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Women in Science: The World Of Firsts

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INTE The Ne Merma
Green Turtle Photo: Katie Storr Photo Credit: Katie Storr
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Dear Ocean Tribe

Dear Ocean Tribe,

This months publication is inspired by the powerful women we know, that we are, those that have been and those that will be,

It is a celebration of the strides made towards Gender equity, equality and inclusion in the full knowing of the hards we still go through as a collective, whether in the workplace or in our home environments.

The question asked around why we celebrate when there is still so much harm to women's bodies, for us, it is the realization that our story is not one, it is the realization that however hard the carry may be, we will always seek the light, always seek to inspire while on the daily, ensuring that our voices are heard, our bodies are seen, and our achievements are celebrated

We have compiled beautiful stories, finds and experiences, and we hope you enjoy this publication, our second issue that we are beyond proud to bring to you Our first issue was a beautiful surprise, and so new dreams emerge, and we stand ready to answer the call, because new worlds are built by the collectives ability to dream

Thank you for dreaming with us, and seeking to partner us in this dream, we see you, and celebrate you


M E S S A G E F R O M T H E E D I T O R S Mermaid Katie Zandi The Mermaid
Zandile Ndhlovu aka
Katie Storr aka

Their population is currently being decimated by

by the names of Port and

A 7 Gill Cow Shark in Cape Town, South Africa. Orcas StarBoard. Photo Credit: Zandile Ndhlovu

K A T I E ' S


Thank you for being there and for listening!

For me, this often leads to 'imposter syndrome' feelings, naturally causing doubt in what I am an expert in, a doubting of my experience Am I ready for this leadership role? What am I doing wrong? Should I step down? It's a difficult position to be in, and the microaggressions don't make it any easier

Black women are seen as assertive, angry, and “having an attitude ” Keeping a cool head in the face of anger and assertiveness can be a challenge, because of the hope to not come across as 'unlikable', nor do we want to come off as 'subservient'. Its a challenge because the 'cool head' is premised off white normatives. As a Black woman I must "get it right" to be seen as a leader and likable. hmph!

I've heard things like "Oh she only got that position so it looks like they're hiring Bahamians in management roles", this is hard because it strips you of all your work, talent, knowledge and hard work, it is a one sided narrative that continues to normalize oppressive and distasteful tropes of Black people

And so, the age old 'twice as hard' to get the same recognition To be a Black person To be a Black Woman

With all this, I know first hand how hard it can be to advance in certain industries such as The Blue Economy and Yachting and I am here to help change that I have the opportunity to be a trailblazer and pave the way for Black women

To Be a Black Woman

Being made to feel inadequate and incompetent, spoken to as if you're illiterate, and judged the moment you're introduced is a terrible feeling

As a Black Woman in a leadership role, the workplace can be challenging And the above feelings are not unique to me, but are often a given, and then the challenge of unequal pay, increased scope without title changes or compensation for

The experience is hard because all of this is then followed by gaslighting, and removal of the validity of the individual experiencethis means, one is not heard, not in the voicing of inequality, and your authority and expertise are questioned by statements like 'Are you angry?' And the cherry on top, the assumption of 'white being right' regardless of my experience

The work of 'trailblazing' however seemingly individual, is held by community, in the words of encouragement that keep this fire burning regardless of the hardships that can be

The Ocean of Colour is a powerful platform for community and reminders like this, that I am not alone, this is a needed knowing at times And so, between the busy and your support - the calls, DM's and love, is a big thank you! This journey is not just mine but ours

I look forward to holding a safe space for us all, to find courage and strength in whatever hard you may be going through, a reminder that, you are not alone

Our tribe is growing and it has become such a diverse support system

I'm extremely grateful to have all of you riding this wave with us, it's the happiest feeling in the world


Take Z A N D I ' S

Being a Black Woman, a lot of my experiences including the diving space, starts with the external assumption of incompetence, Im not sure if it is all happening in parallel to not being seen as anything but Black, but this is no unique experience as a Black person and woman, whether in the workplace or the many other places we exist

And so we grow up, healing from our childhoods, and then going into a world that requires you to prove yourself at every turn, in every moment, making the words 'I don't know' or 'help me', feel like thorns through your skin, when any person knows that these very things make us exactly this, human

These are also the most liberating words I have ever encountered

As we celebrate the fullness of our humanity, recognizing our achievements, may we also realize that we are not only defined by ignorance, hate or the need to prove Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, receiving help is not a sign of inability to hold big things To step back to breathe is power

Dear Team

My current life existence revolves around the realization of how hard beginnings sometimes make us so hard that we find ourselves unable to trust, unable to pass the baton, insisting to do it all by ourselves, when, 3 will always be better than one This allows for rest and breath between doing all the things we need to do, and other times, other people are better fits for portions of the race ahead

May we not let our traumas define us

Each day, I have accepted help, asked for help and recently, at the airport, after a frustrating flight run in Zurich, as the tears gathered at the top of my eyelids, a lady asked how she could help, but my throat was stuck and my eyes were threatening to unearth a small flood, she looks into my hands, sees my Passport and says 'ah, you're South African, me too, come!', she goes on to fix the mess and makes it all okay.

