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Gamboa siempre enfatiza que Santa es una huérfana en dos sentidos; literalmente sin padres, y también sin patria (Gamboa 140). Al notar que la delincuencia no se coloca fuera de la ley, sino en el umbral de la ilegalidad, observamos que la posición social de la prostituta es esencial para la sociedad disciplinaria. En Vigilar y castigar, Foucault escribe sobre esta frontera de la legalidad: Delinquency, controlled illegality, is an agent for the illegality of the dominant groups. The setting up of prostitution networks in the nineteenth century is characteristic in this respect: police checks and checks on the prostitutes’ health, their regular stay in prison, the large-scale organization of the maisons closes, or brothels, the strict hierarchy that was maintained in the prostitution milieu, its control by delinquent-informers, all this made it possible to canalize and to recover by a whole series of intermediaries the enormous profits from a sexual pleasure






moralization condemned to semi-clandestinity and naturally made expensive; in setting up a price for pleasure, in creating a profit from repressed sexuality and in collecting this profit, the delinquent milieu was in complicity with a self-interested puritanism: an illicit


Esferas—Issue Two  
Esferas—Issue Two  

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