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ISSUE 20 December 2012

FREWZA! The NZFisher boat launch

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Short and sharp, NZ Fisher is a free e-magazine delivering thought provoking and enlightening articles, and industry news and information to forward-thinking fisher people. EDITOR / Derrick Paull ART DIRECTOR / Jodi Olsson CONTENT ENQUIRIES / Phone Derrick on 021 629 327 or email derrickp@NZ ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES / Phone Richard on 09 522 7257 or email ADDRESS / NZ Fisher, C/- Espire Media, PO Box 137162, Parnell, Auckland 1151, NZ

TWO YEARS INTO the story

specific product we can research for you

of NZFisher we’re stoked to be

too. This month we kick off with the

introducing the new NZ Fisher Boat.

Okuma Makaira 5 two speed.

We chose the Frewza F16 side console

With Christmas just around the corner

for a whole lot of reasons that we’ll

and a decent holiday for most hopefully

get into later in this & future issues,

you’ll be spending some time on the

but we are so proud to show it off. All

water. Not only do we want you to be

going well we’ll be showing it off with

safe, but we’d like our readers to feed

plenty of fishy pics and stories too!

the family too. We’ll put a few ideas

NZFisher hasn’t spent a whole lot of time testing gear for our readers, but the little bit we’ve done before has been well received so we’ve chosen a


This is a GREEN MAG, created and distributed without the use of paper so it's environmentally friendly. Please think before you print. Thank you!

together that we hope you will find useful when the fish have their mouths closed – but remember to always be ready for when the big one strikes.

couple and hope you find our reviews

From the whole NZFisher team, have

helpful. We’ll be adding more to the list

a great Christmas, drive safe, catch

and due to the wonders of the internet

plenty & enjoy your break.

over time you’ll be able to search

Tight lines!

them forever. Let us know if there’s any


Cover Image: Andrew Evans with one of two great spring Puka he landed in October 3

An safely wrapped EPIC lager sacrificed to christen the bow


NZF Boat No. 2 Unveiled FREWZA Side Console, the new way to go Here are a few snap-shots of

will endeavour to make your boating

the all new Frewza F495 Side

easier, safer and more enjoyable


Console decked out to NZFisher

through sharing our adventures and

Frewza F16 Side Console (16ft)

Specifications. We’ve partnered with

product specification processes.

Honda BF60 4 Stroke Outboard

Cost is always a consideration and

Coast A16 Trailer

we looked hard at every dollar

Lowrance HDS-7 Touch GPS

Honda to bring the very best of small boating to our readers. Once again we’ll document the build over the next few issues but this time we’ll also be bringing you on-board images & video explaining the usefulness and usability of the boat itself, the electronics and the outboard. We


spent. We’ll offer some insight the most cost effective options for outfitting your boat and all going well you’ll be spending more time on the water fishing!



ul The heart & so 5


LEADERS IN BOAT TRAILER DESIGN & PERFORMANCE ‘Superbly Built’ ‘The boat goes on and off the trailer like a dream’ ‘it tows like a breeze!’ Matt Watson, ITM Fishing Show

Used by

Trade in your existing boat trailer for a new Voyager, and receive minimum 10% DISCOUNT on the value of your new replacement trailer • We service, repair and re-galvanise any boat trailer • Parts, servicing, multi-roller and tandem conversion


Coastal Trailers Cost Effective Boat Trailers for Light Boats COASTAL BOAT TRAILERS are cost

reasonable as possible Coastal Trailer

All Coastal Boat Trailers are

effective trailers that are specifically

Chassis are all New Zealand made of

adjustable to suit various types of

designed for smaller light weight

sturdy steel construction and hot dip

water craft so the purchaser can

watercraft up to 5.4 metres in length.

galvanised. We then assemble using

easily adjust the hull support to fit

e.g. light weight fibreglass runabouts,

locally sourced trailer components

their particular type of boat.

personal watercraft (PWC) and open/

and materials. All trailers are fitted

centre console aluminium boats. We provide owners of these types of boats access to a trailer that is not typically overdesigned to suit much heavier boats and in doing this we can offer a more affordable trailer. While we aim to keep the cost as

with LED submersible lighting, jockey wheels and 1 7/8” couplings.

month warranty and the Chassis’ have

Mudguards are lightweight plastic

a 5 year structural warranty. Chassis’

except for the CA10130 which has

are load tested and load rated to

steel guards. Springs and fasteners are

ensure safe operation within the

hot dip galvanised with the exception

parameters defined.

of the coupling fasteners that are high tensile zinc plated.



All components are covered with a 12


6 Kaimiro St, Pukete Industrial Estate, Hamilton – Ph 07 849 3158

The Beginning of the Future The day you caught your first fish. The first time you climbed into a boat. These moments make up the beginning of the future. Today, Honda’s forward thinking comes together to bring you a reliable, fuel efficient range of outboards.

From 2.3hp to 250hp.

