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7 Magazine talks to fergal from the hudson bar

MAY | 2012

7 rates

We run down our pick of belfast’s eateries

beer festival

Brewing gets crafty down at the John Hewitt


Your guide to where to go this month.

Our new menu has

It’s really yummy too, but don’t take our word for it...


MMM... arrived!

Perfect for groups, birthdays, stag/hen, corporate/team building with full indoor racing facilities

radar presents

w w w. q u b s u - e n t s . c o m

Sunday 13th May Mandela Hall


Wednesday 16th May Mandela Hall, 14+

Saturday 2nd June Mandela Hall


Tuesday 12th June Mandela Hall

Saturday 16th June Mandela Hall, 14+


Tuesday 17th July Mandela Hall


Thursday 27th September Mandela Hall

Saturday 13th October Speakeasy, 14+


Sunday 28th October Mandela Hall




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MAY | ����

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           

THE GRADUATE 028 9043 8764 130 Ormeau Road, Belfast, BT7 2EB

OPENING TIMES Follow us Twitter /@thegraduate_belfast or join us on Facebook

The Graduate is part of the Hatfield House group.

  B B

Monday - Saturday /12noon - 9pm Sunday /1pm - 6pm

Menswear Department

House of Fraser Victoria Square Belfast BT1 4QG Tel: 028 90 278 272

Cascade House

235 Lisburn Road Belfast BT9 7EN Tel: 028 90 681 291

358 Upper N’Ards Road

Ballyhackamore Belfast BT4 3EX Tel: 028 90 658 001

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Morton Pinpoint, one of Northern Ireland’s most successful estate and letting agencies, is leading the way in improving student accommodation in Belfast. In the first partnership of its kind in the UK and Ireland, Queen’s Students’ Union and Morton Pinpoint ‘SU Lets’, has been established for students seeking private sector accommodation within the University area. The new service is committed to improving the student experience in the rental market and is also available for landlords wishing to have their properties managed or promoted directly to a readymade audience. Arrangements have been made for both students with an interest and landlords with properties across Belfast on how they can become a part of this innovative new arrangement.

Helping launch ‘SU Lets’, Queen’s Students’ Union President Jason O’Neill said: “Living in good quality private sector accommodation is central to having a good student experience. “SU Lets will be an ethical lettings agency that will endeavour to provide the best possible standard of accommodation. It will be the only lettings agency which comes wholly recommended by the University and the Students’ Union.” Nicholas Brennan, Managing Director, SU Lets said: “A first in Northern Ireland, this partnership will benefit both the student and the landlord.


“Our main aim is to improve the letting process for students and provide reassurance to their parents, whilst at the same time maximising the landlord’s investment. “We are putting in place a number of new initiatives, including our colour-coded mapping system, our deposit policy and three-tiered grading system which will allocate a gold, silver or bronze status to houses, according to their standard. “Safety is also very much on our agenda. We plan to have a 24/7 emergency procedure policy in place, whereby students will be directed to a specific telephone number for any incident or emergency

related to their accommodation. “Approval certificates will be put in place for houses with multiple occupants, (HMO) with gas safety certificates essential where appropriate, and there are plans to develop this even further.” He concluded, “We are confident that this partnership will raise the bar on student accommodation standards and issues across Belfast.” For further information visit or call 028 9023 1000 Landlords can get in touch by texting ‘landlords’ to 80011 or emailing


BESTY McD Northern Ireland’s original and only scenester.


AVENGERS ASSEMBLE Good news for all you virgins out there, the hugely anticipated “Avengers Assemble” movie was released. Marvel’s version of an orgy for all the fat, sweaty nerd-ons out there, featuring an array of Marvel characters including Ironman, The Hulk, Thor and Captain America amongst others. I will go and see this movie, not because I am a fan of comic books, but just on the off chance I get to see Scarlett johanssON with no pants ON!! HOLLAAAAAHHHHH!

SIMON COWELL A book about Simon Cowell was released in April spilling details about the many affairs he has had. After the many terrible musical decisions Cowell has made in the past, I don’t know why everyone was so surprised to hear that he had had an affair with the wrong Minogue sister. Why have cotton, when you can have si……..Kylie’s arse.

‘NomSayin???!!! PLAYYAAA

POISENED BY KFC During April a girl was rewarded over £5million after catching salmonella from a KFC twister that left her in a coma. This is totes ridiculous, I ate a dodgy Zinger burger once that left me spraying liquid hot wings out of my dot for about 3 days. Did I get £5million? Did I fuck! #SubwayForLife

GRAND NATIONAL That’s right in April we had the Grand National. This is one of the biggest sporting events on the calendar, where rich knackers get together and bet on the performance of an animal that will in no way get to enjoy the winnings if it does well. The most frustrating thing about this race is the number of horses that die trying to complete the jumps. Quite frequently, a horse that has been bought for millions of pounds, being whipped by a midget, who is no doubt being paid millions, will not complete a jump properly and crash into the ground, snapping it’s neck, and someone has to come along and shoot it in the face. All I’m saying is, if you’re going to go to so much trouble to kill an animal, at least have the decency to eat the fucking thing.

TITANIC 3D As if people in Belfast weren’t pissed off enough about hearing about the fucking Titanic, they decided to re-release Titanic the movie in 3d, and the excuse was “There is a whole generation of people who didn’t get to experience Titanic in the cinema”, well, do you know what? There’s a whole generation of people who didn’t get to experience “Flubber” in the


cinema, but it doesn’t mean they have to re-release it, even though it’s one of the best films ever made. I’m getting to pissed off with hearing about the titanic, I’m totes going to ram a shard of ice into my eyeball.

LESSIE J Jessie J has recently come out as a lesbian. Oh no dudes, only ClamLappers are going to be able to enjoy Jessie’s Boy-like, boney body and her strong, masculine jawline. What a shame. #Properly-Doing-It-Like-adude.

REDICULOUSLY PHOTOGENIC GUY In April, a picture of a guy called Zeddie Little was taken as he ran the 2012 Cooper River Bridge Run. The photo went viral, and he became globally known as “The ridiculously photogenic guy”, as he looked “handsome” amongst the other runners who were all blowing steam out of their holes at this point in the race. He was shot to fame and made several TV appearances. But, strangely enough, nobody seemed to give much of a fuck, when Claire Squires, collapsed and died during the last mile of the London Marathon whilst running for charity. That story didn’t seem entertaining enough to go viral. The only thing backing her story, was The Sun newspaper, who were probably only doing it to try and claw back some dignity after years of vomiting out reading material for shitting builders. cure the child’s illness. Plus, if he was that concerned about these issues, he would stop shitting on peoples ears on Live at the Apollo, and move to Africa to help. Punk Ass Bish.

CLUB MONO PRESENTS LETHAL BIZZLE SPONSORED BY RELENTLESS ENERGY DRINK Following on from his phenomenal collaborations with Jay-Z, Chipmunk and Pete Doherty, Club Mono presents underground artist Lethal Bizzle on Friday 18th May sponsored by Relentless Energy Drink. Lethal Bizzle is one of the most prolific and exciting rappers to emerge from the UK underground scene. Previously a member of More Fire Crew, he went on to form his own Lethal Bizzle Records in 2004. His debut single Pow! entered at number 11 on the U.K. pop charts and earned him a MOBO award for Best Single (he was also nominated for Best Newcomer). Pow! became the anthem of the underground music scene - an accolade it still holds. He embarked on a Club NME tour in 2006 and won over tough indie audiences with his high paced energetic live performance.