May we be vulnerable

May we accept help

May we feel the fullness of our humanity, Because like I said, we are not only 'strong', but also, life is sweeter more pleasurable, together

Zandile Ndhlovu, an Ocean Human
"Life is a Team Sport"
The Ocean Atlas - Jason deCaires Taylor Photo Credit: Katie Storr



One of the things I stand by deeply, is the power of Women,

When I think of South Africa, when Women stood up to the apartheid government, in the banishing of the horror pass laws that inhibited free motion of Black bodies. Let me take us there,

‘It was on 9 August 1956 when 20 000 women gathered at the Union Buildings to hand over their signatories of their petition to the then Prime Minister, Mr J.G. Strijdom detailing their grievance against the Pass Laws.

The march saw women from all walks of life stand in defiance of the pass laws. Women who carried babies on their backs, pregnant women, single or married women, women with formal or informal education, all united chanting “Wena Strijdom, wa’thintabafazi, wathint’imbokodo”. Loosely translated “You Stijdom, when you touch a woman, you have struck a rock!”

Or the civil rights movement in the United States - all leading to, the continuous work towards fullness of human expression and existence for all.

The first publicly held names of possibility were, Albertina Sisulu, Winnie Mandela, Charlotte Maxeke, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks

And as the worlds expanded, these women have expanded to become Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, H.E Epsy Campbell Barr, Castor Semenya, Charlize Theron, Serena Williams - I could go on.

The gist is this, we stand on the shoulders of greats, and so, to know their names.

Photo Credit: Kevan Hagen ZANDILE NDHLOVU

International Women’s Day is a reminder to celebrate the victories that are, continuously reminded that each ones stride, from Nairobi to Miami, becomes an advancement of all.

as they went into all these procedures without anaesthesia, and on the other side, I don’t want my leadership to look like men, nor be premised and only respected if actioned through the male gaze in ideals of power.

Women have always known, and so, what a time to be alive, to soften, while leading large organizations, creating change in our communities, breaking records and doing it all without shrinking to the size of male approval to exist.

Gender equality, equity and inclusion remain top themes when we talk about access and opportunity for women world wide, speaking at a firm that had reached incredible targets in regard to women in management, is the constant reminder of the unique thought leadership required in the biggest of organizations to bring change, and ultimately the allyship of men too.

I’ve spoken deeply about how I don’t want to only be a strong woman anymore, I’ve done this my whole life and deserve the fullness of my softness too, for my intelligence, perseverance and ability to lead to not be held up against the Black women who’s bodies were operated on in the forming of the Gynaecology world where women that looked like me were thought to not feel pain,

And so to end, the United Nations estimates that we will only achieve gender equality and parity in 132 years. However great the strides being made, I still pause and think of how this reminds me of how when we were growing up, we were always told that our kids would not live in racist worlds and systems and yet here we are, and so, this writing being a reminder of the women from whom we come, and how the power of women has always been this - in our liberation and success, is community empowerment, the effects have always been for more than just us, and so to use this as the light that guides us, that we are not one, but we are many, and in the advancement of one, the advancement of all.

"To soften, while leading large organizations, creating change in our communities, breaking records and doing it all without shrinking to the size of male approval to exist "
Happy International Women’s Day! Martina Alvarez with a shark fin in hand. A lucrative industry that is decimating shark populations World Over. Photo Credit : Porfiria Gómez Captured Below, Mermaid Elle on a PADI Mermaiding course, see pg.27 for more on how you can 'level up your mermaiding' Models: Katie Storr & GiGi Merlusca



Sharks and Coral Reefs

A healthy coral reef has an abundance of sharks that help keep the ecosystem in balance They help to remove the weak and the sick as well as keeping the balance with competitors ensuring species diversity Reef sharks and deeper-sea sharks both play an important role in coral reef health

Coral reefs are made up of tiny invertebrate animals, colonies of polyps and a thousands of species of fish They provide protection for our coastlines, erosion, medicines, and food for nearby communities They have been impacted by human activities such as heat pollution from power plant factories, human debris, oil spills, reckless tourism, and subsistence and commercial extractions

