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MAY 2012 VOL 9 NO. 109



HAPPY CONNECTIONS The English edition of Al Mar’a became The Woman in January this year. While we remodelled ourselves into a new avatar, we never let go of what we stood for and continue to believe in. A celebration of your different shades and a symbol of the evolving you! The Al Mar’a brand completes nine glorious years this month and we at The Woman – from the House of Al Mar’a are celebrating this important milestone by going all out… and being happy. What is happiness? It’s something most of us aim for and how we define it has a definite bearing on how we conduct our lives. Happiness means different things to different people. Money, fame, success, good health - the possibilities for the pursuit of happiness is endless. But happiness is also a state of mind, isn’t it? Doing what you love, being surrounded by happy people, following the dictates of your heart and being in the present also makes you happy.


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In our Anniversary Special, we have focused on happiness as a theme, weaving it around the important things in our lives. Whether at home or the workplace, positive vibes can foster healthy relationships. Fashion and beauty play an important role as looking good makes us feel good. Technology makes lives easier, travel broadens the mind and food satiates the senses. These are things you cannot do without and they are all connected to your life. Leading to … happiness in the way you perceive or want it to be! We hope you enjoy this Anniversary Special as much as we enjoyed putting it together. We cannot end without thanking you for your support and love through the last nine years. And we hope you will continue to encourage and support us in the years to come… Here’s wishing you all the happiness life can give you… We’ll see you next month, until then, stay cool, people…

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CONTENTS SLICE OF LIFE 28 Embracing the inner child can bring a whole new meaning to life and happiness MIND & BODY 32 Sayyida Basma Al Said lists out the benefits of Laughter Yoga WORKWISE 34 How to create positive vibes at the workplace STYLE FILES INTERVIEW 38 Annette Roeckl on the iconic 173-year-old brand and more… LOOKBOOK 40 The new Spring-Summer Collection 2012 from Roeckl… BEAUTY BUZZ 46 Get the summer glow with tips from Samira Olfat of Max Factor GOOD THINGS 47 Shoes and bags from USF Store SPLURGE 48 Scintillating jewellery from top brands BEAUTY ZONE 50 Essentials you cannot do without… EVENT 52 A report on Splash Fashion Paradise FASHION GUIDE 55 Must-have jewellery pieces… 56 Eight exciting ways to tie a scarf GO PLACES FEATURE 62 Five of the world’s ‘happiest’ places TRAVEL 64 Destinations to travel with your gal pals GETAWAY 66 A trip down heritage lane at Misfat Al Abriyeen COVER STORY ON CLOUD NINE 18 Happiness means different things to different people. But for it to grow, we need to walk through life with the feeling that the whole world belongs to us, says Dr. Prema Seshadri

LIFE, ETC. SUPERSTAR 22 Zooey Deschanel and why life is the ultimate ‘giggle fest’… FEATURE 25 How to beat stress and bring happiness to your life…

BE TECH SMART GO TECH 70 How to make the best use of your mobile phone camera GADGETS 72 An interesting roundup of the latest gizmos

WHAT’S NEW 75 A review of the new iPad STARDUST 78 Celebrities and their favourite tech toys INDULGE CUISINE 84 Five decadent desserts FOOD GUIDE 89 Foods that make you happy FUN STUFF COLOUR BUZZ 93 Five women talk about happy colours QUOTES 94 Inspiring and ‘happy’ statements PLUS: EVENT, ABOUT TOWN, STARGAZING

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My family and I were just planning our annual summer vacation and it was such a delight to find an article about hassle-free travelling in The Woman! The tips were thoughtful and for once I actually managed to make a detailed checklist – and stick to it! This summer all the vacation planning has been done well in advance and I’m so pumped up and excited about it! But I’m still going to carry my copy of your magazine to the airport - just in case! KHOULA AL KINDY - AL KHUWAIR


I’ve always been such a great fan of Meryl Streep and it was incredible to read about her in the April issue. Her acting has always been so poised and graceful and I’ve watched movies like Sophie’s Choice and The Devil Wears Prada again and again! But it was simply amazing to read about her role as a mother and a wife as well! A woman with tonnes of self confidence, talent, beauty and brainsthis is one actress whose truly achieved perfection in my book! SANIA KHAN - QURUM BUZZ - SUPERSTAR

STREEP IT UP! With three Oscar wins and 17 nominations – a record by itself – Meryl Streep is one of the biggest names in Hollywood today. The Woman takes a quick look at the various roles the actor plays both on and off the screen‌

Mary Louise Streep, or Meryl Streep as she is popularly known, became interested in acting while a student at Vassar and upon graduation, enrolled in the Yale School of Drama. Her career started with a ELJEDQJKHUÀUVWHYHUPRYLH Julia (1977) was an instant success. Her next role in The Deer Hunter (1978) resulted in an Oscar nomination and she then went on to win the award for her performance in Kramer vs. Kramer (1979). Her performance as Sophie =DZLVWRZVND²LQZKLFKVKHJDYH a heart-wrenching portrayal of an inmate mother in a Nazi death camp – in Sophie’s Choice (1982) won her another Oscar and later, in 2006, was ranked number three on Premiere Magazine’s 100 Greatest Performances of All Time. Considered one of Hollywood’s most critically acclaimed actors, Streep is a perfectionist in her craft and meticulous and painstaking in her preparation for her roles. Streep’s career continued on a high note throughout the next decade with ÀOPVOLNHSilkwood (1983); Out of Africa (1985); Ironweed (1987); and A Cry in the Dark (1988). In the early 1990s, there was a short blip in her career – mostly because of the lack of suitable roles – but she shot back to the top in 1995 with her performance opposite Clint Eastwood in The Bridges of Madison County and as the prodigal daughter in Marvin’s Room (1996). 7KHVVDZHYHQPRUHIDQWDVWLF SHUIRUPDQFHVLQÀOPVOLNHThe Hours (2002), The Manchurian Candidate (2004), The Devil Wears Prada (2004), Julie & Julia (2008), Doubt (2008), Mamma Mia! (2008), and ÀQDOO\KHUODWHVWÀOP²DELRSLF²The Iron Lady (2011) for which she won her third Academy Award. Be it her role as Miranda Priestly, the haughty editor-in-chief in The Devil Wears Prada, the pious 6LVWHU$OR\VLXV%HDXYLHULQDoubt or Donna, the hippie with a crazy past in Mamma Mia!, Streep is

NQRZQIRUFRPSOHWHO\HQYHORSLQJ herself in her characters, capturing their nuances, speech patterns and personalities. As with all of her UROHV6WUHHSFRQGXFWHGH[WHQVLYH research about Thatcher’s life before Ă€OPLQJIRUThe Iron Lady began. She listened to tapes of Thatcher in order to capture the nuances of her speech and focussed on the way Thatcher paused and emphasised certain words to make her points. 6KHHYHQDGPLWWHGWKDWVKHZDQWHG minimal make-up in part so that her IDFHFRXOGUHPDLQH[SUHVVLYHDQG in part so the other actors on set would see her as Thatcher. “It’s not about the audience,â€? she says. “It’s all about fooling the other actors LQWREHOLHYLQJZKR\RXVD\\RXDUH That’s hard, when you walk on set, when it’s a big make-up job. And I take my entire performance from them, so if they don’t look at me DQGKDWHPHDSSURSULDWHO\RUORYH me the way they’re supposed to ... WKHQ,¡PORVW,GRQ¡WKDYHDQ\WKLQJ to go on.â€? If you think her dedication extends only to her work, you’d be sorely mistaken, dear reader. Nothing is more important to Streep than her family; she’s been happily married to Don Gummer, a sculptor for 33 years. Their eldest child, Henry, 28, is a musician; Mamie, 25, an actress; Grace, 22, recently graduated from Vassar College, Streep’s own alma mater; and Louisa, 17, just Ă€QLVKHGKLJKVFKRRO,QDQLQWHUYLHZ with Good Housekeeping, Meryl says, “Motherhood, marriage, it’s a balancing act. Especially when \RXKDYHDMREWKDW\RXFRQVLGHU rewarding. It’s a challenge but the best kind of challenge.â€? She has QHYHUSDUDGHGKHUIDPLO\DFURVVWKH media, following a caution passed on by her Out of Africa co-star. “Robert Redford taught me that when they were babies. ‘They are not your props.’ I really admired the way he protected his family. It’s something I consciously emulated.â€? At 62, Streep is clearly on top of her game. As a person, she is aware that OLIHVKRXOGEHFHOHEUDWHGDWHYHU\

STREEPSPEAK: ´6RPHSHRSOHKDYHVDLGLW¡VVKDPHIXOWRSRUWUD\WKLVSDUWRIDOLIH%XWWKH corollary of that is that, if you think that debility, delicacy, dementia are shameful, if you think that the ebbing of a life is something that should be shut away, if you think that people need to be defended from these images then - yes - then youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll think itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a shameful thing.â&#x20AC;? [Responding to those ZKRKDYHFULWLFLVHGWKHHPSKDVLVSODFHGRQ0DUJDUHW7KDWFKHU¡VIUDLODQG confused old age]. â&#x20AC;&#x153;One of the most important keys to acting is curiosity. I am curious to the SRLQWRIEHLQJQRV\:KDWWKDWPHDQVLV\RXZDQWWRGHYRXUOLYHV<RX¡UH HDJHUWRSXWRQWKHLUVKRHVDQGZHDUWKHLUFORWKHVDQGKDYHWKHPEHFRPHD part of you.â&#x20AC;?

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;The healthy way to lose weight is to eat smartâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; - I canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think of a better line for a health special! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s so tiring to hear about women trying out crash diets and starving themselves all in the hope of turning into a skinny toothpick look-alike! The tips given in the article are so sensible and easy practically everyone can try them out! And whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more they can keep you healthy and happy! This is an article every woman needs to read.



Turning vegan is becoming more and more tempting once I got my hands on this monthâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s issue of The Woman. Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been a vegetarian all my life, but the possibility of becoming a vegan seems to have so many health benefits! Perhaps you could do a piece on it for your next issue? In the meantime Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m going to experiment with all these fantastic recipes and pamper my taste buds! MANISHA IYER - GHUBRA


One more quirky fun issue of The Woman! I especially enjoyed that piece on music therapy. Music has been such an important part of my life and yet I had never even heard of music therapy! But it does seem to make perfect sense - music can cheer us up even when we are in the worse mood ever! With the help of this article I know exactly what to do the next time a bad day rolls around! ANNE GONSALVES - DARSAIT HEALTH DAY SPECIAL â&#x20AC;&#x201C; WHATâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S NEW

´0\JUHDWHVWFXOLQDU\WULXPSKZDVZKHQ,ZDVIDOOLQJLQORYHZLWKP\ husband. We were on the coast of Maine in a cabin and I made an apple pie... just whipped it up, without a recipe or anythingâ&#x20AC;Ś just the perfect SDVWU\,¡YHQHYHUEHHQDEOHWRGRLWDJDLQDQGKHDVNVIRULWRIWHQÂľ RSSRUWXQLW\$QGDIWHURYHU Ă&#x20AC;OPVVKHQHYHUVHHPVWRJHWWLUHG RIWKHZRUN´,QDFWLQJOLYLQJLQ the moment is the whole point. 7KHWULFNLVWROLYHLQWKHPRPHQW in your own life.â&#x20AC;? Unlike her SHHUVVKHLVVXSUHPHO\FRQĂ&#x20AC;GHQW and realistic about her looks. In tinsel town, you need oodles of VHOIFRQĂ&#x20AC;GHQFHQRWWRJHWERJJHG down by body-image issues and as a person whoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s seen her peers undergo drastic plastic surgery

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I think music in itself is healing. It's an explosive expression of humanity. It's something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music.â&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Billy Joel

trying to hold on to youth, she YHKHPHQWO\VSHDNVDJDLQVWLW´,W¡V not just women,â&#x20AC;? she says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d be amazed at how many men in WKLVLQGXVWU\KDYHJRQHGRZQWKDW URDG,MXVWGRQ¡WJHWLW<RXKDYH to embrace getting older. Life is SUHFLRXVDQGZKHQ\RX¡YHORVWD lot of people, you realise each day is a gift.â&#x20AC;?

Music is undoubtedly one of the most powerful tools of human expression. A tune, beat, rhythm or a combination of sounds can clam, soothe, heal and cause a perceptible change in human behaviour, often stirring us emotionally in a unique way.


Havenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t you noticed how a peppy song is an instant mood-booster or how a moving classical piece brings your mind to a state of calm? This is perhaps why music is being increasingly used in therapy to address physical, emotional, cognitive and social needs of people!


Reading about actresses and their health regimes was such an eye opener! Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s good to know not everyone in tinsel town aim to be stick thin and skeleton-like! In fact I loved how it focused on women like BeyoncĂŠ and Adele - women with real curves! An interesting, well written piece for sure!


MAY 2012

HOW DOES IT WORK? Music therapy uses music to communicate. Here music is the language the therapist uses to help people express themselves. Therapy begins with assessment and is

Clinical psychologist Roma Fernandes tells you all about music therapy and how it can bring about a perceptible change in body, mind and spirit

designed keeping several factors in mind. The therapist selects the type of music to be used based on the goals of therapy and the needs of the individual. What makes music therapy different is its heavy reliance on music. Thus, every session involves the person in a musical experience of some kind. These include improvising, re-creating, composing and listening to music. What is best about this form of therapy is that musical involvement in the therapeutic context will help to strengthen the abilities of the person being treated and it transfers to other areas of their lives as well. It opens up avenues of communication HVSHFLDOO\IRUWKRVHZKRĂ&#x20AC;QGLW GLIĂ&#x20AC;FXOWWRH[SUHVVWKHPVHOYHV in words. WHO CAN BE TREATED? $JHLVGHĂ&#x20AC;QLWHO\QREDUULHU when it comes to music so this therapy can be used on individuals of all ages, with a variety of conditions that include sensory impairments,

The power of music 32 APRIL 2012

development disabilities, substance abuse, communication disorders, interpersonal problems and even ageing. It is also used to improve learning, build self-esteem, reduce stress, support physical exercise and facilitate a host of other health related activities. Almost everyone likes music. You need not be a musician or have the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;technical knowhowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; to participate RUEHQHĂ&#x20AC;WIURPPXVLFWKHUDS\ Most people do not any have any formal training or background in music. Music therapists believe that all individuals regardless of age or musical background have a basic capacity for musical expression and appreciation. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve often heard how music plays a major role in the development of children. In fact, listening to music during pregnancy is said to soothe the body, promote better

sleep, reduce stress and increase energy levels. Parenting experts recommend pregnant women to start exposing their babies to classical music while in the womb itself. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also advised to continue this practice through the early years of infancy for the baby to grow smart. In children, music therapy is also helpful in addressing developmental delays, emotional disturbance and social withdrawal. Using musical instruments and movement to music develops self-awareness, enjoyment and exercise. In essence, music therapy interventions can be designed to promote wellness, manage stress, alleviate pain, express feelings, enhance memory, improve communication and promote physical rehabilitation. MUSIC, MOVEMENT AND THERAPY Based on the empirically supported premise that the body, mind and spirit are interconnected, PRYHPHQWWKHUDS\LVGHĂ&#x20AC;QHG as the psychotherapeutic use of movement to further the emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of the individual. Thus, with the combination of music and movement therapy a personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s holistic development can be nurtured and enhanced. Such diverse therapy is widely practised in hospitals, cancer centres, psychiatric facilities, nursing homes and schools. As a powerful treatment tool, music can make your life better! And whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fun and relaxing too! (Roma Fernandes is a clinical psychologist at Whispers of Serenity Clinic)


20 years of love

happy birthday

It’s a great milestone indeed! This year, Nuxe is celebrating 20 years of Huile Prodigieuse with the launch of a new limitededition packaging featuring the logo and brand nestled in a heart to celebrate 20 years of love. Often imitated, but never equaled… The multipurpose dry oil was developed to nourish, repair and soften the skin and the hair. It leaves the face and body silky and the hair becomes supple, soft and shines with health. Have you tried it, yet?

smart cover

Did you know Zeinah Women’s Critical Care Insurance Plan from BankMuscat has evoked strong response with beneficiaries commending the unique features providing comprehensive coverage against seven types of cancer? With a nominal amount of Rials 5 a month or annual payment of Rials 60, Zeinah offers insurance cover up to Rials 5,000 against cancer. The unique benefits include that the claim can be made at diagnosis itself. The exclusive plan is available for Zeinah customers in the age group of 18 to 64 years. Sign up, now!