Bizzle released his solo grime debut album Against All Oddz in mid-2005. His next set of singles, including “Uh Oh! (I’m Back)” and “Fire” also made it onto the UK charts establishing him as one of the UK’s most popular underground artists.

Relentless Energy Drink & Club Mono presents Lethal Bizzle

His second album Back to Bizznizz established him as a solid live touring artist going out on the road with Jack Penate, Gallows, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, The Enemy and The Wombats, and playing summer festivals with packed out performances at Reading / Leeds festival and Wireless O2.

Club Mono, Ann Street, Belfast Doors 9.30pm

Quoted in the Guardian as the ‘best known rapper in the indie scene’, Lethal is currently working on finishing off his brand new album with producers including Mark Ronson that is due for release later in 2012.


with support from MC’s Duke + Daz and DJ O-one. Friday 18th May 2012

Admission £10 For all the action at Club Mono log on to: Follow Relentless Energy Drink at:



Fill a highball glass 2/3rds with ice Add 50ml Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka Top up with tonic water Garnish with a slice of lime

Keep your judgement pure. Drink responsibly. Š 2011 Finlandia Worldwide. Finlandia is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.


behind bars This Month 7Magazine teams up with Eristoff Vodka to talk with Fergal Donnelly at The Hudson, Belfast. The Hudson has been a huge success from opening. What’s the secret?

awash with history and we are proud to be part of it.

I think, for a bar only in its infancy, The Hudson has already got it nailed as far as the entertainment side of things go. Great DJs weekly, playing everything from Abba to Zappa minus the cheese. Shake that up with a dash of Thursday and Friday sessions, add a twist of the infamous Terri Hooley on Thursday nights and hey presto… what a cocktail of entertainment! In a strange kind of way, our location, being so off the beaten track, has put us more on the map also. Friendly staff, great posters, a vast array of beers, ales and spirits and a directorship second to none, have given us the foot up most bars would envy.

Belfast pub crawl! Where are we going?

So why the Hudson – What’s the name all about? Contrary to what some people might think, it has nothing to do with the Hudson River in America or Rock Hudson but little known is the fact that way back in 1760 Gresham Street used to be called Hudson’s Entry or Hudson’s Lane. The Smithfield and Union area is

To be honest, after a shift I wouldn’t need to go home and shower, I’d quite happily hand over my keys and kick back here with a pint of Fraoch Heather Ale. Failing that I could be persuaded to take in a few brews in the Hewitt or The Duke of York, both within a hounds gowl, finished off in The Garrick, groovin’ to some badass soul courtesy of Kenny Matthieson, its entertainment Jim but not as we know it…Klingons on the starboard bow! Apart from Jon at 7Magazine what famous faces have been I the door at the Hudson? Famous people? Not in The Hudson as yet, not sure if I’d be bothered either way. We have had some but we don’t make a fuss about it. After the recent Van Morrison concert at the Odyssey, the band plus daughter arrived in for some post concert drinks, before long the instruments came out but GLORIA stayed at home.

GEORGIAN MULE 50ml Eristoff Vodka 25ml fresh lime juice (half a lime) 1 dash of Angostura bitters Topped with Ginger Beer

Serve in a tall chilled glass with plenty of ice and a slice of lime

Your words of Wisdom for 7Magazine please. Words of Wisdom... Be Cool, Be Nice, Be Happy, Be Edgy….The Hudson summed up. Bar tenders love a crazy story from behind the counter. Giz one! Crazy Stories...being from Donnaghmore I don’t really have any but one of my colleagues talks about the time he had to “look after” the Hollywood movie star, Matthew McConaughey, on a trip to Belfast. He says what goes on tour stays on tour but if Matt is in Belfast again don’t be surprised if you see him sippin’ a few Tequilas in The Hudson.

3 Reasons Why Tennent’s Vital is the Essential Music Event of the Year* *No, it’s not just three Florences. 2012 is a big year for Northern Ireland with lots of great events lined up over the next few months but if there’s one standout, for us, it’s got to be Tennent’s Vital. Back in Belfast for the first time since 2007, Tennent’s Vital is simply unmissable. Here are our top three reasons not to miss out!


Foo Fighters live in Northern Ireland for the Very First Time! Foo Fighters have been one of the biggest bands on the planet for a very long time now but this will be fans first chance to see them play in Northern Ireland. And it’s an awesome prospect. This is a band at the very height of its powers: the recent Wasting Light was their most successful album yet and last year’s juggernaut live tour thrilled millions of fans.

The Third Coming The Stone Roses’ music defined an era. Their pioneering fusion of soaring guitars and infectious dance rhythms created musical alchemy on tracks like Made Of Stone, I Wanna Be Adored and the epic I Am The Resurrection. The band’s return will see the original iconic line-up of Ian Brown, John Squire, Mani and Reni back together for the first time in over 17 years. This is the one we’ve been waiting for!

The Festival’s Strongest Ever Line-Up? Down through the years, Tennent’s has brought some of music’s biggest names to grace the festival, including The White Stripes, Kings Of Leon, Snow Patrol, The Killers and of course Eminem. However, this time, the line-up is more than a bit special. Fresh from headlining Coachella, The Black Keys are among the hottest acts around right now and they and Dublin rock upstarts The Minutes should prove ideal support for Foo Fighters on 21st August. Meanwhile, the phenomenal Florence + The Machine and Rodrigo Y Gabriela join The Stone Roses on August 22nd. What’s more, thanks to Tennent’s UnTapped, Tennent’s

Lager’s new initiative to unearth the best in new Northern Irish music, two of our most talented new artists will get the chance to open the main stage on each day. Check out for more info. So is this Tennent’s Vital’s greatest ever line-up? We certainly think so! And, don’t forget, there’ll be more acts announced soon! Tennent’s Vital takes place on Tues 21st and Weds 22nd August at Boucher Road Playing Fields, Belfast. Tickets are on sale now priced at £49.50 incl booking fee per day from Check out and for more info.

ff /sta ts

Par t




rship to red uc

C ri m e




in st stu den


“working together to protect students�

FRESHER APPROACH TO CRIME AGAINST STUDENTS Police, working in partnership with the Northern Ireland Office, University of Ulster, Queens University, Stranmillis University College and student unions, are keen to prevent students falling victim to criminal activity. Campus Watch is a campaign designed to offer practical crime prevention advice to students with safety messages being advertised at  campuses across Northern Ireland. There are some simple steps that can be taken to avoid becoming a victim:

Personal safety

At home

Vehicle security

Don’t leave your drink unattended and never accept a drink from someone that you don’t know.

Lock all doors and windows each time you go out.

Always lock your car and don’t leave any valuables unattended in the vehicle whether it is parked on or off campus. Where possible, always park your car in a well lit area.

Don’t get so drunk that you don’t know what you’re doing. Plan how you’re going to get home. Don’t walk home alone or go back with someone you have just met - stay with friends or use a taxi. Would you go alone into a stranger’s house at 11am in the morning? No? So why do it at 2am drunk? Arrange to meet new acquaintances when sober. Keep your bag zipped and held close to you. Don’t wear headphones late at night they may stop you being able to hear people around you.

