Oakland Leaf 2021-22 Annual Report

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Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

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Welcome Letter


Mission and Vision




Afterschool Programs




Love Cultivating Schoolyards


Summer Internship Program


Oakland Leaf Staff


Oakland Leaf Board


Use of Funds


Community Partner Spotlight



It has been an intense, but powerfully affirming school year. After more than a year of remote learning and countless pandemic-related struggles, our students returned to school campuses last August with unprecedented levels of social anxiety and PTSD. Some of our students had challenges focusing and staying on task. Others struggled to communicate, express emotions, and engage in healthy ways with their peers. On a daily basis, Oakland Leaf staff had to draw upon their training in social-emotional development, restorative practices, and trauma-informed care to meet students where they were at, earn their trust, and support them to learn new and regain lost - social skills. Ultimately, the sense of consistency, structure, and loving care that our staff provided had a profoundly positive impact on our students. In the supportive and joyful spaces of our afterschool programs, previously disengaged and socially isolated students explored new interests and developed new friendships that carried over into the school day. Emboldened by the daily encouragement of mentors, even our most reserved interns found the courage to step outside their comfort zones, share their ideas, and try out new leadership roles. Underlying each of our student success stories is Oakland Leaf's deep commitment to relationship and community building. Oakland Leaf Instructors, program managers, and restorative justice facilitators work hard to cultivate safe spaces, and strong relationships of trust, where students feel comfortable opening up about their experiences, challenges, anxieties, and aspirations. At the beginning of every school year, program staff spend several weeks working with students to cultivate ground rules and guiding values for the group, centering empathy and inclusion. Throughout the year, they actively and consistently nurture a sense of collective identity and community, at the same time that they are instilling in each student an appreciation of difference and individuality. Every convening of youth — be it an afterschool program class of kindergartners or a professional development workshop for high school interns — starts with a check in about how students are feeling and what is going on for them, and ends with both students and staff sharing individual and group appreciations. In this spirit of gratitude, on behalf of all of us at Oakland Leaf, I want to express my deep appreciation to all of the partners, donors, volunteers, and funders who make this work possible. Your belief and investment in our programs means so much to us all. Thank you for being a part of our community. Gratefully, Melissa Mendez Ochoa Executive Director

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Oakland Leaf’s mission is to cultivate community transformation through creative education for youth and families. We envision a future where all young people in Oakland have the knowledge, skills, confidence, and drive to co-create a more loving, just, and vibrant city. 4

Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

Oakland Leaf’s core values guide every aspect of our work. We plant seeds to grow. We root in, rise up, and branch out. We’re committed to stay.

CULTIVATION: We acknowledge, honor and nurture potential by providing space for growth. We look to the future. COMMUNITY: We create safe space filled with Much Loves, support, healthy relationships, celebration and breaking bread. VOICE: We hear, respect and develop voice and creative expression. We provide opportunities for input and accountability for ourselves and others. CRITICAL THINKING: We embrace the process of challenging the dominant narrative. We believe in the power of reflecting, questioning and digging deeper with intention. LOVE IN ACTION: We are rooted in love, transformational justice and restorative practices. We see the whole person. We practice peace, self care, and empathy.


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

Afterschool Programs I love program because our teachers are kind to us and they plan out activities I like. Every time we are sad they always help us feel better. — Tiana, 3rd grade

Oakland Leaf provided quality, enriching, and free afterschool programming for approximately 750 East Oakland students at six high-need elementary and middle schools this past year.

I love program because we have bubbles & pizza parties and it makes us feel happy! — Jaidy, 2nd grade


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

Our students 99.9%

of the students we served identified as students of color (70% Latinx and 23% Black)



qualified for free/reduced lunches

were English Language Learners

2022 Feedback from our families 99% said that our afterschool programs (ASP) provided a safe place for their child. 96% said our ASP helped their child get along better with other children. 89% said their childs’ attitude about school has improved as a result of their experience in our ASP. 97% said they would recommend our ASP to other families.


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

All of our afterschool programs centered socialemotional learning, creative arts, physical activity, access to nature, social justice, and academic support.

Social-emotional Learning (SEL) Our SEL curriculum included daily interactive lessons designed to support youth to develop healthy identities, understand and manage their emotions, establish and maintain healthy relationships, advocate for their needs, feel and show empathy, achieve personal and collective goals, and make responsible and caring decisions.

