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Mountain experiences


Winter hiking






Cross-country skiing



Village life

Disabled-friendly holidays




Getting to Oberstdorf



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Calendar 2021 / 2022 Oberstdorf events

Major sport events


Advent ski weeks

November December



Advent in Oberstdorf


Advent in Oberstdorf


Oberstdorf “Klausen” processions


Advent in Oberstdorf


Advent in Oberstdorf

28 – 29

Springerparty (ski jumpers’ party) 28 – 29

70th Four Hills Tournament


Springerparty (ski jumpers’ party)

31 –


FIS Tour de Ski 31

Silvester Show (New Year’s Eve Show)

01 08

Wintertime and more


Dream ski weeks



February March

21 – 22


28 – 29


04 – 05


04 – 05


05 –

Wintertime and more 06

Funkensonntag (Bonfire Sunday)



09 –

Oberstdorf Easter Games 18 – 20

Ski Flying World Cup


Subject to change

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Rest assured of a fantastic winter holiday Your wellbeing matters to Oberstdorf Arrive, breathe in the winter’s air, bask in the sunshine and leisurely take to the slopes, let loose on a toboggan or leave everyday life behind you on a winter hike. It’s holiday time! Hygiene concepts and safety measures adapted to the current pandemic have been implemented in all areas and clearly indicated by the Sorgsam.Sicher.Sanft (Careful.Gentle. Safe) heart so you can enjoy a relaxed and carefree stay. Please adhere to the local regulations and show understanding and consideration.

Stay informed Please use the information and communication channels from all providers and partners or check their websites for direct information about any changes.

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Information and frequently asked questions and answers about your holiday in Oberstdorf can also be found at: www.oberstdorf.de / sicherimurlaub.

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The Oberstdorf app The Oberstdorf app is your interactive travel guide with a live news ticker, host search and booking functions, event details, weather / webcams, mountain and winter sports reports, recommended leisure activities, information about shops, food and drink and other useful addresses for your holiday. Download free of charge from the App Store or Google Play.

Feeling “homesick” for Oberstdorf? Then our blog is the perfect cure! Check out our posts for village news, historical info, behind-the scenes insights and much more, including reports on local customs and traditions that still play a part in everyday life, events and stories about locals. The “Heimweh Blog” (home­ sickness blog) is packed with all sorts of tales and information throughout the year. Whether a regular visitor, a fan of Oberstdorf or a newcomer to the area, the many new and past posts are sure to leave you sated. www.heimweh.blog

Mountain experiences The cross-border ski resort offers fans of winter 130 kilometres of optimally groomed pistes and many other winter, snow and mountain experiences on around 140 winter sports days between December and May.

8 | Alpine skiing

ADLER7 – Make it your territory! Großer Wilder


2.379 m

2.536 m

Zwölferkopf 2.224 m


2.000 m

2.058 m

5 So n






re n

ba h





II hn Crystal Slope ba Crystal Peak rn o I 2 lh hn el ba 20 F rn ho 5




Bergstation 1.360 m




Audi Arena

Schwand Heini-Klopfer25 Skiflugschanze Naturbad Freibergsee Freibergsee Ziegelbachhütte

Oberstdorf 813 m

t slif wie

8 5

Söllis Mini-Park










14 4b


hs en





ah rnb







17 Kid’s Grou Pa Alpe Schratten

1.706 m

Berghaus am Söller Berghaus Schönblick



F Crystal G Sc




n Der lä



n gbah wan tten

l Fe





ra Sch

ll y r-Ra Adle



s’ Urbar



4 5

ah db

Berggasthof Seealpe


1.280 m

n wa

Station Seealpe


1.779 m


hn ckba See-E


l ze

8 7 See alp -Lif t

Mittelstation KEINE ABFAHRTEN!



6 NTC-Park Nebelhorn 9 NTC Kinderland

Bergschau 2037 21


ah elb

b to


h Sc


15 30

n Ka

I nI ah rnb lho be Ne

NEW 10-person gondolas

1.957 m

Riezler Alpsee

1.967 m










8 8

Obere Alpe 7 Bierenwang

Balzplatz 7a



ahn erb Mös




9 d






Adlerhorst 14 Geschwindigkeitsmessstrecke nalpbahn 15 Zwere 29



1.932 m

hn ba e



ä eil Zw



Station Höfatsblick

Gip fel ba h




lig ht



ahn latb Kob


ry F

hn lba pfe Gi







2 Co





2.387 m

Fe ll

2.224 m



2.596 m

n Der lä



2.428 m

11 Bergkristall






16 Söllis Winterwelt




Gasth. Seeweg en Wann


1.008 m




Nature conservation area — Respect your limits Shy animals and rare plants live in the designated areas. Respectful sports enthusiasts and sympathetic nature lovers do not ski or snowboard here.

Gondola lift

Easy slope


Moderate slope

6-seater chairlift

Difficult slope

4-seater chairlift


2-seater chairlift

Difficult route

t-bar lift Conveyor


Winter hiking trail Mountain rescue/ ski patrol

Toboggan run Year-round toboggan run on rails Terrain park/fun slope Rental station winter sports equipment/ ski depot Viewing point



Alpine skiing | 9





55 Schützabühl H12 62 H11 hn ba H10 Rodelbahn na r e f Za


Schlös slelift

L S E R TA L WA all Ide


uli Skik 40


H2 39

Busverbindung Kanzelwand-Parsenn Kanzelwand–Ifen







Alpine Gefahren

Burmis Winterwelt





Pendelbus Ifen-Heuberg







ah nb




Ey e








NEW 10-person gondolas

m m


ch ita

e Br


Alpine Gefahren

Alpine dangers

Bus line Bus stops Parking Shuttle bus Restaurants/huts Bar

Adler7 Visit all photo and video stations and make the 2-country region Oberstdorf / Kleinwalsertal to your territory!




en rs Pa


1.086 m

a ab



off Take







ba rg B

slift ertu Hub H1 n sen Par


Funpark 16 Ground chw and lift 32 und ark


Alpine Gefahren

1.124 m



Ke ssle

H4 hn

e ub






H5 44

Alpine Gefahren





Speicherteich permanente Slalomstrecke mit Zeitmessung



Heuberg 1.380 m




H9 H10 H9 H11






IF3 3

IF2a 67 hn


ühlli Gaisb




1.215 m


IF2a IF1a




ir pic a Olym


t lif os Mo 61




lm Wa

Max’s Hütte










n Ife



ah rnb

ön ta ll




g din



o erh


60 lift


m der





1.946 m

W1a M sessel Doppel dingerhorn Walmen W1a 57 W2 n

2.030 m



lb te ut

Sc h

1.244 m

ah gb er 3a


Obere Lüchle Alpe

1.996 m





2.228 m

fl Free


Hoher Ifen

10 | Alpine skiing

Seven mountains – one unique winter sport experience When winter is upon us, the seven mountains in the Oberstdorf-Kleinwalsertal ski region offer endless skiing and snowboarding fun for people of all ages and abilities with over 130 kilometres of pistes. And that’s not all: from the Nebelhorn in Germany to the Ifen in Austria, families will discover a spectacular winter landscape with all sorts of activities for big and small.

Exhilarating, physically challenging or perhaps surprisingly adventurous, the mountains in Oberstdorf and the Klein­walsertal Valley are sure to create lasting memories and offer action-packed experiences in the snow for all the family. And best of all, the ski areas are all linked to one another in the valley by a shuttle bus system and the local bus network. The ski pass is valid for all seven cable car companies with their 48 cable cars. After the loss of the last ski season, the new cable cars on the Nebelhorn and Söllereck are particularly looking forward to their first official winter season. F or more information, please visit www.ok-bergbahnen.com

Alpine skiing | 11

Adler 7

Pure pleasure


This winter, the Adler 7 discovery tour will once again offer plenty of excitement and adventure. Under the slogan “Make it your territory”, winter sports enthusiasts can experience seven unique attractions in the cross-border ski region as well as seek out spectacular views with constant changes of perspective of the alpine scenery, for memories that last a lifetime.

You’ve been to one, you’ve been to them all? Not in the Oberstdorf / Kleinwalser­tal ski region. The numerous mountain restaurants and farmed alpine huts offer endless diversity and tantalise the taste buds of locals and holidaymakers alike. From rustic huts to modern summit restaurants – there is something to delight any food connoisseur.

The chance to discover a new mountain every day is unique to the Oberst­ dorf / Kleinwalsertal ski region. After all, the seven ski areas are perfect for designing a wonderfully varied winter holiday. All of the summits are nearby and easily accessible from the valleys, enabling locals and holidaymakers to conveniently switch back and forth between the seven mountains (Nebel­ horn, Fellhorn / Kanzelwand, Ifen, Heu­ berg, Söllereck and Walmendingerhorn).

12 | Alpine skiing



Ski season: 10 / 12 / 2021 to 01 / 05 / 2022

Ski season: 17/ 12 / 2021 to 03 / 04 / 2022

Construction work on the Nebelhorn began in summer 2020. The modernisation of the gondola lift not only included disabled-friendly access but also a new valley and middle station as well as the expansion of the mountain station. Comfort is a clear priority. Seats for every passenger make it easy to enjoy the views and you no longer need to change cars at the new middle station – simply continue on your way to the summit with no more waiting in line. It will still be possible to get on / off the cable car at the Seealpe station for excursions to the Seealpe.

The Söllereck is the ski region’s family mountain. With conveyors and lifts, a mini park and a monster parcours, Söllis Winterwelt offers skiing fun for all the family. The SölliBully and Söllis Kugelexpress playgrounds plus the Allgäu Coaster with a virtual reality experience enhance this even further. The Schönblick mountain restaurant is the perfect place for winter sports enthusiasts to recharge their batteries with some culinary delights.

Fellhorn / Kanzelwand Ski season: Fellhorn 10 / 12 / 2021 to 18 / 04 / 2022 Kanzelwand 03 / 12 / 2021 to 18 / 04 / 2022 The cross-border skiing fun on the Fellhorn (Germany) and Kanzelwand (Austria) now includes a new threekilometre-long family run, the spectacular Funslope, the cool Easypark, the Crystal Ground and night-time skiing by the Kessellift. Winter athletes of all abilities are sure to find something to challenge them. A stunning winter hiking trail to the Alpe Schlappold and an inviting mountain restaurant with a terrace and sun loungers round off the list of the many things on offer.

Walmendingerhorn Ski season: 17 / 12 / 2021 to 18 / 04 / 2022 A cable car whisks you up to the summit of the Walmendingerhorn from where you can explore 15 kilometres of glorious pistes. The untouched slopes are ideal for deep-powder fans. The Gipfelstuba restaurant and Hora-Bar with a comfy open-air terrace offer traditional dishes and the perfect places to relax and enjoy the views. The summit station scores with a disabled-friendly panoramic lift to a geological viewing platform where holiday­makers can enjoy an expansive view across three countries.

NEW: the days of lugging skis around are gone! This winter, the new, 10-seater gondola lift will conveniently whisk users up to the piste from the new valley station by the car park for the very first time.

Ifen Ski season for the entire region: 17 / 12 / 2021 to 24 / 04 / 2022 Ski season for the Gaisbühl children’s area: 03 / 12 / 2021 to 24 / 04 / 2022 The Ifen has established itself as a premium skiing area for families with around 25 kilometres of pistes ranging in category from Blue to Black. The Ifen I, Ifen II and Olympiabahn cable cars take winter athletes straight to the artificial-snow-covered pistes and hiking trails. Little ones learn to ski in Burmis Winterwelt (Burmi’s Winter Wonderland). The winter hiking trail to the Gottesacker Plateau offers spectacular rock formations and impressive views. The Tafel & Zunder mountain restaurant pampers its guests with local, organic cuisine of top quality.

Heuberg Ski season: 17 / 12 / 2021 to 18 / 04 / 2022 Located in the Kleinwalsertal Valley, the Heuberg is a popular choice for people of all ages and enjoys a familyfriendly reputation thanks to its easy practice slopes. Valley lifts and snowcovered paths take avid skiers to the Walmendingerhorn. The Heuberg impresses with 22 kilometres of beautifully groomed pistes and winter hiking trails from Heuberg to Parsenn. The Burmi run is the “race track” for skiing stars of all ages.

ski- and snowboardschools


the ly at t c e r Di ns tatio lift s n llhor of Fe horn l ebe N d an



www.ntc-oberstdorf.de // info@ntc-oberstdorf.de // 08322 989601

in Oberstdorf

l choo Ski s tal Ren ice Serv t Depo Shop park Snow

14 | Alpine skiing

Multi-day passes for skiers / snowboarders

These ski passes are valid on all running cable cars and lifts in the Kleinwalsertal Valley and in Oberstdorf for visitors with winter sports equipment (skis, snowboards, etc.). Multi-day passes for skiers / snowboarders All cable cars and lifts


Senior citizens

Prices in €

Born 1962 – 2003

Born in or before 1961 PK






2 days





3 days





4 days





5 days





6 days





7 days





8 days





9 days





10 days





11 days





12 days





13 days





14 days









4 out of 7 days





7 out of 10 days





10 out of 14 days





6 days during the season



Per additional day Selected-use passes

Seasons December









Peak season

Sunshine skiing

to 24 / 12 / 2021

25 / 12 / 2021 to 11 / 03 / 2022

12 / 03 / 2022 to 01 / 05 / 2022

MyMountain Club

Register now and enjoy the benefits! Get your hands on exclusive benefits for your stay in the mountains, including discounts for the cable cars, self-service restau­rants and even partner companies. Members enjoy memorable experiences in the mountains during ski runs, lift rides and other outdoor activities in winter while also collecting lots of club points to increase the fun factor even further. Register, download the app to your smartphone, collect points and enjoy the unique benefits! Members will never again miss anything from the mountain world of Oberstdorf and the Kleinwalsertal Valley.

