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November 2012

Roctober Fish Rocks!

Snapper galore & PB’s smashed

Trout: What are they good for? The kids take Dad fishing 1




Fish of a lifetime


Roctober Fish Rocked!



Trout: What are they good for?


Building Your Own

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The Kids Take Dad Fishing!


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Short and sharp, NZ Fisher is a free e-magazine delivering thought provoking and enlightening articles, and industry news and information to forward-thinking fisher people. EDITOR / Derrick Paull

IT’S BEEN A very busy month since

likely to encounter over summer, so get

the last issue of NZFisher graced your

them done. Do it now!

inboxes. There have been tropical game fish tournaments, mad chases of gannet work-ups in the Hauraki, a pretty cool landbased comp and a shotgun start jetski comp from the inner city. I guess that’s what spring brings – manic fishing! I had a pretty major hand in the running of ROcktoberFish 2012 and I’d like to say a big thanks to the competitors, sponsors and supporters

As summer races towards us I’m getting more & more excited to get my hands on the NZFisher Boat that’s busy getting built in the deep south. Being so far away is tough. I want to touch it, see it, photograph it & spread the good news. We have a new boat coming & it’s going to be

CONTENT ENQUIRIES / Phone Derrick on 021 629 327 or email derrickp@NZ ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES / Phone Richard on 09 522 7257 or email ADDRESS / NZ Fisher, C/- Espire Media, PO Box 137162, Parnell, Auckland 1151, NZ

including the all new Lowrance HDS-7


Touch GPS combo that I am bursting

abysmal weather, the sight of the

at the seams to play with. Ahh, the

sun rising over Maitai Bay on the first

agony. While I’m plotting ways to

morning of the comp near bought a

catch more fish, it’s a pleasure to also

tear to my eye. Over thirty hardy fisho’s

know there’s groups like LegaSea

fared a big swell, bright sun and fish

(the NZSFC) & a light on the horizon

with their mouths shut, but they did

like the Fishin’ Future Search working

really well.

for us while we’re out there spending

I’m heartened by the spirit of our

our hard earned holidays time on

fishers, still getting out there and

or under the water. They can only

catching a feed for their families despite

do their thing with our help so once

trying conditions.

again I ask you to please put a few

get your gear into your local tackle store

GROUP EDITOR / Trudi Caffell

stunning. We’ve sent the electronics,

online. After nearly six weeks of

If you haven’t already, now is the time to

ART DIRECTOR / Jodi Olsson

dollars towards these valuable groups of volunteers who work hard for us.

for that all important annual service. We

Tight lines!

want you to land those great fish you’re


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Cover Image: Forbes Taylor & his new ROctoberFish PB at 65cm Cover insert credit: Young Greg Savage with his sensational 11.3kg - only his second snapper! 3


Fish of a Lifetime WELL WITH THE first Pania surfcasting Club fishing comp looming I glanced over Swell map and it was crap to say the least. South-easterly winds chasing a 2m South easterly, lovely...Not!. SE is

peninsula to the north. I headed up Friday morning, eager to get away and for a bit of a scout around. With the forecast I knew Snapper Rock would be fishable

lapping at the shore. These were perfect conditions for my target species for the weekend decided to head back to my batch in Mahia to get a good rest.

and maybe Mahanga. One look at

430am and the alarm was going and

Bay, add the swell and you are quite

Mahanga though, made me doubt

I was up ‘n into it. A short trip over

limited with where you can fish. I

my choice of heading north. Brown,

the hill to snapper rock I went. 5am

always like to head to the northern

full of weed and not nice at all.

first baits were sent out. I didn’t

reaches of Pania fishing boundaries

Snapper rock couldn’t have been

have to wait long before a couple

which extend from Herbertville in

more different. Clean and looking

of gurnard were put on ice and they

the south and the beautiful Mahia

great with a gentle half a metre swell

were followed shortly by 2 kahawai

probably the worst wind for Hawkes



I was positive I had a big conga the whole way in till I got it in close and glimpse a flash of orange/silver and said to myself, “OH NO Its a snapper and its f@#ken huge!!!”

and 3 more gurnard. The gurnard

when I saw it coming in on my line.

weird feeling. I had a need to tell

were smallish but the missus loves

Bit of shock, almost **** myself.

