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Special Thanks To: Mark Nelson, Carmen cacciatore, Next Magazine, JOSEPH Barna, Steven Rosen, Andrew Werner, Richard Borrows, CHRISTOPHER Gagliardi, Julia Bedriy, and all of our amazing volunteers!

Chris Frederick Statement Of Inclusion

Phil Mannino

Heritage of Pride is a wholly volunteer-managed, non-partisan, tax-exempt, not-for-profit corporation that organizes Lesbian,

Event Assistants Britton Hogge Rachel Loizeaux-Tipping

Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride events in New York City to commemorate and celebrate the Stonewall Riots. These events are organized for and on behalf of all lesbian, gay, bisexual,




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and transgender individuals and groups, and all others WHO support the struggle for the liberation of these communities. In the spirit of Stonewall, Heritage of Pride welcomes the participation of all, regardless of age, creed, gender, gender identification, HIV status, national origin, physical, mental, or developmental ability, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Statement Of Vision Heritage of Pride strives to empower individuals, groups, and our community as a whole through the commemoration of our history, in particular the Stonewall Riots of June 1969. New York Cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Pride events provide an opportunity to join together to celebrate our lives, take joy in all that we have done, and honor all those who have helped make our progress possible. The events provide a safe and affirming space in New York City while educating those both in and outside our own community. In creating these pride events, we reaffirm the self-worth of all lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and all those who join in the ongoing struggle for our civil rights.



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Chris Frederick Managing Director, Heritage of Pride


year ago I was upon the precipice of my first NYC Pride week as the Managing Director; looking back I was overcome with anxiety, excitement and a whole new outlook and respect for an event that brings in over 1.5 million visitors to this fine city. We have made some incredible changes over the last year and transitioned into a better-known brand that people from all over the world recognize and respect, attracting some of the most well-known Fortune 500 companies: Delta, MasterCard, Anheuser-Busch, Macy’s, and more. Many people tell me they are disappointed or disenfranchised by the commercialization of Pride. I often hear concerns that Pride has lost its focus and message of gaining equality for all. I only have this to say, Pride is an ever-changing idea and movement. True: the organic nature of the March is no more. It is not an impromptu affair anymore but rather a systematic, planned, and meticulously thought-out process. With five official events, it has grown from a gathering of 200 people to an event thought of as a pilgrimage for millions of LGBT individuals to celebrate their individuality and culture. As a result, the only way the organization can continue to build on our purpose and expand on our cause is to bring in revenue from the participation of corporate partners. From the dismissal of sodomy laws, to the rise of the gay plague, to the current rash of teen suicides, we continue to act as the spark to spur dialogue among mainstream politicians, celebrities, and everyday Americans. During the 2010 New York Governor’s race, Mr. Carl Paladino referenced our March as “disgusting” in an attempt to degrade Gov. Cuomo’s

character. The media pounced on his disrespectful hate rhetoric and was one of the turning points within the campaign. Needless to say Mr. Paladino did not win and Gov. Cuomo is currently making a feverish push for marriage equality in New York. Moments like this further solidify our purpose and continue to prove that our events encourage and sustain dialogue. The March, now in its 41st year, continues to be an event that empowers, enlightens, and inspires. From the 3,000 volunteers to the 500+ multi-colored balloons to the over 300 groups in attendance, if we are able to change the life of just one individual the event has been a success. In an era where LGBT teens continue to kill themselves, we as an organization have a duty to create an event that shows those living in unnecessary shame that they are not alone. Pride’s theme for this year, Proud and Powerful, was indeed a result of the recent increase in LGBT teen suicides that have escalated over the last year. We are hopeful that those living in secrecy will recognize that to declare their identity wields an incredible amount of influence over their lives and the community at large. That influence has the ability to change the course of America. An America that now has a federal hate crime statute. An America that finally lets gays and lesbians serve openly in the military. An America that now shows a majority of the populace accepting gay marriage. All of us, including this organization, have an obligation to spread a message that we will not be silent and we will continue to fight for our rights until full equality has been achieved. Until that day arrives, Pride Will March On. —Chris Frederick




