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Behind Bars

7 Magazine talks to Kayti at the Kremlin Belfast

APRIL | 2012


We talk to Cool FM’s Gareth Stewart

See our review of some of the biggest festivals this summer

100 years in the making.

Menswear Department

House of Fraser Victoria Square Belfast BT1 4QG Tel: 028 90 278 272

Cascade House

235 Lisburn Road Belfast BT9 7EN Tel: 028 90 681 291

358 Upper N’Ards Road

Ballyhackamore Belfast BT4 3EX Tel: 028 90 658 001

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compere colin mHEADLINER PLUS SPECIAL GUEST www.queenscomedy Thursday 12th April Mandela Hall, 14+


Saturday 14th April Mandela Hall

Tuesday 1st May Mandela Hall, 14+

Bombay Bicycle Club

Sunday 13th May Mandela Hall


Saturday 2nd June Mandela Hall


Tuesday 12th June Mandela Hall

Tuesday 17th July Mandela Hall


Thursday 27th September Mandela Hall


Friday 9th November Mandela Hall




Sunday 28th October Mandela Hall





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“working together to protect students�

FRESHER APPROACH TO CRIME AGAINST STUDENTS Police, working in partnership with the Northern Ireland Office, University of Ulster, Queens University, Stranmillis University College and student unions, are keen to prevent students falling victim to criminal activity. Campus Watch is a campaign designed to offer practical crime prevention advice to students with safety messages being advertised at  campuses across Northern Ireland. There are some simple steps that can be taken to avoid becoming a victim:

Personal safety

At home

Vehicle security

Don’t leave your drink unattended and never accept a drink from someone that you don’t know.

Lock all doors and windows each time you go out.

Always lock your car and don’t leave any valuables unattended in the vehicle whether it is parked on or off campus. Where possible, always park your car in a well lit area.

Don’t get so drunk that you don’t know what you’re doing. Plan how you’re going to get home. Don’t walk home alone or go back with someone you have just met - stay with friends or use a taxi.

Use timer switches for lights and make your flat look occupied in the evenings and at the weekends. Mark your property with the initials of your university and your student ID number.

Would you go alone into a stranger’s house at 11am in the morning? No? So why do it at 2am drunk?

Students living off campus should remember that getting on with local residents is important. Neighbours can report suspicious activity when you are away at weekends and during the holidays. In return students should respect the wishes of their neighbours who don’t want to be kept awake half the night with rowdy parties, nor do they want to have their property damaged. Have fun without spoiling it for yourself or others.

Arrange to meet new acquaintances when sober. Keep your bag zipped and held close to you. Don’t wear headphones late at night they may stop you being able to hear people around you.


IT’S ALL ABOUT PINK! DRESS TO IMPRESS AT MENARYS Like many fashionistas, Joanne Salley is a big fan of all things Quiz. If you haven’t purchased your new wardrobe for spring then you had better check out the hottest arrivals in Menarys. Building on the success of last year’s rebranding campaign and featuring model agency boss Alison Campbell and former Miss Northern Ireland Joanne Salley, Menarys is stepping into spring with an action-packed programme across its stores. The new look Menarys welcomes top brands Quiz, Vila, Esprit, Desigual and Jackpot to its spring collection. Vibrant fashions, luxury brands and chic accessories are ready to complete any look and personal stylists are on-hand to give shoppers expert tips. According to Alison Paul, stylist for the Tempest and Menarys Group, party and maxi dresses are must-haves this season and is calling on ladies to experiment with stunning new looks: “Fashion designers have given us all kind of fun fashions offering wonderful vivid prints, stripes, and geometric prints. The main theme will be somewhat tailored and classic but with a touch of edginess. This spring and summer you will find yourself wrapped in heavenly fabrics, adorned with fabulous vivid colour, as well as soft neutrals. You will continue to see stylish party dresses and cute fitted cardigans.” Established in 1923, Menarys is Northern Ireland’s largest independent department store chain. Visit www. to find your nearest store or shop online.

Quiz – Pink Dress RRP £49.99 Available from Menarys and Tempest stores, or online at or




Fill a highball glass 2/3rds with ice Add 50ml Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka Top up with tonic water Garnish with a slice of lime

Keep your judgement pure. Drink responsibly. Š 2011 Finlandia Worldwide. Finlandia is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.

BESTY McD Northern Ireland’s original and only scenester. What’s up dudes, my name is Besty McD, Northern Ireland’s original and only scenester. I’m a critic, blogger, social commentator and I also own the internet. I also invented the iPod, but I’m far too alternative to use it. If you were have as alternative as me you would have a stroke... In this city7 article I will basically be giving you a review of the top 7 events and news stories of March and dropping some truth bombs on them. So enjoy it, and remember kids, keep it alternative. I’m so alternative I order Big Mac’s at KFC.


Early in march Northern Irish golfing sensation, Rory McIlroy, earned the No 1 spot in the world’s golf rankings. To be the best in the world at anything is totes impressive, but let’s face it, the title “world’s best golfer” might as well be called “the person whose parents could afford the best golf coach” – BALLS, SHAFTS AND HOLES!!!! #NotaRealSport

Kony 2012-03-26

In march, everybody’s facebook timeline was swarmed with the “Kony 2012” video, a video made by Invisible Children to try and raise the profile of Joseph Kony (A right nasty bastard from Africa) so that America would do something about it (totes murder him). Which is a bit silly if you ask me, because now that the video has gone viral, and the whole world is watching, America are going to have to be a bit more sneaky about how they exterminate this Kony lad, without looking like the bullies of the world. They should have just gone in and

“Bin Ladened” him in his sleep, then explained it afterwards. But like all major news stories these days, it was totes forgotten about the next day. And it turns out, the whole thing was a scam, and the guy who made the video, was caught pulling his wire in public and got arrested. It happens to the best of us, he was probably a very busy man. Every time I’m waiting for a bus and it’s late, just to prove a point and save time, even I’ve been known to sling one out at a bus stop.

Tulisa sextape

In March, Tulisa from them there N-DUBZ and the Xfactor had a video leaked which showed her sharing an intimate moment with an exboyfriend (suckin’ a dude’s lanyard in the bogs). She subsequently made a video afterwards where she explained the video and stated that she never intended for anyone to see it. Let’s face it, who films themselves riding if you didn’t secretly want somebody else to watch it? I still don’t understand why people get so erect at the thought of celebrity sex tapes, there are websites where the “performers” are way hotter, it’s shot in crystal clear HD, and guess what, it’s totes free also. BELLENDUBZ!!! #DeleteBrowsingHistory.

St Paddy’sDay

That’s right, on March 17th, we had St Patrick’s day. Arguably the best holiday on the calendar. The only celebration that is 100% dedicated to getting completely wrote off. It remains the only real example of cross community work in action, because in Northern Ireland, on St Patrick’s Day, every man, woman, child, and protestant... becomes a catholic for the day.



