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December 2012 CLUB STAFF Nathan Cook…………….…General Manager Ines Mossbacher……….Operations Manager Erin Wimmer………….Group Fitness Manager Debbie Tisinger-Moore…......Racquetball Pro Marc Majdick…………………………Tennis Pro Kim Johnston…………...……Activities Director Kristina York………..….....Membership Advisor Nina Ruiz………...…….…Membership Advisor Randi Snyder…....Personal Training Manager


This year, OAC is celebrating the holiday spirit in several ways; OAC has a variety of Holiday gift packages and new logo attire available allowing our members to share the gift of fitness with their friends and family. Like always, we are hosting our annual Toy Drive that will put smiles on the faces of needy Simi Valley children. This year we are also hosting 2 major charity events in early 2013. On Saturday January 19th we will be hosting a Blood drive with the Rotary Club of Simi Valley and on Super Bowl Sunday our Second annual Amanda McPherson 5k/10k run. Weather you choose to utilize one of the options OAC has made available, or any other vehicle to share the holiday spirit, what is most important is that we remember that the Holiday season is about the spirit of kindness and giving and the amazing feeling when you brighten someone else’s life.

Happy Holidays from your OAC family.

oac club news Class Change: The 7:15pm class on Monday nights will be changes to Power Step for the month of December. Power Step includes basic step patterns with higher intensity, heart raising bouts. It includes speed drills, body weighted exercises and some weight training. This is an easy to follow class but high intensity!!

*December 7, 2012 OAC will close at 6 pm for our Annual Employee Holiday Party (Functional Circuit at 4:30pm Zumba at 5:30 pm will be cancelled for the day please adjust your workput accordingly)

AMENDED HOURS *DEC. 7 5am -6pm DEC. 24 7am until 4 pm DEC. 25 Closed DEC. 26 7am until 11pm. DEC. 31 7am until 4pm JAN. 1 NEW YEARS DAY 9am until 3pm (Child Care closed)

Holiday Jam Our annual Holiday Jam will be held on Wed Dec 19th from 8:30am-10:00am. This is a multi instructor class with different formats. Join us for a fun, energetic 90minute workout. This is a great way to meet new members and try a new class format. Hope to see you there!


P.N.O. is  CHANGED  for  December   only.  Use  this  opportunity  to  hit   some  of  those  Holiday  Parties  or   fit  in  some  last  minute  shopping    

December 14,  2012   6  pm  until  10  pm

TENNIS Pro's Tips by Marc Majdick, USPTA Professional and OAC Head Professional

“Spin your Serves” Your spin serve down the middle is your “go to serve” under pressure. The angle of returns should be in your strike zone. On second serve situations, we want you to say, “You should have hit my first one” (meaning: now you’re in trouble). This may seem to be fantasizing, but a nice deep, second serve, with spin, can be tough to return! To learn spin. Use a “continental” grip. Place Marc Majdick the ball on your strings, with TENNIS PRO your palm facing up. Now mimic your service motion and throw the ball off your "Turkey Shoot"  Social   strings. This will create this  Saturday,     a flinging type of motion. Feel the ball December  1,  10  AM-1  pM     roll off the strings. Next, w/  a  9:30  AM  warm  up!   hit the right side of the ball. This will create a  --  A  partly  cloudy  and   curving motion. 65  degrees  is  forecast."   When you combine   the two styles of serve, you are on your way to a “spin” serve. Start tennis club putting more topspin on the ball, by brushing up the hours of operation “back” of the ball. Add m-f 5:00am-11:00pm depth to the serve; and magically, s-s 7:00am-7:00pm you have a tough spin serve! court reservations required

Join USPTA Pro Marc Majdick for Doubles tips, and "Challenge Court" play!! Challenge ladders have begun!

Winter Junior Tennis Lesson Program starts on Monday, January 7. We have (2) 5-week sessions 1/7/13-2/10/13 & 2/11/13-3/17/13

The following 12-week Challenge Ladders have started. Participants may join through December 31. Participants must enroll in & pick Oakridge Athletic Club as your club. Challenge dates and times are flexible (made by the players/teams themselves). The fee is $3 payable to Oakridge. The following Ladders are offered: Open Men's Singles, Open Mixed Doubles, and Open Women's Doubles.

CONGRATULATIONS OAC 4.0 men's tennis USTA team flight champions


RacquetBELLS are Ringing"

Introduction to the game of Racquetball Date: December 12, 2012, Wednesday Time: 6:30pm Free to members and guests Racquets & Eye guards provided Be prepared to play Given by Debbie Moore, National Champion Sponsored by Wilson Racquetball

oac member perks

OAC Member perks receive discounts at all the businesses listed & check the website to find even more!

