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September 2016

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Winter We draw the Sage Fly Combo! Roar Power - Northland’s newest charter boat released to the wild


frewza f18 hardtop


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Package Price includes Paint, trailer & 100hP honda outboard

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hank you for all your images of Trout and saltwater fly caught fish. We’ve been

has produced remarkable fish this year and the Taupo fishery

overwhelmed by the response

has just started really firing so

and apologize to those whose pics

we’re really looking forward to a

didn’t make it into the magazine. It’s such a pleasure to see so many fish caught by keen anglers, especially the young’un’s - Trey Blakemore & Nate Wilson’s fish are standouts; Getting kids into fishing can only be a good thing, especially when it includes education around sustainability and utilisation.


The South Island trout fishery

bumper summer season too. If you’re a keen fly flinger check out the Rise Fishing Film Festival. It is the 11th year that Rise is being held in NZ and the dates for this year’s tour are August the 27th to September the 21th. Rise is an international fly-fishing

film festival including some of the finest fly fishing footage from around the globe. Rise takes fishing from the backstreets and places it on an artistic stage where the fish and fly’s do the talking. For many, RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival has become so much more than just going to the cinema. These annual fish-fests have become a true celebration of fly fishing, it’s an excuse to get together with friends and reminisce about the past season as well as look forward to the season to come. Presented by Gin-Clear Media, RISE will screen across New Zealand, including Auckland, Hamilton, Taupo, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Gore and Queenstown.

For some information about the film fest, style of movies playing and bookings, check out the Rise website. For those who’ve been frustrated by the incessant wind the last few weeks, the recent fair weather has proved a boon as the fish have begun biting hard like they normally do in mid-spring when the pre-spawn appetite becomes insatiable. While it’s been a little patchy overall, the results have been pretty good. It appears that the northern snapper are still pretty deep, but they’re sticking to tight schools and when you find them, it can be sensational. It’s officially spring as of 1 September so act like it and get out there and get into it!






The all new Blue Water Adventures boat is kicking ass and taking names BY Derrick Paull



hil Barchet, or ‘Captain Phil’ to those who know him, operates what is arguably one of the most effective charter fishing operations on the Northland Coast. He says, “In my opinion, we have the very best charter boat, the very best engines, the very best electronics, the very best tackle and the very best fishing location in the country.”

Phil’s been on the water as long as he can remember and it seems like the ocean’s flowing in his veins. It’s not a surprise he got into the world of charter fishing and less of a surprise he went with White Pointer when he did. Phil’s first charter boat ‘Reel Life Adventures’ was well known as a solid sea-going boat and was originally

Phil’s a bit of a man’s man; he’s a big bloke, and unless you know him well, he

powered by a Yamaha 2 stroke that Phil

can be a bit tough to get words out of easily, but once he’s got the size of you, the stories come thick and fast. That’s not to say he holds his tongue if you’re risking losing a fish either - he’s not a fan of anyone losing a fish!

years back. I personally only had the

Based out of Whangaroa Harbour and Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands, Phil is at the back door of arguably the country’s best fishing locations. When the weather turns the East Coast to custard, there’s also the West Coast on offer. It’s not unexplored, but it feels like a new frontier.

as I’ve made clear before, I’m a Honda fan,

swapped out for a Honda 4 stroke a few pleasure of heading out on the Hondapowered version shortly after Phil had repowered her. As it was my first time on board I hadn’t yet figured Phil’s favourite subjects but, and I asked him about the new motor. The long and the short of it was he saw a 30 to 50% reduction in fuel use over the Yammy. He was pretty stoked and didn’t hold back on the praise.


Sadly Reel Life Adventures came a-cropper on the way back from a charter trip (on the road, not on the water) and Phil was forced to upgrade (if a man can ever be ‘made’ to upgrade a boat!). Neither the outboard or the hull brand were really in question, but the size (or power) of both was in question. While a direct replacement would have been fine, fortune shone and a beast of a boat, the pride of the White Pointer fleet, an 8.5m fully custom hull ready for survey, came available at short notice. At 8.5m and a few tonnes on the water she needs some serious horsepower to get her along, but not just any horses in this case. Phil went for comfort and power with twin 250hp Honda’s - not too heavy, not loud, just right - and damned mean in anything the sea can throw at her. Check out the impressive new King Hit in action here. The boat, rightly named ‘King Hit’, has been put through her paces on trips offshore. Far, far offshore, including a day trip to the Three Kings and some