VLCC marked the 4th anniversary of its operations in Oman recently. The celebrations were attended by several dignitaries from the public and private sectors, and honoured three Oman-based ‘Good Health Ambassadors’, Hanan J., Khalfan Al Habsi, and Badr Al Rashdi, who have undergone the scientific and healthy VLCC weight loss programme to fight obesity and transform their lives. It was held at the VLCC Al Mawaleh Centre at a glittering ceremony presided over by the VLCC founder and mentor, Vandana Luthra.

beauty solutions

Pamper yourself! The Bath & Body Works boutique opens in Oman. Located at Muscat City Centre, it offers the most fragrant and invigorating range of eau de toilettes and body mists, body lotions and butters, shower gels, room fragrances and scented candles that have been voted the world’s best in their category. Indulge!

holi bash

The Country Club recently celebrated the Indian festival of Holi with Rang De 2012 at Marah Land. A large crowd enjoyed the festivities with colour, music and dancing in the rain. They also enjoyed a diverse and sumptuous variety of Indian cuisine. A number of prizes and gifts were also given away on the occasion. The event was organised and managed by Reach Events. 8

MAY 2012

pure pleasure

The all-new, completely redesigned Honda 2012 CR-V has arrived in Oman. It will be available in three different grades – LX, EX and EX-Leather. Globally, the CR-V has been recognised as a pioneer of compact SUV. Compared to the previous-generation CR-V, the 2012 model takes on a more aggressive and aerodynamic stance with deeper sculpting of the bodylines and a bolder front fascia. All put together, the CR-V offers a smart package which blends form and function perfectly.


what a draw!

There’s lots to win at BankDhofar this year. The Al Heson Prize Draw Scheme allows for a more inclusive distribution of monthly prizes leading to better chances for all participants with double the chances to win. Customers who hold Al Heson Account will be eligible to win a monthly general prize of Rials 50,000 each for two winners every month. There will be two winners in the Hawa ladies account, with two ladies winning Rials 10,000 each, a single winner from the children’s Mazen & Mazoon account offering Rials 5,000 each month and customers of Al Riadah have a chance to win Rials 50,000 going to a single winner every month. A special category, the Youth Account, offers customers between 18 and 25 a prize of Rials 5,000 every month.

top gear

trendy makeover

Want to give your home a makeover? Take advantage of Khimji’s Home Furniture’s ‘Great Exchange Offer’ where you can exchange your old home furniture for the newest arrivals from around the world. There’s a lot of stuff to choose from including new ranges in sofa sets and children’s furniture. Drop by their nearest showroom to know more.

10 MAY 2012

The zippy and smart compact hatchback, the all-new Nissan Micra is here! The foundation of the new Nissan Micra’s outstanding driving performance is the 16-valve, four cylinder 1.5-litre engine. It is available in five trim grades with features such as the Nissan Intelligent Key with Push Engine Start, which can lock or unlock doors or start the engine without using a key, Climate-control airconditioning, reversing sensors, 15-inch alloy wheels and front fog lights. Book a test-drive, to get a load of this beauty!


You can now win your holiday back. Here’s how! HSBC Oman is bringing a rewarding opportunity for customers to win their holiday spend back if they use their HSBC MasterCard® Credit Card to make travel purchases. Between April 5 and May 31, 2012, customers stand a chance to win one of three prizes of up to Rials 5,000 of their travel related spend back for every Rials 50 spent using their HSBC MasterCard Credit® in any number of transactions. These include expenditures such as flights, accommodation and car hire.

summer style

It’s summer and time to revamp your wardrobe. Finding a new seasonal style couldn’t be easier with Muscat’s two leading malls, Muscat City Centre and Qurum City Centre offering 225 shopping options - one third of which are dedicated to clothing, accessories, shoes and beauty and cosmetics. With both malls having recently introduced some key brands, shoppers can indulge in the latest collections and welcome the warm weather summer season on-trend and in-style.

timeless art Roger Dubuis once again displays creativity, modernity and an enduring ability to reinvent watchmaking with the launch of its Monégasque Collection. In this tribute to the spirit of Monte Carlo, its festive atmosphere, mythical history and social glamour, the collection exemplifies the great achievements of fine watchmaking, each in its own way. Check it out at the Mistal showroom, Darsait.


super show

It was time to meet, know each other better, celebrate achievements, and shape the way forward at Towell Auto Centre (TAC); and in keeping with this, the company recently hosted their annual ‘Towell Auto Show 2012’. The show also revealed TAC’s much awaited new model from Mazda - the CX-5; as well as provided a pre-launch preview of the latest addition to the TAC family - the ZNA range of vehicles. Good fun!

game on

make up guide

This one’s really cool! MAKE UP FOR EVER celebrates its ‘For Ever Bridal 2012’ campaign which revolves around teaching women about the professional world of beauty and educating them on how to apply makeup on their own and feel like a bride every day. As part of the campaign, MAKE UP FOR EVER has launched its ‘For Ever Bridal’ tutorial DVD which reveals the secrets and techniques behind getting a beautiful and flawless look every day. Entailing 20 educational episodes, this useful DVD will help every woman in seeing the beauty of her glowing skin, sparkling eyes and luscious lips as she starts applying makeup on her own like a pro!

If you are a football fan, it’s time to get lucky. FRiENDi mobile has announced that they will be giving away two tickets to one lucky winner for the El Clasico match between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain during the second half of 2012. This promotion will run till June 10 and will be followed by an exclusive prize draw on June 25 where the winner will be picked to be rewarded with two tickets for the match along with return tickets to Spain and accommodation for two days. To activate the promotion, all a customer needs to do is to SMS ‘GOAL’ to code 91055. A nominal rate of 10 baisas will be charged for the SMS. Once the promotion is activated, the customer will be eligible to participate in the lucky draw with every minute that he calls, be it local or international until the promotion ends. Besides the grand prize, there are other attractive prizes to be won.

ultra chic

Samsung introduces the new Notebook Series 5 Ultra that redefines computing experience by offering top of the line performance in a thin, light and stylish device. The Series 5 ULTRA is powered by a 2nd generation Intel® Core™ i5 processor; combined with ExpressCache™ system by Diskeeper and a powerful AMD Radeon™ HD graphics card, delivering an incredible experience packed in a thin and light design. Go, get it!


special offer

If you are a Nawras Elite Club member, you are a privileged one! The latest in the list of special facilities comes with Nawras’ partnership with Grand Hyatt Muscat to add a new dimension of privileges to Elite Club members. You can avail special discounts on food and beverage and a new restaurant reservation SMS service. Check it out…

city sights

symbols of love

Hampton by Baume & Mercier is the ultimate collection for couples, like the famous place from which it takes its name, where sea and land are joined forever. Combining a relaxed style with the finest craftsmanship, the collection perfectly embodies seaside living and a timeless lifestyle of sophistication and simplicity. The spirit of Baume & Mercier is embodied in these pieces in a perfect blend of innovation and tradition revealed through a constant quest for authenticity. For you and him, symbols of everlasting love! 14 MAY 2012

Take a tour of beautiful Muscat on a bus! Yes, that’s the idea behind Big Bus in Oman introduced recently by Travel Point and Big Bus Tours LLC, UK. The tour will provide visitors with the perfect introduction to the city of Muscat. Customers will be shown all the finest sights of the city, from the historic Muttrah Souk to the glistening waters of the Gulf of Oman; and from panoramic mountain views to traditional forts and palaces. Hop on for an amazing experience!

hot wheels

Zawawi Trading Company (ZTC) - the exclusive distributor for Mercedes-Benz in Oman - has launched the completely redesigned and powerful new M-Class luxury SUV in the Sultanate, setting a new benchmark for the premium segment. The launch took place at the Almouj Golf Club; the Corporate Partner of Mercedes-Benz in the Sultanate. With dynamic AMG sports styling as standard, three potent engine options, unparalleled ride comfort, and cavernous, highquality luxury interiors - the bold new M-Class confidently conveys intent to meet performance with sophistication.

delectable menu

Spicy Village has recently released a menu featuring the best entries from the second season of its ‘Star Chef Hunt’ finale held in November 2011. The menu which was unveiled at a grand event at Spicy Village, Rusayl is laden with 70 dishes, giving due credit to the participants who made it through the rigorous levels at the ‘Star Chef Hunt’. The menu features a number of innovative dishes including prawn ciggar with pineapple salsa, chunkey chicken salad, Zanzibar fish steak, crab biryani and antioxidant dessert.

well done!

It was accolade time for the Park Inn by Radisson Muscat. It recently received an award for being the ‘Leading Hotel in Responsible Business’. The hotel ranked number one within The Carlson Rezidor Group for its efforts in energy consumption and other related initiatives. The Muscat hotel was chosen from over 1300 of its counterpart hotels by the Responsible Business committee at the company’s head office in Brussels, passing the stringent criteria and emerging on top. Congratulations!


Right Perspective

The Oman Forum – Building National Talent was both intense and insightful…

“Renaissance has opened up new vistas of scientific progress and educational development. The Government considers human resource development as a crucial investment for nation building. The Research Council continues to take various innovative steps to improve the quality of scientific and technical education in the country. The Public Authority for Manpower Registration seeks to strengthen the co-ordination between various institutions in the country. It will help private sector companies to find out the capable hands and the job seekers to get updated about the right opportunities. The Authority has taken various initiatives and signed several agreements to strengthen the agreement between both private and public sectors,” stated HE Mohsin Al Balushi, Advisor to

the Ministry of Commerce & Industry and Chairman of The Public Authority for Manpower Registration.

private sector, HR experts and civil society deliberated on the various dimensions of building national talent.

He was speaking at OMAN FORUM – BUILDING NATIONAL TALENT, held on Tuesday (17 April) at Al Bustan Palace – A Ritz Carlton Hotel. The event was organised by Alam al-Iktisaad Wal A’mal (AIWA), Oman’s premier business magazine published by United Press & Publishing (part of UMS Group).

Speaking at the event, HE Dr. Abdullah Bin Mohammed Al Sarmi, Undersecretary, Ministry of Higher Education said, “It is high time we shifted from consuming knowledge to producing knowledge, by emerging as a knowledge-based economy. The task of building national talent and equipping youngsters and enabling them to contribute to nation-building is a collective responsibility to be shouldered both by private and public sectors. The Ministry of Higher Education sends students to over 40 countries for higher studies. English is the main language and the medium of study in all these countries. They come back well trained and equipped to take up

The half-day long event comprised two panel discussions on the state of education and training, youth employment policies and initiatives, identification of talent gaps and challenges and creation of the guidelines to set up the road map for future. The relevant stakeholders from all walks of society including the Government, Majlis Al Shura,

the challenging tasks awaiting them in the local industry. But we don’t send them to Latin American countries because of the concerns about the security and education environment in those countries. Although we have sent some students to Japan recently, we had to shift them to other countries because of language problems.” Among the other panelists, Mundhir Al Barwani, HR-Director, Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) said, “Private sector companies ought to play a big role in building national talent. PDO accords great importance to train its employees and make them capable of handling new challenges. We send diploma holders abroad every year to complete their studies. In addition, we give in-house training in all areas for our employees.” OMAN FORUM – BUILDING NATIONAL TALENT was organised in association with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO), Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Civil Services, Sultan Qaboos University, The Research Council (TRC) and Oman Society of Contractors. AhliBank, Voltamp, Galfar and Omran were the Strategic Partners whereas Omantel, Oman Cables Industry and Vale were the Associate Partners of the prestigious forum. The event was webcast live on:

16 MAY 2012



In pursuit of happiness 18 MAY 2012


ife cannot be encapsulated in a tiny little bubble. It is beyond human intervention. It is too vast and complex to be captured or defined. In fact, defining life will limit the scope of life. But however unknown and complex, human beings continue to pursue happiness. They look for it in relationships, in careers, in the tools that they hope will better the quality of their lives, in the everincreasing pursuit of gastronomic delights, in garbs and baubles that adorn the body, and in the constant search for greener pastures. Early this year, I was a delegate at the International Women’s Conference where the theme was Women and Technology. To me the greatest thrill came with the realisation that women are phenomenal at juggling multiple responsibilities without missing a beat – and even if they did, it was never apparent to others; they are apt at handling technology with as much aplomb as men; and they could use it all and still be able to make conversation which has nothing to do with technology! It’s this that makes a woman so complete and grounded. The women who spoke were all achievers in a wide and varied spectrum of positions and responsibilities. When they communicated about the use of technology to take their businesses forward and used technology to present their success stories, there was a natural and almost matter-of-fact confidence in their approach. Maybe because a woman is a natural creator, she is not awed by some techno-gadget but would probably see how she could use it to make way for taking on some additional responsibility. That is, indeed, the nature of a woman. Just as much as it is a quality to be appreciated, she should also be careful not to let it burn her out. But situations are not as idyllic as it seems. There is another end to the spectrum that is not just distressing but honestly scary. Technology can alter happiness. I was reading some trivial magazines with not so happy trivia. The ‘confessions’ section revealed a few stories of women using technology for a few thrills that in one case broke a relationship and in another cost a woman her job. Technology has been known to pose a threat to not only young impressionable children and teenagers but also to vulnerable, bored or discontented women. Regardless of gender, technology needs to be used with a high level of maturity and understanding. There is a story that appeals a lot to me. A Chinese emperor was curious about the hordes of people visiting a certain saint in the kingdom and decided to spy on him incognito. What he saw really puzzled him. There was nothing that the saint was doing that was any different to what he did on a regular basis. So what did the great saint possess that he didn’t? On being confronted by the emperor, the saint had a very simple but profound explanation: when he did something, he did only that one thing. He never multi-tasked. He paid total attention to only one thing at a time. That was the difference.

