaden their world view in Oglethorpe’s intimate setting. I believe the kind of liberal arts education I received can be an important part of uniting our divided society, particularly at this time.”





Sam Traxler ‘17

Oglethorpe University Museum of Art Advisory Board


Alan Royalty ‘88

President’s Advisory Council Some of Alan’s best Oglethorpe memories are from his experiences as a student-athlete and the enduring friendships formed among teammates. There are many highlights from playing basketball for four years. Keeping basketball close to his heart, Alan leads an Upward Sports recreation ministry for girls and boys in kindergarten through eighth grade at Alpharetta First Baptist Church, where he and his wife Mylinda are active members. Serving on the President’s Advisory Council keeps Alan connected to Oglethorpe and alumni. Previously, he served on the Alumni Association Board and Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee. “It’s important to find opportunities where you are led to serve and can make a difference. I mentor several Oglethorpe students. It’s the least I can do to give back some of my time and talents,” Alan said.


CARILLON Alumni News | Spring 2020

Sam’s Oglethorpe experience was wide and varied, like it is for many students. “Long bus rides with baseball teammates, early mornings and evenings in the 24-hour room with classmates, and afternoons on the porch with my fraternity brothers all stand out to me because of the people I was fortunate enough to meet throughout my four years there,” he said recently. It was a special topics French class that led Sam to his current position as a member of the OUMA Advisory Board. “I took 19th Century French Satire in Literature and Art with Dr. Lutz that overlapped with a museum exhibit covering the same topic. I got to know Elizabeth Peterson and John Tilford, and I felt their mission to better the museum could, in turn, benefit the university as a whole. The museum is a diamond of a resource for Oglethorpe, and a true differentiator,” Sam said. Sam’s love for art today stems from his connection with the museum. “I was ecstatic when given the opportunity to give back and serve on the board,” he said. “My exposure to art history through OUMA bettered my college experience. I hope expanding the outreach enables the museum to impact other students in the same fashion it impacted me.”


MEANINGFUL IMPACT An alumna gives back because she gained much from OU A Q&A Interview with Rose-Gaëlle Belinga ’07

Hometown: Yaoundé, Cameroon Current position: I joined Morgan Stanley’s Technology Analyst Program in 2012. I work with the User Interface Engineering team, where I focus on building and maintaining many of the firm’s mobile applications. How did you choose OU for your undergraduate studies? I took a gap year after high school to move from Yaoundé to Atlanta and take an intensive program to help adjust to a new culture. This time also was spent figuring out a major, which I knew would be engineering related due to my passion for tech. I came to campus and fell in love with its Gothic architecture as well as the amazing faculty and staff. How did OU influence your educational path and career choice? My first semester consisted of CORE classes plus an Intro to Microsoft Office course. I signed up out of curiosity since I had limited exposure to computers in Cameroon. Our professor, Dr. Ron Carlisle, appeared impressed with my progress and suggested I sign up for a Java course the following semester. I politely declined since geography was not a primary interest at the time. He broke down in laughter and explained it had nothing to do with the Indonesian island. After learning the concepts of programming languages, I took Computer Science courses the following semester, and the one after, and the one following. I had enough credits to declare Computer Science as my minor, and combined with my Pre-Engineering curriculum, naturally transitioned into a Software Engineer major, then career. When you reflect back on your time at OU, how did you most benefit? As an introvert, adjusting to a new country and culture was quite daunting. The small class size and friendliness of the students, faculty, and staff were extremely beneficial to my academic and professional growth. OU genuinely has a family feeling. At the end of a physics lab, our Advisor Dr. John Alan Cramer realized most international students had no plans for Thanksgiving, an unfamiliar holiday. Without hesitation he and his wife invited us to celebrate with them, and we had quite a blast! Most of us are still in touch to this day, sharing life events, despite living all over.

