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Gender & Sexuality 2018-2019


LGBTQ STUDIES THE TRANS GENERATION How Trans Kids (and Their Parents) are Creating a Gender Revolution ANN TRAVERS “An astounding and essential qualitative study that collects heartfelt, honest anecdotes from a variety of transgender children and their parents.” —Foreword 288 Pages • Cloth 978-1-4798-8579-4 • $25.00

GROWING UP QUEER Kids and the Remaking of LGBTQ Identity MARY ROBERTSON “A powerful account of the continuing need for queer spaces that affirm LGBTQ+ youth.” — James Joseph Dean, author of Straights 224 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-7694-5 • $26.00 In the Critical Perspectives on Youth series


BEYOND TRANS Does Gender Matter? HEATH FOGG DAVIS “Challenges readers to consider why binary sex identity categories are used so pervasively in our everyday lives, and whether such routine categorization is needed.” — Starred Publishers Weekly 208 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-5808-8 • $17.00

STRUGGLING FOR ORDINARY Media and Transgender Belonging in Everyday Life ANDRE CAVALCANTE “Chronicles the complexities of transgender media experiences and challenges commonplace assumptions about how audiences are influenced by media.” — Isaac West, author of Transforming Citizenships 224 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-4131-8 • $27.00 In the Critical Cultural Communication series

AFTER THE PARTY A Manifesto for Queer of Color Life JOSHUA CHAMBERS-LETSON “[A] beautifully written consideration of the collective functions of performance for more livable black and brown, queer and trans worlds.” — C. Riley Snorton author of Black on Both Side 336 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-3277-4 • $30.00 In the Sexual Cultures series USE CODE GEN18 AT CHECKOUT TO SAVE 20% & GET FREE SHIPPING

THE PATH TO GAY RIGHTS How Activism and Coming Out Changed Public Opinion JEREMIAH J. GARRETSON “Seeks to complicate the mainstream narrative about what has caused the sea change toward the acceptance of LGBTQ people in the United States.” — Library Journal 352 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-5007-5 • $35.00

COMING OUT OF COMMUNISM The Emergence of LGBT Activism in Eastern Europe CONOR O’DWYER “Shows us how backlash can paradoxically benefit the domestic organizing capacity of LGBT rights advocates.” — Phillip M. Ayoub, author of When States Come Out 352 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-5148-5 • $35.00

THE GAY MARRIAGE GENERATION How the LGBTQ Movement Transformed American Culture PETER HART-BRINSON “An important and provocative book that will encourage us to reassess our assumptions of how social change occurs.” —Brian Powell, author of Counted Out 320 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-2623-0 • $30.00


WHITE KIDS Growing Up with Privilege in a Racially Divided America MARGARET A. HAGERMAN “A terrific book tracing the different trajectories of racial meaning young white children make about themselves and others” — Amy L. Best, author of Fast Food Kids 280 Pages • Cloth 978-1-4798-0368-2 • $30.00 In the Critical Perspectives on Youth series

Immigrants and Their Children in Mexico and New York GABRIELLE OLIVEIRA “An intimate portrayal of the ways that motherhood, and caregiving more generally, is shifting in a transnational context.”—Deborah A. Boehm, author of Returned 272 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-6646-5 • $30.00 FORTHCOMING


ILLEGAL ENCOUNTERS The Effect of Detention and Deportation on Young People Edited by DEBORAH A. BOEHM and SUSAN J. TERRIO “Examines the experiences of young migrants, bringing critical social, cultural, and legal perspectives to issues as current as today’s headlines.” —Leo R. Chavez, author of The Latino Threat 256 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-6107-1 • $30.00 February 2019

Mexican Teens Caught in the Crossroads of Migration LILIA SOTO “Reveals the hardships and heartaches of lives interrupted, but also the determination and dignity of young women coming of age on both sides of the border.” —George Lipsitz, author of How Racism Takes Place 272 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-6201-6 • $30.00 In the Nation of Nations series


BOUNDARIES OF LOVE Interracial Marriage and the Meaning of Race CHINYERE K. OSUJI A fascinating dive into the ways that contemporary interracial couples in the United States and Brazil navigate racial and ethnic boundaries 320 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-3145-6 • $32.00 May 2019 Winner, 2018 Outstanding Contribution to Scholarship Book Award, presented by the American Sociological Association’s Section on Race, Class, and Gender


Creating Careers and Guarding Culture GLENDA M. FLORES An unprecedented look at an understudied population, Latina Teachers presents an important picture of the women who are increasingly shaping the way America’s children are educated. 272 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-1353-7 • $28.00 In the Latina/o Sociology series

WIFE, INC. The Business of Marriage in the Twenty-First Century SUZANNE LEONARD “A smart and trenchant examination of the notion of the ‘wife’ as both a popular culture phenomenon and an economic powerhouse.” — Brenda R. Weber, editor of Reality Gendervision 272 Pages • Cloth 978-1-4798-7450-7 • $30.00 In the Critical Cultural Communication series


FIGHT LIKE A GIRL SECOND EDITION How to be a Fearless Feminist MEGAN SEELY “Serving as both an introduction to feminism and a blueprint for what’s next for the movement, Fight Like a Girl is simply invaluable.” —Bay Windows 304 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-1010-9 • $28.00 August 2019

