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Thank you to the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport and the Ministry of Education for their generous contributions and support.


A Word from OFSAA’s Executive Director At the time of writing, there is much uncertainty about the delivery of school sport in Ontario. This is an unfortunate situation and one that has created many questions with few answers. By the time this publication arrives in schools, the situation may have changed significantly and hopefully in a positive way, however it is important that we clarify OFSAA’s intentions with respect to our championships given the current environment. OFSAA will be proceeding with championships provided there is a convenor in place to organize the event and a sufficient number of teams/athletes/associations able to participate (determined on a case-by-case basis). All athletes attending championships must have proper supervision as per the OFSAA supervision policy. If a convenor withdraws from hosting we will attempt to find a replacement, while taking into consideration time constraints and financial implications. Clearly we hope there is a quick resolution to the current situation and that school sport is back in all schools contributing once again to student success. In the meantime, we will respond to information as it becomes available and make decisions regarding OFSAA programs and services on a continuing basis. Au moment de la rédaction, beaucoup d'incertitude entoure le sport scolaire en Ontario. Il s'agit d'une situation regrettable qui soulève de nombreuses questions pour lesquelles il n'y a que peu de réponses. Lorsque cette publication arrivera dans les écoles, la situation pourrait avoir considérablement évolué et ce, nous l’espérons, de façon positive. Cependant, il est important de clarifier les intentions de l'OFSAA concernant les championnats dans le contexte actuel.

Doug Gellatly

Les championnats de l'OFSAA auront lieu à condition qu'un coordonnateur soit prêt à organiser l'événement et qu'un nombre suffisant d'équipes/ d'athlètes/d'associations soit en mesure d'y participer (nombre qui sera déterminé en fonction de chaque cas). Tous les athlètes qui participent aux championnats doivent bénéficier d'une surveillance adéquate selon la politique de surveillance de l'OFSAA. Si un coordonnateur décide de ne pas accueillir un événement, nous tenterons de trouver un remplaçant, tout en tenant compte des contraintes de temps et des conséquences financières. Nous espérons vivement une résolution rapide de la situation actuelle et le retour du sport scolaire dans toutes les écoles afin qu'il puisse contribuer à nouveau au succès des élèves. En attendant, nous réagirons aux nouveaux renseignements à mesure qu'ils seront disponibles et prendrons alors les décisions qui s'imposent concernant les programmes et services de l'OFSAA.

OFSAA is of fering a subsidy program to sc hools interested in conducting an of f iciating clinic for high sc hool students. The intent of the program is to encourage students to get involved in spor t as an of f icial by reducing or eliminating the cost barrier associated wit h cer tif ication. We also hope to get students involved in spor t who are not necessarily interested in being an athlete. This program will help build student conf idence, provide an oppor tunity for employment, and assist in f illing of f icial shor tages in the province. There is limited funding available. Applications will be approved on a f irst come, f irst ser ved basis. If they wish, multiple sc hools within the same area can join together to of fer a course to help maximize the number of par ticipants. Courses must lead to either full or par tial cer tif ication, and courses MUST be endorsed/recognized by the spor t ’s Provincial or National Spor ts Body. For more information and to access the application form, please visit the OFSAA website and f ind the Of f iciating Clinic Subsidy under Programs. Questions can be directed to Mic hael Suraci at mic

Fall Bulletin Corrections 2012 Girls' Soccer AAAA: Kara Lang was guest speaker at the AAAA and not AAA Girls' Soccer Championship. Baseball: Gold Medal Bronze Medal

Holy Names 8 St. Michael's College 2 Sinclair 3 Michael Power 0

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Schools: Want to Run an Officiating Clinic?

Transfer Appeal Meeting Dates Meeting Date Thurs, Feb. 21, 2013 Thurs, April 18, 2013

Deadline for Applications Wed, Feb. 6, 2013 Wed, April 3, 2013

To appeal an Association decision, please call the OFSAA office and give the name of the student and his/her school, as well as the name of the principal. A letter will be sent to the student, c/o the principal, telling him/her the date, time and location of the appeal hearing. The letter will outline what information the student must provide prior to the meeting date. All transfer information may be found at Resources.

We Have a Winner! Thank you to all the student-athletes, teacher-coaches and parents who completed an OFSAA Championship & Festival Participant Feedback Survey. Your feedback helps us to continue to offer great events. A draw took place for the $50 pre-paid Visa/Master Card gift card for fall sports and the winner is Sylvia Michalski, a student-athlete from St. Thomas Aquinas in Oakville. Sylvia attended the Girls’ AA Basketball Championship in Sault Ste. Marie this fall. Congratulations Sylvia, we hope you enjoy shopping! Don’t forget another draw will take place for those completing the survey and attending the winter OFSAA Championships/Festivals. The winter sport survey deadline is April 19th, 2013. The survey can be found at http://www.




Pickleball Try Day.

Try Day programs are now being conducted in 94 schools across the province, everything from cricket, field hockey, tchoukball, omnikin, to a vast variety of fitness activities. Up to $700 will be provided to these schools to introduce a NEW ACTIVITY to their school program,

thanks to the funding by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport. Schools approved for Try Day must remember that the deadline date to complete the program is March 31st, 2013.

"KIDSPORT" Grants 2012-13 Students having difficulty paying the fees to participate in school sport may apply for a “Kidsport” grant. The application can be found online on the OFSAA or Kidsport websites. Some important reminders. . . • Applications must be received by the deadline dates: Winter sports -January 30, 2013 Spring sports -April 30, 2013 • Separate applications must be submitted for each season. • The maximum amount a student may be granted within a school year is $250 • Only fees covering LEAGUE PLAY expenses will be reimbursed.



• All sections of the application form must be completed in full with an accurate breakdown of the fee. • The endorser must be a school person aware of the student’s situation and needs, and of the breakdown of the fees. (Suggest the Athletic Director or Physical Education Department Head serve as the endorser) For more information go to

New Official OFSAA Championship Basketball for 2013-14 Beginning in September 2013, all OFSAA Basketball Championships will be using the NEW Spalding TF-1000 LEGACY Basketball. The LEGACY basketball replaces the TF-1000 ZK Pro. Spalding is excited to announce the launch of its LEGACY basketball which was designed based on feedback it received for improvement of the ZK Pro. Specifically, the LEGACY ball addresses concerns regarding ball slickness. The shell of the LEGACY basketball is foam infused which allows for better grip and improved moisture management. The shell is also built into the bladder which prevents panels from peeling for greater durability. The channel depth has also been adjusted to find a perfect balance for shooting and dribbling. The TF-1000 LEGACY is ready to play right out of the box with no need to “work it in� prior to competition! Contact your local retail to order the NEW Spalding TF-1000 LEGACY or contact Kevin Sookram at or 905-607-3865 ext 5414 for any questions you have regarding where you can purchase the new LEGACY basketball. Any questions regarding the use of the TF-1000 LEGACY at OFSAA competition can be directed to Michael Suraci at or 416-426-7440.



The OFSAA Experience - Justin Fui Justin Fui is a student at Sir Winston Churchill and member of their football team from Thunder Bay, Ontario. The following is his account of the 2012 OFSAA Football Northern Bowl between the Sir Winstorn Churchill Trojans and St. Mary's Knights from Sault Ste. Marie.

It’s 5:10 a.m. on Monday November 26th, 2012 and I have just arrived at the Thunder Bay Airport. My nerves are already a little shaken as I am 10 minutes late. I grab my equipment bag and carry on and head for the front door. As I walk through the automatic sliding doors, Coach Doromko greets me with a “Good Morning Fui, thanks for being on time”. I….I…yeah, I’ve got nothing. He points me to the WestJet counter and I check in. Before I know it we are walking out of Toronto’s Pearson Airport and boarding a bus destined for the Rogers Centre. We check into our rooms, which have a view of the field, and I finally get to take a nap. But do you think I can sleep? No! So we decide to take a tour of Downtown Toronto. After a team dinner at a local Restaurant we head back to Coach’s room to watch some game tape and make our final preparations for tomorrow’s big game. Wake up time tomorrow…..6:00 a.m.! It’s finally here! Game day baby! We get up and shake off the sleep, eat our Cliff Bars and apples and have a Gatorade to hydrate. We grab all of our gear and hustle down to the lobby to meet our coaches and find our way into the Rogers Centre. Once we get down to field level and talk to an OFSAA offiicial, we find out that we get to get changed in the Grey Cup Champion Toronto Argonaut’s dressing room two days after the 100th Grey Cup! OK time to get warmed up. As I walk out of the change room I am greeted by a huge drum line, former Buffalo Bills kicker Steve Christie, an entire sideline of OUA scouts and Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders. I have to stay focused. We go through our warm up routine and it helps calm the nerves. Finally it’s kickoff time for the Northern Bowl. Sir Winston Churchill Trojans (Thunder Bay) vs St Mary’s Knights (Sault Ste. Marie). We battle hard for 48 minutes, but unfortunately we come up a little bit short in the end. After the Award Ceremony a bunch of us wander over to the OUA coaches and talk football for a while and discuss the possibility of attending university and playing football in the CIS. Waiting for us back in the dressing room are 20 pizzas and a bunch of Gatorade! We get changed and check out of our rooms and head back to the Rogers Centre to watch the rest of the Bowl Games until we have to catch our flight back home later in the evening. Wow, what a whirlwind of a trip! Such a great experience to be able to compete against Northern Ontario’s best in a venue like the Rogers Centre! Thank you OFSAA! By Justin Fui



Though the highlight of the OFSAA Football Bowls would of course be the five exciting games, there are a lot of other entertaining things that go on that we'd like to share with you! Check out the highlights!

The Grey Cup made a stop at the Bowl Games thanks to the Toronto Argonauts.


OFSAA Football Fun

Former Bills player Steve Christie performs the opening kickoff for the Northern Bowl. Fans cheer on their team after the victory.

Cheerleaders in attendance from Huron Heights.

The Grey Cup delivered by three Toronto Argos **All photos by Gerry Angus. See more photos at


Hosting Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding Races Guidelines to Follow: 1. Follow FIS Rules and Ophea Guidelines. 2. Need to communicate the details and expectations for the race and then adhere to these details. 3. Equipment: Proper helmets must be worn: For Alpine Skiing: In both the OFSAA Giant Slalom and Slalom competition, hard shell crash helmets (designed for Giant Slalom alpine ski racing), which provide complete head protection (front & back) and full ear protection, are mandatory for all Level 1 and Level 2 competitors. Models CE, ASTM or Snell. For Snowboarding: A protective helmet designed for alpine skiing or snowboarding/snowblading must be worn. Alpine ski racers must have ski brakes and snowboard racers must have a snowboard leash. 4. Race Course:

i. Race course must be set by an experienced and Canadian Ski Coaches Federation (CSCF) qualified course setter.

ii. Course maintenance is particularly vital and should start before trouble spots develop and should continue until the last racer has finished. The ski area should provide sufficient equipment on the course (poles, flags, rakes, shovels, drills, etc.). Before the event, make arrangements with the ski area for course preparation.

iii. For Alpine Skiing: alpine ski poles must be full length breakaway style and in good repair

Specifically, look for: proper hinges – not lazy or

ones that do not stand up straight and broken gate tops.

iv. Course must be away from dangerous obstacles.

v. Safety walls, nets or barriers must be placed where required. There must be a clear run-out at the end of the course. No obstacles in the finish area.

5. Officials:

i. Officials must be knowledgeable of their duties.

ii. It is highly recommended that a certified Alpine Canada official be present.

iii. Gatekeepers: If they are students, then they need to be trained on what to do and ensure they stand in a safe area but visible to the course.

iv. Members of the Jury should have formal training as a coach or official.

