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Pucci Named to Team USA


Clarkson, RIT Women Make History!

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Happy New Year! Dear Readers, Well it’s 2014 and mid-way through the hockey season. This issue is filled with photographs from the Frozen Frontier in Rochester in which the RIT men and women faceoff on a wintry day in December. NY Hockey Online regrettably had to leave before the men’s game in order to make the trip back to Wilson safely. However, we enjoyed all three periods of the women’s game and Photographer Janet Schultz captured the event on film. We hope the RIT and Clarkson women enjoy these photos and relive the memories another time. We also covered the Amerks vs Lake Erie Monsters game. Again, a beautiful winter evening in Rochester. As we look to the future of NY Hockey Online, we hope to expand our coverage and engage more organizations to send their stories and photos, and invite us to their events. We try to travel across the State at least a couple of times and have felt so welcome when we made it to your rinks. We are also looking for assistance in distributing the magazine to your hockey family. As we’ve explained in the past we only have email addresses for the Board of Directors of the Associations and the Sports Information personnel at the colleges. We ask them to forward to coaches and players, that would be over 50,000 people in NY. Our views remain around 2,000 each month so we know there are people not getting the chance to see what happens in hockey in NYS. Please share this, or send us your email lists and we will make sure they receive the link to the magazine. This is the only magazine of its type in NY that covers hockey at the grass roots level through the college and minor leagues. This is a youth-based publication where are goal is to highlight our outstanding youth. At the present time none of us get paid, it is truly a work done out of passion for hockey and youth. A prosperous and winning New Year to all of you! Randy Schultz Publisher/Managing Editor

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Hockey Day / Page 4

ockey Weekend Across America, presented by CCM, will be highlighted by Try Hockey for Free Day on Saturday, March 1, 2014. This is a national effort to have more than 500 local rinks and association introduce kids between the ages of 4 and 9 to youth hockey. Participating host locations will receive jerseys, promotional items, marketing tools, USA Hockey sanctioning and online registration to maximize participation. This is an opportunity to capitalize on the excitement and broad exposure of the Olympic Games. The last post-Olympic season (201011) had a 15% increase in new 8 & under players. This was the largest increase in new players in the past 15 years. For a detailed overview of the program and what USA Hockey provides go to the USA Hockey website. Host locations need to register by March 1.

to the sport, is a joint-effort between USA Hockey, the National Hockey League and NHL member clubs. The goal is to have 500 locations host a try hockey for free clinic for kids between the ages of 4 to 9. Capitalizing on the Olympic excitement and with winter sports in full swing, this event provides local associations the perfect opportunity to introduce new families to youth hockey. HOST SITE REQUIREMENTS: One hour of ice time, volunteers on ice and at check-in, an off-ice recruiter, marketing information, a minimum of 40 helmets, skates and gloves (can be winter gloves) and full sets of equipment to let participants borrow is recommended.

Hockey Across America! Try Hockey For Free Day

March 1, 2014

WHAT IS TRY HOCKEY FOR FREE DAY?: This program, designed to provide youth hockey associations a national platform to introduce new kids

WHAT HOST SITES RECEIVE: Forty USA Hockey/NHL jerseys; 40 goodie bags, on and off ice guidelines, USA santioning, online management and registration tool, grassroots promotional tools, customizable templates for printable material, best practices on attracting new families and national marketing.

Plan Your Hockey Vacation!


f you’re planning a Hockey vacation that includes the NCAA Frozen Four, here are the locations for the next few years:

Men’s Collegiate Final Four as they affect NYS:College (Men) final four, regional and frozen affects NY Division III Final Four: 2016-Lake Placid 2017-Utica 2018-Lake Placid

Division I Regional: 2016 Eastern Regional-Albany Frozen Fours: 2015-Boston 2016-Tampa 2017-Chicago 2018-St. Paul

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Empire State Games / Page 5

2014 Empire State Winter Games Open February 6


he NYS Empire State winter games will be held in Lake Placid and Tupper Lake February 6 through 9. All women’s ice hockey will be played at the Tupper Lake Memorial Civic Center, Tupper Lake, 30 miles outside Lake Placid. Opening ceremonies will take place on Thursday, February 5 at 6 p.m. The Parade of Athletes will be held in the Herb Brooks Arena, 1980 rink followed by guest speaker Mike Richter. Richter was an NHL goaltender for 14 years with the New York Rangers, and is considered one of the greatest American-born goaltenders in NHL history. He played college hockey at the University of Wisconsin, for one year, after playing for the US in the World Junior Championships in 1985. After being drafted by the Rangers, he played two years in the International Hockey League with the Colorado and Denver Rangers. Richter was in goal for the Rangers when they won

the Stanley Cup in 1994. During his NHL career he recorded 301 wins in goal. He played in the All-Star Game in 1992, 1994, and 2000, and in 2008 he was inducted into the US Hockey Hall of Fame. After his hockey career ended in 2003, Richter enrolled at Yale, graduating in 2008, studying ethics, politics, and economics. He has also become a triathlete and marathoner. On Saturday, Feb. 8 Winterfest will be held in the Oval featuring music, entertainment and the Hockey Shot. The event goes from 4 to 7 p.m. ending with fireworks at 7 p.m. The Women’s Ice Hockey schedule follows:


10:00 AM-11:20 AM 11:40 AM-1:00 PM 1:10 PM-2:30 PM 2:40 PM-4:00 PM 4:10 PM - 5:30 PM 5:40 PM - 7:00 PM








9:00 AM 10:20 AM 10:40 - 12:00 NOON 12:10 AM-1:30 AM 1:40 PM - 3:00 PM 3:10 PM - 4:30 PM 4:40 PM - 6:00 PM


8:00 AM-9:20 AM 9:35 AM-10:55 AM 11:10 AM-12:30 PM

All games will be held at the Tupper Lake Memorial Civic Arena.

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Sedia / Page 6

On the Bench with Rob Sedia:

One Powerful Half Ice Drill


hank you very much for the emails and positive comments about my last article; “What is Your Hockey Handicap”. Your feedback has been fantastic and is very much appreciated! I would like to thank the coaches that have taken the time to email me and give me their input as well as share their opinions about the topics at hand. I receive a large number of requests for drills specific to half ice with a focus on repetition and intensity. I realize half ice practices have their challenges and although 2 ice sessions for the price of 1 is always a good thing, we don’t want it to be at the expense of a low intensity, low rep practice. As a rule, I make sure my players know why we are doing a drill and how it relates to a game situation. I also make sure we (as a coaching staff ) focus on all the little drills within the main drill we are doing. Here is a half ice drill that not only simulates a game situation, it offers a great deal of action and will give each player a large number of reps in a short period of time. In addition to the “action” benefit, this drill is flexible. It can be modified to accommodate different age/skill levels as well as different offensive and defensive perspectives.

Off The Wall Version 1 / D2D Pass

(Pictured bottom left)

This version could technically be labeled as a 4V2 but Green D1’s role is less active than the other 5 players in the drill. The circled “C” represents the coach. The players outside of the blue line are not in the drill yet. The Set Up: Put pucks in both corners. Line up the players as shown, Red D1 and Red D2 line up on the low side hash marks, Green F1 and Green F2 line up on the high side hash marks. Green D1 (in this example) lines up board side facing the coach and Green D2 lines up inside blue line center. All Green players are offensive players. All Red players are defensive players for this drill. The Objective: The obvious objective of this drill is that Green (offensive players) are trying to score and Red (defensive players) are trying to prevent a goal and clear the zone. The Action: For this version of Off The Wall, I do not like to use a whistle to start the drill. Instead, I like to make all players in the drill look at me (because I have the puck). The drill starts when I make a pass to Green D1. When I release the puck, Green F1, Green F2, Red D1, and Red D2 blast out to the wall where they must make a full stop and touch the wall with their stick then blast back into the core. Green D1 receives the pass from the coach and makes a pass to Green D2 who must make read the action. They must either shoot or pass to Green F1 or Green F2 if they were able to create space from defending players Red D1 and Red D2. Key Points: Green D1: Although Green D1 does not get much action, let’s not underestimate the importance of a couple of things. First, he must present a target for the coach! Get the stick blade on the ice and let the passer know WHERE YOU WANT THE PUCK. This increases the chances of the pass being in an area that you can receive the puck without much trouble. Promote a “receive and release” thought process for Green D1 – DO NOT DRIBBLE

NY Hockey OnLine

Sedia / Page 7

THE PUCK or we will lose time and space. Green D2: When we have puck possession in the offensive zone as this drill simulates, we would like to see Green D2 in an offensive position a few feet inside the blue line. When this drill starts, Green D2 should have his eyes on the coach and his stick on the ice. He should visually follow the puck from the coach to his partner Green D1. When Green D1 receives the pass, Green D2 should already be in “receive” mode (presenting a target to Green D1). When Green D2 receives the pass from Green D1 he should NOT DRIBBLE THE PUCK! His motion should be to the net. He must make the most optimal offensive play at this point. A fast shot is not always the optimal offensive play if either Green F1 or Green F2 were able to get open OR, if Green F1 and F2 are late getting into the core. If Green F1 and Green F2 are covered by Red D1 and Red D2, a low hard shot while they are entering the core is optimal due to potential screens, tips, and the net front presence for rebounds. Green F1 & F2: Speed and aggressiveness are key when it comes to creating space and beating the Red D to the core. If we can get just one step in front of the Red D, we want to use our body as a tool to prevent the Red D from gaining ground. It is not interference if you keep moving toward the net with your eyes focused on the puck with your stick on the ice ready to receive a pass from Green D2, tip a shot, or bang away at a rebound (the puck finds its way to stick blades that are ON THE ICE, not up in the air). If Red D gets the step on you off the wall, you must be creative, change speeds, cut low then high or drive through him to the net, etc. Your ultimate goal is to get inside the Red D and become a problem for the Red D. Passiveness and laziness have NO PLACE in hockey ESPECIALLY when you are in front of your opponent’s net. I tell my players to imagine a laser pointing from their chests and stick blades with the objective to keep those lasers pointed to the puck at all times! Red D1 & D2: This is a challenging drill for Red D1 and Red 2 as the advantage goes to the offensive players for obvious reasons. As discussed for the offensive players off the wall, we would like to see Red D1 and Red D2 get the inside space off the wall and use their bodies to keep Green F1 and Green F2 to the outside. It is very important for the Red D’s to keep their sticks on the ice and to keep them active when it comes to tight quarters in front of their own net. Stick on stick and body on body are good defensive basics to keep in mind during this drill. Playing “big” and owning space is key for the Red D during this

drill. It’s hard to do but try to keep Green F1 and Green F2 in a position like this: Remember: Stick on stick, body on body. This helps you “feel” to the offensive player while you can keep a visual on the puck. Keep the offensive player to the outside and make sure you are between your opponent and your net.

*be sure to change corners on the initial pass from the coach. *place other coaches in an area to throw the puck back into the action if need be *keep the drill as a hot rush and let the play go until it gets out of a normal game situation. For example, we will NEVER be in a 4V2 situation in a real game so don’t let this turn into one with setting up and passing back to the point again, etc. *no cheating! Make sure players touch the wall and make a full stop facing the puck as well as use explosive crossover starts to get into the core quickly. (Continued on next page)

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Sedia / Page 8

Off The Wall Version 2 / Low Delivery

Off The Wall Version 3 / With 1V1 Whip In this version, we run the Off The Wall on one side and a 1V1 whip on the other. This coach has the option to pass to F1, F2 or shoot. Make sure D1 makes his initial move from the outside to the inside for proper “inside the dots” positioning. Be sure to switch sides for another perspective. If you would like the “Action” and “Key Points” for this version, please send an email to: rob@newedgehockey. com

In this version, we take the point players out of the drill and focus on the puck coming into play from the coach under the goal line. Make sure the coach does not give an indication as to what side he will send the puck. This makes the goalie go post to post in an effort to take away wrap-arounds as well as disrupt tight passes. The main objective for the offensive players is to GET OPEN! If they “stand still” when they get to the net they are EASY to defend. If you would like the “Action” and “Key Points” for this version, please send an email to: rob@newedgehockey. com

As you can see, this one drill is quite diverse and offers plenty of versions with as many as 6 active players and only minimum of 4. There is something for everyone in this drill. It is action packed, high tempo, and a great deal of fun for the players. This drill can be run with younger house players, all the way up to juniors and beyond. Focus on the key points and be sure to explain how these relate to real game situations.

(Rob Sedia is a Partner/Professional Instructor with the NewEdge Hockey Training Company and will be writing a monthly column for NY Hockey Magazine. If you would like to comment on this article, ask questions, provide feedback, or share your thoughts, please send an email to:

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Coaching With Gridley / Page 9

Associate Coach-in-Chiefs that work tirelessly to make these clinics successful. I want to thank them for all they do for hockey in New York State. They are Kevin Moore (Central), Mike Ackerman (West), Corey Rosoff (North), Mike Bonelli (East), Mark Hogan (ACE), Earl Utter (Goaltending), by Chuck Gridley and Stuart McKenzie (Disabled). The Coaching Education Program here in New York is very lucky to have a great group of t’s the Holiday Season again…the traditional “Mid- talented Instructors. I want to recognize and thank Season” break for many of us in the hockey world. each of them. They are as follows: It’s also the end of the clinic season for those of us in USA Hockey’s Coaching Education Program. It’s a From the North - Mike Trimboli, Corey Rosoff, good time for me to stop and say thank you to all of Gavin Regan, Joe Eppolito, Keith Clark, Dave Rider, those who have been so instrumental in the coach- Jeff Wood and Chuck Dievendorf. ing education process here in New York. But first, I From the Central - Kevin Moore, John Wood, Herb want to thank Randy and Janet Schultz and everyone Griffith, Steve Cibelli, Sheridan Misch and Mike Chielat NY Hockey Magazine for giving the NY Coaching lino. Program the opportunity to get coaching information From the East – Mike Bonelli, Bill Alonge, Rich out to our hockey community. The magazine is doing Guberti, Dave Temkin, Dave Starman, Joe Trimarchi, a great job of reporting on and promoting hockey in Dave Starman, Peter Whitney, Brianna Rossi and our state. I’m honored to have the opportunity to be Tony Luizzi. part of that. From the West - Mike Ackerman, John Sage, Da Since August, we have had 55 clinics in New York; vid Hayman, Pat Ruggiero, David Silverberg, Peter twenty Level 1’s, seventeen Level 2’s, fifteen Level Tonsoline and Patrick Rimar. 3’s, and two Level 4’s. In addition, we held our first Another big part of our CEP family in New York is ever “Goalie Coach Clinic”. This was a day-long clinic our ACE Team. Mark Hogan is our Associate Coachdesigned specifically for Goalie Coaches. It was a in-Chief ACE. His Section ACE Administrators are great success, and we will be doing at least one (pos- Chuck Dievendorf (North), Ron Calcavale (East) and sibly two or more) next season. Sheridan Misch (Central). The ACE Program is the We had over 2,300 coaches go through our clinics “communication” arm of the CEP…These guys have in New York; over 900 coaches attended Level 1’s, done a great job getting the word out to ACE Directors over 580 coaches attended Level 2’s, over 560 coach- in each association. Their contribution to the Coaches attend Level 3’s, and over 300 coaches attended ing Program is invaluable. our two Level 4’s. Thanks to all who have made our clinic season The Level 4’s this season were in Bethpage, Long Is- successful here in New York, and a special thanks land and at Canisius College in Buffalo. We had some to all of you coaches who have taken the time to go wonderful presentations by USA Hockey staff like Lou through the USA Hockey certification process. We Vairo, Matt Herr, Kenny Rausch, and Matt Cunning- know that your time is valuable. We appreciate that ham. We had some of the best college coaches in you took the time to attend clinics and complete modNew York presenting, like Ed Gosek, Dave Smith, Jeff ules. We appreciate your commitment to coaching, to Meredith and Dean Jackson. We had some presenters the kids that you coach and to the game of hockey. from the ranks of professional hockey like Jim Corsi, Adam Mair, and Brent Thompson. The feedback on our Level 4’s has been overwhelmingly positive. We Chuck Gridley look forward to our 2014-15 Level 4’s next season, New York District Coach in Chief which will take place in Rochester and Syracuse. 14 E. Elizabeth St. The coaching clinics do not just happen. Much Skaneateles, NY 13152 work goes into scheduling and executing these day(315) 569-2778 long events. I am lucky to have a dedicated staff of

Coaching With Gridley!


