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WELCOME. The New York Community Trust brings together individuals, families, foundations, and businesses to support nonprofits that make a difference. Whether we’re celebrating our commitment to LGBTQ New Yorkers—as this cover does—or working to find promising solutions to complex problems, we are a critical part of our community’s philanthropic response.





Why The Trust? In 2018, we asked our donors, why us? Here’s what they said.





I value my ability to use appreciated equities to fund gifts to many different charities.” ______________________

I chose The Trust because I wanted to support my community— New York City. My parents set an example of supporting charity and teaching me to save, which led me to having appreciated stock, which I used to start my donoradvised fund.” ______________________

‘‘ ‘‘

My accountant suggested The Trust because of its excellent tools for administering donations. Although my interest was driven by practical considerations, I eventually realized what an important role it plays in the City.” ______________________

‘‘ ‘‘

The Trust simplified our charitable giving.” ______________________ A donor-advised fund at The Trust was the ideal solution for me and my family.”


‘‘ ‘‘

The need to fulfill the charitable goals of a dear friend at the end of his life sent me to The Trust. It was a great decision.” ______________________


Philanthropy is a family tradition and priority. My parents communicated to us the imperative, reward, and pleasure in it.” ______________________


I wanted to give back, so I opened a fund in memory of my grandmother and great-grandmother.”





Our initial gift to The Trust was income tax driven, not personality driven. (You wanted me to be honest, right?)” ______________________

Having a donoradvised fund has given me great pleasure.”

‘‘ ‘‘

I sold the company and learned of charitable and tax advantages by giving some of the proceeds to The Trust.”

EXPERTISE ______________________


These are people who truly care about our communities and the work they do. They try to help, no matter the situation.” ______________________


I am aware of The Trust by reputation, and I would recommend it to anyone for its expert assistance.”

‘‘ ‘‘

Table of Contents FROM 2 AOURWORD DONORS

______________________ I feel privileged to be able to give away dollars to people and organizations that will benefit from my philanthropy.”




We use The Trust to support organizations that are meaningful to us and have an impact on making the world a better place.” ______________________


As a long-term staff member, I understand the Trust’s important role in NYC philanthropy.”

Quotes from our 2018 Donor Survey have been edited for clarity.







Bridging Our Divides

Valerie S. Peltier, chair


Lorie A. Slutsky, president

atching the news or scrolling through social media, it’s easy to feel frustrated or pessimistic. It is hard to ignore the different voices exploiting the fissures in our society both locally and across the country. At The New York Community Trust, we prefer to concentrate our energy on the positive work by our neighbors and colleagues on those issues that bind all of us together. Despite the noisy and divisive rhetoric, New Yorkers continue to lead by example. Through both tragedy and triumph, we know that we find common ground and the capacity to rise above our differences by addressing what really matters to our communities. We are far stronger than competing ideologies that some would use to divide us. We are proud stewards of a legacy of compassion, hope and understanding. Community has been part of our name and central to our mission for almost 100 years. Through the Depression, World War II, the turbulent ’60s, the tragedy of 9/11, the Great Recession, Superstorm Sandy, and the recent immigration crisis—we have been at the vanguard to help New Yorkers heal wounds and reach new heights. The Trust is honored to support the City’s diverse, experienced nonprofits and work with them to identify and solve New York’s most pressing problems. Integral to



these efforts is our close partnership with elected officials, the business community, and other charitable foundations. These partnerships, which combine our resources and expertise, enable The Trust to provide grants with maximum impact. We are pleased this report features The Trust’s work over the past 50 years helping LGBTQ New Yorkers fight for equality. Through the days following the 1969 Stonewall riots, the AIDS epidemic, the campaign for marriage equality, and our current efforts, highlighted in the following pages, we offer just one example of how The New York Community Trust provides the leadership to build a more equitable and livable New York. Our agenda is broad—improving the quality of life for all New Yorkers. In 2018, we approved $162 million in grants to educate all of our children, improve access to medical care, house and feed the poor, nourish the arts, protect our environment, and so much more. Our work is made possible by generous New Yorkers who have come to The Trust for generations to carry out their philanthropy. Whether they are passionate about a specific cause or simply committed to making New York a better place to live and work, it is our donors and the organizations we fund, who give us hope for a more civil and caring future. n


Chair Valerie Peltier meets with a student at P.S. 31, an elementary school on the north shore of Staten Island. Trust board and staff members sat in on a literacy program developed and expanded with funding from our Brooke Astor Fund for New York City Education.








in New York

ong before the Lady on our cover of June 28, 1969, the police raided the Stonewall Inn, a graced New York Harbor, our City popular Greenwich Village gay bar. This time, the patrons welcomed immigrants from all over the fought back. The raid sparked days of confrontations with world seeking freedom, escape from law enforcement. persecution, and a better life. Americans The Stonewall riots were a tipping point, inspiring who felt like outsiders in their places of the LGBTQ community to organize and fight for birth also flocked to New York, where equality. While there is still much work to do, great our diversity has allowed them—not progress has been made as we observe the 50th without struggle—to find communities anniversary of Stonewall. Laws prohibiting homosexual in which they could feel welcome. activity have been eliminated, and same-sex couples can LGBTQ people were among those “outsiders.” marry in all 50 states. Fifty years ago, it was unthinkFor nearly 100 years, The able for them to walk hand in New York Community Trust For nearly 100 years, hand, marry, or adopt a child. has worked to improve the It was inconceivable that they quality of life for all who live The New York Community would ever be able to live openhere, supporting nonprofits ly, free from stigma and disthat offer services and advocacy Trust has worked to improve crimination. Back then, there for the young, the elderly, the quality of life for all who weren’t many places where and families; veterans, artists, LGBTQ people could socialize. immigrants, the unemployed; live here, and we have been New York had laws prohibiting and people who are poor, them from gathering in pubdisabled, and homeless. funding programs benefiting lic spaces, and there was even And we, along with our a criminal statute permitting Westchester and Long Island LGBTQ New Yorkers police to arrest people wearing divisions, have been funding for decades. clothing of the opposite sex. programs benefiting LGBTQ In the early morning hours New Yorkers for decades. CONTINUED ON PAGE 9




internship at the Brooklyn Community Pride Center, Ivelisse “Ivy” Frias went on to help win passage of New York’s Gender Expression NonDiscrimination Act. In 2018, Ivy left the state for the first time to advocate for transgender rights in Washington, D.C.



TRUST DONORS FRANK DECOLATOR AND TED WOLF ON GIVING FRANK: I can’t ever imagine a life without New York, and so I’d like to help the people who live here. TED: A friend at one of the New York banks recommended The Trust as an organization that would carry out our charitable wishes. We did our due diligence and were happy with what we found. FRANK: We set up our fund in The Trust at the height of the AIDS epidemic, when friends were dying. We want the money to be used to benefit whatever fronts need it in the war against inequality, so we defined it broadly. We made it clear to The Trust that it should use the fund for advocacy and other support of gay and lesbian issues and concerns. These include, but are not limited to, health, free expression, human rights, and promotion of social acceptance. TED: It would be wonderful if we didn’t need a Human Rights Campaign, an American Civil Liberties Union, or a Lambda Legal, but we do. Francis X. “Frank” Decolator II is a retired television producer. C. Theodore “Ted” Wolf is a retired risk management officer. Read more of their story at nycommunitytrust.org.



The nonprofits we’ve supportThese were not charities The Trust was there in ed have helped young people people wanted to support.” find jobs, provided legal serToday, queer culture has the early days of the AIDS vices to those who have been entered the mainstream. Gay epidemic. The first case of discriminated against, created people are anchoring network more affordable housing, and news, starring on TV shows, AIDS in the country was run programs to prevent bullyand appearing in all manner ing in schools. They’ve offered of advertising. They head identified in 1981, quickly competent, culturally sensitive Fortune 500 companies, serve followed by a deluge of health and mental health seras judges, and hold elected vices, advocated for legalization office. One might think all others. We made two grants of same-sex marriage, and won is well, but in too many asylum for immigrants perseareas of everyday life—from in 1983 to support HIV cuted for their sexual identities. employment to health care— The Trust was there in LGBTQ people struggle. research and health services the early days of the AIDS epiThe Trust has stepped for patients and demic. The first case of AIDS in to ease the struggle in the country was identified and provide crucial early their families. in 1981, quickly followed by a support to nonprofits best deluge of others. We made two suited to help. The breadth grants in 1983 to support HIV of grantmaking to LGBTQ research and health services for patients and their famipeople demonstrates how The New York Community lies. Six years later, The Trust launched the New York City Trust meets changing needs. AIDS Fund with the National Community AIDS Partnership; it worked with local foundations to develop an WINNING MARRIAGE EQUALITY effective response to the deadly disease. The Trust helped the Empire State Pride Agenda That 25-year, nearly $25 million effort brought Foundation mount an early campaign to advocate for sustained attention and coordinated services to a legislation to allow gay marriage in New York. The population no one wanted to acknowledge. Agenda educated the clergy, business leaders, and unions The Trust’s long-term commitment to helping the about the importance of LGBTQ community also attracted donors who created marriage for gay men and funds in their wills to support this work in perpetuity. lesbians. Our grants to Living donors like Joseph Arena and his spouse, Dr. Immigration Equality let gay Thomas D’Eletto, began working with The Trust in and lesbian immigrants join 1997 to make strategic grants about causes they care the fight for marriage equality about—health care, the elderly, veterans, and the as they sought the right to LGBTQ community. apply for citizenship based Joseph Arena’s interest in philanthropy began on marriage. in the early 1980s, when he volunteered at the Gay Polls showed increasing Men’s Health Crisis. “When AIDS hit, I had to do popular support for the something,” he explains. “My focus on HIV/AIDS grew cause, and in 2011, the to a larger perspective on gay health care. Back then, State finally approved gay it was difficult to raise money for gay organizations. marriage—four years

HONORING HISTORY: A Metro New York City article highlighted our work to preserve LGBTQ historic sites, putting a spotlight on these important landmarks.



before the nation followed suit. And a Trust grant to the New York Civil Liberties Union helped LGBTQ New Yorkers understand their new rights.

IMPROVING HEALTH CARE Figuring out how to pay the doctor or the hospital is a major concern for almost all Americans. Some LGBTQ New Yorkers, many of whom are uninsured, have limited resources and are loath to disclose their sexual orientation to providers. The result is poorer health outcomes and social isolation. We helped create Callen-Lorde Community Health Center more than two decades ago. Today it provides primary care, behavioral health, and dental services to 18,000 LGBTQ patients in Manhattan and the Bronx. Recent grants have helped Callen-Lorde establish its Health Outreach to Teens (HOTT) program to serve the increasing number of homeless LGBTQ teens and plan a new location in Brooklyn. New York City’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center is a haven for the more than 6,000 people who come through its doors each week. It offers the LGBTQ community health, wellness, and counseling services as well as a variety of other programs. With Trust support, the Center developed the only State-licensed outpatient substance-abuse treatment center specifically designed for LGBTQ youth. In an ambitious project The Trust recently funded, Callen-Lorde and the Center co-located a portion of their behavioral health and substance abuse services. “LGBTQ New Yorkers now have expanded access to services,” says the Center’s executive director, Glennda Testone. “But there is also great exposure to drugs, alcohol, and other obstacles to success. People who face discrimination and bias are particularly vulnerable, making the support and services we provide all the more crucial.”

HELPING YOUNG AND OLD About 150,000 young people in the U.S. publically identify as transgender. Daily life for them can be a struggle, from lack of acceptance at school to threats of violence. Supported by the Westchester Community

Foundation, Westchester Jewish Community Services started TransParentcy six years ago to help trans youth and their parents or guardians deal with an often hostile world. The agency also runs Pride Camp, a week-long summer program where young people learn leadership and communications skills. The Long Island Community Foundation assists groups such as Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth (LIGALY), part of the LGBT Network, which helps build the power of gay-straight alliance (GSA) clubs— student-run organizations that offer space for friendship, activism, support, and safety. LIGALY has established more than 125 GSAs and presented its bullying intervention workshop in almost every school district on Long Island. “These workshops empower young people to speak up when they witness bullying,” says Robert Vitelli, COO of the LGBT Network. “They learn how prompt intervention, done right, can put a quick stop to it.” The workshops include training for teachers, counselors, and administrators. At the other end of the age spectrum is Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE), which benefited from Trust support at a critical juncture in 2006. “We were finding our way, and our finances were shaky,” says SAGE CEO Michael Adams. “The Trust grants provided financial stability and enabled us to develop a strategic plan. If not for The Trust, we wouldn’t be here today.” SAGE has become the go-to organization on LGBTQ aging issues on a national level. Here in New York, it provides a range of health and social services to 5,000 LGBTQ elders across the City.

JOBS AND HOMELESSNESS A few years ago, Floyd Rumohr, CEO of the Brooklyn Community Pride Center, came to us to discuss creating internships for LGBTQ youth. The result was Pride Path, a place where young people learn workplace skills and habits through coaching and classes, and then are placed in internships to help them find jobs. “The skills I learned as a Pride Path intern are helping me succeed in my new job as a peer advocate at the New York Transgender Advocacy Group,” says CONTINUED ON PAGE 12



TRANS-PARENTING: Spirit Goodwin,

center, and their parents, Elijah Goodwin and Katherine Hannon, were part of a support group led by Westchester Jewish Community Services’ program for trans teens and their families. Spirit says, “Center Lane is my safe place. From the moment I first attended TransParentcy, I felt warm and welcomed, and was able to have a community of my own.”

GROUP BONDING: Our Long Island

Community Foundation has helped make schools safer and more welcoming to LGBTQ students through its funding of gay-straight alliances on local campuses. Here, Carolina Acon sings with Charlie Solidum at a karaoke night organized by the LGBT Network.





Hetrick-Martin Institute provides community, basic needs, health, education, arts and culture, and career services to thousands of LGBTQ youth every year. Here, some of its clients improvise in a dance class. From left, Dominick Spies, Maxx Kpojour, Tianaa Watson, and Tahj Mahal.



‘THE DARNED CLUB’: Photographer Alice Austen (left) with friends

in 1891 on the lawn of her home, now a museum funded by The Trust. The tight-knit group was dubbed “The Darned Club” by detractors, but the group reclaimed the name and owned it.

FROM THE ARCHIVES: With funding from The Trust, the New York

Public Library is sharing its trove of LGBTQ photographs. Here, Marsha P. Johnson hands out flyers for support of gay students at NYU in 1970. Photo by Diana Davies

Photo courtesy of the Collection of Historic Richmond Town

former participant Ivelisse Frias. “I have confidence because of all I learned.” Good jobs are essential to living in a city as expensive as New York. Our homeless population continues to burgeon, and shockingly, some 40 percent of the City’s homeless youth are LGBTQ. Many find help at Manhattan’s Hetrick-Martin Institute, either as drop-ins or through an outreach program funded by The Trust. Once there, they are evaluated for needed services, taken to safe, temporary housing, and helped to get off the streets permanently. A unique feature of a community foundation like The Trust is its ability to connect living donor’s interests to promising projects. One donor wanted to provide scholarships for LGBTQ youth. We advised him to recommend a grant to Hetrick-Martin to provide scholarships to young homeless people to go back to school and get into college. “The Trust understands that it’s all about education,” says Hetrick-Martin CEO Thomas Krever. “The long-term solution to homelessness and poverty isn’t just a roof over your head—it’s getting a degree and finding meaningful work.”

SHARING HISTORY We help bring the City’s rich history to life with historic preservation grants highlighting the LGBTQ community’s contributions in New York and throughout the U.S. With our support, NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project identifies historically significant locations in the City that illustrate important moments in the LGBTQ civil rights movement and contributions of LGBTQ New

Yorkers. One of the locations, the Alice Austen House on Staten Island, is the family home of—and a historic house museum dedicated to—this pioneering lesbian photographer whose images reveal turn-of-the-century gay and lesbian life. And we are helping document the LGBTQ movement with a grant to plan for the American Museum of LGBTQ History & Culture. Coming full circle, we’ve marked the 50th anniversary of Stonewall with grants to let the New York Public Library share its archive chronicling the history of the gay, lesbian, and transgender community nationally, and to the Stonewall 50 Consortium, a group of more than 200 agencies that is coordinating events marking the anniversary. “The 50th anniversary is a pivotal moment for LGBTQ communities to reflect on our past and envision our future,” says Jason Baumann, curator of the Stonewall exhibit. “We are so eager to see the faces of visitors who will see their history and the history of their movement reflected on the walls of this major public institution.”

LOOKING FORWARD The Trust and its Long Island and Westchester divisions have a proud history of tackling many of New York’s most intractable problems. Our donors have stood with us, providing invaluable resources for unpopular causes and for issues that need unflagging commitment, even when ready solutions are nowhere in sight. We have learned that persistence ultimately brings needed change. That truth is particularly evident in the progress that has been made by the LGBTQ community. We remain dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing and success of all New York’s “outsiders.” n 2018 ANNUAL REPORT




Time Well Spent: Pat Jenny Reflects on her Years at The Trust 2018 marked an end of an era. Patricia J. Jenny ended a successful 35-year career at The Trust, first as a program officer and then, for the last 6 years, as vice president for grants. Overseeing a $50 million competitive grants portfolio, she proved adept at seeing strategic opportunities not obvious to others. She also helped build an exceptional team of grantmakers as devoted as she to making New York City a better place.

Pat Jenny

As you look back over your career at The Trust, what are some of your proudest accomplishments? Overall, I have taken the greatest satisfaction in using the resources entrusted to us to make positive change, whether through an effective set of programs for a group of people, a new law that creates opportunities or protects a community from harm, or instituting better approaches in a field of practice. As a foundation, we can’t measure our success by a bottom line like for-profit organizations. Instead, we ask, “Are we making a difference?” I am also proud to have supported a talented and diverse team of grantmakers who know how to leverage each other’s knowledge in particular fields to create a comprehensive program. With a grant program as broad as ours, covering issues from health care to public school education to the arts, we have been able to act as a team, keeping each other informed, and looking for opportunities to approach problems in a multifaceted way.

What advice do you have for your colleagues? Stay humble: The knowledge and talent needed to solve problems are in the field. Foundation staff are the bankers, and it’s a powerful and privileged position. But the real heroes are the leaders in the community. Keep your eye on the big picture: Progress in our


nycommunitytrust.org NYCOMMUNITYTRUST.ORG

business is made over time, with series of grants. No single investment or institution can claim credit, and the issues we address are complex and overlapping. Having a strategy or a road map is important. Find partners: A hallmark of The Trust, and an interest of mine throughout my time in philanthropy, has been collaboration. It is very difficult to tackle most of the systemic challenges we address alone. As public charities that focus on a particular place, community foundations like The Trust are an ideal home for funder networks and collaborative grantmaking. I have had the privilege of leading such a group focused on workforce development; my colleagues tackle public education, immigration, arts equity, early childhood, foster care, and our newest effort—ensuring a successful 2020 Census.

What will you miss about working here? We are at the center of a lot that happens in New York City, and I will miss the information flow and ability to get involved in any number of groups or issues or projects. It’s always interesting. It is most difficult to stop being an active participant in this community. Every job has its balance of fun and exciting moments and hard work. In the end, the satisfaction of this job comes from having a sense of mission: We are lucky to spend our time helping to make our City, State, and region a better place. But mostly I will miss the people—my colleagues in the office, at other foundations, in the nonprofits that we support. I have been inspired by their commitment, talent, and determination. n

ON THE MOVE: For West African, Afro-

Caribbean, Brazilian, and Reggae dance classes in Brooklyn, Cumbe: Center for African and Diaspora Dance is the place. A grant from The Trust is helping this group market and rebuild its student base after its recent move to the art center of Bedford-Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation.




AND TEENS PATHWAY TO BETTER FUTURES: East Side House Settlement in the South Bronx is working to build an alternate route for young people who need a second chance to complete their high school educations. Last year, 129 students (including the young woman pictured) from three transfer high schools completed the Post-Secondary Pathway program, and many now have jobs or are in college. With our latest grant, East Side House is bringing its program to 250 more students in eight transfer schools.

HIGH-PAYING TECH JOBS: The technology sector is driving the City’s economy and people with coding skills are in high demand. The Knowledge House helps young people of color from six Bronx public high schools learn coding and web development, then places them in internships that can lead to high-paying jobs. With our grant, the group expanded its entry-level course to 10 Bronx high schools, increasing enrollment and internships, and building its network of employers.


Helping young people move their lives forward is our goal. To do this, we have to break through whatever is holding them back, while getting them the skills and education they need to get fulfilling, well-paying jobs.” RODERICK V. JENKINS | JOBS, WORKFORCE, AND YOUTH DEVELOPMENT




OPPORTUNITY PREPARING FOR KINDERGARTEN: Most residents of Sunset Park, Brooklyn are of Hispanic, Chinese, and Indian descent and don’t speak English at home. In 2012, Sunset Park Health Council began a program to improve child care and learning for young children and their families. With our grant, the council will help programs reach accreditation standards and train more early childhood teachers (including home-based providers like those shown here) to ensure the little ones in their care are ready for kindergarten.

IT TAKES A VILLAGE: When a child is put into foster care, studies show they fare far better with family members. Children’s Village, which provides and supports temporary care for nearly 500 foster children, is using our grant to place more kids with relatives, and to enlist and train more non-related families willing to help raise and nurture a child. At left, a former Children’s Village foster care resident with his wife and son.


The best part of my job is learning about and seeing the work of nonprofits across the City that ensure children—from toddlers in pre-school to young people leaving foster care—have the care, support, and resources they need to be happy, successful adults.” NATASHA LIFTON | HUMAN SERVICES 2018 ANNUAL REPORT




Films to Inspire Action, photo by Alan Silfen; Artist Studios on Wheels, photo by Esther Robinson/Artbuilt

For many high school students, algebra is a difficult hurdle—but they have to pass it to graduate. In 2017, Urban Assembly worked with six schools to help students grasp the concepts, pass the algebra Regents exam, and move up to higher math classes. Our funding is helping add nine schools to the Algebra Success program, coach more teachers, and boost success rates.

FILLING THE “JUSTICE GAP”: Poor New Yorkers have Legal Aid; the rich can afford marketrate lawyers. For those in the middle, The Trust is funding the Court Square Law Project. The experimental program, working within CUNY Law School, hires recent graduates to represent those of modest means. Fees vary depending on clients’ income. The program not only fills part of the “justice gap,” but helps solve the problem of too many law graduates and too few jobs. The modest legal fees are already covering much of the program’s costs; CUNY will share its business plan with other law schools.


Many of our grants try to change systems to make New York more just, from changing public school curricula to match students’ needs and backgrounds to working with courts to get lawyers for people who otherwise would face legal problems on their own.” SHAWN V. MOREHEAD | EDUCATION AND HUMAN JUSTICE





FILMS TO INSPIRE ACTION: The Redford Center recognized the world needs hopeful films about our environment that stoke awareness and inspire change. A recent grant to the Center will allow six teams of diverse, up-andcoming filmmakers to work with mentors, and focus not just on environmental devastation but on what we can do to restore health to the planet. At left, filmmakers in the program learn how to work drone-mounted GoPro cameras on Bearclaw Peak in Utah.

ARTIST STUDIOS ON WHEELS: Four years ago, ArtBuilt designed, built, and deployed its first mobile artist studio at the Queens Museum in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Artists invited community members to create and perform works with themes of immigration, neighborhood change, and cultural heritage. With our support, ArtBuilt is bringing the magic of interactive public art to 10 more parks in all five boroughs, and expanding themes to sustainability and the environment.


The arts help us understand ourselves. Our grants focus on the ecosystem that underpins the arts in New York. We work to ensure students experience quality arts in schools, artists get paid for their work, community arts flourish, and residents and tourists experience the best our City has to offer.” KERRY MCCARTHY | ARTS AND HISTORIC PRESERVATION 2018 ANNUAL REPORT




Financing the Arts, Brooklyn United Live at La MaMa. Photo by Theo Cote; Green Roofs for Birds, Photo by Robert Ciardullo.

Local Initiatives Support Corporation, known as LISC, finances community centers, supermarkets, and housing in lowincome neighborhoods. Recently, its local program, LISC NYC, has focused on providing loans and technical assistance to borrowers developing affordable spaces for artists, artisans, manufacturers, and performance spaces, such as La MaMa Experimental Theater Club, at right. Working with Upstart Co-Lab, LISC is using our grant to encourage impact investors to help creative businesses thrive in New York City.

TRANSIT RIDERS UNITE: City subway and bus service is bogged down in delays and closures. The Riders Alliance is working to reverse the decline in our transit system by organizing riders to push for improvements. Last year, The Trust helped the Alliance win millions of dollars in funding for public transit. The Alliance also helped pass New York’s first-ever Fair Fares program for low-income riders, and won a plan to fix City buses. This year, our funding will help the Riders Alliance continue to fight for better public transportation.


Our City is at its best when communities have all the ingredients they need to thrive. These include open space, art, and opportunities to be civically engaged. And, of course, they need the basics like safe, affordable housing and transit. Trust grants ensure our neighborhoods have—and use—these vital elements.” PATRICIA SWANN | COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT




ENVIRONMENT GREEN ROOFS FOR BIRDS: Every spring and fall, millions of migrating birds wing their way over the City. They need green spaces where they can rest and fatten up on insects and plants—including on rooftops, such as the green landscape atop the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. But green roofs benefit more than birds. They soak up stormwater, filter and cool the air, and reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. With our latest grant, New York City Audubon coordinates work of the NYC Green Roof Researchers Alliance to further green roof science, production, education, and policy.

