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WELCOME At Oakham School, we welcome a range of pupils with different talents, interests and backgrounds. We wish to help all our pupils develop into well-rounded individuals who can thrive and enjoy school and life beyond our gates. In awarding scholarships, we seek boys and girls who wish to be ‘Scholars’ in the broadest sense; extending themselves and enriching the community. Oakham has a long tradition of recognising and nurturing pupils with potential and drive in a variety of fields. In addition to developing their particular skills, we hope that an Oakham Scholar will act as a role model and inspiration to those around them. Teamwork and leadership are intrinsic to our expectations, together with an ongoing commitment to improvement. We see scholarships as a recognition of excellence, not as a means to allay financial need, but the School is determined to allow access wherever possible to the benefits of an Oakham education. Our bursaries are means-tested and aimed at ensuring that we continue not only to stay true to our charitable purposes, but also to allow life-changing opportunities when our funds allow. Our scholarships therefore carry a limited fee remission, with an option to apply for additional bursary funds thereafter. I am delighted that you are considering Oakham School for your daughter or son. We hope that this brochure gives you a flavour of what we have to offer and we look forward to hearing from you. Henry Price Headmaster

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If you are considering entering your son or daughter for an Oakham Scholarship, we recommend you contact our Director of Admissions who will be happy to have an informal discussion and offer guidance on the application process, the types of award and financial assistance available.

Parents may volunteer to give up the value of an award; the funds will then be reinvested into our Bursary appeal to benefit those pupils for whom an Oakham education would otherwise not be possible. This will not affect the status of the award held. If you intend to apply for additional means-tested support, you must do this at the same time as submitting the scholarship entry form so we can consider all the relevant information when making award offers.

You will then need to complete a registration form and pay the appropriate registration fee so that we can process a scholarship or bursary application. For contact details, see page 19.

There is no upper limit to the number of awards that may be made from the funds available. We aim to set a consistent standard so that the number of awards made in any year is determined by the quality of candidates and level of financial support required. Scholarships are awarded for the duration of the pupil’s time at Oakham School. They are reviewed annually and may be withdrawn if it becomes apparent that the pupil is not demonstrating continued commitment to the subject.

All scholarships are awarded up to a maximum value of a 10% remission of the School day fees. Honorary scholarships recognise achievement in exactly the same way as other awards, but carry no financial benefit. Candidates may apply for up to two scholarships. If the candidate is awarded a second scholarship, the total combined monetary value is capped at 10% of the School day fees. Music Scholars also benefit from free tuition on their principal instrument(s). You will receive confirmation of the extent of this tuition at the time the award is made.


13+ (Middle School)

Academic All-Rounder Art Design and Technology Drama Music Sport


16+ (Upper School)




An Academic Scholar can be characterised as ‘intelligent, interested and interesting’. They will have one or more subjects or intellectual pursuits that particularly excite them, as well as a demonstrable passion for learning in general. They should be keen to contribute to the intellectual life of the School and act as role models to their peers.

HOW TO APPLY External candidates • 11+ and 13+ After sitting the relevant entrance examinations, pupils whose papers show scholarship potential are invited to return to School for interview and to sit further papers. • 16+ We need to see a recent report from the applicant’s school so we can advise on a Scholarship application. Applicants are likely to be predicted 8s and 9s in their GCSE examinations. Internal candidates • 11+, 13+ Lower School pupils in Lower 1 or Form 2 may be recommended to sit for a scholarship by the Head of Lower School. • 16+ Middle School pupils in Form 5 may be recommended to sit for a scholarship by the Head of Middle School.

BEING AN AC ADE MIC S CHOL AR All Academic Scholars automatically become members of the Scholars Society, through which they develop their intellectual ability, critical thinking and communication skills under the guidance of the Senior Academic Mentor. Members are divided into small groups by age, and together with a pair of Form 7 (Year 13) Scholars as mentors, they meet on a regular basis throughout each term in seminars led by the Senior Academic Mentor.

Contact the Admissions team for more information: Tel: 01572 758758 Email:

The Senior Academic Mentor also monitors the progress of Academic Scholars by way of the School’s twice-termly subject reports, and offers guidance and encouragement at individual meetings where they discuss the Scholar’s specific interests and further opportunities to develop them and after dropping in on lessons to witness Scholars at work. This enables the Senior Academic Mentor to observe scholars in their primary duty to the School as a whole, namely as academic role models to their peers. In addition to those holding formal academic awards, there are a significant number of ‘Housemasters’ Nominees’: individuals whom Housemasters and the Senior Academic Mentor agree will benefit from the Society’s activities. All Academic Scholars attend the annual Scholars Society dinner, when they are addressed by a guest speaker. 6


HOW ARE C ANDIDATE S A SSE SSED? 11+ Academic Scholarships Candidates take the normal Lower School entrance assessments (papers in Maths and English, and an online CAT4 test, along with a short interview). We then recall those pupils whose results show scholarship potential for interview and further Maths and English papers. These tests are based on what a child is expected to have studied for Key Stage 2.

