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The process behind “sal-sa” is the following: I asked my Brazilian friend in Sao Paulo via Skype to read to me in Portuguese. He read some poems. As he read, I noted down the words that spoke to me. (I had done a similar exercise in a poetry class with Eileen Myles.) Since I am a beginner in Portuguese I got the spelling wrong most of the time but I did my best and tried to spell out the sounds I heard and words I detected as best as possible. Later, I used the words I had collected on my paper to capture an experience I had while dancing salsa with a Colombian friend in the kitchen of his NYU dorm on Broome St. I tried to capture the spatial displacements, rhythm of the music, and mood of the dance moments with my friend.


Esferas—Issue Two  

Esferas is an undergraduate student and alumni initiative from New York University’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese. We are a peer-re...

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