TheBegin ing

Contact your local Honda Marine Dealer today Freephone 0800 478 765 Scan me for a free cap!


Win a Rod & Reel with OKUMA & NZFisher! Every subscriber is in the draw!

JUST POST A pic of you with a fish

ReelWear T-shirt between now and

to our Facebook page and you’re

April 2013. Every image you enter

in the draw to win an Okuma Salina

has a chance to win each month and

II Rod and Reel combo plus tackle

also the big prize. The more and

worth $750.00.

sooner you enter, the better your

Not only that but every month we’ll

chances so get fishing and posting

give away an Okuma Hoody and

those images to Facebook!



Hasn’t Okuma come a long way? The exciting sound of the clicker, the subtle take of the fly, the explosive strike that comes from a rapidly retrieved popper... fishing rewards the senses in so many ways. From mountain lake to offshore waters, at every turn Okuma Fishing Tackle embraces your passion for the sport of fishing. Our 2012 introductions continue our commitment to dynamic and innovative

rods and reels for both freshwater and saltwater anglers. Within each, our goal is to advance your skills and deliver a better experience from every day on the water. We accomplish this with advanced materials, cutting-edge design and by having one ear to the ground at all times. Never wanting to limit your possibilities, Okuma creates the tools to unlock endless angling experiences. o nz 9

Michael MacKinven with a perfect Springtime snapper from the back of tiri


Alan McKinven’s got the worst view on the water - skippers need to fish

Paul Steffenson A 20lb+ Snapper released Ruben Ryan with a typical inner gulf spring time pannie



Asleigh with a her best snapper, taken at Whatuwhiwhi during ROctoberish

Hamish shows there ARE 30lb snapper in the south Island (Credit Jean Willis)

Coverboy Andrew Evans with his haul ‘Out the back’

This month’s winner is Ruben Ryan. Ruben wins a Reel Adventures, ReelWear Tee-Shirt for his spring Snapper Pic. Ruben, drop us a line to arrange your size & delivery details. Keep sending in your pics for the great OKUMA prizes up for grabs every month.

Win this Reel Wear tee shirt next month by sending in your fishy pics to ? 11

boatFISHING Make hay while the sun shines

Making the Most of Summer Fishing By Forsyth Thompson

Sometimes, you just need to get a couple of fish in the bin and it’s not all about the trophy fish, but we don’t say no when they turn up!




of course!) I have mates who moan

big fish put big pressure

about not having got any good fish

on your gear and you will

for a while, but you just have to look

get found out. Make sure your reels

at the amount of time they actually

are re-spooled; don’t risk your fish of

spend out there doing it.

3 things to improve fishing

a lifetime for the sake of a few bucks

over the summer:

on new braid/mono. The same goes

HAVE A PLAN: the days we

for all your tackle, especially if you’re

tend to do best are when

specifically targeting big fish rather

we have a clear plan of what

than a feed.

we’re going to do, where we’re going to fish, what we’re going to target and so on. If we’re going to target kings seriously, then we’ve learned to stop snapper fishing and to really put the effort into cubing, keeping the berley going, throwing poppers and stick baits, tending to livies, swapping them out if they’re looking sick and doing everything we can to get a shot at one.


In the last couple of seasons I’ve caught numbers 5 and 6 kilo snapper just in and around Rangitoto, the biggest being a 76cm that never got weighed and I’d put that in large part down to the amount of time I spend


out there, probably 2 or 3 times a


week even if it’s just a couple of hours

We’ve waited a long time

after work or dinner in the evenings.

for some decent weather, and last

The extra effort to get out there more

summer was pretty ordinary. Don’t

always pays off in the end. And as

spend weekends building decks,

a fisho, where would you rather be

doing gardening or other household


chores. More time fishing = more big fish caught, it’s a simple equation. (It helps to have an understanding wife

Sometimes it IS the little things that matter - a gurnard is a sweet treat!.


KNOW BEFORE YOU GO The Boating Safety

CODE Before you go boating on our seas, lakes and rivers, get familiar with New Zealand’s Boating Safety Code, no matter what kind of boat you use.


Life jackets

5 4

Take them – Wear them.


Skipper responsibility

to help you stay safe:

Marine weather New Zealand’s weather can be highly unpredictable. Check the local marine weather forecast before you go and expect both weather and sea state changes.

Boats, especially ones under 6m in length, can sink very quickly. Wearing a life jacket increases your survival time in the water.


simple rules


Avoid alcohol

The skipper is responsible for the safety of everyone on board and for the safe operation of the boat. Stay within the limits of your vessel and your experience.

Safe boating and alcohol do not mix. Things can change quickly on the water. You need to stay alert and aware.


The Water Safety

Take two separate waterproof ways of communicating so we can help you if you get into difficulties.