WIND FARMS AND MARINE LIFE: Offshore wind farms, with giant turbines bolted to the ocean floor, could supply huge amounts of renewable energy. But what effect do they have on marine life? With our grant, the National Wildlife Federation will negotiate with offshore wind farm developers to ensure ocean habitats aren’t harmed and migratory routes remain accessible to whales, seals, porpoises and other sea creatures. (At left, the nation’s first offshore wind farm off the coast of Block Island.)


One of the most rewarding things about working for The Trust is the opportunity to work with and learn from passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated environmental champions. Whether it is protecting children from lead pollution or preserving the web of life, our grantees are in the trenches every day, fighting to make the world a healthier, greener place.” ARTURO GARCIA-COSTAS | ENVIRONMENT 2018 ANNUAL REPORT




A Center for Aging Actors, photo by Jay Brady Photography; Expanding Drug Treatment, photo by Ari Mintz for The Trust

More than half a million City seniors live in poverty, even though many are eligible for public assistance. Some have difficulty completing applications, while others don’t know they are eligible. Benefits Data Trust is using our grant to help seniors apply for food stamps, housing and energy assistance, rent increase exemptions, Medicare programs, and other benefits. It is also working to make applications available online.

A CENTER FOR AGING ACTORS: A career onstage can be glamorous, but gigs aren’t guaranteed, and many retired entertainment professionals have little or no savings. The Actors Fund used our grant to renovate space in their midtown residences and opened the Waldman Living Room, a gathering place and education center for retired entertainers. Here, three seniors who participate at the center film a documentary about their “Me Too” experiences with sexual harassment during their careers.


We’re working to make sure everyone has access to New York’s social, cultural, and employment opportunities. That’s why we support inclusive arts programs, effective work training and placement for people with disabilities, and projects that make the City safer and more accessible for people with limited mobility.” RACHEL PARDOE | OLDER ADULTS AND PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES





EXPANDING DRUG TREATMENT: Staten Island has one of the highest opioid overdose rates in the City. Community Health Action of Staten Island (CHASI) operates the borough’s only 24-hour substance use resource and recovery center, which has worked with nearly 2,500 people since January 2017. But it’s bursting at the seams. Our grant is helping the center move to a much larger space down the street. At left, Trust board members sit in on a CHASI training covering peer support techniques—including how to use Naloxone, a medication that reverses an opioid overdose.

SUPPORT FOR THOSE WITH HIV/AIDS: Thanks to medical advances, much has changed since the early days of HIV/AIDS. But there’s still much to do. In 2018, the Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA) established a fund in The Trust, and asked us to design and carry out their grantmaking program. Together we made grants to 15 nonprofits helping people at risk of contracting and/or living with HIV/AIDS. One of the grantees, God’s Love We Deliver (at left), provides healthy and medically tailored meals to people with HIV and their families.


As part of my job, I get to recommend grants to support nonprofits doing critical, cutting-edge work to improve the City’s health using the more than 125 legacy gifts left to The Trust by donors for this purpose. Also, I get to see firsthand how our grantees make the City a healthier place for me and my fellow New Yorkers.” IRFAN HASAN | HEALTH AND BEHAVIORAL HEALTH 2018 ANNUAL REPORT




You Can Make a Difference: Today, Tomorrow, and Forever GIVING TO THE TRUST IS: EASY It takes very little paperwork. Most funds are established by a simple letter of agreement or a paragraph in a will. We work with people with every kind of philanthropic interest.


We do our homework, making sure that grants are made to well-run nonprofits doing important work.

DEDUCTIBLE Because The New York Community Trust is a public charity, donors get the maximum deductions allowed by law.

FROM JUNK BONDS TO JUVENILE JUSTICE Transforming a dark chapter on Wall Street into a force for good

In 1989, investment firm Drexel Burnham Lambert was forced into bankruptcy because of illegal activity in the junk bond market. The assets of the firm’s charitable foundation were transferred into a fund in The New York Community Trust dedicated to helping children, youth, and families. Since 1995, The Trust has used the Drexel Burnham Lambert Fund to help win major changes in New York State’s juvenile justice system. These victories include: raising the age of criminal responsibility, reducing suspensions in City schools, and helping young people with criminal records get jobs. We’ve also used the fund to help advocates win millions more in the City budget for arts education in schools.




Drexel Burnham Lambert Fund established


in 1995


$26,200,000 Grants given from the fund to nonprofits,

to date



Thousands of people who want to make a difference give to The New York Community Trust, which is a public charity. You, too, can feel the joy of smart giving.

Here are just a few examples of the many ways to work with us:

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you especially interested in education, human rights, or another area? You can create a field-ofinterest fund. We’ll make grants to effective nonprofits working in these fields. a donor-advised fund, you and anyone you appoint as an advisor can easily recommend organizations to receive grants. (Please note that by law, we cannot be bound by these recommendations, but we take them very seriously and approve grants to nonprofits that meet charitable and financial standards.) n With

Contact Gay Young or Marie D’Costa to learn more about our giving options, fees, and other aspects of giving to The Trust. We look forward to speaking with you. (212) 686-2564 or giving@nyct-cfi.org.



Market value of the fund as of December 31, 2018,

and growing


Created to educate and support young people and their families, the Drexel Burnham Lambert Fund has supported more than 900 organizations over the past 23 years, including PowerMyLearning, Global Action Project, and Youth Represent, pictured here.








am proud of the fact that anyone can set up a fund in The Trust. A few years ago, shattered over her brother’s death, a young Con Ed worker came to the office to set up a fund in his memory. I said, “It’s only $5,000.” She said, “I don’t have $5,000.” I told her we would set up the fund with the hope that she could build it to that amount over a few years.” She did, and today that more than $35,000 fund gives her enormous joy and continues in her brother’s name. Of course, I’ve also seen those with more significant assets experience the same joy. I have always been impressed with the generosity of New Yorkers. Among the highlights of my 35 years, one that really stands out is the creation of our September 11th Fund, which helped thousands of people NYCOMMUNITYTRUST.ORG affected by the attacks. I had a small television in

my office, and when the two planes crashed into the World Trade Center, it seemed as if the entire staff gathered around it. That very day, The Trust created the September 11th Fund with the United Way. We felt heartened because we were doing something, but we didn’t grieve fully until about two years later. Ultimately distributing more than $550 million to help New York recover from that tragic day allowed us the privilege of turning helplessness into action. I would tell my successors in this position to leave their egos at the door. It is not about you, it’s about The Trust, its generous donors, and the important work we can support together.” Robert Edgar is the former vice president for donor relations. He retired in 2018 after 35 years of dedicated service.





grew up in Kansas City. My parents didn’t have a lot of money, but they wanted to expose their kids to things they thought were important. For my 8th birthday, we saw a musical at the Starlight Theater called Plain and Fancy, about the Amish in Pennsylvania. I remember the barn-raising scene like it happened yesterday; it started a life of theater going. My husband, John Sanger, who passed away several years ago, shared my passion. I talked to my lawyer about setting up a fund related to introducing New York City students to Broadway musicals, and he suggested that I do it through The New York Community Trust. He said they would make the whole process of setting up the fund very easy, which I found to be true.

With The Trust’s help, I’ve established a fieldof-interest fund, The Doug Jones and John Sanger Theater Ticket Fund for Greater New York, to provide theater tickets to low- and middle-income students in the area who would be unlikely to have the experience without assistance. The Trust has treated me like family. They’ve shown an understanding of the passion I have for theater. And I smile when I realize that my fund will send thousands of New York City students into the heart of “The Great White Way” to see the very best of Broadway for generations to come.” Doug Jones is a former travel lecturer and travelogue producer. 2018 ANNUAL REPORT




Trust The Trust: Let Us Help You Help Your Clients


tudies show clients expect their advisors to offer expert guidance on charitable gifts in the course of financial or estate planning. But first, clients need to decide what they want to support, how to fund it, and whether to involve family members. Do they want to give now, make a deferred gift, leave a bequest, or a combination? Since 1924, we’ve been working with lawyers and financial advisors to help their clients with philanthropy. With our staff of experts, range of giving options, capacity to accept complicated assets, knowledge of community needs, and efficient management, The Trust is the right choice for thousands of generous New Yorkers. Contact us for a copy of our tax-exemption letter, fund information, and suggested wording to help draft the gift instrument. Donors can set up funds in either The New York Community Trust (NYCT) or in Community Funds, Inc. (CFI), our not-for-profit corporate affiliate. They share staff and a governing board, and file a combined IRS return. The IRS has classified us as “tax exempt” under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; as a “publicly supported” organization under Section 170(b) (1)(A)(vi); “not a private foundation” under Section 509(a)(1); and as a “community trust” under Treas. Reg. Sections 1.170A-9(e)(10) and (11). This status ensures donors the maximum tax benefit allowed by law. This also applies to our divisions, the Long Island Community Foundation and the Westchester Community Foundation.

CREATING A FUND IN THE NEW YORK COMMUNITY TRUST The Resolution and Declaration of Trust Creating “The New York Community Trust” (the R&D) details the powers and duties of the trustee bank, and our Distribution Committee (governing board). To set up a fund in trust, the founding document must incorporate the R&D by reference and the donor needs to select one of our trustee banks. Call or visit our website for a copy or a list of the 11 banks.

IN COMMUNITY FUNDS Community Funds, Inc. (CFI) is a New York not-forprofit corporation. The assets of a fund with CFI are managed by outside money managers and overseen by our staff and Investment Committee. Call or visit our website for a copy of our Certificate of Incorporation and bylaws.

IN OUR LONG ISLAND OR WESTCHESTER DIVISIONS The Long Island Community Foundation and the Westchester Community Foundation are divisions of Community Funds, so donors have the same options described above. See page 33 for contact information.


a change of circumstances makes literal compliance with the terms of the gift “unnecessary, undesirable, impractical, or impossible,” our governing body can change those terms. Donors are assured their gifts will remain useful forever. n We must review the terms of a fund before accepting it. n For

funds held in trust in The New York Community Trust, a co-trustee is not permitted.







any of our clients want to give generously to charity, and quite a few ask about starting a private foundation. Often I tell them it doesn’t make sense: You spend money administering it, you have to file annual tax returns, you’ve got to be on your toes about paperwork. Instead, I recommend starting a donoradvised fund in The New York Community Trust, or a bequest, or both. One very charitable family I work with realized they didn’t want the headaches of their own foundation so they have a large donor-advised

fund. With The Trust, it’s multi-generational—now their kids get to learn about giving back, too. The Trust vets donor-advised suggestions to make sure the nonprofit groups are reputable. The family already planned a bequest, as well. I’ve even had clients who just wanted advice on smart nonprofits, and The Trust impressed them with good advice. Who knows that part of New York better than The Trust?” Jay D. Waxenberg is a senior partner at Proskauer Rose LLP.





SHOW AND TELL: Vegetables taste

better when you’ve grown them yourself, and early healthy eating habits help prevent obesity. Here, elementary school students from Staten Island’s P.S. 31 proudly show slides to Trust donors, board, and staff members of their harvest from their school-side garden. This was funded by The Trust through a grant to the Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness.



The People Who Make It Work


e ask a lot of our board members. Not only do they provide guidance on meeting today’s urgent needs, but they also ensure our institution can meet tomorrow’s challenges head on. Twelve dedicated New Yorkers—selected for their judgment, integrity, and understanding of philanthropic needs—serve as the Distribution Committee of The Trust and as the Board of Directors of Community Funds, Inc. Six members are nominated by civic authorities representing the public: one by the Mayor of New York City; one by the Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit; one by the chairman of the Partnership for New York City; one by the chairman of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts; one each by the presidents of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York and the New York Academy of Medicine. The Distribution Committee selects five members, and the president of The Trust is a member by reason of office. The Committee meets five times a year. Subcommittees include Endowment, Finance, Audit, and Investment. The latter sets asset allocation, recommends investment managers and vehicles, and monitors investment performance. Meanwhile, the Fund Purposes and Suggestion Review subcommittees make sure we honor the intent of each donor’s philanthropy and review donors’ grant suggestions so they meet our guidelines. n













Managing Director, Tishman Speyer; Trustee and Chairman, of Buildings and Grounds Committee, American Museum of Natural History; Trustee, City Harvest; former Board Member: Visiting Nurse Service of New York, Harvard College Fund Executive Committee. Nominated by the Chairman of the Partnership for New York City.

Partner, Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP; Civilian Representative, NYPD Terrorism Committee; Federal Monitor, Westchester Fair Housing Case; former U.S. District Judge and Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of NY; Director: Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Federal Bar Council, Colin Powell School of the City College of NY, Legal Outreach; Member: Lincoln Center Education Committee, Innocence Project Lawyers’ Committee, Cornell Law School Dean’s Advisory Committee. Nominated by the Chief Judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.


Founder and Principal, Drake/ Anderson; Chairman, Alpha Workshops; Fellow, American Society of Interior Designers; Member: Parsons The New School for Design Board of Governors, Historic House Trust of New York Directors’ Council, Interior Design Hall of Fame; Honorary Trustee, Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club; former Co-Chairman, Furnish-aFuture Industry Committee. Nominated by the Mayor of the City of New York.

Chairman: Playwrights Horizons, Theatre Communications Group’s National Council for the American Theatre; Trustee: Mount Sinai Health System, Laurents/Hatcher Foundation, Collegiate School; Member: Tony Awards Administration Committee, American Theatre Wing Advisory Board, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs Advisory Commission; former President and Chairman, 92nd Street Y.


Former Director: Fannie Mae, AXA Financial, The Mainstay Funds; Chairman Emerita, The New York Community Trust; former Chairman, NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation; Member: Council on Foreign Relations, The Century Association, Women’s Forum (NY), All Star Code Advisory Committee.

President: The New York Community Trust, Community Funds, The James Foundation; Member, NYS Permanent Commission on Access to Justice; Trustee Emerita: Colgate University, The New School; former Director: AllianceBernstein LP, AXA Financial, Council on Foundations (Chairman), BoardSource (Chairman), Independent Sector. Member ex officio.

Partner, Smith Gambrell & Russell, LLP; President, NYC Bar Association; Member: Commercial Division Advisory Council, Board of Directors of the New York Bar Foundation; Referee, NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct; Vice President, United Neighborhood Houses. Nominated by the President of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York.

Former Executive Vice President, Secretary, and General Counsel, Ford Foundation; Board Member: International Center for Transitional Justice (Vice Chairman), Native Arts and Cultures Foundation, Youth Orchestra of the Americas; Member, Ford Foundation International Fellowships Program Advisory Council.



Professor of Clinical Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York-Presbyterian Hospital; former Director: American Board of Internal Medicine, New York Academy of Medicine. Nominated by the President of the New York Academy of Medicine.


Former Senior Managing Director, Blackstone; Trustee and Chair of Investment Committee, NightingaleBamford School; Board Member, Dartmouth College Dickey Center for International Understanding; Member: Council on Foreign Relations, Lenox Hill Hospital Executive Council, Northwell Health Foundation Board of Overseers.

Dale Akinla, II, Chair Hon. Joaquin F. Alemany James T. Ausili, Esq. Howard Goldstein Nancy Jasper Paul Jenkel Sarah Jones-Maturo Antoinette Klatzky Michael Markhoff, Esq. Jose A. Reynoso, J.D., LL.M Lee Van Allen Roberts Ruth Suzman Bradford J. Tito Karen J. Walsh, Esq. Laura Rossi, Esq. Executive Director (914) 948-5166 lrossi@wcf-ny.org wcf-ny.org

LONG ISLAND COMMUNITY FOUNDATION BOARD Patricia Galteri, Esq., Chair Patricia C. Marcin, Esq., Vice Chair Natalie Abatemarco Robert S. Barnett Janet M. Barone John T. DeCelle Nancy Engelhardt Roslyn D. Goldmacher Ira R. Halperin, Esq. Sandra Krasnoff James E. Meyer Edward C. Palleschi Claudia Pilato Phyllis Hill Slater Marc S. Wong David Okorn Executive Director (631) 991-8800 dmokorn@licf.org licf.org



Chairman: Lincoln Center Education; Vice Chairman, Monmouth Medical Center; Trustee, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts; former Senior Vice President, L.F. Rothschild, Unterberg, Towbin. Nominated by the Chairman of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.


Principal, Geer Mountain Holdings, LLC; former Senior Vice President, Merrill Lynch & Co.; former Senior Vice President, Nabisco Group Holdings Corp.; former President, Nabisco Foundation; Trustee, International Center for Journalists; Advisory Board Member: NYU Center for Global Affairs, Studio in a School Association; former Trustee: Cooper Union, James Beard Foundation, Madison Square Boys & Girls Club, Museum for African Art.


Partner, Proskauer Rose LLP; Vice Chairman Emeritus, The New York Community Trust; Director: Visiting Nurse Service of New York, SWANService Women’s Action Network; Trustee, Brooklyn Law School; Vice Chair, Citizens Union Foundation.


Chairwoman Emerita: American Museum of Natural History, The New York Community Trust; Director Emerita, World Wildlife Fund.





Consolidated Statements of Financial Position 2018

December 31, ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents Investments (note 4) Receivables Fixed assets, net Total assets

$ 43,179,460 2,522,482,571 771,247 1,209,977

37,898,274 2,766,374,760 1,241,099 568,704


$ 2,567,643,255

LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Liabilities: Accounts payable $ 772,846 Grants payable 57,717,685 Deferred rent credits (note 6) 1,154,172 Pension liability (note 7) 4,685,035 Accrued postretirement medical benefit obligation (note 7) 3,267,288

767,417 63,556,910 794,085 5,240,433 3,584,813



Net assets - without donor restrictions



Total liabilities and net assets

$ 2,567,643,255


Total liabilities

See accompanying notes to consolidated financial statements.




Consolidated Statements of Activities 2018

Years ended December 31, Changes in net assets: Revenues: Contributions Investment (loss) return, net Other Total revenues, net Expenses (note 5): Grantmaking Administrative Development Total expenses (Decrease) increase in net assets before other pension and postretirement medical changes Other pension and postretirement medical changes (note 7) (Decrease) increase in net assets Net assets at beginning of year Net assets at end of year



77,890,041 (133,985,119) 61,590

81,312,770 389,731,114 52,028



169,491,860 6,452,350 1,556,840 177,501,050

231,475,844 6,012,535 1,586,864 239,075,243



1,441,588 (232,092,950)

935,087 232,955,756



$ 2,500,046,229


See accompanying notes to consolidated financial statements.





Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows 2018

Years ended December 31, CASH FLOWS FROM OPERATING ACTIVITIES: (Decrease) increase in net assets Adjustments to reconcile (decrease) increase in net assets to net cash used in operating activities:


$ (232,092,950) 232,955,756

Net depreciation (appreciation) on investments Depreciation and amortization expense Decrease in receivables Increase in accounts payable (Decrease) increase in grants payable Increase (decrease) in deferred rent credits Decrease in pension liability (Decrease) increase in accrued postretirement medical benefit obligation

190,046,279 354,832 469,852 5,429 (5,839,225) 360,087 (555,398)

(350,637,072) 273,610 10,400 160 21,535,103 (352,927) (722,950)



Net cash used in operating activities



CASH FLOWS FROM INVESTING ACTIVITIES: Purchases of investments Proceeds from sales of investments Capital expenditures

(713,870,079) 767,715,989 (996,105)

(633,794,733) 737,311,674 (45,034)

52,849,805 5,281,186

103,471,907 6,956,131







Net cash provided by investing activities Net increase in cash and cash equivalents Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of year Cash and cash equivalents at end of year


Supplemental disclosure of cash flow information: Taxes paid on unrelated business income


See accompanying notes to consolidated financial statements.



Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements December 31, 2018 and 2017 (1) Organization The New York Community Trust and Community Funds, Inc. (including its Long Island and Westchester Divisions) (The Trust) are community foundations created to build permanent charitable endowments for the greater metropolitan region. The Trust, as the consolidated foundations are hereinafter referred to, is taxexempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (the Code) and has been determined not to be a private foundation under Section 509(a)(1) of the Code. The Trust administers more than 2,000 individual charitable funds, each established with an instrument of gift describing either the general or specific purposes for which grants are to be made, from a spending plan distribution, income, and in some cases from principal. (2) Summary of Significant Accounting Policies Accounting standards provide that if the governing body of an organization has the ability to remove a donor restriction, the contributions should be classified as net assets without donor restrictions. However, under New York State law and The Trust’s governing instruments, the assets are held as endowment funds until such time (if ever) as the governing body deems it prudent and appropriate to expend some part of the principal or appreciation. Accordingly, the consolidated financial statements classify all net assets as without donor restrictions. Cash equivalents represent short term investments with original maturities of 90 days or less, except for those short term investments managed as part of long term investment strategies. Fixed assets are recorded at cost and are depreciated on a straight line basis over the estimated life of the respective asset. Leasehold improvements are depreciated over the life of the respective improvement or the remaining term of the lease, whichever is shorter. Fixed assets are reported net of accumulated depreciation of $3,729,970 in 2018 and $3,379,893 in 2017. Grants and services to beneficiaries (Grantmaking) are expensed with approval of the Distribution Committee of The New York Community Trust (NYCT) or the Board of Directors of Community Funds, Inc. (CFI), and are usually paid within one year. The Trust has adopted a constant growth spending plan for many of its funds. This approach allows spending to increase at a steady rate within the confines of a floor, a ceiling, and a cap. The spending plan is not applied to funds in CFI that are considered to be underwater, as defined by New York State law. At December 31, 2018 and 2017, no fund was considered to be underwater. Accounting estimates are an integral part of the consolidated financial statements prepared by management and are based upon management’s current judgments. Actual results could differ from those estimates. In 2018, The Trust adopted Financial Accounting Standards Board Accounting Standards Update (ASU) 2016-14, Not-for-Profit Entities (Topic 958): Presentation of Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Entities. Certain amounts in 2017 were reclassified to conform with the current year presentation. (3) Liquidity and Availability of Financial Assets Resources available to The Trust to fund general expenditures, such as operating expenses and grants, have seasonal variations related to the timing of spending plan distributions and receipt of gifts. The Trust actively manages its resources, utilizing a combination of short, medium, and long-term operating investment strategies to align its cash inflows with anticipated outflows. Furthermore, there are likely to be additional components of The Trust’s investments that may be available and liquid within one year. These components include certain portions of marketable alternatives, as well as return of capital from both private equity and real estate holdings. At December 31, 2018, financial assets available within one year to fund general expenditures were as follows: Cash and cash equivalents Short term investments Total


43,179,460 315,752,999

$ 358,932,459




FINANCIALS (4) Investments and Fair Value Measurements Fair value is defined as the exchange price that would be received to sell an asset, or paid to transfer a liability (an exit price), in the principal or most advantageous market for the asset or liability in an orderly transaction between market participants on the measurement date. A fair value hierarchy requires The Trust to maximize the use of observable inputs and minimize the use of unobservable inputs when measuring fair value. The three levels of the hierarchy are: • Level 1 inputs are quoted or published prices in active markets for identical assets or liabilities. • Level 2 inputs are inputs other than prices included within Level 1 that are observable for the asset, such as quoted prices for similar assets or liabilities. • Level 3 inputs are unobservable inputs for the asset or liability. ASU 2009 –12, Investments in Certain Entities That Calculate Net Asset Value Per Share (or Its Equivalent), allows The Trust, as a practical expedient, to estimate the fair value using net asset value (NAV) for commingled investments that do not have a readily determinable fair value. Most of The Trust’s investments are in publicly traded securities or in commingled funds, including common trust funds that are invested in publicly traded securities. Fair value for these investments is based on quoted market or published prices. The Trust also invests in hedge funds and private equity investments, including private real estate investments. The fair value of these investments has been determined primarily through the net asset values provided by the fund managers utilizing quoted market prices for underlying securities, market values for comparable companies, an income-based approach, or discounted cash flow projections. The Trust received gifts of interests in a limited partnership investment holding company and a limited liability company (LLC), which are carried at fair value, based on either an appraisal or The Trust’s interest in the net assets of the LLC. These valuations are reviewed for reasonableness by management of The Trust. The Trust invests for long-term growth in real terms, consistent with a reasonable degree of risk. Donor advised funds that require a high degree of liquidity are invested in cash equivalents. The investments of NYCT are held in individual trusts at the bank designated by the donor in the instrument of gift. The following tables present The Trust’s investments at December 31, 2018 and 2017, respectively: 2018

U.S. equities International equities Cash and cash equivalents Fixed income/mutual funds Hedge funds Private equity Fixed income/government bonds Fixed income/corporate bonds Fixed income/other Real estate Other



Total 983,210,771 461,511,762 315,752,999 262,956,525 146,251,159 119,099,623 92,323,316 62,470,365 41,477,299 33,044,996 4,383,756

Level 1 982,836,220 461,511,762 315,752,999 262,956,525 — — 49,579,366 62,470,365 32,477,299 — 2,884,044