BWA delivers a winter winner

hairy blats out wide to test her mettle. It won’t be a surprise that she got a massive tick and nailed a fair few fish on the way. Phil’s been working on the ins and outs of the sounder too, but the short answer is the sounder’s been effective too. The results (see the pics) speak for themselves. Phil’s been fishing for more than forty years and owned boats nearly as long. Along the way, he’s nailed enough trophies for a lifetime but these days there’s greater rewards to his job. “These days I get my biggest buzz from helping other people catch great fish, and Damn these are quiet. 500 ponies at full noise and you still cant get away with a sneaky fart.

it’s their anticipation and excitement that drives me to get the best results I can achieve, every day.” says Phil, “Some of the

Even legends like Rick Pollock find their PB’s with Capt’n Phil

best memories are, of course, watching other people catch and release their fish of a lifetime, and the very best of all has been watching my son Matt follow my footsteps to become a top angler, professional deckie and skipper himself.” Interspersed with his fishing ventures Phil has a respected and heavily relied on engineering business in the Bay of Islands. Phil’s engineering skills and knowledge of the inner workings of things mechanical. It comes in incredibly helpful when setting up a new rig and facing the question of how to set up the powertrain. As noted earlier, Phil was already set on Honda’s, but the size was in question. Weight is always a concern but with



extra weight comes more power and let’s

based - it’s hard to hit deep water, so

be honest, power is good, and the twin

I’m always keen to get out wide. If the

250hp’s he settled on have power to

weather’s good King hit will be on the

spare pushing even a fully loaded 8.5m

water. If you’re interested in getting out

White Pointer at enviable speeds.

on King Hit, you can get more info here.

The big Honda’s are still quiet, and

They chase kingfish, hapuku, bass, marlin

smooth - helped in part by the ‘drive by

and snapper depending on your target

wire’ throttle system installed - and a

species - all of which come in XXL sizes

little surprisingly, economical, even for

in Phil’s backyard. His clients captures

a Honda. They’re still bedding in, but if

include 40kg plus kings, Bluenose over

the initial data’s anything to go by they’ll

40kg, bass and Puka too heavy to lift and

probably cost less to run on King Hit than

a string of marlin and even yellowfin

the 200 on Reel Life did.

again the last season or two.

I’m gagging to get on board and hit the

Mean boat, nice guy and more smooth,

deep water with Phil. It’s not hard to get

quiet power than you can point an

excited about, especially being Auckland-

Energy Concept. 




21ST JANUARY 2017 Heaviest Snapper 1st, 2nd & 3rd Heaviest Kingfish 1st, 2nd & 3rd Heaviest Trevally 1st, 2nd & 3rd $500 Average Weight Snapper


Get your entries in before 20th November 2016 and you go into the draw to win UFO MINI COOKER Valued at $525

sponsored by

and a $50 voucher sponsored by Coromandel Fish & Dive

60% of the funds raised will be donated to The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation



$40 Entry Fee



A Winter

of Trout

Who’s our winner?

BY Markus Church


or the last six months we’ve been asking for your images of trout and Saltwater fly fish in order to give

away an awesome Sage Rod & Reel combo.

have the last set of pics from our fly fishing readers - and a winner! Our winner is: Dale O’Donohue for his

We’ve had southern monster’s from

Lake Waikaremoana Brown in Issue 58.

the canals, a pigmy-rainbow for Alistair

Well done Dale and thank you all for

McEwen, kids like Trey Blakemore in NZ

your entries.

Fisher issue 60 and even some silver bullets from Taupo this month.


This month there are also two Sage hat winners - these go to Andrew Perring

In issue 58 we talked about the

and Callum Caldwell. Please email us

‘Wealth of Trout’ and published the

for delivery. 


A Broome Sailfish from Andrew Perring.

Alexander McRae


Adrian Bell’s Trout.


first batch of pics. This month we


Andrew Davies & a HUGE Trout



Callum Caldwell on the Mohaka

Andrew Davies


Andrew Perring with a solid Christmas Island Bonefish


Andrew Perring and a scarily large GT on Fly.



Daniel Crawford


Fish like that in your jeans? Too easy!


Ken Caldwell

> John Morgan rainbow before release tongariro river



Garrie Griffiths.