Our Restorative Justice Coordinators also facilitated student sharing circles multiple times a week that gave students a consistent emotional outlet, supported relationship-building, and helped students develop the skills and confidence to express their feelings, voice their opinions, and work collaboratively through problems. 8

Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

Spotlight on Restorative Justice At Oakland Leaf, we see RJ as much more than a set of conflict resolution or behavior management tools. We draw from RJ’s roots in indigenous peacemaking practices that provide a holistic framework for not only repairing harm, but also nurturing and sustaining individual relationships and community bonds. An afterschool program class of twenty 5th grade students was experiencing ongoing challenges related to bullying behavior and conflict between students. The RJ Coordinator organized a circle about anger and healthy ways of managing and expressing it. Students passed around a talking piece and shared why they were personally having a hard time, and why they thought the group was struggling. Consistently, this go-round revealed underlying issues such as hurt feelings or conflict from earlier in the school day, fatigue, students missing their parents, or anxiety about issues at home, among other challenges. After this, students shared how they tend to express and respond to different emotions, and what the outcomes tend to be (for better or worse) of various methods of expression. Next, the RJ Coordinator said “Now we know what is happening. What do we need for ourselves, from another person, from the instructor, or in general, to be able to move forward in a positive way?” Students shared things like "When I get mad, I need a break and some alone time", "I need my friends to say something nice to me", and "I need some one-on-one time with a grownup". The last part of the circle involved everyone making a commitment to what they would do to help the group move forward in a more healthy way. Students made commitments such as “I will ask for space when I need it”, “I will try to be more understanding when someone says or does something I don’t like”, and “I will share my appreciation when others are stepping up in positive ways”. For the remainder of the year, the RJ Coordinator regularly checked in with this group and each student, reminding them of their commitments and creating spaces for them to share progress and challenges. The original intervention - and ongoing support made a huge difference in student behavior and group morale.


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

Creative Arts An abundance of research confirms what we have seen again and again in our work with youth: creative experiences in childhood can have transformative impacts. Among other noted benefits, engagement with the arts strengthens young peoples’ academic, problem-solving, and social skills, and boosts confidence and motivation. As part of our creative arts programming this past year, we offered poetry, theater arts, dance, digital arts, DIY crafts, drawing, and STEM experimentation and tinkering classes.


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

Afterschool program student poems Earth Poem Earth is like flowers in the Spring, But the way we treat it, it's like a trash can with plastic and food. All places could use our help by picking up trash, to make it look like a lavender field on a sunny day. Make it look like a beautiful rose, The Best Parts of Me also like stars in the night. I want to help make the ocean look like I love my feet. the beautiful sky in the daytime. They help me feel the smooth grass. Anderson Diaz

Look Around Nature is beautiful. From the coral reefs in the ocean To the flowers on the forest floor To the highest branches of the redwoods. The wind whispers a quiet song, Rustling the leaves on the branches of the trees. Look at the sky Look at the sky The sun with its brightness. The clouds with their beauty and the snow with its whiteness. Beneath the ground With the beautiful stones, like diamonds and emeralds. The glowing bright red and orange magma

I love my arms and hands. They help me carry and reach to the sky. I love my eyes. They help me see all the wonderful things around me. I love my heart. It helps me feel. I love... Myself Zaccai Narvaez

But also The roots of the bushes, the trees, the flowers, the vines and more. Small and big, Interlocking Some digging deep and some not. Friendship is a Very Good Gift The vivid colorful flowers coating the fields and hills of grass. To me, friendship is a gift. As beautiful as diamonds and stars covering the night sky. They make me feel special and loved. Flowers attracting pollinators I also make them feel special. like bees, butterflies But one thing they don’t know and the beautiful glimmering hummingbirds is how much I love them. with their iridescent feathers. Friends matter because they can help you grow You may be drawn back because of the turds to be the best you. of the animals and birds Friends can make ANYONE feel But put down your device anyway. like there is someone out there in the world Go into nature that cares for you. And look around. Friendships encourage me to do amazing things. Vivienne Clanton They try to make me feel happy when I’m sad. They are like the beautiful stars in the sky. Friendship is a very good gift. Amayrani Mendez


Physical activity We offered soccer, basketball, softball, and bike club and we prioritized movement and physical play (e.g. yoga, dance parties, and freeze tag) on a daily basis because of the many health benefits of physical activity, and because we understand, and have observed first-hand, how movement helps release emotional tension and creates endorphins that improve moods.


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

Access to nature One of the highlights of being back on school campuses this year was the opportunity to relaunch our school garden clubs. Students planted seeds, harvested fruits and vegetables, picked flowers, studied insects, and explored the natural world, learning firsthand the connection between nature and their own food supply. Garden clubs also included nutritional education, and students sampled and took home produce.