Also available:


The Outdoor Safety


For more information about safe boating education and how to prepare for your boating activity, visit 13


Building Your Own Mechanical Jig Rod Easy, right? Part 2 of 3

A tidy finish comes from taking the right steps

Rod building 101: Part 2 Building the bottom end: You should already have the reel seat position marked out with masking tape. The bone of the rod also needs to be marked out. Rather than being a perfect circle, the profile of any blank is asymmetrical.


flip. The stable part is the bone. Use your china marker to mark the top of the upwards facing surface when the blank is in this stable position. You can now mount your but cap or gimbal. As this cap is likely to have a much larger internal diameter than the rod butt is wide you will need to build a couple of ‘arbours’ with your masking tape.

As such, when the blank is loaded,

Carefully wind the tape around the rod

it will try and return its most stable

butt until the diameter of this arbour

axis. It is therefore important that

is the same as the internal diameter of

the guides and reel seat are aligned

the butt cap. Now mix your glue well,

with this axis, otherwise you will be

apply with an ice block stick and push

fighting the twist of the rod rather

the butt cap on, cleaning up excess

than the fish.

glue immediately. If you are mounting a

To find the rods bone find a hard flat

gimbal, remember to position it so that

surface (tiles are good). Place the

it lines up with the bone. Also, you may

butt of the rod on that surface and

want to consider taking the cap off the

use one had to push the butt of the

gimbal so that it doesn’t accidentally

rod towards the ground, and the

get glued in place. To mount the butt

other hand to bend the tip of the

grip you should not need to build any

rod upwards. In this position the rod

masking tape arbours. Simply apply

can be rotated. It will have a natural

the well mixed glue to the area where

tendency to be stable and then to

the grip will end up as well as inside


Testing tne curve

the grip itself. Put the rod butt on the

immediately. It is also a good idea

you made your cut. The process for

ground and then push the grip on.

when mounting the grips and reel seat

the reel seat and fore grip is similar to

The glue should help to slip the grip

to cover them up with masking tape to

that above. I used three masking tape

into place, but a reasonable amount of

avoid any glue ruining their finish. The

arbours under the reel seat. The final

pressure may be required. Only push

bottom grip I purchased was longer

part of the bottom end is the winding

from the end of the grip; squeezing

than required. This is easily remedied

check. This is simply mounted with rod

the grip as you push it on can create

with a razor and fine (>300 grit) sand

building glue.

resistance. Again clean up excess glue

paper to restore some shape to where

e rod jig Homemad 15


Guide spacing: There is no exact formula for figuring out the spacing of your guides. There are guidelines to help with initial guide placement (see http://www. At this stage you need to consider not only how the guides are placed down the rod, but also whether you ‘acid wrap’ the guides around the rod. This technique is popular with conventional jigging rods because the large amount of pressure over the road when hooked up can cause the rod to twist.

anticlockwise the fourth guide is set

(a bucket of water works) to put a

at 90° from the striper guide, the fifth

working bend in the rod (I secured the

guide at 135° from the striper and

butt end of the rod to a work bench

the remaining guides at 180° (i.e.

with a ratchet tie down). You can

directly under the rod). From here it’s

now put a reel on the rod and thread

all about trial and error. Secure your

the line through the guides, pulling

guides on the rod with masking tape.

it just tight so you can see how the

the second guide is rotated slightly

You will now need to mount the tip

line follows the curve of the working

in a clockwise direction, so that the

top. Simply glue it on with araldite or

rod. This is a ‘static test’. Look at the

inner left edge of the guide is aligned

rod building glue (ensure it is lined up

rod from side on and on top. Ideally

with the centre of the striper guide

exactly opposite to the rods bone).

the line should smoothly follow the

(this ensures that line comes onto

Once the glue is set tie a short length

rods curve and not come close to

the centre of the reel). The third

of braid to the tip top and a hook to

touching the rod. You will likely need

guide is rotated anticlockwise (45°

the other end of the braid. This will

to reposition the guides several times

from the striper guide). Continuing

be hooked onto something heavy

to get good spacing.

To avoid this guides can be placed in a rotating fashion so that by the time the line gets to the rod tip, it is directly under the rod. There are many ways to do this, but the most common way in New Zealand is as follows. The striper guide is placed as normal (0°),



The makers mark

Rod building jig: Once you have your guide spacing you are ready to start binding. You will need a jig to aid the binding process. You can easily and cheaply build one yourself using plans from the internet. I built mine with wood and components I had in my garage. I splashed out $2.50 for felt to coat the rod mounts. You wont need any motorisation for the binding process, but you will need some sort of a motor to rotate the rod to evenly set the overcoat (after your binding is complete). For this I used a BBQ rotisserie motor. A drill with pre-set speeds would also be a cheap option.

