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MINUTES A Community Vision for Schenley High School Community Meeting 1 27 June 2012 Overview & Community Ideas

The following lists represent ideas and comments from participants of Community Meeting 1, held at UCP, 4638 Centre Avenue on June 27, 2012.

POTENTIAL USES FOR THE FUTURE OF SCHENLEY HIGH SCHOOL Desired— Housing • Condos • Upscale housing • Young professional housing • Affordable housing • Employer-assisted housing Learning • Do not sell Schenley • Retain as a unique, innovative school (of some sort: public, charter, etc.) / Arts education • Continuing learning / lifelong learning / A Mary Schenley “Universal School” Community • Make the athletic facilities (gym, pool) available to the community / Auditorium, too? [Could the athletic facilities become an economic model or catalyst?] • Opportunities for the Islamic Center (additional space + parking)? • Senior Center • Business incubator / Start-ups • Grocery store • Restaurant Hybrids—Combinations of uses • Campus Continuum—university-linked retirement communities • Multi-generational uses • Live-work-teach arts facility

A Community Vision for Schenley High School - Minutes from Community Meeting One — ! 1

• Housing for college students who would teach in a city-wide arts program in the building • Sell current BOE building and move Administration to Schenley Less Desired / Not Desired— • Student housing • Exclusively office space (due to parking concerns)

CONCERNS FOR THE FUTURE OF SCHENLEY HIGH SCHOOL • Future uses should be public / should have vitality • Create economic opportunities for minorities/women through all phases (including pre- and post-construction) / Could Schenley become a model for this type of hiring? • Faults of previous RFP process: Too short; did not require a well-defined development plan; did not require community process • Future plans must include a “green” mandate • Parking / Density / Traffic • Desire a project that would add to the tax rolls • Explore shared parking options

HOMEWORK For Pfaffmann + Associates: • Collect example of best practices, examples for reuse, creative developers • Develop “test fit” sketches to show how well various reuse concepts might work • Begin to define target markets for reuse options • Collect sample language / covenants to be included in upcoming RFP • Explore parking within the building For community members: • Continue to submit ideas for the future of Schenley

NEXT MEETING July 11, 7:00pm / Consultant Report: Findings & Analysis United Cerebral Palsy of Pittsburgh Building 4638 Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

FOR MORE INFORMATION & TO SUBMIT ADDITIONAL IDEAS AND COMMENTS Phone: Oakland Planning and Development Corporation 412.621.7863 Email: Web:

A Community Vision for Schenley High School - Minutes from Community Meeting One — ! 2