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ร“รฐsmรกl tells us that there is hidden profundity in myths and sacred poems in our Eddas.

New light on our mythology Pure and Profound Theosophy, Amazing Physics !

Myths are happening all the time. They are not history. They teach about life of man in Miðgarður. Each one takes what he likes to learn. We might say, that there is neither “was” nor “was not”. Myths are not any chronological history. They shun time. They happen here and now. Over and over again. Myths convey perennial truth. Myths are understood on multiple levels. Each man sees them his way. Some even literally. Óðsmál sees profound allegory levels. Óðsmál Research Iceland gives New light on Edda poems and myths, Norse-Germanic spiritual and cultural heritage. The 108 pearls in this book, contain something new you never heard before: - For example * How we wage peace in Valhöll - fully alive. * Freyja is our universe, a space-time foam bubble (--our forefathers´ physics--). * How we lay the bridge Bifröst. * How to visit Ásgarður daily - from me to me.

ร“รฐsmรกl (research Iceland) has rediscovered the fundamental physics contained in our delightful symbolic language: Freyja means foam, afros means foam, physics tell us that there is a space-time foam, bubbling, and that one and one bubble breaks lose to become a universe. Some are short-lived, ours is fairly long-lasting. (I know. These personifications are a trap: the goddess is coming out of her bath.) During our life-spans in a universe we evolve. We are here to evolve to perfection. Life-span after life-span. Evolution never goes backwards, but forward or stagnates. Let us use our life-spans wisely.

We gain the apples of Iðunn (ið-unn) --epli Iðunnar— by nýsa niður (Hávamál; -- nýsa niður = transcend thought and space-time). We so contact the flawless Ásgarður (ás-garður), sphere of rögn and regin --the perfect orderliness

(--that is what rögn regin Rán mean-); The Unified Field of Laws of Nature.— We imbibe the age-less perfection. We bring it into our life in Miðgarður (mið-garður). These apples of immortality, ódáinsfæða (ó-dáinsfæða), ambrosia, amruth, become our flawless skill in action and understanding of life here in Miðgarður. They bring the joy and health in life. Go to Ásgarður and have some apples of eternal life and flawless actions. Never again shall Iðunn be lost to jötnar (decay).

Ásatrú (ása-trú), Heathenry, Paganry, Forni Siður, are terms for our pre-christian wisdom, which is preserved in symbolism and allegory, which we now rediscover and understand. All about purpose of human life-spans. Completely useless as a tool to dominate.

Vor forni siður (our ancient tradition(s)) is termed as: * ásatrú (ása-trú, true to, or trust in æsir (our gods)), belief as beloved (the original meaning, not: blind stubborn belief in) * heathenry (heathen originally a term to debase pagans, now proudly used), heath, a moor, or highlands, upland; * paganry (pagan from bhagavan, one blossoms into diversity, or one becomes many, in singularity diversity blossoms (quot. Chintaiyalar Peravai, Tamil)); * forni siður, our ancient traditions (plural, yes, as our traditions and pagan religions are diverse – and (luckily) no orþodox!). (--I do not like –ism, and –ists, as we are free, and there is no “only right” anything to cling to--). And we shall distinguish between þeokrasi and þeosofi. Norse-Germanic ancient religions/traditions will now be understood anew in their full glory.

Ásgarður (ás-garður) can be seen as The Unified Field of Total Natural Law. Æsir, our gods, are termed as rögn and regin, which (etymologically) means perfect orderliness.

We should know that Ásgarður is everywhere in the universe, and thereby right here inside us. Ásgarður is easily reached, FREE, and no intermediaries. We have free, firsthand access to our divinities, as their Laws of Nature are in everything, also in our bodies. All we have to do is to live our evolutionary life. That is what we are (/should be) doing here, in the first place. We find Ásgarður within by nýsa niður. From here we have a wider view on life as a whole. Called Cosmic awareness. It fuels inner happiness.

here, a little bit of the amusing Icelandic grammar: ás is sing nominative, æsir plural (nominative), ása plural genitive.

Note that “man” means man and woman, men and women. (Man as male-man only, is later-time ambiguity --Know that “Norsemen” also covers both genders of man.)

Our gods Óður Hænir Lóður bring human life to the man-trees on the beach. Askur and Embla come from the unfathomable Ægir, the Womb of the Universe. (Ægir in myths is not just ægir the ocean) We are rooted in this Total Knowledge. Askur and askur yggdrasils (ygg-drasill), no mere coincidence, but all about our roots in That. From here we get nourishment in life. Living in the relative/ creation / physical world, we enjoy water from svalar unnir (the cooling waves).

Auรฐumbla (auรฐ-umbla; pronounce Euth-eum-bla, accent on the 1st syllable as always in Icelandic). The life-nourishing, self-sustained giver. Auรฐ can mean several things, and umbla is akin to humble, and Hamlet, or hornless, polled, mulled)

Auรฐumbla is unconditional love and care in our universe. Huginn and Muninn are enlightened men who dwell in the halls of ร“รฐinn alfather. (etymology points to yogin and muni, (C.A.Holmboe) not at all to mind and memory) We are heading there. From Auรฐumbla to enlightenment.

Mother Earth brings cycles, such as day and night, winter and summer. We live in Her cycles. And we love Her.

Our joy in the North is yule, when darkness gives way for the midnight sun to come (soon, we hope). Of course yule is upside down there downunder, i.e. south of Equator. All sun-gods die and are resurrected. On Equator sun-god is killed by darkness every evening, only to be resurrected and kill darkness next morning. Understandably. This is how Mother Earth has it. Please see also book Stjarnvísi í Eddum by Björn Jónsson (an Icelander) on every aspect and meaning of names in bálför Baldurs, and other star-was amusements. Astral aspects of Eddas. aso5W4 1of3 1H1AMM 2of3 qVqXQ 3of3 planets the actors, askur yggdrasils and other stars the stage !!

Baldurs-brรก, the complexion, or facial appearance, of our beloved sun-god. In English eye of day. Beautiful.

I do not know why some Margarita took Baldurs place. Some conversion, I suggest. But once we hear Baldursbrá (pron.-brá as –brau, not bra), we will use that term. Baldursbrá grows wild in Iceland, always close to the sea on sandy coast/beach.

Bifröst (pronounce ´Biff-roest, accent on the 1st syllable (as always in Icelandic); --please do not call our precious bridge “buy Frost” – that hurts--)

Bifröst is invisible, made of our purity. Laid, layer by layer --as if drizzling stardust— by the most delicate act performed by man in Miðgarður: nýsa niður (/transcend thought and space-time, pending on vingameiður (vinga-meiður)). Note: vingameiður is not a real physical tree. Bifröst is the most precious bridge we can ever make. Note: Valhöll is for living men. -The reindeers? -Óðinn rides over the sky at yule-tide to chase away wights of cold and darkness. We should be air-born too. Where is the bridge Bifröst? Oh, it is said to be the caduceus, or chakras often shown as serpents twining; Tamil ka´sukh’ originally. Greek kérux - carried by Hermes /Mercury /Óðinn - much to do with purity.

Our 5 senses register the Gungnir (vibrations) of the 5 höfuðskepnur (höfuð-skepnur, the “maincreated”, elements).

We know not that there is more, not seen, to it: That which mundane senses perceive not, ginnungagap, the great void, the womb in which all is, and what, actually, all is. Nothing is “out of� it. Gungnir is flickering and ever-changing, but ginnungagap is eternal and non-change. We are It. We are pure consciousness. We make a body to live in. Thereby senses, which, unfortunately, lead us astray from who we are. This we know not if we are poorly educated.

