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WOW! What a year that was. So many creative highlights, all flashing by so fast, it’s sometimes hard to remember to take a breath and ponder what was. So, with that in mind, here’s the first of three reviews of the year that was 2013. We asked a bunch of people here in Ireland and around the world to give us an insight into their creative years and it makes for good reading and viewing. It’s absolutely fascinating to see people here and abroad pushing their creativity ever forward, it makes for an exciting and inspirational time to be around. And speaking of which, April’s OFFSET was our biggest yet, so many heroes brought together for a weekend that simply blew our minds. We can’t wait to better it again this March. You’ve got your ticket right? Anyway, on with the show... Enjoy! RICHARD SEABROOKE OFFSET


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words Crossroads, Soul, Devil. Achievement of the year Professional: This year was pretty special, I learnt and achieved so much throughout the year but the highlight had to have been a couple of big advertising campaigns I was involved in resulting in my artwork splashed all over buses and billboards. Favourite piece of work Yours: I dunno about favourite but I think the ‘Wonky Tan’ piece painted at this years ‘All-City Jam’ would have been my proudest. Traditionally being a graffiti jam I was honoured to be asked to paint at the event, so armed with my ‘oompa loompas’ and a stencil with a bunch of squares cut-out, I began to tease out the image from the black-primed wall. Someone else’s: Seeing Maser’s and Conor Harrington brilliant collaboration in London, the two very different styles worked so well together. #proudtobeirish

What blew your mind? Graf artist Sofles released a couple of amazing time lapse videos showcasing his skills this year. All of them impressive but the short film ‘limitless’ also featuring Fintan Magee, Treas, and quench was pretty mind-blowing! Best meal The best meal had to have been at a charity event organised by the SCOOP FOUNDATION in Ukiyo. It consisted of 7 courses from different parts of Asia, each course was accompanied by a different cocktail... tasty! Stocking fillers Best song: ‘The Heat’ by Jungle (thanks to Mick Minogue for the heads-up!) Best album: It’s got to be Disclosure’s album ‘Settle’... the deluxe version got me through a lot of long nights working! Best film: Too many good ones to list off but ‘The Way Way Back’ was brilliant.

Favourite event Gig: Got to see so many good acts this year. The highlight definitely had to have been managing to pull a few strings to gain access to a sold-out gig and see The Hot Sprockets support The Strypes and blow the roof off the historic 100 Club in London! #proudtobeirish Festival: Impossible to pick between Body and Soul and Electric Picnic.


ADW ‘Wonky Tan’.

Sofles ‘Limitless’ video still.

Conor Harrington X Maser. London, UK.


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words Getting stuff done. Achievement of the year Professional: My new year’s resolution was to finish some projects that have been begging for attention for a long time. So I produced a collection of plates and trays and exhibited them during Pictoplasma and did a small edition of Jorinde & Joringel books - an illustrated Grimm Brothers fairy tale. I love crossing things off lists! Personal: Packing everything up at the end of the year and moving to Portland, Oregon. Favourite piece of work Yours: One Sun Plates. Someone else’s: ‘Pandamonium at Peek Zoo’ by Kevin Waldron. Find of the year I finally bought an iPhone and iPad, installed Petting Zoo, listened to my niece record her own audio tracks on MeBooks and started to think it might not be so bad after all. It’s not death to real picture books by any means but I’m coming around. It’s fair to say I’ve not exactly been an early adopter! What blew your mind? Spending 3 wonderful days with friends in Dublin for OFFSET and flying straight back to Berlin to do it all over again at Pictoplasma. Double inspiration overload.

Biggest disappointment Living on the opposite side of the world to your family means you’re not there when you need to be. Best meal Tzatziki and stuffed tomatoes by the beach on our first ever Greek Island holiday. Stocking fillers Best song: ‘All in’ by Flying Lotus. Best album: ‘Moon’ Soundtrack. (I know neither of these came out in 2013 but they are the soundtrack of my year and I listened to them on repeat.) Best book: ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ with illustrations by Oliver Jeffers. Best film: Of course, Breaking Bad eclipsed anything at the cinema. I pulled all the curtains and sat in the dark at 10am on Monday morning to watch the finale as soon as it went online. One thing you would have done differently? Relaxed more. But then my three word summary of 2013 would have been different. Most memorable moment It was a rollercoaster year: the very good and the devastatingly bad. You never know what is going to happen next. The cliche of living in the moment makes more sense right now. Thoughts for 2014? Putting out my new book and settling into a new city in a new country. New me?


‘One Sun’ plates by Rilla.

Pictoplasma 2013, Berlin.


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words Relief Acceptance Renewal.

Most annoyed you the most? Getting sick for two months in September - October.

Achievement of the year Professional: Finishing and publishing my monograph ‘Pretty Pictures’. Personal: Seeing the end of chronic fatigue.

Biggest disappointment My talk at Design Indaba.