Part 3 next month 17


Off Shore Landbased By Forsyth Thompson

Stabi, and with a specially made rail at the front and a step, getting on an off the rocks was a dry feet experience for the first time in a long time! It would be hard to recommend it too highly as a way to go land based fishing. I’m a huge fan of boat access for LBG but this was a whole new level of comfort. And it meant we could bring even more gear than usual, even my mate Brenton (famous for bringing the kitchen sink) would have been hard pressed to take too much gear on ANDREW AND I HAD been trying

best-looking spots I’ve seen in a while.

this trip. With 2 popper sets and

to make this trip happen since the

Friday was a day off for Craig so he

3 livey sets as well as all the usual

Bounty Hunter back in June, so with

and Mark were joining us for a fish.

snapper and bait catching gear,

a good light wind forecast for Fri

Leaving from Whiti in the morning we

Andrew and I were serious about getting a legal land based king and

and Sat we packed up on Thursday

headed north to do a drop-off to a DOC

and with the Baby Stabi on the back,

team on one of the Mercs who were

headed for Whitianga.

spending 2 weeks there. Having run out

Getting there late in the evening

of batteries, the only way to get more

we caught up with Craig Farr from

was to get some dropped off, so we

The anticipation was high as we

R&R Charters and his mate Mark for

swung by as one of the girls swam out

waited for the kahawai to turn up

a few beers and some bait catching

to collect (she clearly hadn’t counted on

in the berley trail. And waited. And

practice down by the marina and

the water temperature being as low as it

waited. Poppers were thrown all over

hatched a plan for the morning.

was. Rather her than me!). Then it was a

the place but not a single follow, the

trip straight out to Whale Rock. Coming

only sizable animal we saw being a

straight out of 70m and with 40m

seal cruising past. A couple of massive

of water straight in front, it’s hard to

runs on the snapper gear fishing

imagine a more likely looking kingi spot.

whole big jack macks ended in bust

And with several having been caught by

offs and still nothing in the berley so

the boat guys there recently we were

we headed off to the other side of the

itching to get into it.

island (via the noisiest and smelliest

as a keen LBG man himself he does

Craig’s 8m alloy walk-around was a

seagull breeding area I’ve ever seen).

drop-offs for LBG fishos in some of the

hell of a lot more comfortable than the

Here there was more current, white

With so many little islands, rocks and secret spots through the e coast of the Coromandel, Andrew and I were busting to get out there. For once, though, we didn’t spend the evening packing the little Stabi: not only does Craig do fishing charters, but


breaking what has turned into a really awful run of luck for me with the green and gold buggers!


water and deep water up to the

to get into a big one despite trying

ledge. It couldn’t have looked more

everything. However, as the current

likely if it tried. Again, in with the

picked up, the snapper came on the

berley. Again, no kahawai. Not one.

bite and we caught fish after fish,

Endless popper casting produced

every bait getting nailed as soon as it

the same result. And the one run we

got towards the bottom.

had on the big snapper bait failed to hook up. With not a cloud in the sky we pulled the pin, went back to where Mark and Craig were fishing, and had a lunch break to try to turn our luck

All great condition fish, mostly in the 40-50cm and range and sensational land-based fishing in just about anyone’s books. They were endlessly hungry and taking anything thrown

around. Craig had just lost a massive

to them so we put a dozen in the bin

snapper with the net ready – after 15

and then just fished for fun. With the

minutes on a locked up 6500 it finally

sun setting and us just about to have

put its teeth through the 80lb trace.

to pack up, the kahawai finally turned

And with numbers 20-pounders to his

up in the berley trail, just to rub our

name, he’s a man who knows what a

noses in it! But with just minutes left

massive snapper is!

before we needed to get underway,

With nothing further happening, we

we let them know what we thought

decided to load the boat back up

about their timing and packed up for

(still keeping dry feet! I could get

the day.

used to this) and head for another rock. This was one neither Craig nor Mark had fished before, but just off it plenty of really good snapper had been caught and they were excited to give it a go. We were about to find out why!

Getting back to Whitianga about 9:30, it had been a long and often frustrating day: on the hottest day in a long time, the fishing had been hot too. Granted, it hadn’t produced the kings we’d come for, and we had nothing to add to the trophy photos

In the first hour or two we found out

album, but we’d had a fantastic day,

why Mark fishes 24kg and locked up

fished with a couple of great guys, and

drags for snapper. I thought it was

fished the kind of spots that increase

a bit of overkill until we saw him get

your pulse rate just looking at them.

smashed again and again, fishing huge jack mack and bonito baits, and simply not able to stop these fish getting back into the kelp.

If you’re looking to go and get into some serious LBG action and to fish some spots that you just wouldn’t get onto otherwise, most definitely give

By the end of the day with just one ext

Craig a call – even if he’s got a charter

5-6kg fish landed, we reckoned he’d

booked, he’ll still drop LBG guys off

had probably 8 truly huge snapper

on his way out if you ask nicely! http://

encounters none of which had

turned into a landed fish. Sure as hell

With just 5 weeks left of 2012 for

frustrating, but still, amazing to see

Andrew and I to land legal kings off

just how big some of the (resident?)

the rocks, we hatched a plan to fish

fish up there are. But all these big

the Saturday taking the Stabi out of

encounters were limited to Mark

Whangapoua and heading up the

– Craig, Andrew & I couldn’t seem

coast. But that’s another story!