(BrĂ­singa-men) The precious shining, glowing gem, or jewel of the universe is man. Freyja, our universe, takes good care of us.

But we tend to be stupid Loki who fucks up, and then desperately tries to amend. Let us hope that that does not come too late.

See what happens in Þrymskviða Edda poem when Loki asks Freyja for the stupidest favor mankind can think of!!! (Óðsmál – Þrymskviða – with undrerstanding)

There is selfish love, and there is unconditional love.

Freyjukettir (Freyju-kettir) go everywhere without making any noise. We need to find Ă“Ă°ur, the knowledge we should be looking for. He has been lost for too long. I have the feeling that unconditional, universal, all-pervading love will find the most important, life-saving knowledge we seek. (/Need, and should seek.)

Do we know where from all the stupid superstition with cats comes? Do not let systems brainwash us.

Funnily enough, Satan was never taken seriously in Iceland. We mocked the devil as a fool, easily beaten or won over. (--Well, we envied his efficient heating system.-–) Folklore in Iceland is full of tales about how we could cheat on him, even with our soul at stake.

Stories on how wise heathen men could have the devil under were persistent, too annoyingly persistent, so therefore the wise heathens were changed out (by the church) for powerful priests. But folklore was not easy to suffocate, so now any woman could bargain and win Djöfsi (nickname for djöfull (devil)). For fun: Icelandic is full of “helvítis” and “djöfulsins” banning, to the extent to be a part of spoken language. Not very lady-like, but heating and invigorating in difficult situations. And rather tough. Christians use the Icelandic verbs “blóta” (--hold a heathen blót--) and “ragna” (--derived from rögn, our gods and goddesses--) to mean banning, swearing, call Satan (/their devil). So using helvítis and djöfulsins in a sentence is to “bóta and ragna” in Icelandic. But also called to “bölva” (--we heathens use that verb for banning and swearing--). FUN 019/07/folklore-the-woman-and-thedevil.pdf = [PDF] The woman and the Devil -

We can perform Edda poem Þrymskviða (Þrymskviða) at blót, and with understanding. We shall teach our kids to understand allegory and symbolic language in our myths and poems. Kids are less conditioned than grown-ups. Þrymskviða performed by kids at blót fun, delight, and understanding of life.

Not only yule, winter-solstice, and summersolstice are worth a höfuðblót (höfuð-blót, mainblót), but also equinoxes.

Funnily enough, Miriam/Maria mother to Jesus yule-baby, is said to be spring (9 months before yule; she is fertile), and mother of John the Baptist is said to be (the infertile) autumn, our Ellisif (elli-sif), John being a summer-solstice figure. Note: the other way round south of equator, i.e. for heathens. The golden hair of Sif is seen as our life-saving harvest, the golden ripe meadow in the autumnwinds. Some fiercely deny Easter to get its name from our German spring-deity Easter.

Singular einherji (ein-herji), plural einherjar (ein-herjar)

They are no zombies. Some pitiful mix-ups with some invented heaven after death occurred. Valhöll is for the living pure men (note: men implies men and women).

The scientific “Maharishi Effect” explains the term “waging peace in consciousness”: When we nýsum niður (transcend thought and space-time) we contact Being, and this bliss is scientifically measurable in our brain-functioning. In time, by nýsa niður regularly, we become pure. Enlightened. We purify the whole world of men with this pure bliss of Being. We can term this purifying power as fimbulrúnir.

Elves are in folk-lore all over Europe. Why do they overlive (/survive) the dark ages of ignorance?

Are they too real to be uprooted? And then: who are they? In Iceland, the Church tried to make them evil. Our elves are channels into the innermost treasure, pure Being, pure knowledge. We should accept their invitation and never again be conditions

We can have álfablót (álfa-blót, elves’-blót), to revere our innermost elves and the ones in Nature as well.

Every year, we have summer-solstice, yule, and equinoxes (spring and autumn). Note that south of equator they are opposite to those north of equator.

We should prepare for a höfuðblót (höfuð-blót; main-blót) on these occasions. If we are alone, we can simply sit out in Nature and feel Her cycles, which really influence our body and mind: Seasonal changes in Nature and in us. Freyr wants us to enjoy bounty, but also reminds us of our innermost divine part, found in lognfara lundur Barri – according to Skírnismál Edda poem. (logn-fara; calm grove of ever-greens) We should understand the þeosofical and spiritual message of his poem. Skírnismál, perhaps performed by our kids, is most appropriate for a blót.

script of Edda-poem available FREE

We, blindly(!!) trust our senses that perceive the Gungnir (vibrations) in the created universe. T his very task (perception) is what we make them (the senses) for.

They correlate to the 5 höfuðskepnur (höfuðskepnur, main-created, elements), coming from Ymir the primordial sound. -But where from comes Ymir the sounding? -In what soup is our universe Freyja floating? All this stuff comes not “out of the blue”. Nor is it popping up in some “empty void of nothing” as some, nowadays, claim our ginnungagap to be. No. The perfect correlation in the universe (all universes) is mirrored from the pure knowledge that ginnungagap is. The womb in which all is, the knowledge in which all is. Know that we, our innermost consciousness, is That. We see That not with our eyes. But we can contact It by nýsa niður.

Fimbul-rúnir are our powerful skill in action in Miðgarður, when this skill comes from (--and is powered by--) the perfection of Ásgarður, the sphere of Laws of Nature

-- when it is powered by the perfection and knowledge mirrored in the universe. Perfection and knowledge is what ginnungagap is. (ginnunga-gap) We contact our consciousness by nýsa niður (transcend thought and space-time). In time, we become perfectly pure and all-powerful. – It is said that peace prevailed where Æsir as men went over lands, so they knew how to nýsa niður and wage peace in consciousness, or so we claim.

No wonder we take our goddess Freyja for real.

Without our human life-spans in Her, there is no evolution on our perennial path. While we dwell in Hel, Helia, there is nothing going on. We decide to be born again into our life in Freyja. Know spiritually evolving to be pure joy and delight. May our expanding Freyja be beloved and blessed from Ymir (the broken symmetry) to ragnarรถk (the big rip or the big crunch of our universe).

Gerður in Gymisgarðar living material life only, is as mankind in ignorance. (gymis-garðar) We shall rediscover the true purpose of life – through our Edda poems and myths. They convey all about human life in Miðgarður.

We shake off brain-washing, misinterpretations, and conditioning (and imprinted lies), and start living our own life. Living the life of others brings danger to our path. And, by all means, completely skip (expensive, man-made) intermediaries! From me to me is no distance, but right here within, and free of charge. Little joys and little worries (--oh, I got no likes on my selfie!!--) are only surface waves of life. Freyr wants us to enjoy abundance, but he is worried about our all-material life-style. To amend that lack of foundation in life, we transcend thought and space-time, to meet our inner divine part in lognfara lundur Barri (the calm grove of evergreens). That “place” is within. Skírnismál can be performed at blót if we want. Kids are really good at that. or

script of Edda-poem available FREE

Geri “who has appetite”, Freki “wolf” voracious, or “the tearer”. They are the recycling of used bodies.

Bodies are made of flickering Gungnir called “stuff”. But: önd mun lifa og aldreigi týnast, soul will live and never perish. We, all of us, are Líf and Lífþrasir, “life” and he “who always lives” (líf-þrasir). The hero always jumps, fully alive, out of the belly of the big bad wolf at the end of the (--otherwise horrible--) story. We are the little Red-hooded Girl.

