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TypeWrite Issue 07 Lyric Anonymous The Castle Grace H. Maui Dolphin Gretchen L., Laurel R., and Ainsley M. The Most Influential Woman I Know Miranda R. Watercolor High School Art Class Personal Narratives LE2

November 2019

TypeWrite 8-10

November 2019

Maui Dolphin

By: Gretchen L., Laurel R., Ainsley M.

17 11-14



By: Anonymous

By: Emma C., Callie S., Maribel P., Emme P., Ethan P., Claire D., Autumn D., Laura Z.


The Castle

By: Grace H.


The Most Influential Woman I Know

By: Miranda R.


Primary Work

By: Angela, Camden, and Britton


The great Escape of George and Enzo

By: Lily M.


Watercolor Art Pieces

By: Charlotte D., Grayson P., High school students

41-42 28-37

Kid’s Pages

In My Family We...

Upper Elementary


Personal Narratives

By: Lower Elementary


Peace Poems

Lower Elementary

Editor’s Note Hello! I am so excited to present to you all the 1st issue of TypeWrite’s 3rd year!

This issue is the longest yet, with the most individual contributors, and the most classroom contributors.

This issue features personal narratives from LE2, photography from lower level students, watercolor art from high school students,. And so much more!

Photo courtesy of: Sophie St.John

I am so excited for all of the exciting work coming out this year and all the amazing opportunities that TypeWrite is offering to Oak Farm students.

As I am sure you can tell already, each issue of TypeWrite this year will be themed by a decade! This issue is, of course… 80s! This issue is complete with lots of color, shapes, and amazing work!

TypeWrite also now has it’s own designated email! Submit work or contact me personally at


Claire Weiss

Contributors Emma C.

Afton M.

Cohen M.

Rania J

Avi B.


Hazel S.

Claire D.

Grace L.

Brady S.

Callie S.

Ethan P.

Aidan G.

Aedyn K.

Noah Y.

Gretchen L.

Ryan K.

Riley F.

Kristiana H.

Elijah C.

Ainsley M.

Reid K.

Elizabeth W.

Soleil H.

Claire B.

Laurel R.

Avery C.

Reese W.

Beckitt L.

Anna R.

Miranda R.

Ruby Z.

David B.

Hayden H.

Colton H.

Grace H.

Ruby H.

Nola B.

Chloe W.

Benny K.

Lily M.

Pierceton M.

Maddie B.

Everly H.

Morgan P.


Kirra B.

Bella P.

Charlie WT.

Karter Q.


Celicia A.

Ryker E.

Parker W.

Maribel P.


Evelyn B.

Charlie B.

Ada B.

Emme P.

Chalotte D.

Tyler E.

Lyla S.

Layla R.

Ethan P.

Grayson P.

Rishi R.

Gavin G.

Weslyn H.

Claire D.

Mariah C.

Kaiden S.

Sully M.

Bella S.

Autumn D.

Jacov L.

Bre W.

Roark L.

Avery L.

Laura Z.

On the cover ... Claire Davidson’s photography is featured on this issue’s cover. Claire’s use of angles and lighting creates beautiful images. Her talent shows in her photography! Great work Claire!

Special thanks Jon Agler

and Bonn i

e Bloom

Tricia a

nd Mat

and Han . C h a i r Ma


ikki Colo

ork and R Bridget Y

hew M a


nah W.


Callie S

. and M iranda R



e Lowe l o c i N ht and

Māui Dolphin By: Gretchen L., Ainsley M., and Laurel R. Māui dolphins are critically endangered, with only 50 -60 individuals left! These tiny dolphins live off the west coast of New Zealand with little to no protected waters. They eat fish and small squid that can easily be confused with ocean debris. Their main threats are trawling and gill netting.

Trawling is when fishermen drag a large net on the ocean floor. The net has two weighted doors on the bottom to keep the net open and on the seafloor. Because it drags on the bottom it is built to destroy anything and everything in its path, which completely ruins coral reefs and offsets the ecological balance. The net is also fast enough that if a dolphin gets inside they can’t get out.

Gillnetting is when a stable mesh net is set up to catch larger fish. Fish swim into the net, get their heads stuck and aren’t able to get out because their gills get caught in the net. Dolphins and whales can’t see the mesh with echo-location so they swim right into it. When they get their heads stuck they struggle thus entangling themselves more. Unable to reach air, within a matter of minutes they drown.

