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I am delighted to show you, via this publication, the richness of our academic offering here at Oakham School. As well as showcasing the many different academic pathways and options available to your child, this brochure also outlines the wealth of support that we offer to help your child achieve their potential both at School and beyond.

We have also included academic highlights from the previous academic year, 2022–2023, with a breakdown of GCSE and post-16 (IB Diploma/A-level/BTEC) examination performance by academic subject and grade. We are immensely proud of all of our pupils, not just those who have achieved the top grades, but everyone who has put so much effort into their learning. It has not always been an easy path for our pupils, with periods of real uncertainty and disruption due to Covid, but they have shown real resilience, adaptability and good humour throughout.

To show you how these results compare with previous years, we have provided a 5-year summary of examination performance. This includes teacher-assessed grades in 2021 and centre-assessed grades in 2020 and shows how consistently well our pupils perform in their exams each year.

ACADEMIC INFORMATION Academic life at Oakham 4 Academic highlights 2023 7 The Lower School Curriculum – ages 10–13 8 The Middle School Curriculum – ages 13–16 10 GCSE results 2023 11 The Upper School – academic pathways at 16+ 12 A-level, Pre-U, BTEC results 2023 14 IB results 2023 15 Supporting academic progress 16 Careers and Higher Education 18 Leavers’ destinations 2023 20 CONTENTS


Whatever their age, Oakham offers its pupils an exciting and dynamic academic learning experience. Our aim is to equip our pupils with the knowledge, attitudes and skills to thrive at School and beyond.

Through our outstanding academic curriculum, we encourage our pupils to become creative, critical, and reflective thinkers who can make links across the different subjects they are taught. Like many schools, we are able to help our pupils to achieve outstanding results in their examinations; the Oakham difference is that our genuinely holistic approach to education via our Connected Curriculum teaches our pupils how to take their studies further and rise to the intellectual challenges that they will encounter in their later lives.

Our Connected Curriculum enables pupils to focus on their academic studies whilst also dedicating time to learning outside of the classroom, through our pastoral learning programme and wide co-curricular offering.


We offer a rich and varied curriculum: from Classical Greek to Computer Science, with 6 languages and 5 Art and Design specialist courses.

Outstanding subject faculties and specialist academic facilities: our university-standard library houses in excess of 30,000 books. Our teachers are passionate subject specialists in their chosen field and we boast many examiners amongst our staff.

We provide an international, interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning.

• Pupils in Forms 1–3 follow the acclaimed IB MYP curriculum.

• Pupils can choose from 26 GCSE subjects.

• We offer two distinct pathways at 16+: the IB Diploma Programme or A-level and BTEC courses.

Our superb Careers Department ensures our students win places at the best universities in the UK and worldwide, as well as supporting students who wish to pursue specialist Art/Drama courses and apprenticeships.

We enrich our pupils’ learning through our academic societies and clubs; from Dissection Club to Spanish Society, there are over 20 academic societies and clubs for pupils to join. We run a rich programme of regular lectures and seminars from leading academic thinkers and we organise many inspirational educational visits and cross-curricular projects.

2,400 square-metre Library

360 members of teaching staff

150 classrooms, studios and laboratories

200-SEAT university-style lecture theatre

Through the Connected Curriculum we teach our pupils the knowledge, skills and values to help them thrive

“The thing I enjoy most academically is how the teachers encourage and challenge me to broaden the scope of my learning.”




42% of all exams taken (at A-level, BTEC, Pre-U or in the IB Diploma) were awarded A* or A grades or equivalent (66% A*/B grades)

68% A*/B grades at A-level/ Pre-U/BTEC

In the IB Diploma

15% of pupils achieved 40 or more points out of a possible 45, equivalent to 4 A* grades at A-level


49% of pupils gained A*/A/9–7 grades


UKMT Maths Challenge Success: Pupils won an impressive 11 Gold certificates in the Senior Maths Challenge. In the Junior Maths Challenge 44 pupils achieved awards, including 7 Gold, 13 Silver and 24 Bronze.

The 2022–2023 academic year saw the launch of Oakham School’s new pupil-led literary magazine. Each issue of SpOken is designed and edited by a student editorial team and contains poems and stories written by Oakhamians.