Ps: pix Guðrún the biker having fun

Gahanam gabhiram (the unfathomable endless womb) sounds much like ginnungagap.

Ginnungagap is eternity, and all is It. Pure Ăžeosofi claims us, the real us, to be the eternal consciousness. No small thing, little man!

Earth´s inhabitants can perceive 3D, their senses have not access to many other realms of universal reality.

Our sense of hearing relates to space. We shall not go into time dilation and Einstein´s relativity. (--lucky there--) Heim can mean home, or indicate heimur, universe, and dallur a huge vessel or it can mean bright and shining. Perhaps Heimdallur covers all of that. GjÜll is a mythical river, gjalla to sound brightly, horn is here most likely a musical instrument. Good to understand multiple layers of words and terms in Icelandic.

We know not that there is a blinding cycle of action, the incentive thereof, the seed of memory left hidden, and

it´s fueling of our next “good and original idea”, which pushes to still another action (etc etc etc). Only when we get out of this vicious cycle, do we realize how stupid we were. Thanks to god Ullur who burns up our stupid paradise of the animal stage. Ullur, etymologically can mean fire, and may be connected to wool, or so the zodiac sign of ram, Ýdalir. vicious cycle explained FDfHY

The name of our goddess Syn pertains to sin, to sattva (truth), sannur, to synja (refuse), not so incompatible at all, even if it may seem to be at first sight.

We are certainly not compelled to damnation! Syn is only a sieve to keep out impurities / troll / sin, and let into Glasir, --the golden-leaved forest--, the true and pure us.

Mothers never let us enter our home with all that dirt on. We know that. No, no, no, my beloved ! Get rid of impurities !

Gods and Natural Law

Live in tune with our gods – same as – never violate the Laws of Nature. Gods in Ásgarður preside over the flawless and all-powerful Natural Law. (--Forseti, for-seti, is president, pre-sident, he who sits in the first seat and steers debate and matters in an assembly--) Note that wrath of gods exists not, but Mother Nature has tolerance to a certain extent only. We can be naughty stupid kids sometimes (--or more often than not--). To give meiðmar to Nature, we transcend regularily all our live. (Meiðmar is a gift in return for what is accepted.)

The name GrĂ­mnir indicates night, and masked; grĂ­ma means night, and also a mask. We shall understand names in Icelandic. That gives insight.

Edda poem Grímnismál, interpreted by the Icelander Einar Pálsson as the zodiac – funnily irritated the (--jealous--) Icelandic scholars to the extent that they refused to have him give a lecture in “their” university. Haughtily uttered: “what could an actor in the west-end of town know about “their” subject of research”. Einar discovered a lot more, both in Eddas and Sagas, to the even greater annoyance of the scholars, who saw not what Einar saw.

ร“รฐsmรกl tells us that there is hidden profundity in myths and sacred poems in our Eddas.

Grottasรถngur/Grรณttasรถngur warns against greed, and the abuse of living beings. We have a human brain, we should understand, and we should revere and protect all life on earth. Each creature is on its evolutionary path, even if they do not possess a human nervous system. He who eats killed animals partakes in the sin of killing, he who gains from suffering is responsible for suffering. That does not yield a good Skuld (see Urรฐur Verรฐandi Skuld). Agriculture and farming (burning forests, torturing animals) gives humans food-security, but we must avoid our heedless greed.

Guðrun Kristín Magnúsdóttir

Óðsmál gives the ancient wisdom a kiss of love – and we wake up to normal life in bliss, joy, and abundance

Normal functioning in life is flawless, and only evolutionary. Learn about our forefathers’ knowledge in Óðsmál research, Iceland:, Óðsmál is all about the spirituality, þeosofi, and purpose of human lives, as told in allegory and symbolic language in our myths. Óðsmál explains terms in Heathenry etymologically, and symbolically, and exposes multiple meanings of terms, names, kenningar, and heiti. Be careful not to jump to rash and unwise conclusions if Icelandic is not thy mother tongue. (--Too much of that already.--) Even Icelanders do that, twist meanings to try to be funny. And there are still lingering these persistent misreadings of manuscripts, not so easily corrected !

We activate matter by injecting consciousness into it !

There is only that flickering and playful Gungnir out of which we are making our worlds. Nothing tangible. World, Icelandic veröld (ver-öld) = man´s lifespan - each world is as is the thinker of it (his/her private unique one). Without conscious being behind matter, matter´s only tendency is to increase disorder (entropy). So what are our worlds – as many as there are men!!! What we perceive not is all-pervading consciousness, yet we are it. Oh, we have a way to contact It, That which is pure bliss. (Hávamál nýsa niður, self given to Self.) We shall do that. Delightful. Brings joy into life, yields perfect health to our Gungnis-bodies (--yes, our bodies we make out of that unstable Gungnir--).

Superficial life in Gungnir is not all there is to life, - fun as it though is. Simply learn to nýsa niður, transcend thought and space-time.

There is an effortless, automatic, delightful, natural technique at hand. Our forefathers knew this. We shall rediscover it. We so gain fimbulrúnir (fimbul-rúnir -flawless skill in action) and all benefits in life in Miðgarður, and we so further our spiritual evolution. Óðsmál research is all about spirituality and þeosofy contained in our priceless heritage. We give it a little Snow-White and SleepingBeauty kiss of love, and _we_ wake up. These perennial bed-time stories are myths in an innocent disguise.

Worm-holes for us to enter, --which is easy, as we are not our bodies--, then nothing less than an air-born eagle when we have imbibed the wisdom.

The cave in the cliff Hnitbjörg (hnit-björg) is within. There is nothing out there. If we want the wisdom, we should nýsa niður (transcend thought and space-time). Nothing in Miðgarður is easier than taking a trip to Gunnlöð to enjoy her hospitality. All is within, no obstacle whatsoever, from me to me. Our forefathers’ symbolic language is so mesmerizingly entertaining.

Hang on vingameiĂ°ur

Do not take myths and poems literally. Belief in the letter can lead to stagnation. (literalism – no good)

Vingameiรฐur (vinga-meiรฐur) is not any physical mundane real tree at all When we transcend, we are pending on meiรฐur in nothingness of no thoughts. Do not try to think when transcending, as that thought will only get us back to thinking. Our mind automatically, by its very own nature, seeks contact with the pure bliss it finds inside within. We only have to learn the delicate effortless technique to give the mind a chance to find what it is, really is, and is always looking for. Our heritage is priceless, -- and necessary for our life.

Now is the time to rediscover what life is meant to be, what life is for, and how we realize our purpose and goal.

When we practice nýsa niður (transcend thought and space-time) we become ever purer, rid ourselves of tröll (ignorance), and see better and better what we are doing here. That is the greatest joy to discover the joy of life.

concepts in heathenry, intellectual understanding

Hel / Helia

Note that the invention “only one life-span� for each born man, is a tool. Indeed, there is only one life,

eternal, all-pervading, and know that death exists not. Nothing ever dies. In the relative there is only change, perpetual and unreliable. Soul never suffers. Hel is a delightful coffee-break between life-spans. Only by being born and live, can we take steps on our evolutionary path to purity, enlightenment.

Hildisvíni – shield of Freyja

Svín, swine, refers to fertility.

