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AUGUST 26, 2012


Energy Pro Hawaii is soaking up the sun on rooftops across Oahu with its solar hot water and 35-panel PV systems, providing residents with significant savings on their electric bills. See page 3




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Don’t Let the Drips Drain Your Wallet rip. Drip. Drip. Not only can the sound of an incessantly dripping faucet irritate you, but it can also ser ve as a telltale sign of precious resources going down the drain. But the most frequent plumbing problem, a leaky faucet, is also the one of the easiest to repair. The experts at Nano Tek-On say the most common culprit is calcium and lime scale buildup. For simple fixes, follow these steps: First, turn off the water supply. The shutoff valve is usually under the sink. You’ll also want to follow this by turning the faucet on before proceeding to allow the water left in the pipes to drain. Next, prepare the area. Make sure to close the sink drain and cover it to prevent dropped parts from going down. Determine where


the leak is coming from, and start there. If it’s coming out of the handle, you’ll need to remove the handle assembly. Pry off the decorative cap and unscrew the set screw underneath. Then, lift off the handle. Tighten the valve first to see if this solves the problem. If it doesn’t, remove it and examine the area below. Clean any buildup you see in the threads. Use distilled white vinegar and a scouring pad. If the source of the leak is at the base of the faucet, this is where you’ll start. Take masking or duct tape and wrap the jaws of your pliers. This prevents your pliers from scratching the fixture. Twist off the base with your wrapped pliers, and again, look for buildup and clean if necessary. Another problem may be damaged Orings. With your faucet disassembled, take a close look at the O-rings. If they look deteriorated or torn at all, replace them.

Seal with plumber’s putty before putting them back on, and make sure to tighten the handles. After all, loose handles can also create leaks. There are many types of faucets. Determine your type and refer to your manufacturer’s manual before starting any repair work. Many faucets also come with a repair kit, which should contain O-rings and other items you may need.


Introducing Samsung’s New 255-Watt Panel

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Maple Shaker Cabinets $39.99/Linear Ft.

10-Year Product Warranty. Higher Efficiency. Superior Quality.

Some exclusions apply, price varies with pantry, drawer base and corner cabinets. Promotions not valid with free granite promo. Accessories sold separately. All sales final no refunds or returns. Expires 8/31/12.

CALL 596-2890 FOR A FREE ESTIMATE 825 Halekauwila St. Honolulu, HI 96813 Lic. #BC-20690


2815 Kaihikapu St. | Ph: 808.833.8338 | Fax: 808.833.8339 Email: | Lic# C-30215

*Certain restrictions apply. Not combinable with any other offers or promotions. 2 • AUGUST 26, 2012

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EnergyPro Hawaii


AUGUST 26 • 2012 3

Sun-sational savings at home Reducing energy bills with solar panel installations

here are hundreds of photovoltaic (PV) companies today selling systems across the state. Some claim to have the best service, some claim to have the best prices and some claim to have the best products. Of course, those are all very important qualities to look for in a PV installer, but EnergyPro Hawaii has taken one step further in priding itself as a company that also delivers results. The bottom line: that’s what every consumer should be looking for. In April 2012, Kaimuki residents Dan and Donna Shimabuku enlisted the help of EnergyPro Hawaii to help reduce their rising electrical costs. Plagued with an average electric bill of more than $500 a month, they were in dire need of a cost-cutting solution. After evaluating their bill and monthly energy usage, EnergyPro Hawaii proposed a Solar Hot Water System and 35-Panel PV System. Fast forward four months to August 2012 and their HECO bill has dropped to the bare minimum of $16 a month. “When I received a bill of $16 from HECO, I was literally blown away,” exclaimed Shimabuku. “I couldn’t wait to tell all my friends and neighbors.” In similar fashion, Bruce and Wendy Shewalter of Wilhelmina were also experiencing high electrical usage and sought out EnergyPro Hawaii to assist them in reducing their monthly HECO bill. “My wife and I had been looking to install a PV system since our bill had been as high as $800. We called John Emery of EnergyPro Hawaii and he delivered for us. Our current bill has dropped to the minimum charge from HECO.” But there are also residents that consume far less electricity than the Shimabukus and Shewalters. In May, the Maeshiro family in Aiea had an average bill of about $180 and also decided that it would be a wise decision to take advantage of the available state and federal tax credits. They went forward in having a PV system installed. Mrs. Maeshiro went on to say, “The results were amazing and it was



AUGUST 26, 2012


Energy Pro Hawaii is soaking up the sun on rooftops across Oahu with its solar hot water and 35-panel PV systems, providing residents with significant savings on their electric bills. See page 3



ENERGYPRO HAWAII contact // 596-2890 web //

very hard to believe that our bill could be so low.” “We solve challenges. That has been our motto from day one”, said owner and president John Emery. “Certain situations call for creative and innovative solutions and we specialize in finding them for our customers.”

The results speak for themselves. EnergyPro Hawaii has been very successful in finding and creating solutions for residents across Oahu. From start to finish, their projects entail City & County permitting, HECO Net Energy Metering agreements, HOA approvals, Enphase Energy monitoring, financing options and every-

thing in-between. And with the latest panels from Samsung, EnergyPro Hawaii has created the perfect setup with Enphase’s M215 Microinverter. If you are in the market for a PV system, give EnergyPro Hawaii a call today at 5962890. You can also visit or AUGUST 26, 2012 • 3

4 AUGUST 26 • 2012


The financial benefits of buying your PV system T

he mantra, “no money down,” has flooded television airways in recent weeks. It’s a reference to solar contractors promoting the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) method of obtaining a photovoltaic (PV) electrical system. First, there are a few basic assumptions: monthly utility bills are $220, monthly power consumption is 618 kWh and the minimum monthly connection charge to utility is $16. The premise behind this method of solar marketing is deceptively simple:The customer enters a “leasing” arrangement, which substitutes the solar company in place of the electric power company. The customer commits to a 20-year contract to buy his or her power from the solar company at a reduced rate (e.g. 25 cents per kWh) that is lower than current utility charges, while the solar company installs and services the PV system. This is expensive for consumers, as they forfeit the renewable-energy tax credits available to those who choose to “buy” their systems. For those who choose to “lease,” there is a minimum FICO credit score of 700 to qualify for the “no money down” plan. There is also an escalation clause of 3 to 4 percent annually on the cost of the power purchased.To avoid

Bathtub to Shower Conversions

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this, the PPA would require money down, and in some cases, a “pre-paid HI-POWER SOLAR lease” requiring up-front deposits contact //342-0802 exceeding $20,000. What happens web // to the “no money down” mantra? The “substitute” utility payments in the first year would be $154 per view, it’s very profitable. month, a savings of $50 from the $204 that Assume that a typical would have been remitted to the utility comtwo-system PV design has a gross price of pany ($220 minus $16 minimum connection $30,000. The federal tax credit is 30 percent, charge). With a 3 percent escalation, these or $9,000, and the state credit of 35 percent monthly payments would increase to $199 in is $10,000, as there is a $5,000 limit per year 10, and $242 by year 20.This is based on installed system. The net cost after applying a “simple” rate of increase. A “compounded” the credits is $11,000 ($30,000 minus rate or higher rate (e.g., 4 percent) would $19,000). Let us further assume that the eneryield even higher PPA payments. gy output will reduce electrical usage by 618 For taxpayers who wisely choose to “buy” kWh per month. Multiplied by a rate of 33 and install their PV systems in 2012, income cents per kWh, the homeowner realizes savtax returns could recoup up to 65 percent of ings of $204 per month, or $2,448 annually. the gross price through generous renewable This represents a 22.25 percent rate of return energy tax credits allowed by the federal and and a payback period of four years, six months state taxing authorities. Beyond such largess, on the $11,000 net cost of the system.Where our local electric providers’ customers can can you get that type of return in our current realize hefty rates of return on their utility financial markets? savings relative to the net cost of their sysBased on the above tems. That will be an even greater bargain in assumptions, PPA payments the long run. Not only does this make solar total $9,768 after five years, affordable, but from an investment point-of-

$20,892 after 10 and $47,340 by the end of the 20-year term.The homeowner still doesn’t own the system. Contrast that with payments to retire a $30,000 home equity loan (HELOC). At an assumed interest rate of 4.5 percent (current initial rates are around 1 percent for the first 12-18 months), applying monthly payments of $204 (the projected utility savings) and the tax credits of the $19,000 reduces the loan period to less than five years, five months and a net outlay of $13,108. The PPA exceeds this total in six years, seven months. It’s a case of “pay me now or pay me later.” $47,340 not owning the system versus $13,108: It’s a no brainer.

