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OWS celebrates Valentine’s Day

wednesday, february 15, 2012

Short fire on second street; students evacuate

By Emily Yang Occupy Wall Street occupied Saint Valentine’s Day. Washington Square Park became a base for Occupiers who gathered to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a different way. Revolutionary Games, a group of Occupiers dedicated to building revolutionary and non-violent games online and in public, set up a mattress in the middle of the park as part of their Who Are You In Bed With event and spent the afternoon relaxing on and around it. Alexandre Carvalho, a graduate of the NYU master’s program in global public health, helped to haul in the mattress. He said the group uses games and art as a way to bring attention to the movement. “We create games that are potentially viral, creative, non-violent and still revolutionary because our struggle is on the plane of culture,”

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james kelleher/wsn

Over 33 units responded to the Second Street fire. Students were evacuated with no NYU injuries reported. By Julie DeVito and Amy Zhang A fire broke out on the second floor of the building adjacent to NYU’s Second Street residence hall shortly after 11 p.m. yesterday. Over 138 firefighters responded to the alarm, extinguishing the flames at 1:30 a.m. today. Two firefighters suffered minor injuries, and three civilians were treated at the scene.

No members of the NYU community were harmed. Residents of Second Street said they smelled the smoke long before the alarm sounded in the building. Shortly after midnight the on-scene fire chief asked for the residence hall to be evacuated. Many students were already preparing for bed when they heard the alarm sound.

Exhibit honors fashion’s history By Heather Mundinger The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology held a press preview last Thursday for a new exhibit entitled IMPACT: 50 Years of the CFDA, which opened to the public the following day. Co-curated by Patricia Mears, deputy director of The Museum at FIT, and Diane von Furstenberg, president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America and designer extraordinaire, the exhibit showcases some of the most influential works in American fashion produced over the past half-century. It is one thing to view an exhibit of this magnitude alone, but when experienced through the guidance of the curators and designers featured in the exhibit themselves, it be-

“At 11:30 I smelled something, but I just thought that it was waffles because I was hungry,” CAS senior Emma Celano said. “I went to bed and woke up at 12:15 to the alarms.” According to firefighters, the flames spread from the second floor of 21 E. Second St., through a shaft to the fourth floor of the building. Firefighters forced three rooms of the

CFDA exhibits influential fashion from the past 50 years. comes an entirely new experience. Von Furstenberg walked through the exhibit pointing out her favorites, among which was a stunning animal print jacket by Donald Brooks. Also in attendance were Donna

Karan, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta and Tory Burch, all of whom had pieces featured in the collection. From the casual cool designs of Michael Kors

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Globetrotters embrace Valentine’s Day spirit

By Mary Jane Dumankaya

Carina Wong for WSN

NYU residence hall open to ascertain whether the fire had spread between the buildings, NYU spokesman John Beckman said. No fire damage to residence hall was reported. After seeing the flames, Tisch junior Sean McIlraith said he ran up to his room to grab his laptop. Other students stood

The first 100 women to walk past the top steps of Penn Station at 12:30 p.m. on Valentine’s Day received a big surprise. Paul “Tiny” Sturgess and Herbert “Flight Time” Lang of the Harlem Globetrotters handed out valentines to female pedestrians, most of whom were attending the Westminster Kennel Club 136th Annual Dog Show at 34th Street and Seventh Avenue. “We’re just out here doing a little promoting and making some ladies happy for Valentine’s Day,” Lang said. The Harlem Globetrotters are an exhibition basketball team that puts on a performance for

the audience with comedy, theatrics and tricks. “It was pretty cool because they’re famous,” said Colton Bourne, the youngest son of one of the lucky women. At the Valentine’s Day surprise event, Sturgess dwarfed his 6-foot3-inch teammate, Lang. Sturgess is the world’s tallest professional basketball player, standing at 7 feet 8 inches tall. Dressed in the classic star-patterned uniform, Sturgess could be seen from blocks away. The British native joined the Harlem Globetrotters last year with Jonte “Too Tall” Hall who, at 5 feet 2 inches tall, is the shortest player on the Globetrotters.

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5:30 | Bobst Library, Avery Room

7:00 to 9:00 p.m. | Kimmel Center for University Life | Room 802

Aberrant Waste: Ocean Plastics

Steinhardt doctoral candidate Max Liboiron will discuss how plastics makes its way into the world’s oceans, causing environmental problems.

3 7:30 p.m. | Skirball Center for the Performing Arts

Fernando Botero Themed Sculpture Event and Contest

opinion page

opinion editor olivia gonzalez deputy opinion editor ATTICUS


Demetri Martin

Enjoy free food while learning about and attempting to imitate the work of Colombian sculptor Fernando Botero. The best sculpture will win a prize.

Famed comedian Demetri Martin presents a stand-up routine.