That’s right, this month some politician did the budget or something. I don’t give a shit about the budget, because I don’t pay taxes and I live in my Ma’s house. Having said that, I did find out that the price of fegs went up nearly 40p. Fuck that shit dudes. BACK ON THE ROLLIES PLAYA!!!!


In march, Bolton player, Fabrice Muamba, had a heart attack whilst playing football. Just a word of advice dudes, if you’re playing any professional sports, you should totes get your blood pumper checked out every once in a while. This isn’t a joke, just a totally sweet bit of advice......stop laughing, I’m being serious........ Serious as a heart attack.

Sport relief

In march we had sport relief, an event where famous people do very “brave” things in order to raise money for charity (boost their careers). All of the good fun and banter on the night is punctuated with some totes soppy footage of a famous comedian in Africa begging the public to send money for medicine. I always think to myself, if you’re close enough to film, you’re close enough to help. This was made evident when John Bishop the famous “comedian” , watched some nurses carry the body of a dead child past him, before he removed from his pocket, the medicine that could have been used to cure the child’s illness. Plus, if he was that concerned about these issues, he would stop shitting on peoples ears on Live at the Apollo, and move to Africa to help. Punk Ass Bish.

ttocold s e s o l c / .com facebook

 

Sunday 6th May 2012 12.00noon at Cutters Wharf, Stranmillis, Belfast

To enter a team of 10 contact NSPCC on

028 9035 1135

email or ask at Cutters Bar

Prizes for best fancy dress on the day! Lockview Road Belfast T: 028 9080 5100   



behind bars

This Month 7Magazine teams up with “the old no. 7” to talk with Kayti Graham at the Kremlin Belfast. Kremlin has been a massive success since its opening, what’s the secret? The real key is keeping things fresh. We have different theme nights on every week and guest acts from the UK and America every month. We’re constantly looking at new and exciting nights and promos Do you know what the inspiration was for the name Kremlin? The name came out of the original owners visit to Moscow and the very powerful images of Soviet Russia. The name lent itself to some very strong themes and décor which we have to this day

Belfast pub crawl. Where are we going? Start the night with a little elegance in the apartment sipping on your favorite cocktail, then take a stroll round to Katy Dalys to get the cider in, onwards and upwards (or sidewards lol) to the notorious secret garden at Filthys before embarking upon our final journey across town to bust some serious moves on the stage of Red Square in the Kremlin. Working at Kremlin have you had the opportunity to meet any famous people? We’ve had many famous visitors to Kremlin, people like Sophie Ellis Bextor and Toyah Wilcox have played

THE VELVET ELVIS “ A tasteful fusion of citrus and black raspberry combined with the smooth taste of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey” 35ml Jack Daniels 15 ml Chambord, 15ml fresh lemon juice 2 heaped spoonfuls of caster sugar Topped with Soda Water Shake first four ingredients over ice and strain into a tall glass full of ice. Top with Soda water and garnish with a lemon wedge and fresh raspberry.


the club and it’s a favourite hangout for visiting celebs. Only this year we had Katherine Jenkins, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez dropped in Your, “words of wisdom”? To be irreplaceable you have to be different You’d not be a great bar tender without a few stories. What’s the craziest thing you’ve heard? Oh okay, well the majority of things I have seen or heard you couldn’t print lol so I’m afraid I will be keeping my stories to myself . . . . . . but ill tell you later Ssssh!

foo fighters to headline tennents vital 2012 Tennent’s Lager and promoter MCD are pleased to confirm that Tennent’s Vital 2012 will take place at Boucher Playing Fields in Belfast on Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd August 2012. Northern Ireland’s most loved music festival returned in spectacular fashion in August 2011 to Ward Park in Bangor with headliners Eminem and The Script drawing crowds of over 60,000 across two days. After a fantastic event in Bangor in 2011, this year will see the event move back to its home in Belfast. The line-up this year is not to be missed with The Foo Fighters and The Black Keys headlining day 1 and the Stone Roses and Florence and the Machine on day 2.

Tickets are on sale now at www. (reading online? – Click the link to buy tickets!) – Or visit Aisling Duffy, Marketing Manager for Tennent’s Lager NI commented “Tennent’s Lager is delighted to announce the return of Tennent’s Vital on the 21st and 22nd August. Last year’s festival was such a huge success but we’re confident that, working in partnership with MCD, we can surpass even those high standards in 2012. We think this year’s line-up not only lives up to the festival’s incredible heritage but will also genuinely amaze and excite our passionate fans. This,


coupled with our fantastic new venue in Boucher Playing Fields, means that Tennent’s Vital 2012 is set to be Northern Ireland’s best ever festival experience.” Tennent’s Vital is renowned for bringing the biggest stars in the world to Northern Ireland’s passionate music fans. Over the years, fans have been treated to performances from Kings of Leon, Snow Patrol, White Stripes, Scissor Sisters and Franz Ferdinand. The festival was last held in Belfast in 2007, when a combined audience of over 45,000 across two days saw The Killers, Kasabian, Razorlight and Manic Street Preachers rock Ormeau Park in Belfast.



BACARDI and the BAT Device are registered trademarks of BACARDI & Company Limited

Belsonic continues to be the ABSOLUT event of the summer At the Belsonic launch in the Stiff Kitten last month, it was confirmed that for a fourth year in a row, the Belfast based festival will continue its hugely successful collaboration with ABSOLUT vodka, the most stylish tipple in any bar. The ornate splendour of Belfast’s Custom House Square will once again play host to some of the most renowned and respected musicians from around the world in this event which grows and grows year on year. And, given the line up, 2012 will not disappoint music fans for the highly anticipated two weeks in August, not least because the Godfather of cool, Mr Snake Hips himself, Tom Jones, will be the headline act this summer

after celebrating his 72nd birthday in June. Other acts that will be gracing the Belsonic stage as the ABSOLUT cocktails flow, will include Noah and the Whale and Two Door Cinema Club who are taking the international music scene by storm. ABSOLUT prides itself on supporting the most cutting edge and ground breaking events in its on-going support of the arts - in music, design and theatre - around the world. And Belsonic, one of the largest outdoor music events in Europe with over 40,000 people attending, sees event after event of cutting edge and cool talent sold out each year. Esther Small, Brand Manager at ABSOLUT is excited: “We at

Lauren McKenna & John Crowne

ABSOLUT Vodka are delighted to be the headline sponsor of Belsonic 2012 for the fourth year running. Belsonic is the perfect match for ABSOLUT as both are contemporary, cutting edge and creative brands. ABSOLUT is extremely proud to be associated with this hugely successful music event in Belfast and we look forward with much anticipation to the arrival of an array of amazing international and local acts to Custom House Square in August.” For further information on the ABSOLUT Belsonic collaboration visit