• Tubs, Showers, Counters, Vanities, any type of Wall Surrounds • Rust, Fiberglass, Tile Crack Repair and Refinishing • The thickest tub liners available on the market • Specialist in Cost Effective Alternatives for property managers, realtors, hotels, homeowners & senior citizens • Walk through tub cut for Seniors or disabled • Complete remodeling consultation Over 20 Years Experience Locally owned & operated.

GUY KAKUGAWA Contractor’s Lic: #C31944, #C31945

S. TANAKA CONSTRUCTION Home Design • Free Consultations 1349 Mookaula St. • 848-5010 • Bonded & Insured Lic. #BC29857

6 NEW Exotic Patterns Patented Uniclic® Technology for Fast, Adhesive-Free Installation

Including Koa & Bamboo

KAIMUKI 1st & Waialae • 735-3005 KANEOHE 45-620 Kamehameha Hwy. (Behind 7-11) • 262-0900

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Locally Owned & Operated Since 1974.


The NEW Ultra Life Advantage! The best carpet just got better, with the NEW Ultra LifeTM Advantage! Only authorized Stainmaster Flooring Centers® like American Carpet One can offer you the Ultra LifeTM Advantage on Stainmaster® Carpets. These extended warranties including a Lifetime “NO EXCLUSION” stain warranty on Stainmaster® PremierTM Carpets that includes stairs. See store for details.

Sales Specials Starting Tomorrow! Stainmaster® EssentialsTM Carpet, Texture Pile. • with the Ultra LifeTM Advantage • LIFETIME Stain & Soil Resistance Warranty • 15 Years Texture & Abrasive Wear Warranty (if installed with Stainmaster® Cushion)

as low as



per sq. ft.

Stainmaster® DeluxeTM Carpet, Plush Pile. • with the Ultra LifeTM Advantage • LIFETIME Stain & Soil Resistance Warranty • 25 Years Texture & Abrasive Wear Warranty (if installed with Stainmaster® Cushion)

as low as


$ 99* per sq. ft.

Stainmaster® PremierTM Carpet, Texture Pile. • • • •

with the Ultra LifeTM Advantage LIFETIME “NO EXCLUSION” Stain Resistance Warranty LIFETIME Soil Resistance Warranty 30 Years Texture & Abrasive Wear Warranty (if installed with Stainmaster® Cushion)

as low as



99* per sq. ft.

American Carpet One has Hawaii’s largest stock of Stainmaster® carpets. Plus, they have their own professional in-house carpet installers. So you don’t have to wait & find out when your carpet will be installed. They can schedule the installation at the time of purchase & ensure your carpet is installed right the first time & on time. So now you can enjoy your home & family this summer without all the hassles of shopping or coordinating installation. Come in today or just make one phone call, 447-2755 for a Free Home Measure.

PAY NO INTEREST FOR ONE YEAR!** • Locally owned & operated since 1974 • Member of Carpet One network with over 950 stores worldwide • Tremendous buying power gives you lowest price on brand name flooring

• Huge selection of local stock ready for immediate delivery • Authorized Stainmaster Flooring Center® • Hawaii’s Largest selection of Stainmaster® carpets • Professional flooring specialists

• Professional in-house installers • Concrete Stain & Polish • Buy Today, Install Tomorrow on stocking carpet • Healthier Living Installation • Shop at home, call 447-2755

Beautiful Flooring. Made Affordable.

302 Sand Island Access Road • 447-2755 • Monday-Saturday: 9 am.- 5 pm. • Sunday: Closed Contractor License #C-7137 Visit * Ends 9/01/12. Carpet only. See Store for details. Stainmaster carpet cushion and installation available.**On approved credit. Minimum 25% down payment and minimum monthly payments of 3.75% of the amount financed, but not less than $25 is required. No finance charges will be assessed as long as the minimum monthly payments are made and the amount financed is paid in full by the end of the promotion period. See store for details. u ] q Welcome. Carpet photo shown are for illustration only and does not necessarily represent actual product. See store for details. © 2012 INVISTA. All Rights Reserved. STAINMASTER® and the STAINMASTER® family of marks and logos are trademarks of INVISTA.

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6 AUGUST 26 • 2012


Here’s how to get the ‘coolest’ home in town By opting for an efficient, split-ductless air conditioning system, you can guarantee the ideal climate for your home or office ystems sold and installed by the Aire Conditioner Shoppe are available in a AIRE CONDITIONER SHOPPE variety of styles and price ranges. contact // 676-1455 “The best time to service your existing splitweb // ductless system is between the months of November and April, so when the warm weather hits, it will continue to operate with Indoor units have a clean, aesthetic high efficiency,” said Aire Conditioner Shoppe owner Neil design and are powerful, though small Wiedemann. and shorter in length than competing The latest split-ductless systems provide zoned comfort units. The variable-speed compressor and are engineered to install quickly and easily. These syshelps systems adapt to shifts in heat tems available from the Aire Conditioner Shoppe, which load caused by afternoon sun. specializes in Fujitsu and Mitsubishi, provide both heating and Concerned about noise? These units are so quiet you won’t cooling with the push of a button on the remote control. even know they’re on. How about cost? “The operative word They also provide individual temperature control throughis ‘efficient,’ ” Wiedemann said. “Old or malfunctioning air conout your home or business so each room, zone or floor will ditioning systems are energy hogs that don’t do the job effecbe the temperature you set. tively and run up your electricity bills.The air conditioning sysConcerned about air quality? These systems have the capatems available at the Aire Conditioner Shoppe are the newest bility to filter out dust, mold spores and microorganisms. The models that incorporate the latest technological advances.” Dry Mode helps to control humidity levels, even when cooling He pointed out that split-ductless systems can be just as effiisn’t needed. Other standard features include Sleep Timer cient as central air conditioning, or more efficient in terms of Auto Changeover and 24-Hour Timer Cold Prevention. energy savings, depending on the lifestyle of the homeowner. Concerned about appearance? The cooling-only wallWiedemann, who has been in the air conditioning busimounted units, designed for single rooms, are slim and stylish.



ness since 1979, sells and installs split-ductless systems on Oahu, as well as portable air conditioners. He also sells less expensive window units that are often the choice for apartments, condos and houses. “Even the window air conditioning units, which are generally what you see in older apartment buildings or townhomes, have been extensively improved both in efficiency and appearance. However, the tenant and/or owner needs to obtain permission from the management company and/or apartment owners association to install any type of air conditioning,” he added. Visit the company’s showroom in Waipio or log on to


Best Prices Guaranteed With Installation of the Same Equipment


Over 30 Years of Roofing Experience!

Island Wide Service


Over 30 Years Track Record • Free Estimates on Split Systems • We Sell, Service, Install & Repair A+ Rating We also sell Portable A/C’s, Split Systems, Window & Thru the Wall A/C’s, Flush Mount A/C’s Before you buy a split system, make sure you’re buying the highest energy savings available. The higher the EER the more you save.

FREE ESTIMATES Quality Work, Competitive Prices

Residential Apartment New Construction Interior/Exterior State Contractor’s License # C-30546


847-6265 FREE ESTIMATES 1321 Hart St. #7 Cont. Lic. #C10748

Four Generations of Building Experience You Can Trust

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li Pl




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P na

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Preparing your home for the next big emergency BY KAREN NAKAMURA he past few years have shown that natural or man-made disasters can hit any family at any time. Ensuring the personal safety of you and your loved ones is your No. 1 priority, but being prepared for the aftermath by organizing your critical documents and communicating their location to designated individuals can save you problems later on, should the unexpected occur. Could you locate all your family’s important documents quickly in the event of an accident, evacuation or disaster? Could they find the documents should you be incapacitated or become separated from each other? If not, it’s a good idea to keep document originals in one location with backup copies stored in at least one additional, equally secure place. A fire- and waterproof box that can be locked and is small enough to carry is a good way to keep documents nearby, but safe from damage or theft. A bank safe deposit box is another secure location. Copies can also be stored with a family member or friend. Critical documents that you should have quick access to include:



Hawaii’s #1 Solar

PV Integrator


Why do more homeowners choose RevoluSun than any other solar company?

neys and healthcare proxies • A list of bank, retirement and investment accounts, account numbers and contact information


• Titles to your car or home, and sales receipts or proof of ownership of other high-value items



• A list of loan or debt obligations such as mortgages or credit cards, account numbers, balances and contact information

Other documents to collect, make copies of and store in a central location include medical histories, physicians’ contact information, dental records, past years’ tax filings and Internet account user IDs and passwords. While paper copies may take up a lot of space, scanning originals and saving them on a portable storage device such as a memory stick or CD-ROM is a convenient alternative. A videotape — also copied and stored in multiple locations — is a good way to record your material possessions, and it will help you remember everything and prove • Passports, birth certificates and social ownership for insurance claims if your propsecurity cards erty is destroyed. Be sure to get close-ups of serial numbers and talk about the purchase • A list of insurance policies, policy numbers date and price of each item as you record. and contact information Let a trusted family member or friend know where your important documents • Copies of wills, living wills, power of attorare, so they can access them and take BIAHAWAII action if need be. While no one likes to REMODELERS think about the implications of a personal or community disaster, taking these steps will help you minimize the impact. For more tips, visit or the National Association of Home Builders at Karen Nakamura is executive vice president/CEO of the Building Industry Association of Hawaii.