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Ada Ospina

Arthur Finn

Junior Co-Chair, Heritage of Pride

Senior Co-Chair, Heritage of Pride


en years ago, I recall ordering an Advocate subscription and not thinking twice about the non-descript cover and plastic envelope that it was delivered in. Who would want his or her family to know that inside that plastic envelope were articles about LGBT people? As much pride as I thought I had, there was still obviously some fear in embracing who I was. Today, I don’t think I would have felt the same way, although I am sure there are still people all over the U.S. that continue to go through the same issues that I faced. Even though 10 years ago seems like yesterday, times were very different, and this is coming from a Generation Y’er. Even after all the progress we have made in my lifetime, we need to work harder for more progress. With suicide rates amongst LGBT youth and attacks on LGBT people both on the rise, America is not leading the way or making strides needed to show the world how progressive we can be. It’s great to have people like Dan Savage and his partner, Terry Miller, reminding our community that, “It gets better.” The commitment of The Imperial Court of New York over the last 25 years and the work of Rev. Pat Bumgardner reinforce the ideal that you must continue to strive for equality and take on the greatness in our pride alongside the struggles we continue to endure. The stories shared by Nathan Manske on show that everyone has a story to tell and it’s not until you hear them that you are reminded that there is likely someone going through a similar struggle. We have to remember to be proud of who we are - and not only what makes us different but what makes us the same. We are all human in the end and should remember that. I take pride in serving as co-chair and hope that 10 years from now I can look back and see equally as enthusiastic volunteers that can finally enjoy the full equality that we are still striving for.



hen I was growing up, people referred to the “love that dare not speak its name.” If there ever were depictions in novels or films of a gay man or a lesbian, they almost always had to be dead by the end -either murdered or by suicide. The only exceptions were when the portrayals were of very broad stereotypes that were buffoons and clowns. Sadly, that was a reflection of what was too often the case. Suicide in particular was all too common. Fast forward many decades later to today. We’re still combating the scourge of suicide. Thankfully we now have heroes like our Grand Marshals who have done wonders in saving the lives of so many. Dan Savage and Terry Miller’s “It Gets Better” project has touched millions of lives. Rev. Pat’s Sylvia Rivera’s Place has provided refuge for so many displaced and rejected teens. The Imperial Court has been incredibly generous for many years in supporting efforts to improve the lives of all in the LGBT community. The fight continues. But enormous progress has been made. When I was young, it was literally unthinkable that a President or a Senator or a Governor would even refer to gay people except to demonize us. Now they fight for the chance to seek our votes and to March with us every year. While so much remains to do, we must always remember all that has come before and the great strides that we have been able to accomplish by our diligence and dedication to improving the lives not just of our own community, but the nation as a whole. —Arthur Finn

— Ada Ospina



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the amount of attendees to nyC Pride in 2010 which is the largest Pride in the country with over fi ve offi cial events. see some of the amazing pictures from our crowds on pg. 22.

9,610,459/18,976,457 the number of people in new york state, compared to total population, that live in jurisdictions where same-sex marriage is legally recognized, or more than 50%.* * Source: Agenda, Pride. “state Programs, Municipalities and businesses in new york that respect Marriages of same-sex Couples.” Pride Agenda. web. 20 Apr. 2011. <>.

The number of volunteers required to execute all five events produced during NYC Pride. Check out for volunteer opportunities.




nyC Pride is covered by journalists from nearly every continent except that icy tundra Antarctica. we receive requests from over 200

heritage of Pride’s annual budget. Many people are often surprised by the lack of individual support that’s provided to heritage of Pride on an annual basis. if you’re interested in donating to assure nyC Pride will be up and running for years to come check out

Dance on the pier revenue accounts for almost half of heritage of pride’s annual operating income. for more about this year’s performances and DJs check out page 46. 12

on Facebook

nyC Pride has the largest facebook page out of any other Pride organization in the Americas. to become a fan check out nycpride follow us on twitter



Photos by Joe barna, Christopher gagliardi and tclC




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For the second year in a row, the Rally is hosted at Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield. Enter the park at East 69th St. or West 72nd St. You’ll find Rumsey Playfield between 69th and 72nd St. right off the Mall. (See the accompanying map. See transit tips in “How To” on page 84.)

Photos by Christopher Gagliardi

On Saturday, June 18… the festivities begin at 3:00 PM (doors open at 2:00 PM) and go on until 6:00 PM. And festive they will be, when host Ross Mathews, lets loose. He will be joined by an impressive list of entertainers and activists. The Rally… is the continuation of the very first “pride event” to take place in New York City. Only a month after the Stonewall Riots of June 27-29, 1969, about 500 people gathered for a “Gay Power” demonstration in Washington Square Park. That first postStonewall Pride event was followed by a candlelight vigil in Sheridan Square. Since then the Rally has taken place all over town, from the West Side Highway to Union Square Park, to various locations in Central Park and more recently Bryant Park. Show up for your rights. Show up for a good time… Listen, learn and be entertained. Bring yourselves, your family, your friends and your lovers for the inaugural event of NYC Pride 2011! YOUR HOST Ross Mathews! Raised in small-town Washington, Ross Mathews has spent his life pursuing a dream to become a talk show host and TV personality. Mathews, it’s safe to say, has arrived. Mathews is notorious for the role that gave him his start, as an intern for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He’s made appearances in everything from 1 vs. 100 to Celebrity Fit Club, The View to Days of Our Lives. Ross has found himself a popular choice for covering all manner of events including: movie premieres, the Academy Awards, recently, the Winter Olympics, and a number of Red Carpet shows given his humorous slant on Hollywood culture and the exciting, hilarious interviews he conducts. Ross has since begun wetting his feet on the production side of the equation, working with the creative likes of 14