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RACE & ETHNICITY POSTRACIAL RESISTANCE Black Women, Media, and the Uses of Strategic Ambiguity RALINA L. JOSEPH How Black women in the spotlight negotiate the postracial gaze of Hollywood and beyond 280 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-8637-1 • $30.00 In the Critical Cultural Communication series



BEFORE CHICANO Citizenship and the Making of Mexican American Manhood, 1848-1959 ALBERTO VARON “[A] groundbreaking, beautifully written literary and intellectual history of MexicanAmerican manhood.” —Raúl Coronado author of A World Not to Come 336 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-3119-7 • $35.00 In the America and the Long 19th Century series FORTHCOMING

Edited by S. HEIJIN LEE, CHRISTINA H. MOON, and THUY LINH NGUYEN TU Centralizes modern Asian fashion and beauty, and the ways they inform our understanding of race, nation, and the global environment. 320 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-9284-6 • $30.00 In the NYU Series in Social and Cultural Analysis June 2019

FEARING THE BLACK BODY The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia SABRINA STRINGS “Illuminates in detail the intertwining of race and body size as key cultural markers.” —Amy Farrell, author of Fat Shame 304 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-8675-3 • $28.00 May 2019

THE SEXUAL CULTURES SERIES SENSUAL EXCESS Queer Femininity and Brown Jouissance AMBER JAMILLA MUSSER "A model for how to read, engage, think with, and celebrate black, brown, feminist, queer, and sexcentered art practices.” — Jennifer Doyle, author of Hold It Against Me 240 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-3095-4 • $27.00


QUEER TIMES, BLACK FUTURES KARA KEELING Brings debates about queer temporality into conversation with those about the legacies of slavery and colonization 288 Pages • Paper 978-0-8147-4833-6 • $30.00 April 2019


AFRO-FABULATIONS The Queer Drama of Black Life TAVIA NYONG’O “Expands our horizon of the possible in a dazzling and matchless performance.” —Saidiya Hartman, author of Lose Your Mother 280 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-8844-3 • $29.00

THE LIFE AND DEATH OF LATISHA KING A Critical Phenomenology of Transphobia GAYLE SALAMON “No ordinary true-crime narrative, but a hard-hitting philosophical investigation into gender and its cultural depiction.” —Foreword 192 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-9252-5 • $23.00

POLITICS FEMINIST ACCOUNTABILITY Disrupting Violence and Transforming Power ANN RUSSO “The essays in this book inspire a renewed commitment to a principled struggle for justice.” — Beth Richie, author of Arrested Justice 280 Pages • Paper 978-0-8147-7715-2 • $30.00

FEMINIST MANIFESTOS A Global Documentary Reader Edited by PENNY A. WEISS “This extensive, rich, and diverse anthology of collective feminist declarations is a vital source for understanding the long, global history of feminism.” —Estelle B. Freedman, author of No Turning Back and The Essential Feminist Reader 704 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-3730-4 • $45.00



The Uses and Abuses of Precarity in Political Debate KATIE OLIVIERO “A lucid and wide-ranging analysis of the powerful emotions generated through political claims to vulnerability.” —Jane Juffer, author of Intimacy Across Borders 336 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-4782-2 • $30.00

Women’s Testimonies of Repression and Resistance in Argentina BARBARA SUTTON “A complex, creative, and powerful analysis of genderbased violence in Argentina’s clandestine detention centers.” — Cecilia Menjívar, author of Enduring Violence 328 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-2992-7 • $35.00



New Social Theory and Research Edited by JAMES W. MESSERSCHMIDT, PATRICIA YANCEY MARTIN, MICHAEL A. MESSNER and RAEWYN CONNELL “Brings much-needed clarity and breadth to the challenges of undoing or re-imagining gender away from its hegemonic moorings.” —Suzanna Danuta Walters, author of The Tolerance Trap 384 Pages • Paper • 978-1-4798-0934-9 • $35.00 FORTHCOMING

Population Control and Women’s Rights in the Era of Climate Change JADE S. SASSER “An impressive contribution to political ecology, feminist theory, and the pursuit of real reproductive justice.” —Betsy Hartmann, author of Reproductive Rights and Wrongs 224 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-9935-7 • $27.00


SEX AND STIGMA Stories of Everyday Life in Nevada’s Legal Brothels SARAH JANE BLITHE, ANNA WIEDERHOLD WOLFE and BREANNA MOHR An intimate and original look at the lives of Nevada’s legal sex workers through the voices of current and former employees 320 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-2070-2 • $30.00 January 2019

THE POLITICIZATION OF SAFETY Critical Perspectives on Domestic Violence Responses Edited by JANE K. STOEVER A look at gun control, campus sexual assault, and more that considers future responses to domestic violence 416 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-0628-7 • $35.00 In the Families, Law, and Society series February 2019