This is what we fail to do, especially when it comes to food and eating. The whole concept of fast food thrives on our attitude to the creation of food and its consumption. We resort to foods that don’t require too much attention and thereby consume foods that come out of cans or a freezer. Fewer and fewer families sit around a table anymore to share and enjoy a meal. A quick bite on the go and a TV dinner is the norm today. Even more distressing is either an over-indulgence in eating patterns or the fear to eat at all. Both are unacceptable, even dangerous. The body is there for a purpose as is food. Eating to maintain body and health is critical. The amount of food and the kind of food we eat are both important. Foods not only have an effect on the body but they impact the state of mind too. Foods cooked with love and care and eaten with appreciation and gratitude are important to have the subtle energies get better absorbed into the system. This is at once more flavoursome and gratifying. If we sat back and introspected, we would realise that our perception and definition of life has constantly undergone a metamorphosis. We have travelled through life and continue to do so with a different set of expectations at different times and in different degrees of readiness. The journey of life is fascinating in its absence of a destination. The journey itself should be the goal thereby taking away the pressures and subsequent disappointment of expectations. Life’s route meanders through stations with every station offering a chance to savour its myriad flavours. It is this journey that keeps alight the fires within to enthuse over the smallest of things, pick ourselves up to run again, to share our happiness with one and all, and love without any conditions. This opens up new vistas of learning and makes us dive deep into a land which opens up the windows to look into the unfathomable depths of our very self. There is enormous beauty there, which needs to be allowed to manifest. It is then that we see beauty all around us. After all beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. No amount of external gloss can mask the inner blemishes. No apparel, however fashionable, can cloak internal disarray. The inside self needs to be nourished and nurtured. It needs to be tended with love and respect. It’s only then that even the plainest sack cloth can make you look and feel regal. Cleanse the inside with reverence, wear the robe of confidence around the shoulders and walk tall on shoes of strength, and you will be the most beautiful. Life is a gift given to us with a purpose. Realising that purpose is our responsibility. It calls for us to constantly seek to grow. It’s in the seeking that we can experience happiness. And for this happiness to grow, we need to walk through life with the feeling that the whole world belongs to us. Boxed within four walls and a roof will not suffocate and stifle. When we knock down the walls and blow away the roof, we experience a bonding with humanity that liberates. Life based on a platform of human values is a satisfying one, which will help realise contentment of the past, happiness in the present and hope for the future. (Dr. Prema Seshadri is a psychologist, writer and entrepreneur.)

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e know of this corporate high-flier who quit her job in a top multinational to follow her passion for baking. Going off the beaten track required a lot of gumption and guts, but if at the end of it, there’s happiness waiting, why not?

While she was happy baking, she was also at peace because after 10 years of being in a rigorous and demanding career, she’d finally managed to strike that perfect work-life balance. There was no sense of guilt as she had enough time to look after her children. This also brought about a perceptible change in her relationships with people, especially her own family. We agree, not everyone can make these choices. But even if you are faced with unpleasant situations especially at the workplace, all it takes is a little positivity to spread cheer. Happiness, you see has a ripple effect – if you are smiling all the time, it will definitely make a positive difference around you. Ah! To be a child once again, how wonderful it would be! Though we cannot go back in time, we can surely recreate the essence of our childhood, by doing things that make us feel like a child – revelling in the innocence and enthusiasm. There are different ways to beat stress and be calm. Laughing is one way. Read comics, watch some ‘funny’ movies or try laughter yoga. Laughing increases the amount of immunoglobulin and T cells in the body – our body’s natural defence mechanism. So smile, laugh and seize the moment.

Hakuna Matata. Don’t worry. Be happy!


Y P P A H ’ N I V I L 22 MAY 2012


he bakes hula hoops, sings, acts, dances and receives happy birthday messages from the US president; what planet is she from? Zooey Deschanel, younger sister to Emily Deschanel (star of Bones) and daughter to Caleb and Mary Deschanel (also actors) boasts wide, soul searching blue eyes and a feisty can-do attitude that leaves most of us bemused and dazzled. Plus we loved her in 500 Days of Summer. She founded and writes for online blog where she gives sage advice on things like how to survive the freezing cold (eat gingerbread willy-nilly). So the question is: how does a person get to be so happy? Where is all this radiance coming from Zooey! Here’s how we explain her good humour.


DISCOVERING THE SONGSTRESS WITHIN Zooey loves to sing. In fact she confesses that music is her first love. She plays percussion, ukulele and the piano and released her first album with M. Ward in 2008. As one-half of an indie pop duo, the singer-actress says about music, “I think a lot of what motivates me ‘songwriting-wise’ is - this might sound silly - but, when I listen to a song that I love, it kind of makes me feel better. I think that’s the impetus behind everything I write; I want to make people feel better, whether it’s myself or a friend, or whoever. I don’t know how to say this without sounding corny or banal, but I know a lot of people who are very hard on themselves.” Her advice to people everywhere? “Everyone needs a theme song! It should make you feel like a million dollars”. We completely agree! Music makes the world go round! BRANCHING OUT So she acts on big screens and small, sings, has been nominated for Golden Globes and Grammy awards not to mention she can hula hoop for hours (or so we hear!). Her personal philosophy? “I’m always trying to do stuff I haven’t done before or challenge myself so I’m not resting on my laurels all of the time because if I just found my little niche and never left it, I’d be pretty boring, I think.” We don’t think she could ever really be boring, but the variety in her career certainly helps make her seem much more alive. It’s refreshing to see an actress making her way through tinsel town on her terms. As she puts it,” I just sort of follow my bliss, so to speak, and then I see where that takes me.” That’s pretty hard advice to follow but we think we sort of know what she means. It’s important to do what your heart wants to do at least some of the time. Perhaps that’s part of the secret to happiness in life. LAUGH WITH YOUR FRIENDS Seems pretty simple right? Find something you love to do and do it, with the people you love most in the world. Zooey, who loves to laugh (duh! who doesn’t?) recently founded a humour website with some of her best friends. She says came about because ‘there’s a lot of dude comedy out there and not enough outlets for funny, creative girls, so my friends and I decided to build one’. Zooey and her friends write on the blog and ruminate over ideas such as robots that garden (and maybe cook), cakes on sticks (“but really guys, what’s not to love?”), and how to dress for winter. The blog is hilarious (go check it out!), but a cursory look at the website shows that Deschanel has immense love and respect for her friends. Small, heartfelt birthday messages, and posts on best friend days leave us wishing that she was our best friend too. But the idea behind it all? Cherish the people who get you and who giggle with you and at you… so ladies (and gentlemen!) give your bestie a call today for an instant happiness boost!


“I WORK OUT TO BE HEALTHY AND BECAUSE I LIKE IT.” EXERCISE We’ve all heard it, exercise makes you happier and healthier, just go hit a gym! No, says Zooey. Well, she doesn’t actually say no, but she does say that swotting around in gyms may not be the best way to spend your days, “A lot of people work out to be skinny. That’s so boring, and it seems like a depressing goal for a modern woman. I work out to be healthy and because I like it. I do sports or classes, things that engage my mind. If you are active, fitness will follow and probably a good figure, too?” Exercise, but not just to get rid of that pesky muffin top; do it for you, all of you! We’ve given you some tips for having happiness served to you on a plate (thanks to Ms. Deschanel), but we did want to leave you with something she wrote a while back. We came across this, and thought it was too well-put to not share, so here goes. We hope it affects you the same way it affected us: “Being tender and open is beautiful. As a woman, I feel continually shhh’ed. Too sensitive. Too mushy. Too wishy washy. Blah blah. Don’t let someone steal your tenderness. Don’t allow the coldness and fear of others to tarnish your perfectly vulnerable beating heart. Nothing is more powerful than allowing yourself to truly be affected by things. Whether it’s a song, a stranger, a mountain, a rain drop, a tea kettle, an article, a sentence, a footstep, feel it all – look around you. All of this is for you. Take it and have gratitude. Give it and feel love.”

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s r e e Ch ! y e o Zo

by Permoglaze Paints


The only non-drip paint for the ‘Ultimate Finish’

Call your Paint Partners on 99425937, 99289903.


FEATURE t seems like stress is the most used word in our daily life. In few cases, stress is what makes or breaks a person. How we cope with stress determines how we fare in various facets of our lives. In a scenario where stress is unavoidable, it is best for one to safeguard against its illeffects. Here are five things that could help you take control over your stress:


Take a stock of what is worrying you. Write it down on a piece of paper. It could be your job, commute, children, etc. When you write it down you might have a better sense of control over your stress.


If taking a walk or going to the gym is stressing you out, why not try meditation? You don’t need to find a special place; you can meditate even as you lie down on your bed. Close your eyes gently and work on happy thoughts. When your mind moves towards negative thoughts, bring it back to the happy ones. Gradually

work on freeing your mind of any thought. You could start by meditating just for five minutes and build it up as much as you can.


A clutter-free home or desk can bring immense clarity and a sense of calm. Work on decluttering your space by writing down: • What you need • What you love to have • What you can do without Accordingly throw or keep away things you do not need. You could donate the things you don’t need to charity. Feel your spirits lifting up when you do that.

playlist to listen to when you are down and can use some cheering up.


You could learn to paint, sing or cook. Break away from your routine and allocate some time to do something you like. Mastering a new skill can bring out the confident you. Source: First-of-its-kind portal designed exclusively for BankMuscat Zeinah customers that brings together exclusive content for women.


You do not need to make the time to go to the opera. You can switch on music on your phone or your computer when you are at work. Take time out this weekend to create a special

STRESS BUSTERS Five ways to beat stress and bring happiness into your life…

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There’s a child in each one of us and sometimes looking inward can bring a whole new meaning and perspective to life, says psychologist Janet Nell of Harub Health Group

h, how we sometimes fleetingly remember a thought, a yearning, and a dream we had all those years ago... and with this remembrance; more memories come flooding into our consciousness - how carefree we used to be, as we ran with the wind in our hair, thinking of nothing but the pleasure of the moment! How quickly we were to be pleased, a hug from a loved one, a favourite item of clothing, a sweet and a gold star could bring such joy!

when and where to let out our inner child! According to Eric Berne, author of the book Games People Play, dating back to 1964, we start to generate scripts for our lives from an early age onwards. Upon these thoughts he based the well-known TA, or Transactional Analysis Theory, which holds that within each of us we have Child, Adult and Parent facets. These facets all have roles to play in our lives, depending on the circumstances we find ourselves in; and so, come quiet relaxation time, nothing stops us from allowing the inner child to come out to play, this time round with our own adult supervising and ensuring that all goes well!

Hardly did we stop then to ponder on what tomorrow might bring, and when it came to us as we grew a bit older, the thought of tomorrow was filled with high hopes, dreams of good times and successes at this or that... Innocent dreams filling our days of childhood, that, reflecting upon them as adults, we yearn for once more, for in their simplicity yet grandness was wrapped up our innermost and happiest wishes for our adult years to come!

Gordon Emmerson, Australian author of books addressing Ego State Therapy, says: “We are each made up of a number of different states; each has its own feeling of power, weakness, emotion, logic, or other personal traits. When we say, ‘Part of me wants to,’ we are talking about an ego state. When we say, ‘I feel at peace with myself on this issue,’ we are talking about our ego states agreeing, not having an internal struggle. Our various states help to make our lives rich, productive, and enjoyable.”

And so, how can we recapture some of that? And do we really want to? Yes and no... but, for when we do want to relive some of our childhood emotions and innocence, here are some thoughts on the topic – but before we go there, we may ask – is it okay to do so? Is it really acceptable that we, as adults, sometimes yearn for the innocence and simplicity of our youth? Of course it is... as long as we know

Clearly it will be okay for us from time to time, to awaken the inner child! We do so by focusing on the child in us, going quiet and allowing ourselves to be in touch again with that which had meaning for us when we were small, allowing that to enrich our lives as adults – so, laugh, play, create, run outside, dream under the stars - enjoy exploring this!


AND THIS IS HOW THEY EMBRACE THEIR ‘INNER CHILD’… “Let’s take a trip back in time, where we jumped our youth a whole generation line. Growing up in different societies, I can scream and shout with all my childish enthusiasm. I enjoy the company of two of my neighbours’ kids, Zaid and Tamim. I can go to the movies, watch cartoons and put up with their challenging screaming till late. I see in them innocence, joy and how endearing life can be. Then I remember having that feeling myself. There’s warmth that’s indescribable. As a woman, I discover my inner child from the purest simplest thing. We all love chocolates so why not take a bite… and feel good?” Rasha Al Madani “The only people in the world who are truly living a joyous life are the children. They forgive readily, forget easily and move on. Their utmost faith in their mother’s care leaves them never with any worry. Lastly they are neither plagued by worries of not knowing nor do they ever suffer from any arrogance of knowing too much. So their shoulders are light and hearts are filled with love and wonder. Only when we look back do we realise, how blissful that life was and it came with an expiry date. Reclaiming a part of that magical life is actually a spiritual journey and the first step is to immerse in a feeling of gratitude, perhaps. As for me I feel I am God’s favourite child and I have been allowed to ignore the expiry date. So I find myself jumping into a pile of freshly cut soft grass, breaking into a dance right outside Japengo to the Latino music they sometimes play or licking the Jewel candy rings.” Sushmita Gupta

30 MAY 2012

WHAT’S STOPPING YOU? BE A CHILD AGAIN • If you have kids, involve yourself in as many of their activities as you can. Sing, dance and play with gay abandon. • Never call yourself old. Think young and feel young. As they say, it’s all in the mind. • Stop worrying too much over small things. Children learn to move on easily and so should we. • Do what you love without bothering about the result at the end of it. Children do a lot of fun things that bring them happiness. • Do not obsess over your weight. • Don’t be afraid to show your love for others. A hug goes a long way. • It’s okay if you get excited over little things. What’s that they say? Good things comes in small packages? • Do something silly once in a while. It’s no big deal if you’re laughed at. • Keep your mind stimulated and creative with a hobby or pastime. • Do the things you loved to do as a kid. You’ll be amazed at how life can change if you start embracing your inner child.


a H

32 MAY 2012

! a -H piness of p a h , h lt id od hea asma Al Sa o g o t B a ay your w says Sayyid h g u a L g, ell-bein renity Clinic w d n a Se ers of p is h W Life is all about finding those little moments that give us happiness and surrounding ourselves with the people we love and want. And binding these special occasions together is the sound of laughter resonating through every fibre of our being. Laughter is like an instant and absolutely free vacation. Today, life has become so fastpaced that we forget to stop and smell the roses, see the sun set or appreciate the beautiful gifts the world has given us. We forget how important something like laughter is and how it can bring about a change in our lives. We are more worried about the economic crisis than appreciating the smile on our child’s face. We are forever bogged down by work issues, hardly finding time to spontaneously dance to a piece of catchy music. Laughing with your girlfriends over a funny joke or watching cartoons with your kids and feeling silly are the kind of moments we must enjoy and appreciate. The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter. If we know how to use this well, we can win the heart of millions while strengthening the muscles of our own heart. A man isn’t poor if he can still laugh. Laughter Yoga is a new generation

therapy and the brainchild of Dr. Madan Kataria, a physician from Mumbai, India. He launched the first Laughter Club at a park on March 13, 1995, with merely a handful of people. Today, it has become a worldwide phenomenon with more than 6000 Social Laughter Clubs in about 60 countries. Laughter Yoga combines unconditional laughter with Yogic Breathing (pranayama). Laughter is simulated as a body exercise in a group; with eye contact and childlike playfulness, it soon turns into real and contagious laughter. Anyone can laugh without relying on humour and that is the aim behind Laughter Yoga. It is based on the scientific fact that the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter. One gets the same physiological and psychological benefits. So when life doesn’t give us those reasons to laugh, Laughter Yoga is a beneficial and alternative way to feel rejuvenated and alive. An efficient way to break free from mundane routines and feel better without the pain from injections and the foul taste of medicines. Laughter Yoga is usually done in a group where people gather just to laugh their hearts out by following

certain principles of yoga. People of all ages can participate in a Laughter Yoga session and it is helpful with dealing with wide variety of issues ranging from mental health problems to just improving general well-being. So laugh often, dream big and reach for the stars! (Sayyida Basma Al Said is a psychotherapist, mental health counsellor and founder of Whispers of Serenity Clinic.)