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Grand theft chicken The South Bend Police Department arrested a man in northern Indiana for breaking and entering into a woman’s apartment in order to cook himself chicken. Police reported Keith Davis, 46, also consumed the woman’s orange juice, onions and broth. Davis proceeded to fold the woman’s laundry and vacuum her living and dining room floors. He initially claimed that a Korean woman had told him how to enter the apartment. He later said it was his own home, refusing to leave the premises as he continued on random tangents. Prosecutors have asked that Davis undergo a psychological evaluation. — The Huffington Post

Emerson College

College plans for new gaming major — The Berkeley Beacon

New Jersey rock band Screaming Females celebrated the release of their new album at Generation Records.

PHOTO BY James Kelleher

Harvard University

Students occupy Lamont Library Café — The Harvard Crimson

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Kaitlyn O’Brien, MICHAEL RYAN, Melissa Ynegas

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GOT SOMETHING TO SHARE? EMAIL US AT TIPS@NYUNEWS.COM | wednesday, february 15, 2012 | Washington Square news

OCCUPY continued from PG. 1

Protesters occupy Valentine’s Day

Emma Pliskin/WSN

Protesters set up a mattress in the middle of Washington Square Park yesterday before heading to Bank of America. Carvalho said. “The idea is to change strategy and do this guerilla art fare to change discourse on the square, and the square could be a mattress.” The event itself was a game with rules that other Revolutionary Gamers could play along. The rules were to get in bed, stay in bed, write what you’re doing in bed and post it online. “Valentine’s Day is a time to kick off the bedding,” Carvalho said. “People can participate indoors with their own message or outdoors with us.”

While the bed-in was present throughout the afternoon, Occupiers passed the time playing music and holding assemblies in the park. With another group of OWS members, Occupiers marched to the nearby Second Avenue Bank of America at 5:30 p.m. for a breakup. The bank closed its lobby to the protesters who proceeded to stand hand-inhand in a heart-shaped formation in front of the bank as they slipped a blue valentine through the bank’s doors.

“We gathered outside and had a general assembly of love,” OWS protester Eco Lake said. “We shared prayers about another way of living in the world.” Members mainly accused Bank of America for investing in greenhouse gas-emitting companies, as well as foreclosing homes and accepting a public $54 billion Troubled Assest Relief Program bailout. “If Bank of America is insolvent, it would be more dangerous letting it continue operating than doing something now,” Aaron Bornstein, NYU graduate student and OWS supporter, said. After the march, Occupiers reconvened in Washington Square Park for a dinner. But Stern professor Roy Smith said he does not believe these claims are serious. “All banks make loans to energy companies, including coal producers,” Smith said. “The TARP invested $45 billion in Bank of America in 2008 to 2009, but this money has been fully repaid to the Treasury since then, with interest.” “I don’t believe these claims ... will be regarded as such by knowledgeable people,” he added. Emily Yang is city/state editor. Email her at

Social media experts discuss future of industry By Jordan Melendrez Esther Weiner, director of social media for Michael Kors, and Farryn Armah, a radio host for WBAI 99.5 in Manhattan, discussed the future of social media at the Wasserman Center for Career Development yesterday afternoon. “Media and social media move so quickly, who knows what will happen in five years?” Weiner said. “It’s very likely that Facebook could take over the world or that there could be sites in five years from now that are influential in a way that we can only dream of.” Armah acknowledged the future of social media journalism will be partly affected by the corporations’ control of

free opportunities on the Internet. But she says she does not believe print journalism will ever die. “Print, in the form of it being on a page in a newspaper [or] in a book, may well not have the life that it once had, but the word is always an evolving thing,” she said. “Print evolves the way all things should.” Armah added that becoming successful in the field of social media is still possible. “The power is yours [with social media], and that’s a very special thing to have in a society where so much is taken away,” Armah said. “I think it will be about what people [are] willing to do to maintain an access to something that is so special.” Armah said audience mem-

Jordan Melendrez for WSN

About 30 students gathered for social media discussion.

bers should start developing social media brands with their own specialities. “Part of the challenge now is that journalism isn’t a profession anymore,” Armah said. “It’s a market. In some respects you have to run it as if it is your business and you’re an entrepreneur.” The two said young media scholars should think creatively, develop a unique skill set and to use different types of technology. “You can’t go out and study it,” Armah said. “It has to do with how you apply the knowledge that you have and how you’re willing to be shaped and moved beyond whatever you have studied.” NYU-Poly freshman Abarna Satour attended the event to learn more about the global aspect of social media. She said she hopes to apply what she learned to projects at her digital media program. “Eventually those projects will come out in the real world, so we have to have some sort of an outlook of who’s going to use them,” she said. Jordan Melendrez is a contributing writer. Email her at