6. Safety:

i. Recognized ski patrol must patrol the area. (Preferably at the start of the race course, for the entire race, to allow for immediate response time if necessary.)

ii. A vehicle for emergency purposes must be accessible.

7. Course Inspection and Forerunners:

i. Coaches need to be present with their teams when the teams are inspecting the race course.

ii. Racers must not be running through the gates during inspection.

iii. Forerunners should be used prior to the first skier/ snowboarder.

Coaching in

Ontario Schools - Secondary Update OFSAA’s Coaching in Ontario Schools program is now available for delivery in French or English. Also, the workbook has been updated to include concussion information and resources. This 3 ½ hour course is NCCP accredited and ideal for anyone coaching in the school environment. 8


Trained learning facilitators are available to deliver this course across Ontario at a cost of only $25 per participant. If you are interested in planning/hosting a course in your area, please contact Michael Suraci at (416) 426-7440 or 1

Snowboardcross (SBX) is a competition where an athlete rides a course which has a variety of features including jumps, banked corners, rollers, and gates. Guidelines for Athletes Prior to Competition: Snowboarders will be evaluated on these items before they are allowed to compete: • Athletes shall be able to successfully manage giant slalom race turns • Athletes shall be able to successfully manage shallow rollers • Athletes shall be able to successfully manage small jumps • Athletes shall not be beginner snowboarders

at a time. This is also referred to as “Slingshot” terrain racing Exhibition Race Protocol Recommendations: • Course Inspection #1: Detailed 30 minute instructional overview • Practice Run #1: Ride through course at their own speed • Practice Run #2: Ride through course a second time • Timed Run (s): Ride through course with timing. • Scoring: In single timed run races, the fastest time wins. In double run timed races, an overall combined time will determine the winner

• Athletes must wear a protective helmet designed for snowboarding or skiing preferably one which has ear protection (soft or hard) and a leash. It is also recommended that athletes wear a mouthguard and tailbone padding.

Entry Level SBX Courses Features:

Guidelines for SBX Events:

• Jumps: Entry level jumps (tabletop, 1-2ft. high, 15-20 ft. total length)

• Competitions will have a single rider on course


Secondary School Snowboardcross (SBX) Recommended Guidelines for Hosting Events

• Banked corners • Rollers: Single or Pump Rollers, shallow in depth, no more than 4 in a row


2013 May 9 - 10, 2013 Brock University, St. Catharines This conference is a professional development event that brings together teacher-coaches from across the province to learn, share ideas and have fun! The program encompasses a wide variety of sessions for both curricular and cocurricular programs with sessions geared to high school and elementary school teachers. The Coaching Symposium focuses on the technical side of coaching and provides sport specific skills, drills and strategies through on-court and classroom sessions. The program has introductory and advanced sessions that will benefit both new and seasoned coaches. All sessions offered will be instructed by highly qualified and experienced coaches. Plan A - $350 + HST Includes 2 nights' accommodation, meals, sessions

Conference Coordinator: Lexy Fogel Assistant Director, OFSAA 416.426.7436

Plan B - $300 + HST Includes meals and sessions only

*Special rates are available for student–teachers*

One Day Registration - $150 + HST Includes meals and sessions only.

*Please check the website for monthly registration specials*

Register now at 10


The following will be in effect for the 2012-13 championship season. TRACK AND FIELD Page V-1, Events and Classifications Pole Vault will be offered in all three divisions for females. Page V-1, Section Events and Classifications - Physical and Intellectual Disabilities The following rule has been added to create “Part C” Part C “Athletes using a wheelchair for competition, must use a 3wheeled racing chair as outlined in IPC Rule 14 as well as a helmet” Page V-3, Section 4 - Meet Structure, Section (c iii) We amend (c iii) to read “for 3000 race, an “alley” start will be used i.e. 1/3 - 2/3 split” Page V-5, Section 8(b) - Rules & Officials The following be added at the end of (b):- Athletes must be in a four point stance if they do not use starting blocks in events that run in lanes. Page V-5, Section 8 - Rules & Officials - Section (c) The false start will return to its previous definition and now reads as follows: “The first false start will be charged to the field. The second false start and subsequent false starts will be charged against the athlete(s) making a false start. Page V-10 , Section 18 - Jury of Appeal The word “dispute” is changed to “protest”. Page V-10, Section 18 - Jury of Appeal The sentence starting with “A dispute must be submitted in writing…..within thirty (30) minutes… add “within thirty (30) minutes of the results being announced and posted… WRESTLING Page X-8, Section 19(i) – Match Protest Policy Effective immediately the sentence “for any match that goes into overtime, calls during regulation time cannot be protested” be eliminated. Page X-9, Section 19 – Match Protest Policy (vii) Effective immediately bullet 2 starting with -“if it is deemed that”.… be eliminated so that the appropriate CAWA Rule would be applied. HOCKEY Page M-6, Section 8- Eligibility (b) Section 8b) read as follows:- “No competitor is eligible for the OFSAA Hockey Championship whose name has appeared on a game sheet, and dressed, after his leagues’ first regular season game, for a team in “A”. “B”, “C”, “D”, Major Junior, Junior, Intermediate, Senior or GMHL divisions….. Page M-6, Section 9 (a-h) - Rules and Officials The following sections (c) (d) (e) (f) (g) need to be in line with the OHF Minimum Suspension List and be changed as follows: (a) remains the same (b) remains the same (c) ( i) Delete the last sentence (“ See exception in (d) major for fighting). (c ) ( ii) Change the word “misconduct” to “major” (d) remains the same

(e) Add to the section (from current “g “) A player who is assessed a five minute “checking from behind” penalty will be ejected for the remainder of that game and his team’s next 3 games”. (f) Remains the same (g) Delete the whole section [ it is section ( e)] (h) Change word “minimum” to “maximum” and add statement “ or a time mutually agreed upon by both coaches. SNOWBOARDING Page L-1, Section 3 - Events Effective beginning for the 2013 OFSAA Festival, that the top 5 male and female athletes from the association shall be permitted to enter.


OFSAA Rule Changes for 2012-13 season

Page L-1, Section 3 - Events Effective beginning for the 2013 OFSAA Festival, the Level 2 definition be changed to “Participants are those snowboarders who have competed in A.O.S. stage 4 or higher, and/or trained-to-compete or equivalent club level racing events (including alpine racing and/or boardercross) This would exclude slopestyle and half pipe competitions.” Page L-2, Section 5 - Entry subsection (f) Effective beginning for the 2013 OFSAA Festival, after “All coaches”, “or designates” be added to section 5 (f). It would now read “All coaches or designates must attend the pre-meet coaches’ meeting in order for their schools to participate in the OFSAA Festival.” Page L-3, Section 8 - Rules and Officials subsection (a) Effective beginning for the 2013 OFSAA Festival, the last sentence in 8 (a), be changed to: “The order of the second run for Level 1 competitors only will be a Bibbo order (reverse top 30 racers and then order of finish after the first run) if the computer program is designed to do this; otherwise, the second run order will be the same as the first.” Page L-4, Section 9 - Uniform and Equipment Effective for the 2013 OFSAA Festival, that the last sentence in the first paragraph of section 9 be changed to read “Snow sport helmets must be worn by all coaches and officials while on the hill.” Page L-4, Section 9 Uniform and Equipment Effective beginning for the 2013 OFSAA Festival, no cameras or video devices are to be worn while on the race course. Page L- 4, Section 10 - Scoring Effective beginning for the 2013 OFSAA Festival, that the following new subsection (g) be added: “The Race Jury shall consist of the Technical Delegate, the Chief of Race and the Referee. Protests: Protests against disqualifications must be submitted in writing to the Referee within 15 minutes of the posting of the Referee’s report on the official scoreboard at the finish area of the race course. The official OFSAA protest form must be used. These are available at the finish area. Protests must be substantiated in detail. Proof must be submitted and any evidence must be included. A fee of $50.00 is required with each protest. A protest may be withdrawn by the protesting party before the publication of the decision by the Race Jury. If the protest is upheld, the fee of $50.00 will be returned.”


Important Reminders Regarding Sanctioned Events Athletic directors and heads of physical education are asked to make sure ALL coaches are fully aware of the requirements for hosting or attending interprovincial or US events. Applications for OFSAA sanction are due 30 days prior to the start of the invitational. "OFSAA-sanctioned" means that all players are eligible under OFSAA rules and regulations, and the OFSAA supervisory policy is in effect. For Interprovincial competitions • Schools must receive OFSAA sanction in order to participate For attendance at US events • If the event is sanctioned by the host state or the National Federation, schools MUST get OFSAA sanction

• Often this information is not in the registration materials, so schools are advised to get OFSAA sanction for all US events. For hosting U.S. teams • Many US schools must attend only events sanctioned by the host state, so it again is recommended that you get OFSAA sanction for any events involving US teams, or that team may be sanctioned by their state when they return Check out the OFSAA website under Events - Sanctioned Invitationals to make sure the event you are hosting has been correctly entered, or to confirm that you are approved to attend events in other provinces or the US. You can also check the National Federation website to find invitational events to attend (

OFSAA-sanctioned Invitational Events in 2013 Track and Field 18th Annual Nike Indoor Track and Field Meet March 1, 2013 York U., Toronto Convenor: Ashley Masterson, Neil McNeil HS Phone: 416-398-5502 Email: Father Redmond Track and Field Classic April 20, 2013 Etobicoke Convenor: Ashley Masterson, Neil McNeil HS Phone: 416-398-5502 Email: 40th Annual Nike/John Redmond Games April 27, 2013 Etobicoke Convenor: Ashley Masterson, Neil McNeil HS Phone: 416-398-5502 Email: Kinsmen-Hungerford Invitational Track and Field Classic May 3-4, 2013 Brockville Convenor: Jack Weststrate, Thousand Islands SS Phone: 613-342-1100 Email: jack.weststrate@ Sacred heart Track and Field Classic May 3-4, 2013 Convenor: Chris Deighan, Sacred Heart CSS Phone: 905-895-3340 Email:

Phone: 807-468-6401

Slow-Pitch 17th Annual High School Slo-Pitch Tournament May 23-24, 2013 Dorchester Convenors: Charlie Guidice, St. Mary CSS Phone: 905-528-0214 Email: John Ariss, Slo-Pitch Ontario Phone: 905-646-7773 Email:

Lacrosse Girls’ Lacrosse Invitational Tournament May 29-30, 2013 Welland Convenor: Agi Mete, Notre Dame College School Phone: 905-788-3060 Email:

Basketball Eagles Country Classic Tournament Feb. 18-19, 2013 Forest Convenor: Eric Smit, North Lambton SS Phone: 519-786-2166 Email: Kenora Basketball Invitational Feb. 1-2, 2013 Kenora Convenor: Scott Sparkman, Beaver Brae SS


Ultimate ‘Spring Fling’ Ultimate Tournament May 23, 2013 Barrie Convenor: Kevin Simms, Barrie North CI Phone: 705-726-6541 Fencing Arc Angel Invitational High School Fencing Tournament Feb. 28, 2013 Mississauga Convenor: Mike Kasuniz, St. Joan of Arc CSS Phone: 905-285-0050 Email: Soccer Blessed Trinity Indoor Girls’ Tournament March 26, 2013 Grimsby Convenor: Joe Pagnotta, Blessed Trinity CSS Phone: 905-945-6706 Email: Blessed Trinity Boys’ Indoor Soccer Tournament March 27, 2013 Grimsby Convenor: Michael Minicucci, Blessed Trinity CSS Phone: 905-945-6706 Email:

For information on the hockey tournaments in the new year, check your fall Bulletin or the OFSAA website. Any invitational events submitted after the deadline date for the Bulletin will also be on the website. Schools that have applied to attend invitational events in other provinces or the US should check the website to make sure you have received OFSAA sanction.