1327 HOMES




1174 HOMES


Source: Data from City and County of Honolulu’s Daily Permit Bulletin for 10/09 - 7/12 based on “contractor” data field.

One of the reasons:

SunPower Modules As a SunPower Elite Dealer, RevoluSun offers the world’s most powerful solar modules: t

Require less roof space, giving you flexibility for the future Produce up to 50% more energy with the same roof space

t t

Hold up in Hawaii’s salt air climate

808.748.8888 | REVOLUSUN.COM 1600 Kapiolani Blvd, Suite 1700 | Honolulu, Hawai‘i 96814 | LIC. # ABC 30244

MAUI 808.633.1444 | BIG ISLAND 808.345.4867

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8 AUGUST 26 • 2012


Protect your roof when installing PV mounts O ver the last few years, Murakami’s Roofing has seen a dramatic increase in homeowners installing solar PV systems. It’s great to save on energy costs by taking advantage of Hawaii’s sunny climate, but make sure that PV systems are installed properly so your roof and home are not damaged. Clinton Murakami, who has 25 years of roofing experience, offers tips to avoid compromising the water tightness of your roof or otherwise damaging your home by making sure PV mounts are properly installed.

Monier tile, asphalt shingle and metal roofs Different types of roofing materials require specific installation methods to ensure proper installation. For example, if you have Monier tiles, Clinton has seen a number of PV installers using aluminum clips. It’s better to use stainless-steel bolts that are stronger to avoid having tiles “kick up,” which creates space between the tiles and allows rain to seep in and cause roof damage. For asphalt shingles, sometimes the shingles are not properly overlapped into the PV flashing, leaving spaces between the shingle and the mounting. When shingles don’t overlap the flashing adequately, water may seep in the space and cause

roof damage. Metal roofs need to have the PV bolted directly to the roofing surface, so your choice of a quality sealant is critical.

MURAKAMI’S ROOFING contact // 348-8270 email // web //

Hurricane season It makes sense to call Murakami’s Roofing at 348-8270 to get your roof checked out since Hawaii has already had a few storms come its way. The inspection is free and done by a roofing professional, who will provide a written estimate. Checking your roof now is a great way to protect your home during hurricane

season. Murakami’s will also make a recommendation for how PV systems should be installed, making sure they are attached solidly and without compromising watertightness. Mounts anchored in plywood are no match for hurricane-force winds. Breathe easy and get your roof


All Types - Asphalt Shingles • Roll & Metal Roofing • Termite Damage • Dry Rot • Leak Repair

with complete reroof Exp: September 30, 2012

NEW HOUSE BUILD $115 a sq foot plus tax

Hardie Board Siding/Bamboo Flooring Standard Plumbing Fixtures *Minimum 2,000 square footage / Restrictions apply.



FREE GUTTERS up to 60 linear feet

checked by calling today. Murakami’s Roofing continues to build confidence into every roof.

Homeowners user friendly Mini Excavators, Dingos & Bobcats available.

New Homes • Additions • Renovations • Commercial Residential, Kitchen, Bath & Remodeling



For A Free Estimate For All Projects Call Victor: 428-5191 or 531-3888


Come and visit our showroom at

• Licensed • Bonded • Insured

Lic. #C24921 •

8 • AUGUST 26, 2012


Y3 Construction, Inc./Lic#BC15731

1018 Smith St. • Hon., HI 96817



Choose vinyl for a home siding product that’s durable

AUGUST 26 • 2012 9

TROPICAL WHOLESALE contact // 263-1252 • 456-4892 • 396-0971 web //


inyl is final and here is why. In 1962, the first vinyl siding was introduced in Hawaii. At the time, the siding options were:

Serving the Hawaiian Islands Since 1895




Cold applied products, hot applied products

WE FIX CRACKS! Fatigue, block, edge, longitudinal, reflective, transverse

1. Asbestos. Need I say

Call for a


FREE Estimate

2. Aluminum. This had a

Servicing All Islands

20-year warranty and almost made it most of the time, but it dented, faded, scratched and, worst of all, had a nontreated wood backer board that attracted termites, giving everyone the idea that all sidings caused termites (so untrue).

3. Then another Mainland genius thought of steel siding for Hawaii, and of course, it rusted and failed miserably.

4. Masonite siding. The idea was to take a bunch of untreated wood byproducts and glue press and paint them. It was a terrible idea that attracted termites, needed painting, was perfect for wood rot and failed miserably.

Then there was vinyl siding. The first vinyl siding job was installed in Hawaii 50 years ago, and it’s still there today. Back then, vinyl siding only had a 20-year warranty. Was it a good value? I would say so. Fifty years later, it’s still working while there are no asbestos, aluminum, steel or masonite siding products for sale in Hawaii.

Phone: (808) 839-2782 Toll Free: (800) 395-7325 2927 Mokumoa St., Honolulu, HI 96819

But vinyl siding is here. In fact, did you know almost every military building in Hawaii has vinyl siding as well as tens of thousands of other residential homes? Vinyl products have taken

over in windows, fencing, decking, roofing and gutter products. The reason is, “Vinyl is Final.” It has a lifetime warranty and is virtually maintenance-free. No more messy painting, peeling paint, wood rot, denting, scratching, fading, mildew and termites. Tropical has more than 20 colors and eight styles of vinyl siding. It has every style option from Vertical, Horizontal and

Shake to a Lifetime product that looks exactly like Hardi-board. Now that it’s time to paint, first consider vinyl siding. Think about never painting again. Paint lasts five years and costs almost the same as vinyl today with inflation. Call the experts, owners Matt and Mike Houar, at Tropical.They have more than 30 years of experience in the vinyl siding business in Hawaii.

LIC. #ABC-19

10 x 10 Special Only $1999 +tax

Contract License: #BC-27653 & #BC-14660

Over 10,000 Satisfied Customers

Free Estimates

Jalousie Window Replacements

Simonton Windows & Doors Rated #1 by J.D. Powers & Assoc.

Experts in Security Windows

SAVE 25%

New Finish Cabinets Just Arrived!

Call Us Today Offer Expires 09/30/12

Serving Hawaii For Over 30 Years

263-1252 / 456-4892 / 396-0971 Windward



Ph: 853-2088 • Fax: 853-2058 500 Alakawa St.#106, Hon., HI 96817 / Mon-Sat 8am - 5:30pm • Sun. Closed (Downtown - behind Costco Gas Station)


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10 AUGUST 26 • 2012


Leaving it to the concrete ‘Experts’

t Lokahi Garage Experts and our parent company Lokahi Stone Inc., our business has been all about making concrete look beautiful in Hawaii for almost a decade. From our expertise in pre-casting beautiful concrete countertops, polishing and coloring concrete floors to the placement and finish of commercial and residential decorative concrete installations, we are the experts in the decorative concrete business. We recognize concrete as the one of the most useful and important building blocks of architecture, and we treat it with reverence and pride. However, as much as we love concrete, we know that not all concrete is created equal. Much like the fictional character, Forest Gump, once said in describing life, we like to say “concrete is like a box of Chocolates because ya never know what you’re gonna get.” If you have a concrete surface that is rough and unattractive, chances are that when that surface was placed and finished, the design intention was to cover that concrete surface with another finish material such as tile, carpet, stone, wood or a laminate flooring system. In such cases, the concrete finishers and masons use specific techniques because they know the con-


LOKAHI GARAGE EXPERTS contact // 596-8833 address // 518 Kamani St. web // Lokahi santana

Lanikai green

crete will be covered and never seen again. These skilled tradesmen also use different, higher-quality techniques when placing and finishing concrete when they know that the surface will be visible. Similarly, utility areas such as lanais, walkways, basements and garages can be problematic for appearance and function: they may be finished too roughly, making the surface hard to clean and unattractive, or they may be finished with a slick surface that can be a slip hazard. We all know a wet slipper on a slick concrete surface can be very dangerous. Having dealt with and repaired concrete

issues such as these over the years, Lokahi Garage Experts is uniquely qualified to offer you a consultation and alternative Epoxy Products to mitigate the problems that can arise in new and existing concrete surfaces, and make those concrete surfaces both aesthetically pleasing and safe to walk on without slipping. Imagine an attractive concrete surface that is easy to clean, maintain and leaves you worry-free of stains, unsightly concrete cracks and chips. Next, imagine that you can have this beautiful surface installed in just one day with a manufacturer’s material life-

time warranty that guarantees no peeling or delaminating. When you select one of the unique styling textures — stunning Saddle Tan, Dolphin or other Epoxy colors — from Lokahi Garage Experts, you will have confidence in its unparalleled quality, lasting beauty and trouble-free durability. Lokahi Garage Experts’ coatings are also ultra low in VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) and odor, making them familyfriendly. Millions of square feet of Garage Experts Epoxy have been installed in homes over the past 10 years without fail. This is why the manufacturer has the experience and confidence to offer you a material lifetime warranty against peeling or delaminating from the existing concrete floor. Contact the company for a free inhome/garage estimate and more details on these terrific products and services for your home or commercial needs.