Freyja, our universe, protects, and takes care of us during our many life-spans in Miðgarður, the world of men. (mið-garður) Her abode is Fólkvangur (fólk-vangur) She loves us all, whatever we may believe in, or not believe. Freyja has a shield named Hildisvíni, with whom she gives protection to creatures in their most vulnerable state in a life-time. From conception, a soul is making a new body to live a life in. Freyja protects us when we cannot do it ourselves.

Hrímþurs (hrím-þurs) is utter stagnation.

Gerður (mankind, we) lives an all-material life, and forgets how to use life-spans to seek perfection. Forgets, yes, as she knew all the time about lognfara lundurinn Barri (--the peaceful inner crove--). It is Gerður who suggests where to find her divine part. Gerður, at last, understands, and wants to find her divine part in here. Skírnismál Edda poem with understanding script of Edda-poem available FREE

Etymology in Icelandic is all fun, as it reveals that terms and names are trickier than seems at first glance. Student of norræna (OldNorse): “…but that's the problem with old norse, the same root words mean different stuff which is really shitty of them to do.”

Do not imagine that thou knowest everything when thou knowest a little bit. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And myths and poems have layers of understanding. Perhaps as to meet the requirements of men on different states of consciousness, different stages of understanding. A foreign scholar claims Óðinn to, be afraid of getting old-age loss of memory /Azheimers?). He assumes that Óðinn has a human brain, also forgetting that gods have apples of Iðunn for eternal youth, and are not guys and dolls. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. In heathenry there is no right or wrong, but anyone can enjoy our myths and poems on his level. I recommend, though, that we do not take them literally as some laughing matter. That trap is really ridiculous.

Too many dictionary translations have been the source of drastic misunderstanding. Note how the vowels need special knowledge.

Note also many meanings of some terms: drepa means to kill, and also to touch. Skírnir drepur tamsvendi, touches Gerður with a magical wand. Also the gods touch, drepa, Ymir the sounding, so he becomes the 5 elements or vibrational modes. How often have we heard kill here?? Many lousy stories have been invented from little knowledge, narrowmindedness, and entirely misleading translations. Let alone the persistent flaws in manuscriptreading! Óðsmál tries to shed a new light on Edda myths and poems. Tricky Icelandic. A man learning norræna (Old Norse) claims it to be “shitty of norræna to have so many meanings found in one word”. And know, also, that many concepts have more than one word for them.

Inner Being

The easiest task ever undertaken in Miðgarður, the world of men: nýsa niður and pick up fimbulrúnir and all benefits in life.

Seen from Ásgarður (ás-garður), we have a broader over-all vision on life as a whole.

Iceland is an island of fire and ice. Icelanders are a bit like that too. We might speak less than we think.

Ari fróði said: let us have the version that proves to be truer – hafa skal það sem sannara reynist. He wrote Íslendingabók – the book of Icelanders. Perhaps this was his way of saying that he left out some things he knew to be, when he wrote our history. Perhaps it was dangerous to tell the true version of what happened in Iceland. 108 short videos in Icelandic, English captions, and 108 short videos in English, English captions.


Understand terms, their true meaning, multiple meanings, and etymology.

“Giant” is a bad translation in our myths. I do not recall any risar (giants; singular risi) in our myths. Jötnar, tröll, þursar are no giants, not big at all. They have different functions in Miðgarður. Jötnar (--singular jötunn--) are our necessary sweeping-up and recycling department of useless creations. All our stuff is just flickering Gungnir, anyway.

Avoid free radicals in our Gungnis-bodies by favoring a healthy and stress-less life-style. The quickest way to get rid of stress is to nýsa niður – transcend thought and space-time – twice daily all our life-span.

Laws of Nature

The perfection in Ă sgarĂ°ur is mirrored from the perfect order which ginnungagap is.

Then, in turn, this prefect orderliness is mirrored into the universes which float in ginnungagap – and are It. The Laws of Nature are all-mighty and allpowerful, and they function flawlessly. We should always live in flow with Natural Law, and so make our life – easily and naturally - flow with the perfection at hand everywhere.

Take heed: Pls. google Schumann resonance and EMF-pollution (electro-magnetic field pollution) -and yin-yang as the healthy resonance.

Geimveran Tak is Tak the alien – composed by Hjalti Bjarnason when he was little boy – broadcasted on TV. Many wonderful stories! Is someone studying norræna / Old Norse? reading Icelandic stories recommended !

A delightful way to learn a language is to read the best children´s books. Here FREE, and if thou desperately wantest to pay then also on Amazon (kindle and paper) Here are also lovely stories by Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir, some of them awarded.

Take a look: English translation too

Life in Miรฐgarรฐur

Kids are happy by nature, not yet dealing with a more serious Skuld than the family they chose.

(--see Urður Verðandi Skuld as our self-made karma--) --Icelandic fjölskylda (family), skylda duty, skuld debt-Then we (--the grown-ups, teachers, parents--) start wrapping them up in conditions, telling them who they are in context of society. Screwed up for life-time, says Deepak Chopra. They soon find the pecking order of the animal stage. But there is a way out of this trap, or this prison of conditioning: Have Consciousness Based Education, start to see Miðgarður and all its ceaseless activity from the halls of Ásgarður. The Powerful Serenity. Kids start seeing the purpose of life. See all benefits, meaning, and joy. Q: Where is Ásgarður, the sphere of gods and flawless laws? A: Right here, everywhere, inside us – no distance from me to me. Frequent Ásgarður. It greets us well. Our other home in life.

Our worms biting their own tails are not mere repetitive circles at all. They are evolutionary cycles. They close one and open up the next one.

Lord Freyr

Our Vanaguรฐ herra (/Lord) Freyr cares for our worldly needs. He also wants us to get the greatest divine nourishment, that which is even more vital to life than food.

We find that in lognfara lundur Barri (logn-fara; /the peaceful grove of evergreens) Gerður in Gymisgarðar knows this here deep inside (--Edda poem Skírnismál--). Vanaguð are all for our inner peace and our worldly prosperity. We know that wars mean destruction, stress, death, and lack of food. There was never any army of Vanir. Some misreading in Völuspá, and perhaps other poems and myths, was the unfortunate cause of this stupid story. But, as we know, agriculture needs defence. Murugan had martial arts to defend the agriculture from grazing animals and hunters-gatherers. (see on youtube Tamil research Chintanaiyalar Peravai)

Manuscript reading and other traps

If we really want to be wise ‌.

(--which is not gained by reading all books in the universe--) ….we frequent Ásgarður, lognfara lundur Barri, visit Gunnlöð in Hnitbjörg, and all of our “inside-places” where we live the wisdom first-hand. Knowledge is structured in consciousness (quoting Maharishi).

Meili Ă“Ă°insson

Let us bring Meili into fashion again.

He is the mild one. We chose for our life the aspects that we want to grow and enrich in our life.

Mind and Senses

Mind knows not what it seeks until we introduce the inner peacefulness to it.

Till then mind rejoices in the fleeting Gungnis-stuff brought endlessly by the senses. They, the 5 senses, cannot register the Underlying Field, ginnungagap The 5 senses register only the 5 elements, the 5 vibrational modes, from the primordial sound Ymir (OM, Bang). Out of that we make our worlds. We should know that we are not the stuff, not our body, but the individual soul who never perishes. - Önd skal lifa og aldreigi týnast –We are Líf and Lífþrasir – who never die. We do not make our worlds in the brain. They are somewhere deeper than that. World is in Icelandic veröld, ver-öld, and means man´s life-span. No two make the same, each world/veröld is, thus, as the maker makes it.