Debating success: Upper School students received high praise for their debating skills at three MUN conferences. At the Wycombe Abbey conference, Form 7 student Ben won the Outstanding Delegation Prize

Form 4 pupils achieved two Gold, six Silver and seven Bronze awards, as well as 22 Highly Commended and Commended certificates in the annual UKBC Biology Challenge

Two talented Form 3 linguists achieved first prize and a commendation in the Anthea Bell Prize for Young Translators, a prestigious national competition run by The Queen’s College, Oxford University.

Six Form 6 students successfully competed in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge with two Copper, two Silver, and two Gold Awards.

Year Overall Form 7 Results IB/A-level/ BTEC/Pre-U A*/A % Combined A-level/ Pre-U/BTEC A*/A % IB Average Score (out of 45) IB Higher Level 7/6 % GCSE 9-7/A*/A 2023 42 36 34.5 58 49 2022 57 55 35.5 67 58 2021 63 62 35 70 66 2020 60 56 37 77 60 2019 48 38 35 68 52


(AGES 10–13)

Free from the constraints of teaching for Common Entrance or National Curriculum assessment, we offer an exceptional and distinctive curriculum in the Lower School, following the acclaimed International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP).

Benefitting greatly from the resources and teaching expertise of the wider School, pupils are taught in small teaching groups, allowing scope for plenty of one-to-one attention and pupilteacher interaction. Our innovative approach encourages links between different subjects, showing our pupils how to see beyond the narrow requirements of a particular exam and transfer their learning skills to new situations.

Overarching this is the IB Learner Profile, which helps students to develop as people, and to become responsible and reflective global citizens with an international outlook.

The IB MYP is a curriculum organised by big ideas, with conceptual learning allowing students to make connections across the curriculum for deeper understanding. Pupils begin their IB MYP journey with a two-day introduction to conceptual ways of thinking and learning and how to relate them to their own experiences. They visit the National Space Centre in Leicester, where they explore deep, conceptual and debatable questions about life, the universe, and our place within it. They follow this on the second day by looking at global issues faced by many communities around the world, including their own, and considering how individually and collectively they can make a difference to solve these issues.

Exploring deeper, conceptual and debatable questions gives students a thorough disciplinary and interdisciplinary understanding: they still learn the subjects one would expect, but see the links between them to enable them to forge new ideas and use what they learn in less familiar situations.

The majority of pupils join Oakham in Form 1 (Year 7) but some choose to join in Lower 1 (Year 6). Lower 1 is the equivalent of the final year of primary school and particularly suits children who are ready to access the School’s more specialist facilities and teaching a year early. Lower 1 pupils follow a timetable that is grounded in primary teaching and each class has a primary specialist class teacher and a classroom base, on the separate Jerwoods campus where pupils are taught the majority of their lessons. Lower 1 pupils also enjoy learning beyond the classroom by participating in a range of trips and activities that include welcoming Vikings to Oakham School, visiting a coal mine, and going on a residential trip in the Peak District.

Subject specialists teach Form 1 in a dedicated suite of classrooms on the Jerwoods campus, with pupils benefiting from the wider facilities of the School for the Creative and Performing Arts subjects, PE, and Science. In preparation for the transition to Middle School, Form 2 pupils have their lessons in the wider School campus.

Pupils study English, French, Geography, History, Computer Science, Mathematics, Religious Education, Science, Latin (most pupils) and Creative and Performing Arts. In Form 2 they add Spanish and German, selecting one during the year for further study. Afternoons are divided between sport and a wide choice of activities within and beyond the timetable. Trips enhance what has been learned in class and the annual Form 1 Exploring Learning Camp is an important way to consolidate new skills.

Lower School pupils do not need to take an entry examination in order to progress to the Middle School, although we do expect pupils to reach a standard equivalent to a Common Entrance pass of 55% or better.

Our innovative approach encourages links between different subjects, showing learners how to transfer their learning skills to new situations.”


(AGES 13–16)

Thirteen-year-olds arriving new at Oakham or progressing from our Lower School quickly settle into the busy but supportive atmosphere of the Middle School. Teaching is stimulating and thorough and designed to inspire and encourage pupils to find aspects of the curriculum that really excite and engage them. Pupils learn to deal with the new challenges they face, both academically and emotionally.


