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JUNE 2012 CLUB STAFF Nathan Cook…………….…General Manager Ines Mossbacher……….Operations Manager Erin Wimmer………….Group Fitness Manager Debbie Tisinger-Moore…......Racquetball Pro Marc Majdick…………………………Tennis Pro Kim Johnston…………...……Activities Director Kristina York………..….....Membership Advisor Jamie Isenberg.…….…Membership Advisor Randi Snyder…....Personal Training Manager


It’s summertime and during the summer months Oakridge has tons of programming beyond our normal Kids Club child care hours. Registration for our junior swim and tennis programs are going on now, with spaces filling quickly. We also offer family recreational swim time, and kids fitness classes daily. Do not lose all the fitness gains you have made thus far this year because the kids are out of school. Spend your summer at Oakridge, allowing you to keep getting your workouts in while the kids play and learn.

SUMMER SWIM Summer is just around the corner & the kids are home from school. Now is the perfect time to sign your kids up for private swimming lessons here at OAC. With unparalleled instruction, you can be sure that you child will become a confident swimmer. We offer instruction from beginning all the through advanced….maybe you need a refresher on stroke fundamentals. If lessons aren’t your thing, add your child to your membership and come to the OAC pool to relax and have fun. We offer daily recreational swim for families to beat the summer heat in Simi Valley. Please remember that in summer, more people choose to spend time at the pool, below are a few reminders on OAC pool safety

POOL SCHEDULE Monday - Friday

5am-8:30am • Lap swim only 8:30 -9:30am • water based classes 9am – 1pm • Lap Swim Only 1 – 3pm • recreational (family) swim 3pm – 5:30pm • lap swim only 5:30 – 6:30pm • water based classes 6:30– 8pm • lap swim only 8– 11pm • NO RESTRICTIONS

OAC Pool Reminders & Regulations • No running on the pool deck. • No diving or jumping off the edge of the pool. • Please do not sit or climb over the lane lines. • Food, drink, and glass containers are not allowed in or near the pool area. • Keep balls, Frisbees, and large inner tubes away from the pool and pool area • Kickboards and floatation devices are for lap swimming and fitness use only. • Please keep pool furniture at least 3 feet from pool edge. • Lounge chairs left unoccupied for more than 30 minutes will be cleared and made available to other members. • Lounge chairs or personal belongings may not block a walkway, Club entry, or exit. Pool usage may be temporarily restricted due to previously scheduled programs. Children using this pool must be under direct adult supervision at all times

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Sunburn Pain Explained Tips on How to Beat It Sunburn is one of the summer's most enduring stings, leaving a sore, red, peeling patch long after the day's rays give way to cooler nights. Ointments and Aspirin can help soothe the sear. Sunburns are the body's response to ultraviolet radiation, which kills some skin cells and permanently damages the DNA of others, sometimes leading to skin cancer later on. In an attempt to save the damaged cells with oxygen and nutrients, the body pumps more blood to the skin, turning it red. And the swollen blood vessels ooze plasma, causing blisters. "By the time you see your skin turning pink, it's almost too late," said Dr. Darrell Rigel, dermatologist at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City. "The damage has already happened." That damage, Rigel said, is impossible to undo. "The best thing you can do is protect yourself from the sun," he said. "Wear a broad-brimmed hat, avoid being outside when the sun is at its strongest, and use sunscreen. We know those three things together lower sunburn risk and subsequently lower the risk of skin cancer." But the sun is sneaky. And

even those who protect themselves fall victim to the odd pink shoulders or red feet. Rigel shared these tips for beating the pain and

protecting the tender skin after getting burned: Take an Aspirin Aspirin is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory that acts directly on chemicals known to play a role in sunburn pain. It will work better than acetaminophen. Keep It Cool The burn will release heat because of the increased blood flow. Sunburn creams that contain menthol will cool the skin. Stay Hydrated, Moisturized Damaged skin loses its ability to retain water. Drink lots of water, and use a heavy moisturizer like Vaseline. Avoid using topical anesthetics or antihistamines, which can lead to reactions on the newly exposed, immature skin.

Resist the Urge to Peel Normally it takes about 28 days for the cells at the base of the skin to work their way to the surface, where they die and are shed as individual cells. But when that process is packed into fewer days by a burn, the cells have less time to separate from their neighbors, and tend to come off in sheets. Let this happen naturally. Peeling the skin can leave a scar, and can even lead to an infection. Stay Under Cover If you have a blistering sunburn, you should stay out of sun for a week. The skin is already damaged and more sun will make it worse. If you have to go out, wear a hat and protective clothing. The best protection comes from fabric that is wooly, dark and a tight weave -- not ideal for 90degree heat. But new synthetic fabrics are lightweight, quick to dry and offer up to 50 SPF. Don't Forget The tops of the feet, shoulders, nose and ears are the body parts most often missed during sunscreen slathering.

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TENNIS OAC’s comprehensive youth program is

unparalleled for children 4 through 18, beginners through advanced tournament players. Introducing your child to the lifelong game of tennis is our priority — whether they join us for recreation and socialization, or to hone their competitive edge. Programs include: • Instruction: classes, clinics, and lessons • Junior team tennis league • Tennis camps

Instruction: Classes, Clinics, and Lessons Our staff of USPTA professionals takes enormous pride in the quality of instruction we offer. Lessons and clinics are available for every skill level on a year-round basis. We cater our coaching to your child's individual needs — or the needs of the group.