A smile goes a long way, doesn’t it? I had this colleague at a previous workplace who set the tone for almost everyone she came into contact with a ‘Good morning, have a great day!’ accompanied by a sparkling smile. Bubbly and full of cheer, she always looked at the positive side of things and this demeanour endeared her to all.

She was naturally positive, which some of us may not be. A negative attitude at the workplace can do more harm than good and really, who would want to work with someone who’s cribbing and whining all the time? An offhand negative remark can create a chain of negative thoughts and haven’t you often noticed how the negative vibes you

SPREAD the cheer

Suffering from workplace blues? Rekha Balakrishnan outlines some positive ways by which you can bring in some cheer…

34 MAY 2012

get off some people can pull you down instantly? A recent survey suggests that a negative attitude was one of the top common career-limiting habits. That’s why a positive attitude matters not only for professional growth but for your personal well-being as well. Here are some ways by which you can work towards building positive

relationships at the workplace. All you need is to put in some effort along with some positive attitude. The rest, as they say, will come naturally!

something you are not. Someone will call the bluff sooner or later. Don’t be afraid to say ‘you don’t know’ when you truly don’t. People will appreciate your honesty in the long run.



Most people try to project an image that is far removed from reality. So in the end, they only make a fool of themselves. Do not pretend to be

By this we mean, let your positive attitude shine through. Even if you have a dissenting opinion or need to be assertive in certain situations, you can say ‘no’ or put your foot down without being rude. It’s how you deliver your words that will impact your relationship with your coworkers. People who say ‘no’ all the time are a nightmare to work with!

SMILE ‘Smile and the world loves it’, is not just a cliché, it’s a norm that has to be applied to every facet of life. It’s amazing how a smile can turn things around. At the workplace, smile often and others will respond to you more favourably and this in turn, will send out positive vibes.

BE PROFESSIONAL It’s your responsibility to act

professionally at the workplace. Strictly keep personal issues aside and practise tact and diplomacy at all times. While it’s not always easy to do this, you should do so for your own career growth. Interference in others’ affairs is an absolute no-no! Staying out of office politics will also keep you positive throughout.

ENJOY YOUR WORK When you love what you do, it keeps you positive. The workplace comes with its own ups and downs but don’t let the lows keep you down for long. Focus on getting the best out of your job, add value to it with your hard work and determination and your career will only be on the upswing! If you crib and whine all the time, it gives a negative impression of your attitude towards work. So, keep a strong emotional check on yourself.

GIVE AND TAKE RESPECT Treat everyone at the workplace as your equals. Don’t put anyone on a pedestal, not even your boss! If you are afraid to speak, you are only going to be taken for granted. Treat your colleagues with respect and not with condescension. Make your workplace interactive, fun and a wonderful place to work in.

BE ORGANISED If you love to live in clutter, you are only going to be angry with yourself most of the time. Clear your desk every day, pin up an inspirational quote on a board, doodle something you like or put up pictures of your family. These will help you remain positive throughout the day.

HAVE FUN All work and no play can indeed make you a dull person. Plan team lunches or get-togethers when possible. You could also allocate some ‘me-time’ during the week to recharge your batteries and face work with more vigour. Work on health issues if any and try to include a fitness routine that will ease the stress to a large extent.

style files 36 MAY 2012



t’s amazing what a makeover can do to your personality. A dab of lipstick, a stylish haircut, a new dress will certainly transcend outward looks to create an inner transformation. Yes, looking good contributes a lot towards feeling good.

We’ve all loved the way movie characters have gone from plain looking to drop-dead gorgeous. Right from Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, Andrea Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada to Gracie Hart in Miss Congeniality, these characters have epitomised the fact that life looks at you differently when you look good. Since most first impressions are visual, what you wear and your personal style is of utmost importance. Your appearance does say a lot about you. If you dress shoddily, most people are not likely to take you seriously. With impeccable grooming comes not only admiration but loads of respect as well. But that doesn’t mean that you go OTT and spend more on your wardrobe than what is needed. Looking good does not come with huge price tags. All it requires is a practical and sensible approach to be fashion forward. A little creativity and ingenuity also goes a long way, for example, accessorise or mix and match for some great results. Looking good is also about how you view your body. In order to feel your best, you have to also feel good about the way you look. Adele, the singing sensation may not be size-zero stunning but she exudes a positivity that’s simply amazing. Never mind if fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld called her ‘a little too fat’. She feels good about the way she looks and it certainly shows! But we are certainly not implying that you should not care for your body. A healthy lifestyle does contribute immensely to the ‘feel-good’ factor. Ultimately, it’s also all inter-connected. Your inner beauty radiates on the outside and makes you both feel and look good. It’s about loving and celebrating your unique style. And that’s also what happiness is about, isn’t it?

Images courtesy: Roeckl


Signature Style Roeckl, the iconic 173-year old German fashion brand, has introduced its latest collection inspired by the beauty of North Africa. Akshay Bhatnagar caught up with Annette Roeckl, Managing Director of Roeckl in Berlin to understand more about the new range and her contribution towards taking the traditional business forward 38 MAY 2012

(gloves that can be worn while effortlessly operating smartphones and touchscreen displays) perfectly round off the range. After all, gloves can do more than just provide warmth - they can spark a fire. We are constantly growing and currently employ a staff of around 320 in Germany and the rest of Europe. Responsible for the distribution are a large number of national and international sales partners, over 22 stores and shop-inshop spaces in Germany and Austria, as well as partner stores in the rest of Europe. We are also reporting a healthy, strong growth when it comes to exports.


t all began in 1839 with Jakob Roeckl’s vision. He wanted to make the finest gloves that should protect, beautify and remain with their owners for many years. He founded his craftsman’s workshop in Munich, and set about producing kid gloves of the highest quality. His philosophy was to use only the finest materials and to employ the greatest care in craftsmanship. These two tenets have remained the touchstone of the company through five generations. The company stands as a success formula for extraordinary talent in leather workmanship and fine accessory production and is renowned for its gloves, knitted accessories, foulards, scarves, and most recently, bags. Today, the company is directed by a member of the sixth generation of the family, Annette Roeckl. She, too, preserves the principles of the company’s founder, considering quality to be the maxim of her collections. Keep what is good and make it better, is how she operates and directs the course of the company in the future. Here, Annette tells The Woman all about Roeckl, what it stands and gives us a peek into its scintillating Spring-Summer Collection. WHAT MADE YOU JOIN THE FAMILY BUSINESS? My decision to join the company was originally more of a pragmatic one, as a traineeship in my business meant that I

could perfectly combine two important things - having a career and bringing up my son. And while I was standing in for my mother in the marketing department a few years later, I noticed how much this challenge appealed to me and how much I had really grown to love the company and the products. After gaining this intensive insight, I didn’t have to think twice and knew that this was the right job for me. In retrospect, I really appreciate the fact that I was given plenty of time to adapt to my role and the company. WHAT HAS BEEN YOUR CONTRIBUTION IN THE TRADITIONAL COMPANY’S GROWTH? I believe that tradition is not about worshipping the ashes; it’s about carrying forward the glowing embers. Since taking over the family company in its sixth generation in 2003, I have consistently pursued the vision of combining tradition with modernity – which, for me, means guiding our traditional company towards a successful future. I am particularly delighted that we have managed to achieve more and more international relevance as a Bavarian business. I’ve been able to further develop our position as a European market leader and have focused on the internationalisation and expansion of the product portfolio. TELL US ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT LINE... Currently, we offer a well-rounded range of accessories – consisting of leather gloves, silk foulards, scarves and knitwear accessories, as well as our own line of bags, small leather accessories and belts. Our own junior collection and our most recent innovation project Roeckl Intelligence

WHY DO DISCERNING CUSTOMERS PREFER TO BUY ROECKL PRODUCTS? The Roeckl brand stands for authenticity, a long-lived tradition of craftsmanship and a love for detail – driven by the passion for creating favourite items that stand out with their perfect fit, consummate workmanship, valuable materials and a sophisticated, timeless design. Since it was founded in the year 1839, the Munich brand has been regarded as being synonymous with the finest leather gloves and premium accessories. In order to fulfil our high quality standards, the Roeckl range is mainly produced at our own production facilities, which thereby guarantees that traditional craftsmanship and the know-how that goes with it is consistently practised and implemented. We think and act together, so we can maintain the Roeckl quality standards beyond the entire supply chain. This is visible in the choice of materials, its production to own manufacturing specifications and last but not the least, in the expert sales advice and the passionate sale of our products. After all, it is our proximity to the market and our customers that sets Roeckl apart. For over 140 years we have had our own retail organisation, which currently has 23 own stores and 10 shop-in-shop spaces. This means that we are in a position to be able to react quickly to the needs of our customers and the requirements of the market. And these are precisely the reasons why Roeckl commands international trust - based on its uniqueness and unsurpassed quality, precision and reliability. YOUR SPRING/SUMMER 2012 COLLECTION IS INSPIRED BY NORTH AFRICA. TELL US MORE ABOUT IT. Inspired by the beauty of North Africa’s landscapes and towns, our Spring/ Summer collection 2012 stands out

with artistic Oriental patterns and intensive colours. Summery linen and linen melanges, light chiffon and georgette fabrics flatter sun-kissed skin and attract attention with bright Lagoon, vibrant Indigo and intensive Tangerine, as well as gentle earthy and pastel tones. Soft leather is elaborately woven and knotted, die-cut patterns and oriental style elements adorn the gloves, bags and small leather accessories of the new collection. The city of Tangier, the gateway to Africa, and the souks of Marrakesh provided a source of inspiration in the form of an unending supply of shapes and colours. These inspirations are being imaginatively interpreted in three trend themes – Excited, Balanced and Essential (see box). HOW MANY COLLECTIONS DO YOU LAUNCH IN A YEAR? We offer two main collections every year. While the motto of our current Spring/Summer collection is 'Adventures of Africa’, impressing with fresh, vibrant colours and pastel tones, the focus for this coming Autumn/Winter collection 2012/2013 is on gentle natural tones, and cool, mysterious colours. Inspired by the impressive vastness of Russia’s landscapes and imposing metropolises, it reflects a Russian winter fairytale.

ROECKL’S LATEST TRENDY THEMES EXCITED Fresh, vibrant colours and a sporty intensity are at the focus of this collection’s theme. Lagoon, Tangerine and Hot Pink, both monochrome as well as in a colour mix, symbolise pure joie de vivre and a casual feeling. BALANCED Delicate cream, powder and pastel tones are reinterpreting the nude look this summer, contrastingly combined with steam and transparent black. Materials finely woven on a loom and light, airy perforations reflect the utmost attention to detail, making this look a real summery highlight. ESSENTIAL Inspired by linen, sisal, straw and dried leaf green, gentle colours and dégradés are taking centre stage here. Khaki, breezy linen tones, camel beige and washed-out denim tones are accentuated by the interplay of rich Coffee, Mocha Brown and Indigo. For more information, visit:

Images courtesy: Roeckl


40 MAY 2012

The Spring-Summer Collection 2012 from Roeckl stands out with its artistic Oriental patterns and intensive colours


African adventure

42 MAY 2012

44 MAY 2012

BEAUTY BUZZ Most women dread wearing make-up in summer. Your eyeshadow becomes a greasy pool; humidity makes your mascara run, your powder makes splotches and some colours look like mud against your skin. But there’s no reason to fret. You need not go down in the fashionista stakes just because of your make-up. All it takes is a little ingenuity, the right make-up and an

expert telling you how to look gorgeous in summer too. Samira Olfat, make-up artist from Max Factor has a few tips and tricks… FOR THE SUMMER GLOW • To have a glowing summer look, use a face primer before using the foundation which bring about a shine on the skin. Also carrying blot patches are the best way to get rid of the extra oil on the face.

• It’s always best to use a compact powder or water base/oil-free foundation to avoid the shiny look of the skin. • Make-up with mineral ingredients are best for summer, so try to use mineral make-up such as mineral foundations. You can use Max Factor Natural Minerals foundation which combines a build easy coverage with a gently protective, skin-friendly formula. • To keep your skin healthy and glowing during summer, avoid applying a thick, heavy layer of foundation. Make sure you exfoliate the skin once in a while and clean your skin thoroughly to prevent clogging of pores. • To make your eyeliner last longer, first apply a primer on the eyelid and then apply the eyeshadow and eyeliner. • For a sun kissed look, apply bronzer on your forehead, chin and cheeks. • If you get a tan, change your foundation shade to match your new skin tone. It is not necessary to change your make-up colours but orange

tones look great on warm skin tones and tanned skin. BE A BEACH BEAUTY Concealer - First begin with a concealer to hide any dark circles, blemishes or redness. Pan Stick Concealer from Max Factor is a great choice. Foundation - Choose a liquid foundation, as powder will mix with sweat and become patchy, while liquid will simply blend in. Also do not forget sun protection. My advice is to use a foundation that has SPF such as Max Factor Ageless Elixir Foundation with SPF 15. Blusher - Again, avoid powder. Use a cream blush that will melt into your skin in the sun and look natural. You can use Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush. Mascara - Always wear waterproof mascara when on the beach to avoid panda eyes. You can sunbathe and

r e m m Su ix F

Tips for a terrific summer glow from Samira Olfat, make-up artist, Max Factor 46 MAY 2012

go swimming without your mascara running, but make sure that you do not rub your eyes after you have been in the water as it might smudge. You can use Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara in waterproof black. Lip gloss - Choose a longlasting lip gloss to add colour and moisture to your lips. You can use Infinity lipstick, which comes with a separate moisturising top coat that can be used throughout the day as a lip balm and to refresh your colour.


the it list Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time to glam up and show off! The USF Store at Zakher Mall is a one-stop shop for buying a complete outfit, a matching bag and complimenting shoes...




Pure Gold Spring Collection


sparkle& shine Here’s jewellery that will put you right where you belong... in the spotlight

Van Cleef & Arpels Perlée Collection

48 MAY 2012

Van Cleef & Arpels Perlée Collection Van Cleef & Arpels Perlée Collection

Swarovski AG 2012 Š


Megastore Ruwi Street: 24796161, Qurum: 24560419 | | | | Toll-Free: 800-75000



With summer just around the corner, having a beauty tool that offers a quick and easy way to cleanse your face is an absolute must-have in your skincare arsenal. Let your skin breathe with Nivea Visage Facial Cleansing Wipes. They come in three types: Refreshing Cleansing Wipes, Gentle Cleansing Wipes and Pure Cleansing Wipes. Look fresh, and feel fresh!

Beauty Booty Make-up, skincare, fragrancesâ&#x20AC;Ś essentials you cannot do without



Changing your nail colour should be as easy and rapid as changing jewellery and accessories. Bourjois makes it possible with1 Seconde Nail Enamel, with its new formula, colours and a speedy result. A new formula that obtains the professional result of a salon manicure in just a few seconds, and in your own home!

50 MAY 2012

Calvin Klein launches Sheer Beauty, a sparkling and carefree scent with a pure, sexy confidence. The fragrance evokes the sensuality and delicacy of bare skin with its luminous floral essence and skin-like warmth! Beautiful!


