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THERE ARE 41 SUSTAINABLE ACTIONS BELOW. WHAT’S OUR DORM COMMITMENT? PARTICIPATION (4) All roommates sharing the dorm room… 1. Have been informed and have agreed to follow the applicable actions on this checklist. 2. Agree to proudly display our Green Residences Certification and encourage others to get involved. 3. Will look for other opportunities to get involved with campus sustainability, such as joining a sustainability-related student group or taking a sustainability-related course. 4. Have made a One Simple Act on Campus commitment and have posted it publically.


We/I always… 7. Recycle paper and flattened cardboard. 8. Recycle rinsed glass, plastic and light metal containers. 9. Recycle beverage containers. 10. Recycle batteries, ink cartridges and cellphones at Infolink. 11. Compost organic food waste (if nearby facilities are available). 12. Consider the amount of packaging and waste created from products we/I purchase. 13. Donate gently used clothing and household items for reuse.

FOOD & DRINK (5) We/I… 14. Always use reusable plates, cups and containers for food and beverages.

We/I have…

15. Avoid purchasing bottled water by drinking tap or filtered water instead.

5. Posted the “guide to recycling” handout specific to our/my residence, in a central location.

16. Eat less meat by incorporating more vegetarian meals into our/my diet(s).

6. Committed to participate in Eco Move Out in April, in order to donate and recycle excess items when moving out of residence.

17. Donate any unopened, non-perishable food and toiletry items to the Campus Food Bank that I/we do not intend to consume. 18. Take reusable bags with me/us to the grocery store to prevent using plastic ones.



When cleaning and taking care of myself, I…

In the dorm room, we/I…

19. Turn off the water while brushing my teeth and washing my face.

33. Plug all electronics into a power-bar to limit standby energy usage, or unplug all electronics when not in use.

20. Turn off the water while applying shampoo, conditioner and/or soap in the shower. 21. Take 5 minute showers. 22. Purchase and use skin care products and eco-friendly beauty products that contain sustainable alternatives to synthetic chemicals. 23. Purchase second hand clothing. 24. Purchase and use laundry detergent that contains sustainable alternatives to synthetic chemicals and/or is high efficiency to reduce packaging waste. 25. Avoid using fabric softener and conventional dryer sheets.

34. If unable to plug into a power-bar, unplug all electronics when not in use. 35. Practice green computing habits. 36. Switch off any unnecessary lights (e.g., take advantage of natural light, only use appropriate task lighting, etc.) 37. Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible. 38. Air dry laundry on a drying rack instead of using the dryer.


26. Use cold water settings while washing my laundry.

We/I always…

27. Practice green cleaning by making my own nontoxic cleaning products and/or purchasing green cleaning products.

39. Try to avoid using carbon-consuming transportation methods by walking, cycling or rollerblading as much as possible.


40. Try to take public transit or carpool when travelling off campus.

When it comes to school supplies, the majority of the time I…


28. Purchase reused text books.

In the dorm room, we/I will…

29. Purchase eco-friendly school supplies containing recycled content (e.g., refillable pens, pencils & markers)

41. Create our/my own Innovation Action.

30. Print double-sided. 31. Reduce my reliance on paper by taking advantage of technology.

DECORATING (1) When it comes to school supplies, the majority of the time I… 32. Use houseplants to naturally filter and freshen up the air.

Green Dorms Checklist - Green Spaces Certification  

Checklist to help your dormitory-style residence qualify under the University of Alberta's Green Spaces Certification program.

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