Private, one-on-one, lessons are available to

strengthen every aspect of your child’s game. Our classes teach basic drills, serves and sportsmanship, according to each class level. All classes allow for special attention to individual needs. To schedule a lesson or inquire about youth instruction, contact our OAC Tennis Pro Marc Majdick or send us an email. tennis Note: Children who are not on their parents’ membership can still participate in the program for additional charge.

Junior Team Tennis League This program also includes a high school boys and girls team, which has regular practices during the off-season of their school team. Children who are not on their parents’ membership can still participate in the tennis program for additional charge.

Pro's Tips by Marc Majdick, USPTA Professional and OAC Head Professional Non-Hitting Hand On your forehand groundstroke, swing your non-hitting hand to the side, shoulder height. This will coil your body; and allow for a longer forward release. On your forehand volley, counter balance your racket hand, with a "copy cat" front hand. We call it a "y" hand position. On one handed backhands: place your nonhitting hand back, as though, it is on an "invisible wall". On serves and overheads, keep your non-hitting hand up, as the racket head drops behind your back. Your non-hitting hand, will key your preparation for better strokes!! Marc Majdick TENNIS PRO

all new tennis fitness schedule is here! follow the link to the view the exciting new programming

tennis club hours of operation m-f s-s

5:00am-11:00pm 7:00am-7:00pm

court reservations required

OAC hosts a wide variety of social events to connect our tennis-playing members, including, ‘Pour n Play’, Men’s & Women’s Club Championships, Spring Fling & OAC Even the Field, Play Your Handicap. We host many annual Socials, group outings to watch major tournaments, and more. View the program calendar for more information Club Pro; Marc Majdick

TENNIS OAC Friday Tennis "Fun" Night Tennis Social Friday Night June 15th 6:00-9:00 PM Come out and attend our Junior- Adult "Fun" Tennis Night Celebrate "School is out" with us, on the tennis courts. Beginners and seasoned players are encouraged to come out and enjoy playing tennis! Sign up at or on the Tennis Bulletin Board. "Drop in" players are welcome as well. Please e-mail our tennis Pro, Marc Madjick or sign up, on the OAC Tennis Bulletin Board!

Tennis Leagues are set to start up again,

If you missed the last league now is your chance to sign up before they begin. Sign up in the OAC Tennis Center. Both the Women’s League, Wednesday’s at 6:00pm & Mixed Doubles, Wednesday’s at 8:00pm will begin on June 6th with the next league beginning on August 29th. The OAC Men’s league, Monday’s at 7:00pm will begin on June 18th and the next Men’s league will follow on August 27th

Don’t miss the Annual OAC 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 Women's Doubles Championships, Saturday and Sunday, July 14th & 15th.

Mark it on your calendar, this is a must see! Prizes will be awarded to the top two teams. The entree deadline will be Monday, July 9th.

Next on the schedule is The Annual OAC 3.5, 4.0 Men's Doubles Championships, Saturday and Sunday, July 21st & 22nd. Prizes will be awarded to the top two teams. The entry deadline will be Monday, July 16th. Marc Majdick will be the tournament director for both tournaments. You may sign up online with Marc, or on the OAC Tennis Center Bulletin Board $15/ member/ $30/ member team $20/ nonmember/ $40/ nonmember team You are encouraged to sign up with a partner.

Come out and support our OAC Group Nights for the UCLA Farmers Classic.

In 2012, the Farmers Classic will feature a 28-player singles draw and a 16-team doubles competition. In its 86th year, the landmark Southern California ATP tournament is the longest running annual professional sporting event in Los Angeles, and offers total player compensation in excess of $1 million. Round of 16 Singles, Thursday Night, 7/26 - Tickets $30; Semifinals Singles, Saturday Night, 7/28 - Tickets $45 (tickets are discounted $10 for each night).

Seats are in the green, yellow, and white section by the broadcast booth. Sign up with Marc, or at the OAC Tennis Center Bulletin Board. Payments are payable to Marc Majdick. Seating placement is based on order of payment date. We hope you can attend!!

TENNIS reminders & regulations OAC Tennis Club Etiquette • Please wait until all players have completed the point before walking onto any court. • Be courteous to your neighbors and do not scream or talk loudly on outdoor courts. • Throwing your racquet or using foul language is not permitted. • No gum, food, or beverages other than water on the courts. • Before leaving, pick up your belongings and place any garbage in the receptacles provided. • Please leave the court promptly when your time expires. If you’d like an extension, return to the tennis reservation desk after your reserved time is finished. • Please turn off cell phones before entering the courts.

Dress Code • Appropriate attire must be worn at all times. • No swimsuits, cut-offs, or bare feet are allowed on the tennis courts. • Regulation tennis shoes are required on the courts. We do not allow running shoes. • Gentlemen are not permitted to wear tank tops. • Shirts are required while on the courts



Debbie Tisinger-Moore RACQUETBALL PRO 3 time Peggy Steding Athlete of the Year 21 U.S. Open Singles Titles 21 World Senior Singles Titles 16 U.S. National Doubles Titles 9 U.S. National Singles Titles 11 Women’s National Senior Master Titles

click for more racquetball info Racquetball courts hours of operation m-f s-s

5:00am-11:00pm 7:00am-7:00pm

court reservations required

OAC Racquetball Pro, Debbie TsinigerMoore, received The Peggy Steding Award for Female Age Group Athlete of the Year!! She was also presented with the award at the annual Hall of Fame ceremony at the U.S. Nationals Singles Championships. Debbie again won two Gold Medals at the U.S. National Championships for Womens 45+ and Womens 50+. Like Mother like daughter, her daughter, Janel Tisinger, won the Gold Medal in the 25+. That is quite an accomplishment for both ladies, Give them both congratulations next time you see them on the OAC home courts. please contact our racquetball pro, Debbie, for more information on racquetball events

Racquetball Tip: How many of you racquetball players have competed in games where you get to 12, 13, or 14 points and cannot close the deal? Remember, whatever strategies and offense got you to those scores should get you to 15 points. It is all-mental!!!! Some players get close to winning the game only to find themselves "trying to keep from losing" instead of "playing to win". Again, it is allmental. Focus on every serve. Be prepared for every rally. Stay focused and determined until the very end. Remember, your opponent has nothing to lose, so play harder and better. It is not over until you hear…… "Game point and match".