Favourite piece of work Yours: Poptech Sparks. Favourite event Exhibition: Raqib Shaw: ‘Paradise Lost’ at the Pace Gallery in New York. Gig: No gigs this year. Festival: No festivals either. Other: Conference: Design Indaba in South Africa. Find of the year Keetra Dean Dixon What blew your mind? Mark Wagner’s collages made from dollar bills.

Stocking fillers Best album: The National ‘Trouble will find me’. Best film: This is too hard!!! Villain of 2013 Steven Harper, PM of Canada (always!) One thing you would have done differently? Given a completely scripted “How we do it” talk with Jessica Hische at Design Indaba Most memorable moment Scuba diving with my brother in the Dominican Republic. Thoughts for 2014? Advance!


Design Indaba.

Mark Wagner dollar bill art. Mark Wagner ‘Money is Material’.


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words Flood. Pull. Repeat. Achievements of the year Professional: 3FE price board (in conjunction with The Small Print) turned out nice (See across). Personal: Teaching my kids Pixies riffs. Favourite piece of work Yours: Swans gigposter. Someone else’s: Aaron Horkey’s ‘There Will Be Blood’ poster for Mondo. Favourite event Exhibition: Illustrators Ireland ‘The Art of Superstition’ at The Copper House Gallery, Dublin. Gig: Hard Skin at Grand Social. Festival: Missed ‘em all this year...

Biggest Disappointment Reading Bob Mould’s “See a Little Light”. Best meal Anything preceded by Tom Kha Gai soup. Stocking fillers Best song: Drenge ‘Backwaters’. Best album: Fuck Buttons ‘Slow Focus’. Best book: ‘Hip Hop Family Tree’ by Ed Piskor (if it ever gets released…). Best film: ‘Beware of Mr. Baker’ (I know it’s 2012, but I only watched it this year). Hero of 2013 Wilko Johnson. Villain of 2013 The Poison Dwarf.

Find of the year My dirtbike.

One thing you would have done differently? Shouldn’t have missed Flatstock Hamburg, again.

What blew your mind? Danny MacAskill’s “Imaginate”.

Most memorable moment Something, something… Amsterdam / BRENB... something, something.

Most annoyed you the most? Keep Calm merch.

Thoughts for 2014? COYB!


Danny MacAskill’s ‘Imaginate’.

Left: Swans poster by Gav Beattie. Right: ‘There will be blood’ by Aaron Horkey for Mondo.

V&A Wallplanner by Blam. september/blam-planner


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words Bowie / Kraftwerk / Roses.

Biggest disappointment 3D film *mostly.

Achievement of the year Professional: Working with the V&A - Being asked to design their 2014 wallplanner (See across). Personal: Getting a ticket for a gig in the Tate Turbine Hall / Taking my wife to the opening night of an exhibition at the V&A.

Best meal Breakfast.

Favourite piece of work Yours: Spiderman vs Braun after Conway - Saviuk. Someone else’s: Vince Gilligan – Breaking Bad. Favourite event Exhibition: V&A – Bowie is… Gig: Stone Roses Finsbury Park. Festival: Down the front for Grandmaster Flash at Camp Bestival. Other: Kraftwerk 3D at the Tate [London] or Kraftwerk 3D at Dusseldorf and the Vaccines at the O2, also Jack [my 8 year old] learning to Ski and being better at it than me on day 1 and Harry [my 5 year old son] starting school and me getting my day job back. Find of the year Owning a 2000AD front cover from 1978 by Dave Gibbons [original artwork] + Bachmann’s Patisserie and Chocolate creations [Weybridge] they may give me free cake for plugging them x What blew your mind? Gravity 3D + stuff my son can do with Minecraft. Most annoyed you the most? Spotify recommending that I might like Tina Turner / George Michael / Lionel Richie based on my previous playlists.

Stocking fillers Best song: Eminem ‘Rap God’ [this may have been influenced by my early love of Max Headroom and the fact I haven’t listened to any HipHop in ages] Best album: The MMs Bar Recording CD available for £1.50 at Trunk records [buffet car announcements Leicester to London] choice based entirely on the sleeve design. Best book: Max Brooks ‘World War Z’ [An oral history of the zombie war]. Best film: Currently Dallas Buyers Club, Gravity 3D, Nebraska and Wolf of Wall Street. Hero of 2013 Jesse Pinkman / Carl Grimes. Villain of 2013 Peter Jackson / Katie Hopkins. One thing you would have done differently? Said less stupid stuff [I’m not sure this can be fixed]. Most memorable moment Having work exhibited in Orbital comic book store [alongside my childhood heroes / early influences]. Thoughts for 2014? What will life be like without Borgen to watch? Will the new planet of the Apes film be as good as the first? Will I be able to visit the StarWars film set? Will it be as much fun and fulfilling as 2013 was?



Kraftwerk 3D live show at Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, London.