Note: Gungnir means vibrations .

Easy to wield Mjรถllnir when we have the skill. Easy to gain the skill when we transcend regularly.

The only worth battering is our trรถll, our own blinding ignorance. Trรถll are our only enemy, as all enmity evaporates when we are pure.

Mjรถllnir or Mjรถlnir is the tool to mill, or we can say the grinder.

Smashing what into pieces? What would we need to rid ourselves of?

รžรณr goes East-wards to batter trรถll, as that is to let in the rising Sun of Enlightenment. Our trรถll, ignorance, blind us from seeing even the purpose of human life-spans: Enlightenment.

Hin รกmรกttka, Mother Nature the all-powerful one. Perfection is the only normal. Normal functioning of Mother Nature is all perfection.

Her almighty Laws keep everything in the universe flawless. Always only evolutionary. But we can damage, and we can disturb. Then ire builds up in Nature. She, like a caring mother, can tolerate us to a certain extent, but at a point she bursts – as calamities, disasters. And know: She is mighty. We are like little ants when She has had it with us. We can accept Her generous gifts, we can take good care of Her. She cares for all our needs, she gives all the little joys in life. So skip pseudo-needs. Live in tune with Her Laws. Nature is only Gungnir (vibrations), a mythia, mithuia, not tangible,-- and know that we are allresponsible for Her. We give back to Nature by transcending. That is meiðmar /to give back for what we receive. If we do not, then we are mere thieves.

Names have a meaning, and might tell half the story in myths and poems. Epithets tell a lot too about the characters. And kenningar are tricky, man! We have to know the multiple meanings of each word. Quite a headache. Kenning is (normally) 2 words, heiti 1 word, another word for the term/name. In a poem, the parts of one kenning might be found in different lines of the vĂ­sa/verse (not to

make it easier for us). The cases (nom, voc, acc, dat, gen, and intstrumentalis case) allow for this split-up of kenningar. When each part of the kenning is a 2-word kenning too, scattered all over the vísa (verse), things get amusingly complicated, man! Geyr garmur mjök fyr Gnipahelli, leikur hár hiti við himin sjálfan- is not about a barking dog at all, as garmur here is heat, or fire – even reaching the sky itself. Manuscript reading is not an easy task, and lots of misreading, silly dictionary translations, and unnecessary (astray-leading) additions are to be found. But we try to make the best of what we (--luckily--) have. Warning: we should be careful not to interpret what we do not understand .(Happens too often.) For fun: The Romans started to use sir-names, or family-names, and Europeans (--stupidly--) started to copy that. In Iceland we still have –son and –dóttir added to first name of father – like mac and nic in Ireland (son of, daughter of). Note: Icelandic contains lots of Gaelic – since settlement. Icelandic is the oldest language in Europe still spoken, still going strong, and blossoming.

The stupidest thing on earth is to carry some imaginary burdens.

Hávamál gives advice: Throw away what thou dislikest, skjót um öxl (throw over thy shoulder) því er þér atalt þykir (what feels uncomfortable and harsh). Life is all joy and delight. Meant to be. It’s nature is. So do not invent troubles and worries. Hávmál gives advice: ósvinnur maður vakir of nætur og hyggur at hvívetna, þá es móður er að morgni kömur, svá es víl sem vas (--an unwise man stays awake during night thinking of many things – he is worn-out at break of day, and all the troubles he has invented have not changed a bit--). Skip worries.

We know sleep, and dreams, and know when we are fully awake. The 4th stage of consciousness is to transcend thought and space-time. Fully awake we contact inner Being. That contact is pure joy.

And it is nourishing. Here we unwind, and rid ourselves of accumulated stresses in our nervous system and in all our physiology.

Our reverent forefathers knew this. We should rediscover their profound wisdom. We become the greater men for it. It brings benefit for ourselves and for our whole dear world.

Nýsa niður – transcend

Why would this nýsa niður (nose, spy, peep down) be told in past tense, nýsta ek niður in Hávamál (I peeped down)?

And: fell ek aftur þaðan, I fell from there again? That is because in the transcendence there is no thought. There is the great silence only, filled with power and know-how. That is what we imbibe here. Termed as fimbulrúnir. We can only talk about it when we are awake. I.e. afterwards !!

Little by little, in time, by regular practice of I given to my Self, we reach the purpose of human life-spans in Miðgarður: Purity, enlightenment, living Valhöll fully alive, more alive than ever. First now we live a normal life of man.

We are making our pony smooth, sleek, willing. Sleipnir is our human nervous system. His 8 legs symbolize 192 nerve-endings.

We take a trip to Ásgarður every day. Preferably twice daily. We so contact the home of all knowledge. Sleipnir becomes sleeker and purer, little by little. And we live fulfilment, widening awareness, an allbalanced state of life. To maintain the smoothness, adaptability, and vigor, when it comes to life in Miðgarður, we must alternate these two experiences: transcend to Ásgarður and live life in Miðgarður. These are 2 different states of physiology. To begin with, namely, the peacefulness is lost when we act in Miðgarður, i.e. do whatever we are doing here. In time it will be lasting.

see also %93%C3%B0inn__posthumous_transformation__%C3%93%C3%B0inn_who_

What sayest thou about the ร“รฐinn-figures

(plural yes, as they are many), and his potential posthumous transformation(s): *Is Óðinn a god? *How do we make gods? Why do we make gods? *Are we, perhaps, Óðinn in our myths? Are myths dealing with us, not some figure outside of us? Think of it that way for a change. *Was Óðinn a warrior king – perhaps enlightened? As: Wherever Æsir went over lands, peace prevailed (hvar er æsir fóru yfir lönd fylgði þeim friður). *Is Óðinn originally a female deity as the planet closest to Sun of Enlightenment? (--see Chintanaiyalar Peravai, Tamil, on fem. and mask. planets--) *Is this (female origin) the reason for why Óðinn enjoys the task of performing seiður, usually done by women? (--and a bit teased for that--) *When did Óðinn first appear in our forni siður (ancient traditions)?

*How became Óðinn a main-god for some of us? *How did Óðinn become the father of Þór? Was Þór not in our myths long before that? And his mother, our Mother Earth? *Do some take Óðinn for a man on an actual 8legged pony? *Does a scholar officially claim Óðinn to be an old man afraid of getting Alzheimers? *Is Óðinn a man, a mythical character, or a god now, even if originally a man? *The planets have their cosmic counterparts in us (see Dr.Tony Nader MD), so our gods are in our brain too. No wonder that we feel them to be so real! What sayest thou? *Do we really think that all main-gods have to be angry, violent, death-oriented, and dominating? *Did Óðinn ever compose Hávamál as Hárr Hærri Þriði (high higher third)?

*Is Óðinn really he who bears the 108(?) names he has been given? (--great and meaningful as all “his” names are!!--) – Is he the one and only character in all his stories? We know that history tends to give famous persons all kinds of attributes, some unworthy, some made up, some bashing, some embellishing. Gangleri means a wave of wisdom, Síðhöttur is Siddhartha (perfection as a goal) What sayest thou?

see also %93%C3%B0inn__posthumous_transformation__%C3%93%C3%B0inn_who_

We shall now --from now and on-- start finding all within.

We are told of things outside of us, up there (wherever that is), out there (somewhere). We think that our senses bring our brain and mind some experiences that take place outside of us. If we want to find Glaðheimar --glað- means glad, happy, and it means wide-the home of unbounded width and joy, we should look for that inside.