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Turning our schools into safe spaces for everyone

When kids learn the value of inclusiveness at school, they carry it with them throughout life. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why Wells Fargo supports and partners with organizations such as the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, the Hetrick-Martin Institute, the Make It Better project, and the Point Foundation to combat bullying in our schools and ensure all students have a safe place to learn. When students have the tools and support to realize their potential, we all win. Wells Fargo celebrates Pride, in New York and across the country. Today and every day. Š 2011 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. All rights reserved. Member FDIC. ECG 519001

NYC PRIDE EVENTS Chelsea Handler, and was recently named one of E!’s 30 Most Outrageous Celebrities. We are ecstatic to welcome him to The Rally this year! CHRISTINe O’LeaRY Funny to the bone, Christine O’Leary intuitively and constantly interviews and assesses her audience. Her off-the-cuff interactions and improv are the forté; storytelling is her crafted skill. She does local humor, character work and dialects, and does not miss a beat when it comes to funny. There is not an audience in the world that she can not penetrate and we think that’s hot. Christine was recently named one of the 50 Funniest Lesbians in America by Curve Magazine and sits on the Board of Directors for TRUE COLORS, INC.

traditional and modern gospel, spirituals, and anthems. Lavender Light Gospel Choir is dedicated to keeping alive the black gospel music tradition in an environment supportive to lesbian and gay people. additional Performances Also at the Rally, Oh Land performs. The NewNowNext award winner performs songs from her recent album and wows audiences with her fresh sound and unique style. Don’t miss the cast of Tony nominated Priscilla Queen of the Desert as they bust out a few of their amazing numbers for adoring crowds. Also performing, The Imperial Court of New York, Paper Doll, Dan Gershaw, and Lady Zen. Words of inspiration by Noah Lewis, Rachel Tivin, and Damian Furtch.

LaVeNdeR LIGHT GOSPeL CHOIR Founded in 1985, Lavender Light is a co-ed chorus. Although the group encompasses many ethnic and spiritual backgrounds, the choir provides a special ministry to black lesbians and gays, who have historically been pressured by their communities to choose between their blackness and their gayness. Their repertoire includes

Dear Mom,

Mad LiB!

Ah, New York City, The Big __________ (singular food). It’s time again for Pride Week, so I __________ (past-tense verb) into my __________ (vehicle) and came as fast as I could.

somewhere to sit, I ran into my old drag queen friend __________ (girl’s name) __________ (fruit). We spent a few minutes catching up and then all sat down together.

I met my __________ (pl. noun) in Central Park and we __________ (past-tense verb) around for a few hours. Gosh, the trees sure are __________ (adj.) this time of year, and the __________ (pl. animals) at the zoo are so __________ (adj.) I could just __________ (verb) them.

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New York also gets quite warm in the summer, and before I knew it I was covered in __________ (liquid). We decided to head to a __________ (business) where we could relax, have a few __________ (pl. beverage), and cool off. We ended up at this Gay __________ (business) somewhere in the __________ (adj.) Village. Before we could find

Before I knew it, I was __________ (past-tense verb). We decided to head back to the hotel so that we could __________ (verb) and __________ (verb) each others’ __________ (adj.) __________ (pl. noun). So far Pride is off to a great start! I’ll write you again soon. Sincerely, __________




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Proudly recognized by The Trevor Project for our commitment to the LGBT community and by the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index with a 100% rating

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elevAted elIXIrs think beyond the typical vodka fare and move on to more sophisticated concoctions this Pride season that will surely tempt any pallet. 1 Gala Temptress

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2 Muscle Man Muddler

4 Orange Crush

2 oz SKYY Infusions Citrus 2 oz Lemonade 1 oz OJ 3 slices of orange Squeeze of fresh lime wedge Muddle 2 of slices, shake and serve on ice, squeeze lime. Garnish with last slice.

2 oz SKYY Infusions Blood Orange 2 oz 7UP® soda Squeeze of lime Mix ingredients over ice. Garnish with lime slices. Serve in a rocks glass. 2 squeezes of lemon. 5 Chelsea Boy Chai

2 oz Wild Tea Vodka 3 oz Chai Iced Tea Splash of sour mix Shake and serve on ice. Garnish with Meyer’s lemon wheel.




how to: mAKe tonIc wAter now that you’ve beefed up your cocktail repertoire for those Fire island weekends and summertime barbecue-stained dinner parties, enrich your beverage-inclined brain with a truly remarkable skill: all-natural, made-from-scratch, do-ityourself tonic water.* * waRNING: May result in emphatic “oohs” and “ahhs” from guests and/or requests to personally host any and all future parties.



