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HIGHLIGHTS THE DARK FANTASTIC Race and the Imagination from Harry Potter to the Hunger Games Ebony Elizabeth Thomas Reveals the diversity crisis in children’s and young adult media as not only a lack of representation, but a lack of imagination 240 Pages • Cloth 978-1-4798-0065-0 • $28.00 In the Postmillennial Pop series

POSTRACIAL RESISTANCE Black Women, Media, and the Uses of Strategic Ambiguity Ralina L. Joseph “A fascinating study that boldly mines the complexities of racial and gender microaggressions in contemporary media.” —Daphne Brooks, author of Bodies in Dissent 280 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-8637-1 • $30.00 In the Critical Cultural Communication series

HOW TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES Edited by Matthew Thomas Payne and Nina B. Huntemann Forty original contributions on games and gaming culture

CELEBRITY A History of Fame Susan J. Douglas and Andrea McDonnell The historical and cultural context of fame in the twenty-first century

400 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-2798-5 • $30.00 In the How To series

336 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-6203-0 • $25.00 In the Critical Cultural Communication series

VIDEO GAMES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN QUEER Bonnie Ruberg “Asks us to take not simply representation, but play itself, seriously and provides powerful ways for thinking about queerness and games.”— T.L. Taylor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 288 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-4374-9 • $30.00 In the Postmillennial Pop series

THE HOLLYWOOD JIM CROW The Racial Politics of the Movie Industry Maryann Erigha “Traces how the conflation of race and economics works, in the minds of the white men who dominate the industry, to marginalize Black stories and Black talent at the movies.” —Darnell Hunt, co-editor of Black Los Angeles 240 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-4787-7 • $25.00

SOCIAL MEDIA ENTERTAINMENT The New Intersection of Hollywood and Silicon Valley Stuart Cunningham and David Craig “Captures and contextualizes the rapid emergence of an evolutionary media form by connecting the past with the present.”— José van Dijck, author of The Culture of Connectivity 368 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-4689-4 • $30.00

SEX AND STIGMA Stories of Everyday Life in Nevada’s Legal Brothels Sarah Jane Blithe, Anna Wiederhold Wolfe, and Breanna Mohr “Blending first-person perspectives with feminist scholarship to demystify the brothel as a workplace.” — Shira Tarrant, author of The Pornography Industry 320 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-2070-2 • $30.00


I N T H E C R I T I C A L C U LT U R A L C O M M U N I C AT I O N S E R I E S FAKE GEEK GIRLS Fandom, Gender, and the Convergence Culture Industry Suzanne Scott Reveals the systematic marginalization of women within pop culture fan communities 304 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-7957-1 • $30.00

THE IDENTITY TRADE Selling Privacy and Reputation Online Nora A. Draper “Brings to light the cultural and economic ramifications of the public’s desire for online privacy.” —Publishers Weekly 320 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-9565-6 • $35.00

NETFLIX NATIONS The Geography of Digital Distribution Ramon Lobato How streaming services and internet distribution have transformed global television culture

HOMEGROWN Identity and Difference in the American War on Terror Piotr M. Szpunar An insightful study of how identity is mobilized in and for war in the face of homegrown terrorism

240 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-0494-8 • $25.00

224 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-7033-2 • $28.00

DOT-COM DESIGN The Rise of a Usable, Social, Commercial Web Megan Sapnar Ankerson “She has resurrected an era —attitudes and aesthetics, economics and practices, fantasies and futures—to explain how the present came to be.”—Finn Brunton, author of Spam: A Shadow History of the Internet

WIFE, INC. The Business of Marriage in the Twenty-First Century Suzanne Leonard “A smart and trenchant examination of the notion of the ‘wife’ as both a popular culture phenomenon and an economic powerhouse.” —Brenda R. Weber, editor of Reality Gendervision

288 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-9290-7 • $28.00

272 Pages • Cloth • 978-1-4798-7450-7 • $30.00

LOCKED OUT Regional Restrictions in Digital Entertainment Culture Evan Elkins A rare insight into how industry practices like regional restrictions have shaped global media culture in the digital era



240 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-7387-6 • $29.00 Forthcoming August 2019

www . nyupress . org

G E N D E R A N D S E X U A LT I Y QUEER TIMES, BLACK FUTURES Kara Keeling A serious intellectual engagement with Afrofuturism and the philosophical questions of space and time