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Home Grown / Page 10

hen the Los Angeles Kings hit the outdoor ice at Dodger Stadium against the Anaheim Ducks on January 25, a lot of memories will come back to the players participating. Youthful memories of playing on an outdoor rink. For Kings captain, Dustin Brown, his memories take him back to his days growing up in Ithaca. “It might be a bit warmer playing outdoors in Los Angeles than it was playing on a January day in Ithaca,” remarked the 29 year-old by Randy Schultz Brown, a native of Ithaca. “Cass Park was the outdoor tain to a Stanley Cup.” rink that I learned to skate on Brown was recently selectand began playing hockey on.” ed to play for Team USA in the Brown has played in all or 2014 Winter Olympics in Socci parts of 10 seasons with Los Russia. Angeles. He is currently the “It’s always an honor to captain of the Kings. represent your The 13th overall pick of the country in Inter2003 NHL Entry national Draft became play,” rethe first Amer“I just want sponded ican-born capto make a “BBr oe wi nng. tain to lead his team to a Standifference.” a part of ley Cup Chamleading pionship. It was Te a m the Kings first Stanley Cup. USA to a gold “It has to be one of the great- medal would be est moment of my hockey ca- a great honor.” reer,” commented Brown. “You He believes that dream of lifting the Stanley Cup the foundation above your head and leading of his hockey your team to a championship. career began “It was also a great honor to back in his youth be the second American-born hockey days in player to lead his team as cap- Ithaca.

Home Grown:

Ithaca’s Brown Takes to Ice... At Dodger Stadium

“I played most of my youth hockey there,” said Brown. “I played two years of high school hockey at Ithaca High School and decided to move on. “I played one year of junior hockey with the Syracuse Stars. I was drafted by Guelph Storm (Ontario Hockey League, second round, 26th player taken overall).” Brown played three seasons with the Storm, scoring 194 points in 174 games. From there it was on to the NHL. Quite a jump for a player who had been playing organized hockey for a decade and onehalf. “I began playing organized hockey when I was about four,” added Brown. “My older brother, Brandon, is two years older than me. He began playing hockey and I wanted to do what my old-

NY Hockey OnLine

Home Grown / Page 11

er brother did. “I have to give a lot of credit to my parents who got me involved and then took me travelling all over when we had games and practices. Probably the one coach who really helped me out a lot and was involved with my hockey career up through Bantam was Tom Veneterin. “I still stay in touch with him today.” Brown still gets back to his hometown as often as possible. “I have a house there and I get back there for about six to eight weeks during the summer.” Was it much of a decision for Brown to make to choose between going the route of the junior ranks or college? “I really didn’t even know about the Ontario Hockey League until I was about 15,” stated

Brown. “The decision came down to going to Guelph or waiting three years and going through the college ranks. “I felt comfortable with the junior offer. I know that it is different for everyone. “I felt it was the right decision for me.” Brown will admit that a year can make a big difference in a player’s career. It certainly did with his. “I remember the Select Festival when I was 15,” said Brown. “I got cut from the New York team. “At 16 I not only made the New York team but I made the National Team as well. I got invited to the American National program in Ann Arbor. But I had already committed to Guelph. “It was amazing that in one year I went from not being able to make the 20 man roster with New York to making the 20 man roster nationally.” Brown was also played other sports than hockey. “I have kids of my own now and I think it’s important that they play more than just hockey,” commented Brown. “Hockey was my favorite. “But I also played lacrosse and baseball. To just play one sport is not good.” In 2011 Brown received the NHL Foundation Player Award for his extensive charity work in the Los Angeles area. “I think it was a combination of how I was brought up and trying to make an impact on where you live,” concluded Brown. “I try to do small scale things so you can see the immediate benefits. “I’m not the kind of guy who just wants to write a check out and not know where it goes. I like to be a hands-on guy who can see the benefits right away. “I just want to make a difference.”

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Hockey Insight / Page 12

Hockey Insight by Tom Barnett


the holidays. A nutty but more digestible treat than Aunt Nellie’s curious, wrong-side-up fruitcake; a frenetic, intoxicating and near impossible time ofthe calendar year, which can be as much fun as it can be exhausting, exhilarating and for most, a time of authoring or unwittingly participating in what are to be transformed into memories of a lifetime. With great anticipation, we join to celebrate with family and friends, we revel in pageants, parties and obligations, as together we resolve to end the year well and commence the next with optimism, a brand new road map and unblemished slate. Against the background of the fun, the fantasy, the travel and sleep deprivation, there is often --at least here in Western New York-- the requisite and enhancing snow. But for me, no matter the temperature or state of precipitation, there was ice, always ice, hockey ice and now in retrospect, sublime hockey dreams taking root. Sure, as all of us, I can vividly recall holidays past, the nearest and dearest, the many gifts received and given, decorated tables of turkey and

mom’s cutout cookies, the pile of guests’ coats in a bedroom, the pervasive contentment and happiness, (of course, the occasionaldisappointment...) Among my most cherished recollections and constants: holiday hockey! Playing in youth hockey leagues was a blast, especially when on schoolbreak. There was the surging excitement at the rink, in the locker room, on the ice, and the distraction of the coming holiday. But there was to be more, where no such preoccupation would dare intercede. It was long before ‘play dates’, before every ounce of every day was structured, organized and supervised, and liability was not yet the sextant by which we circumnavigate our daily walk and that we now slavishly bow to in allegiance. Simpler time? Maybe, but it was simply our time; kids’ time, brother’s, family and neighborhood time. It was dedicated backyard rink time, outdoor play and pond hockey time. We learned the game, and learned to love the game outside in our very own ‘Auditorium’, ‘Forum’ and the ‘Garden’ of our dreams, that of our backyard ‘arena’. Better learn the rules quickly, or be left behind. Solving disputes was as much a part of the learning curve as crossovers. And it was an advantage to acquire the skills to stop, in both directions, or you would soon fall victim to the fast approaching snowbank. “Losers scrape” was the threat and the reality, as well as an additional motivating factor to win that 7th

game in OT, and before the sun set, or certainly rink maintenance would soon be your penalty. Saturdays during Christmas vacations were unrivaled, competitive and highly anticipated. While getting out of bed during school days seemed to darken every morning, on vacation we all sprang out of bed at ungodly hours and darted to the basement to gear up, pick our favorite sweater, struggle to tighten skates and if you were lucky, locate a couple of extra pucks and up and out you went... and played, and played, played and played some more, until either nature called, (and maybe not even then...) or sustenance and liquids were unconditionally required to refuel. Always looking to improve upon our rink ‘experience’, over the years we added lights for night play, a speaker hung on the maple tree with care to announce goals and to play music. We even experimented, unsuccessfully, with red India Ink in an effort to better mark face off dots, lines and creases. The ink sure wasn’t permanent, except for the stains it left on our clothes, while after the games we all looked like we were helpless victims of some hockey assassination attempt! Our backyard was the winter equivalent of the community pool and players from blocks around found their way to come to play. Friendships and bitter rivals ruled the day. Having two older brothers it was clear if I was intent on playing with the big boys and getting my share of rink time, toiling in goal was my price of admission. But c’mon guys, I was a sniper and a right winger on my mite team, right? No matter my protestations, it was goal. One Christmas, to my dismay, apparently Santa must have noticed. Under the tree my

NY Hockey OnLine

Hockey Insight Continued / Page 13

brothers were thrilled to find new sticks and rolls of black friction tape that would be put to use as soon as they could get outside. As one of seven children, I searched and searched under that tree among the wonderfully wrapped packages that crowded the room, but could not find MY stick. Wait - there was one more twig, but it sure did not look like theirs. No, it was a Louisville goaltender stick, 6 lie, and, unbelievably, it had MY name on it! Why me, I’m a winger, now I’ll be sentenced to play goal the rest of the winter, Santa, how could you do this to me? The worst gift, EVER. Surely Ol’ St. Nick had a rogue elf pack his sleigh. After breakfast, my dad, who happened to play goal himself through college and beyond, showed me how to best tape the stick and begrudgingly,outside I went to join in the ‘reindeer games’. It was only January when Santa’s plan and the big picture became a bit more clear: I received leathergoal pads, blocker, trapper and a mask. The surreptitious Kafka-esque metamorphosis was apparently complete. Get it pal, you are no longer a right winger and the opportunity and sheer joy to play the position --the best position I came to discover-- for decades to come and follow in my father’s skatesteps continues to be one of the great good fortunes this game has brought to me. As each year passes, I realize that I am not quite so enamored with the cold, lake effect blizzards and wind chill factors, shoveling or spending more time than absolutely necessary in the great outdoors of winter. I more than made up for this new found penchant however, with an entire youth only coming in from the cold and fun of

that rink when there were no more pucks, no more light or energy left to do anything else but to reluctantly go inside, sleep, recharge and prepare to go at it all again the next day. I couldn’t wait. ‘Twas the night before Christmas and with great delight I will always recall pucks deflecting silently into the air of the dark night, as well as the sounds of skates, sticks and pucks echoing throughout the neighborhood, cheers, impromptu play-by-play, the shovels, garage panels and picket fences shattered and next door windows and lights smashed by errant shots. But it was the game at its most raw and truest self, the feel, the smell, camaraderie, the coming of age, the fun. These were the gifts and dreams I was given, may this game continue to bless you as well. Happy holidays and the best for a happy and successful new year. Go follow your dreams. Tom Barnett, a native Western New Yorker, participated as a player from the youth through collegiate level, and has been involved in coaching hockey and program development for more than 30 years. As founder and president of The Buffalo Shamrocks Hockey Club, a USA Hockey program, Tom was recognized by the National Hockey League as the 2009 recipient of the inaugural Mark Messier Youth Leadership Award.

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NY Goalies

He either owned or was on the verge of ockey fans have talked over setting almost every the last few years how the goaltending record in state of New York produced Big Red school history, three of the 30 current NHL captains which is quite an acin the New York Rangers Ryan Cal- complishment considlahan (Hilton), Los Angeles’ Dustin ering the school has Brown (Ithaca) and the Montreal produced NHL Hall of Canadians Brian Gionta (Greece). Famer Ken Dryden, Ben But don’t look now, but the state Scrivens, Hobey Baker also produced the top goaltenders finalist David LeNeveu for six of the 59 Division I college and others. hockey programs in the country. Illes was sportAnd two of those entered the holi- ing a 2.39 GAA and day break ranked among the top- just had his consecu15 teams in the nation. tive games started Add Division I back-up goaltenders and Division III starters and the number jumps three more. Union College was off to a 12-3-3 start and ranked seventh nationally with Niskayuna native Colin Stevens in net for over 700 Braden Komm (Sports Pix Photo) of the almost 1,100 minutes the team had played through 18 games. His 2.31 goals against average ranked him 25th in the nation and his Statesmen had allowed an ECAC-best 19 goals through the first half of the campaign. Ithaca native Andy Illes is in his senior season with hometown Cornell and their 7-4-2 record had them sitting 13th in the country in the USA Today poll.

/ Page 14

By Warren Kozireski


New York Goalies Leading Division I Programs streak of 80 consecutive starts broken, which ties him for fifth all-time in NCAA history. Williamsville’s Braden Komm is a multi-year starter at Bentley in the Atlantic Hockey Association where he has an 8-6-1 record, a 2.43 goals against average and .928 save percentage while playing all but one period-plus for the second place Falcons. He was named Atlantic Hockey Goaltender of the Month for November.

Mike Rotolo (RIT Photo)

NY Hockey OnLine

NY Goalies / Page 15

Scott Diebold (RPI Photo) Colin Stevens, Union (Union Photo)

Rensselaer’s Scott Diebold is in his junior season with the Engineers and took over the top spot earlier this season when Jason Kasdorff was lost for the season to shoulder surgery. All the Buffalo native has done for the 8-6-4 Engineers is register a 2.17 GAA (20th in nation) with a .922 save percentage (25th in nation) over 17 games. Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh is off to a rough start with a relatively young roster. Part of that youth is Penfield native Terry Shafer, who had played in 12 of the team’s 14 games and earned both the Colonials wins while seeing 373 shots on goal—better than one every 120 seconds. And RIT’s freshman goaltender Mike Rotolo (Greece), who got his first collegiate start November 23rd against St. Lawrence and hasn’t been out of the lineup since. He racked up a five-game winning streak and a six-game unbeaten run. In addition to the six starters, Buffalo native Parker Gahagen is in his freshman season as the number two net-minder for Army and, if you extend the reach to Division III, Ro-

slyn product Sal Magliocco played in ten of the first eleven games this season for Elmira, who sat in second place in the ECAC West at the break. Plus Geneseo, ranked 14th in the nation, is being backstopped by Hilton’s Bryan Haude’s 7-1-0 record and 2.64 GAA to second place in the SUNYAC standings. It can’t be denied that New York has produced more than its share of onice leaders with three team captains. But the next generation may make its mark in the blue paint.

Terry Shafer (RMU Photo)

Gahagen (Janet Schultz Photo)

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Frozen Frontier / Page 16

t was called “The FroAnd to give it that zen Frontier.” baseball flavor, Frozen was the opa trio of retired erative word. hockey players The official name sang “Take Me of the event was the Out To The HockGreater Rochester Area ey Game” late in Honda Dealers Frozen the second peFrontier presented by riod. Labatt. The 10-day out The mascots of door hockey festival both the Amerks (December 13-22) was (Moose) and Red held at Frontier Field, Wings (Spikes) usually the home for were also on hand baseball’s Rochester to entertain the by Randy Schultz Red Wings of the Interfans, both young Photography by Janet Schultz national League. and old alike. Fans entered the Fireworks lit up stadium through the the sky following main gate in front of Frontier Field. Many fans stopped to the game. have their picture taken at the Morrie Silver statue, which Other hockey games that first weekend featured a was surrounded, by the blocks of ice featuring the events women’s hockey game between RIT and Clarkson on Satlogo and hockey jerseys of the Rochester Americans and urday afternoon, with the host team losing, 6-2. The eveLake Erie Monsters. ning contest had a men’s game between RIT and Niagara It featured hockey at every level during the two week- University that ended in a 2-2 tie. ends and 10 days of hockey activity. The kickoff on Friday, Sunday featured a triple-header of hockey games. Dec. 13 featured the American Hockey League’s Ameri- Leading off was a game between Nazareth College and cans playing the Monsters in front of a standing-room Geneseo. That was followed by a Junior Hockey game beonly crowd of 11,015 fans. tween the Buffalo Jr. Sabres and St. Michael’s. The Amerks didn’t disappoint the home crowd, de- The evening featured an Alumni game between the feating the Monsters 5-4 in a shootout. But it was the lit- Sabres and Amerks. Former players from the Sabres intle things that made the game, as well as the whole week, cluded Rob Ray, Danny Gare, Brad May and Matthew special. Barnaby, while former Amerks featured players like Scott With the temperature hovering in the teens all week- Metcalfe and Scott Nichol. end fans came dressed for the elements. Most were The second weekend got started again on Friday dressed in layers. night with the Labatt Blue 3-on-3 Pond Hockey Tourna Spotlights lit up the sky around the baseball stadium ment. before and during the game. With snow lightly falling it There were also two open skates featuring Santa created the idea of a real-life snow globe. Claus, Spikes and Moose that night. The evening was also Add to that the fog-like image of the lit-up Rochester capped off with a moonlight skate at 10 o’clock. skyline as the backdrop to the stadium and you had the Saturday and Sunday featured the Section V Rivalry perfect setting. Days. High School teams from all over the Rochester area Santa played from C l a u s morning was even until night. there, Canangreetd a i g u a ing fans and Victor as they opening up entered Saturday the stamorning. dium to They were find their followed by seats. Hilton vs.

Rochester’s Frozen Frontier Produces Fond Memories!

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Frozen Fruntier / Page 17

Irondequoit, McQuaid vs. St. Joe’s, Webster Schroeder vs. Webster Thomas and Pittsford vs. Fairport. Sunday saw Churchville vs. Batavia, Brockport vs. Batavia Notre Dame, Brighton vs. Spencerport, Greece Thunder vs. Greece Lightning and Gates-Chili vs. Penfield. It was hockey for all levels during the 10-day span. Even youth hockey organizations played games on the once-in-a-lifetime hockey experience. And through it all there was one common thread that was seen by everyone in attendance. Smiles. Smiles on the faces of the hockey players as well as the hockey fans. You couldn’t help but smile. Many players who played during the 10 days had began their hockey careers playing outdoor hockey. Maybe it was on a homemade rink in the backyard or an outdoor rink in their neighborhood.