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

Social Justice Oakland Leaf partnered with American Scores to facilitate a service learning curriculum customized for each grade. Groups of students collaboratively selected an issue, conducted community research on the problem and possible solutions, and designed and carried out a service project. At the end of each semester, students presented their findings and reflections as part of our student showcases. We also offered social justice history and cultural awareness lessons and activities throughout the year, reflecting monthly themes including Black History Month, Latinx Heritage Month, Women's History Month, LGBTQ History Month, and others.


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

Academic support

Our academic engagement focused on literacy instruction and homework support, and included study halls, small group subject-specific support sessions, and one-one-one tutoring. We regularly checked-in and collaborated with school day staff to design customized intervention and support strategies for our students who were struggling academically.


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

ROOTS 20 Roots interns worked as instructor aids in one of our afterschool programs. They received training and coaching, and were matched with an instructor who they shadowed, supported, and received regular feedback from. As instructor aids, interns provided oneon-one social-emotional and academic support to ASP students, facilitated creative play activities, and provided administrative support for programs. All Roots interns received support to create - and carry out - Individual Development Plans which including academic, personal, and professional goals. They also participated in a range of professional and leadership development trainings and gained handson research, public speaking, and advocacy skills through their participation in the California Afterschool Challenge, an annual statewide action to advance the out-of-school time field.

Being a Roots intern has really pushed me outside of my comfort zone in hard, but really important ways. My time as an intern and my mentors in the Roots program have helped me to become more confident and more brave. Now, if I know that I will grow from an experience or I know that it will lead to something I really want, I am willing and able to push past my fears. — Joseline, Roots Intern Joseline speaking at Oakland Leaf's Love in Action event in May.


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

My favorite part of the internship has been supporting the afterschool program students to grow academically and socially. It means a lot to me to be able to give back in this way because I was in afterschool programs when I was a kid and it had a huge impact on me. I remember seeing all these young adults that came from my neighborhood and looked like me that were in leadership positions, managing big groups of students. I remember thinking “They aren’t so much older than me. Maybe I can be a leader like that when I’m older.” — Liyah, Roots Intern Liyah, beaming, after logging in and finding out she got accepted to UC Berkeley, while surrounded by her afterschool program students.


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

LOve Cultivating Schoolyards Love Cultivating Schoolyards (LCS) interns received comprehensive training on the diverse skills required to be an independent urban farmer, including hands-on experience planting, maintaining, and harvesting organic veggies, fruits, and herbs at our one-acre farm in East Oakland. The produce they harvested was the core of our weekly food distribution initiative, as well as our weekly LCS Free Farm Stand. Oakland Leaf distributed nearly 10,000 lbs of produce last year! LCS interns also learned about a variety of food justice, environmental justice, and racial justice issues related to urban agriculture and local food systems. Among other research projects, interns carried out an initiative to identify, assess, categorize, and map every type of food “source” in their neighborhoods, including supermarkets, gardens, produce stands, liquor/corner stores, fast food restaurants, schools, street vendors, and more. Additionally, all interns were provided with materials and guidance to create and maintain their own home gardens to feed and support the wellness of their families.

My internship helped to make me into a leader with confidence and knowledge, not only about urban farming, but also knowledge of self. — Diego, 4th year Intern

Diego, teaching the new interns how to plant microgreens.


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

My internship helped me to come out of my bubble. Jimmie, 1st year intern.

Resident LCS Chef, Jimmie, cooking freshly harvested veggies for a group lunch at the farm.

At least once a semester, LCS and Roots interns come together to participate in immersive nature experiences that include community and trust building activities. This year's spring excursion at Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park was such a bonding experience that interns from both programs created an instagram chat group to keep in touch and coordinate future hikes. 19

Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

summer internship program We coordinated a three week intensive summer internship program for 28 high school students at the Castlemont Farm in June. The program included trainings, community building activities, discussions, projectbased learning, outdoor excursions, and more. Interns learned about urban farming, food systems, and environmental stewardship, while getting hands-on experience growing and harvesting produce. They also participated in leadership development and social-emotional learning workshops on topics such as wellness practices, setting and achieving goals, holding yourself and your peers accountable, and developing and maintaining healthy relationships, among others. This year's summer Rites of Passage excursion was a camping trip at Puma Point. Interns set up camp, went on hikes, participated in team-building activities, and cooked together. For most of the interns, it was their first time camping. We closed out the summer program with a group trip to Great America.