Okuma Makaira 8II

rd Starboa

A heavy weight in disguise THE INTRODUCTION OF Okuma’s

these aspects. On the downside the

was more than sufficient, stopping the

High Performance range of tackle has

Makaira doesn’t have infinite anti-

biggest fish in its tracks when I put the

confirmed Okuma’s place alongside

reverse. I was concerned that this may

pressure on. More importantly, the

the top tackle companies. In the case

result in the handle moving slightly

drag was impeccably smooth. The reel

of the Makaira, Okuma supersedes

backwards while jigging, making it

and handle were very comfortable,

the competition.

difficult to maintain a smooth jigging

and after quite a few hours of jigging

action. So far this hasn’t happened, so

I didn’t have the aching arms I have

I’d put infinite anti-reverse down as a

often had in the past.

nice to have, but not essential.

Finally, the narrow spool laid the

just don’t cut it though. Unlike less

A really great little feature on the

line with minimal effort. I was left

specialised fishing techniques, you

Makaira 8II that you won’t find on

wondering what more could you

really need tackle that suits the job

most reels of this size is the two speed

ask for? Durability; one of the most

when it comes to mechanical jigging.

settings. I didn’t think this feature

important expectations of any high

While the Makaira was not designed

would come in handy, but when I

quality reel. Having only had the

as a jigging reel (it was designed

recently hooked a 15 kg king using

reel for a few months I can’t answer

as a top of the line game reel), the

the Makaira paired up with a rod that

smallest model, the Makaira 8II,

was too long, dropping down to the

is more than suited to the trying

2.1:1 gear ratio was just what I needed

demands of mechanical jigging.

to get me off the rail and to get the

When it comes to mechanical jigging reels there are many pretenders. Most of these more versatile reels

At less than 700 grams in weight with the ability to put out more than 15

fish moving. A real life saver; well, not for the kingfish.

kg of smooth drag the Makaira 8II is

Despite the poor initial choice of rod

a heavy weight in disguise. Just the

(we quickly swapped that for one

combination of grunt and light weight

better suited to the job) the Makaira

that is needed for mechanical jigging.

8II performed flawlessly during our

On these two aspects alone the

field test, where the Makaira was used

Makaira 8II has few competitors.

to jig up a couple of nice kings from

Combine with this the ergonomic

around 60 m of water.

that from personal experience, but if you have any doubts about what Okuma have achieved with their High Performance line of reels, have a look at this testimonial from the independent reel guru Alan Tani. Alan provides detailed tutorials where he completely breaks down and rebuilds a wide range of reels. So when Alan says “this reel gets my vote for best in its class” about the Makaira 8II, I stand up and listen. Finally, price is always an important consideration, especially when purchasing high end

handle and narrow spool and you

For this test I spooled the reel with

tackle. At $589.95 recommended

have all the aspects that a jigging reel

350 yards of 50 lb Tufline, giving the

retail the Makaira 8II is competitively

should have. Many so called jigging

Makaira 8II sufficient capacity to fish all

priced and likely to be a great seller

reels just don’t stack up across all of

but the deepest of locations. The drag

for Okuma.




What’s New in the World of Fishing?


Built-in StructureScan® HD sonar imaging, plus award-winning Broadband Sounder® with DownScan Overlay™ and TrackBack™ feature. The ultimate fish-and structure-finding display.

New to the retail market, check out Leanne Dixon’s (‘Wahoo Woman’ to F.Netter’s) new project; Reel Adventures. Leanne’s kindly donated some cool gear – check out the Readers pix section to get in the draw.

Personalised or optional Navionics® charts. View both at once in 3D perspective view, plus StructureMap™ and Broadband Radar™ capability.

New super-bright widescreen displays in 7, 9 and 12-inch sizes with touchscreen control. Dominate your time on the water with greater command and control that’s now easier to learn and customize.


OKUMA ‘NANOTECH’ RODS From Okuma: Latest technology resins and carbon make up this stunning blank resulting in a light, powerful and amazingly sensitive rod. Accompanied with the best Fuji components available, this rod is ideal for soft bait casting and even stray-line fishing. 21



fishing well for Spotted Sharks, Red Cod and Kahawai with a few large

Source: Steve’s Fishing Shop

Conger Eels thrown in to test your

Shore Report

knots and gear. South Coast West of Devils Gate has yet to really fire, having said that there are Moki being caught with the largest being a lovely condition 5.12kg specimen caught by Gary Whittaker of the Wellington Surfcasting And Angling Club.