RACQUETBALL PBD Sbdrvfucbmm Mfbhvf xjnnfst; MENS B: 1st place/Jess Padilla 2nd place/Bryan Myers MENS A: 1st place/Rafi Bazi 2nd place/Tom Fry MENS C: 1st place/Dave Auzat 2nd place/Rich Montanio DOUBLES: 1st place/Frank Saraceno 2nd place/Michael Brasier

o Donhsbut uo0 bmm"

OAC JUNIOR RACQUETBALL CAMPS for July and August Don't forget Junior Racquetball Class Fridays at 4:15pm and Junior Racquetball League Fridays at 5:15pm.

SAVE THE DATE “The Ripper" Racquetball Tournament is Saturday, June 9th. Join the fun and celebrate Father's Day.

Trainer Tip Focus on adding to your diet, not taking away Often the negativity associated with taking certain foods out of the diet can hinder our progress. As a result, we get nowhere fast. In addition to this, when you add nutrient packed foods to your diet, you will naturally eat less of the unhealthier foods you’d like to avoid. This is because you feel more satisfied from the volume of the other foods you are eating, your body is getting more of the nutrients it needs, and so you crave food less.

Randi Snyder personal training manager

Summer is Almost Here! Join our Group Personal Training (GPT) classes for an awesome workout that will keep you looking good and feeling fit all summer long! GPT (featuring TRX) is a revolutionary method of leveraged body-weight exercise known as suspension training. It was originally created by the U.S. Navy SEALS and has now been adapted for use in group fitness training. TRX allows the group exerciser to safely perform hundreds of exercises that build power, strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility. For more information contact Randi Snyder or sign up at the front desk. The next four (4) week session will begin on June 4th and this style of group training is offered at so many different time’s and day’s combinations that it could fit into even the most hectic of schedules.

PERSONAL TRAINING o uif nonui Tiblf og o o Vmujnbuf Qoxfs oo Csfblgbtu Tnoouijf • • • • • •

1 cup of low or nonfat milk (try almond, rice, soy or hemp) 2 tbsp. vanilla flavored yogurt ½ cup oatmeal (cooked) 2 tbsp. of nut butter (try almond or cashew) 2 tbsp. chocolate protein powder Ice cubes

Njy jn cmfnefs ' fnkoz" o

Health News Home cooked meals may add more years to your life. A new study found that people who cook at home are more likely to live longer. Generally when people eat out they will make unhealthier choices and consume more food than they would normally at home. Try not to eat out more than twice per week.

NEW YEAR, NEW YOU CHALLENGE, & THE WINNER IS…….. Congratulations to our “New Year, New You” Calorie Burn Challenge winner Denise Cifu! Denise won our grand prize drawing of a 52 inch flat screen, wall mount television! Denise along with all of the other participants of our calorie burn challenge did an outstanding job of exceeding their 12,500 calories burned goal. OAC would like to thank you all for participating and we look forward to doing it with all of you again next year!

GROUP FITNESS OAC would like to welcome new Spin instructor Jay Sucher. Jay teaches Interval Spin on Thursday nights at 6:15pm. Come try his class. He is so motivating, uses a variety of heart pumping music and gives you a great workout in a fun atmosphere!

OAC Puts on Purple! May 18th was ‘Put On Purple Day’ to bring awareness to the autoimmune disease, Lupus. If you have lupus, your immune system attacks healthy cells and tissues by mistake. This can damage your joints, skin, blood vessels and organs. There are many kinds of lupus. Anyone can get lupus, but women are most at risk. Lupus is also more common in African American, Hispanic, Asian and Native American women. The cause of lupus is not yet known.

OAC would like to thank you for your support and “Rockin’ Your Purple”!

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GROUP FITNESS How to Relax Sore, Tired Muscles LOOSEN TIGHT MUSCLES Learn how you can use yoga exercises to loosen tight, sore muscles For some of us, the only kinky thing we've got going is our muscles. Those tension knots you feel begin when calcium and other minerals collect in your muscles and radiate pain. You can release the snarl by putting pressure on its trigger point. Try these maneuvers that take a new angle at an old knot.

1. Headaches: Base of Skull Place your fingertips on the base of your skull, where your neck muscles attach. Use the heel of your other hand to support your fingers and exert pressure. Relax your neck and let your head rest in your hands as you rub in small strokes across the muscle fibers.

2. Arch/Heel Pain: Calf Sit on the floor or in a chair and cross

your legs so that your right calf rests on your left knee. Slowly move your calf back and forth across your knee without sliding the skin, using the knee to work deep into the muscle.

3. Lower Back Pain: Glutes Locate the outer knobs of your sacrum (the bottom of your spine). Slowly rub the spot with a tennis ball against a wall a couple of times a day until the knot is gone.

4. Neck Pain: Upper Back Place your fingers on the muscle between your neck and shoulders (your trapezius) and knead up and down with short firm strokes so you work across the muscle fibers.

5. Hand Pain: Upper Forearm Sit in a chair and rest your forearm on your thigh. With a loose fist, place your knuckles at the top of your forearm, just below the elbow crease, and rub with short strokes. Kneading with your knuckles allows you to penetrate deeply without tiring your fingers.