The fans were also smiling as well. After all they were part of once-in-a-lifetime experience that featured entertaining hockey at all levels. Maybe Amerks President, Ted Black, summed it up the best. “This was an exciting week for the City of Rochester, the state of New York and, of course, the game of hockey,” concluded Black. “With more than 10 teams coming in from all corners of the state – and from all levels of the game – to play hockey, this is a tremendous event to showcase the exceptional hockey teams we have in this region. “More importantly, it was a fun and different way to experience hockey. Whether you were a player or a fan watching your favorite team, these games were the games you’ll never forget being a part of.” -

It was called “The Frozen Frontier.” Frozen was the operative word.

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Frozen Frontier / Page 18

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Frozen Frontier / Page 19

It WAS A Frozen Frontier!


ochester Institute of Technology and Clarkson College Women’s Ice Hockey Teams made history in New York State by playing an outdoor game on Saturday, December 15. The scoreboard told the story as the temperature hovered in the teens’ and the winter wonderland the State is well-known made a dramatic appearance as the puck was dropped. At ice level the smiles on the player’s faces could bee seen by the few of us lucky enough to cover the game from that level. They were excited to take to the ice, they even had to shovel the snow as it piled up on the surface making the puck hard to see and also get buried once in a while. As the old saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words;” and so here I will share some of those memories from the game. The winner on the scoreboard was Clarkson but the experience was the true winner! Ladies--it was a pleasure to photograph this game and now share it with you and your fans!

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Frozen Frontier / Page 20

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Frozen Froniter / Page 21

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Frozen Frontier / Page 22


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Frozen Frontier / Page 23



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Utica Comets / Page 25

t’s a huge hockey area around Utica (NY). Plus there are a lot of positives happening in and around the city. “Things are turning around in Utica. I want the Utica Comets to be a part of that.” That is how former NHL goaltender and now President of the Comets, Robert Esche, sees things happening in the New York State-based city. “I believe in THE sport of hock- by Randy Schultz; ey,” continued Esche, emphasizing the word THE. “I don’t believe in pro Photos by Janet Schultz; hockey over college hockey or college hockey over pro hockey. “When you can create that outbuilding. I think it is something let for youth in the area through the grassroots of hockey, it eventually creates leaders and that our area should be proud of. great people in the area. The more you can get team “I’m proud of all of them.” sports involved in the area and the more kids you can get So what is Esche and the Comets doing to help youth involved in those sports, I think it helps shape and mold hockey in and around the Utica area? “As president of the Comets I wear a lot of hats,” exthem into pillars of the community. “We have youth, college and pro hockey all in one plained Esche. I’m trying to make the Comets as interwobuilding (the Utica Memorial Auditorium). That’s really ven with the rest of hockey as it can be. “We do a lot of that with youth hockey. One of the rare. “You don’t see that combination too often in one easier things we do is hold practice with youth players.

Comets Blaze Into Utica With Exciting Team; Historic Building!

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Utica Comets / Page 26

“We’re also doing clinics of different kinds. We do power skating clinics. “We do goalie clinics. We do skills clinics. “We do them with our players, our coaches and myself. We are trying to connect with these kids as much as possible. Hockey has always been a sport that reaches out to its youth. It’s just the way it has always been. “I’m trying to make the Comets as hockey friendly as possible.” Esche is extremely proud of the Comets building. “It is an engineering marvel,” remarked Esche. “It reflects back to better times in Utica. “It’s a national engineering landmark. “The suspension roof was the first of its kind. It’s a bicycle wheel tilted on its side. (See photos on previous page). “When you look at it, it looks like spokes in a bicycle wheel. Our building was a prototype for Madison Square Garden in New York City. “It was the first building of its kind ever built. We’re very proud of it.” As he is about Utica and its people. “I think it’s a city on the rebound,” concluded Esche. “If we can help in some way to make it work, especially through hockey, then I’ll be happy. “If it can happen through youth hockey that will be great. After all, that is our future.”

T to B: Utica Comets Owner Robert Eshe; Utica Comets Captain Colin Stuart and the Utica Comets Mascot.

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Central Hockey / Page 27 J u nior Joe Wilson (North Syracuse) registered his 50th career point November 8th against Union. The Raiders swept their North Country (Clarkson / St. Lawrence) road trip for the first time since 1996-97 in mid-November. Freshman Derek Freeman scored his first collegiate goal against Yale against Yale November 22nd.

Central New York Men’s College Hockey Report by Warren Kozireski


The Bees won five games through the first half, but just two were against conference opponents. Freshman Mat Culcasi, Cory Della Stua (Pittsford) and Michael Ferranti (Binghamton) were all in double-figures offensively. Goaltender Dylan Snyder was named Region III Player of the week for stopping 78 out of 90 shots against Monroe Community College on November 14th. The squad has seven conference games remaining in the second half which begins January 15th at home against Mohawk Valley.

COLGATE The Raiders failed to win a game in December, but still stood fourth in the ECAC at the break. The sophomore class had bragging rights with the to five spots on the team in scoring led by Mike Borkowski, Kyle Baun, Darcy Murphy and the Sink brothers Tyson and Tylor.

CORNELL The Big Red were one of five ECAC teams nationally ranked and sat fifth in the ultra-competitive conference. Joel Lowry and John McCarron led the team in scoring with Brian Ferlin the top goal-scorer through the first half. Freshman goaltender Mitch Gillam became just the eighth in NCAA history and the first Big Red to score a goal…and it came in his first collegiate start November 26th against Niagara. The Gillam start ended Andy Illes’ streak of 80 consecutive starts which ties him for fifth all-time in NCAA history. Patrick McCarron scored his first collegiate goal November 26th against Niagara. Freshman forward Eric Freschi netted his first two collegiate goals while freshman for-

ward Matt Buckles and sophomore defenseman Reece Willcox also scored their first against Brown November 22nd. The squad joins Princeton, Maine and New Hampshire in Estero, Florida for the annual Florida College Classic at the end of December.

CORTLAND The Red Dragons three SUNYAC victories in the first half equaled their total for all of last year and had them in a playoff spot, which would be their first since the 2007-08 campaign. Junior Nick Zappia was the leading scorer with 17 points over 12 games with seniors Adam Bevilacqua Mike Henrici and A.J. Moyer also with ten or more points. Freshman forward Casie Garrison (Cortland) was named the SUNYAC Rookie of the Week for the week ending December 15th after he tallied the game-winning goal in Cortland’s 5-1 non-conference win versus Nazareth College. Their season resumes January 11th at Manhattanville.

ELMIRA The Soaring Eagles were rebounding nicely from their down season a year ago with four conference wins in their first six contests. Jarryd ten Vaanholt, Josh Brunell and Jesper Strale stood atop the scoring chart, but the team was getting balanced scoring through several lines.

(Continued on Page 28)

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Central Hockey / Page 28

Freshman goaltender Sal Magliocco (Roslyn) is making a bid for ECAC West All-Rookie honors playing in all but one game with five wins. Michael Collins and Magliocco were tabbed ECAC West Player of the Week and Goaltender of the Week respectively for the week ending November 24th. Collins earned his third ECAC West Player of the Week award of his career after he totaled four points on two goals and two assists in a 3-0 week for the Soaring Eagles. Magliocco picked up the first ECAC West Goaltender of the Week award of his young career as he recorded three wins. The Eagles are back January 7th at Fredonia.

HAMILTON Senior Michael DiMare and freshman Robbie Murden with sophomore Kenny Matheson were the top scorers for the Continentals through the first seven games as the team was 3-3-1 overall. Freshman goaltender Charlie Fennell (Elmira) picked up his first collegiate victory and shutout after making 16 saves against Canton December 1st. The squad will play host Plattsburgh in the Buck Supply Winter Classic with Hobart and Williams January 3-4 as they begin a stretch of playing nine of their next ten games on the road.

HOBART The Statesmen were undefeated through the first four games, but had

not picked up a victory since November 9th going 0-4-2 to conclude the first half. Offense was in short supply with sophomores Mac Olson and Bo Webster leading the team with just seven points each in ten games. The team will also play in the Buck Supply Winter Classic at Plattsburgh with Hamilton and Williams January 3-4.

MORRISVILLE With just one conference win over the first half of the season, the Mustangs were in danger of not matching their four-win total from the past two campaigns. Seniors Ryan Marcuz and Mike Dolman with freshman Darren Young were atop the team scoring list, but the team was struggling defensively allowing a conference-worst 55 goals in 11 games. Freshman forward Darren Young was named SUNYAC Rookie of the Week for the week ending December 1st—the second time this season Young has received the weekly accolade. Young tallied two assists in the Mustangs 3-2 upset win over Utica College as he posted his third multi-assist game of his initial collegiate season. The team travels to the University of New England January 4th to begin the second half.

OSWEGO Half the roster turned over from last season and the Lakers found themselves with two conference losses in the first half for the first

time since 2007-08. But they are still a conference force led offensively by freshmen Matt Galati and Shawn Hulshof and junior Mike Montagna (Fulton), who each had eight or more points. Freshman Matt Zawadski and sophomore Justin Gilbert were sharing the crease with the former getting his first collegiate shutout against Brockport November 23rd and sporting an impressive .942 save percentage. Zawadski was named the conference’s Goalie of the Week while Shawn Hulshof earned Rookie of the Week for the week ending December 8th. Zawadski stopped a career-high 35 shots against the nation’s top, Plattsburgh State, en route to a 3-3 tie. Hulshof tallied three goals over the two-game span. The Lakers will host Utica, Curry and Wisconsin-Stout in the Oswego Classic January 3-4.

UTICA The Pioneers sat atop the ECAC West conference and were ranked among the top-ten in Division III after their 8-2-1 start. The top six scoring spots were held by upperclassmen led by senior Adam Graff’s six goals and 12 points. Trevor Hertz led the team with eight assists. Senior goaltender Nick Therrien was top-20 nationally in both goals against and save percentage. The team heads to Oswego January 3-4 for their tournament and plays Wisconsin-Stout in the first round.

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For those interested in applying for travel team head coaching positions for the 2014-2015 season, please email Scott McDonald by Jan 15 smcdona1@

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Central New York Hockey News and Notes

Fire on Ice Tournament, February 28, March 1 and 2 for Mite, Red White and Blue and Tyke (IP)

26. 2013 Thanksgiving House Tournament Results: Squirt Division 
Leitrim Hawks Peewee Division
Nepean Aces Bantam Division
Osgoode Rideau Senators

Center State

Onondaga Youth Hockey

Cortland Youth

Thanks for link to our website.

Elmira Youth Hockey

Squirt travel will be holding a fundraiser at Party Central January 12, 5-7 PM. $10 for unlimited bouncing and lazer tag. 50% of proceeds will be donated to the team! When you go make sure you mention you are there for the hockey fundraiser! Thanks for the link to our magazine!

Ithaca Youth Hockey

The Ithaca Pee Wee Travel Team won Hershey Holiday Tournament.

Lysander Youth Hockey Save the Dates for 2014 tournaments including: House Teams! 2014 LYHA Thanksgiving Tournament November 28-30. Travel Teams! 2014 LYHA Halloween Tournament October 24-

Upcoming OYHA Tournaments King of the Rink - House Teams January 17-20 Thunder Rumble - Travel Teams,March 14-16 For information: www.eteamz. com/oyha/

Rome Youth Hockey

The Rome Grizzlies Bantams won the 2013-14 International Silver Stick Bantam B Qualifying Tournament Championship.

Oswego Youth Hockey

The 19th Annual Power Play Invitational Tournament Tournament is full and not accepting any future applications at this time. The 31th Best Western Plus Annual House League Invitational Tournament is January 24-26. Go to Oswego’s website for application. For Squirt, Pee Wee, BantamHouse Level. Contact Mike Sova, 
 The 28th Annual Oswego Mites Invitational Tournament

ment is full and not accepting any future applications at this time. The 2nd Annual “Girl Power” Invitational Tournament will be held January 31-February 2. Divisions include 8U, 10U, 12U. Contact Tom Roman, phone: (315) 939-2607, email:

Salmon River Hockey

Salmon River Storm would like to welcome you to our invitational tournaments. As you may already know, the parents of SRIHA operate our facility. We coordinate, finance, and maintain the entire facility for all ice activities from October to April. All proceeds from the activities of tournaments directly benefit our nonprofit organization. Tournament Coordinator: Beth Newton – 315-232-2490 home or 315-222-3120 cell Home Invitational Tournament Dates: Squirts $450 01/18/2014 and 01/19/2014 Bantams $550 02/01/2014 and 02/02/2014 Midgets $600 02/15/2014 and 02/16/2014 Peewees Pending 03/01/2014 and 03/02/2014 (TENTATIVE JAM WEEKEND) Mite Jam $100 03/15/2014 and 03/16/2014

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Central Hockey / Page 30

The Binghamton Jr. Senators Squirt A team won the 2013 Shootout Tournament held in Skaneateles. Team members included: Zack Leniek, Dawson McAvoy, Angelo Carboni, Curtis Robitaille, Ryan Symons, Cameron Krisko, Ethan Kurkoski, Justin Ryan, Jacob Downton, Liam Burtis, Noah Sladish, Landon Smith, Anthony Conti, Zach Burpee, Jackson Faughnan, Will Cohen, Brock Carter. Coached by Dan McAvoy, Chuck Burpee, Patrice Robitaille, Marc Leniek The Binghamton Jr. Senators Pee Wee B team won the2013 York Thanksgiving Tournament held in York, PA. Team members included Grace Harner, Jake Holland, Nate Smith, Justin Ryan, Tyler Kopolow, Jon Morgan, Bryant Weingartner, Kyle Spisak, Austin Hand, Matt Calenzo, Carter O’Brien, Edward Kuklo, Alek Conrad, Zach Cerinetti, Josh Ryan; coached by Wayne Cerinetti, Mike Patrick, Jeff O’Brien,Todd Ryan, Brian Morgan The Pucks for Paws Fundraiser is underway with teams collecting supplies for five local animal shelters. The team that collects and brings the most items to the BBQ on January 21 will earn them a sky box at an upcoming B-Sens game. The shelters benefiting include: Project PAW, Animal Care Council, Front Street Dog Shelter, ASPCA Waverlyand the Humane Society of Broome County Each shelter has a website that has a list of needed items. Southern Tier--thanks for the link to our magazine.

Snowbelt hockey

Here are the likely JAM locations for this season. Squirt (Feb 28 – Mar 2) PeeWee (Feb 28 – Mar 2) Bantam (Feb 28 – Mar 2) Midget (Feb 21-23) Go to website for details.

Syracuse Hockey Syracuse Blazers Presidents Day Squirt Showdown, February 15-17--Squirt ‘A’ Travel Tournament

Tournament Director: Dawn Zimmer

Blazers Squirt Presidents Day Tournament
Hosted By: Syracuse Youth Hockey

Clinton Youth Hockey

The Squirt Travel Team won the Shatter Point Tournament 2014 Comet Cup - Central New York Squirt Invitational Clinton Youth Hockey will be hosting an end of season Central New York Squirt Invitational Tournament on March 7-9 at the Clinton Arena. Clinton won the Squirt B International Silver Stick Regional for 2013-14.

Elmira Jackals ECHL Team

The Elmira Jackals will hold their popular 4-for-$44 promotion on Saturday, January 11 when they take on the Reading Royals at First Arena. “Our 4-for-$44 promotion has become an annual event that our fans really look forward to and we’re excited to bring it back for

2013-14. We also have to thank our great sponsors for contributing to this year’s package and making it one of the best we’ve been able to offer,” said Jackals general manager Matt Hufnagel. The 4 for $44 is a package ticket deal that includes four tickets to the Jackals game along with: •Four hot dogs and sodas/waters at First Arena •Four passes to a public skate at the First Arena Ice Pavilion •Four small cups of coffee at Cappy’s •Four one (1) week memberships to Grand Central Fitness •Four scones at Katie’s Cafe •Four slices of pizza from Rico’s Pizza •Four one (1) hour passes to Party Central •Four smothered or loaded at Texas Roadhouse •Four games of bowling at Rossi Lanes The 4 for $44 packages are on sale right now and are available by calling 607-734-7825. Jackals season ticket holders can take advantage of all of the great deals offered in the 4 for $44 package by visiting the Fan Services table on January 11. There they can claim one bundle of 4 for $44 deals per season ticket account. The Jackals dropped their season finale against the Greenville Road Warriors by a 6-3 score at Bon Secours Wellness Arena. The loss moved Elmira’s record to 9-15-3 on the season.

