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Magnum MX Series: Generation II

▼ An MX210 front-wheelassist tractor makes large bales with an LBX432 square baler. The yellow pedal near the operator’s right foot is the foot-operated throttle. Case IH

By Kenneth Updike The second-generation MX Magnum tractors were introduced in 2003. The four models—the MX210, MX230, MX255, and MX285—are built on the same chassis featuring a surround frame and ISO-mounted engine. This was the first common platform Magnum series of tractors. The cab roof cap was new, as was the A-post muffler. The front-wheel-assist tractors have a 118.3-inch wheelbase; the two-wheel-drive tractors have a 119.2-inch wheelbase. The MX210 and MX230 were offered in two-wheel-drive versions as standard equipment with mechanical front-wheel drive optional. The two-wheel-drive axle/chassis was dropped in 2004 due to low demand, after which only the mechanical front-wheel drive axle was offered on Magnum series tractors. A suspended beam front MFD axle was optional on the

MX255 and MX285. This arrangement provides all the advantages of an independent-link suspension with less complexity (fewer moving parts and simpler controls). The suspended axle “floats” over bumps and seems almost like an air-ride suspension—without the complex plumbing. With the ever-growing horsepower and weight of the tractor, the need to put the power to the ground was ever

▲ Montgomery Design International Magnum second-generation design sketch. Gregg Montgomery collection

▲ An MX230 with dual rearview mirrors and wide-marker lighting for safety. The trailing field finisher has a similar safety lighting package. Case IH



▲ The MX255 was produced from 2003 to 2006. This is a 2005 model. The exhaust stack also serves as the tractor’s muffler. Case IH

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▲ A Magnum 310 and 2150 Early Riser Planter at work. Case IH

▲ A Magnum 340 Tier 4–compliant tractor with grain cart offloads grain from an Axial-Flow combine. Directly behind the exhaust stack is the engine’s air-intake stack. Case IH



The fifth-generation Magnum tractors also feature a multicontrol armrest handle designed by farmers for farmers. In a process called customer-driven product definition, Case IH engineers developed this multicontrol handle that is also used on Puma and Steiger. This handle not only serves as the tractor’s throttle control, but it controls the three-point hitch and changes gears and travel speed. All fifth-generation Magnum tractors are AFS-, AccuGuide-, Autoguidance-Ready and include Diesel Saver

Automatic Productivity Management (APM), which automatically selects the optimum gear and engine speed for most efficient performance. The fifth-generation Magnum has a Surveyor cab with a frameless door that closes with less effort and seals better than before. A new cab-suspension option controls both vertical and fore–aft motions.

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