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Thank you for considering Oakham School for your son or daughter. This brochure will provide you with answers to many questions you may have about how to join Oakham School. However, there is no substitute for visiting us in person with your family to catch the vibrancy, friendliness and energy of the School.

In addition to individual visits, we hold two Open Events each year and our friendly Admissions team is always happy to help answer your questions. For the latest information and news about the School, visit our website www.oakham.rutland.sch.uk or follow us on Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), Facebook and LinkedIn.

We look forward to welcoming you and your family to Oakham School.

To arrange an individual visit or join us for one of our Open Events:

T: +44 (0)1572 758758

E: admissions@oakham.rutland.sch.uk

Your journey starts here 4 Our Boarding and Day Communities 5 Ways to explore the School 6 Our School community 8 Bus routes 9 Joining the Lower School 10+/11+ 10 Joining the Middle/Upper School 13+, 14+, 16+ 12 Timeline for 2024 entry 14 Term dates 15 Finance and general administration 16 Scholarships and Bursaries 18 How to find us 20 CONTENTS ADMISSIONS INFORMATION


There are lots of different ways for you and your family to experience the fantastic learning opportunities and experiences available at Oakham School.

As a large boarding and day school with a community of over 1,000 boys and girls aged 10–18, we offer many different options for you to join us that fit in with modern family life.

Whether you are considering joining Oakham aged 10, 11, 13 or 16 – or anywhere in between – we can tailor your educational journey to suit you and your family. Oakhamians lead busy and active lives, so our day, weekly boarding and full boarding places enable us to provide an exceptional learning environment and wraparound care that offers peace of mind and flexibility to busy working families.

Come and visit us Open Morning Individual Visit Virtual Admissions 13+/14+ Sit our assessments + interview or Sit our pre-test (and have an interview) at your prep school and sit the Common Entrance exam 16+ Sit our assessments + interview Achieve a minimum of four 6/B grades and three 4/C grades at GCSE 10+/11+ Sit our assessments + interview Accept your offer Register your interest
Pupils are self-aware, confident young people, fully prepared to be involved and supportive of one another as they live their daily lives together in boarding and as day pupils.”
ISI Inspection Report


The beauty of being such a large School with equal numbers of girls and boys, boarders and day pupils, is that both our boarding and our day communities are thriving, lively environments where you can make new friends and meet kindred spirits.


• 9 vibrant Boarding House communities – 4 for girls, 4 for boys & 1 co-ed Junior Boarding House.

• Facilities on your doorstep.

• Busy weekends full of sport, activities and trips after Saturday morning lessons.


• Stay up to six nights with flexible options to suit your family.

• Flexi-boarding (2-5 nights) in the Lower School.

• Go home on Saturday after games and come back on Sunday evening or Monday morning. Or stay in at the weekend and go home during the week.

• No long tiring daily commutes.

• Enjoy quality time at home and at School.


• Enjoy all the opportunities provided by our boarding environment.

• Join the boarders for breakfast and stay for supper.

• 4 Lower School (10–12 years) Day Houses – 2 for girls and 2 for boys.

• 6 Middle/Upper School (13+ years) Day Houses – 3 for girls and 3 for boys.



We highly recommend that you visit the School in person to get a feel for our wonderful, friendly atmosphere, and there are many ways that you can explore the School either physically or virtually.


We run two Open Events each year, to give families an opportunity to experience Oakham. These fun and friendly events allow visitors to tour Oakham School’s fantastic facilities, meet teaching and support staff and hear from current pupils about School life. Visitors will also hear from our Headmaster, have the opportunity to speak to our Admissions team and be able to take part in interactive demonstrations and activities around the School campus.


You and your family can also book a personal visit to the School. This will usually take place on a regular school day, allowing you to see first-hand what life at Oakham is like. In addition, visitors will be able to visit one of our Houses.

To book an Open Event or individual visit, please call +44 (0)1572 758758 or register your interest via our website on oakham.rutland.sch.uk/visiting-oakham


If you are unable to visit us in person, take a look at our website where you can take a virtual tour using our interactive campus map. There are also 360� photos of our campus and a wealth of videos showcasing our fantastic facilities.

For a daily taste of life at Oakham, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, X and check our news pages.