COASTAL FISHING CHARTERS Day Trips to Ranfurly Banks 1 hour from Hicks Bay


Simeon Morley inspecting a good condition brown (4lb) out of the Waikato



Charlie &

the Trout of

the Ohinemuri WORDS BY Naomi Peterson from the Instagram account of Steve Campbell @charliesadventuresnz on Instagram


s fishermen and fisherwomen, we love fishing with our mates, it’s what we do. And often one

of those mates is your best friend. But would you take ‘man’s best friend’ fishing with you? The colloquialism ‘Man’s best friend’ rose to popularity by American poet Odgen Nash, and refers to a dog. But we’re not here to talk about poetry; this is a fishing magazine after all. While it’s not unfamiliar to see dogs accompanying their owners out fishing, I recently stumbled across an Instagram account @charliesadventuresnz. Here, Steve Campbell documents through photos his adventures with his 8-year old Labrador Charlie.


Many of these adventures include fishing, something that Steve is passionate about. “The idea of Charlie’s adventures came up just by chance, it seemed like a neat thing to document our time & catch it on an Instagram account”. Steve has always been into trout fishing, mainly with the fly rod, but you’ll also find him Trolling as well. Because of his location, there’s always some travel involved in getting to where the trout are. Here’s where Charlie comes into the picture. He loves travelling, and he loves fishing adventures. After all, what dog wouldn’t love cruising down State Highway One, leaving the city and heading for the quiet country roads full of so many new scents, head out of the window and tongue flapping in the wind. Jumping out and sniffing around the stream embankments and splashing in the rivers and lakes.

Labradors just love being around hunting

they catch and release, taking the

and fishing stuff and the outdoors, you

occasional fish home for dinner or to give

just have to look at how many gun dogs

away to friends for a treat. Steve mainly

are labs to know this! Not to mention

fishes the North Island rivers and streams

that they also make great family pets. Charlie travels everywhere with Steve. “He’s the best fishing buddy I could possibly ever have,” he says. They go away on regular trips, mainly


and the Rotorua lakes. Karangakake Gorge in Waihi is another spot they love, but the favourite would have to be Lake Rerewhakaaitu in Rotorua Lakes District. The Rotorua area has 13 lakes and offers a wide range of fishing opportunities.


Many of the lakes have a world-

Ohinemuri river which also offers a wide

class reputation and most are easily

range of fishing options for brown and

accessible. Lake Rotorua is open all

rainbow trout. Running parallel to the

year round, and boasts one of the best

Paeroa/Waihi highway, the river offers

catch rates in the district due to high

plenty of access points. If you’re after

natural spawning. Supplementary

something more scenic and secluded,

stocking of Tarawera-strain trout from

the Waitawheta stream is a boulder

the Ngongotaha hatchery into the other

stream which flows through forest and

lakes assist in maintaining the high

farmland catchments before joining the

numbers of fish for anglers.

Ohinemuri River. There are Department

The area offers great opportunities for

of Conservation tracks along the river

shoreline fly fishing and spin fishing, which can result in very good catch rates.

fishing water through scenic kauri forests.

The summer months are great for boat

The website offers

fishing and can provide action and fun

some great info on fishing the

for the whole family, and for those who

Ohinemuri River area.

aren’t particularly keen on braving the

If there’s somewhere Steve and Charlie

sub-zero morning temperatures over the winter months. The Karangahake Gorge contains the


giving access to many kilometres of

haven’t been, Steve will research it first via Fish & Game New Zealand and then try their luck.

If you’re fishing an area for the first time or haven’t fished there for a couple of years, it pays to check up on the regulations. Angling regulations are updated annually. Each region has specific regulations for individual rivers and lakes within the framework of national angling regulations. Recently Steve and Charlie decided to try out their luck fishing the Wairoa River in Clevedon just south of Auckland. A quick bit of research gave

him the information he needed, and they set off on the 45-minute drive from home. It was their first trip there and they caught two nice rainbow trout! “I couldn’t believe my luck!”. Charlie’s Adventures not only captures fishing photos, but is a great opportunity for Steve to showcase some of our beautiful country. “As our country is so raw and beautiful it creates magnificent backdrops which hopefully people enjoy looking at”. 