As the time approaches to make the important GCSE subject choices, we run advice sessions for both pupils and parents. Teachers, Tutors, Housemasters and Housemistresses also give their recommendations and advice throughout, to help pupils make choices that develop key characteristics and play both to their strengths and their academic ambitions. The majority of pupils take 9 subjects at GCSE or IGCSE with the option to study 8 or 10. This gives them a broad and balanced education and keeps their options open.

All pupils take English Language, English Literature, DualAward Science (which comprises Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and Mathematics, together with a choice from History, Geography, Religion and Philosophy, French, Spanish, German, Drama or Music and a variety of Creative Arts subjects (Fine Art – Painting and Mixed Media, Textile Design or Sculpture, or Design Technology focusing on Electronics Products, Resistant Materials or Graphics Products). Other academic options include: Citizenship Studies, Classical Civilisation, Computer Science, Greek, Latin and Physical Education.

In some of the subjects we have selected to follow the IGCSE syllabus, which we consider a better qualification at this level. They have equivalent status to GCSEs for universities and employers.

26 subject options at GCSE


Art GCSE options include Sculpture, Textiles, Painting and Mixed Media

We expose pupils to a rich cultural environment, providing an exciting programme of projects and visits to enhance learning beyond the classroom and the exam syllabus. These give Oakhamians stimulating experiences outside the School boundaries, often fostering lifelong interests.

The Form 3 Project, for example, includes a visit to the First World War battlefields in France, Creative and Performing Arts elements, completing a library-led independent research project, and a summer activity camp.

The Form 4 Project introduces pupils to the many new subjects they can study in the Upper School, whilst building presentation, confidence and teamwork skills.

Nearly half (49%) of pupils gained straight A*/ A/9-7 grades

9 students gained top grades in the Algebra Award and the Further Mathematics certificate as well as their GCSE Maths



Subject Total 9% 9-8% 9-7% 9-6% 9-5% 9-4% Art and Design 62 19 46 62 83 100 100 Biology 75 20 33 45 72 84 100 Chemistry 73 25 39 54 72 90 98 Classical Civilisation 9 22 22 33 66 66 88 Computer Science 20 20 40 60 70 85 85 Citizenship Studies 26 15 15 27 54 73 96 Drama 25 12 16 36 76 92 100 DT 29 17 38 55 72 75 89 English Language 153 16 45 59 79 91 96 English Literature 152 18 34 56 74 92 98 French 78 13 37 55 61 74 84 Geography 120 20 30 48 66 84 96 Greek 4 100 100 100 100 100 100 German 9 - 44 55 55 100 100 History 83 23 41 57 79 92 97 Latin 23 52 78 82 95 95 100 Mathematics 158 13 26 44 59 77 94 Music 13 15 38 92 100 100 100 Physics 73 25 39 51 69 81 99 PE 40 5 18 28 51 79 92 Religion and Philosopohy 44 20 27 50 89 91 100 Science (Dual Award) 83 8 18 23 49 76 94 Spanish 60 7 22 44 59 74 89 11





A-levels and BTECs offer flexibility of choice and options can be tailored to the individual. Most students will study three subjects which they will pursue through to the end of Form 7; these will sit alongside innovative and impactful opportunities for academic enrichment and research within, across and beyond the curricular subjects.


• Art: Critical and Contextual Studies

• Art and Design

• Biology

• Business (A-level and BTEC)

• Chemistry

• Classical Civilisation

• Computer Science

• Design Technology

• Drama and Theatre Studies

• Economics

• English Literature

• French

• Classical Greek

• History

• Latin

• Mathematics

• Further Mathematics

• Music

• Philosophy

• Physical Education (A-level and BTEC)

• Physics

• Politics

• Psychology

• Religion and Philosophy

• Spanish

Oakham’s Upper School is an important and exciting time for our students, representing a period of transition towards university and post-education careers. The journey towards real independence picks up pace: we expect students to show a desire for self-motivated study and to take increased personal responsibility for their success. We work with them to build the skills to thrive as the challenge and expectations upon them increase. Intellectual curiosity and a willingness to engage with challenge are qualities hugely valued both at university and in business, and these are key characteristics that we seek to instil.


Students choose either to study A-levels and equivalent standalone qualifications or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. Few schools offer this choice and we are very proud of the results our students achieve when pursuing either route.