Lauren Troughton & Jourdan Taggart


Phil Donalson, Esther Small & Alan Simms

Frank & Bronagh Losco

Steve Turnbull & Sophia Taylor

Philip Taggart & Conor Phillips

Orla Tiffaney & Pete Wood



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GIANT TICKET LAUNCH FOR EPIC EVENT Tickets have been launched for one of the most exciting and surprising events ever seen in Ireland, Land of Giants, which is to be staged in Belfast at the Titanic Slipways on the 30 June in front of an audience of 18,000. Land of Giants, written and directed by Mark Murphy, will be a truly epic show on a Titanic scale that is uniquely Northern Irish. The unmissable show will feature stateof-the-art digital animation, dramatic special effects, fireworks, gravity defying aerial performances and a stage almost 200 metres long – even the Titanic Belfast building gets to play a starring role. Writer and director Mark Murphy said: “This is a show that is spectacular in every sense of the word. A thrilling celebration of the giants - mythical, industrial, cultural, literary and social - which Northern Ireland has given to the world. But its focus is not just the extraordinary things this place has produced, such as two-thirds of the world’s linen or the most famous

ship in the world, but more specifically the men and women who are the foundation for everything built here. “The show is ambitious and contains a narrative that will capture everyone’s imaginations and hearts as it magically unfolds during the 45 minute performance.” Land of Giants, which will involve a cast and crew of over 500 people, most of whom are from Northern Ireland, is the largest outdoor event of its kind ever held in Ireland. As well as drawing inspiration from renowned giants including Gulliver, Finn McCool, Samson and Goliath, Titanic and Giant’s Causeway, the show presents a vision of Northern Ireland and its population as being “giant” in terms of ideas, talent, industry and heritage. Land of Giants has been funded by Legacy Trust UK, creating a lasting impact from the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games by funding ideas and local talent to inspire


creativity across the UK. Kathy Hayes, associate producer of Land of Giants said: “The strength of the project has secured a major funding award from Legacy Trust UK, one of only four such grants made for large scale outdoor UK celebrations as part of the Cultural Olympiad. Additional support has been provided by NITB as a key event within the NI2012 Our Time Our Place programme as well as Arts Council of Northern Ireland and Belfast City Council. “The Northern Ireland consortium, known as the Giant Events Company, charged with delivering the event includes The Beat Initiative, Belfast City Council, Belfast Community Circus, and Young at Art.” Tickets, which cost £10 for an adult, £6 concession and £28 for a family, are available from the Belfast Welcome Centre with the option of booking online at, via telephone on + 44 2890246609, or in person at the Welcome Centre in Belfast’s city centre.



GARETH STEWART Presenter of Gareth Stewart’s Afternoon Drive 97.4 Cool FM, 2-6pm weekdays

So a typical day in the life of Gareth Stewart - tell us about it. A normal day involves getting up early to help Laura with our 17-week-old identical twin boys, Charlie and Cody, before we both head off for work. I normally arrive into the radio station at 11.30am and start off by listening to any new music which has been sent in. I then have a chat with the promotions department to find out what competitions and giveaways are happening. Then it’s into the programme manager for a chat about what’s going on with the show that day. I also read through the daily papers and check social networking sites for daily entertainment news. Most days I have to conduct interviews with music artists, bands or personalities, so I need to do my research. Finally, it’s into the studio to build the four hour show and prepare to go live on air from 2-6pm. After the show, I have a quick debrief before completing some paperwork and then head home. Once I’m back in the house, I usually grab a quick bite to eat, spend some time with Laura, Charlie and Cody, before heading out again to DJ in a night club. I usually get home around 2.30am. Where do we find you playing at the minute? I have recently started Djing in a few new venues as well as my usual guest apperances at various clubs throughout the province. A typical week includes Bar Two in Portadown on Thursday night, Friday night at The Riverhouse in Lisburn, The Burn in Lurgan on Saturday night and monthly in Bangor’s Status Night Club, and finally

Sunday in Sense, Cookstown. How did you end up where you are today? With a lot of hard work!! I started off at 15 doing birthday parties and weddings for friends and was then lucky enough to get the opportunity to play a nightclub in Banbridge. After playing in lots of small venues, I was given the chance to work in some of the major clubs in Belfast – things really took off from there. Radio was much harder to get into! I sent several demo CDs to Cool FM to no avail, but I kept trying and was eventually invited to do some studio training with the station. I started a six month stint as a cover presenter and then moved onto the ‘all nighter’ from 1-4am for a year, followed by the early breakfast show from 4-7am . Both shows where great training grounds and provided me with a brilliant education in radio presenting. My next move was to the ‘late drive’ 6-10pm on weekdays, as well as the ‘weekend breakfast’ 7-11am show on Saturday and Sunday. It was tough being on air every day of the week and working in the clubs. I then landed my dream show, ‘drive time’ which is currently the biggest listened to afternoon show in Northern Ireland with a weekly audience of 261,000 listeners. Five tracks you have on your iPod that everyone should have I have a vast collection of music on my iPod. When I’m driving, I listen to the Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow is a great song and The Verve, Bitter Sweet Symphony is another brilliant track.

Nalin & Kane, Beachball is one of the best old school songs ever, along with Loveline by Unique 2 or anything by David Guetta. You have a week off work - what do you do? Laura enjoys going abroad on holiday but I have always had a deep love of the North Coast. I have a passion for all water sports and really enjoy water skiing and surfing. I try to spend as much time in the water as I can – it’s a great way to chill out and relax. I also love cars and motorbikes, so if there’s a motor bike race or car show on I’m normally not to far away! What’s the plans for the rest of 2012? Hopefully to continue what I’m doing now with the Cool FM and in the nightclubs. I’m starting work in several new clubs this summer which I’m really looking forward to and I hope to do some TV work before the end of the year. You win the lottery. What is your new Car? Gadget? Postcode? I have joked about this on air in the past and honestly, would continue to work, as I love my job – who wouldn’t enjoy playing music everyday and meeting lots of different personalities. I would probably buy a holiday home somewhere abroad and have a different car for every day of the week! I would really love a Ferrari Enzo, the most popular super car ever built, and a yacht in the Bahamas would be nice!!

RETURN OF THE ELMS Due to popular demand the Elms, part of the award winning Botanic Inns group is back and set to be Belfast’s newest rock and alternative bar. To celebrate the opening the bar held a launch party with a selection of great food and drinks on offer and party goers enjoyed music from Jimi Hendrix to The Black Keys Speaking at the opening Manager

Michelle McKeown said, “The Elms is the home of great rock and indie music, amazing cocktails inspired by The Wire and a selection of food dishes to suit everyone’s tastes. “We would encourage anyone who hasn’t visited the Elms before to come down, listen to some great tunes, grab a bite to eat, play some pool and enjoy our amazing drinks.”











Liv eM us ic &

Co ck tai ls

Serving the best of locally sourced food six days a week. Tuesday & Wednesday 12-6pm; Thursday to Saturday 12-9pm; Sunday 2-6pm

2 courses with 2 glasses of wine £18 4 courses with 4 glasses of wine £34

JAMES E PerEy SaAtuK rday in March Ev

Live Music & Cocktail Bar Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday night 2-14 Little Donegall Street Belfast BT1 2JD. Tel: 028 9024 4855



FOCUS ON FASHION With Eve Brannon.