the Bays BY Michael Walkley - NZSFC contributor



e arrived at the ghost town which was Takapuna ramp early in the morning and were the only vehicle in sight. This was a little concerning, did we muck up that badly? Did we miss something everyone else saw or did we take a gamble the will pay dividends? Pitch black, in the drink she went, and we started to head north. Hugging the coastline just putting away at around 5 knots until the sun came up. Daybreak and hammer down, we headed up towards Browns Bay and started to see life, one bird, two birds...a whole swarm! The place was alive! Right, deploy the handbrake and cast away. I was using Zman 4� motor oil grubs on 1/2oz light



bulbs, and it didn’t take long to secure the first few winter reds. Nothing huge, around the 2kg mark, this was panning out nicely. The weather gods decided to play ball they dropped the wind and turned on that big light bulb in the sky. The workups continued to grow in size and following them seemed to end in plague numbers of kahawai. There was snapper below, but four out of five were kahawai. All of a sudden I had a take, better than all the rest and after a tussle in four metres of water a red nudging just over 3.5kg popped up. Stoked, it’s not huge but prime table fare. We followed the birds over towards the tip of Long Bay and fished up to the reserve, but as they headed inland we left them to it. We stopped in at Browns Bay reef for a flick on the way home, I pulled out the Zman prawn in pink colour and nailed a couple more beautiful winter reds, stoked as! With a bin full of fish and the rain starting to open up again we pulled the plug and headed home. On the water for 6 am, off at 9:30 am, can’t complain about the morning’s haul! 




Tasman Scallop Closuns BY Joshua Barclay, LegaSea


callop numbers have declined so much around the top of the South Island that the Minister for Primary

practices, such as dragging industrial dredges across the fragile seabed, is damaging the ability of species

Industries, Nathan Guy, has agreed with

to replenish their populations.

LegaSea and closed the Scallop 7 fishery

Scallop beds form on muddy bottoms

until a rebuild occurs. The fishery has been closed for the 2016/17, and new

which have been covered by a hard layer of broken shells. These broken

management measures will be worked

shells give areas for the larvae to settle out between now and July 2017 when the and grow when they eventually die and fishery may be reopened. create more shells for the bed.


Long overdue, Nathan Guy’s decision

When large dredges are pulled through

finally takes the first step towards

these areas, the sediment below is

repairing a fishery that is teetering on the

suspended. Eventually, it settles,

brink of collapse. SCA 7 has been shown

covering the shells, leaving no viable

for many years to be steadily declining

settlement areas for future larvae. This

in abundance with little being done in

is how sustained dredging of a once

response, except for a recent cut to the

productive scallop bed can eventually

commercial catch limit.

wipe it out for good.

Scallop fisheries highlight how

This example further demonstrates how

the use of destructive fishing

the ‘world leading’ quota management

system, in place here in New Zealand,

a healthy ecosystem is the number one

is failing to respond to the scientific

priority for a fisheries management

and anecdotal warnings bells that have

system, the QMS has repeatedly shown

been ringing out telling someone to take

that it is not reliably able to do this.

action, before it is too late.

LegaSea applauds Nathan Guy for

The QMS is tailored to ensuring

taking the first step in restoring

maximum commercial gain through

Scallop 7 and encourages him to

‘sustainable depletion’, but it fails

continue to ensure the ongoing

to address our needs. We as New

improvement to the health of this

Zealanders deserve the right to

precious fishery. We also await the

have confidence that our fisheries

announcement of his decisions for

management system will react in our

Paua, John Dory and Snapper 7.

best interest and protect what belongs

Digital Updates - sign up online at

to us long into the future. Maintaining - ‘Get Updates’. 

Call 0800 LEGASEA (534 273) Email us

Subscribe at

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Helps But fake it till you make it

BY Matt von Sturmer



on’t wait until you go fishing to practice your casting. All the good casters I know practice

learn to cast, fish small flies to make life easier and use the fly rod system to explore all the shallow nooks, rocks, weed

regularly, and you can do this anywhere

and channels. You will be surprised by

without a flyrod. To unroll a loop of line

what is available. Subtle presentations of

and deliver a fly at the distance and on

baitfish or shrimpy flies in skinny water

target requires a good understanding of

target fish where they are feeding yet are

the five principles of fly casting. Most of

most easily spooked.

those principles can be practised using pantomime. Go on don’t be shy, it’s less painful than blowing your one shot at a fish of a lifetime!

The fly rod system is a combination of balanced rod, line, leader and fly and a good cast involves some understanding of the physics to unroll a loop of fly line

Working backwards from the fly, the

and finally deliver the fly to the target.

length and symmetry of your loops

The more practised you are at using the

come down to the movements you make

system, the more successful you will

with your arm. Smooth acceleration

become and then the real secret of fly

to a stop, straight tracking between

fishing will be revealed.

the forward and back cast and keeping

By the smooth application of power,

the rod tip travelling in a straight path can all be cemented into muscle memory while watching tv, on the bus or in front of the bathroom mirror.

tracking back and forward and making a definite stop. When all the elements come together, the rod will load like a drawn bow, and when the stroke comes