There is an organization called Mission Blue that is helping the Maui dolphins. Mission Blue creates hope spots all over the world. A hope spot is an area of protected water where animals can live safely. Their goal is to have at least 30% of the ocean protected by 2030. Only 4.8 % of the ocean is protected right now. All of their donations go towards expeditions, expansion of public outreach and the support of their scientific partners..


1. Donate at 2. Help spread the word 3. Buy seafood products that are MSC certified

MSC stands for Marine Stewardship Council they certify sustainable fishing companies. Sustainable fishing is when fishermen do not use gear that harms marine life such as Trawling and Gillnetting or catch too many fish in one area.

The Most Influential Woman I Know By: Miranda R. The most influential woman in my life is my aunt, Kourtney; she has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I respect her so much because she is like a third parent to me and my siblings, I love her with all of my heart. Kourtney is always there for me and I know that I can talk to her about things that I can’t always go to my parents about. My aunt is an amazing woman that has helped me through some hard times. My favorite memory of me and my aunt is when I came out to her. She was the first family member I came out as bisexual to; it happened during the beginning of summer break in 2018. I was very upset because my first relationship had just ended. Granted, it had only lasted a month, but I was upset with the way it turned out. The rest of my family had noticed that I was grumpy, but Kourtney was the only one who bothered to check on me and see what was up. She came into my room and asked what was going on. At first, I told her that it was problems with my friend, but then I told her the truth. “It’s not my friend. It’s my girlfriend. I’m bisexual. Surprise,” I told her. “You are? Okay, what happened?” I told her all about it and she listened. When I was done telling the story she told me that at my age, she went through a similar thing and relationships before you have a car are hard. She gave me some advice that actually did help me, then she encouraged me to tell my parents. We went to dinner and afterward, I told them. It was a really special moment for me because it showed me that she cared and was willing to listen to me.

Another memory I have of me and my aunt together was not too long ago. It was at the end of March, when my older brother was home from Purdue for his spring break. My parents were gone so she was hanging out with us. One thing happened that caused an argument between my brother and me and Kourtney. It was a back and forth thing that if I could go back in time, I would change many things about that night. It got very heated, and at one point all three of us were in tears. I could tell that one point of the argument hit a nerve in Kourtney, so she got up and went home. This reminded me of a lot of elements in the book Rage Becomes Her. The book talks about female rage and how people in society respond to that. The book showed me that it is okay to be mad sometimes. Even the most influential women in history have gotten mad and done something they regret. This concept helped me understand what my aunt was going through, and what I was going through even though it was two different types of anger. Both of these stories are ones that I will have with me forever. A memory you have of someone important in your life doesn’t always have to be positive. That is something I learned while reading this incredible book. My aunt Kourtney inspires me in more ways than I can describe, but the biggest thing that I respect about her is her confidence and how she is always willing to keep it real with me. That is what inspires me to be the best woman I can be. I am very similar to my aunt, more than I am to my mom. We look similar, we have similar personalities, and we both have anxiety (which is part of where I got it from). The similarities between us really bring us together. I always enjoy hearing her hilarious stories; they always bring me up. There is so much to say about my incredible aunt; too much to write in one essay. While there are many influential women in my life, Kourtney is the closest to me. She has been there since the day I was born and I am thankful for all she does for me every single day. Although I always enjoy seeing and spending time with her, that is not what makes her the most special woman in my life. What makes her so important to me is the fact that she is always there to put a smile on my face when I feel down. I honestly don’t know what I would do in this world without Kourtney in my life.

Lyric By Anonymous Dazzling, holding the world inside Spread out your wings, you are an angel Go to sleep and dream again Love is still the answer The same moon shines, the same wind blows Through every precious day If you’re feeling tired and lonely Rest your weary head and let your heart decideYou have the power to love and to live A brand new day’s beginning Set aside for us Wait for the sunrise Let me take your hand It was all meant to be Written in the stars.

The Castle By: Grace H.

Once upon a time in a happy little fantasy story, a poor little girl was out on the streets sleeping on dirt and rock. A doctor was shocked to see the little girl so the doctor said let me get you something to eat like… The girl said shapes squares and triangle sandwich, no you need a feast. You also will need new clothe oh we’ll do your hair. Wait, what are you doing? I’m trying to get you ready to go in the… Happy Little Fantasy Castle.

Do you love writing , art, or expressing creativity... Are you one of Oak Farm’s many talented students... Do you want to have your original work published for the Oak Farm community...