The original school building dating from 1584 is still in use today for drama performances

150 classrooms, studios and laboratories

A genuinely co-ed, forward-thinking, well run school Good Schools Guide


Our community of equal numbers of girls and boys, boarders and day pupils, living and working side by side, gives us our uniquely balanced and cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Over 1,000 pupils

50% girls 50% boys

Lower School 10–13 years with around 180 pupils in total spread across Lower 1 (Year 6), Form 1 (Year 7), Form 2 (Year 8)

Middle School 13–16 years with around 450 pupils in total spread across Form 3 (Year 9), Form 4 (Year 10), Form 5 (Year 11)

Upper School 16+ years with around

400 pupils in total in Form 6 (Year 12) and Form 7 (Year 13)

50% day 50% boarding

360 members of teaching staff

Children travel locally, as well as from across the UK and around the world to join us as day pupils and boarders

19% of our community are international students and 38 different nationalities are represented by pupils in the School

280 members of support staff



We operate eight bus routes to Oakham School, from Rothley, Long Bennington, Stamford, Easton on the Hill, Brampton Ash, Foxton, Hallaton, and Leicester, offeringconvenient collection points to and from School from Monday to Saturday.

For more information about fares and travel times please go to: oakham.rutland.sch.uk/admissions/ bus-routes

Dedicated School transport is available from Peterborough Train Station on a Sunday evening.




Boarders in the Lower School stay in the comfortable and homely surroundings of Hodges on the Jerwoods campus. Here they are cared for by the Head of Lower School Boarding, Tom Banham, and resident staff. This includes two Houseparents and two Resident Tutors. Jerwoods is also home to the Head of Lower School, James Cure, and his family. Together this resident team provides a strong and supportive network for our youngest boarders.

In addition to the separate boarding areas for the boys and the girls, Hodges provides a wide variety of communal areas where the children can relax together: the Kitchen for toast and hot chocolate and other snacks; the Snug for curling up in front of the TV and generally chilling out; the Studio for dancing and karaoke singing; and the Joint Common Room with its pool table and other games.


All pupils entering Oakham aged 10+/11+ join one of our four Lower School Houses:

Children can choose to board full time, or weekly, or stay from just two to five nights a week as flexible boarders with fees graded accordingly. Flexible boarders can also stay on nonboarding nights for prep, supper and activities until school bedtime.

Each House contains a mix of day pupils and boarders – around 50 in total – which helps children to integrate quickly into the School and socialise with one another.

All four Houses are situated on the separate Jerwoods campus and provide a homely haven in which our youngest pupils can live, work and play, within easy reach of the facilities and opportunities provided by the wider school campus.

Our boys’ and girls’ Houses are their home base throughout each day and there is a team of staff on hand to help care for them at all times. Each House is led by a Housemaster/Housemistress and his/her team of tutors. The Lower School Houses are also supported by four Gap students who join us from Australia and New Zealand each year and who act as an older brother or sister to the pupils and also a Day Matron who can deal with medical issues.

Each House is filled with spaces where pupils can do their work or relax with friends and home comforts such as sofas, a widescreen TV, board games, table football, table tennis, pool tables, and more. Each pupil has two lockers – one in which to store books and one for games kit in the changing rooms.

‘Out Back’ is a communal outside space where pupils in all four Houses can socialise together.

Whether a flexible, weekly, or a full boarder, your child will have the same facilities and routines while they are in School.


Day pupils at Oakham are very much part of our 24/7 boarding environment and benefit from the same extensive programme of activities and opportunities as our boarders.

Pupils can opt to arrive for breakfast at 7.30am and stay on for supper and prep between 6.00 and 7.30pm if they need to be in School for evening and weekend events at no extra charge. This free service provides invaluable flexibility at the beginning and end of the school day to many families of day pupils.

Each house has its own spirit and sense of community, new boarders are welcomed and new friendships made”
ISI Inspection Report
Ancaster (Girls) Lincoln (Girls) Peterborough (Boys) Sargants (Boys)


13+, 14+ AND 16+


All pupils entering Oakham aged 13+, 14+ and 16+ join one of our 10 Boarding and Day Houses situated in the heart of the School campus:

Buchanans (Girls boarding)

Chapmans (Boys boarding)

Rushebrookes (Girls boarding)

Haywoods (Boys boarding)

Stevens (Girls boarding)

Wharflands (Boys boarding)

Most study bedrooms are twins and for the oldest pupils single rooms are available.

After Saturday morning lessons there is a busy and varied weekend programme for boarders, including sport, social events, activities and visits to local attractions. Chapel on Sundays is also a cornerstone of life for full boarders.

Generally full boarders are expected to be in for weekends although, with the Housemaster or Housemistress’s permission, they are welcome to go out with their parents for Sunday lunch or for tea following a match on Saturdays. Each term there are regular times at home: Leave Out Weekends and the half-term Exeat.