Lokahi Saddle Tan

Lokahi Kahala Brown

Lokahi Green

Many Colors to Choose From, Chemical Resistant, Hot Tire Resistant, Ultra Durable, Lifetime Warranty


Summer Installation Specials Call for Details

For All Your Electrical Needs $$ SAVE BIG ON PV Specializing in 200 AMP SOLAR ELECTRIC #C24921

upgrades for your PV System



808-531-2554 (ALLG) • • 10 • AUGUST 26, 2012



AUGUST 26 • 2012 11

Straight Talk About Cleanliness When it comes to the ongoing war between neat freaks and clutter bugs, it’s more important to live together in peace than to bump heads over a “messy” home

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: “When a neat freak and a clutter bug live together, why is it that the messy one is expected to make all the effort to keep things cleaner? Can’t the neat freak try to leave fewer things lying around? How can we get along?”

smiled when I read this question. Usually, I receive mail from others in the household, asking me what they can do to change the habits of messy people. Living together is not easy, especially when cleaning styles and level of tolerance are different.The good news, however, is it’s possible to live together harmoniously, even with contrasting styles. And yes, it’s not just about the messy person being neater. It is also about the neat person being more tolerant. Living together in peace is more about respect for each other and the commitment to the relationship than it is about the feng shui.


Molly and Jerry Molly hired me because she thought she and I were on the same page, and assumed I would side with her “against” Jerry by telling him that his messy habits were creating “bad energy” in the home. When I explained that the issue was more about finding a way for them to accept each other, given their contrasting styles, Molly was not pleased. She pulled me aside and told me that she had hired me to tell Jerry that he was in the wrong and needed to clean up his stuff, not that she had to change. I am often brought in to help settle disagreements over what is “better” energetically. When I am called in to address an environmental issue that the couple disagrees about, the solution is usually not about the proper feng shui but more often about ego, personal taste and individual style. In these cases, I find that some “life guidance” is in order. If you and your mate or roommate are at opposite ends of the cleanliness spectrum and want to improve

“clean is right,” but because you care about the relationship.

your relationship and experience more peace, here is my advice: Recognize that it is natural to have differences When it comes to the cleanliness and orderliness of a home, not everyone in the household will have the same standards. To some people, orderliness is not a priority, while to others it is a top priority. Accept others as they are Acknowledge that you cannot change or control the other person. You can only take responsibility for yourself. If you cannot reach this level of understanding, you will expend all of your energy complaining and judging, creating resistance and chaotic communication, as peace becomes an unfulfilled wish. Start by communicating When contrasting cleaning styles are a source of emotional stress, not dealing with the situation only builds resentment. Talk about the issue and use the following points to guide the conversation: 1. Take turns expressing what you see or don’t see as acceptable, and what “clutter,” “messy” or “dirty” means to you. To estab-

lish where you each are on the “clean ver-

sus messy” spectrum and to gain perspective, focus on the relevant areas of the home and talk about them without judgment or a need to be right. 2. Confine your conversation to what is relevant. Determine how you will manage the

common areas of your home. Be clear about what is most important to your mate or roommate, and to you. 3. Expect to compromise. What can you

Repeat as Needed Once you have made some progress, you will notice a greater sense of appreciation for each other, and your environment will feel lighter on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Although it can be difficult living with someone so different from you, the greatest level of success will come from a team effort.

Alice Inoue is a life guide at Alice Inoue Life Guidance, LLC, a company committed to assisting people in living empowered lives. Alice shares her wisdom as a professional speaker and personal consultant, and offers a series of instructional DVDs on feng shui, as well as her award-winning books on feng shui, happiness and spiritual life wisdom. Visit for more information.

commit to that will show the other person that you care? Both of you should come up with three things you are willing to do that are high on the other’s priority list. The neat person may agree that the dishes in the sink do not have to be washed Alice’s Nice Advice: Give immediately, while the messy Yourself A Boost Of Energy person may agree to clear ed is a “fire” color and can give you an papers off the dining room energetic lift. Place fire colored objects — table each evening. throws, pillows, statues, vases, silk flowers — in the room you spend the most time in. 4. Agree not to nag or comBring out your red clothes plain once you have commitand accessories. ted to the changes. As the neat Surround yourself person, be more tolerant than with red for an you have been. As the messy energetic boost person, make an effort to take this week! responsibility for what you


have agreed to, not because AUGUST 26, 2012 • 11

12 AUGUST 26 • 2012

Big projects that won’t cost big bucks hen it comes to home decor, going big at home may not seem like an option, especially if your budget is less than grand. In reality, it is possible to make a big difference in your home decor on just a moderate budget of $5,000 or less. The room that will give you the biggest “wow” for your investment is the one your guests spend the most time in — the living room. Here are some tips for getting that “go big” feeling for less money.


Do it yourself Look for high-visibility projects that you can reasonably do yourself, like painting, tiling or even installing murals for living rooms. Keep in mind your level of DIY skill and how polished and professional you can reasonably expect your finished product to look. If you choose a project that’s a bit above your current skill level, make sure you prep for the new experience with plenty of research

or a hands-on class. Many home improvement stores offer low-cost or even free classes on popular home improvement projects. Big projects look ... well, bigger It’s no mystery why repainting the walls, changing out flooring or switching window treatments all make such an impact on how a room looks. The bigger the surface area of the design element you change, the greater its affect on the room’s overall appearance. Making a design change to a large room element can allow you to generate major impact with a relatively minor investment of money. Window treatments can add up if you go with custom options, but if your windows are standard sized and you’re a savvy shopper, you can track down bargains that will allow you to dress up your windows for as little as a few thousand dollars. Painting is even more cost effective, and you can redo a large room for a few hundred dollars.



With installation of Hardie or Crane siding. Minimum order of 10 squares.

Choose from 6 glass styles that give you complete privacy without the need for blinds or curtains.

Not valid with other offers. Expires August 30, 2012. Surrender coupon at time of sale only.

>> Before

Borrow a designer’s trick When it comes to grand statements, designers have a trick or two up their sleeves. They also know how to make the most of a shoestring budget, so look to popular designer tricks for inspiration. One inte-

rior design technique that has held its popularity against the test of time (and the economy) is a wallpaper mural. Adding a custom wall mural to your interior design plans offers the opportunity for creativity and customization, and maximizes the use of your wall space in making a grand statement.

Expires August 30, 2012. Not valid with any other offers.

94-480 Akoki Street #4 • Waipahu, HI 96797

LIC # C-30910

671-0808 • 383-7233 • 12 • AUGUST 26, 2012


AUGUST 26 • 2012 13

The joy of vinyl wall murals


esigns — some measuring over seven feet tall and made of vinyl for easy application and clean-up — are showing up all over the house. And why not? These peel-andstick murals are recommended for smooth surface application only. No glue or water required. Wallies®, the nation’s leading sewing and craft pattern manufacturer and distributor, previews something for everyone in a free catalog, available online at Here are just a few possibilities: >> After

You can find plenty of online options at websites like, many for less than $1,000 and most for well under $3,000. They’re easy to install, and you can even opt for the type that is removable and reusable. So if you tire of the look, you can take it down and move it elsewhere, fold it

up and store it for another time and even color match it to your wall paint color. If you’ve decided to keep your fun money at home this season, you can go home and go big, with some planning, savvy shopping and a touch of DIY creativity.

Earn Up To A $300 Consumer Rebate On Select Bosch Cooktops

• You can turn a dull dining area into a chic café with modernist Color Swatches, or transform a child’s bedroom into a planetarium with serious science study. • It takes only a few easily applied appli-

cations of these completely washable decorations to brighten a kitchen and change the area’s mood. • Wallies® Peel & Stick Vinyl Wall Murals feature Renaissance Tulips, an elegant larger-than-life floral rendering, or a five-panel set of Modern Leaves. Both make attractive additions to any home or apartment walls.