...Then TypeWrite is perfect for you! Email your original work to along with your name and grade! Or, have your teacher submit the work for you!

Can’t wait to see what you create!

Charlotte D.

Grayson P.

Mariah C.

Miranda R.

Jacob L.

By: Bre W. In my family we… ...have parties outside animals movies monopoly ...ride ponies

By: Aidan G.

By: Riley F.

In my family we…

In my family we… movies board games every Sunday card games ...have nerf battles ...go swimming every summer ...listen to music funny videos outside every weekend ...we go on vacations ...we go to museums ...we go to parties ...we watch lots of movies

By: Claire D. In my family we… ...have Christmas together, open presents, and have a good time

By: Cohen M. In my family we… laser tag with our dog Harley tv and movies

...sometimes eat dinner together as a family soccer

...go out to dinner and talk ...go on trips ...sometimes laugh together or laugh at each other

...go hiking a lot ...go to watch movies at the theater

By: Gretchen L. By: Ainsley M.

By: Ruby H.

In my family we…

In my family we…

...have movie nights

...listen to music games yoga

...have family vacations

...ride bikes

...take bike rides movies

...paint and draw lots of arts and crafts

...get ice cream telephone

By: Ruby Z. In my family we… Veggie Tales Star Wars ...have family home evening ...sing together ...have father-daugther or father-son dates ...have mother-daughter or mother-son dates

In my family we… movies board games ...go swimming ...sleep

By: Pierceton M. In my family we... video games board games card games ...go shopping piano with my dog

By: Hazel S.

By: Ryan K.

In my family we…

In my family we… board games ...go to the park ...go to Chicago ...visit family ...snuggle Sirius (my dog)

By: Ethan P. In my family we… board games …don’t have a lot of sugar outside football crafts the community ...go to Colorado ...go to football games

...jump on the trampoline …watch When Hope Calls

By: Reid K. In my family we… board games nerf ...go outside Minecraft puzzles ...go swimming

By: Avery C. In my family we… ...get ice cream ...have fun art games tv ...bake

By: Celicia A.

By: Tyler E.

In my family we…

By: Evelyn B.

In my family we… By: Rishi R. tv

In my family we... movies

In my family we…

...have fun games board games

...cook games

...have fun golf together

...sit outside art outside together

...go to the park


...go shopping tv and movies around the world

...get ice cream soccer tv

...go camping

By: Kirra B. By: Kaiden S. In my family we… ...laugh a lot ...go to my grandpa’s outside ...have campfires

In my family we… movies games ...bake ...go on vacation ...get ice cream ...go to the YMCA ...swim ...relax

By: Anonymous

By: Anonymous In my family we…

By: Anonymous

In my family we…

...go to the YMCA

In my family we… board games like pigs to swim tv about our days to watch tv video games movies

…like to play outside

...swim in our pool sports

…like to sleep

...go to Florida

...swim in our pond with our dogs

...go to movies to cook

By: Afton M.

By: Laurel R.

In my family we…

In my family we… Netflix movies watching Star Wars


...go to waterparks board games doing nerf video games gaming with my cats doing Friday playdates/hangouts

...have fires

By: David B.

By: Elizabeth W. In my family we…

By: Reese W.

In my family we… each other

In my family we…

...go to the lake pitt together a lot of food

...go to Colorado every year

...have popcorn on Sundays

...have a lot of big, loud, parties

...spend time at the lake

...go to church together

...ride/drive tractors

...pray together tv together at night

…swim across the lake ...go to Purdue games ...go sailing ...go to church board games

By: Nola B.

By: Maddie B.

In my family we…

In my family we… kickball board games together movies together

...can tomatos

...go fishing

...go see my great grandparents with dogs

...go camping tv together uno

...go on 4-wheeler rides ...memorize lines together

By: Bella P.

By: Ryker E.

By: Anonymous

In my family we…

In my family we…

In my family we… games games soccer

...are goofy tv

...go to the mall

…get hangry basketball

...go to Soleil’s house on Friday

...listen to music

...go shopping Xbox

...go swimming

...train the dig

...sneeze awesome

...go to the pool

By: Anonymous

By: Anonymous

In my family we…

In my family we…

...go to church video games movies supper together board games

...have a farm

...listen to audio books funny movies



...go on trips together action movies

By: Anonymous

By: Lyla S.

