2020 Oakland Zoo Impact Report

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Human connection driving conservation


Photo: Steven Gotz


We have an impact on conservation through medicine specifically, and there’s opportunity for us to have even a greater impact, to help as many wild animals as possible in addition to really practicing high-level, state-of-the-art, compassionate care for animals that live here at the Zoo. DR. ALEX HERMAN, VICE PRESIDENT OF VETERINARY SERVICES

From the Board of Trustees At the beginning of 2020, we were building on the success of the California Trail, increasing attendance to the Zoo, and adding conservation wins with condors and mountain lions. Then, shelter-in-place hit. The health of our guests, our residents, and the conservation and rescue animals we care for depends on a robust team. Like any great biome, our Zoo is a resilient, dynamic and diverse system, interdependent and strong. 2020 proved that life’s interdependence on this planet is increasing and failure to take heed is catastrophic. COVID-19 forced every part of our organization to reflect on how we embody these truths now and in the future. From conservation to fundraising, from guest experience to animal care, respecting these connections has been our one constant. From the edges of the Budongo Forest to the corner of 106th and Malcolm Ave outside our gates, Oakland Zoo succeeds because we know none of us can reach our goals alone.

arrivals joined us safely and continue to thrive, including Kijiji the giraffe, Aluna the baboon, and the next generation of our bison restoration project. Education overcame shelter-in-place challenges to bring professionals and students together. Our staff kept guests safe and distanced while maintaining the Oakland Zoo experience, one of the nation’s best. We said good-bye to plastic water bottles and other single-use plastics. Our community’s overwhelming generosity and willingness to share our message allowed us to begin our financial recovery and increase the number of families who now call Oakland their zoo.

We immediately adapted procedures to maintain world-class animal care. We continued condor and mountain lion rescues, including media favorite Captain Cal and his adopted sisters. Conservation care leadership helped two endangered native species fight back through two projects, the vaccination of wild riparian brush rabbits and the release of 115 Foothill yellow-legged frogs. New

As we look forward into this new year and beyond, we bring with us the lessons of 2020. Thank you for all you have done to keep the vision and mission of our Zoo going during unprecedented times. We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

With gratitude,

Dr. Joel Parrott President & CEO

Pamela Schock Mintzer Chair



COMMUNITY SUPPORT You supported Oakland Zoo when we needed help the most If we had any questions about the impact we are making for our community, they were answered by the outpouring of support from thousands of individuals concerned for the Zoo’s well-being. In 2020 we received the largest number of donations in 98 years. Whether you subscribed to Behind-the-Scenes Live, donated to our Animal Care or Pantry Campaigns, renewed your membership, donated to receive a bracelet from 6-year-old Andy Soulard, bid during our LollapaZoola fundraiser, or put your mask on and came out to spend a day with us at the Zoo when we could be open – YOU kept us afloat. You sustained us through this critical period and enabled us to continue our mission to connect people of all ages to the natural world. Thank you.

Zoo Leadership Board of Trustees: Officers


Pamela Schock Mintzer Chair

Kim Burdick

Steven McCann

Nancy Clark Vice Chair

Michael Bruck

Jeff McKinnon

Jennifer Fall

Rahul Merani

Marv Friedman

Joel J. Parrott, D.V.M.

Elogeanne Grossman

Kevin M. Rodriguez

Patrick Sherwood Treasurer

Jessica Huard

Peter Ross

Magnus Jonsson

Justin Steele

Jeff Marshall Secretary

Kathryn Lancaster

Cynthia Stoddard

Cathy Langridge

Lea Bolster Van Ness

Liz Ludwig

Chris Westover

Erin Dogan Harrison Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Amy Gotliffe Vice President of Conservation

Dennis DeDomenico Vice Chair

Executive Team Dr. Joel Parrott President and CEO Nik Dehejia Executive Vice President Colleen Kinzley Vice President Animal Care, Conservation, and Research Randy Kyle Vice President of People and Culture

Kristin Heller Vice President of Development

Dr. Alex Herman Vice President of Veterinary Services

Mark Stuart Vice President of Operations

Caterina Meyers, PhD Vice President of Education

Michelle Myers Vice President of Experience and Engagement

Bob Westfall Vice President of Park Services

It makes me so proud of the Zoo to know that we’re the “go to” option for rescues, and that we put as much care into centipedes as we do into mammals! Volunteering at the Zoo is a dream come true! HATTI HAMLIN, ANIMAL CARE VOLUNTEER




11.7k DONORS


for Conservation

gave to the Oakland Zoo


VIEWS ON FACEBOOK of our Captain Cal story


NEW FEMALE GIRAFFE named Kijiji joined the herd




CAPTIVE-REARED FOOTHILL YELLOWLEGGED FROGS returned to the wild in a pioneering initiative

RIPARIAN BRUSH RABBITS vaccinated for a deadly virus and released back to the wild




by 6-year-old Andy Soulard’s bracelet-making fundraiser

66k 365k



for the Animal Pantry by our docents and volunteers

MEALS SERVED to Zoo animals




VOLUNTEER HOURS total for 2020




for “Best Place to Take the Kids” in Oakland Magazine



of our new virtual Cocktails & Conservation series


HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS completed our PG&E Internship Program


of Behind-the-Scenes Live




ANIMALS RESCUED AND TREATED by our Veterinary Hospital, 4 California condors, 5 mountain lion kittens

40k lbs PLASTIC REDUCED FROM THE ENVIRONMENT as a result of Zoo-wide Say No to Plastic campaign


CAMERA TRAP PHOTOS of native wildlife taken for the Urban Wildlife Study Program

IT ALL DEPENDS ON US Caring for animals during the closing (and re-closing) Caring for animals is a complex and daunting challenge, even in the best of times. With the onset of shelter-in-place orders, our Zoo teams had to quickly figure out how to continue care for all wildlife conservation rescues, including California condors with lead toxicity and mountain lions injured in wildfires, and maintain the geriatric, emergency, and wellness care provided at all times to the Zoo’s now 850+ residents. Because hospital care requires an essential medical team working closely together, we created separate but rotating Veterinary Hospital units to prevent the loss of the whole crew if a member got sick. This new rotation significantly reduced available veterinary medical providers on any given shift, but we proudly carried a full load of cases.


Since much of the Animal Care work happens outside and distanced, this team worked as a large unit meeting Zoo animals’ daily needs. For indoor activities, such as caring for cold-sensitive species like our tropical fruit bats, team members ensured that optimal ventilation, sanitization, and masks were always in place. Our most famous patient in 2020, Captain Cal, a mountain lion cub found by a Cal Fire firefighter in the Zogg Fire, offers a perfect example of the range of services the Zoo continued to provide during the pandemic. Captain Cal required daily anesthetic procedures, including three surgeries, complex bandage changes, nutrition and hydration, and treatment for pneumonia, anemia, and severe infection from the burns. The unexpected addition of two female cubs also orphaned by wildfire gave Cal a vital emotional and mental boost during this fraught time. Happily, Cal and his sisters (now named Goldie and Poppy in honor of their home state) now reside at the Columbus Zoo, healthy, connected, and cared for. While COVID-19 is still a part of our everyday experience, the veterinary team has come back together, volunteers have begun to return, and the robust high standards of animal care at the Zoo continue into the new year.

I couldn’t be more proud of how quickly our animal care and veterinary teams implemented workplace safety measures in order to ensure that all of the Zoo’s animals are cared for through the pandemic. The health of our animals very clearly depends on the health of our staff. COLLEEN KINZLEY, VICE PRESIDENT OF ANIMAL CARE, CONSERVATION, AND RESEARCH


Animal Care Arrivals Bison calves In May through June, while the rest of us were sheltering in place, seven bison calves decided to emerge. Part of the Iinnii Initiative established by the Blackfeet Nation, these bison will travel to Montana with their mothers early next year to help rebuild the once massive bison population in that area. Participation in the linnii Initiative represents the Zoo’s ongoing commitment to preserving animals and ecosystems by healing communities. Two donors named a red dog (baby bison) this season. Their names are as different as our donors! Waahkiaap (Blackfoot for “back home”) was chosen to honor the program and M. Bison is based on a video game character!

Baby baboon Aluna Oakland Zoo’s Hamadryas Baboon Troop continues to grow! In June, Mocha, who became a first-time mother last year to Mousa, gave birth to her second baby. Aluna joins a multigenerational family, making her the second member of Oakland’s third generation!

Two male joeys, Maka and Jiemba Two common wallaroo joeys surprised keepers this year. Born the size of a grain of rice, these two climbed up to their mothers’ pouches, revealing themselves only by their movement inside the pouch and eventually taking a peek at the big wide world. These kids will ride around in that pouch to stay safe well after they can hop on their own.


Kijiji giraffe Born in Kansas in 2018, Kijiji arrived in Oakland in April 2020 in a carrier specially designed for a young giraffe. Since her arrival, Kijiji has joined the giraffe habitat at her own pace, while Animal Care keep close tabs on her mood and health. Her natural curiosity has helped her fit in just fine. When Kijiji is older she will become a mother and continue to build the Oakland giraffe family.

Jaidee wreathed hornbill Jaidee might not look like a chick, but he is! Wreathed hornbills have a unique way of nesting that protects mother and baby until the chick has grown the feathers it needs for flight. Jaidee will find a new home at another Association of Zoos & Aquariums-accredited (AZA) facility to help Malaysian wreathed hornbill populations grow. Pair-bonded, Mom and Dad will stay in Oakland and reuse Jaidee’s nest box next year.



34 Milky tree frogs


Military macaw


Hamadryas baboon


Curly hair tarantula


Madagascar reed frogs


Common wallaroos

4 California condors (rescues)


Superb starling


Spotted turtle


American bison

1 Malayan wreathed hornbill

21 Riparian brush rabbits (rescues) 1 Red-lored amazon parrot 1

Lilac crowned amazon parrot

141 Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frogs


Nigerian goats

95 Mountain yellow-legged frogs


Henkel’s leaf-tailed geckos

13 Poison dart frogs


Golden silk spider

15 Malaysian dead leaf mantis 15 Giant thorny walking sticks 11 5

Mountain lions (rescues)


Guira cuckoos

13 Taveta golden weavers 1

European rabbit


Slender tailed meerkat


Reticulated giraffe

10 Lesser flamingos


ENDING ILLEGAL WILDLIFE TRADE Working with local and global partners to end planet-damaging trade Oakland Zoo joins the AZA in taking a clear stand against the illegal wildlife trade. The demand for illegal wildlife--for food, for pets, and medicine--has driven many species to the brink of extinction. Markets where sick animals live in crowded conditions create an opportunity for species-specific diseases to spread into new hosts. COVID-19 may have spread to humans from such a market. Through informing our local community, caring for animals taken by authorities, and supporting conservation organizations in the field financially, Oakland Zoo continues to fight against the illegal wildlife trade.


ILLEGALLY CAPTURED PARROTS released back into the wild by our partner organization ARCAS


Illegally transported animals from all over the world enter the United States throughout the year. As a local leader, Oakland Zoo can drive attention to this global problem within our community. We have integrated anti-poaching messaging throughout the Zoo and created outreach programs to spread the word beyond the Zoo’s boundaries. Our Animal Care and Veterinary Hospital work with local authorities to heal confiscated animals and to find the best forever home for each animal’s circumstance. The animals are released to the wild, to a new home within our zoo community or at a high-quality animal conservation facility. By purchasing artwork from communities living near wild spaces, the Zoo’s gift shop supports animalfriendly commerce, decreasing the need for illegal trade as a source of income. We provide grants and capacity building to support the work of local conservationists who are on the ground every day fighting to recover, heal, and return the wild animals that have been stolen from their habitats. Organizations like ARCAS in Guatemala fight to preserve the heritage of their wild spaces. Big Life in Kenya employs hundreds of local Maasai rangers, and maintains a network of field stations to protect East African areas that majestic elephants and other wild animals call home.

The demand for wild animals as pets, exotic food, or medicine is ethically wrong, ecologically destructive, a serious threat to wildlife populations, and a main cause of zoonotic disease. The global pandemic we are now experiencing informs us that embracing a nature-connected mindset is critical for all inhabitants of our planet, and the only way forward. AMY GOTLIFFE, VICE PRESIDENT OF CONSERVATION


Teaming Up to Save Native Species – Foothill Yellow-Legged Frog Even when closed to the public, our conservation work continues! This year, despite the pandemic’s challenges, Oakland Zoo advanced conservation medicine in two vital projects to protect two native species, California riparian brush rabbits and Foothill yellow-legged frogs. Foothill yellow-legged frogs are listed as threatened in the California Endangered Species Act. While petitions are being filed to add federal protection, we continue our work Taking Action for Wildlife with our conservation partners, U.S Fish and Wildlife Services, U.S Forest Service, and California Department of Fish and Wildlife, to prepare a release into the wild. Oakland Zoo’s Biodiversity Lab provided continuous care for a year to raise these little ones and prepare them for a safe launch into their native habitat. Building on Oakland Zoo’s previous success raising and releasing endangered Mountain yellow-legged frogs, we returned 115 Foothill yellow-legged frogs to Plumas National Forest in Cresta last June, marking the first-ever release of these endangered frogs into the wild. While we are proud of our work, we know more can be done to protect this population. Building on this year’s advances, we are developing a husbandry manual so other organizations can participate in the study and care of these frogs into the future.


Pushing Conservation Medicine Forward Protecting fragile native rabbit populations The riparian or Californian brush rabbit faces possible extinction from a virus originating in Europe, the Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV2). These cottontail rabbits are a critical part of the ecosystems they inhabit as both herbivores that manage the plant life and as sources of food for predators. Our vaccination project began with 21 rabbits captured from the San Joaquin River National Wildlife Refuge near Modesto. These remarkable rabbits underwent 82 procedures at the Oakland Zoo Veterinary Hospital, from full physical exams to treatment for wildlife diseases, to ensure the rabbits were otherwise healthy. After these procedures, a small group of the rabbits received the vaccination. While domestic rabbits have been vaccinated successfully, this was a first for a wild population and, due to the fragility of the population as a whole, staff vigilantly observed responses to the vaccine, searching for any sign of complication. None emerged. To date, working with our partners, 200 rabbits and counting have been successfully vaccinated. Data collected in post-vaccination lab tests are being assessed by California Fish and Wildlife to help other threatened wild-rabbit populations. We are proud that our work here at the Oakland Zoo Veterinary Hospital may have provided a Noah’s Ark for this beautiful, complex little California rabbit species and for California rabbits in general.



UGANDA: AN ECO - TRIP WITH IMPACT Partners in the solution In November 2019, VP of Conservation, Amy Gotliffe, and 16 “delegates� embarked on a goodwill Eco-Expedition to deepen connections between Oakland Zoo and four of our Africa-based conservation partners. Travelers on this trip sought to make a difference. They attended workshops on conservation, culture, and wildlife-friendly shopping. They carried donated supplies from the entire Zoo Community to our hard-working field partners, from microscopes to raingear, books to backpacks, and even a dart gun for our chimpanzee vets.


OF CHIMPANZEES IN BUDONGO suffer injury or infection due to wire snares


Focus on chimpanzees The Budongo Forest Reserve, home to 3,000 chimpanzees, is one of six protected areas in Uganda, though illegal hunting still threatens wildlife. Wire snares, set for duiker or pig, often catch chimpanzees, resulting in nearly 25% suffering injury or infection. Former poachers who commit to quit trapping have a viable alternative in the Goat Program, which includes goats, training on their care, and ongoing veterinary treatments led by the award-winning Dr. Caroline Asiimwe During the visit to the community, our team assisted Dr. Caroline in deworming over 400 goats in a single day! Focus on young people and women Conserving wildlife depends on young people’s connection to the natural world. We participated in a BSRP local school training on living with chimpanzees, using materials funded by Oakland Zoo. We brought needed supplies to the Kibale Fuel Wood Project’s (KFWP) five science centers, helping young leaders promote a shared habitat for all. The KFWP is another long-time partner of Oakland Zoo and an exemplary organization working to end deforestation. Delegates got their hands dirty helping to plant trees, build fuel-efficient stoves, and make ecocharcoal out of sustainable materials that decrease the demand for wood from the forest. We joined in KFWP’s Competition Days, day-long festivities and contests to celebrate nature and chimpanzees and the communities that work together to support them. The Community Action Project (CAP) offers a sustainable livelihood for women near the Kibale Forest. Delegates met artists creating colorful handcrafted beads made from recyclable materials and got to buy directly. The Oakland Zoo purchases CAP beads and sells them as part of the Beads for Chimps program. Focus on lions Lions in Queen Elizabeth Park, losing prey to invasive species, hunt domestic cattle or goats, devastating families, who sometimes retaliate by poisoning lions. The Uganda Carnivore Project addresses these conflicts through education, research, lion-monitoring, fortified livestock enclosures, and mediation. Delegates also spent time with the Lion Recovery Fund, learning how organizations work together to protect these beautiful cats. 17

BRING THE ZOO H ME In March, closure pushed us to consider how we could continue serving as an active community resource during this critical time. We needed new ways of connecting with people of all ages that were both unique and meaningful. Here are some of the exciting programs we launched this year, available to students and lifelong learners worldwide and close to home.

Behind-the-Scenes Live This subscription-based service featured a daily 20-minute interactive live program highlighting animals, keepers, and viewers’ questions. Our final broadcast aired on June 10, and all 49 episodes are now available on our website free of charge.

Cocktails & Conservation This monthly virtual happy hour combines a meet and greet with some of the world’s most incredible conservationists with a fun cocktail-making tutorial by a local restaurant or bar. From Madagascar, Guatemala, Panama, and beyond, we learned how conservation heroes work on the ground every day to save endangered species and their habitats. New dates coming for 2021!

Virtual ZooCamp While we had to cancel in-person ZooCamp this summer, we remained committed to our campers and to authentic wildlife interaction. This June, we piloted a free, week-long virtual camp adventure.

OAKLAND ZOO’S DIGITAL REVOLUTION LollapaZoola After we canceled Walk in the Wild and closure continued into the summer, we decided to host LollapaZoola, our first virtual fundraiser. An anonymous donor challenged us to match a $500,000 donation. With Warriors hypeman Franco Finn, our animals, the bands Dirty Cello and Steel Jam, we hosted a program from the Zoo that engaged 2000 viewers and raised $506,850!

Virtual Animal Meet and Greet Perfect for a special day! Groups can join a Zoom call with one of our educators and two “Zoo ambassador” animals, such as a hedgehog or chuckwalla. Guests learn about the biology and conservation of these ambassadors. Got a question? Ask away!

ZooSchool Shifting all of our on-site programming onto a virtual platform expanded our reach beyond our beloved Bay Area. While most classes that participate in Virtual ZooSchool – an educational life science-based lesson featuring Zoo animals – are from local school districts, last year we connected with classes as far away as New York and Missouri!

Virtual Field Trips for K-12 Classes While Bay Area schools have transitioned to distance learning, teachers can still take their classes on a virtual field trip to the Zoo! Students explore life science and wildlife conservation concepts with our expert educators.


Standing Up to Plastics The Zoo moves to end single-use plastics Each year, 300 million pounds of plastics are created, and only 10% of that is recycled. The rest floods our environment. Taking a stand against plastics pollution, the Oakland Zoo, the first Zoo in our state to proactively do so, took action with a “No-to-Plastic” pledge in February. Plastics have damaged our oceans, forests and other wild spaces as well as entering the human food chain. Some studies suggest that the average American eats about a credit card a week worth of plastic in the form of microplastics. The Oakland Zoo began our pledge with an audit of the organization’s plastic use, specifically, single-use plastics. The audit included guest areas, administrative areas, the hospital and beyond. Beverage bottles alone represented over 10,000 single-use plastic containers sold each year. Vendors worked with the Zoo to reimagine packaging, creating alternatives to the old plastic options. The result? New aluminum cans for water, the replacement of plastic-window envelopes for those made of plant-based materials, sustainable bamboo silverware in our cafes, and the adoption of compostable plastic bags and gloves throughout the Zoo. To spread the word, we sponsored and displayed the larger-than-life “Washed Ashore” exhibit by artist Angela Pozzi. This work, three enormous sculptures made of plastic debris found along shorelines, invites visitors to consider the wild world we want to leave for generations to come.


Challenges and Opportunities in Education Oakland Zoo’s programs grow the next generation of conservationists In 2020, Oakland Unified School District released its strategic plan for the next three years, with one of its top priorities being increasing meaningful internship opportunities for all students. Oakland Zoo continues to answer that call with our collaboration with PG&E. The Zoo’s conservation internship program supports underserved students in making the professional and educational connections that might not normally be available to them, to launch a successful career in conservation. Originally conceived as a local program, the move to distributed online learning meant the program could extend its reach across the state and the country. Students participated from as far south as Los Angeles and from out of state as well, further growing the conservation community of our local Oakland students. As we look forward to next year, we reflect on the unexpected successes of this new way of learning and will incorporate those aspects that can help us improve the program when we return to face-to-face in the near future. To grow the internship program and to continue to extend opportunities to all of our local students, Oakland Zoo has begun a collaboration with teachers at Title 1 schools in Oakland Unified School District to co-design a Climate and Conservation Literacy Curriculum rooted in the glorious California Trail. This co-design process brings together the best of the Zoo’s leadership in conservation and Oakland teachers’ unique perspective on local students’ needs. Together, these programs push the boundaries of what’s possible in conservation and for our students.



A Letter from Our Executive Vice President When Oakland Zoo closed its gates in March due to the pandemic, we were filled with trepidation. We have traditionally relied primarily on admissionsrelated revenue to operate Oakland Zoo and drive our conservation work locally and globally. As the closure continued from weeks into months, our Board and Management team made difficult decisions to reduce monthly expenses. We had to say goodbye to some of our team and have yet to fully restaff following our reopening in late July. What we did not sacrifice was our life-sustaining animal care operations. Over 750+ animals rely on us each and every day, whether or not the Zoo is open. Even with drastic budget cuts, Oakland Zoo still spent more than $1 million monthly to maintain our high standards of animal care and essential operations during the four-month closure. Over the spring, we were incredibly fortunate to receive Payroll Protection Funds with the support of our partner Fremont Bank, which you will see reflected in our Government Funding line item. This went a long way in sustaining our ongoing payroll and facilities expenses. Throughout our closure the overwhelming support from the community truly kept our spirits up. Donors, members, docents and volunteers, neighbors, guests and new friends from around the world sent us masks, letters and emails of support, donations of money and items. Six-year-old Andy Soulard ignited a global fundraiser for Oakland Zoo on Facebook! In all, Oakland Zoo received roughly 13,000 donations last fiscal year. You will see this generosity reflected in the Contributions line item.

The support from our community not only sustained us through one of the most significant financial crises in our almost 100-year history, it enabled us to rebuild operating reserves that continue to support us through the slow winter months and a second pandemicrelated closure. It has also enabled us to continue investing in life- and species-saving conservation work. While the last year has been challenging to say the least, I am so grateful for our community. Because of you, we are looking forward to the next year of impact and to celebrating our centennial in 2022!


Nik Dehejia Executive Vice President


Fiscal Year 2020 Financial Overview Operating Support and Revenue Admissions Concessions Membership Contributions Gifts during Zoo closure; $3,507,686 Bequests; $292,107 Government Funding Eduction Support Special Events and Sponsorships Other Revenue Restricted Funding

4,587,175 1,123,414 4,439,616 8,087,746

1,842,314 214,106 562,083 103,334 804,845



Operating and Program Expenses Animal Care, Conservation and Research Park Operations Adminstration and Marketing Education Concessions Fundraising Special Events Expenses Without Depreciation Depreciation

5,160,606 7,876,901 2,921,718 1,526,467 344,003 521,631 405,375 18,756,701 4,511,515

Total Including Depreciation


I’m glad there is so much interest in visiting our wonderful Oakland Zoo after the long shutdown and financial fears! I know we’re still facing an uphill battle in keeping the Zoo open, but your efforts have made a big difference. Congratulations! Thank you for all you do for our Zoo and the beloved animals who depend on your steadfast care. 23



DONORS You keep the Zoo healthy During the 2020 fiscal year (October 1, 2019 – September 30, 2020) Oakland Zoo received thousands of donations from people around the Bay Area, the United States and beyond. Thank you for ensuring Oakland Zoo’s sustainability through our most challenging time, and enabling us to continue our animal care, education, conservation and animal welfare programs. You are a hero for wildlife! *Gifts made in honor of **Gifts made in memory of a loved one

FRIENDS OF THE WILD AMBASSADOR Anonymous (2) Chaya Fund Dr. Eve Conner David and Nathalie Cowan Patrick Kennedy Catherine Langridge Cornell Maier Joyce Milligan Robin and Jake Reynolds Andy, Kelly, Christopher and Declan Soulard George Zimmer

Jeanette Ritchie Patrick and Tracey Sherwood Patricia Smith Cynthia Stoddard Steve Strawn Karen and Bret Taylor Ruby Tilley Mr. and Mrs. Chris Westover Cliff and Barbara Young Jan Zaitlin

Pamela and David Mintzer Dawn Newton and Lang Chen Janet Noble and Brian Aldrich Andrew and Molly Obert Pamela and Thomas Orloff Angelika and Todd Radermacher Skip and Frankie Rhodes VETERINARIAN Amy and Reid Anonymous Settlemier Seena D Alenick-Clark Martha Siegel and John Bacon Adam Elesesser DIRECTOR Todd and Diane Baker Liz Singer Anonymous (3) Karra Batcheller Mary Ann Smith** Carrie and Kelly Jennifer Berlekamp Patricia Solvik Barlow Carla Betts Zachary Steffes Tom and Diane Heidi Brevet* Mark Storer Bennett Anne and James John Strazzarino Erica Brevet-Stott and Cadwell Lora Tabor and Ron Robert Stott* Nancy Clark and Del Johnson Michael and Carolyn Chandler Danielle Tsou and Bruck Amanda Chaudhary Gregory Marliave Dolores and John Jacuelyn Colonna** Kathryn Vizas Cakebread* Michael Scott and Donna Warnken-Brill Steven and Karin Denise Elaine Coyne Geoff and Secil Chase Shirley Crawford Watson Barbara Cohen Kent Cummings and Nora and Jacob Donald and Nancy Lynn Davidian Woodsey Colberg Lucille Day and Jeff Marshall and Ranae DeSantis Richard Levine Jeanette Gurmendi Lisa and Fred Euphrat Dennis De Domenico Jennifer and Paul Jung and Sandra Brod CURATOR Marvin and Susan Lois De Domenico Anonymous Friedman Barbara Elkins Doris and Todd Ahlsten Elaine and Pete Sandi Farrell Darlene Alford Geffen Howard Fuchs and George and Marcia Theodore Goldstein Mary Rossi Fuchs Argyris and Jessica Bernhardt Elogeanne O.M. and Margaret B. Arnold Susan and D. Peter Gene J. Grossman Carol Baird and Alan Harvey Catherine and James Harper* Linda Hart Huber Handzel Cynthia Barden-Lissol Brian and Theresa Louise and Forrest Linda Barrett and Jim Hughes Booth Faulkner Hattie Hughes Glen and Mary Anthony Bennetti Karen and Rick Hentges Sarah and Robert Iwamoto Sharon and Michael Blatner Marilyn Kecso Jacques Dianne Bostick Kathryn Lancaster Ann Johnson Dale and Tami Breen Cheryl Matthews Adrienne and Joel Howard Bujtor Steven and Alita Jones Karen Bullard McCann Magnus Jonsson Richard Cassard Margaret Lou and James Kelly Skylar and Peter Steve McDermott Shirley and James Cohen John and Nadine Mills Kepke Deborah Finney and Lisa Moscaret-Burr Claire Kilpatrick and Joseph Conley and Curtis Burr Eric Boyd Samantha Conner Susan Ogden David Krause Norma Costa Norman and Janet Bill and Jeanne Donna and Arthur Pease Landreth Cramer Dick and Suzie Rahl Melinda and Patrick Kathleen and Edward Ann and Jon Reynolds Leary Deenihan Barbara Roach Tina Lee Jan Deming Marianne B. Robison Patricia Leicher Margaret Evans Hort Shapiro and Jean Mackenzie Erin and Antonio

Garcia Carol and Ronald Goldman Maggie and Christopher Harmon Kristin and Brian Heller Thomas Henry Judy Heymann and Steven Kazan Jessica and Patrick Huard Beth and Joe Hurwich Sami Inkinen James and May Johnston Carl Koos Eugene Lee and Regina Hoshimi Sonya Lee Kathie Long Holly and Tom Love Leslie and Rory MacArthur Susan Maggay and Leon Tuan Richard Marcus Carole Mason Ross Merritt and Chanda Leger Brian Miller Mark Miller Jim and Antoinette Mussells Carol and Richard Nitz Willard and Signa Nott Oakland Police Officers Association Karen Oliver Susan Opp and John Bonsignore Carole and Larry Peiros Shelly Prebula Jeffery Raines Vincent and Cheryl Resh James and Cynthia Richardson* Richard Robbins Valerie Rodgers Christine Rojas Hedy Salter Kathryn Selvidge Justin and Carrie Steele Jean Talvola Judy Taylor Victoria Thomas Janet Tilander Darin Tomack and Catherine Shiang Judith Tulloch John and Marie Violet William and Denise Watkins Vincent Wei, Kaitlyn Wei, Chang Liu, Xiaoliang Wei