3 cups water 3 stalks lemon grass, coarsely chopped 1 cup sugar 1/2 teaspoon quinine powder 1 teaspoon citric acid 1/2 teaspoon lime juice 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice 1/2 teaspoon orange juice 20 ounces sparkling water, chilled

Combine the ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a boil over high heat. Once the mixture starts to boil, reduce heat to medium-low and simmer for 30 to 45 minutes or until the mixture has reduced by roughly half. Remove from heat and run the mixture through a fine strainer and a coffee filter (it will take a while to run through the coffee filter, so be patient). Once strained, cover and refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours. Blend in roughly 5 ounces of the syrup with your sparkling water and dispense using a soda siphon and a CO2 charger if you have one. If not, simply blend the syrup in with the sparkling water directly before use.




N Y C P R I D E G U I D E | J U N E 2 0 11


THE MARCH the main event. all of our hard work and determination culminates in what is the largest Pride March in the nation.


n Sunday, June 26, over a million of us, along with our friends and our families will take to the streets of New York City for the annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride March. On this, the 43rd anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots, we will commemorate and celebrate everything that event still signifies. Great strides have been made in becoming “Proud and Powerful”, as this year’s theme suggests, but the battle for full equality—the very right to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, single or married, parent or co-parent—is not over. The first March took place in 1970 to commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Heritage of Pride, the nonprofit organization that manages the


March and other Pride festivities, continues the tradition and honors those who fought back. Since then, the worldwide Pride movement has grown to include everything from community picnics to conferences, theater and spoken word

The first march took place in 1970 to commemorate the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. heritage of pride, the nonprofit organization that manages the march and other pride festivities, continues the tradition and honors those who fought back.

events, and marches in towns of all sizes. So when we take to the streets of New York City on the last Sunday of June, we are now part of a worldwide movement for freedom and equality. At Noon, we will set off on our march to protest discrimination with pride, fierce determination and joy. In the past, we’ve marched up 6th Ave. without a permit (but with an enormous police escort). We’ve marched all the way from Greenwich Village to Central Park. We’ve started at Columbus Circle and walked past the grand hotels along Central Park South. Early on there were no floats, now there are floats in abundance. Once there were only a few thousand marchers, now there are 12 sections and roughly 200,000 or more people marching down one of America’s most famous thoroughfares. Organizing something this big is quite a task and an enormous responsibility. The March Committee of Heritage of Pride takes this responsibility seriously. It’s our job to create a March that will allow all of us to express ourselves as freely and completely as possible. The

N Y C P R I D E G U I D E | J U N E 2 0 11



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NYC PRIDE EVENTS Pride March is the time to be as big a butch, as much a queen, as angry, joyous, or solemn and as out there as you want. Whether you come in defiance or in joy, arrive by motorcycle or wheelchair, sport a Mohawk or a wig, cornrows or a weave, construction boots or heels, our mission is to make certain that all know that they are welcome and appreciated. THE BEST VIEW If you’re coming in to stand on the sidewalk and cheer the marchers (we love spectators – you’re as much a part of the event as anyone on a float!), the entire March route is the best view. Honest – you don’t have to be uptown at the start and you certainly don’t have to be in the crowds on those narrow sidewalks in the Village to see every last banner, hear every motorcycle or wave to your friends on the dyke softball team. Please Use Public Transportation We recommend public transportation to get into and around the city on June 26. Not only does the March tie up traffic, there will also be parking restrictions in the West Village that day. So save yourself the stress and leave your car at home. Policy Regarding NYC Pride’s Order Of March In the past, organizations have taken it upon themselves to jump into sections of the March other than those they had chosen when they registered. This has created a good deal of hardship for those actually assigned to either section, particularly those groups whose section is “invaded”. As a result, Heritage of Pride has created the following rule: All organizations must line up in the section to which they have been assigned at the designated time and location. The organizations must stay in their assigned section for the duration of their participation in the March. Any group found to have moved to another section without the approval of their Section Leader (HOP volunteer who is responsible for the section) or to have entered the March route from any point other than the Formation Area, will be denied registration in the March the following year. Registration And Vehicle Permits If you do not have registration forms yet, you can find them on our website at Alternatively, you can call the March Committee at 212-807-7433 or email us at for more information. 22



The agents of New York Life are dedicated to helping their clients customize solutions for their individual needs and goals. Protecting loved ones and helping to ensure their financial security. It’s a job that calls for the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry. Of course, if you asked them, they’d say it’s not about them. It’s about taking care of the people who matter most to you. For more information contact a local New York Life Agent or visit us at:

© 2011 New York Life Insurance Company, 51 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10010 SMRU 00433602CV (Exp. 12/15/12)

Training Sessions at LGBT Center (Group Leader/Volunteer)



SEC. 1 11:00 AM

SEC. 2 11:00 AM



SEC. 4 11:30 AM

SEC. 3 11:00 AM

SEC. 5 11:30 AM

SEC. 6 11:30 AM



SEC. 8 12:00 PM

SEC. 7 12:00 PM

SEC. 9 12:30 PM

SEC. 10 12:30 PM


SEC. 12 1:00 PM



LEAD 11:00 AM





Permits for both decorated vehicles and floats will be distributed ONLY at the three Group Leader training sessions (listed below). Detailed information about the March and volunteer training sessions will be included in the confirmation letter which we will send to you once your registration forms and payment are received and OK’d by the NYC Pride March Committee staff. Floats or vehicles, including those intended for transportation of the disabled, will not be allowed on the March route without an official 2011 NYC Pride March Float/Vehicle Permit. Group Leaders Groups with 60 or fewer must have a Leader. Groups over 60 must have two. In addition, each float must have one Leader assigned to it. Each Group Leader must attend one of the following training sessions listed below. You will receive a voucher to turn in the morning of the March. You’ll get your Leader t-shirt and other items you will need to be a Group Leader. THE MARCH ROUTE The March steps off at Fifth Ave. and 36th St. and proceeds south to 8th St. We will march west on 8th St., cross 6th Ave. and then continue on to the top of Christopher Street. All the organizations participating in the March are announced at four points along the route: the Formation Area at 36th St. and Fifth Ave.; the “We Remember” banner and Viewing Bleachers on the west side of 24th St. and Fifth Ave.; at the Reviewing Stand newly located on Greenwich Ave.; and finally at the Dispersal Area at Christopher and Greenwich Streets.

Photos by Joe Barna, Richard Burrows, Christopher Gagliardi, Nisperos, Andrew Werner


Saturday June 11th / Room 301 2:30 - 3:30 (Group Leader Training) 4:00 - 5:00 (Volunteer Training)



SEC. 11 1:00 PM




Thursday June 16th / Room 301 6:30 - 7:30 (Group Leader Training) 8:00 - 9:00 (Volunteer Training)


Tuesday June 21st / Room 301 6:30 - 7:30 (Group Leader Training) 8:00 - 9:00 (Volunteer Training)





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DAN SAVAGE AND TERRY MILLER Like so many people reading the headlines, sex advice columnist and author Dan Savage wanted to do something. In the span of ten months, the tragic deaths of more than a dozen teens were covered in detail by LGBT media outlets. As the numbers grew steadily, mainstream media picked up on the stories. In every report, the central message was clear. Bullying had driven these teens to suicide. Savage started with something he’d done many times before — he wrote about it on his blog. He expected some strong reactions — he didn’t expect a comment would contain a few key words with the power to launch a movement. “I was stewing in my anger about what had been done to Justin and Billy when I read this comment, left on a blog post I had written about Billy,” Savage writes in the introduction to the “It Gets Better” anthology. “‘My heart breaks for the pain and torment you went through, Billy Lucas. I wish I could have told you that things get better.’” The words resonated with Dan. A syndicated columnist and author, Savage sat down with his partner Terry Miller, and recorded a video directed at LGBT youth. Their message was simple. “If there are fourteen and fifteen and sixteen year olds…thirteen year olds, twelve year olds…out there watching this video, what I’d love you to take away from it really is that it gets better. However bad it is now, it gets better. And it can get great, and it can get awesome. Your life can be amazing, but you have to tough this period of it out, and you have to live your life. So that you’re around for it to get amazing. And it can. And it will. “ Dan and Terry posted their It Gets Better video in September 21, 2010, thinking they might get a hundred or so people to upload videos. In October, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama recorded their contributions to the It Gets Better Project, adding their voices to the thousands of people who had already made a very public plea to teens to stay strong — things would change. LGBT issues, which had been all but ignored by President George W. Bush just two years before, were being addressed by the President of the United States in a viral video posted to You Tube. Evidence things just might actually be getting better. Savage is no stranger to speaking his mind, and it frequently comes from a place of fighting for equal rights. His activism against the war in Iraq, the war on drugs and Proposition 8 are also well noted. But this type of organized effort was new territory— for Dan as the head of a movement, and for Terry, who has managed to remain a private persona through Dan’s many years discussing the most personal details of his