A-levels tend to suit students who are very certain of their strengths and wish to pursue them in greater depth. The IB Diploma Programme suits students who want to keep their options open as well as those who are keen to specialise but are reluctant to give up other subjects.

We help both parents and students to make an informed choice depending on aptitudes and future education and career plans.

• Geography

• German



Oakham is recognised as one of the leading IB schools, both within and outside the UK. Our results are consistently excellent. The IB Diploma Programme is a prestigious international qualification, highly regarded by academic institutions and employers throughout the world. It marks a very high level of achievement.

The IB Diploma Programme offers a broad and challenging academic education, whilst encouraging pupils to be understanding and thoughtful global citizens. Students who gain the IB Diploma head out into the world as well-rounded individuals, as thinkers, as passionate, lifelong learners, and as participants.


Students study six subjects, one from each of six subject groups. Three subjects are studied at Higher Level (HL) and three at Standard Level (SL). Additionally, all students take the three Core Elements of the Diploma: Theory of Knowledge, the Extended Essay and a programme of Creativity, Action and Service.

English A Literature (HL/SL)

German A Language & Literature (HL)

French B (HL/SL)

German B (HL/SL)

Spanish B (HL/SL)

Italian ab initio (SL)

Spanish ab initio (SL)

Classical Greek (HL/SL)

Management (HL)

Economics (HL/SL)

Geography (HL/SL)

Global Politics (HL/SL)

History (HL/SL)

Philosophy (HL/SL)

Psychology (HL/SL)

Biology (HL/SL)

Chemistry (SL)

Computer Science (SL)

Design Technology (HL/SL)

Environmental Systems & Societies (SL)

Physics (HL/SL)

Sports, Exercise & Health Science (HL/SL)

Mathematics: Analysis & Approaches (AA) (HL/SL)

Mathematics: Applications & Interpretations (AI) (SL)

+ (HL/SL)

Visual Arts (HL/SL)

French B (HL)

Latin (HL/SL)

Economics (HL)

Geography (HL/SL)

History (HL/SL)

Chemistry (HL)

For full details of our post 16 academic courses, please see our Upper School Choices Booklet.

Language Language (Other) Individuals and Societies Sciences Mathematics Arts/Electives Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6


100% The overall pass rate at A-level/ Pre-U/BTEC


36% pupils achieved straight A*/A grades


100% Five students achieved perfect marks in their Art A-level and two students in their CCS A-level

Total Pupils D* D M P NP U 97% D*/D BTEC overall Business Studies 15 4 8 3 - -Total Pupils D* D M P NP U Sports Science (equivalent to two A-levels) 13 15 5 5 1Subcode Total Pupils D1 D2 D3 M1 M2 M3 P1 P2 P3 U %D1-M1 %D1-M3 Music 2 - - 1 1 - - - - - - 100 100
Subject Total Pupils A* A B C D E U %A*-A %A*-B Art & Design 22 9 5 6 2 - - - 64 91 Art Critical and Contextual Studies 9 3 1 3 1 1 - - 44 77 Biology 21 4 4 4 5 2 2 - 38 57 Business 43 - 4 21 14 4 - - 9 58 Chemistry 19 1 9 3 3 1 1 1 53 69 Classical Civilisation 4 - 1 2 1 - - - 25 75 Computer Science 4 - 2 1 - 1 - - 50 75 Design Technology 9 - 1 5 2 1 - - 11 67 Drama & Theatre 10 1 1 6 2 - - - 20 80 Economics 31 - 11 10 6 3 1 - 35 67 English Literature 15 2 3 6 2 2 - - 33 73 French 8 2 1 4 - - 1 - 38 88 Further Mathematics 4 1 2 - - 1 - - 75 75 Geography 38 6 5 15 2 10 - - 29 68 Greek 1 - 1 - - - - - 100 100 German 4 - - 2 2 - - - 0 50 History 22 1 7 10 2 2 - - 37 82 Mathematics 30 3 10 6 1 9 1 - 43 63 Physics 12 - 3 4 1 2 2 - 25 58 Physical Education 11 - 4 3 2 2 - - 36 63 Philosophy 6 1 1 2 1 1 - - 34 67 Politics 20 2 3 7 6 2 - - 25 60 Psychology 34 1 2 12 9 5 5 - 9 44 Religious Studies 8 - 2 4 - 2 - - 25 75 Spanish 5 1 3 - - 1 - - 80 80 D* = Distinction* - equivalent to A* at A-level | D = Distinction | M = Merit | P = Pass | NP = Near Pass 14