Crystal Whiteman Helen Cake Laura and Steve Wolff Erica Calcagno Karen Caldwell ZOOLOGIST Mary Callesen Rebecca Abrams Coree Cameron Eileen Ackley Aindrea Campbell Isabelle Luebbers and Merrie Jo and Randel Christina Adams Campbell James and Elizabeth Phillip and Krista Adams Cantu Suzanne Ah-Tye Donald Carmony Ricki and Joseph Marc and Linda Akiwenzie Carrasco Allison and Steven Margie Carrington Aldrich Shannon Carter Stephanie Alvarez Susan Casentini and Andrew Anagnost and Kyle Milligan Madeleine Burkhart Anthony Castellanos Kathryn Araujo Michelle Celaya Eileen Ash Arthur and Jessica Chacon Frank Arthur Iat Chio Chan Cindy and Bryan Louis Chan Atwood Ernest Chann Shauna Avon Nina and Kriya Matthew Axworthy Chantalat Marilyn Bailey and Jeff and Tzu Jung David Pratt Chen Jorge and Elizabeth Smitha Chennu Balderrama Kayris Chew Debby Baldwin Beverly Chickering Joanne Baumgardner Ethan Clapham Paul and Zoe Beach Andrew Clare Karen and Stephen Brett Clark Beck Joseph and Kathryn Brian Behlendorf Cleberg* Pamela Beitz and Deana Clifford Veronica Arana Alette Coble-Temple Mark Belotz Brad and Allison Mary and Andy Coburn Benjamin Jay Cochran Wesley Berghend Fran Coit Dorothea and Juerg Justin Collins Beringer Pat Condran Mr. and Mrs. Bethune Jane Cordingley Dawn and Clark Black Peter and Teresa Griselda Blackburn Costantinidis Stephen Blair and Peter Coulombe Fiona Doyle Lloyd and Nancy Jill Blakemore Coyne Lauren Blanchard Kathleen Cronin David Bluestone Johnathon Crowley Melanie Blunschi and Kim Curtis Brian Smith Pamela Curtis Linda and Peter Boero Marinell Daniel Corwin and Margaret Heather Darst Booth Linda Datz and Gina Svetlana Borisova Rivera-Datz Kristina Botsford Fran David Lori and Allen Bouch Rhonda and Beau Matthew and Alyssa Davidson Bowman Anna Davis Marshall Boyd Eugene Davis Clint Bradford Laurel and Stuart Stacey Brazil Davis Diane Brenum Jeff Day Hal Brierley Mira De Avila-Shin Joshua Bright Dr. Bo De Long and Matthew Brock Phil Cotty Daniel Brodnitz Christine De LucaAllen and Linda Williams Bronowicki Catherine Del Masso Jana Brooks Vic and Cathleen Melissa and Steven Deornelas Brooks Debbie Dettmer Heidi Brown Elaine Deutsch Richard Brown Dana DeVaul Carla Buffington Rebecca and Arthur Brian Bunger and D’Harlingue Sherri Stewart Diane and Wayne Kathryn Buoncristiani Diamond Colleen and Patrick Barbara Dickinson Burns Jill Dicus Sarah and Jonathan Lori Dinovitz Burroughs Nancy and Hugh Linda Burton White Ditzler Alexander Byron and Anna Dix Nicole Maguire Joyce Dobbel and

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Carol Ann Bickett Carrie Bickle Susan Biddle Becky Bigelow Sheila Bigelow Hugh Biggar Joanna Biggar Nicholas Billeci Samantha Billington Mike and Jayne Billmann Arlene Billy Jeannette Bilstein Brianna Bilton Ashley Bilz Marisa Binder Swanand Bindoo Ann Binning Brooke Bird Heidi Birdsell Elizabeth Birmingham Jeff Birren Katherine Bisagno Melissa Bischoff Constance Bish April Bishop Vera Bitran Suzanne Bitz Ronald Bjork Chelsea Bjorkman Doug Black and Katie Kramer Bruce Blackfield Evelyn Blackford Theresa Blackshere Marjorie Blackwell Bonnie Blair Holly Blair Jeryn Blair Hayward Blake Martha Blake Sarah Blake Donna Blakemore Greg Blakemore Victoria Blakeslee Joseph Blanco Mary Bland Regan Bland Pier Blandon Elizabeth Blankenship Dana Blankman Loraelin Blas Cory Blasi Kristeen Blasing Helene Blatter Lisa Blau-Elliott Ted Blazer Dennis Bleile** Teresa Blescia Becky Blessing Carl Blincoe Lisa Bliss Betsy Block Suzanne Block Marie Blomquist Jane Blomstrand Jo Bloom Joan Bloom Lillian Bloom Dana Bloomberg Don Bloomer Judy and Leon Bloomfield Linda Bloomfield Michael Bloomstein Melisa Blum Stephanie Blumenthal Courtney Blumer Cynthia Blumgart Alicia Blum-Ross Gina Blus Arnold Blustein Jennifer Boal** Laura Boatman Stephanie C. Bobo Barbara Boccaleoni Catherine Boccellari

Amy Bockman Mary Ann Bode Kristen Bodie Carol Boe Sharon Boegel Janet Boeninger Karyn Boenker Jim and Linda Boessenecker Nicohl Bogan Margaret Bogle Erick Bogner Annette Bohannon Joan Bohnert Kevin Joseph Bohnert Jeanette Boisse David Boitano Kim Bojorques Celina Boldt Paul Bolduc Susan Bolla Jasmin Bolleri Emily Bollinger Laura Bollinger-Moore Diane Bolman Molly Bolton Ray Bolton Chaitanya Bomdyal Cathy Bon Amy Bond Elaine Bond Jennifer Bond Michelle and Jeff Bond Pam Bond William Bone Bryce Bonet Lauren Bonett Lora Bongard Chelsea Boniak Ashley Bonifacio Cathy Bonifacio Larry Bonincontri Joel Booker Sarah Boonzaier Marielle Boortz Paula Booth Regina Boothman Anne Marie Borch Mary Bordenave Linda Borders Larry Bordoni Rachel Borego Liz Borges-Herzog Suzanne Borghei Debora Borlase Judith Borlase Maureen Bormolini Karen Born Johanna Borrelli Linda Borrelli Marion Borst Florence Bortz Jolene Bortz Dana Borys BOS Foundation Ruth Bosch Lynne Bosko and Barry Klein** Erica Boston Jodi Bostrom Beth Bosworth Kimberly Bosworth Tensy Botto Maria Botts Paul Bouchard Linda and Steven Boucke Constance Boulware Shannon Bourget Marilyn Boutell Codyrose Bowden Jennifer Bowen Linda Bowen Megan Bowen Mf Bowen Robyn and Robert

Bowen Sandi and Tom Bowen Teresa Bowerman Lisa Bowers Kelsea Bowersmith Paige Bowie Lori Bowling Abbey Bowman Alyssa Bowman Claudia Bowman Deverey Bowman Edith Bowman Mary Bowman Boy Scouts of America Leanna Boyd Li Boyd Melissa Boyd Suzanne Boyd Gayla and Ken BoydKimbrow Roberta and John Boylan Colleen Boyle Katharine Boyle Mary Boyle Christie Boynton Susan Boynton Christine Boysen Adrian Bozzolo Elizabeth Braasch Cathy and Joe Brabec Jennifer Brabec Kiley Bracco Tammie Brackenridge Meredith Braden Lisa Bradfield Craven Mutsumi Bradford Alyssa Bradley Chriss Bradley Keith Bradley Carrie Bradshaw Kelley Bradshaw Peter Bradshaw Victoria Bradshaw Douglas Brady Edith Beard Brady Gail Brager Ramilya Braithwaite Catherine Brake Joseph Branco Roland Brandel Christine Brandes Lisa Brandini Anne Brandon Karen Brandreth Anna Brandsoy Leealyn Brandt Robbie Brandwynne Robbie Brandywine Madeline Brane Cara Brann Takako Brann Callie Branstiter Deepi Brar Paul Bratset Lauri Braudrick Kimberly Braun Ernesto Bravo Lena Bravo Andree Brazeau D. Brazier Joseph Brecher Lara Brecher Dale Breese Michelle and Brian Breining Daneal Breitenstein Karen Brenchley Colleen Brennan Geraldine Brennan Katherine Brennan Matthew Brennan Sandra Bressler Rebecca Bresso Fulcher Jennifer Bretan Dona Bretherick

Korki B. Brett** Korki and Roger Brett** Julie Breuer Mojica Loretta Breuning Eric Breverman Catherine Brew-Cain Bonnie Brewer Monica Brewer Alice Brewster Kelly Briano Courtenay Bric Anne Brichacek Thomas D. Brickley Leslea Brickner Earlene Bridgeman Gary Bridges Richard Briggs Liz Briggs-Fandek Pamela Brigham Alexandra Bright Janice Bright Paola Brigneti Nancy Brignole Nina Brilliant Matthew Brillinger Dan and Marjorie Briner Carol Brink Jane Britton Berry Brixie Jennifer Brizzi Rod and Angela Broadbent Linda Brobeck Christine Brocato Hollis Brock Suzanne and Keith Brock Deidre Brodeur David Brodsly Cara Brody Carolyn Brogger William Bromiley Sarah Bromma Linda Bronowicki Madeleine Bronstone Debra Broock Ethan Brookes Joann Brookes Amanda and Josh Brooks Amelia Brooks Benjamin Brooks Elainne Brooks Jill Brooks John Brorsen Linda Brosamer Michael Broskey Maureen Brosnan Betty Brotherton Kasmira Brough Pat Brouillette Ruth Broussard Trish Brovedani Norah Brower Richard Brower Andrea Brown Anne Brown Aoi Yasuda Brown** Beth Brown Charles Brown Chris Brown Christine Brown Coco Brown Cynthia Brown Emily Brown Felina Brown Jeanne and Daniel Brown Joann Brown Julianna Brown Karen Brown Kelly Brown Kendra and Paul Brown Liz Brown

Luke Brown Margaret Brown Michael Brown Monica Brown Morris Brown Nancy Brown Patricia Brown Rebecca Brown Rich and Dale Brown Richard Brown Rod Brown Samantha and Patrick Brown Sharon Brown and Robert Pompeani Tammy Brown Thomas Brown Trevor Brown Trudy Brown and Erich Metting van Rijn Victoria Brown William Brown Angela Browne Gayle Browne Lisa Browning David Bruck Katy Bruening Donald Bruland* Karalee Brune** Nina Brunetti Richard Bruni Bill Brusher and Susan Vinella-Brusher Meghan Bruss Michele Brusseau Julia Bruton Melissa Bruzas Jonathan Bryant Nico Bryant-Aguilar Joseph Bryce Terry Brykczynski Janel Brynda Tina Buan Alida Buchanan Thea Buchanan Mary Bucher Karen Buchinger Samantha and Jason Buckingham Jacqueline Buckkey Barbara Buckley Carrie Buczeke Robert Budas Zahira Budeguer Jesse Budlong Paula Buel Ann Buell Nancy Buell Amanda Bugge Shelley Bugler Lois Bukowski Stephen Bull Lana Bullard Maya Bulleit Tanya Bulloch Michele Bultman Tracy Lara and Aydin Buluc Helen Bulwik Makiko Buma Alex Buna Yogendra Bundela Matthew Buner Alison Bunker Matt Bunn Christine Bunting Sarah Bunting Allisun Buol Beverly Burbank Lloyd Burbidge Vienna Burchfield Kim Burdick Laury Burd-Mainini nadine burg Theo Burger A. and Kim Burgess Megan Burgess Robin Burgess

Raymond Burk William Burkart Aaron Burke Jean Burke Sheril and Jason Burke Thomas Burke Becca and Thomas Burke John Burket Kathleen Burkett Lisa Burkett Barbara Burkhalter Bruce Burkhalter Hannah Burkhalter Susan Burkhardt Joyce Burks Kay Burks Chantal Burnett Jenny Burnett Lori and Greg Burnett Nicholas Burnett Rosemary and Russell Burnett Sarah Burnham Carol Burns Catherine Burns Josephine Burns and Donald Vaccarino Kelley Burns Margaret Burns Marsha Burns Melinda Burns Michelle Burns Pamela Burns Michelle Burns-James Matthew Burnsworth Sarah Burnworth Gerard Burr Rachele Burr Betty Burri Sonja Burroughs Alan Burruel Matthew Burry and Tamar Schnepp Dorothy Burt Justine Burt Karen Burton Roseanne Burton Judith Bushey Dodette Bustos Pat Butensky Barbara Butko Ashley Butler Christine Butler Diana and David Butler Jerry and Donna Butler Katherine Butler Pamela Butler Radah Butler Richard Butler Cestra Butner David and Darlene Butner Julie Butterfield Donna Buttlaire Buttner Properties Inc Craig Buxton Kimyou By Kathryn Byers Joe Byrd Kathi L. Byrd Linda Byrd Francine Byrne Helene Byrne Lorna Byrne Nafeez C Eiel Cabase Kara Cabigon Oscar Cabot Nicole Cabral Lukas Cadil Patricia Cady Tessa Cafiero Scott and Veronica Cagle

Jiawen Cai Jie Cai Yingying Cai Sarah Cain Bruce Cakebread Candace Calcagno Sharon Calcagno Dorothy Caldeira Judith and Jonathan Calder William Caldwell Dan Calef Carl Call Evelyn Call Kelly Call Nancy Callahan Linda Callaway Dorothy Jean Callen* Ryan Callorina Theodore Calmes Shirley Calvert Elissa Calvin Lisa Calvo Sally Camara Erin Cambra Kathryn Cambruzzi Christina Camburn Rebecca Camiccia Marianne Camp Richard Campagna Allison Campbell Neil and Amy Campbell David and Stacey Campbell** Emmaline Campbell James Campbell Linda Campbell Natashia Campbell Aylen Campi Laura Campi Kimberley Campisano Eva Campodonico Susan Campodonico Amanda Campos Charlene Campos Fernando Campos Miriam Campos Kristen and Felipe Can Linda Canaan Lezlie Canada Karina Victoria Canales Maryanne Canaparo Krista Canda Vanessa Candelaria Mariana Cangelosi Erica Canino Jacqueline Canlaslaflam Jason Cannava Renee Cannia** Tim Cannon Carolyn CannonSequeira Deb Cano Stephanie Cano Jennifer Canova Jennifer Cantrell Joan Cantrock Ana Cantu Lisa Cao Zhang Cao Zhen Cao Judy Capaul Elizabeth Caplan Daniel Caple Carrina Cappadona Christa Cappiali Jennifer Capra Stephanie Capser** Amy Capurro Marta Carbajal Marlein Carballosa Rachel Carbonell Carolyn Cardamone Francesca Cardenas Kay Cardenas

Gabriela Cardoso Maureen Cardoza Marla Carew Christina Carey Erica Carey Julie Carey Norma Carey Heidi Carias Charlene Carl Cecilia Carlet Nancy Carleton Julie Carlevaro Molly Carlin Micah Carlin-Goldberg Lorelle Carlley Anamarie Carlos Brian Carlson Clare Carlson Dayna Carlson Ellen Carlson Jamie Carlson Jon Carlson Olivia Carlson Kim Carlyle Ido Carmel Vanessa Carmel Josephine Carmody Shane Carmody Debra Carmona Jacqueline Carmona Roger Carnagey Linda Carne Michael Carney Patricia Carney Susan Carney Candace Carpenter Cassandra Carpenter Deborah Carpenter Kim Carpenter Pamela Carper Evan Carr Grace Carr Lori and Jeff Carr Joan Carr Pamela Carr Yolanda Carr Stephen Carrillo Patricia Carrington Chris Carroll Daniel Carroll Leigh Carroll Linda Carroll Mark Carroll Sarah and David Carroll Courtney Carscadden Susan Carsen Christina Carson Richard Carson David Cartee James Carter** Linda Carter Shane Carter Deborah Cartwright Amanda Carvalho Kristina Case Roger and Donna Case Christine Case-Lo Nancy Casey Nicole Casey Jennifer Casler Charles Cassel Peggy Cassity Lynne Castagnola Alicia Castaneda Lynn Castaneda Paula Casteen Carlos Castellanos Cecilia Castellanos Martin Castellanos Selena Castellanos Joanne Castellino Leanna Castello Annalynn Castillo Carol Castillo Jacqueline Castillo Katharine Castillo

Sonia Castillo Kenneth Castleton Jennie Castner Aileen Castro Daniela Castro Emma Castro Joanne Jasson and Eden Castro Judy Castro Nancy Castro Veronica Castro Cheryl Catalano Rosanne Catalano Tarra Catalano Rachel Cataline Kathleen Catanho Lisa Catanzano Sarah Cathey Krista Catlow Drucilla Cattanach Karen and James Cauble Melanie Cauble Brian Caughell Joan Caughell** Karen and Robert Caughell Wayne Caulder** Julia Caulfield Jim and Susan Cavalieri Chris Cavalli Bill Cavan Lyle Cavin Anne Cawood Victor Cayanan Lauren Cazenave Francis Cebulski Nancy and Jon Cecchettini Crystal Cech Walter and Jeannie Cecka Wendy Cedron Craft Laurianna Ceja Diaz Maira Ceron Dorothy Cervantes Rebecca Cervetti Anna Cessario Charissa Chaban Shaun Chacko Skye Chacon Ravi Chadalawada Judy Chagnon Susan Chai Anne Chaitin Susan Chakib Ashoke Chakrabarti Ayyana Chakravartula Beverly Chamberlain Bundy Chamberlain Sarah Chamberlain Carol Chamberlin Jeffrey Chambers Jennifer Chambers Kathryn Chambers Laurel Chambers Leslie Chambers Danielle Champlain Diana Champlin Susannah Champlin Ali Chan Amy Chan Barbara Chan Bryan Chan Christine and Adam Chan Clifford and Donna Chan Evelyn Chan Hector Chan Helen Chan Helena Chan Herb Chan Herman Chan Hilda Chan Jannie Chan

Jennifer Chan Julia Chan Kelvin Chan Kevin Chan Monique Chan Ovan Chan Patty Chan Paula Chan Rebecca Chan Steven and Stephanie Chan Wai Hong Chan Will Chan Vincent Chanco Beryle Chandler Eileen Chandler Gail Chandlercroll Suresh Chandra Manmohan Chandraker Andrew Chang** Angela Chang Christine Chang Jowei Chang Kevin Chang Lipin Chang Michael Chang Sean Chang Shelley and Allen Chang Tiffany Chang Tingyu Chang Tsung-Hsiang Chang Tobie Chan-Kalin Mulan Chan-Randel Lynn Chao Weiyi Chaolee Kimberly Chapin Debra Chaplan Daniel Chapman Dena Chapman Jeremy Chapman Kirsten Chapman Patricia Chapman Jess and Alison Chapot James Chappell Nandakishore Chappidi Karen Chapple Elizabeth Char Elizabeth Charlton Ross Charney Malinda Charter Prista Charuworn Philip Charvet John Chastain Puiman Chatman Ondine Chattan Felisha Chau Siddharth Chaudhari Kate Chauncey-Cook Elena Chausova Preeti Chavan Milan and Prashant Chavarkar Dana Chavarria Ruth Chave Amanda Chavez Cherie Chavez Claudia Chavez Emily Chavez Javier Chavez Leanna Chavez Margaret Chavez Theresa Chavez Kimberly Chea Kim Cheadle Sambat Chean Robert Cheatham Andrew Chee Monica Chellam Linda and Matt Chelucci Allan Chen Cecilia Chen Chien Chen Chunqiu Chen Ellen Chen

Emily Chen Gary Chong Eva Chen Lauren Chong Guangjing Chen Sharon Chong Henry Chen Loretta Chopey Inchieh Chen Alice Chou Jianjun Chen Evan Chou Josephine Chen Jeff Chou Julien Chen Jennis Chou Keqiang Chen Jessica Chou Lauren Chen Sylvia Chou Linh Chen Arijit Choudhury Mao Chen Jennifer Chovanec Meilan Chen Joann Chow Naihong Chen Judy Chow Shufeng Chen Julie Chow Sug Men Chen Nicholas Chow Sze Ying Chen Peter Chow Weixin Chen Richelle Chow Xi Chen Tiffini Chow Xiaojing Chen Dale Choy Yu Chen Mei Fan Choy Alicia Cheng Alexandra Chretien Andrew Cheng Summer Chrisman Hannah Cheng Catherine Christen Jeffrey Cheng Cheryl Christensen Leyang Cheng Kim Christensen Paul Cheng Margherita Christensen Tao Cheng Melissa Christensen Vivian Cheng Nancy Christensen Wes Cheng Debra Christian Xue Cheng Devon Christian Karen Cheng-Hennessy Laura Christian and Megan Chenporter Florent Boico Cheok I Cheong Linnea Christiani Eugenia Chern Nancy Christiansen Igor Chernyshev Andrea Christman Sue Cherrie Kyu Christman Sarah Chesson Wayne Christopher Christina Cheuk Cindy Christopherson Phoebe Cheung Alice Chu Wai Cheung Ann Chu Wing Cheung Chia Min Chu Jennifer Chew Diana Chu Dina Cheyette Huili Chu Alan Chi Jenny Chu Yi-Wei Chia Laura Chu Cynthia Chiang William Chu Harriet Chiang Yunching Chu and Vei Chiang Howard Chiang Kathryn Chiarella Joyce Chuang Zoher Chiba Kimberly Chun Heather Chicoine D Chung Jennifer Chien Irene Chung Michael Chien Jeannie Chung Stephen Chien John Chung Joseph Chiesa Kitty Chung Children’s Fairyland Shirley Chung Phillip Childress Wai Tsz Chung Jerad Chilson Jo Chun-Wood Carly Chilton Nancy and Louis Belinda Chin Chupak** Beverly Chin Sandra Chutorian Diane Chin Barbara Ciarlo Tom and Dorothy Chin Joanne Ciazinski Harvey Chin Ayse Cinaroglu Irene Chin Jennifer Cincotta Julia and Phil Chin Simon Cintz Linda Chin Angela Cirimele Phillip Chin Kate Ciungan Vicki Chin Melissa Clack Michael Chinn and Tara Clancy Mary Kate Breazeale Tara Clanon Thomas Chiosso Winifred Clanton Jalpesh Chitalia Beth Clark Renuka Chittineni Gwendoline Clark Anny Chiu Jennifer Clark Julie Chiu Justin Clark Gina Chmielewski Lisa and Michael Clark Andy Cho Mathew Clark Christine Cho Nicole Clark Gene Cho Shane Clark Julia Cho David Clarke Matthew Choi Juno-Ann Clarke Soo Young Choi and Ralfi Claspill Gye Young Lee** 27Dian Claunch Alysia Chong Robert Claus Crystal Chong Camille Clausen

Carey Clausen Connie Clausen Jane Clausen Emery Clay Jennie Clay Matthew Claybrook Monifa Clayton Sondra Cleghorn Holly Cleland Catherine Clement Julia and R. Carter Clements Ann Clemenza Johanna Clemons Cameron Cleric Rachel Cleveland William Cleveland Jessica Clima Karen Cline Jessica Clinton Taryn Clissold Janet Close Kristi Clover Chris Clow Alexandra Cloyes Club Kalani Volleyball Louise Clubb Tessa Clute Janet Clyde Kim Coady Portland Coates Rebecca CoatesMaldoon Melissa Coath Casey Cobb Cindy Cobb Patricia Cochran Shellie Cocking Gayle Codiga Lily Coe Lesley Coelho Barbara Coenen Jennifer Coggiola Diana Coghlan Nicola Cohen Dave Cohen Eileen Cohen Jacob Cohen Jennifer Cohen Judith Cohen Judy and Gene Cohen** Mr. Earl T. Cohen & Dr. Heidi Shale Natalie Cohen Sharon Cohen Zachary Cohen Chris Cohn Dan and Dana Cohn Joanne Cohn Angie Coiro Pat Coit Susan Cold Adolpha Cole Adriana Cole Alexandra Cole Carol and Richard Cole Colin Cole Donna Cole David and Marsha Cole Rachel Cole Shandy Cole Susan Cole and Mike Forster Gwen Coleman Jerome Coleman Melissa Coleman Patrick Coleman Sha and Matthew Coleman Carin Coleridge Melinda Coles Sharon Coles Patrick Colford Catherine Colglazier Elizabeth Colglazier

Erica Colis Lori Collett Kellie Collier Terry Collinane Carol Collins** Jeffrey Collins Jenny Collins Ramoma Collins William Collins Clemencia Colmenares Carla Colombana Elaine Colombatto Manolo Colon Paula Colon Sylvia Colt Patricia Colter Miryana Colton Claire Colvin Michael Colvin Oxana Comanescu Walter Commons Laura Comstock Victoria Conas Sandra Concannon Anne Marie Conde Stefan Conde Rachel Condry Candace CondryBowles Gwendolyn Cone Paul Conforti Suzanne Conklin Barbara Conley** Paula Conley Jane Conn Anne Connell Celina Conner Jennifer Conner Judy and Neil Conner Robert Conner Shawn Connick Erin and Christopher Connolly Celeste Connor Paula Connors Amanda Conrad Betty Conrad Melanie Conrad Mk Conrad Alexandra Cons Jodi Consoli Debra Constantine Elayna Contreras Marsha Converse Michele and Dan Conway Patrick Conway Racheal Conway Desmond Conwright Gina Cook Julie Cook Linda Cook Lisa Cook Michael Cook Natasha Cook Peter Cook Rachel Cook Rustie Cook Sherma Cook Stacy Cook Dr. David and Rachael Cooke Elizabeth Cooke Joanne Cooke Lauren Cool Terri and Jack Cooley Becky Coombs Renate Coombs Rich Cooper Susan Cooper Randy Cooperstone Craig Copeland Joyce Copenhagen Ann Coppel J. Kenneth Coppola Patricia Coppola Liz Corbera

Garen Corbett Katie Corbett Mary Corbett Matoza Rosemary Corbin Abigail Corbly Loren Corbridge Zoe Corcoran Molly Cordell Larrianne Corder Marissa Cordiano Jana Cordle Naxielly Cordoba Rolando Cordoba Sandra Cordonero Omar Cordova Katrina Coreces Richard and Loralee Cornell Kathleen Cornett Debra Corona Victoria Corrales Elizabeth Correia MaryLou Correia Sharon Correia Susan Corrie Michael Corriere Kevin Corrigan Cathie and Mike Corsaro Javier Cortez Julie Cortez Linda Cortez Meryl Corwin-Udell Katherine Cory Beverly Cosce* Rosemary and John Cosso* Deanna Costa Holly Costa Lisa Costa Courtney Costello Judy Cotterill Palkiner Cottonham Wynne Coughtry Kathryn Coulombe Rachael Coumbe and Michael Wilson Cia Court Orielle Couttien Susan Covert Madelyn Covey Laura Covington Dede Cowan Pamela Cowart Jonanne Cowen Heidi Cowley Jessica Cowley Elisabeth Cox Nicole Cox Shea Cox Bonnie Lynne Craig Launa Craig Stacey Cram Sheldon Crandall Anthony Crane Angela Craven Beth Craven Walter Craven Christine Craver Michal CrawfordZimring Lizzy Craze Susan Creighton Patricia Cressman Brandon Crews Margaret Crist Ashleigh Crocker Janine Crocker Sarah Croft Patty Crohare Peter Cromelin Cheryl Crone Hilary Crosby Lindsay Crosby Jessica Cross Jim Cross Kevin Cross

Robin Cross Kevin and Julie Crossman Nadine Cross-Ratto Doug and Kristin Crotean Craig Croteau Debra Crow Lorraine Crowder Narumi Crowe Beth Crowley Duncan Crowley Christine Crowley-Kelly Alice and Kyle Cruce Elizabeth Crudo Ryan Crum Alicia Cruz Carlos Cruz Janis Cruz Karen Cruz Louis Cruz Sonya Cruz Victoria Cruz CSAA Insurance Group Elizabeth Cucarola Kenneth Cucarola Laura Cuccaro Cynthia Cudaback Stephen Cuellar Nicole Cuenca Jana Cuiper Andrea Cukor Bryan Culbertson Pat Cull Katherine Cullar Aoife and Noreen Cullen Serina and Tim Culleton Gretchen Culley Jean Cullinane Jane and Calvin Cullinan-James Beth Cullom Sarah Cullum Sharon Culp Sara and William Cumbelich Margret Cumbow Joy Cummings Sandi Cummings Tracy Cummings Charles Cummiskey Bonnie Cunha Jennifer Cunha Judith and Michael Cunnagin Gabriel Cunningham Jennifer Cunningham Dora Castillo and Cynthia Curcuro Elodia Curiel Kim Curiel Jody Curley Michele Curley Anne Curran Dominic Curran Megan Curran Judith Currier Angela Curry De De Curry Mark Curtis Sharon Cushman Jennifer Custard Gene Cutler Eric Cutter Natalie Cuttler Mary Cvet Phoebe D Liz D. Michael Dadasovich Laura Daftari Vivek Daftuar Penny Dague Deanna Daher Anette Dahl Carole and Joseph

Dahl Eric Dahl Emma Dahlen Karen Dahlin Beverly Dahlstedt Jule Dahlstrand Flora Dai Yu-Jen Dai Patricia Daigler Kathryn Daire Erin Dal Ferro Shaibya Dalal Heather Dale Elizabeth and Peter Daleiden Tavey Daley Sharon Dalleske Brian Daly Janelle Daly Patricia Daly Tanya Daly Julie D’Ambrosi** Jessica Dame Carroll Kara Damer Jason Damiano Sally and Fred Damsen Kevin Damstra Ann Danforth Doanh Dang Jennifer Dang Kim Danh Linda Daniel Rachelle Danielle Donna and Derrold Daniels Lavina Daniels and Tracy Wier Christopher Danko Alex Danoff Barbara and David Dansky Annika Dansson Amy Dao Kim Dao Sunita Darbarwar Anne D’Arcy Nick Dargahi Leah Dark-Fleury Penny Darlington Chandra Darnell Susan Darnell Louis Darosa Michelle Darosa Cynthia Darrimon Janet Darrimon Madhusudhan Darsipudi Chris Dary Vijaya Dasari Lindsey DaskalosSmith Rupa Datta Margaret Datz Frank Dauby and Karen Bradley Anne Daum Judy Davena Sheri Davenport Laurie Davey Christina David Megan David Linda P. Davidge Darrell and Diane Davidson Gerry Davidson Jill Davies Allison Davis Amy and Paul Davis Barbara Davis Bernadette Davis Bradley Davis Brenda Davis Carrie Davis Christina Davis Christine Davis Cynthia Davis