Use timer switches for lights and make your flat look occupied in the evenings and at the weekends. Mark your property with the initials of your university and your student ID number.

Students living off campus should remember that getting on with local residents is important. Neighbours can report suspicious activity when you are away at weekends and during the holidays. In return students should respect the wishes of their neighbours who don’t want to be kept awake half the night with rowdy parties, nor do they want to have their property damaged. Have fun without spoiling it for yourself or others.


MISTER UNDERGROUND 7Magazine talks to Chris Preston an electro/pop musician from Belfast, Northern Ireland who started writing, recording and producing his music from around the age of 13. Having just recently been sponsored by Crafty Workshop who are located at T13, Titanic Quarter, Belfast, Chris has spent the past year working on his third album “Trainwreck”. It will be a mixture of genres including, dub step, electro-rock and pop. The debut single released from the album was “Medicine ft. Lucky Date” This track was broadcast on BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1 Xtra, BBC ATL and BBC Radio Ulster. My new single “Be A Star” has entered Akon’s top 100 unsigned chart. Trainwreck will be released at the end of June 2012 and will be available on iTunes, Napster and Amazon. So a typical day in the life of Mister Underground - tell us about it.

How did you end up where you are today?

Well basically my day is a mix of being in front of a laptop promoting myself through Facebook and other networking sites, as well as producing and writing music. I take a lot of time out to work on my music and think it would be fair to say id be lost without it. Some days are busier than others as I may have an interview, photo shoot or video shoot. I also have a few other secret projects I’m working on *taps nose*.

I have worked very hard over the last 6 years and have gained a lot of experience. Ive learnt that you have to go through the bad to get the good. I am a self promoter, lyricist, producer and singer so it takes up a lot of time but its been worth it, Id say promotion is how I ended up where I am and being a real artist. Its took a lot of work to get where I am now, my moto is “If you don’t ask you don’t get”.

Where do we find you playing at the minute? I have played a few times in Auntie Annies and El Divino nightclub, but I am looking to get into some larger venues as I am going to have a bigger production. Also be sure to check me out on MisterUndergroundUK

You have a week off work - what do you do? Get TRASHED!… No seriously, I find it hard to take time off.. Im an over thinker and my brain does overtime. But if I where to switch my mind off for a week id say id kick the feet up with a few beers.

What’s the plans for the rest of 2012? WOW!… Well there quite a lot happening atm Im in talks with a few celebrity artists to feature on my album again *Taps Nose* top secret but I guess you will have to wait for the new album “Trainwreck” thats dropping June 2012. Also happening this month is the video shoot of my brand new single “Be A Star” directed and filmed by Jonathan McErlean. This video is going to be very different and again show my growth as an artist. I have a few festivals in the summer including sunflowerfest. So 2012 is going to be an exciting year. Bring it on! You win the lottery. What is your new Car? Gadget? Postcode? haha Postcode! Well if I was to win the lottery ideally I would invest in a business… But if I was to choose a car (taking into consideration I past my test first haha) id buy a Lamborghini Reventon.

Restaurant: Nando's Club: El Divino Pub: Filthy McNasty's Drink: Southern Comfort and Cranberry Afternoon Chill Out: Stiff Kitten Bar Lunch with friends: T.G.I Fridays Dinner: Royal Thai


7Rates is a brand new monthly column showcasing 7 businesses in Northern Ireland in a specific industry. This month 7Magazine rates 7 restaurants from across Belfast City. From the old to the new and the recently revamped. In association with Marqués de Cáceres.

THE HUDSON BAR This little gem of a place is becoming a real regular watering-hole for everyone at 7 Magazine Headquarters. Tucked away on Gresham St in Belfast’s Smithfield district, it’s been enjoying the status of being a bit of a hidden treasure since it’s opening in late September last year. Now the secret is out and it’s very likely you’ve already heard people talking about it. The effort the guys have put into sourcing the finest whiskeys and beers they can find is obvious. A quick scan of the back of the bar reveals whiskeys from India, Sweden, Japan... even Wales! The frankly mammoth beer list is a little more than a scan standing at almost 40 bottled beers and counting. A top spot for meeting with friends over a bowl of their unbeatable chicken wings and a few Brooklyn Lagers or for a full night out with their two upper club floors boasting the best in Belfast’s underground club nights. The Hudson Bar, 10-14 Gresham St, Belfast, BT1 1JN. (028) 90232322


CUTTERS WHARF Cutters is a bit of a sun-shine institution. Above 14 degrees and it’s a shorts on cutters for lunch day. But there’s so much more to this wee gem on the banks of the lagan. We cant get enough of the place and the food and the newly refurbished Cutters Restaurant Bar, on the 1st floor is the perfect place to enjoy a riverside romantic meal or relax and grab a bite with friends and family. Designed to offer a bit of luxury with modern comfort, Cutters offers something for everyone. An extensive menu with its exciting combinations ranging from re-interpreted classics to modern flavours is sure to tempt your taste buds. 7Rates Cutters 6/7 028 9080 5100

TITANIC PUB& KITCHEN Titanic Pub and Kitchen is situated in city centre Belfast offering visitors and locals a taste of the real Belfast. And, with ornate tables and mattresses made on the premises for the Titanic and Olympic White Star Line Ships, there’s a real sense of history as soon as you arrive. Step inside and discover an opulent Edwardian style pub along with one of the finest gastro-pub menus that the city has to offer. From favourites like slow braised beef to seafood chowder- the menu is based on in season locally sourced produce.Titanic Pub and Kitchen also offers signature cocktails like the Titanic and Olympic, which have been developed by master mixologist Jamie Magee. Food is served Monday to Wednesday from noon until 6pm, Thursday to Saturday until 9pm and Sunday from 12pm to 6pm. Meal deals run through the week along with daily specials and there is live music from top local talent every weekend as well. Titanic Pub and Kitchen 2-14 Little Donegall Street, Belfast BT1 2JD


The four winds The Four Winds plays host to one Belfast’s most magnificent restaurants Ink. Situated on the top floor, Ink offers a awesome panorama views of Belfast City and across the lagan valley and castlereagh hills. Travelling to the top floor in the glass lift and dining in a glass fronted restaurant, you can imagine the sights on offer whilst relaxing in the luxury and ease that define Ink. Ink fuses contemporary British cooking with European influences and a truly provocative wine list complements a menu of distinctive flavours and exciting combinations. Ink Restaurant is a 7Magazine recommend and we give the venue 6.8/7 028 9070 7970

THE GRADUATE The Ormeau Road in Belfast is renowned for great bars from top to bottom and none come any better than the student Mecca that is the Hatfield. Over the last couple of years you’ll have noticed the huge development taking place next door to the Hat and recently the doors opened with The Graduate being born. Food and relaxation take centre stage with the interior of The Graduate creating a really classic look. The food is excellent and is sure to open up the complex to a completely new audience. Think a combination of Cutters & the Bot and you’re about right. The Menu is simple, fresh and really well price. 7Rates The Graduate 6.3/7 028 9023 8825