NYU community speculates on 2016 presidential bid By Sarah Skirmont Even as the current Republican primary race rages on, the 2016 presidential ticket is not far off for Governor Andrew Cuomo. According to the Washington Examiner, a win is not unlikely as Cuomo topped the list for the 2016 Democratic ticket. “I’d say that while speculation about 2016 is premature before we get 2012 over with, it does appear that Governor Cuomo is already much talked-about as a promising possible nominee,” NYU Wagner publicy policy professor Rogan Kersh said. NYU College Democrat’s secretary Victor Li said he agrees with Kersh that the focus should be on the upcoming elections. “It’s a bit early to be discussing 2016 candidacies,” Li said. “Right now I, and most other Democrats I know, are focused on the upcoming election and re-electing President Obama.” Despite the concern for the current presidential race, Cuomo would be the first New Yorker to be on the ticket since 1948 candidate Thomas E. Dewey. “The fact that Cuomo is on hypothetical short lists for 2016 likely gives him a little boost here at home,” Kersh said. “It’s not yet clear how the Cuomo brand will translate on a national scale.” However, NYU College Republican president Corina Cappabianca said she believes New Jersey Governor Chris Christie would be a superior Republican candidate. In 2011, Christie briefly considered running for the 2012 Republican presidential ticket but ultimately decided against it. “Under Governor Chris Christie’s administration, the Garden State has boldly reformed the public employee benefits system, reduced spending, placed a two percent cap on property taxes and balanced the budget, among other accomplishments,” Cappabianca said.

Cuomo’s dedication to civil rights, however, has garnered much attention throughout the state and the nation. “Governor Cuomo played a very active role in passing the Marriage Equality Act,” Li said. “His reforms to the tax code, property tax-cap and public spending cuts are excellent examples of his fiscal sensibility.” Despite this feeling, New York residents are not impressed. “I really haven’t observed anything under his campaign,” New York resident Marta Berk, 26, said. Perhaps a more relevant topic to students is Cuomo’s work addressing student loans. “His work as attorney general was also very notable for his investigation into corruption in the student loan industry,” Li said. Of course, Cuomo’s potential candidacy depends on the results of the 2012 election and his upcoming reelection as governor in 2014. “By the time the 2016 campaign begins in earnest in 2015, Gov. Cuomo, if re-elected in 2014, will be five years into the job,” Kersh said. “He will have a very well-established record by then.” Sarah Skirmont is a staff writer. Email her at


Cuomo took office last January.

FIRE continued from PG. 1

No injuries or fire damage reported, students relocated outside in the drizzling rain or waited in nearby cafes and restaurants as firefighters to put out the flames. CAS junior Jenna Haines stood barefoot at the end of the block in her pajamas, clutching her slippers at her side. “I’m doing okay,” Haines said as she waited. “I actually ran out in the cold and didn’t know it was raining so I’m standing here. I really hope they let me in soon.” NYU Public Safety officers allowed students back into the dorm after receiving clearance from the fire chief. Students whose doors were forced by firefighters were alleged-

ly asked to spend the night in the Greenwich Hotel residence hall. The fire department is currently investigating the cause of the fire. Julie DeVito is university editor. Amy Zhang is deputy managing editor. Email them at

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Washington Square news | wednesday, february 15, 2012 |

beauty and style CFDA continued from PG. 1

Council praises fashion’s finest to the elegance of Vera Wang to avantgarde menswear compliments of Thom Browne, not a single facet of fashion was missing. Von Furstenberg’s speech, parts of which seemed more like a hilarious standup routine than a keynote presentation, commemorated the rich history of the CFDA. The designers appeared humbled by the opportunity to be a part of both the exhibit and the CFDA itself. In addition to the various speeches made by designers, curators and CFDA leaders, there was also a bit of shameless self-promotion included. Accompanying the opening of the exhibit, the CFDA has released a book bearing the same name as the show. For $60, the 304 pages of editorial splendor include looks featured in the exhibit along with personal essays composed by the designers themselves. “[CFDA is] much more than meets the eye, Diane has a very educational mission planned for the organization,” Mears said. “We are a non-forprofit which is often overlooked. We are supporting the next generation of talent in fashion through many of our

programs and annual awards.” Mears said she was intimidated to work with von Furstenberg at first until Mears realized von Furstenberg’s passion. “She sees the past, present and future of fashion,” Mears said. “She is creative, humorous and generous. Most importantly, her word was never law. She was always open to suggestions about the exhibit.” The venue of choice seemed to be a special place for many of the featured designers, as many are FIT graduates themselves. Mears also focused on the student experience the exhibit offers. “This could be their future,” she said. “Although fashion has certainly expanded into a global industry, New York remains its heart and soul.” The exhibit remains open until April 17. With the museum just a short three subway stops away and free admission, it is certainly a must see for all NYU students with a passion for fashion. Heather Mundinger is a contributing writer. Email her at