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PWFSMPPLFE BOE VOEFSBQQSFDJBUFE; IPW UP VTF UIF SPWJOH NBDIJOF o o Vtjnh uif Soxjnh Ujqt Gos Nbdijnf the rowing machine can be intimidating, but once you get the hang of it, it's an effective way to spice up your cardio routine. But while the rowing machine, also called an ergometer, is a calorie buster (about 280 calories in 30 minutes for an 130-pound woman) and a good leg and core workout, improper form can lead to back injuries if you're not careful. Read on for our tips on proper rowing form. Before you start, there are a few things to note about using the rowing machine. Make sure you wear formfitting clothes; otherwise you risk getting fabric caught in it while working out. Don't set the resistance too high — experienced rowers generally use the rowing machine at 3-5 during their workouts, so setting the machine at 2 or 3 is perfect for a beginner. Keep your strokes per minute somewhere in the low- to mid-20s as well. There are different ways to measure your workout, so use

the change display button on your machine to track your strokes per minute, calories burned, kilometers traveled, or your split (how many minutes it takes you to travel 500 meters). Beginning Position For your first row, set the resistance low while you figure out your form, then slowly ramp it up on subsequent rows. Secure your feet on the pads with the straps tight enough so your feet don't move around as you slide. Bring your knees up and slide to the top of the machine. Grab the handle using an overhand grip, but don't hold too tightly. Pull the handle with you as you slide to the end of the machine. Your legs should be straight, but knees should still have a slight bend in them so they aren't locked. Lean back slightly and pull your hands up to your chest, holding the handle so it is right below your breasts, with elbows

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pointing down against your sides. This is the position where you should begin your workout, and it's also your ending position once you complete a full stroke. The Catch Move your arms out first, followed by your upper body. Your back should always stay straight, not slumped, with shoulders back and abs engaged as you follow through. As your arms extend out, your upper body position will go from slightly angled back to slightly angled forward. As your arms extend and body leans forward, slide your body forward on the seat by bending your legs. Once you are at the top of the machine, your arms will be fully extended and legs will be bent. This part of the stroke is called the catch. The Drive To slide back to your finish position, push off with your feet first, so that your legs straighten but your arms are still extended and your body is still slightly leaning forward. The drive is the part of the workout that

mimics pulling the oars out of the water and propelling the boat forward, so it's this part that works your leg and core muscles the most As you continue to push through with your legs, move your upper body so that you begin to lean back The last part of your body to return to finish position are your arms; as your upper body angles back, pull the handle and bend your arms so that the handle ends up back to touching the front of your chest, just like how you started. Don't grip the handle too hard; the power should be through your legs, and using too much force while pulling the cable can cause hand blisters as well as back problems. Continue practicing your stroke slowly and at low resistance until you get the hang of it! It can be helpful to break the moves down into a sequence of what should move first: "arms-body-legs" as you pull up to the top of the machine and "legs-body-arms" as you push back.

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OAC MEMBERSHIP PBD TVNNFS Nfncfstijq Do you have a returning college student or family visiting to take advantage of the beautiful California summer? Then stop by the membership office and Kristina can help you set them up with a temporary summer membership. With so much to do like racquetball, state of the art fitness equipment, tennis and the socials that come with it, or just relaxing by the pool, there is something for everyone.

$79/member $99/non-member

FF  ibwf PBD hjgu dbse jn zvs xbmmfu@

Refer a member For the entire month of June, when you refer a member, you will receive a $100 gift card for each member you refer. If you have a friend or family member that you think would enjoy the benefits of membership that Oakridge brings, visit Kristina in the membership office and she can take care of the rest. Remember that along with your membership at Oakridge you also receive reciprocal benefits at Lost Canyons golf club (including FREE golf on your birthday), Coco Beach Tanning and many more.


Simi Valley Arroyo DEBBIE TSINGER- Creek Half Marathon, 5K & 10K MOORE The Arroyo Creek ½ Marathon will be held on

Sunday, June 24 Congratulations to our Employee of the Month, Debbie Tisinger-Moore. Debbie worked from December 2007 until November 2010 at the Front Desk and also took charge of our Racquetball Department. Since 2010 she made Racquetball her priority at Oakridge. Debbie has earned numerous Racquetball Titles throughout the years and she is an Award Winning Tournament and Racquetball League Director. Thank you for all your dedication and effort.

Proceeds from this event will benefit Loving heart Hospice Foundation, serving all of Ventura County and a portion of the San Fernando Valley. Our first Half Marathon was held June 26, 2011 and we estimate we had over 500 participants. We expect approximately 1000 to 1200 at our 2012 run. The Arroyo Creek ½ Marathon takes place in a very scenic Arroyo that runs the entire length of Simi Valley. The route is flat and in a wildlife corridor which makes it desirable for all runners and walker alike.

gs uif nt dvssfnu nfxt- Please join us for the Arroyo Creek fwfnut bne tdifevmft wjtju Half Marathon, which will be held at vs xfctjuf bu the Rancho Simi Community Park (The blsjehfgjuntt/dn - gmmx vt duck Pond Park) on June 24, 2012 n uxjuufs Ablgju s mjlf vt n gbdfcl bu blsjehf


Hey, Oakridge Members! Exercise your benefits at Lost Canyons Did you know‌ With your Oakridge Membership you receive: 10% off any Lost Canyons Memberships 20% off Merchandise in the Pro Shop 20% off Golf Rounds 15% off F&B (excludes alcohol)

20% off Golf Clinics - Includes Private and Junior Free Birthday Foursome Round Preferred Rates on Corporate, Social and Charity Tournaments.