THE JOHN HEWITT Relaxed and friendly venue in the city centre, very close to the cathedral. The John Hewitt is renowned for offering its clientele an alternative to the shiny city pub culture. With a constantly changing lunch time menu selection, offering well presented plates and great value for money. You may find yourself making excuses to visit the Cathedral Quarter a little more frequently. The staff are friendly and well informed regarding the food & the extensive drinks selection. The pub atmosphere lends itself to a busy but relaxed lunch venue, definitely worth a visit for visitors and locals alike. Take some time to peruse the gallery wall space, you’ll find an eclectic selection of work by a variety of artists and if you’re quick enough you may be able to buy one to take home. However just like the famous Chowder (only served on Fridays) you’ll need to get in early. 7Rates John Hewitt 6/7 028 9023 3768

LA BASTILLE 7Magazines French bit on the side and one of Northern Irelands premier French dining experiences. Situated on the Lisburn road opposite Jason Shankey Male grooming and run by the amazingly talented Guillaume Rabillat who has been living and working in Belfast for the last 20 years. Awarded restaurant of the year in its inaugural year La Bastille continues to impress serving up beautiful French cuisine time and time again. If you want something a little different to the usual staples of Belfast dining you can’t go wrong booking a table here. 7Rates La Bastille 6.2/7 028 9066 7500

Competition Our friends at Hill St Brasserie in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter are offering the chance to win a 7 course meal for 2 at their Spring Gourmet Night on Thursday, 26 May.

All you have to do is answer the following question: What item on the Spring Gourmet Night menu excites you the most?

Spring Gourmet Night nu 7 cou rse tas ting me

paired wines) £55 per person (with out wine) £35 per person (with

2 Thursday, 26 May 201

Amuse Bouche ~~~ Hazelnut etables, Orange and Pigeon, Seasonal Veg ~~~ ercress Gel Wat urt, Cockle Fritters, Sea Trout, Masala Yog ~~~ Aloe Vera ~~~ Garlic, Asparagus, Lamb, Anna Potato, Wild Gras Anchovy Beignet, Jus ~~~ barb, Toasted Oats Rhu of ures Text Buttermilk Pannacotta, ~~~ wberry Laces Chocolate Mice and Stra

38 Hill Street

Belfast BT1 2LB

028 9058 6868

Email your answer to Please include your address in your answer as the winning voucher will be posted. The winner will be chosen at random and announced midday on 20th May


 with ...

Thursday 24th May 7.30pm Tickets £20 (incl 2 Course Meal in Ink Restaurant) 111 Newton Park Belfast T 028 9070 7970

The Fourth GREAT NORTHERN IRISH BEER & CIDER FESTIVAL in partnership with 7Magazine With the 13th Cathedral Quarter Arts festival in full swing. I’m sure most of you will know of and doubtless already be darkening the doors of The John Hewitt. However did you know that on the trip advisor website it ranks higher than any other pub / club in Belfast ranking 6th on the site behind the likes of the Qft – Ulster and Waterfront Halls. Did you know that not only is it a cracking pub that offers a superb range of beers / wines & spirits. It’s also a hot spot for lunches great food locally sourced and freshly prepared. Of course you knew that. Well in that case you’ll be aware that on the first week of July they will be hosting the 4th John Hewitt Great Northern Ireland Beer & Cider festival. It’s fair to say that there is nothing ambiguous about the idea behind this week long event or its title. Like many of its Cathedral Quarter compatriots the concept is to offer a new experience, perhaps even without sounding pompous an education.. If you promise to keep reading you’ll find that the eminent Gerry White has highlighted a number of the beers / ciders and given each a brief bio allowing you to appreciate how passionate these artisan crafts men & women are about their product. Enjoy.


Hilden Brewing Company The Hilden Brewing Company was established in 1981 by Seamus and Ann Scullion. This was somewhat of a revolution in Ireland being the first brewery to reintroduce Real Ale and is consequently Irelands Oldest Independent Brewery. Cathedral Quarter Beer 5.3% – The second of the Belfast Quarter Beers was launched by The John Hewitt. It is a rich warming premium beer, a classic red Irish ale with a full bodied flavour. The area Belfast knows today as the Cathedral Quarter is based largely around St. Anne’s Cathedral. Before it’s modern re-invention, the area was best known as a trade and warehousing district but with the decline of Belfast’s traditional industries, arts and cultural organisations took the opportunity to establish and regenerate the area. Today the area is a Mecca for cool arty folk, fantastic restaurants and some of the City’s best watering holes, placing itself at the centre of Belfast’s social and cultural scene, most recently with the opening of ‘The Mac’ and of course this is where you will find The John Hewitt Pub, at the heart of it all.

Clanconnel Brewing Company Clanconnel Brewing Company is a small, dynamic and innovative microbrewery committed to producing only natural, high quality, handcrafted beers. Based in Waringstown Co. Down. Founded in June 2008 by Mark Pearson, an enthusiastic and proficient craft brewer, with a desire to create more choice and alternatives to the mass produced beers that exist in the marketplace. Mc Grath’s Irish Red 4.3% – Is named in honour of the ‘Mighty’ Master McGrath, the greatest greyhound to have ever raced and who won the hare coursing Waterloo Cup 3 times in 1868, 1869 and 1871. Owned by the 2nd. Baron, Lord Lurgan of Lurgan, Co Armagh, Master McGrath became the town’s most famous sporting hero being renowned both nationally and internationally. During his racing career he was defeated only once in 37 course meetings. The Beer itself is a medium bodied traditional ale, combining the caramel sweetness of the malts with toasted biscuit notes, balanced carefully by the earthy hops, finishing slightly dry but smooth on the palate.

Whitewater Brewery Established in 1996 Whitewater is Northern Ireland’s largest microbrewery. Situated amidst the spectacular scenery of the Mountains of Mourne the aim here is to produce quality handcrafted beers made from the finest ingredients, with no additives. Clotworthy Dobbin 5% – Was an accomplished Belfast brewer making the finest of Ales back in the early 1800’s. Clotworthy’s tradition continues today in the heart of Irelands famous Mountains of Mourne at the Whitewater Brewery. Made using only the finest natural ingredients, water from the Mountains of Mourne and yeast from the old Belfast brewery itself, this wonderful russet coloured ale with its signature fruity aroma would surely be worthy of Clotworthy himself.

College Green Brewery Was established in Belfast by the Younger generation of the Scullion Brewing Family. They are determined to maintain an independent brewing tradition producing fine individual beers full of flavour. Belfast Blonde 4.3% - is a clean tasting pale beer with a pleasant distinct hop character lingering at the end. The 7Magazine boys are partial to a few of these!

Armagh Cider Company Armagh Cider Company is owned by Philip and Helen Troughton of Ballinteggart House, outside Portadown. The Troughton family have been growing apples there for four generations since 1898, though the family farm has also been home to a hugely successful horse breeding and stud business for over 20 years. Maddens Mellow 4.5% - This cider was launched in summer 2010, and is ideal for those who prefer a slightly sweeter cider. Maddens Mellow is named after the orchard where the variety of apples used in this product are grown. This is a traditional, full flavoured cider produced exclusively from fresh pressed apples and contains no artificial ingredients. Winner of 2 Silver medals in the International Cider Challenge for Taste and Packaging!