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words OFFSET013, AGIOpen, Apeloig. Achievement of the year Professional: Re-opening of RIJKSMUSEUM Amsterdam. Personal: Essay on Women in Graphic Design, de Boekenwereld magazine. Favourite piece of work Yours: Calendar for Rijnja Repro 2014. Someone else’s: Book for AGI Congress London 2013 special (teacup) project, design Pentagram.

Biggest disappointment Corporate identity for re-opened Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Best meal Lunch with Elly in Les Eyzies, France. Stocking fillers Best book: ‘The Hare With Amber Eyes’ by Edmund de Waal. Hero of 2013 Frans Timmermans, Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Favourite event Exhibition: TYPORAMA, Philippe Apeloig in Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris. Gig: Identity for a daughter of an unique, favorite client of 1956-1991 (director of HVO, Care for the Homeless). Other: OFFSET2013.

Villain of 2013 Putin.

Find of the year Unit Edition’s book on Herb Lubalin.

Most memorable moment Our visit to 12th century (Templars’) village Sergeac (Fr.).

What blew your mind? Unit Edition’s book on FHK Henrion.

Thoughts for 2014? Enjoying our planned stay in a very special Sergeac house, coming May/June.

Annoyed you the most? Badly designed postage stamps for new Dutch King, commissioned to wrong kind of (industrial) designers.

One thing you would have done differently? If given the chance, the identity for the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum.


Stedelijk Museum identity.


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words Too Much Pressure (See across). Achievement of the year Professional: Spoke at OFFSET. Personal: Helped my son learn to ride a bike before his 4th birthday. Favourite piece of work Yours: ‘Sphinx’, watercolor and ink. Someone else’s: Anything by by David Jien. Favourite event Exhibition: The Art Spiegelman Retrospective at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Festival The Corona Capital music festival in Mexico City. I designed a tee shirt for the festival, signed them for fans, met wonderful people, saw some shows, drank mezcal, ate delicious food, and hung out with three great artists – Tim Biskup, Amanda Vissel, and Michelle Valigura. We were hosted with extreme hospitality by Javier “El Chá!” Ramírez, who is a Mexico City musician, radio icon, graphic designer, ( gallerist, ( and the kindest, coolest gent I’ve met in years. I love Mexico City and want to return soon. Other My kids-who-love-to-read billboard went up in a dozen spots in South Carolina.

Find of the year Incredible artwork by Raymond Lemstra, whom I should have been aware of much earlier. What blew your mind? The work of my illustration students at Emily Carr University. Some uber-talented kids there. Most annoyed you the most? Sharing sidewalks with idiot texting pedestrians. It did inspire a series of drawings, though. I think I nailed the likenesses. Biggest disappointment My performance at the MTV Music Awards was eclipsed by Miley Cyrus. One thing you would have done differently? I would not have consumed a certain curried tuna abomination from Starbucks. I knew it was a terrible idea but did it anyways. Their coffee is shitty enough, but a food item? Shame on me. Most memorable moment First Halloween trick-or-treating with my kids. Especially the look on my son’s face when he realized that we weren’t just going to one house, but many, and each one would be supplying candy for simply reciting a catchphrase. Thoughts for 2014? What the hell, let’s be kinder to one another.


‘Texters’ by Calef Brown.

David Jien.

‘Sphinx’ by Calef Brown.

The Corona Capital music festival, Mexico City.

Raymond Lemstra.

Billboard by Calef Brown.


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words Less and more. Achievement of the year Professional: Making my work more personal. Personal: Acting more professional. Favourite piece of work Yours: Giving new bodies to people on the Seoul subway (See across). Someone else’s: The Massive Attack V Adam Curtis Installation / Film / Headfuck at the Park Avenue Armory in NYC. Favourite event Exhibition: David Shrigley at Anton Kern, NYC. There was a little door on the ground, like a cat flap, you could crawl through. Gig: Yoko Ono at The Flaming Lips Tame Impala gig at Terminal Five. The rest of the gig was good but the Yoko Ono performance was fantastic and sent the venue into wild spasms of excitement that the rest of the night failed to live up to. Never start a show with a showstopper. Festival: Playgrounds Festival in the Netherlands. Great speakers, amazing crowds, lovely venues, free sandwiches = The. Best. Festival. Ever.

Find of the year I thought I’d lost my laptop microfiber (little strip of fabric that sits on your keyboard when you close your laptop and carry it around) at my brothers flat in London. I spent the week silently seething and cursing his messy, disorganised abode. Of course when it was eventually time for me to vacate sleeping on his sofa, much to everyone’s relief, the mircofiber was found under a pile of clean washing. Find of the year! I love that microfiber. What blew your mind? I’d made the mistake of slightly inebriating myself before the Adam Curtis V Massive Attack performance. They should of printed on the ticket ‘No inebriation needed, this performance will melt the most sober of minds.’ So I got a double mind-blow in one single dose. It was heavy, man. Most annoyed you the most? Smartphones. I have one now and I hate myself for it. People with smart phones become idiots. Blabbing, dribbling people pods, beached and dumbfounded, prodding a tiny screen with their fingers when they should be daydreaming or composing love letters in their heads. Use it if you need it, otherwise leave it in your pocket. There’s no point checking instagram every 5 minutes! BTW - CONTINUED >>



Gareth Bale.