Free Wi-Fi in the ski resorts

Want to check the weather forecast or quickly post another selfie before your descent? No problem! Free Wi-Fi is available at all our main cable car stations and in the new 10-seater gondola lifts, the Ifen I and Ifen II. This service is also provided in the cable car restaurants. Simply select the “Bergbahnen free” Wi-Fi network, open your browser, click “Go Online” and confirm your acceptance of the terms and conditions. Share your experiences on the piste!

Alpine skiing | 15

Multi-day passes for skiers / snowboarders All cable cars and lifts




Prices in €

Born 2004 – 2005

Born 2006 – 2015

Born in or after 2016




2 days





3 days





4 days





5 days





6 days





7 days





8 days





9 days





10 days





11 days





12 days





13 days





14 days









4 out of 7 days




7 out of 10 days




10 out of 14 days




6 days during the season



Per additional day Selected-use passes

Parent pass

A multi-day pass for parents of children born in or after 2016. Transferable between parents within a family. Parent pass All cable cars and lifts


Prices in €

Born in or before 2003 PK



3 days



4 days



5 days



6 days



7 days



8 days



Fair prices for families Children accompanied by a parent go free on Sundays from 13 March 2022 until the end of the season! (Children born in or after 2006, accompanied by a parent with a valid ski pass)

16 | Alpine skiing

Single passes for skiers / snowboarders Single passes for skiers / snowboarders Prices in €

Adults 1

Senior citizens 5


Children 3 / 4


“Snowmen” 6

Valid on all cable cars and lifts Day pass for all areas






Afternoon ski pass, valid from 12 p.m. Afternoon ski pass, valid from 1.30 p.m.









Time-limited “all areas” pass, basic price




Refund on time-limited “all areas” pass within 2 hours*




Refund on time-limited “all areas” pass within 3 hours*




Refund on time-limited “all areas” pass within 4 hours*








“Söllereck only” day pass






Morning ski pass, valid until 12.30 p.m.





Afternoon ski pass, valid from 12 p.m.





Afternoon ski pass, valid from 1.30 p.m.





Time-limited “Söllereck only” pass, basic price




Refund on time-limited “Söllereck only” pass within 2 hours*




Refund on time-limited “Söllereck only” pass within 3 hours*




Refund on time-limited “Söllereck only” pass within 4 hours*




Beginners’ pass “Taster rate”(1 hour)






Valid on all cable cars / lifts with the exception of the Nebelhorn Morning ski pass, valid until 12.30 p.m. Söllereck only

* Refunds on time-limited “all areas” and “Söllereck only” passes can only be obtained on the day of use.

Season passes for skiers / snowboarders Season passes for skiers / snowboarders All cable cars and lifts

Adults 1

Prices in €

Adolescents /  students 2

Children 3

Senior citizens 7

Super senior citizens 8

Season passes** can be purchased in advance until 15 / 12 / 2021






Season passes** from 16 / 12 / 2021






Information subject to change

Alpine skiing | 17

Allgäu Coaster on the Söllereck Allgäu Coaster on the Söllereck Prices in €

Adults (Born 1962 – 2003)

Single ticket (1 ride)

Senior citizens (Born in or before 1961)


Adolescents (Born 2004 – 2005)

Children (Born 2006 – 2015)




Triple ticket (3 rides)





5+ ticket (pay×5, ride ×6)













VR experience surcharge (per ride) VR experience surcharge (3 rides)

Pedestrian passes Pedestrian passes Prices in €

Adults 1

Senior citizens 5

Adolescents 2

Children 3

Nebelhorn only Price not known at the time of going to print Fellhorn only Ascent and descent





Ascent or descent





Ascent and descent





















Söllereck only

Kanzelwand only Ascent and descent Heuberg or Parsenn only Ascent and descent Walmendingerhorn only Ascent and descent Ifen only Ascent and descent Explanations 1 Adults born in or before 2003 2 a) Adolescents born in 2004 and 2005, b) Students, apprentices, those in Civilian Service (Austria) or Military Service (Austria) born in or after 1996 (for Nebelhorn, b) only applies to winter sports passes) 3 Children born in or after 2006 4 School pupils on class trips, born in or after 2004 5 Senior citizens born in or before 1961

6 Season pass for infants: born in or after 2016, must always be purchased in conjunction with an adult pass! 7 Season pass for senior citizens: born 1942 – 1961 8 Season pass for super senior citizens: born in or before 1941 Proof of age and entitlement, including photo ID and date of birth, must be furnished when purchasing a discounted pass for children, adolescents, students or senior citizens.

Day / multi-day passes Day and multi-day passes are issued on chip cards with a €2 deposit. Extending your ski pass You can extend your ski pass after eight days. Multi-day passes are only valid on consecutive days. Only selected-use passes can be used on non-consecutive days.

Group rates / discounts Special group / youth group rates are available from the payment desk on request (for groups of 20 or more, on purchases of the same ticket type only). Surveillance photography Photographs are taken for surveillance purposes at all checkpoints in the ski area and are stored in compliance with the general data protection regulations.

None of the passes are transferable. Misuse of a ski pass will result in it being revoked and charges being filed. The price and transport conditions shown on the notice displayed also apply. Mistakes, price changes and printing errors excepted. No refunds in the event of force majeure (storms, bad weather etc.). For more information, please visit: www.ok-bergbahnen.com

18 | Alpine skiing

Modernisation campaign on the Nebelhorn and Söllereck Due to the official cease of operations caused by the global pandemic, in May 2020 the company decided to bring forward its quality campaign for the Nebelhorn by almost six months. Less than a year later, a new era began for the highest cable car in the Allgäu: the LEITNER bicable gondola lift with modern, 10-seater cabins was ready for operation by the planned opening date of 26 March 2021. The highlights of the new Nebelhornbahn design

The Söllereck is being further expanded as a year-round and family mountain with an impressive new infrastructure. Completion is scheduled for 2022. The new 6-seater Schrattenwang chair lift went into operation in December 2019. In 2020, this first successful step in the quality campaign was followed by the next. The highlights of the new main cable car on the Söllereck family mountain:

New valley, middle and mountain stations made from natural wood with impressive glazed elements. No need to change cars to get to the Höfatsblick mountain station. Less waiting. Disabled-friendly 10-seater gondola lift. Seats and panoramic views for every passenger. Less noise, less maintenance, longer service life and more compact, space-saving stations due to the bicable design with 2S technology.

Disabled-friendly 10-seater gondola lift. New valley, middle and mountain stations made from natural wood with landscaped roof areas. New valley station location (by the North car park). More safety: redesigned pedestrian bridge to the valley station; significant increase in convenience as less distance to walk.

New Höfatsblick mountain station on the Nebelhorn

New Söllereckbahn valley station with pedestrian bridge

Further information can be found at: www.ok-bergbahnen.com / baumassnahmen

Ski and snow sports schools with equipment hire

Ski hire

Alpin Skischule Oberstdorf Bahnhofplatz 1 a Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22  /  9 52 90 Söllereckbahn middle station Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 9 51 22 www.alpin-skischule-oberstdorf.de

NTC Sports Nebelhornbahn valley station Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22  /  98 96 01 Fellhornbahn valley station Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 98 96 04 www.ntc-oberstdorf.de

Franzel’s Ski- und Snowboardverleih Oststraße 46 Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22  /  95 98 88 www.skiverleih-nebelhorn.de

Bergsport JA Pfarrstraße 3 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 9 87 40 47 www.bergsportja.de

Out of Bounds Nebelhornbahn valley station Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22  /  8 05 44 Fellhornbahn valley station Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22  /  45 54 www.outofbounds.de

Erste Skischule Oberstdorf Freiherr-von-Brutscher-Straße 4 Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 31 10 Söllereckbahn middle station Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22  /  54 78 www.skischule-oberstdorf.de Neue Skischule Oberstdorf Nebelhornstraße 61 Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22  /  33 72 Söllereckbahn valley station Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 51 54 www.neue-skischule-oberstdorf.de

Skitechnikschule Oberstdorf Birgsauer Straße 9 Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 80 01 10 www.skitechnikschule.de Wintersportschule Oberstdorf Kornau-Wanne 3a Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 401 78 11 www.wintersportschule-oberstdorf.de

Intersport Huber – Sport Kober e. K. Nebelhornstraße 11 Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 53 81 www.sporthuber.com Tiefenbach ski rental Lochbachstraße 21 Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 36 57 www.berghof-rietzler.de Sport Kiesel Oststraße 18 Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 76 03

Alpine skiing | 19

Packages The winter months offer an array of different leisure activities. To help you find the right ones for your holiday, you can choose between the “Oberstdorf-Kleinwalsertal Valley ski resort” and “Wintertime and more” packages. The staff in the Tourist Information Offices will happily assist with your booking or any questions you may have. Simply call +49 (0) 83 22 / 700 13 00 or e-mail reservierung@oberstdorf.de.

Oberstdorf-Kleinwalsertal Valley ski resort Stay three or more nights and enjoy exclusive prices on ski passes purchased while in Oberstdorf. Advent ski weeks: To 24 December 2021 Dream ski weeks: 08 to 28 January 2022 Sunshine ski weeks: 12 March to 01 May 2022 #SayHelloToSpring: April 2022 Participating hosts will offer you a ski pass for all 130 kilometres of pistes in the Oberstdorf-Kleinwalsertal region at exclusive prices. This means you get all services from a single source and don’t have to wait in line for tickets when you get to the cable cars. The discounted ski passes can be obtained from your host on arrival by booking just three or more nights’ accommodation.

Wintertime and more One night free or a 15 % reduction on the standard winter accommodation price during the promotional periods 08 to 29 January 2022 05 to 26 March 2022 Visit in the promotional periods and receive 7 nights for the price of 6 or a 15 % reduction on the standard winter accommodation price with all participating hosts. You can also avail of various exclusive offers at special prices from our local partners during the promotional periods – for example, why not book a carriage ride, a guided half-day winter hike, a cross-country skiing taster course or another of the many options available?

Cross-country skiing Glide through the snow on cross-country skis while enjoying the spectacular winter landscape. Crystal-clear air, snow-covered pine trees and meadows and a bright blue sky – Oberstdorf’s cross-country skiing trails are a truly magical way to enjoy winter.

Cross-country skiing trail map This section of the Oberstdorf cross-country skiing trail map shows you several trails in and around Oberstdorf. The full map helps you find your way about and provides all sorts of advice. Only available in German. 4-colour printing Scale 1:30,000 Price €3.00 Available from AVA-Verlag, Tel.: +49 (0) 8 31 / 5 71 42 - 13 and in the Tourist Information Offices, Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 700 - 0

The cross-country skiing trails in Oberstdorf are free to use. Visitors staying in Oberstdorf can also use the cross-country trails in the Kleinwalsertal Valley free of charge.

mögliche Lawinensperrung beachten!

Version: 2020

mögliche Lawinensperrung beachten!

24 | Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing trails

Tiefenbach circular trail

There are 75,000 metres of cross-country skiing fun around Oberstdorf divided into ten perfectly groomed trails for you to choose from. In addition to multi-lane trails in the middle of the valley, you will also find more remote trails for exciting journeys of discovery with the family. We have selected three cross-country skiing trails to tell you about in more detail.

