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Oakland's 10 Most Wanted: March 2012 Address



Dawson Street

3738 Dawson St


Kennett Square Kennett Square


Lawn St




Peter Terris

Complaint Current Status Early January- hosted a party with well over 200 No arrest or fines, but Pitt Police and Bruce Kraus people in attendance. It was reportedly well have been in touch with residents; Nathan organized with two men on the sidewalk outside the submitted to 311 house soliciting students to join the party, and two more at the door taking money.

Apartment building was demolished, weeds mostly It's been abandoned for many years, the lawn hasn't removed. Owner dumped signifiant additional fill been mowed for nearly a year, it recently had all of its on the top of a unstable hillside to level the lot and windows broken out, the front facade is covered with attempted to pave the entire lot without an graffiti, people keep breaking into it occupancy permit. He has been ordered by the city to file for a variance if he wants to install a surface parking lot at this location. A public hearing should be forthcoming. Appears abandoned, overgrown, collected debris or not properly secured Appears abandoned, overgrown, collected debris or not properly secured Appears abandoned, overgrown, collected debris or not properly secured Appears abandoned, overgrown, collected debris or not properly secured

Lawn St

MRL Associates LLC


Forbes Ave.


Niagara St

3431/ 3433

Parkview Ave

Janet Wang


Joe Hammer Sq.

Fern & Judith Moscov

Action Taken

Abated/ Resolved

Visited several times. Marked in system as duplicate. occupancy permit reported in August; in September to environmental services (SR#260410); November for occupancy permit; referred to senior inspector; Reported to BBI again on 12/13: at all times: no BBI violations. SR#266478 BBI is taking Legal Action on this address. It has not yet been listed on the magistrate's docket. As of 2/15, occupancy permit has been revoked. Zoning board hearing set for 3/22/2012.



Oct. Oct.

Property Mantainance notice sent 12/28/11. SR#269388


Property Mantainance notice sent 12/28/11. SR#269389 Property Mantainance notice sent 12/28/11. SR#269390


PennDOT approved the action and is waiting on the City of Pittsburgh to take action. The City of Pittsburgh may take PennDOT to court since PennDOT does not have the legal backing to supercede local zoning laws. Peduto's office is currently pressuring the Mayor's solicitor to take the property to the zoning board.


Appears abandoned, overgrown, collected debris or 5 BBI violations submitted for court complaint. SR#269396 not properly secured reported 12/9 to police SR#269398 Police monitoring to Overoccupancy, large noisy parties on many nights, Landlord is in the house occasionally and is surely witness activity. As of 2/15/2012, there have been no police calls frequient, probable underage drinking, aware of overoccupancy reports of parties at Janet Wang's property. party trash throughout neighborhood. Refuse / excessive garbage in front yard; does not put trash out on correct day

Moved off Top 10


Property Mantainance notice sent 12/15/11.

Owner removed stones on PennDOT owned land. Paved it and is using as a parking lot.

Put on Top 10

Oct. Oct.

Submitted to 311, ref# 25117; Submitted to 311, ref# 24945; Submitted to 311, ref# 24944



Michael and Pamela King

259/ 261

Dithridge St


Parkview Ave


Hamlet St


Bates St

Elizabeth Zembower, Michele Rice, Barbara Rotz

Centre Ave

Sophia Edgos


Disruptive property

not enough information

Poorly maintained / Property damage

cited for maintenance

landlord complied, partying has stopped according to BACA




Reinspection 10/21/11: violations were abated. SR#259801









There is no city code governing trees in a case like David and Sandra Poorly maintained property. Trees from property this. The owner of 3107, however, can prune the Sell overgrowing neighboring property at 3107 Hamlet St. parts of the tree overgrowing his yard.

case closed at January hearing

Disruptive property

Cited by BBI; OPDC and community member attended hearing

Waiting on city council to provide date of appeal in Cited, hearing on 2/23/12, 10am, Judge Ricciardi. Owner Court of Common Pleas. cited over $700,000 in code violations.

violations abated; owner fined for late compliance

2/6/12: Alex Murdoch is a resident and leader of the fraternity that lives here. He is aware they are on the list and would like to work with community to be removed from the list

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