Mímisbrunnur, the well of Mímir, is also within. This new view on life will take some time and effort, but the effortless way is to see everything, oneself being firmly grounded in Glaðheimar within (/nýsa niður perpetually). In time, we will see.

Óðinn Vili Véi

The amazing physics our forefathers possessed! ร“รฐsmรกl tells us that there is hidden profundity in myths and sacred poems in our Eddas.

ร“รฐsmรกl explains terms in heathenry, etymologically, and multiple layers of meanings.

Óðsmál research, Iceland, reveals what we never thought of. When we become familiar with this new light shed on our heritage, we, all of a sudden see, that we knew this all the time – here deep inside. Why did we not think of it before?! It is so obvious now.

A Church-assembly in Micea, in Roman Empire year 325 or about, Emperor Constantine and others invented a tool. This invented tool has become persistent in the Churchian Era (/CE).

On our path towards perfection, enlightenment, we use our life-spans wisely - I hope. Know the purpose and goal of human life, and know how to purify ourselves and the whole world – by contacting inner Being and shovel fimbulrúnir into life in Miðgarður.

Be careful: gods and other powers in myths are not guys and dolls as we are. Ægir is the unfathomable abyss of existence. Pure existence, pure consciousness. Rán (pronounce Raun), his consort, Ægis wife, is the all-perfect orderliness in Ægir -- orderliness which is mirrored into all universes, and here again mirrored into our life in Miðgarður, AND in us !!--.

The all-pervading flawless order of natural law. Ægir (capitalized) is this ocean-deity, in whom we live, AND who we are. He is no “He” outside of us, but we are, in core and essence, this unfathomable eternity symbolized as ocean. Termed in our myths as Ægir. But note that ægir is also not capitalized: ægir1 stem sea ægir2 stem - as in ægishjálmur (ægis-hjálmur /-helm) and ægisskjöldur (ægis-skjöldur /shield) the rune to protect us against potential threats); hjálmur a helmet (casco), skjöldur a shield. This ægir is an “ógn” (something threatening). Note (amusing grammar):. ægis is genitive case of ægir. The –r in nominative drops off as the stem is ægi, found in accusative case – Icelandic grammar – quite a headache. Rán (capitalized) is not the same as rán, which is another word. Be careful when foreign parrottranslators (degree-scholars too) look up rán (not capitalized) and get robbery. This is not the same word as Rán, etymologically: perfect orderliness.

The 9 daughters of Rån (pron.Raun) are the evermoving superficial values in life. – 9, our mythical number, is here no exact number of 9, but uncountable mundane waves.

The waves are the ocean, and cannot be pinpointed as anything tangible. If we live only – exclusively - in the surface waves of life, Ránardætur are sure to drive us crazy – sooner or later. They are wild and merciless in their beautiful dance of life. We have to contact the abyss of Ægir, connect to the perfect order, Rán. Shovel the silence of the deep ocean, our boundless consciousness, into Ránardætur, our active life in Miðgarður. This is to enrich life in Ránardætur, make our life powerful as is the unfathomable inner ocean of silence and power.

Bára, Blóðughadda, Bylgja, Dúfa, Hefring, Himinglæva, Hrönn, Kólga og Unnur. Some of their names are proper girls´ names in Iceland. All names have a meaning in Icelandic.

We should learn what a fórn, sacrifice, is. We should learn to nýsa niður and thereby fórna (sacrifice) the only worth sacrificing: : ………….(--fórna (bring as a gift; verb færa--)

Fórna (sacrifice) individual consciousness to universal consciousness . Our self given to the Self. We, so, imbibe the all-pervading perfection into life. No death, no killing, -- only a more perfect, invigorated, empowered life. Meiðmar, to give in return for the given, is done by transcending the mundane Gungnir, contact inner Self, the Being. The best fórn to fórna (bring to the feast) oneself, the pure oneself, fully alive !! Rögn, regin, Rán mean: perfect orderliness. Note, seriously: Do not let films and TV-episodes (--nor the Icelandic Sagas, the later-time literature--) become thy bible on Heathenry. Some degree-people are dangerous too. We are here to correct the damage done to the purity of forni siður (all our ancient traditions), not to repeat the (shabby) “entertainment”, for money-making, - even if it is fun to watch and really well written and produced (most of it).

We know not what Science of Consciousness is, as we might only have been taught religions. Religions are often about obedience, and confessing belief, wrapped up in jargon of what can certainly be explained as spirituality, spiced by threats, and orthodox. Even thriving in

suffering ! Some are theocracies. Our ancient traditions contain pure spirituality, are concerned about purpose of human life-spans. That is termed as theosophi. They are completely useless as a tool to rule and dominate. And they are not about money-making and world-empires. Science of Consciousness Simply: We are consciousness. Our individual consciousness in the body we make, lives in Miðgarður. As our 5 senses register the ever-flickering Gungnir (vibrations) in the universe, we tend to forget that we are still this consciousness. To regain this memory, we understand anew our spiritual traditions. So: We live life – and - contact inner consciousness twice daily. Nýsum niður (we transcend thought and space-time). Memory will be regained. Mímir will be ours. We see the unseen.

Please note on the picture how we (/man) are torn between our spiritual aspirations on one hand, and on the other hand living in a body we make for the sole purpose of living.

We have to live a meaningful life. We should seek our inner sun-god, his purity, his enlightenment. Our only means to evolve spiritually, is to live a life in a body. Bound to do that, but not become bound to our body solely. Skaði and Njörður agree on a compromise: 9 days by the irritating laughter of sea-gulls, 9 days climbing high in the cold snow and steep mountains. (Note: some claim Skaði to be Skanda, and some claim Skaða (/Skaði´s) name to be found in the name Skandinavia; Icelandic grammar: nominative Skaði, gen. Skaða.)

Note: The word skaði (not capitalized) is not the same as Skaði (capitalized) Þjazadóttir. Stay away from senseless dictionary-translations.

Planet Merkur / Óðinn 88 days around sun. So: Óðinn, -- always on the run-- has an eightlegged pony. Quite nice. Sleipnir is – according to Óðsmál research – our human nervous system. His 8 legs refer to the 192 nerve-endings.

When we transcend, we travel on our vehicle Sleipnir, to and fro, from Miðgaður to Ásgarður. No big deal, man, as Ásgarður is here right within us. From me to me ! No pony is of any use to us if not trained to become smooth and sleek and willing. Sleipnir is the sliding, the slippery, and we train him sweetly. -- Nervous system our vehicle ! I simply love the allegory and symbolic language in our myths. -So, a Q: Why would we go into the trouble of visiting Ásgaður when we have everything here in Miðgarður: food, sex, fight and flight responses, money and work? Suffices? A: To shovel the divine perfection of Ásgarður into our higher brain, human brain. Train our nervous system to function adapted to both realms. We go to and fro to -- in time -- to be able to maintain the perfection gained, while vigorously acting in life. Our forefathers term that ability as fimbulrúnir (the most powerful secrete runes displayed).

We cannot see on a man what stage of consciousness he lives. But each one of us can (--and should--) refine our nervous system, should rid ourselves of all accumulated stress in our physiology.

We should shovel the perfection found inside into our life on earth. In order to produce that desired state of pure awareness, the system (--human physiology, and of course our Sleipnir (human nervous system)--) has to be highly purified.

We might not know that perfection is the goal of life, as we might have learned only religions and their afterlife talk. But now we know the truth about human lifespans. The purpose and goal of human life-spans on Mother Earth.