Sharks have roamed our oceans for 450 million years before the time of dinosaurs, but today, they are in trouble and so are coral reefs Sharks and coral reefs have evolved and adapted to conditions in a changing world The rising temperatures due to climate change is one of the serious stresses to coral reefs

Shark populations are diminishing around the world due to the high demand and harvest for shark fin products New technologies have allowed the fishing industry to remove sharks and fish in substantial amounts Resulting in the primary cause of ecosystem collapse and detrimental loses in marine species

Protection of sharks should be included in coral reef conservation efforts Creating and implementing strict fishing laws can help predator population recovery In many countries sharks are not protected and there is little to no conservation efforts to rebuild surrounding coral reefs Research shows 63 million to 273 million sharks are killed in commercial fisheries a year

The trade of stony coral organisms for commercial extraction has increased Such corals as Acropora corals are fast growing reef builders that secrete a calcareous skeleton These corals provide habitats for reef fish and invertebrates and increase biodiversity

They are used for building materials on construction sites, jewelry, home decor, and aquarium organisms This increase of trade destroys habitats, reduces biodiversity, destruction of coastline protection and barren ecosystems

Restoring dying reefs through large scale coral restoration is a suitable method to restoring deteriorating coral reefs These ocean based nurseries are build from suspended fragmented trees and are maintained by divers who then out plant grown fragments onto the nearby reefs This is a small part in rehabilitating coral reefs but does help to restore our oceans vital ecosystem Sharks and coral reefs must get the protection they most desperately need

Here are ways you can help save our oceans:

Educate yourselves:

Remember that all life is connected to the ocean. Take time out to learn about marine life and their ecosystems. Spread this knowledge to your friends and family this inspires others to do the same about becoming knowledgeable.

Volunteer and Support Organizations:

Help take care of the ocean by becoming a volunteer. Beach Clean-ups, Projects, Dives for debris and contacting local organizations for more information on you can help out and become a part of their organization.

Use Fewer Plastic Products: 90% of items used daily are made of plastics ex. Grocery bags, disposable cutlery, straws.

Merlusca Continue reading at next page >
Models: Katie Storr & GiGi
Photo By : Janik Alheit



Dr Sherman is marine scientist with more than a decade of research and conservation experience and is also the first Bahamian female with a PhD in the marine sciences She recently completed a self-funded PhD in Biological Sciences at the University of Exeter (graduated July 2018), and also holds an MRes in Ocean Science from the University of Southampton, as well as a BSc (Hons) in Marine Science and minor in Spanish from Jacksonville University Her PhD research assessed the status, population structure and dynamics of Nassau grouper spawning aggregations, and was critical to the development of the first Nassau Grouper Conservation Management Plan for The Bahamas

DR. KristaSherman

What made you choose Marine Biology?

I chose this field because of my love for the ocean, marine life, curiosity and interest in science.

Briefly Tell us about your journey to becoming Dr Sherman, ps, we love it for you!

My journey basically involved a LOT of education: bachelors (Jacksonville University), masters (University of Southampton) and then PhD (University of Exeter) degrees, but I will say that it was important for me to gain some experience throughout the process So, I volunteered whenever I could and took advantage of available internships (most of which were unpaid) to learn and figure out what I was most interested in

Working between degrees was also extremely valuable and essential for me I was able to gain practical experience and be mentored by other scientists that were working in The Bahamas while I was paying student loans and saving money for my next degree Currently, I work for the Perry Institute for Marine Science and lead our Fisheries Research & Conservation Program

What does it mean to be the first Bahamian female with a PhD in Marine Sciences?

I think this is helping others to know that a career as a Bahamian research scientist is achievable There are only a few Bahamians with PhDs that are actively doing research in The Bahamas, but hopefully this will change

Does the world of firsts matter to you? If so, why is this?

While people love firsts, I think it's more important to celebrate outcomes. What are you doing to make a difference? You don't have to have a formal education, certificate or degree to do something positive and impactful - just the willingness to commit and see things through to the end

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced along this journey?

There were lots, but I'll share two of the biggest (non-financial) challenges that I experienced during my PhD 1) A frustrating problem was people not doing what they committed to at all or on time, which was stressful given I had a fixed timeline for completion because of funding constraints So, I adapted and got up very early and worked really late and engaged the help of family and friends 2) One of my PhD chapters was originally supposed to be on the reproductive physiology of Nassau grouper However, the first year, I lost all my blood samples due to a hurricane that came through and knocked out the power for a few days before the samples had left The Bahamas Although the last set of samples didn't suffer from any power outages, they didn't survive shipment from The Bahamas to the UK because the dry ice melted - so I was forced to discard them Obviously, this was a huge disappointment, but I adapted and incorporated some of the work that was being used to develop the Nassau grouper management plan as a replacement

"You don't have to have a formal education, certificate or degree to do something positive and impactful - just the willingness to commit and see things through to the end.."