Length: 4 km cross-country skiing trail /  1.5 km skating track

İ Night-time cross-country skiing trail In the Oberstdorf cross-country skiing stadium, a floodlit facility offers cross-country skiing fun after dark. The 2 km night-time trail is illuminated three times a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) from sunset until 8 p.m. Want more cross-country skiing trails? All of the trails in and around Oberstdorf can be found in digital format and as GPS downloads at www.oberstdorf.de / langlauf

Altitude metres: 56 m Location: near Tiefenbach, gently undulating terrain Grooming: the circular trail is freshly groomed daily as required by approx. 10.30 a.m. Grooming may be delayed or cancelled due to the weather. This moderately difficult circular trail reveals a hidden side of Tiefenbach, a tranquil district of Oberstdorf, and its picturesque surroundings. If the snow conditions are good, the short circular trail initially proceeds from the foot of the Falkenberg ascent towards the St. Georg equestrian centre. After a short loop, it resumes its path along the bottom of the Falkenberg ascent, this time taking a higher route that looks down on the centre of Tiefenbach and heads towards Rohrmoos. Here, the sun-drenched slopes invite you to stop and soak up the views across the hamlet of Reute and as far as the Oberstdorf Basin. The north-western edge of the circular trail, which is also its highest point, incorporates a manageable loop that is additionally groomed for freestyle skiing. See cross-country skiing map: I

Cross-country skiing | 25

Oberstdorf circular trail

Faistenoy – Birgsau circular trail

Length: 8 km cross-country skiing trail and skating track

Length: 6 km cross-country skiing trail

Altitude metres: 35 m

Altitude metres: 83 m

Location: close-by, located south / south-west of Oberstdorf, largely flat terrain

Location: valley, largely flat terrain

Grooming: during normal winter weather conditions, this cross-country skiing trail is usually groomed daily at approx. 10 a.m. It is always the first trail to be groomed after fresh snowfall. Grooming may be delayed or cancelled due to the weather. The circular trail follows a diverse but easy route across the meadows and fields to the south of Oberstdorf, from the Walserbrücke bridge to the Loretto chapels. Along the way, it regularly passes points near the centre of Oberstdorf, where you can choose to join or leave it. After passing the lovely St. Loretto pilgrimage chapels, the trail continues to the Renksteg, offering spectacular views along the way. Here you will find the point where the route joins the cross-country skiing trails that were used for the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships 2021. Thanks to its convenient, easily accessible location at the southern end of the village, the trail is definitely one of the most popular in Oberstdorf. The sun-kissed meadows to the south of Oberstdorf guarantee sunshine from the early morning until the late afternoon. See cross-country skiing map: B

Grooming: this trail is one of the first to be groomed each day at around 9 a.m. Grooming may be delayed or cancelled due to the weather. The southernmost cross-country skiing trail in Germany lies deep in the Stillachtal Valley and is a moderately difficult trail offering truly amazing views of the Allgäu mountains. This circular trail, with its spellbinding scenery, begins close to the Fellhornbahn valley station. From here, the trails climb gently upwards, passing the village of Anatswald and heading south. All the way to Birgsau, you will enjoy panoramic views of the Linkerskopf with its mantle of white and the surrounding summits of the Allgäu’s main ridge, blanketed in deep winter snow. Snow is pretty much guaranteed on this circular trail, which runs close to the main ridge of the Allgäu Alps. If the snow has already thinned on the trails nearest to Oberstdorf, you are certain to find better conditions here. We recommend visiting this trail in the late afternoon when it is at its sunniest. ee cross-country skiing map: E S

26 | Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing taster course

Biathlon taster lesson

Tourismus Oberstdorf organises a taster course in the Oberstdorf cross-country skiing stadium twice a week from about mid-December to the end of March, depending on snow levels. The taster course is run by the Oberstdorf ski schools. The price includes equipment hire and professional instruction.

The taster lesson for visitors to Oberstdorf and locals. Shooting takes place using laser rifles on a 10 m range, from both a standing and a prone position. A realistic biathlon experience for all! The taster course is held once a week in the Oberstdorf cross-country skiing stadium from about mid-December to the end of March, depending on snow levels.

Day: Wednesday: classic

The price includes skating equipment, rifle hire and professional instruction.

Friday: skating (excluding 24 / 12 and 21 / 01 / 2022)

Day: Tuesdays

Meeting point: 4.15 p.m., Oberstdorf cross-country skiing stadium, Birgsauer Straße 35

Meeting point: 4.15 p.m., Oberstdorf cross-country skiing stadium, Birgsauer Straße 35

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Cost: €25.00 (available to guests with an Allgäu Walser Premium Card and Oberstdorf locals)

Cost: €25.00 (available to guests with an Allgäu Walser Premium Card and Oberstdorf locals)

Booking: The course can only be booked in person while in Oberstdorf (advance booking by telephone prior to arrival not possible)

Booking: The course can only be booked in person while in Oberstdorf (advance booking by telephone prior to arrival not possible)

Advance tickets: Tourist Information, Oberstdorf Haus Prinzregenten-Platz 1 87561 Oberstdorf

Advance tickets: Tourist Information, Oberstdorf Haus Prinzregenten-Platz 1 87561 Oberstdorf

Booking deadline: 4.30 p.m. the previous day Group size: min. 4, max. 15 people Minimum age: 8

Booking deadline: 4.30 p.m. the previous day Group size: min. 4, max. 20 people Minimum age: 8

Public transport is available to and from the meeting point!

Public transport is available to and from the meeting point!

Cross-country skiing | 27




Alpenglow Ring

Oberstdorf · Marktplatz · Tel. 0 83 22/38 41 www.juwelier-mueller.de

Winter hiking Snow-covered valleys, deep blue winter skies and majestic mountains – a picture-perfect, idyllic white scene. In the Oberstdorf valleys, winter really is as it should be. Enjoy the unique tranquillity found when the soft snow swallows almost every sound.

Winter hiking map This section of the Oberstdorf winter hiking map shows you suggested hiking routes in and around Oberstdorf. The full map helps you find your way about and provides all sorts of advice. Only available in German. 4-colour printing Scale 1:30,000 Price €3.00 Available from AVA-Verlag, Tel.: +49 (0) 8 31 / 5 71 42 - 13 and in the Tourist Information Offices, Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 700 - 0

mögliche Lawinensperrung beachten!

mögliche Lawinensperrung beachten!

mögliche Lawinensperrung beachten!

mögliche Lawinensperrung beachten!

mögliche Lawinensperrung beachten!

mögliche Lawinensperrung beachten!

mögliche Lawinensperrung beachten!

mögliche Lawinensperrung beachten!

➙ Version: 2020

mögliche Lawinensperrung beachten!

32 | Winter hiking

Winter hikes galore With 140 kilometres of groomed trails, Oberstdorf has one of the largest winter hiking trail networks in the Alps – with unsurpassable diversity! We provide you with a number of tips for hiking in winter. All winter hiking and walking trails in and around Oberstdorf can be found on our website at www.oberstdorf.de / w interwandern

Digital alpine information Numerous suggestions for winter hikes, the latest trail conditions and useful advice on winter hiking can be found at: www.oberstdorf.de / alpininfo

Signs You’re on the right track in Oberstdorf! All hiking trails are optimally signed to guide you on your way. Please note that the signs show times rather than distances. Location reference

Walking time


Hiking trails

Yellow: trail runs along the valley (flat) and can be completed in basic footwear and sometimes even with a pushchair.

Red: trail requires sturdy footwear (good soles) and sure-footedness.

Blue: good footwear, sure-footedness and a head for heights are required.

Winter hiking | 33

To the Schöllang castle church Length: 14 km Elevation gain: 99 m Duration: 4.5 hours Location: valley Start at the Dummelsmoosbrücke bridge and enjoy the views as you head north across the sunny plains of the Rubinger Oy. In the district of Schöllang, the winter hike takes you along Widum and up to the Schöllang castle church. Thanks to the elevation, particularly spectacular views can be admired from by the chapel. After returning to Widum, the winter hiking trail climbs back up to the ridge through

snow-covered forests. At the southern end, you are rewarded with one of the most beautiful views of the valley basin around Oberstdorf and the glistening white Allgäu Alps. After descending to Rubi, the winter hike returns to Oberstdorf past the source of the Iller. Along the causeway and the banks of the Trettach, you return to where you started in Dummelsmoos. See hiking map: Ru

A winter’s day in the Trettachtal Valley Length: 13 km Elevation gain: 211 m Duration: 4.5 hours Location: valley This winter hike passes the remarkable St. Loretto chapels on the southern edge of Oberstdorf and heads up the Burgstall climb to the Trettachtal Valley. After passing Germany’s southernmost golf course, glorious views open up as you head to the Christlessee Lake. Even in winter, the mysterious, crystal-clear mountain lake with a cobalt-blue shimmer never freezes. This is because innumerable springs on its floor prevent ice from forming. The hike continues along the old Spielmannsauer Straße and over the Truppersoybrücke bridge to Spielmannsau.

To the south, you can enjoy impressive views of the snowcapped peak of the Trettachspitze. In summer, this is the start of the popular Alpine stage of the E5 long-distance hiking route from Oberstdorf to Merano. In winter, the return trail follows the Trettach River to the bridge at Gottenried. Tip: The Trettachtal Valley offers plenty of cosy and welcoming places to stop for a break. Treat yourself to some Allgäu specialities. See hiking map: S

A winter excursion to the wildly romantic Oytal Valley Length: 10 km Duration: 4 hours

Elevation gain: 187 m Location: valley

From the Mühlenbrücke bridge at the south-east edge of Oberstdorf, the winter hiking trail follows the icy Trettach River over diverse terrain to the bridge over the Oybach River. Before reaching the bridge, the snow-covered Dr.-HohenadelWeg runs parallel to the wild and often frozen river up to the Oytal Valley. The wintry Alpine Road (which is closed to public transport) now passes along quaint, narrow streets and through the idyllic, snowy winter landscape to the Oytalhaus. This is where the network of safe, cleared winter hiking trails ends in winter. The white silhouette of the mountains in the rear section of the Oytal Valley and the rugged, vertically climbing, frozen rock faces of the Seewände Mountains are equally as impressive as the gentle, snow-covered and enchanting

winter landscape along the valley floor. The route back to Oberstdorf initially retraces its footprints before heading back down the well-maintained Alpine road out of the valley. Passing the picturesquely located Kühberg and the Audi ski jumping arena, the trail returns to this circular hike’s starting point. Tip: If you plan to visit the Oytal Valley during your holiday and the current conditions make the winter hike there possible, you shouldn't wait for too long before setting off. It’s far from rare for all of the trails into the Oytal to be temporarily closed in winter due to the risk of avalanches. Anyone who delays their visit for too long runs the risk of snowfall and potential avalanches forcing them to rethink their plans. The hike is suitable for the whole family. See hiking map: O

34 | Winter hiking hiking

Skilegendenweg (skiing legends’ trail)

Follow in the tracks of the Oberstdorf skiing legends through the winter landscape Experience sporting history first-hand and celebrate the World Championships with up-close insights into how skiing developed as a sport on the skiing legends’ trail. The trail is lined with fascinating information points with details of Oberstdorf’s skiing legends and stunning viewpoints. Length: approx. 5 km Location: valley Duration: 2 hours Info: the snow on the trail may be slippery underfoot depending on the weather The hike starts from one of the finest ski stadiums in the world – the Audi Arena Oberstdorf. From there, you follow in the tracks of the Oberstdorf skiing legends who have had a particular impact on the winter sport. You can optionally start the excursion with a visit to the Audi Arena, home to the Four Hills Tournament. Having secured some initial knowledge of the Oberstdorf world of skiing, you can now set off on the hike by following the skiing legends’ trail to the Halde. With the cross-country skiing trail that starts here on the gently sloping side of the hill, a ski jumping hill that no longer exists today and the small tobogganing slope, the area below the “Haldenbichl” used to be somewhat of a little Nordic centre. Even today, the manage­ able slope on the Halde remains a very popular tobogganing site for little ones. The trail continues past the St. Loretto chapels at the southern edge of the village and along a snow-­ covered lane lined with apple trees parallel to the Ösch meadows until reaching the Ried cross-country skiing stadium, host of the World Championships. You next continue to the Heini Klopfer ski flying hill, named after the ski flyer and architect Heinrich Klopfer, the first person to brave a jump here in 1950. In the newly modernised cross-country skiing stadium, you can not only enjoy the World Championships but also show off your own skiing skills. The complex is open for everyone to use. Eleven information points on Oberstdorf winter athletes can be found along the trail. The information on the columns offers you welcome variety during the hike and provides fascinating insights into the Oberstdorf skiing greats such as the three legendary ski jumpers Sepp Weiler, Heini

Klopfer and Toni Brutscher or the Oberstdorf skiing pioneers Liese and Hermann Schedler. All the most important facts are revealed over a distance of around five kilometres, which takes about two hours to walk. For more information about the individual athletes, you can also scan the QR code with your smartphone to directly access the Skiclub Oberstdorf’s website. A visit to the Heini Klopfer ski flying hill rounds off the entire hike with further insights into the history of skiing and, above all, impressive views of the Freibergsee Lake and the southern Allgäu High Alps from the ski flying tower. Access to the ski flying hill is disabled friendly thanks to the hillside lift. You can also choose to relax and enjoy some refreshments at the dr’schonzewiert restaurant at the foot of the ski flying hill. The trail now takes you along the banks of the Stillach and across the snowy Ösch meadows back to the Oberstdorf Haus. F or more information and contact details for the two ski flying hills, see page 46.

Guided hike Skisport- und Veranstaltungs GmbH also offers a guided hike along this route. Meeting point: Audi Arena Oberstdorf, payment desk Duration: approx. 3 ½ hours Minimum group size: 8 people Cost: adults €20.00 (with an Allgäu Walser Card), €25.00 (without an Allgäu Walser Card), children €15.00 Booking: by 12 p.m. the previous day at the payment desk at the Audi Arena Oberstdorf or by telephone on +49 (0) 83 22 / 80 90 360. www.audiarena.de / erlebnis / besichtigung

Winter hiking | 35


Great fun for big and small, young and old Oberstdorf has several tobogganing slopes in picturesque settings near to the village, which are particularly ideal for children and infants. With sun terraces and eateries overlooking the slopes, parents can relax too! However, Oberstdorf also has plenty to offer sportier tobogganists as well.

Am Dummelsmoos Total length: approx. 120 m Options for breaks: Käshüs Cross the Dummelsmoosbrücke bridge to the start of the meadow path towards Rubi. Here, the groomed natural toboggan slope is slightly hidden behind the dairy farm. Adults accompanying children can enjoy a clear view of the toboggan slope from below. The proximity to the village and the afternoon sun make this the ideal destination for a short toboggan excursion after lunch.