The OFSAA Coaching Symposium A conference that brings together coaches and physical education teachers from across the province. See page 10 for details. Ontario Coaches Conference

Registration fees for Ontario Coaches are subsidized by the Ontario Government's Quest for Gold Lottery. For more information and to register, visit

Evolve Your Game at the seventh annual Ontario Coaches Conference in Hamilton, Ontario from February 22-24, 2013. Be inspired by our expert speakers, get trained in one of 25 NCCP workshops and network with coaches from other sports. Featuring Keynote presentations by renowned Sport Psychologist Dr. Peter Jensen and Gemini award winning "Superbodies" host Dr. Greg Wells.


Conference Opportunities for Teacher-Coaches

"This is one coaching conference this year that will change your life. Be there!" - Barrie Shepley, Olympic Hall of Fame Coach.

Please Support OFSAA’s School Sport Sponsors OFSAA is fortunate to have several companies supporting school sport in Ontario. Official equipment has been playtested and endorsed by experienced teacher-coaches. Please support these sponsors by using their products. Badminton Yonex • Official racquet of OFSAA: B500, B600 DF, B7000 DF+ • Official shuttlecocks of OFSAA: Mavis 350, Mavis 300, Mavis 7

Black Knight • Official badminton eyewear provider of OFSAA Basketball Spalding • TF-1000 ZK Pro, Official basketball of OFSAA

Milk • The official recovery drink of OFSAA Basketball Volleyball Baden • Baden Perfection 15-0, Official volleyball of OFSAA Field Hockey AK Pro • Official field hockey ball of OFSAA: Grays Astrotec Dimple Ball.

Rugby Monilex • Official supplier of Gilbert rugby balls and rugby related equipment to high schools Soccer Molten • Official soccer ball of OFSAA: Molten FX-1000 official game ball, Molten FX-150 official practice ball Accommodations Westmont Hospitality Group • Official hotel partner of OFSAA Rings Jostens • Official ring supplier of OFSAA Cross Country and Track and Field Nike • Official sponsor


Online High School Coach Education School Sport Canada is proud to announce the launch of its brand new online resource for coaches: hosts several interactive online educational courses for coaches. These courses were designed specifically for coaches in a school-sport setting and cover everything from the philosophies of school sport, growth and development, nutrition, injury management, planning a practice, and much more.

Current course offerings include: Fundamentals of Coaching Teaching & Modeling Behaviour Engaging Effectively with Parents Athletic Injury Management Concussions in Sport: What You Need to Know (Free course!)

New courses are always in the works; currently in development courses include: Safety Guidelines Legal Issues Coaching Basketball Coaching Volleyball Coaching Track & Field

Be the Norm: Choose to be Tobacco Free (Free course for students!)

THE BEST WAY TO REACH YOUR GOAL TOMORROW IS TO START TODAY. You can do so at UPYOURGAME.CA with these great new features: Valuable downloadable files to plan your season with ease, including: • Professional drills designed by Ryerson Rams Head Coach, Roy Rana; • Sport nutrition advice for training and recovery; • Practical planning tools: attendance tracker, emergency contact form, practice plan, and more. Ask Roy Rana: a direct link where Roy himself will answer your questions about coaching and basketball. Events section: including highlights from your provincial championship events.



Drink up. During a workout, our bodies use carbohydrate stores from our muscles for energy. If consumed within 30 minutes of working out, chocolate milk’s carbohydrate-rich content can effectively restore and recover glycogen foran improved performance the next day.


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For more information about the program contact Michael Suraci at


Scholarships & Awards

Roger Neilson/Toronto Maple Leafs Alumni Scholarship Recipients 2012 The Roger Neilson/Toronto Maple Leafs Alumni Scholarship Award is awarded each year to two student-athletes who will be continuing their post-secondary education in Canada. This year's winners are Morgan Padfield from Kincardine DSS (Currently at Carelton University) and Daniel Pecoskie from St. Peter's CSS (Currently at the University of Guelph). One male and one female are each awarded separate scholarships in the amount of $10,000, spread over a four year period. In addition, the Toronto Maple Leafs Alumni offer one-time bursaries of $1,000 to two additional scholarship finalists. The Bursary winners for 2012 are Rachel Woolley from Waterloo-Oxford District Secondary School (currently at Wilfrid Laurier University) and Mackenzie Edwards from Korah Collegiate and Vocational School in Sault Ste. Marie (currently at the University of Western Ontario). Over 400 students applied for this scholarship, which is awarded on the basis of school athletics, academic achievement, school and community leadership, and financial need. OFSAA thanks the Toronto Maple Leafs Alumni for their generous support of education through school sport. More than 70 student-athletes have been provided with much needed financial assistance in their pursuit of post secondary excellence because of this program.

Morgan Padfield graduated with an average of over 90% and is studying Linguistics at Carleton University.

last year. Outside of school Rachel played soccer and volleyball and also volunteered as a coach.

During her time at Kincardine DSS she played hockey, soccer and was a member of the track and field team. She was also a key member of the KDSS Free the Children Club and tutored in math, French, biology and physics. Outside of school Morgan played hockey and soccer and volunteered in various athletic and charitable organizations in the Kincardine area.

Mackenzie Edwards graduated with an average of over 90% and is currently studying Health Sciences at Western University.

Daniel Pecoskie graduated with an average of over 95% and is studying Animal Biology at the University of Guelph. Daniel participated in Nordic Skiing, soccer, track and field and cross country at St Peter’s CSS in Peterborough. He represented his school at OFSAA three times in Nordic Skiing. He also volunteered in the school library, contributed artwork to the school Art Gala and helped with Grade 8 tours and orientation. Outside of school Daniel was a Nordic Ski instructor and volunteered at various functions for local charities. Rachel Woolley graduated with an average of over 90% and is currently studying Physical Education and Kinesiology at Wilfrid Laurier University. Rachel was a member of the field hockey, volleyball, badminton, and track and field teams at Waterloo-Oxford D.S.S. She served as captain of many of these teams. Among her other activities, she has helped to organize floor hockey tournaments for the students Life Skills program at her school and was a member of the Student Activities Council from 2010 to 2012 serving as chair 16


At Korah CVI in Sault Ste. Marie, Mackenzie played football, hockey, soccer, badminton, and cross country. He was captain of many of these teams and represented his school at OFSAA cross country four times. He has served as a stage hand for the school’s musical productions and has been involved in the annual Dragon Boat charity competition. Outside of school, Mackenzie volunteered in a soup kitchen and organized an after school athletics program for inner city boys in Grades 3 to 5. Congratulations to these four impressive student athletes. We have no doubt they will be successful in their future endeavours and wish them the best of luck.

Scholarships and Awards Available for 2013 OFSAA has formed partnerships with a number of organizations, benefitting student-athletes, as well as teacher-coaches across the province. The following scholarships are available to graduating student-athletes:

OFSAA Alumni Scholarship

• Four (two males and two females) separate scholarships

Character Athlete Award

Twice a year, OFSAA awards the Character Athlete Award to two recipients (one male, one female) who embody OFSAA’s values of leadership, commitment, equity, respect and sportsmanship. The Character Athletes will be profiled in the Bulletin magazine, on the website, and in the OFSAA Enewsletter. They will also receive a plaque from OFSAA, commemorating this accomplishment.

The Character Athlete must be nominated by a teacher or teacher-coach. The nomination form for this award • Available this year to students in GHAC, NCSSAA, can be found on the website. CISAA, NWOSSAA only •

$500 per student

Applications must be submitted by mail or courier. Faxed applications will not be accepted

Application Deadline: April 1, 2013

Roger Neilson/Toronto Maple Leafs Alumni Scholarship •

Two (one male and one female) separate scholarships in the amounts of $10,000 each spread out over four years in payments of $2,500 per year

• Applicants will be scored on academic success, community involvement, leadership qualities, and school activities

The following award is available to student-athletes and teachercoaches: Colin Hood School Sport Award

• Available to one graduating male, one graduating female, and one coach at all schools who have been committed to the success of sport at their school and within their association. Application Deadline: April 30, 2013 For scholarship application forms, please visit the OFSAA website at - Programs Scholarships. Award nominations can be found under Recognition - Awards.

• Applicants should also demonstrate a clear financial need Application Deadline: April 1, 2013

Brian Maxwell Memorial Scholarship

• Two scholarships, valued at $5,000 each, will be offered to one male and one female track/cross country OFSAA qualifiers • Applicants must be continuing post-secondary education at a Canadian post-secondary institution Application Deadline: June 15, 2013


Ophea Opens Safety Guidelines to all Ontario Residents The Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines (Safety Guidelines), available in English and French, represent the minimum standards for risk management practice for physical education, physical activities and sports within school boards. They outline safe practices for physical activities to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries. The Safety Guidelines are a valuable online resource for all school board staff, principals, teachers, coaches and parents in Ontario. or contact The Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines have been developed, and continue to be maintained, in partnership with OSBIE, CIRA-ON, OFSAA and OASPHE.

Historically, the Safety Guidelines have been available on a subscription-only basis. In response to recent student fatalities and accidents associated with schoolbased sport, and to help ensure the safety of all students of Ontario, as of October 2012, Ophea has received funding from the Government of Ontario to open access to the Safety Guidelines. As a result, the Safety Guidelines website is no longer password-protected, and the Safety Guidelines are now available for all teachers, administrators, coaches, after school providers, public health workers and parents across Ontario to access, free-of-charge. To access the Safety Guidelines, please visit





LmZg]Zk] fh]^e _hk eb`am% ^Zlr aZg]ebg`' Call for availability of other YONEX products 1-800-661-9262 Š 2012 YONEX Canada. YONEX name and logo are registered trademarks of YONEX Corporation. All Rights Reserved.



Information Articles

Nike High School Grand Prix Entries Announced for 2013 The Nike High School Grand Prix is excited to announce the participating teams for 2013. The 2nd annual event will build on the huge success of last year’s track and field invitational and provide student athletes from across the country with the opportunity to mix competition and sportsmanship while building new friendships and having the experience of a lifetime! A total of twelve girls' teams and twelve boys' teams will compete to measure themselves against young athletes from across the country. Student athletes from ten provinces and two territories are represented. Congratulations to the Girls and Boys Ontario teams!

Ontario Girls' – Fletcher’s Meadow Secondary School (Brampton) Boys' – Marshall McLuhan Catholic Secondary School (Toronto)

Good luck to all participating school teams and student athletes in achieving their personal best results at the 2013 Nike High School Grand Prix on May 11, 2013.