For the Best in Premium Appliances & Winning Kitchen Designs

Effective September 1, 2012 to October 30, 2012




The Induction Cooktop Rebate* may be combined with the Bosch Kitchen Rebate. *Bosch Electric and Gas Cooktops not eligible Visit Our Showroom For Your Nearest Participating Dealer SHOWROOM HOURS:

2841 PUKOLOA ST. HONOLULU, HI 96819 Or Call

MON-FRI: 10am to 6pm SAT: 10am - 3pm


Visit our showroom featuring inspiring full scale kitchen displays


(between Piikoi St. & Keeaumoku St.)

authorized SUBZERO & WOLF dealer showroom Ph 589-1104 | Mon - Fri 10am - 6pm | Sat 10am - 4pm

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14 AUGUST 26 • 2012


The Naked Truth Shopping for a new place? If so, make sure you scrutinize the bare “bones” of the home. Failing to do so may cost you precious time and money

f you’ve been eyeing those low interest rates and getting ready to take the plunge by investing in the Hawaii real estate market — then allow me to say “yay!” Buying a home is always an exciting venture. So what should you look for when you’re shopping for a new abode? Any TV show or article about what to consider always starts with location, location, location — so I won’t go there. But let’s just say you’ve already narrowed down your choices. What should you be looking at? Just as a woman with great bone structure doesn’t need a lot of makeup, a well-structured home makes things easier on the homeowner. Take a look at the bones: Is it well-designed? Is there a good floor plan? Does it have a good flow so that it functions well for you and your family? The answers could save you a lot in remodeling costs. Other things to look for: Higher ceilings that give a sense of spaciousness. An attic or some sort of insulation that offers protection from the direct heat of the sun and makes the home cooler. Wider hallways. Decent-size bedrooms. In many condos, storage is a consideration. Did developers include enough closet space? How about built-in storage? That’s always a plus. Also, is there natural light streaming in? What about good cross-ventilation? This is what I mean about the bones of a home. Here’s a fun trick that always gets a giggle from my workshop attendees. Look at the home naked. OK, now don’t get too excited … I’m not saying walk into >> After an open house with no clothes on! What I mean is to coordinated towel sets and the basket of spa amenities on look at a house as if it were completely stripped of all the the vanity that he or she doesn’t see how outdated and pretty things — the furniture, accessories and other things worn the bathroom is. that can stage a home. Unless you’re making an offer for a So look at the home naked. Avoid the temptation to be completely furnished home, the finishing touches won’t sidetracked. In your mind’s eye, strip away everything you necessarily be there when the sale is complete. know will not come with the home. There’s a lot you can do with smoke and mirrors, i.e. Is the basin in good condition? Is the toilet new or will it staging. You see, I’ve been on the other side. I’ve assisted have to be replaced? Are you going to have to install a homeowners and Realtors in creatively distracting potential frameless glass shower enclosure in place of the shower home buyers with wall color, furniture and accessories. It’s curtain that’s there now? amazing what you can create in warmth and ambience Area rugs on the carpet or floor should be lifted up if when you have a well-decorated space. possible to see if they’re hiding a stain or a tear, or even critIt’s almost like becoming a magician. A home buyer might ters who shouldn’t be there! be so taken with the charming pictures on the wall, the


14 • AUGUST 26, 2012

>> Before

The open floor plan and high-vaulted koa ceiling were what the author first noticed about this home on Waialae Nui Ridge. In fact, the value and beauty of the ceiling alone were reasons enough for the author to purchase, fix and sell the home. PHOTOS COURTESY OF CATHY LEE

And what’s the condition of the kitchen appliances? It’s those appliances that will be staying — not the cool coffee machine with the cute tray of coffee cups next to it. Trust me, I’ve done that! Hey, I’m not saying not to appreciate what the homeowner or stager did. If you’re charmed, take away ideas for your eventual home. But as you move through each room, see the space for what it is. Look for things that will end up costing you money to fix up or replace. This simple step can save you a lot of grief and dollars down the road.

Cathy Lee is president and designer of Cathy Lee Style and Cathy’s Marketplace, a furniture and accessories showroom with design services at 1110 University Ave. in Moiliili. Lee’s interior design work has been featured in local and national publications, on HGTV and in her DIY design workshops that teach homeowners the basics of style. To find out more, go to



AUGUST 26 • 2012 15

Is your roof ready for solar energy?

s more and more Hawaii homes and businesses are looking into solar installation to help fight rising energy costs, the number of homes and businesses switching to solar panels is on the rise for both residential and commercial properties statewide. Before installing a solar panel array, it is important to assess the condition of the existing roof. By ensuring the integrity of the existing roofing system, you will avoid future problems such as leakage, repair or the need to remove panels to re-roof. Certain types of roofs, such as tile and shingle roofs, can present challenges to the solar contractor like cracked tiles or loose shingles. By having your roof inspected and getting the necessary repairs prior to solar installation, you ensure that your roof is in proper condition for solar installation and is less likely to cause you problems in the future. Your existing roof ’s warranty is another important factor to consider. Knowing the warranty of an existing roof is vital when deciding to go solar. If the warranty will expire soon or a homeowner has experienced persistent leakage, it is a good idea to install a new roof before mak-


SURFACE SHIELD contact // 396-9599 web // •

ing the investment for solar. Removing solar equipment to make repairs to a damaged roof can be quite costly. Therefore, it is important to know how much longer you have until your warranty expires, so you

can make the best decision. An inexpensive way to enhance the integrity of the substrate (roofing surface) on your flat or low-pitch roof is through the installation of a coating system. This

WOOD, Building Naturally.

K M Electric has partnered with EDH Solar Electric to offer Photovoltaic installations island wide.

It Just Makes Cents!



Provide Comfort and Watertight reliability now, with a New Roof installed by

SURFACE SHIELD ROOFING CO.! Energy Efficient Roof Coatings


water-tight system ranges in price from roughly $3 to $5 per foot and holds material warranties ranging from five years to the lifetime of the structure. It is advantageous to coat your roof prior to solar installation because this creates a watertight membrane that will not allow water to penetrate and cause leakage in the future. For steeper roofing surfaces, asphalt shingles are a great option. They are also cost-effective and have many great warranty options from 20 years to the lifetime of the structure. Pricing for this roofing system ranges from $3.50 to $5.50 per foot. The staff at Surface Shield Roofing works on a daily basis with many local solar companies to ensure that the integrity of the roof isn’t compromised and remains sound before and after solar installation. Professionals will assist you with an assessment of the existing roof and help you determine the most cost-effective and efficient way to go solar without needless long-term costs. Whether it be a watertight coating system for flat and low-pitch roofs, a new metal roof or a new asphalt shingle roof, we will help you from start to finish and ensure your roof is in perfect condition for solar installation.

• Lower the roof temperature of your home or Building up to 40% • Lifetime Material Warranty Available

Schedule for FREE estimate today!


BBB Member. Fully licensed, bonded and insured. Non-union, locally owned & operated for 16 years.

We Specialize in:

The Value of WOOD

Residential – Commercial Re-Roofing – Repair – Inspections

82% to 107% price advantage over other building materials


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‹ >VVK\ZLZ SLZZLULYN`[VWYVK\JL[OHUV[OLY I\PSKPUNTH[LYPHSZ ‹ >VVKJVUK\J[Z[PTLZSLZZOLH[[OHUV[OLYI\PSKPUN TH[LYPHSZ ‹ >VVKOVTLZ\ZLMHYSLZZLULYN`HUK TVUL`[VZ[H`JVVS For more information ab bout w wo wood/lu umber projects or to learn about the value off mem membership mbe p in HLPA

Visit Our Website 541-WOOD ( 9663 )

Hawaii Kai 396-9599 • Honolulu 739-9599 Windward 261-6686 • Leeward 487-9599 Free Island Wide Estimates

Lic. #C-28235

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16 AUGUST 26 • 2012


Apply the ‘Golden’ touch to your kitchen BY KYLE GALDEIRA

ince opening its doors in 2007, Golden Cabinets has gained a reputation for offering quality, affordable cabinetry to Hawaii’s consumers. Owner Wayne Cao noticed how expensive it had become to purchase cabinets in Hawaii and sought to bring more affordable options to residents looking to either build from scratch or remodel existing spaces. “When we transform a client’s outdated kitchen into a new, more functional kitchen, it is most satisfying seeing their face and hearing how much their whole family enjoys this new element in their home,” Cao said. Golden Cabinets has a new location to serve its customers that have come to appreciate the company’s professional customer service, quality products and reasonable prices. With a larger space at its KalihiPalama store located at 1299 Kaumualii St., Golden Cabinets offers a multitude of cabinetry in addition to 50 varieties of countertops, 30 choices of sinks and high-quality tile varieties — a perfect combination when renovating a bathroom or kitchen.