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GRAFFITI GRRLZ Performing Feminism in the Hip Hop Diaspora JESSICA NYDIA PABÓNCOLÓN “Vibrant, complex, and totally engaging, Graffiti Grrlz recovers women’s presence in graffiti subcultures around the globe.” —Jessica Taft, author of Rebel Girls 320 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-9593-9 • $30.00

How Search Engines Reinforce Racism SAFIYA UMOJA NOBLE “A wakeup call to bring awareness to the biases of the internet, and should motivate all concerned people to ask why those biases exist, and who they benefit.” —New York Journal of Books 256 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-3724-3 • $28.00 Winner of the 2018 Media Ecology Association’s Erving Goffman Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Social Interaction Winner of the Eastern Communication Association’s Everett Lee Hunt Award


How the Media Censor and Display the Dead JESSICA M. FISHMAN A behind-the-scenes account of how death is presented in the media 336 Pages • Paper 978-0-8147-6045-1 • $30.00 FORTHCOMING

THE FUTURE OF TECH IS FEMALE How to Achieve Gender Diversity DOUGLAS M. BRANSON “Focuses needed attention on the continuing and problematic shortage of female managers and leaders in U.S. information technology businesses.” — Joan MacLeod Heminway, University of Tennessee 336 Pages • Cloth • 978-1-4798-7517-7 • $30.00


FAKE GEEK GIRLS Fan Culture, Gender, and the Convergence Culture Industry SUZANNE SCOTT A timely look at the gender biases of contemporary fan culture 288 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-4374-9 • $30.00 In the Critical Cultural Communication series April 2019

VIDEO GAMES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN QUEER BONNIE RUBERG Explores the resonances between queer theory and video games, arguing that experiences of difference and queerness have always been essential to games 288 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-4374-9 • $30.00 In the Postmillennial Pop series March 2019

RELIGION BEING MUSLIM A Cultural History of Women of Color in American Islam SYLVIA CHAN-MALIK “Makes a powerful case for conceptualizing Islam in the US in terms of its foundational blackness and the religious opposition to racism and sexism.” —Zareena Grewal, author of Islam is a Foreign Country 288 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-2342-0 • $29.00 USE CODE GEN18 AT CHECKOUT TO SAVE 20% & GET FREE SHIPPING

QUEER NUNS Religion, Activism, and Serious Parody MELISSA M. WILCOX “Beautifully demonstrates how serious political and social engagement can emerge from a queer religious camp.” — Anthony M. Petro, author of After the Wrath of God 336 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-2036-8 • $30.00 In the Sexual Cultures series



A Social History SHARRA L. VOSTRAL “Illuminates the centrality of shame in the history of U.S. women’s health and health necessary as it is painful.” — Rebecca Herzig, author of Plucked 240 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-1549-4 • $27.00 In the Biopolitics series

Winner, 2018 Donald W. Light Award for Applied Medical Sociology, American Sociological Association Medical Sociology Section Winner, 2018 Distinguished Scholarship Award, presented by the Pacific Sociology Association NEW IN PAPERBACK

CALLING THE SHOTS Why Parents Reject Vaccines JENNIFER A. REICH “An essential contribution to the story of vaccines in contemporary U.S. society” — American Journal of Sociology 336 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-7483-5 • $18.95

In the Biopolitics series

The Politics of Bodies, Governance, and Power Edited by KELLY E. HAPPE, JENELL JOHNSON and MARINA LEVINA “Offers marvelous transdisciplinary perspectives on how health, bodies, and life are entangled in power dynamics.” —Jennifer Terry, author of Attachments to War 340 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-6053-1 • $32.00

HEALTH CARE IN CRISIS Hospitals, Nurses, and the Consequences of Policy Change THERESA MORRIS “Essential reading for anyone wanting to understand how our health system is failing patients, especially women and babies.” — Jennifer Block, author of Pushed 272 Pages • Paper 978-1-4798-2769-5 • $28.00

HISTORY PHILLIS WHEATLEY CHOOSES FREEDOM History, Poetry, and the Ideals of the American Revolution G.J. BARKER-BENFIELD The dramatic story of Phillis Wheatley, a free, black poet who resisted the pressures of arranged marriage, truly embodying the ideals of the American Revolution 240 Pages • Cloth 978-1-4798-7925-0 • $39.00

JEWISH RADICAL FEMINISM Voices from the Women’s Liberation Movement JOYCE ANTLER “Antler has given us the gift of knowledge, ending the silence about Jewish feminists and feminist Jews.” —Ruth Rosen, author of The World Split Open 464 Pages • Cloth 978-0-8147-0763-0 • $35.00 In the Goldstein-Goren Series in American Jewish History

BROWN BEAUTY Color, Sex, and Race from the Harlem Renaissance to World War II LAILA HAIDARALI Examines how the media influenced ideas of race and beauty among African American women from the Harlem Renaissance to World War II. 368 Pages • Cloth 978-1-4798-0208-1 • $35.00

FIRST LADIES OF THE REPUBLIC Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, Dolley Madison, and the Creation of an Iconic American Role JEANNE E. ABRAMS “Gives life to Martha, Abigail, and Dolley, illuminating the importance of their position to American history...compelling storytelling.” —STARRED Library Journal 328 Pages • Cloth • 978-1-4798-8653-1 • $28.95

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