An der Halde Total length: 10 m Options for breaks: village eateries on Oststraße Equipment hire: next to the Nebelhorn­ bahn cable car valley station (NTC) The tobogganing slope near the village is perfect for young children and located right next to the cross-country skiing trail. The ideal choice for a short excursion with the whole family.

Karatsbichl Total length: approx. 800 m Options for breaks: Karatsbichl café and restaurant The sunny tobogganing slope at the edge of the village offers fun for all the family. The Karatsbichl is only about an easy 30-minute walk from Oberstdorf. Parents and companions can while away their time on deckchairs on the terrace or enjoy coffee and cake in the café while keeping an eye on the little ones.

Gaisalpe Total length: 2,200 m Options for breaks: Gaisalpe mountain restaurant Equipment hire: Gaisalpe mountain restaurant After ascending to the Gaisalpe, take the Wallraffweg or go directly to the Reichenbach area and you will be rewarded with a fun toboggan ride. The cosy Gaisalpe restaurant is an inviting place to stop for a break before your descent. This long toboggan run to the hiking car park with its tight bends and exciting route guarantees ultimate fun in the snow!

Alpe Dornach Total length: 200 m Options for breaks: Alpe Dornach Equipment hire: Alpe Dornach The tobogganing slope boasts impressive mountain views of the Nebelhorn and the surrounding

peaks. It is freshly groomed every day in winter. At an altitude of 1,000 m, the location near Rohrmoos – known for its abundant snow in winter – promises an increased certainty of snow. The route is located directly behind the Alpe Dornach building. Adults accompanying young tobogganists can enjoy the spectacular views from a sundrenched winter terrace not far from the slope before warming the whole family up again with hot meals and drinks in the Alpe Dornach restaurant.

Seealpe Total length: 2,640 m Options for breaks: Seealpe mountain restaurant Equipment hire: next to the Nebelhornbahn cable car or in the Seealpe mountain restaurant The Nebelhornbahn cable car whisks you up to the Seealpe station at 1,280 metres, ready for your swift descent down the natural toboggan run. The route provides stunning views of the entire village, inviting you to slow down a little to enjoy them. If one go simply isn’t enough, the Nebelhornbahn valley station is just a couple of minutes’ walk from the end of the toboggan run. The cable car also offers special tickets for tobogganists. For toboggan hire, see page 82.

36 | Winter hiking

The Oberstdorf snowshoe educational trail Be the first to leave your tracks in the untouched snow while enjoying the peaceful surroundings – all in harmony with nature. The heavily snow-covered winter landscape shows off its magical side with glistening powder snow and ice-frosted plants. It’s certainly worth exploring without skis, snowboards and lifts. Instead, try a pair of snowshoes, one of the oldest pieces of equipment for getting around in the snow. Every Wednesday, Tourismus Oberstdorf offers guided snowshoe hikes as part of a taster course on Oberstdorf’s first snowshoe educational trail. The route takes partici-

pants to a total of six boards displaying clear information about snowshoe hiking and route planning. The hike is primarily aimed at visitors with no prior experience, who want to try their hand at walking in the giant shoes. With a trained mountain guide, the participants follow the snowshoe educational trail and explore the Ried-­Burg­ stallsteig region and Oberstdorf’s great outdoors. In doing so, they learn a great deal about snowshoe hiking itself as well as how to prepare a route, the risk of avalanches, the check list for use before a hike, the equipment and how to act in an eco-friendly manner. This prepares the participants for future trips out into the high alpine terrain.





• 27 unique rooms & suites • 4 restaurants – from exceptional regional to streetfood & gourmet cuisine • outdoorpool 35°C, sauna, wellness, massage & cosmetic treatments • ski-bus stop directly by the hotel www.das-freiberg.de | info@das-freiberg.de | +49 8322 96780

38 | Winter hiking

Snowshoeing taster course Every Wednesday, certified mountain guides demonstrate the perfect snowshoeing technique and introduce you to the Oberstdorf winter wonderland. Depending on snow levels, the courses are run from mid-December to the end of March. We advise taking along drinks and a snack. The price includes snowshoe hire and professional instruction. Mountain boots or sturdy winter boots are essential! Day: Wednesday Meeting point: 10 a.m., Oberstdorf cross-country skiing stadium, Birgsauer Straße 35 Duration: approx. 4 hours / walking time approx. 2 hours Cost: €36.00, including equipment rental (available to visitors with an Allgäu Walser Premium Card and Oberstdorf locals) Booking: The course can only be booked in person while in Oberstdorf (advance booking by telephone prior to arrival not possible): Tourist Information, Oberstdorf Haus Advance tickets Prinzregenten-Platz 1 87561 Oberstdorf Booking deadline: 3 p.m. the previous day Group size: min. 5, max. 24 people Minimum age: 8

Useful info Our beautiful landscape offers numerous demanding snowshoe hikes. For safety reasons, we recommend that you join a guided tour. A list of multiple Oberstdorf mountain schools and separate providers of guided snowshoe hikes can be found on page 80. We also recommend that you use general safety equipment and keep an eye on the latest alerts from the Bavarian avalanche warning service (“Lawinenwarndienst Bayern”) whenever you’re planning a snowshoe hike! For further information, please visit www.oberstdorf.de / w intersportbericht or www.lawinenwarndienst-bayern.de

Adventure Enjoy the many facets of winter in Oberstdorf away from the pistes and cross-country skiing trails too. Head out into the snowy winter landscape for guaranteed fun for all the family. Plan your winter holiday in Oberstdorf in line with your specific needs.

42 | Adventure

Breitachklamm Ravine

The deepest rocky gorge in Central Europe Whatever the season, whether summer or winter, the Breitachklamm Ravine in Tiefenbach near Oberstdorf is open for your enjoyment all year round – with the exception of the snowmelt period and late autumn. The Breitach River water “bubbles and burbles and roars and gurgles” through the narrow gorge with vertical, overhanging walls that tower to almost 100 metres in height, thundering over high shelves of rock, gushing through deep pools and spraying the finest droplets that dance in the light. When winter comes and the raging stream that sweeps through the gorge from the Kleinwalsertal Valley towards Oberstdorf transforms into bizarre ice sculptures and the impressive rock walls are covered in huge icicles, a particularly stunning natural spectacle is created. You definitely shouldn’t miss the chance to visit this unique natural monument! From the B19 (Sonthofen-Oberstdorf), you can access the main entrance to the Breitachklamm Ravine from the P1 car park in Tiefenbach. Large boards along the main road already indicate whether parking spaces are still available here. Otherwise, you can detour to the P2 car park on Walserschanz and follow the signs to the ravine or take the Walser­ bus to the Oberstdorf bus station and change to line 44 to Tiefenbach to the entrance. It takes about an hour to walk through the ravine. The hiking trail is wide and has good safety features but sturdy footwear is still essential and caution is required.

An evening torchlight hike through the bizarre icy and wintry landscape of the Breitachklamm is particularly enticing. Due to coronavirus, details of the torchlight hikes and other requirements for the winter season will be announced on the website at short notice. The ravine may also be closed and torchlight hikes cancelled at last minute due to the weather. Updates will be announced in the status indicator on the website at 9 a.m. each day. The ravine is open in winter from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. (last entry, closure at 4 p.m.). Breitachklamm Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 48 87 www.breitachklamm.com

Useful info The Breitachklamm sometimes has to be closed at short notice for safety reasons as a result of extreme weather or spring-like temperatures. Please keep an eye on the latest information at www.breitachklamm.com

Adventure | 43

Ice sports centre

A meeting place for all ice lovers Everyone loves the ice rinks – and there’s always something special about going skating! Glide effortlessly across the ice at the daily public session. Ice skate hire is naturally available. Discover the fascination with ice sports and try something for yourself, whether ice skating, ice stock shooting, ice stock bowling or curling. Get in on the action! Our centre regularly hosts fascinating events, exhibition skating sessions with top skaters and competitions. Due to COVID-19, the latest opening hours and event dates can be found on our website. Eissportzentrum Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 700 - 50 03 www.eissportzentrum-oberstdorf.de

Heimatmuseum Oberstdorf The mountain village museum The “Heimatmuseum Oberstdorf” (local history museum) is located in a 17th century period property in Oberstdorf. Fortune has it that despite a major fire in 1865 and the modernisation craze in the 1970s, the original core of the building is still intact. The museum opened in the historic premises in 1932 and has been continually expanded ever since. Exhibits show how the destitute inhabitants of our mountain village survived, farmed the Alps, led the

first visitors up into the mountains and learned how to ski, among other interesting facts. You will also find the largest leather ski boot in the world – shoe size 480, over three metres long and one and a half metres high. Only those who are aware of the past can understand the present. The availability of tours will depend on the pandemic situation. Please see the website for further information.

Guided tours: Tuesdays, 4 p.m. Group tours subject to prior booking. (Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 80 96 40) Minimum group size: 6 people Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. (restricted hours apply in April / May and November /  December). In bad weather, special opening times will apply on Sundays! Heimatmuseum Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 54 70 www.heimatmuseum-oberstdorf.de

44 | Adventure

NTC Sports

NTC winter experiences offer action-packed fun in the snow An abundance of sports equipment is just waiting for you to try it – and all you need to do so is a Funpark ticket. You’ll soon get the hang of the snowbikes, skifoxes and tubing track, for hours of fun and laughter.

Equipment hire: alpine skiing – snowboarding – Nordic skiing

Winter fun park

NTC also offers a wide range of snow sports equipment. All rental items come with insurance included and can be quickly and easily swapped for different equipment at both locations, so trying various different snow sports could not be simpler.

Action-packed fun for all. The Snowpark on the Nebelhorn offers an array of activities for action-packed adventures in the snow. Snowbiking is a mixture of cycling and skiing, with skis instead of wheels. Skifoxes also enable you to “simply sit on and start carving!” – in a seated position with special “gliders” strapped to your boots. Take to the tubing track at the heart of the snowpark and whiz down the piste on a huge air-filled rubber tyre. Riding a snowscoot is like using a city scooter, by standing on a kind of board with normal boots. Skibocks and zipflracers are racing sleds that look great on any piste. The NTC Park guides are on hand to assist you with tips and tricks, as well as to provide you with brief instructions on how to use each piece of equipment. A Funpark ticket entitles you to try your hand at as many types of sports equipment as you like. Depending on the location, you may also need a valid lift ticket to get to the park. An overview of the types of fun sports available can be found at www.ntc-oberstdorf.de / snowpark.

Courses: alpine skiing – snowboarding – Nordic skiing A snow sports school at the heart of the action. The snow sports instructors can precisely tailor private lessons to participants for memorable experiences and great teaching success. In the children’s ski school, little ones have lots of fun in the “Kids Camp” and “Mini Club” while ambitious freeski kids can play around in the “Freestyle Camp”. A varied family skiing course rounds off the range of options available.

Snow sports equipment serviced daily and the latest models from leading manufacturers.

Outdoor shop Find equipment and your favourite clothing for the slopes. The outdoor shops offer everything you need for a day in the snow, from insulating mid-layers to technical Gore-Tex shell jackets and matching accessories.

Depot No need to lug your winter sports equipment to your accommodation or the ski lift. All equipment is looked after, dried, disinfected and securely stored in the modern ski depots. The convenient facilities right by the Fellhornbahn and Nebelhornbahn valley stations help you enjoy a relaxed winter holiday.

Service Be safe and have fun on the slopes. Meticulous ski and snowboard tuning offers greater safety, control and, ultimately, enjoyment and performance. NTC uses the latest technology to service equipment immediately or overnight. NTC Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 98 96 01 www.ntc-oberstdorf.de

Adventure | 45

Bergschau visitor centres

Interactive and exciting: the story of how the mountains were formed The Bergschau (literally meaning “mountain show”) uses a fun and interactive approach to tell visitors about the evolution of the flora and fauna of the Allgäu Alps, how the mountains were formed and the links between people and nature. One of the four Bergschau centres is located in the old town hall in Oberstdorf and offers basic information about geology, nature and culture in the Allgäu Alps. You’ll also find fascinating insights into nature, the history of the glaciers, the cohabitation of plants and animals and how people make a living in the mountains. Experienced staff members will happily help you with any questions or if you want any additional information. In addition to the Bergschau visitor centres with their permanent natural history exhibitions, in summer, you can visit eleven outdoor Bergschau information points and hike on five Bergschau trails. The old town hall is open daily from 2 p.m to 6 p.m. Note: the Bergschau will be closed from Monday to Thursday from 08 / 11 to 02 / 12 / 2021 (inclusive). Bergschau Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 95 94 84 www.bergschau.com


The Allgäu’s coolest hotspot at the foot of the Nebelhorn An abundance of snow and the starry sky within arm’s reach. The IgluLodge is a unique ice hotel that is newly built every winter and designed by passionate Allgäu artists. A bar made from pure ice catches the eye on the igloo site. Sculptures and reliefs created from ice and snow make every igloo truly unique. Visitors can choose between a dream igloo (sleeps 4) and a romantic igloo (sleeps 2). As a highlight, the lodge also boasts an igloo suite (sleeps 2) with its own barrel sauna. After the sun has set, the guests are treated to the famous Allgäu cheese fondue. The next morning, breakfast is served in the nearby summit station. The IgluLodge can be booked exclusively and offers an unforgettable setting for special occasions such as engagements, birthdays etc. Several packages are available. The price of an overnight stay starts from €129.00 per person in a dream igloo, €189.00 per person in a romantic igloo and €279.00 per person in the igloo suite. IgluLodge Tel.: +49 (0) 83 21 / 800 300 www.iglu-lodge.de

46 | Adventure

Ski jump hills

Two arenas – two opportunities for pure adventure eini Klopfer H ski flying hill Idyllically situated in the Stillachtal Valley, the modernised Heini Klopfer ski flying hill is a striking Oberstdorf landmark. It is one of just four ski flying hills worldwide and the only one in Germany. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the snow-covered valley and the adjacent Freibergsee Lake from a height of some 72 m or follow the adventure trail around the site’s summit station. Every Monday and Thursday, experienced guides provide an open tour of the ski flying hill at 2 p.m. This starts in the hill’s run-out before taking the hillside and panoramic lifts to the very top of the tower. Sportstätten Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 700 - 52 01 www.skiflugschanze-oberstdorf.de

Audi Arena Oberstdorf The Audi Arena with its five jumps at the foot of the Schattenberg, where the opening jump of the Four Hills Tournament takes place every year, is always worth a visit. The hillside lift takes you up to the foot of the jump tower, from where the panoramic lift continues to the viewing platform. The arena is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., with a guided tour commencing at 11 a.m. (minimum group size: 8, booking required). Audi Arena Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 80 90 300 www.audiarena.de

Adventure | 47


Stand: 202 1




Nordi activity book

The activity book for explorers, adventurers and genuine Oberstdorf connoisseurs Use your very own activity book to join me, Nordi the little squirrel, on a journey of discovery and experience lots of exciting things during your holiday.