Biggest disappointment Becoming the sort of dofuss that slowly walks up the stairs from the subway, oblivious that there’s a long line of people trying to walk up the steps behind him, whilst trying to compose a text message explaining that one is just about to get out of the subway. Best meal Any of the many excellent dishes I had in Korea whilst I was there this summer. Stocking fillers Best song: ‘Niebla Morada (Purple Haze)’ by Meridian Brothers. Best album: Justin Walter’s ‘Lullabies and Nightmares’. Best book: ‘Lolita’ by Vladimir Nabokov. or ‘How to Stay Sane’ by Philippa Perry. Best film: I dunno but I enjoyed ‘Snowpiercer’ a lot and ‘Blue Jasmine’ and of course, ‘The Great Hip Hop Hoax’ (which I worked on) ‘Particle Fever’ was a great documentary too.

Hero of 2013 Gareth Bale. Villain of 2013 That lovely Gareth Bale again. One thing you would have done differently? Not jolted forward to grab my phone whilst someone was shaving the side of my head. Most memorable moment Touring South East Asia and Korea with my exhibitions, performances and lecture. Thoughts for 2014? Work hard so 2015 is good.


Hot dog stuffed crust pizza.


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words Freelance. Twerking. Puppies. Achievement of the year Professional: My first solo exhibition in March. Illustrating freelance full time since July and not starving. Personal: Finally quitting Facebook. Favourite piece of work Yours: The Native Tongue t-shirt I did with This Greedy Pig! Someone else’s: Mick Minogue’s ‘Home Alone’ exhibition came right at the end but was the most memorable. Just everything he touches turns to awesome. Favourite event Gig: Getting to see Blur in IMMA, Kilmainham was such a surreal experience, there were tears and hugs and so many tunes. Festival: Forbidden Fruit was incredible this year, with Niles Rodgers being the obvious highlight and me going to hospital being the downturn. What blew your mind? Hot Dog Stuffed Crust pizza. Most annoyed you the most? Moving house three times. I have so much shit in my possession. Biggest disappointment Tayto chocolate.

Best meal The 16 course tasting menu in Arzak, San Sebastian I had on my holiday this year featured dishes like Monkfish with octopus caviar served in a crispy seaweed balloon, Su Vide crispy egg served with some type of leaf that tasted like cheese, and 14 more things. My first three Michelin star meal too! Stocking fillers Best song: ‘Take Me To Church’ by Hozier. Best film: ‘A Place Beyond the Pines’ because... Oh My God, have you seen Ryan Gosling in that film? Hero of 2013 Lena Dunham. Villain of 2013 The man who broke into my house. One thing you would have done differently? Read less Daily Mail. Or at least less of the comment section. I think I need to give it up for Lent. Most memorable moment Getting my Simpsons X Threadless t-shirt printed. Not that big a deal for a lot of people but it’s something I wanted to do since college so it was wonderful to get the chance. Thoughts for 2014? I’m trying to give myself the time to do more work for it’s own sake and to make it to a full year working for myself. If I can do it here, without emigrating, I’ll have a bit more confidence to chance my arm at drawing abroad.


Left: ‘Everything’s Coming Up Milhouse’ by Kathi Burke for Threadless. Everything_s_Coming_Up_Milhouse Right: Native Tongue tee design by Kathi Burke for This Greedy Pig.

Ryan Gosling (Swoon!) in The Place Beyond The Pines.


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words Worth The Effort. Achievement of the year Professional: Making OFFSET 2013 happen again. Personal: Passing driving test. Favourite piece of work Yours: My illustrations for The Extraordinaires Design Studio. Someone else’s: Faile Tower at NYC Ballet. Favourite event Exhibition: ‘The Art of Superstition’ by members of Illustrators Ireland. Gig: Don’t think I made one gig this year. Festival: Got to none. Other: Can I say OFFSET? No? Okay, well none then. Find of the year Grenson Shoes and Butchers Barber. What blew your mind? The Manhattan apartment the OFFSET team stayed in. JR at OFFSET. Lance Wyman’s apartment in NYC. My kid learning to walk and talk. Most annoyed you the most? Too many meetings about nothing. The end of Breaking Bad. Biggest disappointment Not moving to a bigger office with a view... yet. The end of Breaking Bad.