This year, Dior Addict perfectly balances boldness and sophistication in a new colour partition. Behold 12 incredibly shiny shades that are even more impulsive. Dior Addict goes Extreme. Revel in it!


The quest for immaculate skin transparency takes Dior to the very heart of thousand-year-old glaciers in Iceland. There lies a rare and precious natural source of pure beauty: an exclusive whitening ingredient discovered by Dior – part of Diorsnow, an ultrapowerful whitening skincare programme.


Revlon believes that looking glamorous doesn’t need to take all day. Revlon Top Speed™ Nail Enamel contains a patented formula which gives an amazingly quick, smooth lay down of colour for a gorgeous, super shiny finish in only a minute. Paint away!


Estée Lauder introduces a bold, yet subtle new colour collection for Spring 2012, inspired by the warm, sun-bleached tones of the desert. Pure Color Topaz, a limited edition make-up collection features a mosaic of sublime bronze, taupe and sand dune shades punctuated by an irreverent twist of citron yellow and an intense pop of teal, evoking the naturally smoky look and romantic glow of a desert sunset.


Black XS L’Exces for Her by Pa PPaco co all Rabanne is an Oriental Floral otes are fragrance for women. Top notes otes are neroli and pepper; middle notes oming jasmine, rose and night blooming cereus; base notes are vanillaa and cashmere wood.


Tropical Twist Think tropical, think fashion and think carnival! Splash celebrated 10 successful seasons of the Splash Fashion Show with the biggest open-air fashion party, the ‘Splash Fashion Paradise’. The Woman was part of the fashion celebrations…

52 MAY 2012


destination where only fashion ruled, the shows were attended by 16,000 people including students, customers and a bevy of media and VIPs.

Brimming with glitz, glamour and gloss, 65 models walked down the 40 metre long Splash catwalk, which was ruled by the Tropical. The collection presented was a mix of contemporary and traditional fashion statements that created a contrasting medley but still gelled beautifully on the ramp. Held at Al Badiya Golf Course, Dubai Festival City, Tropical Luxe was the theme

for the evening, where guests arrived dressed in the choicest and coolest of trends and looks. The show took place in four distinct fashion episodes. Exploring the world of Splash Fashion Paradise where fashion ruled and everyone dressed by the laws of the land, this destination was a haven for consumers who were treated to an experience of new trends and a host of fun activities. Sectioned into East & West village, the areas were replete with interactive zones each themed differently. Featuring many sights

and attractions including music and entertainment, quick bites, fashion kiosks, funky photo-booths, quirky lip tattoos, the zones kept the consumers regaled. From coast to coast, the destination offered the adventurous dresser a chance to experience style the way it was meant to be. They also went home with some stylish souvenirs.

season; Splash hosted two shows with close to 6000 lucky visitors attending the Under 21 show and 10,000 attending the late night show. The Under 21, a pre-party sundown show was followed by the late night consumer and VIP show and the Paradise after party which featured celebrated DJs like Kennedy and Danny Neville.

Changing the line-up of shows this

Replete with unique attractions but

with a firm focus on fashion, the aptly named Splash Fashion Paradise was a ‘paradise’ of vigour, enthusiasm and freshness for fashion enthusiasts. The arena was replete with LED screens playing interesting videos from UMM, Lee Cooper, Elle, Being Human, the international brands under the Splash portfolio. Interesting props like a wishing well and a speaking tree added to the fun, while consumers indulged in activities like portfolio shots at the ICONIC booth wearing quirky accessories, wall climbing at Kappa, rodeo bulls at Lee Cooper, won vouchers and gifts at various kiosks and finally relaxed at the Elle lounge. Splash Fashion Paradise was a destination, where 12 Spanish dancers regaled the audience. The SS’12 collection presented on the runway drew inspiration from the world of Aqua Mania, Out of the Blues, Survivor and Soul Searcher. Presenting a world of the choicest of trends coupled with the chicest of shapes that are classic yet bold and edgy, vivid prints, colours and designs, the well-researched Splash collection will be in stores starting now until July 2012.

54 MAY 2012

The Woman reveals exquisite pieces of jewellery you absolutely must own!



STUDDED Stud earrings are a great way to glam up your outfit and give you a subtle touch of class and elegance! Pick out exquisite gold, diamond or pearl studs that suit your style and skin tone. This is one look that will never go out of style!

DROP ‘EM As much as we love the studs, some occasions call for a more bold look. Dropdowns are perfect for fancy dos where you absolutely must look your best.

PENDANTS A classy pendant swaying on a delicate chain adds beauty and character to an everyday look. Go for the glamorous ones to transform an ordinary outfit into something special!

BRACELETS Chunky, colourful, sleek or shiny, bracelets go with every outfit. Wear it with jeans or a skirt or even an elegant evening gown. A must-have in every jewellery box!

BANGLES Once exclusively worn by Indian women, bangles are now all the rage, the world over. Accessorise with a giant chunky bangle or mix and match several colours to coordinate with your outfit! They’re absolutely impossible to ignore!

Jewellery definitely adds that much needed finishing touch to your everyday wardrobe. And what’s more, it’s the perfect way to showcase your inner personality! So whether it’s simple elegant studs or colourful funky chains, when it comes to jewellery here’s a list of the essential accessories every woman needs, to be stylish, gorgeous and… well, herself!

FUNKY NECKLACES Elegant neck-pieces project a casual and confident look to any outfit. They come in so many versions and can even include glass beads and feathers! The whackier the better! Just make sure they complement your outfit.

KEEPING TIME! We can all agree that a woman’s watch does a lot more than just reveal the time! Whether sleek or elegant, diamond studded or funky, the right watch speaks volumes about your personality.

RING ON When it comes to comes to jewellery don’t forget to dress up those pretty hands! Rings come in a variety of colours and designs. Gold, platinum, silver or your favourite gemstones, there is a ring to suit every dress and occasion.

TOUCH OF ELEGANCE A brooch is sure to give you a graceful touch of elegance - whether it’s a hectic day of work or the sophisticated dinner party. Pin up for a stunning effect. Jewellery indeed maketh a woman! A beautiful piece of jewellery adds to the overall charm. C’mon, bling them on!

FASHION GUIDE Be it striped or bold, cashmere or silk - the scarf is definitely one of the most versatile accessories out there! They can create that bold and exciting look youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve always wanted or give you a subtle touch of elegance with just a simple tie of a knot. And the best thing about scarves? You can twist them, tie them, crumple or wrap them in any way you want, to create that chic look for any occasion! So go ahead, take a look at some of these funky ways to turn your scarf into the most fashionable accessory out there!

Here are eight exciting ways to use the scarf for a scintillating and attention-turning effectâ&#x20AC;Ś

56 MAY 2012

Wrap up!

BAG IT! Want to give your plain-looking handbag a makeover? Give it a dash of elegance and style with this easy method! Tie a silky scarf of a contrasting colour along the handle. Give it an elegant bow along the side or tie a simple knot! Either way you’re sure to get tonnes of compliments with your new and exciting handbag!

AROUND THE WAIST! Wear your scarf around your jeans like a fashionable sarong. Or try this. Take two scarves. Wrap one around your waist, knotting it at the side. Then take another and wrap it over, this time fastening the knot over one hip. You can wear it with a turtleneck and black tights. And try experimenting with other styles too! When it comes to scarves, there are definitely no limitations.

NECKTONECK An ultra-stylish silk scarf tied delicately around the neck can add just the right amount of elegance to your daily formal wear.

CLASSIC DRAPE Casually drape a scarf around the neck for a simple but ‘wow’ effect. Works best with long woollen and cashmere scarves… giving off a casual yet chic look! Pair it up with a plain shirt which contrasts well with your scarf.

HEAD ON Use your scarf as a hairband or bandana and show off oodles of attitude. This style has become immensely popular lately and is comfortable during the harsh summer months. Fold it along the length and tie it around your head, leaving your hair loose. Pair it up with sunglasses and you’re all set!

BELT UP! Wrap your scarf around your waist like a belt and add some extra style by tying a fashionable knot at the side. A subtle yet sure way to give you that gorgeous look this summer

SHOW OFF! If you’re tired of wearing scarves the usual way, wear it like a necklace. Here’s how. Fold it along the length and carefully attach the sides with an exciting brooch or pin. Great for all occasions and you get to decide on the length of your necklace!

LIKE A TIE Wrap that slim rectangular scarf around the back of your neck and keep a loose knot in the front. Stylish, classy and perfect for a hectic day at work!


Leading Plastic Surgeon Dr. Waseem Saeed, Bsc MD Chb FRCS (BAPRAS) gives his views on facial ageing and its treatment

Sound Advice CAN YOU SUM UP WHAT HAS CHANGED IN THE FIELD OF FACIAL REJUVENATION SINCE YOU HAVE BEEN PRACTISING? We now have a better understanding of the process of facial ageing. For years it was thought to be due to slackening of facial tissues alone but we now know that facial ageing is due to thinning of facial fat components and receding bones. This process starts as early as 14 years of age and in women accelerates near menopause. WHAT KIND OF THINGS CAN BE DONE TO SLOW DOWN THIS PROCESS? Our aim now is to prevent women from getting to the point where surgery is the only option. This requires a sound strategy at an early age. I use a three-pronged approach consisting of deep fillers to restore facial volume and reverse changes in the lips. I combine this with surface treatments to maintain a fresh and youthful glow to the skin and importantly use state-of-the-art sun protection for the skin. This is best started in your early thirties and can keep you looking fresh for decades. SO THERE IS NO QUICK FIX THEN ? Not if you want a long lasting effect. You need to take steps to maintain your facial tissues at an early stage. The idea is to keep your youthful looks and stay away from surgery for as long as possible. This

58 MAY 2012

does however require you to make an investment in your looks. I am afraid that there is no quick fix that will give you a long lasting effect. We want to take care of you for the next few decades to maximise this outcome. Our approach is long-term. SO WHAT IS THE GENERAL AGE OF WOMEN WHO COME AND SEE YOU IN THE CLINIC FOR THE FIRST TIME? Women who are regular clients tend to start to take notice of their skin in their early thirties when they become aware of little lines that weren’t there before. It is not a major concern, just a general awareness really. We can do small tweaks to help to maintain their youthful looks for longer. By investing in your appearance sooner rather than later, it is easier to sustain the appearance of youth. The idea is to maintain the younger you, not morph you into something you are not. It’s all quite subtle when it’s done well. SO WHAT HAPPENS TO THE LADIES WHO REALISE THAT THEY MAY HAVE MISSED THE BOAT? We make sure that no one misses the boat as we can set the clock back by using surgery. Every person is different so there is no one single approach. For someone who is more mature or has severe changes to the face, we aim to set the clock

back by using the trading facial surgery. It may require attention to eye bags, the neck, the nose or the jawline. Everyone ages slightly differently. However once this has been achieved you can then use the same three-pronged approach of replacing volume, using surface treatments and protecting the face from harmful UV rays to complement the surgery and maintain the youthful look for longer. WHAT CAN SOMEONE EXPECT IF THEY COME FOR A CONSULTATION ? The first and most important step is a detailed facial assesement. I normally take 45-60 minutes for most clients and discuss the various treatments available. I use the most sophisticated and non-permanent fillers in the market and can combine this with toxin treatment to treat the fine facial lines. Typically the deep fillers require two treatments within the first year and thereafter they require only top-ups. I complement the fillers with a combination of vitamin serums and Retin-A and of course the all-important sun protection. Nearly all the treatments can be carried out in an outpatient setting. Clients interested in seeing Dr. Saeed for a consultation to discuss facial rejuvenation can do so by calling Muscat Private Hospital on 93891887, from 9 am to 5 pm, Saturday to Wednesday.

o G ces a l P




t’s one of our favourite books that we often look up to for inspiration. One woman’s travels across Italy, India and Indonesia that brought the author the elusive happiness she was seeking. Eat, Pray, Love taught us if you want to find happiness, don’t hesitate to go half-way around the world to look for it.

That’s what travel is all about, isn’t it? It not only takes you places but provides you different paths to find yourself which in turn is what happiness is all about – understanding yourself, your qualities, complexities and what you want from life. As a traveller you do not just see the sights, you explore the world around you in myriad ways. You escape from one world to another and what you assimilate is perhaps what makes you a different person. You feel free, discover who you are, experience challenges and learn some important lessons in life. You soak in new experiences, of cultures, people and places and discover facets to yourself that you thought never existed. Travel broadens the mind and unburdens the heart. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a luxury traveller, backpacker or the cameratoting tourist. What matters is your willingness to set your mind free and open up to different worlds. Travel also creates new bonds and strengthens existing ones. A family vacation brings in a sense of togetherness and belonging and a quick trip with gal pals is perfect to rekindle old memories. And if you wish, you can go solo… just to get in touch with your inner self. And like Elizabeth Gilbert discovers bel far niente, you too, sometimes need to revel in the beauty of doing nothing. Ever sat in the desert and watched the starlit sky? Even the sounds of silence seem to convey something profound and joyful. Bon Voyage!

f o ’ e t a t ‘Sliss! B FEATURE

The Woman lists five of the world’s currently happiest countries! Here’s why these nations are so satisfied…

The Legatum Prosperity Index measures happiness, or tries to anyway. The calculations are a little complicated but researchers base the prosperity index on eight measures, that they say lead to happiness: economy, entrepreneurship, governance, education, health, safety, personal freedom and social capital. We know what you’re thinking. Indices are a little arbitrary. After all, how do you define happiness? Eight little statistical measures can’t possibly be enough to sum up the essence of an entire nation’s wellbeing and while we agree – maybe

it’s a start at quantifying something that seems so undefinable; laying a foundation to house the rest of our abstract happiness in. Let’s take a look at what are the basics behind national happiness. After all, it’s a start! The countries listed below are doing some things right – which is a great start – but it’s probably the richness of these people’s individual lives that makes them thrive, that makes them feel physically, emotionally and spiritually fulfilled.


This little island ranks second overall in good governance, education and personal freedom. It’s also ranked highest for tolerance of immigrants. The small island boasts gorgeous sun-kissed beaches and some of the world’s best universities. It’s small, a little isolated but the people are apparently thriving down there. Can we get a G’day mate?! Or wait, is that Australia?


Sweden’s ranked number five, folks! It might be freezing there for most of the year, but boy those few short months of summer – the country transforms into a paradise of rolling hills, classy fashion and people on bicycles! The Swedes know how to play, and it helps that the country boasts high levels of participation and social equality. Both the people and the government emphasise the importance of environmental protection and we all know that Sweden’s ranked pretty high in terms of technological expertise! Statistics say there are about 123 mobile phones per 100 people. All the mobiles you could ask for, gorgeous scenery and lots of freedom. Is it any wonder they are happy?

62 MAY 2012


We know what you’re thinking. It’s The pastries! We’re sure that’s not hurting, but Danish baked goods aside, this tiny country ranks number two for the third time now (It’s number one on the UNDP happiness index!). So what’s got the Danish clocks ticking? Apparently, the small country’s abounding with opportunities in entrepreneurship. It also shows some of the highest statistics for social equality and high connectivity. What’s more? Want to take advantage of some of the job opportunities? It’s got some of the world’s lowest start-up costs. Running a business and having it thrive has never been so easy! Is that why the pastries are so popular? Nope, they really are delicious. Can we add good bakers to the list of Danish attributes? After all how many bakers do you know who seem glum?


