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$30.00 • 256 Pages • CLOTH • 978-1-4798-3588-1

The Race Whisperer

Surviving Poverty

Black Obama and the Political Uses of Race

Creating Sustainable Ties among the Poor



“[A] highly critical, yet restrained analysis of [Obama’s] presidency. the Race WhispeReR This book invites readers to think closely about barack obama and the political uses of race how politicians, especially African American politicians, use race in American national politics. More importantly, it serves as guidebook for African American voters and how they might assess the use of race in political rhetoric and discourse.” —Randal Maurice Jelks, author of Benjamin Elijah Mays, Schoolmaster of the Movement Melanye T. Price

“A compelling narrative of a remarkable poor people’s movement that builds sustainable ties that are vital to survival while providing an antidote to crippling self-blame. This book is jam-packed with essential insights for anyone—scholars, students, practitioners, advocates—who cares about America’s poor.” —Kathryn J. Edin, co-author of $2.00 a Day $28.00 • 304 Pages • PAPER • 978-1-4798-7008-0

$27.00 • 224 Pages • PAPER • 978-1-4798-1925-6

Pillars of Cloud and Fire The Politics of Exodus in African American Biblical Interpretation HERBERT ROBINSON MARBURY “Marbury brilliantly functions as historical, literary, rhetorical and ideological critic. Most exciting is how he demonstrates the sophisticated exegetical and hermeneutical usages of the biblical text by African Americans over three centuries...[A] must read.” —Randall C. Bailey, Interdenominational Theological Center

Race and the Politics of Deception The Making of an American City

CHRISTOPHER MELE “A warning to all who think they fully understand the forces that created white suburbs and poor inner cities – you do not, and you need to read this book! ...This book is a fascinating and often disturbing look at how racial inequality shapes urban America.” —Nancy Denton, co-author of American Apartheid: Segregation and the Making of the Underclass $27.00 • 208 Pages • PAPER • 978-1-4798-8043-0

272 Pages • PAPER • 978-1- 4798-1250- 9 • $26.00 In the Religion and Social Transformation series






“The most comprehensive discussion of the topic to date...White and Fradella offer plausible recommendations for reigning in this contentious police practice that promises public safety, but in some communities, has replaced fear of crime with fear of the police.” —Delores Jones-Brown, co-author of Policing and Minority Communities

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“Managing Inequality is urgent historical reading. Miller details the role Northern racial liberalism played in the creation of the modern unequal metropolis. In the process, this book provides a muchneeded lens on the situation Detroit and other cities face today.” —Jeanne Theohariss, Brooklyn College

The Use and Abuse of a Controversial Policing Tactic



Stop and Frisk


Northern Racial Liberalism in Interwar Detroit


Managing Inequality

ART & PERFORMANCE Abstractionist Aesthetics

Artistic Form and Social Critique in African American Culture PHILLIP BRIAN HARPER “A riveting polemic on the politics of abstraction in black art...[A] devastating critique of the all-toocommon presumption that variants of realism are the only effective option for a black art that would respond to the history of racial deprivation.” —Brent Hayes Edwards, author of The Practice of Diaspora $27.00 • 256 Pages • PAPER • 978-1-4798-1836-5 In the NYU Series in Social and Cultural Analysis series

The Black Radical Tragic

Performance, Aesthetics, and the Unfinished Haitian Revolution JEREMY MATTHEW GLICK “[A] book we were all waiting for without knowing it...[Glick] combines here a sober and ruthless insight into the necessary tragic twists of the revolutionary process with the unconditional fidelity to this process...[T]he most precious insight for us who live in new dark times.” —Slavoj Zizek, Los Angeles Review of Books $27.00 • 296 Pages • PAPER • 978-1-4798-1319-3 In the America and the Long 19th Century series

LABOR, SLAVERY & REGIONAL STUDIES Embodied Avatars Genealogies of Black Feminist Art and Performance URI MCMILLAN “Embodied Avatars is a model of interdisciplinary scholarship grounded in archival work and impressive textual analysis...certain to forge new paths of inquiry and debate in performance, gender and sexuality studies, and black cultural studies.” —Nicole R. Fleetwood, author of Troubling Vision $29.00 • 304 Pages • PAPER • 978-1-4798-5247-5 In the Sexual Cultures series