Dies es B uch geh ört:

Which animals live in Oberstdorf’s forests? Where is the best playground? Which is your favourite hiking trail? And much more. Successfully collect at least 10 stickers and answer all the questions to receive a little surprise from the Tourist Information Offices in Oberstdorf and its districts. And don’t forget: my activity book is valid indefinitely, so you can enjoy adventures and busily collect stickers during several holidays – in both summer and winter. I’m crossing my fingers for your success and hope you have lots of fun with the puzzles and your discoveries! Yours, Nordi

Easter games

09 to 22 April 2022 At Easter time, Oberstdorf offers all sorts of Easter-eggrelated fun and games for kids as well as plenty of excitement for adults too. With the crocuses already starting to flower elsewhere in Germany, here, you and your family can still enjoy the winter to the full! While you ski in the sunshine on perfectly groomed pistes with guaranteed snow in the Oberstdorf / Kleinwalsertal cross-border ski region, your little ones can enjoy a fun and varied programme of “Easter games”. Young visitors can look forward to activities such as making their own Easter candles, egg painting, cookery classes, an exciting visit to the fire station, handicrafts with hay, pottery and much more. Of course, an Easter egg hunt is also on the agenda. Your children will be looked after by optimally trained childcare professionals. “Hoppel”, the life-size rabbit, will also be popping in now and then to lend a helping paw.

Kids’ and family holiday programme Come together to have fun, be creative and experience Oberstdorf – a varied programme for big and small. The brochure is available from all Tourist Information Offices in Oberstdorf and its districts.

48 | Adventure


Enjoy Oberstdorf from the air Hang-gliding and paragliding enthusiasts find the best conditions in Oberstdorf. A specialist school offers a basic course that gives you the knowledge and skills you need to fly at low heights on your own or an advanced course to enable you to ascend to all heights. Want to try out the experience of “free flight” but don't trust taking to the skies on your own? Then a tandem flight with an experienced pilot is the ideal solution.

Have you ever flown through the crystal-clear air over the snow-capped Oberstdorf mountains? In Oberstdorf, winter certainly doesn’t stop the paragliders. Take the opportunity to experience Oberstdorf’s spectacular winter landscape from above. A list of providers can be found on page 81.



e at th y l t c Dire s ation t s t f li orn belh e N f o orn Fellh d n a



www.ntc-oberstdorf.de // info@ntc-oberstdorf.de // 08322 989601

l choo s i k S al Rent ice Serv t Depo Shop park w o n S

Adventure | 49

From Oberstdorf in all directions

Oberstdorf’s side valleys and districts promise nature at its best and wild village romanticism Embedded between steep mountain forests, the valleys are closed off to excursion traffic and offer completely undisturbed peace and quiet in a wild and romantic natural setting. The most stunning hiking and excursion opportunities invite you to explore. In the Stillachtal Valley, you will not only find Germany’s most southerly inhabited village of Einödsbach but also the beautiful hamlet of Birgsau. Further attractions include the Fellhornbahn cable car and the Heini Klopfer ski flying hill, which gleams brightly in its newly renovated form, inviting you to come for a visit. The neighbouring Trettachtal Valley has plenty to offer. Not only do the mountain farmers’ village of Gerstruben and the Christlessee Lake make this a popular destination, but the pretty hamlet of Spielmannsau also invites you to enjoy a leisurely hike. On route to the Oytal Valley, you will pass the Kühberg. The tree-lined lane takes you to the Gasthof Oytal restaurant, where the valley widens to offer a panoramic view of the mountain landscape.

The romantic Rohrmoostal Valley – with southern Germany’s oldest wooden chapel – is also worth a visit in winter. Located in the Tiefenbach district, this hiking paradise has long-since belonged to a principality. Yet it is not just the Rohrmoostal Valley, but also the impressive Breitachklamm Ravine that invites you to visit this picturesque area. The districts of Rubi, Reichenbach and Schöllang are characterised by peace and tranquillity. Located at high altitude above Reichenbach, the Gaisalpe offers spectacular views of the Allgäu Alps in both summer and winter. Rubi is known for its long hours of sunshine and many cosy eateries. Not far from Schöllang is a picturesque castle church, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the area. The district of Kornau, located above Oberstdorf, offers fantastic views to the south. This village is characterised by cosy, private accommodation and historic chapels.

50 | Adventure

Horse-drawn sleigh rides

Explore Oberstdorf and the surrounding areas in total comfort The height of romance: wrap yourself in a warm blanket and head into the idyllic wintry world of the Oberstdorf side valleys on a comfortable horse-drawn sleigh. Enjoy the blissful tranquillity and the stunning views of the romantic, snow-covered natural landscape. An unforgettable holiday experience. Subject to demand, rides (always in the form of return journeys) are offered seven days a week for a minimum of six and maximum of eleven people per sleigh. Tickets can be purchased directly from the driver. Group, family and special rides, such as night-time rides or rides to Gerstruben, can be booked on request. Excursions are also offered in the Tiefenbach area and to the Rohrmoostal Valley. If interested, please contact the carriage-driving company in Tiefenbach directly. Rides also start from the Oberstdorfer Käsladen cheese shop, from where you can obtain tickets and information directly. Departure time: in winter, approx. 10.30 a.m. (meeting place: Megèver Platz by the Kurpark). Return: back in Oberstdorf by approx. 3 p.m. Bookings are not normally required but are recommended in peak season. A list of all providers can be found on page 82.

Escape Room Oberstdorf

Uncover the Allgäu’s best secrets Three rooms – three Allgäu stories – hundreds of puzzles! Discover the mysterious side of the Allgäu and become a genuine insider. The region’s most exciting puzzles are waiting for you to solve them! Free from horror and claustrophobia-inducing set-ups, the three spacious Allgäu escape rooms are brimming with clues, puzzles and surprises that will test your ingenuity. Whether you’re looking to unearth King Ludwig’s jewels, tracking down the stolen recipe for making Allgäu mountain cheese or trying to discover the blueprints for Bergbahn Oberstdorf’s secret cable car, only if you work as a team to correctly piece together all the clues will you be able to look behind the scenes and escape. Open every day from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. subject to prior booking. From €25.00 per person – special offers for families. For groups of 2 to 8 people – no age restrictions. Escape Room Oberstdorf Nebelhornstraße 33b Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 300 42 00 www.escaperoom-allgaeu.de

Adventure | 51

Oberstdorf’s new thermal baths Natural, authentic and innovative – the perfect place to recharge

Key highlights:

It won’t be long now until you can enjoy the natural diversity and intrinsic strength of Oberstdorf in an around 2,600 m² bathing and thermal world as well as a 3,500 m² sauna, spa and wellness area.

Bathing and thermal world

Indoor and outdoor sauna areas

Total water area of 450 m²

25 m pool with 3 lanes

High-quality relaxation rooms

Large fun pool with a variety of water features

Children’s pool with different water depths

Sauna garden with 3 sauna huts and a Kneipp pool

Kurbetriebe Oberstdorf is creating a diverse facility that harmoniously blends into the townscape due to its typical local architectural style. Even the interior is being designed using natural and sustainable materials.

Saunas with panoramic mountain views on the 2nd floor

Sauna bar and room with a fireplace

Year-round open-air pool with massage jets

Plunge pool, cool-down areas, hydromassage showers

Separate eateries in the sauna and thermal bath areas

Plenty of relaxation areas

The location in the centre of Oberstdorf enables many visitors to reach the baths on foot or by bike. An underground car park exclusively for spa and sauna users provides additional convenience. From spring 2024, the new Therme Oberstdorf (Oberstdorf thermal baths) will be the perfect place to relax for both visitors and locals alike.

Roof terrace with an infinity pool for a mountain lake experience

Sunbeds and cooling pool

Spa and wellness area

F or the latest information on the current plans, please also visit www.neue-therme-oberstdorf.de.

Spa department with wellness massages

Steam bath for visitors to the thermal baths and saunas

Infrared cabins for muscle relaxation

Various cool-down areas

2019 Architectural competition

2020 Pre-planning

Design planning

2021 Funding application

2022 Start of construction / shell

2023 Fit-out

Approval and implementation planning Demolition of existing building

Construction phase

2024 Opening

52 | Adventure

Nordic Zentrum (Cross-Country Stadium) Oberstdorf / Allgäu The new sports venue with an attractive year-round programme The sustainable, year-round sports facility offers attractive experiences for the whole family and more. The modern sports complex and training centre blends harmoniously into the Ried landscape and is the latest meeting point for Nordic skiers. The crescent-shaped main building with a cross-country trail on its semi-circular flat roof forms the heart of the complex and provides spectacular views across the Stillach­tal Valley and towards the Trettachtal Valley all year round. Whether beginners or Olympic champions, this is Oberstdorf’s number one spot for anyone involved in the world of Nordic skiing. The central hub is the new Nordic Info, a multifunctional tourist room with information about the services available in the Nordic Zentrum. Our advisors will inform you about the activity and nature programme, the services from the mountain and Alpine schools, activities in the surrounding area as well as learning opportunities and hands-on fun. The Nordic Café offers both relaxation and inspiration in a sporty atmosphere. A small selection of hot and cold drinks, confectionery, ice cream and popular sports bars help top up your energy reserves. Relive the emotion of the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships 2021 Oberstdorf / Allgäu through pictures in the Nordic Lounge. See fascinating images of Oberstdorf’s successful skiers. Have you already got our little mascot Nordi? Or are you looking for special products as a fan of Oberstdorf? Whatever your age, you’ll find plenty of keepsakes to take home with you in the Nordic Info.

Cross-country skiing – a winter sport for the body and mind, young and old Whether using the classic or skating technique, cross-country skiing is a winter sport that works the whole body. The powerful movements are good for the heart, circulatory system and lungs. The sport also helps to improve endurance, balance and coordination. Simply choose your preferred technique and go at your own pace and in line with your own level of fitness. The views of the mountains are rewarding, motivational and relaxing, all at the same time. Classic cross-country skiing The classic style “guides” cross-country skiers along two pre-created parallel tracks. With this technique, an easyto-learn kicking action moves you forward in diagonal strides. Skiing along the tracks is great for improving basic endurance as it is easy to maintain a steady heart rate. Skating Skating is the faster and more energetic technique where each pole push is followed by gliding on one ski. The sweeping sideways movements use the arm, gluteal and leg muscles. Skating is considered to be the slightly harder technique to learn and the more strenuous of the two styles as it uses a lot of energy, especially on climbs. An overview of the trails, the programme and full information about the new cross-country stadium can be found at www.nordic-zentrum-oberstdorf.de. An extract from the cross-country skiing trail map can also be found on pages 22 and 23.