One student achieved full marks putting them in the top 1% of students worldwide

TWO students achieved near perfect marks, scoring 44 and 43 points respectively out of 45

SEVEN students achieved 40 or more points (equivalent to 4A*s at A-level)

100% The overall pass rate in the IB Diploma Programme

Subject Points Table 7 HL 7 SL 6 HL 6 SL 5 HL 5 SL 4 HL 4 SL 3 HL 3 SL 2 HL 2 SL 1 HL 1 SL Group 1: Language A English A Literature 2 3 3 13 5 17 2 1 - - - - -German A Language and Literature 1 - 4 - 1 4 - - - - - - -Group 2: Language B French 1 2 3 1 - 1 1 - - - - - -German 2 1 - 1 - 1 - - - - - - -Italian ab initio - - - 3 - - - 3 - - - - -Spanish - 3 3 2 1 2 - - - - - - -Spanish ab initio - 1 - 1 - 1 - - - - - - -Latin - 1 1 - - - - - - 1 - - -Group 3: Individuals and Societies Business Management 2 - 7 - 3 - 1 - - - - - -Economics 2 - 6 1 1 2 - - - - - - -Geography 2 1 1 2 3 1 2 - - - - - -Global Politics - - 4 - 1 - - - - - - - -History 5 2 3 2 2 - - - - - - - -Philosophy 2 - 1 - 2 - - - - - - - -Psychology 1 - 3 1 1 1 - - - - - - -Group 4: The Sciences Biology 1 1 3 - 9 - 5 1 2 - - - -Environmental Systems and Societies - 2 - 3 - - - 2 - - - - -Chemistry 1 - 4 - 1 - - 1 2 - - - -Design Technology - - 2 - 2 2 - - - 1 - - -Physics - 1 1 - 2 - - 1 3 - - - -Sports, Exercise and Health Science (SEHS) 1 - 1 - - - - - - - - - -Group 5: Mathematics Mathematics 1 2 3 8 2 13 - 8 2 5 - 2 -Group 6: The Arts Visual Arts - - 3 1 2 1 - - - - - - -Theatre Arts - - - 3 - - - - - -



We consider it essential that students with a particular interest and ability in an academic field are able to develop fully. We offer participation in scholarly events and departmental societies, and mentoring schemes whereby individuals are paired with older students, younger students, and specialist teachers, to explore their areas of intellectual passion beyond the classroom.

Key to all this is our Senior Academic Mentor, who guides the intellectual development of our most academically able pupils throughout their School careers; from helping them to identify and expand their academic interests through guided reading and discussion via the Scholars Society, to equipping students to make strong applications, including guidance for any admissions tests, to the top universities in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge.


To ensure all our pupils reach their academic potential during their time at School, we provide support tailored to their individual needs and challenge them in a variety of ways.


Tutors play a vital role at Oakham in helping pupils to maintain a balance between academic, creative and social activities. Each pupil has his or her own Tutor and all Houses have Resident and House Tutors to give additional support. Working with Housemasters, Housemistresses and parents, Tutors have an important role helping pupils fulfil personal goals, guiding them with strategies to manage their busy lives and ensuring they are both academically and socially stimulated. Our small tutorial groups – between 7 and 8 pupils per group – enable Tutors to get to know their tutees very well, so they are well placed to help with any issues – academic or pastoral – that may arise.


Tracking performance, through detailed assessment and target setting by both teachers and the pupils themselves, is an essential way to understand progress towards personal goals. If we think there is an issue that may hamper success, we will flag this up immediately and take remedial action. We keep in regular contact with parents through Housemasters/Housemistresses and Tutors and also more formally via Progress Reports (PRs) that are published twice a term and an annual parents’ evening for each year group.


We enrich our pupils’ learning through our academic societies and clubs.

• From Dissection Club to Spanish Society, there are over 20 academic societies and clubs for pupils to join.