Best meal Three meals tie for “Best”. Two in NYC with the OFFSET: a “not really remembered too well / too many Spanky Gimlets with a Go-Go dancing Albert Hooi” meal and the other a wonderful night with Lance and Leila Wyman. The other one was a scrumptious feast in Dublin’s Indie Dabha with Lisa, Bernard and Iris. Oh, I just thought of a fourth, a Living Dinners special night in Henrietta Street with Failte Ireland. Stocking fillers Best song: ‘Falling’ - Haim or ‘Baby I’m Yours’ - Breakbot. Best album: ‘By Your Side’ - Breakbot, (the Album Daft Punk wished they had made). Best book: Wes Anderson Collection and ‘Building Stories’ by Chris Ware. Best film: Frances Ha. Hero of 2013 Luis Suarez. Villain of 2013 Luis Suarez. One thing you would have done differently? Drank more “Spanky Gimlets”... or drink less Spanky Gimlets, not sure now... hmm. Most memorable moment Meeting Bob Gill the night before OFFSET began, he told me that he was Bob Gill’s brother as Bob couldn’t come. Also my Jedi Mind Trick/David Blaine illusion when passing my ID to Brian in a bar in NYC. Thoughts for 2014? Head down, plough forward but do remember to occasionally look up. Its going to be a huge year professionally and personally and I can’t wait. YNWA.


Living Dinners.

Left page: The Extraordinaires Design Studio. Right page: Bren Byrne for The Extraordinaires Design Studio.

Left: ‘Les Ballets de Faile’ print. Right: Faile installation at the NYC Ballet.


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words It would be very reckless of me to do that. As I write this there are 34 days left in 2013, which rudimentary mathematics tells me is very nearly one tenth of the entire year. It is entirely thinkable that events could take place in the next 34 days that would leave my three word summary of 2013 looking premature and foolish. For example, I might have written something like ‘Haven’t died yet’ as my three word summary and then been run over and killed by a bus or train or aircraft on my way home this evening. That would leave me looking very silly and dead, and even open to accusations of hubris. Achievement of the year Professional: I am fortunate enough to have a semiformed parasitic twin attached to my abdomen, who was, I am proud to report, accepted on a scholarship to the Hopkins-Maranta Academy of Performing Arts earlier this year. This is not my achievement, strictly speaking, but we do share a nervous system, and several organs. Two anuses though. Or anii, if you prefer. Personal: In February I sneezed so powerfully, it cracked three panes of glass in the orangery. Both an achievement and an achoovement. Favourite piece of work Yours: Perhaps the piece to your left? (See across) Someone else’s: Bjorn Lie, one of the excellentest illustrators there is. Look how good it is. Looook!!!

Favourite event Exhibition: Leonora Carrington at IMMA. Gig: I was at a very good one, but someone spiked my drink with more drink, and I can’t remember it. Heh! Festival: Body and Soul. Although, I have to admit to a certain bias, because I do their artwork. Other: Yes,....... actually No. Find of the year May. I had heard about this month, anecdotally, from numerous acquaintances over the years. In 2013 I experienced it myself for the first time. It is truly a joy. What blew your mind? Turritopsis Nutricula, The Immortal Jellyfish. It’s immortal. As soon as it gets the knack of rational thought, we are fucked. Most annoyed you the most? In the lead, by a long way: Humans, followed by the Biting Midge, and in third place any of the Cnidaria, with the exception of Turritopsis Nutricula, who I have a grudging respect for on account of their immortality. Biggest disappointment Contemporary art. Disappointing on an ongoing basis. In fact, disappointing is probably too kind an adjective. CONTINUED >>


Bjørn Rune Lie.


Stocking fillers Best song: ‘The Crossover’ by Rufus Coates and the Blackened Trees. Best album: ‘We Need Drinks, We Need Shovels’ by Lonedong. Best book: ‘Days and Nights in Montmartre and the Latin Quarter’ by Ralph Nevill. Hero of 2013 As I mentioned earlier, I am writing this with 34 days left to go in 2013, ample time for a hero to emerge whose heroism out-heroes the heroics of the heroes from earlier in the year, as such, I will reserve my judgement on this matter. Villain of 2013 As above, except replace the words ‘hero’ with ‘villain’, ‘heroism’ with ‘villainy’, and ‘heroics’ with ‘villainous shenanigans’. One thing you would have done differently? Given a second opportunity, I would probably do every single thing I have done in my life slightly differently, it’s impossible to select one item from the carnage. Most memorable moment Tremendous alliteration, musical and lovely! Thoughts for 2014? None so far, but I expect the first shortly after midnight on New Year’s Day.


Alan Clarke for Body & Soul festival.


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words Work, Friends, LOLs. Achievement of the year Professional: Seeing my designs as live websites. Personal: Mess It Up - A Movember Exhibition. Favourite piece of work Yours: I am never 100% happy with anything I do, so it is always my next project that I love cause whilst in my head it seems great. Someone else’s: Colin Brady’s - The Gentlemen of Letters (an amazing documentary that made me so proud to be involved and to live in Dublin. GWAN DUBLIN!!) Favourite event Exhibition: Am I allowed say my own? Mess It Up! (I’ll give credit to Orlaith Ross so I can say it, she is the brains, I am the pretty face). Gig: David Byrne & St. Vencent at Electric Picnic, one of the best I have ever EVER been to. Festival: Body & Soul, tickets are already in the backburner for this year. Other: Unknown festival in Croatia, (go if you can) Disco Brunch (the single best day of anyones life - and you get eggs), Damn Son! (better than any gym work out) Find of the year My girlfriend. What blew your mind? JR’s speech at OFFSET, they are still picking jaws of the ground in BGET. Most annoyed you the most? Breaking Bad taking over my social stream. Such overrated gack.