Adventure | 53

Ranger tours

Tracks in the snow and survival strategies in winter Head on a journey of discovery through the snowy winter landscape with a ranger from the Zentrum Naturerlebnis Alpin (Alpine Nature Discovery Centre – ZNAlp) and discover all sorts of signs of life. Even in the frozen winter world, it is still possible to discover signs of life: several animals defy the cold. But how? And who are they? As you head out with a ZNAlp ranger in search of their tracks, you will learn all sorts of exciting things about survival strategies in the colder months of

The work of the Zentrum Naturerlebnis Alpin (ZNAlp) ZNAlp, with its team of experts from the fields of nature, tourism and land use, is the centre of excellence for current challenges in relation to Alpine protection. The topics are developed as models in the southern district of the Upper Allgäu and passed on to interested regions within the Bavarian Alps. ZNAlp is a service provider and advisory body for municipalities, authorities and other institutions on all matters relating to the core topic of conservation. As a monitoring and research centre, it is also involved in projects such as protecting endangered grouse from extinction. New forms of visitor guidance around the area are

the year. You will also experience the unique flora and fauna of the Allgäu Alps and obtain exciting insights into the everyday working lives of the professional rangers who know this region like the back of their hands. After all, their duties not only include the tours but also recording Alpine biodiversity. Further information and all key dates for this winter can be found at www.oberstdorf.de / veranstaltungskalender

being tested by the centre’s own rangers, who are creating a wide range of tours for locals and visitors alike. The main areas that the rangers cover include the Upper Allgäu municipalities to the east of the Iller (Allgäu High Alps nature reserve) and the Grasgehren basin on the Riedberger Horn. They also work closely with the Nagelfluhkette nature park. The Alpine landscape in the Upper Allgäu is characterised by a wealth of natural environments and thus a huge number of different species such as black grouse, Apollo butterflies and sundews. At the same time, the region provides a habitat for the local people as well as about 8 million day visitors and overnight guests per year. ZNAlp develops and implements solutions for the respectful coexistence of people and nature.

Village life A tradition-steeped and sports-loving village with many different facets. Oberstdorf invites you to stop for a bite to eat, enjoy a shopping spree and discover the many new events and services the village has to offer.

56 | Village life


Oberstdorf’s wintry streets and lanes invite you to take a leisurely stroll around the shops When the houses in Oberstdorf’s pedestrian area are covered in snow, the narrow lanes are bathed in sunshine and the shop windows are filled with enticing offers, nothing stands in the way of some winter shopping. Want to get out into the fresh air and experience nature at its best first hand but don’t have the right equipment to do so? Then Oberstdorf’s shops are the place for you! Specialists and friendly staff in a large range of sports shops offer professional and comprehensive advice to beginners, advanced and pros alike: from the right clothes for all kinds of outdoor activities to the ideal hiking boots and the optimum skis or snowboard. In addition to the broad range of sportswear and equipment, you’ll also find plenty of health

and skin care products. From cosmetics to foot care to the right nutrition: in Oberstdorf there is plenty to choose from. And if you’ve still not had enough of shopping, the numerous fashion retailers and shoe shops are sure to offer you the perfect outfit for a meal at a restaurant or a night on the town. If you need a break while shopping, Oberstdorf also has plenty of cosy cafés, rustic village inns and stylish restaurants, where you can relax, quench your thirst and sate your hunger.

list of all shops for your local shopping experience A can be found at www.oberstdorf.de / einkaufen

Village life | 57

The wild “Klausen” of Oberstdorf An ancient custom from pagan times

As the time comes for cosy winter evenings, customs in Oberstdorf start to come alive. These include one of the oldest customs: the Allgäu “Klausen” processions. When people’s fears of evil spirits overpowered them on dark nights, the young Oberstdorf locals dressed up in fur tunics, donned fleece-covered heads with deer antlers and ran through the narrow streets, rattling chains to drive them away. For many years, only long-established Oberstdorf locals were allowed to join in. Today, this rule is no longer quite as strict. And it’s no longer only evil spirits that are hunted. Instead, it’s cheeky young ladies and curious spectators. On 6 December, the “Klausen” take over the Oberstdorf streets. Two days beforehand (on the feast of St. Barbara), the women of Oberstdorf meet at nightfall. They don traditional everyday clothing from days gone by and head for the women’s procession, known as the “Klausenbärbel-Treiben”.

Please note During the event, the Trachtenverein Oberstdorf (Oberstdorf Traditional Costume Association) ensures that things don’t get out of control. Despite this, the Klausen day is not everyone’s cup of tea and even the locals often prefer to observe the spectacle through the window from the comfort and warmth of their own home. In particular, children and those unfamiliar with the custom should heed this advice! Please also note that the public infrastructure companies close by no later than 6 p.m. on these days and 98% of gastronomy establishments are closed on these evenings.

58 | Village life

Advent in Oberstdorf

27 November to 18 December 2021 What could feel more peaceful, lovely and cosy than listening to traditional folk music and the local dialect at Advent and Christmas time? In Oberstdorf, this is a calm and tranquil period. Whether lively or profound in Oberstdorf dialect, traditional melodies or classic songs – transport yourself back to days gone by and escape everyday life with an atmospheric journey through Advent. From the dark pre-Christmas period to the bright Christmas Eve. We invite you to celebrate Advent with us and get into the festive mood. Saturday, 27 November 2021 | Opening Saturday, 04 December 2021 | K löüsezidd folk music evening Saturday, 11 December 2021 | Classical Advent Saturday, 18 December 2021 | A riebege Schtünd (“A Quiet Hour”) All events start at 5.30 p.m. in the “Nebelhorn” main hall in the Oberstdorf Haus Further information and the latest programme can be found online at: www.obestdorf.de / oberstdorfer-advent Please also note the last-minute updates on hygiene and protective measures as well as capacities.

Torchlight hikes

Mystical and romantic Join a group as you wrap up warm and head through the winter wonderland in the evening to the light of burning torches. The walk will end at a cosy rustic tavern for a fun evening of traditional music. There you can enjoy a light meal and soak up the jovial atmosphere. Dates: every Thursday from about mid-December to April. Meeting point: 6 p.m. in the foyer of the Oberstdorf Haus Group size: min. 10 people Cost: €5.00 for visitors staying in Oberstdorf with an Allgäu Walser Premium Card and local residents, €10.00 for visitors with / w ithout an Allgäu Walser Card, €2.50 for children under 12 (prices exclude refreshments and any special travel costs) Booking: only possible while in Oberstdorf at the Tourist Information Offices in the Oberstdorf Haus or at the railway station Prinzregenten-Platz 1 and Bahnhofplatz 3 87561 Oberstdorf Booking deadline: 4.30 p.m. the previous day Info tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 700 - 22 06

Village life | 59

Funkensonntag (Bonfire Sunday) 06 March 2022

At the start of Lent, on the first Sunday after Fasnacht (Carnival), huge bonfires light up the night sky in many open areas around Oberstdorf. The origins of this ancient custom are still unclear and there are multiple possible explanations. Some associate the bonfires with the many Easter and Midsummer fires and say that they burn all things wicked at the end of winter in order to strengthen the sun and ward off evil. This explains why a straw witch is symbolically set alight. Others associate the event with the fertility rituals and burnt offerings of the Celts. Today, Bonfire Sunday is a sociable occasion that’s great fun to watch as the tall wooden pyres go up in flames and blaze away against the night sky. Funke-Kiechle The deliciously sweet “Funke-Kiechle” are a firm favourite with visitors and locals alike and an integral part of any Bonfire Sunday celebrations. These tantalising, fried treats are only available on this one day. They are washed down with a cup of hot mulled wine and enjoyed in good company around the fire! he locations of the bonfires can be found online T from mid-February at www.oberstdorf.de

Culinary delights

Cosy eateries in Oberstdorf A warm welcome from friendly owners awaits you not only in the village centre and the areas around Oberstdorf but also up on the mountains, in the valleys and along the many hiking trails. Whether rustic inns, cosy cafés or gourmet restaurants – numerous gastronomy establishments invite you to sit back and relax as you enjoy regional and international specialities that tantalise the taste buds. From tasty coffee and cake on a sun terrace to a hearty snack washed down with typical, freshly pulled Allgäu beer through to highquality speciality game dishes accompanied by a glass of fine wine. Not only down in the valley but also up on the mountains, the owners of rustic mountain huts, modern mountain restaurants and parasol bars all look forward to your visit. Delight in the aroma of hot mulled wine and the warmth of the mug on your hands during a short break or take things down a gear and relax on a large sun terrace while enjoying the clear mountain air and huge range of culinary delights! F urther information can be found at: www.oberstdorf.de / essen-trinken

Events See the world’s best winter sports athletes and experience the emotions of competition first hand – in Oberstdorf, a romantic winter village atmosphere combines with the excitement of major sporting events. However, there’s also plenty of entertainment for all tastes away from top-level sport too.

Oberstdorf awaits the eagles

Start of the 70th Four Hills Tournament on 28 and 29 / 12 / 2021 in Oberstdorf The 70th edition of the Four Hills Tournament once again promises exciting ski jumping competitions. As per tradition, this will kick off in Oberstdorf just before New Year, with the World Championship Ski Jumping Arena regaining its status as a Mecca for ski jumping fans on 28 and 29 December.


The event will then continue in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (31 / 12 / 2021 and 01 / 01 / 2022), Innsbruck (03 and 04 / 01 / 2022) and Bischofshofen (05 and 06 / 01 / 2022).

Wednesday, 29 / 12 / 2021: Competition 1 p.m. Stadium opens 3 p.m. Official training 4.30 p.m. First competition round Followed by Final round Followed by Award ceremony in the stadium

Norway, Poland and Japan are all entering a number of strong contenders. Of course, all eyes will also be on last year’s winner Kamil Stoch and the Norwegian ski jumper Halvor Egner Granerud. Following his opening victory in Oberstdorf and second place in the overall standings at the last event, Oberstdorf local Karl Geiger is also striving for overall victory at the anniversary tournament. All this is bound to guarantee an exciting 70th edition of the tournament where ski jumping fans can look forward to some great competitions.

Tuesday, 28 / 12 / 2021: Qualification 12 p.m. Stadium opens 2.15 p.m. Official training 4.30 p.m. Qualification

This schedule is subject to change. F ull information about ticket sales and prices can be found at www.vierschanzentournee.com or by calling the information hotline on +49 (0) 83 22 / 80 90 350.

Events | 63

FIS Tour de Ski returns to Oberstdorf

The World Championship trails will host the cross-country skiing elite at the turn of the year Following a two-year break, Oberstdorf is once again hosting part of the most important cross-country skiing series and will welcome the sport’s top athletes to Oberstdorf on 31 / 12 / 2021 and 01 / 01 / 2022. A mass-start, free technique race over 10 km (women) and 15 km (men) on 31 / 12 and the classic sprint on 01 / 01 promise exciting racing action on the World Championship cross-­ country trails in Ried around the Egli Hill and Burgstall, barely a year after the FIS Nordic Ski World Championship in Oberstdorf. For even more added excitement, the Tour de Ski will also be a key event for assessing the athletes’ standings in the run-up to the Winter Olympics.

Schedule Friday, 31 / 12 / 2021 12.55 p.m. Men’s mass start 15 km free technique 3.25 p.m. Women’s mass start 10 km free technique Saturday, 01 / 01 / 2022 9.30 a.m. Sprint qualification women 1.2 km  /  men 1.5 km classic technique 12.00 p.m. Sprint finals women 1.2 km  /  men 1.5 km classic technique This schedule is subject to change. F ull information about ticket presales can be found at www.tour-de-ski.info or by calling the information hotline on +49 (0) 83 22 / 80 90 350.

64 | Events

The kings of the skies return to Oberstdorf Ski Flying World Cup from 18 to 20 / 03 / 2022 This winter, a late highlight for ski jumping fans awaits us in March on the Heini Klopfer ski flying hill. The World Cup weekend with two individual competitions promises numerous flights of over 200 metres and exciting sporting action. It will be intriguing to see who comes to Oberstdorf as the reigning ski flying World Champion following the World Championships in Vikersund (NOR) the week before – and who will therefore naturally be the favourite for this competition. The new Olympic champions from Beijing will also be in the competitor line-up in Oberstdorf and still be in top form for the late highlights. Florian Stern, General Secretary of the World Cup, is already looking forward to the event: “Ski flying is the most prestigious discipline in the ski jumping calendar and we are delighted to have been given the honour of holding another dual World Cup in Oberstdorf.”

Schedule Friday, 18 / 03 / 2022: Qualification 3 p.m. Official training 5.15 p.m. Qualification Saturday, 19 / 03 / 2022: First competition day 2.45 p.m. Practice round 4 p.m. First competition round Followed by Final round Followed by Award ceremony in the stadium Sunday, 20 / 03 / 2022: Second competition day 2.30 p.m. Qualification 4 p.m. First competition round Followed by Final round Followed by Award ceremony in the stadium This schedule is subject to change. F ull information about ticket sales and prices can be found at www.skifliegen-oberstdorf.de or by calling the information hotline on +49 (0) 83 22 / 80 90 350.


1803 IS MORE THAN A NUMBER. You won’t get 1803® everywhere. Our local brand is available where we are and where we love to be: in Allgäu. Enjoy a combination of urban trend and alpine lifestyle in our new store in the heart of Oberstdorf. It’s more than just a place. It’s a way of living. Born in the Alps®

Available in Oberstdorf, Sonthofen, Füssen & Oberstaufen.


66 | Events

Winterfest Oberstdorf

Mountain hut magic and live music No-one can escape the magic of the Winterfest Oberstdorf (Oberstdorf Winter Festival). Enjoy the evening with a mug of mulled wine, a hot Caipirinha or a traditional punch and try the Allgäu delicacies and culinary delights on offer from our local establishments. From 6 p.m. each day, our top live bands generate a merry atmosphere and that party feeling. The longest outdoor bar in the Allgäu opens its doors at 8 p.m. and our DJs show they really know how to party by keeping things pumping until 3 a.m.