Tempted? Cider, Irish Craft Cider Apples have been grown in Co. Armagh for generations and apple tarts are a local speciality (bit like Belfast tarts but less of a headache) strangely there isn’t a tradition for making cider. Visit Somerset in England or Normandy in France and there are nearly as many recipes for craft cider as there are apple orchards, but not here in Northern Ireland. Davy Uprichard felt that oversight needed rectifying. Davy researched the traditional methods for making cider and was determined to make a quality craft cider to make the most of the flavours from Armagh apples. The apples are pressed and the pure juice is left to ferment for over six months. Then the cider is lightly carbonated as its bottled. Although they add a yeast solution to start the fermentation and sugar syrup to sweeten at the end, Tempted? cider is still predominantly made with pure apple juice, unlike more commercially produced ciders where the legal requirement is a minimum of 35% apple juice.


Surprise Local Guest Beer Northern Ireland has no shortage of great artisan crafted brewers, and the John Hewitt will be delighted to give you the chance to taste a new beer from a New Crafted Brewer, but for the moment it’s all under wraps, but will be worth waiting for! 100ml of Jagermeister contains 3.5 units of alcohol and 251 calories

7 NIGHTS Stephen McGonagle of Stephen McGonagle Promotions waxes lyrical about Northern Ireland’s latest licensing changes. No doubt there’s been plenty of backslapping within the corridors of power at Stormont and Belfast City Hall, as the great and good of this country celebrate the upturn in tourist numbers and positive worldwide media coverage from the Titanic centenary, MTV Awards and forthcoming Irish Open. It’s great to see tourists from all over the world visit and sample a taste of Ulster, but exactly what taste of Ulster are they sampling? As a well known local politician once said, ‘They haven’t gone away, you know’ scrape away the shiny new corporate image of brand Belfast/ Northern Ireland and read the small print. The same old political and religious issues exist, the narrow mindedness and not in our backyard attitude of old has definitely not gone away. Remember the problems last year surrounding Sunday Alcohol Licensing Laws at the MTV Europe Awards, clearly no one from team Belfast highlighted this issue during the pitch to the top brass of MTV, when bidding for the ceremony. When MTV discovered that the archaic Northern Ireland Alcohol Licensing Laws forbade the sale of alcohol after 12am on a Sunday, they seriously considered moving the awards to Copenhagen. The laws were of course relaxed for MTV and everyone came partied into the night with many claiming Belfast nightlife as one best in Europe and

maybe even the world. One would image that after the near loss of the MTV Awards and potential worldwide embarrassment that would have been heaped upon Northern Ireland the Alcohol Licensing Laws would be reviewed and updated for 2012. Updating the legislation would show to the rest of the world our forward thinking positive attitude that’s made Northern Ireland the place it is, of course not that would be far too sensible! The rebranding of Belfast was designed to help increase the tourist numbers which it certainly seems to be doing, surely many of these new visitors are feeling short changed as they were expecting a vibrant late night entertainment scene as you’d expect of a city aiming to be taken seriously as a tourist destination for all ages. The final countdown is on in London as it prepares for the 2012 Olympics and the buzz word coming from organisers and politicians has been the ‘legacy’ of the Olympics for the people of London. What legacy are the people of Belfast/ Northern Ireland going to enjoying following the MTV Europe Awards and Belfast 2012? Updated Alcohol Licensing Laws would have been a great start and maybe even followed by a reduction in VAT for businesses involved in the hospitality industry, as many European countries already have including the South.

Where is Rory McElroy going to bring the lads from the tour for a few pints after the Irish Open on ‘Sunday’ 1st July ? Maybe Letterkenny, there won’t be a problem getting a pint after 12am on a Sunday in Donegal. The local late night entertainment scene which should be encouraged and helped develop as it has a key role to play in the success of brand Belfast/Northern Ireland as a tourist destination. The tightening of the licensing laws will do untold damage to the long term future of late night entertainment which in turn will affect visitor numbers. Imagine telling a visitor from Madrid or Paris that when in Belfast they must be tucked up safely in their hotel bedroom for 2am! Remember the embarrassing worldwide publicity Northern Ireland received when Rihanna got into trouble with the Holywood farmer, unless we catch up with the rest of Europe and develop a forward thinking attitude we will never be a serious tourist destination, do we really want to be known as ‘thick backward paddies’ forever? 7Magazine will have two pages of editorial dedicated every month to showcase and celebrate the club scene in Belfast and across Northern Ireland. So if you have an event, guest dj or anything interesting happening let us know and we will help support it.

HAIR CLINIC With Michael Quinn. Q1. Claire Bonar: I have lots of festival dates in my diary this summer and at such a fashionable affair, I want to make sure I’m looking good-- but I need to rock an effortless look too! I have to bear in mind that straighteners won’t be an option in the middle of a field! How can I keep my hair gorgeous but lowmaintenance? Michael: Thankfully the tousled hair look, as seen on model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at this year’s Coachella Music festival in California, is one of the few cool, mid- length, low maintenance styles. A hassle-free style is a must for all those girls who want to rock the night away to their favourite band. A tousled look works best if you have time to let your hair dry in a knot or a bun overnight but will work just as well if you only have half an hour in the morning. First, comb a large dollop of the Matrix Vavoom Volumising mousse into damp hair. Don’t forget to flip your hair upside down and really give it a good shake. Next, tie your hair into a bun by gathering your hair and twisting into a knot, and tie with a hair elastic. Leave your hair in the bun for a few hours, and let it loose when it’s time for the show. Simply shake out so it falls naturally. Go through your hair with your fingers separating any knots and scrunch in some matrix shape maker extra hold shaping spray. Create a centre parting so the hair looks loose and lazy. You could even add some random plaits throughout your hair to give it that extra bohemian festival look. Q2 . Sheila Martin: The summer is coming and although I’m counting down the days to my flight to Alicante, I’m worried about how my new hair colour will react with the chlorine and the sun. I love the colour it is at the moment, a

bright ashy blonde, and don’t want any hint of it turning green. Are there any tricks I could use to make sure my blonde stays blonde in the sun? Michael: Even the most costly professional artificial hair colouring or blonde highlights may be destroyed on holidays, particularly in the first days after blonde hair colour application. Timing is essential when it comes to hair colouring and sunlight exposure and swimming, especially for blondes so it’s best to try to plan your colouring so you have at least a few weeks before you go away. Here’s how to keep blonde hair looking its best, even during summer and warm-weather outdoor fun; first, keep blonde hair clean - for the best results in the sun, use a blonde-friendly shampoo like Matrix Essentials So Silver Shampoo. A deep-cleaning shampoo like Matrix Alternate Action Clarifying Shampoo also works wonders on beach and pool hair by removing chemical and mineral build-ups that could alter your hair’s colour and sheen. Second, keep blonde hair conditioned - faithful conditioning is essential for protection in sun, wind and water. Certain hair actually include sun protection formulas (SPFs) or colour-guard properties that could save your hair from unnecessary damage. Finally, try pre-soaking your locks to avoid potential damage. To optimise the sun’s own natural lightening and prevent blonde hair from damage, many blondes shower their hair with clean, clear water before swimming or sitting in the sun. Wet blonde hair is less likely to absorb saltwater or pool chemicals than dry hair. Stick to the natural trend by letting your hair dry on its own and avoiding heated tools. This process of pre-rinsing before taking a swim


and letting your hair dry naturally can actually aide in lightening your blonde hue. Q3 Sarah Marks: I am attending various summer weddings this year and I would really like to have some up-styles in mind so I can avoid the hair stress on the morning of each wedding. Do you have any styles that I can do at home? Michael: There’s so much to think about on the morning of a wedding, so let’s make sure hair isn’t one of them! I would recommend preparing your hair by washing it the night before so you simply can play around with it in the morning, like going to bed with your hair in a plait so you wake up with wavy locks. Another hot trend right now is to create a variation on a braid like wearing one to the side or creating a fishtail as seen here on Fearne Cotton. To do a fishtail braid, divide your hair into two sections and hold the left side in your left hand and right side in your right hand. Pull a half-inch section of hair from the outside of the right side and add it to the inside of the left side. Repeat with a piece from the outside of the left side, adding it to the inside of the right side. Continue adding half-inch pieces down to your ends, and secure with an elastic. Position the braid over your shoulder and then tug out a few pieces around your face for a breezy effect. You could also try a sleek high bun, a classic ponytail or a simple side pony tail. These classics are all incredibly on-trend right now and can be done simply at home without the hassle of a trip to the salon on the morning of the wedding. Simply add a fascinator or headband to style the look up for the ceremony.