Fashion cycle brings back drop-waists of the ’20s By Rachel Sanderson Some fashion trends never die. Even looks that seem like they would never resurface — shoulder pads, anyone? — tend to reappear on both runways and editorial spreads years after their popularity peak. A style hallmark of the roaring ’20s is no exception to this trend cycle. Making its boisterous return to the stage this spring is the drop waist. The bevy of drop waist pieces displayed at last season’s fashion week prove that this trend is no longer reserved for Halloween flapper costumes. A wide range of designers sent models clad in drop waist dresses down the runway, namely Marc Jacobs, Gucci and BCBG Max Azria. Drop waists were also featured at the recent Chanel Spring 2012 couture show. No matter the season, this sophisticated trend is ready to roar its way into mainstream fashion. However, wearing a drop waist can be tricky, and the trend may frighten certain fashionistas. “Drop waists are dangerous,” CAS freshman Tori Hill said. The opposite of form fitting, this voluminous and loose silhouette should be worn in a specific way. If you want to don a drop waist dress while it is still chilly outside, pair the dress with tights and a pair of black heels. When temperatures start to rise, try styling a solid-colored drop waist dress in a feminine fabric — like chiffon — with an edgier piece like a cropped leather jacket. Even if you are still teetering back and forth on the idea of sporting the trend, popular retailers have embraced this look. If you are

Magazine format inspires new store

Courtesy of Story

New clothes shop sets a new theme each month. By Sydney Wu Are you tired of browsing through the same monotonous merchandise in your favorite stores? Do you wish that from month to month a store would have a brand new cache of items at your disposal? Story, a clothes shop opened by retail consultant Rachel Schechtman, will satisfy all your fad-flocking needs in one location. Located on the corner of 10th Avenue and 19th Street, the store was an idea seven years in the making and is a permanent popup shop that will have new monthly products, coinciding with a different theme each month. In December of last year, Schechtman opened a store at the Chelsea location called A Startup Store Beta.

When it first opened, the store featured products from six internet stores including Quirky, Birchbox, BaubleBar, JOOR, Art Space and One-of-a-Kind. But on Jan. 12, Beta closed down to restock. On Feb. 2, a renamed and revamped Story opened its doors in Beta’s place. “We bring stories to life,” Schechtman said. “The concept is the point of view of a magazine, but we change every four to six weeks like a gallery and we sell things like a store. It’s transactional story-telling.” She said she believes people want a shopping experience that is both engaging and entertaining. “We use merchandise for the story behind the products as our editorial content,” Shechtman said. She had been toying with the concept for a long time. On a drive in March one day, close friend Blake Mycoskie, founder of TOMS shoes, said to Shechtman, “Enough of this someday stuff, you just have to do it!” Employee Kevin Green said he believes the constantly changing shop will appeal to many.

“It helps us stay fresh because it’s reinventing itself with new products and ideas,” Green said. For the month of February, Story’s theme is love. There is an in-store photo booth with a sign above saying “love memories.” The shop currently features products from brands such as TOMS Shoes, PACT Underwear, Eberjey Lingerie and Dylan’s Candy Bars. Not only does Story have a wide range of products, the new spot is also giving back to those in need. For each pair of TOMS Shoes purchased, another pair will be given to a child in need, and 10 percent of all proceeds from sale of PACT Underwear will be given to various charities. Shechtman said she did not forget the men while planning the themes. The entire month of June will be dedicated to all the gentlemen in honor of Father’s Day. September however will feature a chapter about fashion. For all the months in between, keep checking back for a whole new story. Sydney Wu is a contributing writer. Email her at

Clothing company aims to help homeless By Jin Lee


Drop-waist skirts made a comeback on last season’s runways. ready to add this vintage silhouette to your wardrobe you can find chic and affordable versions at stores such as H&M, Forever 21 and even Jason Wu’s new line sold at Target. Rachel Sanderson is a contributing writer. Email her at

KNO Clothing is soliciting its customers to help rectify the problem of homelessness in New York City. The charitable clothing company says they believe helping the homeless is just as easy as turning a blind eye. KNO is a socially conscious online fashion company with offices in New York City and Philadelphia. With every purchase a customer makes, the company provides clothing and support for the less fortunate. Profits from the clothing also go to providing their partners with additional funding for housing. Bethesda Mission, a homeless missionary in Pennsylvania, and the 100,000 Homes Campaign, a movement aimed at providing homes to 100,000 people in need, are among KNO’s partners. Stephen Caldwell and Anthony Thomas founded the company in Oct. 2010 after graduating from Messiah College in Harrisburg, Pa. The company began in Harrisburg because Caldwell

and Anthony understood the community and the homeless situation there. But they have since expanded. “Anthony is in New York City, and I’m in Philadelphia,” Caldwell said. “We both live in large cities and see homelessness everyday. We wanted to do something more than just hand them money and say ‘hi.’ We wanted to take our interest in fashion to do something for these people.” The online store currently carries clothing products designed exclusively by Caldwell and Thomas, but they hope to include accessories in the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Other purchases customers can make online include medical visits and free transportation for those in need as well as Welcome Home kits. The kits include basic necessities for those transferring from the street to the home. Costs for clothing range between $25 and $45, and additional purchases can be made for between $170 and $1,160. More than 500 items have been sold since the company was launched.