Daniel Davis James Davis Karen Davis KC Davis Leslie Davis Stephen and Linda Davis** Rhonda Davis Tamara Davis Victoria Davis Kara Davison Pamela Davison Marjorie Dawkin Amy Dawson David Dawson Heather Day Jody Day Michele Day Mon Day Sarah Day Sunita D’Costa Subarnarekha De and Rakesh Vallishayee Carol De Bello Ana Zahra Ezzine De Blas Donna De Carlo Elena De Castro Robert De Goff Carmen De La Cruz Jorge De La Cruz Ramon De La Cruz Elena De La Paz Philip De La Rosa Constance De La Vega Lori De Leon Norene De Luca Laura and Derek De Petra Electra De Peyster Tom De Pominville Kathleen De Ridder Lu Lynn De Silva Danny De Sloover Heidi De Vries Hank and Joanne Deadrich Fendi Deamicis Sandra Dean Roselia Deanda Libby Debattista Linda and David DeBaun Teresa Debbage Jeanette R Debenedictis Sandra Debrichy Kevin Dec Christopher Decarlo Anne Decker Christopher Decker Justine Decosta Michael Deeringer Rebecca Degabriele Karen and Steven Degalan Suzette Degrange Cassandra Dehart Nik Dehejia Gary Dei Rossi Lani Deimling Natalie Dejarlais Arri Dejesus Dana Dekalb Fabiola Del Aguila Jackson Del BonisO’Donnell Mark and Lyneen Del Bono* Kathryn Del Bosque Jeannette Del Carlo Christine Del Gallo Catherine Del Masso William Delameter Susan Delaney Christine Delapp Zina Deldar

Sonja Delemos Jose Delgadillo Mary Delgado Nathan Delgado Lisa Delima Marisa Delizo Seraphina Dellavalle Leslie Delli-Venneri Jules Dellosso Michael Delmar Carmela Delos Santos Mary Delrosario Jodi Delucca Sanford and Leslie Delugach Drake Delzell Susan Demaree Kathryn Demartini Cj Demarx Danielle Demaske Lori Dematteis Keira Dembowski Susan Deming Maggie Demkin Jennifer Dempster Joann Demuth Michael Denatale Jie Deng Wenjun Deng Kirk and Tiyasha Denier Rebecca Denio Louise Denish Dana Deniston Pamela Deniz Patricia Denn Michael Dennison Lynne Dennler Vivian Dent Alexis Denton Heidi Denzler-Halsey Ameya Deodikar Balwinder and Gurpaljit Deol Meaghan Derespini Lisa Derezin Jon Deridder Graham Dermatology Alicia Dermody Mary Derossett Iryna Deryugina Darshnaben Desai Marie-Anne Descalle Evan Deserio Deepti Deshpande Janhavi Deshpande Jatin Deshpande Kuldeep Deshwal Patricia and David Desiderio Charles Desmarais Kara Desmond Jordan Desousa Douglas Detert Shane Detweiler Brian Deuel Charles Deuter Sudha Rao and Vijayanth Devadhar Abarajithan Devarajan Robin and Pierre Devaux Darby Devenuta Michelle Devito Kelli Devlin William Devlin Laurence and Carolyn Devol Stacey Dewey Donna Dewhirst Megan Dey-Toth Virendra Dhapola Narinder Dhillon Tejinder Dhillon Carol Diamantine Carol Diamond Jill Dias

Matthew Dias Adele Diaz Danielle Diaz Edwin Diaz Jacquelyn Diaz Josephine Diaz Lisandra Diaz Marlene Diaz Susan Diaz Kristen Diaz-Kleiboer Julie Dickens Linda and Harry Dickens** Terry Dickens Susan Dickeson Lisa Dickey Brock Dickie Larry Dickinson Michelle Dickinson Olivia Dickinson Harold Dickson Michelle Dickson Mick and Chris Diede Robin Diederich Si Diep Nathalie Dierkx Sonia Diermayer Elaine Diestel Jennifer Dietrich Robert Dietrich Chip Dietz Julia Diez Cheryle Digeronimo Diane Diggins Swapan Dighe Sebastian and Tanja DiGrande Pawan Dikshit Alana Dill Angela Dillard Lonnie Dillard James Dilley Tracey Dilling Kate Dillon Katherine Dillon Robyne Dillon Sirena Dimas Melissa Dimic Patricia Din Jessica Dines Kathleen and Robert Dinetz Pei Ding George Dini Annette and Christopher Dinsmore Melissa Diponziano Amy and Bryan Dippo Mary Disbrow Ann Ditlefsen Andrea Diton Angie Ditter April Divakaruni Daniela Dixon Giny Dixon Heather Dixon Marcy Dixon Richard Dixon Larisa Dmitrieva Erika Do Madeline Doak Angela Dobbins Julie Dobkin Camelia Dobrin Stephen Dobson Anne Dodge David Isenhower and Colleen Dodge Elizabeth Doering Erin Doeschot Lisa Doherty Kimberly Dolan Barbara Doll James Dollbaum Laurie Dolly Brett and Darcy Dolnick

Jenna Dominguez Mariana Dominguez Kelley Domino Dawn Donald Caitlin Donaldson Claire Donaldson Debra Donaldson Jo Donaldson Adi Donanhirsh Donanhirsh Abrile Donez Beier Dong Debra Dong Lillian Dong Michelle Dong Zhao Dong Mary Doniego Lawrie Donnelley Maryann Donofrio Kristina Donohoue Kathleen Donohue Serena Donovan Patricia and Thomas Donovan Amy Dooha Jennifer Dooley Poorani and Mike Doonan Kim Doran Christopher Dorazi Wendy and Bill Dorband Kathy Dore Sally Dorfman Sherry Dorfman Stephanie and Bruce Dorfman Nancy Dorger Jean and Charles Dormann Jacqueline Dornan Ken Dorrance Carrie Dorsey-Higdon Phoenix Dort Stephanie Dorward Pam Dos Remedios Sylvia Dos Remedios Tejas Doshi Rachael Dottery Anthony Doty Shengnan Dou Amanda Doubell Paulette Doudell Linda Dougall Diana Doughtie Jackie’ Douglas Josh Douglas Lisa Douglas Alexis Doval Dustin Dovala Jennifer Dovichi Elisa Dowd Melissa Dowell** Philip Dowling Diane Downend Larry M and Michele Downes Gabriella Downey Jayme Downey Saudro Downey Donna Downham** Gail Downing Jacqueline Downing Devon Downs Liese Doyen Briony Doyle Judy Doyle Kathleen Doyle Mary Doyle Cindy Dozier Roberta Draheim Pamela Drake Andy and Peri Drake Virginia Draney Nagisa and Scott Drapeau Leizel Drath

Craig Dreier Deana Drenik Alissa Dreon Timothy and Jo Drescher Jill and Bruce Dresser Robin Drew Sandra and Richard Drew Elizabeth Driscoll Heather Driscoll Kristina Drobocky Baitoo and Andre Baitoo Leilani Drost Fritzi Drosten Joel Drotleff Robin Drotleff Myra Drotman Lawrence Drouin LeeAnn and Royal G. Druba Alex Drude James Santos Druida Mckayla Drumm Corinne Drumn Brent Drygas Karen Drygas Astral Dsouza Samson Du Yi Du April Duarte Edmund Duarte Elia Duarte Laura Dubinett Dale Dubowy James Dubrin Rachel Duchrow Adrienne Duckworth Cheri Dudley Christopher Dudley Tony Dudley Jennifer Dudoroff Linnea Due Anne Duey Mika and John Duey Ted Duffield Daniel Duffy Daniel Duggan Suzanne and Kevin Duggan Venkata Duggirala Nadine Duke Patricia Roy and Roger Duke Morgan Dulfer Jessica Dummett Kristina Duncan Kristine Duncan Jennifer Dunckel Andrea Dunlap Chris Dunlap Karin Dunley Austin Dunn Jessica Dunne Sally Dunne Andrea Dunning Ashley Dunning Mendi Dunning Kurt Dunphy Erin Dunross Charles Dunton Yung Duong Rebecca Dupont Theresa Duque Kara Durand Leigh Anne Durant Susan and Douglas Durein** Debra Durham Derek Durham Manoj Durisheti April Durrett Garrett Durst Anneke Dury Dean Duryea Beth Dusha

Katherine Dustin Wally Dutchess Andrea Dutkin Philip Dutton Cameron Duvall Igor Dvorkis Christopher and Skye Dwyer Katherine and Terrence Dwyer Loretta Dyer Natalie Dyer Terri Dyer Dyer Family Foundation Alexya Dykins Mary Eacret John Eaglesham Jo Eala Andrea Earl Emily Earl Mr. and Mrs. James Earl Greg Earley Fredda and Linda Early Dawn Earp Jill Easterday Madan Mohan Easwaramoorthy Carolyn Eaton Dean Eaton Morgan Eattock Tommie Ebanez Heath Ebbert Lesli Ebeltoft Kathy Ebhardt Josselyn Eccleston Annelise Ecklund Marina Eckman Jennifer Eckowitz Seth Eckstein Jennifer Edelen Joanne Edelman Eve Edelson Amanda Edge* Sara Edge Myrtle Edmiston Charles Edmonds Patricia Edmonds** Yoshiko Edu Kristin Edwall Jean Edwards Jon Edwards Laura Edwards Leah Edwards Lori Edwards Nancy Edwards Yvonne Edwards Agnieszka Egan Hope Egan Kathleen Egan and John Miller Ken Ehler Myranda Ehlers Lisa Ehrenkranz Aaron Ehresman Jennifer Ehrlich Terry Eichel Linda Eick Rochelle Eick Stephanie Eick Adam and Amanda Einsohn Kenneth Einstein Cynthia and Harry Eisenberg Kimberly Eisentraut Chelsea Ekholm Jennifer Ekman Avra Elbinger Natalie Elefant Carol Elems Eric Elems Kristen Elges Alex Elias Karim Elkatcha

Anastasia Ellingsen Deborah Elliott Joyce Elliott Kathleen Elliott Marietta Elliott Renee Elliott** Rhonda Elliott Susan Elliott Sally Ellis Brittney Ellison Karen Ellison Ashley Ellsworth Rick Ellyson Judi Elman** John Elmensdorp Barbara Elmore Claire Elmore Hannah Elnan-Derse Emiley Eloe Fadrosh Linda Elsaesser Kristan Elwell Patricia Elzie-Tuttle Domenique Embrey Anya Emerson and Staw Kathleen Emerson Sandy Emerson Karen EmeryTonkovich Doug Emig Don and Justina Emley Patricia Emslie Joseph Encinias Christine Enck Thomas Endres Ronald EnferadiEllenberg Travis Enfield Cathy Engel Jennifer Engels Jane Enger Sue and Richard Enger Christine England James England Maureen English Samantha English Trisha English Elizabeth Enoch and Tara Bernardini Jennifer Enos Nicole Enos Donn Enright Matthew Enstrom Kathleen Enzerink Margaret Epperly Bette Epstein Simone Epstein Jill Erbland Virginia Erck Amanda Erickson Lillian Erickson Margaret Erickson Oscar Erickson Elaine Ernst Kelly Errigo Maureen Ertel Michelle Ertman Maureen Ervin Ese Esan Tatiana Escalante Deja Escalera Lisbeth Escobar Alisa Escorcio Monier Esfahani Elsie Eskandari Natalie Eskridge Sara Eslinger Amber Esparza Mathilda Espiritu Jennifer Estrella Deborah Eudaley Charles Eure Dolores Eusanio Janet Eustis Bridget Eutenier Katrina Evangelista Alea Evans

Brooke Evans Catherine Evans Cindy Evans Curran Evans Cynthia Evans D’Ambra Evans Jacqueline Evans Jeanelle Evans Martha Evans Michael Evans Mike and Lavonne Evans Pam Evans Roberta Evans Shelbey Evans Stephen and Carol Evans Deborah Evenich Aimee Everett Deborah Evering Amy Evoy Kathleen Eyre Gustavo Ezcurra Marilyn Ezrin Howard and Marilyn Ezzy Ivana Fabbri Andrea Faber Joe Faber Karen Faber M Fabila Nancy Fadis Karen Fagley Lisa Fahey Lauren Fahrer Laura Faigle Sheryll Fair Andrew Fairbanks Robin Faisant Linda Faison Erica Faitek and Schulte Barbara Fakkema Lorraine Falcon Deborah Fallehy Ardavon Falls Nicola Falzon Dominick Falzone Antoinette Familia Allport Family Ying Fan Kimberly Fancey Kym Fanene Allison Fang Carol Fang Jing Fang Scarlett Fang Xiao Wei Fang Robert Fanini Erin Fantin Christie Fanton Janet Farabaugh Rami and Mercedes Faraj Daniel Farber Bill Farfan Allison Fargo Lisa Farias Anna Farley Kaitlyn Farley Beth Farmer Laurie Farmer Scott Farmer Dawna Farrar Cherie Farrell Devin Farrell Glenn Farrell Jennifer Farrell Kerry Farrell Patrick Farrell Ryan Farrell Stephanie Jordan Jace Farry Niki Farsio Martin Fassler Bernadette Fatehi Jennifer Faught

Morgan Faulkner Amy Fauria Ashley Faust Jaclyn Faustino Jennifer Fay Karen Fazio Robert Fearman Laurel Fee Michael Feiertag E John Feig Harold Feiger Lesley Feikert Stephany Feil Frederick Feinberg Barry Feiner Ashley Feinne Laure Felch Erin Christine Feld Renee Felder Ira Feldman Susan Feldman Yana Feldman Jennifer Felipe Claudia Felson* Michele Felt Susan Felter Sue and Joyce Feltham** Cattron Felton Natalia Felvinczi Gabor Fencsik Aoqi Feng Hsuling Feng Qidan Feng Wenrui Feng Ellen Fenichel Molly Fenn Starr Fenn Ashley Fennessey Cheryl Fenton Cyndy Fenty Elliott Ferdig Chet Ferdun Perry Ferguson Melissa Fernandes Debby Fernandez Gregorio D Fernandez Michelle Fernandez and Lordy Rodriguez Murray and Shirley Fernandez Kristin Ferraioli Eleanor Ferrari Judy Ferrari John Ferreira Paul Ferreira Brenda Ferrero Erica Ferrier Jonathan Ferris Linda Ferris Erik Ferry Jan Feryus Jalyn Feth Bobbi Feyerabend Laurie Fiatal Petra Fibrichova Lj Fiedler Paul Fiedler Lauren Field Anna Fields Ashley Figueroa Marsha Figueroa Robin Figueroa Karen Filice Stephanie Filson Nicole Finamore Patricia Finch Susan Finch Stephanie Findley Lily Fine Lawrence and Mary Fineman Mara Finerty Sylvia Finet Jane Fink Sandra Fink Erin Finkelstein

Barbara Finkle Barbara Finn Kerri Finn Kimberley Finn David and Michelle Finnegan Leslie Finta Anna Fiore Sharon Firpo Britta Fischer Henning Fischer Ingrid Fischer Kenneth Fischer Laurie Fischer Marsha Fischer Sheila Fischer Arlene Fischhoff and Richard Trevor Frank Fischl Robert Fish Beth Fisher Diane Fisher Judith Fisher Marysue Fisher Patricia Fisher Robert Fisher and Peggy Knickerbocker Whitney Fisher Linda Fisher Miller Mark and Wendy Fitch Greg Fite Bethany and Danny Fitelson Samantha Fithian Linda Fitzgerald Michael Fitzhugh John and Renai Fitzpatrick Patricia Fjeldheim Edward Flaherty Larie Flaherty Daniel Flanagan Emma Flanagan Marcia Flanagan Heather Flanary Eleanor Flandermeyer Marissa Flanders Joss and Janice Flanzbaum Mark Fleckles Linda Fleener Olivia Fleming Patricia Fleming Udette Flesch Kemble Fletcher Michele Fletcher Kari Flickinger Eileen Flinn Lisa Flint Robert Flock Jay Flohr Amy Flores Raul Flores Tricia Flores Barbara Florin Dana Floyd Nina and Michael Fluss Patricia Flynn Veronica Fogarty Michael Fogel Carmen Foghorn Eileen Folan Carolyn Foley Christine Foley Gale Foley Jenny Foley Kevin Foley Michael and Lisa Foley Melissa Foley Sarah Foley Arlene and Charles Folkers Howard Folkman Rhiannon Follenfant Amy and Walter Fong Billy Fong

Crystal Fong Jacob Fong Jeffrey Fong Kevin Fong Pamela Fong Sherina Fong Valerie Fong wanda fong Debra A Fong Kong Sally Fonstein Michelle Fontane Jane Fontius Miriam Foord Beth Foote Christina FooteMcDermont Sylvia and Jennifer Forbes April Ford Carleen and Ken Foreman Gary and Susan Forman Amanda and Luke Fornwald Christina Forrest Kathryn Forrest Sharon and Jason Forrest Janice Forrester Nicole Forsberg Madison Forseth Brian Forsse Isabella Forsyth Roberta Forsythe Sherry Forsythe Lisa Forti Howard Fortner Kara Fortuna Christine Fortunate Amy Foster Cynthia Foster Edna Foster Jennifer Foster Lucia Foster Paula Foster Shawna Foster Stephen Foster Wendy Fotland Annette Fotos Shannon Foucault** Deanna Fountain Jeff Fountain Carlanne Foushee Joanne Fowler Lisba Fowler Tom and Sue Fowler Victoria Fowlis-Porchia Christina Fowlks Janet Fox Linda Fox Maureen Fox Robert and Ruth Fox* Susan Fox Valency Fox Serena Foxworthy Michaela Fraenkel Ann Fraley Sandra Francioch Carla Francis Caroline Francis* Ryan Francis Zoe Francis Aubrey Francisco Ellen Frank Linda Frank Bruce Franklin Douglas Franklin Jeremy Franklin Lara Franklin Lisa Franklin Pamela Franklin Sarah Franks Linda Franz Pamela Franzoni J.P. and Amy Frary Mary Fraser

Susan Fraumeni Kerry Fray Tim and Kristen Frazier Roberta Frea Katie Freccero Jennifer Freck Nancy Fredericks** Erin Fredrick Rebecca Freed Steven Freedman Adria Freeman Ashley Freeman Betsy and Roger Freeman Dorothy Freeman Jane Ashley Freeman Kate Freeman Martha Freeman Tonya Freeman Laurie Freihofner Laura Freitag Tatiana Giselle French Melissa Frey Renata Frey Elizabeth Fried Susan Frieders Allison Friedman Diana Friedman Karen Friedman Leah Friedman Suzanne Friedman Todd Friesen Elizabeth and Lance Friis Dianne Fristrom Brenda Fritschi Amy Fritschka Shari Fritz Theresa Fritz Jennifer Frizzell Andrew Froke Rodman Froke Judith FrugĂŠ James Fry Megan Frye Hong Fu Jason Fu Yanci Fu Yuehong Fu Lynn Fuelscher Ginalyn Fuentes Laura Fujii Irene Fujimoto Margaret Fujioka Mary Fuksa Peter Fukumae Stan Fuller Patricia Fulton May Funabiki Elaine Funaro Ada Fung Samantha Fung Annette Funk Patricia Furber Amy Furber-Dobson Dee Furley Gaku Furuta** Deanna Fusch Phyllis G.Potter Rachel Gabbay Alicia Gable Kim Gabrelcik Shannon Gaffey Nancy Gaggioli Justin Gagnon Betty Gai Margaret Gainer Jade Gaines Arthur Galan Lorna Galang Larissa Galanti Joan Gale Amy Galindo Sheryl Galinski Elizabeth Gallagher Sue Gallagher

Tena and John Gallagher Cris Gallegos Sarah Gallegos Monica E Gallicho Dorie Gallinatti** Richard Gallo Katherine Galossi Katie Galvan Laura Gamble Beatrice Gambony Robert Gamez Xiaorui Gan Kimberly Ganassin Thomas Gandesbery Ram Gandhi Charissa Gant Sudhir Ganti and Fiona Hsu Shuang Gao Youyou Gao Lynette Garaventa Amey Garber Elizabeth Garber Rebecca Garber Bernadette Garcia Diane Garcia Heather Garcia J. Luis and Monica Garcia Jeanne Garcia Mary Garcia Monica Garcia Richard Garcia Rosendo Garcia Sandra Garcia Susie Garcia Tiffany Garcia Vanessa Garcia Zamantha Garcia and Luciana Campos Sophia Garcia-Rivera Pamela Gard Dena Gardi Caitlin Gardner Julie Gardner Kim Gardner Maya Gardner Toni Gardner Jaleesa Garland Rob and Margo Garner Lorraine Garnett Lindsey Garnick Laurie and Herman Garnier Olivia Garnier Paula Garrett Nina Garrovillo Janice Gartin and Mark Kessler Alison Garvin Sarah Garvin Richard Gaskill Lisa Gaspar-Sanford Rachael Gass Robert and Marti Gastineau Miranda Gastineau Josh Gates Susan Gates Harold and Gena Gatlin* Shalini Gaur Beatrice Gaylord Cynthia Gaylord Peter Gazaryan Ning Ge Yuan Ge James Geaney Maryl Gearhart Manette Gebhardt Matt Gedigian Dickson Gee Norman Gee Randall Gee Yvonne Gee

Charles Geerhart Heather Gilliams Christine Gehring Ralph and Alice Judith Geisser Gillibert Mitchell Gelbard Christine Gillingham Julia Gelbaum Debra Gilliss Virginia Gelczis Cindy Gillmore Margaret Gelhaus Elizabeth Gillogly Yelena Geller Adrienne Gilmore Maria Gemmell Elizabeth Gilmore Darya Generalova May Gin Emmy Gengler Laura Gingrich Vincent Genovese Vera Ginn Terrence Gentle Sharyn Ginsberg Linda Gentner Rachel Ginsburg Patrick Geoghegan Sara and John Anne George* Giordani Barbara George Jeanne Giorsetto Candace George Cathy Giovannelli Jacqueline Geraci and Sarah Gipson Art Healey Trish Giraldo Ron Gerber Vanessa Girard Jacqueline Gerbracht Brad Girardeau Jake Gerbracht Girl Scouts of Northern John Gerbracht California Troop Jaime Gerdes 60852 Robyn Gerdes Girl Scouts Troop Lisa Gerhardt 30159 Paula Gerhardt Claire Girling Terence Germaine Nicole Giuntoli Andrea Gerola Tatiana Given Vernon and Rosalie Shoshana Gizzi and Gerrans Joseph Panicali Mary Gerritsen Claudia Glade Kathy Gervais Dr. Barbara Glaeser Glenn Gerwitz Julie Glasby Brittany Gery Jill Glasgow Nicole Gfroerer Courtenay Glass Carol Ghani Amanda Glasser Tala Ghantous Audrey Glazier Catherine Ghent Jean Gleason Christina Ghimenti Larissa Gleason Suzanne Ghita Brian and Diana Samya Ghuloum Gleghorn William Giacofci Gigi Gleghorn Thomas Giamberdini Barbara Glendenning Terry Gianatasio John Glenn Tammy Giannini Danielle Glick Judith Giardina Diane Glickman Kian Caci Isla Gibbon Nancy Glimme Aki Gibbons Articulate Global Mary Gibbons Lance Glossup Diane Gibbs Jeff Glover Misty Gibbs Susan Glueck Pamela Gibbs Sarah Glugatch Shelby Gibbs Eric Gniadek Amy Gibson Renais Goddard Heidi Gibson Deanna Goddin Kristin and Jason Laura Goderez Gibson Brendan Godfrey Lauren Gibson Olivia Godfrey Pat Gibson Scott Godfrey Pamela GibsonVanessa Godinez Francisco Jill Godkin Monica Giese Anthony Godoy Fred and Barbara Jean Godwin Gifford Mark Godwin Lynette Gifford Izabela Godzina Judy Giganti Ashley Goesling Angela Gil Charles Goetzl Barbara Gilbert David Goff Gery Gilbert Krishnaiah Gogineni Heidi Gilbert Krista Goguen Jo Gilbert Maia Goguen Kerry Gilbert Lola Goheen Julia Gilden Sabiha Gokcen Ann Gildersleeve Kathryn Gold Catherine and Thomas Rae Ann Goldberg Gilfether Jane Golden Jessica Gill Vivian and Sandy Joyce Gill Golden Karen Gill Barbara Goldenberg Lucia Gill Susan and Steve Michelle Gill Goldenberg Robert Gill Alan Goldhammer 29Brenda Goldhammer Sarah Gill Assaf Gillam Richard Golding Michele Gillespie Eric Goldman

Garrett Goldman Julia Goldman Laura Goldman Mark Goldman Ryan Goldman Valerie Goldman Andrea Goldstein Denise Goldstein Howard Goldstein Susan Goldstein Erica Goldsworthy Harish and Rashmi Goli William Golove Ani Golovko Jill Golub Dorothy Golz Stephanie Golz Nikki Gombar Joan Gombos Kathline Gomes Richard Gomes Gabrielle Gomez Lorena Gomez Marcos Gomez Carol Goncalves Polina Goncharova Annie Gong Henry Gong Ke Gong Susan Gong Jennifer Gonsalves Michael Gonsalves Amy Gonyea Lilia Gonzales Shari Gonzales Abelino Gonzalez Angela Gonzalez Bryan Gonzalez Catherine Gonzalez Heather Gonzalez Ivy Gonzalez Karla Gonzalez Michele Gonzalez Sandra Gonzalez Sherri Gonzalez Yzzy Gonzalez Jennifer Good Steve Goodall Alicia Goode Eva Goode Teresa Goode Neil and Diane Goodhue Laverne Goodin Abigail Goodman Bruce Goodman Jonah Goodman Sue Goodnow Amanda Goodsell Edward Goodstein Rachel Goodwin Sophie Goodwin Susan Goodwin Peter Goorjian Joanne Gootman Jaimie Goralnick Ellen Gorchoff Jerriann Gordillo-Marty Allan Gordon Elizabeth Gordon Howard Gordon Jeanne Gordon Jennifer Gordon Laurie Gordon Peter Gordon Roy Gordon Shauna Gordon Tracy Gordon Holly Gore Susan Gorelick Adriana Gores Carl Goreth Nancy Goreth Mukund Gorla Denise Gorman** Mary Gorman

Sergey Gorokhovsky Patricia Gosselin Cody Gossett Frank Gossett Laura Gotelli-Faust Harvey Gotliffe Haruhiro Goto** Leslie Gotuaco Steven Gotz Jeff Gough Leila Gough Deborah Gould Jessica Gould Stefanie Gould Toby Gould Cori Gouveia Erin Gowen Robin Gowen Tena Goy Rachel Goyette Gina Gozinsky Juline Grabowski Michael Grace Suzanne Gracewski Rebecca Graciano Joellen and Brenden Grady Mary Grady John Gragnani Carol Graham Coby Graham Dorothy Graham Ellen Graham Jennifer Graham Lindsay Graham Nanci Graham R Kelly Graham Marta Grajeda Keller Linda and Chris Grandov** Allison Grange Adrienne Granger Diana Grannis Darcy Grant George Grant Kyla Grant Shelley Grant Lauri Grasse Linda Gravely Barbara Graves* Jason and Ana Graves Sally Graves Elizabeth and Bob Gray Jane Gray Judith and Donald Gray Natalie Gray Sean Gray Timothy Gray Wilson Gray Irina Grayfer Judith and Mary Greden Abigail Green Adam Green Alison Green Brian and Lori Green Carolyn D Green Genevieve Green Jenna Green** Jillian Green Laura Green** Nina Green Rebecca Green S. Green Andree Greenberg Clifford Greenberg Dan Greenberg Ruth Greenberg Simone Greenberg Myra Greene Oshyan Greene Susan Greene Wendy Greene Jennifer Greenfield Judy Greenhouse

Melissa Greenleaf Fiona Greer Kalana Greer Marguerite GreerBennett Lisa Gregersen Kalena Gregory Linda Gregory Peter Gregory Renee Gregory Karen Greig Jill Grenier Mary Greppi Francie Gresbrink Tim and Ann Gressani Donald Grether Harpreet Grewal and Joel Johnson Manjot Grewal Rannu Grewal Holly Grey Ted Grider Hilary Gridley Christine Griffin Glenn Griffin Lisa Griffin Amy Griffis and Armand Leonetti Terry Griffith Krista Griffiths Kathleen Griggs Cornelia Grimes Sandy Grimes Karen Grimm Joni Grisham Kim Grist* Julia Griswold Thomas Griswold Larry Gritz Debbie Grivois Jim Grizzell Naomi Groeschel* Becky and Rick Groff Christine Groff Jane Groft Jacqueline Gross Laura Gross Madeleine Gross Andrew Grossman David Grossman Jesse Grossman Jessica Grossman Juliet Grossman Kristina Grossman Anya Grossmann Cindy Grounds Beverly Grove Gail Grove Timothy Groves Alan Grubb Dian Grueneich Eleanor Grugel Andrea Grumley Benjamin Grunat Jordana Grunder Margaret Grunert George Grunwald Dorothy and Barry Grushkowitz Katharine Grutter Mengting Gu Renliang Gu Li Guan Valerie Guardia Megan Gudgeirsson Matthew and Melinda Guelfi Austin Guerra Vanessa Guerrero Dave and Suzanne Guffy Caron Gugssa-Howard Gayle Guhde Judy Guidry Carlos Guillen Ramona E Guislin Diana Guittard