Championship Results

2012-13 OFSAA Cha

Boys' Golf (SOSSA) Wed - Thurs, Oct. 12 - 13, St. Catharines Bill Lipsett, Sir Winston Churchill SS P: 905.684.6349 F: 905.684.2505 Entry Deadline: Mon, Oct. 1

Girls' A Basketball (SWOSSAA) Thurs - Sat, Nov. 22 - 24, Pain Court Mike Schinkelshoek, É.S. Pain Court S: 519.352.1614 F: 519.352.9442 Entry Deadline: Sat, Nov. 17

Girls' Golf Festival (SWOSSAA) Wed - Thurs, Oct. 10 - 11, Windsor Matt Loebach, W.F. Herman SS P: 519.944.4700 F: 519.944.3809 Entry Deadline: Mon, Oct. 1

Girls’ AA Basketball (NOSSA) Thurs - Sat, Nov. 22 - 24, Sault Ste Marie Dave Zagordo, St. Mary College S: 705.945.5540 F: 705.945.5561 Entry Deadline: Sat, Nov. 17

Girls' Field Hockey (NCSSAA) Thurs - Sat, Nov. 1 - 3, Nepean Laura Gillespie Marjorie Bennett Ottawa Carleton DSB S: 613.596.8122 x 8843 Entry Deadline: Sat, Oct. 27

Girls’ AAA Basketball (SWOSSAA) Thurs - Sat, Nov. 22 - 24, Belle River Frank Graziano, Belle River DHS S: 519.728.1212 F: 519.728.1604 Entry Deadline: Sat, Nov. 17

Cross Country (ROPSSAA) Sat, Nov. 3, Ottawa-Gloucester Paul Carter & Tim Shannon Turner Fenton S.S S: 905.453.9220 F: 905.453.9692 Paul cell: 416.358.6009 Tim cell: 416.859.8159 Entry Deadline: Sat, Oct. 27 Boys' A Volleyball (COSSA) Thurs - Sat, Nov. 22 - 24, Belleville John VanderWindt, Quinte Christian HS P: 613.968.7870 x 222 F: 613.968.7970 Entry Deadline: Sat, Nov. 17 Boys’ AA Volleyball (WOSSAA) Thurs - Sat, Nov. 22 - 24, Stratford Patrick Donnelly & Martin Ritsma F.E. Madill S: 519.357.1800 F: 519.357.4137 Entry Deadline: Sat, Nov. 17 Boys’ AAA Volleyball (EOSSAA) Thurs - Sat, Nov. 22 - 24, Kingston Mark McKenna, Regiopolis-Notre Dame S: 613.545.1902 F: 613.548.4024 Entry Deadline: Sat, Nov. 17 Boys’ AAAA Volleyball (GHAC) Thurs - Sat, Nov. 24 - 26, Hamilton Andrea McCabe, Cathedral HS P: 905.522.3581 x3040 F: 905.522.7011 Entry Deadline: Sat, Nov. 17



Girls’ AAAA Basketball (WOSSAA) Thurs - Sat, Nov. 22 - 24, London Pete Lambert & Frank Delle Donne John Paul II S: 519.675.4432 F: 519.675.4672 Entry Deadline: Sat, Nov. 17 Football Bowls (Committee) Nov. 27, Rogers Centre, Toronto Contact OFSAA office for details. Nordic Skiing Thurs - Fri, Feb. 21 - 22, Collingwood TBA Entry Deadline: Fri, Feb. 15 Alpine Skiing (Committee) Mon - Tues, Feb. 25 - 26, Collingwood Contact OFSAA office for details. Entry Deadline: TBA Snowboarding Festival Fri, March 1 Rainer Wenzl Fr. Redmond CSS Mt. St. Louis/Moonstone S: 416.393.5540 F: 416.393.5761 Entry Deadline: Thurs, Feb. 21 Swimming (CWOSSA) Tues - Wed, March 5 - 6, Etobicoke James Ball, John F. Ross CVI P:519.822.7090 F:519-822-6366 Entry Deadline: Mon, Feb. 25

Wrestling (CWOSSA) Wed - Thurs, March 6 - 7, Guelph Jeff Weddig, John F. Ross CVI S: 519.822.7090 F: 519.822.6366 Mike Chaves, Guelph CVI P: 519.824.9800 F: 519.822.5962 Entry Deadline: Mon, Feb. 25 Boys' A Basketball (NOSSA) Mon - Wed, March 4 - 6, North Bay Pat Lalonde & Tim Lowe, ÉSC Algonquin P: 705.472.8240 F: 705.472.8476 Entry Deadline: Tues, Feb. 26 Boys' AA Basketball (YRAA) Mon - Wed, March 4 - 6, Richmond Hill Carlos Faria, Jean Vanier CHS S: 905.770.8656 F: 905-7702678 Entry Deadline: Tues, Feb. 26 Boys' AAA Basketball (SWOSSAA) Mon - Wed, March 4 - 6, Windsor Matt Loebach, W. F. Herman S. S. S: 519-944-4700 F: 519-944-3809 Entry Deadline: Tues, Feb. 26 Boys’ AAAA Basketball (SWOSSAA) Mon - Wed, March 4 - 6, Windsor Peter Cusumano & Mike McKittrick Catholic Central S: 519.256.3171 F: 519.256.6691 Entry Deadline: Tues, Feb. 26 Girls' A Volleyball (COSSA) Mon - Wed, March 4 - 6, Lakefield Dave Lorentz, Lakefield DSS S: 705.652.3333 x227 F: 705.652.3340 Entry Deadline: Tues, Feb. 26 Girls' AA Volleyball (NCSSAA) Mon - Wed, March 4 - 6, Ottawa Yan Leroux & Yves Leroux, De La Salle S: 613.789.0053 F: 613.789.1545 Entry Deadline: Tues, Feb. 26 Girls' AAA Volleyball (SWOSSAA) Mon - Wed, March 4 - 6, Windsor Denise Hebert Assumption College S: 519.256.7801 F: 519.256.0417 Entry Deadline: Tues, Feb. 26

mpionship Calendar Girls' AAAA Volleyball (ROPSSAA) March 4 - 6, Mississauga Marg McGill & Laura McGill, Peel DSB S: 905.890.1010 x2122 F: 905.890.0771 Entry Deadline: Tues, Feb. 26 Girls' A/AA & AAA/AAAA Hockey (GBSSA) A/AA: Mon - Thurs, March 18 - 21, Orillia AAA/AAAA: Tues - Fri, March 19 - 22, Orillia Ryan Damen & Murray Eckstein, Park Street CI S: 705.325.9372 F: 705.325.5505 Entry Deadline A/AA: Tues, March 5 Entry Deadline AAA/AAAA: Tues, March 6 Boys' A/AA Hockey (GHAC) Tues - Fri, March 19 - 22, Burlington Carl Van Landschoot, Corpus Christi CSS S: 905.331.5591 F: 905.331.2625 Entry Deadline: Wed, March 6 Boys’ AAA/AAAA Hockey (ROPSSAA) Tue - Fri, March 19 - 22, Mississauga Rob Thompson, St. Aloysius Gonzaga SS P: 905.820.3900 x 70138 Entry Deadline: Wed, March 6 Boys’ & Girls' Curling (NCSSAA) Wed - Sat, March 20 - 23, Ottawa Dwayne Scullion, St. Paul CHS S: 613.820.9705 F: 613-820-9390 Entry Deadline: Thurs, March 7 Girls' Gymnastics (COSSA) April 22-23, Peterborough Kathy Garvey & Liz Kuipers St. Peter's SS P: 705.742.3781 F: 705.745.5025 Entry Deadline: Sat, April 13 Badminton (YRAA) Thurs - Sat, May 2 - 5, Markham Dan Blanchard Middlefield Collegiate S: 905-472-8900 Don Carmichael Sir William Mulock SS S: 905-967-1045 Entry Deadline: Wed, April 24 Tennis (SOSSA) Tues - Wed, June 4 - 5, Toronto Michael Robinson, Lakeshore CHS P: 905.835.2451 F: 905.835.0434 Entry Deadline: Sat, May 25

Boys' A/AA Field Lacrosse Festival (NCSSAA) Tues - Wed, June 4 - 5, Ottawa Kevin Nolan & Stacy Simpson St. Marks CHS S: 613-692-2551 F: 613.692.2447 Entry Deadline: Wed, May 29 Boys' AAA/AAAA Field Lacrosse Festival (LOSSA) Thurs - Fri, June 6 - 7 Michael Drake Paul Dwyer CHS S: 905-723-5255 ext. 4049 Entry Deadline: Sun, June 1 Girls' A/AA & AAA/AAAA Rugby (CWOSSA) Mon - Wed, June 3 - 5, Cambridge Jay Shaw, Glenview Park SS S: 519.621.9510 F: 519.621.5860 Entry Deadline: Tues, May 28 Boys' A/AA & AAA/AAAA Rugby (NCSSAA) Thurs - Sat, June 6 - 8, Ottawa Rick Mellor, Nepean HS S: 613.722.6551 F: 613.722.5983 Entry Deadline: Sat, June 1 Track & Field (LOSSA) Thurs - Sat, June 6 - 8, Oshawa Kevin Dillon, Msgr. Paul Dwyer CHS S: 905.723.5255 x4015 F: 905.723.1631 Entry Deadline: Sat, June 2 Boys' A Soccer (NEOAA) Thurs - Sat, June 6 - 8, Timmins Doug Basso & Marcy McCarthy O'Gorman HS S: 705.268.4501 F: 705.267.1550 Entry Deadline: Sat, June 1 Boys' AA Soccer (WOSSAA) Thurs - Sat, June 6 - 8, Stratford Bart Drennan, St. Michaels CSS S: 519.271.0890 F: 519.271.8250 Entry Deadline: Sat, June 1 Boys' AAA Soccer (SWOSSAA) Thurs - Sat, June 6 - 8, Windsor Peter Cusumano & Mike McKittrick Catholic Central S: 519.256.3171F: 519.256.6691 Entry Deadline: Sat, June 1

Boys' AAAA Soccer (CISAA) Thurs - Sat, June 6 - 8, Toronto Miko Romano, St. Michaels College School S: 416.653.3180 x 257 F: 416.653.7704 Entry Deadline: Sat, June 1 Girls' A Soccer (NOSSA) Thurs - Sat, June 6 - 8, Hanmer Jean Gilles Larocque Bishop Alexander Carter CSS S: 705.969.2212 F: 705.969.8133 Entry Deadline: Sat, June 1 Girls' AA Soccer (SWOSSAA) Thurs - Sat, June 6 - 8, Windsor Lucien Gava, É.S. L'Essor S: 519.735.4115 F: 519.735.5577 Entry Deadline: Sat, June 1 Girls' AAA Soccer (SWOSSAA) Thurs - Sat, June 6 - 8, Windsor Stacey Ditchfield & Mike McKittrick Catholic Central S: 519.256.3171 F: 519.256.6691 Entry Deadline: Sun, June 1 Girls' AAAA Soccer (SOSSA) Thurs - Sat, June 6 - 8, Niagara Falls Steve Abbuscato, Saint Paul HS S: 905.356.4313 F: 905.356.6605 Entry Deadline: Sat, June 1 Boys' Baseball (Committee) Final and Semi-Final June 6, Rogers Centre, Toronto Boys' Baseball East Regionals (LOSSA) Wed-Thurs., June 3-4, Durham Geoff Whent, Sinclair SS P: 905.666.5400 F: 905.666.6902 Entry Deadline: Thurs., May 30 Boys' Baseball West Regionals (GBSSA) Wed-Thurs., June 3-4, Innisdale Brad Graham & Jon Stirtan Innisdale SS Entry Deadline: Thurs., May 30




Information Articles

Recharge With Milk! Attention all Basketball Coaches, We are pleased to announce that the Recharge with Milk — Up Your Game high school basketball sponsorship is still going strong. Recharge with Milk will continue to support high school basketball, providing coaches and their teams with an all-out interactive experience for the 2012–13 season. Be sure to visit where you can download easy-to-use files to plan your season. Download

professionally designed drills, practice plans, player information forms and more — all designed to help you and your players take your game to the next level. Also, check out the “Ask Roy Rana” section, where you have the opportunity to ask Roy Rana, Head Coach of the Ryerson University Men’s Basketball team, your questions about coaching and basketball. The Recharge with Milk team will be back again this year to attend tournaments and the season-end championship events to enhance the players’ overall experience. They will set up a Recovery Zone, provide the two final teams with cool prizes plus chocolate milk at the end of every game, and inform players of milk’s benefits as a post-game recovery beverage. The Recharge with Milk team Chocolate milk contains fluids, carbs and protein to rehydrate, refuel and recharge — helping make tomorrow’s workout better today.