Level 2 —   —   —   —   —   —   42,743,950 — 9,000,000 — 1,182,861

Level 3 374,551 — — — — 62,259,281 — — — 33,044,996 316,851

Investments measured at NAV —   —   —   —   146,251,159 56,840,342 —   —   —   —   —  

$ 2,522,482,571







U.S. equities International equities Cash and cash equivalents Fixed income/mutual funds Hedge funds Private equity Fixed income/government bonds Fixed income/corporate bonds Fixed income/other Real estate Other

Total $ 1,084,910,409 596,980,336 329,808,409 228,441,387 173,533,305 112,809,462 97,526,562 66,284,067 40,672,282 32,994,312 2,414,229

Level 1 1,084,504,871 596,980,336 329,808,409 228,441,387 — — 57,141,950 66,284,067 32,672,282 — 747,976

Level 2 —   —   —   —   —   —   40,384,612 — 8,000,000 — 1,280,403

Level 3 405,538 — — — — 61,544,618 — — — 32,994,312 385,850

Investments measured at NAV —   —   —   —   173,533,305 51,264,844 —   —   —   —   —  

$ 2,766,374,760





The Trust’s investments valued at NAV include: Hedge Funds – Consist mainly of multi-strategy funds that attempt to generate consistent positive returns by focusing on opportunities that are not correlated with the overall markets. This category also includes two funds that seek to achieve equity-like returns with lower volatility than the equity markets. These funds may be redeemed at net asset value at least annually and in most cases more frequently. Advance notice of 30-90 days is required to redeem these investments. Private Equity – These funds focus on buyouts—primarily of midcap companies. Certain funds of funds also have a small allocation to venture capital. As the underlying investments are liquidated, assets are distributed. The liquidation occurs over the life of each vehicle, which is typically 10 years. Certain of The Trust’s investments in private equity involve future cash commitments, which amounted to approximately $35 million at December 31, 2018. The following table presents a reconciliation for all Level 3 assets measured at fair value for the period from January 1 to December 31: Level 3 assets 2018 Fair value at January 1 Gains and losses, net Net purchases Capital distributions Fair value at December 31


$ 95,330,318








$ 95,995,679





FINANCIALS (5) Functional Expenses Salaries and benefits, occupancy, and office expenses are attributable to grantmaking, administrative, or development functions, and are allocated consistently based on estimates of time and effort. The following tables illustrate the functional expenses for the years ended December 31, 2018 and 2017, respectively: 2018 Grantmaking


Administrative Development

Grants and services to beneficiaries $ 161,883,378


— 161,883,378

Grantmaking Administrative Development













Employee benefits


































Professional fees









Travel and meetings









Total $ 169,491,860


1,556,840 177,501,050





Office expenses Marketing and communications

(6) Commitments On March 30, 2004, The Trust entered into a lease agreement for office space expiring March 31, 2020. In June 2017, CFI signed the Amendment of Lease to extend the lease term through August 31, 2030. Future minimum annual rental payments are approximately $1.5 million in 2019, $1.2 million in 2020, $2.0 million in 2021, 2022 and 2023, and a total of $14 million thereafter through 2030. Rental expense is recognized on a straight-line basis, in accordance with ASC 840 - Accounting for Leases. The excess of recognized expense over actual rent payments as well as landlord-provided improvements has been recorded as deferred rent credits. Rent expense for the years ended December 31, 2018 and 2017 amounted to $1,415,940 and $1,384,625, respectively. (7) Pension and Postretirement Medical Benefit Plans The Trust administers a noncontributory defined benefit pension plan covering substantially all employees. Benefits are based on years of service and the employee’s compensation during the five highest consecutive years during the last ten years of employment. The Trust also provides medical insurance benefits for its eligible retired employees. Obligations and funded status at December 31 are as follows: Postretirement Pension benefits medical benefits 2018


$ 25,335,584






$ (4,685,035)




Benefit costs

$ 1,031,823




Benefits paid






Plan contribution






Fair value of plan assets Benefit obligation Funded status





The accumulated amounts not yet recognized as a component of net periodic benefit cost were $4,075,288 and $(773,409) at December 31, 2018 for the pension and postretirement medical plans, respectively. The estimated amounts that will be amortized into net periodic benefit cost in 2019 are $97,000 and $(50,000), respectively. Postretirement medical benefits

Pension benefits 2018








Weighted average assumptions used to determine obligations as of December 31: Discount rate Rate of compensation increase











Weighted average assumptions used to determine periodic cost as of December 31: Discount rate Expected return of plan assets Rate of compensation increase

The health care cost trend rate assumption for 2019 is 7.7%, decreasing to 4.9% in 2024. The pension plan is invested in a balanced portfolio of equity and fixed income securities. Annual projected benefit payments for the pension and postretirement medical benefit plans are expected to average $1,636,000 and $110,000, respectively, through 2028. The following tables present The Trust’s fair value hierarchy for the investments of its defined benefit pension plan as of December 31, 2018 and 2017, respectively: 2018 Equities Fixed income Cash equivalents

Fair value $ 17,043,426 7,790,564 501,594

Level 1 17,043,426 6,313,785 501,594

$ 25,335,584


Level 2

Level 3

— 1,476,779 —

—   —   —  



2017 Equities Fixed income Cash equivalents

Fair value $ 17,887,961 6,877,397 287,167

Level 1 17,887,961 5,405,095 287,167

$ 25,052,525


Level 2

Level 3

— 1,472,302 —

—   —   —  



The Trust also sponsors a defined contribution retirement plan in which contributions are based upon a specified percentage of salaries and years of service. The expense for this retirement plan was $683,437 in 2018 and $661,305 in 2017. (8) Subsequent Events The Trust evaluated its December 31, 2018 consolidated financial statements for subsequent events through April 25, 2019, the date the consolidated financial statements were available to be issued. The Trust is not aware of any subsequent events that would require recognition or disclosure in the consolidated financial statements. 2018 ANNUAL REPORT




Independent Auditors’ Report Distribution Committee of The New York Community Trust and Board of Directors of Community Funds, Inc.: We have audited the accompanying consolidated financial statements of The New York Community Trust and Community Funds, Inc. (including its Long Island and Westchester Divisions) (collectively, The Trust), which comprise the consolidated statements of financial position as of December 31, 2018 and 2017, and the related consolidated statements of activities and cash flows for the years then ended, and the related consolidated notes to the consolidated financial statements. Management’s Responsibility for the Consolidated Financial Statements Management is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of these consolidated financial statements in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles; this includes the design, implementation, and maintenance of internal control relevant to the preparation and fair presentation of the consolidated financial statements that are free from material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error. Auditors’ Responsibility Our responsibility is to express an opinion on these consolidated financial statements based on our audits. We conducted our audits in accordance with auditing standards generally accepted in the United States of America. Those standards require that we plan and perform the audit to obtain reasonable assurance about whether the consolidated financial statements are free from material misstatement. An audit involves performing procedures to obtain audit evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the consolidated financial statements. The procedures selected depend on the auditors’ judgment, including the assessment of the risks of material misstatement of the consolidated financial statements, whether due to fraud or error. In making those risk assessments, the auditor considers internal control relevant to the entity’s preparation and fair presentation of the consolidated financial statements in order to design audit procedures that are appropriate in the circumstances, but not for the purpose of expressing an opinion on the effectiveness of the entity’s internal control. Accordingly, we express no such opinion. An audit also includes evaluating the appropriateness of accounting policies used and the reasonableness of significant accounting estimates made by management, as well as evaluating the overall presentation of the consolidated financial statements. We believe that the audit evidence we have obtained is sufficient and appropriate to provide a basis for our audit opinion. Opinion In our opinion, the consolidated financial statements referred to above present fairly in all material respects the financial position of The New York Community Trust and Community Funds, Inc. (including its Long Island and Westchester Divisions) as of December 31, 2018 and 2017, and the changes in their net assets and their cash flows for the years then ended in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles.

April 25, 2019



2018 Financial Highlights ASSETS BY FUND TYPE $2,567,643,000

Unrestricted 54% Donor-advised 37% Non-advised 17%

Field of Interest 30%

Designated 12%

Scholarships 4%


Promising Futures 53%

Thriving Communities 33%

Healthy Lives 12%

Special Projects 2%


Grants 95%

Administration 4%

Development 1%

Investment Committee Members Kevin R. Byrne, Chairman Chief Executive Officer Pacific Global Asset Management (A subsidiary of Pacific Life Insurance Company)

Raymond Kanner Retired Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer IBM Retirement Funds

Bruce W. Calvert Retired Chairman & Chief Executive Officer Alliance Capital Management (now AllianceBernstein)

Rosemarie Liu Shomstein Retired Senior Vice President & Deputy Chief Investment Officer AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company

Elizabeth B. Dater Managing Director, Angelo, Gordon & Co.

Lorie A. Slutsky President, The New York Community Trust

David F. Holstein Retired Portfolio Manager Capital Group

Donald R. Kurtz (Emeritus) Retired Managing Director, General Motors Investment Management Corp. Affiliations for identification purposes only.




Funds in bold and with an asterisk are new. Please know that we do our best to ensure the accuracy of these lists, but errors may still occur. If you find an error, please contact us so we may correct it.


AB Partners Fund (2014) Janice E. Abbott Scholarship Fund (1999) Abdini Fund (2008) Jane Schwab Abel & Elise Schwab Clemenger Memorial (1946) A.B.Y. Fund (1960) A. Bernard Ackerman Fund (2011) Ackman Family Fund (1997) Acorn Foundation Fund for Beautification in Memory of Barbara Foster Vietor (2004) Acorn Foundation Fund for History in Memory of Alexander Orr Vietor (2004) The Ada Fund (2010) John and Laurie Adams Fund (2004) Hall Adams Fund (1972) Adel and Leffler Families’ Fund for Queens (1993) *Adelante Fund (2018) Terry Adkins Memorial Fund (2014) Frederica M. and Morton L. Adler Trust (1941) Benigno M. Aguilar and Gerald A. Erickson, Jr. Fund (2011) M. Bernard Aidinoff Fund (1986) Seth G. Aidinoff Fund (1986) Akabas Family Fund (1986) Albin Family Arts Fund (1999) Barbara Albisser Memorial Fund (1981) Oakey L. and Ethel Witherspoon Alexander Fund (1977) Robert Mack Allen & Wendel Fentress Ott Fund (1989) Franz and Marcia Allina Fund (1994) Alouette Fund (1993) Jack & Belle Alpern Fund (2016) B. Altman Fund (1985) Carl Altman Fund (2007) Emily H. Altschul Charitable Fund (2002) Altschul Family Fund (1980) Arthur G. Altschul, Jr. Charitable Fund (1996) Arthur Altschul Memorial Fund (2002) Altschul Overbrook Fund (1994) Elizabeth and Peter Altwater Fund (1974) American Seamen’s Friend Society Designated Fund (1986) American Seamen’s Friend Society Discretionary Fund (1986) Iris Arinella Ames Education Fund (2015) Jack Amster Fund (2016) Ananouri Fund (1998) Anne Anastasi and John Porter Foley, Jr. Funds (2006) J. R. Anderson Fund (1981) Patricia Anderson Fund (2005) Matthew and Krista Annenberg Fund (2012) Patricia L. Anslinger Memorial Fund (2007) Apple Seeding Fund (2012) Aquamarine Fund (2014) Arc of Circumstance Fund (1978) G.W. Archer Fund (2001) Joseph Arena and Dr. Thomas D’Eletto Charitable Fund (1995) Arman Fund (2015) Walter & Marsha Arnheim Fund (1986) Esther Jean Arnhold Scholarship Trust (2017) Arundel Fund (1988) Marcia Ashman Fund for Children (1999) Larry Ashmead Editorial Award Fund (2010)



Michael J. Ashworth Fund (2012) Robert R. Asiel Memorial Funds (1972) Winifred A. Aste Fund (2011) Astor Fund for Public School Libraries (1997) The Brooke Astor Funds for New York City Education (2012) ASW Fund (2007) ATS-1 Fund (2010) Auburn Citizen Fund (1999) Michael Avery Social Justice Fund (2012)


The B Fund (1990) Babbitt Family Fund (1990) Babsan Fund (1992) William M. Backer Fund (1985) Backman-Niesz Fund (1999) Isabelle Bacon Fund (1985) Ellen & Henry Baer Fund (1986) Honorable Harold Baer & Dr. Suzanne Baer Fund (1989) Lee Bailey Fund (1991) S. Prentiss Bailey Fund (1960) Bain Fund (2015) Baird Family Fund (1987) Baker Family Fund (2003) Allyson Maya Collazo Baker Fund (1984) Suzanne Bales Memorial Fund (2016) Fern Ann Ballard Memorial Fund (1986) Dr. Holly M. Bannister and Douglas L. Newhouse Fund (1984) Peleg S. Barber Fund (1960) Bardel Family Fund (2007) Ruth Plofsky Barish and Irving Barish Fund (1996) Barns Fund (1971) Parker W. Barnum Funds (1979) William and Françoise Barstow Foundation No. 1 (1931) William and Françoise Barstow Foundation No. 2 (1959) Christopher S. Bartels Fund (1998) Katherine N. Bartels Fund (1998) McDonald C. Bartels Fund (1998) Todd C. Bartels Fund (1998) Harriett M. Bartlett Funds (1987) Arthur L. Baruch and Rosalie K. Baruch Fund (1979) Paul Ludwig Baruch & Aimee Mayer Baruch Fund (2008) Conor Bastable Charitable Fund (2010) Baudo-Sillerman Scholarship Fund (1989) Alice D. Beal Trust (1955) Bear Stearns Award (2008) Raymond R. Beatty Scholarship in Memory of Andrew Wilson (1984) Hubert Park Beck Literacy Fund (2004) Bernadine Becker Commemorative Trust (1984) Ruth Bedford Fund (1963) Beech Fund (1975) Thomas D. Bell Charitable Fund (2012) David A. and Gail G. Bell Fund (2012) Bellevue Nursing Committee Fund (1976) Eleanor Robson Belmont Fund (1980) Selim and Luna Benardete Charitable Fund (2012) Lillian Z. Bender Fund (2002) Bendheim-Von Wiskow Fund (2010) Claire B. & Lawrence A. Benenson Fund (1987) Herbert and Edythe F. Benjamin Fund (1976) Karen Benner Family Fund (2014) Michael Benner Family Fund (2006) B. Bentele’s Fund (2015) *Bentham Fund (2018) Bento Fund (2004) Maureen Duffy Benziger Fund (2005) Berelle Fund (2009) Andrew N. and Gail D. Berg Fund (1999)

Berger Family Memorial Fund (2008) Berger Memorial Fund (2008) Edward Bergman Fund (2005) Paul Bergman Fund (2005) Sarah and Paul Bergman Youth Empowerment Fund (2005) Sharon & Edward Bergman Charitable Fund (2008) Lancelot M. Berkeley Fund (2007) Berkshire Fund (2000) Charles L. Bernheimer Fund (1924) Theresa E. Bernholz Fund (1924) Sylvia Bernstein Fund (1994) Richard & Katherine Berresford Fund (1997) William H. Berri Funds (1966) *Bethlehem Fund (2018) Betlor Foundation Fund (1978) Beverly Hills Fund (1972) BGM Fund (1971) Anil and Pandora Po Bharvaney Fund (2012) Melanie S. Bialis Fund (2007) Philip A. and Carol Bilotti Fund (2010) June R. and Jonathan Bingham Fund (1980) Henry Birnbaum Fund (2000) Gladys A. Bishop Memorial Fund (1987) Blackwell Fund (2013) Richard & Margaret Blanchard Fund (1983) Nancy & Robert S. Blank Fund (2003) Helene Blieberg Fund (2015) Blitzer Family Fund (2005) E.H.R. & N.M. Blitzer Fund (1984) Amy Bloch/Gregory Horowitz Fund (2005) Block Island Fund (2016) Lida and David Bloom Fund (1989) Robin Bloom Fund (1991) Blum Family Fund (1990) Sidney and Elaine Blumenthal Fund (1980) Jesse Smith Blydenburgh & Josephine Vail Blydenburgh Fund (1958) Ernst P. Boas Memorial Fund (1955) *Boas Family Fund (2018) Bodie’s Blue Sky Fund (2017) Alice Boerner Fund (1988) Bohemia Fund (1971) Bolin Fund (1986) Peter A. Bonanni Scholarship Fund (1996) M. Alida Bonynge Memorial Fund (1940) Lillian G. Booth Fund (1976) Janet and James Bostany Memorial Fund (1999) Charles Bouman Charitable Trust (1977) Bove Fund (1986) John Perry Bowditch Memorial Fund (1956) *Susan Bowen Fund (2018) *Thomas F. Bowen Fund (2018) Clothilde de Veze Bower Fund (1989) Philip and Suzanne Bowers Charitable Contribution Fund (2012) Blair A. and Elizabeth J. Boyer Family Fund (2006) George T. and Francele Boyer Fund (1976) William B. and Jane Eisner Bram Fund (1995) Barry and Geraldine Brause Fund (1986) R. S. Brause Fund (1986) Roberta Brause Fund (1986) Catherine and Robert Brawer Fund (1996) Annie Grant Breath Memorial Fund (1939) Briar Patch Fund (2012) Brivio Family Fund (2003) Beatrice and Douglas Broadwater Fund (1986) Edward Brodsky Fund (1997) *Robert W. Brooks, M.D. Fund (2018) J. Frank & Susan S. Brown Family Fund (2012) Meredith & Sylvia Brown Fund (2004) Nikki Brown Fund (2011) Orville Gordon Browne Foundation Fund (2011) Adon H. Brownell Memorial Fund (1985) Edward W. Browning Fund (1969)

Brownstein Family Fund (1995) William H. and George R. Brunjes Memorial Fund (1988) John and Josephine Bruno Memorial Fund (2011) May Evans Bryant Fund (1989) BTW Fund (1973) Emily G. Buck Fund (1994) Bucks Harbor Fund (2006) David A. Budd Fund (2008) Alexandru and Sonia Bunescu Fund (1993) Walter and Martha Burchard Family Fund (1988) Burford Fund (2007) Richard A. Burgheim Fund (1999) Mary Griggs Burke Fund (2017) Burkhart Fund (2004) Frantzes D. Burkhart Fund (2004) William H. Burkhart Fund (2004) Burnett Family Fund (2012) C.D. Burns Fund (2008) John U. and Minnie M. Burt Inter Vivos Fund (1974) John U. and Minnie M. Burt Testamentary Fund (1974) Ernest Brooks Burton Fund (2003) William B. Butz Memorial Fund (1999) Judith Byrd Fund (2009) Kevin and Maura Byrne Family Fund (2016) Monsignor Harry J. Byrne Scholarship Fund (1998) Patrolman Edward R. Byrne Substance Abuse Fund (1988)


Hans and Ruth Cahnmann Family Fund (2009) Ruth and Hans Cahnmann Memorial Fund (2012) Jean C. Caldwell Fund (1950) Patricia A. Caldwell Fund (2002) Calman Fund (2007) Bruce & Marjorie Calvert Family Fund (2000) Camp Edith Macy Fund (1926) Frances T. Campbell Fund (1959) Cane Nowak Family Fund (2014) Henry Cannon Fund (1981) Capozzi Family Fund (2016) Elsie, Ubaldo and Vivian Cardia Fund (2012) Carillon Fund (1998) Carlson Fund (1994) Arnold W. and Alice R. Carlson Charitable Fund (2013) Carnegie Corporation Funds No. 1 & 2 (1936) Carnoy Family Fund (2012) Carolina Fund (1986) Alys Sinclair Carreau Memorial Fund (1929) Carson Family Charitable Trust Fund (1985) Alexandra Peterson Cart Foundation Fund (2012) Sybil Carter Memorial (1930) Cashin Family Fund (1989) Bonnie Cashin Fund (2002) Castilian Fund (2016) Cecelia Trust Fund (1996) Cedar Chest Fund (2016) CFDA-Vogue Initiative/New York City AIDS Fund (1991) Chadwick Fund (2015) David & Miriam Chalfin Fund (1985) Maria Bowen Chapin Scholarship Fund (2005) Charlie’s Fund (1975) JPMorgan Chase Fund (2011) Gerald L. Chasin Fund (1986) Richard & Ellen Chassin Charitable Fund (2000) Chatham Fund (1984) Jerome Chazen Fund to Address Domestic Violence (2014) Patrick S. Cheng & Michael J. Boothroyd Fund (2000) Cheng-Kingdon Fund (2007) Herbert & Phyllis Chernin Fund (1996) Christiansen/Shuchman Fund (1987) Christie Fund (2012) Francis and Catherine Christy Fund (1975) Chrysalis Fund (2016) Patricia Cirillo Charitable Fund (2012) Clark Family Fund (2000) Cameron Clark Memorial Fund (1998) Edith M. Clark Fund (1944)

Fenton Clark Fund (1986) Huguette Clark Family Fund for Protection of Elders (2013) Valerie G. Clark Memorial Fund (1978) Cline Foundation Fund (1995) Clinton Community Garden Fund (1985) Club Life Fund (2013) CND Fund (2010) Coco Fund (2000) Claire and Joseph Cohen Fund (2013) Helen Cohen Fund (1995) Lisa E. Cohen Memorial Scholarship Award Fund (1991) Paul T. Cohen Fund (2009) John and Ann Coleman Fund (1984) Paul Rykoff Coleman Fund (2014) Warren Coleman Fund (1986) Richard M. Colgate Fund (1959) Faith Colish Fund (2012) Collazo Family Fund No. 1 (2007) Irene D. Collia Trust (1980) Columbus Circle Fund (1976) Thomas J. Concannon Memorial Internship Fund (2006) Georgianna B. Conlin Fund (1998) Kevin P. Connors Fund (1986) Conroy Family Fund (1999) Cook Family Fund (1986) Joan Ganz Cooney Fund (2010) Joan Ganz Cooney & Holly Peterson Fund (2015) Lane Cooper Fund (1960) Gertrude Corbitt Bequest (1959) Barbara Fatt Costikyan Fund (1999) Jennifer L. Costley and Judith E. Turkel Fund (2005) Daniel I. Cotlowitz Fund (2016) Melinda and James M. Cotter Fund (1986) Counterpoint Fund (1996) J. E. Covington Fund (2007) Valery Craane Fund (2012) Karen L. Cramer Charitable Fund (2012) Critchlow/McCormick Family Fund (2012) Charlotte L. Crittenden Fund (1932) A. Evelyn Cronquist Fund (1991) Winifred Crost Fund (1981) Andrew Crystal & Family Fund (2004) CSF Family Fund (2007) Charles E. Culpeper Fund (1999) Kay Cummings Fund (2008) Richard Cummings (G. Black) Fund (2016) Richard Cummings (W. Cummings) Fund (2016) Curbstone Fund (2006) Cushman Family Fund (2003) Paul and Paulette Cushman Fund (1998) CWR Partners Fund (2012)


John Da Silva Memorial Fund No. 1 (1988) John Da Silva Memorial Fund No. 2 (1988) John Da Silva Memorial Fund No. 3 (1988) DAL Fund (1984) Florence S. Daniels Fund (2012) Petra Danielsohn Family Fund (2016) Danziger Family Fund (1973) Abraham L. Danziger Fund (1979) Ellen and Sabin Danziger Fund (1997) Darlington Fund (1973) Darlington Legacy Fund (2012) *Darlington Memory Fund (2018) Elizabeth B. Dater & Wm. Mitchell Jennings Jr. Fund (1999) Davis Polk & Wardwell Fund (1997) Donna Scher Davis Fund No. 1 (1993) Donna Scher Davis Fund No. 2 (1996) Dawn Fund (2005) Day Memorial Fund (1948) DBC Fund (2008) DBS Fund (2009) Eugenia Ortuno de Bartels Fund (2002) David and Diane DeBell Family Fund (2003) G. Louise Robinson de Dombrowski Fund (1991) Adam de Havenon Fund (2004) Georgia and Michael de Havenon Fund (1986) Peter J. De Luca Family Fund (1991)