Trainer Tip

Keep it Moving During the Holidays! It's tempting to ditch your workouts as your days fill up with holiday preparations, parties and errands, but now more than ever, you need to stay active. Exercise will help you deal with added stress and give you energy for everything you need to accomplish. It will also help you manage your weight through the maze of parties and gatherings you'll be attending. If you have trouble sticking with your usual routine this time of year, come up with a new one. Forget the rules, lower your standards and do whatever you need to do to keep moving.

Randi Snyder personal training manager

GPT featuring TRX™! Join our Group Personal Training (GPT) classes for an awesome workout that will keep you looking good and feeling fit. GPT (featuring TRX) is a revolutionary method of leveraged bodyweight exercise known as suspension training. It was originally created by the U.S. Navy SEALS and has now been adapted for use in Group Personal Training. TRX allows the group trainee to safely perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility. For more information contact Randi Snyder


Shake of the month Cinnamon Roll Protein! 2 scoops vanilla Whey Powder 1 tbsp. sugar-free instant vanilla pudding 1/4 tsp. cinnamon 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract few dashes butter flavor sprinkles or butter-flavor extract 1 cup of milk of choice 4-6 ice cubes

Mix in blender …enjoy

Looking for a gift for that special person in your life? Give the gift of fit! Check out our Personal Training Holiday Gift Packs……

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Client Testimonial: My weight loss story begins with a full hip replacement I had in July 2011. I have always been extremely active in my fitness training throughout my several years at Oakridge Athletic Club. Nearly every day I would be in one of the many phenomenal fitness classes offered at Oakridge. The strength and stamina attained through these classes provided the ability to recover very rapidly from my surgery in a little over a month. I was cleared to return to the gym in August 2011 and began in the water aerobic and spin classes to re-establish my training schedule with minimal impact. Although I worked out intensely, my weight was consistently around 220 pounds. My sense is that my body must have become accustomed to the same sort activity and made the intensity the new normal and my weight was a reflection of this consistency. During my recovery, my doctor had mentioned that weight loss is a preventative against further joint deterioration. I walked by the TRX room each day and

wondered what it would be like to give it a try. Randi Snyder suggested that I give it a try in September of 2011. I soon understood that it was NOT a TRX class, but a GPT class, with a variety of exercises during the workout routine. Randi took the time to help me with the routine and as I gained better balance and renewed strength, the class became an addiction. Rope slams, kettle bell swings, Dyna ball slams, etc. all became intertwined into a body shaping and weight reduction fitness environment for me. Since my start about a year ago, I have lost over 30 lbs. as Randi never does the same routine on any given night. In addition to the GPT classes, I focused on eating breakfast regularly and have maintained good eating habits throughout this process.


will visit

OAC Kid’s Club December 19,

from 10 am until 11 am Save The date for the most current news, events and schedules visit our website at, follow us on twitter or like us on facebook

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How to strike a balance between diet and exercise If you've been sweating it out on a regular basis and the scale has barely budged— or worse, it spiked—you can likely blame an imbalance of two key weight-loss players: calories in (how much you eat) and calories burned (how much you worked off). What looks simple on paper gets tricky in practice, because a crazyhard sweat session not only torches calories and revs your metabolism but can also up your hunger quotient. Luckily, a few quick tweaks are all you need to make sure your workouts are helping—not hurting—your poundshedding efforts. Sweat by Numbers Sorry to break it to you, but your last ubertough workout probably didn't torch nearly as many calories as you thought it did. "People grossly overestimate how many calories they burn during exercise, especially when they think it's high intensity," says Eric Doucet, Ph.D., a human kinetics professor at the University of Ottawa. "Estimating calorie output can be an inexact science," says Georgie Fear, a registered dietitian for Precision Nutrition. That's because it involves factors like age, weight, body temperature, metabolic rate, and hormonal changes (to name a few) that are complicated, difficult to track, and ever fluctuating. Many cardio machines, for example, factor in just age and weight—and are calibrated for men. What's more, at higher intensities, or as the machines get older, the readouts may become less accurate.