Are you able to comment own gender equity and inclusion in the sciences?

The Bahamas is atypical from most countries because females tend to dominate in the sciences - especially on the marine side of things. However, I'm aware that is not the norm and that disparities do exist in STEM Equity is important and people should be evaluated for positions and compensated based on their qualifications, experiences and contributions to the field

Tell us about your conservation work.

My conservation work is quite broad and ranges from ecosystem (eg, coral reefs, mangroves and seagrass beds) and species monitoring to population genetics

To date, this has included research assessing populations of various species of fish, corals, crustaceans, mollusks, sponges, urchins, sea cucumbers, etc I've contributed to assessments that helped to establish marine protected areas and been lead author for two species management plans (Nassau grouper & a soft coral) and a marine biophysical monitoring plan for The Bahamas National Protected Area System I've also worked on coral reef and mangrove report cards for The Bahamas along with a number of other publications that provide recommendations to help conserve and manage our marine resources more sustainably However, I think people may be more familiar with my conservation research on Nassau grouper and fish spawning aggregations

Did you grow up in a household aware of the need for conservation? Was it easy to break into this world and get the funding needed to make this work possible?

I was probably more aware of conservation from my own personal interests and reading, but grew up in a family that is not wasteful, respects nature and embraced my desire to become a marine scientist Funding was not easy and definitely a huge challenge for me because I grew up in a single income household with two other siblings However, I learnt the difference between needs and wants, the importance of saving, and how to budget early on Unfortunately, I was unable to get full scholarships for any of my degreesso I obtained student loans and worked throughout During my PhD, my mom and sister helped as much as they could, I exhausted all of my personal savings and also used crowd-funding to help cover expenses for one semester. Thankfully, the last year of tuition was covered by a private donor and that's how I was able to complete my PhD Their support was crucial and I'm forever thankful!

What do you love to do outside of work?

I love music, traveling, free diving (happy space), and dancing (especially salsa, bachata and merengue)

Share a random ocean fact that makes you happiest!

It's not a fact - just a species spotted eagle rays!

from most countries because females tend to dominate in the sciencesespecially on the marine side of things However, I'm aware that is not the norm and that disparities do exist in STEM."
DISCOVER T H E B A H A M A S Next-Level Yachting Services est. 2017 YACHTING
Photo Credit: Katie Storr




Sustainability is an increasingly important issue in the airline industry, as it has a huge impact on the environment One way to minimize this impact is by using reusable materials to achieve a more sustainable way of travel. Reusable materials can include items like water bottles, utensils, trays, and even blankets

Airlines can greatly reduce the amount of single-use plastic and paper waste generated during flights by adopting reusable items. These sustainable alternatives can help airlines achieve their environmental and sustainability goals while also improving operational efficiency and reducing costs over time

By prioritizing sustainability with the use of reusable materials, airlines can set themselves apart from competitors and demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship. Passengers are also becoming more aware of the impact of air travel and are likely to choose airlines that are taking proactive steps to reduce their environmental footprint

On a recent trip, we thought to measure the moments that matter,

Yes Yes Yes No

Metal cutlery, served in a serviette, with reusable plates and tubs

Metal cutlery, served in a serviette, with reusable plates and tubs

Airline Reusable Cutlery Sustainable Packaging Reusable Plates Glass Cups Notes United Airlines No No No No Edelweiss Yes Yes Yes No

2 0 2 3


Now Now



Online course creator Inaé Albury tells it all about her passion project, yachting career and adversities she encountered being a young Black woman in the Yachting industry.



I started my career in yachting in 2011 a time where people of my hue (and nationality) was pretty much nonexistent I initially wanted to be on cruise ships It seemed fun, a great way to travel and lucrative

It was only when I started to get curious about the yachts coming in and out of the harbor at the hotel I was working at, that I leaned more into yachting I researched thoroughly and asked as many questions as I could before finally saving $700 leaving my job and making my way to Florida for the annual yacht show

I had done everything “right” I made my business cards, revamped my resume got my STCW (The International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch-keeping for Seafarers) VISA, and had the bubbly, friendly can do personality that I was told was imperative to make it I walked into the yacht show more than confident that I was going to get a job Then, nothing I didn’t even get the same energy I was giving While I was there I felt more like a nuisance than someone who can be an asset

'I was the ONLY Black Bahamian female looking for work '