Speaking of Australia, this country/continent ranks number three on the Legatum Prosperity Index; it’s moved up two spots from number five in 2009. So what does it have? The statistics say great education, efficient government bureaucracy and excellent trade in natural resources. Looks like they’ve got it good on all fronts. All that gorgeous Australian ‘bush’ as they call it can’t be hurting either. The continent is absolutely gorgeous. Metropolitan cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Perth have it all, high living and quiet suburbs. But if you want some natural beauty, there’s plenty of mother nature to go around. That accent can’t hurt either, it just sounds so… upbeat!


Drum roll! The number one spot on our list has been taken up by Norway. This is the country’s third year in the top spot. So what makes the Norwegians so joyful? Well, the country is ranked number two in safety and security and, number one in social capital. It’s also the world’s richest country (with a GDP of $54,000 per capita). And we’ve all heard about how beautiful the people are (Nordic princes and princesses anyone?). It’s cold, but well, they more than make up for it by making their winter as cosy as possible. We’re talking candles and warm hot chocolate folks! Wouldn’t you be happy? So it looks like Scandanavia and places ‘down under’ are taking up all the top spots! Co-incidence? Maybe not but so far we’ve noticed that happy countries and people are made up of personal freedom, social equality, abounding opportunities and excellent education. Some of these countries (Sweden, Denmark and Norway!) are the happiest despite being situated in some of the world’s harshest climates. You know what that tells us? Happiness isn’t about where you are, it’s how you deal with where you are.


l a P l a G ways a t e G

For your next holiday, plan an all-girls trip. Here are some interesting destinations where you can bond with your girlfriends…



If you d o travellin n’t want to g o traips g in do ing ing a place to relax all the touris all over the c to rejuv , then you co ty things and ountry you a enate re m u a and th e gree ind, body an ld look at the re just lookin n coun g for d spirit Irish co effect. trys .Q un An destina d if you didn ide provide th uaint cottage tryside s, castl ’t know tion! S e p e rf e o es long w c a alks an all you need lready, Irelan t calming d to d ‘the lea rning to try out differe do is rent a c is also a ‘spa nt ’ ott relax’ h oliday! spa treatmen age, enjoy ts. We call this

ow would you like some time-out from the pressures and routines of daily life and just zip off on a vacation with your closest friends? We agree, family holidays are fun, but sometimes you do need time for yourself, to do the things you love with your closest girlfriends. That’s perhaps why women all over the world are setting off with their gal pals and having a whale of a time! Gal pal holidays are different perhaps because there’s less pressure of a structured holiday plan in front of you. You can spend some quality time with your girlfriends, let your hair down and have loads of fun. So for your next holiday, if you are looking for something different, get your friends together and plan something adventurous, exotic or refreshingly ‘out-of-the-box’. You can either let a travel agent plan a trip for you or do it on your own. All you need is enthusiasm. For there’s fun waiting at the end of it! The Woman lists five destinations for the travelling divas! Enjoy!

64 MAY 2012


Think holiday and you simply have to think Spain! Beautiful weather, beaches, festivals and castles, mouth-watering food – the list just goes on and on! Ibiza’s extremely popular with tourists. And so are Madrid and Barcelona. The country’s safe and is absolutely famous for its thriving nightlife! Add to the fact that a destination like Ibiza has 60 sprawling beaches and you have the perfect holiday destination for you and your gal pals!

how t ery, a scen for a gre f o ange ic place ass up h c te p ot a live e ex le to bsolu an a Rica is th ill be ab ry or see is a r o f w it e oking s? Costa ny of us ing scen rsy kind, xurious a ’re lo u z o st If you rainfore ll how m me ama e outdo xplore. L lace a t e p o th abou ion. After to view s are not s to just - this a d in e t d u r y a n o u it t in c y ie n c a a r if f rt e v e tu rchit ente your even ppor an o o! And you and tunning a irlfriends n r g s volca place fo ies and nd you r a t e a u ll e o a r y g g t keep s, ar cafe sure to ible! s is t tha way pos y ever



Amsterdam has always been considered one of the most women-friendly cities in Europe. The weather’s perfect, slightly windy and pleasant and the public transport is extremely safe. You can wander along the canals, visit the numerous museums and art galleries and soak yourself in the cultural and physical beauty of the place. English is widely spoken here and there’s no problem in getting around. But be prepared for lot of walking, and if you are up to it, cycling as well! So there you have it! Five exotic and gorgeous locales where you can spend your dream vacation bonding with your besties! So what are you waiting for? Get packing!

RIS, A M R MA EYurkey, Marmaris T r TURtoK wn in ation fo

A port great destin just a as offers rs. It h like – fine ymake ’d holida ything you iling n a sa t t u n o e ab cell , top es, ex sports us beach adventure o tu p , m s u option staurants, s warmth e re class isine and th sunshine. u n local c editerranea bines with m M o e c th f re rm o d cha nity of natu rl o w re e Old y s l a a holid agic the m it a serene ke a m to ation. destin


66 MAY 2012

Images: Visvas Paul D Karra

Heritage on heights Visvas Paul D Karra explores Misfat Al Abriyeen, a quaint heritage village just 45 minutes from Nizwa


isfat Al Abriyeen is literally a walk into the past. To be more precise, you will be stepping down into a time freeze that gives you a glimpse of an ancient period. As someone quipped, you don’t need a car licence here, instead you would need one to ride a donkey, because that is the only mode of transport to take you or your goods around the steep and narrow streets and stairs in Misfat. The alternative is to take a walk, which eventually you will, to explore this quant heritage village.

the inhabitants to carve their lives alongside the cliffs and rocks.

Misfat is not your usual cushy tourist spot to breeze in with your four-wheel drive, take some photos for your Facebook page and then reach the city lights before the sun goes down to catch your evening FB friends with snaps of your latest discovery in Oman.

The comforting factor for the travel enthusiast who does not own a four-wheel vehicle but still wants to explore Oman’s beauty, is that you can roar up the mountains of Jebel Shams on a perfect black top meandering road which takes you right up to the edge of Misfat. While driving up, there are vantage points where you can stop and view the breathtakingly beautiful and scenic countryside.

Because, for starters, by the time you finish doing a round of the place, you will be exhausted and in all probability shed a few calories as well what with all the walking and climbing. Secondly, you need to really drink in the amazing beauty of this place: Tall fruit-laden orange and banana plantations jostle for terrace space on the steep mountain-side with pomegranate, date and mango trees. Add to it, a complex falaj system carved into the ground and the earthen houses built on dizzying heights that will leave you in a tizzy at the end of the trip. Incidentally, the place is renowned for its citrus cultivations. You will be fascinated by the wondrous way this place has been built and the ingenuity of

Nestled in the midst of the Jebel Shams range around 5km from Wilayat Al Hamra in Al Dakhiliyah region, Misfat is considered as one of the most important tourist centres in the Sultanate of Oman because of the large number of visitors it receives all through the year. Drive up to Nizwa, follow the signs to Al Hamra and proceed up the road to the mountains. It just takes 45 minutes to reach Misfat from Nizwa.

Some of the places to explore in Misfat include Fort Rogan; Bait As Saffah (house on the flat rock); Bait Al Ambah (house at the mango tree); Lagil Al Farfah, (the water pool) and the big mosque area where chilled natural water is available for drinking through two taps. It’s a good place for hikers and amateur climbers. But do be careful of your footing while walking down these narrow alleyways. Misfat Al Abriyeen is a short and sweet escape into old-world charm, where the past beckons in all its glory!


68 MAY 2012



re technology and happiness co-related? Yes, says a 2010 study commissioned by the British Computer Society which claims that access to information technology such as mobile phones and PCs tend to make people free and empowered, which gives them a greater sense of control over their lives.

You can begin your day with a quick jog… the Nike+GPS app on your iPhone will sweat it out with you providing live GPS tracking as you run. Wash down your breakfast with some breaking news coming live via notifications on your tablet. All this while, your BlackBerry beeps with urgent e-mails vying for your attention. At office, you switch on your laptop and there are limitless programs that take you from task to another. And over lunch, you can catch up with your friends on WhatsApp. Whether it’s at home, the workplace or on the go, technology makes life easier. Gadgets and gizmos take the mundane and hard work out of everyday chores. Social media ‘connects’ lives in a seamless flow, giving us the power to identify relationships, wants and needs. And it’s now possible to explore new horizons and realms that one thought was impossible with the help of technology. When life becomes easier with the help of technology, it also makes us happier. But like with everything else, too much dependence on technology can also take the fun out of our lives. So do allow yourself once in a while to switch off and ‘switch in’.


MOBILE Nokia experts tell you how to take the best photos from your mobile phone camera, enabling you to treasure lifeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best moments


ave phone, will shoot! And thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why the advent of camera phones has made photographers out of us all. Living in the digital age means that we not just shoot pictures with our high-end mobile phones, but upload them for all to see. In an instant (or in a flash), you can share your most prized moments with your friends and family.

70 MAY 2012

Now, almost every mid to upper range model of a mobile phone has camera functionality. But some take this feature to great heights. Take for example, the new innovative Nokia 808 PureView device, the first smartphone in the world with a 41-megapixel sensor camera that allows users to take high quality images and video footage under any condition.

CLICKS! For the mobile phone user, this is not just an upgrade in pixel quality; it is also a game-changing feature that will enable users to get more media and entertainment value out of their phones, allowing distortion-free recordings of events like musical concerts. The drama of the darkness is always a photographic challenge. However, in addition to the Carl Zeiss lens and 41MP sensor, the Nokia 808 PureView gives you powerful Xenon flash and LED video light so you’re ready for spontaneous moments when spirits are high and the lights are low.

Want to make the best of your mobile phone’s camera and take great photos? Nokia experts tell you how.


Make it a habit. No matter how high resolution the image is, if the lens is not clean to begin with, chances are you will have an unpleasant image. For new devices this shouldn’t be a problem, but over time, lenses could accumulate dirt and lint so make sure you have a lens-wipe or cloth to swipe your lenses clean. Alternatively, you can also use additional accessories which are designed to protect the lens of the camera.


Most people fiddle with the settings as they are about to take the pictures, not a cool idea when the unexpected happens. Although you will most likely change the settings to suit certain conditions, it will be good to have the basics set right from the start – things such as resolution and image quality; or even standard effects. You would be better off turning the shutter sound off – the cool thing about cameraphones is that you can sneak it in anywhere and take photos of unguarded moments.


Make sure the subject is properly lit, as lighting affects the quality of the image. Make judicious use of the flash; use as much natural lighting as possible. Most cameraphones have a night mode, use it for taking pictures at night or in dark areas – it helps improve image quality and clarity.


Get close to your subject and try avoiding the zoom feature. A rule of thumb is to get within two feet of your subject so you can really take great images. On the other hand, don’t get

too close for comfort – you could end up with distorted or out of focus image.


Keep the camera still as you press the shutter. Keep a good balance with both feet on the ground; and here’s the trick – try to keep your elbows close to your body; it will help keep your hands steadier than usual.


Surprised? There are tripods for mobile devices; but this takes away the ‘mobility’ feature of cameraphones. You can use this option if you’re using your cameraphone for a serious piece of photography or videography work. There’s a lot of competition out there for taking pictures with cameraphones, so this might come in handy. Otherwise, if you’re just the perfectionist kind, go get a tripod.


Everything you want in the photo has to be in the frame. Don’t worry about taking too much space, you can crop it later. But strike a balance with getting close with your subject so you can take a better image.


Do this often, so that you can free up

space in your memory card and can share more photos. You can very well do that from your mobile phone, but ‘syncing’ and archiving your phone makes it easier to organise and create a really nice digital album.


There are a lot of photography apps in the market that you can use to make simple adjustments or add effects, if you’re a big fan of them. See and explore how you can enhance your cameraphone’s capabilities and your images. A good example is Nokia’s Creative Studio app; it lets you create a multitude level of effects on images making them come to life. The Nokia 808 PureView, comes equipped with a ‘creative’ mode to let you use your imagination to create awe-inspiring images with a variety of colour tones. If you’ve got a specific creative vision in mind, this is the mode to choose. It gives you complete control over camera settings and shooting parameters so you can tailor them to suit any scene or subject. Last but not the least, what’s of utmost importance is that you observe etiquette. One of the best things about cameraphones is that you can take them almost anywhere to take pictures of almost anything and anyone. However, keep in mind, that you should not take pictures of strangers without their permission, and consider restrictions imposed in certain cultures, or in places like theatres and events.


GADGET GIRL Some of the hottest gizmos you simply must covet…



Enjoy D-SLR-like performance in a much smaller and easier to manage camera with Panasonic’s new LUMIX G Series. Its compact and light weight lenses (DMCGF3, DMC-G3 and the DMCGH2) give photographers a new freedom and mobility. It carefully preserves the image quality of the 4/3-type sensor and also offers excellent expandability for future functions. LUMIX G Micro System cameras are also great when it comes to video recording. If you’re looking for a quality camera that’s easy to use, watch out for the LUMIX G series.

The Nokia Lumia is definitely turning heads, already having won the best Smartphone of the year award in January. Not only does it have a bigger 4.3 display, better battery capacity and 4G LTE, the mobile phone comes fully equipped with two high quality cameras. It’s also one of the first smartphones have a polycarbonate body – giving it a gorgeous sleek exterior available in black, cyan or white. If you’re looking for a stylish, efficient smartphone with an economical price tag, look no further!


Sony’s latest PlayStation Vita takes entertainment to a whole new level. The device has two quad-core processors, a clear 5-inch touchscreen OLED display and dual analogue stick controls to provide you with a unique gaming experience. It also has a 3G and WiFi support which allows you to connect to the rest of the world. All these features with a new and improved touchscreen makes the PlayStation Vita an absolute must have.

72 MAY 2012


Combine the best features of the tablet and smartphone and you get the Samsung Galaxy Note. Other than its unusually large screen size (5.3 inches) the phone is also known for its stylus – an inbuilt pen like device that can be used for a variety of apps, including writing sticky notes on the phone, with your own handwriting! It also has a a dual-core 1.4 GHZ processor and the Android 4.0. This uber stylish device comes in two main colours – black and white. Although if you’re the total girly type you might want to wait for the cherry pink Galaxy Note set to release by the end of the year.


Apple manages yet again to keep the world entranced with its latest iPhone - the 4S. Although the phone is very much like its predecessor when it comes to style and design its brimming with new and improved software. Its dual core processor and enhanced battery life are definitely some of the perks. Its 8 MP camera is better than ever. And to top it all off there’s always the cloud storage and computing service, iCloud and the voice recognition system Siri - which is like having a personal assistant in your pocket! Easy, convenient and fun!


Dell’s first Ultrabook is definitely one of the most talked about product of the year with its stylish ultra thin design. It offers users the option of Intel® Core™ i5 2467M or Intel® Core™ i7 2637M, and comes with other basic specifications like 4GB RAM and a 13.3” HD display. Quite economical in cost, Dell has done a great job - creating a perfect combination of high end features, long lasting performance with a stylish sleek exterior.


If you’ve got an Android phone this is definitely something you should check out! Philip’s Fidelio Docking Speaker plays music at a great audio quality, synchronises the time according to your cell and recharges your Android phone, all at the same time! Moreover with the free Philips DockStudio app you can listen to thousands of internet radio stations worldwide. The app also comes with the Songbird music function so you can sync music seamlessly between the PC and your Android! This is a real treat for music lovers.