KNO Clothing has been heavily promoting its cause throughout college campuses. Schools have included NYU, the Fashion Institute of Technology, The New School’s Parsons School of Design and other colleges via webcam. “College students are our core demographic,” Caldwell said. “They take an interest in social justice and are more proactive. Also, they are more conscious about where the money goes and how it benefits other people.” Stern freshman Whitney Zhou is currently an intern at KNO. “I chose KNO because I was drawn to the cause,” Zhou said. “It’s a really great way to give back, and it also incorporates fashion, something that I’m interested in. I hope that KNO can grow more this year.” KNO’s most recent visit to NYU was in last November during the Christian Community at NYU’s Thanksgiving Banquet. Jin Lee is a contributing writer. Email her at | wednesday, february 15, 2012 | Washington Square news


edited by shannon loughran

Fragrances to compliment a man’s spring wardrobe By Maximilíano Durón

As one of the five senses, smell surrounds every aspect of daily life. For any man, his scent matters. From making a good first impression on a job interview to sealing the deal on a first date, these colognes are great for the upcoming spring.

All photos via

1. Burberry London for Men (1.7 ounces for $57) Renowned for its plaid pattern, Burberry brings forth one of the best fragrances on the market. It has a subtle yet powerful aroma filled with an addictive spice reminiscent of a sharp cinnamon. The bottle — a dark purple, black version of the company’s signature brand — adds prestige to any man’s bureau.

2. Armani Code for Men (1.7 ounces for $59)

3. John Varvatos Artisan (2.5 ounces for $60)

Giorgio Armani ushers in a new era of cologne with a canteen of what seems like liquid gold that is absolutely irresistible. Armani Code has a smooth, sexy, suave trail that is smoky with a hint of citron and fresh olive oil. It will make any lover want to come back for more. The tall, black glass bottle is sleek and elegant, giving a definite sophistication to its wearer.

This unique scent from one of America’s leading menswear designers combines a light, citrus vintage feel with the rustic craft of a Florentine artisan. The one-of-a-kind bottling stands apart from anything else with a hand-crafted like basket weave exterior in a bright camel.

4. Yves Saint Laurent’s La Nuit De L’Homme (2.0 ounces for $59) YSL gives a strong night scent for any adventurous man. The cedar and cardamom mix makes a fragrance strong enough to last late into the night on the dance floor. The slight mix of spice and musk together shape a scent as powerful and multidimensional as the bottle’s hexagonal top.

5. Prada Amber Pour Homme (1.7 ounces for $56) Don’t be taken aback by the light lavender color inside this bottle. Prada’s Amber fragrance is crisp and invigorating. The touch of saffron and hint of vanilla bean are fresh and inviting. Embrace the femininity of the bottle with the cologne perfect for a man. This gesture will be much appreciated by any woman. All prices from Sephora.

Maximilíano Durón is a staff writer. Email him at

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Stacy sahagian for wsn

We provide front row access to fashion shows this season. Follow WSN’s exclusive fashion week coverage at #nyfw

The new york times crossword & daily sudoku The New York Times Syndication Sales Corporation 500 Seventh Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10018 For Information Call: 1-800-972-3550 For Release Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Edited by Will Shortz Across 1 Semidomed area 5 Constellation with the star Rigel 10 Smidgens 14 Mecca for oenophiles 15 Like a drag revue 16 ___-B 17 Fabric store employees? 19 “Me neither” 20 “Nixon in China” role 21 Sculptor Jean 22 Fed in pursuit of counterfeiters 23 Repair for a torn pullover? 27 ___ esprit (witty one) 28 Set of parts awaiting assembly 29 Bothersome





30 Org. that oversees American athletes 32 Gunk 34 Bro’s sibling 35 Attend a tennis tournament because one is a fan of? 41 “La Femme Nikita” director Besson 42 Serengeti herd member 43 Vostok 1’s Gagarin 44 Slanted columns? 47 Dallas is in it, for short 49 Kicker 50 Cookies baked by Satan? 55 Ocean predator 56 Back-to-school night grp. 57 E.M.T. hookups 58 Mineral suffixes

59 Arrest made on a side street? 64 Online destination 65 Sierra ___ 66 Grumpy 67 Muscular jerks 68 Harmonizes, as digital devices 69 Form of fencing

Down 1 All of the above, e.g.: Abbr. 2 Claw holder 3 2005 Broadway hit based on a 1974 film 4 Vex 5 Edinburgh exclamation 6 Turncoat 7 “To clarify …” 8 Eye-straining exhibit 9 Young termite, e.g. 10 Advice to an introvert TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE 11 Airborne stimuli C A R L A S T A B 12 President after A L T E R P E N A George K P I E C E O A T H 13 Toy consisting of 80 feet of wire I E T A C K P I N N A T E L E A 18 One making a wake-up call? E L A R G E R H O R I O R R O T T E N 23 Money across the border T E P E E H Y P E S E I N G L E 24 Feat for a soprano A M I T Y A M P L E R N S A B E L E M 25 Plains native I P S R E P A V E 26 Monumental T E A M P L A Y E R 27 Flu A C L A M R I N G 31 Dead-ended S T E P S K N E E investigations