Georges and Lois de Menil Charitable Fund (1977) Jay and Ruth De Soto Mayor Fund (2004) Ellen A. Dearborn Fund (1969) Dearing Zeiler Charitable Fund (2016) Richard & Barbara Debs Fund (1986) Deerdodds Fund (1997) Defliese Family Fund (1971) DEL Fund (2007) Delacorte Fund (1994) Delacorte Scholarship Fund for Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons (2013) Albert P. Delacorte Fund (2005) George Delacorte Center for Magazine Journalism Fund (1998) George & Valerie Delacorte Fund (2011) Valerie Delacorte Fund (1993) Delafield Fund (1975) John and Patricia Delany Memorial Fund (2012) Delany Sisters Fund (1994) Patrick and Kara Dennis Charitable Fund (2015) David W. Denton U.S. Attorneys’ Fund (2010) Derby Fund (1983) Charles Desmarais and Katherine Morgan Fund (2010) Deutsche Bank Fund (2010) Brian and Silvija Devine Fund (1986) Brooke Katherine Devine Fund (2006) Mary Wheeler Dewart Fund (1976) Eugene Di Mattina Fund (2013) Diacre Family Fund (2003) Hester Diamond Fund (2002) Dickler Family Fund for Crohn’s and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (2016) Ruth and Gerald Dickler Community Housing Fund (2016) Ruth and Gerald Dickler Fund for Early Childhood Education (2010) Ruth Crohn Dickler Legacy Fund (2016) *DIFFA Fund (2018) Esther Baiyla Dinner Memorial Fund (1999) Dogwood Fund (1979) Eugene, Bridget & Tommy Dolphin Scholarship Fund (1992) Susan Wells Donnell Fund (1984) William W. Donnell Fund (1994) William W. Donnell Fund for Parks (2003) Margaret E. Donnelly Fund (2015) A. James Donohue Fund (1986) Donors’ Education Collaborative of NYC Fund (1992) James D. Dorfman & Michael J. Herko Fund (2014) Stephen M. Dowicz Fund (1994) John & Hebe Dowling Fund (1986) Nathan and Miriam Drachman Fund (1989) Jamie Drake Future Fund (2007) Dream Team 25 Fund (2011) Bruce Dresner Fund (1993) Leon Drew Fund (2001) Drexel Burnham Lambert Fund (1995) Beatrice L. Drossman Fund (1998) Dr. James R. Dumpson Fund for Social Services (2009) William M. Duncan Family Fund (1986) Wolcott and Joan Dunham Fund (2010) Mary Ann Dunn Charitable Fund (2012) Dutch Kills Civic Association Fund (2013) Solomon Dutka Fund (1999) Suzanne L. Dyer Development Fund (2012) The Dyer Family Fund (2012) Dzialga Family Fund (2013)


East Harlem Tutorial Program Fund (1997) Early Childhood Partners Fund (2016) Evelyn and Jack Eber Fund (1995) E.C.B. Fund (1960) Sammy Cohen Eckstein Memorial Fund (2013) Economic Justice Fund (1989) Julius and Margarete Edelstein Fund (1991) Edlow Fund (1996) Edward Oxenberg Fund (2014) Davis W. Edwards Fund (2008) Eleanor Franklin Egan Memorial Fund (1927)




IN 2018 E.H.C. Foundation (1967) Julie Ehrlich and Noam Elcott Fund (2009) Dr. Moses Einhorn Fund (1964) Einhorn/Lasky Family Fund (1999) Eiseman Altschuler Fund (2003) Irving and Blanche Eisenberg Charitable Fund (1995) Carole & Richard Eisner Fund (1980) EisnerAmperCares Fund (2010) EJP Fund (2012) H. Rodger and Jessie Graham Elgar Fund (2013) Claudio Elia Fund (1997) Dr. Deborah Elkins Fund (1993) Gertrude Elkins Memorial Fund (1993) Howard L. Ellin Charitable Fund (2003) Nancie Ellis Fund (2004) Elman/Ronson Fund (2016) ELSAM Fund (1999) Lita & Walter Elvers/Zipperian Fund (1999) Emy Fund (2007) Henry C. Enders Funds (1976) Mildred F. Englander Fund (1985) Enos Fund (1983) Samuel Epstein Lecture Fund (1999) Charles and Lillian Erickson Fund (2014) Josephine L. Erwin Fund (1935) James A. Essey and Nina Zakin Essey Fund (1994) Evans Family Fund (1995) Bradford and Barbara Evans Fund (1986) Brittain Anderson Ezzes Fund (2012)


Fahs-Beck Funds for Research and Experimentation (1986) Edgar W.B. Fairchild Fund (1992) Fairway Fund (1987) Falk, Lichten, and Rosenstein Fund (1995) Susan Meyers Falk Fund (1996) Joseph Fancher Fund (1983) Farrand Family Fund (1993) Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Fund (2010) Emanuel and Bertha Feder Memorial Fund (1994) Federal Bar Council/U.S. Attorneys’ Offices Fund (2001) Fegan Family Fund (2008) Feinsod Herz Fund (1980) Feldman Family Fund (1982) Nancy and Michael Feller Fund (2007) Louise and Marvin Fenster Family Fund (1999) Anthony and Vanda Ficalora Fund (1988) Judith & Norman Fields Fund (1992) Raymond H. Fiero Fund (1984) Brian Keith Fifield Memorial Scholarship Fund (1987) Filak Family Fund (1999) Simon Finck Fund (1959) Golda and Mollie Fine Fund (1977) Harriet Finkelstein Family Fund (2007) Kelly Ann Finley Memorial Fund (2008) Fishbein Family Fund (1998) Mitchell S. Fishman Donor-Advised Fund (1999) Desmond Gerald FitzGerald Charitable Fund (1986) Kirsten Flagstad Memorial (1964) William E. Flaherty Family Fund (1998) Clementina Santi Flaherty Fund (2007) Flanagan Fund (2006) Sam Flax Memorial Scholarship Fund (1964) Fletcher Fund (1999) Josephine Flood Memorial (1973) Francis Florio Fund (2012) Flushing Females Association Scholarship Fund (1992) Michel Fokine Memorial Fund (1985) Force Majeure Design Fund (2017) Walter B. Ford Funds (1972) Fortune Society Education Fund (1994) Fosdick Fund (1986) Foster Care Excellence Fund (2017) John H. Foster Fund (1984)



Ben Fox Memorial Fund (1962) Ellen Sydney Fox Fund (1994) Nicholas T. Franco Fund (2012) Patrick L. Franco Fund (2012) Frank Fund (1995) Abraham B. and Sarah Frank Funds (1955) Martin M. Frank Scholarship Fund (1990) Katherine M. Franke Fund (2006) Bethenny Frankel Charitable Fund (2012) Michael and Beatrice Frankel Fund (2008) Corinne R. Frear Fund (2000) Arthur and Elinor Fredston Fund (2004) Freedman Family Fund (2016) David and Paula Freedman Fund (1994) Freilich Fund (2011) Ernest Grey Frerking/Sharon Frerking Philanthropic Fund (2012) Friedman Family Charitable Fund (2008) Elayne and Howard Friedman Fund (2006) L. W. Frohlich Charitable Fund (2011) L. W. Frohlich Family Fund (2011) *Frumious Fund (2018) Frunzi/Wachtel Fund (2011) James Fuld Jr. Family Fund (1991) Ricki Fulman Fund (2013) Fun On 2 Wheels Fund (1998) Fund for Astrophysical Research (2016) Fund for the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park (1998) Fund for Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Arts (1983) Fund for New Citizens (1987) Fund for New York Youth (2015) Fund for Performances at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park (1999) Future of Design Jewelry Education Fund (1997)


Laly & George Gallantz Fund (1991) Colin Gardner Fund (2011) William T. Gardner Theatre Internship Fund (1992) Garfinkel Family Fund (2007) Gloria and Barry H. Garfinkel Fund (1986) *Garfunkel Family Fund (2018) Barbara Gauntlett Scholarship Funds (1986) Paul Edward Gay Fund (1990) Benjamin and Rachel Geballe Fund (2007) Geduld Fund (1993) Jane C. Geever Fund (2008) Geismar Family Fund (2008) Bruce S. Gelb Fund (1995) Gemini Fund (1998) General Charitable Fund (1971) Generation Fund (2010) Ruth E. and Timothy M. George Charitable Fund (1986) Jacques A. Gerard Fund (1987) Pierce Gerety Memorial Fund (1998) Gerling Fund (2016) *Myrna & Freddie Gershon Fund (2018) GIA Fund (2010) Clara A. Gierisch Fund (1975) Clarence H. Gifford Funds (2008) John N. and Gillett A. Gilbert Family Fund (1999) Elena Gildersleeve Fund (1982) Stephen Gillen Family Fund (2012) *Chris Gillespie Memorial Fund for Music Enrichment (2018) Frank J. Gillespie Fund (1985) Gilmore Human Rights Fund (1980) Sonia Raiziss Giop Literature Fund (1994) Santina Giordano Memorial Fund (1985) Girls Write Now Fund (2010) Glaser Family Fund (1994) Robert J. Glenn Memorial Fund (1974) Rose N. Glenn Memorial Fund (1990) Madeline Shobrys Glosten Fund (1999)

Goins Family Fund (2003) Charlynn and Warren Goins Fund (2015) Rita and Herbert Z. Gold Education Fund (1993) Jacob and Helen Goldfein Fund (2009) Goldman Schachar Charitable Fund (2012) Budd and Jane Goldman Fund (2010) Diane Goldman Fund (2008) Jack Goldring Fund (1986) Oliver and Barbara Goldstein Charitable Fund (2012) Patricia and Bernard Goldstein Fund (1985) Good Samaritan Fund (1993) Maurice and Georgine Goodman Fund (1998) Roger and JoAnn Goodspeed Fund (1986) Goodwin Family Fund (1999) Everett F. and Ann P. Gordon Memorial Fund (1991) Gail Gordon Charitable Fund (2011) Gail Gordon Fund (2000) Milton A’lan Gordon Fund (2017) William J. Gossen Fund (1985) Josh Gotbaum & Joyce Thornhill Fund (1991) Lee Gottlieb Fund (2005) Deborah Gottlieb-Shapiro Family Fund (2012) Lynda Gould Fund (2006) Gouverneur Hospital Fund (1958) Eugen Grabscheid Fund (1992) Howard E. Grace Fund (1998) Maggie and Gordon Gray Family Fund (1998) Green Fund (1985) Lawrence and Barbara Green Fund (2005) Leonard M. Greene Memorial Fund (2009) Orland S. and Frances S. Greene Fund (1962) Greenebaum Fund (1984) Richard Greenebaum Fund (2007) John Robert Gregg Fund (1985) J & J Gribetz Fund (1983) Linda A. Griffith Fund (1970) Arthur Griggs Fund (1947) Emily Griggs Fund (1944) Stephanie Fairchild Griswold Fund (2010) Gross Family Fund (2003) Charles & Carol Grossman Family Fund (2009) GSLW Fund (2007) Rudolph Guenther Fund (1977) Sydney A. Guggenheimer Memorial Fund (1949) Sarah G. Gund Fund (2005) Gwertzman Family Fund (2012)


Leopold Haas Fund (1984) Katherine & Morris Hadley Trust (1968) Horace and Amy Hagedorn Fund (1995) Emil and Zerline Hahnloser-Richard Bak Fund (1975) Hajim Family Fund (1983) Halcom Family Fund (2014) Luke Halpin Memorial Scholarship Fund (2002) Carol D. & S. Sutton Hamilton Charitable Fund (2012) Hamond Family Fund (2013) Mike Handy Memorial Fund (2003) Lola G. Hanna Fund (1995) Gwenda and John Hanson Fund (1986) Lee Hanson and Don Scherer Fund (1986) Happy Kids Fund (2016) Harbor Watch Fund (2000) William Barclay Harding Fund (1979) Augusta Lehman Harlem & Lillian Harlem Martin Fund (2000) Harmony Fund (1986) Elisabeth Scott Harms Fund (1982) Harris Family Fund (1992) Charlotte Daniels Harris Memorial Fund (2002) Elsie and Chelsea Harris Memorial Fund (1996) Jeff & Judy Harris Fund (2003) Katharine S. Harris Fund (1965) Kim and Alan Hartman Fund (2012) Alana Hassan Fund (2009) Hastings Peace and Justice Fund (1993)

Haupt Family Fund (2000) Harry and Eugénie Havemeyer Fund (2001) Hawk’s Nest Fund (2000) Steve Hayden Fund (2012) Hayes Family Fund (1996) Ralph Hayes Memorial Fund (1968) Constance Laibe Hays Journalism Fund (1994) Thomas Healy and Fred P. Hochberg Fund (1995) Thomas P. Healy Fund (2003) Nicholas C. Heaney Memorial Fund (1997) Broderick J. Hehman Memorial Fund (2006) Heiser Grant (1972) Heisman Trophy Trustees’ Fund (2017) Heisman Trophy Youth Development Fund (2017) Hejaz Tree Conservation Fund (2007) Huyler C. Held Memorial Fund (2013) Hemlocks Fund (1978) Henderson-Fahnestock Fund (2016) Paul & Ann Henegan Fund (1986) Lucy Henning Memorial Fund (1995) Lucy & George Henning Fund (1974) Alexander S. Henry, Sr. and Ann S. Henry Memorial Fund A (1989) Alexander S. Henry, Sr. and Ann S. Henry Memorial Fund B (1995) Doris & Milton Hepner Fund (2000) Herbster Family Fund (1990) Frances A. Hess Fund (2005) Don and Marilyn Berger Hewitt Fund (1998) Leo and Ethel Heymann Memorial Fund (1954) Murray Hidary Fund (1998) High Exposure Fund (1993) High School of Commerce, Class of 1911 Scholarship Fund (1967) Ann and Leon Himelberg Fund (2006) Steven Hirsch Fund D (1973) Steven J. Hirsch Fund (2002) Martin Hirschorn IAC Fund (1995) Margaret M. Hitchcock Fund (1946) Hive Digital Media Learning Fund (2010) The Ho/Ching Charitable Fund (2012) Mary and David Hoar Trust for the Honor and Glory of God (1975) Rita and Irwin Hochberg Charitable Fund (1982) Hodgson Fund (1995) John J. Hoffee Fund (1996) Hoffman Fund (2011) Gloria and Joel S. Hoffman Fund (2001) Jane & Michael Hoffman Charitable Gift Fund (2003) Marion O. and Maximilian E. Hoffman Fund (1984) Lillian and William Hoffmanns Fund (1990) Holmén Family Fund (2002) Britt Holmén Family Fund (2002) Mark Holmén Family Fund (2002) *David and Carolyn Holstein Fund (2018) Homeless Outreach and Assistance Fund (1997) Ettie Chin Hong Fund (2006) Katie Danziger Horowitz & Steven G. Horowitz Family Fund (1995) John and Sandra Horvitz Fund (1996) Norris Houghton Theatre Fund (1988) Ralph N. Hubbard Fund (1948) Doctor Joseph E. Hughes Scholarship Fund (1984) Margaret J. Hughes Memorial Fund (1990) Christine Hunsicker Charitable Fund (2012) Lisette Verea Ruegg Hunter Fund (2011) Mildred K. Hurson Fund (2003) Hyatt Family Fund (2008) Rene K. and Samuel M. Hyman Memorial Fund (1978)


I Get Fund (1991) Iancu-Trinz Family Fund (2013) Charles F. Iklé Scholarship and Research Funds (1965) Indian Mountain School Fund (1993) George A. Ingalls and Ann C. Ingalls Fund (1957) Ingraham Fund (1986) Innovative Design Fund (1988) Intercultural Interdisciplinary Initiatives Fund (2008) Marjorie S. Isaac Fund for Animals (2017) Marjorie S. Isaac Fund for People in Need (2017)

Paul J. Isaac Fund (1981) Island Fund (1975) John Paul Itta and Tony Murray Fund (2008) Isabel C. and Walter T. Iverson Fund (1986)


J B Fund (1985) *J’Quar Fund (2018) Attillo and Myrtle Jackson Fund (2013) F. Jackson Fund (2007) Frederick Jacobi Memorial (1952) Jamaica Fund (1989) Lucy Wortham James Fund (1935) Lucy Wortham James Memorial (1939) Walter B. James Funds No. 1 & 2 (1927) (1927) Warren S. and Florence L. Jampol Fund (2006) Jane Fund (2012) Ethyl Janson Fund (2014) Gail and Robert Janukowicz Charitable Fund (2008) JCK Fund (2008) Jeanne d’Arc Foundation (1927) Jelly Bean Fund (2017) Kayce Freed Jennings Fund (2007) Jenny-Hiteshew Fund (1994) Elise Jerard Environmental and Humanitarian Trust (1981) Harry J. and Teresa H. Johnson Graduate Scholarship Funds (1987) Harry J. and Teresa H. Johnson Undergraduate Scholarship Funds (1983) Laura and Ray Johnson Fund (2003) Jon and Deb Charitable Fund (2015) Kristin & Adrian Jones Charitable Fund (2013) Doug Jones and John Sanger Theater Ticket Fund for Greater New York (2015) Jophed/Thomas Fund (1975) JQW Fund (2006) JTS Fund (2011)


Eleanor Kagan Fund (2015) Daniel Kaizer and Adam Moss Fund (2014) KAL 007 Victims Memorial Fund (1988) Kanner Family Fund (2016) Susan Grant Kaplansky Fund (2001) Barbara and William Karatz Fund (1986) Hagop, Arousiag and Arpy Kashmanian Scholarship Fund (1999) Robert A. Kasner Fund (2005) Jonathan Ned Katz Fund (2008) Judy Katz/Oren Rudavsky Fund (1996) Glenn and Kim Kaufman Fund (2004) Robert M. Kaufman Fund (1988) Robert M. Kaufman Fund No. 2 (2002) Sheila Kelley Kaufman Fund (2009) *Wendy B. and Jeffrey A. Kaufman Fund (2018) Marion Esser Kaufmann Fund (1985) Walter and Selma Kaye Fund (1994) Kearney Family Fund (2012) Allan and Margaret Keene Charitable Fund (2013) Adrian and Alieda Keevil Fund (2004) Robert Prior Kehoe Fund (1974) Richard Keim Family Fund (1983) William Wilson Kelchner Memorial Fund (1972) Jane and Donald Seymour Kelley Fund (1997) Kelner Family Fund (1996) Carl and Doris Kempner Fund (1996) Michael C. Kempner Fund (1997) Kenary Fund (2004) Kenilworth Fund (1970) The Muriel & Bob Kennedy Fund (2017) Kenner-Smith Family Fund (2007) Gilbert and Rebecca Kerlin Fund (2005) Jonathan O. Kerlin Fund (2005) Kerlin Tucker Donor-Advised Fund (2012) Kern Family Fund (2011) Dr. Leo Kesner Fund for the Advancement of Science (2012) Ellen Kheel & Arnold S. Jacobs Fund (1998) Chloe E. Kimball Foundation Fund (2012) Eliza V. Kimball Foundation Fund (2012) John H. Kimball Foundation Fund (2012) King Family Fund (2000)

Joseph M. Kirchheimer Fund (1989) John H. Kirst Memorial Fund (1999) Kismet Fund (2005) Susan B. & Donald M. Kitchen Fund (1989) Jane W. Kitselman Fund (2015) Casey Kizziah Fund (1994) Klass Family Fund (2017) Edward and Edith H. Klauber Fund (2013) Edith and Jules Klein Fund (2012) John C. Klein Trust (1981) Allen Kleinman Fund for Arts & Education (2016) Morris Kligman Memorial Fund (2000) Alan and Kathryn Klingenstein Family Foundation Fund (2013) *Knickerbocker Fund (2018) Knopp Family Fund (2012) Jane & Richard Koch Fund (1987) KOKORO Fund (2004) Kona Family Fund (2014) Korda Fund (1990) William A. Koshland Fund (1987) John C. Koster Fund (2003) Ellen Kozak Fund (2011) Patricia Berry Kozak Fund (2004) Kozukai Fund (2003) Henry Phillip Kraft Family Memorial Fund (1996) Kramer and Hallstein Charitable Fund (2012) Elaine & Alison Kranich Fund (2011) Sydney and Marjory Krause Fund A (2004) Sydney and Marjory Krause Fund B (2012) Sydney and Marjory Krause Fund C (2012) Eileen S. Krill Fund (2012) Susan J. Kropf Fund (2002) Mark Krueger Charitable Fund (2004) Bernie & Lydia Kukoff Fund (2005) Wheaton B. Kunhardt Fund (1949) Kurz Family Fund (2017)


Lachance Family Charitable Fund (2012) Benjamin V. and Linda L. Lambert Fund (1996) Lampe Family Fund (2005) Lamport Foundation Fund (1975) Landlocked Fund (1986) Lands-Cabrera Fund (2014) Allan Browning Lane Memorial Funds (1980) Lang Fund (1982) Daniel Lang Memorial Fund (1998) Langner Family Fund (2000) Judith and Jean Lanier Fund (1986) Rose Kean Lansbury Fund (2000) Rhona and Philip Lanzkowsky Fund (2014) May Seton Bayley Large Memorial (1928) William S. and Stanley S. Lasdon Fund (1984) David Lawrence Fund (2000) Blanche E. Lawton Fund (2009) Le Veque Memorial Foundation (1948) Charles Henry Leach II Fund (2013) Ledges Fund (1996) Lee Family Chinese Immigrant Education Fund (2001) Leede Family Fund (1996) Jeffrey R. and Joan Leeds Fund (2005) Howard Z. Leffel Fund (1970) Lefrak Fund (1999) Lehman Brothers T. Christopher Pettit Memorial Scholarship Fund (2008) Mark E. Lehman Fund (2008) Karl H. and Jewel I. Lehmann Fund (2010) Delia and Artemio León Fund (1997) Anne Leonhardt Fund for the Needy (2015) Frederick H. Leonhardt Fund (1979) Leonia High School Class of 1979 Entrepreneurship Scholarship Fund (2001) Reba Q. Lerch Fund (1971) Ursula Lerse Fund (2010) Betty & John A. Levin Fund (1998) Dustin Levine Fund (2000) Ellen Levine Fund for Writers (2007) Robert & Patricia Levinson Fund (1985) Robert A. & Patricia S. Levinson Award Fund (2016) Jacob Levy Fund (1990) *Grace Lewis Fund (2018)




IN 2018 Wadsworth Russell Lewis Trust Fund (1989) Lichstein Family Fund (1992) Lichtenstein-Miller Fund (1994) Barbara and Richard Lieberman Fund (1979) Claire Lieberwitz and Arthur Grayzel Theatre Fund (2015) Robert and Janet Liebowitz Fund (2013) Dawn Lille Dance Award Fund (1994) Limberlost Fund (2016) Ken Lin Fund (2002) Robert and Maria Lin Fund (1992) Linden Memorial Fund (1994) Adolf G. and Eloise Linden Scholarship Fund (1995) Alexander and Ella Lindey Fund (1991) Lindgren Family Fund (1999) George N. and Mary D. Lindsay Fund (1996) David F. and Dorothy W. Linowes Philanthropic Fund (2015) Linwood Fund (1983) Lion and Hare Fund (1970) Lissner Charitable Fund (2011) Literacy in Early Childhood Fund (2000) Edward H. Little Memorial Trust (1982) Royal Little Fund (1992) Nancy Liu Memorial Fund (1995) Livingston Fund (1995) LJTJ Fund (2012) John L. and Frances L. Loeb Fund (2011) Loewenberg Family Philanthropic Fund (1983) Wilhelm Loewenstein Memorial Fund (1940) Michael Lomax Memorial Fund (2001) Peter C. Lombardo MD Fund (2012) Peter Lomonte Fund (2009) Jane P. Long Fund (1991) Longview Fund (1990) Lookout Foundation Fund (2010) Elizabeth Meyer Lorentz Fund (2002) Thomas H. Loughman Memorial Scholarship Fund (1978) Ellee J. Lovelace Fund (1970) Ruth Norden Lowe and Warner L. Lowe Memorial Fund (1990) Lowenstein Fund (2002) Lowenthal Family Fund (2012) Patrocinia Lu Charitable Fund (2012) Rena M. Lucardi Fund (1997) Melvin Ludwig Memorial Fund (1993) Edna Wells Luetz/Frederick Riedel Fund (2009) Edna Wells Luetz/Frederick Riedel Fund No. 2 (2012) Judge J. Edward Lumbard U.S. Attorneys Fellowship Fund (1977) LW Fund (2012) Lynford Family Fund (1988) Amelia and George Lyons Memorial Fund (1994)


M & N Fund (2000) Clara L. Macbeth Funds (1977) Nancy G. and C. Richard MacGrath Fund (1996) Ralph and Susan Mack Charitable Fund (2008) Afifie & Richard Macksoud Foundation (1975) Lloyd F. MacMahon Fellowship Fund (1989) Edith Carpenter Macy Memorial Fund (1926) Susan Madden Fund (2015) Wilson H. Madden, Jr. Fund (1993) Brian and Florence Mahony Fund (1997) Major Fund (1971) Maldonado Fund (2007) Thomas G. Malone Donor Advised Fund (2009) Terry and Arielle Maltese Fund (1998) Manheim Fund (2011) Mann-Wheeler Fund (2012) Anthony Mannucci Fund (2014) Mark Mannucci Fund (2014) David L. Marcus and Susannah Ludwig Fund (2016) Jan W. Mares Fund (1978)