OLD FUTURES Speculative Fiction and Queer Possibility Alexis Lothian “Both entertaining fodder and theoretically rich terrain for making queer theory new again.” —Elizabeth Freeman author of Time Binds

288 Pages • Paper 978-0-8147-4833-6 • $30.00 In the Sexual Cultures series

352 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-2585-1 • $30.00 In the Postmillennial Pop series

STRUGGLING FOR ORDINARY Media and Transgender Belonging in Everyday Life Andre Cavalcante “A richly detailed account of transgender encounters with the media in a rapidly changing environment. ” —Joshua Gamson, author of Modern Families

FASHION AND BEAUTY IN THE TIME OF ASIA Edited by S. Heijin Lee, Christina H. Moon and Thuy Linh Nguyen Tu How transnational modernity is taking shape in and in relation to Asia 320 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-9284-6 • $30.00

224 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-4131-8 • $27.00 In the Critical Cultural Communication series



WE ARE DATA Algorithms and The Making of Our Digital Selves John Cheney-Lippold “A heady and rewarding explanation of our lives in the data age.” —Starred Kirkus Reviews 320 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-0870-0 • $20.00

WHOSE GLOBAL VILLAGE? Rethinking How Technology Shapes Our World Ramesh Srinivasan “Invites us to question some of the sacred narratives that have grown up around digital and networked technologies in the west” —Henry Jenkins, co-author of By Any Media Necessary 272 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-5608-4 • $22.00

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CITIZEN SPIES The Long Rise of America’s Surveillance Society Joshua Reeves “Reeves’s cutting insight deconstructs the protocols and policies of what he calls ‘America’s surveillance society.”—Starred Library Journal

256 Pages • Cloth • 978-1-4798-7811-6 • $22.00

SPREADABLE MEDIA Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture With a new afterword Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, and Joshua Green “Finally, a way of framing modern media creation and consumption that actually reflects reality...” —Jane Espenson, writerproducer of Battlestar Galactica 352 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-5605-3 • $20.00


IN THE POSTMILLENIAL POP SERIES THE POWER OF SPORTS Media and Spectacle in American Culture Michael Serazio A provocative, must-read investigation that both appreciates the importance of—and punctures the hype around—big-time contemporary American athletics 400 Pages • Cloth • 978-1-4798-8731-6 • $35.00 In the Postmillennial Pop series

PLAYING TO THE CROWD Musicians, Audiences, and the Intimate Work of Connection Nancy K. Baym “Baym’s enthusiasm and experience makes this academic study accessible to professional musicians as well as musicology and communication scholars.” —Library Journal

ANTI-FANDOM Dislike and Hate in the Digital Age Edited by Melissa Click A revealing look at the pleasure we get from hating figures like politicians, celebrities, and TV characters, showcased in approaches that explore snark, hatewatching, and trolling 352 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-5104-1 • $30.00

MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE Special Effects and the Fantastic Transmedia Franchise Bob Rehak Explores the history of how physical and optical effects in postwar Hollywood laid the foundation for modern transmedia franchises 256 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-5670-1 • $28.00

280 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-2158-7 • $29.00

C O N N E C T E D Y O U T H A N D D I G I TA L F U T U R E S Visit connectedyouth.nyupress.org to read the books open access and explore the multimedia components of these titles.

AFFINITY ONLINE How Connection and Shared Interest Fuel Learning Mizuko Ito, Crystle Martin, Rachel Cody Pfister, Matthew H. Rafalow, Katie Salen, and Amanda Wortman How online affinity networks expand learning and opportunity for young people 256 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-5275-8 • $26.00

THE CLASS Living and Learning in the Digital Age Sonia Livingstone and Julian Sefton-Green “An exemplary ethnography whose holistic engagement with children at home as well as at school.” — Daniel Miller, author of Social Media in an English Village 368 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-2424-3 • $27.00

THE DIGITAL EDGE How Black and Latino Youth Navigate Digital Inequality S. Craig Watkins with Andres Lombana-Bermudez, Alexander Cho, Vivian Shaw, Jacqueline Ryan Vickery, and Lauren Weinzimmer How black and Latino youth learn, create, and collaborate online 304 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-4985-7 • $26.00

BY ANY MEDIA NECESSARY The New Youth Activism Henry Jenkins, Sangita Shresthova, Liana Gamber Thompson, Neta KliglerVilenchik, and Arely Zimmerman The participatory politics and civic engagement of youth in the digital age. 352 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-7414-9 • $19.00 www . nyupress . org