the world but Chad said there may

them so in the bin they go. It was

Then freaked out a bit more as I

be another one there, and I didn’t

weird baits were lasting on the

was by myself, gaff was 30m away

want the whole lot of club mates

bottom, unusual as we have a very

in the truck (you don’t need a gaff

crowding me out so I kept it quiet

healthy crab population in Hawkes

for gurnard). I got lucky with a swell

and continued sending more baits

Bay. If it didn’t get hit or catch a

that lifted the fish and beached on a

out and waited. I picked up a nice

fish they were coming back like I’d

small weedy ledge and I threw down

trevally and 1 more gurnard by 10

thrown them out. Just after 8am

the rod and dived in below the fish,

am, then it went pretty quiet. Didn’t

in the morning while I was down

grabbed it by the tail and slid the

matter what baits I threw out there

changing baits noticed that one rod

other underneath it and tossed it

, they were coming back untouched

was a bit slack, so I gave it a wind

up to the dry papa rock and did a

but I persevered throughout the rest

and turned back around to my other

happy dance in the water, got out

of the day, changing bait every 30

rod when the I heard a drag squeal

of the water and did another happy

mins. Around 730pm I had big hit

and turned round to see the rod

dance. All up completed about 6-7

and when I struck it came up solid

doubled over and line peeling off.

happy dances in short order I ran

and the telltale nod started, but no

I grabbed the rod, tightened the

quickly up to the truck and grabbed

sooner had I got excited that I may

line, felt a pull back. I struck and it

my Berkley scales and weighed

have another one that the hook

took off on a short run. Then a weird

it. I was in shock!!!!! 13.66kg of

pulled and the fish was gone. Must

fight started, “nod, nod, short run,

beautiful snapper !!!! I text my wife

have been a conga. Apart from that,

side to side”. This pattern continued

and my good mate Chad to tell

a few small kahawai and one even

for the whole fight!! I was positive

of my great fish, responses were

smaller gurnard was all I got till 9am

I had a big conga the whole way

the same, “Really? Bull****”. I

when I left.

in till I got it in close and glimpse

rang Chad then and he could tell

a flash of orange/silver and said to

by my voice that I had caught a

myself, “OH NO Its a snapper and its

great fish. I sent both him and the

f@#ken huge!!!”

wife a pxt of it sitting on the Pania

Words can’t describe the feeling of

certified scales 13.656kg. Was a

The snapper went 13.44 kg 28 hours after I caught it on the club scales at weigh in Sunday lunchtime. For 30 hours of fishing I didn’t lose a bait without seeing a bite or catching a fish. 5


ROctober Fish Rocked! ROctoberFish is a competition

let alone take their gear with them

like no other. Not only is it

(Forbes, did you mean to leave your

Landbased only, you can catch

reels in my car?)

measure and release your fish – providing there’s a quality image taken before it goes back. We ran it for a few mates last year to test the theory & decided to go hard at the concept in 2012. After months of terrible, windy weather the weekend forecast began to look just about perfect from about 10 days out. Those last ten days saw entrant numbers double as it became obvious we were on for a cracker.


The morning dawned a beaut, no wind, few clouds and a reasonable swell. By all accounts fishing was hard, but the fish that were landed were of a large & long for their weights. Doubtless Bat local John Buckley took the early lead with a 76.5cm snapper on the first morning that stood in first place right through the day. Most anglers had a more subdued second night, choosing sleep over boozing while a few hardier souls tried their

The trip up was pretty eventful for a

luck at Rangiputa after dark Jeffery

couple of guys – including a blown

Zeelie of the North Shore club landed

head-gasket & further 12hours of

a nice 50cm snapper, but no monsters

travel time for one carload of anglers.

were snared.

The briefing was straightforward –

Saturday dawned even calmer than

go out & catch some fish! Some silly

Friday with barely a puff of wind until

buggers thought drinking whisky till

late afternoon,. This afforded access

the wee hours was a smart way to

to more spots but was countered by

prepare & the 0500 start time was a

a bigger swell. The NZ Land Based

disaster as they struggled to move

game club guys headed out over the


First place Trevally Matt Ryan (it was the only one!)

beer & forgetting to tabulate results! The crowd was in a great mood and the prize giving was a whole lot of fun. The standout was the average length of fish measured – a staggering 57.8cm or about 3.2kg. That’s phenomenal – it goes to show the quality of fishing in the far North. Congratulations to Mark ‘Sharkey’ Van Deepen who narrowly took first place Parengarenga bar in what one fisho described as ‘daunting’ conditions. They were rewarded with the best fishing of the trip, not only in numbers but size. Those closer to home base generally struggled under the bright sun but again the average size was very good.

Tim & his PB

over another Mark with a 79.5cm vs. 79cm flat snapper. There was only one Trevally landed, by Aucklander Matthew Ryan at 52 cm it took the first place prize comfortably. Well done also to Norman McIvor who not only one the Early bird prize but also took out the raffle & brand new

Nearly all participants ‘measured in’

(yet to be released) Bradley Two rack

their fish at Whatuwhiwhi prior to


close off, but one large group missed

RoctoberFish was a great event &

out by about 15 minutes. Sorry guys,

worked really well. We’re looking

rules are rules!

forward to making it a permanent

The prize giving was a bit late as the compeer was a bit busy enjoying a

fixture on the tournament calendar. On return to the big smoke I received 7


the following message in our Facebook message box. It’s comments like these that really inspire & make it all worth it. Cheers Boyce! Boyce Lawrence “What an awesum organisation, comp went well didn’t catch nothing, or even Congratulations Sharky!

a spot prize haha. But I can see this Big Norm won the early bird & the Bradley 2-rack!