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

Oakland Leaf StAff At Oakland Leaf, we believe that when instructors and other youth program staff reflect the culture, communities and experiences of the young people they work with, it fosters a sense of belonging, builds community ties and inspires young people to envision themselves in leadership roles.


of Oakland Leaf program staff identify as people of color.


of Program Managers are former OL youth participants.


of Program Directors are former OL youth participants.


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

Oakland Leaf Board of Directors:

Use of Funds Revenue 2021-22*

Gail Camacho, Board Chair Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Informing Change

Corporate Grants


Marina Ortega, Secretary * Physician Assistant, UCSF Health

Foundation Grants


Leo Kremer, Treasurer Co Founder, Founders Table Restaurant Group

Individual Donations

Kim Bronson Sourcing Manager, Genentech


Shaelyn Dawson Attorney, Morrison & Foerster

Other Income

Kim Duff Director of Product Marketing, Rally Health


Monica Guzman Vice Principal, Mt. Diablo Unified School District

Expenses 2021-22*

Debra Levinsky, Founding Board Member Retired Medical Doctor, Private Practice Jose Luis Rodriguez, Alumni Project Manager, Growing Together

Fee for service


$111,091 $265,497 $9,373 $2,330,111

Program Expenses


Management & General Fundraising

$154,306 $246,110

Scott Sillers Board of Trustees, Health Professions Education Foundation Fundraising

Steven Tindall Partner at Gibbs Law Group LLP

Management & General

Stephen Walrod, Founding Board Member Retired Clinical Psychologist, Private Practice Audrey Yang User Experience Research Consultant *Board Chair starting 7/1/22


Total: $2,327,645 Reserve: $2,466 *unaudited


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

Community Partner spotlight Oakland Leaf began its partnership with Wind River, a global software company headquartered in Alameda, in 2017. Wind River is especially invested in Oakland Leaf’s afterschool STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) programming. One of their first employee volunteer efforts with Oakland Leaf was providing hands-on support for our Family Science Nights. Since then, they’ve volunteered in our school gardens, organized massive Back-to-School classroom supply drives, donated furniture for our programs, and purchased reusable water bottles for our students, among other efforts. Wind River also makes multiple generous financial gifts to Oakland Leaf each year. We are so grateful for Wind River’s many contributions to Oakland Leaf programs, and we look forward to many years of creative partnership.


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

Oakland Leaf Supporters Much love to all of the individual and institutional investors who help make Oakland Leaf’s work possible. We are deeply grateful for your commitment to the success and well-being of East Oakland youth. This list reflects total donations and grants received from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

Visionary ($100,000+)

Ambassador ($20,000-$99,999)

Crankstart Foundation Sharon Simpson

Anonymous Blake Lawrence and Dina Gorenshteyn Koshland-Wachtel Fund Love Cultivating Assets Richard and Dee Lawrence Silicon Valley Community Foundation The Joseph and Vera Long Foundation Walter and Elise Haas Fund

Advocate ($5,000-$19,999) Bernard E. & Alba Witkin Charitable Foundation Brickyard Berridge Fund Clorox Foundation Debra Levinsky and George Lewinski Joshua DeFigueiredo and Emmy Highsmith Justice Outside Laura Spiekerman and Nick Greene Leo and Lauren Kremer Linda Assante Mae Rose and Paschel Young Metrovation Michael Breland and Peter Harper Peter Danzig and Lava Thomas Reuben Sana and Gail Camacho

Advocate continued Robbie Yohai and Paula Heller Royal Coffee, Inc. Ruth Stroup Insurance Inc. Shaelyn Dawson and Alex Wortman Stephen Walrod and Lauren McIntosh Steven Silver Teresa Picchi and Joel Linzner The Barrios Trust Toni Garrett Wind River 24

Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

donor spotlight In addition to being a generous annual donor since 2017, Laura has been a regular table sponsor at our annual gala and she has donated several of our most popular gala auction items over the years. Additionally, Laura organized her community to participate in a creative, and highly successful, fundraiser at one of our school gardens. Laura has also been extremely generous with her time and expertise, meeting with staff to offer guidance and feedback about our events and campaigns. We are so grateful that Laura is part of our Oakland Leaf family.