life in the media. With their video plea to LGBT teens, Dan and Terry became the faces of a nationwide effort to reach out to the bullied and the marginalized — the first chance for many LGBT adults to talk directly to teens in crisis, to share what they’ve learned and what they’ve been through, and to actually be that voice of encouragement from someone who knows exactly how they feel. Savage and Miller have been honored as Grand Marshalls of the New York City Pride March. They are in esteemed company. This year, New York pride will also honor the efforts of Rev. Pat Bumgardner, currently the Senior Pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church, where she has worked for more than 30 years. Bumgardner is also the founder of the Sylvia Rivera Memorial Food Pantry, which provides food to homeless and impoverished LGBT youth and teens throughout New York. The Imperial Court of New York raises funds for direct services organizations that serve the LGBT community; HIV/AIDS services organizations; social service organizations and youth enrichment programs. It seeks to provide a safe, social environment for its membership and to create and promote positive community awareness of the ideals of the International Court System. Its motto, “We Put the FUN in Fundraising,” speaks volumes about the Court’s approach to its very serious mission. With the “It Gets Better” book a New York Times bestseller, the Project continues to grow and evolve. Dan and Terry’s video may have been the first, but it’s sparked a movement — one that has expanded outside the United States to South Africa, Portugal, Israel and more. As people continue to spread the project’s message, there has been a permanent shift in LGBT culture. No longer will LGBT adults have to sit on the sidelines, watching young people be bullied and harassed with no way to tell them: “It Gets Better.” In the months since the It Gets Better Project has launched, celebrities, corporations, sporting leagues, politicians, and noted personalities have lent their voices to videos urging kids to be patient for the future when things will improve. From moms in the Midwest to seniors who were arrested for being gay in police raids in the 40’s and 50’s, the Project has also paved the way for thousands of videos from people who just want to spread the message of hope. Even though the project can’t assure teens that life can get better immediately, it instills in them the notion that a better tomorrow is out there if you can just hold on.



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TAKE PRIDE. TAKE ACTION. Get tested. Protect yourself. Seek treatment. And you can help our community redefine HIV. To learn more, visit the Gilead booth during NYC Pride.


Š2011 Gilead Sciences, Inc. All rights reserved. UN9010 06/11


THE REV. PAT BUMGARDNER Proud and Powerful: The State of LGBTQI Equality As I write this, the Ugandan Parliament is once again preparing to debate, and some on the ground believe pass the Bahati bill, further criminalizing LGBTQI existence and in some cases providing for the application of the death penalty. Meanwhile, in the United States this week, Attorney General Eric Holder vacated a deportation order for a gay man in New Jersey because he is in a relationship with another man that would be considered spousal if not for DOMA. The Connecticut State Missionary Baptist Convention held a press conference to announce that its 2011 legislative initiatives included opposing any further legal protection for transgender people, and religiously based social service agencies in Australia received the OK to practice discrimination against Queer people, while the White House held the first ever meeting of the Office of Public Engagement to address transgender issues. {I’m not sure if anyone mentioned at that meeting that one transgender person is murdered someplace in our world every other day.} The state of LGBTQI equality is as varied as the locations and governments we find ourselves living under as a people. --- Many wonderful things are happening. Thirteen states plus D.C. now forbid employment discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity, five states provide for full marriage equality and seven others offer all the legal protections of marriage without the sanction of the institute itself. The President of the United States signed a Federal Hate Crimes prevention law not long ago, and LGBTQI people around the globe are organizing and working for human equality.

In Pakistan, where MCC’s Global Justice efforts have connected us with several small cell groups of gay men, lesbians and transgender people, three lesbians went to trade school with our support and graduated this past February with the dream of leading independent lives and providing safe space for other low income women in their communities. Cuba’s National Sex Education Center will sponsor a month of events to mark the International Day Against Homophobia this month. The tiny nation of Lichtenstein passed a partnership law. No one came forward to oppose an LGBT non-discrimination measure in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. New York State elected a Governor who promises to view, and has been acting for, Marriage equality with a certain urgency, and 700 clergy of varying faiths came forward to support his efforts. Kasha Jacqueline Nabgesera from Uganda received a human rights award for her efforts at founding and leading Freedom and Roam Uganda, and Noxolo Nogwaza was raped and murdered in Kwa-Thema Township, South Africa for hers. The state of LGBTQI equality is varied and fragile, progressing and challenged on almost every front. In some places it is hard to tell where the battle lines lie --- with sexual orientation and gender identity or race and class and economic status. In all things and all places, though, Queer people are, to me, much like Jesus and the story of the Resurrection the Gospels tell: people can try to nail us in place, lock us out, drive us away, but we will rise up and break through and live proudly and powerfully. To me, that is the heart of what we celebrate this Pride 2011. The Rev. Pat Bumgardner Pastor, Metropolitan Community Church Executive Director, Global Justice Institute




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When we encourage Googlers to express themselves, we really mean it. In fact, we count on it. Intellectual curiosity and diverse perspectives drive our policies, our work environment, our perks and our pro ts. At Google, we don’t just accept di erence – we thrive on it. We celebrate it. And support it, for the bene t of our employees, our products and our community. We are proud to support Heritage of Pride and are excited to participate in NYC Pride Week.

