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creating and enforcing environmental policy. The government has not been able to create a way in which to coordinate the various levels of governments—such as local government, government of the provinces, and national government—to construct a cohesive and dependable way to create and monitor environmental rules and regulations. Not only does this create great inefficiency and prove largely inadequate in regulating any policy, but it has also created inconsistencies that cause problems for the business community as they attempt to meet governmental environmental standards. This issue most be solved if Argentina hopes to seek any sort of resolution to the environmental problems it faces. Clear methods of communication must be established between these levels of government and roles that each governmental body should play must be delineated and firmly established. While the nation must more thoroughly and efficiently enforce its environmental laws and regulations in this regard, it must also begin to offer incentives to business to become more environmentally






standards of the government. By offering incentives to businesses, the government can ensure that its standards are being met or exceeded by businesses, and gives businesses an economic boost to compensate for any costs that in may


Esferas—Issue Two  

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