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Central Hockey / Page 31

ber 2. Billadeau is a two-time College Hockey America Goaltender of the Week this season, last receiving the honor on Oct. 28 after earning the win in net against then-ranked No. 4/3 Boston College. She allowed by Janet Schultz just one goal and made a seasonhigh 43 saves in her second win over a top-10 team this season. The first enior Megan Myone also earned her CHA Goaltender ers was named ECAC West Confer- of the Week after limiting previouslyence Player of the ranked No. 10 Northeastern to one goal on 28 shots on goal. Billadeau Week, Monday. The forward netted has played in 11 of SU’s 15 contests three goals and added three assists and owns a .934 save percentage, to help UC sweep conference foe which is the best mark in the CHA Buffalo. In game one she had one and ranks eighth among all Division goal and three assists in UC’s 5-1 win I goalies. Additionally, her 2.08 goals over the Bengals. She followed that against average is 16th nationally. up the following day with two goals, At Penn State on November 9, including a short-handed game-win- Billadeau became the only Syracuse ner to help the Pioneers to their fifth goalie to surpass 2,000 career saves. The senior net minder was selected straight victory. Myers currently leads the team in to the CHA All-Academic Team for goals (7), assists (7), and points (14). the third time in her career earlier She is also fourth in the country with this year and is a six-time member of 1.86 points per game and has tallied the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll. at least one point in each of UC’s sev- Billadeau is pursuing a degree in Television-Radio-Film in S.I. Newen games so far this season. Utica comes into the New Year house School of Public Communicawith a six-game winning streak af- tions and Sociology in the College of ter beating Hamilton College 3-2 in Arts and Sciences. overtime and then taking a holiday break.

Central Women’s College Ice Hockey Report




allie Billadeau was named the female Syracuse Orange Scholar-Athlete of the Week for Decem-

Freshman forward Heather Schwarz was named College Hockey America Rookie of the Week for the second time this season. This marks the fifth CHA Player of the Week selection for the Orange this year. Schwarz notched the first goal of her collegiate career when she netted the game-tying goal against Colgate in a game that Syracuse would win 2-1. In the midst of Colgate defenders and SU players in front of the net, the puck slid out, giving Schwarz enough room to get a shot off. Schwarz flicked it up and over traffic to tie the game at 1-1 with 13 seconds remaining in the second period. The rookie skater has played in all but one game this season and has the third-most points among Orange freshmen with three. Larissa Martyniuk earned the first College Hockey America award of her career. The freshman defenseman was named Rookie of the Week for her performance against Lindenwood. Martyniuk tallied three points against Lindenwood, all assists, including two in the 4-1 victory over the Lady Lions. After that game, she had seven points on the season, the second-most among Syracuse rookies and fourth-most among all Orange skaters. She now ranks eighth in CHA in defenseman scoring and fifth in freshman scoring. This is the third Rookie of the Week honor SU has received this season. The Orange come into the New Year with a 8-8-2 overall record. Nicole Ferrara and Caitlin Roach lead the scoreboard with 12 points each. Ferrare has 7 goals/5 assists and Roach, 3 goals/9 assists. They are followed closely by Nicole Renault, Jessica Sibley and Margot Scharfe who have 11 points each.

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Central Hockey / Page 32



he Raiders come into the New Year with a 3-12-2 overall record and look to face ECAC rivals in the upcoming weeks including Harvard, Dartmouth, Clarkson, St.Lawrence and Brown. Junior Miriam Drubel is leading the scoring sheet with 6 goals and 5 assists. Rochester’s Susan Allen has minded the net for seven games and has a 2.41 Average making 148 saves for a .914 save percentage.



he Oswego State women’s ice hockey team cruised past SUNY Canton 6-1 to complete the sweep of the Kangaroos during White Out Weekend December 6-7. With the victory, the Lakers improve to 8-2-1 on the year, which is the best start in program history. The Lakers return to the ice January 10 against St. Norbert (Wisconsin) and then travel to play Buffalo State College on January 18/19 before returning home January 24 to take on Elmira. They will hold Military Appreciation Day on January 25 and Pink the Rink on February 1 and 2 when they play Stevenson. Three players tie for first place in the scoring with 8 points each including Melissa Seamont, Olivia Boersen and Megan Hagg.



or the sixth week in a row, the Elmira College women’s ice hockey team remained at No. 4 in the latest U.S. College Hockey Online (USCHO) national poll. There was no movement in the top four as Plattsburgh State stayed at No. 1 in the rankings, followed by Middlebury College, Norwich University and Elmira College. However, there was plenty of movement in the remaining six spots of the national poll as none of the teams stayed in the same spot as the previous week. Despite playing in only two home games during the first half of the year, the Elmira women enter the holiday break with an 8-2-1 overall record and a

perfect 6-0-0 mark in ECAC West Conference play, placing the Soaring Eagles at the top of the conference standings with 12 points. Elmira started the year 0-1-1 but would go on to win eight of their next nine games which included a five-game win streak, four of those wins coming against ECAC West opponents. Third year talent Ashley Ryan leads the ECAC West in point scoring, averaging 2.00 points per game, good enough to be ranked third in NCAA Division III women’s ice hockey in that same category. Ryan is also fifth in the nation in assists per game while Brooke Wilgosh is fourth in the country in defensemen scoring. Johanna Eidensten was named one of the EC Athletes of the Week in the final installment of the award in 2013. Eidensten and the women’s ice hockey team enjoyed a successful weekend in Pittsburgh, PA, sweeping their weekend series with Chatham University by a combined score of 15-0. In Saturday’s 5-0 win over the Cougars, Eidensten picked up an assist on the final goal of the game, but came back on Sunday for a career performance. The Täby, Sweden native turned in her first career hat trick and scored the first game-winning goal of her career as she tallied the first goal in EC’s 10-0 victory. She also added an assist in the third period, giving her five points on the weekend. Tanis Lamoureux was named one of the Elmira College Athletes of the Week for the week ended December 1, 2013. Lamoureux and the women’s ice hockey team earned a weekend split at the Cardinal-Panther Classic, falling to No. 2 Middlebury College 5-3 on November 30 before coming back to defeat Amherst College 3-2 the following day. The captain tallied a combined two goals and one assist over the weekend, earning All-Tournament honors in the process. Despite falling to the Panthers in game one, Lamoureux came up with timely scores that nearly helped EC pull off the upset. Her second period goal put Elmira ahead 2-1, and after Middlebury tied the game in the third period, Lamoureux’s assist on an Ashton Hogan goal gave the Purple and Gold the 3-2 advantage in the third period. Lamoureux was back at the following day against Amherst as her second goal in as many days broke a 1-1 tie and swung the momentum back in the Soaring Eagles’ favor. Kyle Nelson and Tanis Lamoureux both received weekly honors from the ECAC West for their play in the Cardinal-Panther Classic. For Nelson, it is her first ECAC West Rookie of the Week award of her young career. (Continued on next page)

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Central Hockey / Page 33

(Notes Continued from Page 30)

Auburn Hawks

Auburn will hold their 5th Annual Pucks on the Pond Tournament, February 1 at Hoopes Park in Auburn. The tournament is a celebration of the birth of hockey and an effort to promote the game of hockey while exposing our youth to the “pond hockey” experience. This event is intended to be fun and we ask that you please keep this in mind when setting your rosters. Please do not enter travel level players in the

house division and try to have house rosters balanced with a mix of players. This event is really about fun, and not about winning or losing. Therefore, please honor the spirit of the game through positive cheering and participation. The tournament features 6 Man teams; 3 on 3; Three Game guarantee; 15 Minute games SquirtsAdult; 8 & Under 10 minute games Official 2014 Pucks on the Pond Tournament Rules Contact Tracey Walsh at for information

their necks. Hockey Canada announced the final roster for its Nelson was named the ECAC West Rookie of the Week for women’s hockey team to take the ice in February -- inher efforts between the pipes. Making the second start of cluding Big Red’s Rebecca Johnston ‘12, Laura Fortino her career, Nelson led the Soaring Eagles to a 3-2 win over ‘13, Lauriane Rougeau ‘13 and senior Brianne Jenner. All Amherst College in the final game of the Cardinal-Pan- four were on Canada’s centralization roster, which was ther Classic. Playing in all 60 minutes of the game, Nelson trimmed from 27 to the final 21 who will be making the made 27 saves en route to her second win of the season. trip to Sochi, Russia. Elmira captain Lamoureux also landed a place on the Johnston, a forward, is a veteran with Team Canada, ECAC West Weekly Honor Rolle after totalling three points having won gold with the team in Vancouver before her on two goals and one assist in the tournament’s opening senior season on East Hill. Fellow forward Jenner was also round game against No. 2 Middlebury, Lamoureux scored centralized with Canada and the youngest member of one goal and assisted on another. Then, against Amherst, the training squad leading up to that tournament. But Lamoureux scored Elmira’s second goal of the game with she didn’t make the final cut and was left off the Olympic one second remaining in the second period, putting El- roster the year before she started her career at Cornell. mira ahead 2-1 at the time. For her efforts she was named Fortino and Rougeau, both defensemen who traditionally played on the same pairing during all four of to the Cardinal-Panther All-Tournament Team. their years at Cornell, have a long history of competing on the international level with Team Canada, but this will be Cortland their first foray into the Olympics. Fortino, Jenner, Johnortland ended 2013 with a split of its ston and Rougeau all won the silver medal with Canada at the IIHF World Championship in March. weekend series with Neumann. The Red Dragons will be on the road as The Big Red are 10-1-2 overall and following a 5-2 they open their New Year against Amherst victory over Syracuse, they took a holiday break and rein Massachusetts, then at Utica, Platts- turned to the ice at Brown and Yale right after New Years. burgh and Buffalo before facing Hamilton at home on Emily Fulton leads the scoring with 8 goals and 16 assists and Jillian Saulnier has 12 goals and 8 assists. January 28. They are coming into the New Year with a 2-6-2 overHamilton College all record. Niamh O’Connor has 7 points with 3 goals and 4 assists; followed by Katie Gili with four points. amilton is 2-4-1 overall after a 3-2 loss to Utica. They now face SUNY Canton and Cornell SUNY Cortland as they start the New Year. Gigi Fraser, Stephanie Lang and Katie he last time the Winter Olympics were held in 2010 in Vancouver, one member Parkman each have 5 points tallied this season with Fraof the Cornell women’s hockey team won a ser putting in 4 goals/1 assist; Lange 3 goals/2 assists and gold medal with Team Canada. But in 2014 Parkman 2 goals/3 assists. in Russia, there may be as many as four members of the Big Red with Olympic medals around (Womens Hockey continued from page 32)




East Hockey

NY Hockey OnLine

East Hockey News and Notes

East Hockey / Page 35

Santini Tapped for National Team

Steve Santini of Mahopac NY was selected to attend the National Junior Training Camp. He plays for Boston College and was drafted by the New Jersey Devils in 2013; second round, 42nd overall.


Congratulations to Coach Tim Donaghy on the birth of a daughter. Mom Marisa, Brother Brady and Sister Cami are all doing well. Four former Brewster/Westcheser Express players were named to the National Junior Team Preliminary roster and attended the training camp in Minneapolis in December.


story and photo on Silver

Sticks. The Blackhawks Bantam A Team won the 2013-14 Silver Sticks New England Regional posting a 5-0 record and an OT win in the finals. The Blackhawks PeeWee Major (pictured) team won the 2013-14 Silver Sticks New England Regional with a 5-0 record. They now go on to Michigan.

Greater New York City Ice Hockey League

The following NY Stars Midget players have been selected to play in the 16U EJEPL All Star Game. Ethan Cohe, Danny Edmonds, Bryan McKernan, Larry Niland and John O’Brien. Also Goalie Eddie Futterman. Greater NYC Ice Hockey will be fielding AAA teams in the Eastern Junior Elite Prospects League at the PeeWee, Bantam, Midget levels for the 2014-15 season. Greater NYC will have the only EJEPL AAA Hockey teams in the five boroughs. For information email

Long Island Ice Cats

The IceCat Amateur Hockey Club Pee Wee Minor team placed third at the Can/Am Lake Placid Tournament.

Long Island Gulls

The Long Island Gulls Squirt Major team played and took the Silver Medal in the Fall Classic Tournament in Springfield, Mass., ranked 10th in the country. The Gulls cruised through the round-robin portion of the tournament going 3-0, and outscored their opponents 19-7. With a dominant performance in the preliminary round, the stage was set for a semifinal rematch with the defending champions from last year’s Fall Classic, the New England Falcons. Down 3-1 in second period, the Gulls staged a dramatic comeback and defeated the Falcons, 4-3.

The championship game found the Gulls leading a makeshift New England All-Star team, 4-2, with just eight minutes remaining in the third period, however, wound up loosing the game 5-4. “We had them, unfortunately we had a few breakdowns within a four minute span that cost us the championship. You can’t have that happen against a team with that kind of skill,” said assistant coach, Mike Bradey. “It’s a process and we are confident the team will learn from this experience.” The LI Gulls 2002 team brought home the Championship from the 2013 Valley Jr. Warrior Thanksgiving Tournament in Adover, MA. The boys rebounded after losing their opening game and went 4-0-1 the rest of the way. They avenged their opening loss against the Sea Coast Spartans by defeating them 6-2 in the semi-finals. In the finals they played the host team, Valley Jr. Warriors, who they had tied in round-robin play. The Gulls dominated with 5-1, four goals from Austin Myers and one from An-

NY Hockey OnLine

East Hockey / Page 36

drew Cagner and terrific goaltending from Christopher Stoffers. In other news, Forward Dnate Palecco has committed to attend and play at Yale University in 2016. Joe Fallon has made a commitment to attend school and play hockey at Princeton in the Fall of 2015. Daniel Willett has been traded to the Muskegon Lumberjacks. Willett is a native of Bayville (NY) and is in his second season with the USHL, all spent with the Lincoln Stars. He will play for Northeastern University following his junior career.

New York Bobcats

Aviator Hockey

The Aviator Club PeeWee AA took the Bridgeport CT Silver Sticks Regional by defeating the NJ Colonials 3-2 in the final game. Christian Sarlo had a hatrick to take the victory. This team is made up of all 2001 Birth Year and currently are 18-1-2 sitting on top of the Tri-State and Long Island League standings. The Squirt team went 3-1-1 at the Silver Sticks, losing in the Championship game against the Central Connecticut Capitals. They went 2 overtimes and a shoot-out in the semi-finals to put them into the Championship round.

The Bobcats grabbed four points at the Eastern Hockey League’s Christmas Showcase. They went 2-1-0 against EHL North opponents and sit in second place in the EHL Central Division, tied with the WBS Knights. Gabe Grunwald was named to the Eastern Hockey League’s All Star Team. Grunwald is part of the EHL’s First-Team selection that played the MHL Russian Junior League All Stars at Harvard in December. Bobcats Lucas Brown and Will Capion were named to the All-Star Second Team. Corey Kennedy was named Player of the Week for November 25-December 1 in the EHL.

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New York Cyclones

NY Hockey Online thanks the Cyclones for putting our link on their site. The Cyclone Midges traveled to West Point to see Army take on Providence College. Prior to the game former Army Goalie and Associate Captain Second Lt. Ryan Leet spoke to the Cyclones in the Army Sports Hall of Fame in the Kimsey Athletic Center. After the game they skated with the Black Knights.

Richmond Thunder

The Thunder Pee Wee team won the Thanksgiving Hockey Classic tournament in Newark, De. Beating the NJ Freeze 4-1, the Junior Blue Hens 4-2, tied the Ed Snider Hockey 3-3 and then defeating the Delaware Ducks 1-0 for the Championship.

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Eastern New York Men’s College Hockey Report by Warren Kozireski

CJ Reuschlein (Janet Schultz Photo)


The Vikings ended their first half on a fivegame winning streak including three conference tilts. William Huber (Hopewell Junction) and James Murphy (Port Jefferson Station) had accounted for 51 points and were among the top-five in the conference in both categories. Together they accounted for more than half of the team’s total goals. Their season resumes January 22nd against Broome CC on home ice.


ARMY The Black Knights won two of their final three conference games of the first half, but still sat in a fourway tie for ninth/last in the Atlantic Hockey Association standings. Junior goaltender Rob Tadazak made 15 saves to register his third career shutout by a 2-0 count against Canisius December 7th. Freshman C.J. Reuschlein leads the team with six goals with sophomores Shane Hearn and Willie Faust with freshman Clint Carlisle atop the team scoring chart although no player had reached the ten-point mark through the first 15 games. Freshman center Kyle Plageman netted his first collegiate goal, accounting for the Black Knights’ lone score against Providence December 20th. The team hosts Mercyhurst for a


pair January 3-4.