27 31







26 29




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57 60


Puzzle by Chuck Deodene

33 Text messager’s “Wow!” 34 Cram 36 Heinie 37 ___ Domini 38 Period 39 Oka River city 40 Semi 44 Wind section player

45 Trilogy’s midsection

46 Yadda, yadda, yadda 48 Fashionable 51 Milky gems

52 Five-time AllStar second baseman Chase ___

53 Avian gripper 54 Sidestep

60 S.A.S.E., for one 61 “Getting to ___” (best-selling business book)

62 What a walk-on awaits 63 Bygone Eur. realm

For answers, call 1-900-285-5656, $1.49 a minute; or, with a credit card, 1-800-814-5554. Annual subscriptions are available for the best of Sunday crosswords from the last 50 years: 1-888-7-ACROSS. AT&T users: Text NYTX to 386 to download puzzles, or visit for more information. Online subscriptions: Today’s puzzle and more than 2,000 past puzzles, ($39.95 a year). Share tips: Crosswords for young solvers: | wednesday, february 15, 2012 | Washington Square news


edited by olivia gonzalez


Closeted conservatives show hypocrisy on Craigslist By Ben Miller

What this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference revealed was the extent to which the nothing-but-the-big-lies, white supremacist, homophobic, fun fest has eaten out the soul of America’s conservative party like the creature from “Alien.” What stuck in my craw this time was the discovery of hundreds of CPAC attendees creating advertisements in the personals section of Craigslist soliciting sex. Craigslist has a personal section for people looking for others with whom to have casual sex. Users specify their genders and the activities they are seeking. Potential partners can email an interested match to meet up and merrily exchange STDs. During the CPAC, the men-seekingmen section of the Craigslist personals board blew up. Hundreds of advertisers identifying themselves as being written by CPACers littered the site. Some were summarized on the blog Hypervocal. Let it suffice to say that they were explicit, and almost all of them mentioned how discreet the acts in question needed to be. Witness the spectacle of the selfdeclared arbiters of American morality not only cruising for gay sex

in general but actually trolling for it in the grubby backrooms of the Internet. In terms of places to solicit partners, Craigslist is somewhere between a public bathroom on the subway and a truck stop loading dock. And this is what hundreds of CPAC attendees were doing. Attending workshops during the day about how to stop the moral opprobrium presented by loving couples marrying each other and then going online to satisfy their secretive desires through random Craigslist hookups is a hell of a lot closer to sin than the announcement of Barney Frank and his partner’s marriage, which was received with jeers and statements of moral outrage. It was Frank who, when asked how he navigated the territory of outing his deeply closeted Republican colleagues, famously said politicians have “a right to privacy but not a right to hypocrisy.” That is, they have a right to secret gay sex lives, but not a right to combine the practice of those lives while preaching a radical Christian agenda that would strip the rights to marry and serve in the military as part of a larger plan to systematically disenfranchise sexual minorities. In a way, it makes sense that the young Republicans are searching

for erotic bliss on Craigslist while living lies in the foreground. That is the world they want to create. A world in which the image of a ’50s America, strong because of its outward conformity, is enough to overcome today’s challenges. These closet cases want us all to live out the twisted sickness that is their daily confrontation with the difference between what they want themselves to be and what they are. Their real goal is to force everyone into the same unsatisfying relationships they were forced into. It would be sad rather than angerinducing if their vitriolic hatred did not lead to the suicides of thousands of teens every year. So, to the tortured and closeted men of CPAC, I would like to extend an invitation: If that’s what you’re after, come to New York City Pride. CPAC has Ann Coulter, we have Chaka Khan. They have Liddy Dole, we have Liza Minnelli. We have more fun and are honest with ourselves about who we are. We have no social agenda other than the ability to live our lives in peace and equality. And, seriously, get off Craigslist. Ben Miller is a staff columnist. Email him at


NYPD surveillance of Muslims invasive By Taylor Hom

Beneath New York’s multifarious visage lurks a racial and religious prejudice institutionalized and justified by the New York Police Department in the name of national security. Cables released by the Associated Press last August after months of investigation reveal the NYPD’s dispatch of undercover agents called rankers to Muslim neighborhoods, nightclubs, bookstores, cafes and other businesses owned or frequented by the city’s Muslim community. In addition to mapping the Muslim neighborhoods, informants, who are designated mosque crawlers, monitored sermons and drafted an analytical report on every mosque within a 100-mile radius of the city, a former police official said. The department’s questionable actions, coupled with reports that officials previewed the inflammatory anti-Muslim film “The Third Jihad” to officers, highlight a disturbing but largely overlooked truth — the country’s largest municipal police is operating with shadowy and seemingly racist moral standards. The AP revealed further cables detailing an NYPD plan to expand surveillance throughout the Shiite community in response to increasing tensions between Iran and the U.S. Mayor Michael Bloomberg insists that the NYPD never considers religion in policing, and NYPD police chief Raymond Kelly insists the department only follows