Erik Gulseth Shweta Gumastedesai Tricia Gumataotao Lisa Gumpel Natalie Gunnarsson Nandi Gunning Sudheer Guntupalli Jie Guo Tatiana Gupenko Amool Gupta Apurva and Anuradha Gupta Deepti Gupta Hittu Gupta Priyanka Gupta Shantanu Gupta Varun Gupta Michael Gurnari Steven Gurske Joyce Gurule** Kala Gururajan Amanda Guslani Brian Gustafson Debbie Gustafson Scott Gustafson Zachary Gustafson Dottie Guterres Alan Guthrez Cynthia Gutierrez Glenn Gutierrez Sherry Gutierrez Alice Gutman Suzanne Gutterriez Margaret Gutzwiller Kristen Guy Shantelle Guy Anthony Guzman Susana Guzman Alexander Gyr Elizabeth Ha Hien Ha Jenny Ha Lien Ha Tomoko and Tony Ha Valerie Haak Katherine Haar Colby Haarz Wendy Haase Carole Habash Connie Habash Carol and Caitlin Haberberger Danny HabererGehrmann Beatrice Hablig Patricia Hachiya Diane and Gary Hack* Michael Hack Jacqueline Hackel Irene Hacker Kathleen Hackett Victoria Hackett Jack Hacking Elayne Hada-Souza Soniya Hadkar Adrien Hadley Cheryl Hadley Kristie Hagar Ellinor Hagedorn Alexis Hager Angie and Jim Hager Margie Hager Ryan Hagey Annmarie Haggerty Steven Haggerty Thomas Hagler Casey Hahn Darcy Hahn Granville Hahn Bei Hai and Stan Lao Wendy Halambeck Raven Halderman Diane Hale Tiffani Hale Joseph Halfin Jeanette Halford Darlene Halican

Claire Halim Riantini Halim Kim Halket Alejandra Hall Andrea Hall Carol Hall Gary Hall Kathleen Hall Laura Hall Pat Hall Sue Hall Timothy Hallahan Georgia Hallaman Elizabeth and Jason Hallett Barbara Halliday Helen Halliday Leslie Halliday Susan Halliday Dearbhail Halligan Gary Hallin Robert Bell and Britt Hallquist-Bell Basavaraj Hallyal Laila Halsteen Oleh Halytskyi Jason Ham Eloise Hamann Amber and Bryan Hamblin Virginia Hambly Marla Hambright Jesse Hamburger Harrison Hamill Donald Hamilton Gayle Hamilton Joann Hamilton Lauren Hamilton Robert Hamilton** Ruth Hamler Adrienne Hamlin Harriet Hamlin and James Finefrock Elisabeth Hammer Hali Hammer Stacy Hammond and Tim Lasocki Judi Hampshire Janell Hampton Catherine Hamze Ahmang Han Dingling Han Jieling Han Jing Han Yan Han Thomas and Debra Hanavan Christopher Hanawalt Allyson Hance Annette Hancock Veronica Hand Pankaj Hande Cat Handlin Chris Handy Robert Hanelt Leanne Haney Donna Hankins Stacy Hankinson Gary Hanks Kathryn Hanley Cherry Hanna Sara Hanna Theresa Hanna Toni Hanna Maria Hannah Jenypher Hannay Jason and Lina Hannigan Chris Hanrahan Vickie Hansbrough Elizabeth Hansell Christina Hansen Dana Hansen Erica Hansen Nancy Hansen Pamela Hansen Suzanne Hansen

Louise Hansford Sabrina and Bilal Hansia Bethany Hanson Cynthia Hanson Jo Ann and James Hanson Lawrence Hanson Tania Hanson De Young Kasia Hanson Schrader Lauren Hanzel Shelley Hara Steve Haraguchi Jim Harari Daniel Harden Deborah Harden Andre Harder Laura Hardesty Susan Harding Patricia Hardy William Harlan Abigail Harlow Mary Ellen Harmeyer Eva Harmon Kay Harnish-Ladd Stacy Harp Debra and Chris Harper Donna Harper Gladiola Harrelson Barbara Harrington** Hope Harrington Hugh Harrington Nancy Harrington Adriana Harris Bianca Harris Brian Harris Donalyn Harris Jeannine Harris Kendall Harris Lisa Harris Lorin Harris Maryann Harris Melissa Harris Patricia Harris Richard Harris Sherrill Harris Shireen Harris Teresa Harris Gail Harrison Jasmine Harrison Jennifer Harrison Patty Harrison Shannon Harrison Susan Harrison Valerie Harrison Victoria Harrison Winifred HarrisonPetersen Dawn Harry Ashley Hart Cynthia Hart Kristin Hart Linda Hart Meaghan Hart Craig Harter Leissa Hartlage Angela Hartman Kathleen Hartman Megan Hartman Judy Hartnett Therese Hart-Pignotti and Robert Pignotti James Hartrich Katherine Hartrich Johanna Hartwig Kara Hartz Cyrus Harvesf Charlotte Harvey Jeanne Harvey Jill Harvey Muriel Harvey and Jon Musacchia Stephen Harvey Donald Harvill Joyce Ann Harvis

Doris Hasegawa frances haselsteiner Amanda Hashfield Janet Hashimoto Carol Haskell Allison Haslam Doreen Hassan Jessica Hassani Kenta Hasui Lauren Haswell Sarah Haswell Lara Hata Kazuyo Hataye David Hatch Phyllis Hatch Andrea Hathorn Lorraine Hatvik Matthew Haun Deanna Hauser Jennifer Hausmann Jill Haut Kathryn Hautanen Diana Haven Richard Haven Amy Havens Ursula Hawe Daphne Hawk Elizabeth Hawkes Ben Hawkins Craig Hawkins Nicole Hawkins Heather Hawkr Ronald Hawley Hilary Hawn Jessica Haws Hillary Hayden Danielle Hayes Holly Hayes John Hayes Melissa Hayes Rain Hayes Rita Hayes Kimberly Haygood Nicole Hayman Matthew Haynes Hannah Haynie Robert Haynie Janice Hayse Donna Hazel Carol Hazen Christine Hazlehurst Guifen He Lei He Xin He Yangshen He Yun He and Jia Liu Mindy and Shane He McDonough Donna Healy Mary Heaney Claire Heap Esme Heard Janice Hearns Lindsay Hearrean Carol Heath Doyle and Mary Heaton** Karen Hebel Katherine Hedstrom Molly Heekin Barbara Heenan Jill Heenan Katharine Heeringa Daniel Heffelfinger Daniel Heffernan Maria Heffernan Robyn Hegarty Rosemary Heil Marcia and Donald Heimburger John Heinitz Rachel Heinitz Karl Heins Ron Heinsma Deidre Heitman and Dan Martin Xenia Heldebrant

Bill Helenihi Rayna Helgens Jennifer Helgren Esther Hellar and Nick Corsano Evelyn Heller Joan Heller Marie Hellman Melissa Hellums Michael Helm Alon Helman Jacole Helmuth Zel Helstrom and V. Dulce Helstrom Doug Hembry Lauriana Hemenway Lynne Hemminger Alexis Henderson Carol Henderson Danielle Henderson Michael Henderson Nancy Henderson Peter Henderson Sherri Henderson Joe Hendricks Michele Hendricks Robert Hendrickson Sherri Hendrickson Theresa Henegan Audrey Heng Jeffrey Heng Suzanne Heng Nicholas Hengl Linda Henika Desiree Henley Matthew Hennagin Erica Hennes Kathy Hennessey Maura Hennessy Warren and Rosalind Henning Anna Hennings Nancy Hennings Carmen Henrikson Charles Henry Christina Henry Diane Henry Jacquelyn Henry Melanie Henry Sharon Henry Christine Henshaw Hilary Henshaw Julia Henshaw Gregory Hensley Linda Hensley Daria Hepps Janet Herben Bradley Herbert Frederick Herbert Andrea Heredia Sara Herman Tom Herman Lynne Hermle Amanda Hernandez Callie Hernandez Christian Hernandez Erika Hernandez Katie Hernandez Maricela Hernandez Mildred Hernandez Natasha Hernandez Taya Hernandez Veronica Hernandez Natalie Herndon Tiffany Heron Lindsey Herrema Jaisette Herrera Kris and Jack Herrera Otto Herrera Nathan Herrero Jocelynn Herrick Amber Hersch Eliza Hersh Laura Hertel Fran Herts Gerald Hertz Shelley Hertz

Marilyn Hertzberg Inger Hertzfeldt Sarah Herzog Abigail Hespeler Pandy Hespeler Colleen Hess Connie Hessel Kathy Hester Jan Hetherington Cheree Hethershaw Pamela Hettinger Adrienne HettrichHorton David and Hope Heusdens Mary Hewlett Craig Heyne Dan Hibbing Caitlin Hibma Justin Hibner Adam Hicks Dakota Hicks Grace Hicks Lacey Hicks Natasha Hicks Carolyn Higgins Bruce and Marie Higgins Ramona Higgins Holly Highfield James Hightower Chris Hilgers Alisa Hill James Hill Mary Hill Misako Hill Nathanael Hill Paul Hill Ramona Hill Adrienne Hillebrandt Kaitlyn Hilleshiem Kerry Hillis Barbara Hillman Iris Hillman Kristina Hillman Nicole Hills Bruce Hillsberg Elaine Hilp Christopher Hilton Cynthia Hilton Vanessa Himelblau Sheila Himmel Gerard Hinek and Sharon Hunt Ken Hines Nikki Hines Loan Hinh Carolyn Hinrichs Chinwe Hinton Judith Hirabayashi Miki Hirai Corinne Hirano Nancee Hirano Terence Hird Naomi Hironaka Kathleen Hirooka Dawn Hirsch Rebecca Hirsch Gayl Hirschfeld Deborah Hirsh Annik Hirshen and Lucas Rachuba Adrienne Hirt Kathryn Hirt Ai Hiruma Elizabeth and Jim Hirzel Allyson Hitchcock Janice Hitchcock Brian Hitchens Lesley Hitchings Judy Hnilo Alice Ho Emily Ho Evelyn Ho Melissa Ho Patty Ho

Pen-Che Ho Faye Hoang Katharine Hobbs Nancy Hobbs Tia Hobbs Wilbur Hobbs Nyssa Hoch Frances Hochschild Rita Hock Sheryle Hodapp David Hodges Helen Hodges David Hodgson David Hodson Debra Hodson Diane Hoehn Ellen Hoffman Harold Hoffman Julie Hoffman Ken Hoffman Mark Hofman James Hogg Shannon Hoglund Robin Hogue Shannon Hoiseth Karen Holbrook Thomas Holder David Holderman Vladlena Holdsworth Jose Holguin Dave Holland Jane Holland Sally Holland Tracie Holland Sarena Hollenshead Holly Holleran Susan and Peter Holley Judith Holliday Julie Hollinger Casey Hollis Kerry Hollister Sandra Hollman Robin Holloway Nichole Holly Karen Holm Kris Holm Peter Holm Fawn Holman Karla Holmberg David Holmes Monica Holmes Wendy Holmes Ann Holmesheintz Frances Holsinger James and Sandra Holst Lewis Holst Shauna Holt Tonya Holtan Julia Holtz Ivan Hom Jessica Hom Linda Hom Ada Hon Linda Honeyman Fan Hong Linger Hong Athena Honore Danae and Brian Hoobler Amy Hood Arlene Hood David Hood Julie Hood Catherine Hook Ashley Hooper Eric Hooper Stacie Hooper Cici Hoover Cindi Hoover Darby Hoover Justine Hoover Laura Hoover Denise and Mike Hopken Bridget Hopkins and

Cleo Cooper Emily Hopkins Ethan Hopkins Maggie Hopkins Jamie and Paul Hora Tamora Horen Heather Horn Maggie Horn sandra horn Phyllis Horneman Audrey and Eric Horning Aisha Horton Catherine Horton G Horton Gretchen Horton Jane Horton Arnold Horwitz Linda Hose Adlen Hosier Michael Host Kathleen Hothem Lizhi Hou Kendrick Hough Brandon Houghton Jaime Houghton Stephanie Houle Colleen Houlihan Christine Houser Karen Houston Erika Houtz Marco Hovland Bethany Howad Bradford Howard Gary Howard Irene Howard Jennifer Howard Kathe Howard Kellie Howard Lori Howard Lyman Howard Nancy Howard April and Douglas Howell-Young Rhonda Howerton Michael and Staci Howery Janet Howley Shireen Ndiaye and Ann Hoyer Matthew Hoyle Lisa Hsia Huei-jun Hsiao Buyao Hsieh Pei-Chen Hsieh Pei-Ying Hsieh Alec Hsu David Hsu G and Sharon Hsu Jessica Hsu Jonathan Hsu Trudy Hsu Hainwhei Hsueh Anne Hu Yanan Hu and Qingyu Song Yang Hu Ying Hu Allison Huang Florence Huang Henry Huang Hsing Huang Jenny Huang Jiajie Huang Ke Huang Li Huang Lili Huang Linde Huang Melinda and Wayne Huang Oliver Huang Po-I Huang Weimin Huang Wendy Huang Yifan Huang Yingjie Huang Yingzhen Huang

Yun Jin Huang Zhenling Huang Nicole Huber Elsa Hucks Irene Hucks Cassady and Phillip Hudson Randolph Hudson Shelley Hudson Betty Huey Christine Huey Clinton Huey Casey Huff Marin Huff Diane Huffman Gene Huffman Alyssa Hughes Barbara Hughes Brenton Hughes Brianna Hughes Cornelia Hughes Dana Hughes Erin Hughes Harry Hughes Joanne and Ken Hughes Mayumi and John Hughes Katherine Hughes Susan Hughes Tracy Hughes Whitney and Niall Hughes William Hughes Shannon Hugon Angus Hui Shufeng Hui Yang Hui Anna Huie Emma Huie Randy Hujar James Hull William Hull Christa Hulse Brianne Hum Elizabeth Hume Denise and Jason Hummer John Hummer Emily Humphrey Enid Hunkeler Alexandra Hunt Brandi Hunt Danielle Hunt Karen Hunt Gerardo and Nancy Hunt Susan Hunt Clare Huntenburg Lesley Hunter Paul Hunter Eric Hunting Robbin Huntingdale Samantha Huntington Yueyi Huo Victoria Hurd Michael Hurder Jane Hurlburt Samantha Hurley Omar Hurricane Jim Hurst Robert Hurst Aamer Husain Martha Husak Charles Huse Sonya Huss Bruce and Joyce Huston Colette Huston Michelle Huston Sherri Hutcheson Bonnie Hutchings and Harrison Stubbs Marni Hutchins Mary Hutchinson Tracy Hutchison Katherine Hutton

Penelope Hyde Jennifer Hydrick Jessica Ibay Cleo and Anthony Ibe Jeanne and Artur Ichnowski Whitney and Niall Hughes Mukesh Idnani Angel Igano Jessica Igarashi Ginger Iglesias Tatiana Ignatenko Lynette Ikeda Vivian Ikeda Ryan Ikuta and Kristin Rissanen Ikuta Lauren Illingworth Michael Imahara Jeanne Imai Patricia Imperial Meghan Imrie Patricia Inabnet Thredup Inc Inc Assetmark Inc. Maria Inchauspe David Ingalls Kristin Ingeman Garen Ingleby William Inglis Judith Ingols Karlana Ingram Madeleine Inman Paula Inwood Alfred Ip Nicole Ippolito Tina Ippolito Wafa Iqbal Susan Irani Barbara Irias Melva Irvine Muriel Isaac Raphael Isaacs Ruhsora Iskandarova Tasha Isolani Sarah Ison Mary Isvoranu Irina Itsekson Carol Ivanoff Linda Ivory Nikhila J Reynier Jacinto Scott Jackman Bess Jackson Cynthia Jackson Jennifer Jackson and Eric Pettengill Jimmye Jackson Keith Jackson Kyle Jackson Shantoy Jackson Judith JacksonMacIlvaine Joyce Jackson-White Carolyn Jacobe Andrea Jacobs Jutta Jacobs Laurie Jacobs Linda Jacobs Lisa Jacobs Anne Jacobs Walker Barbara Jacobsen LaVonne Jacobsen Sandra Jacobsen Sharyn Jacobsen Shayla Jacobsen Cara Jacobson Karen Jacobson Ryan Jacobson Eileen Jacoby Kaye Jacuzzi Kristofer Jadd Drew Jaffe Demetra Jaffin Anuradha Jaganathan Gaurav Jain Shailaja Jain

Nicole Jakaby James Jakel Saad Jamal Alice James Caitlin James Debbie James Jamie James Jeanne James Julie James Melissa James Robin James Bonnie Jameson Devi Jameson Mona Jamieson** Rebecca Jamil Siamack Jamshidipour Mustafa Janabi Dennis T Jang Rebecca Janik Christina Jaqua Christopher Jaquez Debbie Jara Robert Jarman Patricia Jarmy Kubรกtovรก Jaroslava Peggy Jarreau Charles Jarrett Bianca Jarvis Suzanne Jasmer Jason Family Foundation Aisha Jasper Matt Jasper Monique Jasper Amy and Amit Jasuja Stephany Jati Jose Jauregui Jim Jaworski Cathleen Jay Donna Jay Baskar Jayaraman and Kalpana Natarajan Sumita Jayaraman Krista Jeannotte and Andrew Burgasser Linh Jee Jennifer Jeffers Debra Jefferson Ann Jeffries Julie Jeffry Rory Jelinski Edward and Julie Jellen Ericka Jenkins Teir Jenkins Amanda Jennette Susan Jenny Beth Jensen Doug Jensen Jeanette Jensen Kellie Jensen Lauris Jensen Mary Jensen Pat Jensen Rebecca Jensen Tara Jensen Carol Jenson Stef Jenzeh Herbert Jeong Mallorie Jeong Shoshanna Jestadt Michelle Jester Mary Jeter Janu Jethani Bryan Jeung Julie Jeung Daniel Jewett Lauren Jewett Rebecca Jewett Namrata Jhaveri Lili Ji Yemin Ji Zhaoyin Jia Yi-Ping Jian Bian Jiang Josephine Jiang Xun Jiang

Yi-Huei Jiang Jose Jimenez Magaly Jimenez Tim Jin Mary Jo Jirik Karina Joachin Alejandro Joaquin June Jobin Mindy Johal Ayesha Johannes Maureen Johansen Rachael Johansen Sandra Johansen Suzanne Johansen Christina Johansson Carol Johiro Arlyn Johns Denise Johnsen Abi Johnson Aida Johnson Amy Johnson Barbara Johnson Beverly Johnson Brenden Johnson C J Johnson Carol Johnson Charles Johnson Cheryl Johnson Christine Johnson Corinne Johnson Courtney Johnson David Johnson Douglas Johnson Erin Johnson Harriet M Johnson Heather Johnson Janie Johnson Jenilynn Johnson Jeremy Johnson Julee Johnson Kathryn Johnson Kenneth Johnson and Margaret Lee Lauren Johnson Lauren Johnson Linda and David Johnson Mary Johnson Melissa Johnson Michele Johnson Nan Johnson Rhonda Johnson Scott Johnson Susan Johnson Taffy and Kristopher Johnson Tamra Johnson Tania Johnson Tiffany Johnson Tim Johnson William Johnson Karin Johnson-Butler Jeneen Johnston Joan Johnston Margaret Johnston Patricia Johnston Anne Jolley Constance Jolly Aaron Jones Amanda Jones Andrea Jones Ann and Rich Jones Brittany Jones Catherine Jones Daniela Jones Emma Jones Heather Jones and Matt Rasband Jacqueline Jones James Jones Judy and Don Jones Katie Jones Kerry Jones Kevin Jones Kristen Jones Kristina Jones Laura Jones

Marjorie Jones Marsha Jones Paula Jones Richard Jones Robert Jones Sheila Jones Sonia Jones Susan and Bradford Jones Thomas Jones Jennie Jones Scherbinski Sandy Jones-Kaminski Alexa Jordan Jessica Jordan Jillian Jordan Kathryn Jordan Renee Jordan Wendy Jordan John Jordy Kyle Jorgensen David Joseph Laury Joseph Martha Joseph Nadine Joseph Brijen Joshi Pallavi Joshi Pruthav Joshi Sarah Jowett Mary Joy Charles Joyce Jane Joyce JSR Micro Inc Moo Ju Fuchun Juang Tamara Judd Elizabeth Judge Doreen Judson Ann Juell Nancy Jueyye Kristen Juhan Marilyn Jumper Kyle Jung Katherine Junnila Kelli Jurgenson Frank Jurik Daniela K Sheldon Kabaker Neena Kadaba Mridula Kadmuri Lindsey Kaemingk Tara Kagan Susan Kahler Anne Kahn Judith Kahn Sage Kahn Malcolm Kaiser Sachiko Kajiyama Satyanarayana Kakollu Virginia Kalagorgevich Katherine Kalar Nashua Kalil Janet Kalkstein Thera Kalmijn Kristine Kalstrom Vinothkumar Kalyanasundaram Ivy Kam and Jacques Senakarn Petrice Kam john Kamerzell Jennifer Kamian Ayumi Kamikawa Jacqui Kaminer Kathryn Kaminski and Maclen Marvit Steven Kaminski Sabrina Kaminsky Carol Kamlarz Patricia Kamlley Margaret Kammerud Mehul Kamran Phyllis Kamrin Kyoka Kanae Dawn Kanan Anbukani Ayyanar Kandasamy

Amy Kane Barbara Kane Cynthia Kane Dallas Kane Helen Kane Iris Kane Lea Kane Stephen Kane Steven and Jacqueline Kane Steven Kane Jeanne Kaneko Donghoon Kang Sarah Kania Vibhi Kant Igor Kanyuka Cynthia and Charles Kapelke Ellie Kaplan Jennifer Kaplan Kelly Kaplan Tobey Kaplan Shari Kaplan Witaschek Gaurav Kapoor Dave Kapsiak Tiffany Karaiyan Emil Karakolev** Frances Karandy Correy Karbiener Kyle Karns Rhoda Karp Leslie Karren John Karsant** Mary Karsant** Myrna Karsh Babette Karsseboom Rosalinda Karsseboom* weslie kary Vanesa Kaselionis Karthik Kasinathan Shiva Kasiviswanathan Gail Kasovac Gina Kasowski Sari Kasper Jordan Kass Sophia Kassab Michael Kassoff Alison Kastama Eric Kastner Christopher Katayanagi Margaret and Takeo Kato Mark Katsnelson Takafumi Katsuura Daniel Katz Joanna Katz Leslie Katz Mary-Claire Katz Roland Katz Seth Katz Tali Katz Patricia Kauffman Kelly Kaufman Larry Kaufman Benjamin KaufmannMalaga Prabhjot Kaur Sukhvinder Kaur Alexander Kausen Jessica Kaut Melissa Kauth Elza and John D Kavanaugh Aya Kawamoto Yumiko Kawamura Shotaro Kawarazaki Carolyn Kay and Arthur Green Stephanie Kay Rohan Kayan Tasha Kayatsky Juliann Kaz Olga Kazakova Pamela Kearby Brendan Kearney

Deborah Kearney and Jerome Feldman Angela Keating Gena Kee Karen Keech Rheanna Keefe Robin Keefe* Karen Keeley Robert Keeley Holly Keenan Brian and Jan Kehoe John Keibel Paula Keilson Margie Kekaha Mary Kay Kelder Jennifer Kellar Kathleen Kellar Nicholas Kellaris Edward Keller Eileen Keller Jacque Keller Jennifer Keller Melody Keller Sarah Keller Susan Keller Faith Kelley Irene Kelley Kylee Kelley Marnie Kelley Patrick Kelley Sherri Kelley Virginia Kelley Jean Kellner Kim Kellogg Michael Kellogg Mildred Kellogg Bruce Kelly Jacqueline Kelly Judy Kelly Kathleen Kelly Kristine Kelly Lauren Kelly Leslie Kelly Marsha Kelly Michael Kelly Susan Kelly Tammy Kelly Vanessa Kelly Samedi Kem Brandon Kemp Lee Kempf Marie Kenaga Wendy Kendall Yanina Kenges Gloria Kennard Barbara Kennedy Christine Kennedy Jennifer Kennedy Judith Kennedy Marilyn Kennedy Maya Kennedy Stephen Kennedy Susan Kennedy Susan and Dennis Kennelly Sarah Kenneweg Barbara Kenney Diana Kenney Karen Kenney Elizabeth and Leo Kenny Lisa Kensil Katheryn Kenworthy and Paul Barale Kristen Kenyon Liz Keough Judith Kephart Brittany Kepke Rachael Kepke Trianda KeramidasRohrer Matthew Kerby Natalia Kermode Bill Kerr Eileen Kerr Shaun Kerr Trudy Kerr

Mary Kerrigan Stephanie Kerry Jackie Kersh Lori Kershner-Wine Judith and William Kesseler** Kris Kessler Jill Kessler Miller Adryon Ketchman and Chris Hammon Cindy Ketchum Pamela Ketzel Kevin Kevin Anne Keyashian Meghal Khakhar Firangis Khalimzade Fahria Khan Sohana Khanal Izabella Khanitsky Smitha Khattar Tatyana Kheyfets Samer Khouli Nick Kibre Nicole Kidd* Erin Kiely Lee Anne Kientzy Kate Kigudde Aleksandra Kijac Jon and Melissa Kiland Molly Kilby Christopher Kildegaard Lark Killelea Elizabeth and Lois Killen Alison Killilea Salena Killion Bonnie Killip Shana Kilpatrick Patricia Kilroe Anna Kim Daniel Kim Gene Kim Ginnie Kim Jenny Kim Maria Kim Richard Kim and Hyunsun Kwak Alejandra Kim Arredondo Susan Kim Chan David Kimball Amanda Kimbrew Diana Kimbrough Josette Kimes Veronica Kimes Ji Kim-Fung Becky Kin Christine Kinavey Jan Kincaid Heather Kinch Alison King Andrea King Donald King Elizabeth King Irina King Janet King John and Jann King Laura King Marlene King Michael King Shih-Ying King Siobhan King Stephanie King Susan King Yvonne King Karen Kingdon Benjamin Kingsley Jessica Kinlund Claire Kinney Fiona Kinsolving Colleen Kinzley Carry Kiraly Dana Kirby Evelyn Kirby Lisa Kirch and Richard Gates

Lyudmila Kirillova Howard Kirsch Susan and Theodore Kirsch Jackie and Alan Kirschbaum Karen Kirstein Judith and Jon Kissinger Brenda Kitagawa Heather Kitamirike Molly Kitamura Tsunehiko Kitamura** Nicole Kitchen Shakiara Kitchen Janis Kitsuwa-Lowe Deanna Kittrell** Kiwanis Club of San Leandro Kiwanis Club of San Leandro Foundation Eve Kizer Karen Klaczynski Sharon Klaisner Kathryn Klar Heather Klaubert Barbara Klein Claire Klein Julie Klein Katie Klein Lynn Klein Marcia Klein* Mark Klein Susan Klein Karen Kleiner Richard Kleiner Heidi Kleinmaus Julia Kleinschmidt Jennifer Klepperich Elisa Kleven Julie Kliger Deborah Klimas Geoffrey and Marvera Kline Linda Klingman Micky Klitzing Kristin Kloberdanz Keith Klohn Jeffrey Klonoff Carole Klyce* Katherine Knapp Steve and Tavie Knapp Leslie Knechtel and Ann Knechtel Anne Marie Kniel Yasmin Kniep Catherine Knight Lisa Knittel Valerie Knittel Carolyn Knoll Laura Knolle Emily Knox Marian Knuckles Daisy Knutson Kathy Knutson Marie Knutson Deb and Ed Knych J B Kobel Alan Kobernat Richard Kochenburger Julia Kochi Antonina Kochmer Elizabeth Kochprapha Kathy Kocis Audrey Kocmond Tina Koeberl Andrea Koehler Dirk Koehler Katherine Koelle Cynthia Koenigsberg Linda Koeppen Martha Koerner Yale and Chie Kofman Simone Koga Boris Kogan Yevgeniy Kogan Cheri Kohl

Kohl’s Department Stores Heather and Brian Kohndrow Chiye Kojima Denise Koker Charles Kokernak Linda Kolar Electronica Kolasa Rupa Kolavennu Katie Kolb Danielle Kolczak Tracy Kolias Susanne Koller Alexis Kollias Thiele Alexander Kolliopoulos Brian Kolm Mariah Kolodzie Cynthia Komori Helen Kong Sandy Kong See Wai Kong Sonoko Konishi Cody Konno Kenneth Konzak Cynthia Koo Lorsen Koo Carol Kooreman Jennifer Kopecki Luda Kopelovich Robert and Jerri Koplowitz Kavitha Koppolu Brendan Korbas Susan Korbel Neil Koris Anne Marie Kornbluh George Kornbluth Brian Kornow Matthew and Jill Korpita Carol Korycinski Sandy Koshkin and Barbara Levin Andria Kosich Polina Kosillo Jeanne Kostic Karen Kostka Olena Kostrygina Deborah Kotar Alix Kottke Margaret Kotzebue Ruixue Kou Camille Koue Edward Kovac Chris Kovach Jeannette Kovacs Tasha Koval Tetiana Kovalenko Kathy and Karen Kovell Pauline Kowitz Anna Kozlachkova Brian Kozono Jamie Kozono Julie Kraft Denise Krah Anne and John Krainer** Nancy Krajcar Cathryn Krajewski Bridget Kramer Eileen Kramer Karen Kramer Vivian Kramp Meghan Krank-Mclean Anna Kranzthor Stephen Kratt Tia Kratter Tomie Kratz Kellee Kratzer James Krauch George Krause Robert Krause Timothy Krause Aaron Kravitz Noah Kravitz