A 3-3-1 ECAC West record put the Valiants middle of the pack in tight conference. Junior Jake Mooney is leading the team and was tied for 20th in Division III with his six goals in the first half, including four power-play tallies that tie him for fifth in the country. Seniors Mark Rivera and Luc Van Netter were 1-2 on the team in points with 15 and 13 respectively through 11 games. The second half starts with five nonconference games beginning at Curry January 10th. Hobart arrives for a pair the weekend of January 24-25.

A so-so November was trumped by a 2-1-2 December highlighted by a non-conference tie on home ice against Denver and a 3-3 deadlock with top-of-the-conference Quinnipiac. That had the Engineers middle of the pack in the tough ECAC. Ryan Haggerty was named the Player of the Week by ECAC Hockey for the week ending December 8th after the junior forward scored three goals and added an assist in two contests. He was leading the nation in goals per game with 18 in the first 17 contests and was top-six in points per game. Brock Higgs, Mat Neal, Jacob Laliberte and Mike Zalewski (New Hartford) were all in double-figures in scoring at the break. Sophomore defenseman Chris Bradley (Williamsville) and fellow blueliner Phil Hampton both scored his first collegiate goal November 22nd against Mercyhurst.


The Statesmen entered the holiday break unbeaten on the road (60-2) and unbeaten against ranked opponents (5-0-1) this season. They ended the first half on a ten-game unbeaten streak and ranked seventh in the nation—one of five ECAC teams in the top-15. Daniel Carr passed Kelly Zajac for second place on Union’s Division I career scoring list with his threepoint weekend against St. Cloud State. (Continued on Page 39)

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East Hockey / Page 38

nion Coll e g e women’s hockey junior goaltender Shenae Lundberg tied a program record for career shutouts in a 2-0 win over Maine. With the win the Dutchwomen improve to 6-11-0 while the Black Bears fall to 1-13-5. Lundberg’s 22 saves leaves her in a five-way tie with Alana Marcinko (2009-2013), Dana Smullyan (20022006), Heather Olney (2001-2002) and Victoria Elkins (2000-01) with three career shutouts. Union College women’s ice hockey junior goaltender Shenae Lundberg and senior forward Stefanie Thomson earned ECAC weekly honors for their performances in the twogame series versus Maine. Lundberg was named the ECAC Goaltender of the Week after making program history in Friday’s 2-0 win over Maine as she recorded her third career shutout (second of the season) to move into the five-way tie for first in career shutouts. Her 19 saves included 12 in a busy second period. She held the Maine power-play off the board in four attempts. She also recorded six saves in16:00 of ice time in Sunday’s 6-3 loss to Maine. Lundberg already set a program record for career wins earlier this year when the Dutchwomen blanked Dartmouth 3-0 at home. Thomson was named the ECAC Player of the Week after tallying three power-play goals on exactly three shots over two games last weekend in a split series with Maine. Thomson’s first goal of the weekend also proved to be the game-winner in a 2-0 win over Maine in game one. She

East Women’s College Report by Janet Schultz

then went on to record two powerplay goals against Maine the next afternoon. With her two goals, Thomson cracked the top five all-time goal scorers in program history by tallying her 19th and 20th career goals. She is currently tied for eighth in the nation in power-play goals with four. This is the fourth time that Lundberg has earned ECAC Goaltender of the Week honors after earning the honor twice during the 2012-13 season and once earlier this season. This marks the first time Thomson has been honored by the ECAC. Union returned to the ice on January 3 and 4 against RIT. They entered the New Year with a 6-12 overall record. Maddy Norton is holding the scoring lead with two goals and 11 assists, followed by Courtney Turner and Stefanie Thomason, each with 5 goals and 7 assists.


C A C Hockey has named Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) studentathlete Kelly O’Brien named Goaltender of the Week, after helping the Engineers to a two-game sweep of St. Cloud State. A junior out of Sussex, Wisc., O’Brien recorded a career-high 44 saves in the first game with a 4-1 vic-

tory over the Huskies. Stopping 14, 15 and 15 shots in each period, the lone tally she allowed came on the powerplay. She then stopped 31 of 32 shots the following day, as the Engineers completed the sweep with a 2-1 victory. O’Brien has started 14 of the team’s 15 games so far this season, posting a 6-7-1 record, with two shutouts. She carries a 1.94 goals against average and a .921 save percentage. In six ECAC Hockey contests, the former Madison Capitals standout is 3-3-0, with a 1.69 goals against average and a .919 save percentage. Nationally, O’Brien ranks 12th in goals against average and 20th in save percentage. She is also ninth in shutouts. In ECAC Hockey play, she is fourth in goals against average and fifth in save percentage. Through 68 career games at RPI, O’Brien is 20-40-5, with a 2.43 goals against average and a .906 save percentage. She has seven lifetime shutouts. The Engineers closed out 2013 with a 6-10-1 overall record. They open 2014 against Providence on January 4 and 5. It will then be a string of ECAC rivals when they take on Quinnipiac, Union, Dartmouth, Harvard and St. Lawrence.



fter a three-point game in the Manhattanville women’s hockey team’s lone game of the week, junior assistant captain Sydney Asselstine (Hartington, Ontario/Nepean Wildcats (PWHL)) has been named the ECAC East Conference Player of the Week for the second straight week.

(Continued on Page 39)

NY Hockey OnLine

East Hockey / Page 39

(Continued from Page 38)

Asselstine, who was coming off a week in which she tallied three goals and an assist to earn her first career weekly conference honors, followed that up with a onegoal, two-assist performance in a 4-3 win over Neumann. She was on the ice for all four Valiant goals, assisting on the team’s first and fourth tallies while also adding a power-play goal midway through the second period to knot the score at two. Asselstine is Manhattanville’s team leader in scoring this year, netting seven goals and five assists for 12 points through seven games. The assistant captain is currently one of only eight players in Division III to be averaging at least one goal per game this season, while also ranking eighth in the country in points per game. The Valiants are 5-4-1 and play on the road until January 17 when they face Holy Cross at Terry Connors Rink.

(Men”s Hockey Continued from Page 37)

Colin Stevens (Niskayuna) was named ECAC Hockey Goaltender of the Week for two consecutive weeks ending December 8th & 15th. The junior, recorded his second shutout of the season in Union’s 3-0 victory over Princeton (December 6th) for his fifth career shutout. Mat Bodie was tabbed player of the week and Alex Sakellaropoulos named rookie of the week for the week ending December 15th. Bodie recorded a goal and two assists and stands third nationally in defensemen scoring (1.06 points per game). Bodie needs one assist to move into a second place tie with Adam Presizniuk for career assists at Union (Division I level). Sakellaropoulos, who was making his first start since Oct. 25, held the nation’s eighth-highest scoring team to just one goal (a power play marker) in stopping 34 of 35 shots (.971 save percentage) against St. Cloud State. The Statesmen have one of the longer holiday breaks in Division I with 26 days off before resuming January 1011 and Quinnipiac and Princeton respectively.

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...Mercyhurst senior forward Daniel O’Donoghue (Port Jefferson Station) had three assists in a 5-5 tie against Robert Morris to become the 16th player in the Division I era at Mercyhurst to accumulate 100 career points.

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North Hockey

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North Hockey / Page 41

Northern New York Men’s College Hockey Report by Warren Kozireski

CLARKSON The Golden Knights finished the first half 12-3-1 and ranked in the top-ten in the nation—a far cry from the ECAC last place prediction in preseason polls. Freshman goaltender Steve Perry was tied for third in the country in goals against and 11th in save percentage but Greg Lewis was seeing more playing time with eight wins as the team ranked 12th allowing just 2.31 goals per game. Boston draft pick Ben Sexton leads the balanced scoring attack with 15 points. The Knights have 11 players with six or more points including three defenseman and Grand Island junior Joe Zarbo (12 points). Clarkson returns December 28-29 at the Catamount Cup with Canisius and UMass-Lowell at the University of Vermont.

PLATTSBURGH The Cardinals completed the first half of the season undefeated (9-0-2) and back to their familiar place ranked first in the nation. Senior goaltender Mathieu Cadieux has played every minute of every game and was to-five nationally in goals against and save percentage. Juniors Alex Jensen and Mark Constantine with sophomore Dillan Fox and senior defenseman Barry Roytman all had ten or more points through the first 11 games. The Cardinals host Hamilton, Hobart and Williams in the annual Primelink Tournament January 3-4 and resume SUNYAC lay January 24th at travel partner Potsdam.

POTSDAM The Bears completed the first half of their conference schedule with just one win, but it could be a momentum changer for the second half as senior Mike Arnold scored in overtime in the final game in December. Arnold had eight goals over the first ten games while the rest of the team combined had scored just 20 for an offense averaging only 2.80 goals per game. Sophomore forward Todd Thomas had a team high seven assists with junior defenseman Erick Ware right behind with six. Vinny Caligiuri (Shoreham) was named the SUNYAC Rookie of the Week for the period ending November 24th after he recorded his first three collegiate points in the Bears’ weekend sweep of SUNY Canton.

ST. LAWRENCE The Saints hot start fizzled with just two victories over their last nine games prior to the holiday hiatus. The fifth most potent offense in the nation (3.63 gpg) led by Greg Carey, Matt Carey and Jeremy Wick is offset by the 52nd ranked defense allowing 3.68 goals per game. Senior forward Greg Carey was named National College Hockey Player of the Month in November after he led the nation in scoring with 21 points in ten games. It marked the second time in his career he was so-honored; the first was in February 2013. Freshman center Matt Carey was named ECAC Hockey Rookie of the Week for the second time this season for the week ending December 8th after scoring four goals in a two-game set against rival Clarkson. Former Saints defenseman and current assistant head coach Mike Hurlbut will be inducted into the Rochester Americans Hall of Fame in ceremonies preceding the game on January 10th. Hurlbut (Massena) played five seasons in Rochester and is the longest-tenured captain in team history at five years. He ranks fifth all-time among Amerks defensemen in scoring with 167 points over 288 regular season games. The second half begins January 7th on home ice against Vermont.

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North Hockey / Page 42

North Women’s College Report by Janet Schultz


fter a 3-0 week closing out 2013, three SUNY Potsdam women’s hockey players were honored by the Eastern College Athletic Conference West. Senior Assistant Captain Amanda Lucky was named the conference’s Player of the Week. Freshman forward Jordan Ott (Hilton, N.Y./Rochester Edge) earned her third Rookie of the Week award in the last month and sophomore goaltender Alexane Rodrigue was named to the ECAC West Honor Roll for the second time in three weeks. Lucky scored four goals and added an assist in the Bears’ three wins. The forward scored the game winner in Potsdam’s 4-1 win over SUNY Canton. Three days later she found the back of the net to cement Potsdam’s 2-0 win at Saint Michael’s. The following afternoon, Lucky scored the game-winner and added another goal and an assist in a 6-2 victory over the Purple Knights. This season, Lucky is tied for second on the team in scoring with six goals and six assists for 12 points. Ott also had four goals and a helper that week. She scored two goals against the Kangaroos. She assisted on the game-winning goal at Saint Michael’s on Friday. On Saturday, she twice erased Purple Knight leads with power-play goals to wrap up her best week yet. The freshman now has scored two goals in a game three times in the first 11 contests of her career. Ott is tied with Lucky for second on the team in scoring this year with nine goals and three assists for 12 points. She leads the team in goals and both the Bears and ECAC West in and power-play goals (4). Ott’s scoring average of 1.09 points-per-game is fifth-best in the nation by a freshman and she is tied for fourth in the NCAA in power play-goals. Rodrigue went 2-0 for Potsdam last week with a 1.50 goals against average and a .938 save percentage. She

stopped 24 of 25 shots against Canton and then made 21 saves in the series finale at Saint Michael’s. This season Rodrigue is 5-3-2 with a 3.01 goals against average, a .914 save percentage and one shutout. The Bears are 4-0-1 in their last five contests. Potsdam is off until January 7, when the they head to Castleton State for a 4 p.m. showdown with the Spartans.


Giovanna Senese scored both Cardinal goals as the top-ranked Plattsburgh State women’s hockey team remained unbeaten with a 2-0 victory over No. 2 Middlebury at the ninth annual Panther/Cardinal Classic. The Cardinals move to 9-0-1 on the year, surrendering just one goal this season in the first semester. The loss marked the first of the season for the Panthers, who drop to 5-1-0 overall. Sydney Aveson of the top-ranked Plattsburgh State women’s hockey team has been named the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC) West Goalie of the Week for the week ending Dec. 1. Aveson was named the most valuable player at the Ninth Annual Panther/Cardinal Classic after making 40 combined saves in a 1-0-1 weekend for Plattsburgh State. The West Covina, Calif. native recorded 19 stops in Saturday’s 1-1 draw against Amherst, allowing her first goal of the season. On Sunday, Aveson turned away all 21 shots she faced to earn her seventh shutout and victory of the season. The latest honor marks the fourth time this season Aveson has been lauded as the league’s top goaltender. A solid performance in Sunday’s game against Middlebury landed sophomore forward Giovanna Senese a spot on the ECAC West Weekly Honor Roll. Senese netted both goals in Plattsburgh State’s 2-0 win over the Panthers as the Cardinals claimed the Panther/Cardinal Classic title. With her two goals, Senese earned a spot on the Panther/Cardinal Classic All-Tournament Team. After wrapping up the first semester with a 9-0-1 record, the Cardinals claimed the top spots in the USCHO. com and Division III polls for the fifth-straight week. Plattsburgh State returns to action on Sunday, Jan. 5 when the Cardinals host the Norwich Cadets at 3 p.m. at the Stafford Ice Arena.

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North Hockey / Page 43



fter a lengthy break, an exhibition game against McGill University opens the New Year for the Clarkson University Women’s Hockey team. The Golden Knights are guided by sixth-year co-head coaches Matt and Shannon Desrosiers and assistant coach Matt Kelly. Last in action on December 14 with a 6-2 victory over RIT in the Outdoor Game at Frontier Field in Rochester, NY, Clarkson owns a 14-4-2 overall record. Led by senior captain Carly Mercer (Exeter, ONT) and senior assistant captains Vanessa Gagnon (St. Constant, QUE) and Jamie Lee Rattray (Kanata, ONT), Clarkson resumes ECAC Hockey play with a home-and-home series against North Country rival St. Lawrence University. The Knights, who enter the 2014 portion of the schedule with a 5-2-1 league mark, are tied with the Saints for fifth place in the ECAC Hockey standings. Genevieve Bannon, a freshman forward on the Clarkson University Women’s Hockey team, has been named ECAC Hockey Rookie of the Week. Bannon helped lead Clarkson past RIT in the Outdoor Game at Frontier Field on Saturday with two assists in the 6-2 victory over the Tigers. Playing on the Golden Knights’ second line, she assisted on Clarkson’s first and last goals of the game. Bannon registered a plus-minus rating of +2 on the day. She now has recorded six goals and added six assists in 20 career games for the Green and Gold. Ranked sixth in the national polls with a 14-4-2 overall record, including a 5-2-1 ECAC Hockey mark,

St Lawrence


t. Lawrence University first-year student Brooke Webster has been named the ECAC Hockey Rookie of the Month for November thanks to her 10 points in eight games. Webster, who recorded three goals and seven assists in November, helped St. Lawrence to a 4-1-1 mark in ECAC Hockey play and has the Saints tied for third in the conference standings heading into second semester. The Aurora, ON native, who scored the game-winning goal against Brown, is tied for first in the league in freshman scoring (1.00 ppg) and is seventh in the country in

that same category. Webster was tops among all rookies in power-play goals with two and power-play points with five in November conference action. “Brooke has made a nice adjustment the first half of the year,” said St. Lawrence head coach Chris Wells. “Like many of our players, she has worked hard on improving certain aspects of her game and she has been rewarded with this accomplishment.” Webster beat out an impressive group of rookies for the monthly honor, including Cornell’s Hanna Bunton, Harvard’s Sydney Daniels, Clarkson’s Corie Johnson, Yale’s Phoebe Staenz and Quinnipiac’s Emma Woods. Webster and the Saints will be in action again when the calendar turns to 2014, as they head to Coraopolis, PA to take on Robert Morris on January 4 and 5. The Saints are 6-9-1 overall as they come into the New Year.



aty Darling (Oswego, NY) of the women’s hockey team was named Roos of the Week for December 17. Darling had a strong weekend for the women’s hockey team showing great leadership on the ice in both games. “She was our best defender Friday and led by keeping things simple and executing our game plan,” said Head Coach Melissa Lomanto. The junior made her first start of the season in Saturday’s contest. Darling has appeared in 36 games during her career as a Roo tallying one goal and eight assists. The women’s hockey team has completed its 2013 slate and will returned to the ice against Utica on January 3 at home.