Golden Cabinets offers seven varieties of wood that are used in designing cabinetry. The Luxurious Cherry offers consumers a fine-grain wood that features a smooth texture and satiny feel. The option closely resembles the coveted Koa wood appearance and is usually finished with a medium or dark stain to bring out the wood’s mahogany-red tones. Cherry is integral in defining the Shaker, Mission and countrystyle cabinets offered at Golden Cabinets. Other styles of Cherry wood that the company offers include the Royal Cherry — the company’s topof-the-line wood option — as well as Golden Cherry, which offers consumers a lighter tone of wood with the same strength as its darker alternatives. Honey Maple is another popular choice among buyers looking for a hard wood (this hard maple is also used in making hardwood floors and bowling alley lanes) that can provide the perfect combination of durability and beauty. The White Oak helps brighten a room, as the wood’s white stain

GOLDEN CABINETS & STONE INC. contact // 836-8181 or 836-8166 (fax) address // 1299 Kaumualii St. web //

and lacquered finish last longer than paint, which tends to peel off at a faster rate. Golden Cabinets also offers a wide range of cabinetry options, including 30- and 40inch wall cabinets as well as the option of including glass panels as an added artistic element. Special orders are welcomed. Other possibilities include modifying office areas, adding closets or sprucing up a garage

Never clean your windows again!

or lanai with various cabinets and storage elements. “We truly appreciate each and every one of our clients who has given Golden Cabinets the opportunity to fulfill their cabinetry needs,” Cao said. For more information or to speak with a design consultant, call 836-8181 or log on to


Just hose ‘em and forget ‘em!

with Shirley Pai Hilton, Pres. & CEO, PII


Subfloor moisture is often the cause of problems with new flooring. A 72-hour calcium chloride test must be done prior to installation to determine moisture level and prescribed action. It is also a great insurance policy against future risks. Learn more at our next seminar below. Aloha!

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“I guarantee to offer lower prices than any other Window & Door supplier in Hawaii, for a comparable product” - J.M. Griffin, President

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Visit our showroom in Kaneohe beside King Windward Nissan. Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm • Sat: 10am-3pm • 45-564 Kamehameha Hwy. Kaneohe 16 • AUGUST 26, 2012

Huge Savings, Incredible and Unbeatable Price! Over 2000 pre-fab countertops IN-STOCK, ing Lo MovN all 112" 3 side bullnose w e Selects of tions! to a ation Loc 1299 Kaumuali‘i St. • Honolulu, HI 96817

FREE Seminar

WOOD & STONE FLOORING 101 Saturday, September 15, 2012 • 10AM Please call to reserve a seat

(Kapalama Area, Cross Waiakamilo Road)

Ph: 836-8181 • Fax: 836-8166

Hawaii’s Best Flooring! 926 KOHOU STREET ✦ HONOLULU ✦ 847-7711



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A company that gives back to the community Building a successful business is like building a house: You have to start off with a strong foundation rom the moment Bonterra Solar was founded in 2009, a key part of the compaBONTERRA SOLAR ny’s foundation has been its extensive work contact // 548-7657(SOLR) within the community. address // 4218 Waialae Ave. #A203 “Charity may begin at home, but if you don’t web // incorporate the spirit of giving into your business, you’ll never be truly successful,” said Andrew Yani, Bonterra’s founder and principal. “Success isn’t just about making money, it’s about being a contributing memKokua for those in need ber of the community in which you live.” Bonterra’s most direct impact on the community comes through its free installations of solar water heating systems Taking care of the “good earth” for owners of every home built by Habitat for Humanity. The people who work at Bonterra also believe that “Bonterra is a great partner,” said Genie Brown, Honolulu being part of Hawaii’s solar energy industry carries with Habitat for Humanity’s executive director. “With their it special responsibilities, which include promoting a donations, we are able to provide safe, decent homes with “green” lifestyle and being a good steward of the environquality, energy-saving products. We appreciate their genment by helping to replace the use of oil-generated enererosity and sponsorship of our mission!” gy with clean, abundant solar energy. To date, Bonterra has joined with community volunteers “It was not an accident that we named the company to install solar hot water systems on six Habitat for Bonterra,” said Yani. “It means ‘good earth,’ and it captures Humanity homes as part of its commitment to bring the our philosophy of taking care of these Islands and our benefits of solar energy to Hawaii families. planet.” Bonterra’s support of Habitat for Humanity is in line with the company’s Campaign for a Solar Hawaii to help Oahu


residents reduce their electricity bills. Bonterra is the exclusive installer of photovoltaic systems on new homes built by Gentry Homes and was chosen by the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands as the photovoltaic installation company for Kaupuni Village in Waianae, the country’s first netzero energy community. “I’m proud that Bonterra is one of the fastest-growing solar companies in Hawaii,” Yani said. “I believe that success is due in large part to the aloha we have for the Islands and kokua we share with our neighbors.”

Bonterra Solar is located at 4218 Waialae Ave., #A203 in Honolulu. For more information, visit www.bonterra or call 548-7657(SOLR).


$899 Kitchen Remodel with granite

*Come in for Details. Expires 8/31/12

FREE In-Home Consultation & Estimate

Custom Homes • Additions 737-7766 Remodeling • Kitchen • Bath BC-11768 • Bonded • Insured

Full Construction Services

In-Stock Cabinetry, Flooring & Stone Also Available

Custom Cabinetry Commercial & Residential

Design • Remodel • New Builds

FREE Estimates: Call 847-3888 Showroom: 570 Dillingham Blvd.

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18 AUGUST 26 • 2012


Creating a stylish outdoor living area

ooden outdoor furniture always looks good in the beginning. Then it usually turns gray and eventually falls apart because of unsuitable materials and poor design. It has been Island Style Furnishings’ goal to search for the best outdoor wooden furniture available. Australia is known for its punishing environment, and one company from Brisbane has designed an all-weather furniture to survive for years. Merbau wood (also known as Kwila) is regarded as one of the most durable and stable timbers in the world, and it is the most important aspect of the furniture. It is well-known as the wood-of-choice for building docks, decks and flooring. Merbau is the perfect wood for outdoor furniture. It is twice as hard and strong as teak, which makes it resistant to abrasion, pitting and roughening. Prior to manufacturing, the Merbau is kiln-dried to stabilize the timber so it doesn’t warp or crack. The furniture contains a reddish-brown tannin, which gives it its characteristic color. This tannin makes the wood naturally rot- and insect-proof. Mortise and tenon joints with cross doweling are used throughout each piece. All hardware is corrosion-resistant, 304-grade stainless steel and nickel-plated brass. Each piece comes coated with three applications of Sikkens Cetol One TM, which provides a protective, durable and beautiful finish that is easy to maintain. Island Style Furnishings is the exclusive dealer for Australis Leisure brand furniture. All pieces are covered by a comprehensive five-year warranty. The company is located at 46-212 Kahuhipa St. in Kaneohe (directly across from City Mill). Its hours of operation are 11 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Call 234-1129 or visit the online catalog at www.


ISLAND STYLE FURNISHINGS contact // 234-1129 address // 46-212 Kahuhipa St. web //



Outdoor rattAn closeout sale

up to 50% Off 4pc. Bar Set


reg. $1,799

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reg. $2,799 (accessories not included)

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PCO 924


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Solar Fan

with reroof or new roof Certified 5 star master shingle installer We install all roofing types • New Gutters • Reroofing • New Roofs • Apollo Solar Roofing (PV) • Repairs

FREE ESTIMATES, • Licensed • Insured CALL


Hours: Wed-Sun: 11am-5pm ®

18 • AUGUST 26, 2012

6pc Living Set


A+ BBB Rating

99-205 Moanalua Rd. Bldg. C. Unit #213 • Aiea, Hawaii 96701 • email:



AUGUST 26 • 2012 19

Easy tips for achieving your renovation goals BY KYLE GALDEIRA

eciding to remodel a kitchen or bathroom can make a homeowner’s dreams come true. However, the project can become a nightmare if one is overwhelmed by the process of planning and waiting for those dreams to become reality, while also dealing with unexpected alterations and hiccups along the way. With more than 50 years of combined experience, Don Holcomb and Dan Holt formed DH Squared Construction in 2007. In addition to specializing in custom home building and remodeling, DH Squared also produces unique and exquisite made-toorder cabinets. The company is well-versed in the home renovation business and compiled some vital tips to help homeowners with simplifying the course of action. To start the process, a homeowner should gather his or her thoughts, compiling a folder full of photos, concepts and ideas that are gleaned from television, magazines or Hawaii Renovation. This folder should also include current photos of the home and examples of existing spaces and design concepts already utilized so potential designers have a foundation on which to work. Whether a homeowner is making changes to a bathroom, kitchen or both, DH Squared suggests making a list of “needs, wants and desires.” This will solidify aspects of the remodeling job that are absolutely