Here’s a phone with a magical touch to it. The Xperia Sola has the unique ability to let consumers navigate the web by simply hovering their fingers above the screen. It is NFC enabled and comes with Xperia SmartTags. The phone has a 1GHz Dual Core Processor for super fast browsing. Launched on Android platform 2.3, the phone proves an upgrade to Android 4.0 this summer. With all these great features, the Xperia Sola is definitely a smartphone with a sense of magic!

POWERBEATS BY DR. DRE Add a touch of style to your exercise routine with these droolworthy earphones from Beats. Not only do the new Powerbeats have great audio they come with an adjustable rubber over-ear hook meant to keep the earphones in place. The left earphone also has a small miniscule remote attached to it in case you want to take a call or skip a track. The headphones come in black, white and red. They are super comfortable and stylish and remain securely in place making them the ultimate workout accessory for you.


Combine the distinctive style of Prada with LG’s innovative technology and you get the Prada phone by LG 3.0! The phone boasts of having one of the biggest and brightest screen in the world at 4.3 inches an a 800-nit screen. It features a glossy touchscreen to the front and Prada’s signature Saffiano pattern at the back, all finished in classic black. The phone also has a 1.0 GHz Dual-Core for high speed performance and dual band WiFi so you can stay connected all the time.

74 MAY 2012


A real treat for photo enthusiasts everywhere Canon has just released the new and improved Canon EOS 5D Mark III. It‘s 22.3 megapixel sensor, improved low light performance and enhanced video capabilities makes it a great update from its predecessors. The camera also has a broad ISO range going from 100 to 25600, and can still be expanded. Its burst mode is highly improved and it delivers great quality JPG files as well.


BRIGHT & BEAUTIFUL What’s new in the new iPad? Rekha Balakrishnan gives a ‘clear’ picture…


must confess that I am a recent Apple convert. The iPad 2 was solely responsible for the technological change of heart. I’ve had the tablet for about eight months now and am still in love with it. I check my mails, browse the internet, chat with friends, listen to music, watch high-definition videos and discover loads of interesting apps each day. And it also took me one long-haul flight to get me converted in a different way – I started reading books on iBooks and actually enjoyed it! So in a way, I was thrilled about the third generation of the iPad being launched. By now, I had also worked my way through Walter Isaacson’s huge tome on Steve Jobs and was in awe of the man as well. A colleague who also doubles up as the resident geek of the team got his new iPad recently and we set about discovering what was new. At the outset, let me clarify I’m no expert! I just love all things tech. So this review goes easy on technological jargon and heavy on personal experience. On first look, there’s very little to distinguish the new iPad from its

predecessor. That it’s slightly heavier comes with the fact that it’s loaded with some new, brilliant features. My colleague tapped open Martha Stewart’s Living magazine on the new iPad to show me what makes the newest version simply awesome. As the pink flower literally bloomed on screen, I could see why Apple claims that the new screen has one million pixels more than an HDTV. The Retina display on the new iPad features a 2048-by-1536 resolution, 44 per cent greater colour saturation, and an astounding 3.1 million pixels — in the same 9.7-inch space. Everything’s much brighter and more colourful. What powers the Retina display on the new iPad is the powerful A5X chip. Which makes possible the super responsive speed you get while using this device – right from swiping, scrolling, pinching, editing photos, the works!

I never like to use the camera on my iPad 2 as my phone took better pictures than it. Thankfully, Apple has worked on this frustration of millions and made the camera a tad better. The new iPad has the rearfacing 5-megapixel iSight camera that captures some good-looking pictures. Nice, but not outstanding and not for me though. I find the new iPad unwieldy for taking photos; give me my slim phone any day. The new iPad is definitely faster and you can browse the web, stream content or download a movie at amazing speed. The iOS 5.1 system keeps everything easy and uncomplicated. With all these features and being a little thicker, you’d think that there would be a compromise when it comes to battery power. The charge lasts as long as the iPad 2 but the downside is that it takes longer time

to charge. There are also reports of the device warming up more than the other two versions. I kind of looked forward to having the Siri (the smart personal assistant on the iPhone 4S) on the new iPad and they have given me Dictation instead. There’s a microphone that pops up on your keyboard and you can use your voice to write an e-mail, send a text, search the web or create a note. What would have been perhaps the most useful tool for a journalist like me turned out to be both frustrating and disappointing. For those who don’t have a tablet, go in for the new iPad. It’s excellent, there’s no doubt about it. As Apple describes it, ‘Pick up the new iPad and suddenly, it’s clear’. Welcome to a faster, clearer, brighter world!

Mark this date that will bring many answers to Omanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s environmental future

Bringing good efforts to light 5 June 2012 In association with

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs Strategic Partner

Dept. of Environment & Occupational Health

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Under the auspices of

H E Mohamed Al Toobi

Minister of Environment and Climate Affairs

5 June




A vision for a brighter, greener tomorrow, today.


Oman Green Awards 2012 - Oman’s much awaited awards forum is back, bringing with it this year’s campaigns and initiatives that has increased awareness and motivated behavioral change for the protection and preservation of our environment. This is Oman’s biggest platform that will recognise and reward outstanding environmental vision and achievements by corporates, NGOs and individuals active in promoting and implementing ideas in the Sultanate.

It’s time for you as corporates and individuals to get involved.

● ● ● ● ● ● ●

The Green Innovation Award Green Campaign of the Year The Green Habitat Award The Green Research Award Green Landscape Award Green Footprint Award Green Guardian Award Green Champion Award Green Education Award

For partnership enquiries please call Ahmed 99356490

Nominate your cause at before 15/05/2012


TALKING TECH Celebrities and their favourite tech toys…

We’ve heard for a while now that geek is the new chic, and we’re starting to believe it. Celebrity fashionistas and leading men alike have always had a say in the sorts of gadgets we’re fascinated by. They sport iPads and cars, smartphones and bling bling tablets in their videos and let’s face it, we go a little nuts trying to buy them later. But the truth is – or is increasingly coming out to be – that they are just as enamored with the world of technology as we are! You thought the ordinary Joe (or Jane!) was a fool for the latest electronic toy? Think again. This month we bring you some of latest gadgets that stars swear by; from tabs to bug squishers (yes, we said bug squishers), here are five of the quirkier tech toys trending or about to trend in the market!

KEEPING TAB Mad Men’s Don Draper or Jon Hamm as he’s called in real life (pfsssh real life!) has a weakness. No, it’s not deceit and women, it’s iPads! These slick, sleek little tablets have revolutionised the way we work, play and study! Breakthrough technology, innovative design and amazing built-in apps leads to some high quality tech time. You can take pictures, read electronic books, access the internet, take notes, watch videos – you name it, you can do it on the iPad! We’re not surprised Jon’s a fan, “In the space of two years, I have owned three iPads. The trouble is that I leave them on planes or in my bag and they get stolen.” Well, if you’ve got the dough, you can always buy another one!

POSTCARD FOR A STAR Ms. Gomez is the youngest celebrity on the list and we are big fans of her latest pet app as well; Postcard on the Run. This app allows you to snap pictures, and send them to your loved ones the old fashioned way; post cards anyone? Selena apparently came across the app during one of her tours and fell in love with it. She’s now teamed up with the company to help fund the company through a campaign! Now there’s consumer loyalty. Apparently, supporting the app may lead to a personal postcard from Selena herself! Lead us to the download button!

78 MAY 2012

BOOM BOOM! LL Cool J founded Boomdizzle in 2008, an online community for artistes. So what’s he promoting exactly? It’s certainly not headphones. No, the rapper/actor says Boomdizzle’s a new Virtual Recording Studio. Its function? Eliminating the need for an artiste and his or her team to be in the same place in order to record a new track! The basis for the idea? “The problem was: I’m in L.A.; my producer or my engineer’s in New York. I want to go in the studio tonight, but I want to collaborate. I don’t want to e-mail you my track and then you email me back your bass line, then I e-mail you back a vocal and then you email me back a drum and then we e-mail back and forth and back and forth.” Boomdizzle gets rid of the endless e-mail chain, “The platform will be completely Web-based and feature a simple, accessible user interface. Users will be able to upload tracks and see each other over a video chat feature. LL Cool J noted that the Virtual Recording Studio was not just for professional musicians, but for casual users as well – “such as friends who wanted to get together online and sing karaoke”. The website hasn’t launched yet, but word on the street is, that invite will be through invitation only. We hope we are one of the lucky ones! This sounds exciting…

BITTEN BY THE BUG She was Faith in Buffy, and played lead roles in classic teen movies from our past – remember Bring it On? We haven’t seen this actress around in a while, but we’re sure she’s got something in the works. At the moment though, what’s caught our attention is her latest tech toy! The former star recently revealed that above all other technology (and we’re saying this in a world of iPods, BlackBerries, colossal TVs!) she cannot live without… drum roll… the Bug Vac Zapper. Who would have thought the former slayer would be so afraid of tiny little bugs? There are many models on the market for this nifty little bug catcher (or bug vacuum cleaner if you will) but Dushku isn’t too discriminatory; she’s bought hers from a SkyMall airline shopping magazine. She says, “If a bug’s on the wall, you extend the telescope-y thing and you suck the bug and it pulls it in. I love that thing. I can’t live without it.” High praise indeed! So Ms. Eliza, does it work? “Oh, full on! Sorry, but better than crawling up my face.” Errr… we might hold off for a while Eliza! Sounds a bit gruesome to us! But she definitely wins the prize for weirdest fave tech toy!


Last year alone saw this fashionista cum singer raking in around $60 million. We’ve seen Lady Gaga in her meat dresses so we were expecting something pretty major but the result is surprisingly low key. Did you know the singer is creative director at Polaroid and she has designed a hightech portable printer for them. The Gl 10 Instant Printer with Zink inkless printing yields hard copies from your phones. The portable printer is compatible with most of operating sytems such as iOS, Android and BlackBerry.


The Friends star Mathew Perry is a big gamer! He chooses to wage war on his Xbox 360, which he apparently played so much that he hurt his hand and suffered a strain injury. He also owns a Wii, which he has now moved onto. What shall we say, except, game on!

So there you have it folks! Some kooky, some not so kooky gadgets and apps that stars are starting to swear by. Is technology ruling the world? Maybe not yet but - oh what are we saying? We gotta sign off now to check our Blackberries, reply to Facebook wall posts, update Twitter accounts, answer calls on our iPhones, charge the iPad…you get the idea! Till next time…stay connected!

80 MAY 2012

82 MAY 2012



ood plays an important role in our lives, and we do need to eat in order to live. In most cultures across the world, people bond over food. Mealtimes are when familes get-together and enjoy moments in the company of food, fun and conversation. The perfect way to unwind and relax. Haven’t you heard of the saying, ‘The family that eats together stays together’?

In many countries, food is also an integral part of hospitality. You do not allow anyone to leave your home without offering them something to eat or drink. In Oman dates and kahwa (coffee) are offered to make you feel very much at home. It’s a way of showing you love and respect. A slice of happiness to share! Food is also a great leveller. Breaking bread is a sign of universal peace. And with the world shrinking and people travelling more than before, they are tucking into foods other than their own with gusto. Happiness and food are highly connected to each other. Science has proved that there are certain foods that make us happy and others that make us lethargic and depressed. In the same way, cooking is seen as therapeutic by some. Also, have you noticed that when you cook in a happy frame of mind, the food somehow is tastier? So food is all about the mood too! While food is important to sustain life and make us feel good, one must also keep the ‘health’ factor in mind. It’s okay to indulge once in a while but don’t always let your mood dictate what you want to eat. Occasional cravings are okay but binges are not. It’s okay to love your food but not let it rule your life. Also, explore comfort foods that are healthy too! They will make a huge difference in the way you eat. Like with all other things, food in excess will not lead to happiness. Instead, include the word ‘exercise’ into your life; as in exercise restraint when there is a need to and do loads of physical exercise.


d n a sI l


e k a c e s e e h C o g n a M Serves: 5


84 MAY 2012

500 gm mango, diced 500 gm cream cheese ½ cup sugar ¼ cup water 1 tbsp gelatine 300 ml cream ½ cup plain sweet biscuits 75 gm butter

Blend biscuits in the food processor and add the melted butter. Combine the mixture and press as a layer in a cheesecake tin. Place in fridge until the rest of the mixture is prepared. Combine half of the mango with

the cream cheese and sugar in a food processor and blend until smooth. Add gelatine to water and warm in a microwave for a few seconds. Stir until the gelatine is fully dissolved. Allow to cool. Add cream to the blended mango mixture and blend for a minute. To this, add cooled gelatine and blend for a few more seconds. Gently fold the remaining mango into the cheesecake mixture. Pour the mixture into the cheesecake tin. Refrigerate for six hours and decorate with mango slices and thick cream just before serving.

For the crust 6 tbsp unsalted butter, at room temperature (3/4 stick) 3 tbsp sugar A pinch of salt 1 large egg yolk 3/4 cup all-purpose flour 1 tsp sour cream or yogurt For the lemon filling 1/3 cups sugar 1 tsbp cornstarch 4 large egg yolks 1/4 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice (about 2 lemons) 2 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice (about 1 lime) 1 tbsp finely grated lemon zest 3 tbsp cold unsalted butter, cubed For the meringue 1/4 cup egg whites (about two large eggs) 1/2 cup sugar 1/4 tsp cream of tartar A pinch of salt One (6-cup) standard non-stick muffin tin To make the crust Beat the butter in a medium bowl with an electric mixer on mediumhigh until smooth. Add the sugar

and salt and continue to beat until evenly combined. Scrape down the sides of the bowl, then beat in the egg yolk. Add half of the flour, beating until just crumbly. Scrape down the bowl again; add the remaining flour and then the sour cream or yogurt, beating just until the dough is evenly moistened. Turn dough onto a lightly floured work surface and knead lightly to bring it together.

brown around the edges, about 25 to 30 minutes. Remove from the oven and cool for about one minute; then carefully remove the muffin liners and baking beans. Return pan to the oven and continue to bake until crusts are cooked through and evenly browned, about 15 to 20 minutes more. Cool slightly. Then carefully remove crusts from the muffin tin and cool completely on a rack.

Roll the dough between two generously floured sheets of waxed or parchment paper into a circle about 1/4-inch thick with a rolling pin. Refrigerate for one hour.

To make the lemon filling: Combine the sugar, cornstarch, and yolks in a nonreactive saucepan. Whisk constantly over medium-low heat until the mixture is smooth and sugar dissolves, about one minute. Add the lemon and lime juice and zest and continue to cook, whisking constantly, until the mixture is as thick as sour cream and is just about to simmer, three to four minutes. (Take care to stir into the sides of the pot so that all curd thickens evenly.)

Cut out six (4 1/2-inch) rounds using an inverted bowl or cookie cutter. Place rounds in the muffin tins and, using a small glass or your fingers, press into the corners and about halfway up the sides for a snug fit. Freeze dough in the muffin tins for 30 minutes. Position a rack in the lower third of the oven and preheat to 325 degrees F. Spray the outside of six standard muffin liners with cooking spray and place in the crusts. Fill with dried beans or pie weights. Bake crusts until just

Strain through a fine mesh strainer into a bowl. Whisk in the butter a little at a time, until smooth. Stir occasionally until cooled. (Setting the bowl

in a larger bowl of ice will speed this up.). Fill each tartlet with 1 1/2 tablespoons of the cool lemon filling. To make the meringue Bring a few inches of water to a boil in a saucepan that can hold a standing mixerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bowl above the water. Whisk together the egg whites, sugar, cream of tartar and salt in the bowl by hand. Set the bowl above the boiling water and continue whisking until the mixture is hot to the touch (135 degrees F) and the sugar dissolves, about one to two minutes. Transfer the bowl to the mixer fitted with the whisk attachment and beat the whites at medium-high speed until they hold soft peaks. Increase speed to high and continue to beat to make a stiff, cool meringue, about 10 minutes. Dollop or pipe on top of the filling. Just before serving, preheat the broiler to high. Set the pies on a baking sheet, and place under the broiler until the meringue is evenly toasted, for about two minutes. (Alternatively, brown meringue with a blowtorch.) Serve immediately or refrigerate until ready to serve.