Landbased comp getting bigger every year. The really good thing bout this comp is that it’s not the heaviest but longest fish that wins.. Even average an mystery length.. Prizes for a comp this size so far actually amazed me and (John) Buckely, good quality gear.. Can’t wait for next year, see you’s then...” A big thanks to the competitors who took a punt and come north and a special thanks to the main sponsors of the tournament, without you we are nothing.


Reel Rods,

Go Fish,

Bradley Smokers .

And many thanks Forsyth for the help to make Rocktoberfish happen


Hasn’t Okuma come a long way? The exciting sound of the clicker, the subtle take of the fly, the explosive strike that comes from a rapidly retrieved popper... fishing rewards the senses in so many ways. From mountain lake to offshore waters, at every turn Okuma Fishing Tackle embraces your passion for the sport of fishing. Our 2012 introductions continue our commitment to dynamic and innovative

rods and reels for both freshwater and saltwater anglers. Within each, our goal is to advance your skills and deliver a better experience from every day on the water. We accomplish this with advanced materials, cutting-edge design and by having one ear to the ground at all times. Never wanting to limit your possibilities, Okuma creates the tools to unlock endless angling experiences. o nz

sportFISHING In to it!

Trout: What are they good for? An outsider’s perspective on fly fishing By Darren Parsons

Why is fly fishing for trout so

(and that’s coming from someone that

could be better to learn than the

popular? That is a question I often ask

doesn’t really like eating fish). Most

mighty Tongariro River. Well, that was

myself. After all, they fight like a wet

of all though, how could I really be a

Derrick’s idea.

sack, they smell like mud and most of

critic of fly fishing if I haven’t given it

the talk about them revolves around

a nudge.

gear, technique, pomp and ritual.

So I needed some gear, and it seemed fairly unlikely that I’d drop any coin on

Well, it’s not like I haven’t caught trout

a mudfish. Its times like these when

On the other hand, we are blessed

before, but I have always stayed well

friends that really appreciate the slimy

with a trout laden Mecca here in

clear of the fly fishing caper. The only

critters come in handy. So thanks to

New Zealand and from what I hear,

time I had ever picked up a fly rod in

Steven for his gear and advice. Over

the challenge is in the presentation

anger was when I was 14. That was

a 30 minute lunch I absorbed Steven’s

of the fly, not so much the fight. In

fishing for kahawai, and mostly I just

extensive knowledge on fly fishing.

addition, many fly fishing locations

managed to fling the tippet round

I couldn’t afford to diversify my

are set in picture post card locations

like a whip and snap off my fly. So as

techniques, so we were going to stick

and trout don’t taste half bad either

a genuine rank amateur, what place

to nymphing. Floating line, 8 lb tippet,



the Tongariro was probably not the

make any difference if the indicator

place to learn to fly cast. Big water

was made of something else – there

means that everything needs to be

is the pomp and ritual I referred to

done so much faster. Anyhow, as

earlier), a nymph and a “bomb”. As far

you can see from the photo, I must

as I could make out the heavy “bomb”

have got something right. Well, not

nymph is a sinker with some colour

entirely. I caught trees, my indicator

and a hook in it, and on the Tongariro

didn’t really float much, and I caught

this “bomb” needs to be quite heavy.

my back. I even managed to snap my

Little did I realise that would have

nymphs off on my back about four

consequences (more to come on

times. This is where the weight of the

that). I also needed waders, they were

“bomb” has consequences, but you

borrowed in the customary couple

should really ask the back of Derrick’s

of sizes too small. Derrick had more

head about that. So you can imagine

experience with fly fishing, heck he

my surprise when I went to cast and

even had his own fly box with actual

there was a fish on. I bet Derrick was,

flies in it! Being Derrick he couldn’t

he had hooked and lost three larger

help but decorate himself with some

specimens; all three at his feet. One

new tackle (rod, reel and waders). So

of them may have partially been due

even before we headed for the central

to my apprehension to go to his aid.

North Island I was a few hundred

I will blame that on the leaky waders.

dollars up.