Ann Kraynak Nancy Krebs Donna Krehbiel Brad Kreit Erin Kreitschitz Lisa Krekorian Kathryn Kreps Charles Kress Stephen Kreta Frank Krhoun Cynthia Krieger Marilyn Krieger Ed and Zoey Kriete Paul Krill Daina Kringlen Rama Krishna Hema Krishnamurthy Mohan Kanan Krishnan Megan Kristy Liliya Krivulina Elizabeth and Edward Kroll Nancy Kroll Vlad Kroll Monica Krommenhock Diana Krotz Jackie Krstulovich Simone Krueger Connie Kruse Julie Kruse Lauren Kruse Audris Joan Kuang Greta Kuang Tiffany Kuang Tina Kuang Suzanne Kuba Helena and Jaroslava Kubátová Paul Kubicek David and Patricia Kubo Jozef Kudela** Jessica Kuester Kristy Kuhn Karl Kuhnhausen Margot Kuhre and Marc Lipkin Sofiia Kukhar Valerie Kuki Gary Kukus Ramkrishnan Kulathumani Sarah Kulberg Jason Kulchinsky and Clare Cassidy Mateusz Kulikowski Jennifer Kumar Prasanth Kumar Puneet Kumar Saavan Kumar Smitha Kumar Ann Kung Cathalina Kung John Kunich Margaret Kuntz Joyce Kunz Marilyn Kunz Helen Kuo Pinen Kuo Lisa Kurano Chris Kurdziel Sandra Kurita Shinichi Kurita** Satoshi Kuritsubo Garin Kurns Nana Kurosawa Prasad Kuruganti and Visalakshi Dhara R Kurzberg Caroline Kurzke Sally Kusalo Gary Kushner and Bethany Hampton Katherine Kushner Melanie KushnirPappalardo

Carol Kuster Bertha Kusuma Melchia Kutches Alyssa Kutz Oleksandr Kuvshynov Florence Kuyt Catherine Kuzmeski Dima Kuzmin Catherine Kvikstad Jeanye Kwack Janice Kwak Jennifer Kwak Christina Kwak-Peters and Ron Peters Lawrence Kwan Elaine Kwei Jane Kwiatkowski Doris Kwok Brittany Kwong Molly Kyle Lydia Kyohere Andriy L Tim L Jolene La Tiffany La Jenner La Fave Kent Laak Sylvia and Laakea Laano Stephanie Labaw Jeanne Laber Alisha Laborico Emma Lacenski Pat Lacey Judi Lachenmyer Destiny Lack Jamie Lacsina Peggy Lacunha Elizabeth Ladouceur Joanne Lafler Jim Lafond Julie Lagorio Deborah Lagutaris Bing-Chang Lai Stacy Lai Alycia Lai-Clemens Johanna Laigo Ritva Laine Kevin and Amy Laird Lakeshore Avenue Business Improvement District Nahal Rose Lalefar Robert and Kim Lally Cindy Lalonde Chun Yi Lam Dexter Lam Ira Lam Jennifer Lam Julia Lam Justin Lam Kevin Lam Lindsay Lam Marcia Lam Patricia Lam Ritzi Lam Robert Lam Virginia Lam Yunse Oi Yung Lam Ingrid Lamar Cindy Lamarca Teri Lambert Susan Lamberth Kim Lamberti Roy Lambertson Karin Lamb-Ridgway Jack Lamon Beth Lamont Nina Lamour Kim Lampo Carol Lampson Hao Lan Sharon Landes Barbara Lane Joe Lane Julie Lane William Lane

Susan Lanferman* Mike Langberg Vicki Lange Nicole Langer Paulette Langguth Cecilia Lang-Ree Ruth Langridge Katharine Morgan Langs Lizbeth Langston Margaret G Langston Emily Langworth Susan Lantrip Matt Lanza Steven Lanzisera Ernest Lao Lauren LaPietra Ginna Laport Ana Lara Robert Larisch Pam Larkin Annie Larks Sarah Larocca Ashley Larsen Elise Larsen Eric and Heather Larsen Lara Larsen Steven Larsen Diana Larson Liv Larson Marsha Larson Sharyl Larson Ragna Larusdottir Yvonne Lasack Linda Lasagna Alexa Lash Juli Lasselle Kathleen Lassle Lindsay Lassman Konstantin Lastochkin Ethan Lathon Kelly Lathrop Tirza Latimer Rick Latorra Veronica Latorres Karen Latta** Rachel Latta Anita Lau Catherine Lau Christina Lau Ed Lau Steven Lau Wendy Laugesen Lenora Laurence Joanna Laurent James Lautz Lloyd Lavagetto* Neoma Lavalle Thomas and Joan Lavery** Linda Lavigne Kathleen Lavin Cynthia Lavis William and Jennifer Lavis Sondra Lavrov Ava Law Kam Law** Kathy and Scott Law Valentino Law Alissa Lawhon Paula Lawhon Alice Lawrence Ellen Lawrence Jeanne Lawrence Kelli Lawrence Amanda Lawrendra Nicholas Lawrie Claudia Lawson Elissa Lawson Marion Lawton Jeanne Laye Corinne Layland Carol Layne Wayne Lazarus Liz Lazich

Ira Lazo Rebecca Lazzarotto Christine Lazzetti Anh Le Tri Le Vancey Le Alena Le Blanc William Leach Leadership Dynamics, Inc. Carrie Leadingham Sharon Leaf Maureen Leahy Patrick Leahy Colin Leary Shawn Lebard-Bliton Dr. Carter Lebares Gretchen and Phillip Lebednik Alison Leblanc Joseph Leblanc Paul Lechner** Elaine Leclaire Courtney Lecount Alfreda Ledbetter Adrian Ledda Annemarie Ledeboer Gabrielle Ledesma Jan Ledoux Andrea Lee Arlene Lee Cassandra Lee Cathy Lee Chih-Li Lee Christina Lee Christine and Philip Lee Christine Lee Chusila Lee Derek Lee Dorothy Lee Eunsey Lee Evelyn Lee Gina Lee Hank Lee Hannah Lee Holly Lee Ichen Lee Jacquelyn Lee Janice Lee Jennifer Lee Jeremiah Lee Joanna Lee Jodie Rae Lee Kahei Lee Karen Lee Karrie Lee Katherine Lee Keng Fai Lee Lauren Lee and Scott SooHoo Lawrence Lee Lei Lee Linda Lee Lisa Lee Louisa Lee Mabel Lee Marcus Lee Mary Lee Michelle Lee Monica Lee Monty Lee Nathan Lee Nicole Lee Patricia Lee Patty Lee Paul Lee Raniel Lee Richard Lee Samuel Lee Sara Lee Sarah Lee Sherry Lee Simon Lee Susan and James Lee Tammy Lee Tina Lee

Ting-Ting Lee Vicki Lee Wendy Lee Wilson Lee Sandra Lee Lawson Chimin Lee metzler Stephen Leeds Sarah Lee-Jaine Idde Leenstra Peter and Grace LeeOuyang Christian LeeRodriguez David and Jody Lees William Leetham Barbara Lefcourt Carol Legge Sharon Lehm Dawn Lehr Samantha Lei Bonnie Leib Nancy Leibowitz Hilary Leif Lotus Lein Jennifer Leirer Suzette Leith Cris Lejano Jyotheesh Lekkalapudi Ramannagari Stephanie Leland Rohan Lele Clark Lemaux Kathleen Lemmon Laura Lemoine Annette Bebe Lemone Nancy Lenahan Jeffrey Lenigan* Julia Lennon Carol Lenoir Laurie Lenrow Joanna Leo Bernadette Leon Brian Leonard Mary Jane Leonard Stephanie Leonard Charles Leonetti Wilson Leong Georgean Leopold Miriam Clare Lepell Loren Lepiane Craig Leres Sophie Leroi Kathy Leroux Michael Lerschen Emily Lesch Ursula Leschke Lescure Foundation Elizabeth Leslie Ben and Cynthia Leslie-Bole Ruth Leth** Patrick and Anaite Letona Douglas Letterman Derrick Leu Barbara Leung Karen Leung Maria Leung Mayna Leung Steven Leung Vivian Leung Megan and Jon Leuteneker** Jill Levan Richard Levenberg Sandra Levensaler Eric Leventhal Joanna and Benjamin Levi Cara Levin Lynn Levin M Danny Levin Mark Levin Sara Levin Tamara Levin Joan and James Levine

Katie Levine Monica Levine Peter Levins Sarah Levitin Leong Richard Levitt Ardelle Levy Carolina Levy Laina Levy Peter Levy Roneet Levy Cindy Lew Denise Lew Garrett Lew Jennifer Lew Virginia Lew Allison Lewin Alice Lewis Betty Lewis Candace Lewis Carol Lewis Cassandra Lewis Catherine Lewis David Lewis Donald Lewis Jennifer Lewis Joan and Harold Lewis Lori Lewis Midge Lewis Patricia Lewis Paula Lewis Regina Lewis Robin and Dave Lewis* Samantha Lewis Steve Lewis William Lewis Zelma Lewis Diane Ley Wendy Leyden Jean L’Heureux Chuanyu Li Connie Li Hui Li Huimin Li Jane Li Jia Li Jiageng Li Jianwen Li Jie Li Jingquan Li Joanne Li Juan Li Juana Li Lu Li Mei Li Miao Li Minyu Li Wei Li Xiao Qing Li Xiaoer Li Yu Li Zhi Li Nola Li Barr Baihan Liang Emily Liang Tracy Liang Yan Liang Yuan Liang Chen Liao Dave Liao Isabella Liao** Michele Liapes Jon Libbey Laura Libbey Thomas Libby Cary Liberman Mary Lidyard Joann Lieberman Rachel and Myron Lieberman** Alexandra Liebster Nila Muliawati Liem Kerry Lien Carla Lieske Alex Liew Lyon Liew Michele Ligeti

Victoria Light Perry Lightfoot Amy Likar Rebecca Lilienfeld Laura Lilly Susan Lilly Betty Lim Christina Lim Joanne Lim Norman Lim Teresita Lim Toven Lim Christina Limata Christine Lin Daniel Lin Deborah Lin Gl Lin Henry Lin Jack Lin Jennifer Lin Jialiu Lin Lisha Lin and Yihua He Shirley Lin Verna Lin Wing Lin Xiaoyan Lin Ye Lin Lin Tax Law PC Jose Linares Andrew Lincoln Dr. Martha Lincoln Patricia Lind Sarah Lind Stefanie Lindeen Jacque Lindeman Mahsa Lindeman Greg Linden Jenny Linden and Derek Park Ellen Linder Steven Linder Kathryn Lindl Susan J Lindner Claudia R Lindsay Aaron Lindsey Cherylle Lindsey Patricia Lindsey Susan Lindtner and Soren Warming Leah Liness Vera Linetskaya Carol Linghu Ogden and Jennifer Lin-Jones Bea Linn Sarah Linn Suann and Doug Linney Josh Linzer Sheryl Lipari Vincent and Patty Lipinska Margaret Lipper Linda Lipscomb Susan M Lipscomb Elizabeth Littell Alicia Little Kelsea Little Cece Littlepage Christina Littleton Sheila Litton Annie Liu Candace Liu Chang Liu Francis Liu Ge Liu Hong Liu Ina Liu Jiakai Liu Jing Liu Jingzhou Liu Jody and Billy Liu Julie Liu Katie Liu Lei Liu Leo Liu

Lucy Liu Pengbo Liu Phyllis Liu Qiao Liu Sandra Liu Shou Yung Liu Shu Min Liu Tong Liu Wei Liu Wenchen Liu Wenjing Liu Yang Liu Yishan Liu Emily Liu-Elizabeth Diane Lively Joyce Lively* Carla Livesay Julia Livesey Christopher Livingston George Lloyd Anita Lo Erika Lo Jerald Lo Sara and Jerald Lo Sonia Lo Theresa Lo Annalisa Loar Christina Lobsinger Denise Locatelli Ronald Locatelli Julie Lochner Jane Lock Pamela Lockbaum Betty Mae and James Locke Janet Locke Mary L Locke Suzy Locke Daniel Lockert Ann Lockhart and Ted Bender Judith Lockhart Karen Lockhart Nancy Lockhart Carin Lockrem Michael Lockwood Troy Lockwood Celeste Lococo Janet Loduca Mary Loeser Sandra Loey Keri Loftus Lucy Logan Janet Loh Tammy Loh Erica Loh Jones Erin Lohec Keith Lohkamp Kerri Lohr Stephen Loiacono Patricia Lois Jerry Loisel Vivien Lok Ann Lokey Carol Lokke Patricia Lollis Monica Lomas Carol Lombard Jennifer London and Harold Friedman Sara Lonergan Silvia Loney Amanda Long Ashley Long Elizabeth Long Hanzhi Long and Wei Huang Meghan Long Jamee Longacre Julie Longlet Beverly Loomis Rachel Lopatin Gena Lopes Audrea Lopez Christopher Lopez Danica Lopez Denise Lopez

Georgina Lopez Gloria Lopez Laurie Lopez Nicole Lopez Vilma Lopez Warren Lopez** Jessica Lora Pim Lorenzetti Brett and Amanda Lorie Gail Lorien Saundra Lormand Henry Lorta Christopher Loscutoff Maureen Loty Andris and Mimi Lou Janice Louden Beverly Louie Diane Louie Kevin Louie Karen Louie Jang Bobbi Lounds Cheresa Lourens Akeimi Love Alice Love Alicia Love Harold Love Stacy Love Tina Love Britt Lovejoy Kate Love-Kanow Emily Lovell Janette Low Jen Tina Low Jennifer Low Jessica Low Bonita Lowe Karen Lowe Lindsay Lowe Lindy Lowe Megan Lowe Steve and Mary Lowenthal Don Lowery Maryanne Lowman Andrea Lowther and Ross Naton Kathy Lowy Larry Lozares Deirdre Lozica Jill Lozier Cheng Lu Hsiaoyu Lu Jessica Lu Linda Lu Tracy Lu Xi Lu Xiang Lu Yi Lu Yinghai Lu Yona Lu Yu Lu Ming Luan Weiwei Luan Carmalyn Lubawy Amanda Lucas Brittany Lucas Elizabeth Lucas Leslie Lucas Vicki Lucas Kathryn Lucchese Bill Lucchesi and Linda Maltby Kenneth Lucchesi Frank Lucero Jacqueline Lucero Judith Lucero Darlene Lucey Alana Luchtman Maryanne Lucia Cynthia Lucido Kendra Luck Katherine Lucot Maura Lucus Nancy Ludcke Harley Ludwig Julie Luepke

Shouri Luft David Lugn and Elizabeth Hill Jahna Lukas Karen Luke Kristin Luker and Jerome Karabel Judie Lukins Kimberly Lum Lisa Lum Yolanda Luna-Mata Nancy and Rodney Lund Patricia Lund Brian Lundberg Erik Lunde Claire Lundeby Penni L Lundquist Jerry Lung Richard Lung Yen Lung Hui Luo Jianfeng Luo Barbara Luoma Anthony Luong Sarah Lusher Leslie Lusk Merry Luskin Lenore Lustig Jean A Luther Zin Luu Betty Luxay Michiko and Stephen Luzmoor Carrie Ly Hung Ly Synthia Ly Austin Lyke Robert Lyman Jeff Lynch Korie Lynch Carissa Lynds Stephen Lyon Claire Lyons Clarissa Lyons David Lyons Laura Lyons Cynthia Lytle Constance Ma Jing Ma Li Ma Megan Ma Vivian Ma Weimin Ma Xiu Ma Priscilla Ma Jen John Maasberg Sharon Macauley Violet MacAvoy Kathy and John Macchi Holly MacCormick Catherine MacDonald Emily MacDonald Heather MacDonald Paul MacDonald Christina MacDougall Emily MacDougall Kathleen MacDougall Matt Macedo Margaret Macfadden Joann Macfarlane Paul MacFarlane Cybele MacHardy Bill Machesney** John Machusic Kristina Macias John and Ann MacIntyre Michele MacIntyre Gary Mack Pam Mack Will Mack Bonnie MacKenzie Jennifer MacKenzie Michael Mackey Bonnie MacKinnon

Gina Mackintosh Lisa MacLean Andrew MacMillan Carla Macomber Dhiraj Madahar Laurel Madal Shashi Madappa Elisa Maddalena Cara Madden Cheryl Maddix Ann Maddox Carol Maddox Diane Maddox Natasha Mader Jessica Madigan Carol Madison Zsofia Madi-Szabo Helene Madre Privat Jesus Madrigal Kristin and Jesse Madrigal Jennifer Maer Karen Maestas Laura Maestrelli Amanda Maestri Gay Maetas Lisa Maffei Marcie Maffei Alejandra Magallon Cat Magallon Margarita Magallon Petra Magallon Crystal Magana Mariela Magana Mark Magana Lorraine Magee Mary Ellen Magee Lauren Maggard Phil Maggart Linda Maggi Katie Magid Julie Magilen Francie Maguire and Robert Shashoua Joycelyn Maguire Cinda Mah Heather Mahan Jennifer Mahan Darian Mahar Diana Mahar Bertrand Maher Deborah Maher Howard Maher Tina Maher Victoria Maher Neha Maheshwari Stephanie Mahnke Tracy Mahnken Donal Mahon Janet Mahoney Mary Mahoney Mable Mai Gregor Maier Nicole Maier Claire Mailhiot Patricia Mains Rahul and Sharmila Majumdar Venice Mak Mary Maki Loreen Makishima Rachel Mak-Mccully Esther Makower Andrea Makunje Judith Malamut Ryan Malatesta Jaime Maldonado and Cynthia Ng Cynthia Malek Sonia M Malek Pei-Wun Malevich Ashi and Jean Malik Sarah Malik Sophia Malki Avanti Mallapur Margaret Malley Sheila Malley

Sandra Malloy Jennifer Malnick Sudershan Malpani Theresa Maluia Sofia Malvar Pato Man Rajni Mandal Curt Mandell Alicia Maness Jordan Maness Linda Maness Alisia Mangas Bill and Tracy Manheim Ronald Manhire Rinat Manhoff Paula Manildi Megan Manion Juliann Mann and Dawn Valentine Sandra Mann Sarah Mann Sureena Mann Susan Mann Adrienne Mannis* Ann Mannix Meleah Mannix Linda Manrique Lisa Manseau William Mansfield Chrystina Mansker Russ Mansky Marilyn Mansouria Valerie Manzano Dilin Mao Hongda Mao Jeanne Mao Yuchen Mao Denise Mapelli Ellena Mar Barbara Maranville Audra Marazzani Shauna Marcell Bridget March Cristie March Laurel March John Marchand Tara Marchand Marchasin Family Trust Elizabeth Marcheschi Linda Marcheschi Giuliana Marchesi Helen Marcus James Mardock Sameer Marella Gerardo Marenco Xochitl Mares Chris Maresca Lindsey Margen Dawn Mariano Paulo Mariano Danielle Maricle Jacquelyn Marie Frank Marietti Charles Marin Michael Marinakis Jayne Marinelli David and June Marinoff George Marinos Jerri Mariott Colleen Mariotti Cristina Mariscal Marisa Mariscal Daphne Markham Joshua Markham JoAnne Markle Bridget Marko Joel Markowitz Christine Marks Elise Marks Kenneth Marks Leslie Marks Pamela and John Marks Megan Marley Linda Marlin

Xenia Marova Alexandra MarquezShaw Roman Marr Madeline Marschke Amber Marsh Jennifer Marsh Vanessa Marsh Amber Marshall Christopher Marshall Ellen Marshall Jeff Marshall and Jeanette Gurmendi Kathryn Marshall Stacy Marshall and Chris Chapman Tim Marshall Joseph Marsili Marilyn Martella Amy Martens Kathy Martens Phillip Martens Amy Martin Andreas Martin Anna Martin Cherilyn Martin Christine Martin Dell Martin Dians Martin Jamie Martin Janine Martin Jennifer Martin Katrina Martin Kay Martin and Ken Hillier Kristi Martin Linda Martin Lisa Martin Meredith Martin Michael Martin Nancy Martin Rebekah Martin Redge Martin Renee Martin Stephanie Martin Terri Dee Martin* Vincent Martin William Martin Kristin Martindale Judith Martine Adrienne Martinez Cara Martinez Chelsea Martinez Desiree Martinez Emily Martinez Helen Martinez Jaclyn Martinez Mario Martinez Marion Martinez Megan Martinez Nina Martinez Phyliss Martinez Priscila Martinez Roberto Martinez Amberlyn Martinez Norris Nellie Martin-Giles Sheryl Martin-Moe Kelley Martino Alisa Martins Alysia Martori Nicolette Martz Sangeeta Marwah Doris Marx Eric Marx Renee Marx Hal Marz James Marzan Kathleen Mascarenhas John and Margaret Masek Marti Masek Lauren Maser Marjan Mashhadi Georgia Maslowski Chris Mason James Mason

Jane Mason Juliana Mason Karen Mason Nora Mason Susan Mason Lee Masover Rachel Massa and Sheldon Kelly Betsy Massar Colton Masters Rhonda Mastorakis Ken and Lesley Masuda Spruha Matani Mary Matella Meigs Matheson Anne Mathew Joy Mathew Linda Mathews Steve Mathews Eryka Mathews-Cain Anika Mathewson Eric Mathewson Mary Mathie Betsy and Scott Mathieson Kathryn Mathisen Mayumi Matson Yukiko Matsumoto Jan Matsuno Pam Matsuoka Dennis Matsura Rachel Matta Cindy Matteoni Jennifer Matter Agnes Matter-Dang Michaela Mattes Alicia Matteucci Kate Matthew Karen and Dayna Matthews Shawn Matthews Jennifer Mattinson Leilani Mattos Katherine Mattson Joyce Matushenko Athena Matyear Julie and Michael Matzen Arielle Maupin Joan Maurer Lori Maurer Peggy Maurer Jenna Mauro Elizabeth Maw Irene Maxwell Alexa May Alexandra May Monica May Yoany Maya Laura Maychrowitz Dan Maydan Manuela Mayer and Diana Barnes Wendy MayerLochtefeld Cheri Mayes Melissa Mayfield Vivian and Richard Mayfield Judith Maynard Moses Maynez Martha Mayo Mitra Mayurranjan Cindy Maze Nicole Mazon John Mazotta Wendy Mazotti Guy Mazula Larry and Carolyn Mazzanti Carrie McAbee Daniel McAdams Meghan McAdams Victoria McAfee Justin McAllister Eileen McAndrew

Cynthia McAneney Thena McArthur Douglas H McAulay Barbara McAuley Karen McBrayer Nicole McBrayer Lynne McBride Kim McCallister Barbara McCalment Loretta McCalmont Madeline McCan Eric and Colleen McCann Mary McCanta Angela McCarren Barbara McCarrick Hadley McCarroll Judith McCarthy Langley Caitlin McCarthyGarcia Kristen McCarty Carrie McCaughtry David McCauley Gretchen McClain Robert McClain Stacy McClanahan Kevin McClarnon Kevin McClay Sheila McClear Anna McClellan Mary McClellan Daniel McClosky Karin McClune Jimmy McColery Megan and Brian McCollum Corrine McCombs Nancy McConnaughey Caterina Mcconnell Carol and Bob McCord John and Colleen McCormick julia McCormick Steven McCormick Jennifer McCort Nashira McCoy Donna McCracken Joseph McCrane Robert McCreery Brian McCrone Melinda McCrory Charmaine McCrystal Yael Mccue Han McCullough William and Natalie McCullough Melinda McCutcheon Rhonda McDaniel Shannon Mcdaniel Teresa McDaniels Kerriann McDermott Mary McDermott Elizabeth McDevitt Jessica McDevitt Heather McDill Ashley McDonald Barbara McDonald Brian Mcdonald carol mcdonald Marisa McDonald Paula McDonald Philip McDonald Jennifer McDonaldPeltier catherene McDonough Dee McDonough Christina McElrath Jennifer C McElrath Maggie McEnerny Dennis McEnery James and Jennifer McErlain Emily McEwan-Upright Marion McEwen Barbara McFarland Jesse McFarland

Suzanne McFarlane Lynn McGann Candice McGee Dari McGill Barbara McGinty Gregg McGlinn Charlotte McGovern Joanne McGowan Matthew McGowan Sherry McGowan Autumn McGrath Ellen McGrath Susan McGrath Margaret McGraw Louise McGuire Mike McGunagle Amanda Mchone Eunice Mchugh Katherine McHugh Stephanie McHugh Wendy McHuron WINNIE MCILVENNA Anya McInroy Ingrid McIntire Tess McIntosh Kimmy McIntyre Laura McIntyre Nancy McIntyre Rachel McIntyre Robert Mcintyre Keith McKay George and Deborah McKee** Kevin and Debbie McKee Suzanne P McKee Kirin McKenna Elaine McKiernan Jeanette Mckillop Tim McKillop Jean McKinley JoAnne McKinley Dan McKinney Ginger McKinnon Jeff McKinnon and Kimberly BaumMcKinnon Beth and Nathan McKnight Rick Mcknight Sterling McLane Libby McLaren Amy McLaughlin Melinda McLaughlin Judy Mclean Mary Ann and Dennis McLean Tracey McLean Elizabeth and Duncan McLeod Lynn E McLeod Joshua and Dana McMahan Judith McMahan Daniel McMahon Patricia McMahon Mary Beth McMann Megan McManus Elizabeth McMath Brad McMillan Patricia and Edward McMillan Sandra McMillan Sheila McMullen Cynthia McMurry Judith McMurry Kevin McNair Emalee McNally Elizabeth McNeill Karen McNeill Erin McNerney Craig Mcninch Emily McNulty jessi mcnulty Amy McPartland Colleen McQuade Tonya McQuade

Harry McQuillen Jolie McRae Jane McWhorter Robert McWilliams Martha McWoodson Alice Mead Meredith Meade Vivian Meade Mike Meadows Michael Meagher Kristin Mealiffe Makenzie Means Jennifer Meara Jordon Mears Judith Mears and Bart Lee Shaunte MearsWatkins Douglas Meckelson and Ajay Ravindranathan Amanda Medeiros Kimberly Medeiros Christine Medina Jacob Medina Linda Medina Tonatiuh Medina Carcovich Jared Mednick Melissa Mednick Gloria Meeker Heather Mehlschau Tammy Mehmed Khyati Mehta Mei Mei and Haifeng Zhang Dawn Meier Eric Meinberg Jerene Meissert and Michael Robey Ulises Mejia Paul and Gretchen Mello Jennifer Meltz Karen Meltzer Sandra Mena Teri Menchini Kathrynt Mendaros Susan and Isaac Mendel Debra Mendelsohn Margie Mendez Martha Mendez Natalie Mendezona Linda Mendonsa Laura Mendoza Marilyn Mendoza Sheri Mendoza-Jessen David Meng Yajie Meng Paulina Meninga Terah Menke Nancy and David Menne Anaya Menon Michael Mentink Barb Mentley Rahul Merani Patrick Mercer Darcy Mercord Karen Mercury Ann Merideth Eleanor Meritt Leslie Mero Dee Merrick Katherine Merrill Susan Merrill Carla Mertins Elizabeth Messana Kurt Messick Morgan Messick German Messidoro Maryann MessinaDoerning Monique Mestayer Beth Metcalf Christina Metcalfe

Annie Metheany-Pyle Dr. Monica Metzdorf and William Metzdorf Amy Metzger James Metzger Peter and Alisa Metzner Jon and Katherine Meurer Michele Mewborn Bonnie Meyer Joanne Meyer Julia Meyer Malcolm Meyer Mari A Meyer Meghan Meyer Paul Meyerhof Carol Meyers Caterina Meyers Qing Miao Angela Michael Brad Michaelis Shanti Michaels Pamela Michaud Sara Michaud Suzanne Michele and Pejman NaraghiArani Micheli Family Foundation Susan Michels Sami Michishita Craig Michler Joanna Michler Emilia Mickevicius George Middlebrooks Chris Middleton George Miers and Jennifer Kuenster Adam Miguel Robert Mihalko MJ Miitante Kim Mikkola Patty Miklica Nick Milby Jessica Mildwurm Monica Mile Steve Milina Anne Militar Anne Milkie Matthias Millee Alison Miller Amanda Miller Andy Miller Anita Miller Ashley Miller Barbara Miller Bev Miller Bob Miller Brian Miller Caroline Miller Carrie Miller Connie Miller Deborah Miller Diane Miller Gary and Linda Miller Greg` Miller Harris Miller Heather Miller Ida Miller Jan Miller Jenn Raley Miller John Miller Karen Miller Keith Miller Laura Miller Lucia Miller Madeline Miller Maria Miller Mark and Christine Miller Mark Miller Marshall Miller Mary Miller Penny Miller Piyathida Miller

