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In a highschool sketchbook, was merged the mythical unicorn with a tiger... thus creating an amalgam that represents two natures: Idealistic Fantasy and Fierce Reality—TIGRIKORN. He treads the line between competing worlds and ideals; a bit of a misfit, his adventures are chronicled here. Welcome to Issue # 15 of Tigrikorn! I’m sorry that this issue is even later than usual. Although most of this edition’s features have been online for the last few weeks (Since February). Check out TigriKorn #15 Online at: The student work for this issue is from my Fall 2000 Cartooning Classes. This edition is full of their toons but there is even more online ---and some in full color! I hope you enjoy the mix of comix art in the following pages. This 'zine has comics & writing by students (at Kaleidoscope school of Art in Barrington IL) and myself and other

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contributors. Checkout the sketches of talented Illustration Major, Ed Tadem in the Sketchbook Leakage section (p.23). I welcome contributions of art, comix, reviews or ideas. Interested? See address on this page. But if you have any questions or comments about this zine or Kaleidoscope School of Art, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Doug Jennings c/o Kaleidoscope Art School 205 S. Cook Street Barrington, IL 60010 U can also e-mail me at:

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by Doug Jennings

Inside the pages of an ancient book given to him by his Grandpa Bijan, Cyrus Pyre finds a picture of the demon that TigriKorn and his team mates (currently in disguise) have sought, with Cyrus’ help, to stop from endangering Earth.



Continued Next Issue

This is a “Find� game I created a few years ago. It was fun sketching skate boarders as research for it.

Check out a color version of this art on the Tigrikorn Website.


Arthur’s Pad by Doug Jennings


Welcome to a classic episode of “Arthur’s Pad” from the early days of the strip. The following was designed as a Sunday-Funnies-Sized comic.

Check out more classic Arthur’s Pad comics online at:

This section (pages 7-17) is devoted to the student work of my Fall 2000 Cartooning Classes at Kaleidoscope School of Art. Also...don’t miss student work on the back cover.

The Duel

by Jamie Emling



by Ian Hargrove

Last episode: Angel defeats the evil General in the first round of battle. Yet even after the loss of his left arm the enemy mounts an unexpected counter attack....


Easy Math

Easy Comeback

by Ryan Keisewetter

by Ryan Keisewetter


This is Bob by Jack Madden


Listen Next Time by Mary Ellen Meyer

continued on page 21


Captain Marango


by Matthew Sargent


The Great Escape --Not!


by Justin Lipow


Dogmation by Alex Vietti

Alex has created a most excellent Dogmation web site: Check it out.


Rachel’s Ways by Adrienne Yabile


See the conclusion to “Rachel’s Ways” online at: (Click on the student art link in Issue #15 to fine the title.) 18

I’m featuring two sites for this month. and the main site for “Friends of Lulu” . The Youdraw project aims to show 6 billion personalised drawings of the world’s people together for the first time ever, in one room!          Go to this site to be part of human history.

ABOVE: small-scale sample drawings from the thousands at the site

Friends of Lulu is the site of a great organization devoted to encouraging girls and women cartoonists. Convention dates, great links and other resources are found there.

You can link to the above sites from the Website Faves section of:


Lately, I’ve been listening to the cd relient K by the band of the same name. Relient K has a great sound.

relient K

Musically they are a bit like Weezer but with a Christian philosophy. The two songs I like best are “Marilyn Manson Ate My Girlfriend” and their remake of the themesong from the 80s TV sitcom “Charles in Charge”. Fun band. They are on tour right now in the US. Their cd is put out by

Gotee records. Check out their site at: Their site has up-to-date tour notes, cool links and downloadable videos and songs. and their record label site is awesome too: (with lots of flash files and cool links)

I got the above photos from their fan sites which you can link to from their main site.


Listen Next Time by Mary Ellen Meyer continued from page 11



by Doug Jennings

His home invaded by the mysterious Shadow Knight, Larry is helpless without his Luminaus suit.

Let your god get you outta



Continued Next Issue

All artwork this page © 2001, Ed Tadem. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Tigrikorn TM Doug Jennings

This month, I am featuring the superb sketches of the artist Ed Tadem, an illustration major at the California State University of Long Beach (CSULB). Ed also does private commissions and other illustrative work on the side (including character design, concept art, illustrations for web or print, website graphics, logo illustrations).

Below is a one-of-a-kind sketch of Tigrikorn that Ed made exclusively for this zine. Thanks, Ed!

These are just a very small sampling of Ed’s work.

Check out more of Ed’s excellent sketches at: 23

by Molly Brown More student work inside, starting on page 7!

The most complete version of this zine is online! Tigrikorn is funded in part by Kaleidoscope, Ltd. Gallery and School of Art, 205 S. Cook Street, Barrington, IL 60110. Ph: 847.381.4840, Jill Funk, Kaleidoscope Director. Doug Jennings, Cartooning Instructor. Printed in U.S.A., Š & TM 2001 by Doug Jennings and featured artists respectively. All rights reserved.

Tigrikorn Zine #15  

Originally published in 2000, This is the 15th Tigrikorn fanzine published as an ongoing outlet for my Cartooning Class student work from Ka...

Tigrikorn Zine #15  

Originally published in 2000, This is the 15th Tigrikorn fanzine published as an ongoing outlet for my Cartooning Class student work from Ka...