Boat Report Well it is that time of year when it all starts to happen – YEHA! November and December can be such an exciting time of year to fish as often the larger fish start to show up before the big runs of smaller fish, Kingfish and Snapper most notably. Pukerua Bay south down to Pipanui Point have been producing good number of Snapper with Big Bay just south of Pukerua Bay being my preferred location for consistent fishing for Snapper – and berley is a must. A simple berley system is not hard to make, yet is the most important fishing tool in your boat. Not only for Snapper but all fish, it is your way of advertising where your baited hooks are. Kingfish are being caught at the

The fishing is getting better by the

usual places, Hunters Bank - North, and

week in the Harbour as the weather

Kapiti and inside ledges around Kapiti,

is improving and the temperature is

jigging being the most popular fishing

warming up. There have been some

method. For those of us who are into

really nice Trevally caught up to 3.5

jig fishing – live baiting or trolling lures

kg, and the best areas for these fish are Kau Point and Point Gordon.

East Coast fishing has been excellent

works well too.

with good numbers and sized Gurnard

The water temperature on the West

being taken, as well as Moki and

coast has not really cranked up yet but

Spotted Sharks. A popular spot has

there are really good numbers of fish

been Castle Point, reef Gurnard

out there despite the still cooler waters.

fishing can be spectacular at times off

Trolling lures like Berkley Monster bib

here. Pictured is James Bennie with

lures rigged with a daisy chain of squid

a nice Moki and four Gurnard. The

lures in front of the lure is hard to beat.

Moki 100 Fishing Competition was a

The action of the lure brings the squids

huge success with a number of fish

alive, making for an irresistible lure.

caught and near perfect conditions.

South Coast. Inshore Tarakihi and Blue

Everyone had a great time and a

Cod fishing has been good on most of

good catch up at this enjoyable event.

the reefs, Arabella Rock, and Western

The eventual winner was Eddie Ski

Ledge have fished well along with

Snapper numbers are on the increase

from the Wellington Surfcasting And

Lyall Bay and Fitzroy Bay for Gurnard

as well, with one angler catching a

Angling Club with a 3.8 kg Moki. Well

on the sand. Spiny Dogfish numbers

brace of 2 kg fish at Miramar, these

done Eddie, your shout for the boys

are declining which makes fishing for

are only two of a number we have

next weigh in me thinks! Tight lines,

Gurnard a lot more fun, try anchoring

heard of. Big schools of small Kahawai

enjoy the start of the summer fishing

in 20 – 30 metres of water, use Flasher

are around too with a couple of small

and catch heaps.

Rigs with fillet baits of Trevally or fresh

Kingfish being taken on Spinners.


Kahawai, these baits or well or even a

My top tip for fishing these areas are - use strips of fresh Squid bait, and be very attentive to your rod tips as Trevally often are very subtle in their bait taking and will gently suck the bait into their mouths. This will barely move your rod tip so be on the lookout for tiny movements. A good rig to use is Kiwi Tackle 3/0 Lumo Lime Tarakihi 3 Hook Ledger Rig this is also a great rig for Trevally and Gurnard, who are attracted to the luminous squids.

The South Coast. Palliser Bay has been


jig will out fish bait at times.

regionalREVIEWS Often I will use a second rod with 24kg

As usual we get mixed reports on

is 5 Mile Reef. You just don’t know

line and 2 x 10/0 hooks on a ledger rig

best Bluenose baits, bait versus jigs.

what you will catch, big Blue Cod,

with 100 to 150lb mono trace, a good

Jig fisho’s are doing well but so are

Tarakihi, Groper and Trumpeter can all

rig to use is Steve’s Pro Angler 3 Hook

the bait fisho’s. It makes good sense

be caught here along with just about

Special Groper Rig which I make myself.

to me if one is not working try the

anything else. When fishing 5 Mile

On the hooks I use whole fish i.e. Jack

other, but always keep both options

I prefer to anchor a couple of hours

Mackerel I take out with me to use, or

available to you. Groper this time of

before high or low tide in around 60 –

use whole Tarakihi that I catch out there

year do fish well, but the Bluenose

as Groper and yes, big Kingfish, will be

fishing is so good that most anglers

looking for easy prey like whole fish, this

are targeting the Bluenose.

80 metres as this reef can be very tidal. It makes it hard to berley so unless there are small tides, I don’t bother. Rigs should be strong and hardy 5-8/0 hooks tied on 80 – 100 lb mono. Bait

also works well on the outer ledge at Hunters Bank and all the reefs.

Now is one of the best times of the year to go fishing, make sure you

should be firm Squid or fish fillet i.e.

Out wide in Cook Strait Bluenose

make the effort to get out there. If you

Trevally works very well as it is a firm

have been very good not only in

need a hand with advice, just get in

oily bait. 15 or 24 kg line on your reel

good numbers but also in size with

touch; see you out there doing it!

will handle most fish you hook here.

many a 10kg plus fish being caught.


The Hauraki Report Source: Espresso Damo from Charter Connection has

schools with attendance from

remained unreported. Burley up for

a few words on what’s been going

snapper, kingfish, sharks and much,

a couple of hours on the incoming

on in the Gulf.

much more! Everything is in full flight.

tide, late arvo/evening – some big boys to over 20lbs may destroy your

New Beginnings

Where to go

toys! Use the right gear and you

Spring sprang and all that comes

Most snapper have not entered

stand a chance, don’t and you won’t.