Monthly Golf Clinics Monthly Golf Specials Monthly Early Bird 9-Hole Specials

Monthly Happy Hour 9-Hole Specials Preferred Pricing on Corporate Meetings/Events

For more info: visit or scan the tag with your phone.

Get the free mobile app at

http:/ /

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7 Ways to Get Your Body SwimsuitReady, Starting Now, so you can come out & enjoy the pool at OAC this summer Tank tops, shorts, and swimsuits… oh my! It’s June, which means you’ve had to peel off your winter clothes soon. While only you know what you’ve been hiding underneath all those layers, you’re not the only one who feels insecure this time of year. Although you can safely lose only about 1 to 2 pounds of body fat a week, you can feel more confident by swimsuit season if you begin making changes today. Here are 7 attainable goals to set and stick to, starting now: 1. Get your sweat on with strength training! If you want to feel good in your bathing suit, this is nonnegotiable: Fit your workout in, no excuses! Commit to a full-body strength-training program at least three times a week to burn calories during the workout, boost your metabolism‘s calorieburning power for 24 to 48 hours after, and develop lean muscles that look and

feel better than flab. Perform exercises that use more than one muscle group such as squats, pushups, rows, and lunges in a circuit to make your workouts most efficient. Tip: Try working out in the morning to get your metabolism revved up for the rest of the day. 2. Make your butt and belly your top priorities. Your glutes (butt muscles) are the biggest muscles in your body, so working them out is one of the best ways to burn calories—and prevent a saggy bikini-bottomed butt. (There’s nothing worse!) Of course, everyone knows that the real key to looking great in a bathing suit is having a flat belly! Give both areas extra attention during workouts leading up to and during bikini season by performing this move right after warming up at the beginning of each workout, 2 to 3 times a week: Bridge Marching: Lie on your back with your knees

bent and your feet flat on the floor. Lift your hips off the floor so your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees, keeping your hips parallel to the ground. Maintaining that straight line, lift your right knee upward, so your foot comes up off the ground. Then, return it to the starting position and lift your left knee the same way. Continue alternating (as if you are marching in place), keeping your butt muscles contracted the entire time for a total of 10 on each leg. 3. Drink extra water. Skimping on water can reduce the effectiveness of your workouts because even mild dehydration can affect your performance and fatburning potential. If you need another reason to drink up, swallow this:

4 5

the best way to rid yourself of excess water weight is to flush your body with water. You should drink at least half your body weight in ounces each day (e.g., a 150-pound woman should drink 75 oz. or the equivalent of about four and a half 16.9 oz. bottled waters a day). Just don’t skimp on the ice! Research has shown drinking ice-cold water causes your body to work harder (i.e., burn more calories) to maintain its ideal core temperature. So gulp down the cold stuff like it’s your fat burning fuel—because it is! 4. Increase your daily intake of natural diuretics. These are foods that increase the speed at which fluids pass through your body to help you de-bloat. Natural diuretics include cucumbers, asparagus, lemon, green tea, and any foods with a higher concentration of magnesium, potassium, vitamin C, and/or caffeine. Tip: Try adding cucumber or lemon to water. 5. Cut back on processed, starchy carbohydrates such as breads, pastas, bagels, cookies, and crackers. Most of these foods are loaded with extra sodium and preservatives that can contribute to water retention and bloating. If the ingredients on a packaged item list more than a few ingredients—or anything you can’t pronounce—don’t eat it. Instead, opt for a serving of one of the many fresh fruits and veggies now in season, with lean protein to keep you satisfied.

6. Reduce your alcohol intake. If you’re used to having a glass of wine or pint of beer every night, try cutting back to two or three nights a week. You’ll reduce your total calorie intake and set yourself up for a better night’s sleep to energize you for your workout the next day. Tip: When you do indulge, always sandwich your drink with a glass of water before and after to avoid alcohol’s dehydrating effects. 7. Stand up taller and engage your core muscles. Think about tucking your hips underneath and tightening up your stomach as if you were going to be punched. Improving your posture will instantly make you look thinner—even if you haven’t lost a pound yet! —And train your body to hold everything in once you’re in a swimsuit. Every 15 minutes, set an alarm for a “posture check” to train your body: If you’re standing, stand up straight and hold everything. If you’re sitting, pull those shoulders back and engage your stomach muscles.

Oakridge Athletic Club


OAC KID’S CLUB please join us for ‘parent’s night out’ the first Friday of EVERY month. Oakridge Athletic Club will be opening our kid's club for a *special event. kid’s club hours of operation Mon-Thurs Friday Saturday Sunday

8-1pm & 4-8:30pm 8-1pm & 4-8pm 8-1pm 8:30-1pm

Parent's can drop off their children with us starting at 6:00pm and leave the club to enjoy an evening out. *advanced registration required at the front desk





9:00 Advanced Marc

9:00 Beginner 9:00 Intermediate Jack Marc 9:00 Intermediate/Advanced 9:00 Advanced Sean Marc

10:00 Intermediate Jack

10:00 Intermediate Jack

10:00 Intermediate Jack

10:00 Intermediate Jack

10:00 Intermediate Jack

10:00 Advanced Marc

10:00 Advanced Marc

10:00 Advanced Marc

10:00 Advanced Marc

10:00 Advanced Marc

11:00 Beginner Jerry

11:00 Intermediate Jack

11:00 Beginner Jerry 11:00 Hot Shots Marc

11:00 Intermediate Jack

11:00 Beginner Jerry

3:00 Beginner Jerry

3:00 Beginner Jerry 3:00 H.S. Girls Sean 4:00 Intermediate Jack

11:00 Advanced Marc 3:00 Beginner Jerry

4:00 Penn league w.o. Marc

5:00 Penn league w.o. Marc

3:00 Beginner Jerry 3:00 H.S. Girls Sean 4:00 Intermediate Jack 4:00 H.S. Boys Sean 5:00 Advanced Marc 5:30 Tennis GPT Wendy