A leading stylist in Northern Ireland, Eve has a wealth of experience in the industry. Each month she offers a fashion focus into the most coveted designers, trends and styles of the season.

Whether you decide on subtle iridescent embellishment or high-sheen fabrics, it’s time to shine in this season’s hottest metallic must-haves, as this trend is worth its weight in gold, silver, pewter and bronze!

room of Silver Clouds. Marchesa (opposite) and Gucci added sparkle to the nostalgia of the 1920s with metallic flapper-esque fringing. While Balmain, Alexander McQueen and Roberto Cavalli all went gold for gilding.

Spring summer catwalks saw shimmering silhouettes emerge in abundance – Giles Deacon’s futuristic collection featured laser-cut silver leather, inspired by Andy Warhol’s

At Unique, inspiration came in the form of Elizabeth Taylor in the iconic Cleopatra film of 1963. Body-con dresses were transformed with gold-foiled metallic prints, Egyptian hieroglyphics were etched over track bottoms, and gold leaf designs adorned knitted hoodies. The metallic mash-up didn’t end there, as futuristic fabrics flashed alongside contrasting coral and pastel pinks.

e Glitter TTI Fin KONFE op sh op T £60 by

Lace Ups

Metallic Sequin Clutch Bag £39.99 by Zara

allic Jacket Heavy Met ASOS. estalker at yl St by 45 £1


UNIQUE With the plethora of gilded looks showcased during SS12 shows, it seems that shiny threads are definitely here to stay. So, if unsure about this bold clothing trend, adding just a touch of opulent metallics can be just as effective and noteworthy. (L-R) BALMAIN, MCQUEEN, CAVALLI


HAIR CLINIC With Michael Quinn.

Q1.Amy McDowell: I’ve been wearing my hair in the same long straight style for over a year now and I’m thinking it’s about time to update my style for spring. I have a demanding job with long hours so I need something easy and manageable that doesn’t need to be washed and re-styled every day. Do you have any suggestions? Michael: I encounter busy women in our salon every day who would like a stylish look without the fuss. This spring many women are rejoicing over the return of short hair. The key to a fabulous low-maintenance haircut is lots of texture. The more layering your stylist puts into your hair, the more volume you can create, and the more shape your hair will have naturally— even without taking the hair dryer and irons to it. Be warned, though, if you have fine hair. Too much layering could make thin hair even thinner, causing it to fall flat. If short hair seems scary after years of having long flowing tresses, you could opt for a look like this collarbone-length textured bob that Olivia Wilde has sported recently. The layered cut and soft side-swept fringe acts as the perfect building block for a fuss-free hairstyle. For your everyday look this hair style can easily be left to dry naturally or add a little Matrix Amplify Mousse to damp hair and scrunch to give a little extra texture and volume.  The cut can just as easily be glammed up for night time with a quick blow dry it and a quick run over with a flat iron to create a sleek style.

Q2.Ashleigh Reynolds: It seems that as soon as the weather started to get warmer, my hair has gone crazy! It has become extremely dry and I have developed split ends that I think will only get worse as the weather gets warmer. I’ve tried many products to smooth and moisturise my hair, but they seem to just be a waste of money. Can you give me any pointers on pampering my dry, fragile hair and preventing further hair woes into the summer? Michael: Just like your skin, hair can become damaged and dried out by things like the weather and pollutants. Fluctuations in temperature can cause the chemistry of your hair to get a bit confused, so my advice is to go easy on your locks until they recover. To get repaired, smooth hair that lasts 24 hours try the Silk Wonder Smoothing Oil from Matrix Total Results Sleek line. It smoothes and controls frizz while providing long-lasting conditioning throughout the day. Embrace this season’s relaxed hairstyles, and lay off of the hair dryer and heat tools until your hair rebounds. If you plan to spend long hours in the sun or at the beach this summer, try investing in a good sun protective product to apply before sunbathing. Just like your skin, your hair can be damaged by exposure to the sun, so protection is key to avoid lasting damage.


Q3. Rachel Cunningham: I love to wear all of the retro-styles that come back into fashion each season, but I think my hair always looks out of place in comparison with my outfits. Unfortunately, I’m not very great at creating complex styles retro like finger waves or beehives, but I’d still like to embrace retro hair looks just a little! Do you have any advice on a simple way to stay on-trend with a 60s or 70s inspired hair style? Michael: I believe that the hairstyle completes the look, and far too often it goes overlooked. One decade that was extremely popular on the Spring/ Summer catwalks was the 70s look. This look is based on effortless glamour and laid-back clothing shapes. The 70s fashion philosophy applies to hair as well, so I think it would be a great decade for you to embrace. 70s hair looks are all about looking natural, so try to avoid piling on the product and flat-ironing your hair to death. Let your natural hair texture stand out. If you’ve been sporting a side part in your hair for years now, try shifting it to the centre of your head, in line with your nose. Many fashion-forward celebrities like Elizabeth Olsen and Jessica Alba have been spotted with centre-parted hair recently, and Calvin Klein’s models rocked the middle part at the Spring/Summer runway shows. The easy look requires only a comb and lengthens and opens up a round-shaped face, pushing the hair off of your forehead. To add interest to a middleparted hairstyle, try adding volume in the back of the head with bouffant-like backcombing, or create a bit of interest at the ends of the hair by curling with a large styling wand.






… s e v a h of S


If you prefer a hair free chin (or at least your girlfriend does!) as opposed to a wild, unruly beard, then I am almost certain you will at some point have cursed the chore that is shaving and the time consuming and sometimes unpleasant side effects that it brings. Well fear not, Jacks is here to offer up some simple but helpful hints…

those razor burn rashes and missed patches! Allow an extra 10 minutes and you could look like the hunk on that advert! 3. Brush Up

1. Preparation is key

Blunt blades is your first big no no! Make sure you’re stocked up with all the right equipment before you start. Clean your blade after every use and replace after 3 shaves. Always shower before you shave as the heat will help to open the pores and soften the skin for a smoother more effective shave. If you suffer from in-grown hairs then use a suitable exfoliator product before you shave to soften up the bristles and help release any trapped hairs.