There is no fixed syllabus for the written examinations for 13+ academic awards, which are suitable for pupils from a variety of syllabuses and educational backgrounds. An essential part of the process is for the candidates to demonstrate their intellectual curiosity in academic interviews. Some of the questions will seek to test whether candidates have read or explored more deeply than is required by the demands of any particular syllabus.

13+ Academic Scholarships Candidates take the normal 13+ Middle School entrance assessments (papers in Maths and English, and an online CAT4 test, along with a short interview). We then recall those pupils whose results show scholarship potential for interview and further Maths and English papers.

16+ Academic Scholarships Candidates are examined at Oakham in two academic subjects from those available to Upper School students, (normally two of those they intend to study at A-level or at IB Diploma Higher Level). They also complete an online CAT4 test and have an interview.





HOW TO APPLY External candidates Candidates must fulfil Oakham’s academic entry requirements and are therefore required to sit the normal entrance assessments. The Head of a candidate’s current school will usually recommend a scholarship application. We will require them to write a confidential supporting report and send a form for this along with the award application papers. Internal candidates Pupils already at Oakham School may be recommended for a specialist Scholarship by the Head of Lower School (13+ Awards) or Head of Middle School (16+ Awards) in consultation with Housemasters/Housemistresses and academic staff.

Visit the Entrance Assessment page on our website for details of all assessment dates. Contact the Admissions team for more information: Tel: 01572 758758 Email:




The All-Rounder Scholarship is a highly contended and prestigious scholarship that is awarded to pupils who will make a long-term allround contribution to School life. We are looking for candidates who are strong academically, who show considerable leadership potential, and who are also approaching scholarship level in two other specialist areas. BEING AN ALL- ROUNDER S CHOL AR

Candidates may nominate two of the following areas in their application: • Art • Music • Design and Technology • Sport • Drama

All-Rounder Scholars will throw themselves into all aspects of School life. They can expect to participate fully in the Scholarship Programme for their specialist subjects, they are expected to be proactive in leading whole school initiatives. All-Rounder Scholars are mentored by the All-Rounder Scholarship Co-ordinator, who offers ongoing support and advice via regular meetings and informal pizza nights. All-Rounder Scholars also attend an annual formal dinner with a guest speaker.

Please note, it is not possible to receive two awards for the same discipline. For example, a candidate who is awarded an AllRounder Scholarship that includes Sport may not also receive a Sport Scholarship.

HOW ARE C ANDIDATE S A SSE SSED? We invite candidates to Oakham School for an assessment day where we explore their leadership and teamwork skills. In addition, candidates attend scholarship interviews in their two chosen specialist areas. The candidates are assessed by each specialist department alongside the leadership assessment day. See individual specialist awards for more details.





Candidates should be passionate about Art. They should demonstrate exceptional drawing skills as well as their own individual strengths as an artist, in whatever medium that might be.

The Art Department is thriving, with large numbers of students gaining places at top institutions to study across a diverse range of creative courses: from Architecture to Fashion, History of Art to Illustration. There are lots of opportunities for Scholars to be involved in leading Art events in the School. Art Scholars will be involved in devising and leading whole school creative activities, helping to plan, curate and promote exhibitions, organising Art Department events and attending artist-led workshops. They will share their interest in the subject by contributing towards a Scholars’ space within the Art Department, which will include the exhibiting of their work, as well as presenting interesting research about the art world.

We are looking for candidates who show they are committed to developing their talents and are keen to explore new ways of working. Independence and self-motivation are vital.

It is assumed that you will be studying the subject in your curriculum lessons at A-level/IB Diploma (16+ candidates) or will be intending to study it at GCSE (13+ candidates).

HOW ARE C ANDIDATE S A SSE SSED? Candidates should bring a portfolio of their own work to the assessment day. This is an opportunity to bring together a variety of recent work which demonstrates a range of skills, approaches and ideas. The Director of Art will conduct interviews and candidates will be asked to introduce their work, answering questions as well as talking about their wider interests. There will also be a practical challenge set, providing an opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their skills and attitude towards a creative activity.



DE SIGN TECHNOLOGY (DT ) SCHOL AR SHIP S We are looking for candidates who participate enthusiastically in Design and enjoy projects, whether at school or home. Candidates should be able to sketch ideas in 2d and 3d, and should demonstrate the ability to analyse situations and solve problems by suggesting creative alternatives to existing products.