• We run a rich programme of regular lectures and seminars from leading academic thinkers.

• Our Academic Scholars are stretched further by their Senior Academic Mentor to encourage wider academic reading and research.

Our experienced team of dedicated Learning Support teachers works with individuals, small groups and in some classes to help pupils to achieve their potential. Housed in a new purpose-built suite of classrooms boasting the latest technology, the department provides a safe haven for pupils who require additional support with their studies. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how the School can best cater for your child’s interests, and identify any challenges they may face. So, at the initial enquiry stage, please let us know about any learning difficulties your child may have and send us copies of any assessments.


Our team of two highly qualified EAL teachers help to support and develop the achievements of pupils for whom English is not their first language through small group teaching, individual lessons and in-class support.

They also offer IELTS test preparation lessons to students who do not have an English Language GCSE qualification, and who enter Oakham in Form 6 to study on the A-level courses. This qualification is an entrance requirement for UK universities.

“The thing I have enjoyed the most academically at Oakham is that I really enjoy the creative and active lessons!”


We are fully committed to providing exceptional careers advice to our pupils throughout their time at Oakham and achieve this by delivering an in-house Careers Programme to support students in:

• Making well-informed decisions at key points of academic progression in Forms 3, 4 and 5

• Developing the skills and professional awareness needed to navigate the world of work in the 21st century

• Applying for opportunities post-Oakham, including UK university applications, overseas study and apprenticeships.

The Careers Department is led by Dr Rachael Pearson, our full-time Head of Careers and Progression, who is a qualified careers advisor registered with the Careers Development Institute (CDI). In 2023 Rachael became a THE (Times Higher Education) Accredited Counsellor in recognition of her extensive careers’ knowledge and expertise. We are also fortunate to have a fulltime Careers and UCAS Co-ordinator and a dedicated Work Experience Officer, in addition to further co-ordinators for Oxbridge and Clinical applications. This allows Oakhamians access to a broad range of specialised advice from experienced staff, regardless of their career and study goals. We provide both internal and external support for students applying to study abroad; the School is also a SAT test centre, allowing students to take the admissions tests for US universities on site.

Having a full-time Head of Careers means that we can ensure that our careers advice is up-to-date and relevant in today’s fast-changing job market and the constantly evolving world of university provision. This makes it easier for students to choose a career path that is right for them.



• Pupils complete the Morrisby Careers Profile to inform GCSE options.


• Full Morrisby Profiling, relating an individual’s aptitudes and learning styles to possible career aspirations.


• One-to-one guidance interviews with a specially trained member of the Housebased pastoral staff; sessions on interview skills and producing a CV.

• Work experience placements.


• ‘After Oakham’ course where pupils research courses and careers, look at employment skills, applying to university, non-university destinations and Gap years.

• Specialist support for Oxbridge applicants, clinical courses including Medicine, and preparation for American SAT tests.

• Work experience placements.


• Completing university applications, mock interviews (where appropriate).

• Help with university places post results.


• Oakham’s Careers Department offers support with university applications for up to three years after pupils have left the School.

• The Oakhamian Connection alumni network, offers careers advice, introductions, mentoring, and support on numerous levels.


Annual Careers and HE Fair, a Science Guest Night, Careers Week, and University Day.



We offer a busy programme of events and activities for Oxbridge aspirants and pupils who are looking to study clinical courses, including Medicine.

For pupils who are interested in applying to American universities, we offer specialist support and preparation classes for American SAT tests and the School has recently been approved as an SAT test centre.

We also provide excellent preparation and support for pupils who wish to study Drama or Music at university, specialist drama schools and prestigious music colleges.


We encourage all students to undertake work experience after their GCSEs and during the summer following Form 6. Work experience enhances employability and greatly benefits university applications.

Our Work Experience Officer helps pupils with all aspects of their work experience; from sourcing and organising placements to assistance with writing CVs, preparing covering letters and applying for internships.


We continue to offer help and advice even after Oakhamians have left us. We are delighted that so many Oakhamians maintain lifelong links with the School. As well as hosting regular social events, our Old Oakhamian Club enables our former pupils (OOs) to keep in touch with each other, developing valuable contacts both socially and professionally.