Anyway, back to my fish, and this is

On our first morning we headed off into the mist in search of a pool filled with trout. After an extensive search where we rejected many likely looking spots we eventually ended up in the pool under the main road bridge. Well not in the pool, but we

where I need to get really descriptive. I wound it in. Well it wasn’t that simple. I did have to untangle the pool of line at my feet and even snap off a small twig and wind it onto my reel to get the fish in. Other than that though, the fight was uneventful.

did come close. We could see trout

Job done, but now I had the bug. I

from the bridge and the other anglers

can’t put my finger on what it was. I

were catching them, but I started to

know for sure it wasn’t the “challenge

get cold feet. Not just because my

of enticing a trout to take your

waders had a giant hole in them and

presentation”. I think I had done

my left leg had filled up to the crotch.

everything possible to not catch a

No, worse than that there wasn’t a lot

trout and still caught one, so they

of room on the bank that was clear

can’t be the fussy critters they are

of obstructions or fishers. As such I

made out to be. Furthermore, the

was a bit unsure about unleashing my

particular specimen that I landed

first cast in 20 years with anglers and

wasn’t the best eating fish either. So

willow trees watching over me. The

let’s put it down to an undefined X

other anglers were probably fearful

factor. Trout have it. I’ll be back to

too, or they should have been. It was

give it another go, so if you see me

also about now that I realised that

with a fly rod in hand; Duck!

Now I had the bug. I can’t put my finger on what it was. I know for sure it wasn’t the “challenge of enticing a trout to take your presentation”. I think I had done everything possible to not catch a trout and still caught one, so they can’t be the fussy critters they are made out to be.

a yarn indicator (really guys, would it 11


Building Your Own Mechanical Jig Rod Easy, right? Part 1 of 3 Rod building 101: skip the basics and any cosmetics and start with an acid wrapped jigging rod The thought of building your own rod can be intimidating due to the highly technical nature and skill required to get things just right, and that is coming from someone that owns multiple custom rods and has been involved in building bits of them. The evolution of jigging rod technology,

however, has resulted in some great,

someone’s experience they will be

but rather expensive rods. $800

able to spell out the specifics that you

would be an average price for a

will need in advance to order your

decent jigging rod. That is simply

components online (e.g. mudhole.

out of reach for many. Alternatively,

com). This is likely to save you money.

building your own rod allows you

If you don’t have that advantage, then

to get the exact product that you

it may be best to go to a shop that will

are after. That includes fitting it to

sell you the components and provide

how you fish, and adding whatever

you with advice as to what you need

cosmetic elements that appeal to you.

at the same time (e.g. Monahan’s in

These are some pretty good reasons

Auckland). Using online rod building

to build your own. So why would

forums can also be useful (http://www.

you listen to someone who has only

built one rod from scratch? Because only a beginner understands what a beginner needs to know. Most of the information that you find on the web is for specific, and usually quite technical elements, of rod building. Here we present an easy how to guide from scratch. In Saying that, being able to pick the brain of someone with real skill and experience is invaluable (thanks here goes to Mark Griffith – check out some of his builds here. So I’d suggest that you utilise whatever knowledge you can find.


Rod blank: The first component you probably want to consider is the rod blank. The style of blank that you choose will determine what type of rod you build. The blank is also going to be the most expensive part of your rod. You can make significant savings here though, by buying directly from a blank manufacturer like Composite Developments in Albany or Kilwell in Rotorua that produce quality products and are happy to work with you to make sure you get the rod you.

This experience is especially important

The blank I used cost just over $100

in getting the correct components

allowing for a cheap overall build cost.

together. If you are able to tap into

In terms of a jigging rod, it needs


the majority of the overall bend in the upper third of the blank. The choice here will come down to personal preference.

Guides: Potentially the most confusing component of rod building. There are an unlimited number of styles, sizes and insert types. This is where you may need some input from someone with experience to get you underway. With jigging rods (or any rod where you may use braided line) you need to get guides with inserts that won’t be eaten into by the tough braided line. There are lots of different types of insert, and some are very expensive (e.g. Silicon Carbide). Alconite is of sufficient quality to handle braided lines and relatively cheap, so was a good option for me. Before you order your guides you to be thick walled and have a high

(>80 m) and or high current locations

need to know how many you need

graphite percentage (often referred

where large kingfish are expected

and of what sizes. This is difficult

to as high modulus). This provides

(e.g. The Three Kings or White Island).

without having the guides and blank

incredible strength for a very light rod.

This jig rod will have a reasonably stiff

in hand to try different things out.

This combination of light weight, but

tip, so that it isn’t overloaded by the

Here are a few pointers. Get a large

strength, is crucial for a rod that you

heavy jigs used. A jig rod rated for

‘striper’ guide (the first guide up from

will be lifting up and down all day that

200-300 g jigs hits the middle ground

the reel). This ensures that the line

also needs to stop large kingfish. For

that allows it to be used in more

doesn’t touch the fore grip when the

example, jigging rods often have the

situations than the more specialist 100

rod is loaded. This will be especially

ability to ‘dead lift’ weights in excess

g or 400 g rods. Some rods may be

important for rods with a parabolic

of 20 kg. Jigging rods and blanks,

given a PE rating, which is based on

bend. I used a size 25 striper guide.

however, are most often rated for the

the line weight to be used with the

You can also easily figure out which

weight of lure they are designed for.