Instead of focusing on numbers, monitor your intensity by focusing on your perceived effort—how difficult the workout feels. In the weight room, the last few reps of every set should be tough to finish (if they're not, bump up the weight or number of reps). During cardio workouts, add short bursts of speed to shock your body and spike your burn, suggests Mark Gorelick, Ph.D., an assistant professor of kinesiology at San Francisco State University. After warming up, speed up to your near all-out max effort (it should feel unsustainable) for 30 seconds, then slow to a conversational pace for three minutes. Repeat six times. Too easy? Adjust both the sprint and recovery to one minute. Calorie Conundrum If you've been logging tons of miles or you're a gym regular and you still aren't seeing changes, it's time to take a closer look at your diet. Moderately active women typically need a ballpark of 1,800 to 2,200 calories a day to maintain their weight, says Fear. To drop pounds, you'll need to shave anywhere from 250 to 500 calories a day from that total. Seems simple, right? Not quite. "After exercise, adrenaline and endorphins are flowing," says Howard Rachlin, Ph.D., a research professor at Stony Brook University. In this elated state, women often feel they deserve a post-workout treat or can splurge on a high-calorie lunch. Case in point: In a study published in The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, Doucet and his colleagues found that college students consumed up to three

4 3

times more calories than they burned during an earlier workout. Researchers think people may be less mindful of what they're putting into their mouths (as long as it's tasty). Not only that, many women also reward their gym efforts by being less active throughout the rest of the day (by, say, not taking the stairs or spending more downtime on the couch): In a 2011 study, women burned 70 fewer calories during the day after doing a hard workout compared with days they didn't hit the gym. Even if you can resist the reward mentality, how you feel after working out— exhausted, drained, possibly ravenous— can reinforce the idea that you burned a ton of calories and your body needs more fuel. Just take a look at the spread of goodies offered at the end of a 5-K. Grab a bagel, a banana, and coconut water and you've just canceled out your calorie burn. While serious athletes need pre-and postworkout calories to offset their demanding training, the average woman has enough glycogen stored in her muscles and liver to power her through a workout. Translation: Put down the sports drink, gel, or jelly beans. You don't need them after an hour at the gym. That doesn't mean post-workout noshing is entirely off-limits: Calories after a workout can be a solid investment, says

Fear: "They can help with muscle recovery and restore glycogen supplies so you won't reach for candy later." If necessary, beat exercise-induced hunger pangs with a 200-calorie snack (a mix of carbs and protein, like half a turkey sandwich) within 30 minutes of exercising. Just remember to figure the calories into your daily count—not in addition to it. The Perfect Balance Once you sync up your diet and workout, be patient—successful pound shedding takes time. "Fat loss and weight loss don't always go hand in hand," says Ben Hurley, Ph.D., a professor of exercise physiology at the University of Maryland. While endless cardio and a restrictive diet might lead to the fastest drops on the scale, you're often losing fat, water weight, and muscle mass. The combo of cardio, weight training, and healthy eating might mean slower losses, but you'll likely ditch flab while building good habits that you can maintain over time—meaning you'll look hot for years to come. Cardio Recalculation The calorie-burn counts on some cardio machines can be pretty inaccurate. To help combat this, increase your goal calorie burn by 30 percent, says Laura Streeper, an exercise physiologist at the Human Performance Center at the University of California at San Francisco. So if you go to the gym with the intention of burning 300 calories, aim for 390 calories instead.

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Signs You Have an Iron Deficiency Having an iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the United States. It's caused either by the body's increased need for more iron, not being able to absorb enough of it, or simply not getting the proper amounts of the nutrient in your diet. This common issue should not go unnoticed, especially since it can lead to anemia, a

condition caused by having low levels of healthy red blood cells. Not feeling your best? See if you match any of the symptoms common with an iron deficiency; it

might be time to call your doctor! Symptoms of an iron deficiency include: • Fatigue: Feelings of exhaustion, especially with exerting the body. • Inability to focus: Decreased work and school performance. • Learning disabilities as a child: Low cognitive and social development. • Difficulty maintaining body temperature: Hot or cold temperature waves. • Decreased immune function: More prone to colds and illnesses. • Glossitis: An inflamed tongue. If you suspect an iron deficiency, the only way to know is by a blood test. Contact your doctor to have them set one up, or, if you can't get to the doctor, make an appointment to donate blood. The center will do a quick finger prick test, and if your iron levels are up to par, they will allow you to donate. It's also important to include these low-calorie, iron-rich foods as a part of any healthy diet.