More than just catching fish on a bendy

to a stop, the line will project forward

rod - go on, adopt the whole system,

effortlessly. Get the fundamentals right


and you will be casting well all day, on demand and your fly fishing will be a real pleasure. Don’t cast - no really, you will catch more fish! Fly in hand, line stripped at your feet or basket, move quietly and slowly and watch the water. I have only just broken a habit of watching where I have come from in case I missed something. The trick is to watch the water ahead in a window where visibility is best and at the extent of you cast. For species like Snapper, they will only move away when spooked either by a line moving overhead, flys being ripped across the surface or the frantic waving of fly rods. A well-placed cast ahead will typically catch the better fish. For Kahawai and Kingfish it is more often the fish that appears to your left just as you cast to the right, or the 30 metre cast just as a baitfish scatter around your feet. Humans are the most effective predator and fish know we are dangerous. The waving of arms and unusual noises announce we are around, the fly fishing advantage is about making subtle presentations into shallow water. Take your time and make each cast count. Ghost flies - we often think saltwater flys need to have tinsel, fluoro, flashing lights and bells to get noticed this may apply on occasion but more often the success of fly fishing is the subtle arrival of something minimal and suggestive of an expected prey item. This is where size, eyes, profile


and contrast become triggers. The less there are means there is less to reject. Sometimes small is best.

technique in your job or relationships! Redefine success - ok fly will never hold its own in a competition of

Do nothing! This is a Snapper technique

effectiveness but there are fishing

that I have spent a long time developing;

scenarios where fly fishing really shines.

you may well have discovered it yourself

Kingfish on the flats is an ideal fly

while untangling line or un-picking knots the stationary fly is often hit. I also noticed that if I did not get hit immediately after splash down, it was on the descent or the pause between strips that produced the most hook ups. So make a good cast and let the fly sink and if possible sit for a few seconds before

scenario, I have even had kings spook just because I twitched the fly one to many times or landed a flyline to close. These fish are super aware of all the movements and signs of prey and danger in the shallows and this is where the finesse of the system works.

making few small strips forward. It’s the

The same applies to the shallow-water

‘do nothing’ in between the strips that

Snapper, tiny splash downs of shrimpy/

are a trigger to salt-water predators.

baitfish fly’s onto kelp beds often result

While it sounds simple it is actually a

in hard hits, and in water under a

technique in itself and can be adapted to

metre deep, lures and jig heads will put

respond to how the fish are feeding on

fish off. However the most satisfying

the day.letting some slack exist in the line

element of fly fishing for me begins

can be difficult for some - believe me it

with a well placed cast, catching fish is

works. Warning: don’t try the do nothing

just a bonus. 




Carrots BY Connor Andrew



ne of the many perks of working in a fishing store is hearing almost daily updates as to what species are being caught on what coast and where they are most prolific at that moment. So, when I overheard a customer talking to one of my colleagues about how his Gurnard spot is ‘absolutely firing’ my interest was piqued. Having caught a couple of smaller specimens over the sand earlier that week on the east coast, I figured the west coast with its XXL Gurnard would produce some better eating fish, if I actually spent the time and targeted them. With a favourable weather window coming up and my days off lining up perfectly, a plan was hatched to head west to try my hand at some big winter carrots from the shore. Pulling into the car park, it was obvious conditions were perfect. A flat glassy sea with a slow rolling swell of around half a metre. A quick walk in of around 30 minutes and the first baits were ready to be deployed.

great strength and abrasion resistance. Moving down the rig we get to the knots. A standard dropper loop is the cleanest and strongest way to arrange your rig with the top loop being bigger than the bottom. The reason for this is so the angle of your line does not lift your bait up off the bottom and out of the strike zone where the fish are feeding. Next is the bling. Soft lumo beads in green and pink staggered on top of your

My favourite rig when targeting Gurnard is one I use a lot out west. Every part of this rig has its importance. Firstly, the swivel connecting the main line to the fluorocarbon is rated to 15 kg as it’s going to be under the most strain during the cast.

hook provides that extra touch that

My preference is 30lb fluoro as it’s not too thick and hard to handle yet still hold

hooking gurnard an absolute piece of

Gurnard especially seem to love. My personal favourite hook for the job is a Mustad Demon circle in 5/0. The hookup rate I get from these hooks are second to none. The thin gauge and extra sharp point seem to make piss. Half the time if I stop watching my


rod for too long I’ll turn around, and

for me. They are by far the highest quality

one will have hooked itself.

and most efficient weight I have used to

On the top hook, I like to place a hollow

date. Since I’ve started using this rig, I can

squid skirt of around five centimetres

honestly say there has been a noticeable

over the shank to add a little bit extra. I

increase in gurnard hitting the rocks.

have often found that it is the hook with

When fishing on the west coast, I find

the skirt that will get eaten first. The last

fresh grey mullet to be the best bait for

but equally important part of this rig is

most species.

the second swivel clip and sinker.