Lemon Meringue Pie Serves: 4

d n a e t a l o c o h C k Dar e k a C e g Oran e. melted chocolat ir in the cooled St e ng er ra -o ew half-an ge with a sk Add the juice of Pierce the oran boiling in ther the cocoa, ok ge to Co . ft Si h) g. ug if usin (right thro ft. For the cake so til wder. Fold this un g es ur and bakin po . Pour the for 30 minut flo er at w a 1 orange if use e lightly le orange in ed (optional – into the mixtur bake Whizz the who ½ orange – juic y!) ooth and ge sm e lined tin and an til or th e un to or r in m so e es ke ur ca oc ixt pr m ur yo od e fo in lik 0 you for 55 m utes en to 18 sing preheated oven Preheat the ov butter, for grea a . ol in co t the le s ee A little melted into er inserted into 4/fan 160 degr ocolate , broken or until a skew for a degrees C/gas pt a ce ex 100gm plain ch of se an mes out cle d line the ba co an re e nt as ce re G af C. k pieces elt the e. Chec ter d cake tin. To m melted chocolat un tle ro lit p is cm 23 t gs se eg l 3 if you feel the to heatproof bow sugar 45 minutes and foil a chocolate in a ith or w er 280 gm caster ke at ca w , cover the simmering l ng oi of ni er n ow pa ow br a nfl er su l ov es 120 m done. e for two minut l and bake until in the microwav ute. in 120 ml olive oi m e on r te af g wder on High, stirrin 25 gm cocoa po to cool for 10 ur . ol flo n co Allow the cake ai it pl t Le 250 gm the tin before powder – 15 minutes in the 1½ tsp baking er th ge ire rack to cool to w a at rning on to tu large bowl, be a In l el w e r the chocolate d oil. When olate ganach completely. Fo eggs, sugar an ge an For the choc or e th the cream and add in cream ganache, heat mixed, gradually ). 180 ml double ps pi y an scard ocolate (ensure you di 200 gm plain ch r tte 25 gm bu

Serves: 4

86 MARCH 2012

. Pour this hot butter together e chopped dark mixture over th chocolate. e mixture until Stir or blend th to the mixture on smooth. Spread n er tt pa te a lattice the cake or crea as e at or bag. Dec using a piping h. is you w

e k a C e t a D e e f f To Serves: 6

For the Cake: 60 gm butter 170 gm sugar 2 eggs 170 gm self-raising flour 170 gm dates 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda 300 ml boiling water 1 tsp vanilla For the Toffee Sauce: 160 gm brown sugar ½ cup cream 100 gm butter 1 vanilla pod

To prepare the toffee sauce: Combine all ingredients in a pan. Bring to boil. Reduce heat and simmer for five minutes.

To prepare the cake: Combine butter and sugar and mix well. Add the eggs one by one and fold in the flour gently. Mix the dates and the bicarbonate to a paste in a bowl. Pour the hot water over the dates and leave to stand for 10 minutes. Combine the date mixture with the butter-sugar mixture. Grease and dust a baking dish. Pour the mixture into the dish. Bake at 180°C about 40 to 45 minutes. Serve warm or cold with the toffee sauce. Recipe courtesy Grand Hyatt Muscat

1 litre heavy cream 1 vanilla bean, split and scraped 1 cup vanilla sugar, divided equally 6 large egg yolks 2 litres hot water Preheat the oven to 160 degrees C. Place the cream, vanilla bean and its pulp into a medium saucepan set over medium-high heat and bring to a boil. Remove from the heat, cover and allow to sit for 15 minutes. Remove the vanilla bean. In a medium bowl, whisk together ½ cup sugar and the egg yolks until well blended and it just starts to lighten in colour. Add the cream a 88 MAY 2012

e é l û r B e m è Cr Serves: 6

little at a time, stirring continually. Pour the liquid into six ramekins. Place the ramekins into a large cake pan or roasting pan. Pour enough hot water into the pan to come halfway up the sides of the ramekins. Bake just until the crème brûlée is set, but still trembling in the centre (approximately 40 to 45 minutes). Remove the ramekins from the roasting pan and refrigerate for at least two hours.

Remove the crème brûlée from the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes prior serving. Divide the remaining half-a-cup vanilla sugar equally among the six dishes and spread evenly on top. Using a torch, melt the sugar (or just place it under a grill) and form a crispy top. Allow the crème brûlée to sit for at least five minutes before serving.

s d o o F d o o M d o Go


FEELING GLOOMY FOR NO APPARENT REASON? PICKING THE RIGHT COMFORT FOODS CAN REALLY LIFT YOUR SPIRITS AND MAKE YOU HAPPY. THE KEY IS CHOOSING THE RIGHT ONES… LET US SHOW YOU HOW Minion? Bananas make us happy! The natural sugars in bananas are released quickly into the bloodstream, making you feel energetic and sustaining your good mood.

Ever have one of those days when for absolutely no reason at all you feel low? No matter how blue the sky or chirpy the birds, all you want do to is snuggle up in bed (or couch) with your favourite tub of ice-cream and will the world away. At times like these, the only way to happiness and comfort seem to lie in food – and most of the time, unhealthy ones at that. (And we know how true the adage, ‘Sweet on your lips but goes straight to the hips’ really is!) But comfort eating isn’t all that bad. According to a researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology ‘feeding your mood’ can be healthy and effective if you make the right choices. So the next time you dive into a sugar

frenzy when you’re down in the dumps, instead of reaching for the cookie jar, opt for some of the fantabulous, healthy (and natural) alternatives: CHOCOLATES: We bet you weren’t expecting to see this on the list, now were you? But it is true that dark chocolate contains anadamine, a brain chemical that helps brighten our mood. If dark chocolate isn’t your thing, indulge in some milk chocolate – but try not to go overboard since it contains significant amounts of sugar. PASTA: Chocolates and now carbs? We kid you not, dear reader.

Eating carbohydrates can increase our serotonin levels, which has a calming effect on our systems. Complex carbohydrates like pasta and rice are digested slower and keep you happier for a longer time. STRAWBERRIES: Rich in vitamin C, strawberries help in the production of endorphins – the happy hormones. The red colour of strawberries is due to anthocyanidin, a flavonoid known as pecargonidin which also changes our mood for the better. BANANAS: Minions (of the Despicable Me fame) love bananas. And have you ever seen a gloomy

NUTS: Nuts are nutritional powerhouses, rich in proteins, minerals, and omega-3 fats. Apart from lifting our mood, nuts are considered as ‘brain food’ because of their high content of omega-3 fats. Be nuttily happy! COFFEE: Studies show that people who drink coffee with milk every day are less likely to suffer from depression. Caffeine is probably the world’s most popular moodenhancing drug and in small doses can improve your mood. BROCCOLI: So broccoli isn’t everyone’s obvious choice for a comfort food, but it is full of Vitamin B, which helps fight stress. Aside from lifting our spirits, broccoli is a potent anticancer food, proven in laboratory studies to inhibit cancer cells.


äÉ`````cô```````°û`````dG π````````°†``````aC’ AGOC k G á`````````«````````fÉ`````````ª````````©````````dG

ALAM AL-IKTISAAD WAL A’MAL AWARDS Oman’s Best Performing Companies 10 JUNE 2012 I Al Bustan Palace Ritz-Carlton

The stars of Corporate Oman shine brightest on June 10.

AIWA Awards 2012 is set to honour the most inspiring corporate performances. On 10 June, AIWA Awards will once again celebrate the Omani enterprises and corporate captains who blaze a trail for the next generation of home-grown entrepreneurs and professionals. At the glittering occasion, a networking opportunity like no other, with highly distinguished guests - Omanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Top 5 Small, Mid and Large Cap companies will be recognised for their outstanding achievements, and two leading lights of the business world will be honoured for their contributions. AIWA Special Awards Lifetime Achievement Award for visionary leadership, unparalleled service and professional excellence Global Omani Award for steering strong, sustainable growth on the global stage and outstanding business stewardship in Oman

Please reserve your seat at AIWA Awards 2012. Contact Rekha at 99269147 or today. For enquiries, please contact Ahmed at 99356490 or

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n u f ff u t s


If happiness were a colour, what would yours be? Five ladies tell us about the ‘happiest’ colour of their lives

Colours of joy

TANTALISING TURQUOISE It’s turquoise, without an element of a doubt! Aquamarine, teal, cyan, you name it, they all are eye-catching and captivating but what is more, they radiate balance and serenity. An everyday morning drive along the beach road, the colour of the dress matching the car – anything you can think of aka to die for colour aqua. Being absolutely different from its spectrum neighbours, turquoise sticks out a mile yet not overwhelmingly, unlike most vivid colours. It does give me a feeling of happiness as much as a colour can do whenever I spot it. But at the end of the day, is happiness about the colour? Colour your life as the rainbow and let everyday be unforgettable and bright, with black and white happening only for a change. Elina Karimova

LIFE’S A RAINBOW When I think of happiness, the only

colour which comes to my mind are the rainbow colours because I love to live each day of my life enjoying every colour. I can’t just stick to one colour, that’s simply not me! Whenever I see a bird flying and looking down, I feel jealous because it can capture the most amazing views in its small eyes. A lot of people feel that black implies sadness, but for me the most beautiful thing is sitting on a beach at night and looking at the sky full of shining stars. Salma Al Balushi

HULLO YELLOW If happiness had a colour, my colour would definitely and undoubtedly be bright yellow; the kind that is seen in sunshine, sunflowers and daffodils. The reason I associate the colour with happiness is probably because yellow reminds me of my favourite flower and poem, the ever so humble – Daffodils by William Wordsworth: “I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o'er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd,

A host, of golden daffodils; Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze…” Everything about the colour yellow signifies optimism, energy, enlightenment, happiness, and the promise of a positive future for me. On days when I’m feeling sad and low, I consciously wear yellow (or a hue of yellow), as I believe it is the one colour that goes a long way in helping brighten up my day, and of those around me. Sneha Fernandes If happiness were a colour, it would be yellow. It may sound clichéd, but yellow is the colour of the sun; it turns night into morning and creates those beautiful sunsets we just can’t take our eyes off. It complements the world around us, letting us appreciate the emerald green of fresh grass or the deep blue of the ocean. And consequently, all my favourite things come in yellow. Think crispy French fries or golden baked cheesy pizzas! And if you’re not a foodie like me,

there’s always sunflowers, smiley faces, dandelions and The Simpsons! Need I say more? Janice Rodrigues

GIMME RED Happy colours can be subjective but I’d like to say mine is red. Can you imagine Santa Claus wear a colour other than red? If you decide to grab a red T-shirt or dress on a bad mood day it would probably make you feel happy and energised. I feel the colour brings with it a lot of vibrancy and positive energy. It’s also a fashion classic and never goes out of style. Valentine’s Day also revolves around the colour red and brings a lot of love and happiness into our lives. Vishaka Keshav


“To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.”


“When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.” HELEN KELLER “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

MAHATMA GANDHI “Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is.” MAXIM GORKY

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” JIM ROHN “No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.” BARBARA DE ANGELIS “Most of your happiness will come from your relationships with others. Handle them with care.” BRIAN TRACY

! y p p a H e B “Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections.” ANONYMOUS

“The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.” JAMES M. BARRIE

“Remember, happiness doesn't depend upon who you are or what you have, it depends solely upon what you think.” DALE CARNEGIE

94 MAY 2012

“Happiness is like a butterfly; the more you chase it, the more it will elude you, but if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.” NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.” ARISTOTLE














Looks like there’s going to be a lot of changes this month – when it comes to relationships, authority and even finance! And although these changes may be big, you have to learn to stop resisting it and go with the flow. Try to take on a flexible, optimistic and relaxed attitude to make the best of the month’s surprises.

Friction with friends may be a point of concern in March as you look at different ways of not getting into arguments. If they do crop up, try and keep your cool. There’s no sense in doing or saying something you may regret later. At work, a promotion is on the cards. You’ll realise it’s well worth the wait.

A fabulous month for your professional life! Work conditions are sure to improve and this will help you produce excellent work. This is a great time to experiment and unleash you creativity or try out a project you have always wanted to. You may even be offered a job elsewhere. In short, May is the month for personal accomplishment and praise.

The month of May brings with it a spontaneous, adventure-loving you! Don’t spend too much time thinking; instead learn to follow your instincts. Try out activities that you have always wanted to do and enjoy being stressfree! However do be careful about how you are spending your hard earned moolah, during this crazy month!

Always remember the key to success is ambition! You may be feeling challenged and frustrated but this is only helping to strengthen your will. This month, take the initiative and prove that you are capable of being a good leader. Show off your spirited side and good decision making abilities. It’s time to take action!

You’ve been carrying a lot of extra baggage lately and this is the perfect time to let it all go and de-stress! Try getting your life organised by throwing out the clutter and welcoming in a fresh start. It’s prime time to get busy on something new and forget about emotional aspects of the past. As they say, turn over a new leaf!

The month of May means creating plenty of new relationships and mending old ones along the way. Try getting out there and meeting new people. In addition, you will enjoy several small opportunities that will make everything easier and simultaneously give you elegance, grace and a good business spirit. Enjoy!

Be careful and watch out for health problems. And not just your health either - but that of your friends and family as well. During the month make sure that you manage your strength carefully, take care of hygiene and listen to the little signs your body is giving you. As always, better safe than sorry.

Aspects such as accommodation and finance will be at the centre of your attention this month. In fact, it may be a good time to make a big investment. With Mars on your side, it’s going to be impossible not to make money. Take the time to consider different business proposals and job offers as well. This is going to be a financially rewarding month.

You may have worked really hard for the last few months but it looks like expectations still aren’t going to be met for the time being. Don’t be too disappointed. Instead engross yourself with family and friends and other social events. There’s nothing like being surrounded by the people you love when things get rough.

People in your life are about to become extremely enthusiastic and demanding and you will just have to be patient to understand what they really want. It’s going to be an emotional month for you so just try and maintain the peace! Be aware of other people’s feelings and don’t get caught in the crossfire.

Family and friends have always been a big part of your life, and this is the right time to tell them that! Someone special might be feeling a bit neglected lately, but that can easily be fixed by spending a little quality time with him/her. Avoid being secretive this month! Being open and honest will do wonders for your relationships.

What the stars foretell... 96 MAY 2012

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1,000,000 Rial

al Mazyona annual prize

Maintain a minimum balance of 100 Rial in your Zeinah account for a chance to win 3,000 Rial every week in special al Mazyona draws for ladies.

300,000 Rial every quarter 30,000 Rial every month to 9 winners from governorates 3,000 Rial every week to 9 winners from governorates * Interest bearing saving account also available. Prevailing interest is 0.5% p.a. & subject to change. * Conditions apply

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