6:00 Ladies Double Strategy Sean 7:00 *Men's League Revised 5.17.12

4:00 Penn league w.o. Marc 4:15 Tennis FUNdamentals Jerry 5:00 Penn league w.o. Marc

11:00 Advanced Marc 3:00 Beginner Jerry 3:30 *Junior Davis Cup Marc

7:00 Men's Double Strategy Sean

** please  contact  our  Tennis   Pro  Marc  Madjick  for  Junior   Placement.  

league starts  dates:   Women’s  Doubles  League   Wednesday's  6  pm   June  6th   Aug  29th                                           Mixed  Doubles  League   Wedensday's  8  pm   June  6th   august  29th        

Men's Doubles  League   Monday's  7  pm   June  18th   august  27th    

start dates:  

6:00 Adult Serve & Return

7:00 Adult workout D.I. Marc


GPT   Tennis  CondiMoning  

Jack 7:00 Adult workout D.I. Marc


4:00 H.S. Boys Sean 5:00 Advanced Marc 5:30 Tennis GPT Wendy

6:00 *Women's League

June 18th - Aug. 24th


9:00 Beginner 9:00 Intermediate Jack Marc 9:00 Intermediate/Advanced 9:00 Advanced Sean Marc

9:00 Intermediate Jack

(805) 522-5454

June 4   July  9     Aug  6  

*social dates:   August  17th    

*all socials  start  at  7:00pm  


Designed for children 7-11 years of age. Teaches the fundamentals of tennis in a fun environment. Free to attend

Hot Shots:

Designed for children 4 - 6 years of age. Introduction to basic skills with "fun" group tennis activity. Requires pre-registration.


Designed for children 7 - 11 years of age. Basic fundamental overall tennis skill development; with emphasis on rallying skills. Requires pre-registration.

Intermediate:   Advanced:    

Designed for children 8 - 13 years of age. Full range of skill development with the goal of "playing a tennis game". Requires pre-registration & Placement is required for this group Designed for children 8 - 14 years of age. Preparation for "competitive tennis" including offensive & defensive game strategies. Requires pre-registration & Placement is required for this group

Penn League  W.O.:  

Designed for children 8 - 14.skill development through drills in response to "outside of class" junior league play. Placement is required for this group

*Junior Davis  Cup:

Designed for children 8 - 14. This is a longer workout of skill development and competitive drills play. Goals are to improve match play. Placement is required for this group

High School  Boys  and  Girls  Doubles  Strategy  Drop  In  (D.I.):

Current and potential J.V. & Varsity High School Team players. Skill fundamentals and singles & doubles strategy. Competitive drills will include offensive & defensive patterns of play. Skill development from live ball drills, emphasizing "high percentage" doubles patterns of play.

Adult workout  Drop  In  (D.I.):

This class is for adults. Continuous "game based" tennis play. Class is on a 'drop-in basis', NO sign-ups are required.

Serve &  Return  Drop  In  (D.I.):

This class is for adults. Coaching on fundamentals; including specific drills for serving and service returns. Class is on a 'drop-in basis', NO sign-ups are required.

Tennis GPT: *Men's/Women's    League:

This workout is specifically designed to help improve your tennis game by increasing your strength, speed, agility and stamina while on the court .No racket is required, meet on court # 4 Fun, competitive 8 week, night league play for adults. Requires pre-registration

FEE'S AND PRICING Hot shots  1  time  per  week    -­‐  2  week  sessions-­‐    members  $20/  non  members  $24 Junior  lessons  2  times  per  week    -­‐  2  week  sessions-­‐    members  $40/  non  members  $48                           Junior  lessons  3  times  per  week  -­‐  2  week  sessions-­‐    members  $60/  non  members  $72 Penn  League  Workout  -­‐  2  week  session  (4  classes)  -­‐  members  $40/  non  members  $48 Junior  Davis  Cup      -­‐    members  $52/  non  members  $64  (4  week  session-­‐  once  per  week,  1.5  hour  class) High  School  Girls/Boys  -­‐  2  times  per  week  -­‐  2  week  sessions  -­‐  member  $40/  non  member  $48 Tennis  league    -­‐    8  week  1  time  per  week,    members  $25/non  members  $40 Adult  Drop  In’s  (D.I.)  -­‐  member  $10/non  member  $12  (per  class) GPT  Tennis  conditioning  -­‐  members  $112/  non  members  $125  (4  week  session  2  times  per  week)