In winter 2021 / 2022, the huts in the Kurpark open at 4 p.m. for the Springerparty (ski jumpers’ party) and at 5 p.m. for the Winterfest on the following dates:

Friday, 28 December 2021 (ski jumpers’ party)

Saturday, 29 December 2021 (ski jumpers’ party)

Sunday, 30 December 2021 (ski jumpers’ party)

Friday, 21 January 2022

Saturday, 22 January 2022

Friday, 28 January 2022

Saturday, 29 January 2022

Friday, 04 February 2022

Saturday, 05 February 2022

Events | 67

Silvester Show (New Year’s Eve Show) 31 December 2021 in the Oberstdorf Haus

Join us at the Oberstdorf Haus as we kick off the New Year in style and bid farewell to 2021 with entertaining performances like a magic show and the sound of great music. Red shoes, a saxophone and handpicked live music are the trademarks of “Mr JAM”, who plays and lives for a versatile mix of national and international party, pop and rock tunes. The latest chart hits and music from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 2000s are combined with influences from funk, soul, Latin and R “n” B. The different vibes blend together on stage to produce an extra special live experience. A magic show by Matthias Rauch as well as speed artist and caricaturist Marcel Bender also await you.

Price includes: A glass of bubbly for the midnight countdown, two free drinks of your choice (excluding spirits) and a bowl of goulash as a midnight snack. Price per person: €55.00

Tickets and other information: Advance tickets from the Oberstdorf Haus Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 700 - 21 00 kartenvorverkauf@oberstdorf.de

“We don’t have fireworks. To protect nature. To protect our future. And for a great New Year.” MIKSA FAMILY, IN OBERSTDORF

Enjoy nature. With respect. With consideration. With each other.

Welcome to Oberstdorf!

Feel good hotels


hotels with breakfast in oberstdorf

Picture (c) OK Bergbahnen

> > > > >

family atmosphere rich breakfast buffets individual holiday tips changing delicacies enjoy pure evening mood

Hotel garni Kappeler-Haus ***

The central nature experience! Located in the heart of Oberstdorf Hotel Kappeler-Haus with its stunning panoramic view is an ideal starting point for winter hikers, skiers and cross-country skiers.


Hotel garni Rubihaus ***

The Hotel Rubihaus is centrally and quietly located at the edge of the pedestrian zone. The Nebelhornbahn is within easy walking distance of 700 Meters. Ideal for cross-country skiers and winter walkers.


Hotel garni Tannhof ** *

Let yourself be inspired by the fantastic panoramic location of the Hotel Tannhof with a wonderful view of the Oberstdorf mountains. The swimming pool with sauna offers rest and relaxation.


Hotel garni Geldernhaus ***S

Historic Boutique Hotel *** S with lots of charm and atmosphere! 11 individual rooms in a noble country house style with in-house sauna and magnificent garden. Free mountain railway tickets from mid-May to October.


Hotel garni Gerberhof ***S

The comfortable family owned Gerberhof is located in the fabulous south of Oberstdorf, just a few minutes from the centre and with stunning views into the mountains. Don´t forget relaxing in the sauna and the new designed indoor pool.


Hotel garni Schellenberg ****

Not far from the cross-country ski run and ski bus stop the family-run Wellnesshotel Schellenberg welcomes you. 28 rooms in modern alpine style and a new wellness area with pool, whirlpool and five different saunas are waiting for you.


More information and booking:


Disabled-friendly holidays Disabled access as a mark of quality and convenience at three altitude levels. Holidays for all people and all needs. With transport facilities, accommodation and leisure activities that are accessible and suitable for the disabled. In the healing air of Oberstdorf, even allergy-sufferers can breathe easily and enjoy their holiday. Oberstdorf breaks down barriers.

72 | Disabled-friendly holidays

Disabled-friendly “travel for all” Germany has introduced a nationwide certification system for areas that offer “Disabled access as a mark of quality and convenience” – and Oberstdorf has earned its official stamp.

several years of cooperation and coordination with tourist operators and relevant associations and continually optimised. F or further information and a list of certified companies as well as leisure services in Oberstdorf, please visit www.oberstdorf.de / barrierefrei

The necessary information for guests is being collated by qualified investigators and evaluated using clear quality criteria developed through

Holidays for allergy sufferers Do you suffer from allergies or food intolerances? In Oberstdorf, you can breathe easily at the most beautiful time of the year.

but cannot guarantee that you will be completely symptom free. Allergies are always varied and differ from one person to the next.

A network of allergy-friendly accommodation options, restaurants, food stores and bakeries will make your holiday as pleasant as possible

further information and a detailed For search function, please visit: www.oberstdorf.de / allergikerfreundlich

Kneipp and climatic health resort Enjoy all-round wellbeing and relaxation With a wonderfully mild climate, outstanding air quality and an untouched natural landscape, Oberstdorf has been regarded as a climatic health resort since 1937, including with the title Premium Class since 2002. In a climatic health resort, wellbeing factors (e.g. clean air) and stimulating elements (e.g. sun lamps with gentle cold stimulation) can be administered in such a way as to support people’s health. Oberstdorf offers various climate zones at three altitudes: a nourishing climate in the valley, an alternating climate up to 1,200 MAMSL and a stimulating climate in the mountains. The clean, clear mountain air is low in pollen, fine dust and allergens. Continual meteorological checks and regular fine dust measurements ensure consistently excellent air quality. In addition to the commitment to a healthy climate, the Premium Class locations also take care of

nature in all other areas too. For example, they primarily use local products in order to protect their own landscape. Oberstdorf has been a recognised Kneipp location since 1964. The Kneipp-based understanding of a healthy life and natural healing looks at people as a whole and aims to maintain or restore good health. It is not without reason that Oberstdorf is one of only a small number of healing resorts in Germany to have been twice awarded highly sought-after certifications as a climatic health resort and a Kneipp resort. With its range of natural remedies, spa facilities and customer-oriented hosts, Tourism Oberstdorf offers a special service for unforgettable holidays and spa experiences. For more information, please visit www.oberstdorf.de / gesundheit

Disabled-friendly holidays | 73

Disabled infrastructure facilities in Oberstdorf Disabled toilets

Disabled parking spaces

Audi Arena Oberstdorf Oberstdorf railway station ◼ Bahnhofplatz 3 (north entrance) ◼ Breitachklamm Ravine, Tiefenbach district (lower entrance building) ◼ Fellhornbahn cable car – middle station ◼ Moorbad swimming pool, Oberstdorf ◼ Nebelhornbahn cable car – Höfatsblick summit station ◼ ◼

P2 by the entrance to the village Oberstdorf Haus Tourist Information Office ◼ Alpenrose tourist centre, Tiefenbach ◼ Main foyer in the Kurpark A Euro-key can be borrowed or purchased from the café in the Oberstdorf Haus or the Oberstdorf Tourist Information Offices for a €25.00 fee or deposit.

Bahnhofplatz Am Mühlacker (opposite the Nebelhornbahn cable car) ◼ Sachsenweg ◼ By the Protestant church, Freiherr-von-Brutscher-Straße ◼ P2 by the entrance to the village ◼ Town hall car park

A list of providers of disabled equipment and wheelchair emergency services can be found on page 80.

Disabled-friendly advice from Tourismus Oberstdorf The Tourist Information Office in the Oberstdorf Haus now not only has a portable loop system but also a fully accessible advice counter. The portable loop system, which prin­ cipally improves the advice services for people with a hearing aid, is positioned between the visitor and the adviser. The system picks up the sound of people’s voices using a built-in or

external microphone and transmits appropriate inductive signals to the integrated loop. These signals are received by hearing aids (set to position “T” or “MT”). This minimises ambient noise and improves the quality of the advisory services. Anyone wanting to use this system will find a fully equipped help desk at the back of the Tourist Information Office in the Oberstdorf Haus as well as at the

All recommended excursions and leisure activities that are suitable for wheelchair users and certified to the “Reisen für Alle” (“Travel for all”) standard are identified by this icon in this winter brochure.

Tourist Information Office at the railway station. Both counters are labelled with a clear pictogram. Visitors who use a wheelchair can now be served at eye level by Tourist Information Office employees at the disabled-friendly counter in the Oberst­ dorf Haus. This counter is freely accessible for wheelchairs and makes it easier to provide advice. It is also labelled with a clear pictogram.

The Nebelhornbahn and Fellhornbahn cable cars as well as the hiking routes to Rubi, into the Trettachtal and Oytal Valleys and to the ski flying hill have all been extolled and certified by “Reisen für Alle” (“Travel for all”). Please note, however, that the winter weather is likely to cause restrictions to the fully accessible nature of these.

Service Whether you’re looking for contact details or practical advice, helpful information for planning your stay or tips on what to do while here, this section offers plenty of great information for your holiday in Oberst­dorf – all compactly presented and quick and easy to find.

76 | Service

B16 A81





B12 A96





A98 4


Kempten B12

Friedrichshafen 7










GarmischPartenkirchen A12


3 A12


Getting to Oberstdorf www.oberstdorf.de / anreise-verkehr In the most southerly part of Germany, the most beautiful routes can be accessed quickly and conveniently, including by bus and train. Numerous connections and providers enable you to start your holiday in a comfortable and environmentally friendly manner. Whether on a bus trip right from your door or a direct train connection, getting to Oberstdorf without a car is easy. The local infrastructure provides the conditions you need for a relaxed and flexible stay.

Getting here by train The relaxed and stress-free way to travel to Oberstdorf. The train station in Oberstdorf is centrally located and connected to the bus station. You can even travel comfortably without any large luggage as the Deutsche Bahn luggage service will gladly take this to your destination for you. F or more information, please visit www.bahn.de

Getting here by bus You can travel from all across Germany in comfort and safety with the professionals from the “Komm mit” bus company, for example. The service is reliable and reasonably priced and operates on a weekly basis (from May to October and January to March). The door to door service collects you and your luggage from your home and drops you at your accommodation, or vice-versa. F ind your departure point at www.komm-mit-reisen.de

Getting here by car Take the A7 Flensburg-Füssen motorway to exit 136 Dreieck Allgäu (Allgäu Interchange), then continue on the A980 motorway to the Waltenhofen exit. From there, take the B19 to Oberstdorf. Take the B12 from Lindau / Isny to the Waltenhofen exit. From there, follow the B19 to Oberstdorf.

Electromobility Visions for future mobility are already a reality in the Allgäu, including in Oberstdorf, where you will find various green electricity charging stations for electric cars. F or more information and the charging station locations, please visit www.oberstdorf.de / elektromobilitaet

Getting here by plane Distance from Memmingen Airport: 85 km Distance from Friedrichshafen Airport: 96 km ◼ Distance from Innsbruck Airport: 173 km ◼ Distance from Zurich Airport: 176 km ◼ Distance from Munich Airport: 198 km ◼ ◼

Service | 77

Oberstdorf ski bus The ski bus that takes you to the Oberstdorf ski areas and the cross-country skiing trails is free of charge for skiers, snowboarders and cross-country skiers with visible winter sports equipment. The normal public service bus operates as a ski bus.

Please note that trips to and around the Kleinwalsertal Valley are subject to a charge. Ski passes alone do not entitle you to free transportation. Public transport holiday and day tickets are recommended for further journeys – including beyond our local borders!

Local infrastructure Public transport Visitors staying for several days can purchase Oberstdorf holiday tickets for 4, 7 or 14 days. Children under the age of 15 can travel for free when accompanied by a parent. The holiday tickets are valid on buses and Deutsche Bahn trains (excluding IC trains) throughout the southern Upper Allgäu region as well as in the Kleinwalsertal Valley. Bus rides to Füssen (free) year round and Lindau (+ €4.00 p.p.) in the summer plus the use of Deutsche Bahn trains to Martinszell are included.

Stand: Septemb

er 2021








Price: 4 days: €17.00; 7 days: €23.00; 14 days: €36.00 olders of an ID card for the severely disabled with a H valid travel token and their carer can use local public transport free of charge (excluding the Kleinwalsertal Valley and excursions). Without a travel token, only the carer is free.

Get active in winter Make the most of your visitor’s card and take a look at the activity programme. The handy brochure contains plenty of things to discover, lots to try out and many ways to get active with others. Local tours, health services and various guided

half and full-day trips are just some of the many activities available. What about a cross-country skiing, biathlon or snowshoe hiking taster course, for example? F or more information about the visitor programme, please see the brochure or check out the online event calendar at www.oberstdorf.de / veranstaltungskalender

78 | Service

Allgäu Walser Premium Card Enjoy premium benefits with your Oberstdorf visitor’s card Free services

Discounted services

Local bus service (village line no. 9) Parking (in selected car parks) ◼ Local guided tours ◼ Entry to the ice sports centre ◼ Bergschau (Oberstdorf market square, Fellhorn summit station, reception building at the Breitachklamm Ravine, Walserhaus in the Kleinwalsertal Valley) ◼ Use of the cross-country trails ◼ Free Wi-Fi in the Oberstdorf Haus, the Kurpark and the Alpenrose tourist centre in Tiefenbach ◼ Visitor welcome event every Monday at 10.30 a.m. in the Oberstdorf Haus ◼ Music programme and an opportunity to read the daily newspapers in the Oberstdorf Haus ◼ Bookshelves in the Oberstdorf Haus ◼ Visitor competition ◼ Oberstdorf stickers, magazine and local map ◼ Various visitor activities such as guided half and full-day hikes, guided tours of the local area, yoga and more. For a more detailed list of visitor activities, please see the brochure “Aktiv im Winter / Sommer” (“Get active in winter / summer”).