rod. PE 5 (50 lb) is probably the most

tip top you need. A vernier callipers

This rating is not very indicative of

common line weight used for jigging

will come in handy here (and for a few

the overall strength of the rod, just

for kingfish, and would match 200-300

other things to come). Measure the

the flexibility of the tip which works

g jigs. PE 3 (30) would be suitable for

diameter of the rod tip and ensure

the jig. For example, a 100 g rod is

a 100 g jigs and PE 8 (80 lb) for 400

that you order a tip with an internal

suitable for jigs of around 100 g (plus

g jigs. Finally, the action of the blank

barrel diameter that is slightly larger

or minus 50 g), which would most

may also be referred to. There are two

than this measurement. Choosing the

often be used in shallow (<50 m)

basic types. Parabolic; when loaded

remaining guides will depend on the

water. This rod will have a reasonably

this type of blank will have an even

length and action of your blank. My

flexible tip. A 400 g rod is suitable

bend right throughout the rod. Fast

final rod length was 5’4” and my rod

for large jigs that are used in deep

taper; here the loaded rod will have

had a fast taper action. As such I went 13


with an angle grinder. Now you can determine your reel seat position. This is easily figured out. Hold your blank under your armpit as though you were jigging, positioning your hands as though there was a reel. Mark where the reel would be on the rod. Reposition the rod but to your left hip as though you were fighting a fish and again note the most comfortable position for the reel. You now need to strike a balance between these two positions for your final reel seat position. Your reel seat will be about 12 cm in length. Again use masking tape to mark out its position at each end. You can now measure from the bottom of the reel seat to the rod but. This will be the length of your bottom grip. Use your vernier callipers to measure the rod diameter at few positions within this butt section. You need to get a grip that has an internal diameter just narrower than this (it will stretch and slide on with the glue). Do the same for your fore grip. The

for a further 8 guides (14, 12, 2 x 10, 4

determine the final length you would

x 8). For most jigging rods you could

like the rod to be. Most conventional

probably get away with 8 guides plus

jigging rods are between 5’ and 5’4”

the tip as opposed to the 9 guides

(although there are some substantially

plus tip that I used. If in doubt order a

longer jigging rods in use overseas).

couple of extra guides .

Remember the longer the rod, the

Bottom end components: The

more leverage the fish will have

rest of the components are relatively

against you; this is why jigging rods

simple and a lot is often decided by

have evolved to become so short.

ensure that its internal diameter is

personal preference (the bottom end

It is most common to adjust the rod

greater than the external diameter of

of the rod is often where people use

length from the bottom (although

the blank at the position where it will

‘rod bling’ to customise their rod).

some people do cut the tip). Place

be mounted. The reel seat also needs

If you want to keep it simple (and

a few wraps of masking tape where

to be of sufficient size to take the reel

cheap) then this is what I did. First

you want the but to end and cut

you will be using. I went for a size 20. I


length of your fore grip will be limited by the position of your striper guide. For my rod this was 27 cm from the top of the reel seat, but this may vary with the action of your blank. In terms of the type grip, there are many choices, the most common is EVA. I terms of your reel seat, you need to


also chose a graphite reel seat. While not as flashy, they are light, cheap and allow flex through this part of the rod. At the top of your fore grip you may consider a ‘winding check’. This is purely cosmetic. I used a black rubber winding check to help the visual transition of the fore grip into the narrower blank. At the butt end you will need a cap or gimbal. This is up to you. I chose a graphite gimbal with a moulded rubber cap. Here you need to ensure that the internal diameter is greater than the rod butt.

Other bits: You will need some

diameter (“A”) as it has a better final

need rod building glue to secure your

binding thread. The colour of your

finish. Also consider getting colour

reel seat and grips. Again there are

choice will determine the overall

fast thread if available, this allows you

many options here. I bought a 4 oz

look of the rod. You may also want to

to avoid using (and buying) separate

two part pack, again this is enough for

consider different colours for under

colour fastening solution. You will

two rods. Non-specialist glues from

binds vs over binds and for any extra

also need a flexible coating or finish

hardware stores can be used here

cosmetics you wish to build into the

to seal over your bindings. There are

as well. You will also need masking

rod binding. I chose one 100 yard

many choices here, they should all

tape (this goes under the reel seat

spool of black thread. This is enough

work well. I bought 24 ml (two 12

and butt cap). I use ½ “ wide tape,

for more than one rod and gives the

ml syringes); this is enough for two

which I could only find on rod building

simple look I was after. Furthermore,

rods. To apply this coating you will

websites. Finally, you may need a

using one colour is also cheap and

need small paint brushes and plastic

white ‘china marker’ pen for marking

does not require skilful binding

pottles. These are often sold in a pack

positions on the rod. These are hard

techniques that I don’t have. Binding

with the coating. If not you can get

to come by, but specialist art and craft

thread often comes in different

cheap paint brushes and plastic shot

shops do have them.