One of my favourite spots on this coast

with it has already happened, oh so

the inner Waitemata channels

quickly, the local version of Swan

quite yet, a bit of a stall in their

What tackle?

Lake typifies the season’s changes

inwards progression recently has

What you use is very much

and delight that accompanies the

held large schools of snapper in

dependant on where you wish to

big winter shake-off. From now

the 30m depths right around the

fish – personally I prefer to fish out

on it is all on, in fact it already has

entire gulf. This depth is also where

in the Hauraki Gulf drift fishing. The

been for a few weeks – I would have

there are large pilchard schools

most common question I get asked

reported earlier but I’ve been too

funnily enough. Some of the larger

is where are the fish i.e. a sure fire

busy catching fish!

snapper specimens have sneakily

Spot X, but with the workup hunting

Spring urged an entire fish migration

swum into the waters’ edge for

Spot X is misleading at best. Workup

early enough again this year,

some close quarters action, so land

style fishing requires attention, fast

perhaps even two weeks earlier than

based fishing or tiny tinnies come

action, speed and a

last year, of many of the fish we so

into their own now around the gulf’s

full tank of fuel, as well as good

fondly love – and they’re now in

borders. Many successful fishing

observation, as Spot X’s rise and

Push-Play mode.

evenings have been had with bait

fall in a matter of minutes – that’s

It’s game-on out there, every day

‘n burley sessions backed into a

why it’s so exciting, and rewarding!

somewhere there are outstanding

reefy area around one of the many

If the fast and furious way of fishing

sights and sounds of whales,

islands in the gulf judging by reports

isn’t you, there are fortunately many

w dolphins, gannets, shearwaters

on the Fishing Website forums, but

more ways to fillet a fish or three.

smashing into pilchard and mackerel

also from what I’ve heard that has

Some excellent are results to be had 23


Hauraki Report cont. by simply going out into the gulf

biting’ and catching your limit.

Gulf change like the weather,

(avoiding the no-fishing zones) and

King of Fish

and if you’re lucky enough to be

anchoring , drop the burley to a metre

Just a little thought into

out there when these boats race

off the bottom and use bait or softies

targeting them can easily result

into view,! The sheer

or lures. Simple and highly effective

in an exciting and eye-opening

exhilaration of these boats has to

with the snapper swimming in large

experience for all anglers as there

be seen to be believed – oh and

schools all around the waterways

are some excellent numbers

give these guys plenty of room...

and they’re keen on feeding at the

out there. One of my favourite

they can easily travel at 30-40 kts

moment. Breeding is just starting and

methods is to use metal jigs by the

and turn on a dime i.e. much faster

can preoccupy the fish for many hours

pilchard bait schools...snapper are

than many powerboats.

at a time, but when they bite, they are

a side effect, oh the hardships in

So really in my mind it is all about

very aggressive.

life ay?! Use your sounder to find

how you want to catch fish now

Lots of bigger healthy snapper in

the mid-water bait, and the surface

that spring/summer is here. What

the 10-15lb weight class/65-75cm

bird activity.

methods, tackle and place do you

long like this one now, and the

Whale Tales

want to be to catch your bounty?

great thing about this Websites

Superb natural wonders are on

And what type of fish? Snapper are

measuring (and competition) is

display every single day out there,

great but so are trevally, kingfish,

that you don’t have to kill the fish,

truly National Geographic stuff,

dory, mackerel, kahawai, gurnard...

just a quick picture on a the wet

check out this Brydes Whale at

oh and there’s scallops to gather,

measurer and they’re good to

close quarters, this is not zoomed

mussels, even a few crayfish close

keep swimming like this one did if

in! Feeding on Pilchard schools

enough to Auckland if you’re a

you choose, brilliant.

gives rise to absolute mayhem and

diver, variety is definitely the spice

A key note for drift fishing the gulf,

a mad dash of all creatures to eat

of life.

ANY surface life or activity – drop a

or be eaten, the intensity certainly

When all said and done, we have

line, even when your sounder says

amps the adrenaline!

a magic playground right on our

nothing. Snapper are flooding in,

The pilchards have been on the

doorstep and now is the time

4m deep schools on the sea floor at

big muster, rounded up for a tasty

to enjoy it. All within easy reach

times, swimming up several metres to

treat by all and sundry, a primary

for everyone young and young

take lures – so try a slow retrieve up

reason why pilchard bait and soft

at heart. Forget the beanies, it’s

10m or more when in 30m deep, it’s

plastics like this Catch Bleeding

time for sunscreen, swimming and

that time again when they like being

Pilchard are being used with such

watching the rod bend over under

teased with something they could

great success (this being one of my

strain of a big fish on your line.

miss out me it can make the

personal favourites naturally).


difference between ‘the fish weren’t

The sights and sounds of the

Bay of Plenty Source: Rick Pollock. Some decent weather, a nice warming trend and changes is the fishing throughout – that’s what late spring should be about and this one

both air and water.