In my family we…

In my family we…

...all play soccer ...go to old car shows board games on my go-cart ...go swimming

By: Gavin G. In my family we… ...chill in the hottub movies Minecraft ...just play tacos on Tuesdays ...go to movies ...go to the park board games outdoor games ...sing

...have fun

By: Charlie B.

By: Sully M.

In my family we…

In my family we… games tv tv FIFA outside

...walk with our dogs




...visit our grandma around

By: Roark L.

By: Grace L.

In my family we...

By: Grace H.

In my family we…

...go to church

In my family we… movies

...sleep each other catch outside with each other to upcycle and build stuff tv shows together

...swim a lot

...stay up with each other

...grill out a lot

...sing together animals family bike rides

By: Rania J.

By: Lily M.

In my family we…

In my family we…

...clean houses

...go to church

...go to the store games games about our day

...go outside and play dinner together


...go out to dinner (Mexican) dinner each other

By: Beckitt L.

By: Aedyn K. In my family we…

By: Soleil H.

In my family we… anime

In my family we… insturments ice cream

...adopt pets plays video games

...ride bikes board games

...swim movies

...go swimming

...have big family meetings

...walk dogs

...ride bikes

...go to the theater

...have movie nights movies

...hang out with our neighbors

By: Kristiana H.

By: Hayden H.

In my family we…

In my family we…

...go swimming on Thursdays together

...go to school healthy mostly every night

...go to the zoo

...take our pets to the vet together

...go to swim board games

...go to the club

...go to church usually

...get ice cream

...clean the house on the weekends

...go to Chick-fill-a





By: Avi B.

By: Anna R.

Partner Earth Athlete Cooking Eve

Partner Earth Age Compromise Eve

By: Brady S.

By: Colton H.

Partner Equal Athlete Christmas Even

Partner Earth Animal Compromise Even

By: Noah Y., Elijah C.

By: Benny K.

Partner Earth Age Compromise Even

Partner Earth Animal Cooking Evening

By: Claire B.

By: Morgan P.

Partner Earth Athlete Christmas Evening

Partner Earth Animal Cooking Even


By: Chloe W., Everly H.

By: Layla R.

Partner Earth Age Christmas Eve

Partner Earth Animal Christmas Equal

By: Charlie WT.

By: Weslyn H., Bella S.

Partner Earth Animal Compromise Equal

Partner Equal Animal Courage Evening

By: Parker W.

By: Avery L.

Partner Equal Age Courage Eve

Partner Earth Age Christmas Equal

By: Karter Q.

By: Ada B.

Partner Equal Animal Christmas Eve

Partner Earth Animal Christmas Evening







Great Escape of

George and Enzo By: Lily M. “ So Enzo, should we escape this classroom?” “Yeah dude, but my tank is locked.” “ It’s ok. I can jump up there ang knock off the locks.” “ok dude, but what if Linda or any of the other teachers catches us? They might get rid of us!” “It will be ok. Here I come.


“Ok Enzo, can you reach the doorknob?” “ Ok course I can.” “ Great! Now, let’s escape.” “Ok. Let’s go to the science room. There might be some rats there for testing. That sounds like a great snack right now. You find my rats and I will go back to the classroom and find some of your greens.” “ Oh here is a rat.” “Here is gome greens.” “Thanks Enzo!” “ You too, George.” “Your rat is in your cage. The students will be here soon so get eating.”

………………………………………. “ Why is the door open?” Sandra asks. “Oh good, they didn’t escape!”

Kid’s Page Color it your way…

Jokes Q: What has ears but cannot hear? A: A cornfield. Q: What did one plate say to the other plate? A: Dinner is on me. Q: When dose a joke become a “dad” joke? A: When the punch line is apparent. Q: What kind of tee fits in your hand? A: A palm tree.

Fun facts… It is believed that rainbow got its name from its shape. A rainbow’s arc looks similar to a bow for shooting arrows. People also noticed that this colorful arc would only form when it was raining so they called it a rainbow.

A cloud is a mass of tiny water droplets or ice crystals that float in the air.

Bat help with getting rid of mosquitos. Brown bats can catch over 1,000 mosquitos in an hour.


Hope you enjoyed the kid’s page!

Do you love writing , art, or expressing creativity... Are you one of Oak Farm’s many talented students... Do you want to have your original work published for the Oak Farm community...

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Can’t wait to see what you create!

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TypeWrite Issue #7