G R E AT F O R C O U R S E S KEYWORDS FOR MEDIA STUDIES Laurie Ouellette and Jonathan Gray Introduces key terms, research traditions, debates, and their Laurie Ouellette and Jonathan Gray histories, and offers a sense of the new frontiers and questions emerging in the field of media studies



240 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-5961-0 • $27.00

HOW TO WATCH TELEVISION Edited by Ethan Thompson and Jason Mittell Forty original contributions on what we should all be watching next. 432 Pages • Paper 978-0-8147-6398-8 • $30.00 In the How To series

ALGORITHMS OF OPPRESSION How Search Engines Reinforce Racism Safiya Umoja Noble “An impressive survey of the impact of search and other algorithms on our understandings of racial and gender identity” —Sarah Banet-Weiser, author of Authentic™ 256 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-3724-3 • $28.00

FANDOM Second Edition Identities and Communities in a Mediated World Edited by Jonathan Gray, Cornell Sandvoss, and C. Lee Harrington “Thought-provoking and mature, it will change the way we think about the next generation of fan scholarship.” —Paul Booth, author of Digital Fandom 2.0 448 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-1276-9 • $30.00


Samples from the Table of Contents: 3. Black Arts Movement James Smethurst 4. Black Freedom Movement Hasan Kwame Jeffries 8. City Rashad Shabazz 14. Diversity Nick Mitchell 16. Empire Fanon Che Wilkins 20. Hip Hop Damon Sajnani

KEYWORDS FOR AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES Edited by Erica R. Edwards, Roderick A. Ferguson, and Jeffrey O.G. Ogbar Assembles the key concepts in African American Studies for the first time, this volume not only explores te history of these terms but their continued urgency in the contemporary moment

272 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-5489-9 • $27.00

23. Jazz Eric Porter 27. Nationalism Yohuru Williams 31. Performance Stephanie Leigh Batiste 34. Police Bryan Wagner 40. Religion LeRhonda S. Manigault-Bryant 45. Sexuality Marlon M. Bailey & L. H. Stallings 46. Slavery Sowande Mustakeem 47. Soul Emily J. Lordi 49. University Ashon Crawley Collaborative in design and execution, the books in the Keywords series bring together scholars across a wide range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. Providing accessible A-to-Z surveys of prevailing scholarly concepts, the books serve as flexible tools for carving out new areas of inquiry. Visit keywords.nyupress.org for more information and resources.


MEDIA + SOCIETY DON’T USE YOR WORDS! Children’s Emotions in a Networked World Jane Juffer How children are taught to control their feelings and how they resist this emotional management through online cultural production 304 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-3305-4 • $35.00

GOD ON THE BIG SCREEN A History of Hollywood Prayer from the Silent Era to Today Terry Lindvall Film history meets church history through the ritual of prayers 384 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-9261-7 • $35.00

MANAGING DIABETES The Cultural Politics of Disease Jeffrey A. Bennett A critical study of diabetes in the popular imagination 352 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-3528-7 • $30.00 In the Biopolitics series

NEW MEDIA AND SOCIETY Deana A. Rohlinger “Rohlinger’s approach manages to be both sophisticated and accessible, providing engaging and insightful analyses of the relationship between new media and key social institutions.” — Sarah Sobieraj, Author of Soundbitten 240 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-4569-9 • $28.00

AMERICA, AS SEEN ON TV How Television Shapes Immigrant Expectations around the Globe Clara E. Rodríguez The surprising effects of American TV on global viewers 240 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-1852-5 • $28.00

ARK ENCOUNTER The Making of a Creationist Theme Park James S. Bielo “Gives a good insight into the place of Christianity in our contemporary Western society, its relation to popular culture and commerce, and the power of ‘religious entertainment.’” — Reading Religion 240 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-4279-7 • $28.00

BIOCITIZENSHIP The Politics of Bodies, Governance, and Power Edited by Kelly E. Happe, Jenell Johnson and Marina Levina “A vital resource for discussions on how we narrate and navigate engagements with the materiality of bodies.” — Angela Willey, author of Undoing Monogamy 340 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-6053-1 • $32.00 In the Biopolitics series

ANTISOCIAL MEDIA Anxious Labor in the Digital Economy Greg Goldberg The debate surrounding the transformation of work at the hands of digital technology and the anxieties brought forth by automation, the sharing economy, and the exploitation of leisure 224 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-2190-7 • $27.00 In the Postmillennial Pop series www . nyupress . org

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