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A lifetime martial artist, Soke Thomas Gettling began training in 1964 under Sensei Robert Saunders, a formidable Judoka and Vietnam War veteran. Although Tom was a child at that time, Sensei Saunders did not believe there was much difference between old and young or male and female on the floor. For this reason, Soke believes that acting as an uke who was never given any quarter shaped the kind of martial artist he became.

Soke Gettling came up in what many think of as the Golden Age of martial arts in the 1970’s, and he was able to study under and train with many great teachers, such as Jason Lau, Teddy Wilson and Thomas Agero. This was made possible by Sydney Filson, with whom Thomas Gettling studied extensively in the early years. Sensei Filson used him in her book, How to Protect Yourself and Survive. With so many diverse influences, Thomas Gettling became eclectic in both his training and in his thinking of what an ideal martial artist should be. Soke Gettling became involved in the tournament circuit and won hundreds of tournaments on the east coast, including the Empire State Games, the Northeast Championship, the Yin Yee Cup, the Somerville Karate Championships, and the Turtull Gold Cup. A triple threat in fighting, weapons and forms, he was selected to fight against the Budweiser National Team,

the John Davis All Stars, and the John Paul Mitchell Team. His tournament success brought him to the attention of Soke Adolfo Ennever and O’sensei Ronald Duncan, who recruited him to join the American Federation of Martial Arts. This organization encouraged eclectic training, and included systems and styles as diverse as Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Kempo, Tae Kwon Do and Ninjitsu. Instructors shared their arts every weekend for hours, and Thomas Gettling was again a student of such masters as Jujitsu instructors James Gordon, Joe Miller and Harris Warren, karate instructors Vicente Cruz and Adolfo Ennever and the father or American Ninjitsu Ronald Duncan. He quickly rose through the ranks and received national recognition in Soldier of Fortune magazine with O’sensei Duncan and Karate Illustrated, which stated that Gettling, after defeating Toyataro Miyazaki, had the ability to make the nunchakus fly. Soke Tom has always been grateful to all of his teachers and mentors, and honors them by never forgetting where he came from and the seeds these masters have planted in his life. Closing in th on his 40 year as a teacher, Soke Gettling has taught martial arts around the world. Beginning his career at the Bridgehampton Child Care Center, he was hired to teach underprivileged children; but true to those who gave to him so freely, he wound up spending his paychecks on uniforms for the children, and paying their entrance fees to competitions. His students were notorious in the tri-state area as a rough and tumble throwback school whose focus was on kumite—not just winning, but letting you know you had been in a fight! This led to Soke Gettling opening three more schools and teaching seminars at other dojos and martial organizations, and the military. Soke subsidized his teaching income by acting as a bodyguard to such celebrities as Madonna, James Brown, Tina Turner, The Sunshine Band, and the soccer star Pele when he was security chief at the legendary club Bay Street. All of these experiences shaped him as a martial artist and teacher. As a body guard and former police officer, he whittled away

what he believed were antiquated or flashy techniques that were not adaptable to modern times and a criminal element that did not behave in respectful, honorable ways, and would certainly not bow down to a perfectly executed but unrealistic technique, or tap out when a submission technique was applied. Quite the opposite would be true in the street. Soke realized that these fighters did not follow rules or care what belt one had. In fact, they only understood the oldest rule in the world: survival of the fittest. Dojo etiquette had no place in his line of work. However, he was a stickler in passing the traditional practices in his dojo to others. Soke Thomas Gettling believes that these principles build character that prepares students for life. He says to the students that the outside world should never affect the dojo, but everything we do in the dojo should affect the outside world. Although he has three dojos, Soke Tom is not a commercial teacher, and his dojos are not commercial schools. He is old school, still collecting dues from month to month to keep the doors open; but the more important reason is that he does not want anyone in his dojo who does not want to be there, and he definitely does not want to be tied to anyone contractually that he does not want to teach. Even in this day and time, Soke Gettling dismisses students that do not fit into the character of his school. The arrogant tough guy is quickly dismissed, as is a thug or a bar fighter. Soke Tom relentlessly protects the image of his school, students, and his life’s work. There are no fast tracking of belts and no black belt clubs or automatic passing for rank. Students have set times that they must endure, and they must be able to perform all requirements on a test. Failure means repeating the whole process again including time of training. There are no two year black belts in his dojo. Minimally, a student must train three times a week for five years to become a black belt. His tests require physical fitness, fighting, forms, weapons, self-defense, and kihon. There are written exams and an xtensive question and answer interview. Soke Gettling’s major testing requirement is probably not seen on most martial arts exams. He knows each student personally and seeks a level of personal growth in each student. He

reminds students that speed and power will diminish over time, however technique lasts forever. He feels that personal growth is the measure of one’s applied art. He also feels that most will never encounter a physical confrontation, but the real fight is in everyday problems. Does one handle these with complaints, avoidance and procrastination, or rather as a martial artist who attacks problems, overcomes and solves them without ever quitting? In the fast-track McDojo franchise style martial arts studio, loyalty and commitment have been replaced by commerce. Soke Thomas Gettling has no such issues, as he has many students who have been with him for 30, 35, or 40 years. Soke feels all students must be measured by this standard. He laughs when he states: “That’s my black belt club: 20 years or more.” One cannot pay to join it or be recommended in. When asked what he would like his legacy to be, Soke Gettling states that he wishes to honor his teacher’s instructions and give what was given to his when he was a student. “Martial arts is bigger than me; I am insignificant. It is about the next generation. I have fewer tomorrows than yesterdays. My concern is that martial arts survive, and that while it evolves and remains current, its core principles survive. I want the values of truth, honor, respect, discipline and devotion to not just be words, but that students will carry these in their hearts and souls.” “Am I concerned that my name will not last? Not at all. My legacy will live on in my students. They are not me, have not been taught to be me, but have been taught to be the best they can be, and to develop themselves to the best of their abilities. I want them to pass that on to their own students someday. A father or grandfather does not need a photo on an altar to be bowed down to. No, they are not relegated to an area of the dojo, but are everywhere in the hearts, minds and spirits of those who knew and loved them. They pass that knowledge from generation to generation. I would hope as a martial artist and teacher to be an example to those who have joined me in their martial arts journey. If I have accomplished that, then I will have been successful.”

By Dr. Michael Willett

Expressions of Love The principal is this, “The depth of your love is expressed by the degree of your giving”. When an individual expresses love to another, it’s born from the inner workings’ of the heart. The heart opens and an outpouring of gestures cascade down to the object of your affection. These gestures can manifest in overwhelming financial gifts, or can manifest itself in great human sacrifice, etc the giving of a kidney. There are several types of love. There is Forbidden, Unequaled, Paternal, Maternal ,Fraternal, Sisterly, Heterosexual, Homosexual, Love of self (narcissistic love), Love of power, Love of money, Agape love (the God kind of love) I mention these expressions of love because I want to share a story of great love that I was a witness too. It was just a few weeks ago, I went to Calvary Hospital, to visit Grand Master Reno Morales. I arrived about 2pm and was promptly greeted by his daughter Eva Aguilera, affectionately known as Firefox. The mood as you would surmise was very somber. Grand Master Morales was fighting stage 4 of a most debilitating malady. Firefox and I chatted briefly as we tried to be as upbeat as humanly possible about the condition and the recovery of her father. Firefox shared with me that she was at peace with the possibility that her beloved father might move on to another existence due to manifested wisdom. What I’m about to share is in no way humorous because of the gravity of the situation but I was flabbergasted by the event. Grand Master Reno was in a semi conscious state and not very responsive to voice commands. Firefox took the cover from his feet and began to message his feet. Foot massages are not so rare but the expression on her face was extraordinary. As I continued to watch Firefox love her father, she moved from his feet to his hands. She lovingly anointed his hands with her hands. I wish I had the words to articulate the caring and love that resided in her eyes and in her actions. I don’t believe I have ever seen a person love another person love so deeply and unconditionally before. The expression of love was so moving, I began to cry, I cried because of the compassion showed. I must admit I didn’t allow Firefox to witness me crying. I didn’t allow her to see me crying because I wanted to be strong for her in her moment of need. I said all that to say this, when is the last time you have loved someone unconditionally? When have you put all of your personal concerns on hold and given to someone else at the expense of self? To Eva Aguilera, I have watched you demonstrate the God kind of love (Agape) to your father; it embarrassed and humbled me to do more where I can. It inspired me to reach out and touch my brothers and my sisters. It inspired me to repair any breeches I might have caused in the fence of life. It inspired me to be the first one to break the silence. It inspired me to say I’m sorry even though I was not wrong. You have become the prototype for love. I just wanted you to know God saw your unselfishness and so did I.

