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TAKIS NITIS The “Trial” of Slobodan Milosevic


The “Trial” of Slobodan Milosevic.

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Takis Nitis

The “Trial” of Slobodan Milosevic


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Table of Contents

Note from the author: “Goodnight Britain great”. Abstract Chapter Outline Introduction

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CHAPTER 1: INVALID TRIBUNAL 1. Illegal establishment of the ICTY. 2. Violation of the principle of legality. 3. Illegal arrest of Slobodan Milosevic – Violation of the Yugoslav Constitution.  4. Establishing an invalid precedence – The case of Dusko Tadic. 

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CHAPTER 2: NO ESCAPE 1. The Kosovo Indictment. a) Iconic indictment along with 4 other defendants. b) “Command Responsibility”: A “loaded” principle.

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c) “Command Responsibility”: A principle with an invalid 2nd base – Blaskic case vs Delalic case. 65 2. Genocide. 70 3. War Crimes. 74 4. Crimes against Humanity. 77 a) Murder. 77 b) Extermination. 78 c) Deportation. 79 d) Imprisonment. 80 e) Torture. 81 f) Persecution. 81 g) Inhumane Acts. 84 CHAPTER 3: NATO’S OPERATION “ALLIED FORCE” 1. Illegality of: a) Attack on a civilian passenger train at the Grdelica Gorge. b) Attack on the Djakovica convoy. c) NATO bombing of the Radio Television of Serbian headquarters. d) NATO bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade. e) The attack on Korisa Village. 2. The American struggle to convince. 3. No legal term such as “intervention”.


The “Trial” of Slobodan Milosevic.

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CHAPTER 4: THE “ROLE” OF THE PROSECUTOR 1. The “Role” of the Review Committee. 115 2. A false evaluation: 119 a) The attack on a civilian passenger train at the Grdelica Gorge. 119 b) The attack on the Djakovica convoy.  121 c) The attack on the RTS (Serbian Radio and TV Station) in Belgrade. 122 d) The attack on the Chinese Embassy.  125 e) The attack on Korisa Village. 127 3. Judicial blasphemy: One Prosecutor for two “tribunals”. 130 4. Selective Prosecution. 135 5. Carla Del Ponte. 143 6. Louise Arbour. 145 7. Richard Goldstone. 147 8. Investigations: An American “chef d’oeuvre”. 149 CHAPTER 5: FINAL REMARKS 1. Conclusion about the “Role” of the Prosecutor and the “One Step Further” argument. 157


2. “No trials in absence of the accused” – Another paradox. 164 3. Political Background – Yugoslavia’s resistance. 171 4. An American Blackmail against all NATO countries. 173 5. Milosevic’s genius defence. 176 6. “And what do we do now?” – Political Background, the role of the US. 178 7. “Where was Holland?” 183 8. Three types of litigants. 190 9. Epilogue. 192 Bibliography Index

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The “Trial” of Slobodan Milosevic.

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Note from the author: “Goodnight Britain great”. Or shall I say Joan of Arc revisited?

Several lawyers from England participated as litigants throughout the long-lasting “operation” of that “tribunal”; either as judges, Prosecutors or lawyers. For a country that vacillates between monarchy and democracy with a tendency to the former regime –as of the 29th of April 2011 Prince William was promoted to Duke of Cambridge– it seems to me that this ad hoc massive British participation was not as altruistic as it seemed, that is for the sake of the values of world democracy. But rather as one more attempt of demonstration that the glorious –tried to be an empire– colonialism is here again. The sad and parallel reality is that this “tribunal” was another product of zionism (Jewish fanatic lodge with a main ideology to obliterate the idiosyncrasy of all nations, their cultural ravage and the scorn of all traditional ethnic values, institutions and ideals,

Note from the author:

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through contemporary “organizations” such as the World Bank. Having as a tactic the control of the most famous masonic groups such as Bilderberg and Illuminati, zionism aims to a hyper-religion (Pan religion) that will be against free intellection and thinking as it has been proved from Talmud, Kabbalah and all the rabbinic teaching). This fact along with the reality that zionism has took root in the United States, former colony of Britain was perceived as a minor detail from all these brilliant British legal lights who seemed more ecstatic than guilty for the brutality they inflicted upon all these tortured and brave souls that were indicted to death. So, where the whole problem starts from, or to put it more simply what’s happening with Britain? Education certainly plays a vital role. And the British education system is not just associated but is a siamese institutional entity with the inner sociopolitical pattern of the country, which unfortunately dates back from the Cromwell era. And has driven the country up to the 21st century in a hybrid political reality that can be characterized as a monarchodemocracy (I apologize for my linguistic inability to describe accurately this sui generis regime), similar

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The “Trial” of Slobodan Milosevic.

types of which can be found in some countries especially in north Europe. And although democracies by their very nature demand native administrations, unfortunately practice has proved the opposite when it comes to deal with these hybrid regimes; administrators do not possess the physical political and sceptic element that should guide them to administer the state with wisdom and turn out to be some kind of financial advisers or to the worst scenario bankers. And at this point is exactly where the problem starts and ends with Britain as it leads to a dead end for the whole political scene of the country. In such kind of political regime like the British one, where bankers control the massive percentage of the authorities, education is at the mercy of the few. It’s a private issue. Not a public right. The result, devastating. It’s not accidental also that the educational system of Britain has been captured and ravaged by masons of all kinds who are controlled directly by zionists, as the Jewish have infiltrated in all sectors and are partly in command (contrary to the United States who are in full command). Important to mention that Oliver Cromwell first encouraged Jews to come to England in the 17th century. Money is everywhere in London Universities and all these researchers will find a respectful wage for themselves.