Our OO Club website, The Oakhamian Connection, allows our alumni to find old friends and colleagues, sign up to events and reunions while also being able to access career opportunities. Offering careers advice, introductions, mentoring, and support on numerous levels, The Oakhamian Connection continues where school left off. Whether this means having a conversation with an OO who has just left university and would like to know more about a specific industry, expanding your business links, or searching for suitable interns, The Oakhamian Connection aims to give all OOs access to an extensive network, with which they already have a unique link.



University success continues to be excellent, with pupils having secured places to study at leading universities across the UK and overseas.

IN 2023:


of applicants are into a university of their choice, with the remainder taking a gap year

These include 11 STUDENTS going to what have become known as the ‘golden triangle’/G5/’Loxbridge’ universities (Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, Imperial and UCL)

1 STUDENT has secured a place on a specialist Drama course at the Oxford School of Drama

6 STUDENTS are studying specialist clinical courses, including Medicine and Veterinary Science

12 STUDENTS are studying specialist Art and Design courses, including Art Foundation, Product and Industrial Design, Fashion Marketing, and Animation

77 STUDENTS are studying at Russell Group universities

1 STUDENT has accepted a place to study Music at Durham University

1 PUPIL is embarking on a prestigious Apprenticeship study programme in Hamburg, Germany


21 PUPILS are at international universities, including IE Madrid, Maastricht, Erasmus, Rotterdam, University of Toronto, Michigan State University, King University, Tennessee, and ESADE Law and Business School in Spain

Medicine and Medical Courses 6 Agriculture and Agribusiness 6 Psychology 6 Business and finance 27 Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences 4
History, Politics and International Relations 16 Art and Design 12 20 ACADEMIC INFORMATION

Newcastle University



St Andrews University

French and German and Russian, Chemistry w/Medicinal Chemistry, Chemistry, International Relations

The University of Edinburgh

French and Spanish, Sustainable Development

University of Sheffield

History and Politics, Modern Languages and Cultures, Psychology

University of Manchester Civil Engineering, Biochemistry, Classics

University of Liverpool Geography, Medicine, French, Veterinary Science

Harper Adams University

Agriculture and Farm Business Management, Agriculture w/ Farm Business, Veterinary Bioscience, Food Science and Innovation, Agriculture

University of Birmingham

Agri-Business Management (2), History (2), English Literature and History, Combined Honours (2), Sociology, Business Accounting and Finance, Geography and Planning

Durham University

Sport and Exercise Sciences, Psychology, Politics and International Relations, Music, Biological Sciences, Geography, Marketing and Management

University of York

Criminology, Politics, Mental Health Nursing – Masters, Philosophy, Archaeology, Law, Business Management

University of Leeds

Biochemistry, International History and Politics, Film, Photography and Media

University of Nottingham

Law, Medicinal and Biological Chemistry, Liberal Arts

Nottingham Trent University

Interior Architecture and Design, International Business, Fashion and Fashion Marketing (3), Psychology w/Sociology, Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management, Business Management, Politics and International Business

University of Hull Business Management, Geography

Loughborough University

Textile Design, Sport Management, Business, Economics and Finance, International Relations

University of Leicester Physics, Medicine, Criminology

University of Warwick

English and History, Mathematics and Philosophy

Computer Science, Economics, Psychology in Education, Sport Exercise and Health Sciences (2) Cardiff University Physiotherapy, Spanish and Japanese, Business Management

University of Bristol

History, Anthropology

University of Exeter

Computer Science, International Relations, Marketing and Management, Medicine, Anthropology, Flexible Combined Honours (2), Business Management, International Business and Modern Languages, Sociology, Politics, Georgraphy

University of Oxford

French and Arabic

Oxford Brookes University

Anthropology/Philosophy, Business Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, Business and Finance, Real Estate (2), Marketing and Events Management, Sport and Exercise Science

University of Cambridge Economics, History and Politics

Imperial College

Mechanical Engineering, Physics


History and Politics


Fine Art: painting, Animation, Foundation Diploma, Product and Industrial Design

UCL Creative Arts and Humanities, Arts and Sciences, Medicine, Chemistry, Russian and History

University of Reading

International Business and Management, Investment and Finance in Property, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Business and Management

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Pupils fulfil their potential and achieve extremely well, acquiring the relevant skills and knowledge to move to the next stage of their education with success.”
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