I simply admire the physics our reverent forefathers left for us to understand now. Perhaps our myths and poems were not thrown on the fire altogether (--saved--) - because they are so amusingly funny.

Men could use them to show how stupid and primitive our forefathers were! Believing in such rubbish as these myths obviously are! And then all goddesses were banned under the patriarchy. But it is difficult to ban goddesses, as they are such a part of our life.

Freyja correlates to Afrodita (afros foam) and Venus, who also emerge in the abyss of Waters, ginnungagap.

Svaรฐilfari father to Sleipnir

We might not be all too proud of the parents to our Sleipnir.

But if we see Loki (--Sleipnis mother--) as mankind (--who is fucking up situations and then desperately trying to amend his mess--), we see that Sleipnir is an all-worldly useful little vehicle. Svaðilfari (--he who takes on challenging expedition--) is a powerful stallion, performing huge tasks. Not so bad for breeding at all. So we admit: Sleipnir (--our human nervous system--) is a precious gift to humankind. We shall take good care of him, and see him as the priceless way to visit Ásgarður. See book Stjarnvísi í Eddum by Björn Jónsson, an Icelander: How the funniest myths are sky-phenomena: planets the actors, Askur Yggdrasils and stars the stage and happenings. aso5W4 1of3 1H1AMM 2of3 qVqXQ 3of3

Þór, son of Mother Earth, also fights for us in outer space.

The bombardment from outer space is enormous. Ef Svalinn fellur frรก veit ek aรฐ hauรฐur og haf munu upp brenna (--if Svalinn falls off, I know that land and seas will burn up--).

ร“รฐsmรกl research Iceland tries to shed light on the allegory

(--the untold story within, what is loudly proclaimed on squares--) which we have missed out during the dark ages of ignorance. And ร“รฐsmรกl exposes any astray-leading imprinting and conditioning. Truth will always prevail.

The war-mongers banned goddesses, as goddesses are a nuisance to their destructionplans.

But goddesses cannot be suffocated. They are too strong for that, and to real in our lives.

pix “borrowed” from ©Temple of Theola

We shall realize that there is physics, Ăžeosofi, pure spirituality, and all about the purpose of human life-spans contained in our priceless heritage.

Note: This blĂłt-stone is either a girl having thick hair, or the private part of a woman. This is, anyway, a female-power stone, whichever way we look at it.

Mother Nature’s art-piece

Röskva the efficient one, Þjálfi the sleek and able, Mjöllnir the grinder of tröll (ignorance), glófar ((originally) ga-lófar, gloves) poles, megingjarðir (main powerful girdle) el-circuit, Móði and Magni (the vigorous and the powerful). Þór is our brother and protector. Son or our Mother Earth. We love him dearly. Þór uses not Bifröst, but wades rivers.

How could Loki (--mankind – now as a famous drag queen--) dream of carrying out his absurd idea of Freyja (--our great goddess, our universe--) be given to Þrymur þurs (--utter stagnation--)!!! We shall have to rid ourselves of stagnation on our evolutionary path. Kids love to perform Edda poem Þrymskviða – maybe on a blót - With uderstanding : or Note: Freyja is not a goddess of war, has never been that in Norse-Germanic mythology. Freyja (froth /and Afrodita afros foam) is our universe, space-time foam bubble, our goddess in Fólkvangur. (--now is the time to understand our forefathers’ physics--)

Funnily enough, manuscript reading came out to be 3 thurs-maidens (meyjar) of all-mighty Nature, but should be 3 thurs-sons (megir).

They are 3 qualities of Nature: True, Rush, Inert/retarding. Always all 3 together.

We know not that they are so bossy, that they meddle up with all our activity. The only way to get out of their sphere of dominance is to transcend thought and spacetime. Transcend Mother Nature. Þursamegir (þurs-macs (/sons)) are only in Miðgarður – luckily!

Note: manuscript-reading is tricky. Meyjar means maidens (singular nominative mær), megir means sons (macs; singular nom. mögur. --Irish mac)

Óðsmál finds the 3 þurs-maidens, (–þursameyjar þríar (3 þurs-maidens)) þursa-meyjar

--that mis-reading of manuscript, actually(!!)— so they should not exist !! But here they are!. Þursameyjar, daughters of þursar, are more evolved stages than their fathers, þursar, the old evolutionary stages.

Clever Óðsmál to see this in context of individual and universal evolution from base states to the highest: life (–of the living einherjar–) which is life in Valhöll, where we wage peace in consciousness.. Skaði seeks Baldur sun-god, the highest Gerður finds Freyr, her divinity within, (Edda poem Skírnismál) Gunnlöð should keep the mead of wisdom from us, but gives it away freely.

Now is the time to understand our forefathers’ language. Mind always seeks bliss, but is overwhelmed by the so-called stuff that our 5 senses bring to it. When we practice nýsa niður (--Hávamál --) thought becomes a tiny flickering flame only,

and then expands, to then contact pure consciousness. This contact is pure bliss. Glaðheimar of Óðinn/us. In the silence enjoyed here, some stress is released in our physiology, Sleipnir is teased, and mind begins to think. – Mind loves its specialty, i.e. thinking. We fall from there again (--Hávamál, fell ek aftur þaðan--). But these particular thoughts are only indication of stress-release. So we disregard them, and innocently take another dive inwards. We are imbibing fimbulrúnir here. Óðsmál states: * 1st part of Hávamál a behavioral code for crude men, (not special Icelandic; found all over) * 2nd part for aspirant of truth, Loddfáfnir, * 3rd part – rúnatal - pure þeosofi for the enlightened to understand. Note: nýsta is past tense of verb nýsa. We can tell only afterwards about our visit to Glaðheimar, as human thought is in Fólkvangur only. Glad means happy, and also means wide. Unbounded width of Glaðheimar.

Be careful not to confuse tröll, jötnar, þursar, and above all not translate them as “giants”. Are there any risar (giants) in our myths, in the first place.

And who claims tröll, jötnar, and þursar to be big? They are almost invisible to our naked eye. Learn from Óðsmál: * tröll are our ignorance, our only enemy, and reside in our physiology (they are not out there), * jötnar are corrosion, the sweeping up department, very useful in Miðgarður, * þursar are old, now useless states, or stages, of evolution. * Hrímþursar (Skírnismál, Edda poem) are utter stagnation on our evolutionary path. We wield Mjöllnir to batter our inner, blinding ignorance, and then we start to see clearly who we really are. We are consciousness. Our 5 senses only perceive the created 5 elements of our sounding Ymir. Our senses see not who we really are -- ΓΝΩθΙ ΣΕΑΥΤΟΝ -- θ

Enginn má sköpun renna means: no-one can run away from his (self-made) örlög (fate) Urður Verðandi Skuld are just physics.

Óðsmál tells us that there is hidden profundity in

myths and sacred poems in our Eddas. * Urรฐur is our doings, * Skuld what we get back, as an action always has an equal reaction (physics). Skuld means a debt, and is related to skylda (duty). Fjรถlskylda means family, and we even have chosen that part.

In the Bhagavad Gita part of Mahabharata, says: The ways of actions are unfathomable (gahana karmano gatih). Karman means action. Do not even try to understand returning actions/karma. Their ways, * Verรฐandi, are too complicated

Mix-ups with threat-tools of theocracies is an annoying fact. Mix-ups of living and afterlife.