Mark Family Fund (1986) Alison Billie Marks Fund (1993) Alison Billie Marks Fund No. 2 (2012) Dora, Edythe K. & Sylvia Marks Family Fund (1999) Dorothy Marks Fund (1997) Marlin-van Stockum Fund (1995) Alfred J. Marrow Fund (1974) Erika and Peter Marsh Charitable Fund (2012) Patricia T. Marshall Fund (1998) Donald and Amanda Martocchio Fund (2008) Vincent James Mastronardi/Thomas J. Fahey Memorial Fund (1993) MacDonald Mathey Fund (2001) Mathys Fund (2000) Joan and Robert Matloff Fund (2016) Joyce Matz Fund (2006) Edward Maverick Fund (1963) Maxwell Family Fund (1991) Claudia Kress Mayberry Fund (2000) Jessica Kress Mayberry Fund (2000) Paul M. Mazur Fund (1945) McAfee Foundation Fund (2003) Sarah S. McAlpin Fund (1996) Townsend Martin McAlpin Fund (1983) Blanche and Edwin D. McArthur Fund (1999) McCaffrey Family Fund (1985) *McCarthy Mann Fund (2018) *Ann D. McChord Fund (2018) McClendon Fund (1999) Cyrus McCormick and Florence S. McCormick Memorial Fund (1995) Colonel and Mrs. Henry Bayard McCoy Memorial Fund (1957) Ruth McCreary Funds (2001) Alonzo L. McDonald Family Fund (1983) Donald Wesley McDougall Memorial Fund (1991) John Todd McDowell Environmental Fund (2004) Michael R. McGarvey Fund (2001) Richard E. “Rusty” McGivney Memorial Fund (1999) John F. and Jean C. McIlwain Fund (1995) Mark McInerney Fund (1986) Victor and Dorothy McIntosh Fund (2013) Dave McKennan Memorial Fund (2003) Isabel C. McKenzie Fund (1952) Kate McLeod and Jerry Flint Fund (2013) Janet H. McPherson Memorial Fund for Children (1984) McWhelan Fund (2011) Emily McIntyre Means Fund (1995) Louis K. & Susan P. Meisel Family Fund (2015) Melzer Fund (1994) Toni Mendez Fund (2003) Friedrike Merck Fund (2002) George W. Merck Fund (1987) John Merck Fund (1981) Helen Merrill Fund (1998) Marjorie Merryman Fund (2012) Ralph D. Mershon Fund (1953) LuEsther T. Mertz Fund (1995) LuEsther T. Mertz Advised Fund (1995) Charles Merz and Evelyn Scott Merz Memorial Funds No. 1 & 2 (1984) Merz Supplemental Fund (1986) Albion and Natalie Metcalf Fund (2010) Meyer Family Fund (2008) Helen F. and Alfred S. Meyer Fund (2008) Michaels Fund (1979) Jeanne Michaud Gift (1964) Middle Road Fund (1983) Midnight Mission Fund (1974) Midtown Fund (1997) Gregory Millard Memorial Fund (1985) Earl Miller Fund (2006) Minikes Family Foundation Fund (2008) M.J.H. Fund (1964) MLW Advised Fund (1998) Mobility Rehabilitation Fund (1964)

Leo Model Fund (1988) Robert and Moira Moderelli Fund (2008) Moles Scholarship Fund (1996) Molly & Carl Fund (2000) Money In Motion (2000) Moore Family Fund (1994) AF Moore Fund (2010) Anne L. Moore Fund (2010) Anne Moore and Arnold Lisio Fund (2008) Barbara F. and Richard W. Moore Fund (1997) Deborah W. and Timothy P. Moore Fund (2007) Elisabeth Moore Fund (2010) Meredith C. Moore and Abhijit Gurjal Fund (2010) Shirley I. Moore Fund (2002) Terence W. Moore Memorial Fund (2004) Zachary Moore Fund (2010) Moosehead Fund (1996) Arthur G. Moraes Memorial Fund (1999) Marie Morgello Book Fund (1993) Jenny Morgenthau and Eugene R. Anderson Fund (1992) Morningside Heights Community Fund (2017) Morningside Retirement and Health Services, Inc. Fund (1993) Alice V. & Dave H. Morris Memorial (1958) Jennifer Emily Morris Memorial Fund (1985) Lawrence Morris Charitable Trust (1992) Robert C. Morris & Aline B. Morris Fund (1939) Ray Mortenson - Jean Wardle Fund (1996) George T. Mortimer Foundation (1970) Morvillo Abramowitz Grand Iason & Anello, P.C. (2006) *Mosaic Fund (2018) Moses Fund (1992) Henry and Lucy Moses Fund (2011) Hanna and Jeffrey Moskin Family Fund (1997) Sam & Fanny Moskowitz Fund (1986) James Mossman Fund (2000) Daniel Motulsky and Caitlin Pincus Fund (2006) Mount of Olives Fund (1989) Ms. Carol Aim High Fund (2016) Frieda Mueller Fund (1981) Suzanne C. and Carl M. Mueller Charitable Fund (1999) Joanna Mufson Memorial Trust Fund (1983) Mulber Fund (1947) Stephen Mulderry Memorial Fund (2001) T.F. Mulvoy Charitable Fund (2012) Alexandra Munroe Fund (2002) Munson Foundation (1978) Marjorie Oatman Munson Memorial Fund (1980) Murphy Prospect Fund (2014) Thomas W. and Florence T. Murphy Fund (1984) Thomas W. Murphy, Jr. Fund (2011) Virginia Murphy Memorial Scholarship Fund (1954) William and Janice Murphy Charitable Fund (2012) Musical Arts Fund (1939) *Musiker Family Charity Fund (2018)


Joseph Nacmias Fund (2011) Nager-Wentworth Fund (1993) Anni P. Nalbandian Memorial Scholarship Fund (1997) Nana & Annie’s Fund (1999) The Naskeag Fund (2012) Murray L. and Belle C. Nathan Fund (1996) Nathoo Family Fund (2014) Walter W. Naumburg Memorial No.1 (1960) Walter W. Naumburg Memorial No. 2 (1960) Navesink River Group Fund (2002) Gabe and Beth Nechamkin Fund (1997) Richard H. Needham Fund (1995) Nancy F. & Daniel A. Neff Charitable Fund (2011) Ilse Nelson Fund (1986) Ness Fund (1972) Neuberger Berman Fund (1980) Daniel Neubourg Fund (1999)

Nicole and Mark Neuhaus Fund (2000) New York City Cultural Agenda Fund (2014) New York Critical Needs Funds (1975) New York Critical Needs Fund - Hurricane Sandy (2012) New York Keller Family Fund (2004) *New York State Census Equity Fund (2018) New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund (1983) Annalee Newman Fund (1998) Barnett and Annalee Newman Foundation Fund (2017) Nancy A. Newman Fund (2012) Reverend and Mrs. R. Heber Newton Fund (2006) Hally and James Nicol Fund (1998) Herbert Nidenberg Scholarship Fund (1993) Nimble Waiter Fund (2004) Nish Family Fund (2008) Nollmann Fund (2004) Olivia Schieffelin Nordberg Fund (1996) Northcliff Philanthropic Fund (1979) Northwest Harbor Fund (2007) Adelaide Walker Nugent Fund (1974) NYC Workforce Development Fund (2001) NYCN Fund (2010)


Lindsay and Terry O’Brien Fund (2002) Sheila J. O’Connell Advised Fund (1999) O’Connell Family Fund (2017) Sheila J. O’Connell Fund (2007) A.P.J. O’Connor Fund (1996) Thomas and Maureen O’Connor Fund (2012) William B. O’Connor Fund (1996) Elizabeth and Brian O’Kelley Charitable Fund (2012) Charles R. O’Malley Fund (2009) Oak & Acorn Fund (2000) Oasis Fund (1984) Robert K. and Jean O’Connor Fund (1979) Octagon Fund (1978) Mary P. Oenslager Foundation Fund (1996) Abraham Oestreicher Fund (1972) Mary F. Ogorzaly Fund (2014) Bilge Ogut-Cumbusyan Achievement Fund (2012) Florence C. Oliveira Memorial (1969) Olmezer Family Fund (1998) Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School Fund (1997) Open Door Fund (1996) Oppenheim Family Fund (2000) Martin and Suzi Oppenheimer Philanthropic Fund (1998) Origo-Levy Animal Care Fund (1993) Origo-Levy Child Welfare Fund (1993) Susan Orkin Fund (2005) Maxwell Orloff Fund (1998) Linda W. Osanik Fund (2010) Donald R. Osborn Fund (1986) *Oscar Fund (2018) Courtlandt Otis Fund (1973) Jeanne Marie Otter Scholarship Fund (1989) Overbrook Family Advised Fund 001 (2012) Overbrook Family Advised Fund 002 (2012) Overbrook Family Advised Fund 003 (2012) *Overbrook Family Advised Fund 004 (2018) Overbrook Family Advised Fund/Arthur G. Altschul, Jr. (2012) Overbrook Family Advised Fund of Charles Altschul (2012) Overbrook Family Advised Fund of Serena Altschul (2012) Overbrook Family Advised Fund of Stephen F. Altschul (2012) Overbrook Family Advised Fund of Carolyn J. Cole (2012) Overbrook Family Advised Fund, EAM (2012) Overbrook Family Advised Fund of Joyce Fensterstock (2017) Overbrook Family Advised Fund of Elizabeth Graham (2012) Overbrook Family Advised Fund of Julie Graham (2012) Overbrook Family Advised Fund of Kathryn G. Graham (2012)

Overbrook Family Advised Fund of Kristin Graham (2012) Overbrook Family Advised Fund of Michael C. Graham (2012) Overbrook Family Advised Fund of Robert C. Graham, Jr. (2012) Overbrook Family Advised Fund / Sticky Wicket Fund (2012) Overlook Fund (1971) Owen Fund (1986)


Bishop Robert L. Paddock Fund (2010) F. LeMoyne Page Memorial Fund (1977) Mary LeMoyne Page & Romaine LeMoyne Billings Memorial Fund (1980) Manfred Pakas Scholarship Fund (1981) Pamina Fund (2014) Heidi Paoli Fund (1987) Katharine A. Park Funds for the Elderly (1982) William Hallock Park Research Fund (1976) Parkinson Fund (1995) Lorenzo and Isabelle Parsons Scholarship Fund (1998) Mary Sherman Parsons Fund (2005) Elise and Stephen Partridge Fund (2015) Patricof Family Foundation Fund (1979) Robert P. Patterson Memorial (1952) Oliver H. and Lola G. Payne Fund (1994) Stewart J. Pearce Memorial Fund (2016) Barbara and Morris B. Pearl Fund (2012) Pedowitz Family Fund (1999) Daniel Pekarsky & Stephanie Stone Fund (2017) *Paula Pelosi Fund (2018) Peltier Family Fund (2010) Peltier Fund (2009) Pennies from Heaven Fund (2001) Penobscot Fund (1993) Peppercorn Fund (2015) Donald and Miriam Marya Perkins Charitable Fund (1989) Dorothy Perlow Fund (1996) Jacob Perlow Memorial Fund (1983) Irene Peron Fund (2000) Virginia and Jean R. Perrette Fund (1997) Richard L. Perry Memorial (1935) Leonard L. Perskie Memorial Fund (1980) Petersmeyer Family Fund (1973) Susan Petersmeyer Fund (2009) Alexander W. Peterson Foundation Fund (2012) Drew Peterson Foundation Fund (2012) Michael B. Peterson Foundation Fund (2012) Peter Cary Peterson Foundation Fund (2012) Peter G. Peterson Fund (1977) Peter G. Peterson and Joan Ganz Cooney Fund (1980) Steven C. Peterson Foundation Fund (2012) Seymour & Beverly Peyser Fund (1986) Stowe and Charlton Phelps Charitable Fund (2014) Phil Fund (2001) Hal Philipps Fund (2012) Kenneth A. and Helen Clark Phillips Fund (1972) Charles M. Phinny Fund (1987) *Pickman Family Fund (2018) James and Elizabeth Pickman Fund (2015) John P. Picone Charitable Foundation Fund (2004) Picower Fund (2011) Pilkington Family Fund (1996) Donaldson C. Pillsbury Fund (2009) Marnie S. Pillsbury Fund (2006) Pilot House Fund (1985) Pine Cone Fund (2000) Pine Tassel Fund (2014) Pine Tree Fund (2013) Pinkerton Trust (1979) Marietta C. Pino Memorial Fund (1982) Emanuel and Nora Piore Fund (2002) Emanuel and Nora Piore Memorial Fund (2002) John Polachek Fund (1958) Samuel S. & Anne H. Polk Charitable Fund (2000) Sam and Anne Polk Family Fund (2006) Maxwell A. Pollack Fund (1986) Leo L. Pollak Memorial Fund (1984)

Helene Pomerantz Memorial Fund (1991) Robert and Ellen Popper Scholarship Fund (2010) Amy and Martin Post Fund (2011) Michele Potlow Fund (2010) Katharine Sloan Pratt Fund (2002) Robert & Barbara Preiskel Memorial Fund (2002) Sidney S. Prince Trust (1964) Margaret Fenton, Samuel and Thomas Pringle Memorial (1957) Robert and Ilse Prosnitz Fund (1999) Publishing Triangle New Voices Fund (2015) Publishing Triangle Literary Fund (2004) Valerie & Michael A. Puglisi Fund (2003) Pyewacket Fund (1997)


Q Fund (1996) Alan Grant Quasha Fund (2011) Diana Ronan Quasha Fund (1995) Queens College Speech and Hearing Center Fund (1999) Alan G. Quitko Fund (1997)


Rabinowitz Family Fund (2012) The Racek-Dowicz Fund (2013) *Radiance Fund (2018) Radin Family Fund (2005) R.A. Radley Fund (1994) The Ragin Family Fund (2002) Rahm Family Fund (2015) Raiziss/de Palchi Translation Award Fund (1994) Neera & Deepak Raj Fund (2012) Calvin Ramsey Scholarship Fund (2003) Addison C. Rand Fund (1940) Lynne S. Randall Charitable Fund (2009) Ralph J. Rangel Fund (1989) *Dev B. Ranjit Fund (2018) Rankin-Smith Fund (1985) Raskin-Young Family Fund (2017) Rawson Family Fund (2010) RDG Zabel Fund (2011) Reach Fund (2007) Jeanne and Norman Reader Better English Award Fund (1997) *Lloyd Reback Scholarship Fund for Physical Therapy (2018) Susan Cohen Rebell Fund (1998) Red Dog Hill 2010 Fund (2010) Redstone Fund (1997) Philip D. Reed Fund (1996) Thomas D. and Natalie B. Rees Family Fund (1996) Helen Rehr Fund (2011) Joseph E. Reich Fund (1986) Henry H. Reichhold Scholarship Fund (1968) Reid Family Charitable Fund (2012) Cordelia and David Reimers Fund (2002) Rudyard & Emanuella Reimss Memorial Fund (2001) Reingold Family Fund (2000) Jerilyn Hayes Reiter Memorial Scholarship Fund (2001) Rembrandt Fund (1977) Eugene H. and Patricia C. Remmer Fund (1986) Remo Fund (2009) Karl F. Reuling Fund (1993) Louis and Mary Reusché Fund (2012) Reynwood Fund (1986) R. Rheinstein Fund (1999) Audrey Rheinstrom and Anne Blevins Fund (2003) Rhodebeck Central Park Conservancy Fund (1999) Rhodebeck Fund for the Elderly (1989) Rhodebeck Fund for St. George’s Society of New York (2001) Rhodebeck Fund for the Homeless (1989) Rhodebeck Prospect Park Fund (2005) Richard and Mildred T. Rhodebeck Fund (2012) *Rhoda M. Ribner Family Fund (2018) Grantland Rice Fellowship Fund (1951) C Richards Fund (2016) Richter-Weinberg Fund (2017) Marion & George Riley Fund (1968) Rinaker Family Fund (1983) Henry P. Riordan Fund (1990) James and Gloria Riordan Fund (1983)




IN 2018 Rippe Family Fund (2001) Virginia S. Risley Family Fund (1995) Virginia S. Risley Fund (2004) Rita Fund (2008) RME Fund (2007) RMT Family Fund (2012) Emilie D. Robb Fund (1938) Patricia and Yves Robert Fund (1998) Roberts Family Fund (1999) Robinson-Morrill Fund (1992) Barbara Paul Robinson & Charles Raskob Robinson Fund (1996) Marguerite P. Roché Fund (1972) Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Fund (1928) Mary French Rockefeller Fund (1997) Rogers Family Fund (1995) Sarah and Harry Rogers Fund (1994) Dr. Joseph Richard Rongetti Scholarship Fund (1996) Hugh and Katherine Roome Charitable Fund (2012) Curtis Roosevelt Fund (1989) Jonathan F.P. Rose and Diana Calthorpe Rose Fund (1996) Richard Rose Fund (1981) Rose/Margulies Fund (1997) Jack and Mae Rosenberg Fund (1997) Rosenbloom Family Fund (2011) Rosenfeld Family Fund (1986) June S. Rosenfeld Memorial Fund (1989) Susan Rosenfeld Fund (1998) Allen Rosenshine Minority Education and Training Fund (2000) John P. Rosenthal Fund (1973) Rosenthal-Schneier Fund (2009) Ida Ross Memorial Fund (1986) Jesse Ross Memorial Fund (2017) Lila & Arnold S. Ross Charitable Fund (2000) Clara Lewisohn Rossin Trust (1949) *Sidney Roth Memorial Fund (2018) Robert and Amy Rothman Family Fund (2007) Edmond de Rothschild Fund (2000) Lynn Forester de Rothschild Fund (2002) Roxbury Fund (1997) RSVP — For The Children Fund (2006) Lisa Cordell Rubin Fund (1995) Robert E. and Judith O. Rubin Fund (2014) Samuel N. and Charlotte Rubin Fund (1996) Frederic A. and Susan A. Rubinstein Fund (1986) Helena Rubinstein Fund (2011) Harry J. Rudick Fund (1988) Rue de Reves Fund (1987) G & M Rufrano Fund (2007) William and Candace Ruland Fund (2013) Thomas Ruotolo Scholarship Fund (1985) William D. Russell Fund (1971) Guy G. Rutherfurd Fund (2011) Rx Foundation Fund (2006) Rye Scholarship Fund (1977)


Myrten G. and Lillian V. Saake Memorial Fund (1994) Daniel Saccomanno Fund (1996) Bonnie and Peter Sacerdote Family Fund (1975) Samuel Sacks Funds (1975) Safer-Fearer Fund (1998) Nola Safro Fund (2011) Dr. Abraham and Shirley Saifer Fund (1992) Nathan and Nancy Sambul Fund (1997) Flossie Samuels Fund (2015) Stacey Sanders Fund (2001) Sarah A. Sanford Fund (1949) Linda U. Sanger Charitable Fund (1999) Matthew P. Sapolin Fund (2011) Sare-Krevolin Fund (2012) Dr. John E. Sarno Memorial Fund (2017) Michael Sasse Charitable Fund (2001) *Saunders Conservation Psychology Scholar Award (2018)



James & Sarah Scanlon Fund (2003) Schalet Family Fund (2017) Brigitte Holmen Schattenfield Family Fund (2002) Dossie Schattman Fund (2007) Marielle J. Scheff Fund (2002) Robert and Mae Scheff Fund (2007) Schein Family Memorial Fund (1987) Henry Schein Inc., Company Fund (2003) Ruth and James Scheuer Fund (2010) Jacob H. Schiff Memorial (1924) Jacqueline Schiller Fund (1998) David L. Schlapbach Charitable Fund (2012) Max G. Schlapp Mental Hygiene Fund (1979) Schlegel Family Fund (2005) Grace and Edith Schneider Memorial Fund (1949) Schneiderman Family Fund (1994) Estella J. Schoen Charitable Fund (2012) Anna E. Schoen-René Fund (1942) Frederick K. Schoff and Maureen A. Mackey Charitable Gift Fund (2009) Scholarships For Kids Fund (1993) Elizabeth Schulte Fund (2013) John W. Schulz Memorial Fund (2000) *Arlene Schwartz Family Fund (2018) Robert and Heidi Schwartz Family Fund (2008) Robert J. Schweich Fund (1981) Alfred H. Schwendtner Fund (1996) Sandra Scime Charitable Fund (2012) Gail Aidinoff Scovell and Edward P. Scovell Fund (1986) Sea Cliff Fund (1986) Seal Point Foundation (1966) Sealion Charitable Fund (1998) Selby/Vail Fund (2001) Selig Family Fund (2012) Mamie Seller Memorial Fund (1978) Jerome and Joan Serchuck Fund (1971) Serena Foundation Fund (2010) Alfred M. Serex Fund (1999) Severinghaus Fund (2011) J. Walter and Helen C. Severinghaus Fund (1988) William H. Seward, Jr. Fund (1962) Sewell Fund (2007) Shah-Domenicali Family Fund (2005) Harris Shapiro Fund (1996) Sharp Fund PLD (2014) Shaw Foundation Fund (1964) Sheinberg Family Fund (1996) Serena Fairchild Sheldon Fund (2009) Lola J. Sherman Fund (1937) Fannie Sherr Fund (2006) Shiffman Family Fund (2012) Shoemaker Family Fund (2014) Shomstein Family Fund (2016) Jack and Dorothy Shulman Memorial Fund (1984) Shyer Vision Fund (2015) Anne P. Sidamon-Eristoff Fund (2007) Catherine and Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff Family Fund (2003) Elizabeth Sidamon-Eristoff Fund (2003) Nancy Sidamon-Eristoff Fund (2014) Simon Sidamon-Eristoff Fund (2003) Siebert Family Fund (2001) Jayne M. Silberman Fund (1986) Lois and Samuel Silberman Grant Fund (1992) Ruth and Marvin Silberman Memorial Fund (1967) Al and Rosa Silverman Fund (1994) Alan Silverman Charitable Fund (2004) Lynn Silverman Family Fund (2006) Marty and Dorothy Silverman Fund (2001) Silverstein Family Fund (2007) Arlene B. Simon Fund (1986) Robert M. Sims/Robert L. Albright Fund (2009) Cecile Singer Fund (2000) Sinha Family Fund (2008) Stephen Sirkin Memorial Fund (1984) Skipjack Fund (2006)

Randy Slifka Philanthropic Fund (2006) Edward and Adele Slutsky Memorial Fund (2015) Bowen & Janet Smith Family Fund (2012) Deborah A. Smith Fund (1986) Jacqueline and Albert Smith Fund (1993) Richard L. Snyder Fund (1991) Laura Solinger Fund (1993) L. & S. Soll Fund (1998) David & Nancy Solomon Fund (2000) Hannah Fox Solomon Fund (2002) John D. Solomon Fund for Public Service (2010) John D. Solomon Scholarship Fund for Public Service (2017) Abe, Lena and Irin Soskis Memorial Funds (1984) Fernando Soto, Jr. Fund (2000) Alireza Soudavar Fund (1986) Mammadi Soudavar Memorial Fellowship Fund (1982) Patricia and Michael Sovern Fund (2003) Rose M. Soybel Rose Garden Fund (1997) Carol and Charles Spaeth Memorial Fund (1986) Spanky Tomato Fund (2012) Special Fund No. 11 (1968) Special Fund No. 14 (1950) Special Fund No. 20 (1962) Tivy Spence Achievement Fund (1999) Arthur L. Spencer Memorial Scholarship Fund (2002) Sperry Van Ness/Joe French Endowment Fund (2004) Marion R. Spinnler Education Fund (1970) Spurlino Family Fund (2006) Squadron A Fund (1983) Nicholas Warren Squires Family Fund (1991) St. Christopher’s School Fund (1974) Stack Family Fund (1994) Stadler Fund (1997) Ilma Stafford-Greene Fund (1977) Stankard Family Fund (2010) Stanley, Story, Crane Fund (2010) Alma Timolat Stanley Fund (1987) Staples Family Fund (2008) Stars and Stripes Fund (1988) Betty J. Stebman Fund (2003) Ellen and David Stein Fund (2009) Steinberg Charitable Fund (2012) Albert and Marie Steinert Fund (1991) *Stella Fund (2018) Stemland Family Fund (1991) *Stephen and Roger’s Fund (2018) Stephens Bequest (1942) Sterling Fund (1985) *Ida Miriam Stern Fund (2018) Henry J. Stern & Robert F. Wagner, Jr. Fund (1982) Ettie Stettheimer Memorial Fund (1961) Gertrude Stewart Memorial Scholarship Fund (1971) Kate H. Stiassni Fund (1999) Still Waters Fund (2016) Nancy J. Stockford Donor-Advised Fund (2012) Stonehome Fund (1956) Samantha Fairchild Storkerson Fund (2009) Edward K. Straus Fund (1951) Joan Fuld Strauss Charitable Fund (2011) Lise Strickler and Mark Gallogly Charitable Fund (2010) Stronach-Buschel Fund (1995) Carole Stupell Travel Award Program (2003) Subramanian Family Fund (2013) *Kathleen A. Sullivan Fund (2018) *Sunken Meadow Fund (2018) Sunlight Fund (2012) Billy Sunshine Memorial Scholarship Fund (1985) Surrogate’s Court Fund (1991) John and Mary Suydam Family Fund (2007) R. Swayze Gay and Lesbian Youth Fund (1996) John and Devereux Swing Philanthropy Fund (1998) Dorothea H. Swope Fund (2015)