I felt defeated and kind of silly I went back home to Nassau sad but not giving up and I changed my strategy, asking the questions : Who do I know in the industry? What s my easiest entry point? 1 week after returning home, I got my first ‘Day work’ gig and the rest was history

The hardest part for me was actually getting into the industry The trust I had to build with captains who already had a per-conceived notion about Black women was not an easy feat I had to work very hard to make sure I didn t draw attention to myself by making any mistakes, an 'inevitable' for someone ‘ green ’ This is very much a male dominated industry So much so, that I’ve only ever seen a female captain of a yacht on “Below Deck”

Despite all these challenges I made SURE that NONE of that was a reason for me to walk away from something I KNEW I wanted to do I believe every obstacle made me the person I am today

'Breaking into The yachting industry’ was a passion project that I wanted to share with young people back home After launching my course, I immediately took it to hospitality high school students in Freeport, Grand Bahama My goal was to introduce the industry to them as another option of a career choice because, not to my surprise, they didn’t know it even existed I was elated to share my experiences and see the excitement and curiosity on their faces

I am beyond grateful for all the opportunities to tell the world about Yachting as a career because it is a career that is largely unknown and undiverse

My hope is that as a collective we can get more people interested in this very lucrative and exciting business

I looked around tired after walking the dock all day and then it hit me,

I eventually left the industry for a more land based life, but I wanted to leave my mark before I did 8 years into my yachting career, I created an online course that would help people as much as possible to avoid the obstacles I faced trying to break into the industry

Humpback Whale during the Sardine Run in South Africa. Photo by: Zandile Ndhlovu



"Helping mermaids across the world to mermaid better"

Becoming a skilled mermaid

The PADI Mermaid program is making waves! Sea-riously, who wouldn’t want to become a skilled mermaid? The program covers all areas of mermaiding from the very beginner stage to a full transformation into a professional mermaid.

The first level of the PADI Mermaid program is PADI Discover Mermaid which is a great introduction to the world of mermaiding and putting on a mermaid tail for the very first time. This level is great for mermaid beginners to dip your fins in the water.

The next level, PADI Basic Mermaid, includes a bit more of a mer-challenge, with more mermaid skills to learn and can be developed in the next progressive levels. Not only do you learn how to swim like a mermaid, but you learn tons of fun underwater skills such as backwards somersaults and bubble kisses.

" ...PADI loves Cape Cali for making it possible for mermaids to not only exist – but to use their magic to save the ocean, while inspiring us to fall in love with – and in turn, protect – the incredible underwater world

The PADI Mermaid level takes these mermaid skills a lot further and the PADI Advanced Mermaid level takes these skills to open water. Aspiring professional mermaids can become PADI Mermaid Instructors and teach these courses at a dive shop or open up their own mermaid business. The transformation is de-finately an epic one!

IBut, what is a mermaid without her fish tail?

This is where ocean inspired eco-friendly company, Cape Cali, dives in. Cape Cali is a woman owned ocean inspired sustainable company who believes that anyone can be a mermaid. Mermaids are the stewardesses of the sea, therefore, slipping on a Cape Cali garment and becoming a mermaid whether on land or underwater, is a representation of all marine life and the responsibility to care for them. Just as all mermaids do, protecting their pod and their home is most important. Cape Cali offers mermaid dive wear, yoga wear, swimwear and mermaid tails.

CapeCali tails come in three levels: SirenaTails that are great for beginners, DiveTails that are mer-fect for intermediate divers and GalleryTails which are excellent for the advanced mermaid who wants a few extra fins on her tail. They even have lots of options for eco-friendly tails, monofins and divewear made out of recycled materials.

IThe Mer-fact Match!

At the beginning of 2022 PADI reached out to Cape Cali for a mermazing collaboration. Here’s what PADI had to say about CapeCali: “Looking for the right tail? PADI is teaming up with Cape Cali, a sustainable tail manufacturer, to make our blue planet a more magical place full of hope, magic and mermaids. PADI loves Cape Cali for making it possible for mermaids to not only exist – but to use their magic to save the ocean, while inspiring us to fall in love with – and in turn, protect – the incredible underwater world. Not only are they constantly introducing more recycled products into their women-owned business, but 10% of all proceeds are donated to marine conservation.” This collaboration continues as more and more PADI Mermaids emerge from our seas. Also, PADI Mermaid Instructors believe that Cape Cali tails are the safest options for their students.