"This is such a beautiful project, one that fosters sustainability in the truest sense of the word. The students and teachers demonstrate what it means to be committed to the community, and their dedication and care literally starts from the ground up. Oakland Leaf fills us with optimism, and for that we are grateful." — Laura Spiekerman


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

Ally ($1,000-$4,999) Altamont Education Advisory Board Amy and Dennis Spangler Audrey Yang Beneficial State Foundation Carla Short Charles and Beata Dillingham Charles and Naomie Kremer Christina Gomez-Mira David Hanscom and Babs Yohai Deborah and Robert Van Nest Desmond and Portia Wilson Edward Hannemann and Anne Bodel Erin Lewellen and Amy Jones Ethan Fletcher Frederick E and Anne R Barstow Fund Fresh Jamz Gail Ellestad Gibbs Law Group LLP Ila Deiss Janet White and Michael Clark Jocelin Saks and Steven Tindall Julia Avril Julie and Fred Nachtwey Kaiser Permanente Kathryn Frank and James Blume Kim Bronson Lacey Sher and Jason Silverio Liz Kim Lorraine Lerman and Clyde Leland

Income for Service Funding Partners East Bay Asian Youth Center Education for Change Oakland Public Education Fund Oakland Unified School District Oakland Fund for Children and Youth

Lowell Berry Foundation Kim Bronson Lacey Sher and Jason Silverio Liz Kim Lorraine Lerman and Clyde Leland Lowell Berry Foundation Lucas Carrico and Lizzy Gropman Marc and Hazel Anker Marina Ortega and Shannon Coughlin Mark Gordon Monica Guzman Nicholas and Kristin Walrod Odiaka and Viet-Ly Gonzalez Oliver Kremer Pacific American Group LLC Peter Van Tassel and Cory Henrickson Rica Ruiz Roger and Monique Mendelson Safi Ahmed Sam Alcabes Scott Sillers and Mona Williams Shaelyn Dawson and Alex Wortman Sheila Sosnow and Richard Nagler Sherry and Jack Delo Star Grocery Starbucks Foundation Stephen and Marie Fox Stephen Beal and Elizabeth Hoover Susan Peick Tail of the Yak The Swig Company, LLC The Thrift Shop Village Thomas Fortin Victor Bonfilio Workday Zynga


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

Partner ($200-$999) Abhi Shandilya Adam Rich Adolph Rosekrans Alice Erb and Robert Harris Alice Waters Ama Torrance Amanda Guslani Andrew and Teresa Gunther Bart Magee Bruce Gurganus and Jane Wechsler Carol Kusmierski Cathy Catterson Charlotte Buchen and Elie Khadra Chetan Rai Cie Goulet and Amber Kristen Green Craig Luhrmann Danell Zeavin and Ronald Stovitz David Bordow David Siegel and Andrea Picchi Douglas Balsam Ed Elkin Elaine and Ric Tombari Elizabeth and Charles Farnsworth Elizabeth De Renzy and Joerg Martini

Emily and Dan Loeb Evan Miller and Elinor Buchen Freddy Mesa Gary and Willette Iwatani Harris Brody Harris Cohn Helene and David Buchen Hindatu and Michael Siegel Howard Joyce and Jennifer Cabalquinto InterWest Insurance Services, LLC James Hawley and Diane Ehrensaft Jeffrey Dale Jenna Baucke Jeremy Schoos and Agnes Lewis Jorge Escobedo Joseph Alfery and Denise Alfrey Judy Wofsy Kathy Weiner Kenny Lewis and Kat Daniel Kim and Malcolm Duff Lisa Buchberg and Ralph Kaywin Lisa Reynolds Louis Langlois Lucas Carrico and Lizzy Gropman Luis Mendez Lynn and Len Epstein Lynn Johnson

Marc and Hazel Anker Marcello Porcu Marcia Tanner Mark and Helen Nakamura Marlene and Rick Millikan Marlene Dann and Lonnie Soury Monica Chew and Chris Karlof Nancie and Tom Hughes Natalie Blackmur Ned Leiba Nicholas Ancel Olga Salinas PJ and Marley Blandori Randy Tuskowski and Adrian Rangel Richard Lafrenz Ronald and Patricia Adler Ronald Saks Samara Atkins Scott Joftus Sid and Maria Gallego SLC Giving Fund Stacie Chun Terry and Ralph Sklar The Cariño Fund Theresa Esparrago Lieu Thomas George Wood Ursula Von Fluegge Veronica Churchill Zachary and Catherine Berman