OFSAA Fall 2012 Cham



pionship Photo Gallery


OFSAA Bills Toronto Series Football Bowls Toronto

November 27, 2012

While Toronto was still celebrating the Grey Cup Championship, over 6,000 enthusiastic spectators were entertained with five great football bowl games inside the Rogers Centre where weather did not factor in the outcome. The Rogers Centre hosted the fifth annual OFSAA Football Bowl Series with the support of the Buffalo Bills Toronto Series. We are extremely appreciative of the Bills Toronto Series who provided the Rogers Centre at virtually no cost. Rogers TV played an important role in the OFSAA bowl games by televising four games across its network. Rogers included a sports desk which handled half time analysis and interviews from their location on the field. Thanks especially to the organizing committee who did a fantastic job in organizing the event: Sean Allen,Campbell Blake, Dan Del Mastro, Dan Dominico, Shawn MacDonald, Brian Gaw, Ken Green, Chick Kennedy, Dana McKiel, Peter Morris, Mario Pietrangelo, Erica Phillips, Pat Reilly, Dan Russell, and the many student volunteers who ensured that the event ran smoothly. Thanks to our many other sponsors : Marchant’s School Sports; Pizza/Pizza, Rogers TV, Enwave, Toronto Sun, Josten’s Rings, City TV and Gatorade. The OFSAA Football Bowl Series could not have happened without your continued support. Thanks to the Toronto Argonaut players and General Manager Jim Barker who brought the Grey Cup to the OFSAA Championship to allow the players to celebrate as well.

Northern Bowl Champions - St. Mary's College

GAME 1 – Northern Bowl St. Mary’s College (Sault Ste. Marie) 47 vs Sir Winston Churchill (Thunder Bay) 28 St. Mary’s was making their fourth appearance at the Northern Bowl and captured their third championship with a very close 47-28 victory over Sir Winston Churchill. It was the third visit to Toronto for Sir Winston Churchill who have yet to claim their first championship. Led by Dylan Hebert’s three touchdowns, St. Mary’s jumped out to an almost insurmountable 33-6 half-time lead. Churchill quarterback, Jarred White threw three second half touchdowns to Devyn Chenier, Julian Schulz, and Justin Fui respectively to close the gap but St. Mary's held on. GAME 2 – Golden Horseshoe Bowl Lakeshore Catholic (Port Colborne) 29 vs M.M. Robinson (Burlington) 28 In what may have been the most exciting game of the day, Lakeshore Catholic was able to edge out M.M. Robinson by scoring with only 10 seconds remaining to capture the Golden Horseshoe Championship 29 - 28. Lakeshore Catholic was making its seventh trip to the championship game, while M.M. Robinson made their inaugural appearance. The win marked the third Golden Horseshoe title for Lakeshore Catholic. M.M. Robinson rushed for 234 yards on the day and took the lead early in the second quarter all the way to the final seconds. With 10 seconds remaining in the game, Jeremy Snyder threw a



Golden Horseshoe Bowl Champions - Lakeshore Catholic

Festival Results 20 yard touchdown pass to Trey Gervail for the victory. Jeremy Snyder had a productive day overall as he threw for three touchdowns while rushing for one on his own. Kicker Enzo Lariccia converted the four Lakeshore touchdowns. Jacob Jones and Troy Donovan connected on three touchdowns from seven, 14 and 28 yards to lead the M.M. Robinson on offense. Ryan Bond (Robinson) led all defensive players with eight tackles. GAME 3 – National Capital Bowl Frontenac SS (Kingston) 37 vs St. Joan of Arc (Barrie) 30 The National Capital Bowl turned out to be yet another very exciting game, as it was not decided until Frontenac’s Jacob Riha ran 17 yards into the end zone with under two minutes remaining. The score secured Frontenac its fifth National Capital Bowl Championship.

National Capital Bowl Champions - Frontenac SS

St. Joan of Arc (Barrie), who was making its inaugural appearance after defeating Crestwood SS (five consecutive Bowl appearances) in the regional semi-finals, gave Frontenac all they could handle in this game. St. Joan of Arc continued to come back after Frontenac scored early and often. The play went back and forth in the fourth quarter making the outcome an uncertainty. St. Joan of Arc managed to close the gap to a mere point at 30-29 with less than three minutes remaining when Adam Zussino threw a 31 yard pass and catch touchdown to Jesse Alves. The crowd was on their feet as Frontenac then took the kick off and marched down the field to clinch the victory on the Riha touchdown run. GAME 4 – Western Bowl W.F. Herman (Windsor) 36 vs Assumption College (Brantford) 22 Playing their fourth game in thirteen days, the W.F. Herman Green Griffins (making their fifth appearance in the Western Bowl) looked tired entering the thirdquarter despite leading Assumption 14-7. However, thanks to Jaydon Gauthier who scampered 57 yards for a touchdown in the first minute of the third-quarter, Herman was able to hold on for the win. The team rushed for a total of 319 yards in the game. Austin Sault (Assumption) threw for 215 yards in the

Western Bowl Champions - W.F. Herman

game and completed touchdown strikes to Austin Zuwala (40 yards) and Levi Jamieson (5 yards). The player of the game was Jaydon Gauthier who scored four touchdowns. GAME 5 – Metro Bowl Huron Heights (Newmarket) 28 vs Don Bosco (Etobicoke) 14 Before a large and very enthusiastic crowd, Huron Heights forced the Don Bosco Eagles offense to three first-half turnovers resulting in touchdowns to capture their first Metro Bowl Championship. Don Bosco, making their inaugural appearance, never gave up controlling the second-half with touchdowns from Clinton Leonard and Robert Siino. However, with enough points already on the board, the Warriors from Newmarket controlled the clock and captured their first Metro Bowl Championship.

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Festival Results

Metro Bowl Champions - Huron Heights

Northern Bowl St. Mary's College (NOSSA) Sir Winston Churchill CVI (NWOSSAA)

47 28

Huron Heights success came through their defense and running game. On the ground the team had an astounding 376 yards on 56 plays while it was Don Bosco who controlled the air with 142 yards passing.

Golden Horseshoe Bowl Lakeshore Catholic (SOSSA) M.M. Robinson HS (GHAC)

29 28

National Capital Bowl Frontenac SS (EOSSAA) St. Joan of Arc (GBSSA)

37 30

Western Bowl W.F. Herman (SWOSSA) Assumption College School (CWOSSA)

36 22

Metro Bowl Huron Heights (YRAA) Don Bosco CSS (TDCAA)

28 14

Luke Griese (Huron Heights) and Sergio Meza (Don Bosco) were perfect in the kicking game converting on all touchdowns.

All photos by Gerry Angus -

OFSAA Girls’ Golf Festival Windsor

October 10 - 11, 2012

Though the sun shone, the fierce wind made for a cold day at the 2012 OFSAA Girls’ Golf Festival. As per usual, the athletes persevered and finished the round of 18 holes with smiles on their faces. A play-off was used to determine the second place finisher between Kaitlyn Stoddart (CWOSSA) and Claire Hernandez (YRAA). After starting out with a couple tied holes, Claire was victorious in an exciting end to the day. Claire’s second place finished helped to contribute to YRAA winning the Association Award. Congratulations to YRAA. The ultimate joy of the day was for hometown golfer, Alyssa Getty from Kingsville Secondary School (SWOSSAA), as she finished in first place at this year’s

Results 1. Alyssa Getty Kingsville SS SWOSSAA 2. Claire Hernandez Bill Crothers SS YRAA 3. Kaitlyn Stoddart Centre Dufferin DHS CWOSSA 4. Courtney Tolton St. Michael CSS WOSSAA 5. Corinne Grans-Wood É.S.C. Nouvelle-Alliance GBSSA



70 73 76 76 78

festival. Her friends, family, coach and SWOSSAA were very proud of the achievement. Congratulations to Matt Loebach and Larry Loebach for a well run and successful event.

Association Award Winner YRAA 1. Claire Hernandez Bill Crothers SS 2T. Selena Costabile Bill Crothers SS 2T. Julia Champion Markham DHS 3T. Sonia Nagindas St. Maximillian Kolbe CHS 3T. Jessica Ip Jean Vanier CHS

73 78 78 79 79

Championship Results

OFSAA Boys’ Golf Championship Vineland

October 10 - 11, 2012

The inaugural Boys’ Golf Championship (previously a festival) returned to Twenty Valley Golf Club under the leadership of convenor Bill Lipsett of Sir Winston Churchill SS (SOSSA).

high school golf. He has convened his association league play, hosted OFSAA Boys’ golf twice, and sits as a member of the OFSAA Boys' Golf Sport Advisory Committee.

Following a day of practice round play, coaches and athletes gathered in the Twenty Valley Clubhouse for a fantastic buffet banquet. There was more than enough food, and participants were treated to a slideshow of pictures from the day of golfing before being engaged in an interactive motivational speech from John Murray, a club member, who spoke about family, celebrating success, having a life plan, and of course shared fun stories about the sport of golf.

Day one of the championship had all different types of weather. Temperatures were mild to start the morning but quickly became cooler as the day went on, a downpour of rain soaked a number of golfers who had an early tee-off, while those teeing off later in the day experienced heavier winds. Day two provided some sunshine to help keep the golfers warm during a day where a cold wind was the real story of the day. By late afternoon, golfers had to keep their frustrations in check as high wind gusts moved golf balls all over the green with nothing they could do but watch and wait for an opportunity to putt before the next gust.

Prior to the banquet concluding, the first presentation of the Leadership in School Sport Award in Boys’ golf was made to Bill Lipsett who was nominated by his association. Bill has dedicated over 15 years to coaching

In the end, Luke Moser from St. David CSS (CWOSSA) was able to defeat Hanish Nagrani of Notre Dame College (SOSSA) for the gold medal. However, Hanish was able to enjoy gold as a member of the team from his school, Notre Dame College, who won the Team component of the tournament. Congratulations to all golfers and coaches who braved the cold weather and difficult conditions at this year’s championship. Thank you again to Bill Lipsett and his committee for all their work in ensuring a memorable tournament for all those able to attend.

Individual Results Team 1. Luke Moser St. David C.S.S. (CWOSSA) 74 – 78 = 152 2. Hanish Nagrani Notre Dame College (SOSSA) 76 – 77 = 153 3T. Joseph Kremer Senator O’Connor College (TDCAA) 78 – 78 = 156 3T. Austin James Napanee D.S.S (EOSSAA) 78 – 78 = 156 3T. Sam Hebert Parkside C.I. (WOSSAA) 76 – 80 = 156

Results 1. Notre Dame College School (SOSSA): 470 2. St. David C.S.S. (CWOSSA): 479 3. D.A. Wilson S.S. (LOSSA): 491 4. Bill Crothers S.S. (YRAA): 498


OFSAA Girls’ A Basketball Pain Court

November 22 - 24, 2012

Veteran convenor, Mike Schinkelshoek and his organizing committee put on a championship to remember. Thank you to Mike and his group of allstar committee members. All of the final games were played at the brand new, state-of-the-art St. Clair College athletic centre and fans were not disappointed with either the facilities or games. Both of the local SWOSSAA teams were in the final medal games, with the host school, É.S. Pain Court losing to É.S. Jean Vanier in the gold medal game Congratulations to repeat champions É.S. Jean Vanier from Welland in SOSSA; Tori Badawey, Caroline Chivers, Evangeline Roy, Sarah Robert, Sierra Moscrip Tori Badawey, Sarah Dillon, Robyn Molnar, Brooke-Lyn Murdoch, Katelyn Fontaine, Zhané Hamilton, Diandra Lisicky, Alexandra Spadaro, Alysha Fontaine, and assistant coaches Tricia Poulin, Nadine Oubayan and head coach Tara Poulin. The OFSAA Leadership in School Sport Award was awarded to Lillian Cragg from Wallaceburg D.S.S. in Participating Teams Villanova College Woodland Christian H.S. North Grenville D.H.S. Rideau D.H.S. É.S.C. Nouvelle-Alliance King’s Christian Collegiate Ashbury College Kapuskasing D.H.S. White Pines C. & V.S. Rainy River H.S. É.S. Jean-Vanier Guido de Bres Christian H.S. É.S. E.J. Lajeunesse É.S. Pain Court Nelson A. Boylen S.S. Mitchell D.H.S.