A small triangle not too big (about 2 cm x

The purpose of a second swivel is to

3 cm) hooked once through the flesh side

provide an escape for line twist that

seems to produce the best results. Just

may build up as the baits get caught in

make sure the hooks are nicely exposed

the current.

so you get the best possible hook

The point of the clip is simply to make

penetration possible.

the process of changing sinkers easier.

On this particular day over the course

On a calm day, I would use a 3oz, but

of roughly four hours, I managed to

a 5oz is a good all round weight that

pull out five very respectable gurnard

seems to hold in even the most trying of

ranging in size from 38cm to 46cm.

conditions. The last bit of advice when

However, I couldn’t say the same for

using this rig is to make sure you are

the other anglers fishing either side of

using a BOS breakout sinker. No other sinker has held on the bottom


me. They got tired of watching me catch and went home. 

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READER PICS Readers Pics bought to you by NZ Fishing Community

BY Connor Andrew


Deva Brown

> Ben Church with a snapper looking for love, Credit: Troy Rae-Royle


Gypsynash CPR on a fish, Apparently this is how they roll on Great Barrier Island...






Brenton Cumberpatch with a pissed looking LBG Snapper.

Hayley Nash - I’m totally hooked!


Cole with his new PB Snapper - 6.34kg caught out from Raglan



Jordan Putt and a mate off the Naki nailed this lot in a couple of hours

> Kurt Knight with his first 20lb - from the rocks. What a champ!


Jack with a nice Coromandel Snapper




Oscar with his West Coast PB.

William Barnes with a cool winter snapper


William Hurst with a Port Jackson DONKEY! What a fish!




Fly Fishing Film Festival




ly fishing’s most celebrated annual event, the RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival, continues its global

filmmakers in the industry to premiere their latest offerings, allowing the fishing community to share their

tour during August and September in

passion for the sport by attending film

New Zealand. The film tour serves as a

screenings across the country.

stage for the best Kiwi and Australian

In its eleventh year, RISE is celebrating


over a decade of bringing the best fishing entertainment to cinemas around the world. New Zealand audiences can look forward to stunning footage from New Zealand, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia and Alaska presented in high definition on the big screen. Gin-Clear Media’s Freaks of Nature is one of the features of the festival. It is a film about the giant rainbow trout of Patagonia’s fabled Jurassic Lake. This desolate and wind-swept lake is undoubtedly home to the largest trout on the planet, a place where ten-pound fish are common, and twenty pound


plus trout are caught every week. The festival will also be premiering Parallel Lines the new film from emerging Aussie filmmaker Benny Godfrey. Filmed in numerous locations across Australia and featuring Brett Wilson and Shannon Kitchener, two mates whose lives have been shaped by their passion for fly fishing. For many, RISE Fly Fishing Film Festival has become so much more than just going to the cinema. These annual fishfests have become a true celebration of fly fishing; it’s an excuse to get together with friends and reminisce about the

past season as well as look forward to

Tauranga, Palmerston North, Hawkes

the season to come.

Bay, Wellington, Nelson, Christchurch,

Presented by Gin-Clear Media, RISE

Dunedin, Gore and Queenstown.

will screen across New Zealand,

For more information, local show dates,

including Auckland, Hamilton, Taupo,

movie trailers, etc. visit our website.

Gin-Clear Media is a multi-media company based in Te Anau, New Zealand, whose enterprises include leading feature films, websites, events and exhibitions. RISE is Gin-Clear Media’s 11th annual film festival, adding to its increasingly important influence in the fly fishing film genre.



The Best Winter Blue Antidotes, RightHere… From the team at Sage Fly rods, here’s a few teaster minutes that can only end in Salt-fly fishing bliss

For the salties, here’s a cracker of a vid from Lee Kennedy at Saltwater Assassin.

Some of you might have seen this one form PureFly NZ already - it’s kiwi flyfishing to a tee - Fish, salt and scenery wow!

And some landbased to finish are you ready for the weekend now!?!?

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NZ Fisher Issue 62  
NZ Fisher Issue 62