By Allen Woodman To begin is the courage and conviction to search for knowledge. It is that challenge within oneself to take that first step. To approach a true understanding of any martial arts one must have the desire to open one’s self up new ideas and philosophies. It’s the culmination of bridging a divide between what one knows and the unknown. Starting a martial arts system of training is one of the truest ways to find one’s own self and discover the history, culture and science of another. Within the martial arts there are so many various martial arts and styles that it would truly boggle the mind to attempt count. The martial arts of any styles or systems have their own individual nuances and traits that make up its approach to conflict. Each martial art separately has within itself a separate meaning to the individual that studies the art. Each person will retain the mirror of that which is put forth in training hours and study. The makeup of any martial art in my belief is held within each student. The basis of each students understanding of their art or system comes from their already pre-existing ideologies, concepts of balance and lifes affirming nature of self reliance and self defense. It is my most humbled opinion that all martial arts are basically equal. In their inception the separate art forms and systems have reached an entirely new pinnacle of understanding of movement and how it best suits an individual person. Each art is as different in its approach to learning and use different techniques and applications but ultimately find themselves at the same goal. To be able to defend one’s self or to defend another is the ultimate goal of every martial art. It is the methodology and concept that differ but, never the result. The countless defensive systems that are taught today are unparalleled in number. The range of arts varies from pure defensive to aggressive to cultural and even sport application. It is within these divides that we can peek in to the human soul and psyche to learn more about man himself. The history and context in which each art or style place themselves; defines the nature of the art. In the end the results are the learned skills that set each apart yet somehow connect each other to a whole. Martial arts are a collective. They borrow and bend techniques to build their own bridges of understanding. You will find that most martial arts can be rooted back to only a handful of original styles or schools of learning. Since the divination of man, the martial arts styles and systems have been broken apart either by politics or by

practicality. They have been separated only by the individuals that learn them. Where one wishes to give ground, another desires to take it. It is in each art that you will find the separations and small differences. It is what makes the system or style work and flow. Each difference breathes life in to itself and becomes the subtle movements and positions that form the very nature of the art. When seeking out a course of study the most important aspect to consider is the instructor of the art. Although the arts are somewhat connected and often formulaic, it is the teachers that will define how you as a student receive the information. The Instructor is the pinnacle of your learning. Because the arts and styles are so vast and complex, it is the instructor that will guide the student through the various aspects that comprise the art of study. The instructor should place learning and practice above all else. They are the beacon light for others to follow the path. A martial arts instructor is often placed in such high regard that they are many times seen as earthly bound deity of the study. Students who follow this path are losing the true sight of what they seek. Instructors of the highest caliber are heralded with title and status as a sign of respect for the knowledge and history that they carry. As it should be they are held to a higher standard and scope. The instructors are the students’ window to themselves. The Masters of today represent the future of martial arts in its entirety. The title Master is a sign of respect and honor. Often misused it conjures images of an untouchable priest like warrior. To be a true master one must only master one’s self. In the martial arts you can find the levels of mastery as many as the arts themselves. The first level is the Shodan (by Japanese standards). This is the entry point to become and instructor. Although many arts and schools of learning use other titles and names, it is the most accepted term for a black belt level instructor. This is the first level of achievement that demonstrates the competency and basic understanding of the art of their select. This person has a basic understanding of their respective art form. The second level is the Nidan (By Japanese terminology) A slightly elevated status of instructor showing that this instructor has devoted more time in their training. The steps of instructor ship continue upward from three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine and ultimately to tenth degree black belt. In most traditional arts the coveted tenth degree is the most highly honored and elevated level. This tenth degree names the instructor as the head or chief of the entire art, system or style. There would be none higher than this level in traditional circles of martial arts. This highest honor would be the pinnacle of training and mastery of the specific art form or school associated

Sensei is the foremost and most widely used term for a teacher. Sensei is a Japanese word that basically means "person born before another.” In general usage, it means "teacher," or one who knows and the word is used as a title to refer to or address teachers, professors, professionals such as lawyers, CPA and doctors, politicians, clergymen, and other figures of authority. The word is also used to show respect to someone who has achieved a certain level of mastery in an art form or some other skill: accomplished puppeteers, novelists, musicians, and artists for example are addressed in this way. The two characters that make up the term can be directly translated as "born before" and implies one who teaches based on wisdom from age and experience. The Japanese expression of sensei shares the same characters as the Chinese word; it can also be attached to a man's name to mean "gentleman" or, more commonly, "mister". Prior to the development of the modern vernacular it is used to address teachers of both genders; this has fallen out of usage in Standard Chinese, though it is retained in some southern Chinese dialects such as Cantonese, Hokkien and Hakka where it still has the meaning "teacher" or "doctor". Renshi is an official title in Japanese society, which originated in the samurai warrior class, and means a 'Polished Master' of a particular martial art. Ever since the Meiji restoration in 1868, the title was issued and recorded by the Dai Nippon Buto-Ku-Kai in Kyoto, which became the National Governing Body and 'records office' for all of the traditional martial arts in Japan since 1895. According to the wording on the Diploma, it is awarded by the 'Society of Fellows' (the 'Shogo' in Japanese) 'in recognition of attainment of a high level of proficiency in the development of karate spirit and technical skill in the practice of karate-do'. It should also be noted that ‘Renshi’ is one of three recognized titles issued by the Shogo; the other two being ‘Kyoshi’ and ‘Hanshi’ respectively. Kyōshi refers to an advanced teacher. Usually this is awarded at 7th dan. It is thought to mean Teacher. Note: while the common belief is that a person holding a Sensei title or higher can open a dojo, in Okinawa it is common to not allow anyone to open their own dojo until they reach Kyoshi and 7th dan. Thus many times Kyoshi is called a teachers rank. Hanshi refers to a senior expert considered a "teacher of teachers". This title is used by many different arts for the top few instructors of that style, and is sometimes translated "Grand Master". Shihan Title of "Master" is a Japanese Honorific Title, Expert License Certification used in Japanese martial rts for Master Level Instructors. The award of the xpert License Certification is if designated

by the qualification by virtue of endorsement by either the Association of Chief Instructors or the Administration Head of an Association. SHOU-GOU is the master’s title-system set up by the Dai-Nippon Butoku-kai (greater Japan Budo Encouragement Federation established in 1895 in Kyoto). It consists of three ranks, Renshi, Kyoshi and Hanshi. The sho-go awarded consist of the three similar ranks and are much therefore classical ranks/titles similar to Samurai titles given under the auspices of Japan's Imperial Family during feudal times. The award of sho-go is based on each individual’s knowledge, teaching ability and the outstanding development of character through the study of the karate. Therefore it is important to realize that in the modern approach to karate, these titles/ranks are more difficult to achieve than the conventional Dan grades and are NOT automatically assigned with rank or seniority. The main theory of the title Shihan is the foundation of the word Shi meaning father and Han meaning of others. Together the titles represent the meaning Teacher of other teachers, or father of fathers. This title is normally separated from other titles; for example: Any person one with the title Shihan would not have any other title of Renshi or Kyoshi. It is of separate lineage as other titles. Such titles as Kyoshi or Hanshi are awarded were as Shihan can be used by anyone that is the teacher of other black belt teachers. In other terms it signifies one as a grandfather figure of an art form or school; One that has children that have children. Sōke is a Japanese term that means "the head family. In the realm of Japanese traditional arts, it is used synonymously with the term iemoto. Thus, it is often used to indicate "headmaster" (or sometimes translated as "head of the family" or even "grand master".) The English translation of sōke as "grand master" is not a literal translation but it does see use by some Japanese sources. It can mean one who is the leader of any school or the master of a style, but it is most commonly used as a highest level Japanese title, referring to the singular leader of a school or style of martial art. The term, however, is not limited to the genre of martial arts. Sōke is sometimes mistakenly believed to mean "founder of a style" because many modern sōke are the first generation headmasters of their art (shodai sōke), and are thus both sōke and founder. However, the successors to the shodai sōke are also sōke themselves. Sōke is generally considered the ultimate authority within their art, and has final discretion and authority regarding promotions, curriculum, doctrine, and disciplinary actions. A sōke has the authority to issue a menkyo kaiden certificate indicating that someone has mastered all aspects of his style. The widespread use of the term "sōke" is controversial in

the martial arts community. Traditionally it was used very rarely in Japan, typically only for very old martial arts, although it has become a somewhat common term for headmasters of schools created in the last few decades that attempt to reconstruct or emulate older styles of martial arts. Some modern western sōkes have used the title Sōke-dai as a title for their assistant as the leader of their school. This last passage I explained ranking using the traditional Japanese terminology. Of course there are other ranking systems in other cultural arts such as Chinese, Philippine, Indonesian, Korean and Indian just to name but a few of the cultural scool. Other ranking terms you may find in this book from the myriad of cultures are also as follows. I only dictate the words so that the reader will be able to distinguish the usage of these words during the readi ng of this book and to better educate themselves to the language of martial arts. The Comoon Chinese terminology for teacher is Sifu. It truly translates to one with knowledge who shares. The term Sijo is most commonly used for the meaning of Grandmaster. Whereas, the word Sigong translates in to the meaning of “Father”. The meaning of this is not in the familiar way of paternal but more in the fraternal use, as in the father of the art or school. Other words in common usage today with in the martial arts circles also come from the Indian, Indonesian and Philippine cultures. Guro also translates in to teacher in the common Philippine languages. It should be noted that this term originates from the Indian Culture from the root word Guru which means teacher or learned one. Other terms that stem off of the word Guro are Kuya, Punang and Madong Guro. These are several different terms that dictate the level of mastery of a teacher. In Korean the Dan system is taken from the traditional Japanese arts. So the similarities are apparent. The most common of the words in use with Korean based arts are Sa Bu Nim, Kyo Su Nim and so on. These also are only dictated by training levels and mastery of the art in question. The last terms that are most commonly used in martial arts are the positions of Professor or Doctor. The connotation suggests an academically educated background. The term Professor in martial arts actually has its grounds in the Judo system of Japan. The Founder of Judo was Professor Jigoro Kano. A legitimate University Professor. He taught at Doryoku University in Tokyo, Japan at the turn of the century 1900 Japan. When he promoted one single student to the unheard of rank of tenth dan prior to his death, he left no title name to the instructor. Because the art form was created by an actual academic professor the word stuck and thus formed the term in use today as Professor. Since then other art and systems have borrowed this word to suggest the level and skill of a highly educated instructor. From that, other standards of instructor levels have emerged such as Doctorate and PHD; positions. Some are real, some are Honorius and some have no real merit to the instructors teaching abilities. These are but a few words in use today that fall back to the traditional languages of the arts themselves. The common terms that are in use today are from the traditional roots of martial arts however, it should be noted that in today’s society and access to the internet and the knowledge it holds, there are many of those who simply use the titles to gain respect without earning them. The common traditional method of attaining these high level ranks is that they are awarded by a higher level instructor or a group of higher ranked instructors as an association. They in turn would deem whom would be appropriate to rank to higher levels. Other standards of ranking would be certificates given the instructor certifying the instructor has trained to the specified level. It all ultimately boils down to the student to discover the truth and research for themselves the veracity of certifications over years and

decades to attain and ranks that some profess to have or hold. In my humble opinion it is now nor ever has been the aim of a true martial artist to gain rank over knowledge. To train in martial arts is the only real goal of a true practitioner. Only the learning and application is important. As my instructor once said “It is not what is around your waist, but what is between your ears that win a battle.” If we as martial artist can honestly look deep within ourselves only then can we know that a rank or title only is a means of position and not of real knowledge.