DH SQUARED CONSTRUCTION contact // 383-2218

needed, making them vital to the job’s success such as changes that are selected to add value, but do not necessarily need adjusting, and items that are desired, but may add more of a “wow” factor as opposed to simple functionality. Making such a list will aid in determining exactly what can and should be done based on a homeowner’s budget, and will cut out some of the stress involved with addressing specific needs, whether it be adding new cabinetry or fixtures. After establishing a budget and selecting a qualified designer and contractor, homeowners must be prepared for the “chaos” that will ensue. Some homeowners forget that during the remodeling process, there will be limitations to certain areas. It is vital to establish alternative living areas within the home so life can go on with as little disruption possible. Before construction begins, work with the building team to block any openings with plastic barriers. This prevents dust and dirt from wafting into other areas of the home. Another important step is to inspect new items from the time they enter the home


until the installation is complete. For instance, if new cabinetry is ordered, the homeowner should make sure that the cabinet style and color is consistent with what was ordered.Then, once the cabinetry is put in place, the homeowner should make sure all doors and drawers open and function correctly so problems can be addressed before signing off on the completed project. When it comes to cabinet design and construction, DH Squared is able to help with an efficient manufacturing process aided by some of the world’s finest technology. “We started the cabinet business in 2008 to provide our clients with a customquality cabinet made in Hawaii with a fast turnaround time. We wanted them to have the best product available with all the desired features,” said Holcomb while mentioning the TenonCam cabinet design and fabrication system that DH Squared utiCustom

lizes. “It’s part of a lean manufacturing process that allows us to work more efficiently. It saves on time and material costs as well. In the old days, when we did all this by hand, what took us a week now takes us a day. We’re more efficient and produce more, so we are able to pass this cost savings on to our clients. One of the good things is that our cabinets are made in Hawaii, so if anything changes, or any pieces need to be replicated, we’re able to react right then, quickly.” For more information, call 383-2218 or visit

CABINETS BY DH SQUARED Custom Built in our State of the Art Cabinet Shop


New Home Construction Additions and Renovations

500 Alakawa St. #116C M-F 8am-3:30pm Weekend and after hours, call for appointment Contractor Lic. #BC-30395

Kitchen & Bath • 808.383.2218


Lic# BC-29228



✔ 50 Years Material Warranty by Gaco ✔ Professionally Installed or Do-It-Yourself


Products shown: Hawaiian Sunguard & GacoRoof



Thank you for your continued support! To make room for an expanded inventory of additional lines of Glass Block we are offering up to 50% off 284 Kalihi St. selected Pittsburgh Corning patterns. 841-2565 This sale won’t last forever— come in early for best selection


E. W.

CALL: 537-5349 FAX: 843-2729

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20 AUGUST 26 • 2012


Catching on to island-style cabinetry onsador Lumber has designed and imported an exclusive brand of cabinets for kitchens and baths known as Islander Cabinetry. Designed for island living, it is available from island inventories and comes in different door styles, stain finishes and three hardwood species. The line is established and has met with incredible success because of its quality and availability from robust Hawaii inventories. The entry-level cabinet is the Oak Hardwood species in a distinctive raisedpanel door style with a medium-stain finish. The mid-level cabinet features a Shaker Style using a Birch hardwood species and natural finish. Additional choices are available in the slightly higher priced Shaker Style in both natural and Cherry finishes. On the higher end of the spectrum sits the Kamalani product, which is made from genuine Walnut species and a modest raised-panel door style. Islander Cabinetry is constructed using 5/8-inch-thick Hardwood plywood. There is no particle board in the product line. Cabinets feature a strong face-frame design in Mortise and Tenon construction.The quality features continue to the adjustable and concealed chrome hinges that open beyond 90 degrees for easy access to cabinet interiors. Drawer slides are heavy-duty and come


HONSADOR LUMBER contact // Hilo: 961-6000 • Kauai: 2462412 • Kona: 329-0738 • Maui: 8775045 • Oahu: 356-1889 web//

in standard or soft-close function. Dovetail is standard and shelving is constructed from sturdy 3/4-inch hardwood plywood with finished edging. Cabinets are completely assembled and ready for easy installation. Quality was a major concern, and the only way you can guarantee seamless quality is to have careful inspection of all the parts that go into each cabinet. That’s how “Quality Touch” was born. Every part is looked at and accepted during the manufacturing phase. The most important part of our “Quality Touch” program is that every cabinet is fumigated to rid all parts of insects such as termites and beetles. Insects could cause serious, unnoticed damage months after installation, when it’s too late and the damage has been done.This is a Honsador exclusive. Islander Cabinetry was created to close the gap between domestic and marginal imported cabinets. Many imported brands leave out certain features found in domestic

(U.S.-produced) cabinetry. Imported brands tend to have thinner cabinet sides, thin shelves that can sag under use, poorly constructed drawer boxes and lightweight drawer slides. There are no short cuts and weak

materials used in Islander Cabinetry products. Islander is truly a high-value, affordable cabinet. Ask about Islander Flooring and Islander Granite, two great companion products to round out the family of Islander products.

A special addition to our early King’s Collection (Oak) and Queen’s Collection (Birch) cabinet products. “Kamalani” features beautiful genuine Walnut Hardwood, Face Frames and Doors.

s Solid Walnut Hardwood Face Frames and Doors s Prefinished Hardwood Plywood interiors s 3/4” Plywood shelving s Durable furniture finish Featuring our “slow close” full extension drawer hardware, standard.

with “Quality Touch”

Ph: 356-1889 or 356-1893‡




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Faucets • Tiles • Sinks • Solid Wood & Bamboo Flooring • Granite • Cabinets • Quartz • Mirrors

155 Sand Island Access Rd Ph: Mon - Sat 8 am - 5 pm

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New mobile app puts flooring plan in hand


and family can share their opinions on the new, virtual flooring. Users can also make purchases directly from the app or scan QR codes located in stores or in catalogs to get more product information and exclusive deals. And when they’re ready to buy, there’s a store locator in the application and a calculator to help customers determine the amount of flooring needed for the upcoming project. Lumber Liquidators founder Tom Sullivan believes everyone deserves to get the best for less and to find flooring that’s right for their home. “Now, in addition to the

New Elite Dealer Pricing Call Today!

Premium Quality

Mitsubishi 255W Modules Great Durability in High-Saline Areas Excellent Workmanship & Quality 25 Year Power Output Warranty Lead-free Solder Connections

free samples and expert advice homeowners can get at a Lumber Liquidators store, they have a new app to help them pick the perfect floor,” Sullivan said. “And just like our advice, it doesn’t cost a dime.” To learn more about the Lumber Liquidators’ free Floor Finder app, see a video of it in action, or enter its sweepstakes to win an iPad plus $1,000 toward Lumber Liquidators flooring. Visit

http://www.lumberliquida nderApp.

Upcoming American Savings Bank Events Come join us at the following Americian Savings Bank branches to learn more about their Clean Energy Loan 9/1, Makiki Branch 9:30am - 12:30pm

9/1, Kailua Branch 10:00am - 1:00pm

9/7, Mililani Town Center 2:00pm - 6:00pm

9/15, Makiki Branch 9:30am - 12:30pm

Made 100% in Japan Monocrystalline Cells Half-Cut Cell 4 Busbar Cell Black Frame

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Rated A+! We’re

18 Years of Quality Service to Hawaii

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Weatherproofing Hawaii

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Licensed. Insured. Bonded. Hawaii Operated.

Call us now 808.647.4477 401 Kamakee St., Ste. 417, Honolulu Visit us online

LIC# ABC-27180

Visit us online at

pplications for smartphones and tablets are everywhere today and more than ever, people are using these applications to save time and money while finding that perfect product to enhance their busy lives. In 2011, there were almost 1.2 billion mobile Web users worldwide, the International Telecommunication Union estimated. This included nearly half (46 percent) of Americans, according to a 2011 study by comScore. Naturally, many of these mobile Web users are homeowners and maximizing the value of their biggest investment is at the forefront of their minds. Flooring is vital to achieving that goal, and a new flooring application for iPhone and iPad is leading the way. Lumber Liquidators — North America’s largest specialty retailer of wood flooring — recently introduced a new version of its Floor Finder application with features that make finding the perfect floor a breeze. In addition to providing mobile access to every floor in Lumber Liquidators’ inventory, the latest Floor Finder app includes a feature called The Visualizer. This allows users to see how a floor will actually look in their very own room, using a room photo taken by the user. These photos can also be uploaded to social media platforms where friends

License No. C-26041

LIC# C-31749

681 S. King Street (808) 529-4599 Federally insured by NCUA. Home Loans are provided through CU Network Services LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hawaii Central Federal Credit Union (HCFCU). NMLS# 412820; NMLS# 375459

Alternate Energy Inc., 96-1276 Waihona St. #124 Pearl City, HI 96782,

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22 AUGUST 26 • 2012


The fashionable approach to pathways, concrete surfaces G

GRANICRETE HAWAII contact // 626-5418 address // 525 Kokea St., Unit C7 web //

ranicrete Hawaii is an up-and-coming business that hit the ground running in April 2010. Owner Brad Begonia decided to bring the innovative and unique resurfacing solutions from Granicrete International, one of the nation’s premier decorative finish companies, to Hawaii. As the wholesale distributor of Granicrete for the islands, the company provides DIY (do it yourself) classes for homeowners and has trained a network of certified installers on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island. Granicrete Hawaii also specializes in custom concrete flooring solutions and utilizes decorative concrete overlays, stamped concrete and staining. Its team of decorative concrete experts combines years of experience with creative and artistic talents to produce stunning results. They are able to simulate naturalstone looks and create one-of-a-kind works of art. Decorative concrete overlays dramatically improve the look of your existing floor in a matter of days. Granicrete Hawaii installers simply resurface your existing concrete with a polymer-modified concrete overlay to completely transform its appearance and texture. They handcraft flooring overlays to create virtually any look, including flagstone, slate, travertine or tiles. Granicrete overlays endure all types of weather and are suitable for uneven surfaces, steps and heavy-traffic areas. If your slab isn’t suitable for an overlay, Granicrete Hawaii can pour a new decorative concrete slab over it. Go simple or add a stain and/or decorative stamping in stone textures, slate and flagstone patterns.