What is your strongest OU memory? The Java story tops them all. The guidance and support I received paved the way to a bright future, and the merit scholarship allowed me to focus on my studies and acquire professional skills through volunteering, on-campus jobs, and internships. I had such a great experience that my sister Cynthia attended Oglethorpe University. After entering the workforce, we made sure to include OU as a beneficiary of our estate plans. Why have you chosen to endow a scholarship? There were some difficult moments throughout my OU journey, albeit rare. A pivotal moment came shortly after my transfer required to complete the dual degree. Having recently retired, Dr. Carlisle tragically passed away just before Christmas that year. The best way I could thank him for always going above and beyond to help OU students succeed academically and professionally was to establish an endowment in his name. I hope this scholarship will continue his legacy. As an alumna, why is it important to remain active and give back? Oglethorpe University is not just a school. It is a family. As an alumna, my hope is that every current and upcoming student will get to experience just how wonderful life at OU is. You learn critical thinking, get a better understanding of the intersection between arts and sciences, and do so surrounded by amazing people. You learn how to pay it forward through giving back. Each of us can positively change the life of a student, who in turn will pay it forward, and this wonderful chain will continue forever to make the world a better place.



CLASS NOTES 1960s Linda C. Chesnut ‘64 has been honored

with the Henry D. Green Lifetime Achievement Award for the Decorative Arts by the Georgia Museum of Art. The award honors the “significant lifetime achievements of an antiquarian, art historian, or material cultural practitioner who has made lasting contributions to the field of Georgia or related decorative arts.”

1970s Stephen Prudhomme ‘78 published his first book, A

Spirited Journey, featuring inspiring stories of faith, hope and love. Gregory Adams ‘79 was named as Kaiser

Permanente CEO. Adams was named as chairman and CEO of the integrated notfor-profit health system based in Oakland, California, in December 2019.

1980s Sherry A. Rosen ‘85 was promoted to Product Liability

Specialist for Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC. She is responsible for handling all phases of pre-litigation product liability claims, governmental and police department inquiries, and insurance subrogation claims. Sherry has been with MBUSA since June 2019 as a paralegal for the Warranty Program in the Office of General Counsel. She spent over 25 years as a paralegal in law firms and is loving her first job as a member of an in-house legal team. Laura Turner Seydel ‘86 was named

to Atlanta Magazine’s 2020 Atlanta 500. She was recognized for her great work as Chairperson of the Captain Planet Foundation.


CARILLON Alumni News | Spring 2020

Tim Tassopolous ‘81 was a featured

speaker at the 29th Annual Leadership 100 Conference. The conference was held February 20-23 in Palm Beach, Florida. Tim is President and COO of Chick-fil-A, Inc., and OU Board of Trustees Chair.

1990s Linda Wallace ‘92 was named Konrad W.

Kubin Senior Faculty Fellow by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors. This fellowship recognizes teaching and research excellence. Emily Ellison ‘97 has been named as

St. Simons Land Trust’s executive director following a national search for the company’s new executive director.

2000s After a four-year adoption journey, Kevin Woolf ‘00 was united with his son Jonah Steven Woolf. Dr. Shaniece Criss ‘02, assistant professor of health sciences at Furman University, was one of five graduates of Greenville County selected to be inducted in the Greenville County Schools Hall of Fame for accomplishments while growing up in Greenville, South Carolina. Aerle T. Jones ‘02 published PoeTaree: The

Jurisprudence of Life. PoeTaree is a collection of many topics she thought about while touring Europe, Australia and Lollapalooza. Filled with stories and memories, this book is delivered in a way for one and all to enjoy. Lauren Warner ‘02 was named partner at Chilivis, Grubman, Dalbey & Warner in Atlanta. Lauren is an experienced trial attorney who represents companies and individuals in complex civil litigation, government and internal investigations, and white-collar criminal defense.

Dina Marto ‘05 was featured in an article from All Urban

Alison Abercrombie Chavira, MA ‘12

Central for her work with her company, Twelve Music & Studios, located in Atlanta.

recently relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband Francisco and their oneyear-old son Paco. Alison is a member of the Organizational Development team at eviCore healthcare supporting the integration of talent management initiatives for Cigna Enterprise.

Mary Seagrave Eurek ‘06 and husband

Nick welcome son Adam Alexander on 2/17/20. He was 7 lbs. 9.5 oz and 20.75” long. This is their second child. Romey Louangvilay ‘07 was named as

Acting President of Travel Unity in New York City. Travel Unity is a nonprofit focused on increasing diversity in the world of travel to empower individuals and communities through travel. Chelcie Rowell ‘09 is now Head of Digital Scholarship at Tisch Library, where she leads a team of six functional experts who provide research services to Tufts University faculty and students.