Middle and Upper School Weekly Boarding

Our weekly boarding provision is an increasingly popular choice for families living near or further afield looking to strike the perfect school/home balance.

Pupils can choose to board up to six nights per week, going home after games on Saturday afternoon and returning on Sunday evening or Monday morning. Or they can choose to stay in at the weekend and go home one night during the week.

Gunthorpe (Girls day) Hambleton (Girls day) Barrow (Boys day) Clipsham (Boys day)

In Form 7 (Year 13) pupils move to their Final Year House – Round House for girls and School House for boys – where the whole year group enjoys the chance to spend their final year at School together in the oldest part of the campus, close to Oakham’s town centre.

No matter what year they are in or whether they are a boarder or day pupil, our boys’ and girls’ Houses are home to our pupils whilst they are at School and there is a team of staff on hand to help care for them at all times. Each House is led by a Housemaster/Housemistress and his/her team of Tutors. There is also a Matron who can deal with medical issues, as well as the Medical and Pastoral Centre which offers a dedicated space to promote well-being, as well as providing medical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Each of our Boarding Houses is also home to the Housemaster or Housemistress and their families, so the pupils are very much part of their extended family. The Housemaster or Housemistress is supported by two Resident Tutors, a Matron, and Tutors who do evening duties in House, in addition to their work with their tutor group.

Additionally, weekly boarders can stay for supper and prep any evening, not just when they are boarding. As with full boarders, we will take care of their laundry.

With valuable time not being taken out of a student’s week for travelling to and from School, this is invested back into their work, rest and play, meaning they are able to spend more time doing what they love.


Day pupils at Oakham are very much part of our 24/7 boarding environment and benefit from the same extensive programme of activities and opportunities as our boarders.

Our Day Houses are open every day from 7.30am to 7.30pm, with staff on hand to help the pupils with their day-to-day needs. Pupils can opt to arrive for breakfast at 7.30am and stay on for supper if they need to be in School for evening and weekend events at no extra charge. This free service provides invaluable flexibility at the beginning and end of the school day to many families of day pupils.

The library is open until 9.15pm each evening, so pupils have the option to stay on at School after their Day House has closed if they wish to complete their prep at School.



24 November 2023Registration deadline

December 2023

1 December 2023

9, 10, 11, 12 January 2024

Candidate’s school contacted for Head’s reference and most recent school report

Closing date for 11+ Music Scholarship, Performing Arts Award, and Sporting Talent Award entries

10+ and 11+ Assessment days (candidates only attend one day). We can arrange for candidates from overseas to sit the assessments abroad in their current school and have an online interview

24 November 2023Registration deadline

1 December 2023Closing date for 13+ Scholarship applications

18 and 19 January 2024 Assessment days (candidates only attend one day)

29 January 202413+ Sport Scholarship assessments

30 January 202413+ All-Rounder Scholarship assessments

31 January and 1 February 2024 13+ Music Scholarship Auditions* (candidates only attend one day)

1 February 202413+ Art Scholarship assessments*

Week commencing

22 January 2024 11+ Music Scholarship, Performing Arts Award and Sporting Talent Award assessments

3 February 2024 11+ Academic Scholarship assessments/interviews (for shortlisted candidates only)

February 2024Offers are made

March 2024Deadline for acceptance of offers

June 2024 Familiarisation Day

September 2024Induction Day

1 February 2024 13+ Design and Technology Scholarship assessments*

2 February 202413+ Drama Scholarship assessments*

3 February 2024 13+ Academic Scholarship assessments/interviews (for shortlisted candidates only)

February 2024Offers are made

March 2024Deadline for acceptance of offers

June 2024 Common Entrance

June 2024 Familiarisation Day

September 2024Induction Day

10+/11+ 13+/14+

13 October 2023

17 November 2023

Through Winter Term until 17 November 2023

Registration deadline for 16+ Scholarship candidates and closing date for 16+ Scholarship entries

Registration deadline for non-scholarship applicants

16+ entrance interviews (in person during a visit or by Teams). Candidate’s school contacted for character reference and academic report indicating likely GCSE/IGCSE grades

2 November 202316+ Academic Scholarship assessments

31 October, 2, 7, 9 November 2023 16+ Sport Scholarship assessments (candidates attend one day only)

2 November 2023 16+ Design and Technology Scholarship assessments*

2 November 202316+ Art Scholarship assessments*

3 November 202316+ Drama Scholarship assessments*

3 November 202316+ Music Scholarship Auditions*

4, 11, 25 November 2023 16+ entrance assessments (candidates only sit assessment on one day. Scholarship candidates on two earlier dates.)