Make Art Not War

African America, Spain, and Post-Humanist Critique ROBERT F. REID-PHARR In Archives of Flesh, Robert Reid-Pharr reveals the deep history of intellectual engagement between African America and Spain. Opening a fascinating window onto black and anti-Fascist intellectual life from 1898 through the mid-1950s, Reid-Pharr argues that key institutions of Western Humanism, including American colleges and universities, developed in intimate relation to slavery, colonization, and white supremacy. $28.00 • 264 Pages • PAPER • 978-1-4798-4362-6 In the Sexual Cultures series

NYUPRESS • African American Studies

The Free Black Community of Weeksville, New York JUDITH WELLMAN “In this fascinating and groundbreaking book, Judith Wellman opens wide a window on not just one longforgotten community of black New Yorkers, but also more broadly upon the diverse, sometimes surprisingly successful lives of urban African Americans in the nineteenth century...[A] model for historians struggling to wrest the realities of antebellum black life.” —Fergus M. Bordewich, author of The Practice of Diaspora

The CounterRevolution of 1776

Slave Resistance and the Origins of the United States of America

Edited by RALPH YOUNG “Combines the aesthetic with the political to show how the arts and culture have informed and protested social injustices and wars. Bruce Springsteen sang ‘I learned more from a three-minute record than I ever learned in school,’ and the same is true of Ralph Young’s smart and incisive essay and the art presented. It’s educational and not heavy, anger-inducing but not shrill.” —Robert Buzzanco, author of Masters of War: Military Dissent and Politics in the Vietnam Era $29.95 • 128 Pages • PAPER • 978-1-4798-1367-4

Forging a Laboring Race

The African American Worker in the Progressive Imagination PAUL R. D. LAWRIE “[A]n important and imaginative contribution to the history of race and labor in the Progressive Era. It is also a brisk, powerful, and re-orienting critique of the very notion of ‘the black worker’ as a discrete category of experience.” —Matthew Pratt Guterl, Brown University $50.00 • 256 Pages • CLOTH • 978-1-4798-5732-6 In the Culture, Labor, History series

$25.00 • 320 Pages • PAPER • 978-1-4798-7447-7

Political Protest Posters from the Twentieth Century

GERALD HORNE “[C]onvincingly reconstructs the origin myth of the United States grounded in the context of slavery... Horne’s study is rich, not dry; his research is meticulous, thorough, fascinating, and thoughtprovoking. Horne emphasizes the importance of considering this alternate telling of our American origin myth.” —STARRED Publishers Weekly

Slavery’s Exiles

The Story of the American Maroons SYLVIANE A. DIOUF

How to Read African American Literature Post-Civil Rights Fiction and the Task of Interpretation AIDA LEVY-HUSSEN How to Read African American Literature offers a series of provocations to unsettle the predominant assumptions readers make when encountering post-Civil Rights black fiction. Moving beyond the question of whether literature must heal or abandon historical wounds, Levy-Hussen proposes new ways to read African American literature now. $26.00 • 224 Pages • PAPER • 978-1-4798-8471-1



$40.00 • 224 Pages • CLOTH • 978-1-4798-7042-4 In the Early American Places series

“In this delightful work, Jared Hardesty places the experiences of Boston slaves within the wider Atlantic world, while also illuminating their lives within the context of eighteenth century New England. Unfreedom is the most significant contribution to slavery studies in New England since...1998.” —Harvey Amani Whitfield, University of Vermont $40.00 • 272 Pages • CLOTH • 978-1-4798-1614-9 In the Early American Places series


The Future of the Black Church in Post-Racial America


$30.00 • 320 Pages • PAPER • 978-1-4798-2746-6 In the Sexual Cultures series

$35.00 • 304 Pages • CLOTH • 978-1-4798-1038-3 In the Religion, Race, and Ethnicity series