World Warrior Camp The leaders of World Warrior Camp are Soke Thomas Gettling of the G5 School of Martial Arts, Sijo James Robinson of Running Fist Kung Fu, and Renshi Ross Greenberg of Chikara Martial Arts Academy. Each year these martial arts instructors work together to bring this new and exciting Martial Arts Event to life. World Warrior Camp is a training experience that is very different from other Martial Arts events that you have attended in the past. World Warrior Camp is a progressive and new twist on your usual martial arts seminar weekend event. With many conventional Martial Arts events, the normal fair is that a person has to take into consideration the costs of participating in each event. The first of which is travel.

Travel is very expensive today with the cost of fuel, both driving and flying to any location. The next concern would be, where one would stay during a weekend long event. Staying multiple days at a martial arts event requires lodging. Then you also have to consider the cost of your meals. Lastly and certainly not least of all is the price of the event. You have to pay for the Seminar. World Warrior Camp has a concept where the price to attend the event, includes Lodging, Meals, & Martial Arts Instruction for one reasonable price, that most people find affordable even in today’s economy. Outside of getting to the location, everything is included. World Warrior Camp is now trying to make it much more cost effective for a martial artist to advance their knowledge and still be Every Year, the camp has a common theme. And each instructor brings an experience to the event to share with the participants, which meets the theme of that year. Instructors have brought ideas and concepts from the system of martial arts which they have studied over the years, and come and share their knowledge by teaching ideas that are in line with the theme of that year. The main rule of the day is, drop the egos, open your mind, and try something new. No judgments, no attitudes, just good old-fashioned martial arts training. 36 hours of martial arts training during the course of a 3 day weekend from 6am Friday Morning, when everyone starts arriving for check in, till Sunday afternoon, for the Super Sunday Seminar with a review of all of the techniques, demonstrated by “the students” of the seminars, not the instructors. In past events a special Woman’s Empowerment Seminar for the ladies of the camp was included to educate the dangers that women face in the world today. There have also been special classes for the junior members attending, which is informative and fun. At this event, the emphasis of the training is on the part of the student. Our goal is to make sure that the students go home with technique to be able to use in their future. It is time to get back to the traditional ways of martial arts where warriors get together and learn by putting Blood, Sweat, and Tears into their training. Mat Time, not just Chat Time. Who gets to come and teach at World Warrior Camp? World Warrior Camp has given a number of fresh new faces an opportunity to step up and show us what they have to bring to the table. Any instructor who is looking to be a part of World Warrior Camp must submit a Resume and Video Clip of themselves doing martial arts which would fit the theme of the current years event on the website to be considered. At past events there have been some notable martial artists who have taught at the event such as Grand Master Oso Tayari Casel, Grand Master Malik Shabbaz, Grand Master Anthony Muhammad, O’Sensei Felix Vazquez, Grand Master Gregory Duncan, Grand Master Tony Mayo, Shihan Richard Pearson, Shihan Mike Leclair, Master Kevin Bergquist, Kyoshi John Turnbull, and Master Larry W. Houck. Registration is normally done months in advance. From the first event that was done back in 2010, the camp registrations start flowing in as soon as the website registration opens. The Date for the World Warrior Camp - East Coast event is September 6th to 8th, 2013. The theme of the Camp will be Martial Arts of the World. It will be at Quinipet Camp and Retreat Center in Shelter Island Heights, NY. There are currently plans underway to have a Mid West Event. Make sure to check the website for updates to the locations and registration dates.

The 1st World Tang Soo Do Forum in Seoul TORRES ON TANG SOO DO FOR THE 21ST CENTURY By Master Guy Edward Larke Tang Soo Do, much like the country that gave birth to it, rocketed to international recognition in a record period of time. Sadly with the emergence of Taekwondo as an Olympic sport, it dealt a hard blow to the art… especially in its homeland. That’s where the World Moo Duk Kwon General Federation (now the “World Tang Soo Do General Federation – Moo Duk Kwon”) emerged in the city of Seoul. Among its founders were two of Hwang Kee’s very first protégé’s, Grandmaster Kim Yong-Duk (Dan #2) and Grandmaster Choi Hee-Suk (Dan # 3). They sought to regroup the splintered art and bring it into the 21st Century. Enter November, 5th 2012. A collection of the most eclectic and influential masters and grandmasters from around the globe were invited to attend the very first Tang Soo Do forum ever held in Seoul. Their numbers included: Grm and Master James Saffold, Robert Kovaleski, Pedro Vangas Jr., Dominick Giacobbe, C.K. Leow, Eng-Sin Tan, Dana Stamos, Jose’ Torres, Eric Kovaleski, Andrew Ginter. Sergio Corral, Pablo Vangas, Peter De Fosses, Aldwin Lee, Des GalliganThe event was only 5 days in length, but was nothing

short of powerful. My wife Gi-Ryung, our niece Seul-Ki, and I were fortunate to be able to be part of hosting these extraordinary individuals. The first was the forum itself where speeches from both Korean and foreign masters were given. Topics ranged from inspiration to technical aspects to the preservation of the art. Translation was provided by my wife to expedite matters.

The next day was a workshop. In our way of thinking it was a discussion and brainstorming session. Crucial subjects such as image, rights and responsibilities of masters and the future were in full swing. Although the debates sometimes got emotional, respect was always maintained on both sides and as a result all felt much closer as a result. To top it off Masters Jose’ Torres and Eric Kovaleski made a vow to hold the first Tang Soo Do championship in Korea in 2014 to help to the grandfathers of Tang Soo Do. The third day was heavy training with the General Secretary Choung Koe-Woong and Hong Kong movie legends Hwang Jung-Lee and Bruce Lai (now called Chang Il-Do). The three saw to it that ALL the visiting masters had their blood pumping and hearts racing. To end the day Grandmasters Dominick Giacobbe, Pedro Vangas and Robert Kovaleski tested for 9th Dan, while Masters Jose’ Torres, Eric Kovaleski and Sergio Corral tested for 7th. The fourth day was a visit to the traditional city of Chung-ju and the World Martial Arts Park. There we were treated to a Taekgyeon (ancient Korean folk martial art resembling dance) and a tour of the massive martial arts museum. As well we signed “The Proclomation of the Establishment of the World Tang Soo Do Holy Ground.” Which is on permanent display at the museum. Perhaps the schedule was not the most amazing, but the comraderie was. With the exception of attending Robert Ott’s seminar in 2011 I have never felt the level of trust, bonding and brotherly love in the 30+ years I have been in the martial arts. Master Guy Edward Larke has dedicated his life from a young age to the pursuit of the martial arts, Asian culture and hopology. It led him to Korea in 2000 and has lived there since then. He lives in Seongnam city with his wife Gi-Ryung and son Alexander. He holds black belts in Taekwondo, Hapkido, Taekgyeon, Bon Kuk Kumdo, Korean kickboxing, Karate-do, Wushu, Cheonji-muye-do, and various other systems. Currently he teaches Taekwondo, Karate and Cheonji-muye-do full time in addition to writing for various magazines and running Kisa-Do Muye & Marketing. He can be contacted at

R.J. Bishop

2012 WESTERN CAROLINA KARATE CLASSIC Taylorsville.NC I’m Baaaaaaaaack, from my sabbatical, time to get down to business. I recently attended the 3rd WESTERN CAROLINA KARATE CLASSIC in Taylorsville, NC my first tournament in almost two years. The WESTERN CAROLINA KARATE CLASSIC is a great young tournament promoted by PASTOR PHIL ADDISON and JEFF “THE BEAST OF THE SOUTHEAST” BLAKE, of the FIRM FOUNDATION TKD SCHOOL of Stony Point, NC. BLAKE and ADDISON are also NBL World Champion Breakers. This is a CHRISTIAN based event, a nice little tournament with great folks, quality judging and nice awards. The WESTERN CAROLINA KARATE CLASSIC is a DOJO Organization and a SKIL rated tournament. I received a very nice greeting from the Promoters, Judges, competitors and some of the families in the audience. I was approached by multiple Promoters to cover the 2013 season. The tournament started shortly after 10:00 am with the breaking divisions outside in the parking lot, and Musical Divisions followed. I noticed a few new schools and a handful of talented new competitors such as 12 yr old TRINITY AMBROSE from PIEDMONT MARTIAL ARTS of Burlington, NC. TRINITY is only a green belt but she displayed a very strong Isshinryu Kata not only in the eliminations but in the Underbelt Grands too. Hope Hamilton age 12 and Lexi Shepard age 9 of the “MASTERS STUDIOS OF SELF DEFENSE” were very impressive also. Both showed me very, very strong Wushu Katas. This school teaches both Wushu and Kempo Karate. I was also impressed with their instructor BILLY ILDERTON and the rest of his students. The tournament moved along at a decent rate, thanks to some good organization by the tournament coordinators. One thing I really enjoyed was the breaking demo by PASTOR PHIL ADDISON and his short sermon on salvation. It was very inspirational. The one thing I did NOT like was the fact that some of the promoters did not bring a lot of students to this event. FIRM FOUNDATION supports the DOJO Tournaments very well but they didn’t return the favor. I realize the economy is horrible but there is no reason not to support this tournament better. This IS a quality event. The most memorable part of the tournament came at the end during the Men’s Fighting Grand Championship. World