Note from the author:ďťż

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But is this all what education is about? For Britain, yes is the only answer. The London education system has a sole mission: To produce controlled minds that will execute certain missions. And maybe for a vast majority of the British scholars that is the natural development of education, therefore of all sciences. In a system that privatization in all sectors is an imperative necessity, in the birthplace of capitalism –a non ideological tendency that defines in the best way contemporary public massive stupidity- the freedom of thought is prohibited in every way and especially in the highest academic enterprises. To all those who don’t understand or just don’t want to accept this reality, maybe a walk around the Parliament Square in London where Benjamin Disraeli’s statute stands glaring, will convince them. After all, the anti-semitic product inarguably sells nowadays and sells good in some countries but I’m afraid that’s solely their problem, not mine. After all, the “Free Market Ideal”, by a strange coincidence was founded in Britain by the King of all cretins, Adam Smith.

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The “Trial” of Slobodan Milosevic.

Coming to the point, the book you are keeping in your hands is a Ph.D. that never reached the stage of submission (For the necessity of the easy reading I have detached vital researching parts such as the Literature Review and the Case Summary and I’ve made also some minor adjustments concerning words and phrases that fit more to a book that is directed to the public rather than to a doctoral essay). After 7 years of research, starting my Ph.D. course from London Metropolitan University and moving to Birkbeck College, (as the supervisor of this thesis was offered a better position and had to move), which is part of the University of London, I didn’t have a clue of what was about to happen. The supervisor had been giving me directions and typical instructions about not so relevant parts of the thesis, such as the Literature Review, the Case Summary and the Bibliography that I mentioned before. Unfortunately, he couldn’t provide me with any kind of suggestions as he didn’t have an idea with war crimes justice. But neither had I that expectation from him, or from any other professor, lecturer or researcher from Birkbeck. Starting from the foundation of the Roman Law, that’s civil law, and the blatant violation of the principle of legality, I moved step by step without guidance, without help, without any kind of proposal and without any financial assistance neither for the time that I spent in Britain nor for the 1 and ½ year that I

Note from the author:

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IN DEALING WITH WAR crimes justice – or as they tend to call it international criminal law – there are numerous issues to consider regarding the nature of this criminal justice. But among these issues the broader aspect that all the thinking nations are obliged to consider is summarized stayed in the Hague, as to ofshed some light on this in one question: What’s the realso purpose international justice? The answer is certainly not easy. legal chaos that was produced from this “tribunal”. At the same time, by trying to define of what a trial is, in a domestic And as I was about to submit my thesis, the superscale, automatically a new question arises in relation to international jusunder theofcommand ofmatches the zionistic administice:visor, Does the definition a domestic trial exactly with what we calltration international trial? of Birkbeck and the University of London in Well, again the answerbehaving is not an easy case. It’s notasaccidental, also, the general, started strangely, he requested fact that still the international legal community lacks the ability to define me an tointernational detach certain even whole of what crime iswords, and evenphrases if it does it,and this attempt results to an inelegant andthesis. awkward definition made for reasons of “typical” neparts of my cessity.I explained to him that censorship has no place Yet, international “trials” are underway. in attempting my workstoand what he asked me completely By answer the first question, wewas can assert, at least, unacceptable. After a couple of months, just after I that justice is the refugee of the weak. However, this kind of virtue, for possess paid a visit to Britain sothose as towho make thetechnoeconomic final prepapower, is not an easy thing to understand. And certainly we are not goforwho thewillsubmission, although during ourif ingrations to be those pressure themand to understand despite the fact he didn’t we meeting have the power to do solook or not.troubled, he insisted the day We areon justthe on the otherline side.that I should structure the theafter same And even if justice in these countries is somehow perceived from time to sis according to Birkbeck regulations; that my thesis time as a subsequent substantive element of their inner state culture, conshouldhistoric be close a proved certain amount of words (during temporary realityto has exactly the opposite on the international scale. our 7 year co-operation he never stressed the length This book doesn’t aim to prove that no sporadic conflicts didn’t take of words) and I should write a considerable amount place between the people of the former Yugoslavia. But that the realof words more, of course vitalproduced parts (words, ity was miles away fromdetaching the brutal scenes that were from the American-jewish as to justify a “humanitarian” military phrases, ormedia evensowhole parts) which didn’t “fit”intruacsion that had no other purpose than to murder a nation.

cording to the university’s regulations to an academic

The research that follows to be the first legalwere analysis of theex“Triessay, certainly all ofaims these arguments cheap al” of Slobodan Milosevic.

cuses. Finally, he didn’t hesitate to threaten me that the thesis could not be submitted as it was, therefore it would fail. I have to mention at this point that during all of ISBN 978-960-9607-05-6 our conversations he was kind and he did behave o celotos P U B L I C AT I O N S

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friendly, hiding with an elegant way the typical anglo-saxon fury. Being a member of the British education system for almost 14 years I knew the rules of the game better than any other international researcher. As I also knew that the truth is persecuted. I explained to him, this time with more comprehensive arguments, that what he was asking was beyond logic and I let him know once again that he had hit the wrong door. The zionistic administration took in command and through the supervisor’s e-mail address begged me to remove parts of the thesis that didn’t comply with their beliefs and make some necessary modifications to some other, so that I would pass the Ph.D. with flying colours.

I gave them nothing.

Note from the author:

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The «Trial» of Slobodan Milosevic  

In dealing with war crimes justice – or as they tend to call it international criminal law – there are numerous issues to consider regarding...