Biggest disappointment Da Bears losing to them damn cheese head Packers to clinch the NFC North and get a step closer to the dance! Best meal Crab claws in Coppinger Row, followed by steaks and whisky sours. Howrya. Stocking fillers Best song: Mano Le Tough ‘Primitive People’ (Tale Of Us remix). Best album: Kendrick LeMar ‘Good Kid, Mad City’. Best book: I’ve not read anything released this year, but love to read Bukowski over and over. He is like a bad smell you can’t stop smelling. Best film:Nothing stands out from 2013 to me, I do love an aul ESPN 30 for 30 doc though. Hero of 2013 My mates! For every sunny pint we had outside Grogan’s for every can on the canal, for every festival, session and laugh, thank you. Villain of 2013 Nidge (Love/Hate). Coola Bula? One thing you would have done differently? Too many to say, too obsolete to even mention. Most memorable moment John Talabot & Jamie XX playing B2B on a boat in the Croatian sunset with about 15 of the soundest mates ever. Thoughts for 2014? Take shit to the next level on everything I do and enjoy it as much as I did in 2013.


Walter White at the end of Breaking Bad.

Left page: Not Saying Boo @ Twisted Pepper poster designs by Gianni Clifford. Right page: The Gentlemen’s Academy designs by Gianni Clifford.

Damson Diner designs by Gianni Clifford.

Nidge from Love/Hate.


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words Challenging, adventurous and mental. Achievement of the year Professional: Samsung ‘Re:create’ ambassador. Personal: Learning to wake board at Wakedock, beyond fun. Favourite piece of work Yours: I got to do the Nanu Nanu ‘UNIT 1’ album artwork which was a great project, they are amazing folks to work with. I also finally started a project on woman and androgyny which I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I also had the pleasure of working with Company SJ’s production of Samuel Beckett’s Rough for Theatre which was part of the 2013 Dublin Fringe festival, an absolutely amazing show. Someone else’s: Anything by Oliver Jeffers, the man can do no wrong.

Find of the year Artclash! A fantastic night time art class hosted by a range of amazing creative professionals, in a pub. What more could you ask for? What blew your mind? Dublin getting a good summer. Best meal Bunsen Burger (See across). Stocking fillers Best song: ‘You’ - Gold Panda. Best album: ‘Cardboard Castles’ - Watsky. Best film: ‘Citadel’. Thoughts for 2014? More collaborations and travelling.

Favourite event Exhibition: SCOOP Art Auction. Gig: Die Antwoord or Phoenix. Festival: Fusion Festival, Larz, Germany. Other: The many Punch Face Champions gigs.


Left page: Wakedock, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin.

Right page: Nanu Nanu ‘Unit 1’ by Hazel Coonagh.

This page: Androgyny by Hazel Coonagh.

This page: Samuel Beckett’s ‘Rough for Theatre II’ at Dublin Fringe Festival

Left: Die Antwoord. Right. ‘Cookie Thumper by Die Antwoord.


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words Airports, computers, coffee. Achievement of the year Professional: Our Bavarian Opera posters. Personal: Getting through season 5 of Damages. Favourite piece of work Yours: Our Bowie piece for British Vogue. Someone else’s: Jean Jullien’s Instagram. Favourite event Exhibition: Jonas Wood at Anton Kern. Gig: High Highs at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Festival: As if. Find of the year The original Poltergeist/Linda Blair/360-degree-headturning puppet at the Museum of Moving Image, NYC. What blew your mind? The de la Cruz Collection in Miami.

Most annoyed you the most? DIA Beacon not letting you take photos in the galleries. Ugh. Best meal Congee at Mission Chinese, Lower East Side, New York. Stocking fillers Best song: ‘& It Was You’ - How To Dress Well. Best album: ‘Jinx’ - Weekend. Best book: It’s not from this year but Donna Tartt’s ‘The Secret History’. Best film: ‘Cutie And The Boxer’. One thing you would have done differently? Travelled less. Most memorable moment Feeling sick before our OFFSET talk. Thoughts for 2014? Shrug.


Darcel @ OFFSET2013.

Left: Bowie for Vogue UK by Craig & Karl.

Right: Linda Blair ‘Poltergeist’ 360 degree turning head.

‘Cutie and the boxer’.

Jean Jullien.


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words Frustrating, Emotional and Fascinating.

Best meal Tacos from The Cactus, Hollywood.

Achievement of the year Professional: Signing to Somesuch and Co. and getting management for Film and TV with Curtis Brown. Personal: Realising that maybe I had a future in this.

