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race is still strong today. In regards to gender, women are overly sexualized and kept in a socially and economically inferior position to men. Through my studies I have found that in many cases women facilitate this inferiority by willingly depending







prominent one being that of a womanizer. Both The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao and Papi illuminate the aforementioned statements. Focusing on racial superiority and gender inequality within the Dominican Republic allows me to shed light onto racial superiority within Latin America as a whole. Within Latin American media, such as telenovelas and films, the cast is predominantly white and the roles they occupy are those of the wealthy, attractive socialites. The Latinos of indigenous and black origin are cast as the blue-collar workers, chauffeurs, and servants. The media marginalizes non-white Latinos because Latinos marginalize non-white Latinos.

Luz Ozuna will graduate in May 2014 with a concentration in Spanish and Latin American Literatures and Languages. She will continue her studies in acting at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting


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