◼ ◼

Tourismus Oberstdorf visitor programme ◼ Library in the Gertrud-von-le-­FortGymnasium (high school) ◼ Breitachklamm Ravine ◼ Ice-skating at the ice sports centre ◼ Heimatmuseum ◼ P ublic transport holiday ticket for the bus and train (4, 7 and 14 days) ◼ Audi Arena with the Skywalk high ropes park ◼ Ski flying hill ◼ Marktbähnle ◼ Nebelhornbahn cable car ◼ Fellhornbahn cable car ◼ Söllereckbahn cable car ◼ Allgäu Coaster on the Söllereck ◼ Söllereck climbing park (summer) ◼ Tennis courts at the Fuggerpark (summer) ◼ Swimming in summer: Freibergsee Lake, Oberstdorf and Reichenbach Moorbad swimming pools; year-round: Wonnemar in Sonthofen, Aquaria in Oberstaufen ◼ Discounted entry to various events ◼ Individual children’s holiday programme activities

Free parking for overnight visitors in Oberstdorf With the Allgäu Walser Premium Card, visitors staying overnight in Oberstdorf can exclusively avail of free parking with a day ticket in selected public car parks. Parking ticket machines are labelled accordingly in these car parks. You can park free of charge* in the following car parks with your Allgäu Walser Premium Card: P1 and P2 by the entrance to the village ◼ Renksteg / Grüne Gasse and Renksteg / Wald ◼ Ski flying hill (Stillachtal Valley) ◼ Faistenoy (opposite the Fellhornbahn cable car) ◼

*except during major events

Service | 79

Public transport

Cable cars

Local bus Use of the village bus route (line 9, transfer from P1 / P2 to the Nebelhornbahn cable car and back) is free of charge for visitors with an Allgäu Walser Premium Card and already booked on your card.

GUT ticket Travel by cable car for 7 or 14 days in Oberstdorf and the Kleinwalsertal Valley.

Public transport holiday ticket for the bus and train Fares are payable when using the local public transport. We therefore offer visitors a “holiday ticket”, which can be used for 4, 7 or 14 days on buses and trains in the southern Upper Allgäu and Kleinwalsertal Valley. Adults: 4 days: 7 days: 14 days:

€17.00 €23.00 €36.00

Children under the age of 15 go free when accompanied by a parent. This package deal can be obtained from the Tourist Information Offices in the Oberstdorf Haus, at Bahnhofplatz, in Tiefenbach and Schöllang or directly from your host.

Unlimited use of up to 9 cable cars and chair lifts

Summit pass for pedestrians Travel by cable car for 7 or 14 days in Oberstdorf and the Kleinwalsertal Valley. Unlimited use of up to 9 cable cars and chair lifts

Entrance to the Breitachklamm Ravine


Incl. buses to the named tourist attractions


7 days: €129.00 14 days: €186.00

Only the oldest child in a family has to pay for the cable cars (must have been born between 2003 and 2014 and must be accompanied by an adult). All other children in the family travel for free! Children born in or after 2015 also go free. Only for hikers. Not suitable for use as a ski pass. This package deal can be obtained from the cable cars in the area or directly from your host.

7 days: €99.00 14 days: €140.00

Only the oldest child in a family has to pay for the cable cars (must have been born between 2003 and 2014 and must be accompanied by an adult). All other children in the family travel for free! Children born in or after 2015 also go free. Only for hikers. Not suitable for use as a ski pass. This package deal can be obtained from the cable cars in the area or directly from your host. Information about the visitor’s card … … can also be found in the value-added flyer available in the Tourist Information Offices and online at www.oberstdorf. de / gaestekarte-kurbeitrag

80 | Service

Addresses and information Index and providers Alpine information


Numerous winter hiking suggestions and interesting advice on winter hiking can be found at www.oberstdorf. de / w interwandern

Brutscher Reisen GmbH Nebelhornstraße 19 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 48 11 www.brutscher-reisen.de

Excursion destinations

Komm mit – Morent GmbH & Co. KG Sigishofen 29 87527 Ofterschwang Tel.: +49 (0) 83 21 / 6 71 00 www.komm-mit-reisen.de

Audi Arena Oberstdorf Am Faltenbach 27 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 80 90 300 www.audiarena.de Breitachklamm Ravine Klammstraße 47 87561 Oberstdorf-Tiefenbach Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 48 87 www.breitachklamm.com

Probst-Reisen GmbH & Co. KG Oberstdorfer Straße 3 87561 Oberstdorf-Rubi Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 36 20 www.probst-reisen.de

Eissportzentrum Oberstdorf Roßbichlstraße 2 – 6 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 700 - 51 50 www.eissportzentrum-oberstdorf.de

Regionalverkehr Allgäu GmbH (RVA) Im Steinach 4 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 9 67 70 www.rva-bus.de

Escape Room Oberstdorf Nebelhornstraße 33 b 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 300 42 00 www.escaperoom-allgaeu.de

Taxizentrale Oberstdorf GbR Bahnhofplatz 1 b 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 9 82 10 www.taxizentrale-oberstdorf.de

Oberstdorf ski flying hill Zimmeroy 1 / Stillachtal 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 7 00 - 52 01 www.skiflugschanze-oberstdorf.de

Taxi – Dachs Wolfgang Alpgaustraße 8 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 47 47

Disabled equipment GesundheitsEck Wheelchair hire and emergency services Ludwigstraße 2 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 9 40 80 32 www.gesundheitseck.de Haus Altstetter Scooter / rollator hire Hauptstraße 14 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 51 96 www.rollstuhl-urlaub-oberstdorf.de

Cable cars Fellhornbahn Faistenoy 10 87561 Oberstdorf Ifenbahn Auenalpe 4 6992 Hirschegg (D-87568) Kanzelwandbahn Walserstraße 77 6991 Riezlern (D-87567) Nebelhornbahn Nebelhornstraße 67 87561 Oberstdorf Söllereckbahn Kornau 58 87561 Oberstdorf

Walmendingerhorn Moostraße 4 6993 Mittelberg (D-87569) Contact person for all cable cars, Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 96 000 www.ok-bergbahnen.de

Alpine schools /  snowshoe tour providers Adventure-Reisen TD Rechbergstraße 11 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 806 72 Aktiv am Berg Enzenspergerweg 10 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 61 26 www.aktiv-am-berg.com Alpinschule Oberstdorf Im Oberen Winkel 12 a 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 94 07 50 www.alpinschule-oberstdorf.de Bergschule Oberallgäu Edelweißstraße 5 87545 Burgberg Tel.: +49 (0) 83 21 / 49 53 www.alpinschule.de Bergsport JA Pfarrstraße 3 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 9 87 40 47 www.bergsportja.de ICO (Impulse Consult Oberstdorf) Im Wasen 16 87544 Bihlerdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 21 / 8 70 33 www.impulsecompany.de Neue Skischule Oberstdorf Nebelhornstraße 61 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 33 72 www.neue-skischule-oberstdorf.de NTC Sports Fellhornbahn and Nebelhornbahn valley stations Nebelhornstraße 67 e 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 98 96 01 www.ntc-oberstdorf.de

Service | 81

OASE Alpin Center Bahnhofsplatz 5 87561 Oberstdorf Tel. +49 (0) 83 22 / 800 09 80 www.oase-alpin.de Wintersportschule Oberstdorf Kornau-Wanne 3 a 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 95 93 40 www.wintersportschule-oberstdorf.de

Mountain rescue / safety Oberstdorf standby mountain rescue Birgsauer Straße 35 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 22 55 www.bergwacht-bayern.de (Office during business hours, not an emergency number; the mountain rescue team for anywhere in the Alps can only be alerted by calling 112) Avalanche warning service www.lawinenwarndienst-bayern.de Tel.: +49 (0) 89 / 92 14 - 15 10 Video text: BR3 page 646

Camping / campervan sites Wohnmobilstellplatz Geiger Hermann-von-Barth-Straße 9 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 180 www.wohnmobilstellplatzoberstdorf.de Campingplatz Oberstdorf Rubinger Straße 16 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 65 25 www.camping-oberstdorf.de Campingplatz Rubi-Camp Rubinger Straße 34 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 /  95 92 02 www.rubi-camp.de

Ice stock shooting

Museums / exhibitions

Eissportzentrum Oberstdorf Roßbichlstraße 2 – 6 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 700 - 51 50 www.eissportzentrum-oberstdorf.de

Gerstruben farmhouse Open from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m on Thursdays from May to October

Paragliding Himmelsritt Gleitschirm Tandemflüge Oststraße 39 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 1 75 / 542 35 22 Niederacher Andrea Kornau 31 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 950 92 vogelfrei Tandemfliegen mit Profis OHG Oststrasse 29 a 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0)1 51 / 12 76 61 11 www.vogelfrei.de

Bergschau Oberstdorf “Bergschau 2037 NN” at the Fellhorn summit station, “Bergschau 830 NN” in the entrance building to the Breitachklamm Ravine in Tiefenbach and “Bergschau 813 NN” in the old town hall on the Marktplatz (market square) 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 95 94 84 www.bergschau.com Bildergalerie Ernst Thannheimer Nebelhornstraße 20 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 54 00 www.ferienwohnung-thannheimer.de /  galerie-startseite

IgluLodge on the Nebelhorn

Galerie AndO Oststraße 36 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 39 29 www.ando-kunst.de

Allgäu Events GmbH & Co. KG Samuel-Bachmann-Straße 1 87527 Sonthofen Tel.: +49 (0) 83 21 / 800 300 www.iglu-lodge.de

Galerie Bergidyll Freibergstraße 17 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 9 77 40 www.bergidyll.de

Kurfilmtheater Oberstdorf Oststraße 6 Tel. +49 (0) 83 22  /  97 89 70 www.oberstdorfer-kino.de

Galerie Oberstdorf in the Trettachhäusle Oststraße 39 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 1 71 / 8 54 42 22 www.sunshine-art.de / galerie

LOFT Oberstdorf Ludwigstraße 7 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 300 48 80 www.loft.bayern

Heimatmuseum Oststraße 13 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 22 18 www.heimatmuseum-oberstdorf.de

Climbing / bouldering / fitness

Paul-Bonatz-Haus Kornau 51 87561 Oberstdorf – Kornau Tel.: +49 (0)83 22  /  96 66 13


inform Oberstdorf Karweidach 1 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 79 79 www.inform-oberstdorf.de

82 | Service

Museums / exhibitions

Toboggan hire

Ski hire

Ski Museum Audi Arena Oberstdorf Am Faltenbach 27 Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 809 03 00 www.audiarena.de / ski-museum

Allgäuer Holzstadel Weststraße 2 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 83 13

A list of ski hire options can be found on page 18.

Alpe Dornach For local tobogganing Sesselweg 16 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 66 30

NTC Sports Nebelhornstraße 67 e 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 98 96 01 www.ntc-oberstdorf.de

Villa Jauss in the Fuggerpark Fuggerstraße 7 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 94 02 66 www.villa-jauss.de

NTC Funpark Nebelhorn NTC Sports Nebelhornstraße 67 e 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 98 96 01 www.ntc-oberstdorf.de

Horse-drawn sleigh rides Lohnkutscherei Blattner Oststraße 37 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 9 87 90 56 www.lohnkutscherei-blattner.de Lohnkutscherei Kreittner Fischerstraße 8 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 35 33 www.kutscher-willi.de Lohnkutscherei Schuster Hochstiftstraße 1 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 1 71 / 3 62 34 15 www.lohnkutscherei-schuster.de

Gaisalpe mountain restaurant For local tobogganing Gaisalpe 3 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 26 / 79 17 Bergsport JA Pfarrstraße 3 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 98 740 47 www.bergsportja.de Intersport Huber – Sport Kober e. K. Nebelhornstraße 11 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 53 81 www.sporthuber.com Sport Kiesel Oststraße 18 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 76 03 Neue Skischule Oberstdorf Nebelhornstraße 61 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 33 72 www.neue-skischule-oberstdorf.de

Ice skating Eissportzentrum Oberstdorf Roßbichlstraße 2 – 6 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 700 - 51 50 www.eissportzentrum-oberstdorf.de

Ski schools A list of ski schools can be found on page 18.

Snowbike / airboarding

Tennis Indoor tennis courts: inform Oberstdorf Karweidach 1 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 79 79 www.inform-oberstdorf.de

Oberstdorf Tourist Information Offices Tourist Information Office in the Oberstdorf Haus Prinzregenten-Platz 1 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 70 00 www.oberstdorf.de / tourist-info Tourist Information Office at the railway station Bahnhofplatz 3 87561 Oberstdorf Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 7 00 - 20 30 www.oberstdorf.de / tourist-info Tiefenbach Tourist Information Office Rohrmooserstraße 1 87561 Oberstdorf-Tiefenbach Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 7 00 - 20 31 www.oberstdorf.de / tourist-info Schöllang Tourist Information Office Schelchwangweg 1 87561 Oberstdorf-Schöllang Tel.: +49 (0) 83 22 / 7 00 - 20 32 www.oberstdorf.de / tourist-info


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