Champion CASS SIGMON faced off against EWELL CARTER of Virginia. SIGMON totally dominated the fight, but a strange twist came at the end. After a time out with about six seconds left in the fight Sigmon had a huge lead and all he had to do was move around the ring to kill the time but he decided to blitz CARTER and hit him hard enough to draw blood, thus causing a DQ. Not a smart move at all, only SIGMON knows for sure why he applied that strategy.If you’re in the Carolinas next September please keep the WESTERN CAROLINA KARATE CLASSIC in mind. If you like a SAFE, FUN tournament then this is the event for you.Promoters JEFF BLAKE and PASTOR PHIL ADDISON would like to thank all the competitors, judges, volunteers and spectators who participated that day. BLACK WARRIOR MARTIAL ARTS “HALL OF HONORS” Concord NC Once upon a time there was a very wise Martial Artist named ERNEST DUKES. He was a man with a vision, and a relentless drive to be the best man and Martial Artist he could be. This man ERNEST DUKES a Shorin Rye practioner is now GRANDMASTER ERNEST DUKES, a well respected Martial Artist here in the Southeast. The BWMA HALL OF HONORS is one of the projects that GRANDMASTER DUKES had foreseen years back. The banquet was held in a nice banquet room at a local BBQ restaurant in Concord, NC. Elite Martial Artists and their families filled the hall and were treated to a good meal and good fellowship. ACTION MARTIAL ARTS MAGAZINE Editor GRANDMASTER MICHAEL WILLETT was in attendance as a special guest of honor and to promote his book “MAN BY CHOICE MALE BY BIRTH”. We were treated to a special musical kata/weapons demo by GRANDMASTER DUKES. The music was soothing and ethereal so the kata/weapon demo was slow and deliberate and very entertaining. Overall this was a pleasure to cover and I hope to come back again next year.

2nd SHAOLIN CHALLENGE Denver, NC The 2nd Annual SHAOLIN CHALLENGE was held in the beautiful little town of Denver, NC, just a short drive northwest of Charlotte. SIFU MARK WILLIAMS, the Promoter and President of the SKA (Southeast Karate Alliance), was the brains behind the event. The SKA also in its 2nd year is an up and coming Sport Karate Organization with a lot of potential. The SKA also has a working agreement with NASKA, so some of the nation’s elite tournaments are on board to include the GATOR NATIONALS, DIXIELAND NATIONALS and the US OPEN. NASKA rules were enforced in this wonderful event. The SKA Board of Directors includes DEWEY EARWOOD, LARRY DILLINGHAM and MARK WILLIAMS. The SHAOLIN CHALLENGE was an exciting two day event featuring six well run rings with specialty divisions such as

Continuous Fighting, Musical Divisions, and Physically Challenged divisions. MEGAN HORTON a 13 yr old from the BILL DANIELS KARATE SCHOOL was the most impressive underbelt youth competitor on both days. She easily mowed through her Continuous division that night. I was told that she was an even better Kata performer than a fighter. On Saturday prior to the start of the tournament SIFU WILLIAMS featured a video honoring our fallen soldiers and a music video of our National Anthem. What a classy patriotic thing to do for a tournament, and I commend SIFU WILLIAMS for this action. The rings ran smoothly although they were short a few judges. I saw a lot of soft style that day and enjoyed it immensely. The Southeast is lacking in soft style schools. SIFU WILLIAM’S SHAOLIN KUNG FU SCHOOL featured a lot of excellent students. Forms Grand Championship winner BILL DANIELS was very impressive with his traditional sword form. DANIELS is a modest, well liked, respected martial artist here in the Carolinas. Congratulations to World Champion CASS SIGMON for winning the CAROLINA TRIPLE CROWN for 2012. SIGMON wrapped it up by winning the Men’s Fighting Grand Championship beating Clyde Dillingham 8-0. SIGMON is probably the best overall fighter here in the Southeast. In the youth Underbelt Kata Grand Championship BRADY COOK of Union County GA impressed all with a great Yamabushi Kata. I believe that she’s studied Shotokan, because it sure resembled a Shotokan Kata with the deep stances. The Underbelt 18+ Forms winner was DONNIE SIGMON of the SHOALIN KUNG FU SCHOOL of Denver, GA. Overall it was a very enjoyable weekend. I got a chance to see some old friends and view some new up and coming talent. The next SHAOLIN CHALLENGE will be at a larger venue to be announced at a later date. To check the upcoming SKA schedule of tournaments click on to their web site . SIFU MARK WILLIAMS would like to thank all the competitors, judges, volunteers and spectators who supported his tournament.

SOUTHEAST KARATE ALLIANCE Article submitted by the SKA The Southeast Karate Alliance (SKA) is a martial arts sanctioning body, that sanctions and promotes martial arts tournaments in the southeastern coastal United States. States that have SKA sanctioned tournaments are Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. The SKA strives to offer fair and professional judging by offering seminars to have Certified Officials at all SKA events using NASKA rules. The SKA also has a point system for the competitors who are members. Points are kept and tallied, where points champions will be honored and awarded at the end each year. Not only will the SKA be honoring

competitors who are points leaders, but also recognizing outstanding officiating, coaching, top teams, and promoters throughout the region. The SKA is also the home of the Carolina Triple Crown. Check out our schedule on

EAST COAST SPARRING CHAMPIONSHIP Hickory, NC The EAST COAST SPARRING CHAMPIONS, a favorite among Southeast competitors, is also a favorite for me to cover. NBL WORLD BREAKING CHAMPION SHIHAN DOUG ARMSTRONG the Chief Instructor of MOUNTAIN VIEW KARATE in Hickory, NC has always been among the most popular martial artists in the country. Attention to detail is what SHIHAN ARMSTRONG is all about and it’s been like that for years. Although the numbers were down this year the competition was fierce. A lot of the competitors were there to sharpen their skills for the NBL SUPER GRANDS in Buffalo, NY. One thing I like about this tournament is that it is an ALL fighting event, no kata, no weapons etc…. I also like that it was a double elimination tournament, so you got your money’s worth. As always SHIHAN ARMSTRONG recruits the best Judges in the Southeast such as WORLD CHAMPIONS GARY DILLINGHAM, JOHNNY WATKINS, JEFF DOSS, PASTOR PHIL ADDISON, JULAYNE SHIFLETT and JOEY SHIFLETT and the best of the best PRESTON RODGERS. One young fighter who really impressed me was CARSON ADAMS, a 13 yr old Black Belt from Anderson, SC. ADAMS is a student of MARTY KNIGHT KARATE, so you know his students know a thing or two about fighting and winning. ADAMS bumped up to win the 14-17 Sparring Grand Championship. JOSH PAGE, the Chief Instructor of the HICKORY ACADEMY OF MARTIAL ARTS, went back home with another Grand Championship Belt to add to his collection. WORLD CHAMPION CASS SIGMON, Chief Instructor of SIGMON SPORT KARATE, also breezed through the competition to win one of dozens of career Grand Championships. He is as fierce a competitor as you’ll find anywhere in the world. Overall I enjoyed myself. I had a chance to see some new faces I had never seen before and had a chance to renew old acquaintances. Everyone seemed to have a great time and many walked away with smiles on their faces. I did get some disturbing news as I left. SHIHAN ARMSTRONG notified me that this was his last tournament, which saddens me a bit. SHIHAN ARMSTRONG always ran top notch events, with an emphasis on safety, fun, and fair play. I will miss the trips from Columbia, SC to Hickory, NC. Good Luck to SHIHAN DOUG ARMSTRONG and his wonderful following. I hope to someday see them at other tournaments.

20 Stellar Ideas for Customer Service ! By Allie Alberigo

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19)

Learn about your customer , Recognize in your industry what turns your customers off, learn how to nip it in the bud. Gather Feedback whenever necessary Understanding what a true customers value is – so you work hard to keep them. Learn how to exceed customers expectations. Greet Customers as if they were the president of the United States or some other important person on your list. Learn and develop Charisma and conversation skills. Give the customer something – create a customer service experience. Always look your best, and be all that you can be. Make sure you business always looks like the taj mahal or trump towers. Develop yourself to be amazing over the phone. Always act like a gentlemen or women, treat others as you would like to be treated. Learn each and everyone’s names Learn to listen. Exceed all customer expectations and then some. Take care of all customer issues (complaints or problems) quickly. Always keep in touch with your clients Develop a customer service protocol Get rid of the bad apples – out with the old in with the new. Always develop a common bond with the client.