Hazaros Tabakoglu Scholarship Fund (1994) *Monica and Angelo Tabone Fund (2018) Robert A. Taft Institute of Government Trust (1969) Peter Talbert Charity Fund (1999) W. Pike Talbert Charitable Fund (1986) Nancy and Jay Talbot Fund (2009) James Talcott Fund (1974) Helen S. Tanenbaum Fund (1954) Nicki & Harold Tanner Fund (2001) Rachel Tanur Memorial Fund (2002) Tate Family Fund (2012) Dave Taylor Memorial Fund (1995) William J. Taylor Fund (1939) B. and U. Tenny Fund (2009) Buzz Tenny Fund (2011) William Clark Terry Scholarship Fund (1983) Thackeray Fund (2005) Third Millennium Fund (1973) Thomas COPD Fund (1996) Thomas Fund (1995) Marvin and Doris Thomas Fund (1996) Thomas Street Fund (2014) Grandchildren of Fred & Florence Thomases Fund (1999) Suzanne Thompson Fund (2007) Judith Dana Thorne Fund (1990) Nathan C. and Margaret Y. Thorne Fund (2012) Nathan & Nicholas Thorne Fund (2012) Olaf J. and Margaret L. Thorp Fund (1987) 316th Association Memorial Funds No. 1 & 2 (1994) 316th Infantry Monument Fund (1969) Three Ninety Fund (1972) Jane M. Timken Charitable Fund (1987) *Annie Rensselaer Tinker Fund (2018) Tobacco Pink Fund (1977) Carol H. Tolan Fund (1997) Nathaniel and Sarah Tooker Fund (1972) Susan M. Topiel Memorial Fund (2014) Tor Family Fund (1999) Arnold and Caren Toren Fund (2004) Town Hill School Fund (1993) Tozer Family Fund (1987) Janet Traeger Salz Charitable Fund (2015) Traer Fund (1976) Traub-Dicker Rainbow Fund (2010) Charles Welford Travis Trust (1981) Trevor Fund (1986) Harry D. Triantafillu Fund (1986) Harry D. Triantafillu Fund No. 2 (2001) Trinity Chapel Home Fund (1960) Tripod Fund (1979) Jean L. & Raymond S. Troubh Family Fund (1998) John B. & Louisa S. Troubh Fund (1993) Jimmy Cheong Hang Tsang Fund (2013) TTS Fund (2017) Ruth Hung-Fang Tung Memorial Fund (2011) Turner Fund (1999) Paul N. Turner Bequest (1960) Charles P. Twichell Fund (1995) 2005 Charitable Trust Fund (2005) 2007 Charitable Trust Fund (2007)


Beth M. Uffner Arts Fund (1998) Umbrella Fund (2009) *Ann and Thomas Unterberg Fund for Children (2018) Marjorie & Clarence E. Unterberg Foundation, Inc. Fund (2012) Nina Untermyer Fund (2016) *Updike Family Fund (2018) The Up-town Fund (2008)


Vacolo Fund (2000) Gilad Vaday Fund (2000) Anne van Biema Fund (1996) van Hengel Family Fund (1980) Edward and Sally Van Lier Fund (1988) Lottie Grace Vanderveer Funds No. 1 & 2 (2003) Nancy Veith Fund (2003)

Rudolf and Anna Marie Vetter Memorial Fund (1977) R.G. Viault Family Fund (1999) Viburnum Trilobum Fund (2003) Victory Fund (2010) John L. Vigorita, M.D. Memorial Fund (1991) Vinmont Fund (2006) Vo Van Jacques and Thai Thi Tam Memorial Fund (2004) David & Johanna Voell Family Fund (2001) Gregory & Elyzabeth Voell Family Fund (2001) Jeffrey and Stephanie Voell Family Fund (2001) Richard & Virginia Voell Family Fund (1986) Vogel Family Charitable Fund (2006) Hans A. Vogelstein Memorial Scholarship Fund (1982) Mrs. Claus von Bulow Fund (1971) Enders M. Voorhees Fund (1973)


Marian Marcus Wahl Memorial Fund (1985) Wainwright Fund (2012) Christina Walker Fund (2003) Bayard Walker, Jr. Charitable Fund (2003) Walker-Pratt Family Fund (2003) J. Miller Walker Fund (2005) DeWitt Wallace Fund for Youth (1982) (2008) Frederick J. and Theresa Dow Wallace Fund (1977) Lila Acheson Wallace Fund for the Arts (1984) Wallace Special Projects Fund (1991) Theresa Dow Wallace Scholarship Fund (1975) Waller-Davidson Fund (1980) John J. Walsh Fund (2012) Anthony W. and Lulu C. Wang Fund (1996) N.T. and Mabel Wang Charitable Fund (2004) Moritz and Charlotte Warburg Memorial (1925) Elizabeth and Andrew Ward Charitable Fund (2012) David Warfield Funds (1951) David and Mary Warfield Funds (1973) Mary Warfield Fund (1971) Bradford A. and Nancy H. Warner Fund (1985) Warwick Charitable Fund (2013) Watcha Fund (1988) Wattles Family Charitable Trust Fund (1981) Alice W. Wattles Fund (1974) James Howard Wattles Fund (1947) Albert J. Weatherhead III Foundation Fund (2016) Weber Family Fund (2002) Damon Weber Fund (2005) Ellen Z. Wedeles Memorial Fund (2017) Weil Bauchner Family Fund (2014) Alex E. Weinberg Fund (2007) Edna and Frederick Weingarten Fund (1984) Seymour and Kathleen Weingarten Fund (2005) Martin Weinstein and Teresa Liszka Fund (2016) Seymour & Rose Weinstock Fund (1999) Weintz Family Foundation (1980) Weintz Family Fund (1995) Mabel W. Weir Trust (1978) Rebecca & Nathan Weiss Fund (1997) Nathan H. Weiss Memorial Fund (1999) Cyrus and Carolyn Weiss Fund (2016) WellMet Philanthropy (1999) William E. Welsh Jr. Family Fund (1978) West End Road Fund (1988) Herbert B. West Fund (1989) Florence and Elliot Westin Fund (2010) Wheeler Fund (1992) Betty Wheeler Fund (1991) Where There’s A Will Fund (2012) Letitia M. Whipp Memorial Fund (1972) Bill Whitehead Award Fund (1993) Whitman-Salkin Meyer Fund (2015) Edward B. Whitney Fund (1986) Frederic J. Whiton Fund (1960) Barbara E. Wiedemann Fund (2015) Gertrude and Edward Wiener Charitable Foundation Fund (2016) Mary L. Wiener/Sanford M. Cohen Fund (1986) Carleton Wiggins and Donald Bain Trust (1982) Donna Bain Wiggins Trust (1982) Robert O. Wilder Fund (1989)

Mason Wiley Memorial Fund (1995) *Roy Wilkins Fund (2018) Cynthia & Alan Wilkinson Fund (2003) Linda and Richard Willett Fund (2017) Henry K. S. Williams Trust No. 1 (1944) Henry K. S. Williams Trust No. 2 (1944) Mildred Anna Williams Fund (1940) Oscar Williams and Gene Derwood Fund (1971) Robert I. & Lucille B. Williams Fund (1996) Sarah Williams & Andrew Kimball Fund (1999) Bruce R. Williamson Fund (1998) Douglas Williamson Fund (1997) Willkie Farr & Gallagher Fund (1984) Sam Wilner Fund (1997) John H. T. Wilson Fund (1988) William Ross Reid Wilson Memorial Fund (1991) Wilton-Risdon Fund (1994) Wiltwyck School Fund (1988) Wind Down Fund (1989) Windie Knowe Fund (2003) Windsor Fund (1977) Jay Winston Scholarship Fund (1997) John Winston Fund (1999) Winterer Fund (1986) Winthrop Family in America Fund for Groton Church (1982) John Winthrop Fund (1970) Margaret S. Winthrop Fund (1972) Leone Scott Wise Fund (1986) Witches’ Fund (1998) Witherspoon Fund (2012) Witkin Family Fund (1988) Kate and Richard Witkin Family Fund (1988) Joanne Witty and Eugene Keilin Fund (1986) C. Theodore Wolf & Francis X. Decolator II Fund (1996) Wolf Baumer Fund (2013) John and Martha Wolf Fund (2017) Wolfe/Inadomi Fund (2012) Women First Fund (2007) Jadin Wong Fund (2011) Wood Thrush Fund (2004) Joseph Woolfson Fund (2010) World Trade Center Hoboken Memorial Scholarship Fund (2002) World-Wide Fund (2002) World-Wide Holdings, Inc. Fund (2002) Clara Kennon Worley Fund (1973) Worth Fund (1992) Wray Family Fund (1986) Wrede Fund (2009) Bruce Wrobel Memorial Fund (2014) Seymour B. Wurzler Bequest (1963) Ursula Wybraniec Fund (2015)


J. Ernest Grant Yalden Memorial Fund (1956) Yancey Family Fund (1986) Dr. Walter M. Yannett Memorial Fund (2011) Yaseen Lectures on the Fine Arts (1971) Millicent B. Yinkey Fund (2007) The Yonce Family Fund (1986) H. R. Young and Betty G. Young Fund (1979) Nancy Young and Paul B. Ford, Jr. Fund (1986) Thomas and Elsie Young Fund (2000) *Youth and Philanthropy Initiative USA Fund (2018) Stephane Yulita Children’s Fund (1989) Stephane Yulita & Inge Kadon Fund (2000)


Judith and Stanley Zabar Fund (1993) Diane O. Zaccagnino Memorial Fund (2015) John & Catherine Zacharias Family Fund (2003) Eileen Geduld Zaglin Scholarship Fund (1993) Elliott Zagor Fund (2015) Zakat Fund of NYC (2016) Bobby Zarin Memorial Fund (2009) Ziano Fund (2007) Joel Zimmerman Fund (1996) Zofnass/Ring Family Fund (1991) ZPM Fund (1986)





Joseph Acocella, Jr. Memorial Fund (2011) Agris-Pine Family Charitable Fund (2014) *Akinla Family Fund (2018) Alemany Family Fund (2015) Apoyo Fund (2002) Arfa Family Fund (1997) Aronian Family Fund (2008) Artrepreneur Fund (2010) Arts and Creative Expression Fund (2017) Ascher Fund (1999) Linda Ashear Fund (2001) Gianna Marie Balog Memorial Fund (2012) Barringer-Spaeth Fund for Change (2002) Joan Bartels Memorial Fund (1997) Bell-Jacoby Family Fund (2015) Beverly Bender Fund (2000) Howard and Grace Benedikt Fund (2002) Carol Berger Scholarship Fund (2005) Richard A. Berman Fund (2004) K. M. Bialo Family Fund (1986) Bianco Family Fund (2003) Michael Blank Memorial Fund (2010) Blecher Family Fund (1986) Albertina Bloom Memorial Fund (1985) Samuel and Beatrice Marks Bloom Memorial Fund (1998) Blumer Family Fund (1998) Jack Brennan Fund (2002) Buerger Fund (2001) Elizabeth G. Butler Angel’s Fund (2005) Tony Carlucci Scholarship Fund (1999) Jesse L. Carroll, Jr. and Judith B. Carroll Fund (1986) Barbara and Walter Ceconi Charitable Fund (2008) H. M. & T. Cohn Fund (1977) Larry Cole Memorial Fund (2003) Colson Fund (2006) Michael A. Correa Memorial Fund (2002) Corriggio Family Fund (2015) CPM Fund (2007) Joseph S. D’Ascoli Fund (2017) Nancy and Robert DeLigter Boy Scout Memorial Fund (1991) Michele & Concetta DeRosa Fund (2000) Dominican Sisters of Hope Empowerment Fund (2014) Alyson & Parker Drew Fund (2000) Dunbar Family Fund (2014) Eiref Family Fund (2017) Linda A. & James H. Ellis Fund (1999) Endowment for Westchester’s Future (1987) Marion C. and James E. Enright Scholarship Fund (2005) Ernie, Louise & Jeffrey Early Childhood Fund (1995) Esplanade Fund (2003) Ann M. Fagan Charitable Fund (2012) The Family Fund (2011) Francis and Denise Farrell Family Fund (2006) Celia Malbin Feinstein Fund (1992) Arnold E. and Olga C. Feldman Fund (2003) Mollie Fidel Memorial Fund (2013) First Decade Fund (2009) Brendan M. Frail Memorial Fund (2010) Cira S. Francovilla Memorial Scholarship Fund (2010) Jane Franke Fund (2008) Virginia Franklin Journalism Scholarship Fund (2004) Peggy Friedman Memorial Fund (1989) Fund for Artists with Disabilities (2017) Fund for New Rochelle (2016) Fund for Westchester’s Environment (2001) Gallagher Family Charitable Fund (1999) Charles Gamper Fund (1985) J.F. & M. Gelband Fund in Memory of Joseph F. Gelband, Jr. (1995) Rita & Bruce Gilbert Fund (1992) Lloyd & Lonya Gilbert Fund (1991)



Glassberg Family Fund (1997) Neva and Howard Goldstein Family Fund (2017) Rachel Greenstein Memorial Fund (1988) Handelman Memorial Education Fund (2010) Edward Handelman Fund (2010) Helen & Nancy Handelman Fund (2010) Carol and Frank Headley Family Fund (1996) John and Marilyn Heimerdinger Fund (1994) Russell Hexter Filmmaker Fund (1997) Rhoda Holzer Memorial Fine Arts Fund (2016) Julian H. Hyman Memorial Fund (1985) Alice & Warren Ilchman Fund (2000) Karen Cromer Isaac Fund (2007) *Ivry Family Fund (2018) Jade Fund (1999) Paul and Barbara Jenkel Fund (1998) Edwin Irving Johnson Scholarship Fund (1985) Janet A. Johnson Scholarship Fund (2003) James R. Johnston Fund (2012) Margaret Jourdan Fund (2005) JWHands Charitable Legacy Fund (2010) Kadejay Fund (1998) Kern Charitable Fund (2011) Kidney Transplant Fund (2007) Kilman Family Fund (2008) Kimerling Career Development Fund (2000) Henry J. and Ellen Korb Fund (2016) Kotval Shroff Family Fund (2011) Learning Center Fund (1994) Dorothy and John Lebor Fund (1999) James L. Leinwand Fund (1998) David F. & Dorothy W. Linowes Fund (1999) Linville Fund (1993) William J. and Helen Z. Lippincott Fund (1994) John A. Lombardi Scholarship Fund (2006) Karin Lopp Fund (1998) Elizabeth Lorentz Fund (1986) Lester and Helen Levinthal Lyons Fund (1994) John F. Maloney Memorial Fund (1998) Marwell Family Fund (2017) McCrosson Family Fund (2011) Dapper McDonald Memorial Fund (2012) Patrick J. McNeill Scholarship Fund (1997) Menzies Fund (2002) Merrill Lynch Fund for Children with Disabilities in Memory of Christopher Herndon (2006) Michel Family Fund (2012) Middleton Family Fund (2001) Robert Minzesheimer Memorial Fund (2016) Asa Uyeda Mitsudo and Sumi Lynn Koide Memorial Fund (1996) Model/Falkowski Fund (2010) Katherine C. & David E. Moore Fund for Community Development (2005) David & Katherine Moore Family Foundation Fund (2000) Nathan Moscow Fund (1985) Munson Family Fund (2000) Neubart/Rosenthal Family Fund (2012) Eda and Stanley Newhouse Fund (1983) James L. Newhouse Fund (1986) Thomas J. and Margaret Lynch O’Connor Scholarship Fund (1994) Olmezer Westchester Fund (1998) Orr Pitts Family Fund (2014) *Orville-Nammour Family Fund (2018) Pammy Fund (1989) Passionist Fund (1995) Dorothy Patterson Fund (2014) Lawrence R. Jr. & Thelma Dale Perkins Fund (1993) Perry Family Fund (1988) Roger Perry Memorial Fund (1999) Pisacano Family Fund (1995) Raymond M. and Alice M. Planell Fund (2006) Pottinger Fund (1994) Sal J. Prezioso Fund for Westchester’s Future (2001) Muriel L. and Stephen B. Randolph Fund (2004)

Reiman Brothers Fund (1999) Miriam and Elsie Reinhart Memorial Fund (1991) Renal Clinical Fund (2007) Renal Research Fund (2007) Reynoso Family Fund (2013) Virginia and Rodney Roberts Memorial Fund (2015) *Rollins Family Fund (2018) Nathan Rosen Memorial Fund (1996) Rossi Family Fund (2010) *David Rubenfeld Memorial Fund (2018) Vito and Diana Russo Fund (1988) R.W.K. Charitable Fund (2011) Rye High School Class of ‘75 Fund (2017) Bernardo Scheimberg Fund (2014) Dr. Lester J. Schultz Memorial Fund (1984) Robert and Lynne Schwartz Fund (1986) Shea Family Fund (2004) Shover/Enrietto Family Fund (2016) Carl Slater Memorial Fund (1998) Bradford & Pamela Smith Charitable Fund (2000) Michelle Sobel Literacy Fund (2006) Karena Somerville AWC Scholarship Fund (1992) Dr. John B. Sommi Fund (2003) Jerry Spitz Charitable Fund (2008) Stepinac Fiftieth Reunion Scholarship Fund (2006) Andrew Stewart Memorial Fund (1999) Sturmer Family Fund (1996) Henriette Granville Suhr Fund (2016) William and Henriette Granville Suhr Fund for the Environment (2016) Sullivan Family Fund (1994) Kalyan Sundaram Fund (2006) James A. and Katherine D. Sutton Fund (1999) Syzygy Fund (2014) Martin Tackel & Abbe Raven Family Fund (1998) Alfonso Tapia and A. L. Rose Memorial Fund (1994) Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow Children and Youth Fund (2009) Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow Fund for Kids (2010) Threerandomwords Fund (2003) Trabout Fund (2006) Triantafillu Fund (1983) W. Lee Tuller Memorial Fund (1983) W. Lee Tuller Memorial Education Fund (1983) Arno and Peppi Ucko Family Fund (1998) Emily & Harold E. Valentine & Evelyn Gable Clark Scholarship Fund (2005) Bernice and Irwin Warshaw Fund (1990) Nicholas C. Wasicsko Scholarship Fund (1993) Rita and Stanley Wecker Fund (2015) Westchester Community Foundation (1975) Westchester Cumulus Fund (2009) Westchester Fund for Women and Girls (1992) Westchester Health Fund (2003) Westchester Critical Needs - Hurricane Sandy Fund (2012) Westchester Opportunity Fund (1993) Westchester Poetry Fund (2000) Westchester Wilderness Walk Fund (2001) Westchester Workforce Fund (2017) Frank E. Wigg Charitable Fund (1993) Wilstock Fund (1994) Evelyn G. Zamboni Fund (1986) Madeline and Sanford S. Zevon Fund (1995) Corinne and Neil Zola Fund (2014)



Susan Isaacs and Elkan Abramowitz Charitable Fund (2005) Brianna Xu Aiping Fund (2014) All For The East End Fund (2013) Robert and Rhoda Amon Fund (2008) Dennis P. Angermaier Memorial Lifeguard Scholarship Fund (2002) Michael and Christine Arnouse Family Fund (2009) Arts Reach Fund (2014) Sol and Lillian Ash Fund (2015) Baldwin Family Fund (2011) Alexander Baldwin Memorial Scholarship Fund for Massapequa High School (2000) Janet & John Barone Charitable Gift Fund (2015) Jean Bellia Fund for Nursing Excellence (2004) Gary and Pauline Bencivenga Fund (2015) Stanley & Marion Bergman Family Charitable Fund (1996) Willa and Robert Bernhard Fund (1997) Besemer Family Fund (2012) Dr. Raj Bhayani Fund (2013) Ruby and Michael Bornstein Memorial Fund (1978) James D. Brown Jr. Fund (2012) James & Carole Burns Fund (2006) Callisto Fund (2014) Callisto-T Charitable Fund (2016) Richard M. Caproni Memorial Scholarship Fund (2001) Carmans River Watershed Management Fund (2014) Helene & Richard Cepler Family Fund (2000) Chakiryan Family Fund (2002) Arthur A. Chaplin GSB Fund (2001) Charity Society Fund (2000) *Charlie’s Environmental Fund (2018) Charlie’s Long Island Fund (1985) Children’s Fighting Chance Fund (2008) CM Fund (2016) Alice and Clifford Cohen Fund (2017) Marie Colvin Memorial Fund (2012) George J. Conklin Scholarship Fund (1989) Ann Caroline Corrody Fund (1999) Cranin Family Fund (2017) *Betsy M. Crump Memorial (2018) Cumulus Long Island Fund (2003) Cutrone and Smith Family Fund (2014) George W. Cutting, Jr. Fund (1998) Rose D’Arpino Scholarship Fund (2005) Davidow Elderly Community Assistance Fund (1996) Deering and Volpicella Family Fund (2007) Rajesh & Rupa Dharia Fund (2013) Percy Douglass Memorial Education Fund (1985) Eiber Family Fund (2000) The Empire Group (2016) ENEE Philanthropic Fund (1994) Martha C. Entenmann Scholarship Fund (1999) Thomas F. & Helen A. Fagan Fund (2007) Fern’s Kids Fund (2014) Feustel Fund (2016) Fireside-T Charitable Fund (2016) Mark Fischgrund Memorial Fund (2003) Walter and Sandra Fish Charitable Fund (1997) Fishers Island Community Fund (2011) Michael J. Fleming, Esq., Memorial Fund (2015) Samuel Francis Fund (2005) Franck Family Fund (2005) Anne and Frank Freeman Fund (1997) Fridman Family Fund (2010) Fund for the Future of Long Island Women and Girls (1997) Fund for Innovative Community Programs on Long Island (1985) Richard H. and Jean E. Gaebler Family Fund (2005) Patricia Galteri Fund (2011) Glenn Gerrato Scholarship Fund (2001) Neil Giske Memorial Scholarship Fund (1985) Gleason Family Fund (2012) Jeanne Going Memorial Fund for Ovarian Cancer Research (2005) Selma Goldmacher Charitable Fund (2006) Gloria Grafer Critical Needs Fund (2017) Grafer Family Fund (2012) Greenberg Fund (2010) Selma Greenberg Fund (1997) Greentree Foundation Fund (2003) Matthew Grimaldi Memorial Fund (2015) Grundman Memorial Scholarship Fund (1990)

Kristy Lyn Haley Memorial Fund (2000) Hand and the Spirit Fund (1999) *Michael Hannan Memorial Fund (2018) Robert E. and Barbara W. Harrison Fund (1997) Harting & McChesney Charitable Fund (2015) Helen’s Fund (1998) Frances Herman Family Fund (2010) Hershenov Family Fund (2012) *Joel E. Hershey Community Fund (2018) E.B. Hubbard Fund (2002) Julie Hunnewell Fund (1987) Alma D. Hunt/VCM L.I. Fund (1997) Hurricane Sandy Long Island Relief and Restoration Fund (2012) In Memory of Elissa Fund (2004) Ann Marsden Irvin Fund (2009) Douglas Jackson Memorial Scholarship Fund (1996) Berenice and Herman Jacobs Family Fund (1997) Lawrence Jacobs Fund (2011) Marie J. Jensen Scholarship Fund (2005) Harold & Carol Johnson Fund (2017) Edith R. Karel Fund (1998) Karish Education Fund of the Horticultural Alliance of the Hamptons (2000) David & Dale Karp Family Charitable Fund (2003) Kenneth L. and Veronica K. Katz Fund (1999) Leo and Freda Keller Memorial Fund (2000) Kids Making a Difference Fund (2000) Morton L. Kimmelman Fund (2001) Gail Kirkham Memorial Fund (2017) David and Paula Kirsch Family Fund (2004) Beverly & Harvey Klein Fund (2001) Kona-T Charitable Fund (2016) Krasnoff Family Fund (1985) Krasnoff Charitable Fund (2011) Patricia Kucinski Memorial Fund (2003) Arthur H. Kunz Memorial Fund (2005) Ruth Kurzweil Fund (2009) Ed & Lee Lawrence Fund (1988) Barbara Legname Memorial Fund (2015) Donna Levien Memorial Fund (2004) Levin Family Fund (1997) Andrew Levinson Memorial Fund (2015) Lewis Family Fund (2006) Long Island Civic Engagement Fund (2017) Long Island Affordable Housing Project Fund (2011) *Long Island Sound Stewardship Fund (2018) LINDA Fund (2015) Marian and William Littleford Fund (1993) Debra Lobel/Beverly Dash Fund (2004) Long Island Beech Fund Trust A (2015) Long Island Community Foundation Annual Fund (1977) LICF Operating Fund (1989) Long Island Fund for the Arts (1985) Long Island Fund for Youth Programs (1987) Long Island Immigrant Children’s Fund (2014) Long Island Opioid Crisis Fund (2017) Long Island Unitarian Universalist Fund (1992) LOOK UP for Adam Fund (2015) Lorraine Gregory Family Fund (2014) John F. Loverro Memorial Fund (2004) Lowry Family Charitable Fund (2008) Roselle Patricia Luciano Literacy Fund for Women (1996) Kendall Madison Leadership Fund (1995) Kevin G. Mahony Charitable Fund (2012) Mallouk Family Fund (2006) Mancino Family Fund (2003) Christine D. Marcin Family Fund (2017) William T. & Lynn Steppacher Martin Fund (2001) Massapequa Community Fund (2001) Helen P. and Randall P. McIntyre Fund (1986) Alan P. Mendelsohn Memorial Scholarship Fund (1999) John D. Miller Fund (2001) Millie Fund (2000) William E. Mintzer Memorial Fund (1999) Miracle-Gro Fund (2001) Joseph & Marion L. Mitola Family Fund (1999) Morris Fund (2006) Michael Moverman Memorial Fund (1998) Nanell Fund (2014) Nassau/Suffolk Fordham Law Alumni Scholarship Fund (1991) NCJW South Shore Section Community Fund (1995) Kenneth C. Newman Fund (2016)

North Country Community Association Fund (2002) North Fork Fund (2003) Northrop Grumman Endowment Fund for L.I. Women and Girls (1996) NYSSCPA - Nassau Chapter Giving Back to Charity Fund (2014) Okorn Family Fund (2010) Diane J. Owen Memorial Fund (2005) Sylvia & Morris Paley Fund (2002) Phyllis and Edward Palleschi Family Fund (2014) Bob & Margaret Parker Charitable Fund (2014) Kenneth E. Paskoff Fund (2011) Paul’s Fund (2002) Peconic Stewardship Fund (1984) Perry Persichilli Memorial Fund (1996) James and Margaret Philbin Scholarship Fund (2003) Joseph, Violet, Virginia, and Muriel Pless Family Fund (2014) Harriet B. and Edward Everett Post Fund (1986) Elizabeth Pritzker Endowment Fund (1985) *Pulse Patient Safety Education Fund (2018) Quogue Community Fund (2013) *Racial Equity Fund (2018) Raymond C. and Diane F. Radigan Fund (2005) Rhodebeck Long Island Fund (1998) Richards Family Fund (1987) Charlotte S. and Richard D. Rockwell Fund (1999) Rose Fund (1998) Judith Rubertone Fund (1987) Cheryl and Stephen Rush Fund (1999) * Joseph A. and Dorothy A. Salat Charitable Fund (2018) Saltzman Fund (1987) Sandy Building Back Stronger Fund (2013) SAR Family Fund (2012) Richard W. Savino Memorial Fund (2013) Schneidman Family Fund (2000) Caroline & Sigmund Schott Fund (1999) John S. Schrader Memorial Fund (2004) Schwabian Fund (2009) Schwartz Family Fund (1991) Selig Fund (1991) Samuel and Stella Seligsohn Memorial Fund (1996) Henry H. Shepard Fund (2008) Shinnecock Bay Stewardship Fund (2011) *Lisa Mattie Slater Williams Memorial Fund (2018) Colonel William Smith Foundation (1984) H. Brooks Smith Donor Advised Fund (2016) Meredyth H. Smith Charitable Fund (1997) E. & R. Smits Fund (2001) Staller Scholarship Fund (1987) Erwin P. and Pearl F. Staller Charitable Fund (1992) Adam E. Stark Memorial Scholarship Fund (2001) Nancy Steinman Fund (2003) Helen, Emily and Margaret Stevens Fund (2004) *Mabel Louise Stuart Fund (2018) Sunshine-T Charitable Fund (2016) Suzy’s Fund (2009) Carol & Jim Swiggett Fund (1997) Ruth Saltzman Taishoff Fund (1996) Gail & Michael Talent Memorial Fund (2003) Brian and Danielle Tane Charitable Fund (2007) James and Marie Taormina Fund (1999) Tealison Fund (1998) Tealison Two Fund (2001) Joseph Vigilante Fund for the Adelphi School of Social Work (2000) Phyllis S. Vineyard Fund (1996) Vishnick Family Charitable Fund (2001) Voices from the Heart Fund (1997) Dr. Robert and Olga von Tauber Fund (2013) Amah Vought Memorial Health Fund (2005) WAC Lighting Fund (2004) Elizabeth & Eugene Wadsworth Charitable Fund (1999) Hilda S. & Theodore T. Weiser Memorial Fund (1998) Westbury High School Class of 1967 Education Fund (2017) White Post Farms Charitable Fund (2015) Charles J. Williams Fund (1986) Work Long Island Fund (2003) Yang Family Fund (2006) Benjamin & Ethan Zemel Charitable Fund (2014)


IN 2018 These groups received more than $25,000 in 2018—including competitive grants recommended by our staff, and those suggested by advisors of individual funds. (Not shown: 3,900 grantees receiving $25,000 or less.) Groups are in New York unless otherwise indicated.