A Place To Be You To learn more, visit us online at © 2011 Google Inc. All rights reserved. Google and the Google logo are trademarks of Google Inc.


THE IMPERIAL COURT OF NEW YORk The Imperial Court of New York is extremely honored to be named as a Grand Marshal for the 41st Annual NYC Pride March. This year marks the Court’s 25th anniversary of service to the New York Metropolitan Area’s LGBT and HIV/AIDS services communities. For all of those 25 years the Court has been an active participant in New York City’s Pride festivities, and for many years our reigning monarchs have had the thrill and distinct honor of opening the Pride celebration at the annual Rally. We were proud to receive the award for Best Float at last year’s march. We are truly honored to serve along side our fellow Grand Marshals, The Reverend Pat Bumgardner, Senior Pastor of Metropolitan Community Church (MCCNY) and Dan Savage and Terry Miller from the It Gets Better Project. We have enjoyed a long and rewarding relationship with Reverend Pat and MCCNY and share a mission with both Marshals in their commitment to helping our youth realize their potential as confident, productive adults in the LGBT community. The Imperial Court of New York was founded in 1986, in response to the AIDS epidemic then raging in New York. The mission was, as it is now, to raise awareness and funding to address that scourge and other important issues facing our community. As part of the Imperial Court System, a confederation of some 70 similar chapters in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, we are part of one of the largest LGBT membership organizations in the world. Our approach is unique. We use the high camp of drag and ersatz royalty to serve the community. Our motto, “We Put the FUN in Fundraising,” speaks volumes about the Court’s approach to its very serious mission. We produce a wide gamut of events, from simple bar shows to one of the City’s most elaborate charity balls, the fabulous Night of a Thousand Gowns. These events aid beneficiaries ranging from small grass-roots groups to the largest and best-known direct services organizations. In addition we bring shows to AIDS hospices and we frequently help other organizations by volunteering at their events. During our 25 years we have raised and donated well over $1-milion dollars to many worthy causes. This past year’s beneficiaries have included The Ali Forney Center, The Trevor Project, Trinity Place Shelter, PFLAG, The Imperial Court of New York Empress Coco LaChine Scholarship Fund, God’s Love We Deliver and The Harvey Milk Foundation among others. We are now in our 25th Reign under the monarchy of Their Most Imperial Sovereign Majesties Emperor XX Vanity Society and Empress XXV Pepperica Swirl. Our membership includes Lords and Ladies, Dukes and Duchesses, Princes and Princesses —all enjoying the “game” of court and royalty. Our members are people who have chosen to make a commitment, get involved and make a difference in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. Our membership is broad and varied: lawyers, carpenters, therapists, ministers, stockbrokers, hairdressers, marketers, performers, accountants, teachers, florists, antique dealers, jewelers and more! For information about joining the Court or donating to our causes, visit

The reigning monarchs of the Imperial Court of New York, Emperor XX Vanity Society and Empress XXV Pepperica Swirl. Photo: Robin Souma




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FORMER ROG AIN E ® CYN IC NEW Unscented Formula


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RIBBONS OF REMEMBRANCE Heritage of Pride thanks amfAR (the Foundation for AIDS Research) for underwriting the Ribbons of Remembrance. The Ribbons of Remembrance is a symbol of our determination to carry on the fight while honoring the memory of those we have lost. It is sadness made tangible and visible and it reminds us of the emptiness we carry in our hearts, in the spaces our lovers, our friends and our family once occupied before the tragedy of HIV/AIDS took them from us. The Ribbons of Remembrance afford us an opportunity to publicly acknowledge specific losses and participate in a small but important way in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Many of us carry these ribbons, inscribe them with the name of someone we’ve lost to AIDS and donate $3 to Heritage of Pride (HOP) for each ribbon we carry. HOP takes these donations and re-grants them to deserving AIDS

service organizations in the LGBT community that are short on funding but tall in their commitment to their goals. A donation for Ribbons of Remembrance can be made by organizations when they register for the March. Individuals can make a donation during the March, under the ‘We Remember’ banner located near Madison Square Park. An AIDS service organization-recipient of an HOP Community Working Grant will collect these donations and in return for their service, receive a portion of the donations from the ribbons. Purchasing a ribbon means that you are giving directly to an AIDS services organization. Wearing a ribbon makes the statement of what must be sought – the cure, the end to this epidemic. And it symbolizes to all that you have helped to bring us closer to that reality.