Oakridge Athletic Club

December 2012

OAC KID’S CLUB please join us for ‘parent’s night out’ the first Friday DECEMBER 14th of EVERY THIS month. Oakridge Athletic Club will be opening our kid's club for a *special event. kid’s club hours of operation Mon-Thurs Friday Saturday Sunday

8-1pm & 4-8:30pm 8-1pm & 4-8pm 8-1pm 8:30-1pm

Parent's can drop off their children with us starting at 6:00pm and leave the club to enjoy an evening out. *advanced registration required at the front desk

Get your OAC vintage t-shirt only $15.99

while supplies last!

available in both men’s & women’s sizes



5:30 *Spin (INTERVAL) Lisa 6:00 R.I.P.P.E.D. Jan



5:30 *Spin (INTERVAL) Erin W 6:00 Muscle Cond Karen

6:00 Kick w/ Bags JoAnn

8:30 Power Walk Erin W 8:30 Aqua Power Hour Teri 8:30 Step (ADV) Wendy 9:15 *Spin (INTERVAL) Jodi 9:30 Kick w/ Bags Kaye

8:30 Swim Cond Teri 8:45 R.I.P.P.E.D. Kaye

9:45 Corebar OAC Instructor

8:30 Power Walk Erin W 8:30 BOSU Wendy 8:30 Water Rhythms Teri 9:15 *Spin (INTERVAL) Jodi 9:30 Step (INT) Deborah

10:00 *Spin (INTERVAL) Randi

6:00 Muscle Cond JoAnn

8:00 Pilates Tania 8:30 Swim Cond Teri 8:45 Strength Endur. Wendy 9:45 Corebar Andrea / Kaye

12:00 Pilates Fusion Lisa 4:15 R.I.P.P.E.D. Basic Express Step Karen JoAnn *Spin (BASIC) Karen Muscle Cond 5:15 Corebar JoAnn OAC Instructor Aqua Power Hour Erin M ZUMBA 6:15 Kick w/ Bags Myra Andrea / JoAnn *Spin (INTERVAL) 6:15 *Spin (INTERVAL) Kaye Judy 7:15 Yoga (L1) Core & Restore Jan Barbara

12:00 Muscle Cond 45 Andrea

12:00 Muscle Cond 45 Jodi


4:30 Basic Express Step Debbie

4:30 *Spin (INTERVAL) Karen


5:15 Pilates (60) Tania


6:15 Corebar Lindsay 6:15 *Spin (INTERVAL) Sandy 7:15 Power Step Andrea Revised 11.27.12

6:15 6:15 7:15


6:00 Corebar Jan

7:30 Pilates Deborah 8:30 Power Walk Erin M 8:30 Power Step Erin W / Kaye 8:30 Aqua Step Teri 9:15 *Spin (INTERVAL) Sandy / Kaye 9:30 ZUMBA Mary

8:00 Step (ADV) 75 Wendy 8:00 *Spin (INTERVAL) Randi 9:15 *Spin (INTERVAL) JoAnn 9:15 Strength Endur. Wendy 9:30 Aqua Power Hour OAC Instructor

8:30 *Spin (ENDUR) Sandy/Jay 8:30 Muscle Cond. Jan/Andrea

9:30 ZUMBA Yumi

10:30 Yoga ACTIVE (L2) 10:30 Yoga ACTIVE (L1/2) Cindi - 75 min. Cindi - 75 min

12:00 Pilates Erin M. 4:15 R.I.P.P.E.D. JoAnn



10:00 *Spin (INTERVAL) Erin W

10:30 Yoga (L1) 75 Cindi

10:30 Yoga BASIC 75 Mikal

Friday 5:30 *Spin (ENDUR) Wendy

7:00 Pilates Jan 8:00 Pilates Erin M

(805) 522-5454

11:00 Kick w/ Bags Andrea 12:00 Muscle Cond Erin M / Anne 4:30 Functional Circuit Kaye

4:30 *Spin (BASIC) Jan

 *  denotes  class  in  Spinning  Studio            Spinning  sign-­‐ups  at  the  front  desk  

5:15 Muscle Cond Lisa 5:30 Aqua Boot Camp Erin M. 6:15 ZUMBA Karen 6:15 *Spin (INTERVAL) Jay 7:15 R.I.P.P.E.D. Lindsay

5:30 Zumba Yumi

   Minimum  age  for  classes  is  12  yrs    

   Shoes  required  for  all  classes  (except  Yoga          and  Pilates)    


40 min – Basic stepping patterns at a moderate to higher intensity. This class is easy to follow.


60 min - Total body conditioning on the BOSU Balance Trainer; get the most complete cardiovascular and strength workout in the least amount of time


60 min - A fusion of high intensity aerobic training / muscular endurance / balance using a weighted bar; a total body workout with focus on the core

Functional Circuit

60 min - Develop both strength and cardiovascular endurance in a fast paced circuit workout

Kickbox w/ bags

60 min - Kickbox style boot camp combining bag punching plus other circuits and drills off the bag

Muscle Conditioning

45 or 60 min - Develop muscular strength & endurance using dumbbells, weighted bars, etc.

Power Step

60 min - basic step patterns w higher intensity, heart raising bouts. includes speed drills, body weighted exercises & weight training. This is an easy to follow class but high intensity!!