A Better Balance: The Work & Family Legal Center, $90,000 A Life with Drums, $60,000 A Safe Place (Mass.), $35,000 Academy of American Poets, $28,375 Academy of Medical & Public Health Services, $80,000 Achievement First (Conn.), $200,000 Activation Energy (Calif.), $250,000 Actors Fund of America, $81,500 Actors Theatre Workshop, $100,000 Adhikaar for Human Rights & Social Justice, $70,000 Adirondack Council, $25,500 Adirondack Experience, $178,000 Advanced Energy Economy Institute (D.C.), $100,000 Adventure Unlimited (Colo.), $35,000 Advocacy Institute, $35,000 Advocates for Children of New York, $81,500 African Leadership Foundation, $75,000 After-School All-Stars (Calif.), $40,000 Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation, $123,500 Aisling Irish Community Center, $30,000 Albertus Magnus High School, $35,000 Albuquerque Community Foundation (N.Mex.), $75,000 Alex Livingston Scholarship Fund, $26,250 Alfred State College Development Fund, $50,000 ALIGN, $150,000 All Angels Church, $40,000 All Our Kin (Conn.), $75,000 Alliance for Integrated Care of New York, $150,000 Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound (Mass.), $35,500 Alliance for Quality Education, $165,000 Alliance of Resident Theatres/New York, $192,850 Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, $32,000 Amazon Conservation Team (Va.), $40,500 America Scores New York, $40,000 American Associates of the National Theatre, $35,115 American Ballet Theatre, $208,477 American Battlefield Trust (D.C.), $279,500 American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, $285,860 American Farm School, $69,000

American Folk Art Museum, $152,000 American Foundation for AIDS Research, $40,000 American Friends of the Hebrew University, $65,040 American Friends of Georgia (Mass.), $25,250 American Friends of Magen David Adom, $45,550 American Friends of Shalva Israel, $102,500 American Friends Service Committee (Pa.), $30,750 American Heart Association, $319,560 American Heart Association, Westchester/ Putnam Region (Conn.), $27,470 American Himalayan Foundation (Calif.), $40,500 American Hospital of Paris, $36,900 American Jewish Committee, $109,100 American Jewish World Service, $28,750 American Junior Golf Foundation (Ga.), $89,109 American Museum of Natural History, $260,955 American Prairie Foundation (Mont.), $50,000 American Red Cross Greater New York Region, $227,370 American Red Cross/National Headquarters (D.C.), $96,850 American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, $30,450 American University (D.C.), $104,000 American University of Beirut, $35,000 American Visionary Arts Museum (Md.), $30,000 American Youth Table Tennis Organization, $30,000 Aneta Community Church (N.Dak.), $51,810 Animal Medical Center, $1,019,000 Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, $27,550 Animal Rescue New Orleans (La.), $30,000 Annisquam Village Church (Mass.), $35,000 Anti-Defamation League, $196,550 Appalachian Citizens’ Law Center (Ky.), $100,000 Appeal of Conscience Foundation, $50,000 Arab American Association of New York, $70,000 Arab-American Family Support Center, $70,000 Archdiocese of New York, $225,500 Artopolis Development, $97,000 ArtsConnection, $61,900 Asia Society, $35,000 Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund, $40,500 Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development, $65,000 AthLife Foundation, $75,000 Atlas: DIY, $120,000 Augusta University Foundation (Ga.), $36,160 AXS LAB, $42,000


B Lab Company, $50,000 Bainbridge Police Department (Ohio), $50,000 Bank Street College of Education, $191,800 Bard College, $38,520 Barium Springs Home for Children (N.C.), $74,020 Barnard College, $33,500 Baruch College Fund, $419,250 Bernard M. Baruch College of CUNY, $468,000

APPLY FOR A GRANT We’re committed to critical issues that may not lend themselves to easy solutions, while remaining open to projects that tackle emerging issues, and to organizations that may be new to us. For application instructions, visit our website, nycommunitytrust.org.



Bay Shore United Methodist Church, $100,000 Bay Street Theatre Festival, $60,600 Vivian Beaumont Theater/Lincoln Center Theater, $127,000 Behavioral Ideas Lab, $400,000 Benefits Data Trust (Pa.), $126,000 Better Angels Society (Va.), $100,000 Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences (Maine), $30,000 Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation (Fla.), $50,000 Bishop Walker School for Boys (D.C.), $62,500 Blackfeet Nation (Mont.), $80,000 Blythedale Children’s Hospital, $105,000 Boca Grande Health Clinic Foundation (Fla.), $50,000 Boston Symphony Orchestra (Mass.), $104,500 Boston University (Mass.), $307,900 Bowery Residents Committee (BRC), $511,500 Boy Scouts of America, Greater New York Councils, $137,055 Boys & Girls Club of Puerto Rico, $250,000 Boys & Girls Club of the Bellport Area, $47,000 Boys’ Club of New York, $90,700 Boys & Girls Club of Mt. Vernon, $27,500 Boys & Girls Club of Pawtucket (R.I.), $50,000 Boys & Girls Club of New Rochelle, $50,000 Boys & Girls Club of Northern Westchester, $68,000 Boys Town Jerusalem Foundation of America, $25,750 Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, $35,750 Brandeis University (Mass.), $61,250 Brandworkers, $60,000 Breaking Ground, $100,000 Breakthrough Greater Boston (Mass.), $50,000 Brearley School, $115,500 Breast Cancer Research Foundation, $148,000 William J. Brennan, Jr. Center for Justice, $102,000 Bridge Fund of Westchester, $35,000 Bridge Golf Foundation, $60,000 Bridgehampton Child Care & Recreational Center, $35,000 Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, $34,500 Bronx Children’s Museum, $110,000 Bronx Documentary Center, $150,000 Bronx Legal Services, $85,000 Bronx River Alliance, $35,000 Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Medical Center, $26,000 Brookings Institution (D.C.), $160,000 Brooklyn Academy of Music, $69,840 Brooklyn Alliance, $120,000 Brooklyn Arts Exchange, $105,000 Brooklyn Boatworks, $60,300 Brooklyn Botanic Garden, $38,900 Brooklyn Historical Society, $150,500 Brooklyn Law School, $28,000 Brooklyn Museum, $67,100 Brooklyn Public Library, $42,800 Brooklyn Youth Chorus Academy, $101,000 Brooklyn Youth Sports Club, $60,000 Brotherhood/Sister Sol, $200,000 Brown University (R.I.), $402,700 Brunswick School (Conn.), $51,100 Bucknell University (Pa.), $77,500 Byrd Hoffman Foundation, $27,000


California Community Foundation, $281,000 Calvary Hospital, $39,560 Camerata Internazionale, $31,000 Cancer Care, $706,100

Cancer Research Fund-Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Foundation, $26,000 Canine Companions for Independence (Calif.), $62,500 Canterbury School (Conn.), $50,000 Caramoor Center for Music & the Arts, $100,870 Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (D.C.), $100,000 Carnegie Hall, $41,540 Carnegie Mellon University (Pa.), $137,000 Carthusian Foundation in America (Vt.), $127,520 CAST (Mass.), $380,000 Catholic Charities, $27,500 Catholic Health Services of Long Island, $50,000 Catholic Relief Services (Md.), $323,680 Cause Effective, $109,750 Cave Canem Foundation, $61,000 Center for American Progress (D.C.), $200,000 Center on Budget & Policy Priorities (D.C.), $100,000 Center for Early Education (Calif.), $36,000 Center for Climate Strategies (D.C.), $350,000 Center for Family Justice (Conn.), $50,000 Center for Powerful Public Schools (Calif.), $50,000 Center for Teaching Quality (N.C.), $35,000 Center for The New Economy (P.R.), $400,000 Center for Large Landscape Conservation (Mont.), $60,000 Center for Reproductive Rights, $118,800 Center for an Urban Future, $50,000 Central American Refugee Center - CARECEN NY, $40,000 Central Appalachian Network (Ky.), $90,000 Central Nassau Guidance & Counseling Services, $30,000 Central Park Conservancy, $550,780 Central Synagogue, $58,300 Centro Para Puerto Rico, $100,000 Centros Sor Isolina Ferre (P.R.), $150,000 Chabad of Port Washington, $27,610 Challenger Athletics, $50,000 Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center, $169,500 Change Capital Fund, $125,000 Chapin School, $73,550 Chesapeake Bay Foundation (Md.), $32,000 Chicago Community Trust (Ill.), $150,000 Chicago Lions Charitable Association (Ill.), $500,000 Child Mind Institute, $83,400 Child Rescue Coalition (Fla.), $30,000 Children’s Village, $158,000 Children’s Aid & Family Services (N.J.), $30,000 Children’s Aid Society, $214,960 Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation, $47,500 Children’s Foundation of Memphis (Tenn.), $74,020 Children’s Health Fund, $28,500 Children’s Rights, $170,300 Children’s School (Conn.), $80,000 CHIP International, $30,137 Chocolate Factory Theater, $135,000 Choice for All, $65,500 Christ Church, $80,000 Christodora, $104,500 Church of the Heavenly Rest, $39,000 Churches United for Fair Housing, $70,000 Citizens’ Committee for Children of New York, $238,885 Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington (D.C.), $75,000 City Harvest, $308,135 City Limits, $50,500 City Parks Foundation, $62,715 City Seminary of New York, $1,000,000 City of White Plains, $50,000 City University of New York, Graduate Center, $55,000 City University of New York, Fiorello H. LaGuardia Community College $60,000

City University of New York School of Law, $132,000 Citymeals on Wheels, $45,885 Civic Builders, $49,500 Clean Air Task Force (Mass.), $100,000 Clean Energy Group (Vt.), $120,000 Cleveland Zoological Society (Ohio), $50,000 Climate Group, $100,000 Coalition for Public Safety (D.C.), $100,000 Coalition for Hispanic Family Services, $125,000 Coalition for the Homeless, $74,985 Code for America (Calif.), $50,000 Colby College (Maine), $205,500 Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, $66,850 Colgate University, $427,850 College & Community Fellowship, $75,000 College of the Holy Cross (Mass.), $36,000 College of Saint Elizabeth (N.J.), $127,520 Collegiate School, $37,550 Colorado State University, $470,000 Columbia University, $3,089,900 Columbia University Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, $27,250 Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, $465,070 Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons, $410,958 Coming Clean (Vt.), $100,000 Committee to Protect Journalists, $69,250 Common Good Institute, $52,000 Community Access, $35,000 Community Center of Northern Westchester, $25,250 Community Food Advocates, $98,000 Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro (N.C.), $150,000 Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley (Ga.), $205,542 Community Governance & Development Council New York, $55,000 Community Health Action of Staten Island, $125,000 Community Health Care Association of New York State, $300,000 Community Healthcare Network, $100,000 Community Partners International (Calif.), $110,000 Community Preparatory School (R.I.), $55,000 Community Resource Center, $95,300 Community Resource Exchange, $50,250 Community School for Creative Education (Calif.), $55,000 Community 2000 Education Foundation (R.I.), $150,000 Community Voices Heard, $35,000 Community Votes, $60,000 Community-Word Project, $85,000 Concern Worldwide U.S., $35,000 Concert Artists Guild, $51,000 Conference Board, $60,000

Congregation Emanu-El of the City of New York, $25,055 Congregation Kol Ami, $46,415 Congregation Ohav Sholom, $50,000 Congregation Rodeph Sholom, $25,500 Connecticut College, $26,500 Connecticut Fund for the Environment, $83,000 Cornelia Connelly Center, $39,500 Consumer Reports, $30,600 Cool Culture, $165,000 Cooper Square Committee, $60,000 Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art, $64,180 Cornell University (Iowa), $295,000 Corporate Angel Network, $60,000 Correctional Association of New York, $35,000 Council on Foreign Relations, $1,011,300 Council of Peoples Organization, $60,000 Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), $103,000 Covenant House New York, $169,550 Creative Capital, $105,500 Crossnore School & Children’s Home (N.C.), $74,020 Cumbe: Center for African & Diaspora Dance, $150,000 Custom Collaborative, $25,250 Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation, $75,000


Dalton School, $61,500 Damayan Migrant Workers Association, $80,000 Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Mass.), $44,000 Dance Theatre of Harlem, $155,000 Dance/NYC, $62,500 Dancers’ Workshop (Wyo.), $50,000 Darrow School, $32,000 Dartmouth College (N.H.), $457,460 Day One, $165,500 De La Salle Academy, $32,500 DeCordova Sculpture Park & Museum (Mass.), $50,000 Deerfield Academy (Mass.), $41,000 Defenders of Wildlife (D.C.), $102,000 Delaware Valley Green Building Council (Pa.), $30,000 Denison University (Ohio), $53,500 Diabetes Research Institute Foundation (Fla.), $250,000 Dieu Donné Papermill, $100,000 Disability Rights Advocates (Calif.), $50,000 Doctors Without Borders U.S.A., $288,600 The Door, $218,000


New York Times, Trust President Lorie Slutsky showed how modest grants can bolster grassroots organizations with small budgets.




IN 2018 Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island, $30,000 DREAM, $130,400 Maria Droste Counseling Services, $26,000 Duke University (N.C.), $664,000


Earthjustice (Calif.), $26,650 East Harlem Tutorial Program, $118,990 East Side House Settlement, $80,000 Eastern Long Island Hospital Association, $30,000 Echoing Green, $500,000 Economic Club of New York, $60,000 Albert Einstein College of Medicine, $235,000 El Centro Hispano, $42,500 El Puente de Williamsburg, $150,000 Emelin Theatre for the Performing Arts, $184,250 Emma’s Torch, $46,000 Engage New York, $30,000 Enrichment Audio Resource Services, $45,000 Enterprise Community Partners (Md.), $440,000 Environmental Advocates of New York, $243,000 Environmental Defense Fund, $2,052,250 Environmental Grantmakers Association, $120,000 ERASE Racism, $52,500 Ethical Culture Fieldston School, $53,650 Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund, $61,750 Exalt Youth, $76,750 Exodus Transitional Community, $364,750 Extera Public Schools (Calif.), $100,000


F.A.R. Institute (Fla.), $350,000 Facing History & Ourselves National Foundation (Mass.), $30,000 Fairleigh Dickinson University (N.J.), $50,000 FairVote (Md.), $150,000 Families for Freedom, $40,000 Family & Children’s Association, $53,500 Family Service League of Suffolk County, $44,000 Family Services of Westchester, $90,500 Farmingdale State College SUNY, $164,900 Farnsworth Art Museum (Maine), $87,000 Fayerweather Street School (Mass.), $28,500 Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies, $125,000 The Field, $108,000 Field Museum of Natural History (Ill.), $56,000 Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center (Ohio), $50,000 Figure Skating in Harlem, $70,000 Film Forum, $121,900 First Presbyterian Church of Lake Forest (Ill.), $51,810 Fiscal Policy Institute, $35,000 Fishing for MD (Muscular Dystrophy) Foundation (Md.), $30,000 Fisk University (Tenn.), $100,000 564 Park Avenue Preservation Foundation, $26,600 Flanbwayan Haitian Literacy Project, $60,000 Flatbush Development Corporation, $70,000 Food Bank for New York City, $32,875 Food Bank for Westchester, $73,200 Fordham University, $26,000 Forestdale, $100,000 Forman School (Conn.), $200,000 Fortune Society, $25,390 Forum for Climate Engineering Assessment (D.C.), $100,000 Foundation Center, $30,000 Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health (Ore.), $36,250



Foundation Fighting Blindness (Md.), $50,500 Foundation for a Better Puerto Rico, $50,000 Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (Pa.), $25,500 Foundation for the Public Schools of the Tarrytowns, $76,000 Foundation for Santa Barbara High School (Calif.), $30,500 Fountain House, $99,500 Fourth Arts Block, $50,000 Fractured Atlas, $56,350 Franklin & Marshall College (Pa.), $187,300 Frederick Douglass Academy, $45,000 Freedom Alliance (Va.), $35,000 Freer Gallery of Art of the Smithsonian Institution (D.C.), $30,000 Fresh Air Fund, $87,570 Friends of Governors Island, $40,000 Friends of the Earth (D.C.), $112,600 Friends of the Commission on the Status of Women (Calif.), $50,000 Friends Seminary, $31,250 FSH Society (Mass.), $104,250 Fund for the City of New York, $61,500 Fund for Public Health in New York, $98,000 Fund for Public Schools, $1,075,900 Futures & Options, $100,500


GallopNYC, $86,500 Gay Men’s Health Crisis, $33,300 Generation Citizen, $50,000 Georgetown University (D.C.), $158,050 Ghetto Film School, $60,000 Girl Scouts of the United States of America, $174,620 Girls for Gender Equity, $107,500 Girls Incorporated, $28,000 Girls Incorporated of New York City, $151,000 Glimmerglass Opera, $180,500 Global Action Project, $90,250 Global Heritage Fund (Calif.), $60,000 Global Kids, $105,500 GLSEN, $30,000

ART INTO ACTION: In this New York Times piece, Trust General Counsel Jane Wilton provides her expertise on donating works of art to charity.

Goddard Riverside Community Center, $106,000 God’s Love We Deliver, $124,000 Good Shepherd Services, $152,000 Gordon School (R.I.), $55,000 Grace Church School, $47,500 Grace Institute of New York, $160,000 Graduate Center Foundation, $103,000 Graham Windham, $185,000 Grameen America, $50,000 Grandfather Home for Children (N.C.), $74,020 Grant Foundation (Pa.), $60,500 Greater Kansas City Community Foundation (Mo.), $75,000 Greater Washington Educational Telecommunication Association (Va.), $104,750 Green City Force, $50,000 Greenwich Academy (Conn.), $125,000 Groton School (Mass.), $53,250 Groundwork Hudson Valley, $56,900 Guidance Center of Westchester, $146,500 Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, $27,214 Guiding Eyes for the Blind, $26,500 The Gunnery (Conn.), $55,000


Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist Organization of America, $41,290 Haiti Cardiac Alliance (Vt.), $50,000 Hance Family Foundation, $35,000 Harlem Academy, $200,000 Harlem Children’s Zone, $122,698 Harlem School of the Arts, $170,500 Harvard Business School (Mass.), $76,310 Harvard College (Mass.), $1,658,444 Harvard Library in New York, $51,810 Hawken School (Ohio), $325,000 Healthier Products Coalition (Calif.), $110,000 Healthy Babies Bright Futures (D.C.), $100,000 Heifer Project International (Ark.), $116,150 Herstory Writers Workshop, $40,250 Hetrick-Martin Institute, $50,000 HIAS, $85,860 Historic Districts Council, $60,000 Historical Society of Early American Decoration, $155,440 Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich (Conn.), $50,000 Hobart & William Smith Colleges, $35,000 Hoff-Barthelson Music School, $200,000

Hofstra University, $30,900 Homeless Animal Rescue Team of Maine, $29,500 Hospice Care Network, $29,250 Hospital for Special Surgery, $51,000 Hot Bread Kitchen, $141,500 Howard University (D.C.), $100,000 Hudson River Community Sailing, $51,000 Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, $75,000 Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, $28,500 Human Development Services of Westchester, $50,750 Human Rights First, $47,750 Human Rights Watch, $72,750 Human Services Council of New York City, $130,000 Humane Society of Louisiana, $108,000 Hunter-Bellevue School of Nursing, $218,000 Hunter College Foundation, $94,500 Hyde Park Baptist Church (Tex.), $31,500


I Challenge Myself, $60,000 Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, $255,000 ID Studio Theater Performance & Research Center, $29,000 Immigrant Defense Project, $157,750 Immigrant Justice Corps, $433,000 IMPACCT Brooklyn, $65,000 INCLUDEnyc, $125,500 Indian Mountain School (Conn.), $150,000 Inner-City Scholarship Fund, $433,150 InnerCity Struggle (Calif.), $50,000 Inspirational Triathlon Racing International, $60,000 Inspirica (Conn.), $42,500 Institute for Applied Gerontology, $300,000 Institute for Community Living, $100,000 Institute of Current World Affairs (D.C.), $50,000 Institute of International Education, $103,480 Interfaith Nutrition Network, $71,338 International Documentary Association (Calif.), $250,000 International League of Conservation Photographers (Va.), $50,000 International Planned Parenthood Federation/ Western Hemisphere Region, $25,250 International Rescue Committee, $343,450 International Sephardic Education Foundation, $150,000 International Social Service, United States of America Branch (Md.), $74,230 International Women’s Health Coalition, $36,000 Internationals Network for Public Schools, $180,500 Invest in Skills NY, $400,000 Iona College, $100,000 Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America, $26,000 Island Harvest, $51,000


J Street Educational Fund (D.C.), $55,000 Jacob Burns Film Center, $101,500 Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival (Mass.), $36,800 James Foundation (Mo.), $562,000 Jamestown Art Center (R.I.), $37,000 Jericho Jewish Center, $34,966 Jewish Association for Services for the Aged, $150,500 Jewish Board, $33,400 Jewish Voice for Peace (Calif.), $62,000 JobsFirstNYC, $540,000 Elton John AIDS Foundation, $125,000 Johns Hopkins University (Md.), $2,153,500 Joyce Theater Foundation, $34,250 Juilliard School, $54,300 Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International, $66,000


Katonah Museum of Art, $29,000 Helen Keller Services for the Blind, $50,250 John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts (D.C.), $45,000 Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights, $75,000 Keystone College (Pa.), $50,000 Kids’ Club of Tarrytown & Sleepy Hollow, $40,000 Kinesis Foundation (P.R.), $100,000 KING Kids United, $30,000 Kings County Tennis League, $26,500 Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, $61,000 Kites Nest, $62,500 Kneisel Hall (Maine), $35,500 Knowledge House, $125,000