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North Hockey / Page 44

North News

Lewis County Amateur Hockey

The Lewis County Corbras will hold a fundraiser at McDonald on Wednesday, January 15. Players should arrive wearing their jerseys between 4:45 and 8 p.m. The players will be holding their banner out front, washing tables, etc. While there the Cobras will earn a percentage of the McDonald’s profits from that night.

Northwood School

The Northwood Invitational Hockey Tournament will be held January 17-19.


Plattsburgh Youth Hockey will hold the PYH Roadrunner Rumble Friday, January 17 through Monday, January 20 at the Plattsburgh State Field House and AC North Sports Center. A website has been created which will include the schedule, standings, scores, rules, etc. at

Saratoga Youth Hockey

The Mark Woodcock Peewee Tournament will be held January 10-12 and the Connor LaFrance Squirt Tournament and Midget Tournament will be held January 16-19.

Troy Albany Youth Hockey

The Troy Albany Ice Cats and Jr. Engineers will hold their 21st Annual Rink Rat Tournament for Squirts, PeeWees, Bantams and Midgets and Girls 14U, 16U, 19U Tier II Divisions on February 14-17. For information email Bill at

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Saranac Lake Pee Wee Hockey Association

The Saranac Lake High School Boys Hockey Team sponsored a Wounded Warrior Event at their game vs Lake Placid on January 4. The Pee Wee/Squirt Ultimate Chill Tournament was held January 3-5.

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West Hockey

NY Hockey OnLine

West Hockey / Page 46

Around the West Section NJPE Win Tournaments


he 2013 Niagara Jr. Purple Eagles Pee Wee Major Hockey Team (pictured above) won the Pee Wee Major Division of the Niagara University Jr. Purple Eagles Thanksgiving Invitational Tournament. They also won the Silver Sticks Regional Qualifying Tournament in Rome and advance to the next round in Forest (Ontario). With a record of 20-3-5, the team is currently the 34th ranked AA Team in the nation, and 2nd ranked team in New York State. Pictured above are: Top Row: Head Coach Mark Mendel, Cam King, Rhys Mendel, Michael Barker, Peter Lysiak, Kyle Lee, Drew Merino, Vince Capolupo, Chris Cacciatore Middle Row: Jackson Burns, Anthony Desimone, Patrick Brady, Dylan Russo, Nick Harlock, Alex Pronobis First Row: Tyler Lehan, Om Acharya (Not picturedDylan Lugris)

Iroquois Varsity/JV Report (Submitted by Iroquois Hockey)

The Iroquois Varsity Boys Hockey team (pictured above right) lost twice during the games over the Christmas holidays. They lost 6-1 to St. Joe’s on December 22 and to the Cheektowaga Warriors 4-2 on December 28. During the game against St. Joe’s, the only Chiefs goal was scored by Steven Kaufmann off an assist from Aiden Abraszek. While the entire Chiefs team struggled to gain some momentum against Joe’s, defensemen Richard Karalus and Andrew Wilson performed well.

The December 28 game against Cheektowaga started strong with the Chiefs jumping out to a 2-0 lead on goals by Sasha Hawkins and Andrew Takac, with assists from Mark Morganti and Patrick Stenzel. The Warriors then showed why they are undefeated this season as they continued to apply pressure and eventually scored 4 goals over the next two periods for the win. Chiefs goalie Robert Bauer was outstanding in the game, making many spectacular saves to keep his team in the game as long as possible. The Chiefs went back to their winning ways with an impressive 8-5 victory over the Jamestown Raiders on January 3 at the Jamestown ice arena. The teams played a back and forth first period with Jamestown taking an early lead, but Aiden Abraszek was able to score twice off assists by Steven Kaufmann and John Lavis and the period ended with the game tied at 2. The Chiefs blew the game open at the start of the 2nd period with a 4-goal explosion. Ryan Fehr received a pass from Andrew Takac then fired a laser from the top of the faceoff circle that beat the Jamestown goalie to give the Chiefs the lead for good. Tyler Hirsh added to the lead just 30 seconds later with a beautiful breakaway goal off an assist from Kaufmann. Kaufmann scored 20 seconds later and the rout was on. John Lavis scored off an assist from Richard Karalus making the score 6-2. The Raiders made things interesting by scoring twice before the end of the 2nd. The Chiefs put the game away for good in the 3rd period when Abraszek scored his 3rd of the game followed by another goal from Lavis. The line of Ryan Fehr, Mark Morganti, and Pat Stenzel was a force throughout the game. The Chiefs looked to extend their winning streak when they faced Lancaster on January 5 at the Depew rink. Despite controlling much of the play, the Chiefs were unable to capitalize on numerous scoring opportunities hitting 3 goal posts in the 1st period which ended scoreless for both teams. The Chiefs appeared

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West Hockey/ Page 47 Photo: Celebrating the win against East Aurora on New Year’s Day: Iroquois Players Patrick Stenzel, Aiden Abraszek, Steven Kaufmann, Kyle Kupczyle and Patrick Marrone. (Iroquois Photo)

to lose the momentum they had built after a penalty resulted in a Lancaster power play goal early in the 2nd period. The Chiefs went on a power play of their own one minute later and were able to even the score with a goal by Aiden Abraszek after Ryan Marshall and Steven Kaufmann did some great work behind the Lancaster net to feed him the puck in the slot. The game remained tied into the 3rd when Richard Karalus one timed a perfect pass from John Lavis on another Chiefs power play, giving the Chiefs the lead. Lancaster tied the score 3 minutes later. It was then that Kaufmann scored a highlight reel goal going end to end and finishing off the play with a slick backhand move. The Chiefs appeared to be on their way to another victory when Lancaster pulled their goalie and tied the game with 28 seconds left, ending the game in a 3-3 tie.

Iroquois JV Playing Well

The JV Iroquois Chiefs played a fantastic team game on Friday night against their Eden/Lakeshore opponent. After a busy previous two weeks where the JV team had to dealt with more than a few games with a short bench an almost healthy team competed and completed their most effective team win of the season. In beating Eden/ Lakeshore 3-2 the JV Chiefs continued their balance scoring and while playing solid team defense. Max Testa, who was a plus 3 for the game, was outstanding in all three areas of the rink. His assist on the first goal to a wide open Cameron Ellis was a tap in. Alex Held, back from a long injury layoff, couldn’t have reappeared at a better time. He has been playing quality minutes in addition to scoring some timely goals. In terms of defense

the pairing of Patrick Marrone and Owen Creighton were a shutdown couple skating against the Chiefs top line all night. In the pipes, for his third win of the year, was Colton Degrace who stopped 12 of 14 shots. The JV Chiefs have a 5-7-1 record through 13 games.

Rochester 16U Team Plays at Frozen Frontier

On Tuesday, December 17th the Rochester Junior Americans 16U team (pictured below) participated in their version of the Winter Classic. Home to the International League’s Rochester Red Wings baseball team during the summer, Frontier Field has been transformed into a hockey Mecca this month as hundreds of hockey players have had the opportunity to take part in a once in a lifetime experience of playing the game they love outdoors in a professional baseball stadium under the lights as part of the “Frozen Frontier” event. The Junior Americans 16U team, along with Rochester Youth Hockey’s 16UAA team coached by Stuart MacKenzie and Chris Marion were split into two even teams and scrimmaged. Several members of the Junior Americans 18U team and a member of the Elite team also participated. Parents stood along the glass and took pictures with one thing noticeable in every photo…no not frostbite, but rather ear to ear smiles! The teams couldn’t have been more evenly matched as the Red & Blue team rallied to tie the White team 10-10 in the closing seconds.

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ike Gilbert is going to the “I’ve been to Europe a Olympics as a member of couple of times,” remarked the 2014 USA Men’s Olym- Gilbert, who resides with his pic Hockey Team. wife, Amy and three children, Gilbert, the Buffalo Sabres’ Mark, Jack and Grace in Amvice president of public and com- herst. “I will be leaving for munity relations, will serve on the Russia on February 1 and I pubic relations staff for the 2014 will return to Western New US Hockey Team. York on February 26. So how did Gilbert get the job? “I really don’t know what “I think it goes back to Buf- to expect since this is my falo’s involvement in the World Jr. first time being involved with Championships,” said Gilbert, now something this big. It’s like a in his 17th season with the Sabres. dream right now. “I had the opportunity to work with “I really didn’t think too Dave Fisher (Sr. Director of Com- much about it when I was munications for USA Hockey) dur- originally asked back in April. ing that time. “We worked together again with the Prospects Game a year ago. And we continually stayed in touch. “He had told me last spring that USA Hockey was going to select somebody from the NHL to work with Team USA and he asked if I would be interested. I told him absolutely. “Dave said that he would get back to me.” Within a matter of weeks Fischer got in touch by Randy Schultz with the Ted Black, presi- dent of the Sabres, Black came to Gilbert. The formal announcement Then the reality check came when was then made in June at the NHL I went to camp in August. Draft. From there it was on to Team “Things were much more real USA’s orientation camp in Wash- at that time. “ ington, D.C. at the end of August. So what will be the toughest Next stop will be Sochi, Russia. adjustment Gilbert will have to “It’s been very exciting so far,” make? commented Gilbert, a native of “I’m going to be out of my day Tonawanda, NY. “My job will be to job with the Sabres for a month,” assist Dave. stated Gilbert, a 1990 graduate of “I will be interacting with the Canisius College. “So I have to players and the coaches. I will plan ahead with that. assist the media that will be over “I will be out of my house for a there covering Olympic hockey.” month so that is going to be a lot on Gilbert has never been to Rus- my wife. I won’t see my kids for a sia. month.

Buffalo to Sochi: Sabres PR Man Headed to 2014 Olympics

“That’s a lot on them with their schedules and all. But my wife has been very supportive. “But with modern technology the way it is, I should be able to talk and/or see them during the time I’m in Russia.” What other preparation is Gilbert doing? “Memorizing information and photos of the players,” answered Gilbert. “You need to know who they are at a moments notice.” When everything is said and done, Gilbert is ready to go. “This is very exciting,” concluded Gilbert. “This is an event that is world-wide. “It is an honor to be a small part of such a great event. I’m looking forward to it.”

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Meet Janice Cavaretta: First Woman To Receive Duffett Award


anice Cavaretta has been named the 2013 recipient of the J. Michael Duffett Memorial Award by the Buffalo Sabres. The award is presented each year to the coach or administrator whose contributions to amateur hockey in Western New York “best exemplify the knowledge, teaching, love of the game and gentle humanity of Mike.” Cavaretta is the first woman to receive the award in its 30 years of existence. She has been heavily involved with various youth hockey programs in the WNY area, including serving as USA Hockey Associate Registrar and the Western Section Administrator, Qualifying Games Coordinator and Credential Review Chair for more than 10 years. “It is tremendous to win this award,” commented Cavaretta, who is married to Louis and have six children including Andrew, Daniel, William, Rachel, Gregory and Robert. “I was very surprised that I was even considered for the award. “I was told that I had won the award on my dad’s birthday. And with his passing, it was very special for me. “I hope I can continue to live up to everyone’s expectations.” Additionally, Cavaretta was the Executive Director of the Western New York Amateur Hockey League for 14 years. She is currently an assistant coach in the Buffalo Regals organization. A graduate of USA Hockey’s Coaching Education Program at Colorado College, Cavaretta achieved Master’s Level 5 Accreditation in the prestigious program.

Cavaretta admits that she was able to continue her hockey career through off-ice positions that became available to her once her playing days were over. “It occurred during the 1983-84 hockey season,” recalled Cavaretta. “My skills as a player were slowing down. “I had gone from playing forward to playing defense. I had been recruited by RIT and Yale for their women’s hockey programs. “I decided to stay local. I got a statistician position with the Western New York Amateur Hockey League.” As a player growing up, she captained numerous teams in addition to winning State and National titles at all age levels. Cavaretta is grateful for the magnitude of support that her father, Tony Rozek, Sr. provided over her hockey career both on and off the ice. “He was with me for many of my early years and was very influential in my career playing, coaching and also on the administrative side,” said Cavaretta. “I would have never continued if it was not for him. “I began playing hockey when I was three. I loved it from the first time I had a stick put in my hand. “I began as a goalie. I was a practice goalie for some of the Regals players. “They were the ones who eventually said that I should get on a hockey team as a regular player because I was good.” What had changed in the game since Cavaretta became involved? “Hockey is almost a year ‘round sport now,” responded Cavaretta. “We’re already planning the 2014-15 season. “I’m just glad to see that there are more opportunities for girls and women in this game today. It wasn’t that way when I began playing.”

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Cavaretta with her NYS colleagues: (l to r) Tom Branden, Joe Bado, Cavaretta and David Braunstein. (Photo by Janet Schultz)

Does Cavaretta consider herself a role model? “Absolutely,” responded the Duffett Award winner. “My role models growing up were guys like Mike Bogdan, David Braustein, Joe Baudo and Tom Branden. “I’ve already received messages from girls and women congratulating me on the award. One actually called me her hero. “So I hope I can reach out to other girls and women and help them in some way, shape or form. That would be great.” J. Michael Duffett was a student of the game and a coach with the Buffalo Bisons and the Amherst Hockey Association. He was a standout hockey player at Nichols School and Clarkson University. Duffett was working in the Sabres hockey department under future Hockey Hall of Famers Scotty Bowman and Roger Neilson at the time of his death following a battle with cancer. In 1984 the Sabres established the J. Michael Duffett Award in his memory.

Gehen Sets Record Erin Gehen of the West Seneca Girls Varsity Ice Hockey Team had her 100th career goal in the league in December.She is the first player in the four year history of the League to post that record and did it in 63 games. Gehen was also named WKBW TV7 Super Athlete of the Week for December 11. Gehen, a forward, had the lone goal for her team in a 8-1 loss to Amherst/Sweethome. She scored on a breakaway and beating the goalie with a backhand deke. This was the Senior’s eighth goal this season. Gehen put up significant numbers in her freshman year with 22; and in her sophomore and junior years led the League in scoring with 32 and 38 goals respectively.

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Stars’ Players Honored

Buffalo Stars Youth Spotlight Player of the Week December 8th Matt Lucyshyn Minor Bantam AA Team

Buffalo Stars Youth Spotlight Player of the Week December 15th Nolan O’Hara Peewee Major Team

Thirteen Year Old Matt Lucyshyn was named the Youth Spotlight Player of the Week for December 8 by the Buffalo Star. Matt is a 5’8” forward who plays for the Stars Minor Bantam AA Team. He lives in East Aurora. Matt’s favorite subects are math and science which will help him in his career as a physical therapist. His favorite NHL player is Carl Haglin and his favorite college team is MIchigan State. Matt loves barbecue wings and spends his spare time playing Play Station and soccer. His role model is his Dad and his goal for this season is to win the league championship.

Nolan O’Hara is 12 years old and plays Defense on the Pee Wee Major Team. The seventh grader’s favorite subject is mathematics and he plans to be a scientist. Nolan’s favorite player is Hossa and his favorite NHL team is Pittsburgh. He enjoys XBox and reading and his favorite food is chicken fingers. Nolan’s role model is his Dad because “he does everything.” Patrick Kane is his personal hero because “he made it to the NHL from Buffalo.” His goals this season are to make new friends and improve his skills.

Buffalo Stars Youth Spotlight Player of the Week December 1 Jamie Cummings U16 Full Season Team Jamie Cummings is 15 years old and is a forward. The Gasport native is in 10th grade and his favorite subject is physical education. His favorite college team is Boston University and his favorite NHL player is Patrick Kane. He also enjoys dirt bike riding, Rap music, 21 Jump Street and the Big Bang Theory. His future plans include a career as an athletic director. Patrick Kane is his role model because he is one of the “few guys that made it from the Buffalo area into the NHL.” His personal heros are the US soldiers fighting for us. This season he hopes to improve his puck-handling skills.

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Buffalo Stars Report (Buffalo Stars Submission)

Bantam Minors


he Buffalo Stars Bantam Minor team is having a successful season as they are currently third in their division with an overall record of 15-5-5 including tournament Championship in Washington DC. The team has also established a working relationship with the Amherst Knights. Both teams have hosted an off ice workout, followed by a scrimmage and a sit down dinner. Stars coach Patrick Bernas and Knights Tony Cretella were very pleased with the way the kids interact on and off the ice. The Buffalo Stars 2013-14 roster includes: Coaches Patrick Bernas, Kevin Zulewski, Bob Walter, and Tim Ruggiero. Forwards Luca Olivieri, Lucas Prince, Daniel Puerner, Jacob Bicknell, Matt Lucyshyn, Jacob Grazen, Jacob Allan, Alex Bernas, Justin Zulewski. Defenseman Ben Mazur, Quinten Burke, Cody Smith, Andrew Vincek, Jacob Fort, and Nick Walter. Goaltenders Cameron Ruggiero, and Jude Rajakrishnan.