Stocking fillers Best song: Mmoths ‘All those things’. Best album: Kanye West ‘Yeezus’. Best book: ‘The Writers Journey’. Best film: ‘The Great Beauty’.

Favourite piece of work Yours: The Chateau Marmont ‘Wind Blows’ Someone else’s: Flying Lotus ‘Until The Quiet Comes’ Favourite event Exhibition: Stanley Kubrick exhibition at LACMA. Gig: The Hives. Festival: I think this was the year I realised I’m over festivals. Other: Scarface at the Hollywood cemetery. Find of the year Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lindon, mostly shot in Ireland, made me think how under utilised Ireland landscape is in movies. What blew your mind? The Hobbit. Most annoyed you the most? Getting messed on music promo pitches (I won’t name any names). Biggest disappointment Mmm hard to put it down to just one, but they make the successes all he more sweet.

Hero of 2013 My Ma. Villain of 2013 I was going to say my Ma too! Only joking! One thing you would have done differently? That’s a really hard question, there are lots of things I would have done differently but if I had, I wouldn’t have learned anything. So maybe the things I would have done differently, turned out to be the most important parts of the year. One example is a music video I shot a while back, I wrote a treatment that I wasn’t completely comfortable with, as in it wasn’t really in my style, anyway it turned out to be a complete disaster. But I learned a lot from the experience, e.g., Go with your gut feelings in the feature. Most memorable moment Shooting the Chateau Marmont ‘Wind Blows’ video, we were out in the California desert as the sun was setting, filming without a permit and out of nowhere a Sheriff comes along. He was cool though and let us finish the shoot! Thoughts for 2014? Mmm 2014 is going to be interesting, I have a short which I have been working on for ages now which should be dropping and hopefully a script for a feature idea will be nearly done. Also a few more shorts and music videos I want to make... So yeah, hopefully busy.


The Chateau Marmont ‘Wind Blows’ by Jamie Delaney.

Flying Lotus ‘Until The Quiet Comes’.


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words Hectic, Rewarding, Dusty.

Biggest disappointment None.

Achievement of the year Professional: Launching our first furniture collection at London Design Festival. Personal: Launching our first furntiure collection at London Design Festival - feature in Wallpaper*.

Best meal Lunch at Arzak / Lunch at Chapter One. Dinner at the Strawberry tree.

Favourite piece of work Yours: Our Gray lamp. Someone else’s: Derek Wilson’s ceramics. Favourite event Exhibition: 100% Norway at LDF. Festival: Body & Soul / OFFSET. Other: 4/704 by Rosie O’Reilly at Fringe. Find of the year A material called CAPA 6400. What blew your mind? Lunch at Arzak in San Sebastian, Spain. Most annoyed you the most? NCT tests.

Stocking fillers Best song: ‘Watching my soul’ by Lovebirds. Best album: Drake ‘Nothing was the same’. Best book: BarberOsgerby. Best film: About Time. Hero of 2013 Steven Gerrard. One thing you would have done differently? Worked less/more. Most memorable moment Boxing our furniture for London Design Festival. Thoughts for 2014? More food, more furniture, more products.


Derek Wilson ceramics.

Left: Chairs by Barber Osgerby.

Right: Food creations by Arzak.

Little Green Cars illustrations by Steve Doogan. Design by Slater Design.


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words Well, I tried. Achievement of the year Professional: Working on the Little Green Cars debut album art (with Slater Design). Personal: Overcoming my terror of exercise. Favourite piece of work Yours: The illustrations for Little Green Cars. Someone else’s: Most things by Jillian Tamaki and Victo Ngai. Favourite event Exhibition: Illustrators Ireland’s ‘The Illustrated Beatles’. Gig: My 2 year old daughter singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ while sitting on the toilet. Festival: OFFSET2013. Find of the year A brand new studio of my own where all my dreams will take flight on rainbow wings, and shit. What blew your mind? How fast a year goes by.

Biggest disappointment Gravity 3D. Should have watched it at the Imax. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Best meal The French onion soup and chips at Le Gueuleton, Dublin. Stocking fillers Best song: ‘Dream the Dare’ by Pure Bathing Culture. Echoes of the Cocteau Twins. Best album: ‘Days Are Gone’ by Haim. Really. Best book: ‘Skagboys’ by Irvine Welsh Best film: ‘The Place Beyond The Pines’. Hero of 2013 My wife Dara Ní Bheacháin, who is unstoppable. Villain of 2013 The vortex of distraction that is the internet, where all good intentions drown. Most memorable moment Winning the Nobel Prize for Illustration. Unbelievable. Thoughts for 2014? Fitter, happier, wiser, nicer.

Most annoyed you the most? Getting injured. I couldn’t train and got grumpy.


Little Green Cars illustrations by Steve Doogan. Design by Slater Design.

‘The Illustrated Beatles’ group show curated by Illustrators Ireland.

