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Oakland Property Progress Report: March 2013


Street 241 Dunseith


3738/ 37323742/ 3746





Overoccupancy and frequent partying

David M Sell and Sandra A Sell

Date of Most Recent Activity Original Entry


311 Number

Put on Top 10


Resident has submitted to 311

Vacant lot that appears abandoned, overgrown, collected debris or not properly secured


(11/29/12) OPDC is in talks with owner's daughter. She is working to abate violations. Oakwatch chairs have agreed to (8/14/12)Per Julie Reiland report , BBI has offered deceased owner's daughter extension to abate remove this property from Top 10 violations since owner recently passed away. list.(March 2013) Owners no longer responding to OPDC. Request for BBI to recite.

Centre Ave/Craig Street intersection

Drug activity


Residents have notified police and 311.



Lawn St, Parkview Ave, and others

Parking problem-residents unable to fit cars through; serious fire hazard


(2/25/13)Increased police ticketing began per residents' request at 2/20/13 Oakwatch meeting.



Lawn St

Dawson St

Forbes Ave.

Peter Terris

Apartment building was demolished, weeds mostly removed. Owner dumped significant additional fill on the top of a unstable hillside to level the lot and attempted to pave the entire lot without an occupancy permit. He has been ordered by the city to file for a variance if he wants to install a surface parking lot at this location.This site is now an illegally paved parking lot as per current zoning designation. Pending hearing on 3/22/2012 for 3732-3742 Dawson, owner may pursue expansion of his commercial parking lot at 3732 Dawson to include 3738 Dawson. Lot is not landscaped to code.

Emeric Criscella Owner removed stones on PennDOT owned and MRL land. Paved it and is using as a parking lot. Associates LLC




Abated/ Resolved

(11/29/12) Case continued. Property owner showing signs of progress.

Lack of occupancy permit reported in August 2011; reported in September to environmental services Reported in November for occupancy permit; referred to senior inspector; Reported to BBI again on 12/13/12: at all times: no BBI violations. As of 2/15/12, occupancy permit has been revoked. (3/8/12) Housing Court issued a 90 continuance to get a civil engineer to examine hillside issues. (3/22/12) Zoning board hearing. (4/20/12) OPDC filed FOF/COL brief and is awaiting final ZBA decision. (5/3/12) Resubmitted Ticket 26926 to 311 on because lot is not landscaped to code. (9/19/12) Per BBI, Terris' attorney submitted letter showing who he’s hired to do work

(10/22/12) Owners did not show up for hearing. Judge Ricciardi fined them $600,000. (1/4/13) Owners filed appeal. New court date February 12th.(2/20/13) Hearing delayed until further notice.

(3/21/2012) Owners cited. Will go through Zoning Board, and Planning board. (4/18/12) Per Brian Hill report, city attorneys and developer attorneys trying to resolve issue out of court.(6/21/12)Judge Ricciardi issued continuance in Housing Court. Mandated that in interim, owners install parking bumpers. Residents are getting Councilman Lavelle's office involved as welll as city attorney, Pitt and other stakeholders. (8/14/12) In Housing Court on August 16th. Community is coordinating testimony with city attorney.(8/15/12) Was continued in court; city wants it handled by Planning Commission. (9/19/12) Per Mayor's Office, planning commission


260410; 266478; 26926

Moved off Top 10


Oct 2011; March 2013








North Dithridge

Niagara St

Parkview Ave

Blvd. of the Allies (other address in zoning files is 3201 Hamlet Street)

Mardan Properties LLC

Joseph M Slomnicki

Nickolas Solic

Fagnelli Plumbing Co, Inc.

(12/4/12) Per Brian Hill, ACHD cited them for garbage violations. BBI cited them for multiple exterior violations (missing steps, broken windows, etc) as well as occupancy violations in efforts to do full inspection of property (12/19/12) ACHD reinspected property and reports that new owners have complied.(2/20/13) BBI submitted for legal action. In Housing Court on Feb 28th. (2/28/13) Judge Ricciardi issued warrant for owner's arrest after no-show in housing court.

Large parties; overgrowth; trash

Appears abandoned, overgrown, collected debris or not properly secured

Inside- currently occupied with Electric and Gas service shut off. Major water damage on top floor. Outside- Porch walls falling down, Cars parked in backyard. Side walk littered with large chunks of cement, retaining wall falling down, front steps crumbling, and hole in roof in the rear of the house.

Lot has been dumping ground for company for over five years.


(9/13/12) Multiple complaints about this house, both about building/trash violations and disruptive parties; problem in past years as well. Police have already visited house once this year on Labor Day weekend. Oakwatch submitted this house in our Top 5 Disruptive Property list to Zone 4 and Chief Maurita Bryant. (10/16/12) Larry from ACHD visited property, photographed/documented building issues, and spoke with tenants about disruptive behavior and pending inspection date.

(Jan-Feb 2012) 5 BBI violations submitted for court complaint. (3/21/12) 30-day continuance issued on condition owner reach out to OPDC for solution. (4/3/12) Owner met with Elly Fisher and did not (6/7/12) Owner fined $100,000 at express desire to sell house, or to bring up to code magistrate's court. Plans to appeal. using volunteers. Expressed interest in faรงade (10/16/12) Owner appealled before Judge grant program. (4/17/12)Owner sent OPDC letter Gallo and received a 60 day extension. requesting volunteers to clean up debris. OPDC Judge threatened fine of $1,000 per day if responded on 4/27/12 offering to to buy house not abated by then. (12/4/12) OPDC is and/or recommend landscapers/ contractors to do working with URA to place property in work if they don't wish to sell. (7/12/12): Property Reserve. (1/8/13) Judge Gallo Community Human Services is in contact with BBI fined Slomnicki $10,000. Slomnicki did not regarding current state of house. They plan to state whether or not he would appeal. attempt to purchase the home/provide services to owner.


(1/8/13) Judge Gallo fined Solic $13,500. Solic stated that he will appeal.(1/20/13) House continues to be safety hazard; Oakwatch further exploring options with City Solicitor re: possible injunction.

(6/20/12): Per Brian Hill report, BBI has submitted this property to appear in housing court soon.(9/6/12) Owner fined $500,000 by Judge Ricciardi; will likely appeal. (9/19/12) Per BBI, no update on notice of appeal. (12/4/12) Owner did not show for appeal hearing.


(10/17/12) BBI says best approach at this point is to appeal old permit with ZBA. (12/10/12) BBI and ZBA found original permits under different addresses and plan to cite owner for lack of occupancy permit for storage. (1/20/13) BBI cited them before holidays and nothing was abated. Submitted for legal action--watch upcoming court dockets.

(8/14/12) BBI looking into citing--challenge is their permit grandfathers in certain allowances. Address on file is Ophelia Street address. (8/15/12) BBI reported that severity of issues requires a senior inspection; pending. (9/19/12) Per BBI, owner has made small improvements to lot but nothing major because of provisions he has in old permit that is grandfathered in.





292559; 28663



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