A Mermaid Future

As you can “sea”, mermaids are timeless and continue to be a trending topic. We can expect a mermaid boom this year as the new Disney’s The Little Mermaid movie releases on May 26th, and more mermaids continue to dive in our oceans. Choosing a safe way to become a skilled mermaid like the PADI Mermaid Program and choosing the right tail for the job is imperative when it comes to living your best mermaid life. Remember, “we got no troubles, life is bubbles, under the sea.” Become a mermaid today with PADI and

Two Oceans Aquarium. Cape Town with Danni Washington. Photo by: Craig Kolesky


The Women Who Travel Power List 2023

In celebration of International Women's Day, we're spotlighting 15 leaders in food, aviation, landscape design, politics, television, and more who are pushing all of us to go further—with an introduction by 2019 alumna, Evita Robinson, on how far we've come already.

March 8, 2023

Article Imagery & Wording Condé Nast Traveler THE OCEAN OF COLOUR 31

I wanted to democratize access and representation across the tourism industry. The travel landscape felt like the Wild West, filled with untapped opportunity—and for women like me, the time had come to forge our own paths.-

Photo by: Kevan Hagen


I strongly believe in the power of storytelling to change the world. Telling stories to educate and teach values to our communities it’s something that we have been doing generation through generation. A good story can make you take different perspectives, empathize with a local person living in a remote community far away from home, understand other minds and beings and connect with nature and our planet

People tend to be very disconnected from the ocean, everyday, while they are living on their daily routine and a powerful image, a beautiful video, or a good story behind those images can make you remember it, have it present and change lots of attitudes to protect it.

I am an environmental journalist, an ocean explorer, a documentarist but above all, I am an ocean story-teller My purpose is to give voice to the ocean that it cannot defend itself. And I do it threw the pictures I take during my diving expeditions, the videos I film, the documentaries I produce and direct, the articles I write and the daily posts I do on my social network.


We need to know in order to protect. Hopefully with my work I can make people know the ocean a bit more, create awareness, even fall in love with it the same way I am, and want to protect it

I am currently working on an upcoming documentary called "A Shark Story" It is a journalistic investigation about the overfishing of sharks in Panama and Baja California, and the need of them in the ocean.

With this documentary we want to expose and provide information about how this important apex predator, that creates balance in the ocean and our planet, is under the risk of disappearing and why we need to take action to save it

“A shark story” is a chance to tell the world the other side of the story Sharks are not those “Maneaters” that we have been told for decades and by the media since the movie “Jaws” movie was released. We need to save them and our oceans before it’s too late

Photo by: Kevan Hagen for Corona Documentary THE OCEAN OF COLOUR Photo by: Kevan Hagen for Corona Documentary A Heron munching breakfast in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Photo by: Zandile Ndhlovu



Photography and video is easily one of the most powerful mediums to tell story, and so, how much more in our passion spaces.

The underwater photography and videography scene is highly undiverse and so this article is a hope to encourage you to take the step towards it,

"the possibility to show my family the world I see beneath the surface - it was something that had never existed in our world before "

capturing those beautiful moments beneath the surface and finding ways to then expand the worlds of those around you.

I've loved cameras for years, loving the capture and telling stories, but when I went into the water, from my first moment with an action camera, was a new world that opened up, the possibility to show my family the world I see beneath the surface - it was something that had never existed in our world before. This remains one of the most important things, and so, how do you start?

There are some questions to ask yourself,

Do you want to be mostly photography or video, this matters even though the more high ends cameras give you more than decent ability for both, Do you like the big stuff or the small stuff? This matters because it helps you decide which lens you would purchase, Macro being fantastic for smaller marine life like nudibranchs, getting that microscopic detail. The wider lens like my 14-24mm is wide enough to capture a whole Whale Shark or Humpback, this really expands the possibilities of captures in all the ways! I love both but I'm definitely a 'big stuff' girl! What is your end in mind for your capture - only for IG, prints or stock footage? This will help determine the gear you invest in - higher pixels, 4K captures, high shutter speeds at high pixels etc

Once you've answered these questions, we can get to the next part, that says, I have my gear, how do I become even cooler than me and my cool gear?

My advice would be this - 5 points to get you living your best life in all the cool ways,

Start shooting! Get out there and take pictures of everything, all the time, in all the ways!

Expand your skills - take lessons if need

Find a photographer you like and study their work, using it as a guide in your own growth.

Get comfortable shooting in manual mode

And so what shall be said for expanding your skills?

I went to Dubai recently and had the opportunity to try different Nikon Gear under different conditions, the place is called Garage Studio - they have different 'sets' all in one location - 'high fashion', 'wedding style photography', 'underwater, 'rainy scenes' radio - they had every scene you could imagine!

As an underwater creator it was beautiful to explore more into human captures,

something I do minimal of while using the lates Nikon camera with different lenses to capture differently from Bokeh effects to full on crisp rain, , the Z9 brought the magic! Definitely looking forward to finding a way to take that baby to teh Sardine Run for surface humpback whale and dolphin captures!