Gather intelligence and truly know your customer…. Business is business, is business….. or is that true really true? There are millions of business’ in this world and no matter what type, there is one common denominator, each business needs customers in order to make money and stay in existence. Gathering intelligence is one of the key factors to success and as sexy and intriguing as it sounds like some secret spy mission it is one of the most essential tools of success. Many companies do not take the time to really develop a good understanding of why a client is doing business with them at all. In some cases there can be a myriad of reasons and most of the time they do not have anything to do with the price of the product. Quite simply getting to know your clients and finding out why they are doing or wanting to do business with you and your company can me the difference of success or failure. Finding out all the intricacies about what makes that customer tick and knowing your clients is essential to developing a long lasting relationship and keeping that client referring you new clients for years to come. Here are my steps to getting to know your client. 1)

2) 3)




Develop a system of information gathering. The more information you get the better your business relationship will be in the future. This could be something as simple as making a list on your computer desk top and asking each client why they joined and what they expect. Find out what makes that client happy. For example: Do they like to be called back in the morning, afternoon or evening. What do they consider above and beyond performance. How can in a perfect world you make that client happiest? Find out how they prefer to communicate. Do they like email, text, phone calls etc. What is most convenient for them. What can you do so they listen. Don't assume actually ask them. Develop a communication network with those clients who like to communicate similarly. For example: those that like emailing, may enjoy receiving your email newsletter, or possibly they want a secret password to a specific section on your website that they can go to. Find out what a client believes to be customer service. What is it they expect. Do they have false expectations or are not quite sure of what it actually takes to achieve excellence. A short conversation can easily fix any miscommunications that can result in a lost client or student. What can we do to really develop a team. Who is in charge of decision making? You may find out you are dealing with someone who has absolutely no control or decision making abilities within the company. Find out who is in charge, even if you don’t deal with them directly help make the person who is your go between happy by providing everything the bottom line person likes it. Sometimes in our school we deal with a mom of a child, when in reality the controlling person is the father. He may not attend classes and understand the benefits. We need to find out how we communicate with the person in charge. Last but not least determine how far you will go to make this person happy. Set some guidelines on return policies, make up policies, how much communication etc. Also, determine rules for what you also expect from the students. Sometimes at times it is a simple as sitting a student down and working out what each of you expect. It doesn't have to go in any direction more than the next. Really if any relationship is going to last we must understand each others needs and desires. It goes both ways.

Allie Alberigo is a father, martial artist, business coach and consultant and owner of L.I. Ninjutsu Centers - and world renowned business coaching program For more information and a free report on Stellar customer service email allie at

2013 Action Martial Arts Magazine Championships The 2013 Action Martial Arts Magazine Championships were held at the Tropicana Hotel

and Resort in conjunction with the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame Mega Weekend. For the second consecutive year the tournament was held under the direction of Tournament Director Master Jose Torres, drawing over 500 people in attendance with approximately 200 competitors. Athletes descended on the Tropicana from New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. The event also featured international athletes from as far as Canada and Puerto Rico. The Demo Team competition started off the day and was comprised of the following four 4 teams: Kan Cobra- New York Lehigh Valley Martial Arts- Pennsylvania Team Torres – New Jersey Fullers Karate- Pennsylvania We were honored to have Master Mark Russo from Amerikick Marlton as our Guest Demo Team Chief Referee. The routines were amazing, featuring all facets of martial arts including breaking, karate, and acrobatic tricks. It was a close contest but after the calculations were complete first place in the Demo Team Competition was awarded to Team Torres Martial

Arts, Edgewater Park, NJ. As the day progressed the excitement continued. Over 100 children competitors performed Weapons and Forms in front of an audience who filled the hotel ball room. These children ranged in age from 5 to 17 including both boys and girls. For some, this was their first experience at a tournament and for seasoned veterans it was part of the NAFMA point circuit. The children competitors concluded their day with some remarkable sparring bouts in the Point Sparring competition. The days events concluded with the Adult divisions. Specifically, with intense sparring matches featured in the mens black belt division. Ultimately, the 2013 Mens Black Belt Sparring Champion was crowned to Kyle Reed from TCK MMA from Plains PA. Here is a post event email from the Sensei Dana Eldridge from Lehigh Valley Martial Arts: Master Torres, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say "Thank You" for once again providing an exceptional tournament experience for my students. Also, "Congratulations!" to you and your team for the 1st Place win. Your kids really looked great! My parents have had nothing but good things to say and we are looking forward to competing with you again in May…… All the best, Dana Preparation has already begun for the 2014 Action Magazine Championships. The event looks to be even bigger and better with its proposed expansion to a 2 Day Competition, which will be held on Friday, January 24, 2014 and Saturday, January 25, 2014. Friday will feature events such as Self-defense, Demo Team, Musical Forms, and Point Stick Fighting. Weapons, Forms and Point Sparring Competitions will be held on Saturday. We look forward to seeing you at another exciting event with Grandmaster Alan Goldberg and the Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame Weekend.

The World Kuoshu Federation 4th World Championship in Malaysia!

this Historic “Hallmark” Occassion - “The very First and Longest Running Championships in America”

October 15-18, 2012 – The World Kuoshu Federation (TWKSF), an organization dedicated to develop and promote traditional Kuoshu and its physical, mental and emotional benefits, held their 4th World

Championship tournament in Genting, Malaysia. Held every three to four years in a major city around the world, the World Kuoshu (Kung Fu) Championships is a world-class Olympic level martial arts tournament. The best martial artists from around the globe came to compete in forms, weapons, two man sets and full contact lei tai fighting. This year’s tournament was held at the First World Hotel “It was an incredible setting for any tournament and definitely the most elegant World Tournament we have ever had. It was really pulled together by our seasoned TWKSF group of officials and referees and I would like to personally thank them for their incredible efforts in making the 4th TWKSF World Tournament a tremendous success.” Over the 3 full days of the tournament, more than 20 countries came from around the world to showcase their martial arts abilities in many different categories. At the end of the event the United States team took home the Grand Championship 1st place trophy while Brazil came in 2nd place. The U.S. has won the Grand Championship at the last two world tournaments, which were held in Singapore (2006) and Germany (2009). Master John Buckley, Head Coach of the United States Team, commented, “With incredible ambassadors to the martial arts such as Grandmaster Richard Lee, President of the TWKSF, and Federation Chairman, Grandmaster Huang, Chien Liang leading the way, each of whom have tirelessly and selflessly promoted Kuo Shu for more than 40 years, The TWKSF is looking forward to their 5th World Championship Tournament in 2015, which will be held in a country to be determined in February of 2013.

THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY CHAMPIONSHIPS Competitions here have always been offered for “Staunch” minded Karate Martial Arts Advocates including Men, Women, and Children for at least Semi Contact Sparring, H2HC Strong Fighting Forms, Weapons For those that Remember(?) This is where through the years the Original Pioneers, Leaders, Fighters, have become known, and many Action Stars were born!!! It was here that many Martial Arts Systems* & Personalities** got their start w/o prejudice - all that had the guts were welcome! This event, through the years has drawn Proven Martial Art Legends, Pioneers, Past/Present Military Law Enforcement, Civilians, Champions and Eagles. The “Old School” Discipline, Awards, and Action lived “here”. And, as “we did” with the early (1963 to date) Pioneers, Fighters, and Legends, “we” gave them a “platform” for all to show off their troops and school quality. Our 2013 -50th Championships began with a Call to Order and The National Anthem, And God Bless America sung beautifully by “The Famous Ms. P.J. Parker. Once Formalities and Introductions were completed the Competitions began This years Annual IAMA Classic Championships drew a decent crowd of competitors - Men, Women, Children, from All Varieties of Martial Arts Systems which is the intent of Shihan Alexanders events for the past 50 years. We give the Competitors a chance to match skills against a variety of Tactics, Strategies, and Fighting against the full range Methods of Punching, Kicking, Blocking, Tripping, Sweeping while maintaining the rules of mandatory contact in sparring. Winning here has been a worthy achievement! The Competition was challenging in all divisions including Fighting Forms, Weapons and Sparring whereas the Winners were awarded Special 50th Anniversary Trophies for

Since 1963 Shihan Gary Alexander having started the “First” of Annual Karate Championships in North America, now 50 years running (documented), has always been intent on making his “Open to All Styles” Karate Championships worthy for the Leaders, Competitors and Winners to be Introduced, and to Test their formidable manly/womanly Skills with gusto These GA/IAMA 50th Championships ran smoothly and expeditiously without injury regardless of the Mandatory Contact Rules, and this was due to the attendance of many high ranking Black Belts (listed above) that volunteered their Expertise as Judges, Controllers, and Referees. Much appreciated by all!