The Sonic Color Line Race and the Cultural Politics of Listening


Black Religious Media and Racial Empowerment CAROLYN MOXLEY ROUSE, JOHN L. JACKSON, JR., and MARLA F. FREDERICK If racism is a form of perception, then religious media has not only altered how others perceive blacks, but has also altered how blacks perceive themselves. Televised Redemption argues that black religious media has provided black Americans with new conceptual and practical tools for how to be in the world, and changed how black people are made intelligible and recognizable as moral citizens. $28.00 • 256 Pages • PAPER • 978-1-4798-1817-4


The Ground Has Shifted

“This is the most decisive statement on postracialism, the American dilemma, and black church positive agency. On each page, Fluker’s writing moans and wails us out of southern African American religiosity...and into an ethical world of hope for an America becoming. A defining direction and persuasive proposal on how to get us to healthy community.” —Dwight N. Hopkins, author of Being Human

Televised Redemption

Slavery and Dependence in Eighteenth-Century Boston


“An exciting contribution to sexuality studies and a much-needed corrective to how we think about BDSM. With beautiful and sharp analysis, Ariane Cruz draws from a dazzling array of sources to parse out the pleasures of abjection that make BDSM an apt metaphor for thinking through black female sexuality. A wonderful, provocative book.” —Amber Jamilla Musser, author of Sensational Flesh

$28.00 • 352 Pages • PAPER • 978-1-4798-8934-1 Part of the Postmillennial Pop series


Christy Clark-Pujara


$18.00 • 403 Pages • PAPER • 978-0-8147-6028-4


“Clark-Pujara reconstructs the lives and livelihoods of black Rhode Islanders, for whom the violence of enslavement, the prospects of emancipation, and the limits of freedom unfolded in accordance with the demands for food in the Caribbean, for slaves in the Carolinas, and for clothing in Louisiana.” —Seth Rockman, Brown University

Black Women, BDSM, and Pornography

Through analysis of the historical traces of sounds of African American performers, Stoever reveals a host of racialized aural representations operating at the level of the unseen— the sonic color line—and exposes the racialized listening practices she figures as “the listening ear.” The Sonic Color Line sounds out how Americans have created, heard, and resisted “race,” so that we may hear our contemporary world differently.

Dark Work

The Business of Slavery in Rhode Island

The Color of Kink

“With impressive research and vivid prose, Diouf directs our attention to maroons within the United States. From the Great Dismal Swamp of Virginia to the frontier regions of Louisiana, she shows, fugitive slaves managed to survive without fleeing to the North. An important addition to our understanding of slave society and black resistance.” —Eric Foner, author of The Fiery Trial

$22.00 • 363 Pages • PAPER • 978-1-4798-0689-8

LITERARY STUDIES Archives of Flesh

Brooklyn’s Promised Land

Winner, 2016 Barnard Hewitt Award Winner, 2016 Errol Hill Award


NYUPRESS • African American Studies

Winner of the 2013 Frank S. and Elizabeth D. Brewer Prize presented by the American Society of Church History

Mississippi Praying

Southern White Evangelicals and the Civil Rights Movement, 1945-1975 CAROLYN RENÉE DUPONT “A wealth of insight... the single best study documenting and analyzing the conflicted role of white southern Protestant churches, and their leaders, in reacting to the civil rights struggle. Her analysis is compelling, her writing forceful and fluid, and her research substantial and original.” —Paul Harvey, University of Colorado $27.00 • 303 Pages • PAPER • 978-1-4798-2351-2

Instructor’s Guide Available

New World A-Coming Black Religion and Racial Identity during the Great Migration JUDITH WEISENFELD “This book definitively establishes the plurality of black religious experience and the definitive role religions had in the formation of twentiethcentury racial identity... Weisenfeld offers an exemplary study of religion as a form of social and cultural criticism. There is no historian working with greater precision in the study of religion in America today.” —Kathryn Lofton, Yale University $35.00 • 368 Pages • CLOTH • 978-1-4798-8880-1

African American Studies 2016  
African American Studies 2016