In-kind donations: Audrey Yang Baker Lane Vineyards Cathy Catterson Claudia Polsky and Ted Mermin Craig Luhrmann Ed Elkin Eileen Keller and Craig Williams Emily and Dan Loeb Hog Island Oyster Co. Jeremy Schoos Joan Mikkelsen Angela Rochester and Daniel Palacios

Laura Spiekerman Lauren Kremer Marc and Hazel Anker Native Pacific American Group LLC Shaelyn Dawson and Alex Wortman Starter Bakery The 90's Experience The Oakland Athletics Community Fund Toni Garrett Warriors Community Foundation Wind River Yoshi's

Gifts in honor or in memory of: Elizabeth Erin Lewellen Gail Camacho Harris Bostic Janelle Jovellanos Leo Kremer Margarita Velasco Marina Ortega


Nate Walrod Peter Gajewski Rena Stoler Salvador and Lilia Mendez Stephen Walrod Steven Tindall Toni Garrett

Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

Friend ($1-$199) Abraham Zverow Alexander Shartsis Alexis Rhorer Alloy AmazonSmile American Online Giving Fund Andre Johnson Andrea Leitereg Angelo Rauseo Ann Smulka and Robert Blackburn Anna Blue Anna Kneitel and Michael Gross Annelise Wunderlich April Saks and Destin Radder Barbara de Janvry Barbara Gordon Barry Lesch Big Eyed Wish LLC Bonnie and Jeff Felix Bonnie Fraenza Brenda Gonzalez Brian Huynh Caroline Diaz Chinomackin Nocappin Cristina and Brian Borghi Daniel Winokur Daria Feneis Darren Kalb David Judd and Kathryn Fitch David Kay David Kessler and Nancy Mennel David Tindall David Woodard and Daryl Dean Deborah and Bill Joost Denise Crank Donald Carter Ed Elkin Efstathios Martinis Elaine Yellen Ellen Puleyblark Coffey and Patrick Coffey Emily Hud

Erica and Rich Pelavin Eve Yalom Facebook Florangel Jovellanos G.B. Levine and Marilyn Masters Levine Gary Parsons and Rachel Rush Gayle Nygaard Gloria and Timothy McGuire Gonzalo Hidalgo Hang Tran Harley and Joan Ferguson Informing Change Jackie Dao Jeff Clark Jennifer and Donald Bellenger Joan Mikkelsen Joey Schuman Jordan DeBree Joshua Elias Joshua Weintraub and Irisa Charney-Sirott Karen McClung Karen Meryash Karissa Yee Findley Karyn Mandan Katherine and Alan Reinke Kathleen McNee Kent Wright Kerry Compton Kevin and Sheila Kilty Kristin Helé and Justin Defreitas Kurt Patzner and Carla Picchi Lainie Goldwert Laurel Terens and Allen Solway Leonel Gonzalez Linda Picchi and Andrew Pojman Lisa Orselli and Robert Rodriguez Lisa Rothman Margery Cantor Margo McDaniel Mary Wakely

Mirella Rangel Miriam Lavender Molly Sloane Natalie Van Tassel Nelson Schubart Nicola McClung Nita Norman and Donna Lederman Omar Parra and Norma Pizano Orange Seal Entertainment Pam Gelman and Rick Rosenbaum Patricia and Michael Sullivan PayPal Giving Fund Rachel Mellinger Randi Neiner Rena Stoler Rena Thiagarajan Reni and Don Harper Richard Knox Rodolfo Milito Ruth Hedy Anne Fallenbaum Samuel Tindall Sandi Linden Sarah M Stearns Sarah Purdy Sele Nadel-Hayes Sharon Djemal and Peter Rukin Sharon Drager Shelagh and Robert Brodersen Simon Smith Sophia Ozenbaugh Stefan Highsmith and Evelyn Kawahara Suki O'Kane Sumi Miller Susan and David Princehouse Susan Helmrich and Richard Levine Susan Robinson Suzanne Siskel Thomas Peyton Tisbet Philanthropy Todd Edelman and Marisa Nightingale Tom and Janice Boyce Twilio William Dayton Zachary Mazur

Matching gift organizations: Alloy Boeing College Futures Foundation Salesforce The Clorox Company

The Swig Company, LLC United Health Care Visa Workday Zynga


Oakland Leaf Annual Report 2021-22

If you would like to support Oakland Leaf, please mail to: Oakland Leaf Foundation 520 3rd Street, Suite 109 Oakland, CA 94607

or make an annual or monthly gift that allows us to plan for and meet unexpected challenges: oaklandleaf.org/donate



Oakland Leaf is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible. Our tax ID # is: 810-565800


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