Buffalo Stars Squirt


he Buffalo Stars Squirt Mixed team traveled to Cleveland to play in the Rock n’ Roll Cup. They came into the tournament hungry for success, and, of course, mini-sticks and the pool. The players know the scoreboard is not always the measure of success, because their effort and teamwork are very important. However, this weekend saw success in all of those areas, and the team brought in a second place finish. The first game was against the Avenue Road Ducks. The Stars came out fast and furious but could not find the back of the net. The Ducks struck first near the end of the opening period. Stars goalie Noah

Kuras played outstanding after that first goal and turned away several quality chances, but the Ducks held on to the lead for almost two periods. Half way through the third period it looked as though the Stars might lose a game that they had dominated in every other facet. At least that’s how it looked until Dylan Klodzinski scored his first of the game at the 5:53 mark. Klodzinski’s effort, assisted by Kenny Fox and Sam Staerker, brought a spark to the Stars bench. The team had their opponent on their heels, and they knew it. Less than two minutes later the Stars’ Bobby Rydzewski nailed home a lose puck with an assist from Ian Schrader. Klodzinski also got an assist on the play, and the goal really got the Stars rolling. They would go onto score ten seconds later, and another three more after that on the way to a 6-2 victory. Crosby Juliano notched his first tally of the season, Rydzewski scored a second, and Klodzinski rounded off with another assist and the final two goals for a hat-trick. Logan Schwartz and Kirk Mohawk also added assists. The following day the Stars played the Sylvania Maple Leafs, who proved to be a well-matched opponent. Sylvania would capitalize on a few Stars mistakes to put five goals in (one was an empty-net goal). However, the Stars never quit as Cameron Smith put home two goals, including one with 13 seconds left in the game. Dylan Klodzinski added his fourth goal in two games. Five different Stars assisted, spreading out the action to every line; Fox, Staerker, Schwartz, Schrader and Rydzewski all added to their tournament point totals. On the last day the Stars came to the rink bright and early, knowing that their 7:50am game was their ticket to the finals. Eager for a rematch against Sylvania in a 12:30 game, the Stars came out on fire and earned their spot by putting eight goals in against the Ann Arbor Spitfires. Klodzinski and Rydzewski each continued their outstanding tournament performances by putting in five and three goals, respectively. That brought Klodzinski’s tournament total to eleven points (9G, 2A) in just three games, with Rydzewski tallying seven points (5G, 2A). Kenny Fox, Josh Cooper, Kirk Mohawk, Cameron Smith and Paul Rydzynski all added assists. When returning to the bench after a goal, the Stars Squirts were always eager to shout out “we scored,” highlighting that it takes a team effort for any individual to score. Andrew Allen and Nick Botzenhart

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played solid defensively, and contributed in ways that don’t show up on the score sheet but are essential to success. Teammate Garrett Brown was unable to make the trip, but the players and coaches know every member contributed in the practices that prepared the Stars for Cleveland. Nolan Smith also played well, and scored the loan goal for the Stars in the tournament championship game. Schwartz received his third assist, and Klodzinski added his twelfth tournament point on that goal. Despite another strong performance by goaltender Noah Kuras, the Stars ended up losing that game 2-1, but received well-earned medals and a second place trophy. “I could not be more proud of this team,” said Coach Justin Mullen. “The boys came together, not just this weekend, but in the weeks leading up to it. Everyone contributed, everyone came together as a team.”

Stars take second in Cleveland


he Buffalo Stars Peewee MOHL team skated to a second place finish at the Rock n Roll Cup tournament in Cleveland. Facing strong competition, the team played 3 close games and found themselves in a three way tie. Stellar goaltending and hard work gave them the point differential needed to advance to the championship. Facing a Canadian Select League team Waterloo, the Stars stood tall and went toe to toe for three periods but came up short in the end. “I am so proud of how our players conducted themselves both on and off the ice” said Stars Head Coach Dave Lynch. “They battled and stood up for each other all weekend and were excellent ambassadors for the Stars organization. We were the only team our division to even score goals on the eventual winner, and at the same time, our team held them to half their usual tally. I can’t wait to begin preparing for Pittsburgh in January where hopefully we’ll put it over the top”.

Buffalo Stars Expand to the Falls


he Buffalo Stars Hockey Organization will expand their footprint in the 2014-2015 hockey season with the formation of the “Buffalo Stars North” or Niagara Falls Stars. The Stars will form Multiple Organization House League (MOHL) teams in the Squirt, Peewee, Bantam and Midget levels. In addition, the Stars will offer a Beginner/Learn to Skate Hockey Program. “We are pleased to be able to offer Niagara County residents an opportunity to play for a team with the name of Niagara Falls in it” said Buffalo Stars VP House Dave Lynch. “It makes perfect sense since we already have so much ice available to us at the Hyde Park Ice Rink now” The Stars will open the on line registration process for their new House Program on or around January 15th. The Stars will also start to accept resumes for coaches for some of these teams. Interested players or coaches should contact Dave Lynch at 253-3157 or email President Pete Preteroti at A logo for the Niagara Falls Stars will be introduced shortly. The Stars will continue to offer Erie County residents a MOHL Program as well with those teams continuing their base at Holiday Twin Rinks in Cheektowaga. The Buffalo Stars are one of WNY’s oldest hockey organizations coming into existence in 1972. The Stars offer over 300 boys and girls ages 4-19 the opportunity to compete in both competitive and recreational levels of hockey. For more information about the Buffalo Stars, visit us on line at: SUCCESS IS A MARATHON: ONE SHIFT AT A TIME

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Caz Girls Report (Submitted by Cazenovia Hockey)

team was lead by the line of Riley Malicki, Kendal Kalinowski and Maddie Ziemba. Contributing offensively were Bethany Horvatits and Ally Jacobs. Defensively the team was led by Gabby McCrory, Emma Sutfin ,Carleigh Sutfin and Paige Palinski. Dylan Gorski was outstanding in net all weekend, leading her team to the Championship game. Congratulations to Coach Chris Malicki and staff!


he Cazenovia Girls 12uNTB competed in the Ithaca Shooting Stars tournament the weekend of December 6-8. The team won the Championship in the 10/12U Division. The young Lady Chiefs were lead by goaltender Lauryn Brown, who had an outstanding weekend. The team was led offensively by Maddie Jurusik, Katie Dougherty, Catherine Finn and Emily Conroy. The defense was led by Emma Tambacas, MacKenzie Ellerbrock and Sarah Mruk. Great job to coaches Mark Jacobs and Joe Ziemba.

he Cazenovia 19u Lady Chiefs lit up the ice at the Ithaca Shooting Stars Tournament winning four straight games to take home the Championship trophy. Led by Coach Chris Malicki, the girls outscored their opponents 31-2. Team scoring leaders, Erin Gehen (W. Seneca) and Missy Mallon (Amherst) each had 9 goals during the series. Power forwards Erin Jozwiak (Amherst), Vicki Smith (Cheektowaga), Brianna Mathias (Tonawanda) Erica Dombrowski (Amherst), and Kara Orlowski (Lancaster), kept the pressure on. Outstanding goaltending by both Courtney Wesolowki (Cheektowaga) and Kara Rea (Amherst), and strong defense from Amelia Gajewski (Amherst), Shannon Moran (Buffalo), Olivia Jacobs (OP), Jessie Phillips (Tonawanda) and Grace Simmons (Tonawanda) kept scoring opportunities to a minimum. Missy Mallon (Amherst) took home the MVP of the series. The girls are looking forward to their next tournament up in the Adirondacks in January.


he Cazenovia Girls 12UTB team competed in the Ithaca Shooting Stars tournament the weekend of December 6-8. The girls, who played in a 12/14U division, finished as runner up, losing in the finals to a bigger, older Camillus team 4-1. The Cazenovia girls are made up of primarily of 10&11 year olds with only three12 year olds, played hard and competed fiercely all weekend against older, bigger competition. The

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Canisius has averaged just 1.60 goals per game with Keegan Asmundson in net, compared to 3.11 goals per game with senior With just one conferTony Capobianco between the pipes. ence win and one tie over the Canisius signed four players to Nationfirst six games, the Golden Eaal Letters of Intent during the early signgles were on the outside of the ing period: defenseman Zack Pittman and playoff picture entering 2014. forwards Jeff Murray, Ryan Schmelzer (Williamsville/Jr. Chase Nieuwendyk Sabres) and Nolan Sheeran was the teams to point(East Amherst/Jr. Sabres). All getter with 11, but no layer will join the squad for the had more than four goals, 2014-15 campaign. which had them with a Pittman is with the Linconference worst 13 goals. coln Stars of the USHL. In They also allowed four or 76 career games with the more goals in eight of their Stars, Pittman has recorded 12 games including non10 points, four goals, six asconference. sists and a plus/minus rating by Warren Kozireski They begin 2014 with a of +21. Murray has accutrio of home games against mulated 36 points, 19 goals Western New England, and 17 assists in 28 games Stonehill and Utica as they with the Whitby Fury of the try to build momentum for the second half. OJHL this season. Schmelzer is in his third season with the Buffalo Jr. Sabres of the OJHL and the team captain had 14 points on six goals and eight assists in 16 games. Sheeran had 27 points on 10 goals and 17 assists in 28 games. Monroe CC transfer Dan Turgeon had scored five of his team-high seven goals with the man-advantage and continued to lead the fourthplace Bengals in scoring. Freshman Jacob Macchioni was pacing the offense Senior Mike Zanella (Ithaca) was tops in assists with nine goals and 11 points while Richard Larkin and while freshman Adam Rossi was clutch with five goals Cody Dynarski led with eight assists each as the Kats including one game-winner. were 3-4 at the break. The team has just two home conference games re They host Monroe CC to open the second half conmaining (January 24-25) before their last five on the ference schedule January 20th. road. Adrian will be in town January 3-4 as the second half restarts.

Western New York Men’s College Hockey Report




CANISIUS Senior Kyle Gibbons led Canisius with three points and two goals in a home win versus RIT to become the eighth player in the program’s Division I history and the 28th Griff overall to reach the 100-point career mark.

The Blue Devils were winless over their three December contests, but had still earned two wins and two ties for six conference points heading to the break. Juniors Jared Wynia and Stephen Castriota (Bellport) combined for almost half of the Blue Devils scoring output with 12 of 25 goals through the first 10 games. Sophomore defenseman Ryan Wilkinson was the lead-

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ing assist man with seven. The team hosts Elmira and Neumann as part of five non-conference games in January before conference play resumes later in the month.

GENESEO A 9-2 start had the Knights ranked 12th in the nation and solidly in second place in the SUNYAC standings. Transfer Tyler Brickler was leading a group of five players with ten or more points including Stephen Collins (Pittsford) and Justin Scharfe (Webster). Goaltender Byran Haude (Hilton) was third in the conference in goals against average and a perfect 5-0 in the first half in SUNYAC games. The team hosts Franklin Pierce January 10th to kick off six non-conference games in January.

MONROE CC The Tribunes have a goal of going out with a national championship, as the school announced they were discontinuing hockey after this season, and they were more than on their way averaging over ten goals scored per game and undefeated in conference. The international trio of Dominik Gabaj, Martin Matejcek and Pavel Kuzmin had combined for 133 points over 13 games—no misprint. Seth Hamilton and Cameron Randles make up a solid second tier with 19 and 18 points respectively while defenseman Kevin Cortivo has chipped in offensively with 13 assists. Four non-conference games are scheduled before league action resumes at Eric CC January 20th.


they host 13th ranked Oswego January 10th to open 2014. Freshman Ben Blasko was the only player to surpass the tenpoint plateau with a team-high five goals including accounting for the team’s only two tallies in their Frozen Frontier outdoor game against Geneseo. Mark Zavorin and Scott Dawson were each tied for the team lead in assists with seven.

NIAGARA The tram had not won a game since November 9th and were in danger of being forced to play a first round playoff series. Offense continued to be a question with leading scorers Ryan Rashid, Mike Conderman (Greece) and Isaac Kohls all with only nine points. The power play also managed just five goals over their first 73 chances. The Purple Eagles and RIT played in the third outdoor game in Atlantic Hockey Association history November 14th at Rochester’s Frontier Field. It was also the 18th in Division I history. The first game of the Tigers-Purple Eagles rematch January 24th will be carried on television nationally by CBS Sports on their college network. Captain Ryan Murphy, sitting out a team-imposed 18 game suspension, is eligible to return January 10th against AIC.

R.I.T. The Tigers took a six-game unbeaten streak into their holiday and were riding freshman goaltender Mike Rotolo and his 1.97 goals against average over his first six games. Rotolo (Greece) started the final six games of the first half and went undefeated at 5-0-1 and became the first RIT goaltender to win his first collegiate start since Shane Madolora on Nov. 21, 2009 and the first to win his first five breaking the record held by Jamie Morris (1995) of four in a row.

The Golden Flyers rode a nine-game losing streak in the holiday break and it doesn’t get any easier when

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Western New York Women’s College Hockey Report by Janet Schultz

Buffalo State


he Bengals are winless as they close out the first half of the 2013-14 season. They come into 2014 with a heavy schedule of ECAC rivals on the slate including Oswego, Cortland, Elmira, Potsdam and Neumann before the ECAC playoffs begin. While the scoreboard is often empty on the Bengals side none of the games (with a couple exceptions) have been losses with more than one or two goals. Putting the Bengals on the scoreboard are Nikki Kirchberger with 5 goals and one assist and Kara Goodwin with 4 goals/1 assist. In goal Lee Jordan has played in 8 games and made 282 saves for a .876 save percentage and Sarah Quigley has played in 6 games with 117 saves and a .873 save percentage.

University of Buffalo


he Lady Ice Bulls return to the ice January25 and 26 against Vermont and January 31 against Niagara University.

(West Notes Continued from Page 47) Many thanks to the Rochester Red Wings for hosting the event, as well as Stuart MacKenzie for putting together this once in a lifetime event. The Rochester Junior Americans 16U team has two league games at home versus the Bay State Breakers this weekend before a much deserved holiday break.




pated in. Kolbee McCrea (Wawa, Ontario/Burlington Barracudas) netted both RIT goals. McCrea leads all Tigers with 10 goals while Celeste Brown (Great Falls, MT/National Sports Academy) is second with six. In net, Ali Binnington (Oakville, Ontario/Mississauga Chiefs) is 8-7-1 with a 2.31 goals against average and .927 save percentage this season and is quickly closing in on several RIT career marks. She is tied for sixth nationally with three shutouts and is also 16th nationally in save percentage.

he RIT women’s hockey team rings in the 2014 calendar year with a pair of non-conference contests at Union College of the ECAC on Jan. 3-4. It is RIT’s first game in three weeks. Last time out, RIT fell to No. 6 Clarkson on Dec. 14 by a score of 6-2 at Frontier Field in downtown Rochester. It was the sixth outdoor game in the history of NCAA Women’s Hockey and first outdoor game that either program has ever partici-


ondolences go to the family of the Ron Nowakowski family on the passing of his mother, Rosemary. Ron is a long-time West Section Adult Coordinator and manager of Holiday Twin and Leisure Rinks.

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What’s New in the West? Buffalo Bisons

Fourteen Pee Wee Boys MOHL team members volunteered at the Church of the Holy Cross sorting donations of clothing that would be distributed to persons in need. They also handed out stuffed animals and books and made sure that each child had a pair of winter gloves.


The Canandaigua Varsity Ice Hockey Team will host a “Adopt-A-Brave” skating clinic on Friday, Jan 10 fro 6 to 6:50 p.m. It is limited to the first 24 registrants and each participant will be paired with a varsity player for 50 minutes of on-ice instruction led by Hobart Men’s Hockey Coach Bill Greer. Contact Mark MacNeil at for information. The Knights are inviting girl players born after 12/31/2002 to join the Girls 10U supplemental team. Registration is now open and first practice is January 11 at 9 a.m. at GCCC. Jamestown Lakers Hockey The Mid-Winter Classic Hockey Tournament will be held February 15-17. Go to www.jamestownlakers. com for information and registration forms.

Depew Saints

The Saints Pee Wee Major AAA team won the Rochester Stars and Stripes AAA Tournament by winning all five games.