THE FLYIST PICK It’s In The Jeans With Lewis Cameron

Jessie J recently hit out at fellow Voice coach Danny O’Donaghue of sensational Irish rock-pop band The Script. Why? For wearing the controversial look of denim on denim of course, stating ‘Never trust people who wear denim on denim’. Levi does it. Diesel does it. Armani does it. Even high street kings of the Topman variety are currently running a ‘Denim Revival’ campaign with one goal in mind. Tailoring innovative jacket designs from other styles, shapes and forms and boldly providing them a makeover of a high denim standard. So what can be wrong with denim on denim? The answer? Absolutely nothing. To celebrate, here are my top tips on pulling the double denim look off effortlessly. Whilst maintaining you do not work as help on a Mississippi ranch. First up, ALWAYS mix and match. Different shades, fits and styles compliment in a creative manner. Accessorize by the bucket load. The current metallic trends go hand in hand on the denim front. Cuffs, statement Egyptian gold necklaces, even the odd hat for those going for the festival feel. For those who know me. Rain, hail, sleet, snow, vodka. I will generally always don a denim shirt. Paired with my American flag stars and stripes detailed beanie. Top button done.

A gold scarab beetle or Stag Head necklace draped in front. More recently however I have moved to revamping my countless denim shirts by adding a touch of gold tinted fabric paint. A crown and star stencil or two to polish up a printed/patterned option fit for a king. Bringing me to my final top tip…prints. A perfect fit for the mixing and the matching process. Printed and patterned denim allows one to break up similar styles and shades creating an exciting fashion forward approach worthy of street styles the world over. My current favourites are a white contrast bird printed denim shirt courtesy of All Saints for the guys. Whilst H&M’s leopard printed denim blouse and anything with a touch of Americana feel in denim skirts and denim hot pants fit the bill nicely for the girls. So remember. Denim is not just for Christmas. It’s for pairing with other suitably stylish denim and to rock it on a daily basis. Hopefully you found my guide both helpful and insightful. If not I’ve provided a nice little drinking game through the constant use of the word denim.

THE BEAUTY COLUMN Welcome to the brand new monthly column with 7 magaxine’s top beauty columnist, Judith Mulgrew. For those who don’t know Judith, she runs the award winning, Skin Medi Spa on Belfast’s Lisburn Road which she opened in 2007. Judith is now on hand to tend to all your beauty needs. With the latest poolside looks gracing every magazine page, and beachwear styles already hitting the shelves, for me the run-up to summer has officially started. I find that for many women this can be a particularly daunting and stressful time as summer brings with it restricted clothing choices and pangs of guilt, stress and self-consciousness in the search for a perfect beach body. In the months leading up to the summer holidays, women of all ages, even with the strictest diet or exercise regime, can find it near impossible to successfully shift those dimpled, fatty deposits in the thighs and buttocks. Oh yes ladies, cellulite has a lot to answer for! Luckily at Skin Medi-Spa we are at hand to offer a fast and effective solution to unwanted inches with the innovative Velashape™ anti-cellulite and inch loss treatment. With stunning Hollywood ladies such as Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston and Sharon Stone hooked, this is without doubt the best way to achieve noticeably smoother and firmer skin without going under the knife. The treatment lasts around an hour, is pain free and produces results after only one treatment, ensuring you’re beach ready in no time at all. So how does it work, I hear you ask! A combination of light energy and massage targets fatty tissue to increase metabolism and drainage. This shrinks fat cell size and, in turn, reduces cellulite. This can be carried out on most parts of the body to target any problem areas you may have for smoother, reshaped, toned and contoured skin. Trust me, your ‘natural you’ will be empowered and your body renewed through a wonderful combination of the best expert advice and the most advanced treatments all within luxurious and comfortable surroundings. Bare summer skin can also cause anxiety in some men and women for other reasons which include scars; acne scars; fine lines and wrinkles; stretch marks; aged skin; and sun damaged skin. The sun holds no prisoners and for some the feeling is similar to being thrown into a public place full of strangers – naked! These individuals want noticeable

results and for them I recommend Skin Medi-Spa’s antiwrinkle Micro Needling/Derma Roller Therapy - a procedure made popular by celebrities such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. When treated on a regular basis, skin rejuvenates and repairs itself more effectively with results revealing firmer and younger looking skin. The Micro Needling/Derma Roller System gently parts the pores of the skin without any damage to the skin and triggers the healing process which makes skin more able to absorb nutrients such as Vitamin C and E as well as Aloe Vera. Skin is then smothered in a nutrient rich cream which increases levels of collagen and elastin. At Skin Medi Spa we pay overwhelming attention to detail to ensure exceptional standards of personal care and comfort are met so that you can lie back and indulge in a completely new you. May also sees in a very special offer on Micro Needling/Derma Roller Therapy at £150 per session (usually £250 per session) – a saving of £100! To celebrate perfect summer-ready skin and complement a brand new you, I recommend some fantastic beauty packages this month. First up, why not pamper yourself with VIP Gelish nails (fingers and toes) for £27.50? Gelish will last on nails for up to 3 weeks, boasting a high shine and a completely natural look all the while protecting the original nail. Choose from a wide selection of shades and be sure of no chipping or peeling – I believe this is low maintenance at its very best. For only £30, ladies can avail of our special VIP monthly package offer of mini manicure and pedicure, an eyebrow wax and eyelash tint. For me, it’s important not to forget how much summer sun loves well-groomed brows for a more defined face and an eyelash tint keeps eyes oh so hasslefree! If it’s just brows you’re interested in transforming, I propose our VIP Eyebrows HD brows  for a fantastic £25! Do you have a day out at the races, a garden party or summer wedding to attend? I like to make like a celebrity and indulge

Award winning Beauty Spa and Clinic

in a full set of state-of-the-art, semi-permanent 3D Lashes. At Skin Medi-Spa, VIP semi-permanent 3D Lashes are now only £60 (originally £80). These lash extensions give longer, thicker, more natural (or glamorous, depending on how you feel) looking lashes. Unlike traditional false lashes, 3D Lash Extensions are individual, fabulously fuss-free and comfortable to wear lashes, which last for weeks and weeks. Hurry ladies for May only with your Beauty Experts. I welcome you to spring and a whole new you!!

Anti Clockwise from Top : Micro Needling/Derma Roller Therapy VIP Semi-permanent 3D Lashes Velashape Anti-cellulite and inch loss treatment VIP Gelish nails.