La Salle Academy (R.I.), $75,000 Lake Forest College (Ill.), $158,440 Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund, $41,250 Lancaster Country Day School (Pa.), $35,000 Landmark College (Vt.), $26,000 Larchmont Avenue Church, $178,500 Larchmont Temple, $30,000 Latino Community Fund (Ga.), $50,000 Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care & Prevention, $30,000 Lawrenceville School (N.J.), $49,000 Lawyers Alliance for New York, $55,000 Leadership Conference Education Fund (D.C.), $50,000 League of Conservation Voters Education Fund (D.C.), $105,000 Legal Action Center, $171,500 Legal Aid Society, $40,950 Legal Services of the Hudson Valley, $46,000 Lehigh University (Pa.), $26,250 Herbert H. Lehman College of CUNY, $114,000 Lenox Hill Hospital, $62,500 Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, $47,250

Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay & Lesbian Art, $81,000 LESReady!, $120,000 Library of America, $235,000 Lifting Up Westchester, $35,000 Lighthouse Guild, $290,570 Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, $183,540 Literacy Inc., $80,500 Littig House Community Center, $245,000 Live Free or Die Alliance (N.H.), $40,650 Local Initiatives Support Corporation, $360,000 Long Island Cares, $71,200 Long Island City Partnership, $100,000 Long Island Civic Engagement Table, $155,000 Long Island Council on Alcoholism & Drug Dependence, $25,300 Long Island Progressive Coalition, $40,000 Long Island University, $329,250 Long Term Care Community Coalition, $50,000 Luis A Ferre Foundation (P.R.), $50,000


Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, $27,200 Madison Square Boys & Girls Club, $100,000 Make the Road New York, $186,250 Management Leadership for Tomorrow (Md.), $2,100,000 Manhattan Legal Services, $60,000 Manhattan School of Music, $103,350 Manhattan Theatre Club, $351,500 Marlboro School of Music (Pa.), $305,250 Marshall Project, $250,500 Marshall University Foundation (W.Va.), $50,000 Martha’s Vineyard Museum (Mass.), $32,000 Martha’s Vineyard Preservation Trust (Mass.), $30,000 Marywood University (Pa.), $50,000 MASA-MexEd, $72,500 Massachusetts General Hospital, $95,000 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, $59,000 Massachusetts Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, $52,310 Massapequa Public Schools, $44,868 Masters School, $255,000 McCarton Foundation for Developmental Disabilities, $90,000 Cardinal McCloskey Community Services, $100,000 McKee Botanical Garden (Fla.), $26,500 Mechon Hadar, $36,000 Media Matters for America (D.C.), $114,250 Medical Center at Ocean Reef (Fla.), $35,000 Mekong NYC, $73,000 Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, $760,513 Memorial United Methodist Church, $27,470 Mentoring in Medicine, $75,000 Mercy Healthcare Foundation (Maine), $150,000 Meridian Institute (D.C.), $75,000 Met Council Research & Educational Fund, $60,000 Metropolitan Museum of Art, $945,050

Financial information about The New York Community Trust can be obtained by contacting us at: 909 Third Avenue, 22nd Floor, New York, New York 10022, (212) 686-0010, www. nycommunitytrust.org, or as stated below: Florida: SC No. CH9514 A COPY OF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION AND FINANCIAL INFORMATION MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE DIVISION OF CONSUMER SERVICES BY CALLING TOLL-FREE, WITHIN THE STATE, 1-800-HELP-FLA OR VIA THE INTERNET AT www.FloridaConsumerHelp.com. Maryland: For the cost of postage and copying, from the Secretary of State. Michigan: MICS No. 22265. Mississippi: The official registration and financial information of The New York Community Trust may be obtained from the Mississippi Secretary of State’s office by calling 1-888-236-6167. New Jersey: INFORMATION FILED WITH THE ATTORNEY GENERAL CONCERNING THIS CHARITABLE SOLICITATION AND THE PERCENTAGE OF CONTRIBUTIONS RECEIVED BY THE CHARITY DURING THE LAST REPORTING PERIOD THAT WERE DEDICATED TO THE CHARITABLE PURPOSE MAY BE OBTAINED FROM THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY BY CALLING (973) 504-6215 AND IS AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET AT http://www.state.nj.us/lps/ca/charfrm/htm. New York: Upon request, from the Attorney General Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271. North Carolina: Financial information about this organization and a copy of its license are available from the State Solicitation Licensing Branch at (888) 830-4989 (within N.C.) or (919) 814-5400 (outside N.C.). Pennsylvania: The official registration and financial information of The New York Community Trust may be obtained from the Pennsylvania Department of State by calling toll-free, within Pennsylvania, 1-800-732-0999. Virginia: From the State Office of Consumer Affairs in the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, P.O. Box 1163, Richmond, VA 23218. Washington: From the Charities Program at 1-800-332-4483, or www.sos.wa.gov/charities. West Virginia: West Virginia residents may obtain a summary of the registration and financial documents from the Secretary of State, State Capitol, Charleston, WV 25305. CONTRIBUTIONS ARE DEDUCTIBLE FOR FEDERAL INCOME TAX PURPOSES IN ACCORDANCE WITH APPLICABLE LAW. REGISTRATION IN A STATE DOES NOT IMPLY ENDORSEMENT, APPROVAL, OR RECOMMENDATION OF THE NEW YORK COMMUNITY TRUST BY THE STATE.




IN 2018 Metropolitan Opera Association, $726,980 Metropolitan Opera Guild, $34,190 Mianus River Gorge Preserve, $37,500 Middlebury College (Vt.), $46,790 Middlesex School (Mass.), $1,028,000 Midwest Environmental Justice Network (Ill.), $125,000 MinKwon Center for Community Action, $91,000 Missionaries of Charity, $343,750 Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation (Calif.), $50,000 Mobilization for Justice, $75,600 Mohala Farms (Hawaii), $100,000 Molloy College, $86,850 Montefiore Medical Center, $205,000 Montfort Missionaries, $100,000 Montreat College (N.C.), $74,020 Moore County North Carolina Chapter of Sentinels of Freedom, $40,000 Morningside Retirement & Health Services, $29,090 The Moth, $31,000 Mount Sinai Health System, $160,000 Mount Sinai Hospital, $270,070 Movement for Justice in El Barrio, $70,000 Ms. Foundation for Women, $42,000 Muhlenberg College (Pa.), $30,000 Multiple Sclerosis Resources of Central New York, $30,000 Municipal Art Society of New York, $42,250 Muscular Dystrophy Association, $69,000 Museum of Modern Art, $226,100 Music Associates of Aspen (Colo.), $35,000 Music Institute of Chicago (Ill.), $30,000 MV Youth (Mass.), $35,000 Mystic Seaport Museum (Conn.), $54,000


NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund, $58,500 Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, $50,000 Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals (Mass.), $27,000 NASW Foundation (D.C.), $1,000,000 National Academy of Sciences (D.C.), $50,000 National Advocates for Pregnant Women, $43,049 National Audubon Society, $433,760 National Black Theatre Workshop, $150,000 National Center for Fair & Open Testing (Mass.), $55,000 National Dance Institute, $38,000 National Economic & Social Rights Initiative, $40,000 National Fish & Wildlife Foundation (D.C.), $100,000 National Gallery of Art (Md.), $37,000 National Multiple Sclerosis Society, $29,020 National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy, $301,250 National Trust for Historic Preservation (D.C.), $43,000 National Wildlife Federation (Va.), $104,250 Natural Resources Defense Council, $141,300 Nature Conservancy (Va.), $86,500 Nature Conservancy Adirondack Chapter, $55,000 Nature Conservancy, New York $53,125 Nature Conservancy New York, Long Island Chapter, $27,800 Naumburg Orchestral Concerts, $46,830 Walter W. Naumburg Foundation, $61,650 Nazareth College of Rochester, $50,000 Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City, $100,000 Neighborhood Housing Services of Brooklyn CDC, $65,500



Neighborhoods First Fund for Community Based Planning, $300,000 Neighbors Link, $50,750 New Alternatives for Children, $111,000 New Economy Project, $39,000 New Energy Foundation (N.H.), $120,000 New Haven Symphony Orchestra (Conn.), $71,000 New Heights Youth, $85,000 New Israel Fund (Maine), $35,750 New Rochelle Basketball Association, $40,000 The New School, $305,000 New Visions for Public Schools, $1,861,000 New York Appleseed, $85,000 New York Botanical Garden, $403,620 New York City Audubon Society, $65,000 New York City Ballet, $307,280 New York City Center, $46,500 New York City Mission Society, $62,810 New York Communities Organizing Fund, $40,000 New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute, CUNY, $50,000 New York Foundation for the Arts, $47,500 New York Foundling Hospital, $100,000 New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players, $103,500 New York Hall of Science, $262,500 New-York Historical Society, $224,500 New York Housing Conference, $50,000 New York Immigration Coalition, $186,000 New York Landmarks Conservancy, $171,000 New York Lawyers for the Public Interest, $404,250 New York League of Conservation Voters Education Fund, $86,500 New York Legal Assistance Group, $311,000 New York Medical College, $146,700 New York On Tech, $125,000 New York Philharmonic, $31,350 New York Police & Fire Widows’ & Children’s Benefit Fund, $120,000 New York Presbyterian Fund, $100,000 New York Presbyterian Hospital, $327,000 New York Presbyterian Lawrence Hospital, $50,000 New York Presbyterian/Queens, $45,000 New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox & Tilden Foundations, $571,370 New York Public Radio, $268,500 New York Restoration Project, $80,500 New York State Association of Community & Residential Agencies, $100,000 New York State Network for Youth Success, $125,000 New York State Youth Leadership Council, $90,000 New York Stem Cell Foundation, $260,500


release of the film “Black Panther,” Trust program officers advocated for diversity in the arts in a New York Daily News op-ed. Still courtesy of Marvel Studios

New York Times Neediest Cases Fund, $54,300 New York University, $249,940 New York University Hospitals Center, $150,450 New York University School of Medicine, $242,500 New York University Silver School of Social Work, $262,000 New York University Steinhardt School, $1,972,250 New York University Leonard N. Stern School of Business, $115,250 New York University Tandon School of Engineering, $262,500 New York Women’s Foundation, $117,300 New York Youth Symphony, $60,700 New Yorkers for Children, $260,500 Newburgh Ministry, $40,000 Newport Performing Arts Center (R.I.), $50,000 Nightingale-Bamford School, $67,000 Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York, $133,750 North Shore Land Alliance, $752,750 Northeastern University (Mass.), $55,600 Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation, $75,000 Northside Center for Child Development, $611,000 Northwell Health Dolan Family Health Center, $50,000 Northwell Health Foundation, $266,037 Norton Museum of Art (Fla.), $614,050 Nurse Family Partnership (Colo.), $50,000 NYC Coalition for Educational Justice, $308,000 NYC Service, $80,000


Ocean Community United Theatre (R.I.), $200,000 Ocean Foundation (D.C.), $53,000 Ocean Tides (R.I.), $35,000 Oceana (D.C.), $51,000 Off the Street Club (Ill.), $45,000 Ohel Children’s Home & Family Services, $86,000 Ohio State University Foundation, $72,500 Old Dartmouth Historical Society/New Bedford Whaling Museum (Mass.), $108,500 Old Westbury Gardens, $52,940 One Brooklyn Health System, $125,000 Open Mind Legacy Project, $50,000 Opening Act, $150,250 The Opening Word, $25,450 Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow, $120,000 Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, $100,000 Oxfam America (Mass.), $260,300


Pace University, $89,620 Packer Collegiate Institute, $125,250 Para la Naturaleza (P.R.), $250,000 Parent-Child Home Program, $150,000 Park Avenue Armory, $36,000 Parrish Art Museum, $86,000 Part of the Solution, $75,000 Participatory Budgeting Project, $120,000 Partners in Health (Md.), $86,000 Partnership for Public Service (D.C.), $100,000 Peace First (Mass.), $50,000 Peconic Land Trust, $43,190 Peddie School (N.J.), $100,000 PEN America, $36,350 People for the American Way Foundation (D.C.), $32,400 People Helping People in Need (N.J.), $27,300 Phi Beta Kappa Society (D.C.), $27,580 Philanthropy Massachusetts, $53,800 Philanthropy New York, $39,250 Phillips Academy (Mass.), $85,000 Phillips Exeter Academy (N.H.), $34,338 Phipps Neighborhoods, $107,000 Pine Creek Valley Watershed Association, $75,000 Planned Parenthood Federation of America, $319,944 Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic, $59,639 Planned Parenthood of Nassau County, $93,250 Planned Parenthood of New York City, $389,300 Planned Parenthood of Southern New England (Conn.), $40,500 Play Rugby, $40,000 Playwrights Horizons, $31,750 THE POINT Community Development Corporation, $151,000 Police Athletic League, $32,050 Pomfret School (Conn.), $109,000 Posse Foundation, $44,850 PowerMyLearning, $78,000 Pratt Institute, $181,450 Prep for Prep, $216,450 Presbyterian Church USA Foundation (Ind.), $46,350 Presbytery of New York City, $30,900 Prevent Child Abuse New York, $50,000 Primary Care Development Corporation, $115,000 Primary Stages Company, $35,000 Princeton University (N.J.), $134,550 Principia Corporation (Mo.), $100,200 Project Morry, $71,000 Project ORBIS International, $115,540 Project Renewal, $51,500 ProjectArt, $30,000 Prospect Park Alliance, $48,150 Prostate Cancer Foundation (Calif.), $29,500 Proteus Fund (Mass.), $30,000 Providence Center (R.I.), $50,000 Providence House, $50,000 Providence Preservation Society (R.I.), $100,000 Providence St. Mel School (Ill.), $50,000 Public Citizen Foundation (D.C.), $27,250 Public Theater, $494,900 Punahou School (Hawaii), $250,000 Putnam Hospital Center, $45,370


Queens College Foundation, $135,500 Queens Community House, $70,000 Queens Theatre, $150,000 Queens University of Charlotte (N.C.), $74,020


Rabbi Jacob Joseph School, $72,000 Race Forward, $476,000 Ramapo for Children, $92,650 Read Alliance, $200,000 ReadWorks, $700,000


In September 2018, NY1 News covered a Trust-sponsored fresh fruit and vegetable market that brought healthy food to the Bronx.

Reclaiming Appalachia Coalition (Ky.), $150,000 Red Hook Initiative, $100,750 Reformed Church of Bronxville, $52,000 Refugee & Immigrant Center for Education & Legal Services (Tex.), $26,750 Regional Plan Association, $155,000 Regis College (Mass.), $101,000 Release Aging People in Prison Campaign, $50,000 Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, $95,000 Restore NYC, $70,000 Rhodes College (Tenn.), $74,020 William Marsh Rice University (Tex.), $55,000 Rider University (N.J.), $191,170 Riders Alliance, $76,250 Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement, $70,000 RIOULT Dance NY, $151,000 Riverkeeper, $33,550 Riverside Park Conservancy, $74,300 Robin Hood Foundation, $191,100 Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, University at Albany SUNY, $35,000 Rockefeller University, $227,750 Rocking the Boat, $45,000 Room to Read (Calif.), $55,000 Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt Institute, $120,000 Rosenthal Center for Addiction Studies, $100,000 Roulette Intermedium, $57,500 Row New York, $61,000 RSHM Life Center, $43,250 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, $27,000 Rutgers University Foundation (N.J.), $56,000 Rwandan HUGS (Va.), $40,000


Safe Passage (Maine), $100,000 Sag Harbor Partnership, $41,500 St. Andrew’s Presbyterian College (N.C.), $74,020 St. Athanasius Roman Catholic Church, $100,000 St. Baldrick’s Foundation (Calif.), $55,500 St. Christopher’s, $40,000 St. David’s School, $28,000 St. Ignatius School, $100,000 St. James Episcopal Church of New York, $41,480 St. Jean Baptiste Church, $100,000 St. Jean Baptiste High School, $75,500 St. John’s Episcopal Church of Washington, CT., $32,250 St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital (Tenn.), $100,020 St. Mary’s Foundation for Children, $700,000 St. Peter’s Prep (N.J.), $50,000 St. Stephen’s School, $32,500 St. Timothy’s School, $65,000 Salvation Army (Conn.), $33,000 Salvation Army of Greater New York, $173,470 Samasource (Calif.), $150,000

Sanctuary for Families, $80,850 Sarah Lawrence College, $199,500 Save an Angel (La.), $40,000 Save the Children Federation (Conn.), $46,100 Scenic Hudson, $50,200 Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Children (N.J.), $68,976 Carl Schurz Park Association, $26,400 SeaChange Capital Partners, $65,000 Seafarers & International House, $50,000 Search & Care, $95,000 Seatuck Environmental Association, $178,000 Second Stage Theatre, $33,200 Seeds of Peace, $33,350 Hannah Senesh Community Day School, $109,500 SEPA Mujer, $30,500 Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE), $129,860 Services for the Underserved, $130,000 Sesame Workshop, $250,000 SHARE: Self-Help for Women with Breast or Ovarian Cancer, $30,000 Sheltering Arms Children & Family Services, $238,080 Shine Global, $40,000 Silicon Valley Community Foundation (Calif.), $50,000 Skidmore College, $39,548 Smith College (Mass.), $365,000 Smithtown Historical Society, $28,880 Social Science Research Council, $51,000 Society of St. Vincent De Paul/Diocese of Rockville Centre, $50,000 Sophia Academy (R.I.), $55,000 Soul Support Systems (Vt.), $30,250 South Bronx Educational Foundation, $100,000 South Bronx United, $130,000 South Street Seaport Museum, $51,950 Southampton Hospital Foundation, $64,750 Southeastern Vermont Community Action, $30,000 Southern Education Foundation (Ga.), $75,000 Southern Poverty Law Center (Ala.), $225,200 Southwest Florida Community Foundation, $200,000 Southwestern Vermont Health Care, $50,000 Spaceworks, $100,000 Special Olympics New York, $41,000 Spence School, $36,000 Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, $35,000 Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation, $271,000 SquirrelWood Equine Sanctuary, $60,000 Stanford University (Calif.), $1,080,750 Star Kids Scholarship Program (R.I.), $30,000 Staten Island Partnership for Community Wellness, $100,000 Stevens Institute of Technology (N.J.), $113,500 Stevenson School (Calif.), $80,000 Stonewall 50 Consortium, $50,000 Stony Brook Foundation, $56,750




IN 2018 StreetSquash, $31,000 STRIVE, $125,000 Student Advocacy, $60,300 Student Sponsor Partnership, $54,100 Studio Museum in Harlem, $101,250 Studio in a School Association, $75,500 Summer Science Program (Mass.), $29,750 Sunset Park Health Council, $90,000 SUNY Impact Foundation, $150,000 Support Center for Nonprofit Management, $60,000 Symphony Space, $45,750


Taft Institute for Government, $48,600 Tate Americas Foundation, $72,643 Paul Taylor Dance Foundation, $56,000 Teach Access (Mass.), $50,000 Teach for All, $52,500 Teach for America (Calif.), $122,000 Teachers College, Columbia University, $240,000 Teaching Matters, $3,636,000 Team First, $40,000 Team Rubicon (Calif.), $102,250 TechnoServe (Va.), $33,248 Temple Israel of Hollywood (Calif.), $58,395 Tenacity (Mass.), $35,000 Tenants Together (Calif.), $100,000 Terra Firma, $80,000 Texas Civil Right Project, $28,000 Third Street Music School Settlement, $92,500 Tides Center (Calif.), $65,835 Tobin Project (Mass.), $50,000 Transcend, $100,000 Trevor Day School, $42,500 Trey Whitfield School, $80,000 Tribeca Film Institute, $65,000 Trickle Up, $51,000 Trident Swim Foundation, $50,000 Trinity Episcopal School Corporation, $54,150 Trinity Lutheran Church of Islip, $100,000 Trust for Public Land (Calif.), $204,750 Tufts College (Mass.), $26,000 Les Turner ALS Foundation (Ill.), $150,000


UJA-Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of New York, $360,605 Underground Development Foundation, $35,250 Union of Concerned Scientists (Mass.), $39,750 Unitarian Church of All Souls, $57,500 United Hospital Fund of New York, $95,250 United Methodist Church Global Ministries (Ga.), $87,000 United Negro College Fund (D.C.), $211,400 United Neighborhood Houses of New York, $54,650 United States Artists (Ill.), $70,000 United States Fund for UNICEF, $72,450 United States Golf Association (N.J.), $234,000 United States Holocaust Memorial Council (D.C.), $25,500 United States of America Rugby Football Union, (Colo.), $50,000 United Veterans Beacon House, $30,500 University of Connecticut, $64,500

ANNUAL REPORT FOR 2018 Published in May 2019 Printed on FSC Certified stock with post-consumer recycled content.


University of Connecticut Foundation, $225,000 University of Denver (Colo.), $44,941 University of Georgia, $29,816 University of Kentucky, $140,000 University of Miami (Fla.), $310,500 University of Michigan, $28,750 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, $52,384 University of North Dakota Foundation, $155,440 University of Notre Dame (Ind.), $61,000 University of Pennsylvania, $162,650 University of Pittsburgh (Pa.), $39,500 University of Scranton (Pa.), $25,600 University Settlement Society of New York, $80,000 University of Southern California, $25,900 University of Vermont, $168,960 University of Virginia Law School Foundation, $31,000 University of Washington, $162,517 Uptown Educational Foundation, $108,000 Urban Arts Partnership, $200,000 Urban Assembly, $170,000 Urban Dove, $35,000 Urban Homesteading Assistance Board, $70,000 Urban Justice Center, $27,000 Urban Sustainability Directors Network (Ill.), $100,000 Urban Word NYC, $155,000 U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services, National Hansen’s Disease Programs (La.), $100,000


Vancouver Foundation (Canada), $75,000 Variety Child Learning Center, $500,000 Vassar College, $51,100 Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, $100,000 Vermont Land Trust, $103,050 Veterinarians for Puerto Rico (Mo.), $100,000 Village Senior Services Corporation, $150,000 Vocational Instruction Project Community Services, $125,000 Virtual Enterprises International, $50,000 Viscardi Center, $500,000 Visiting Nurse Service of New York Home Care, $142,890 VOCAL-NY, $102,750 Volcker Alliance, $35,000 Vote.org (Calif.), $150,250


Walsh Park Benevolent Corporation, $26,000 Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, $201,500 Washington Jesuit Academy (D.C.), $50,000 Washington School for Girls (D.C.), $50,000 Washington University (Mo.), $50,500 Waterfront Alliance, $120,250 Wave Hill, $64,500 WE ACT for Environmental Justice, $150,000 Weill Cornell Medicine, $503,640 Wellesley College, $25,190 Wellness Foundation, $29,000 Wesleyan University (Conn.), $91,750 Westchester Children’s Association, $30,980

Project Manager: Amy L. Wolf Design: Van Gennep Design and Mariann Asayan Cover Illustration: Katarzyna Surman Proofreading: Liane Guenther Printing: Rasco Graphics




Westchester Community College Foundation, $320,000 Westchester Jewish Community Services, $100,160 Westchester Residential Opportunities, $35,000 Weston Playhouse Theatre Company (Vt.), $51,500 WGBH Educational Foundation (Mass.), $135,250 White Plains Hospital Center, $53,720 Whitney Museum of American Art, $50,800 Wildlands Network (Wash.), $100,000 Wildlife Conservation Network (Calif.), $57,500 Wildlife Conservation Society, $211,870 Warren Wilson College (N.C.), $74,020 Windward School, $36,038 WNET, $248,310 Wolf School (R.I.), $100,000 Women Donors Network (Calif.), $50,000 Women in Need, $27,250 Women’s Center for Education & Career Advancement, $50,000 Woodlawn Conservancy, $90,000 Woods Hole Research Center (Mass.), $168,000 Workforce Professionals Training Institute, $500,000 World Bicycle Relief (Ill.), $28,000 World Wildlife Fund (D.C.), $87,280 Wyoming Outdoor Council, $30,000


XPRIZE Foundation (Calif.), $100,000


Yale University (Conn.), $939,310 The Yard (Mass.), $39,000 Year Up (Mass.), $1,254,000 Yeshivat He’Atid (N.J.), $50,000 YMCA of Central & Northern Westchester, $28,020 YMCA of Long Island, $207,500 YMCA of Greater New York, $246,776 Yonkers Partners in Education, $147,250 Young Audiences New York, $38,220 Young People’s Chorus of New York City, $208,500 Young Women’s Leadership Network, $53,500 Youth Action YouthBuild East Harlem, $30,000 Youth Communication, $101,750 Youth Environmental Services, $57,500 Youth Shelter Program of Westchester, $50,000 YWCA of Brooklyn, $259,160 YWCA of Metropolitan Chicago (Ill.), $56,000

Grants Total Grants listed: $ 140,752,808 Grants under $25,001: $ 21,130,570 TOTAL:

$ 161,883,378

PHOTOS: All the photos in the Special Report, and most of the photographs of our board members and staff were taken by Ari Mintz. Other photos are courtesy of grantees, unless noted.



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The New York Community Trust 2018 Annual Report  

In The New York Community Trust's Annual Report, the Trust honors Stonewall 50 and looks back on decades of grantmaking supporting the NYC L...

The New York Community Trust 2018 Annual Report  

In The New York Community Trust's Annual Report, the Trust honors Stonewall 50 and looks back on decades of grantmaking supporting the NYC L...

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