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Dear members,    In response to concerns that you might not be considered for a salary increase if you do not complete the Evolve  form we advise; All salaries below the maximum of a grade are required to be reviewed annually by salary review committees  which include staff representatives. The criteria (attached) outlined in the General Staff Collective Agreement  (CEA) together with the job description (JD) are to be used for salary progression and merit and bonus payments.  * And remember under E4.2 of the CEA affordability and market relativity are not criteria listed for salary  progression and merit and bonus payments. What you can do To Members 1. Complete the Evolve form with the disclaimer that you do not wish the information to be used to inform  your annual salary review. 2. Using the attached criteria identify which are relevant to your job and check off where you believe you  have consistently exceeded expectations. Provide examples/evidence 3. Seek a short meeting with your manager (you could do this at the same time as Evolve meeting) 4. Ask your manager to check where they believe you have you have consistently exceeded expectations 4. Ask that this information along with your JD is used by the review committees to review your salary To TEU Manager members We are keeping this as simple as possible with you in mind. You could check off the criteria, as per our advice to  members above, at the same time as the Evolve meeting.  Once complete this information can be forwarded to  the salary review committees. *There is a right of appeal “where a case can be made that the salary review criteria have not been sufficiently  addressed” all members who received no or insufficient increases should contact TEU which will support  appropriate appeals. TEU with the TEU lawyer is arranging to meet with the employer next week. Regards Jane Kostanich Organiser

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General Staff Collective Employment Agreement




Salary Review Committees

All salaries below the maximum of a grade shall be reviewed annually by salary review committees which will include staff representatives, selected jointly by management and the unions. E4.2


The following criteria together with the job description will be used for salary progression and merit and bonus payments: Â


Application of job skills and knowledge, where appropriate: - has sound knowledge of job - applies skills and knowledge - is able to plan and organise work effectively - meets deadlines - seeks and applies workable solutions to problems within the area of responsibility - accepts responsibility for delegated tasks - produces work of high quality - is able to think and plan strategically (ii) -

Application of people skills, where appropriate:

is an effective communicator (written, oral and listening skills) relates well to people at all levels is willing to assist others provides clear instructions and follow up is an effective team member is able to delegate appropriately demonstrates appropriate leadership skills uses sound development techniques with staff provides quality service to customers/users

(iii) Application of personal skills, where appropriate: job -

demonstrates initiative and takes independent action appropriate to the makes sound decisions and understands decision making process demonstrates sound judgment of situations understands and follows instructions is able to work without constant or close supervision is able to work under pressure seeks additional work is a positive force in the work environment.

(iv) In reviewing the salary of each member of staff, the University will take into consideration internal pay equity.   


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