2010s Alex Richey ‘11 earned his second SAA Coach of the Year and First D3Hoops South Region Coach of the Year honors after coaching the Oglethorpe women’s basketball team to its second SAA Regular Season and Tournament Championship in the last three seasons. Jasmine Irish ‘13 has been named as one of the Young

Nonprofit Professionals Network Atlanta 30 under 30 for her work in nonprofits. Morgan Loughrey May ‘12 married

Jared May on October 19, 2019, at Little River Farms in Alpharetta, Georgia. Michelle Chelemer Caranahan ‘11

Chandler Anderson ‘13 has been at Slalom Management

Consulting in Atlanta since November 2018. Slalom is a modern consulting firm focused on strategy, technology and business transformation. In his new role, he will lead projects to design and implement enterprise-grade solutions for clients on the Salesforce platform. He also was recently appointed to Slalom’s Salesforce community board. Clara Reinheimer Dennis ‘13 and husband Sam welcomed their first-born child, Patrick Chase Dennis, on March 21, 2020. He weighed in at 7 lbs., 10 oz., and was 20 inches long. Spenser M. Knauss Arsenault ‘14 and Jeff Arsenault ‘12 were married

September 14, 2019, in Versailles, Kentucky. The two now live in Louisville with their puppy Georgia. Anquenetta S. Kenon ‘14

started a new position as Operations Coordinator at Bearings Bike Shop in southwest Atlanta. Bearings Bike Shop is a nonprofit youth development organization where kids can earn their own bikes while developing the skills necessary to successfully transition into adulthood and the workforce. Clara St. Urbain Robertson ‘14 and Ben Robertson ‘13 were married October 19,

and husband Dustin welcomed daughter Kassidy Rae, born February 13, 2020.

2019, at Kimball Hall in Roswell, Georgia.

Joe Kennedy ‘11 is the Co-Founder

Site Merchandising Manager, Optimization and Tools, at Walmart eCommerce. He manages site optimization strategies & digital experience tools to reduce friction in online shopping, increase product discoverability and enhance content activation.

and Vice President of the Z Group which launched in December 2019 in Gainesville, Georgia. The Z Group helps clients nationwide avoid financial failure.

Kai G. Street ‘14 started a new job as the




Manuel Torres ‘15 recently took on a new role at a San Francisco based startup called Flexport, a Top-10 fully stacked Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker, backed by Google. As a Growth Specialist, Manuel is in charge of growing revenue for the Southeast region and opening new international opportunities for global trade. Y. Malik Jalal ‘16 had his first solo exhibition at the

Alabama Contemporary Art Center. The exhibition, A Study of the Supernatural Phenomena of Emergence, had its opening reception November 8, 2019. Abby Jackman LaForge ‘17 married Ben LaForge on March 14, 2020 in Newnan, Georgia. Abby is currently finishing her master’s degree in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling at Georgia State. Ben is a User Experience Designer at The Home Depot. Cale Coppage ‘17 had his Administrative

Law Review comment on the Opioid Epidemic published in the Administrative Law Review’s Winter 2020 issue. Katherine Townsend ‘17

was recently hired as a Research Analyst at the Federal Reserve’s Center for Workforce and Economic Opportunity in Atlanta. The Center focuses on employment policies and labor market issues that affect low- and moderateincome individuals. In addition to their research, the Center works with stakeholders to implement best practices for their communities. Audrey Stadler Montgomery ‘18 married Josh Montgomery on November 30, 2019, at Flint Hill in Norcross, Georgia. The two live in Atlanta where Audrey is a Talent Agent at People Store Talent Agency and Josh is the Warehouse Manager for Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists.

Submit your class note via ePetrel:


CARILLON Alumni News | Spring 2020

LaBreshia C. Taylor ‘18 started a new role

as the Program Support Specialist for the Department of Physical Therapy at Arcadia University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tucker J. Hammonds ‘19

joined Oglethorpe University’s staff as an Admissions Counselor in February 2020, bringing the next flock of Petrels into the nest! He loves going to the movies with friends, making people laugh and all things Star Wars. Christopher “Topher” Marshall ‘19 joined Chattanooga Football Club as a midfielder for the 2020 season. The team plays in Finley Stadium in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and is part of the National Independent Soccer Association. Brad Firchow ‘19 has been named as one of the Young

Nonprofit Professionals Network Atlanta 30 under 30 for his work in nonprofits. Julissa Cañas Escobar ‘19 landed gigs with the AJC and City of Brookhaven. Since graduating in May 2019, Julissa Cañas Escobar has been highly active in her field, working at both the AJC and the City of Brookhaven. Dylan Harper ‘19 was selected as one of Atlanta Inno’s 25 entrepreneurs and technologists under 25 for his business, Quik Threads. Quik Threads was created at OU in March 2018 to provide students with a means for creating a wardrobe reflective of their identity despite transportation or financial barriers. Since its founding, Quik Threads has built a community around its brand and launched its website,, in August 2019.