diameters. I chose the thinner

glasses from $2 shops. You will also

Part II next month 15


The Kids Take Dad Fishing! g drivin Taylor

“UH-OH DAD, bites, BITES!” That’s

beginners luck or whether there’s

how it starts. You have a boat full of

something in the way they fish. We

experts and the small children are

have lots of people on the boat

out fishing everyone. A fish nudging

that just attempt to rip the head off

their baits and them slowly pulling

anything that comes anywhere near

the bait away from the fish ever so

the hook and miss most of them.

gently is enough for them to hook

The small person just cruising away in

up and play a huge part providing

the corner, generally thinking about

dinner for the family.

something that has nothing to do with

Fishing with kids is just excellent fun. Some get it, some don’t. But most, even on their death beds with sea

the task at hand (Glee or One Direction or even girls, as I found out with some of the boys) are in to a fish every time.

Hanna h’s Ana zac Sn apper!

read weather maps and become involved in picking the days and places to fish. Caring for the resource and maintaining it for their offspring to enjoy. This not a unique point of view heaps of kids go fishing every day.

We have seven Play Station games

I did however attend a social function

in our house and all for a 20 year old

a while ago where there was an

version. Barring 50knots and torrential

interesting man with an interesting

rain the play station was not an option

attitude. He was an excellent angler

when the kids were growing up. There

The simplicity and innocence of their

by all accounts and presented some

is however, a Game Fishing one that

actions is something we all could take

very knowledgeable points of view. He

plays on it that did get snuck out a bit

some time to remember. The look on

is the father of 2 young boys and when

when they weren’t around ;) We do

a kids face when they have landed

asked how they enjoyed their fishing

have 32 fishing rods though and they

a good fish is priceless. But????????

could play with those whenever they

Why do the jammy little buggers catch


sickness will manage a smile when they get a tug on the line and are miraculously healed at the suggestion that someone else wind in their fish.

all the best fish on the day?

he proceeded to tell the gathering how he wouldn’t take them in the boat as “they were a pain in the butt” and “the

The experience the oceans give are

children, they just get in the way”. I

Think for a moment. Some have spent

priceless and they won’t all be fishing.

simply felt sorry for him. I guess, each

thousands of dollars on boats and

What they get to see on it, in it, or

to their own. So why do these jammy

fishing gear. We’ve spent hundreds

under it cannot be gleaned from the

little buggers land the good ones. Luck

of hours on the water “perfecting”

pretend world the gaming companies

or just simply the fish are there to be

our techniques, even more time

promote; So every chance we got

caught. Is there some twisted fishing

reading and yarning with people

to get them out we’d go fishing or

god that gets a kick out of watching

about how to and how good we are

snorkeling or surfing, anything to get

the grownups shown up by the young

at it and the wee ones turn up chuck

them out there.

ones or could it be simply that they

After a while you see their skill set

are fishing? Time is our most precious

improve, they become more efficient

commodity; the person with the most

I’ve been fishing with kids for a

at knots, casting, handling and iki’ing

of it spent wisely will be the richest.

while now and I can’t work out if its

the fish. They learn species and to

Take your kids fishing!

a line over the side an whammo! They’re into the fish of the day.


KNOW BEFORE YOU GO The Boating Safety

CODE Before you go boating on our seas, lakes and rivers, get familiar with New Zealand’s Boating Safety Code, no matter what kind of boat you use.


Life jackets

5 4

Take them – Wear them.


Skipper responsibility

to help you stay safe:

Marine weather New Zealand’s weather can be highly unpredictable. Check the local marine weather forecast before you go and expect both weather and sea state changes.

Boats, especially ones under 6m in length, can sink very quickly. Wearing a life jacket increases your survival time in the water.


simple rules


Avoid alcohol

The skipper is responsible for the safety of everyone on board and for the safe operation of the boat. Stay within the limits of your vessel and your experience.

Safe boating and alcohol do not mix. Things can change quickly on the water. You need to stay alert and aware.


The Water Safety

Take two separate waterproof ways of communicating so we can help you if you get into difficulties.