I might have gotten distracted here, but the message is, shoot more, and don't be afraid to try different styles of photography!

There are quite a few options here, especially if you are not looking at the highest level yet, there is a waterproof kit made by Outex and GDome that are lovely for entry level shooting, an Aquatech which is a surf style housing that can be quite buoynant, and then the highest level being Nuaticam which allows you to go deep and be fully supported in all th functions you may need at that depth.

Go shoot!

Photo credit:Tanika Hoffman
Gear 1 2 3
1 2 3 4


Researchers estimate 'The Sardine Run' to rival East Africa's Great Wildbebeest migration. This mass migration draws an array of marine predators. These include the Common dolphin, Cape's gannet, Cape fur seal, Blacktip shark, Dusky shark, and Bryde's whale amongst others.


Current Favs

B r a n d s w e T r u s t


Melanin Yachties Nautical Gear is my go to everyday lounge wear. It's super comfy and soft and designed by me! Also, proceeds from purchases go directly to Blue Economy budding careers and programs.


I never leave home without my Summer 365 242 swimmy! I'm curvy so there aren't much suits that fit me very well but I have been wearing only this brand for over 4 years. I've tried other brands but this brand is my go to.


Urban Skin Rx SheerGlow Even Tone Daily Defense Mineral Moisturizer SPF 30 is a lightweight moisturizer that provides 100% mineral sun protection to shield your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays that cause hyperpigmentation and early skin aging.


If you need a towel that's both sand-free and absorbent, then this towel is a great investment.


Secure cameras and camera gear with a travel case from Pelican. I love this baby right here it's my go to when traveling on scuba trips.


Having a foul weather jacket and gear is the best thing you can do for yourself when working and experiencing the ocean. Keeping dry


If you look closely on the sharks body you will see mating bite marks

It was indeed mating season.

The Grey Caribbean Reef Shark, Nassau Bahamas Photo Credit: Katie Storr



habibi, come to Dubai!

Dubai has been a dream destination for me for years, for more than the popular TikToker who ends his content wirth 'habibi, come to Dubai'

As enthralling as his TikToks are, mine was always about diving the deepest pool in the world at Deep Dive Dubai, and then, the desert ofcourse

On invite for a Nikon workshop, I found my dream coming true, as I was kitting up getting ready for my dive, I was reminded of 3 things,

The Experience?

It was absolutely incredible, the facilities are not only pristine, but the level of service received is a reminder of Dubai's highest standards for just about everything!

Cape Town VIBES

What to Expect?

Book in advance, at least 2 days earlier, Arrive 15 minutes early, You are allocated a locker that has a gown and towels to use, There are showering facilities, You can book a discover Freediving (new divers, diving only to 5m), you will be required to show proof of certification You are allocated a buddy on your Freedives, Ps, you can Scuba too, Double Ps, You can get your dives recorded and edited, and sent to you afterwards!

And Dubai?

I loved every moment, loved the incredible architecture, the grace and politeness of her people, and as always, dressing up for dinners, because I could be caught everywhere salty, but not in Dubai lol, it was an absolutely incredible experience!

T O D I V E & L I V E !
PlayalwaysPlay, ExpandinPlay CapturethemomentsbetweenPlay 1. 2 3 Andjustlikethat,Iwasbuddiedbyaninstructorforourdive




How to get there

As we (the Locals) love to call it "Briland" is postcard perfect paradise (Dunmore Town) where the sand is truly pink You can fly there in just over an hour from Miami American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Silver Airways fly direct to North Eleuthera (ELH) airport from Miami, Atlanta, or Fort Lauderdale - Or private chartered flights

Once you've landed take a taxi to the boat dock and It's about a 5-10 minute of a water taxi ride to Harbour Island - Dunmore Town.


A total of 11 hotels and 1 bed-and-breakfast are located on Harbour Island, so you're sure to find something for everyone

The Coral Sands, Pink Sands, Dunmore Beach Club, and Runaway Hill Club are directly on the shoreline However the other accommodations are just a short warm and breezy walk away from the main attraction, pink sands beach

What should we eat?

As a local myself, I'd hop on the ferry from Nassau just to eat at my favorite restaurant Da Vine Sushi & Wine Bar if you love sushi as much as I do, you'll love it I usually spend the entire weekend basking in the sun with a frozen Goombay Smash from Sunsets Restaurant and Bar, and glazed donuts from Arthur's Bakery. You'll have to try the conch salad at Queen Conch and the fish burger at Seaview Take Away "The Shack". There are so many awesome places I could add to the list, but I'm out of pages Harbour Island is a foodie's paradise trust me!