Northern Chautauqua

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Perinton Youth Hockey

PYH has announced a competitive girl’s hockey program for 2014-15. They plan to field Tier II teams at the U19 U16 and U 14 and possibly a U12 level. For information contact Dwayne Foley, director of girls hockey.

Rochester Youth Hockey

Holy Childhood and Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex are partnering to bring you a unique community event where you get the chance to sample delicious wines, craft beers, and enjoy hearty appetizers in the middle of an ice rink! Yes – you read that correctly! What’s Holy Childhood? We are an agency serving children and adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities through a school program, adult day training program, clinical services, and respite activities. It is our goal to serve our people in an environment rich with compassion and dignity while helping them meet their maximum potential. What’s Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex? It’s a 170,000 square foot, multi-sport facility located on the campus of Monroe Community College. It is home to 4 NHL sized ice rinks, a Bill Grays Restaurant, Tap Room and Snack Bar, Abbott’s Frozen Custard, City Brew Coffee, Locker Room Sports retail hockey store, Maksymum Hockey, Northern Educate Hockey Academy, Travel Team USA. What’s Wine at Center Ice? This unique event is designed to bring a new level of community awareness and outreach for Holy Childhood and Bill Gray’s Regional Iceplex. Guests can expect an evening filled with delicious wines, craft beers, hearty appetizers and a few other surprises. All of this will take place in the middle of the ice rink in a fun experience not previously available in Rochester. We will also be raising money to help Holy Childhood fulfill it’s mission through a silent auction and you’ll have a chance to fulfill the agency’s wishlist. A portion of every ticket sold benefits Holy Childhood directly as well. The event is on January 25, 7pm - 10pm. Tickets are $50.00, advance sales only for ages 21 and over please. Tickets are currently available online only at the Rochester Youth Hockey site. ...Rochester Junior Amerians Goaltender Derek Shatzer has committed to play collegiate hockey at Colorado College beginning with the Spring semester. Shatzer is a native of Denver and has a 6-0-1 record with a goals against average of 2,84 and .911 save percentage for the Elite team this season.

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USA Hockey / Page 59

USA Hockey Announces Olympic Rosters NY Represented by One Woman; Five Men


hen the world turns on the 2014 Olympic Ice Hockey competition, New Yorkers can be very proud of Josephine Pucci, Jimmy Howard, Brooks Orpik, Kevin Shattenkirk, Dustin Brown, Ryan Callahan and Patrick Kane. Pucci is from Pearl River and plays for Harvard University. She is a 5’8” forward who shoots right. She played in the Four Nations Cup for the past four years and in the IIHF Women’s World Championship twice. Her career stats as a member of the National Team, 38 games played, is 4 goals and 14 assists. As a member of the Harvard squad she has played in 88 games with 22 goals and 38 assists. Pucci was a member of the U.S. Women’s National U22 team for the 2010 U22 Series; a threetime participant in the USA Hockey Women’s National Festival and attended the 2007 USA Hockey Player Development Camp. At the 2011 IIHF Twelve Nations Invitational Series she led tournament defensement with nine assists in seven games. Pucci was named one of the three captains for the 2012-13 season but withdrew from Harvard of the ECAC Hockey for a year due to a concussion. She is serving as captain this season. As a junior she was nominated for the Patty Kazmaier Memorial Award and named to the New England Writers All-Star Team. In her soph-

omore year she led team defensemen with 25 points (12-13) and was ranked sixth among the nation’s blueliners by averaging 0.83 points per game. The Choate Rosemary Hall (Conn.) graduate was a four-year member of the varsity hockey team and served as Captain in her senior year. She was named MVP in both her junior and senior years and led the team to the 2008 Founders League Championship. Pucci was a member of the Mid Fairfield Connecticut Stars that captured a second in 2005 and a third in 2008 and 2009 at the USA Hockey Girls’ National Championships. She also played softball and soccer at Choate, serving as captain of the softball team in her senior year. She is the daughter of Victor and Ursula Pucci and has two sisters, Samantha and Victoria. Jimmy Howard is a goaltender with the Detroit Red Wings. He is a native of Syracuse. Howard has played for USA Hockey at the

Men’s U18 World Championship in 2002; World Juniors in 2003 and Men’s Worlds in 2012. Brooks Orpik was born in Buffalo. He played for Boston College and currently is a member of the Pittsburgh Penquins. As a member of Team USA he played in the World Juniors, Men’s World Championship and on the 2010 silver medal Olympic team. Kevin Shattenkirk, New Rochelle, is a member of the St. Louis Blues NHL Team. He played for Boston College, the Lake Erie Monsters and as a member of the USA men’s team in the Men’s U18 World Championship (2007), World Junior Championship (2009) and Men’s World Championship (2011). Dustin Brown comes from Ithaca and is a member of the Los Angeles Kings. He was a member of the silver medal 2010 Olympic team and has made four appearances in the Men’s World Championships and in two World Junior Championships. Prior to playing with the Kings he played for the Manchester Monarchs and the Guelph Storm. Rochester native Ryan Callahan is playing his pro career with the New York Rangers. Callahan was also a member of the 2010 silver medal Olympic Team and played in the 2005 World Junior Championship. Prior to the Rangers he played four seasons with the Guelph Storm and played parts of two seasons with the Hart-

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USA Hockey / Page 60



ford Wolfpack. Buffalo native Patrick Kane plays for the Stanley Cup Champion Chicago Blackhawks. He has made Team USA appearances at the Men’s U18 World Championship in 2006 earning a gold medal; a bronze medal at the 2007 World Championships and a silver medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics. He began his career as a member of the 2004-05 US National U17 team, 2005-06 US U18 team and the London Knights before joining the Blackhawks in 2007. Kane is the reigning Conn Smythe Trophy winner currently leading the scoring race with 23-30-53. . The U.S. Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey Team has medaled in all four Olympic appearances to date (gold-1998, silver-2002 and 2010, bronze-2006) ... The 2014 U.S. Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey Team is under the direction of General ManShattenkirk ager Reagan

Carey (Colorado Springs, Colo.) ... Katey Stone (Arlington, Mass.) was named head coach on June 8, 2012, and will be the first female to serve as head coach of a U.S. Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey Team . The women open play on February 8 against Finland. They will then play Switzerland on February 10; Canada on February 12 followed by the Quarterinals on February 15; Semi-finals on February 17 and the Bronze game at 8 a.m. (ET) on February 20 and Gold Medal Game at 1 p.m. (ET) the same day. Coverage of the 2014 U.S. Women’s Olympic Team can be found on, as well as on the U.S. Women’s National Team’s Facebook page and on Twitter at @usahockey. . Dan Bylsma, head coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins, is the head coach of the 2014 U.S. Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey Team, with Peter Laviolette, Todd Richards, head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets, and Tony Granato, assistant coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins, serving as assistant coaches The men’s team has two gold medals, 8 silver and 1 bronze. The men’s team will open play against Slovakia on February 13 followed by Russia on Feb. 15; Slovenia, Feb. 16. Quarterfinals will be played on February 19; Semis on February 21; Bronze game on February 22 and the Gold Medal game on February 23 at 7 a.m. (ET).

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High School Hockey / Page 61

(Continued from Page 56)

He was named the Atlantic Hockey Association Rookie of the Week for the week ending December 15th after he extended his career-long unbeaten streak to six games, by stopping 34 of 36 shots in a 2-2 tie against Niagara in front of 4,760 fans at Frontier Field in Rochester as part of RIT’s first ever outdoor game. Webster native Dan Schuler was named Atlantic Hockey Player of the Week for the period ending November 24th after scoring five goals over three games. Freshman defenseman Todd Skirving was named Atlantic Hockey Conference Rookie of the Month for November after tallying nine points on three goals and six assists in six games. He scored his first collegiate goal in a 4-2 win over Robert Morris on November 9th. He was also AHA Rookie of the Week for the period ending November 24th. Mike Colavecchia enters the second half just two points from 100 career. Garrett McMullen (Churchville-Chili) scored his first two collegiate goals December 7th against AIC) while

Brandon Thompson and Danny Smith scored their first collegiate goals against St. Lawrence November 23rd. The team travels to UConn and Bentley the first two weekends of January in key battles of teams ahead of or tied with them.

OTHER: ...Bentley senior goaltender Branden Komm (Williamsville) was named Atlantic Hockey Goaltender of the Month for November after helping Bentley finish the month on a four-game unbeaten streak (3-0-1). Starting with a shutout of UConn on Nov. 15, Komm has allowed just six goals in the last four games for a 1.46 GAA, while making 115 saves for a .950 save percentage. He has started every game for Bentley this season and ranked third in Atlantic Hockey in GAA (2.69) and second in save percentage (.919). He was also goaltender of the week for the period ending December 15th after he made 42 saves to help Bentley knock off Boston University 4-1 on the road. The win was the 36th of his career, breaking the school record in place since 1984.

New York State Girls High School Hockey Standings As of January 1, 2014

Section III

Section VII

Oswego Skaneateles Alexandria Bay Ithaca

Lake Placid Beekmantown Albany Academies Saranac Lake

Section VI--WNYGVIH Kenmore Lancaster/Iroquois Monsignor Martin Williamsville Amherst/Sweethome Nichols Orchard Park/Frontier West Seneca

Section X Canton Potsdam Massena Salmon River St. Lawrence

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High School Hockey / Page 62

New York State Boys High School Hockey Standings As of January 1, 2014

SECTION I WRPDIIHL Conference A Hendrick Hudson Pawling Yorktown Brewster WRPDIIHL Conference B Pelham Mamaroneck New Rochelle Scarsdale ETB White Plains Sleepy/Irvington/Dobbs WRPDIIHL Conference II Ryetown/Harrison Mt. Pleasant Rye Ossining Byram Hills Fox Lane Horace Greeley WRPDIIHL Conference III North Rockland Sufferin Pearl River Clarkstown Nyack/Tappan Zee Section I Division I Suffern North Rockland White Plains New Rochelle Scarsdale Mahopac Clarkstown

Mamaroneck Lakeland/Penas Nyack/Tappan Zee Section I Division II Somers/N Salem Pearl River John Jay Cross River Hendrick Hudson Pelham Horace Greeley Pawling Yorktown Ryetown/Harrison Mt. Pleasant Carmel Brewster Rye Byram Hills ETB Sleepy/Irvington/Dobbs Ossining Fox Lane


(Capital District) Saratoga LaSalle Bethlehem GF-HF-SGF Shenendehowa Niskayuna/Schenetady Burnt Hills/Ballston Spa CBA Shaker/Colonie Guild/Hohon/S-G

SECTION III Division II American Coference Skaneateles Auburn

Whitesboro Christian Brothers Acad. National Conference Clinton New Hartford Oswego Cazenovia Ontario Bay Division I American Conference Syracuse West Genesee Watertown IHC Fayetteville-Manlius Fulton National Conference Rome Free Academy Baldwinsville Liverpool Mohawk Valley Cicero-North Syracuse

SECTION IV Divsion I Ithaca


Division I Pittsford Athena/Odyssey Fairport Schroeder Brighton/ER/HFL Penfield Rush Henrietta Division II Aquinas Irondequoit Canandaigua Victor

Thomas Arcadia/Olympia Geneva/Waterloo Division III Churchville-Chili Hilton Spencerport Gates-Chili Brockport Batavia Notre Dame of Batavia Geneseo/Livonia


Division I Niagara Wheatfield Williamsville North Canisius Bishop Timon-St. Jude St. Joseph Frontier Clarence Orchard Park Lancaster Division II Kenmore East Williamsville East West Seneca East Hamburg Grand Island West Seneca West Sweet Home Williamsville South

Catholic High School Hockey League of WNY A Division Chaminade Msg. Farrell Fordham Prep

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High School Hockey / Page 63

St. Anthony Holy Cross St. Mary St. Joseph Iona Prep


Champlain Valley Athletic Conference

B Division Xavier St. Edmund Prep Stepinac St. Francis Prep St. Peter Xaverian Mt. St. Michael/St.Raymond

NCCS Beekmantow PHS Saranac Lake Saranac Lake Placid

JV Division St. Joseph Chaminade Iona Prep St. Anthony Msgr. Farrell Fordham Prep

Division I Massena Canton Potsdam Salmon River

WNY HIGH SCHOOL CLUB Varsity Red Cheektowaga Canisius St. Joes Maroon Starpoint Iroquois Lancaster City honors/Cardinal O’hara Jamestown Varsity White Depew South Park/Riverside Southwestern/Maple Grove Olean Hutch-Tech East Aurora Orchard Park White Eden/Lakeshore White Varsity Blue Dunkirk/Fredonia


Williamsville East’s Casey Charlton (Photo by Janet Schultz)

St. Joes B Maryvale Eden/Lakeshore Blue Wilson/Newfane Williamsville Orchard Park blue Niagara Catholic Pioneer/Springville JV Small Grand Island JV Depew Wildcats JV Wilson/Newfane JV Lewport JV City Honors JV Starpoint JV

Division II Northwood-Norfolk Ogdensburg Malone St. Lawrence Thousand Island/Alex Tupper Lake

Anyone from these Conferences and/or High Schools are asked to send stories, scores, outstanding players, revised standings and photos to

JV Large Kenmore West JV Ithaca JV Dunkirk /Fredonia JV T-NT JV Jamestown JV Niagara Falls JV Lockport JV

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NYS Tournaments / Page 64

2013-14 NYS Tournament* Schedule (We have compiled this list from your emails, websites and NYSAHA site. If your tournament is not listed and you wish to do so, please email us at or

CENTRAL Center State Pee Wee AA Travel and B House January 10-12 Bantam January 18-20 Squirt AA Travel and B House February 14-16 Mite Shamrock Shootout March 15-16 Cortland Youth Hockey Fire On Ice Tournament February 28 - March 2 Mite, Red, White, Blue and Tyke Onondaga Tournaments King of the Rink January 17 - 20, 2014 thunder Rumble Tournament March 14-16

Squirt Travel, Pee Wee Travel and Bantam Travel 31st Annual Novelis Invitational January 24-26, 2014 Squirt, Pee Wee, Bantam house level teams Second Annual Girl Power Invitational, January 31-February 2 8U, 10U, 12U teams 24th Annual Port of Oswego Authority Mites Invitational February 14-16 Mites, (3 Divisions) Salmon River House Invitational Squirt January 18-19 Bantam February 1-2 Midget February 15-16 PeeWee March 1-2 Mite March 15-16

Rome Roy Austin Mite February 8-9 Oswego 25th Annual John”Maggie” Mulkerin Invitational Tournament January 22-24 Midget 16U Travel and Midget House B

Schenectady i 2014 Shatterpoint Tournament for Squirts -- March 7-9 Pee Wees -- March 14-16. Go to for details

19th Annual Oswego Power Play Invitational January 17-20

Whitestown Youth Hockey Mark Mowers PeeWee and Bantam House Tournament: Jan. 24th

- 26th Rob Esche Squirt Travel & House Tournament: Feb. 7th - 9th Bob Mercurio Extreme Freeze Mite Tournament: March 7th - 9th

EAST Brewster Martin Luther King Day, Jan. 20 Presidents Day, Feb. 17 March TBA These are for beginner novice teams following the ADM Model. Go to Brewster’s website for registration information.

NORTH Saratoga Mark Woodcock Pee Wee Tournament, Jan 10-12 Connor La France Squirt/Midget 18U Tournament, Jan. 17-19, 2014 Go to More information on page xx of NYHOL.

WEST Jamestown Lakers Mid-Winter Classic, February 15-17. The Mite Division is full ice. This is for Mites, Squirts, Pee Wee and Bantam teams. for information.

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NYS Tournaments / Page 65

Or call 716-969-7192. Niagara Junior Purple Eagles Patriot Day Tournament February 14-17 For information on both email Tournamentdirector@ Perinton Youth Hockey 24th Annual House Spring Tournament 2013/14 House A and B Teams In memory of Willard “Bud” Parker Jr. A Division: February 28 - March 2, 2014 B Division: March 7 -9, 2014 Thomas Creek Ice Arena, Fairport Contact Roger Salmons, Tri County Youth Hockey 13th Annual David Bidelow Memorial Tournament March 19-23, 2014 Mite B, Mite A, Squirt B, Squirt A, Pee Wee B, Pee Wee A Held at the SUNY Brockport Ice Arena Includes Saturday Skills Competition (like the NHL) Light/Music/MC show for Championship Sunday Coaches Game Go to for more information and registration. Buffalo Stars Niagara Falls Classic Hockey Tournament March 21-23 Hyde Park Ice Arena Open to Midget U15 AA; U16 AA and AAA; 18U AA

Email us your tournament information: or

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