5. Apply the finishing touches

It may seem old fashioned but investing in a good shaving brush can help you to achieve a superior shave. Brushing also helps remove dead skin cells from the surface of your face, ensures that the cream covers every part of the area to be shaved and if you use a circular movement it also lifts the beard away from the face, making it easier to cut and giving a closer shave. At Jacks we recommend men-u’s synthetic premier shaving brush. The bristles generate an amazing amount of lather, require less shaving cream, rinse easily and dry extremely fast, making it much more hygienic than animal hair. 4. Purchase from the professionals

Using an anti-bacterial face wash after you have shaved is one of our top tips. It will cleanse the pores and remove all the shaving residue to help avoid that dreaded shaving rash. Men-u’s healthy facial wash has a high concentration of tea tree oil and is ideal to help cleanse and protect from spots and shaving rash. Also included is witch hazel for its soothing, healing and astringent properties. Wash your face with cold water to help close the pores and finally don’t forget to moisturise! Keep your face young looking, wrinkle free and soft to the touch with this simple daily task. Men-u’s facial moisturiser lift soothes and moisturises post shave and has mint & menthol to cool and refresh. 6. Leave it to the experts

2. Take your time

It is most men’s routine to crawl out of bed, peer through a half steamed up mirror, stick on the first product that comes to hand, drag the disposable razor across their face and stifle a scream to finish when they slap on the aftershave! A good shave is never rushed and a little time and tender loving care in your shaving process will greatly improve the finished look and avoid

Using the right products in the correct order can alter your routine and transform your shave. Always pick up your shave products from a professional outlet like Jacks of London so that you can get help and advice on the best products for your skin and schedule. It can be a minefield so why not make it simple for yourself! Jacks of London highly recommend the men-u shaving range as it caters for every skin type and offers a simple but effective routine.

Don’t shave everyday; allow your skin to rest. And if you really want to treat yourself and get some shaving tips first hand along the way, then why not visit Jacks of London for a traditional cut-throat shave. Our experienced Barbers will indulge you with a 40 minute relaxing experience which includes hot and cold towels, soothing oils, mini facial massage and professional men’s product ranges that will leave you feeling silky smooth for days.

*All products mentioned can be bought in any Jacks of London store or online in our Jacks shop.

JACKS Getting Hitched? Jacks of London offer the ultimate pre-wedding grooming packages for the ‘real man’. Relax and help shrug off those wedding day nerves whilst avoiding any nasty last minute shaving horrors… Choose from 3 package options; Standard, Classic or Deluxe. All packages include our Traditional Cut-Throat Shave service. Enjoy complimentary beer and champagne with your wedding party.

he t g n i t t e g u o y e Ar rience? Take away one of our Jacks Goodie bags.

xpe E g in r e b r a B t s Be Prices start from £27pp.

w.ja onww

Shave promoti

For more information visit,

Understated or completely ‘out there’, the Jacks up your regular of Pick London team will help you find your look! smoothie card in any Jacks store! Rack up 4 Cut-throat The latest in Cutting, shaves and enjoy your 5th Styling Real Cut-throat Cut-Throat shave for Shaves half its normal price. Free Beer Only £12.50!

& Colouring

Vibrating Massage Chairs Music and Gaming Zone

Visit any Jacks of London store forNECESSARY more information on our NO APPOINTMENTS traditional Cut-Throat shave services or visit Open 6 days a week | 8am to 8pm weekdays.

63 Fountain Street Belfast BT1 5EB and Conditions apply: Half price Tel:Terms 02890 339934 shave can only be claimed on production

of card. Must be booked 1 week in advance stating the promotion on booking and the free shave service cannot be claimed on a Saturday or Sunday.


all aboard rms merchant In celebration of Titanic’s centenary year The Merchant Hotel, voted Best UK Hotel at the International Hotel Awards, has re-launched as RMS Merchant, docking in Belfast for the month of April 2012. With a wealth of fantastic nautical themed offerings, decorations and uniforms throughout the hotel, make sure you come “on board” RMS Merchant this April to experience unique Titanic celebrations. Berts Jazz Bar features Titanic Sundays showcasing early style Jazz, The Spa have special offers available including Edwardian style manicures, a Titanic cocktail list is available in The Cocktail Bar and a nine course tasting menu and themed Afternoon Tea are available in The Great Room Restaurant. Those with a keen eye will notice a host of interesting Titanic facts and memorabilia throughout the hotel, as well as concierge sporting a Captain’s uniform and bar staff wearing nautical themed uniforms. For the month of April The Merchant is now serving a delicious Titanic themed Afternoon Tea. The top tier of the Afternoon Tea stand features an assortment of cakes and pastries including a coconut and chocolate Charlotte, a ‘White Star Line’ raspberry macaroon, an RMS ‘life buoy’ shortbread biscuit, blackberry jelly and lemon ship funnels and a mixed fruit tartlet. The middle tier showcases The Merchant’s famous freshly baked fruit and plain scones served with Devonshire clotted cream and homemade strawberry preserve. The bottom tier boasts a selection of sandwiches including egg and cress, chicken and rocket, smoked salmon, cucumber and dill, roast ham and mustard and a goats’ cheese and red onion tartlet. With over 17 different teas to choose from, including Organic Oolong and Jasmine Flower Green Tea, this Titanic Afternoon Tea experience is not to be missed. Afternoon Tea at The Merchant Hotel is priced at £19.50 per person Sunday to Friday and £26.50 per person on Saturdays throughout April 2012.



You’ll no doubt be feeling the Titanic overload of late but let’s be honest this is a major achievement for Belfast and one that will resonate around the world. 7Magazine has come up with some Titanic facts about our newest landmark.


Titanic Belfast Facts:

What will we gain from it?

Titanic Belfast is the world’s largest Titanic visitor attraction.

Titanic Belfast has already received ringing endorsements from around the world, with National Geographic’s globally-renowned ‘Traveller’ magazine naming Belfast among the world’s top 20 travel destinations for 2012 and Fodor’s Ireland’s US editors citing the Titanic centenary commemorations in Belfast as the biggest tourism story of 2012.

Titanic Belfast’s magnificent exterior façade is clad in 3,000 individual silver anodized aluminium shards, of which two thirds are unique in design and will be enhanced by reflective pools of water surrounding the base of the structure Titanic Belfast is home to Ireland’s largest freespan escalator at over 25 meters long and with 124 steps Over 1,000 workers have worked on site during construction The building can hold over 3,547 visitors at any one time, the same number as the capacity of Titanic The timeline for construction of Titanic Belfast is similar to that of Titanic On the plaza surrounding the building is one of the largest maps of the Northern Hemisphere at 10,000 sq.m. The total floor area of the main exhibition and suites is 11,000 sq.m. The entire building in 14,000 sq.m – twice the size of Belfast City Hall Titanic Belfast is located beside the Titanic Slipways, the Harland and Wolff Drawing Offices and Hamilton Graving Dock – the very places where Titanic was designed, built and launched in 1912 In December 2009, Titanic Belfast saw the largest ever concrete pour on the island to form its foundations – 4,200 cubic metres, circa 700 concrete lorry deliveries, one every two minutes for almost 24-hours The highest point of the building is 126 feet from the plaza level.

Already sold more than 80,000 tickets and there are still more than 2 weeks to go until the opening on March 31st. Expected to attract 425,000 visitors in its first year, 150,000 of whom will be out of state. Titanic Belfast is also home to The Titanic Suite, Northern Ireland’s newest and largest dedicated banqueting venue. The suite, located across the fifth and sixth floors, offers stunning panoramic views of the City and flexible spaces, catering for between 50 and 1,000 guests. Titanic Belfast is not just a stunning visitor experience, it is also an impressive educational facility which provides a wealth of learning experiences and facilities for yearround engagement. Education is at the heart of the project and young people will have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview of key aspects of social history, industrial development and engineering advancements.