December 2023Offers are made

December 2023Deadline for acceptance of offers

September 2024 Induction Day


Winter Term 2024

Term begins

Monday 9 Sept

Long Leave-out weekend Friday 27 SeptSunday 29 Sept

Half-Term Exeat Saturday 19 OctSunday 3 Nov

Long Leave-Out weekend Friday 22 NovSunday 24 Nov

Term ends Wednesday 18 Dec

Spring Term 2025

Term begins Monday 13 Jan

Long Leave-out weekend Friday 1 FebSunday 3 Feb

Half-Term Exeat Friday 15 FebSunday 23 Feb

Short Leave-out weekend Saturday 8 MarSunday 9 Mar

Term ends Friday 28 Mar

Summer Term 2025

Term begins Wednesday 23 Apr

Half-Term Exeat Saturday 24 May –Sunday 1 Jun

Term ends Saturday 5 Jul

Please note:

Applicants who live overseas can have an initial interview via Teams on the understanding that a visit will take place later. We require those whose first language is not English to take the School’s English language test. Please inform the Admissions team of any learning difficulties your child may have so that we can best cater for their needs.

Dates may change. Please speak to our Admissions team for the latest information.

* Early application is advised to allow time for preparation.




Registering your son or daughter indicates your firm interest in Oakham School. This does not imply any commitment on either side, but it does ensure we keep in touch with you, send you details of any special events, and let you know when you need to take further action. The registration fee is £150.


A deposit (£1,000 for applicants based in the UK, £4,000 for those in the EU and one term’s fees in advance for the rest of the world) confirms that Oakham is your first choice of school. At this time you can also indicate a preference for a House, if you have one. Whilst your child will usually join his or her preferred House, we cannot absolutely guarantee this. The deposit is refunded either at the end of the pupil’s final term, or if we are unable to offer a place (for example if admission standards are not reached). The deposit is forfeited if a place is offered but not accepted or in the event of non-payment of School fees.


Fees include such items as boarding and laundry charges, tuition, breakfast, lunch, and supper for all students, textbooks and the majority of options in the activities programme. A few variable expenses are charged as ‘extras’ on the School Account as necessary, such as trips and expeditions, clothing, external examination fees, individual Learning Support and additional books, together with certain optional extras such as individual music lessons.


Fees are updated annually in April for the next academic year.


Fees may be paid by bank transfer, cheque, or direct debit (four monthly payments per term).

We charge tuition and boarding fees termly in advance. Accounts are payable either on or before the first day of term, or by means of our direct debit scheme which splits the core fees for each term into four monthly instalments.

Upper/Middle School Per term Boarding £14,635 Weekly boarding £13,685 Day £8,700 Lower School Lower 1 Per term Forms 1 & 2 Per term Boarding £10,500 £11,485 Weekly Boarding 6 nights £10,060 £11,000 Flexible Boarding 5 nights £9,930 £10,860 4 nights £9,525 £10,410
nights £8,840 £9,675
nights £8,225 £8,955 Day £6,845 £7,510


The School operates a scheme whereby a lump sum payment may be made to cover future day or boarding fees. The scheme is particularly attractive to higher rate taxpayers as, provided the proceeds are used to pay School fees, the discount gained on the capital sum is completely free of tax.

You can download full information and an application form, or email the Finance Bursar: financebursar@oakham.rutland.sch.uk for a personalised quotation. In all cases extras are charged termly.


For siblings:

We offer a 10% discount against the day fee for the second and subsequent siblings to attend the School at the same time.

NEW Forces Bursary for children of HM Armed Forces and Government Service personnel:

If your family is entitled to receive the Continuity of Education Allowance (CEA) from the Ministry of Defence, the Oakham School Forces Bursary will reduce the fees for boarding to the full CEA rate + 10% of the allowance.

For more information about the Oakham School Forces Bursary, please visit oakham.rutland.sch.uk/admissions/forces-families

FCDO staff and Civil Service members eligible for UK government support for their children’s education may be eligible for special bursary support.

For more information, please contact Anna Steiger, Director of Admissions, admissions@oakham.rutland.sch.uk


Any pupil who does not hold a British passport who wishes to study in the UK must have a visa to do so. Further information about Child Student Visas can be found at www.gov.uk/childstudy-visa.