SWOSSAA. Lill has spent many years coaching both basketball and volleyball at the high school level, as well as organizing basketball camps and helping with and convening past OFSAA championships. Her nominator, Yvetter Bowsher said, “Lill is a wonderful and dedicated coach who cares about the development of her athletes as students and as people.” The OFSAA Team Sportsmanship Award was given to Woodland Christian H.S. from CWOSSA. The athletes and coaches from Woodland Christian set an example for all other athletes and coaches of how to behave with class and positive attitude. Congratulations!

Quarterfinals Rideau def. Villanova College Jean Vanier def. Guido de Bres Pain Court def. White Pines Lajeunesse def. North Grenville

51-25 48-21 45-43 39-34

Semi-Finals Pain Court def. Rideau Jean Vanier def. Lajeunesse

33-18 46-25

Consolation Champions Nouvelle-Alliance def. King’s Christian


Bronze Medal Match Lajeunesse def. Rideau


Gold Medal Match Jean Vanier def. Pain Court


Championship Results

OFSAA Girls’ AA Basketball Sault Ste. Marie

November 22 - 24, 2012

St. Mary’s College in Sault Ste. Marie (NOSSA) was the host for this year’s OFSAA Girls’ AA Basketball Championship.

Katrina Henneke, Sabina Stodulski, Celina Valvano, assistant coach Barb Scott and head coach Patrick O'Leary.

It was a magical event starting off with a real magician at the banquet, and finishing off with a close and exciting finish for gold medal winners from St. Francis S.S. from St. Catharines, who won by two points.

The OFSAA Team Sportsmanship award was given to É.S. La Citadelle from Cornwall in EOSSAA. Congratulations to the athletes and coaches for their positive spirit and gamesmanship throughout the championship.

Congratulations to champions; Jelena Mamic, Nancy Kessler, Christine Sirignano, Karly Ruetz, Valerie Burtnik, Jessica Menchella, Deanna Pacecca, Briar Cookson,

The banquet was also magical for OFSAA Leadership in School Sport Award winner Loris Pecile from St. Mary’s College in Sault Ste. Marie. Loris has been coaching both girls’ and boys’ basketball for 32 years. When asked about his coaching philosophy, he said, “There is a satisfaction a coach gets from watching kids grow. They grow as players, but most importantly as young men and women.” The championship was equally as magical for Loris’ nominators and co-convenors of the championship, Dave Zagordo and Adriano Carota. They did a stunning job putting together a fantastic and athlete-centred event. Thank you to Dave and Adriano.

Participating Teams St. Theresa C.S.S. Bishop Macdonell C.H.S. LaSalle S.S. É.S.C. La Citadelle Barrie Central C.I. St. Thomas Aquinas S.S. Courtice S.S. St. Mark C.H.S. É.S.C. Thériault Lockerby Composite School St. Mary’s College St. Ignatius S.S. Centennial S.S. St. Francis S.S. General Amherst D.H.S. James Cardinal McGuigan C.H.S. Oakwood C.I. St. Michael C.H.S.


Quarterfinals Bishop Macdonell def. Oakwood St. Michael def. St. Ignatius General Amherst def. Centennial St. Francis def. St. Thomas Aquinas

61-39 49-42 49-34 56-43

Semi-Finals St. Francis def. Bishop Macdonell General Amherst def. St. Michael

57-42 30-12

Consolation Final Lockerby def. LaSalle


Bronze Medal Match Bishop Macdonell def. St. Michael


Gold Medal Match St. Francis def. General Amherst



OFSAA Girls’ AAA Basketball Belle River

November 22 - 24, 2012

Convenor Frank Graziano pulled out all the stops for the athletes at his championship, making the OFSAA 2012 Girls’ AAA Basketball Championship an event that will be talked about for years to come. Thank you to Frank, his organizing committee and army of volunteers for making this championship special for all of the athletes, coaches and spectators that attended. The St. Mary’s Crusaders from Hamilton (GHAC) again dominated the gold medal game with an unstoppable performance this year against Holy Cross C.S.S. Congratulations to gold medal winners; Sam Hall, Laura Castellan, Mackenzie Trpcic, Taylor Randall, Sloan, Emily Piccini, Hilary Hanaka, Amira Giannattasio, Christina Buttenham, Lisa Kehoe, Ally Brandt, assistant coaches Lora teBoekhorst and Nate McKibbon, and head coach Rich Wesolowski. Participating Teams Havergal College St. Peter S.S. North Park C. & V.S. Holy Cross C.S.S. Huntsville H.S. St. Mary C.H.S. Anderson C. & V.I. É.S.P. Louis-Riel Lasalle S.S. Governor Simcoe S.S. Northern C.I. & V.S. Belle River D.H.S. Downsview S.S. York Memorial C.I. St. Thomas Aquinas C.S.S. Dr. J.M. Denison S.S.




Congratulations also to OFSAA Team Sportsmanship award winner, Belle River D.H.S. from Belle River (SWOSSAA) Your commitment to sportsmanship was obvious throughout the championship and an example to us all. Rick Dugal from Belle River D.H.S. in Belle River (SWOSSAA) was the recipient of this year’s OFSAA Leadership in School Sport Award. Between coaching and other leadership activities, Rick is currently guiding Belle River D.H.S. toward raising over $100,000 to make improvements to the athletic facilities at the school. Rick is not only helping athletes currently at the school, but he is creating a legacy for students to come. A well deserved award for Rick.

Quarterfinals Northern def. St. Thomas Aquinas Governor Simcoe def. Louis-Riel St. Mary def. Downsview Holy Cross def. Dr. Denison

57-44 52-45 67-42 59-36

Semi-Finals Holy Cross def. Northern St. Mary def. Governor Simcoe

42-39 64-38

Consolation Final Havergal def. Lasalle


Bronze Medal Match Northern def. Governor Simcoe


Gold Medal Match St. Mary def. Holy Cross


Championship Results

OFSAA Girls’ AAAA Basketball London

November 22 - 24, 2012

London was the place to be for the OFSAA 2012 Girls’ AAAA Basketball Championship, as 16 teams battled it out for first place. The competition was fierce and St. Thomas More C.S.S. from Hamilton (GHAC) came to the tournament with one goal in mind, to bring their gold medal-winning trophy back home for a second year in a row. They were victorious; defeating St. Edmund Campion in a well fought gold medal game. Congratulations to the champions; Julia Sorbara, Taylor Floris, Eva DiGregorio, Rachel Barber-Pin, Mallory Wood, Kia Nurse, Julia Randazzo, Diedre Edwards, Nicole Ramberg, Abbey Clark, Erin Burns, Celina Botts, assistant coaches; Angela Valvasori, Christina Danielewisz, Elizabeth Burns, and head coach Blaize DiSabatino. First time convenors, Pete Lambert and Frank Delle Donne organized the event like they had done it 100 times. They put on a fantastic championship with every detail taken care of and lots of little touches to make the event special for the players and coaches. Thank you to Frank, Pete and their organizing committee for putting on a first-class championship. Bill Pargeter from John Paul II C.S.S. in London (WOSSAA) was honoured with the OFSAA Leadership in School Sport Award. Bill has been coaching and developing female student athletes for many years. Participating Teams St. John’s College Waterloo C.I. Eastview S.S. St. Thomas More C.S.S. Notre Dame C.S.S. St. Peter C.H.S. Notre Dame C.S.S. St. Edmund Campion C.S.S. Westdale S.S. St. Anne S.S. Blessed Pope John Paul II Eastern Commerce C.I. Northern S.S. Mother Teresa C.S.S. John Paul II C.S.S. Newmarket H.S.


He has coached at every level and was integral in starting up a girls’ basketball house league program for Grade 4-8 students. Bill has always wanted his studentathletes to give back to the community. Many of those he has coached are currently giving back by coaching themselves. This is a fitting tribute to Bill and the work he has done. Congratulations also to Northern S.S. from Toronto (TDSSAA), who won the OFSAA Team Sportsmanship award. The athletes and coaches from Northern exemplified positive attitude and were warm and friendly to all other athletes and coaches. They are well deserving of this award.

Quarterfinals St. Thomas More def. Blessed Pope John Paul II St. Edmund Campion def. Mother Teresa St. Anne def. Waterloo Westdale def. Eastern Commerce

52-49 48-24 45-25 58-36

Semi-Finals St. Thomas More def. St. Anne St. Edmund Campion def. Westdale

60-33 53-41

Consolation Final Northern def. Notre Dame – Ajax


Bronze Medal Match St. Anne def. Westdale


Gold Medal Match St. Thomas More def. St. Edmund Campion



OFSAA Cross Country Brampton

November 3, 2012

OFSAA Cross Country 2012 was hosted by ROPSSAA of the South Region under the capable leadership of Tim Shannon and Paul Carter, both teachers at Turner Fenton SS. The championship was held at Heart Lake Conservation Area in Brampton and was the third OFSAA Cross Country Championship to take place at Heart Lake. The course was in remarkable shape considering the area had been hit with remnants of Hurricane Sandy. However, race day was partly sunny with little wind and a temperature around four degrees. Almost 1,600 athletes from 340 schools treated approximately 5,000 parents, coaches, and friends to six exciting races on a true cross country course with its unique character especially the run around the lake. Congratulations to Tim and Paul and their entire organizing committee from ROPSSAA for convening the 2012 Championship. OFSAA would also like to thank the numerous volunteers who worked throughout the day to ensure the success of the championship. NIKE Canada acted again as the official sponsor of the event. The athlete’s village added a positive atmosphere surrounding the event. NIKE also introduced the popular web site for athletes and schools ( for both Cross Country & Track. We encourage athletes, coaches, and parents to visit the site. All OFSAA races were videotaped and can be seen on the site. This was the first year of the Para Invitational Race

Midget Girls' (3000m) Individual

1. Jessica Fleming, London Central (London) 2. Jenna Bolton, Thomas A. Stewart (Peterborough) 3. Heidi Ohrling, Collingwood CI (Collingwood) 4. Mackenzie Cameron, Christ the King (Georgetown) 5. Jazz Shukla, Northern SS (Toronto) 6. Sophie Rodenberg, Earl of March (Kanata) 34


that included seventeen student athletes who ran a special 3000m course that was designed by Marcia Baker (Mayfield SS) who was the inspirational leader in bringing this event to the OFSAA Cross Country Championship. Nicolas Neri (Cardinal Leger) was the winner of the event. The OFSAA Individual Champions for 2012 were: Jessie Fleming, London Central - London (Midget Girls); Edward Hayfron, Birchmount Park CI - Toronto (Midget Boys); Charlotte Prouse, London Central- London (Junior Girls); Muhumed Sirage, Montcalm SS - London (Junior Boys); Gabriela Stafford, Toronto French School - Toronto (Senior Girls); Ben Flanagan, St. Mary’s HS- Kitchener (Senior Boys). The OFSAA Team Champions for 2012 were: Christ The King - Georgetown (Midget Girls'); Tecumseh Vista Academy - Tecumseh (Midget Boys'); Glebe CI - Ottawa (Junior Girls'); R.S. McLaughlin - Oshawa (Junior Boys'); Vincent Massey - Windsor (Senior Girls'): General Planet HS - Petawawa (Senior Boys') The OFSAA Overall Girls' Champion was Glebe CI (Ottawa). The OFSAA Overall Boys' Champion was R.S. McLaughlin (Oshawa). Paul Carter (Turner Fenton SS) and Marcia Baker (Mayfield SS) won the 2012 OFSAA Leadership In School Sport Awards for their contribution to high school sport for many years. We look forward to the OFSAA 2013 Cross Country Championship which will be held in Sudbury and hosted by the North Region.