Rae Miller Sally Miller Sara Miller Shara Miller Susan Miller Veronica Miller Pam Millhollongalloway Elsie Mills Jerri Mills Megan Mills Sandra Mills Sherry Mills Tracy Mills Jared Milos Perry Milton Olga and Natasha Minaeva Alex Minas Tobia Minckler Yui Ming Tsang Susan Minger Jack Mingo Polina Minkovski Adiladid Minor David Minor and Shannon Stepper Joshua Minor Michele Minsuk and Rachid Habibi Greg Mintz Marie Mintz Dina Minyon Rebekah Miramontes Elisabeth Miranda Reanna Miranda Irina Mirskaya Joshua Mischel Terri Mischel Mitzi Mishler Rupesh Mishra Sudhanshu Mishra Myriam Misrach Aurora Mitchell Diana Mitchell Edna Mitchell Erin Mitchell Geri Mitchell Grace Mitchell Jerry Mitchell Lynn Mitchell Merrilee Mitchell Sheryl Mitchell** Tiffany Mitchell Verna Mitchell Yoon Mitchell Sarah Mitroff Megha Mittal Nitin Mittal Margaret Mittan Anastasiia MixcoatlMartinez Jorge Puga and Thea Mixon Jarred Miyamoto-Mills Marla Miyashiro Lisa Mizono Chun Mo Rebecca Mock Emily Modde Lisa Modenbach Kristina Mody Kathleen Moe Madeline Moe Nancy Moffat Laurie Mogianesi* Aditi Mogre Kathryn Mohan Potheri Mohan Chris Mohr Robyn Mohr Suzette Mohun Sophal Mok Julie Mokry Nikolay Molchanenko Adrianna Molina Audrey Molina

Mark Molina Holly Molinaro Gary Molitor Michelle Moll Eva Mollett Kathleen Molloy Grace Molnar Teresa Molnar Anton Molodetskiy Mimi Moloney Sonia Mondkar-Floyd Anita Monery Michele Monet Janet Monfredini Dominique Monie Moira Moniz Judy Monnier Chris Monroe Elizabeth Monroe Juliane Monroe Debbie Montague Susan Montague Lara Montano Peri Monte Marlyn Montemayor Diego Montenegro Montezuma Wetlands LLC Alyse Montgomery Molly Montgomery Joan and Robert Montgomery Wendy Montgomery Valerie Monticue Alain Montiel Sylvia Montiel Stephanie Montoya Brita Monty Carmel Moody Dawnell Moody Mary Moon Shirley Moon Carl Moore Catherine Moore Erin Moore Garland Elaine Moore Heather Moore Jennifer Moore Julie Moore Katherine Moore Kenlyn Moore Kim Moore Marion Moore Martha and Kathleen Moore Megan Moore Nancy Moore Natalie Moore Nicholas Moore Rachel Moore Samantha Moore Sara Moore Wendy Moore Whitney Moore Jane Moorhead Monica Moorjani Nima Moorjani Annette Mora Anthony Mora Alondra Morales Ann Morales Danielle Morales Genaro Morales Jackie Morales Michael Morales Briseida Moran Jennifer Moran Kelsey Moran Reyes Moran Shannon Moran Lydia Morasky William Honor Moraza Janna Morbitz James Morehead* Alan Moreira Colleen Morello Nicholas Moresco

Michelle Moretti Sandra Morey Sora Morey Dianne Morfeld Deborah Morgan J Spencer Morgan Jane Morgan Lindsey Morgan Melissa Morgan Michael Morgan and Gina Morgan Robert Morgan Karen Morgenthal Michlena Morghen Melero Gina Mori and James Pine Marcy Morigeau Doretha Moriguchi Melinda Morillo Kazuko Morimoto Marjorie Morimoto Cammie Morin Leroy Morishita Leslie Morishita Keiko Moriyama Amy Morneau Leslie Morra Steve Morreale Jessica Morrel Barbara Morrey Abigail Morris Barbaretta Morris Catherine Morris Daphne and Edward Morris Jean Morris Jennifer Morris Marilyn Morris Mary Gail Morris Pagan Morris Randy Morris Sharon Morris Sherrian Morris Marilyn Morrish Allison Morrison Janet Morrison Kelly Morrison Jack and Mary Louise Morrison Sharron Morrison* Stephanie Morrison Rochelle Morrissey Lillie Morrisson Kenneth Morrow Lisa Morse Brian Morsony Laura Morsony* Kyle Mortara Bernard Morton and Pamela HolmesMorton Brian Morton Suzanne Morton Suzanne Morze Elizabeth Moseley Anne Moses Richard and Kathryn Mosher Kathleen Mosier Dana Moskowitz Paula Moskowitz Patricia Mosley Jonathan Moss Joshua Moss Leah and Andrew Moss Sandra Moss Susan and Paul Moss Charlene Mossholder Michelle Mossing and Chris Scullard Amy Moss-Russell Michele MotheralEandi and Jeffrey Eandi Yves Mottier

Drew Mottinger Joanna Mountain Duane Mowrer Norman Mowrer Christine Moy Deirdre Moy Tervina Moy Valerie Moyer Jennifer Moyers Debra Moyle Christine Moynihan Jennifer Moyse Najeebah MpagaziSpearman Marykaren Mrowka Xuan Muck Liza Mudd Sally Mudd Diana Mueller Tara Mueller Lawrence Mui Tess Muir Aadrita Mukerji Sulolit Mukherjee Teri Mull Andrew Mullen Chelsea Mullen Anna Muller Kathleen Mullins Michael Mullins Judith Mulry Janet Mulshine Beza Mulugeta Jennifer Mumma Usha Munagala Susan Munday Joyce Munlin Tricia Munoz David Munroe Brian Murakami Joan Murakami Maya Murashima Yurie Murayama Judy Murdock Gary Murphey Andrew Murphy Ashley Murphy Emily Murphy Greer M. Murphy Heather Murphy Julia Murphy Karen Murphy and Catherine MurphyBevan Kathleen Murphy Laura Murphy Marie Murphy Pamela Murphy Patricia Murphy Susan Murphy Wendy Murphy Nancy Murr and Dave Kapsiak Alex Murray Annette Murray Elia Murray Irene Murray Lee Murray Lorrie Murray and Dren McDonald Xian Murray Elizabeth Musbach Mona Muscat Carol Muscolino Sarah Musiker Peter Mustacich Vinod Muthukrishnan Kimberly Muto Maya Muwaswes Jacqueline Muzamel Ann Myers Dean Myers Justine Myers Sandra and John Myers Sidney Mygatt Maureen Myo Aung

Rebecca Naber Michelle NaberSmedley Sylvia Nachlinger Alysha Nachtigall Carole Nacon Sushma Nadella June and Donald Nadler Nataliya Nadtoka Kumiko Nagano Niranjana Nagarajan Dawn Nagata Erica Nagel Jessica Nagel David Nagle and Joya Gray Maureen Nagle Barbara Nagy Albert Nahman Katherine Naidu Nicole Naidu Edwina Naik Hnin Naing Hareeshkumar Nair Rachel Naishtut Kimberly Najarian Cameron Najim Monika Nakadate Gary Nakagiri Nobuko Nakajima Maggie Nakamoto Kimberly Nakamura Marcia Nakamura Robert Nakamura Sandy Nakamura Angie Nakano Cindy Nakano Janet Nakao Denise Nakatani Anita Nallathamby Madhusudhan Nama Yvonne Namekata Simret Nanda Shelley Napper Amanda Naprawa Lakshmi Narayan Nicole Narayan Amy Narciso Elizabeth Narciso Mark Narciso David Naren Jason Narlock Danielle Narvaez Kurt and Karen Narveson Lori Naslund Emily and Josh Nathan Len Nathan Jessica Nathanson Margo Nathanson Kathryn Natzke Leia Naulleau Victoria Naulleau Ana Navarro Raquel Navarro Ashwini Nawathe Jocelyn Naycalo Gale and Bob Naylor Lucy Nazareno Vitalii Nazarov Kathy Neal Taylor Neamangoudey Beth and Aaron Needel Sheryl and William Neely Valerie Neer Brigid Neff Amanda Neher Kirsten Nehf Aaron Neilsen Marcie Neilson Anna Neitzel Christopher Nelle Patrick Nelle

Linda Nellett Carol Nelsen Amy Nelson Angela Nelson Barbara Nelson Beth Nelson Claire Nelson Daniel Nelson Heather Nelson K Nelson Karen Nelson Kelley Nelson Kristen Nelson Margaret Nelson Mary Nelson Melissa Nelson Nora Nelson Patricia Nelson Rodney Nelson Skyler Nelson Theresa Nelson Victoria Nelson Virginia Nelson Carol Nelson Schrauth James and Mary Ann Nese** Kathryn Nestor Paul and Kim Neto Marcie Neubert Amy Neuburg Elaine Neufeldt Melissa Neugebauer Amy Neuman Eric Neuman Terri Neumann Karin Neumark Sara Neuville Gabriela Nevarez Gail Neves Mary Neves Carol Neveu Toni Neville Candice and Stephen Newburn** Gretchen Newby Catherine Newhall Alyssa Newman Harold Newman Marion Newman Noah Newman Sarah Newman Victoria Newman Yulia Newton Paul Neyman Carmen Ng Gayle Ng Janis Ng Marlowe Ng Paulus Ng Tony Ng Amy Nghe Andrea Ngo Mabel Ngo Thiennga Ngo Andrew Nguyen Hanh Nguyen Huong Nguyen Katie Nguyen Patricia Nguyen Tom Nguyen Trucanh Nguyen Trung Nguyen Tuan Nguyen Boravy Nhim Yuching Ni Christine Nicholas Thomas Nicholls Dawn Nichols Elizabeth Nichols Peter Nichols Judy Nicholson Kim Nicholson Matthew Nickerson Nora Nickerson Yvonne and Mark Nickles Todd Nicklous

Peter Nico Jenny Nicolay Angela Nicolella-Jay Carin Nielsen Michelle Nielsen Maria Nieto Deeanne Nieves* Igor Nigulas Anna and Edwin Niiya Thomas Nikl Marla Nikolich Kristen Nillasca Kayla Nilsson Robert Nimmo Julie Nirula Ramona Nisbet Beth Nitzberg Qingpeng Niu Jeri Noble Robin Noda Jenna Noe John Noel Janet Noeller Laurie Nogi Akemi Nojima Andrew Nolan Deborah Nolan Mike Nolan David Nold Pamala Noli Alexis Nomm Yalda Noor Sharom Noordin Brett Norbraten Nigel Nored Robyn Norgan Eric and Angela Norman Andrew Norris Ann North Kathy North Danielle Norton Lori Norton Eric Norum Eileen Nottoli Andrew Nourafshan Lauren Nourse Heidi Novak Yulia Novak Dianne Nowak Linda Nowell Amy Noyes Mathews Nunes Pamela Nunes Karen Nunez Valerie Nunez Vanessa Nunez Jennifer Nuñez James and Emilly Nurthen Aron Nussbaum Carol and Robert Nykodym Laurie O’Brien Lisa O’Dwyer Barbara O’Grady Courtney O’Hagan Susan O’Hara Jane O’Malley Nancy O’Neill Jerry O’Reilly Oakland Alameda County Emeryville FF Charity Fund Local 55 Candy Oar Jessica Oates Lorie Obal Laura Obando Maurice Oberg Paulina Oberg Pam and Jeffrey Oberhauser-Lim Alix Oberheim Veronica Oberholzer Trina Oberlander Stephanie Oberst

Angelo Obertello Arlen Auxiliadora Rodriguez Obregon Emily O’Brien Jaclyn O’Brien Leo O’Brien Margaret O’Brien Martha O’Brien Pat O’Brien Renee O’Brien Shauna O’Brien Allen Obrinsky Diana Obrinsky Jason O’Broin Alizia Ochoa Megan Ochoa Stephanie Oconnell Shawn and Karin O’Connell Sharon O’Connor Siobhan O’Connor William O’Connor Gabriela Odell Jan Odell Erin Odenweller Kevin ODonnell Paula Oesterling Frank Offen Kate Offer Abhijit Ogale Michelle Ogata Ryosuke Ogawa Christina Ogburn-Chow Eve Ogden Beth Ogelvie Patrick O’Grady Rino Oguchi Susan Oh Michele O’Hair Chris and Marge O’Halloran Daniel O’Hara Serena O’Hara Yuki Ohashi Daniel Ohlendorf Kathleen Ohman** Kerry Oien Joshua Oils Wendy Okafuji Thomas Okamoto Angela Okamura Joan Okasako Mark Okawachi Kim O’Keefe Beck Anne Oklan Maksim Oks Liesl Okuda Agnieszka Oldfield Rochelle Oldfield Elaine Oldham** Elise Olding Trish O’Leary Mayba Oleg Mechele Oliveira Rebecca Oliver Cathryn Oliver Brown Robin Olivier Stephanie Olla Doug Olsen Emma Olsen Erin Olsen Jeff Olsen** Lisa Olsen Sharon Olsen Desiree Olson Elaine Olson Gerryann Olson Gwendolyn Olson Kirsten Olson Linda Olson Marie Olson Nichole Olson Robanne Olson Sandra Olson Zunaid Omair Carole O’Malley Wendy O’Malley

Mary Omelia Nelda Ann O’Neil William O’Neil Analeah ONeill Connor Oneill Erin Oneill Lisa Oneill Elke O’Neill Sharron O’Neill Eing Ong Lauren Ong Linh Ong Pamela Ong Christine Onishi Junko Ono Madeline Ono Olivia Ono Brittany Onyimba Audra Oosterhof Jeri Opalk John Opet Michael O’Quin Gay Orand Sonia Orban-Price Lynn Orellana Jennifer Organ Kellie Orla Jeanne Ormsby Kathy Ornelas Margarita Orona Colleen O’Rourke Rolando Orozco Alan Orr Olivia Orr Osbert Orr Sara Orrick Maryann Orsary Denise Ortega William Ortega Christopher Ortez Jessica Ortiz Monica Ortiz Julia Orvis Regina Oryall Alison and Greg Osborn Christopher Osborn Michael Osborn Adrienne Osborne Patrice Osborne Andrea Osgood Oshay Family Foundation Alyce Oshea Lauren Osher Nina Osipova Sally Osterberg Merideth Ostrer Linda Ostro Michael Ostrofsky Karen Ostrom-Rasure Daniel Ostrowski Donna Ostrowski* Shannon O’Sullivan Kathy O’Sullivan Susanne and James Oszewski Joseph Otello Debbie Otero James O’Toole Jane Otsuka Andrew Otsuki Molly Ott Elizabeth Ottinger Kristin Otwell Lindsey Outzen Sheng and Jun Ouyang** Zhi Ouyang Dorise Ouye Nili Ovaici Shareen O’Valle Erin Overaa Dissman Nicole Overby Sandy Overton Janice Owen Jonice Owen

Kathleen Owen Carly Clements Owens Cheryl Owiesny Sheryl Owyang Steve and Nancy Ozawa Ram Pabley Janet Pablo Leah Pablo Alan and Virginia Pabst Robyn Pace Renee Pacheco and Glen Ingalls Pacific Coast Train Runs Lauren Pacini Heather Paddock Robert Paddock Teresa and Tyler Paden Carol Padham Lorna Padia Michelle Padilla Tony Padilla Raul Padilla-Gonzalez Cindy and Jim Padnos Michelle Padron Abigail Pagan Michael Pagano C L Page Lara Page Sherry Page Wendy Page Rathna Pai Lee Paige Ellen Paisal Kotim Pak Ram Palagummi Pugalendhi Palaniappan Jason Palm Clayton and Mayra Palmberg Wendi Palme David Palmer Denise Palmer Karen Palmer Michelle Palmer Nancy Palmer Terry Palmisano Nataliya Palshyna Ivan Pan Lisa Pan Tong Pan Yi Chun Pan Yu Pan Tania Panarello Jay Pandey Mayank Pandya Andre Pang Laurel Pang Lily Pang Heather Panos Marie Pantoja Ashley Paolini Karen Paolini Melanie Paolino Colleen Papalias Catherine Papesh Katherine Papoe Narayana Pappu Lucina Parada Christopher Paradis Katherine Parajon Susan Parano Kevin Parichan Mary Parise Alfred Parish Julia Parish Caroline Park Nancy Park Shannon Park Ann Parker Consetta Parker Holly Parker Lawrence Parker Lissa Parker

Nancy Parker Orei Parker Peggy Parker Stacy Parker Lynn Parkinson Deborah Parks Mahir Parlas Justine and Keenan Parmelee Carol Parrish Kristil Parrish Susan and Joseph Parrish Joel Parrott and Laura Becker Jonathan Parry Joanne Parsons Matthew Parsons Sharon Parsons Shav Parta David Partridge Roksolana and Artem Parygin* Ana Pascual Raymond Pascual Regina Passalaqua Lisa Ann Patakas Lan Patel Manisha Patel Sheafali Patel Francesca Paterno Janet Paterson Jalpa Pathak Milind Pathak Naman Patil Susan Patrick Kristen Patters Catherine Patterson Ian Patterson Karen Patterson Kathie Patterson Michael Patterson Viviana and Seth Patterson Elaine Patton-Shea Michelle Paul Richard and Sharon Paulisich Julia Paulo Denise Paulo-Colaci Norman Paulsen Robert Paulsen Shirley Paulsen Brittany Paulson Carolyn Paulson Christine Paulson Jennifer Paulus Ashley Pauly Julie Pavlacka Barbara Pawelko Jenna Payne Kathryn Payne Greer Payton Victoria Pazcacio Jessica Pazirandeh PDQ Printing Ellyn Peabody Johanna Peace Kathleen Peake Wanda Peake David Pearce Barbara and Michael Pearl Nancy Pearl Rachel Pearl Peter Benvenutti and Lise Pearlman* Catherine Pearson Jack and Linda Pearson Peggy Pearson Raven Pearson Slan Pearson Elizabeth Peartree** Claudia Peck Madeline Peckham Cynthia Pecoraro

Chamundi Peddagorla Marisa Peden Terry Pedersen Deanne Pedroni Samantha Pedroni Shannon Pedroni Gail Peerless** Lorri Pehoushek** Juan Pei Megan Pell Randie Pellettieri Elspeth Pelliccia David Pellish Melanie Pellizzon Nicole Pelonio William Pelter Arndt Peltner Linda Peltz Toni Peluso Coleen Pelzer Grundy Cecelia Pena Sharon Pena Karol Pendergast Gary Pendergrass Gauri Pendse Jin Peng Lipeng Peng Xia Peng Yandong Peng Yirui Peng Jane Penhaligen Beth Pennay Carol Pennington Catherine Pennington Wendy Peoples Becca Perata David Peraza Sandy Perdiguerra Michael and Julie Perea Franskin Pereira Kathy Pereira Linnea Perelli Minetti Angela and Ronda Perez Colleen Perez Dionne Perez George Perez Jing Perez Judy Perez Laurie Perez Megan Perez Priscilla Perez Ricardo Perez Diana PerezDomencich Perforce Foundation Amy Perkins Margaret and John Perkins Michelle Perkins Mitali Perkins Maggie Perlman Nadesan Permaul Katharine Perras Susannah Perri Kennon Perrin Rachel Perrin Charlene Perry Laura Perry Lavonne Perry Lorraine Perry Drew Perttula Boris and Cecelia Pesa Marilyn Petch Pete & Julie Charitable Fund Kersti Peter Brianne Peters James Peters Scott Peters Nathalie Petersen Beth Peterson Danielle Peterson Emily Peterson Jan Peterson Karin Peterson

Kathy Peterson Martine Peterson Mary Peterson Michelle Peterson Nadine Peterson Rhett and Liesl Peterson Sally Peterson Soren Peterson Suzanne Peterson Tess Peterson Tynan Peterson Vladimir Petkovic Julia Petraglia Alexandra Petrich Miriam Petrlich Alexandria Petrusich Paula Petti Hopeann Pettway Robert Petty Kari Petznick Susan Pfau Graham Pfeifer Mari Pfost Alexandra Pham Carolyn Phelps Nicholas Phelps Dominica Phetteplace Richard Philips April Phillips Craig Phillips Jaymi Phillips Patrick Phillips Roderick Phillips Susan Phillips Barbara Phillips Michel Sara Philpott Jean Phinney Dallas Phipps Brad and Trish Piatt Rosemary Picado Antoine Picard Gail and Steven Picard Danielle Piccinini Vanna Pichel Maggie Pickavance Heidi Pickman Debbie Picone Denys Piddyachiy Kristin Piepmeier Allison Pierantoni Judy Pierce Sarah Pierce James Piercy Jo Marie Pierson Meredith Pierson Kara Piganelli Constance Pike Randy Pike Tara Pilbrow Mary Pilker Julie Pilling Oliver Pilotin Chris Pilson Cheryl Pimentel Mariela Pimpinella Susanne Pina Tupper Natalia Piney Elizabeth Pinkerton Donna Pinkney Heather and Manuel Pinto Robby Pintos Colleen Piper Lori Piper Carolyn Piraino Kelly Pire Lynda Pires Jenna Pirkig Gene Pirogovsky Paul Pirogovsky Hannah and John Pirone Nicole Pitarre Suzanne Pitchford Christie Pitko Savilla Pitt

Priyan Piyaratna Jennifer Placek Joel and Melissa Plaisance Chris Planellas Christopher Plass Jennifer Plath Donna Platou Karen Platt Pledgeling Foundation Ann Plotkin Phyllis Plotkin Randi Plotner Gloria Plummer John Pocekay Olesya Pokorna Passion Polanco Tibor Polgar Scott Polhemus Karen Poli Phebe Polk Andrew Pollack Jessica Pollack Lauren Pollack Elisabeth Pollaert Smith Judy Pollard Allison Pollock Jessica Polsky Niela Pomernacki Susan Pommer Sandra Pon Sue Pon Laura Poncia Diana Ponedel Krystal Pong Angela Ponn Rudolph Pontemayor Grayson Ponti Peggy Poole Kes Poopat Glenn Poppe Rita Poppenk Robin Poppers Penelope Porch Jennifer Porcinito and Dan Buczaczer Natalya Poroshina Elise Porter Grace Porter Marci Porter Michelle Porter Max Porterkhamsy Gishela Portugal Pedro Posada Wendy and Ronald Posadas Rebecca and Joshua Posamentier Amanda Posner Theo Posselt Brabara Postel Jeremy Potash Marianne Potashnick** Rachel Poteet Jyothi Potluri Cameron Potratz Becky Potter Carolyn Potter Gerald Potter John Potter Lori Pottinger Sarah S Potts Rachel Poulain Rachel Poulos Bonnie Powell Catherine and Richard Powell Christopher Powell Denise Powell Karen Powell Lillian Powell Renee Powell Mary Powelson Edward Powers karen Powers

Renee Powers Katharine Pozos Gautam Prabhu Prafullamukhi Prabhuvenkatesh Maria Pracher Jose Prado Michael Pratali Linda Pratt Megan Pratt Michelle Pratt Sara Pratt Jacque Preble Sophie PrecklerQuisquater Rajeshwaran Premanathan Raj Premkumar and Gayathri Jayaraman Presbyterian Foundation Tara Presnell Jean Pressey Beatrice Pressley Roberta Pressman Gwennie Preston Virginia and Jack Preston Amber Prewitt Margaret Price Marisa Price Alexander Pries Sareth Prim Gary Primeau Julie Prince Rhiannon Priolini B Pritchard Brad Pritchard Julia Pritchard Virginia Pritchard Amanda Pritchett Nora Privitera Genevieve Prlain Kristin Prochazka Rose-Mary Profeit Penny Profumo Jennifer Prokes Jenny Prokopov Shannon Prokup Danna Prosser Elise Proulx Leroy Prouty Raya Prouty** Suzy Prowitt Daniel Prull Scott Prusko Rebecca Pry Gabriela Pryor Ying Pu Lin Lisa Puccetti Vincent Puccetti Terri Puetz Amy Pugh Brittany Pugh Gordon Pugh Terri Pugh Jessica Pugliese Keith Pugliese Cindy Pukatch Lorrie and Dave Pullman Paul and Sheena Punia Janet Punzalan Juliettee Punzalan Deepa Puranam Anne Purcell Katie Purdy Muthubatcha Purushothaman Geneva Purvis Joshi Pushkar Karen Putnam Martin Putnam Joan Putz Amber Pyle Amanda Pyles

Jingxin Qian Mu Qiao Guanmin Qin Yang Qin Zhaowei Qin Regina Qiu** Huashuai Qu Beverly Quan Susan Quan Melissa Quant Lisa Quartiroli Aileen Queen Marsha Queen Roger Quezada Liang Qui Shani Quidwai Nyeema Quiet Dan Quigley John Quimby Emily and Aaron Quinn Kelly Quinn Pat Quinn Linda Quintana Monica Quintana Jean Quirk William Quirk Elizabeth Quiroba-Holt Virginia and Wesley Quock Carolyn Quon Caline Raab Carol Raab Barbara Raaka Michelle Raaka Lisa Raber Tracy Rabold Tevya Rachelson Barbara Racine Kaveh Rad Rathnakumar Radhakrishnan Asha Radhamohan Marleny Rafferty Chloe Raftery Casey Rageh Lisa Rager Suzanne Ragghianti Chandrashekar Raghavan Dasarathy Raghavan Emma and Xavier Ragot Gina Raible Kseniia Raietska Virginia Raike Rebecca Raikow Bette Railton Tammy Rainey Jesse and Veronica Rainin Anand Rajagopalan Latha Rajagopalan Anthony Rajah Shobana Ramamurth and Selvan Rajan Rachel Rajput Vinodkannan Raju Ruta Rakutis Lindsay Ralphs Susan Ralston** Rohini Ramabadran Sowmya Ramachandran Anna Ramakrishnan Karthik Ramakrishnan Venkataraghvan Ramanuja Renette Rambet Susan Rambo Amanda Ramey Kyla Ramey Nicole Ramey Arunkishore Ramgopal Andrea Ramirez Beverly and Ruben Ramirez**

Christopher Ramirez Cristian Ramirez Jessica Ramirez Julia Ramirez Julie Ramirez Leo Ramirez Maria Ramirez Priscilla Ramirez Richard Ramirez Sandy Ramirez Shirley Ramirez Cynthia Ramirez Alfaro Laura RamirezGonzalez David Ramm Rachelle Ramm Josephine Ramos Nancy Ramos Daisy Ramos Garcia Alice Ramsauer Denise Ramsey Robert Ramsey Victoria Ramsey Smith Michael Rancer Jan Randall Laura Randall** William Randall Joe Randisi Lauren Randle Thomas Rand-Nash Jennifer Randolph Maureen Randolph M Lucile Raney Sridhar Ranganathan Annaliisa Ransel Ransome Company Raghavendra Rao Samarth Rao Melissa Rapela Elizabeth and Leo Raphael Patricia Raposo James Rapport Carol Rasmussen Terrill Rasmussen Julianne Rasser Shereen Rastgar Laurel Rathbun Rosemarie Rather Kirti Rathi Omit Rathore Dana Ratto David Ratto** K Ratto Richard Raushenbush and Barbara Giuffre Maryanne Ravano Suganya Ravikumar Tatjana Ravnik Katrin Rawks Chloe Rawlins Melissa Rawlins Howard Michael Rawson Roberta Ray Leslie Rayno Blenda Raynor Saloni Raythatha Mary Beth Read Wendy Read Beth Real Connie and Mike Real Jocelyn Realegeno Paul Rearden Elizabeth Reardon Richard Reaves Christine Rebello Thomas Rebiskie Brandon Rebottaro Sylvia Recomio Katelin Redding Suzanne Redding Rishi Reddy Vishnu Reddy Gloria and James Redmond Janet Redmond

Jim Redmond Redwood Property Investors III, LLC Christina Reed Elizabeth Reed Mary Reed Rochelle Reed Stanley Reed Kristy Reeder Erin Reel David Rees David and Robin Reese Wanda Reeser Arlene Reeves Tasita Reffert Ellen Refsell Bob Regan Katrine Regan Sara Regan Rebecca Reginato Balvinder Rehal Emily C Rehfuss Bradley Rehmus Tricia Reichert Chad Reid Hamish Reid Karen Reid Katherine Reid Sheila Reid Nancy and Kevin Reidy** Thomas Reif Gabriel Reifkind Kimberly Reilley Chloe Reilly Diane Reilly Jill and John Reimann Flor Reina Kelly Reina Michele Reinhart Paula Reinman Alma Reinosa Nicholas Reis Renee Reis Tanya Reiss Dulcey Reiter Kathy Reiter Douglas Reiton Elianna Reker and Nick Reker Andrea and David Remeta Angela Ren Bobby Ren Fangfang Ren Joyce Renaker Vickie Renbarger Alicia Renfrow Joanne Reno Wyatt Reno Soraya Renteria Judith Renworth Nancy Reseigh Carl Resnikoff Linda Retta Renee Rettig Sabine Reuter Sherry Revak Tim Revak Jasmine Reyda Angelica Reyes Benisse Reyes Irving Reyes Maribel Reyes Nina Reyes John Reynolds Julie and Lawrence Reynolds Lynne Reynolds Monique Reynolds Nancy Reynolds Pamela Reynolds Rona Alyse Reynolds Rosanne Reynolds Susan Reynolds B.J. Reynolds-Koonce

Anna Reynoso Sylvia Reynoso Mitya Reznikov Hee Joo and Moono Rhee Debbie Rheuark Carla Rhoda Christan Rhodes Don Rhodes Katie Rhodes Vivian Rhodes Ukei Hillary Rhodes-Howell Melissa Rhone-Parris Catherine Rhoton Bonnie Ricca Barbara Rice Jeff Rice Kimberly Rice Roberta Rice Silvia Rice Victoria Rice Cristina Rich Sharon and Steve Richard Timothy Richard Brenna Richards Colleen Richards Courtney Richards Joanne and Kenneth Richards* Julie Richards Monica Richards David Richardson Elizabeth Richardson Jennifer Richardson Jessica Richardson Kennedy Richardson Anna Richer Krista Richey Lauren Richey Victoria Richie Kristine Richter Kat Richter-Stauffer Heather Rickert Joanna Rico Rudolph Rico Tiffany Rico Kortney Riddle Peggy Ridge Madeleine Ridl Maureen Ridley Linda Riebel Franz Riedel Robert Rieder David Riemenschneider Karen Ries Kyle Riesch Tamara Rieser Elke Riesterer Kirsten Rigg Melissa Rigney Timothy Riiff Agnes Riley Allison Riley Lynndee Riley Marsha Riley Meghan Riley Sue Riley Meera Riner Karen Ringewald Sofia Ringo Sally Rings Nadia Ringsby Laura Rink Bill Rinker Cheryl Rinker Anthony and Janet Rios Krystal Rios Branka Ristic-Gonzales Paul Ritchie Cristi Ritschel Ilka Rittenhouse Nilla Rittenhouse Raymond Ritter Dina Ritthaler