Tournament of Champions (KToC) Hanshi Rick Diaz’s Karate Tournament of Champions (KToC) took center stage once again with another great event this past November. Despite a stroke early in the year and the wrath of Hurricane Sandy which forced a last minute change of venue, KToC 2012 had well over 500 competitors and 1000 spectators from all over the world including Puerto Rico, India, Chicago, Florida and the tri State area. The event, now known as KToC Nationals/KToC Grappling, has proven to be one of the best martial arts venues around, featuring all styles of martial arts and a fantastic array of grappling. Diaz took a lot time in 2012 working to improve various aspects of his event including hosting Professional Sport Karate League (PSKL) judging clinics. Diaz maintains strong communications with his powerhouse team consisting of PSKL President Mike Conroy as ring coordinator, World Champion Jadi Tention as fight coordinator and Garth Binns, Dave Moradi and Benjamin Paris as arbitrators. Oscar Marrero, John Rullan, Abdul Aziz, Spider Rodriguez, Juan Jiminez, Alfred Hinds and many others worked tirelessly as they ran their rings smooth and efficiently. Some of the best fighters and forms competitors in the world were competing to be #1 at KToC. KToC 2012 had numerous special guests including Hanshi Bill Solano and his team from Puerto Rick, Tae Kwon Do’s Paul Kyo and Shotokan's Grand Master Toyotaro Miyazaki who was escorted by Master Kai Leung and Sensei Eddie Concepcion of Shotojuku Karate-Do enjoyed KToC's vast array of talented competitors. There was a great sense of unity at KToC. Diaz's hard work showed as everyone involved from coordinators to center refs, judges to score and time keepers worked as a one team. Promoters Mark Gorham, Al Gambardella, Bashta Jr. and Sr. Lee Ireland, Bobby Beltran, Robert Hylton, Jackie Drayton, Maggie Messina and Sonny WIlliams Jr. showed that working together is the foundation to making a great event. 2013 KToC National/KToC Grappling is offering over $15, 000 in cash and awards. Mens and Womens fighting grands will have equal payouts and new cash award for Senior grands as well as open hand and weapons grand. Youth Grand will receive Dr. Dre Beats. KToC National/KToC Grappling will be held at Queens College on November 17, 2013. For pics and videos of previous years please visit

By :Master John Burdyck

“ Who Always tells it like it is�

year. On a positive note, as I travel this great country of ours, I have noticed that the events have become much less prejudice For the most part everyone is being judged tnot on the color of their skin, or

JIU-JITSU And Grappling Competitions I can not tell you how pleased I am to see alot of the tournament promoters in this country, now including JIU-JITSU and Grappling divisions at there tournaments. Its not only good for the competitors to have these new divisions, but the promoters now have another avenue of revenue to keep there event profitable so they are able to

have an event for years to come. What we need to work on now is to have all the martial arts promoters using the same rules, for both Gi, and no Gi divisions. I will not mention the name of this promoter because I told I would give him a chance to never do this again. At his event, in the no Gi competition he was allowing "GROUND AND POUND" Not only had the athletic commission have found out would he have been shut down, but he had no insurance to cover that event. If a competitor would have gotten hurt it would have been a very tragic situation for the health and well being of both the competitor, and the promoter. Tournament promoters still, after all these years must become more professional. Most events do not start on time, they do not give out the prize money, and trophies that are promised. The scorekeepers, and timekeepers are not trained properly so all this must be cleaned up, so everyone can have a great day and look forward to supporting the event the following

the name on their uniform. I am extremely pleased to see this. At the professional MMA events the cheating is at an all time high, but as the athletic commissions start to catch on to this the promoters and competitors will end up in jail as the sport starts to correct itself. The UFC events are very well organized and the prize money is escalating to an alltime high. Unfortunately this is what exactly it is that organized crime looks for, I truly believe because of the integrity of most martial arts promoters that the corruption in our sport will never ever be what it is in boxing. If you have news or notes about MMA in the future please contact me at 443-299-2047. Email: or OUSH!!

The Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors Mega Weekend bills itself as “The Ultimate Destination� For Martial Arts and once again lived up to that billing.

By Jerome Maida Freelance writer for the Philadelphia Daily News Action Martial Arts Magazine's "Hall of Honors" Mega-Weekend bills itself as "The Ultimate Destination For Martial Arts - and for the 13th year in a row, proved that was not hyperbole. "The greatest thing about it is we have probably the top martial arts people and champions at one time coming to our event", says organizer (and

publisher of this magazine) Alan Goldberg. Indeed, with most other events, martial artists as legendary as Cynthia Rothrock, Don "The Dragon" Wilson and Bill "Superfoot" Wallace would be the main maybe only - headliners. At the 2013 Hall of Honors , they were merely an impressive part of an incredible lineup that included nearly 24 world champions and MA stars. "Hall of Honors was a fantastic event. It keeps getting better and better every year, even though it seems almost impossible to do", says Rothrock, who has made every Hall of Honors since it's inception and convinced friend Kevin Sorbo ("Hercules: The Legendary Journeys") to attend this year. "It's the biggest martial arts event in the world and a very classy event. Alan knows how to do it right." "There were successful (vendors) and Thousands of people were there", says Rothrock. "There were new stars..some new fans...some new martial artists...There's really something for everybody and it's just such an amazing time and the only thing that upset me was that it seemed over so quickly! Alan makes this unique and apart from every other martial arts event in so many ways." Don "The Dragon" Wilson agrees. He says he has been to every one except the first one and last year's, which he missed because he was working on a film. He credits Goldberg with being the main reason for his anticipation. "I went to it (the second year of the event) and I saw what a great guy Alan was. He is the (definitive) Master of Ceremonies, you know?", he says. "It's a great event that's true - but if he was like an egotistical kind of jerk or whatever, it would not maintain the success it has year after year." "He treats us (martial arts celebrities) so generously", Don Wilson continues. "First of all, (most promoters) if they get an audience, it's

all about them. You know what I mean? They get an audience (and) they're the ones that are going to be holding up the microphone and talk about everything and talk about what they did - I call it, 'Me,

me, me'. That's what usually happens. Alan is the only one that is just the opposite", Don Wilson goes on. "For him, it's all about his his, quote, 'Celebrity Martial Artists' (that) he brings in. It's about them, their accomplishments...taking care of ALL the people that are there and making sure they're comfortable. I travel all over the world - and there's just never been a better host of an event than Alan Goldberg." "The event experience is great and it's a great venue. Of course those are big (reasons) I came out. But I've been to other big events and other nice venues and they did not have a quote 'Master of Ceremonies' like Alan - and if they didn't pay me the money, I wouldn't go", Don Wilson says with a chuckle. "With them, if I didn't get big bucks, I wouldn't go. But Alan's is a different thing." "You may be able to to do it once or twice, right", asks Don Wilson. "Maybe three times, because it may take a while to reach so many people - to find out that you're just an egotistical guy, right? It may take a while, but you can't get to 13 (shows and foll everybody). He's been doing it every year and everybody loves him more every year and that's why every year the show's sold out and the dinner's sold out." Don Wilson also says the amazing collection of talent Goldberg assembled for the event - which includes not only Rothrock, Wallace, Sorbo and himself, but stunt woman and threetime WKA World Kickboxing Champion Cheryl Wheeler-Duncan; Olympic gold-medalist and WBO Heavyweight Champion boxer Ray Mercer; stunt woman and 9-time world champion martial artist Christine Bannon-Rodrigues - is a huge reason he made sure to

come this year. "He had some different celebrities. so I got to spend some time with Kevin Sorbo and Mark Grove, a guy who I've worked with in films before and that's different for me", says Don Wilson. "Usually it's the same - the usual suspects - and I see the same people. But it was all different this year because he had some different guests and he did some different things. BannonRodrigues also felt the breadth and depth of talented stars on hand helped make the Hall of Honors a unique experience. "The Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors is always such a fun event", she says. "(I got) to see all my friends from all over the country and (was) making new friends as well!""Mr. Goldberg always outdoes himself from year to year!", Bannon-Rodrigues continues. We all put this date aside, a year in advance, and do all we can to be there! Hats off to Mr. G for all his hard work and for bringing so many Martial Artists together under one roof! And also for his hard work at getting new celebrities to be guests each year!" Bannon-Rodrigues was one of over 20 world champions out of a whopping 60 martial artists total that gave free seminars. Don Wilson was another "You can't do it, right?", he asks rhetorically. "I teach them the technique, show them what soft areas of the body are there that you can hit...then if someone attacks as soon as they walk out the door after "The Dragon"'s seminar, they can utilize what i teach right then. It's not going to take them years...(it will only take) an hour." Don Wilson says what he teaches is very simple: You figure out what your target is and go for it. "That's what I taught", he says. "I still believe that the core of martial arts is self-defense. (That's why)

I don't teach kickboxing (there), even though I can. If somebody wants to do the sport of kickboxing..that's an easy seminar for me. No doubt...There are people who just like the sport of kickboxing, but at Alan's event, I feel it is an all-martial arts audience (so) I teach self-defense." Don's brother James Wilson had a multitude of reasons for liking the event 0ne of them being it helped give their

just-launched clothing line, Traditionz, featuring "the Dragon" and "Lady Dragon" Cynthia Rothrock on hoodies and t-shirts, exposure, further branding and, of course, sales at the event. "As far as Traditionz, it (Hall of Honors) was great for it", says James Wilson. "Just the fact that Don and Cynthia were both there to promote it was tremendous - and we sold a LOT of shirts. Even more exciting than that, we found a lot of the people who bought the shirts, put them on (and) were walking the halls with them and making more people aware of the. So that's kind of rewarding. (Plus), having Cynthia there, as an extra bonus, some people were buying them and having Don and Cynthia sign them." "Cynthia and Don did their seminars i them and this way people could see they were of good quality", he continues, who adds that was a goal of their business partner and apparel guru, Joe Simsolo as well as his brother and Rothrock. "They are designed and made in the USA also and they are available worldwide." James Wilson also used the weekend to hammer out a venture in which both Don Wilson and Rothrock will be promoting Genesis Today, nutritional food and natural supplement company co-owned