Also available:


The Outdoor Safety


For more information about safe boating education and how to prepare for your boating activity, visit

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OKUMA RAW II Tested by NZFisher (Size 40) FROM the makers, Okuma: As the HDS Gen2 Touch 7

leader in delivering best-in-class spinning reel performance to anglers

What’s new in the world of fishing?

of all levels, Okuma Fishing Tackle’s all-new Raw II saltwater spinning reels once again raise the bar. Constructed from a proprietary, highly corrosionresistant aluminium alloy and featuring Okuma’s Dual Force Drag system with a completely carbon fibre drag stack, Raw II spinning reels take on both the toughest species and

By Marc Touchette

harshest environments.... As tested: I’ve taken a liking to the new breed of super strong, small light weight spinning reels of the current softbaiting age. They’re light, tough and

Raw II spinning reels

very easy to use. After playing with a few of the newest & shiniest (and most expensive) I think I’ve got a decent eye for their strengths and weaknesses. Soft-baiting is a form of fishing that you tend to do all day. That’s a lot of casting, flicking the bail arm, sporadically winding & then repeating, with the monotony sometimes broken up by a fish pulling back the other way. You need tough, but light: and that is a difficult balance. Where others see weakness, I see genius. The new Raw has the components you most need in a small spinner. Okuma have provided a little ‘bling’ for the show ponies,


boatFISHING but at its roots this is a little battler. What matters most is a smooth, powerful drag coupled with a stiff, strong body and handle. Others have suggested the new carbon handle is lacking strength, but I only see it lacking cosmetics, it was strong – and sensitive. The all alloy body gives nothing and the drag is responsive and strong. What will determine its value is longevity, so we’ll have to see. At under $250 it’s half the price of similar reels I’ve tested but performed as well, if not better in some aspects. What we liked: Smooth drag at all pressures. A tough, lightweight frame and handle. The 5 year OKUMA warranty to take away the guesswork. What we didn’t like: The small diameter handle-grip.

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the acquisition of two other companies in Sydney and Brisbane it became Australia’s largest company in its field. In 1988 the German AL-KO Kober Group acquired the company, which signalled the start of a new era of international involvement in New Zealand and South

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Wellington Source: Steve’s Fishing Shop

to rise steadily. West Coast is still getting hammered by big winds from the Westerly quarter therefore not much to report from that coast. The West Coast really comes into its own on the fishing front from about November, and fishes well for Snapper until late autumn. South Coast from Turakirae Head to right round to Honeycomb Rock in the East Coast has been excellent for good sized Spotted Sharks up to 7kg with an average weight of 3.5 kg. The Red Cod are feeding hard around the many river mouths as are the Kahawai this is due to Whitebait moving up the rivers, Gurnard should start to appear with more consistency on the open coasts from now on. Some nice Blue Moki have been caught and these fish are great scrappers as well a good eating fish, and quite a few nice Spotted Sharks which are an excellent sport fish. Pictured is James Bennie with a lovely Palliser Bay Spotted Shark Good Luck and may the Fishing Gods be with you. Felix

The Shore Report

30lb / 40lb Sufix Superior Trace Line,

The Gurnard are in! Good numbers

which is clear and easy to tie. Adding

The Boat Report

of Gurnard have been taken in the

Hi-Vis Fluro beads and trace line to

The Harbour has been the only nice

Harbour off most of the

your rigs can make a huge difference

place to take the boat or Kayak out

wharves, and around the Miramar

to your catch rate.

over recent weeks due to

Peninsula / Evans Bay area. The

Red Cod are still scavenging around for

the constant barrage of high winds

Snapper are also starting to trickle in as

your nicely presented Gurnard bait as

most days. With the Whitebait

well, which is pleasing. Check out the

are the Kahawai. In amongst the small

and other bait fish moving in, the

recent Wellington Snapper posting on

Kahawai boil ups we have had several

Kahawai fishing has been good along

our Facebook Page.

reports of Kingfish being spotted.

with good numbers of nice Gurnard.

Don’t forget to try different sized

It is not prime time yet for King’s

Trevally have been the surprise fish

baits e.g. whole Pilchards or small

but still worth a shot. As soon as

here with Trevally being caught

Squids, with two 7/0 hooks for your

the wind stops blowing so hard and

at lots of different places. Those

Snapper. Gurnard and Trevally prefer

those random cold Southerlies die

fisho’s making the effort to berley up

smaller baits and light trace line like

off the numbers of Kingfish will start

when out in the boat are improving




hot spot for more information.

weather making fishing impossible

advantage over fishermen who don’t

South Coast, just like the West Coast

a lot of the time. This is nature’s

use berley over the coming months.

the weather has made it hard to get

way of protecting our fisheries and

Over the next few weeks more

out with big swells and strong winds

it is a good thing that the weather

Gurnard and Trevally will enter the

slowing us all down. Those fisho’s

prohibits continuous fishing of the

Harbour along with Snapper and

lucky enough to get out in between

same spots.