Andhrímnir Eldhrímnir Sæhrímnir are all-worldly elements, the 5 (space air fire water earth) abbreviated into 3: “and-“ space+air, “eld-“ fire, “sæ-“ water+earth. Einherjar are not zombies. Valhöll is “lived” (--as stage of consciousness--) by pure, enlightened men, -- who wage peace in consciousness. Armor is shattered on benches, spears are used to hold up the roof. These kinds of weaponry are not used, but the peace in consciousness is spread all over the world of men in Miðgarður. (See The Maharishi Effect on waging peace in consciousness.) story_fbid=10157493596975477&id=21389 8595476 The new Fenrisúlfur named Frythology We should invoke Týr in us to fetter a bit this Frythology-Fenrisúlfur

We seem to be terribly brain-washed by creeds. We seem to be terribly credulous. We have to shake off old lies and mix-ups with theocratic tools. It is terribly difficult to un-learn, as the wrong versions have settled within us, due to ages of imprinting. But do not give up. Truth always prevails. Truth is terribly powerful.

Valhรถll is our real home, as val- here means to return to where we really belong - have belonged all the time, only not knowing that.

In life on Mother Earth we evolve towards purity.

When enlightened (--that comes “in time”--), we see everything from the halls of Valhöll. Quite a view, man, as we now see that we are consciousness, that all is consciousness, and that we are all. We cannot hurt now as that would be hurting all. We can only love all. Val- in Valhöll means to return home to where we belong – as now – first now - we live the only normal life for a man. In consciousness we wage peace. The mead we drink here is flow of wisdom. That is the only nourishment offered on the menu here. Mead of Total Knowledge.

When valkyrja is personified, we see her as a person, right? This is a trap.

Personifications of powers and actions always yeild mis-understanding.

Valkyrja is a yajna performed. She is our act of transcending. She serves in the way that we can live Ásgarður. The “trip” from me to me, right here within. This is how our valkyrja serves us. In Ásgarður we drink the mead of wisdom. We bring that mead back to Miðgarður as fimbulrúnir, skill in action in the world of men. Perform a valkyrja every day, twice daily. This is nýsa niður (Hávamál), transcend thought and space-time. Use an easy natural delicate technique to allow the mind to find what it is always looking for. Thoughts and intentions spoil the easy natural technique.

Poor little (or long) Vรถluspรก Edda poem has suffered misreading, misinterpretations, additions, and Christianization. ร“รฐsmรกl pix: Byggvir og Beyla are barley and dough-kneading

Names convey a lot when understood. Our poems and myths perhaps escaped the fire because they are funny, and because they were adapted (a bit) to the Roman Empire, an adaption which we call (for fun) baptism. Vanir pertain to peace, and only when there is peace do we have abundance of food for our family. Note that peace means our inner peacefulness, in Edda poem SkĂ­rnismĂĄl: to find our divine part in lognfara lundur Barri (the peaceful inner grove of evergreens) Note: Agricultural deities, like the first one Murugan, Tamil, had martial arts to defend their crops against grazing and plundering of their cultured foods. Defence is not the same as aggressive wars,

Helgi Hálfdánarson names the 3 underlying poems, all heathen, which he found in Völuspá: Ásaspá, Mímisspá, Járnviðja.

He used metrical rules of poetry to find the original poems on which Völuspá was founded. (His book --Maddaman með kýrhausinn, 1962, and 2002--)

Luckily the original heathen poems did not get lost, so the compilation was not an all-bad accident at all!

For fun: The scholars became so so so jealous when Helgi found what they did not see, that they chose to utter no word, but silence the book to death. Helgi was a translator of great works, highly held in esteem. He became very old and kept on doing marvelous things for us.

We see not that we are pure consciousness. We know not that this means that we are all and everything.

Nothing is outside of ginnungagap. All is It. Enlightened, we, at last, see this truth. We are, during lifetime, an individual consciousness, a soul, walking on Mother Earth in our home-made bodies. And we should know what we are doing here.

We heathens are said to “believe in our might and main” Icelandic: “trúa á mátt sinn og megin.” This is because we have all the power within. We have no intermediaries to our inner might and main. Our way is the good old one.

Ymir is a sound, as this name implies.

We shall understand names in our myths, as they convey half the story. Gain knowledge to avoid twisted meaning. We should realize that personifications are a trap: we take gods and other powers for guys and dolls. Too many pseudo-teachers fall into that trap. Note that the verb drepa in Icelandic can mean “to touch”, and beware of dictionary-translations done by some who have little knowledge and parrotlearning in the field where profound understanding is necessary. The gods in the sphere of Natural Law “touch” the primordial sound, and the outcome is what our 5 senses perceive in creation, the 5 vibrational modes of Gungnir (the vibrating). The höfuðskepnur (höfuð-skepnur, main-created) come to be one from the other in this order: space air fire water earth – correlating to hearing touch sight taste smell. We perceive a sounding universe.

The Icelandic jรณlasveinar (jรณla-sveinar) are not any santa-cokacola man, St.Nicoai from Mira.

Óðsmál teaches that they are our gone forefathers, visiting us at the delicate time of yule-tide. In Iceland, we die into a mountain. Paying reverence to ancestors may have been banned during the dark ages of Roman-Empire rules about what to worship only. But of course we kept on bringing gifts to wights, and elves, and late forefathers during the delicate time yule-tide. If we have heard of our Icelandic jólasveinar as bad guys stealing food and frightening kids, know this to be lies – perhaps to ban forefathers´ worship. But we might have used little lies in turn: Oh, they came from the mountains and stole some food – (but that was, of course, our offerings to them -- smile).

Winter-solsitice is on 22nd, 21st, 20th of Dec. Varies a bit from year to year. Mother Earth decides. Yule, winter-solstice, is resurrection of sun-gods. So peaceful.

Some celebrate our Holy Season by overeating, and spending money, and all stress and hurry. Baldur, as all sun-gods, goes to Hel, Helia, at every yule, and is resurrected. Hermóður (Her-móður, or Herm-óður, different meanings) rides to Hel to resurrect his beloved Baldur. --Drawing from old manuscript, detail says: Baldur hinn góði (/the good) – and note the sun there.— We have a peaceful höfuðblót (main-blót) at yule. The gift of light (--days grow longer--) to come after winter-solstice is the greatest present to get at yule. We can see, in Iceland, shortest day on the southern sky, and we see the longest day (summer-solstice) on the northern sky. Other way round south of equator, of course. There are ancient summer-solstice caves, in Ireland, in Iceland for example, that indicate the importance of knowing the cycles of Mother Earth. yule blót of Ásatrúarfélag 2014 5LZ5iS4

Beware of how threats and boons of theocracies (their heaven-hell threats) color our views.

Beware (try to see) how brain-washed we are. In Heathenry there are not any threats and boons, as our good old traditions are all about our evolutionary life. Our heathen yule, and yule-tide, can never be used to spoil the joy and fun for little kids. Be very careful when it comes to thoughtless conditioning of the dark ages. Do not blindly and thoughtlessly copy tools for obedience. Only love and care raises healthy kids. Teach the kids heathenry and purpose of life, which is NOT obedience to stupid rules.

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Pearls of Wisdom  

Óðsmál Research Iceland on Spirituality, Theosophy, Physics, Science of Consciousness in Our Ancient Traditions - forni siður. By Guðrún Kri...

Pearls of Wisdom  

Óðsmál Research Iceland on Spirituality, Theosophy, Physics, Science of Consciousness in Our Ancient Traditions - forni siður. By Guðrún Kri...