Teri Ritz Yanira Rivas-Bruno Ann Rivello Carol Rivera Joanne Rivera Mariana Rivera Joseph Rivers Scott Rizzo Linda Roark Abby Roat Steven Roback Penelope and Mollie Robb Walter Robb Paula Robbiani Sarah Robbiani Kimberly Robbie Jenny Robbins Sarah Robbins Stephanie Robbins Rachel Robell Colleen Robello Denise and Al Robello Robert Half Staffing Solutions Alison Roberts Alistair Roberts Aron Roberts Brian Roberts Elizabeth Roberts Gavern Roberts Hazel Roberts Jessica Roberts Joanna Roberts Julie and Dwight Roberts** Lisa Roberts Paula Roberts Rene Roberts Tamara Roberts Eliza Robertson Fredrica Robertson Jennifer Robertson Judith Robertson Malia Robertson Robert Robertson and Emiko Miyamoto** Shanda Robertson Teresa Robertson Dee Dee Robillard Dierdre Robillard Arlin Robins Charles Robinson Jill Robinson Joann Robinson Joyce Robinson Lisa Robinson Patricia A Robinson Savannah Robinson Scott Robinson Trudi Robinson Chantale Robles Jennifer Robles and Robert Mariano Tania Robles Lupe Robles-Sane Jim Robson Aislinn Rocamora Theresa Rocha Lana Rocheford Jasmine Rockwell Gina and Evan Rodda Sheryl Rodda Morgan Roddy Melissa Rodermund Leonora Rodkin Carrie Rodrigues Prathima Rodrigues Ron Rodrigues Victroria Rodrigues Carol Rodriguez Cassandra Rodriguez Diana Rodriguez Giana Rodriguez Ilma Rodriguez Josephine Rodriguez Roberto Rodriguez

Susie Rodriguez Xavier Rodriguez Jackeline RodriguezSmith James Rodriquez Joyce Roe Linda Roe Carrie Roeder Erin Roeder Marisa Roeder Katelyn Roedner Diane Roesbery Candace Rogers Cindy Rogers Diane Rogers Elizabeth Rogers Loeta Rogers Stefanie Rogers Tiana Rogers Timea Roik Luis Armando Rojas Paul Rojas Gabriela RojasMartinez Martin Rokeach June and David Rokoff Kalla Rokoff Mary Ann Rokovich Dianne Roland Kelly Roll Paul Rollins Ron Roman Gretchen Romani Jamie Romani Patrick Romani Sonya Romanoff Kate Rome Kathleen Romer Christine Romero Mary Jo Romero Michael Romito Patsy Ronat Victor Ronin Jacqueline Ronzone Mary Rooney-Zarri Stephen Roper Kinga Rorat Karen Rosa Michelle Rosales Shari Rosales Robin Rosario Dona Rose Gail Rose Greg and Linda Rose Hannah and David Rose JakĂŠ Rose Joan Rose Leonard Rose Leslie Rose Shakti Rose Stephanie Rose Doris Rosen Briana Rosenbaum** Emily Rosenberg Howard Rosenberg Karen Rosenberg Kenn and Susan Rosenberg Erin Rosenblatt Aimee Rosenblum Peter Rosenblum Laura Rosenbluth Wendy Rosenkilde Paul Rosenstein and Bonnie Lynn David Rosenthal Alina Roshal Richard Rosin Karina Rosinzonsky Earl Roske Karin Rosman Adena Rosmarin Heather Rosmarin Julia Rosof Alan Ross Barbara Ross

Becka Ross Lilian Ross Stephanie Ross Maria Rosseau Kathleen Rosselle Jason Rossi Mike Rossi Ralinda Rossi-Grant and Vince Ginocchio Michael Rossmassler Zofia Rostomian Maya Rot Kathleen Roth Kim Roth Linda Roth Wendy Rothenberg Ann Rothman Marilyn Rothman Robyn Rothman Megan Rothney Sandra Rotzscher Niki Rouda Daniel Rounds Jessica Rovanpera Rovi Guides, Inc Jude Rowe Natalie Rowe Peter Rowe Michele Rowe-Shields Susan Rowinski Karen Rowley Simon Rowston and Carolee Gearhart Karen Royall Kathryn Royster Mary Anne Rozsa Yi Ru Andrea Rubenstein Leona Rubinoff Geoff Rubio Susan Rubio Tatiana Rubleva Nellenda Rublico Robin Ruck Jessica Rudd Sara Rudder Robert Ruden Mariia Rudenko Marisa Rudford Carol Rudisill Kimber Rudo Rudolf Steiner Foundation Maria Rueda Flora Ruegg Chris Ruehl Amy Ruff Karen Ruff Elizabeth Ruhland Kurt Ruhland Jonathan Ruiz Julia Ruiz Victoria Ruiz Rosie Rumberger David and Katherine Runyon Yash Ruparelia Elizabeth Rusby Joseph Rusconi Frances Rushing Kate Rushton Zundel Gail Rusin Cornelia Rusk Jennifer Russ Katrina Russek Bridget and Craig Russell Darlene Russell Matthew Russell Shani Russell Susan Russell Deb Russo Linda Rust Mary Rutherford William Rutledge Audrey Ryan Janice Ryan

Julie Ryan Michael Ryan and Robin Meyerhoff Pamela and Eric Ryan Susan Ryan Terrence Ryan Traci Ryan Vanessa Ryan John Rybak Nancy Ryder S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation Janet Saalfeld Amy Sabalesky Nancy Sabbatini Deborah Sabiel Adriana Sablan Erica Sablan Rebecca Sachs Barbara Sacks Nina Sadek Luanne Sadueste Mary Saechao San Saechao Koy Saefong Seng Saelee Karen Saenz Justine Saffir Joshua Safranek Carrie Sager Mor Sagy Shaunak Saha Jo Saia Rachel Saidman Timothy Sain Vikas Saini Anali Saiz Elizabeth Saizstein Derek Sajbel Elizabeth Sajo Sanjay Sakhuja Mie Sako Kaori Sakurai Madina Salahi Robin Salak Anita Salazar Erika Salazar Marisa Salazar Riley Salcedo Maria Salgado Steven Salinas Carol Salinger Heather Salisbury Susan Salituro Sepehr Saljoughi Rosemary Sallee Laura and Jay Salmonson Leslie Salmon-Zhu Alana Salom Trudy Salter Marietta Saltzman Kishor Salunkhe Andrea Salvadei Lauren Salvo Kyle Salwasser Linda Samaniego Wendy Samiljan Deepthi Sampathkumar Carol Sampson Jennifer Sampson Tesla Sampson Jeff Samuels Sheryl Samuels Suzanne Samuels Beth Samuelson Karen San Kerri San Jose Celine San Luis Carol Sanborn Andrea Sanchez Becca Sanchez Julie Sanchez Kristin Sanchez Myra Sanchez Ylaria Sanchez

Daniel Sanchez De Miguel Jocelyn Sanchez Denardo Ariana Sanchez Thompson Linda Sanchez Zuniga Marcia Sander Alison Sanders Amanda Sanders Farah Sanders John Sanders Alexandra Sanderson Jan Sanderson Kristin Sanderson Cathy Sandifer Adelina Sandoval Christina Sandoval Cindy Sandoval Darcie Sandoval Lori Sandoval Nancy Sandoval Megan Sandri Monica Sandri Gina Sanfilippo Michelle Sanford Denise Sangster Diane Sanka Sheshi Sankineni April Sanna Renee Sans Stephanie Santarina Olivier and Eva Santelli Harry Santi Karin Santi Linda Santillan Rose Santillano Alisha Santos Anna Santos Erin Santos Francheska Santos James Santos Shaida Santos Stevie Sanz Brodie Sanzo Janet E Sapenter Barbara Saramak Gina Sarbo Mary Sarchett Marilyn Sardonis Paula Sargent Barbara Sarkis Christine Sarkis George Sarkis Susan Sarkissian Shavonne Saroyan Dale Sartor Teruo Sasagawa** Lisa Sasek Chrysanthe Saterson Alagappan Sathappan Leslie and Kenneth Satin Whitney Satin Makiko and Naoyuki Sato** Kimberly Satterfield Monica Satterfield Catherine Saunders and Rufus Turner Patricia and Clifford Saunders** Todd Saunders Amanda Sava Mary Savage Megan Savage Debbie Savoie Carol Savoy Annalise Sawit Rebecca Sayed Matt Scalice Melissa Scalise Kevin Scanlon Patricia Scanlon Andrea Scarboro Joseph Scardino

Catherine Scarf Micquela Scatena Sarah Scates Caitlyn Schaap Pamela Schaap Stephanie Schabes John Schaefer Maija Schaefer Sonya Schaefer Terrence Schaefer Wende Schaefer Emily Schaeffer Susan Schaeffer Carol Schafer Kristina and Scott Schasker Vanessa Schasker Roy Schauben Kayley Schaumberg Kim Schauwecker Heidi Schave Kris Schave Abby Scheel Claire Scheele Lisa Scheffer Laura Scheflow Pam Scheid Robin Scheiderer Karen Schein Betsey Scheiner Laurel Scheinman Lynn Schembari James Scherer Philip and Deborah Scherrer Shonnon Schey Autumn Schiano Sierra Schiano Valerie Schiano Kristin Schieber Anne Schier Anthony Schierburg Rebecca Schiffrin Anastasia Schiller Heidi Schisel Katharine Schlesinger Raymond Schlesinger Marjorie Schlink Bonnie Schlobohm James Schloss Gail Schlosser Sean Schluntz Janina Schmalfeldt Lisa Schmeiser Brianna Schmidt Samantha Schmidt Terrigene Schmidt Thomas Schmidt Steven Schmitz Wally Schnalle Tammi Schnapp Heather Schneider Joanne Schneider Karen Schneider Lynn Schneider Murdock and Marilyn Schneider Melissa Schneider Steven Schneider John Schniedwind Jeanna Schnurbusch Teri Schoech Melissa Schoen and Thomas Huntington** Gary Schoene Jennifer Schofield Anne Scholes and Seth Restaino Gretchen Scholtz Aria Schonberg Allyson SchoolcraftNorton Donald Schrader Barbara Schramm Noah Schreck Petra Schreuer

Annette Schrimp Kristina Schroeder Nancy Schubarth Penny Schuchman Peggy Schuerholz Rebecca Schuett Peyton Schuler Charles Schulthesis Arran Schultz Bridget Schultz Erin Schultz Jordan Schultz Lesley Schultz Pat Schultz Sandra Schultz Sandra Cole Schultz Yuko Schultz Peter Schultze-Allen Todd Schulze Jan and William Schumann Jeannine Schumm Jodi Schumsky Donna Schusske Leslie Schuster Stolper Charles Schwartz Janet Schwartz Joan Schwartz Patricia A Schwartz Richard Schwartz Yvonne Schwartz David Schwarz Jennifer Schwedler Valerie Schweifler Ellen Schwerin Pat Schwinn Patricia Sciutto Victoria Scolini Andrea Scott Dana Scott Denise Scott Kathryn Scott Lisa Scott Nancy Scott Stephen Scott Mara Scribner Carrie Scudero Jessica Scully Christine Seadler Jan and Steve Seagren Michelle Seale Jane Searight Shelley Sears Betty Seckler Ariel Seeley Janani Seethapathy Paul Segalini Richard Segraves Marta Segura Regina Segurson Eleanor Seidler Jessica Seilhan Lisa Seitz Lynne Seitz Vickey Seitz Hector Selberis Katherine Selga Arasendran Sellakannu Patricia Selleck Aimee Sellers Tamara Selvig Lingerr Senghor Martin Senn Susan Senneck Ernest Senopratomo George Sensabaugh Veronica Seo Karin and Thomas Sepull Andrew Sequeira Luella Sequeira Sequoia Equities, Inc. Dara Serber Beverly Sereda** Tamar Serna August Servello Rich and Kathy

Servello Gerald Serventi ServiceNow Rohit Setia Abigail Seto Megan Seto Jennifer Seuferer Valerie Severn Julie Sewillfarmer Hakan Seyalioglu Polina Sfard Alice Sgourakis Ashley Shabaniani Rita Shaby V G Shadwick Elizabeth Shafer Lisa Shaffer Lajja Shah Pankti Shah Sonam Shah-Paul Esme Shaller Colin Shanahan Susan Shand Geraldine Shanteau Hui Shao Yuqin Shao David Shapiro and Sharon Wheatley Richard and Florena Shapiro Tanya Sharetskaya Valeria Sharetskaya Ava Shariar Vicki Shark Ayush Sharma Parmesh Sharma Rakesh Sharma Shikha Sharma David Sharnoff David Sharp Pat Sharp Lana Shartle Benjamin Shaw Chris Shaw Danielle Shaw David and Mary Shaw Diane Shaw Erin Shaw Gwendolyn Shaw Heida Shaw Jessica Shaw Margaret Shaw Worth and Bertha Shaw Eric Shawn Benjamin Shaykin Ida Shea Megan Shea Susan C Shea Valerie Sheaff Suzaanne Shear Su Lan Shediac Craig Sheely Abigail Sheer John Sheetz Brandon Sheffield Vanessa Sheirich Michelle Shekhtman Amber Shelton Amy Shelton Jamie Lynn Shelton Olga Sheludkova Aria Shen Hongwei Shen Maria Shen Shuting Shen Beverly Shenfield Ye Sheng Jennifer Shepard Deborah Shepherd Jenny Shepherd Joan Shepherd Katie Shepherd Peter Shepherd Carol Shepherd McClain Courtney Shepler

Kathy Shepler Sandra Sher Michelle Sherbon Evelyn Sheridan Myrna Sheriff Andrea Sherman Sherpa 6, Inc Catherine Sherrer Martha Sherwin Michael Sherwood Dan Shi Jingya Shi Nan Shi Lili Shiau Paulina Shiau Erica Shiba Krystal Shields Leann Shields Judy Shih Kathy Shimata Lauren Shimek Melissa Shimizu Weaver Kanoa Shim-Ly Gail Shimmin Laura Shimmin Jessica Shimshak Mariette Shin and Carson Sipes Jacob Shinnick Wendy Shipley Catherine Shipp Craig Shira Richard Shiraishi Robert Shirley Thea Shirley John Shispinski Alexsandra Shnayder Michiei Sho Everett Shockley Victoria Shoemaker Susan Sholin Jenefer Shore William Shore Laurie Short Nina Shortridge Mark Showers Cassandra Shryock Sergey Shteyn Olga Shtigluz Lauren Shub Stephen and Susan Shub Jack Shuck Rita Shue Barbara Shull Cheryl Shulse Susan Shultis Barbara Shuman Michael and Judy Shumate Edna Shum-Ma Lee Shuster Helen Shyvers Leandra Siahaan Jody Sicheneder Emilie Sichon Leonardo Sichon Tracy Sichterman Jennifer and Craig Siders Jessica and David Sides Karen Sieber Michael Siegel Nancy Siegel Sophie Siegel Victoria Siegel Kimberly Sierra-Jurado Jeff Sieve** Zoe Sifrim Takara Sights Jessica Sigman Brent Silacci Amy Silan Sprague Caitlin Silberman Leslie Silket

Diane Sills Aaron Silva Bobbilee Silva Carole Silva** Colleen Silva David Silva** Eileen Silva Julie Silva Karen Silva Kenneth Silva Marc Silva Rhonda Silva Sarah Silva Travis Silva Daniel Silva Thwaites Cheryl Silveira Kelly Silveira Shirley Silveira Elizabeth and Franklin Silver Elsina Silver Jason Silver Marc Silverberg Egle Silverline Florence Silverman Lauren Silverman Michael Silverman Yvonne Silverman Russell Silverstein Jennifer Silvestri Nicole Silvestri Veronika Simanek** Cecilia and Steve Simi** Lisa Simmonds Mark Simmons Jessie Simms Julie Simms Katie Simms Adam Simon Robert Simon Rosalyn Simon Melissa SimondsWilliams Dina Simone Christy Simons Erica Simons Mark Simons Denice Simpson Holly Simpson Sidney Simpson William Simpson Katie Sinaikin Ronald Sinaikin Wendy Sinclair Smith Penny Sinder Anshuman Sindhar and Priyanka Sharma-Sindhar Alexandra Singer Katharine Singer Davinder Singh Sangam Singh Sumedha Sinha Michelle Sinn William and Chrisitine Sinn Candace Sinow Sonia Sinton-Clark Elizabeth Sirhall Maureen Sirhall Massimo Sirianni Stanley Sirico Benny Sirivoranankul Melissa Sischka Paula Sisson April Situ Donna Siu Gui Man Siu Yuen Ting Vivien Siu Butch and Kathy Skaar Noemi Skaare Amelia Skeate Julie Skeen Keith Skeen Kathleen Skelly Dana Skikos

Monica Skikos Lauren Skinner Marsha Skinner Danielle Skorinis Linda Skory Lucie Skourup Stan and Maria Skrzypczak Robert Slack Laura Slakey David Slate Julie Slater Kevin Slauson Angela Slavich Anthony Slemeck Stephen Slingsby Lauren Sliter Annie Sloan Gary Sloan Michael Sloan Pauline Sloan Gary Sloane Dorrie Slutsker Sandra Slye-Hittle Diane Smahlik Edward Smart Terrence and Jenny Smillie Ann Smith Arianna Smith Brant Smith Cherida Smith Cynthia Smith Daniel Smith David Smith Debra Smith Diana L Smith Diana Smith Gregory and Marilyn Smith Holly Smith Jeanne Smith Joan Smith Jonathan Smith Katherine Smith Kathy Smith Kellor Smith Krista Smith Kristina Smith Krystal Smith Lauren Smith Lorinda Smith Mitzi Smith Nancy Smith Pamela Smith Patricia Smith Peter and Carol Smith Quentin Smith Rian Smith Robert Smith** Ross Smith and Danville Grange Russell Smith Sandy Smith Spenser Smith Stephanie Smith Steven Smith Suzanne Smith Terrence Smith Terry Smith Tracy Smith Adrienne Smith Gwynne Stephanie Smithberdan Sandra Smith-Grove Lillian Smithson Nadya Smolsky Charles Smukler Jeffrey Smurthwaite Rebecca Smyth Lawrence Smyth Jr Nancy Snead Megan Snedden Diana Snow Bridgette and Ronald Snyder**

Lisa Snyder Priscilla Snyder Susan Snyder Victoria Snyder Betty Soares** Christen Soares Edward Soares** Genevieve Soares Suzanne Soarr Antoinette Sobalvarro Suzanne Soberanes Mary Sobrero Silvia Socher Judy Soden Todd Soderberg Anton Sokol Nina Sokolov Venkatesh Solaiyappan Randy Solak Jessica Solari Jennifer Solarz Jerome Solberg Emily Soldavini Barbara Soldera Mary Solecki and Timothy Wendt Rebecca Soler Sarah Solomon Mark Solorzano Sara Soltan Laurie Soman Gangashree and Prakash Somayajula Leslie Sommer Larisa Somsel Christina Sonas Bonnie Sonderegger Ariel Song Gina Song Jack Song Jennifer Song Jina Song Jingjing Song Sherri Sonnier-Johnson Jana Sonnikson Michael and Sheila Soo Michelle Soo Hoo Eva Soohoo and Frank Bergamaschi Diane and Rick Soper Michael Sorani Kiran Sorathia Eric Sorensen Julia Sorensen Mark and Rhonda Sorenson Sally Sosa Jeanine Soterwood Amanda Soto Katherine Soto Erika Soublet Josephine Soublet Kimberly Souder Philip Souers Brenda Soule Sarah Soule Greg Soulsburg Marilyn Soulsburg and Emilee Molfino Ashley Sousa Bridget Sousa Ben Southward Christina Souto Isabel Souto Teresa Souto Alis Souza Christine Souza David Souza Joseph Souza Margaret Souza Talia Sowell Justin Spalla Elizabeth and Art Spander Cara Spangler Deborah Spangler

Deborah and Ward Spangler Judith Sparks Adrienne Spatz Lyn Speakman Mary Spear Theresa Spear Greg Specht Tim Specht Jason and Kristin Speck Tara Speck Alison Speckels Julie Speckels Michaela Spector Julie Spector-Sprague Vanessa Speed Therese Speer Megan Speeth Thomas Spelce Rhonda Spencer Sonya Spencer Nathaniel Spencer Mork Reid Sperisen Darcy Sperzel Paula Spiese Heather Spiker Gary Spitz Cari Spivack Kate Spohr William Spongberg Karla Spormann Robert Spragg Marita Spragge Roy Sprague Rochelle Spratling Shannon Sprayberry Linda Springer Lara Sprinkles Marianne Squyer Abhishek Sreenivasa Aravind Sreenivasan Madhukara Sringeri Aarthi Srinivasan Disha Srivastava Yogendra Srungaram Thomas St John Sherry Stack Anne Stackhouse Kim Stadtlander George Stafford Karl Stagen Jeffrey Stahl** Andi Stahler John Stahler Lara Stahr-Koehler Shannon Stainton Michelle Staley Melissa Stamberger Erica Stamm Rose Stamm Julie Stammers Jesse Stanbridge Holly Stanco Marsha Standish Joyce and Jim Stanek Phil Stanhope Anita Stanko Connie Stanley Karee Stanley Laura Stanley Lisa and Todd Stanley Myra Stansell Donna Stanton Meredith Staples Mikaela Staples Brenton Stapleton Hiedi Star Angela and Dane Stark Jack Stark Jessica and Joseph Stark Laurel Stark Stephanie Starkey Brown

Elliott Starno Kristina Staros Wyatt Starosta Carol Starr Bradd and Catherine Statley Alice Stauffer Diana Stauffer Anne Staunton Shelly Staunton Heather Stead Peter Steckhahn Kristen Steed Renee Steelman Jerry Steenhoven Tom Steenson Teresa Stefan Danielle and Dave Stefani Abigail Steffeck Jeanne Steffen Zachary Steffes Michelle Stehle Chris Stehlik Cynthia Stein Judith and David Stein** Ellyn Stein Loretta Stein Pola Stein Paul and Catherine Steinbach Diane Steinberg Annette Steiner Ronald Steiner Ralph Steinhardt Gail Steinhauser Heidi Steklis Rosalind Stelle Liz Stelow Katharina Stengel Sandy Stenger Katarina Stenstedt Diana Stephens Gabrielle Stephens Margie Stephens Mary Stephens-Hardy John Stephenson* Myrna Stephenson Teresa Stephenson John and Carole Stepp Susan Sterios Jessica and Greg Sterling Stacy Sterling Larry and Diane Stern Claire Sternlicht Iris Stetson Harrison Stetzer Andreja and Sabina Stevanovic Christianna Stevens Cynthia Stevens Julia Stevens Kaylin Stevens Kristen Stevens Linda and Anthony Stevens** Margot Stevens Mary Stevens and Stan Szlachta Paul Stevens Amy Stevenson Elise Steward Carly Stewart Carolyn Stewart Denise Stewart Frances Stewart Jeffrey Stewart Sandra Stewart Deny Stiassny Amanda Stifle Patricia Still Terry Stillwell and Joseph Dwonch Jasmine Stitt Samantha Stobbe

Ashton Stockstill Jolyn Stockton Rachel Stockwell Renee Stockwell Airdri Stoddart Ann Stokes Laura Stokes Lorna Stoll Elisa Stone James Stone Jeff Stone Julie Stone Leslie Storer April Stormdancer Lenore Stormes Elizabeth Story Jennifer Stoughton Donald Stover Melba Stover Sharon Stover Jessica Stowe Sarah Stowell Melissa Straka Nicki Strange Pavel Strashkin Matthew Strasser Julie Stratton Amanda Straub Alesia Strauch Emily Strayer Michaela Straznicka Joan Streepy Karen Streicher Alan Streit Sarah Elise Streit Kendall Strelo Laura Strelo Barbara Stretch Rachel Strickler Rhonda Striegel Tiffany Strohm Evan and Marianne Strong Hannah Strong Daniel Stroud Stacy and Cody Strub Heidi Struble Tamara Struminger Pilar Strutin-Belinoff and Mirae Bouyssou Lorna Strutt Tesse Struve Cora Stryker and Mere Ours Edward Stuart Rhona Stuart Cherie Stueve Janet Stuhl Darcy Stull Patricia Stull Barbara Stumpf Elizabeth Stumpf Cody Stumpo Frederick Stumpp Jane Stutfield Jill Stutzman Meg Styles-Hilton Hai Su Yong and Hua Su Ying Su Taylor Sublett Anand Subramanian Mani Subramanian Danan Sudindranath Cindy Sue Elizabeth Sufit Jennifer Suga Allan Sugarbaker Kimi Sugiolka Yijie Sui Lonna Suico Alana Suiter Anusha Sukumaran Andrea and Patrick Sullivan Berenice Sullivan Clayton Sullivan

David Sullivan Evan Sullivan Heather Sullivan James and Michele Sullivan Jonathan Sullivan Mary and Michael Sullivan Pamela Sullivan Tom Sullivan Wendy Sullivan Dee Sulprizio Agnes Summers Lori Summers Donna Sumner Linda Sumner Matthew Sumner Aaron Sun Chelsea Sun Danchen Sun Eunice Sun Lana Sun Madelene Sun and John Le Sheryll Sun Sidi Sun Yi Sun Yun Chu Sun Melissa Sunbury Rathna Sundaralingam Anjali Sundaram Karen Sundback Craig Sundstrom Denise Sung Terry Suniga Anita Sunseri Sarah SunWoertendyke Sangeetha Suresh Babu Elizabeth Susman** Teresa Susman Adrienne Sutton Paula Sutton Carolyn Suzuki Carolyn Svenson Katherine Svoboda Ryann Swale Catherine Swan Elizabeth Swaney Karen Swaney Anne Swanson Ida Swanson Kristine Swanson Lindsay Swanson Marlies Swanson Roger Swanson Bill Swartz Leslie Swartz Gail Swartzendruber Virginia Swayne Jeanette Swearengen Anto Sweeney Erin Sweeney Jean Sweeney Jillian Sweeney Lesley and David Sweeney Megan Sweeney Michelle Sweeney Denise Sweet Harmony Sweet Nancy and Donald Sweet Judi Swenson Karen Swift Lynn Swiger Denice Swinnen Mandy Swirsding Julie Sykes Silvia Sykes Carole Sylvester David Sylvester Wayne Sylvia Ardelle Symonds Joseph Synnott Oleg Syrel

Patrick Sysiong Amanda and Geza Szakats Robert Szewczyk Andrea Szilagyi Tobi Szuts Francie T Tony and Carolyn Tabacco Janice Tabata Maria Tabia Sally Taboada An Tuan Tabor Kathleen Tabor Natalie Tabor Nicole Tacey Sylvio Tagalog Judith Taggart Homa Taghavi Edward Tague Anna Tai Yung-Yi Tai Anais Taipe Tomoe Tajima Leslie Takagi Jerrold Takahashi Carla Takaki Richardson Irene Takata Minako Takechi Lauren Takeda Beverly Takizawa Gabriel Talavera Allison Tam Amy Tam Dixon Tam Kevin Tam Miu Tam Olivia Tam Wai Tam Angela and Shaun Tamblin Amy Tan Fangfang Tan Geraldine Tan Jing Tan Siew Tan Sue Nee Tan Mark Tanaka Ioana Tanasa Rose Tandeta Sara Tanenhaus Chengcheng Tang Darren Tang Florence Tang Huijun Tang Lily Tang Lisa Tang Paulette Tang Pauline Tang Tang Tang Tiffinie and Jeff Tang Wendy Tang Yiqian Tang Karen Tangney Verona Tanihara Susan Tanisawa Julie Tanner Ruth Tanner Brenda Tantzen Ling Tao B Tapella Kelly Tarkman Christina Tarr Allison Taslim Tracy Tate Julie and Jim Tatsukawa Collin Taub Melissa Tauber Joyce Tavares Ingrid Taylar Allison Taylor Andrea Taylor Ariele Taylor and John McManus Ashley Taylor

Carol Taylor Danica Taylor Deborah Taylor Debra Taylor Emma Taylor Jann Taylor Kathleen Taylor Kathryn Taylor Kimberly Taylor Lauren Taylor Marcelle Taylor Maria Taylor Sheri Taylor Jane Taylorson Marina Tedesco Libby Teel Gretchen Teeuwissen Pamela Tegge Mahsa Tehrani Lin Teichman Shelly Teifeld Karen Teitel Hannah Teixeira John Teixeira Matias Tejero-Leon Alicia Telford Jennifer Tell Catherine Teller Laurie Tempkin Josh Temple Stacey and Rich Templeman Kendra Ten Eyck Leslie Tenney Nancy Tercero Rachelle Tercero Caren and Leslie Tereck Robert Terkekson Beverly Terlep Ashley Terry Erica Terry Derryck Judith Tessien Bonnie Testa Courtney Tetreault Marina Texeira David Thacker Ranjini and Vishal Thacker Tom Thai Catherine Thaler Neelima Thambala Anita Than Christine Thanasoulas Sarah Thayer Christine The The Banks Family Foundation The Capital Group Companies, Inc. The Estate of Audrey J. Lasson The Estate of Gaile B. Russ The Lowell Berry Foundation The Marjorie R. Johnson Memorial Charitable Fund Edward Theil Christine Thein Dorothy Theodore Stacey Theodorou Joni Theodorsen Russell Thibeault Jane Thibedeau Dana Thibodeau Kristin Thiel Khristina Thiele Donna Thieme Morgen Thistlewolf Nitya Thiyagarajan Ann Thomas Beverly Thomas Chantelle Thomas Chifong Thomas David Thomas