6:00 boot camp Wendy

6:00 boot camp Wendy

8:30 boot camp Randi 9:45 boot camp Wendy

Wednesday 6:00 boot camp Wendy


5:00 boot camp Wendy

June 4th thru June 29th Sunday

6:00 boot camp Wendy

9:30 **GPT intro class/ Make-up class Chris

4:30 boot camp Wendy 5:00 boot camp Wendy

5:30 strength Sandy 6:15 boot camp Randi

(805) 522-5454


8:30 boot camp Randi 9:45 boot camp Wendy

4:30 boot camp Wendy

5:30 strength Sandy 6:15 boot camp Randi

6:30 boot camp Chris A. 7:15 strength class Greg


**Sunday Schedule   June  23rd  -­‐  GPT  Intro     June  23rd  -­‐  GPT  Make-­‐up  Session    

* indicates  1  (one)  session  per  week  

6:30 boot camp Chris A. 7:15 strength class Greg

Revised 5.14.12

GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING (G.P.T.) CLASS DESCRIPTIONS: Boot Camp  TRX:     Moderate to high intensity class combining cardio and strength training exercises utilizing a variety of equipment to give a fun and challenging total body workout. Strength  Conditioning  TRX:     Moderate intensity class focusing on a progression of exercises on and off the TRX designed to increase strength and endurance for full body conditioning. *Private  G.P.T.  Classes:   Classes are offered for people who wish to have a workout designed specifically for the needs of their group. Great for kid/teen/adult sports specific training or general fitness. These classes will not be on the schedule and will not be open to other members. Email Personal Training Manager Randi Snyder for more information

FEE'S AND PRICING 2 (two)  CLASSES  PER  WEEK  $112  -­‐  3  months  paid  in  full  $300 ALL  GPT  SESSION  ARE  4  (FOUR)  WEEKS  TOTAL ALL  FEES  MUST  BE  PAID  IN  FULL  AT  TIME  OF  REGISTRATION No  prorating  ,discounts  or  refunds  of  fees  for  missed  classes Class  number  is    limited Make  up  classes  offered  2  times  per  month



5:30 Spin (INTERVAL) Lisa 6:00 R.I.P.P.E.D. Jan



5:30 Spin (INTERVAL) Erin W 6:00 Muscle Cond Karen

6:00 Kick w/ Bags JoAnn 6:15 BCK2ABS** Erin W.

(805) 522-5454




5:30 Spin (ENDUR) Wendy 6:00 Muscle Cond JoAnn

6:00 Corebar Jan 6:30 BCK2ABS** Wendy

8:00 Spin Conditioning Randi 8:00 Step (ADV) 75 Wendy

8:30 Power Walk Erin W 8:30 Aqua Power Hour Teri 8:30 Step (ADV) Wendy

8:30 R.I.P.P.E.D. Kaye

9:15 Spin (INTERVAL) Jodi

8:30 Swim Cond Teri 9:30 Corebar OAC Instructor

9:30 Kick w/ Bags Kaye

9:45 Spin Conditioning Randi

10:00 BCK2ABS** Jodi

8:30 Power Walk Erin W 8:30 BOSU Wendy 8:30 Water Rhythms Teri

8:30 Strength Endur. Wendy

9:15 Spin (INTERVAL) Jodi

8:30 Swim Cond Teri 9:30 Corebar Andrea / Kaye

9:30 Step (INT) Deborah

9:45 Spin Conditioning Erin W

10:00 BCK2ABS** Jodi

12:00 Muscle Cond 45 Andrea

4:15 R.I.P.P.E.D. JoAnn

4:30 Basic Express Step JoAnn

4:30 Spin (INTERVAL) Karen

4:30 Spin (BASIC) Karen

4:15 R.I.P.P.E.D. Karen

8:30 Spin (ENDUR) Sandy

9:30 ZUMBA Mary

9:15 Spin (INTERVAL) JoAnn 9:15 Strength Endur. Wendy 9:30 Aqua Power Hour OAC Instructor

10:00 BCK2ABS** Sandy / Kaye

10:00 BCK2ABS** JoAnn

9:15 Spin (INTERVAL) Sandy / Kaye

9:30 ZUMBA OAC Instructor

11:00 Kick w/ Bags Andrea 12:00 Muscle Cond Erin M / Anne

4:30 Basic Express Step Lisa 4:30 Spin (BASIC) Jan

5:15 Corebar OAC Instructor

5:15 Muscle Cond Lisa

6:15 Spin (INTERVAL) Sandy

5:30 Aqua Power Hour Erin M

6:15 Kick w/ Bags Andrea / JoAnn

5:30 Aqua Power Hour Erin M.

6:15 Corebar Lindsay 7:15 R.I.P.P.E.D. Andrea

6:15 Spin (INTERVAL) Kaye

6:15 Spin (INTERVAL) Judy

6:15 Spin (INTERVAL) Jay 6:15 ZUMBA Karen 7:15 R.I.P.P.E.D. Lindsay

Revised 6.1.12

8:30 Muscle Cond. Andrea/Jan

12:00 Muscle Cond 45 Jodi

5:15 Muscle Cond JoAnn

6:15 ZUMBA Myra

8:30 Power Walk Erin M 8:30 Power Step Erin W / Kaye 8:30 Aqua Step Teri

4:30 Functional Circuit Kaye

** Studio  2  (upstairs  spin  studio)    

Minimum age  for  classes  is  12  yrs    

Shoes required  for  all  classes  (except   Yoga  and  Pilates)





7:00 AM Pilates 45 Jan



7:30 AM Pilates 45 Deborah 8:30 AM Pilates** Erin M

10:30 AM Yoga BASIC 75 Mikal / Norma 12:00 PM Pilates 45 Erin M 5:15 PM Pilates Tania

(805) 522-5454

7:15 PM Pilates Tania 7:30 PM Tai Chi** Steve

8:30 AM Pilates** Stephanie 10:30 AM Yoga (L1) 75 Mikal 12:00 PM Pilates Fusion 45 Lisa 7:15 PM Yoga (L1) Cindi

10:30 AM Yoga ACTIVE (L2) 10:30 AM Yoga ACTIVE (L1/2) Cindi - 75 min. Cindi - 75 min

7:30 PM Tai Chi** Steve




10:45 AM Toddler Toting Ages 1-3 & parent

4:15 PM Fitness FUNdamentals Ages 7-11

4:15 PM Fitness FUNdamentals Ages 7-11



10:45 AM Toddler Toting Ages 1-3 & parent

4:15 PM Tennis FUNdamentals Ages 7-11

4:15 PM Fitness FUNdamentals Ages 7-11

4:15 PM Racquetball FUNdamentals Ages 7-11


CLASS DESCRIPTIONS: Studio, Spinning, Outdoor, Pool STUDIO CLASSES Ballet Boot Camp

60 min - Amazing strengthening & toning workout. Includes balancing techniques, calf specific exercises, intense leg & inner thigh focus, abdominal and back exercises, & stretching techniques.

