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Student Work www.geocities.com/tigrikorn

In a highschool sketchbook, was merged the mythical unicorn with a tiger... thus creating an amalgam that represents two natures: Idealistic Fantasy and Fierce Reality—TIGRIKORN. He treads the line between competing worlds and ideals; a bit of a misfit, his adventures are chronicled here. FINALLY! Welcome to Issue # 14 of Tigrikorn! Sorry that it’s so late. I’m not exactly sure, but there might be more student work in this edition than any previous issue of Tigrikorn. This edition is also published ONLINE. Check out the TigriKorn Web site:

www.geocities.com/tigrikorn The student work for this issue is from my Spring and Summer 2000 Cartooning Class. This edition is full of their toons but there is even more online ---and some in full color! I hope you enjoy the mix of comix art in the following pages. This 'zine has comics & writing by students (at Kaleidoscope school of Art in

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Barrington IL) and myself. I welcome contributions of art, comix, reviews or ideas. Interested? See address on this page. But if you have any questions or comments about this zine or Kaleidoscope School of Art, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Doug Jennings c/o Kaleidoscope Art School 205 S. Cook Street Barrington, IL 60010 U can also e-mail me at: odjennings@earthlink.net

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Tigrikorn by Doug Jennings

Cyrus Pyre, transformed by the Imagidragon into comic book hero Android XTM, helps TigriKorn and his team mates chase off the monsterous demon Dieve. Now at Cyrus’ house they must regroup and plan their next move.


Continued Next Issue



by Zack Edelstein

This issue I’m offering a little game that has become popular lately...

...Spot the Difference!! See if you can find at least Five differences in the two pictures at right. Go to the Tigrikorn Website to see a color version of the picture: (www.geocities.com/ tigrikorn). Have fun.

You just gotta check out this site: www.cartoonmilitia.com You can see an animated comic strip adventure of Jack Spade and Tony Two-fist who are the creations of Steve Rolston. (Requires Flash Player plugin) When you get to the site, just click on the “Comics” section. On 56k modem, takes 5 minutes to download. It’s worth the wait.

Arthur’s Pad by Doug Jennings I hate when that happens...


...I wake up before I can rescue myself!

Mert and Syd’s rocket Heimlich manuver saved Arthur from the pteradactyl but our hero’s rocket shoes won’t kick in to keep him from falling.... Then a chilling thought occurs to him...

-and my readers must hate that too!

“I’d better try to salvage whatever reader interest is left...”

hmm.. Let’s see now...

Continued Next Issue


This section (pages 6-20) is devoted to the student work of my Spring & Summer 2000 Cartooning Classes at Kaleidoscope School of Art. Also...don’t miss student work on the back cover.


Ed & Ted

by Kevin Nash


George the Golfer


by George Germanos, Jr.

The Weather Squad

by Kevin Nash


Kelly’s World


by Paige Peterson

Kelly’s World

by Paige Peterson

The Adventures of Harry the Hamster

by Kelsey Walsh




by Caroline Wagenaar


by Caroline Wagenaar

Check out the Sockman Website: www.geocities.com/sockmanweb 13

Mercenary Wizard


by Emilio Buonanni


by Ian Hargrove


Witch World


by Carolyn Jessee


Bye for Now.... A Dedicated Kaleidoscope Student Moves On Hello, Folks! My name is reptiles and amphibians. This Adam Nevler and I’ve been has also been one of my great going to Kaleidoscope Art hobbies. School for almost 8 YEARS! I So as I leave the Kaleistarted when I was in 6th doscope Art School forever, grade, and unfortunately I I’d like to thank a few of my must be leaving this big biggest influences throughchunk of my life for college. out the years. First, of I haven’t decided what course, is my art teacher my major will be but I’m Doug Jennings. He has taught pretty sure I’m going to be a me so much about the comic Herpetologist. A Herpetolobook world it has really been gist is a person that studies a great adventure being one 18

of his elder pupils. Then there are my folks who have guided me in the right direction all my life. Even though the cause of my dad’s baldness is me, I thank him and my mom for being there for me. And also my sis for, umm....being my sis. Then there is all my friends: Kornick, Colin, Uncle P. Richard, Sean Blohm (go for 4!), Cohn, Logan, Ryan, J.R., Jim, Gomez, and finally my

girlfriend Holly (♼)! There is one more person I must thank: The man himself, Jackie Chan. He is the biggest influence in my life. Actually his movies are just really good. Well, I must be leaving all my fans behind and I must move into the future. Thank you all very much for a great 8 years.

This month we are looking at some sketches from the sketchbooks of Kaleidoscope Students. Remember, your sketchbook is an invaluable tool to practice drawing characters, story settings and drawings from life that help you develop your artistic skill. Adam Nevler submitted this sketch of a ghoulish character from his imagination....

Here are a few samples of sketches by Sockman creator Caroline Wagenaar.




by Zack Edelstein


Larry Stone (Luminaus) is pulled out of the barn window by his Uncle Rex before a battle-spawned collapse of the structure afterwhich Shadow by Doug Jennings Knight leaves thinking Luminaus is crushed under the rubble. Uncle Rex grounds Larry for 2 weeks for leaving the house without permission.



Then god will allow me to splatter you all over your driveway!

To Be Continued...



by Alex Vietti

More dogmation at www.dogmation.8k.com TigriKorn is funded in part by Kaleidoscope,Ltd. Gallery and School of Art, 205 S. Cook Street, Barrington, IL 60010. Ph: 847.381.4840, Jill Funk, Kaleidoscope Director. Doug Jennings, Cartooning Instructor . Printed in U.S.A. Š & TM 2000 by Doug Jennings and featured artists respectively. All rights reserved. www.kaleidoscope.school.8m.com

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Tigrikorn Zine #14  

Originally published in 2000, This is the 14th Tigrikorn fanzine published as an ongoing outlet for my Cartooning Class student work from Ka...

Tigrikorn Zine #14  

Originally published in 2000, This is the 14th Tigrikorn fanzine published as an ongoing outlet for my Cartooning Class student work from Ka...

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