Debbie Thomas Debra Thomas Elaine Thomas Jen Thomas Lauren Thomas Maureen Thomas Megan Thomas Reena Thomas Sandi Thomas Sharon Thomas Sue Thomas Wendy Thomas William Thomas Mary Thomason Adam Thompson Cheryl Thompson Danton Thompson Darcy Thompson Geoffrey Thompson Heather Thompson Helen Thompson Jaqi Thompson Kathy Thompson and Scott Hermansen* Kristen Thompson Linda Thompson Marjorie Thompson Michele Thompson Sarah Thompson Sheila and Samuel Thompson* Susan Thompson Tisha Thompson Tracey Thompson Tracie Thompson Tracy Thompson Brigite Thompson Crow Cynthia Thomson Gavin Thomson Lynda Thomson Kishan Thoppae Anne Thorbrogger Chloe Thorbrogger Rebecca Thornborrow Laura Thornburg Rochelle Thorne Alistair Thornton Jill Thornton Elizabeth Thorsen Jamey Thorson Denise Thosen Richard Threadgill Valerie Threlfall Kelley Thumati Hui Tian Qi Tian Joseph Tibbertsma Tamie Tibbitts Carolyn Tiernan Renee Tierney and Lee Hays Patricia Tikotsky Vickie Tilleman Lisa Tillotson Marcy Timberman Nansi Timmer Susan Timmerman Francis Tiong and Jennifer Low Virginia Tipton Jennifer Tischer Daniel Tischler John Titus Donald Tix Danielle Tizol Hilary Tjian Svetlana Tkachenko Cathy To Sarah Toas Donna Tobias Katie Tobin Christine Tobolski Tim Toda Cris Field Todd Brynn Todesco Emily Tofanelli Richard Toft

Sally Togasaki Nancy Tognela Ayako Tokumine Tom Tolbert Nicole Tolosa Regine Tolosa Carolyn Tom Jadine Tom Jennifer Tom Katherine Tom Leonard Tom Susie Tom Suzanne Tom Nicole Tomas Julia Tombs Sandra Tomcik* Aundra Tomlins Iris Tommelein and James Lovekin Rachel Tompkins Robert Toms Jacqueline Tona Marlene Tonai Celestin Tong Christopher Tong Dominic Tong Elaine Tong Ellan Tong Judith Tong Kuisong Tong Mary Ellen and Bryant Tong Nora Tong Ron Tong Suzanne Tong Wellington Tong Ye Tong Kathy Toon Claudia Topete Cheyanne Torres Hannah Lisette Torres Ivette Torres Jennifer Torres Jose Torres Rodney Torres Samantha Torres John Torrey Judy Torrison Agnes Torteli Dee Ann Tortorice Tatiana Toscano Masato Toshima** Gayle Tostenson Faith Totten Elizabeth Touchette Kathleen Toups Christine Townsend Stephanie Townsend Beverly Toy Lisa and Kevin Toyama Natsuko Toyofuku Christine Tozzi Kelly Trabert Marshall Trackman Michelle Trainer Peter Trajmar Angela Tramontano Amy Tran Ha Tran Hao Tran Hong Tran Joey Tran Kieu Tran Linh Tran Lynda Tran Nga Tran Sandy Tran Thuie Tran Vivian Tran Elizabeth Tran Wong Do Quen Tran-Taylor Kathleen Tranzillo Priscilla Trauner Jonathan Traupman Michelle Trautman Nancy Travisano Brian Tremper

Nanci Trent Nicole Trevino Kari Trimble Keith Trimble Shalini Tripathi Lisa Tripoli Sanjay Trivedi Cecilia Trost Jane Trotter Oleson and Raymond Oleson* Mary Trounstine Stephen D. Wong and Laura Truffaut Diana Trujillo Adriana Truong Nancy Truong James Trusler Tara Trusty Lissa Tryer Andy Tsai Kuo Wei Tsai Valerie Tsai Caroline Tsang Jenny Tsang Linda Tsang Joy Tsao Nancy Tschudy Cynthia Tse Virginia Tse Davis Tsen Peiyi Tseng Ti-Chieh Tseng Olga Tsepalova Caroline Tsou Christopher Tsou Steve Tsuchida Yuri Tsuchitani Dorinne Tsuchiya Gigi Tsui Noelle Tsukahara Susan Tsukayama Olesya Tsurikov Laura Tuchlinski Cat Tucker** Janelle Tucker Lisa Tucker Lois Tucker Michael Tudisco Sharon Tudisco Frederic Tudor Ruby Tuesdae Ariana Tuggle Rashmi Tuladhar Roseanne TullisThompson and Todd Thompson William Tumath Heather Tumey Henry Tung Michelle Turco Janet Turnbull Allison Turner Elizabeth Turner Gabriela Turner Jeanne Turner JerriAnn Turner Jon Turner Judith Turner Julianne Turner and James Stuart Karen Turner Steven Turner Susan Turner Mildred Turnes Erica Turnlund Julie Twarowski and Diane Bland-Kuta Catherine Twesten Tina Twite Hugh and Mary Twomey Carly Tyer Burr Tyler Sharon Tyler Libby Tyree-Taylor Angela Tzagarakis

Judith Ubsdell Michael Udkow Stephanie Ugrin Alexandra UhlherrMcghee Sue Uhrich Anna-Lisa Ulbrich Linda and Chad Ullman Robert Ullman Scott Ullman Julia Ulrich Kathryn Ulrich Yuko Umezawa Sonia Underdown Ben Underwood Mary Underwood Arliss Ungar Claire Ungar Kelsey and Lynn Ungar Emily Ungles Elaine Unverferth Robyn Unverferth Austin Upfold Rochelle Urban Salustra Urbin Christine Uren Carlos Uriarte John Urness Charlotte Urquhart Susan Urrutia Gabriele Usan Jennifer Usher Donna Ushijima Aleksandr Utov Candace and James Utterback UVAS Foundation Pamela Uzzell Charlene Vaca Harry and Debra Vacek Jose Vadi Cynthia Vail Jan Vail Seanna Vail Christina Vaile Alexander Vaisman Bhaskararao Vakamullu Josie A Valderrama Vanessa Valderrama Kathy Valdes Anita Valdez Dana Valdez Samantha Valdez Presie Valencia Kathy Valente Richard and Elaine Valentine* Vanessa Valera Alex Valeyev Andrea Valiente Jhaqueline Valle Palominos Tanya Vallecillo Linda Vallee Jennifer Vallejos Sofia Vallez Marlena Vallis ValueAct Capital Partners, L.P. Michael’ Valva Vincent Van Buskirk Juliana Van Cleve Donna Van Daele Kathryn Van Dyke Maria and Peter Van Eckhardt Matt Van Fossen Louise Van Geffen Andrew Van Horn Debra Van Horn Scott Van Horn Elizabeth Burkart and John Van Liew Tracy Van Ligten

Christine Van Loon Emily Van Loon Linda Van Loon Johannes Van Mourik J.J. Van Name Patrick and Lea Van Ness Jamie Van Rooyen Joyce Van Scyoc Van Storer Mark Van Valkenburgh Robert Van Wyck Carla Van Zandt Karen Van Zino Beth Van-Arkel Marilyn Vance Robert Vance Shelly Vance Arianna Vander Weele Carole Vanderbilt Kent Vanderbundt Richard VanderLugt Elizabeth Vanderyacht Yulia Vandysheva Barbara Vangilder Judith VanGilder Stephanie Vangilder Cheryl Vangundy Jillian Vanluchem Christopher Vannelli Ben Vanni Donna Vannucci Alina Vanoni Collin Ahmed Vanya Shannon Vanzant Suzy Varadi Yakov Varganov Derek Vargas Mary Vargas Sandra Vargas John Varney Kellie Vasen Brittany Vasquez Corinne Vasquez Miguel Vasquez Bavyaa Vasudevan Lindsey Vaughn Tammie and Eric Vaughn Ann and Robert Vawter Ralph Vawter Tanya and Steven Vawter Judy Vaz Ana Vazquez Mara Vazquez Susie Vazquez Kristina Veaco Diane Veca William Vederman Bernard Veenis Christina Vega Raylene Vega Antonia Veglia Carole Veiss-Creque Lynn Veit Karen Veitch Jeffrey Velasco Michelle Velasco Ivanna Velasquez Iliana Velic Mohit Veligenti Aubrey Vella Elizabeth Velten Balaji Venkat Giridhar Venkat Kumar Venkataraman Raghu Venna Donna Vennemeyer Laxmi Devi Venumbaka Nick Venuto Krishna Vepa Denise Verbeck Naida Verbeek Fred Veretto

Denise Vergara Kendra Verhaege Michelle VerKuilen Andrew Verriere Kara Vesely Kathy Vestri Sarah Vetters Nicole Veum Jennifer and Marc Viale Edward Viall Patricia Vicary Kimberly Vickers Amy Vicknair Pia Victor Rae Victor Roxanna Vidal Lisa Vidmar Jean-Pierre and Andrea Viel Leah Vieta Jean Vieth Matthew Vieyra Bhawna Vigamal Christina Vigilia Prasanna Vijayaraghavan Samira Vijghen Julie Vilardi Linda and Clark Vilas Deanna Vilcheck Stephen Villa Joselito Villaflor Damaris VillalobosGalindo Brian Villanueva Bonnie Villarreal Jessie Villavicencio Rosa Villegas Michael Villeggiante Barbara Vincent Elizabeth Vincent Amelia Vinciguerra** Christine Vinciguerra Francesca Vinciguerra** Janet Vinciguerra** Marina Vindum Anil Kumar Vinnakota Bhavana Vinod Anna Vinogradoff Andrea Vinson Guy Vinson Simran Virdee Teresa Virgentorres Daniel Virgin Joanne Visciaspear Peeranut Visetsuth Inna Vishik Kristi Visser Lynnette Viste Maryna Vityuk Christine Viviani Leticia R. R. Vivrette Hoa Vo Rachel Vocino Francesca Vogel Kristin Vogel Orit Vogel and Igal Sarfaty Marlene Vogelsang Rachelle Vogler Cece Vohs Cimino Carolyn Voisine Lisa Voit Trinidad Volcan Patricia Voll Jenna Volpe Adrienne Voltaggio Ann Vo-Mcclain Alexandra Von Bergman Victoria Von Brauch Carolyn Von Damm Nik Von Einselen Gabriele Von Ingersleben

Raynor Voorhies Jan Voorsluys Gene Vorobyov Caroline Vosicka Marina Voss William Vowell Valerie Waagen Madeleine Wack Ronald Wacker Joan and Jon Wactor Christopher Wada** Mary Wade Subhagya Wadekar Carolyn Wadley Mary Wadsworth Nancy Wadsworth Amy Wagner Debra Wagner Judith Wahlander Joyce Wahlig Alejandra Wai-Poi Setsuko Wakao Christine Wakefield Jeanie Wakeland Judy Waldear Gail Walden Sheryl Walder** Mitchell Waldman Alex Walian Ahmad and Diana Walizada Bryan Walker Butch Walker Carmen Walker Christopher Walker Christopher and Nancy Walker Gary Walker Jeff Walker Jennifer Walker Joyce Walker Kelly Walker Kiara Walker Lisa Walker Robert Walker Roberta Walker Tracy Walker Whitney Walker Anna Wall Charlotte Wall Jeanette Wall Liz Wall Ann Wallace Margaret Wallace Marianne Wallace Melanie Wallace Saya K Wallace George Wallach Jody Wallem Donald Waller Holly Wallo Rayford Walls Susan Walls Danielle Walsh Kathy Walsh Marsha Walsh Meredith and Kevin Walsh Sean Walsh Peggy Walstead Aimee Walter Brian Walter Debra Walter Jennifer Walters Eric Walton Erin Walton Linda Walton Sally Waltz Elizabeth Marie Wampler Cheuk Wan Julie Wan Sindy Wan Amy WandenLundquist Andrew Wang Chen Wang

Chunjing Wang Daisy Wang De Wang Gregory Wang Hao Wang and Ying Xu Irene Wang Jiang Wang Jing Wang Kai Wang Laura Wang Lening Wang Lin Wang Linda Wang Louisa Wang Man Wang Qinglin Wang Rebecca Wang Shan Wang Shengchun Wang Shuang Wang Shuyu Wang Tengjun Wang Tien Wang Tong Wang Tzu-Yin Wang Vivian Wang Xiang Wang Xianhong Wang Xiaoning Wang Xiaoxing Wang Xiaoyi Wang Xin Wang Yan Wang Yanping Wang Yi Wang Yi Wang and Wei Tang Yolanda Wang Zhenrui Wang Ziwei Wang Eric Wapnick Barbara Ward Carrie Ward Julie Ward Lindsay Ward Matthew Ward Megan Ward Rebecca Ward Robin Ward Sally Ward Teri Ward Troy Ward Demond Ware Genevieve Wareham Hernandez Betty Wargo Dean Waring Joan Warner Kathryn Warner Charles Warren Kayanna Warren Stacia Warren Tomi Warren Kris Warrenburg Linda Warshauer Shannon Warto Alison and Robert Wash Wendy Wasserman Sarah Watanabe Linda Waters Tommy Watgen Anita Watkins Kitty Watrus Claire Watry Beth Watson Carlos Watson Carmen Watson Erica Watson John Watson Millicent Watson Yvonne Watson David Watt and Rachel Medanic Fred Watt Jennifer Watt Emily Watters

Laura Watts Martin Wawro Renata Way Donna Wayne Lisa Weaver Steven Weaver Christine and Michael Weavil David A Webb Pamela and Roy Webb** Rebecca Webb Michael Weber Patricia Weber Ashleigh Webster Charmaine Webster Lynn Webster Richard Webster Elisabeth Wedding Don Weden Dawn-Shemain Weeks Ashley Weerpass Mark Wegner and Mary Korn Susan Wehrle Linqing Wei Tracy Wei Heather Weidig Jenna Weight Eric Weigle Lauren Weigt Beth Weil Hannah Weil Nina Weil Nicholas Weiler Gary Weinberg Mitchell and Justine Weinberg Arlin Weinberger Carolyn and Brian Weinberger Bambi Weinberg-Tuttle Kathy Weiner Nicholas Weininger Alan and Margo Weinstein Allison Weinstein Carol Weinstein Peter Weinstein Terry Weinstein* Abby Weintraub Daniel Weisfield Matthew and Sarah Weisman Ann Weiss Elizabeth Weiss Ethan Weiss Jan Weiss Jessica Weiss Julie Weiss Lisa Weiss Michelle Weiss Robert Weissburg Kenneth Weissenborn Antje Weisser Susan Weissnborn Tod Weitzel Eric Welch John Welch Pat Welch Sue Welch Tyler Welch Linda Welchreynolds Mary Weldele David and Sondra Welden Judi Wellens Nancy Weller Suzanne Weller Eva Wellington Judy Wellisch Jane Wellman Alexandra Wells Emily Wells Patricia Wells Vickie Wells Carole Wells-Desin

Victoria Welsh Valarie Welte Ray Welter Vincent Weltz Andrew Wemmer Nina Wemmer Kimberly Wendt Margaret Wendt Michael Wener Yasmeen and Adam Wengrow Nicholas Wensler Jessica Wentworth Sharon Wentz Christina Werner Paul Werner Liliana Wescott Joann Weser Cody West Heather West James West Linden West Nancy West Richard West Sally West Beverly Westenberg Robert Westerlund John Westhafer Melanie Westoby Carla Weston Jessica Weston Scott Weston Ryan Westphal Sima and David Westwood Shireen Wetmore Rosemary Wetzel Katherine Wetzell Philip and Jody Weverka Janice Wexner Marc and Anida Weyl Jen Whalen Maureen Whalen Liz Whalley Dean Wheatcraft Glenn Wheatland Annette Wheeler Emily Wheeler Maila Wheeler Amelia Archer and Mark Wheeler Sarita Wheeler Susan Wheeler Jennifer Whelpley Janet Whitby Cassandra Whitcomb Muriel Whitcomb Wendi Whitcomb Aria White Cody White Elizabeth White George W White John White Josephine White Lydia White Maggie White Marcia White Mitchell White Patricia White Patty White Richard White Robert White Sheri White Valerie White Kathie Whitehead Ronald Whitehead Shannon Whitley Jessica Whitlow Colleen Whitman Sophie Whitman Susan Whitman Caren Whitney Patricia Whitney Helene Whitson Carolyn Whittle Julie Whorton

Adena Why Maria Wibawa Tom Wichitsripornkul Susan Wickens Teresa Widergren Tara Widmer Rita Widra-Kurpieski Carol Wiebe Petra Wiedman Smith Carol Wiegel Jonathan Wieland Merideth Wieland Leslie Wieman Lorelle Wien Steven Wiener Krystyna Wiercioch Meryl Wiernik Elizabeth Wierzbianska Jennifer Wigand Karen Wiggan Matthew Wiggins Linda Wight Louise Wightman Mary Wightman Sylvia Wikler Finger Michelle Wilbur Patricia Wilcox Kara Wild Sue Wild Mary Wildavsky Karen Wilde Mary Wildensten Christine WilderAbrams Kris Wildes Candace Wildy Erica Wildy Stuart Wilhoite Nancy Wiliams Karen Wilk Margaret Wilkes Laurie Wilkie Teresa Wilkie Lucy Wilkins Robert Wilkins Fred Wilkinson Lauren Wilkinson Hazel and Aubrey Willacy Tanya and Louis Willacy Amy Willats Amber Willburn Eric Willett William & Elizabeth Rieth Foundation Alison Williams Amanda Williams Amy Williams Audrey Williams Brett Williams Clover Williams Dina Williams Erin Williams Ingrid Williams Janet Williams Judith Williams Kirsten and Stuart Williams Lesley Williams Lynne J Williams Mark Williams Nancy Williams Nicholas Williams Norman Williams Pamela Williams Patricia Williams Paul Williams Rachel Williams Rachelle Williams Randee Williams Susan and Wade Williams Wendy Williams Wini Williams Shannon WilliamsJuarez

Cheryl Williamson Tracy and Frank Williamson Rita Williford* Joanna Willis Ashley Willmann Anne-Mari Willmore Debra Wills Elisabeth Wills Anne Willson Mary Wilmot Barbara and Chris Wilson Barbara Wilson Bradon Wilson Brayden Wilson Deborah Wilson Donna Wilson Donna Wilson Emily Wilson Gayle Wilson Jonathan Wilson Karla and Randall Wilson Laura Wilson Nancy Wilson Nina Wilson Rebecca Wilson Sharon Wilson Victoria Wilson Laura Wilt James Wiltshire Jocelyn Wimmer David Winckoski Karen Windham Jennifer Winding Sarah Windler Emily Winesberry Carol Wing Charles Wingard Oceane and Shilow Winikoff Shawn Winikoff Diane Winkel Peggy Winkenbach Blair Winn Lisa and Ian Winner Daniel Winokur Cj Winslow Sydney Winsor Carol Winsted Brenda Winston J Winter Gayle Winterbauer Danya Winterman Amy Winthrop and Scott Marcus Scott Wintner Francie Wise Kenneth Wise Noel Wise Amy Wisecarver Deborah Wiseman Kristina Wismer Jacqueline Wisniewski Barbara Withers Albert Witt Nicole Witt Elizabeth Wittkop Dayna Woerner Sandra Wohali Katie Wojnoonski Joshua Wold Amanda Wolf George Wolf Hannah Wolf Kathleen Wolf Kristina Wolf Morten and Maria Wolf Marj Wolf Martha Wolf Michele Wolf Deborah Wolfe Laura Wolff and Bob Harwayne Christopher Wolfman

Jenna Woloshyn Jean Wolslegel Sharon Won Anne Wondolowski Angela Wong and Kenneth Lam Brooks Wong Christine Wong Colton Wong Dale Wong Diana Wong Helena Wong Janice Wong Jeffrey Wong Jennifer Wong Jessie Wong Jey Wong Joyce Wong Juliana Wong June Wong Jyen Yiee Wong Kathleen Wong Kelvin Wong Kitty Wong Lauren Wong Linda Wong Magoalene Wong Mei Lie Wong Michael Wong Olivia Wong Pamela Wong** Richard Wong Sandi Wong Sandra and Steven Wong Stanton Wong Stefanie Wong Stephen and Karen Wong Timothy Wong Margaret Wong-Chan Bonnie Wong-Harano Ann Wong-Kruse John and Jocelyn Wong-Rolle Bettina Wong-Uno Cavin Woo Cynthia Woo Ben Wood Toni and Bernadette Wood Bette Wood Carol Wood Carol Wood James Wood Lauren Wood Meagan Wood Nancy Wood Phyllis Wood Saul Wood Taylor Wood Jessica Woodard Leslie Woodard Kaori Woodbine Lauren Woodfill Eric Woodman Alisa Woodring Tracey Woodruff Ella Woods Yvelda Woods Aimee Woodward Margaret Wooliever John and Joyce Woollems Peggy Woon Margaret Wooster Bauerle Worden Kurtresha Worden Workday Foundation Janis Workman Ann Worthington Elizabeth Worthington Jody Worthington Leora Worthington Lisa Wottrich Nina Wouk Sharon Woulf

Janice Woycheshin Keely Wraa Richard and Betty Wren Carolyn Wright George Wright Josh Wright Katharine Wright Kathleen Wright Liz Wright Melanie Wright Robert Wright Susan Wright Teri Wright Sarah WrightSchreiberg Linda Wroth Chen Wu Chenyu Wu Chih Wu Cong Wu Cynthia Wu Jennifer Wu Jiang Wu Jimmy Wu Lauren Wu Mackenzie Wu Megan Wu Meiyi Wu Mian Wu Mona Wu Randall Wu Shenshen Wu Shirley Wu Teri Wu Wencen Wu Xixuan Wu Yanhong Wu Yi Hsien Wu Yujing Wu Yu-Ting Huang and Jeng-Dau Wu Maggie Wulff Paul Wurdack Nicole Wyatt Marianna Wyer Kate Wylie Pamela Wyman Heather Wynne Joseph Wynne Sara Wynne Allison Wysocki Jenny Xavier Tian Xia Di Xiao Mingyuan Xiao Ning Xiao Dan Xie Irene Xie Jing Lin Xie Yinxing Xie Zhonghui Xie Ashley Xiong Lealia Xiong Hong Xu Junming Xu Junyi Xu and Danian Gong Ning Xu Peican Xu Qing Xu Yihong Xu Yishuang Xu Bin Xue Jing Xue Wendy Xue Sanjay Yadav** Rachel Yaeger Deborah Yaffe Patricia Yager Delagrange Sergey Yakovets Iris and Stephen Yakuma Lawrence Yale David Yam Janet Yamaguchi

Stacie Yamaki Koka Yamamoto Monique Yamamoto Rae Yamane Lisa Yamauchi Daisy Yan Chao Yang Fei Yang Grace Yang Haiyan Yang Jason Yang Jiayi Yang Jin Yang Khim Yang Mei H Yang Qing Yang Rebecca Yang Wilson Yang Tenzin Yangzom Amber Yankee Lawrence Yano Mafang Yao Ting Jian Yap Yin Yap Ying Bing Yap Margaret Yardley Sowmya Yarra Duff and Valerie Yasukochi Chyi Kwei Yau Tenli Yavnh Alfredo Ybarnegaray Jinzi Ye Lin Ye Lulu Ye Qiyun Ye Yuan Ye Jennifer Yeager Peg Yeates Valerie Yeaton Amulya Yeduguri Allison Yee Janice Yee June Yee Kate Madden Yee Kathryn Yee Kerel Yee Kimberlee Yee Lani Yee Nozomi Yee Suzanne and Donald Yee Karissa Yee Findley George Yefchak Chia-Lin Yeh Aneel Yelamanchili Melanie Yelamanchili Hsuchun Yen Jing Yen Joan Yen James Yglesias Angie Yi Elaine Yim Kiyomi Yim Meiqing Ying Yuchen Ying Pamela Yip Emily Hoi Yan Yiu Jennifer Yocom Akiyo Yokoi Suzie Yokomizo Stacy Yokoyama Kris Yolland Shanna Yonenaka Jo-Ann Yorba Christopher York Linda York Carli Yoro Akemi Yoshitake** Brenda Yost Elizabeth Yost Tina You Jessica Youell Beverley Young Brenna Young Debra Young Erik Young

George Young Jodi and Greg Young Joan Young Kate Young Kimberly Young Lauren Young Lisa Young Meredyth Young Michael Young Miranda Young Nikkisha Young Pat Young Robert Young Sharon Young Syreeta Young Tammy Young Carol Younge Celine Younger Florence Younker Jamie Yousten Joanne Yousten Genevieve Yow John Yow Elizabeth Yu Jing Yu Kennneth Yu Shuang Yu Tina Yu Wei-Ju Yu Xin Yu Jiangli Yuan Mark Yuan Randall Yuan Wei Yuan Linda Yuen Lois Yuen Kimmy Yum David Yung Elizabeth Yura Stefanie Yurus and Steven Huskins Marcia Yusavage Linda Yuschenkoff April Zaat Rica Zabala Rachel Zabalza Sabina Zabarte Rebecca Zabel Ekaterina Zabolotneva Debora Zachau Sharon Zachman Joseph Zagajeski Star Zagofsky Elyce Zahn Swati Zahraoui Zareena Zaidi Helen and Stuart Zakow George Zakrzewski Lynn Zamarra Greg Zamira Anthony Zamora Molly Zamora Tommy Zamot Yuriana Zamudio Andrea Zandeer Brenda and Richard Zander Lauren Zanini Anna Zara Jennifer and Gary Zaretzka Elise Zarri Virginia Zauner** Derek Zavala Paula Zebrowski Stephanie Zee Pamela Zeidell Carolyn Zeitlin Lewis Zeitman Gloria Zema Lynn Zeng Sam Zenhari Lynda Zepeta-Gutierrez Janice Zeppa Bei Zhang Dongyi Zhang

Guochang Zhang Hengyun Zhang Jiajun Zhang Lan Zhang Linna Zhang Liyuan Zhang Manmiao Zhang Mengxia Zhang Mo Zhang Qingyu Zhang Ruyun Zhang Sijie Zhang Stephanie Zhang Ting Zhang Wei Zhang Xian Zhang Xin Zhang Xinyu Zhang Yi Zhang Yingying Zhang Yue Zhang Yunfei Zhang Ziyi Zhang Amanda Zhao Ming Zhao Pengcheng Zhao Shengzhe Zhao Shunyan Zhao Xiangpeng Zhao Xin Zhao Yang Zhao Yao Zhao Ye Zhao Yichun Zhao Yiwei Zhao Fang Zheng Kristie Zheng Xiaokai Zheng Betty Zhou Emma Zhou Fei Zhou Hairuo and Ruth Zhou Jian Zhou Jing Zhou Wei Zhou Yan Zhou Yuke Zhou Yun Zhou Yuxin Zhou Julie Zhu Ting Zhu Wenliang Zhu Volha Zhurauskaya Delette ZiegelmannJackson Patricia Zieger Jill Zilli Larissa Zimberoff Kay Zimmerman and Chad Shelton Laura Zimmerman Rachel Zimmerman Jennifer Zink Joanel T. Zinman** Gundega Zinza Jaqueline Tracy Zipkin Joan Zirkle Richard Zisook The Zoerner Team At Summit Funding Inc. Rich Zollner Chris Zonca Danya Zong Feifei Zong Lihong Zou Laura Zuckerman Jonni and Vaidas Zukauskas Donald Zukin Azula Zuniga Barbara Zuniga Olivia Zunino Magdalena Zurek Polina Zvyagina

DR. JOEL PARROTT LEGACY CIRCLE Dr. Joel Parrott Legacy Circle members have named Oakland Zoo in their estate plans and will ensure support for Oakland Zoo for generations to come. Carla Betts Philip Charvet Steven and Karin Chase Elaine Deutsch Deborah Dolinajec Patricia and Robert Duey Barbara Graves Vicki Gutgesell Charles Guthrie JoAnn and Alan Harley Shirley A. Heger Laura Henderson and Jason Silva Patricia and Carl Hill Kathleen Hirooka Linda Hart Huber Marilyn Jumper Steven and Jacqueline Kane Anthony and Linda Kay Bonnie Killip Kathy and Scott Law Sonya Lee Ruth Leth William Lucchesi Cornell Maier Madeline Marschke Rae Martin Rich McCartney Lois McCleary Irma and Gilles Mischler Beth and Aaron Needel Michael and Stasia O’Neill Joel Parrott and Laura Becker Cindy Pukatch Vincent and Cheryl Resh Julie and Bernard Rose Trudy Salter Goldie and William Schnitzer Carol Shepherd McClain Linda Vallee Laura Wolff George Zimmer We sincerely apologize for any omissions or typos in the list above. If your name is missing or printed in error, please reach out to impact@ oaklandzoo. org, so that we may correct it.



Thank you for supporting your Zoo. More now than ever, our local and global impact could not be achieved without the ongoing generosity of our donors, members, volunteers, guests and partners.

9777 Golf Links Road Oakland, CA 94605 OAKLANDZOO.ORG Photo Credits: Chloe Aftel, ARCAS, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Community Members, Steve Goodall, Steven Gotz, Oakland Zoo Staff, Kelly Soulard

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