Team 1. Christ the King (Georgetown) 2. Thomas A. Stewart (Peterborough) 3. Eastview SS (Barrie) 4. Michael Power/St. Joseph’s (Tor.) 5. Lord Dorchester (Dorchester) 6. St. Mary’s (Kitchener)

205 208 252 274 291 293

Points Points Points Points Points Points

Championship Results Junior Girls' (4000m) Individual 1. Mackenzie Lemieux, Humberside (Toronto) 2. Olivia Little, Vincent Massey (Windsor) 3. Madeline Armstrong, Eastview SS (Barrie) 4. Nicole Armstrong, Sydenham HS (Syndenham) 5. Sarah Wismer, Centennial CVI (Guelph) 6. Zoe Abbott-Tate, Welland Centennial (Welland) Team 1. Glebe CI (Ottawa) 2. Bill Crothers SS (Unionville) 3. London Central SS (London) 4. Leaside HS (Toronto) 5.Thousand Islands SS (Brockville) 6. Westdale SS (Hamilton)

77 188 200 263 325 345

Team 1. Tecumseh Vista Academy (Tecumseh) 2. Father John Redmond CSS (Toronto) 3. Birchmount Park CI (Toronto) 4. Glebe CI (Ottawa) 5. Ancaster SS (Ancaster) 6. East Northumberland SS (Brighton) Points Points Points Points Points Points

121 148 245 318 320 349

Points Points Points Points Points Points

Junior Boys' (6000m) Individual 1. Muhumed Sirage, Montcalm SS (London) 2. Jared Ruest, Georgian Bay SS (Meaford) 3. Braydon Rennie, Erindale SS (Mississauga) 4. Josh Kelllier, Chatham Kent (Chatham) 5. Liam Mulcahy, Bill Crothers SS (Unionville) 6. Cain Hassim, Sir Winston Churchill (St. Catharines) Team 1. R.S. McLaughlin CVI (Oshawa) 2. Sir Winston Churchill (St. Catharines) 3. Birchmount Park CI (Toronto) 4. Centennial CVI (Guelph) 5. General Planet HS (Petawawa) 6. Vincent Massey (Windsor)

178 254 267 279 321 352

Points Points Points Points Points Points

Senior Boys' (7000m) Individual 1. Ben Flanagan, St. Mary’s HS (Kitchener) 2. Mickey Day, Holy Trinity (Kanata) 3. Graham Hansel, West Ferris SS (North Bay) 4. Brandon Kirkup, Dunbarton HS (Pickering) 5. Logan Chappell, Saugeen DSS (Port Elgin) 6. Mason Quarrell, St. Patrick’s HS (Thunder Bay) Senior Girls' (5000m) Individual 1. Gabriela Stafford, Toronto French School (Toronto) 2. Katie Fisher, Uxbridge HS (Uxbridge) 3. Rachel Faulds, Trenton HS (Trenton) 4. Hilary Stafford, St. Thomas Aquinas CSS (London) 5. Sarah Wismer, Centennial CVI (Guelph) 6. Jamie Phelan, St. Mary’s HS (Kitchener) Team 1. Vincent Massey (Windsor) 2. ESC Theriault (Timmins) 3. St. Christopher (Sarnia) 4. Centennial CVI (Guelph) 5. St. Thomas Aquinas CSS (London) 6. Westdale SS (Hamilton)

205 237 245 264 290 313

Points Points Points Points Points Points

Team 1. General Panet HS (Petawawa) 2. Huron Heights SS (Newmarket) 3. R.S. McLaughlin CVI (Oshawa) 4. St. Michael’s College School (Toronto) 5. Vincent Massey (Windsor) 6. ESC Theriault (Timmins)

169 195 223 286 286 300

Overall Team Girls' – Glebe CI (Ottawa) Boys' – R.S. McLaughlin (Oshawa)

29 Points 36 Points

Points Points Points Points Points Points

Midget Boys' (5000m) Individual 1. Edward Hayfron, Birchmount Park CI (Toronto) 2. Owen Day, Holy Trinity (Kanata) 3. Cameron Linscott, Kingston CVI (Kingston) 4. Quinn Cannella, Chatham Kent SS (Chatham) 5. Millar Coveney, Sir Winston Churchill (St. Catharines) 6. Audrius Azobolis, Father John Redmond CSS (Toronto)


OFSAA Girls’ Field Hockey Ottawa

November 1 - 3, 2012

There are many strong and skilled field hockey players coming from the Kitchener-Waterloo area, as CWOSSA rivals Resurrection C.S.S. faced Sir John A. MacDonald S.S in the gold medal match for a third year in a row. Resurrection was again victorious, winning 1-0 in a close game. Congratulations to the champions; Rebecca Vitello, Sam Code, Alexa Corrado, Emily Buttinger, Olivia Kupferschmidt, Madison Thompson, Kirsten Dlugokecki, Shannon Eby, Megan Silveria, Hannah Askin, Tatum Dietrich, Erica Howitt, Lauren Hunter, Katelyn Lilja, Katherine MacMillan, Claire Parrott, Lauren Preiditsch, Danielle Buttinger, Brianne Snider, Kellee Snider, as well as assistant coach Gord Buttinger, and head coach; Yvonne Taylor. NCSSAA played host to the 2012 OFSAA Girls’ Field Pool A Resurrection C.S.S. Notre Dame C.S.S. Merivale H.S. Newmarket H.S.


Pool B

Sir John A. MacDonald S.S.(Wat.) CWOSSA

John McCrae S.S. Robert F. Hall C.S.S. Westmount S.S.


Pool C Pickering H.S. Trinity College

Haliburton Highlands S.S.


Pool D Nelson H.S. GHAC Goderich District C.I. WOSSAA Michael Power/St. Joseph TDCAA Regiopolis-Notre Dame C.H.S. EOSSAA

Semi-Finals Resurrection def. Goderich 4-0 Sir John A. MacDonald (Waterloo) def. Nelson 4-0 Bronze Medal Game Nelson def. Goderich 1-0 Gold Medal Game Resurrection def. Sir John A. MacDonald (Waterloo) 1-0


Marjorie was also honoured for her many years of service and dedication to student-athletes with the OFSAA Leadership in School Sport Award. This was given to a shocked and speechless Marjorie at the banquet. Marjorie has been a driving force behind girls’ field hockey in Ottawa for many years and she has contributed many hours to organizing tournaments and clinics for female field hockey studentLOSSA athletes. CISAA

Sir John A. MacDonald C.I.(Agincourt) TDSSAA

Quarterfinals Nelson def. Trinity College 2-1 Goderich def. Pickering 1-0 John A. MacDonald (Waterloo). def. Merivale 2-0 Resurrection def. John McCrae 5-0


Hockey Championship, and convenors Laura Gillespie and Marjorie Bennett were the perfect hostesses. They put together a first-class event with only eight weeks to plan and everything ran smoothly. Thank you to both Laura and Marjorie for all of your hard work.

The OFSAA Team Sportsmanship award was given to Newmarket H.S. for their outstanding display of positive role modeling and spirit. Congratulations to the coaches and their athletes.

Championship Results

OFSAA Boys’ A Volleyball Belleville

November 22 - 24, 2012

Convenor John VanderWindt (Quinte Christian HS) and his committee were prepared to welcome the province to the city of Belleville for three exciting days of volleyball. Quinte Christian HS (COSSA) has started to build a dynasty of championships with gold medal wins in both of the last two OFSAA Championships. This year they were hoping to make it three with the championship being held in their home gym. The participants gathered at the host school to share in a banquet dinner. As part of the evening, presentation of the Leadership in School Sport Award was made to Gratien Pellerin from É.S. Marc Garneau (COSSA). Gratien has been a dedicated teacher-coach to cross-country, track and field, volleyball, and basketball. He is well respected by his colleagues who often speak to the time and dedication he puts into coaching students. When Gratien isn’t coaching, he stays busy by convening association championships and tournaments and training for the Boston Marathon. Pool A Quinte Christian H.S. COSSA St. Michael’s Choir School TDCAA Ridgeway-Crystal Beach H.S. SOSSA Walkerton D.C.S. CWOSSA É.S.C. Ste-Marie NEOAA Pool B London District Christian S.S. WOSSAA É.S.C. Embrun EOSSAA Harrow D.H.S. SWOSSAA É.S. Le Caron GBSSA University of Toronto Schools TDSSAA

After some tight matches in the pool play portion of the tournament eight strong teams emerged to compete in the championship playoffs. The gold medal match featured home team Quinte Christian HS and É.S.P. Louis-Riel (NCSSAA). After splitting the first two sets, the experienced team, possibly with added motivation from the home crowd, took control of the match and captured their third Boys’ A Volleyball Championship in a row.

Congratulations to Nathan McEwen, Tim Salomons, Todd Wolters, Troy Wolters, Andrew Wryghte, Blake Scheerhoorn, Michael Wryghte, Mark Wikkerink, Brett Whitley, Gerald Bilker, Benjamin Hoftyzer, Pool C Harrison Leeman, and coaches St. Thomas Aquinas H.S. NWOSSAA John Scheerhoorn and John Chippewa S.S. NOSSA Toronto District Christian H.S. YRAA Wikkerink. Woodland Christian H.S. Kings Christian Collegiate


Pool D Académie Mère-Teresa GHAC É.S.P. Louis-Riel NCSSAA Lakefield District S.S. COSSA Durham Christian H.S. LOSSA Brampton Christian Academy ROPSSAA

Also to be congratulated is Chippewa SS (NOSSA) winners of the team sportsmanship award. The team displayed great sportsmanship throughout the tournament and were role models to all schools in attendance.