What makes you different makes you beautiful Your Beauty Experts

MAXI-MISE YOUR STYLE! We at 7 Magazine HQ are in love with the maxi dress! Versatile and feminine, they keep you cool on a hot day and add zillions to your fashion credentials. Team with oversized shades, bright painted nails and high as you can manage wedges. Fashion and Lifestyle Editor Davina Sands picks her favourites from the high street. Now you have the perfect reason to max out that credit card. Davina x Main pic: Bright Aztec Maxi Dress, Oxfam Fashion 1. Stripe Maxi, Accessorize, £45 (7 loves) 2. Per Una Snakeskin Maxi, M&S, £79 3. Tribal Maxi, Primark, £13 4. Column Maxi Dress, Primark, £20 5. Pleated One Shoulder Maxi Dress,, £42 6. Holly Willoughby Bustier Maxi Dress,, £69 7. Stripe Maxi Dress, Next, £45 8. Paisley Maxi Dress, TU at Sainsbury’s, £22 9. Printed Waterfall Maxi Dress, TU at Sainsbury’s, £25 10. Black and Green Colour Block Maxi Dress, TU at Sainsbury’s, £18 11. Stripe Maxi Dress, AWear, £45 12. Animal Print Maxi Dress, F&F at Tesco, £20 (7 loves!)









11 10



JASON SHANKEY So, you’re a bloke, and for years you’ve been able to get the coolest hairstyles on the scene and then Boom! Suddenly you’re faced with a major problem - The styles no longer suit you, your stylist can no longer give you the edgy cut that you want, and the styling products no longer do what they used to. Welcome to the reality that is ‘thinning hair’, a reality that is about as welcome as Chlamydia. Realising that you are losing your hair can be one of the scariest moments in a man’s life since hair plays a large role in defining your image, and with around 50% of us thinning out before were 50 years old, that’s a lot of men who will be affected. Androgenic alopecia (male pattern hair loss) is a genetic affliction which is passed down through either your mothers or fathers genes and affects men who are sensitive to a hormone produced by the body called Dihydrotestosterone. This hormone gradually shrinks the hair follicles over the top of the scalp leading to the classic hair loss patterns known as Male

Pattern Hair Loss. Whilst you may be feeling uneasy at the prospect of losing some hair, bear in mind that it can often be a very long, drawn out process and you might not lose as much hair as you think. In fact, for many men, its not until their older years that the hair loss accelerates and becomes noticeable to others. With half of the male population experiencing some hair loss, you will also find that other people will not notice it in the same way that you do. What seems like huge hair loss to you will not even be noticed by others. What can you do? The most important thing you can do is keep your hair short and neat. This will make your hair appear much thicker and healthier and will disguise your hair loss. Don’t try to keep your hair longer in the thinning areas as this will only draw attention to the problem. While most men are entirely satisfied by the result of a good haircut, there are also a number of treatments available, although some of the clinically proven hair loss treatments are fairly

expensive, and range from topical ointments (Minoxidil), to daily tablets (Propecia and Dutasteride), through to hair transplants. At the time of writing, there are only a handful of drugs on the market which can effectively stop hair loss and in some cases bring back lost hair. Due to possible side effects, some treatments should only be used following a consultation with a GP, Trichologist or Dermatologist. But there is an alternative in the form of Nanogen, a concealer which instantly thickens your hair. There’s no doubt about it, you’ve never seen anything quite like this product! If your hair is thinning out, a sprinkle of Nanogen will give you the appearance of a full head of hair in just a few seconds. Nanogen is exclusively available at Jason Shankey Male Grooming salons priced at £18.95. Call in and see us and give it a try today!





A leading stylist in Northern Ireland, Eve has a wealth of experience in the industry. Each month she offers a fashion focus into the most coveted designers, trends and styles of the season. If you’ve had your eye on the red carpet or even the high street, you’ll know that there is a new striking silhouette trending this spring - the peplum. Peplum refers to a single, short flared ruffle around the waist, which adds volume - creating an ever-flattering feminine shape.

retro swimwear to silk jumpsuits, while peplum king Jason Wu remastered the classic, elegant cocktail dress. Meanwhile, Vera Wang and Alexander McQueen used ladylike layers of lace in their romantic take on the style staple.

The modern peplum (which originated in the 19th century) became popular as a design feature in women’s suiting in the 1940s. Women wore peplumappended dresses and coats as a means to draw attention to a slim waist creating the instant, enviable hourglass figure.





Thanks to directional designers the peplum is undergoing yet another reincarnation, as this sophisticated silhouette moves back into the spotlight. Dresses, skirts, tops and jackets have undergone a structural makeover and it would appear this style is here to stay! With fashion’s gaze firmly fixed on the waist as the peplum prevailed at SS12 catwalk shows, the notably versatile addition to your new season wardrobe is a must have. Marc by Marc Jacobs embraced the style with gusto - adding them to everything from

Ideal for making a super-charged statement, peplum details are the perfect seasonal update. Make runway a reality with great high street options available at Zara, Dorethy Perkins and Topshop. Stylist Tip VERA WANG

As the peplum creates volume, pair it with sleek and streamlined separates, such as skinny tailored trousers or a form-fitting pencil skirt to balance the look.

SPIRIT OF ABSOLUT ANGEL CAPTURES PROVINCE ABSOLUT vodka, one of the most iconic vodkas in the world, has been celebrating the second in a three part series of commissioned Terry Bradley paintings, across Northern Ireland. The ‘ABSOLUT Angel’, created exclusively by Belfast born talent Terry Bradley for ABSOLUT, celebrates the ongoing partnership between the iconic artist and the edgy, creative image of the brand - a match made in heaven.   The striking second painting featured a dark and mysterious tattoo laden

Joleen McKee from Alison Campell

archangel sporting an ABSOLUT banner across her upper arm. ABSOLUT lovers had the chance to win the exclusive, limited edition print, unavailable to buy, in a series of events which took place in bars and retail venues around Northern Ireland this spring. During these events there were real-life ABSOLUT Angels on hand to encourage fans to solve the bespoke Facebook puzzle slider game for their chance to win, while handing out delicious long ABSOLUT drinks. 

Leigh O’Connor

Esther Small, Brand Manager for ABSOLUT in Northern Ireland, commented: “Terry Bradley’s first commissioned painting was a huge success and the artist’s second painting has not disappointed. The print competitions this year were met with such overwhelming excitement, we can only imagine what type of character Terry will create for the final painting due to be launched later this year.”

Ashleigh George


Artist Terry Bradley and Esther Small from ABSOLUT

Jill Maginnes

Sinead Butler

Judith McNally


DOCKERS THEMED RESTAURANT OPENS IN BELFAST Crane View Kitchens, an innovative new dining experience, based at the Titanic Quarter, officially opened to the public recently, ahead of the Titanic Centenary celebrations. A host of media, VIPs and trade partners for this volunteer run organisation attended the launch to include UTV’s Pamela Ballantine, U105’s Carolyn Stewart, Pete Snodden and Kirstie McMurray from Cool FM and Radio Ulster’s Alan Simpson.