Margaret G. Morrison ’54 October 27, 2018 Evelyn Baker Allen ’55 April 26, 2019 Ellen K. Bayley ’57 October 25, 2018 Bill Powell Camp ’57 December 18, 2018 Sandra Carter Hauck ’60 December 26, 2018


James Jay Millard ’62 March 2019 George E. Morris ’63 August 11, 2018 Belinda Pritchard Haddock ’63 January 26, 2019 Martha Kay Crawford ’63 February 1, 2019 James DeLay ’64 October 27, 2019 William “Buddy” Harrison ’64 (Former Faculty) October 28, 2018

Alumni in Ben and Clara Robertson’s Wedding Picture: Martijn Edelman ’16, Kevin Dearden ’14, Anthony Maccaglia ’15, Jeff Arsenault ’12, Price Hamilton ’14, Eric Quinn ’14, Ashley Haislip Hamilton ’15, Sarah Craig ’16, Lisanne Edelman ’14, Lexi Vassell Poer ’12, Jordan Weaver Barkas ’13, Nicole Kang ’13, Sofia Rodriguez Jarvis ’14, Will Hanna ’14, Jessie Gregerson Hanna ’16, TJ Schmutz ’14, Emily Silva Schmutz ’16, Spenser Knauss Arsenault ’14

Robert “Bobby” Sexton ’64 March 14, 2019 Jon Wordell ’66 February 13, 2019 Dr. Geneva L. Rowe ’68 March 14, 2019 William “Les” Tompkins ’71 March 1, 2019 W. Woodside Hoblitzell IV ’72 January 6, 2019 Gerald “Jerry” Bailey ’76 April 2, 2019 Beverly Star Jenkins Edmonds ’76 April 22, 2019 Robert Wyatt Moore ’78 April 26, 2019

Retired Faculty members Dr. Vicky Weiss and Dr. Phil Neujahr recently visited with their former colleague Dr. Alex Martin and his wife Laurie in Ashland, Oregon. Dr. Martin taught History at Oglethorpe for many years and currently is teaching at the University of Notre Dame. From left to right: Dr. Alex Martin, Laurie Martin, Dr. Vicky Weiss and Dr. Phil Neujahr



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CARILLON Alumni News | Spring 2020

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A FOND FAREWELL By Mary Rinaldi Winn


artin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service on January 20 was just one way Dr. Larry Schall was honored for 15 years of service as President of Oglethorpe University. To thank Dr. Schall, students and alumni participated in volunteer service projects with Books for Africa, Crossroads Hospice, Grant Park Conservancy, and Open Hand Atlanta. A luncheon followed the volunteer work, where Dr. Schall and First Lady Betty Londergan were the honored guests. Dr. Schall reflected on his time at OU and the meaningful role of alumni in Oglethorpe’s past, present and future. The program at the annual President’s Dinner for Oglethorpe donors and leadership on February 15 also highlighted the enormous impact that Dr. Schall has had on Oglethorpe over the last 15 years. Dr. Christiana Johnson Bernal ’06, who served on the Presidential search committee as a student, gave a moving tribute to Dr. Schall and the influence his leadership has had on her life and the lives of Oglethorpe students since his arrival in 2005.

We are a better university because you were our President, we are also a stronger community. We are so thankful for your vision and your hard work. You will be greatly missed, but you will never be forgotten.” ’’— Tiana Bernal ’06



Non-Profit Organization US. POSTAGE PAID Atlanta, GA 30319 PERMIT No. 523

4484 Peachtree Road, N.E. Atlanta, GA 30319

SAVE THE DATE EVENING OF HOLIDAY ENCHANTMENT Friday, December 11, 2020 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. Watch for details on the alumni website:

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