Consolation Quarterfinals Harrow def Walkerton 25-23 25-15 26-28 19-25 15-11 Lakefield def Woodland 25-19 23-25 25-17 25-18 Le Caron def Ridgeway 25-20 25-21 20-25 25-22 Toronto District Christian def Brampton 25-20 23-25 25-21 25-16

Championship Quarterfinals 23-25, 25-15, 25-18, 25-23 Quinte Christian def. Embrun St. Michael’s def. London 25-21, 25-21, 25-19 Chippewa def. Académie Mère Teresa 29-27, 25-21, 25-18 Louis Riel def. St. Thomas Aquinas 25-21, 23-25, 25-20, 25-20

Consolation Semi-Finals Lakefield def Harrow 25-18 25-19 25-17 Toronto District Christian def Le Caron 2 5-16 15-25 18-25 25-11 15-7

Championship Semi-Finals Louis-Riel def. St. Michael’s Quinte Christian def. Chippewa

Consolation Final Lakefield def. Toronto District Christian

Bronze Medal Game St. Michael’s def. Chippewa 25-22, 13-25, 25-16, 20-25, 15-8

25-19, 28-26, 25-22

Gold Medal Game Quinte Christian def. Louis-Riel

25-23, 25-22, 25-20 25-20, 25-10, 25-15

25-21, 21-25, 25-20, 25-17


OFSAA Boys’ AA Volleyball Stratford

November 22 - 24, 2012

For the second year in a row, OFSAA Boys’ AA Volleyball returned to Stratford. Convenors Martin Ritsma (Stratford Northwestern) and Pat Donnelly (FE Madill School), along with a team of volunteers welcomed teams and ensured participants had a wonderful experience. A banquet dinner at the Rotary Complex started off the championship where Jim Woolley, OFSAA President, provided a welcome on behalf of OFSAA and introduced the Leadership in School Sport Award. This year’s award was presented to Kenton Klassen (WOSSAA) for his years of dedication to coaching high school sport. Kenton has been instrumental to the success of the FE Madill volleyball program and has also been a great role model to younger teachers. The Stratford Agriplex is becoming a home to OFSAA sports, having already hosted an OFSAA Hockey, two OFSAA Badmintons and two OFSAA Volleyballs in its only five years in existence. The fantastic facility allowed all teams to compete at the same venue, creating a busy atmosphere with something


always going on. The athletes battled through strong round-robin play and after the playoff rounds, College Catholique SamuelGenest (NCSSAA) hoped to dethrone Eden HS (SOSSA) in the gold medal match. However, Eden’s reign at the top was not going to end this year as the team took home gold for the incredible seventh year in a row with a 3-1 match win. Congratulations to Jonathan Wismer, Elijah Lopez, Reed Markham, Connor Smith, Matthew Bate, Luke Wall, Graham Boese, Aaron Wiersma, Austin Dick, Spencer Edwards, Steven Falk, Noah Janzen, Cameron Klassen, Ryan Langendoen and coaches Albino Pereira and Bill Markham. The Team Sportsmanship Award was presented to silver medallists College Catholique Samuel-Genest. The committee felt they represented themselves and their school proudly throughout the tournament, were positive in win and defeat and were a great group of students to have at the championship.

Pool A Eden H.S. C.C. Samuel-Genest Clarke H.S. F.E. Madill C.W. Jefferys C.I.


Pool B St. Michael C.S.S. Francis Libermann C.H.S. Lo-Ellen Park S.S. Barrie Central C.I. Thornlea S.S.


Pool C Essex D.H.S. Norwell D.S.S. Perth & District C.I. Cobourg & District C.I. Streetsville S.S.


Pool D Sir Allan MacNab S.S. Dryden H.S. St. Thomas Aquinas S.S. Appleby College Timiskaming D.S.S.



Consolation Quarterfinals FE Madill def. Barrie Perth def. Timiskaming Norwell def. Dryden Lo-Ellen def. Clarke Consolation Semi-Finals Perth def. FE Madill Lo-Ellen def. Norwell

25-22, 25-11, 26-28, 25-23 26-24, 25-17, 25-16 25-21, 25-14, 25-20 25-17, 25-15, 25-22 25-22, 25-18, 17-15 23-25, 25-15, 25-17, 22-25, 15-11

Consolation Final Lo-Ellen Park def. Perth

18-25, 25-21, 25-19, 25-12

Championship Quarterfinals Eden def. St. Michael Cobourg def. MacNab Essex def. Thomas Aquinas Samuel-Genest def. Libermann

25-23, 25-23, 25-13 26-24, 25-16, 27-25 22-25, 25-15, 25-21, 25-12 26-24, 25-23, 23-25, 25-20

Championship Semi-Finals Eden def. Cobourg 25-15, 25-18, 25-19 Samuel-Genest def. Essex 25-21, 25-19, 22-25, 23-25, 15-12 Bronze Medal Game Essex def. Cobourg Gold Medal Game Eden def. Samuel-Genest

20-25, 25-18, 23-25, 25-20, 15-6 25-9, 25-23, 23-25, 26-24

Championship Results

OFSAA Boys’ AAA Volleyball Kingston

November 22 - 24, 2012 the victim of an elaborate rouse that had him believing he was presenting the award to another coach. Several teacher-coaches spoke to Mark’s dedication to coaching, the amount of time he gives to the kids, the success he has had with his school programs and could think of no one more deserving. Day one of the tournament had a number of three set matches, demonstrating the strength of competition at this year’s event. Enthusiastic crowds supported the home team throughout the championship, providing an electric atmosphere for all match play. This theme continued into the playoff rounds and eventually concluded with a five set gold medal match which crowned Chatham-Kent SS as the 2012 AAA champions.

Kingston was the site for this year’s Boys’ AAA Volleyball Championship. Using the great facilities at Queen’s University as well as those at the local high schools, convenor Pat Farrell of Regiopolis-Notre Dame (EOSSAA) and an experienced tournament hosting crew worked to ensure a memorable experience to all in attendance. Starting with a banquet dinner at the Ambassador Hotel Ballroom, attendees were entertained by a hypnotist who had the crowd laughing with the ridiculous antics of the student participants. The Leadership in School Sport Award was presented to Mark McKenna of RegiopolisNotre Dame, something that surprised Mark as he was Pool A Chatham-Kent S.S. Widdifield S.S. Bur Oak S.S. I.E. Weldon S.S. St. Joan of Arc C.S.S.


Pool B Oakridge S.S. Colonel By S.S. Port Perry S.S. Notre Dame C.S.S. Sydenham H.S.


Pool C Regiopolis-Notre Dame C.S.S. Etobicoke C.I. Jacob Hespeler S.S. St. Paul C.H.S. Huntsville H.S.


Pool D É.S.C. Beatrice-Désloges Villanova College Cardinal Newman C.H.S. St. Andrew’s College Thousand Islands S.S.


Congratulations to Brad Paraskevopoulos, Jacob Lindley, Devin Ouimet, Matthew Caron, Jared Cobb, Nicholas Eagleson-Ladd, Darien Fenton, Jimmy Hong, Griffin McTavish, Drew Medd, Daniel Allman, Rick An, Bradley Hockin, Brandon Wijsman, Todd Hamaguchi, Tye Stoliker, Christian Bechard, Ian Smart and coaches Brian Leidl and Timothy Leidl. The Team Sportsmanship Award was presented to Notre-Dame CSS (GHAC) for the way they played hard throughout the tournament while demonstrating good sportsmanship and a positive attitude. Congratulations to those coaches and students. Consolation Quarterfinals IE Weldon def. Notre-Dame 26-24, 25-22, 25-15 Thousand Island def. St. Paul 25-23, 25-12, 25-22 Jacob Hespeler def. Cardinal Newman 25-17, 25-17, 25-9 Colonel By def. St. Joan of Arc 25-23, 22-25, 25-11, 23-25, 15-4 Consolation Semi-Finals IE Weldon def. Thousand Island 27-25, 25-20, 25-23 Colonel By def. Jacob Hespeler 21-25, 25-20, 17-25, 25-23 Consolation Final Colonel By def. I.E. Weldon

25-20, 25-16, 25-21

Championship Quarterfinals Oakridge def. Widdifield 25-27, 25-22, 25-18, 24-26, 15-9 Beatrice-Désloges def. Etobicoke 23-25, 25-15, 25-22, 25-22 Regiopolis-Notre Dame def. Villanova 25-18, 25-20, 20-25, 25-13 Chatham-Kent def. Port Perry 25-16, 25-20, 25-13 Championship Semi-Finals Chatham-Kent def. Beatrice-Désloges Oakridge def. Regiopolis-Notre Dame Bronze Medal Game RND def. Beatrice-Désloges

25-19, 25-21, 25-23 28-26, 21-25, 25-20, 25-23 25-21, 29-27, 25-17

Gold Medal Game Chatham-Kent def. Oakridge 25-18,18-25, 25-21,16-25,15-12


Championship Results

OFSAA Boys’ AAAA Volleyball Hamilton

November 22 - 24, 2012

Convenors Andrea McCabe and Antoinette Krusto of Cathedral HS (GHAC) are quickly becoming professionals at hosting volleyball championships, having taken on the responsibility for the second year in a row. Kicking off the championship with a banquet at Carmen’s Banquet Centre, the athletes were provided with as much as they could eat while enjoying draw prizes, guest speakers, and an opportunity to bond with their team before hitting the floor the next morning. The banquet also allowed for the presentation of the Leadership in School Sport Award, which was given to Joe Lackovic of Bishop Ryan CSS (GHAC). Joe has been involved as a teacher-coach for 15 years with a passion for coaching volleyball. He works with both the girls' and boys' teams at all levels and has achieved success not only within GHAC but also at OFSAA. Joe is highly respected by his peers who were proud to present this award to such a deserving coach. Using three different high schools in the Hamilton area, the championship began early the next morning with teams eager to take the court. The story of this championship was the depth of competition which proved to be a significant challenge for the seeding committee who felt it wouldn’t be a surprise if any one of ten teams took home the gold. Pool A Bill Crothers S.S. Sinclair S.S. Ursuline College Eastview S.S. Pool B Georgetown D.H.S. Rick Hansen S.S. Westmount S.S. St. Jean de Brebeuf C.H.S.


Pool C Waterloo C.I. CWOSSA Saunders S.S. WOSSAA St. Michael’s College School CISAA Michael Power/St. Joseph TDCAA Pool D Holy Names H.S. Cathedral H.S. Glebe C.I. Dr. Norman Bethune C.I.


A special thanks needs to be extended to all the fans who came out to support their teams. The loud crowds added to the exciting atmosphere and certainly played a role in motivating teams. The championship match saw number one and two seeds, Bill Crothers SS (YRAA) and Waterloo CI (CWOSSA) square-off in an exciting contest. However, on this day, Bill Crothers was too strong and captured the gold medal with a 3-1 match win. Congratulations to Keeyan Arvandi, Andrew McCulloch, Lucas Coleman, Nathan Walker, Shawn Brooks, Ben White, Joshua Kidd, Daniel Sutharman, Malik Lindo-Ireland, Cole Palma, Christian Petroff, Gibson Graham, Mac Coleman, Kieran Arnold and coaches Rob Jones and Jonathan Lam. The championship organizers were pleased to award the Team Sportsmanship Banner to Rick Hansen SS (ROPSSAA). The team was not only respectful of their opponents but also took the time to thank site convenors for their efforts in coordinating the championship. Following matches, even after suffering a difficult loss, the team applauded all their fans to thank them for all their support. The athletes and coaches truly represented the spirit of school sport and their school and administration should be very proud of their team.

Consolation Quarterfinals Sinclair def. Westmount 18-25 25-18 25-18 25-15 Holy Names def. Michael Power/St. Joseph 25-13 25-23 16-25 25-20 Dr. Norman Bethune def. St. Michael’s College 25-22 25-12 25-21 Rick Hansen def. Eastview 25-13 25-14 17-25 25-22 Consolation Semi-Finals Sinclair def. Holy Names 25-23, 25-15, 26-28, 25-27, 15-10 Rick Hansen def. Dr. Norman Bethune 25-17, 25-17, 25-17 Consolation Final Rick Hansen def. Sinclair

26-24, 25-21, 25-21, 25-22

Championship Quarterfinals Bill Crothers def. Georgetown 25-21, 24-26, 23-25, 25-22, 15-11 Saunders def. Glebe 28-26, 25-23, 25-22 Waterloo def. Cathedral 25-16, 22-25, 19-25, 25-21, 20-18 Ursuline def. St. Jean de Brebeuf 27-25, 25-15, 2-25, 21-25, 15-11 Championship Semi-Finals Bill Crothers def. Saunders 25-21, 23-25, 14-25, 25-22, 15-8 Waterloo def. Ursuline 20-25, 25-23, 26-24, 25-22 Bronze Medal Game Saunders def. Ursuline 25-18, 29-27, 25-13 Gold Medal Game Bill Crothers def. Waterloo

25-20, 22-25, 25-20, 25-15

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