Grainne McGarvey and Melita Williams

Ivan Martin and Anita Gibney

Cool FM’s Pete Snodden and Kirstie McMurray

Creators of Crane View Kitchens Gary Flynn, Liam Lynch and Joey Lynch

Actor Fra Gunn from Kabosh theatre as docker Thomas Patrick Dillon

UTV’s Pamela Ballantine and Downtown Radio’s Siobhan McGarry

Emma Gilles from Crafty Belfast

Emma Deighan-O’Neill and Siobhan McGarry


tasting notes from the experts.

Marques de Caceres Crianza 2007 Rioja

ANTHONY FARRELL Anthony Farrell is founder & owner of San-greal bartending Ltd and founder and co proprietor of Love & Death Inc on Belfast’s Ann Street.

Like all good Rioja’s, to the eye it is vibrant blood red with great visual depth. Immediately present on the nose are aromas of blackcurrants and forest fruits with a slight hint of vanilla.

A poet once said, ‘The whole universe is in a glass of wine’. We will probably never know in what sense he meant it, for poets do not write to be understood, but when Louis Pasteur explained that there is more philosophy in one bottle of wine than in all the books in the world, well, it left me pondering if he might be right. So I’m trying to forget the philosophy and be more matter of fact about the product at hand - its a wine of course; Marques de Caceres Crianza to be precise.

This is to prove true when tasting. There’s a clean and powerful presence of cherry and blackcurrants with deep earthy undertones and again hints of vanilla, which I would presume is due to the 12 months in oak barrels before bottling. It’s quite dry, though the tannins aren’t over powering and not too acidic either leaving the over all mouth feel velvety and smooth with a finish that has a little peppery heat that lingers momentarily.

Marques de Caceres is one of the leading producers in Rioja mainly producing classical wines, typical of the region. The wine itself is primarily a Tempranillo grape base with small levels of Garnacha Tinta & Graciano for all you aficionados.

With food it would compliment much of any red meat or even a strong roast fish at this 2007 vintage, though I would suggest pan seared duck breast and garnish to suit. Over all a great way to enter into the world of Rioja.

MICHAEL STEWART Michael Stewart is founder and proprietor of The Bar Czar Consulting and is co-proprietor of The Hudson Bar, Gresham St. Marquis de Caceres has been the mainstay of many a good wine list for as long as I can remember. It has been suggested that the company that produce it have been one of the main reasons for the renaissance of Rioja over the last number of decades, a tribute indeed to the pedigree and quality of the wines they produce. This particular Rioja is typical of the quality coming out of the region. It is made from mainly Tempranillo grapes and is then aged in oak barrels and bottle, hence the name Crianza. This is a pleasant, easy drinking wine with plenty of fruit hidden within its intense ruby body. Plenty of tannin and full bodied without

being heavy. With just a hint of some vanilla and spice the finish isn’t that great but sufficient enough to make you want to have the second gulp and more. At 13% ABV it has enough kick without being overpowering and at somewhere between £7-£9 per bottle represents good value for this type of wine. Is it exceptional? No. Is it good? Absolutely. Is it good value? Yes, but shop around. Would I buy it? Yes. This is definitely one of the ambassadors of Rioja and to quote the winery itself represents “a higher form of excellence” Enjoy and Salud.

Switohgood food great with Steak fab with


perfect with

Pasta Available in all Good Independent Off Licences. For more information contact Tel: 028 3831 6555

Walking on Water Fashion show An exciting new fashion brand, ‘El Divino fashion’ launched at a unique event on the river Lagan last month showcasing the work of many of Northern Ireland’s highly established, as well new up and coming, fashion designers. Hosted by El Divino & Style Academy and supported by Toni and Guy, Pommery Pop Champagne & Asahi Beer the event was a fashion first for Belfast, with the models literally walking on water with a 150 foot catwalk floating on top, and stretching into the middle of, the River Lagan. Throughout the event leading models showcased new and unseen creative work of 12 of Northern Ireland’s most exciting fashion designers and a series of one off pieces by 20 fashion stars of the future, whose creations had been individually selected for the event. Menswear hailed exclusively from the Style Gallery in Lisburn. Marian Mawhinney &Tracey Hall

Katie Larmour

Rebecca from Citybeat & Maureen Collins proprietor of Jacob St, Lisburn Road.

Lindy Carson, Claire Bickerstaff & Sarah Eakin from Smarts.

Leigh O’Connor &Aimee Blacker

Gareth Lougran from Asahi along with Maryan & Rebecca


going up! BIRDCAGE

diet coke


If you enjoy devouring a thigh, breast or leg then get yourself along to The Birdcage, a hot new eatery in Stranmillis, for their mouthwatering chicken. I’m certain you’ll love sucking on their juicy bones.

Can my favorite drink get any cooler? Last season Diet Coke collaborated with Chanel designer in chief Karl Lagerfeld and this time around Jean Paul Gaultier has transformed the signature bottle that will be hitting the lips of fashionistas everywhere.

Influential blogger Poppy D of WIWT (What I Wore Today) fame jets into Belfast this month to tell us how to make a fortune blogging from your bedroom. Wait for several pajama blogging entrepreneurs coming to a blogosphere near you soon.

going nowhere IPAD I am a lover of Apple it has to be said but with a MacBook and an iphone, I’m not really sure of the use of my ipad. Yes it looks pretty slick but I rarely use it. It just sits around on the shelf, redundant, collecting dust like a space age ornament.




There’s nothing worse than breathing in someone’s smoke when you’re dining alfresco. If I wanted to breathe in smoke, I’d suck on a bus.

When Northern Ireland should be promoting itself as a must-visit destination, the assembly slaps a 2am curfew on our nightlife. Compared to the rest of the UK and Europe, we’ll be home in bed while our counterparts are just getting their groove on.

Tips should be earned not expected. I refuse to pay a recommended 10% service charge added to bills. I’m not against tipping but I will only tip if my waiter is happy, smiley, quick, efficient and hot!

going down!


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WAGAMAMA RECIPE CHICKEN RAMEN A classic, and so easy to prepare! you need:


boneless, skinless chicken breasts vegetable oil, for oiling salt and white pepper 250g (9oz) ramen noodles 1 litre (1 3/4 pints) chicken or vegetable stock 2 pak choi, trimmed and roughly chopped (or 2 handfuls of baby spinach leaves) 12 pieces menma (canned bamboo shoots), drained 4 spring onions, trimmed and finely sliced

preheat the grill or griddle pan. lightly oil and season the chicken breasts and grill for 4 minutes on each side, or until cooked through. allow to rest for 5 minutes, slice on the diagonal and set aside cook the noodles in a large pan of boiling water for 2-3 minutes until just tender. drain, refresh under cold running water and divide between two bowls heat the chicken or vegetable stock until boiling. put the pak choi on top of the noodles and ladle in the stock. top with the sliced chicken, menma and spring onions


victoria square belfast

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delicious noodles rice dishes freshly squeezed juices wine

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sake japanese beers kids menu lunch specials

take out menu available first floor, victoria square belfast, county antrim, bt1 4qg t 028 9023 6098 wagamama belfast

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Serving the best of locally sourced food six days a week. Tuesday & Wednesday 12-6pm; Thursday to Saturday 12-9pm; Sunday 2-6pm

2 courses with 2 glasses of wine £18 4 courses with 4 glasses of wine £34

JAMES E PerEy SaAtuK rday in March Ev

Live Music & Cocktail Bar Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday night 2-14 Little Donegall Street Belfast BT1 2JD. Tel: 028 9024 4855


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