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Special Mini-Reunion Edition!

Tigrikorn Š & TM by O. Douglas Jennings.

Expanded: 2more pages!

Contents TIGRIKORN by Doug Jennings Welcome to The Tigrikorn Comic Fanzine Issue 45: Mini-Reunion* Edition! It’s been 5 years since the last Tigrikorn Fanzine Comic that tells the saga of a Unicorn/Tiger hybrid hero from another galaxy who comes to Earth with a team of freedom fighters! The Tigrikorn Fanzine is also the showcase for student work from Cartooning Students at Kaleidoscope School of Art in Barrington IL. *AND we have special art from Cartooning Students from the early years of the zine! Previous Tigrikorn Fanzine printed editions have been scanned and preserved in a web friendly format. Check out all the TigriKorn issues online at TIGRIKORN.COM I hope you enjoy the mix of comics & writing by students at Kaleidoscope & Cartooning instructor Doug Jennings here and in the Tigrikorn online archives. Tigrikorn character and art Copyright and TM 2017 by Doug Jennings. Other art & comics Copyright 2017 by the respective artists. If you have any questions or comments about this zine or Kaleidoscope School of Art, please don’t hesitate to contact: Doug Jennings c/o Kaleidoscope Art School 316 West Main Street Barrington, IL 60010 Cover Tigrikorn Team Art by Doug Jennings.

Check out more Tigrikorn comics & fun features at TIGRIKORN.COM

HAWK-EYE by Joey Lodowsky HULK by Davis Leedy SUPERMAN/BATMAN by Layla Morrissey

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6 SALVADOR [2005]* 7 by Hector M Padilla XAN & XERXES* 8 by Hector M Padilla INTERGALACTIC TURTLE * 9 by Matthew Sargent FULL-COLOR HERO ART * 10 by Matthew Sargent BOOK REVIEW: SUPER HERO THERAPY 11 by Doug Jennings SUPERMAN ON PATROL 12 by Olivia Schwan SKETCHBOOK LEAKAGE 13 FUN JUNK: Mystery Character* 14 by Tyler Feder SPECIAL MINI-REUNION UDATE 15 Featuring Tyler Feder* WAR MACHINE VS ULTRON by Ivan Brady



By Doug jennings

Last Issue: Tigrikorn and team Fly Above the city to fight the aLien Robot Invasion. as Dr. Bijan provides Intel from His lab, Cyrus in his Leviathon form has defeated Robots on the ground.

Cyrus has cleared the city of robots!

Great! Now to attack their base!!


parsingian Battle Wasps!!!

To be continued!


Hawk-Eye vs Egg Head

by Joey Lodowsky


Clayface vs The Hulk


by Davis Leedy

Superman & Batman

by Layla Morrissey

Tigrikorn 365! Day 37 (exerpt)

by Doug Jennings Doug took part in a year-long creativity challenge. Here’s one of the prompts & posts!


Ultron vs War Machine


by Ivan Brady

Special Mini-Reunion Flashback! Salvador

by Hector M Padilla (Issue 33; 2005)


Special Mini-Reunion UPDATE! Hector M Padilla

Hector M Padilla is a Chicago-based animator, illustrator, and comic artist. He currently works as a game artist for Jackbox Games. Hector is inspired by 80s anime, independent alt comics, contemporary illustration, and animated TV shows like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, and OK KO. Follow Hector on Instagram @ohwatdahec!


Special Mini-Reunion Flashback! Intergalactic Turtle

by Matthew Sargent (Issue 12; 2000)


Special Mini-Reunion UPDATE! Matthew Sargent

Matthew Sargent --Matthew Sargent is an illustrator, cartoonist, and storyboard artist based in Chicago. He was a frequent contributor to the Tigrikorn Zine from the Winter of 1999 to the Spring of 2002. His best-known comic work is the comic strip Bag Drop (www. Keep up with his latest projects at


by Doug J.

Super heroes have incredible powers! But this book by Radiation survivor Janina Scarlet shows how each of us can tap into our own special powers to overcome hard times!

Lit tle Bro wn Co mp any

Book Review

Janina’s story is an inspiration! Unlike comic book heroes radiation did not give her powers. It helped give her insight into super powers we all have. the difficulties she suffered motivated her to study and seek solutions!

Superhero therapy has Wonderful tips to help you face life’s Challenges!

Available on Amazon or order through your library or local book store!

Special Mini-Reunion Flashback!

This is the first Tigrikorn fanzine published as an outlet for my Cartooning Class student work from Kaleidoscope School of Fine Art in Barrington, IL. My comic, Tigrikorn, was the lead story which was followed by student work, web reviews and other features.


Superman on Patrol


by Olivia Schwan

Selected Student Drawings Nick Fury by Joey Lodowski

Black Panther by Ivan Brady

Captain America by Olivia Schwan 13

Special Mini-Reunion Flashback! Fun Junk Activity


by Tyler Feder (Issue 24; 2004)

Special Mini-Reunion UPDATE! Tyler Feder

Tyler has lots of wonderful art on display and for sale at her Etsy shop:



This is one of our first fun sheets! It’s always been a student Favorite!

Enjoy your very own Tigrikorn Bookmark! your Books will love it!

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Tigrikorn Comic Fanzine 45 - Expanded  

Featuring comics by Cartooning Class Students of Kaleidoscope School of Fine Art in Barrington, Illinois as well as art by Instructor Doug J...

Tigrikorn Comic Fanzine 45 - Expanded  

Featuring comics by Cartooning Class Students of Kaleidoscope School of Fine Art in Barrington, Illinois as well as art by Instructor Doug J...

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