Illustrations by Victo Ngai.

Illustrations by Jillian Tamaki.


# The OFFSET Review of 2013 ### Achiev XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Personal: XXX Favourite piece of work/ Yours: XXXXXX else’s: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ### Fav XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Gig: XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Other: XXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX What blew you Most annoyed you the most? XXXXXXX disappointment XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ### Stocking fillers/ Best song: XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Best book: XX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Hero of 2013 X 2013 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX One thing XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Most memorab Thoughts for 2014? YYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

vement of the year/ Professional: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX ### XXXXXXXXXXX Someone vourite event/ Exhibition: XXXXXXXXXXX Festival: XXXXXXXXXXXX Find of the year ur mind? XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX Biggest X Best meal XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX Best album: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Best film: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Villain of g you would have done differently? ble moment XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX YY

Next page. BazQux by eBoy.


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words HOLY F**KING S#!T Achievement of the year Professional: Getting shortlisted for the 86th Academy Awards for The Missing Scarf. Personal: The professional shift from graphic-designer to animator. Favourite piece of work Yours: The Missing Scarf (short film). Someone else’s: Too many to name, but Johnny Kelly’s latest work remains pure bliss! Favourite event Exhibition: Mucha. Gig: Austra. Festival: Savannah Film Festival, Georgia. Other: Seminci. Best meal First time back in Eire in 1.5 years: Tayto crisp sandwich.

Stocking fillers These change from week to week but here’s where I landed today: Best song: Other Lives ‘Tamer Animals’. Best album: Efterklang ‘Piramida’. Best book: The OFFSET Catalogue :) Best film: ‘12 Angry Men’. Although very old I just recently rewatched it. Great film! Villain of 2013 Self doubt! Most memorable moment: This was the year in which everything exploded for me, primarily in the past 6 months. I recently jumped ship from graphic-designer to animator and the response to my work has been truly overwhelming. I’ve won 11 major film festivals globally, been shortlisted for an Oscar, nominated for the upcoming European Film Awards, and had myself and my work featured on national TV in multiple countries, festivals, and right across the web. The resulting exposure and contacts I’ve gained have been almost too much to contemplate, especially within the timeframe. But sure as shit I’ll stay riding the wave while it’s going! Thoughts for 2014? Let’s hope the party continues!


The Missing Scarf by Eoin Duffy.

Johnny Kelly for New York Times.

Left: Tayto Limited Edition Irish language pack. Looks even better on some soft white batch. Right: ‘12 Angry Men’ illustrations.


Sum up your 2013 in 3 words Painting – Love – Family.

Biggest disappointment The food in Hong Kong. More money than sense of taste.

Achievement of the year Professional: Starting the largest project I’ve worked on to date, the painting of the entire exterior of Blooms Hotel in Temple Bar, Dublin. Personal: Getting married to my best mate!

Best meal Lunch in Pichet, Dublin.

Favourite piece of work Yours: Raging Bull, Camden St, Dublin (See across). Someone else’s: Satone & Roids Collab, Shoreditch, London. This piece was actually painted in 2012, but I got to see it in the flesh earlier this year (Next page). Favourite event Exhibition: ‘Lichtenstein: A retrospective’ at Tate, London. Gig: Gregory Porter, The Sugar Club, Dublin. Festival: The Bridge of Peace, Drogheda. Other: Painting with locals in the middle of Denpasar, Bali at a busy intersection. People didn’t know what to make of me, the lanky, balding, lobsterised Irishman. Find of the year Omelettes. I have no idea how I let them pass me by until now. Here’s a nice recipe for one: Smoked ham, tomatoes, spinach, mature cheddar and a bit of Ballymaloe relish. Great start to a Sunday. What blew your mind? Lichtenstein’s exhibition. The man was a genius. Most annoyed you the most? The universal social charge. What a load of me arse.

Stocking fillers Best song: Young Fathers ’Come to Life’. Best album: James Blake ‘Retrograde’. Best book: Mason Currey ‘Daily Rituals’. Best film: ‘Searching for the Sugar Man’. Hero of 2013 My twin brother. Villain of 2013 Booze! One thing you would have done differently? Hard to say, I try not to have regrets. Maybe try to squeeze in more self initiated projects. Tough to find 48hrs in a 24hr day though! Most memorable moment That’d be on my wedding day. Thoughts for 2014? Lots on the horizon! I’ve just moved into a huge new studio space, so that’s exciting. I have a good few painting projects planned for next year and would love a bit of travel thrown into the mix also. Myself and the missus have a baby on the way and then there’s a few really exciting projects that I’d love to, but, can’t talk about!


‘Raging Bull’ by James Earley. Wexford Street, Dublin.

Satone & Roids Collaboration, Shoreditch, London.








OFFSET 2013 Review : Part 1  

The first of three creative reviews of the year from OFFSET.

OFFSET 2013 Review : Part 1  

The first of three creative reviews of the year from OFFSET.