Basic Epress Step

40 min – Basic stepping patterns at a moderate to higher intensity. This class is easy to follow.


20 min - Abs & back strengthening; improve posture & help reduce risk of back injury


60 min - Total body conditioning on the BOSU Balance Trainer; get the most complete cardiovascular and strength workout in the least amount of time

Cardio Dance

60 min - Variety of different dance styles for a fun cardiovascular workout.

Cardio Kickbox

60 min - Basic kick and punching drills for a complete cardio workout


60 min - A fusion of high intensity aerobic training / muscular endurance / balance using a weighted bar; a total body workout with focus on the core

Functional Circuit

60 min - Develop both strength and cardiovascular endurance in a fast paced circuit workout

Kickbox w/ bags

60 min - Kickbox style boot camp combining bag punching plus other circuits and drills off the bag

Muscle Conditioning

45 or 60 min - Develop muscular strength & endurance using dumbbells, weighted bars, etc.

Power Step

60 min - Intense, no-nonsense interval training workout for all levels of fitness; can be hard or easy


60 min – Interval type class incorporating weights or resistance tubing, touching on Resistance, Intervals, Power, Plyometrics, Endurance and Diet.

Step (BASIC)

60 min - Basic stepping moves put into basic patterns at a moderate intensity; abs included

Step (INT)

60 min - Intermediate level, a bit faster & more challenging than basic level, adds more complex variations using all sides of the step; abs included

Step (ADV)

60 or 75 min - Advance level has complex moves and challenging step patterns; for the experienced stepper who likes physical and mental challenge

Strength Endurance

60 min - Strength endurance: a calorie burning full body workout using dumbbells, weighted bars, etc.


60 min - Dance style class fuses hot Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves for a dynamic workout


30 min - A quick and effective cardiovascular workout using the 5 core spinning moves


40 min - High enrgy, cardio class w/ a mix of spinning & interval exercises done off the bike to give you an intense full body workout, includes warm-up & cool down


45 min - Interval level has varying degrees of intensity; steep hills to fast flats, a great way to get an aerobic workout


60 min - Advanced level class focuses on endurance; ride at a more consistent intensity level; for the experienced rider who likes a longer ride

OUTDOOR Power Walk

60 min - Outdoor walking class with both flat and hilly terrain

POOL Aqua Power Hour

60 min - Total body workout with no impact on the joints

Aqua Step

60 min - Experience both aerobic and muscle conditioning on the step

Swim Conditioning

60 min - Masters swim conditioning for those who know how to swim; perfect your strokes, tone your muscles and build aerobic endurance

Water Rhythms

60 min - Deep water & interval exercise to strengthen & tone all the muscles in your body! Revised 6.1.12

(805) 522-5454

CLASS DESCRIPTIONS: Mind / Body, Kids Club MIND / BODY Pilates

45 or 60 min - Incorporates strengthening and flexibility exercises that use your own body for resistance; special attention to breathing and alignment

Pilates Fusion

Wake Up Yoga

45 min - Incorporates Pilates principles and exercises plus additional floor work using BOSU 60 min - Often called “moving mediation," can be done by all ages and fitness levels; regular Tai Chi practice reduces stress, improves energy and promotes a positive philosophy of life 60 min - Multi level incorporating breath work and poses to start your day right and invigorate you

Yoga (BASIC)

60 or 75 min - Focuses on breath work and classic postures with detailed explanation; easy pace

Yoga (L1)

60 or 75 min - Multi level with the beginner to intermediate student in mind

Yoga (ACTIVE L2)


60 or 75 min - A more advanced yoga workout; should have some yoga experience 60 or 75 min - Yoga poses in a flowing sequence with emphasis on strength and stability; great for yoga enthusiasts who like a higher intensity workout; poses are held for longer duration 60 min - A combination of Yoga & Pilates. This class focuses on strengthening the core while also working on flexibility

Yoga 20/20/20

60 min - 20 minutes of core, 20 of yoga, and 20 of restorative work; all levels welcome

Tai Chi

Yoga (ACTIVE L1/2)

Kids Club Toddler Toting

45 min - For 1 to 3 year olds and their grownups; class combines music and activities that reinforce gross motor skills

Kid's Fitness FUNdamentals 45 min - For ages 7 to 11; class focuses on helping kids establish healthy exercise habits with each class focused on a skill set; includes team building and games Racquetball Fundamentals 45 min - For ages 7 to 11; teaches the fundamentals of racquetball in a fun environment 45 min - For ages 7-10: teaches the fundamentals of tennis in a fun environment. Tennis FUNdamentals

Kids Club Membership Guidelines * * * * * *

Kids Club memberships are available for children ages 4 to 11 Children ages 4 and 5 receive unlimited access to Swim Time Children ages 6 to 11 receive unimited access to Swim Time and Kids Classes 12 year old children may use the full facility supervised by a parent Children 13 and older may use the full facility without restrictions Children 15 and younger must be part of a family membership

OAC June newsletter  
OAC June newsletter  

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