leads. None of the cables released document such leads, and none of the mosques from central Connecticut to Philadelphia have been linked to terrorism publicly or by federal agencies. These morals are muddled at best. The NYPD says the surveillance of the city’s Shiite population is essential because there may be a risk of terrorism within the U.S.’s Iranian population if the two countries were to go to war. The largest group of Iranians live in Los Angeles, but the Los Angeles Police Department scrapped a similar plan in 2007 because of moral issues and fearmongering. “If you attack Cuba, are all the Catholics going to attack here? This is called guilt by association,” Asad Sadiq, president of the Bait-ulQaim mosque in Philadelphia, said to the AP after seeing his mosque in the NYPD document. “Just because we are the same religion doesn’t mean we’re going to stand up and harm the United States. It’s really absurd.” An August Gallup Poll found Muslim Americans are more enthused about America and President Barack Obama than any other religious group. Likewise, 93 percent of Muslim Americans say they are loyal to America. The NYPD says they only follow leads, but it is doubtful that every targeted business and mosque warranted infiltration. But in the middle of the considerable amounts of time, money and civil rights sacrificed in the operation, the

NYPD offers little apology and still denies the existence of mosque crawlers. The NYPD’s actions completely obscure the distinction between foreign and domestic spying and have even prompted caution from the FBI. Senior FBI officials ordered their agents to reject any reports from the spying program because it would be a violation of the Privacy Act that prohibits the federal government from gathering information on First Amendment activities. A series of protests have taken place in Manhattan’s Foley Square, where an energized movement demanding accountability, awareness and justice for the NYPD’s questionable and vigorous mission has emerged from Muslim organizations after years of silence in the post-Sept. 11 attacks era. During this globally popular crusade for justice, the grievances of New York City Muslims serve as a larger truth to the general lack of accountability in the nation’s government. The question looms: Will this energized movement stay energized? As revolutions sweep across North Africa and the Middle East to Europe and to Wall Street, New York City Muslims are joining this worldwide grassroots demand for accountability and equal treatment despite their religion. Taylor Hom is the vice president and editor of Humanus: NYU Journal of Human Rights. He is a contributing columnist. Email him at

Staff editorial

NYPD stop and frisks violate rights The New York Police Department’s stopand-frisk policy has reached unacceptable levels. Specifically there were 1,900 stop and frisks in one day, a new record. New Yorkers were stopped and frisked 684,330 times in 2011. As councilman Jumaane Williams said yesterday, “That’s bullshit. And you can quote me on that.” While the policy does not come out of thin air, we think that it is inappropriate because any claims that these actions are not racially charged ring false. While we are not accusing the police of conscious racism, the subtle effects of altered expectations have led to a situation in which 7.2 percent of black and Latino men ages 14 to 24 are frisked 87 percent of the time. Stop and frisk is fundamentally an ineffective and inefficient practice. Its few benefits are not enough to justify its unacceptable racism and intrusion into the personal lives of New Yorkers. Only a little more than 10 percent of stops uncover criminal activity. The 819 guns that were taken off the streets in 2011 as a result of this policy are not worth the humiliation and degradation continually forced upon many young black and Latino men. We are convinced these stop and frisks are produced by a pressure to meet informal quotas more than they are to ensure actual public safety. Police practices also turn civil citations into misdemeanors and felonies for public display of marijuana that never would have been publicly displayed had police not removed it from citizens’ pockets. This is an especially concerning aspect of an already unjust practice. However, the NYPD’s planned replacement for the stop-and-frisk practice is even more troubling. They want to use X-ray scanners to take snapshots of New Yorkers on any street at any time. This technology could cause cancer and damage the DNA of those scanned. In an era of limited budgets for all city functions, this money could better be used in other sectors like education. Educate young New Yorkers, don’t treat them like criminals until proven innocent. It is time for a real change in policy. We should, as Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer said, “Work with communities to get guns off the street, not against them.” Email the WSN Editorial Board at

Editorial Board: Olivia Gonzalez (Chair), Atticus Brigham (Co-Chair), Sanchay Jain (Co-Chair), Chris DiNardo, Emily Franklin, Matt Kao, Ben Miller and Peter Murphy.


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College basketball rivalries heat up By John Axelrod

With conference tournaments in less than two weeks and March Madness approaching, every game matters. WSN takes a look at college basketball’s most competitive rivalries.

University of Cincinnati Bearcats and Xavier University Musketeers Located only three miles apart, Cincinnati and Xavier play once a year in a contest known as the Crosstown Shootout, which has often resulted in coaches refusing to shake hands and fights. Tensions hit a boiling point when they met on Dec. 10. The game ended early after a brawl resulted in black eyes, bloody

noses and eight player suspensions. Many say these two teams cannot play a clean basketball game together, and some are calling for the rivalry’s suspension. Regardless, Cincinnati leads the all time series 45 to 26, but Xavier has been the better team of late winning 11 of the last 16 matchups.