Kingfish. The hole at Kau Point and

the gales and big swells have mostly

When the weather comes right, 5

Falcon Shoal plus the inshore reef

found the fishing hard. Out wide

Mile Reef, Western Ledge and Fitzroy

south of Camp Bay are all worthy

Bluenose and Groper have been

Bay will all be worth a shot. Don’t

of a fish. Don’t forget - berley will

patchy at best.

be surprised if you get one or two

always improve your chances, I

Sometimes when you are thinking of

Groper on some the inshore reefs, and

know I keep banging on about

chasing the fish out wide in moderate

November and December can be a

the importance of berley but the

to rough seas, you may consider it just

very good time for inshore Groper.

majority of anglers still don’t use

not worth going out with the cost of

Looking forward to have better fishing

berley and miss out on vastly

fuels, baits etc. It makes more sense to

to report over the next few months as

improved catch rates.

wait for a nice day, and while they have

the summer fishing season is almost

Stray line or live baits are always

been few and far between nice days

here. And don’t forget, we are only a

worth a shot for Kingfish and

are well worth the wait in the payoff of

phone call or email away if you have

Snapper along with small ledger rigs

comfortable fishing and better results.

any questions about fishing, we are

i.e. 2 to 3/0 rigs such as Kiwi Tackle

Inshore reefs should be holding

always keen to help a fellow fisho.

2/0 2 Hook Ledger Rig for Gurnard

good numbers of fish such as

Wishing you all the best with your

and Snapper. Check out our Boat

Terakihi and Blue Cod as they have


Fishing Wellington Harbour fishing

not been fished much due the



their catch rates and will have the

w 21


Bay of Plenty Source: Rick Pollock. And the westerlies just keep

a good catch, avoid the nasty chop

weight and barrels waiting to rid

on keeping on! While we’ve seen

created by wind and have most of

themselves of milt and roe – judging

equinox periods like this, and

their day left to attend to shore side

by water temps are still many weeks

even worse, the early start remains


away. Back in shallow water, light

unprecedented – and there appears no end in sight at this point in

tackle anglers are capitalizing on

time. We have experienced these


cool westerly winds right into early

While the westerlies have been

December previously, certainly well

decisively influencing the inshore

into November. So, with a full six (6)

arena, they have been devastating

weeks of these winds under our belt,

further afield. Thankfully there has

how long will they continue to torture

been virtually no swell to contend

us? Compounding this and making it

with, just plenty of wind, resultant

even more frustrating and difficult to

chop and occasionally horizontal

take, is the fact there’s some pretty

rain – all good deterrents to keep

good fishing to be had out there!

anglers either inshore or onshore. On the few visits there over the past

Inshore Certainly, due to its proximity to

fortnight, rewards have come to those intrepid anglers.

some decent reef fish starring trevally and terakihi but well supported by porae, some very nice sized.

Ranfurly Bank No visits whatsoever for obvious reasons but due to change with several visits scheduled next week.

Summary Playing a waiting game? Got any other choices? Hardly! We can but hope for improving conditions sooner

shore, this area has seen more effort

For the first time in ages, some effort

than later. If this penance we’re

in the small windows of opportunities

was put toward deepwater species

forced to live bait out is in trade for a

which have shown themselves.

with reasonable results. Small

settled summer ahead then perhaps

Fishing here, by and large, remains

bluenose and bass were bolstered

it’s worth it. In the meantime if you

constant – not great and definitely

by some reasonable sized hapuka.

can get out it’s well worth your effort.

not bad. Snapper are continually

Back toward the island the kingis

Till next week

appearing in larger numbers with

continue their penchant for baits

many/most well over the legal size.

with consistent catches in the windy

While limits are scarce, “good feeds”

conditions. Water has predictably

are common. Natural bait seems to

gone green. How could it be any

have the edge over soft plastics at

other way with the offshore blowing,

the moment but that should change

upwelling creating westerly’s?!?

as water temps increase with time.

After flirting with the 30 kilo barrier

Bolstering this species have been

for weeks, it’s finally been eclipsed.

terakihi, gurnard and omnipresent

Hamilton angler Tim Degan landed

kahawai. To combat the incessant

his 31 kilo specimen with mate Paul

westerly’s some savvy anglers are

Jones only a kilo behind – well done

getting very early stats, heading west

guys. Otherwise the norm remains

(Rurimas, Matata) and then coming

with 15-18 kilo fish but more quality

home as soon as the winds freshen.

fish over 20 appearing all the while.

While early starts may not agree

Condition factors still vary greatly

with everyone it’s one way to secure

between slabs struggling to gain



Source: Carl Muir – CARLS REPORT this month is so image heavy we can’t post it in the mag. Click here for the full report, awesome photos and a general round up of Epic awesomeness.


Fishing Video of the Month Ok, first up this is neither a video or is it about fishing – it’s just interesting for a sheltered antipodean like me. That’s some WOW- factor. So here’s a real fishing video to keep us on topic – well, spearfishing video anyway. Check out the terakihi at around 5.30mins – surprisingly shallow... And one more in memory of Reece’s fab spot off Kapiti – It’s still there but sadly Reece has moved north! Great fish... And lastly, this isn’t a video either, but it’s a great read about how our young cover insert (Greg) went fishing and how his very second snapper was a monster 11.34kg. Stories like this don’t come around every day – I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Well done Greg! 23

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