HOW ARE C ANDIDATE S A SSE SSED? All candidates are required to attend an interview, where they will be asked to discuss their own work and that of others. They should all ideally have a favourite designer, engineer or architect for whom they aspire to be as successful. • External 13+ award candidates should apply in sufficient time to complete a small project independently. A new project is set annually, and this can be completed at home, as it requires no specialist equipment. Additionally, we ask that candidates bring a portfolio of their own design work where they can illustrate their ability to design, make, repair, and upcycle products. • 16+ award candidates should submit their GCSE coursework and answer a Design examination question. Candidates are also required to submit a detailed product analysis of their choice.

The ability to communicate ideas is essential. 16+ candidates should be able to demonstrate the use of 3d CAD software to develop ideas and be competent in the workshop environment.

BEING A DT S CHOL AR All DT Scholars will have the opportunity to participate in one of the many enrichment activities held in the Jerwood School of Design, our purpose-built facility, with specialist equipment for the most challenging of projects. DT Scholars are able to participate in the many educational trips and visits that the DT Department organises, including the biannual trip to Bologna. They also compete in different competitions and awards, including the Leicestershire and Rutland Annual Rotary Engineering Competition.


Many of our DT Scholars go on to study a design or engineering degree at one of the top UK universities and previous Scholars have gone on to exhibit at the Design Museum, set up Tech start-ups, gain placements on National Higher Apprenticeship Programmes, and work for globally recognised brand leaders.

This is an external 16+ scholarship that the School supports. It is a national scheme open to schools who achieve the necessary standards. Students may apply for an award during their last year of GCSE studies. We support students through the process of making an application for this prestigious award and mentor all successful candidates through their Upper School studies. Those entering the School at 16+ who have achieved the status of an Arkwright Scholar will be mentored with other successful candidates within the School.

It is assumed that you will be studying the subject in your curriculum lessons at A-level/IB Diploma (16+ candidates) or will be intending to study it at GCSE (13+ candidates).

Candidates will ideally take Design and Technology and Mathematics at A-level or Higher Level IB Diploma, whilst also considering a future in product design or engineering. 12






DR A M A SCHOL AR SHIP S We are looking for pupils who love watching and making Theatre; who will be passionate about performing; who will already have a keen regard for their own developmental process, and who will strive to enhance their own practice – all the while making a significant contribution to Theatre and Drama at Oakham. HOW ARE C ANDIDATE S A SSE SSED?


Candidates write a letter of application outlining what they can bring to Drama at Oakham and what are their aspirations, hopes and goals for their time here. The letter should also include a resumé of their performance work undertaken so far. They should also mention any theatre they have seen and enjoyed.

You will join a select few who form the essential core of the School’s many prestigious productions. These range from fullscale stage plays and musicals in our 200+ seat Queen Elizabeth Theatre to smaller scale or experimental pieces in the Old School Studio. You will be honing your performance skills and learning new ones during accent and dialect workshops, specialist dance and stage-fight training, and masterclasses in movement and audition technique, led by industry professionals.

13+ candidates will participate in workshops, auditions and interviews. Each candidate should prepare two contrasting monologues - one classical (possibly Shakespeare) and one contemporary, each lasting approximately 2 minutes. These should be taken from full-length published plays, and their suitability for this purpose should be checked well in advance with the Director of Drama. Drama All-Rounder candidates will be asked to prepare and present one monologue of approximately 2 minutes in length. This should be taken from a full-length published play, and candidates should check its suitability well in advance with the Director of Drama..

You will be mentored by the Director of Drama who will monitor your progress and development and offer guidance on any further Drama or Theatre education or career options you may be considering; be they in Classical Acting, Musical Theatre, directing or media. It is assumed that you will be studying the subject in your curriculum lessons at A-level/IB Diploma (16+ candidates) or will be intending to study it at GCSE (13+ candidates).

16+ candidates should prepare two pieces for audition: an extract from Shakespeare or a Jacobean playwright such as Marlowe, Webster, Tourneur, Middleton or Fletcher; the other should be from a published 20th or 21st Century play of choice. Neither extract should be longer than 3 minutes. Candidates will also take part in an hour-long workshop and be interviewed. They will be expected to engage in discussion about the theatre and their interest in it. The Director of Drama will be pleased to see and advise prospective candidates in advance of the audition. Theatre Design candidates in particular should make contact in good time to discuss assessment preparation.


BEING A MUSIC S CHOL AR Oakham’s music scholarship programme offers talented and committed pupils the opportunity to benefit from expert tuition, ambitious ensemble and solo opportunities, and mentoring of their musical development throughout their years in the School. Our Music Scholars are key role models within the vibrant musical life of the School, and musicians meet regularly with the Director of Music for additional guidance and support. The scholarship programme provides excellent preparation for musical pathways beyond Oakham, with pupils regularly going on to study music at leading conservatoires and universities. Music Scholars benefit from free tuition on their principal instrument(s), the details of which are confirmed when the scholarship is awarded.