Opening Hours           

Summer: April – September, 9am – 7pm Monday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm Sunday Winter: October – March, 10am – 5pm every day Close December 24th – 26th

Sandra Devenney, Oonagh Boman, Caoimhe Curran, Paula Colhoun & Oonagh McGirr

WINNER OF DIET COKE AND BENEFIT’S “GET GLAM” COMPETITION GETS SET TO JET OFF TO SAN FRANCISCO One of the most exciting make-up competitions to have ever been held in Northern Ireland took place on the 25th March in the iconic Sally’s nightclub of Omagh. The Get Glam competition was a collaboration between Diet Coke and Benefit Cosmetics which aimed to find the most talented and creative make-up artists in the country. To help in celebrating this launch, Sally’s in Omagh, one of the most well known and regarded venues in mid-Ulster played host to the nail biting live final of the competition in the club yesterday afternoon. Over 20 professionals and amateurs battled it out in various categories such as Bridal, Fantasy or Fashion Editorial in front of a thrilled audience before the big announcement came early yesterday afternoon. Oonagh McGirr, owner of Sally’s was really impressed by the quality of the competitors “The creativity shown by competitors today was exceptional” said Oonagh,” we are really pleased to be involved in this event and to support talent like this. We are now hoping to make this an annual event.” continued Oonagh. Caoimhe Curran from Belfast was proclaimed the worthy winner due to her clear talent, level of technique and knowledge of the craft. Paddy McGurgan, one of the most respected make-up artists in the country, was on

hand throughout the day for advice and guidance and said, “From the very start of the application process it was clear that Caoimhe knew exactly what she was doing and we were very impressed with her vision and the enthusiasm she had for the industry.” Dublin based make-up artist and judge Ken Boylan agreed, “Throughout the course of the day, in the various categories, we were continually impressed with Caoimhe and her use of colour, shading and technique.” Sandra Devenney of Benefit Cosmetics, who was also on the judging panel said, “Caoimhe is the perfect choice to travel to America to learn from the make-up masters at Benefit Headquarters. She will get four days in San Francisco learning first-hand the latest tricks and techniques for this season as well as goodies galore for her own kits and professional development.” With other winners across the various categories and special commendations to Susan McDermott from Tyrone and Paula Healy from Cork for the level of skill they showed at such an early stage in their careers, the standard of presentation from all contestants was exceptional. As well as the competition taking place throughout the day there were beauty demonstrations on willing members of the public from the Benefit team and


great prizes to be won as part of a ballot in support of the John McGirr Fund. This very worthy charity was founded in 2010 following John’s death in 2009 from Prostate Cancer. The aim is to raise funds to help develop research facilities at Queen’s University Belfast and care facilities at the City Hospital, Belfast where the popular owner of Sally’s had received his treatment. The collaboration between Diet Coke and Benefit has seen a limited edition collection of specially designed Diet Coke cans launched across Northern Ireland based on the three new key make-up looks developed by Benefit for this spring and summer. They are available throughout Northern Ireland until April 1st. Guests were treated to a Diet Coke drinks reception on arrival and the Diet Coke girls were on hand throughout the afternoon to sell the ballot tickets for the enviable prizes. Paula Colhoun, Licensed Trade Marketing Manager for Diet Coke, Ireland, said, “This fantastic event follows a number of successes that we have had with Sally’s and it is great that we can really highlight the great relationship that Benefit shares with Diet Coke in Northern Ireland and throughout the whole of Ireland with the specially designed cans available nationwide.”



Thailand’s best selling, award winning rum. Produced from the f inest ingredients & spices. Aged in charred Oak barrels for 3-5 years.

a unique blend of aroma, f lavour and character. Truely the taste of Thailand


2 3

Flower power! Embrace your inner hippy and go totally wild with an array of ditsy florals and cute prints that are fighting for supremacy on the high street. The ladies 7 Fashion are loving Primark and Republic! Dress up jeans and vest with a statement blazer or go all girly with a floral bralet or playsuit. Don’t be afraid to clash prints and colours, it’s all about self expression baby! This month Davina Sands picks her favourite style steals from the high street.


1. Floral Blazer, Primark, £25 2. Multi Print Bodycon Dress, Primark, £15 3. White Egyptian Trim Scuba Bodycon, Primark, £15 4 Yellow Daffodils Print Crop Cami, Primark, £6 5. White Floral Mirrored Print Skirt, Primark, £7 7. Floral Shorts, Heatons, £13 8. Miso Rose Dress, Republic, £28 9. Miso Floral Bandeau Bralet, £22 10 Floral Print Shoe, Stylist Pick, £39.95 11. Chomp Roched Peep Floral, Schuh, £22 12. Corsage Belt, Primark. £5 13. Alice Band, Primark, £3 14 Penny Crop Top,, £20 15 Sophia Peeptoe,, £30 (We heart!)







11 10 12





CHRIS CARGO Chris Cargo has been at the forefront of electronic music, spinning discs on the club circuit for eighteen years with DJ Magazine having described his sets as ‘perfect sex machine body music’. He’s enthralled revellers from Kuala Lumper to Kazakhstan via Mexico, Siberia, Lisbon, Copenhagen, China and Athens but now he’s the resident DJ at Club Mono on Ann Street where you’ll find him behind the decks pumping out funk fuelled underground house music. Friday nights plays host to urban sounds, the Saturday sound is house and Sunday is a mish mash music policy incorporating everything from indie anthems to old skool house classics providing a winning combination for those who like to make the weekend last that little bit longer. “I couldn’t stick to one genre of music at Mono, it would just be boring plus a lot of DJs get stuck playing the same sound over and over and before you know it you’ve been left behind. So it’s important to take risks with your music”, says Chris. Once a month Zuul rolls into Mono with guest appearances from global DJs. Recently they’ve welcomed an array of talent including Chocolate Puma, David Penn, Seb Fontaine and Bingo Players. When asked about his most-loved track Chris said, “Without a doubt the one tune that’s an all time favourite is Unfinished Symphony by Massive

Attack. It may be over a decade old but it’s still amazing”. The 34 year old Belfast based DJ has amassed a vinyl collection of somewhere between 20-30,000 but these days everything is on CDs. “There is such a wealth of musical talent in Northern Ireland from musicians, DJs and producers”, commented Chris, “and probably too many clubs in Belfast for the size of the city but it’s healthy competition and it ensures clubs step up to the mark to deliver a top night out”. Adding another string to his bow Chris Cargo is also a promoter giving this advice to up and coming DJs. “Hassle, pester, knock on doors of clubs, frequent the clubs so you’re a regular recognizable face. Put out mixes of music and more importantly your own music and even look at starting your own night”. When the decks have been turned off after another successful weekend at Mono, Chris Cargo loves to do nothing more than chill out at home and spend time with his 9-month-old son. For all the action at Club Mono log on to: Follow Relentless Energy Drink at:

JASON SHANKEY Well, well. Aren’t we just the city of the moment! Everything I look at in the city seems to be Titanic this, Titanic that. I’m surprised no-one has thought of marketing that other ship ‘The Olympic’, given that it’s an Olympics year too. But even though the Titanic was one of the biggest disasters ever to be associated with our city, its clear that the people of Belfast are on a mission to become centre stage in a crowded world. A ‘treasure’ with an ‘incredible atmosphere’ is how National Geographic described Belfast when they voted it one of the top destinations to visit in 2012, and I think I agree. I visit lots of cities around the world when I’m working with the world’s top Male Grooming companies, and so I’m able to see why what we have is so special. Whether we’re talking about a city or a company, everything starts with its people. People make a place work (which is why I invest so much in my staff), and Belfast has it in spades. So how are you going to help kick-start our economy by showing our hundreds of thousands of tourists some good old Belfast hospitality? We’re introducing Titanic and Olympic shaves, to show our customers how local men used to shave 100 years ago. It was a complicated process in the years before the disposable razor. You bought a straight razor, a honing stone and strop (which would cost a small fortune in those days) and the razor would have to be sharpened before and


after every shave. At today’s rate, these three pieces of shaving equipment would cost in the region of £300 which is why most men, particularly those who worked on the ships, would visit the Barber every few days for a shave. Moving on from 1912, and we have all manner of devices with which to remove our facial hair. Some of us use electric shavers, but most of us will wet shave with a multi blade cartridge razor, which whilst great at removing hair, can be used the wrong way causing a shaving rash and painful, ingrown hairs. Like 1912, razors are also becoming more expensive as they are sold using the ‘Give them the handle free and they’ll have to buy the cartridges’ business system. As shaving technology has improved, so have the products and the techniques. Soap has been replaced with shaving creams which add, rather than reduce moisture in your skin, and aftercare has been developed to counteract the effects of scraping the skin with a sharp blade. Fortunately, I’ve been at the forefront of this development and have helped design shaving and hair products for companies all over the world; But I kept the best for myself! I developed ‘The Perfect Shave’ just over two years ago to wide acclaim from our customers and the Press. So if you want to experience a Perfect Shave for yourself, give us a shout. Your shaving regime will be positively changed forever.

mardi gras at cafe vaudeville CARNIVAL ATMOSPHERE DESCENDS ON CITY VENUE A carnival atmosphere descended on Café Vaudeville recently for a Mardi Gras themed event in association with Coca-Cola and celebrating 100 shows of Viva Vaudeville. The Friday night spectacle Viva Vaudeville transformed into a New Orleans festival with Miss Tina Leggs Tantrum and the Vaudeville Follies performing big pop anthems from Tina Turner to Lady Gaga in their own interpretation while the Streetwise stilt walking samba band kept the carnival goers entertained both inside and outside the venue. Guests were treated to a reception of Southern Comfort with Coca-Cola or Sprite before Miss Tina Leggs and dancers began their performance that included being hoisted into the air under the Vaudeville dome watched in awe from the crowds below living up to Viva Vaudeville’s reputation as a Friday night like no other. Viva Vaudeville continues at Café Vaudeville every Friday.

Fiona Reynolds, Chris McComb & Michelle Jenkins

Stephen & Courtney Lunn


Jamie Bowman & Jolene Doron

David Moore, Rachel Pollock & Gerard McCullough


The ABSOLUT Angel by Belfast-born Bradley ABSOLUT vodka, one of the most iconic vodkas in the world, is delighted to unveil the second in a three part series of commissioned Terry Bradley paintings, the ‘ABSOLUT Angel’, created exclusively for the brand by the local artist. ABSOLUT vodka is well known for its creative collaborations and innovative partnerships within the arts, having commissioned over 800 pieces by famed names such as Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst and Keith Haring, not to mention hundreds of designers and photographers. The brand’s recent relationship with Belfast born talent Terry Bradley, well-known for his iconic and individual images, reflects the edgy, creative image of ABSOLUT - a match made in heaven. The striking second painting features a dark and mysterious archangel covered in tattoos, including an ABSOLUT banner across her upper arm and was recently unveiled at both The Cloth ear, Belfast and The Jamaica Inn, Bangor. The ABSOLUT Angel shows her theatrical side, sporting strong make up and oozing unorthodox individuality with a penned heart on her cheek and

stars across her shoulder. ABSOLUT lovers will have the chance to win the exclusive, limited edition print, unavailable to buy, in a series of events taking place in bars and retail venues around Northern Ireland in 2012. As seen at the Jamaica and Cloth Ear, real life ABSOLUT Angels on hand to encourage fans to solve the bespoke Facebook puzzle slider game for their chance to win, while handing out delicious long ABSOLUT drinks. Esther Small, Brand Manager for ABSOLUT in Northern Ireland, is pleased to announce the second painting saying, “Terry Bradley’s first commissioned painting was a huge success and the artist’s second painting has not disappointed, as the Angel is another remarkable, fiercely independent lady, who we are sure will be very highly sought after amongst both ABSOLUT and Bradley followers. ABSOLUT is well known for its nonconformist style and as Terry’s iconic women are far from traditional, so the two brands work in perfect harmony. The print competitions in 2011 were met with such overwhelming interest,


and this print is set to be even bigger and better, we can only imagine what type of character Terry will create for the final painting, due to be launched later this year.” The ABSOLUT and Bradley relationship further cements the Swedish vodka brand as pioneering and culture-shaping, with groundbreaking projects and collaborations. As well as traditional canvas works, Bradley is no stranger to the less traditional medium, as the artist’s work has previously been used in limited edition designs of a range of other things such as a painted cow for CowParade in Dublin, a Nokia phone cover, Irish Linen fabric for a fashion collection, skateboards, hand-painted jeans and the iconic glass doors which lead to the apartments in Victoria Square’s ‘Residence’ in Belfast. To find out more information on where and when the ABSOLUT Angel will be given away please visit http://www.

           

THE GRADUATE 028 9043 8764 130 Ormeau Road, Belfast, BT7 2EB

OPENING TIMES Follow us Twitter /@thegraduate_belfast or join us on Facebook

The Graduate is part of the Hatfield House group.

  B B

Monday - Saturday /12noon - 9pm Sunday /1pm - 6pm

ABSOLUT Angels & Terry Bradley

Gareth Kelly & Roisin Mulholland

Aidan McConville & Charlie Wild

Ryan Taggart & Harry Tregenna

Jill Douglas & Judith McNally


The ABSOLUT Angels

Leigh O’Connor &Aimee Blacker

Anna Gourley, Julie Donaldson, Sharon Scott & Sarah Young




going up! Madonna

East Belfast

Shop Style

Move over Lady Gaga as Madonna is back reigning as Queen of Pop with her new album MDNA. She gave us a taster during the half time performance of the Superbowl with Nicki Minaj flicking the bird and I love the Glee-esque track, Gimme all your lovin. To quote a line from her latest track… “L-U-V Madonna”, need I say any more?