PROTECTS people from all of that. At all the other events, I can feel the stress. Either things aren't running quite on time or this wasn't done or that wasn't done and guys are running around, you know, with scowls on their faces because, you know, something didn't go right.""I'm not talking about the people working - I'm talking about the paying customers or the competitors...there's scowls on their faces because they've waited too long (for something to start) but somehow Alan keeps all these things running smooth ... and everybody - EVERYBODY - is in a good mood. You know, that's extremely rare for any event - especially one of that size." One of the highlights of James Wilson's weekend at the Hall of Honors came when his brother Don and good friend Rothrock received Lifetime Achievement Awards - sponsored by Goldberg's magazine and Genesis Today. It was a special moment for Genesis Today's co-owner Wheeler-Duncan as well, who couldn't stop gushing about the Hall of Honors as a whole. "This year was my first year attending Alan's event", says Wheeler-Duncan. "James and Don 'The Dragon' Wilson invited me to go this year... I had heard about it previously over the years... Many of my martial art movie friends attended every year... James Lew loved going and always had amazing things to say about it... Same with Don and Cynthia (Rothrock)... I had plans to go last year, but had a business conflict and had to cancel at the last minute" "I finally made it this year and I was not disappointed!!! It was a blast from the moment I arrived at The Tropicana! "From the private dinner that night hosted by the gracious Alan Goldberg and attended by many celebrity martial artists and film stars, to the Wine & Cheese Party on Friday night where James, Alan and I presented two special

Lifetime Achievement Awards to Don Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock, amidst much wine, cheese and dancing (lol!), moving on to exciting Shihan Neglia’s ROC MMA fights to a sold out crowd, to Saturday's tremendous event which included a slew of seminars taught by famous martial artists from around the world, film screenings, expo booths filled with the best of the best from the martial arts world, Master Torres ran a well run karate tournament featuring talented contestants and the chance to mix and mingle with the legends and greats of the martial arts world!!! I thought I had died and gone to heaven at this event and kept running into many old friends, old opponents (Elba "Cookie" Melendez), famous fighters from my tournament days, and many actors and stunt people I've worked with on films over the years" she adds. "Egos were left at the door, and everyone was treated as an equal and everyone had a wonderful time!!! It was "old home week" for me and everyone by Wheeler-Duncan and her husband, Dr. Lindsey Duncan. He also took As for the Hall of Honors itself, James Wilson finds it an incredibly unique, positive experience. "The thing that makes this event so rare is that even though it's packed full of people, everyone's pretty much (positive and) polite. Everybody's having fun (and ) it's real obvious", says James Wilson. There's a little excitement EVERYWHERE and one of the things I noticed (from the outset was) was even though they have all these celebrity booths and you get to talk to them (there) and look at the equipment, you really can't go anywhere at the event where you can walk ten feet and not bump into a celebrity." James Wilson says that unlike pop culture cons, where all the celebrities charge for an autograph, you are able to approach martial arts celebrities at the Hall of Honors on the floor, in the hall, at the Wine and Cheese Dance Party, at the event's banquet and pretty much everywhere in the Tropicana. "So that's why I came this year, because I remember what a great experience it was", says James Wilson. "My God! You have people who have been in martial arts for years smiling and dancing, you know? Guys cracking jokes. It's the ONLY event like that where people are so..happy to be around each other. I don't know how to describe it. The's different than any other event." "The other events are noisy", he continues. There's always a lot of stress going on - and somehow Alan (eliminates) all of that. He

else! I couldn't have scripted a better time, or scripted spending my time with more talented and kind people! I had an awesome time and can't say enough great things about how Alan kept the entire event running smoothly and uniformly... At the same time, he floated from room to room and person to person, making sure all was okay and that everyone was happy! I was in awe of Alan and his expertise... I offered a full sponsorship to him through my nutritional company Genesis Today for next years event on the

spot! I love what he is doing with this event and the service and fun that he is providing the martial arts community as a whole... I highly recommend all martial artists to attend this one of a kind event in the years to come!!! I won't miss another one that is for sure!" Theresa Zaino, Owner/Operator of Action Entertainment Talent Agency, says she has attended almost every Hall of Honors since it's inception. "We've grown as the event has grown - and I don't think that's a coincidence", says Zaino. "We (husband and CEO of MASBTV Danny Zaino and herself) were there this year, with our martial arts TV, radio and magazine..mainly doing interviews for our online TV show....and like every year it was just a great experience. It seems to get better and better and we had a blast this year. We had some great interviews, made some contacts for our business..we had a successful event and a great time " "I call Alan's event the red-carpet event for Hall of Fames", Zaino continues. "You can compare it to the Oscars."Zaino says she appreciates how Goldberg has actually made the event grow every year and added new staples, like the Wine and Cheese dance Party on Friday night. "Thursday night he has a dinner with the stars, Friday is the Wine and Cheese Dance party, he now has a...martial arts tournament, over 50 free seminars and I don't even know how many vendors booths - they went on for miles", says Zaino, who is impressed with how the celebrity roster for the event seems to get bigger and more impressive with each passing year. "We got to meet Kevin Sorbo. I've never met 'Hercules' before", she exclaims. "There were a few TV stations I haven't seen before either..Every year, he has something new - which means the event continues to grow - which is a great sign!" "From the moment it starts until the moment it ends, we're just laughing and having a good time", she adds. "Even if you're working, it doesn't seem like you're working and you're disappointed if you don't see somebody from the previous year and then you hope to see them the next year and hope to see them the next year as well." "Even the stars are starstruck here!", Zaino concludes." The public definitely got their money's worth that's for sure!" Khadi Madama, who attended the event as part of the MMA Fight Council, says she was excited that they had some MMA fights at the event for the first time this year. "I have been there almost every year, since the early days, in various capacities", says Madama. "In the early days (I went) just because I I am a martial artist and just wanted to be part of the event. Then I went because they were giving me an award. Now, the past two years, I go on Behalf of MMA Fight Council "This is the place to be if you have a product or a service in regards to martial arts", she says. "Even if you don't have a service and are simply a student, there just so much to be gained being able to talk to accomplished

martial arts celebrities like Cynthia Rothrock or Dan "The Beast" Severen. He's really not very much of a beast, though. He's such a wonderful gentleman!" "Chuck Zito was here this year and he's a great guy as well", Madama continues. "With everyone else, no one seems to mention James Lew a lot and he's certainly a celebrity...That might be just because he's certainly a nice man as well and he's very humble." "But certainly, if you are a martial artist and interested in martial arts...(the Hall of Honors) is a banquet for the eyes", she goes on. "You're kind of like a kid in a candy store, because once you're in the door there's seminars and fabulous people speak with who are also friendly and warm and want to share who they are - and what they know - with you. Everyone is just great there." Madama says most of the credit for that should go to Goldberg. "Of course, it's Alan's event and he's always there and i have a nickname for him called "The Paragon", says Madama. "Because he is kind of a paragon, you know?... He has such charisma. he has this persona and (the result is) it's a wonderful event, really."I can sum up my feelings about the Hall of Honors this way", Madama concludes. "When I got my Hall of Honors award, I went home and cried for a couple of days. I was

telling myself that I couldn't believe what had just happened. I think it's like everyone's dream in martial arts - everyone wants an award at the Hall of Honors from 'Action' and Alan because it is the highest award, the pinnacle I think for an award. It's really the highest honor..for the martial artist getting an award for the first

time, it's overwhelming - in a good way. It's wonderful - so is the whole event, really". Master Apolo Ladra, who is trying to spread the Kali Curriculum, a Filipino fighting program, is another notable guest who appeared at the Hall of Honors for the first time this year. "I got invited by Master Alan Goldberg for many years and this is the first time I ever made it - and now I really regret not coming those other times", he says. "I met all the people I used to compete with and all the...people I used to associate with, all the top Masters. It's really an awesome event." "If it's going to be run the way it was this year every year - and it is from what I heard from all the other Masters - it gets better and better every year", he continues. "So I'm definitely going to be there again next year. I was one of the vendors. I was one of the vendors. I was promoting my Kali..program. We have simply organized a Kali Curriculum that any contemporary school can complement what they have. work on student protection and also (get) kids working on a weapons-based program." Master Ladra says he was helped by being in a prominent spot during the Hall of Honors. "Oh gosh, we were right in the front so everybody had to pass us and there fore we had a lot of people inquiring about our program", he said. "I know we got, I believe, close to 178 people seriously interested in the process of implementing Kali." Master Ladra says one of the highlights for him was reconnecting with someone he had not seen in decades. "I went to Russia 20 years ago and Grand Master Nikolai Smirnoff was one of the guests over there and I hadn't seen him again until this year's Hall of Honors and we had a great time", he says. "So the event is an incredible way is a great way to reconnect with old-time martial arts fighters - and part of the reason for that is the organization - so i commend them for that." Perhaps Master Mark Grove can sum up the feelings everyone seems to have and share regarding this year's Hall of Honors. "My experience at Alan Goldberg’s Hall of Honors event was illuminating. Being in the martial arts for over 40 years I have seen so much political infighting in the various systems about which teachers were better, which style was superior, which organization had the most notoriety. None of that negative energy ever surfaced. So, in the end, this event is much more than Action Stars, Martial Arts Legends, Merchandise Vendors, and Seminars… The Hall of Honors is a place where egos are discarded to embrace the spirit of a universal brotherhood, where regardless of style or affiliation, martial arts practitioners are recognized for their personal contributions. I find this very hopeful." Our Dates are set for next year, Jan 24, 25 & 26, 2014 . Once again we will be bringing you our Friday night Wine and Cheese dance party, Friday and Sat Expo and trade show, Martial Arts Film viewings, NAPMA Business seminar, M.A. Business forum, Our MMA & Karate Tournament, 0ver 60 free seminars. The Hall of Honors Banquet …. Now you know use at Action we cant just repeat the same thing every year ! So we added on for 2014 a expanded Expo & Trade show Now adding Sunday 8 AM – 3 PM , a VIP Breakfast Buffet on Sunday and a Sunday BBJ Open Tournament .