60 min – Interval type class incorporating weights or resistance tubing, touching on Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance and Diet.

Step (INT)

60 min - Intermediate level, a bit faster & more challenging than basic level, adds more complex variations using all sides of the step; abs included

Step (ADV)

60 or 75 min - Advance level has complex moves and challenging step patterns; for the experienced stepper who likes physical and mental challenge

Strength Endurance

60 min - Strength endurance: a calorie burning full body workout using dumbbells, weighted bars, etc.


60 min - Dance style class fuses hot Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves for a dynamic workout


30 min - A quick and effective cardiovascular workout using the 5 core spinning moves


45 min - Interval level has varying degrees of intensity; steep hills to fast flats, a great way to get an aerobic workout


60 min - Advanced level class focuses on endurance; ride at a more consistent intensity level; for the experienced rider who likes a longer ride

OUTDOOR Power Walk

60 min - Outdoor walking class with both flat and hilly terrain

POOL Aqua Power Hour

60 min - Total body workout with no impact on the joints

Aqua Boot Camp

60 min. - Higher intensity water class that uses interval training to maximize caloric burn while building muscle strength & endurance. Includes use of both shallow and deep water

Aqua Step

60 min - Experience both aerobic and muscle conditioning on the step

Swim Conditioning

60 min - Masters swim conditioning for those who know how to swim; perfect your strokes, tone your muscles and build aerobic endurance

Water Rhythms

60 min - Deep water & interval exercise to strengthen & tone all the muscles in your body!

MIND / BODY Pilates

45 or 60 min - Incorporates strengthening and flexibility exercises that use your own body for resistance; special attention to breathing and alignment

Pilates Fusion

45 min - Incorporates Pilates principles and exercises plus additional floor work using BOSU

Yoga (BASIC)

75 min - Focuses on breath work and classic postures with detailed explanation; easy pace

Yoga (L1)

60 or 75 min - Multi level with the beginner to intermediate student in mind

Yoga (ACTIVE L2)

60 or 75 min - A more advanced yoga workout; should have some yoga experience

Yoga (ACTIVE L1/2)

60 or 75 min - Poses in a flowing sequence w/ emphasis on strength & stability; great for yoga enthusiasts who like a higher intensity workout; poses are held for longer duration 60 min - This class is for all levels. Begin w/ breath work to release chronic holding, followed by core strengthening & ending w/ restorative poses supported w/ blocks, straps & bolsters

Yoga Core & Restore Revised 11.27.12

(805) 522-5454


6:00 Level 2 Wendy


6:00 Level 3 Wendy


6:00 Level 2 Wendy

8:30 Level 2 Greg 9:45 Level 3 Wendy


(805) 522-5454

December 2012 Saturday

6:00 Level 3 Wendy

8:30 Level 2 Greg 9:45 Level 3 Wendy

4:30 Level 3 Wendy 5:00 Level 3 Wendy

6:15 Level 3 Randi


4:30 Level 3 Wendy 5:00 Level 3 Wendy

6:00 Level 2 Sandy 6:45 Level 2 Chris A.

6:15 Level 3 Randi

6:00 Level 2 Sandy 6:45 Level 2 Chris A.

Revised 11.26.12

GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING (G.P.T.) CLASS DESCRIPTIONS: TRX  Level  1:      TRX  Level  2:     TRX  level  3:   TRX  New  Member  L1:

Focus on full body/core strengthening and conditioning utilizing only the TRX and your own body weight. This class will be taught in a progressive format as is suitable for all fitness levels including those new to TRX; allowing up to 6 people per class. Focuses on strength building and core conditioning with an emphasis on cardio endurance. This class will use two or more modalities including TRX and will progress you to your peak fitness gradually; allowing up to 8 people per class. Advanced “boot-camp” style workout. This faced paced and intense workout will use many types of training modalities and will take your cardio endurance and strength training to the next level. Previous GPT experience recommended; allowing up to 10-12 people per class. Free Level 1 GPT trial class available to all new membersas an introduction to the basic skills of full body strength training utilizing TRX. Class will be limited to 6 participants only. *All Oakridge GPT trainers are qualified to safely modify any exercise to suit your fitness level.

FEE'S AND PRICING ALL GPT  CLASSES  ARE  MONTH  LONG  SESSIONS  (2  CLASSES  PER  WEEK) ALL  FEES  MUST  BE  PAID  IN  FULL  AT  TIME  OF  REGISTRATION No  prorating  ,discounts  or  refunds  of  fees  for  missed  classes Class  number  is    limited 11.1.12


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