I hate to say it up East Belfast is taking over BT9 as the place to be. It’s like in New York, all the tourists go to 5th Avenue but Soho is where the real New Yorkers hang out or the West End in London but the place you really want to be is Shoreditch. Ballyhack, Belmont and Bloomfield are taking over the Lisburn Road with their trendy little cafes for coffee and cupcakes or lunch at a funky neighbourhood restaurant followed by a walk up to the house on the hill. It’s almost a day out.

You know you need those red skinny chinos everyone is wearing or you’re after a pair of blue suede shoes but don’t know where to get your grubby little hands on them? Download the app ShopStyle, simply filter your search and viola they’ve searched all the shops on the high street and online providing a list of results with pics, prices and a link to purchase. Shopping made easy but a little terrifying after too many glasses of wine.

going nowhere EXs Down in the meadow in a little bitty pool, swam three little fishies and a mama fishie too. “Swim” said the mama fishie, “Swim if you can”, and they swam and they swam all over the dam. Yes there’s always one that got away, but recently I ran into an ex on a night out and as the night went on we ended up having brilliant craic followed by endless texts days later and even talk about a holiday. So, when is it ok to go back to where you’ve been before and will you end up regretting it? Only time will tell… to be continued.




Starbucks has recently launched their getting to know you campaign. The days of throwing on a pair of trackies, running down to your nearest branch for a little pick-me up the morning after the night before and ordering your coffee incognito, is, well, over. Now they want to know your name when you place you order, so they can yell it out for everyone to hear when your coffee is ready. It’s not just Cheers where everybody knows your name!

I think we all know by now that it went down in spectacular style in the middle of the Atlantic. Now 100 years on we’re being subjected to everything Titanic. From little ducks with Captain hats, buildings that are supposedly meant to resemble the bow of the ship not to mention the Titanic film in 3D. I’m not entirely sure if I could stay awake for 3 minutes of Titanic 3D never mind 3 hours. Somethings that go down are meant to staying down. Ahoy!

I am toots raging! TOWIE, Made in Chelsea and Desperate Scousewives have brought a new vocabulary that the guys at the Oxford English Dictionary are, I am sure, puzzled. I remember the days when IT Girl was slang. Ever since Susan Boyle was abbreviated to Subo; we’re shortening every word known to man. I hereby pronounce the death of the syllable.

going down!



|EATS 21 Social

Hill Street Brassiere

Hill Street Belfast 028 9024 1415


Ballyrobert Road, Ballyclare 028 9335 4141


7 Ascot House Shaftsbury Square 028 9033 1532


7-11 Linenhall Street Belfast 028 9031 1150

38 Hill Street 028 9058 6868

James Street South 21 James Street 028 9043 4310

Fitzwilliam Hotel Menu by Kevin Thornton

The Great Room 028 9023 4888

Little Wing Pizzeria Ann Street Lisburn Road Upper Newtownards Road Main Street, Bangor

Fitzwilliam Hotel 028 9044 2080


Restaurant Victoria

60 Great Victoria Street 028 9033 2121

Deane’s Restaurant


36-40 Howard Street 028 9033 1134

The Merchant Hotel

Lisburn Road 028 90 38 1655

Donegall Quay 028 9043 4000

Zen Two

Lisburn Road 028 9068 7318

|NIGHTS OUT Auntie Annies Dublin Road 028 9050 1660

Basement Bar & Grill

Donegal Square East 028 90331925

Bellevue Arms Antrim Road 028 9077 3041

Berts Bar

Skipper Street 028 9026 2713

Black Box

Hill Street 028 9024 4400

Chelsea Wine Bar Lisburn Road 028 9068 7177

Cloth Ear

Robinsons Bars

Waring Street 028 9023 4888

The Crown Bar

Great Victoria Street 028 9024 3187

Cutters Bar & Grill Lockview Road 028 9080 5100

Haratio Todd’s

Upper Newtownards Road 028 9065 3090

Hudson Bar

Gresham Street 028 9023 2322

Great Victoria Street 028 9024 7447

The Empire

Botanic Avenue 028 9024 9276

The Errigle Inn Ormeau Road 028 9064 1410

The John Hewitt Donegall Street 028 9023 3768

The Spaniard Skipper Street 028 9023 2448

Union Street

Union Street Belfast 028 9031 6060

|CLUBS 21 Social

Hill Street 028 9024 1415


Odyssey Pavillion 028 9046 0011

El Divino

Mays Meadow 028 9032 2000


The Merchant Hotel Waring Street 028 9023 4888


Glenavon House Cookstown 028 8676 4949

The Kremlin Donegal Street 028 9031 6060

Stiff Kitten

Bankmore Square 028 9023 8700




Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings served with Blue Cheese Dip and Celery. He thinks they’re the best in Belfast.

We agree with him. For One- £4.25 or For Sharing - £7.95




The Chef has asked you take time out of your day to come try our new

WAGAMAMA RECIPE negima yakitori one of our most popular sides, impress your dinner guests with this easy yet memorable side dish. check out ‘the wagamama cookbook’ for this great recipe you need: 275g (10oz) boneless, skinless chicken thigh meat 12 spring onions salt and white pepper 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil 4 tablespoons yakitori (see below) sauce 6 bamboo skewers, soaked in cold water for 2 hours for yakitori sauce - makes about 200ml (7fl oz): 6 tablespoons sake 180ml (6fl oz) light soy sauce 6 tablespoons mirin (sweetened sake used for cooking) 1 tablespoon caster sugar

instructions: cut the chicken into 2.5cm (1 in) cubes. trim the green end and root of the spring onion and cut into 2.5cm (1 in) chunks from the root up. thread the chicken and spring onion pieces alternately onto the skewers (each skewer should have 3 pieces of chicken and two pieces of spring onion). season with salt and white pepper. heat a heavy-bottomed frying pan or griddle over a medium heat for 1 – 2 minutes or until hot and almost smoking and add the oil. cook the skewers, turning frequently, for about 5 – 6 minutes until golden brown. drain on kitchen paper to remove any excess oil and brush with the yakitori sauce. serve immediately for yakitori sauce, combine all the ingredients in a small pan and gently heat to dissolve the sugar. set aside to cool. it will keep indefinitely in the fridge


victoria square belfast

„ „ „ „

delicious noodles rice dishes freshly squeezed juices wine

„ „ „ „

sake japanese beers kids menu lunch specials

take out menu available first floor, victoria square belfast, county antrim, bt1 4qg t 028 9023 6098 wagamama belfast

Do you have what it takes to be


Enter online at

Age 18 - 25 Male or Female Fabulous Prizes for Male and Female Winner

Final will take place in Mclub on

Thursday 3rd May 2012 Closing Date for Entries: Wed 18th April 2012 Entrants must be aged 18-25, male or female

Bradbury Place, Belfast 028 9023 3131


Northern Irelands FREE entertainment & lifestyle glossy. Available to view across all platforms and in glossy hard copy in selected venues...

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