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The Yellow Brick Road to Movies, Modeling, and Martial Arts by Sheri Larsen Jeremiah Smith has it all: looks, smarts, talent, and toughness. And at the spry age of twelve, such attributes could easily give him a bloated sense of self. They haven’t. He and his family credit that success to the world of Martial Arts, which helps him focus on the value of humility, respect, hard work, and appreciation of personal success. Senior Grand Master Hee Kwan Lee’s Korean Martial Arts Hap Ki Do Academy in Battle Creek Michigan is where Jeremiah trains and has studied Hap Ki Do for just under five years. He received his second degree black belt from the I.H.F., which is recognized worldwide through the Korean government. As part of the U.S. I.H.F. Korean Martial Arts Youth Demonstration Team, he’s traveled within state to Canada and as far away as Seoul, South Korea. Through competitions, Jeremiah continues to exhibit the trademark Martial Arts characteristics of dedication and loyalty. His love for exercise and health-conscious attitude has made his training more acceptable and also afforded him the opportunity to compete in different martial arts style and tournaments, where he has attained many gold medals and titles. International and Regional tournaments he’s competed in range from the National Hap Ki Do tournament in Seoul, South Korea in 2009 and the 23rd Annual Arnold Schwarzenegger Martial Arts Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio in 2011, to the World Martial Arts Tournament in Battle Creek, MI in 2012 and more. His supportive parents encourage Jeremiah anyway they can, whether by reworking their schedules, providing downtime for him, or just being there. They also credits his level-headedness to the care he receives from his amazing team of instructors—Senior Grand Master Hee Kwan Lee, Grand Master Bob Schreiner, Grand Master Frank Sacchetta (Saulte Ste, Marie, Canada), Master Juan Rangel, Master Rick Brown, and Master Jason Ricker. Their support of Jeremiah the person, not only the athlete, has encouraged him to extend himself through Martial Arts and in other areas of his life. He takes pride in sharing what he’s learned by assisting Martial Arts classes, being an example to his peers. School is also an important part of what makes this young man who he is, achieving high honors during his most recently completed school year. With the achievements Jeremiah has already gathered, one would think he’s found his path in life—his yellow brick road. But there is much more to himself that he looks forward to exploring. Jeremiah has a love of football, water skiing, knee boarding, and tubing with friends. Snow skiing is another one of his athletic outlets as is playing video games and spending leisure time with friends. He’s a fan of turkey sandwiches and action movies, but not so fan-crazed

over the occasional extra pushups and stomach exercise ordered by his instructors when he’s caught goofing off. Jeremiah has a playful side, a fun side that fuels his zest for life to become all he can be. At a young age, he entertained his parents by play-acting as often as he could. This eventually led him to extend himself more, trying his hand at professional modeling and acting. He’s been cast in two short movies—“Gemini” and “The Last Witness”, both in 2012—and has done some modeling as a signed model with Richard Emerich of Model Teenz out of Enfield, CT. The field of modeling and acting has reinforced the lessons he’s learned through the martial arts world. “Auditioning for acting roles or modeling gigs takes lots of patience, just like with training in martial arts. The disappointments teach me to believe in myself even more and keep trying,” says Jeremiah. The future is wide open for Jeremiah, limitless options. Short term, he’s looking forward to competing in Seoul, South Korea in 2013 for the 9th Triennial International Hap Ki Do Championship and the Moo Moo Kwan Hap Ki Do Championships. During his upcoming high school years and beyond, he’d like to attend college and remain a role model to younger kids. Blending his experience of martial arts, movies, and modeling, he’d like to perfect his skills and use them as a stunt double in the film industry. With his talents, his support system of parents and instructors, and his adventurous side, Jeremiah Smith’s name will surely be etched someday in his very own yellow brick road of success.

Sparring Cancer Using MA Skills Most three year olds have loads of energy. Some have a bit more. And some need distractive interventions for balancing it all. Meet Jonathan Bland. At the age of three, he was that child. The one brimming with electric energy. So much so that it limited his attention span and led him to frustration and anger issues. Introducing him to TaeKwonDo was the arena his parents chose to give him structure and the ability to help himself. And it was a hit. Jonathan made an instant connection with the sport, and the ability to focus his energies in positive ways began to grow. In a short three years, (which put him at the young age of only six), he achieved his probationary black belt and knew in his heart he wanted to spread his passion for TKD with other kids. He tested for instructor shortly afterwords. He’s been assisting classes since the age of nine, even shouldering the responsibility of keeping class on track while a smaller group is taken aside for individual help. Training and teaching classes four hours a day nearly six days a week has peeled away Jonathan’s shy layers, instilling within him humble confidence and maturity his mother is proud of. Now, at the age of ten, he holds the rank of assistant instructor. The skill to concentrate his energies has improved dramatically over time; he simply loves helping other kids learn the art of TKD. But moments prior to a tournament in March of 2012, he

began experiencing leg pain. It was reasonable to believe he’d merely strained a muscle during his heavy training in preparation for the event. So as most athletes would do, he backed off from training to recover. The pain disappeared. Unfortunately, it returned. It was cancer. After a routine ten-year-old well-child visit to his doctor, an x-ray, and biopsy at Riley Hospital in Indianapolis, it was determined that Jonathan suffered from Ewing’s Sarcoma—a rare type of cancer affecting the bones. The tumor was found in about six inches of his left femur bone. Chemotherapy was the first step to control the tumor followed by surgery, on January 2nd, 2013, to remove the cancerous bone. Surgical screws, plates, and a cadaver bone now fill the space that was once healthy. Jonathan hit this challenge with the same determination he spars with, and positive attitude he exerts while breaking boards. He’s been relentless about continuing good grades at school and keeping life as normal as possible, which amazes his parents and doctors. “He goes to school, when he's not in the hospital, and has kept up with his work, which is pretty much unheard of. They (the doctors) say most kids can't handle the treatment schedule and studies, and just skip a year of school,” says Dana, Jonathan’s mom. But for a middle grader in love with hot wings and spinach pizza yet turns his nose up to cheese and potatoes, Jonathan seems set to be true to himself, firm in his own ways. His family attributes his outlook and progress to his martial arts training, tackling each element head on—a never quit attitude, inspiring those around him. “Don’t worry,” Jonathan has been known to say. “I’m going to be just fine.” He believes cancer came into his life for a reason and also dismisses the doctor’s caution that he might not be able to return to martial arts. Jonathan surely has learned to channel that toddler anger and hyper energy into something tangible and motivating—an example for youth athletes and adults everywhere. Extraction of bone material can take a year, even more, to fully heal, giving the patient full mobility, strength, and usage of the limb. Jonathan has been unable to train since August due to weakening of the bone the biopsy left behind and how Chemotherapy slows down the healing process. He’s a martial artist on metal crutches, right now, but continues to visit classes and assist when he can. Turning eleven years old this summer will bring Jonathan his probationary 3rd degree test. He’s determined to get back to training and be ready. He can’t wait.

Shawn Eisensmith Shawn Eisensmith who will be turning 10 this April, he began karate classes back in early 2011. He tried football and swimming in the past but neither sport really inspired him. His parents talked about signing him up for some basic karate classes. Shawn comes from a family of black belt achievers in Shaolin Kempo karate, so they felt that he should give it a try. He was really excited to begin, especially since he wanted to follow in his Dad's footsteps. He enjoyed the classes so much and has been involved in the martial arts ever since. Shawn participated in a winter camp at his local martial arts school where he learned a basic katana form. He fell in love with the sword after that and it quickly became his favorite traditional weapon. Shawn's instructor at the time saw how hard he was working on this form and created a tournament style form for him to compete with. He joined the school's competition team and practiced to prepare for his first tournament. Shawn went to his first tournament in the middle of 2011 and didn't do too well. He tried his best and we gave him a lot of encouragement to keep working hard and next time he might do better. Shawn would then practice after school and on weekends to perfect his traditional kata and weapon forms. Shawn then went to his first NASKA tournament, the New England Open where he won first place in traditional weapons and in point sparring. That same night Shawn and his parents watched a team on stage from their home state of Connecticut called 100 Percent. It was then they made the decision to join that school which would train him in the Open/Creative divisions that he wanted to compete in. Not many schools in the area had instructors experienced in the creative forms aspect of martial arts as 100% did. Shawn had to start from the very beginning again, as a white belt, once we switched schools. He quickly moved through the ranks and in one year became advanced. 100 Percent has a performance training program which helps competitors work on their open forms and weapons forms for upcoming tournaments. Shawn trained real hard learning a new sword and Kama form along with a musical form and two non-weapon forms. Shawn competed this past year in KRANE and NASKA tournaments and became KRANE National Champion in all of his competitive divisions. Shawn admires and inspires to accomplish what these martial artists have achieved in their competition careers. Shawn was also able to work with Kalman Csoka recently on a double sword form. He really admires Mr. Csoka's determination and relentless hard work and hopes to become a great weapons competitor like Mr. Csoka is. To date Shawn has won over 150 martial art competitive events. He is now training most days of the week to prepare for the upcoming tournament season.

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