All prospective international students, including those from Europe, will need to apply through the Child Student Visa route before coming to study in the UK. For help with visa applications, please contact the Admissions team.


The Parent Contract, which we send to new parents when making the offer of a place, contains Oakham School’s full Terms and Conditions.

For more information, contact our Bursary by emailing: financebursar@oakham.rutland.sch.uk



We welcome applications from candidates at 11+, 13+ and 16+ for a range of scholarships that recognise academic, all-round, creative, or sporting potential and excellence.

There are two types of scholarship available: those that carry a small fee reduction and honorary awards. Additional financial support is available through means-tested bursaries and UK-based candidates can apply for both a scholarship and a bursary.

In awarding scholarships, we seek boys and girls who wish to be Scholars in the broadest sense; extending themselves and enriching the community. Oakham has a long tradition of recognising and nurturing pupils with potential and drive in a variety of fields. In addition to developing their particular skills, we hope that an Oakham Scholar will act as a role model and inspiration to those around them. Teamwork and leadership are intrinsic to our expectations, together with an ongoing commitment to improvement.

We see scholarships as a recognition of excellence, not as a means to allay financial need, but the School is determined to allow access wherever possible to the benefits of an Oakham education. Our bursaries are means-tested and aimed at ensuring that we continue not only to stay true to our charitable purposes, but also to allow life-changing opportunities when our funds allow. Our scholarships therefore carry a limited fee remission, with an option to apply for additional bursary funds thereafter.


Oakham is affiliated with the Arkwright Scholarships Trust, a national award scheme for pupils wishing to study Design and Technology and/or Maths at an advanced level.

A detailed information booklet on Scholarships and Bursaries is available by visiting oakham.rutland.sch.uk/admissions/ scholarships-and-bursaries

Please contact our Admissions team for further information on:

T: +44 (0)1572 758758

E: admissions@oakham.rutland.sch.uk

11+ (Lower School) 13+ (Middle School) 16+ (Upper School) Academic ✔ ✔ ✔ All-Rounder ✔ Art ✔ ✔ Design and Technology ✔ ✔ Drama ✔ ✔ Music ✔ ✔ ✔ Performing Arts Awards ✔ Sport ✔ ✔ Sporting Talent Awards ✔ SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS ENTRY POINTS NEW NEW 18 ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
Pupils’ success in external academic competitions, in sport and music and in the creative and aesthetic arts is excellent.”
ISI Inspection Report

Major roads and motorways

Major trainlines

Oakham School Leicester Cambridge Stansted Heathrow Luton Gatwick Peterborough
Airport London A1 M1 Birmingham East Midlands ADMISSIONS INFORMATION 20


Oakham School is located in the heart of safe rural England, in the historic market town of Oakham, Rutland.


1.5 hours: Birmingham, Luton and London Stansted airports

2.5 hours: Heathrow

3 hours: Gatwick

Oakham’s train station is a 5-minute walk from the School campus with direct trains to Birmingham, Leicester, Peterborough and Stansted Airport. There is a direct train from Peterborough train station to Gatwick Airport.


All the routes below lead you into Oakham to Market Street. From Market Street, bear left onto the cobblestones with the Buttercross on your right. The Oakham School gates leading to the Main School Reception in Chapel Close are straight ahead.


Visitors should park at Schanschieffs Main School Car Park (Follow postcode: LE15 6QG ).


10+/11+ visitors should park at Oakham’s Lower School Reception (Follow postcode: LE15 6DJ ).

13+/14+/16+ visitors should park at Oakham’s Main School Reception at Chapel Close (Follow postcode: LE15 6DT ).

Book your place on an Open Morning or arrange an individual visit with your family: Tel: +44 (0)1572 758758 Email: admissions@oakham.rutland.sch.uk Register your child – registration for 2024 entry should be completed by: • 16+ entry: 13 October 2023 for scholarship candidates 3 November 2023 for non-scholarship candidates • 10+/11+ and 13+/14+ entry: 24 November 2023 NEXT STEPS Oakham School Registered Office Chapel Close, Market Place, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6DT Registered Charity No: 1131425 Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in England and Wales No: 06924216 The information in this publication is correct at the time of printing. Changes may be made for educational or other reasons. 22 ADMISSIONS INFORMATION
Contact us now to book an Open Event or individual visit +44 (0)1572 758758 admissions@oakham.rutland.sch.uk OAKHAM.RUTLAND.SCH.UK @oakhamschool @Oakham School @OakhamSchool @OakhamSch