Potential applicants for a scholarship are encouraged to book a pre-audition at least a term in advance of a formal audition, at which Music staff will offer guidance about the suitability of a candidate’s application and recommend areas for development. Applicants for Music Awards will attend an audition and an interview with the Music staff of the School. Candidates should bring two contrasting pieces on their main instrument and one or more pieces on each additional instrument. Auditions will include sight-reading, scales/arpeggios and aural tests consistent with the candidate’s level of ability, as well as discussion of their chosen repertoire. There is no written paper.

We encourage applications from pupils with exceptional musical potential for their age, as well as evidence of enthusiasm, dedication, technical proficiency and sightreading ability. As a guide, candidates are likely to have reached the following standard on their principal study: • 11+ Grade 4 • 13+ Grade 6 • 16+ Grade 8 When candidates have taken music examinations, we are looking for high exam marks rather than high grades. It is hoped that 13+ and 16+ applicants will have passed Grade 5 theory.





At 13+ applicants would normally show a high level of ability across Oakham’s major games, or sometimes an exceptional ability in one. At this age, potential, attitude and determination are as important as accomplishment. 16+ applicants will still be involved in the later stages of NGB or academy pathways, following post 16 reselection, and will be aspiring to play elite sport after leaving School.

BEING A SP ORT S CHOL AR We expect Sport Scholars to lead by example in their chosen sport; to be a beacon for those around them and an example to those below them. Sport Scholars will receive ongoing tailored support from Oakham School’s specialist coaching staff, including our fulltime Strength and Conditioning Coach, to nurture their sporting talent and physical and psychological development. Sport Scholars who join the School at Form 3 will enjoy training and playing a variety of sports, whilst those joining in Form 6 will, more than likely, be starting to specialise. We work hand in hand with NGB talent development pathways in different sports and many of our sporting alumni have left the School to pursue their sport at the highest competitive levels both nationally and internationally.

HOW ARE C ANDIDATE S A SSE SSED? Potential applicants for a scholarship are encouraged to book a pre-assessment either at the child’s school or club, or at Oakham School, where they will receive guidance about the suitability of their application and areas for development.

In the last two years sporting alumni have left to play rugby for Premiership clubs including Leicester Tigers and Wasps; First Class cricket for Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire; and hockey for Premier League clubs Beeston and Leicester, as well as England and Germany.

At 13+ all applicants attend an assessment day. At the assessment day, candidates will be assessed in the School’s major games, as well as completing a battery of physiological tests, which will help to gauge their ability to perform at a higher level. At 16+ the Director of Sport reserves the right to call for assessment only those individuals whose applications demonstrate a high enough level of achievement in their sport. Those applicants selected attend a assessment day, the programme for which varies from sport to sport.




Parents of scholarship applicants who believe an Oakham education is beyond their means may apply for means-tested financial support through the School’s bursary funding scheme. Whilst scholarships give limited financial support, there is no upper limit to the value of bursarial support; however, the number of bursaries available in any one year does depend upon funds available. Assistance is not normally available for flexible boarding places in the Lower School. Larger awards are normally reserved for 13+ or 16+ entry.

HOW TO APPLY F OR A ME ANS -TE S TED BUR SARY Contact our Director of Admissions who can give advice and send the appropriate forms. Our awards may be augmented, subject to means testing. In cases of proven financial need, this could mean up to 100% fee remission. If you are seeking a bursary or to supplement any award offered, or the award itself is subject to a means test, you must: • Register your child and pay the relevant registration fee. • Complete a Financial Circumstances form in its entirety with details of all adults with parental responsibility for the child. • Provide a covering email/letter which sets out why you believe the School should provide support for your child, your reasons for applying for means-tested assistance and the level of assistance that you consider you would require.

For more information contact: Anna Steiger, Director of Admissions Tel: 01572 758758 Email:

We treat information disclosed in the Financial Circumstances form in strictest confidence. An Awards Committee will then meet to consider applications and makes decisions as fairly and objectively as possible.

T HE OA K H A M S CH O O L F O UNDAT I ON The Oakham School Foundation raises funds for Bursaries so that we can invest in pupils who will enrich the School and the world beyond.

We review offers of support made in this way each summer and may vary offers upwards, or downwards, depending on parental circumstances. In this case, you will be asked to complete a short form to confirm your financial circumstances. In many cases no change is made.

To find out more and how to get involved, please email


Contact us now to book an Open Event or individual visit 01572 758758




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