University of Kansas Jayhawks and University of Missouri Tigers The last contest between these two teams on Feb. 4 ended in thrills. Missouri, then ranked fourth nationally, scored the final 11 points of the game to seal a comeback victory over Kansas, currently ranked fourth by the Associated Press. The rivalry between these two teams, known as the Border War, has existed for over a century. Kansas has traditionally dominated Missouri. Since the teams first met back in 1907, the Jayhawks have won 171 of the 265 games played between the teams. This year, both teams are contend-

ers for the National Collegiate Athletic Association championship. Missouri and Kansas are ranked third and fourth in the nation, respectively, and their next matchup on Feb. 25 will have huge implications for the history of the feud and their seeding in the national tournament. However, this next game may be the last in the rivalry for a while. The Tigers will switch from the Big 12 Conference to the Southeastern Conference after this season, which no longer guarantees that these two teams will play each other every year.

Duke University Blue Devils and the University of North Carolina Tar Heels The Battle for Tobacco Road is without question the greatest rivalry in college basketball, and perhaps in all of sports. It features two of the best college basketball teams in history for Duke, who have won four NCAA Championships, and UNC, who have five of their own. Mike Krzyzewski, the iconic head coach of the Blue Devils’ for over 30 years, achieved the record for most wins in Division I history on Nov. 15.

This year the rivalry is as intense as ever. Both teams have been in the top ten of the AP 25 Rankings all season and are legitimate national champion contenders. On Feb. 8, Duke guard Austin Rivers made a winning three-pointer as time expired to complete an improbable comeback. Duke and UNC are currently tied for first place in the Atlantic Coast Conference, so the rematch on March 3 may decide who wins the ACC and who gets the higher seed in the NCAA Tournament.

John Axelrod is a deputy sports editor. Email him at

GLOBETROTTERS continued from PG. 1

Globetrotters heighten feeling of love at Penn Station

“The first question I ask him is, ‘What kind of a car do you drive?’” said dog show participant Susan Anderson, who traveled from Anchorage, Alaska. “And sure don’t tell me it’s a Volkswagen.” Sturgess and Lang, who play center and guard, respectively, will perform

with the rest of the roster in six upcoming shows at four arenas in the metropolitan area — Madison Square Garden, Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, N.Y., Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. and IZOD Center in East Rutherford, N.J. Each Valentine’s Day card included one free

ticket to any of the games. Unfortunately, most of the recipients will be long gone after the dog show, but the players were a surprise novelty for New Yorkers and tourists. Mary Jane Dumankaya is a staff writer. Email her at

English team in transition following Capello’s resignation By Sebastien Van Heyningen Fabio Capello, manager of the England national football team for over four years, resigned last week after a meeting with Football Association chairman David Bernstein. Capello quit his position as head coach over his personal disagreement with the F.A.’s decision to strip center back John Terry of his Chelsea captaincy for the second time. The Crown Prosecution Service has accused Terry of using racial slurs against Queens Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand during a match between the two teams on Oct. 23. Terry will not stand trial until July 9, so he will miss the remainder of the Premier League season and the 2012 Union of European Football Associations Championship. Capello, the Italian-born former midfielder, currently holds the best winning percentage in English managerial history. During Cappello’s four-year tenure, England experienced its best ever qualifying run heading into the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and has achieved an overall record of 28-6-8. The relationship took a downturn on the eve of the World Cup two years ago. Capello had stripped Terry of the captaincy during a tabloid scandal involving an alleged affair with a former teammate’s wife. Rio Ferdinand, Anton’s brother, was named as Terry’s replacement. But prior to World Cup kickoff, Rio suffered an injury and was ruled inactive for the tournament. England

via Wikipedia

Fabio Capello was 42-28 over his four-year tenure. reached the Round of 16 but were trounced by Germany 4-1 for a surprisingly early exit. Capello’s managerial methods and tactics were heavily questioned following England’s disappointing performance in South Africa — with many of their mistakes coming directly from his decisions. However, he could not be blamed for Wayne Rooney’s complete lack of production, as the young phenomenon did not even score a goal. Capello was able to recover, though, reshaping the team’s roster and formation from the classic 4-4-2 to the modern 4-3-3. Riding a new wave of momentum, England qualified for the 2012 European Championship and finished the 2011 season with an undefeated record. All signs pointed toward a strong showing at the Euro 2012 and a chance for England to reestablish itself as an international power again. That is, until the F.A. stripped Terry of his captain’s armband, and Capello resigned in protest. England now has the daunting task of finding a new manager and getting the team acclimated

to a new system, all before its opening match against their rivals from across the English Channel, France on June 11. The general consensus is that Tottenham Hotspur F.C. head coach Harry Redknapp is the best man for the job. In his first full season with the club, Redknapp led them to its best record in club history, finishing fourth and securing a spot in the UEFA Champions League. This season, Redknapp has taken Tottenham Hotspur, a perennial bottom-dweller, into third place in the Premier League. Redknapp received the Manager of the Year award and has the Spurs on pace to surpass last season’s success. Speculation will continue to escalate until England names its next head coach, and they cannot afford to delay the decision much longer. Tottenham fans will not be too keen to let him go, but the call for glory on the world stage should persuade Redknapp to answer his national calling. Sebastien Van Heyningen is a contributing writer. Email him at


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