Inshore Well, it had to happen and finally the

to good, consistent results for weeks – make that months – its hit the skids right throughout over the past fortnight. Snapper, in particular, have

is finally conforming to that idiom.

near-shore arena followed suit with

felt the downturn more acutely with

With only a week to go till summer,

the other more distant areas – that

heretofore reliable places like Matata

one would hope for warming temps –

is hit the doldrums. After reasonable

failing big time. With the collapse



of the snapper fishery, many have

very poor with shallow water species

turned to both terakihi and gurnard

only marginally better. Not sure what

under duress but with good results

the deal is with terakihi and their

overall. Plenty of anglers on the water

cohorts is but they are certainly well

are good to see but the productivity

below expectations. To get a feed

has been disappointing. Will this

one needs to work hard and get

change? Undoubtedly! When?

lucky. A few small bluenose in the

Probably very soon.

deep saves the day.


Ranfurly Bank

at the end of the line – taking all

Some interesting happenings out

Plenty going on here, again

manner of baits and techniques.

at the smokey isle, mainly centred

mainly centred around kingis. In

around kingfish. Depending upon

an anticipated move, these prime

the day, this fishery can be absolutely

fish have finally moved into the

wide open or nonexistent! While

shallows after a no show there all

artificial are yielding their fair share

spring. Some days now resemble a

of fish, the quality continues to come

battlefield on top of the Bank with all

to bait – mainly live mackerel. Many

manner of birds wheeling and diving

fish are good size and condition as

with kingfish driving bait to the

we approach their annual spawning

surface in explosive strikes. While

period. In saying this, there remains a

most are small, there’s a true cross

reasonable number of slabby fish as

section of sizes available including

well which definitely goes against the

some huge trophy fish. Stickbaits, jigs


and bait are all attracting attention.

Since the introduction of Telecom’s

With a good number in the 20’s,

3G network, we have lost a huge

some fish stand out.

amount of our former coverage.

20kgs (a real barrel) countered by a

No less than three 40 kilo fish have

In some places it’s in excess of

119cm fish which went 16! With water

been taken including two matching

50% - hard to believe in this age

eclipsing 17 degrees C now we’ll be

46 kilo monsters. Both were sling

of technology. In short we’ve been

looking forward to 18 which should

weighed and released again. One

sold a pup and it’s now a dangerous

trigger that spawning response.

of these deserves special mention.

situation as far as safety is

73 year old American angler Walt

concerned. Remember Coastguards

Jeffrey came to NZ with the hope

everywhere want you to have three

of a fish of his lifetime – he wasn’t

forms of communication. Heretofore


cell phones were an integral part

suspected trend. A good example of this disparity was two recent catches: a 106cm fish which went nearly

Some of the retained females show quite ripe roe so can’t be far off now. While a fair few are over 25k’s and even 30, the whopper of the week went to 74 year old visiting

One defining aspect of this catch

American angler Phil Lambert.

was the bait – a lowly yellow eyed

On a blustery day complete with two metre swells and genuine 30 knot westerly winds, Phil outlasted his fish of a lifetime. After being sling weighed and photographed, the 39 kilo horse gladly swam off into the depths to hopefully spawn and torture more anglers in the future.

mullet, aka sprat! Ya just never know!! Not really known as a trophy fish bait!! Bottom fishing is far less vibrant and even hard work some

the situation. Back near East Cape the snapper are going off, sometimes two at a time. While not big (5kgs max) they are lovely fish in the prime of their lives. These one to three kilo average fish couldn’t be better eating plus give a good representation of themselves

Summary Not far to go to the “official” start of summer, always a month early as far as I’m concerned. So nice to feel some warmth and a distinct lack of wind. Thinking gamefish? Not yet to be perfectly honest. Expecting a little wind over the next few days after a full week of near perfect weather. Till next week ...

of that trio but now makes VHF radio more important than ever. Will things improve? We’re flatly told no – unbelievable! If a viable alternative shows up there will be a massive migration away from Telecom.

days. Hapuka and bass are on the

And finally….

small side with few over 20kgs.

“PURSUIT” has unexpectedly had

Making a mockery of that was one

two cancellations for its northern/

lonely bass at a stupendous 65k’s

Three Kings season, both in prime

– taken on a jig no less. Noticeably

times. The last five days of April and

Other fisheries are not nearly as

increased commercial longlining in

May 11-15 are available if anyone

viable with deep water continuing

the area certainly can’t be helping

may be interested. 25


Fishing Video of the Month Despite an increased awareness of overfishing, the majority of people still know very little about the scale of the destruction being wrought on the oceans. This film presents an unquestionable case for why overfishing needs to end and shows that there is still an opportunity for change. Through reform of the EU‘s Common Fisheries Policy, fisheries ministers and members of the European Parliament can end overfishing. And....for something a bit lighter – check out this Rooster fish caught from the shore, somewhere in the States.


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