Bathroom Refinishing

Stains are a great way to add some personality and warmth to concrete, turning dull, gray slabs into beautifully colored spaces.They are available in a wide variety of colors and applied directly to your existing concrete slab or on to decorative overlays. Stained concrete flooring is great for interior and exterior spaces and offers numerous benefits. Interested in learning more about Granicrete Hawaii? You’re invited to its Grand Re-Opening on Saturday, Sept. 15 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the company’s new showroom, conveniently located in the Kokea Center at 525 Kokea St., Unit C7. See samples of interior and exterior flooring options, meet the team, enjoy refreshments and enter to win the drawings for a free Granicrete DIY class or 25 percent off installation services. You can also enjoy these informative seminars:

• Why DIY? Benefits of Granicrete DIY Classes. This seminar starts at 10:30 a.m.

• The Concrete Solution for You: Overlays, Stains and Stamping. This seminar begins at 12:30 p.m.

Normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Visit or call 6265418 for more information.

Where Quality, Craftsmanship and Value Meet. Kitchens • Baths • Additions New Home & Commercial Construction

$25.00 OFF Bathtub Reglazing, Porcelain, Fiberglass on Tubs and Tub Shower combos.

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Bathtubs • Showers • Counters

• Discounts Available for Realty, Contractors & Senior Citizens. • Professional Crack and Chip Repair

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G&S Shutter Designs The Innovative Polycore Shutter

Concrete Overlays, Stains & Stamped Concrete


Saturday, 9/15 • 10am-2pm DIY Classes: 9/7-8, 10/12-13 Call for FREE Estimate (808) 626-5416 22 • AUGUST 26, 2012

FREE In-Home Estimates 808.383.1407

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630-6741 or 285-3663

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Putting a fresh spin on your garden decor D

uring summer, gardens and outdoor green spaces often look limp and lifeless because of lots of hot, sunny days and limited precipitation. No need to despair, just a few simple tips can help to rejuvenate any outdoor space:

Garden mulch Mulch adds a nice, finished look to beds, paths and containers alike. It also helps to keep weeds out by blocking access to sunlight, reduces competition for water and nutrients from weeds, retains moisture in the soil where the roots can access it and moderates soil temperatures. In essence, mulching around plants, trees and shrubs is fundamental to keeping water where it is needed.

Hardscape color A great way to bring back those fading colors of summer and add a fresh look to the patio, porch or balcony is with new pillows or cushions. This time of year most retailers have outdoor furniture and furnishings on sale, so a new color scheme isn’t necessarily out of reach. Also, add color with some fresh new containers, a splash of paint on old furniture or a new set of serving ware and napkins for a dinner party.

dinner on the balcony, lighting can make all the difference. Recycle mason jars and wine bottles into new lanterns by filling them with candles or a string of twinkle lights. Don’t let the heat of summer destroy the garden. Just following these few simple steps can bring new found color and interest to any outdoor space.

Roof That Lasts A Lifetime • Lifetime Mfr. Warranty • Made from 95% Recycled Materials • Maintenance Free • Reduces Energy Use FREE Estimates Call Fred Today

Lights Lighting is always a fun way to perk up any space, especially an outdoor one. Whether adding a strand of twinkle lights around the porch, a few solar lanterns to light a path or some new candles to illuminate a

847-8885 BC-15135

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on select motorized window fashions from Hunter Douglas.

Make a powerful fashion statement and save, June 30 – September 4, 2012. Hunter Douglas motorized window fashions offer convenient remote-control operation and a clean look without lifting cords for enhanced child safety. Ask for details today.

Some restrictions may apply. Call for details.

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Email: • Open Mon-Sun 8 am - 5pm

1030 Kohou St Ste 201 Honolulu, HI • 808-847-0216 M-F 8:00-4:30 • Sat 9:00-2:00 * Manufacturer’s rebate offer valid for qualifying purchases of select Hunter Douglas window fashions with PowerRise® or PowerGlide® motorized systems made 6/30/12 – 9/4/12. All rebates will be issued in U.S. dollars, in the form of an American Express® Prepaid Reward Card. This rebate offer may not be combined with any other Hunter Douglas offer or promotion. © 2012 Hunter Douglas. All rights reserved. All trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.

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HOMEOWNERS DESIGN CENTER contact // 847-0216 address // 1030 Kohou St., Ste 201 web //

Taking care of your design from start to finish Forty-plus years of experience coupled with an array of remodeling products means Homeowners Design Center is ready to complete your dream renovation omeowners Design Center has been family owned and operated since 1969. Our experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to help you with all your residential and commercial needs. Whether you are looking for flooring, kitchen or bath cabinets, countertops or window coverings, Homeowners Design Center provides one-stop convenience with a large selection of the latest products.


Quality design proves we listen Our company has a specialist in every department. Consultants have many years of experience in their fields and will work together to provide you with coordinating designs, quality products and professional installation. We also provide customers with kitchen and bath design services as well as flooring and window covering consultations with free estimates.Times and styles have changed in modern homes. Kitchens have become the focal point and often a gathering place for family and friends. Open and warm, they are no longer the closed-off spaces they were 20 years ago. Homeowners Design Center’s staff of experi24 • AUGUST 26, 2012

enced kitchen and bath designers, along with our flooring and window covering consultants, can help develop a design that fits your lifestyle, space and budget. Choosing the best for our customers Our company’s access to a variety of products and vendors means we will recommend what will work best for you, regardless of the brand. Our constantly updated sample and display materials from local and national vendors means less time in research and less leg work for your project. Everything you need in one place With so many choices for cabinetry, the National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends asking for a cabinet that is KCMA-certified, CARB-compliant and has a long warranty. Homeowners Design Center features many cabinet lines that will meet those guidelines, or exceeds them, with lifetime warranties and U.S.-made materials. With a number of cabinet lines to choose from, we have many choices to meet your budget needs. Whether you prefer the natural variations of granite, marble or maple butcher block, or

the consistency of materials such as Corian, Staron, Silestone or Zodiaq, the company can help you choose the perfect countertop to complement your kitchen or bath. Looking for something warm and rustic, soft and elegant or easy to maintain? Homeowners Design Center can help you pick the right flooring. Wood is classic, warm and natural. Carpet is soft and quiet. Vinyl resists spills and stains. Ceramic and natural stones will last nearly forever. Laminates simulate the look of wood and ceramics, often at a lower cost and with lower maintenance. For the final touch, you may need window coverings. The large showroom of displays at Homeowners Design Center can help you decide what would best suit your home. Choose from elaborate drapery and valance combinations or clean, contemporary lines of vertical blinds as well as a large selection of fabric shades. Luminette, Silhouette, Pirouette, Vignette and Duette From Hunter Douglas are also available. Peace of mind and highest value Homeowners Design Center believes in measuring the value of your investment over

the long term, which has enabled its success for more than 40 years. High-quality products are professionally installed and designed to last, along with worry-free customer service that saves you time and money.This is how we have always done business and this recipe has helped us become a leader in the industry.

Free seminars For more information on how to get started, sign up for one of the free seminars held every second Saturday of the month. We feature a panel of experts in Construction, Finance and Design to shed light on building a new home or remodeling an existing one.

No risks All you have to do is call, make an appointment, bring your plans in or stop by the showroom to get started. With kitchen and bath design services and free estimates, what are you waiting for? The address is 1030 Kohou St., Ste. 201. Hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Call 847-0216 or visit


Hawaii Renovation August 26, 2012  

Hawaii Renovation August 26, 2012

Hawaii Renovation August 26, 2012  

Hawaii Renovation August 26, 2012