Oh the places to go, Oh the places to explore!

Best way to explore Harbour Island is by renting a golf cart (Dunmore Rentals) The first time I visited here I got lost but Bahamian people are so welcoming and friendly in no time I knew where all the best spots were I've also rented a boat on island to explore caves and numerous of scuba diving sites located near Eleuthera Island.

My Fav Activities:

Boat Excursions - Scuba Diving, Bone fishing, Blue holes, swimming with pigs and turtles

Beaches - Pink Sands Beach, Tay Bay, Man Island & Jacobs Island

Local Art - Princess Street Gallery, a little gem in a historic house on Princess Street.

Night Life - Gustys, Daddy D's, The Landing, & Valentines Resort

W H E R E T H E B E A C H E S A T ! 3 M I L E S O F P I N K S A N D Y B E A C H E S

Grackles are very much linked to tidewater, spending their lives near coastal salt marshes; they rarely occur more than a few hundred meters from water across much of their range

Grackle sp, Costa Rica. Photo Credit: Zandile Ndhlovu



Let's embark on a journey to Saint Lucia. Over six days, this retreat will be a one-of-a-kind experience deeply rooted in yoga, culture, and adventure. Prepare to experience bold, flavorful, and fresh cuisine and to move and breathe along with the ebb and flow of the Caribbean sea. All levels are welcome as we explore our growth on and off our yoga mats.

June 22 - 27, 2023


Tips for overcoming insomnia 6 Take time to relax Eatfhealthy ood Reduce alcoholic Avoid smoking before bed Create a comfortable bedroom Think positive
& WELLNESS Magnesium before bed

Hot Tea Topics

Namibia Celebrates 33 Years of Independence

We celebrate with Namibia, recognizing her hardships also, around youth unemployment amoingst other challenges, may she continue to dream and bring forth new wrorlds for her people

At the 33rd independence anniversary celebrations held at Outapi on Tuesday, Namibian President Hage Geingob said 'the strides that the country has made since independence are an encouragement that the nation can enjoy peace, stability and development "If we continue in the Harambee spirit, (Harambee, a Kiswahili word meaning 'pulling together') we will enjoy countless successes moving forward as a nation With each step we take, we get closer to the realization of our collective dreams and aspirations,"


World Water Day

World Water Day, held on 22 March every year since 1993, celebrates water and raises awareness of the 2 billion people living without access to safe water

This is a reminder that the protection of our oceans is a critical part of this discussion, healthy seas ensure provision for all our needs, including fresh water, even more for metropolis areas

South Africa celebrates Human Rights Day

On 21 March 1960, apartheid police opened fire on a group of people peacefully protesting oppressive pass laws, killing 69 in Sharpeville

History remains so relevant, it matters

Global Vision Awards

The Travel + Leisure Global Vision Awards aim to identify and honor companies, individuals, destinations, and organizations taking strides to develop more sustainable and responsible travel products, practices, and experiences Not only are they demonstrating thought leadership and creative problem-solving, they are taking actionable, quantifiable steps to protect communities and environments around the world What's more, they are inspiring their industry colleagues and travellers to do their part

Congratulations to our co-founder for bring named amongst the incredible organisations recognized as one of 2 Women Championing Smart Solutions in Sustainable Building and Ocean Access

High Seas Treaty

The United Nations has finally reached an agreement on a historic deal to protect international waters

It has been almost two decades in the making, but UN member states have finally agreed on a treaty to protect the high seas.

The historic deal to protect high seas is of great importance as it aims to conserve and sustainably use the marine biodiversity, as well as maintain the important ecological and climatic roles that the high seas play

The high seas or areas beyond national jurisdiction represent approximately two-thirds of the ocean, making it a critical area for conservation efforts as well as for the sustainability of our planet. This deal will provide a framework for the sustainable management and conservation of these areas, which will contribute to the global effort to protect marine life and maintain the health and functioning of our Earth's systems

Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize!

In 2020, Lonely Whale launched TomFord Plastic Innovation Prize, with an ambitious mission : to disrupt the hundreds of billions of thin-film plastic polybags used every year On the 10th of March at The Green carpet fashion awards, they unveiled the winners

This competition has been years in the making and celebrates groundbreaking scalable and biologically degradable alternatives to thin-film plastic polybags

Introducing the Grand Prize Winners:

1 1st @Swaythefuture

2 2nd @Zerocircle in

3 3rd @Notpla

Congratulations to the Winners and Finalists!

The $12 million Prize Purse is a combination cash prize and direct investment presented by Title Sponsors @TOMFORDBEAUTY and @EsteeLauderCompanies, and @TrousdaleVentures, the exclusive venture capital partner of the Prize

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