THE MOMENT OF SILENCE One of the most moving moments in the March is always The Moment of Silence. From its inception in 1986’s March, The Moment of Silence has become a poignant commemoration of the void felt by our community due to the scourge of HIV/AIDS. It has also served as a reminder that the struggle to find a cure continues. We pause as a community to collectively remember those we’ve lost to this horrible disease. Everyone along the entire route, marchers and supporters alike, is asked to stop and stand in silence as a tribute to those friends, family and lovers. Since the March was shortened considerably starting in 2010, the Moment of Silence now takes place twice at exactly 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM. In this moment we are all united in collective energy and in community solidarity. We know our silence is louder than words. It’s as if New York City itself has stopped, is mourning, remembering and gathering itself for the fight ahead.


HUDSON.    MONDRIAN.    SOHO.    MORGANS.    ROYALTON. WWW.MORGANSHOTELGROUP.COM Check out our pride rates & our “out & about package”



OUT ON SHELVES take a load off this Pride and kick back with one of these recently released titles. Whether you read for pleasure, for purpose, or personal enlightenment, these are a few works that are a must for your bookshelf. like me: confessions of a heartland country Singer Chely Wright is about to become the first country music star to openly acknowledge her homosexuality. In her new memoir, Like Me, Wright tells readers her tale of growing up in America’s heartland and coming to terms with her sexuality, all the while pursuing her dream to make it big in Nashville. Her story begins with Wright as a young girl, already resolute in the fact that she will one day shine with the likes of Reba McEntire and Shania Twain. The youngest of three children, Wright writes of her childhood, knowing then that her feelings and crushes on girls were “sinful”. She talks of hoping and praying that one day, somehow, she would be “fixed”. Wright tells of her journey from homecoming queen all the way to the stage of the Grand Ole Opry. Her dreams come true in Nashville and she lands a record deal and releases her first album. As her career blasts off and her fame continues to grow, she talks of how difficult it becomes to hide her true self.

In her afterward, she describes the reaction to her announcement and her book from family, friends, fans, and the wider public. Wright also discusses her new role as a spokeswoman for LGBT issues. While we may not all relate to Country music or small-town America, most of us know how it feels to hide your true self from the world. Like Me is a beautiful story, told from the heart, about following your dreams, finding fame, and discovering who you really are. it Gets Better: coming out, overcoming Bullying, and creating a life Worth living Bullies, we’ve all dealt with them. Some of us are born with tougher skins; others of us actually did the bullying. But for some of us, especially LGBT kids, the experience can be traumatic and in some cases, life-threatening. Cue Dan Savage, gay syndicated columnist and author of multiple works including Savage Love and Skipping Towards Gomorrah. Last summer’s rash

of gay bullying-related suicides struck a hard chord with Savage. Moved to fight back, Dan and his husband Terry Miller uploaded a video to YouTube in which they shared about their own run-ins with bullies and encouraged LGBT youngsters that, while things may seem hopeless at times, life, in fact, does get better. Six months later, their work had sparked a national movement, a non-profit organization, and over 10,000 testimonial videos, including one straight from the White House. Were that not enough, Dan and Terry proceeded to work with NYC-based Dutton to edit this book, chock full of essays from the likes of President Obama and Michael Kors. So next time you’re feeling blue, like the world’s got you down, or just looking for some quick inspiration and a few warm fuzzies, pop this little wonder open and gorge yourself on a few bites of delectable, self-reaffirming wisdom. The sun will shine a little brighter, you’ll smile a little wider, skip a little lighter, and likely notice more of the beauty brimming from yourself and those around you.

upcominG (Re)leaSeS The harvey milk interviews: in his own Words Author: Harvey Milk Release Date: Summer 2011 Publisher: Vince Emery Productions


The last Deployment: how a Gay, hammer-Swinging Twentysomething Survived a Year in iraq Author: Bronson Lemer Release Date: June 8, 2011 Publisher: University of Wisconsin Press

The libertine’s friend: homosexuality and masculinity in late imperial china Author: Giovanni Vitiello Release Date: August 15, 2011 Publisher: University of Chicago Press



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FOR A COMMON GOAL Investing in a Shared Future.

og eT c n re iffe aD g in k Ma

- New Jersey Newsroom




if aD king



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Proud to Support



PRIDEFEST it’s a street fair, a playground, a performance space, and a celebration of all that is gay in new york City today.


t’s our very own block party that spans the 6 blocks from Bethune to 13th St. along Hudson St. Additionally, this year because of construction in Seravalli Park, PrideFest will be taking over 13th St. between Hudson & 8th Ave. We’ll be open for fun Sunday, June 26th, from 11 AM to 7 PM with non-stop entertainment. MaRKeTPLaCe Scores of vendors selling all kinds of things: T-shirts, music, food and more. You can meet and learn about community groups looking for support. You can plan your LGBT vacation. You can see the work of artists who will be featured throughout the festival. With PrideFest you get all that with a rainbow twist. STaGeFeST Live music and performances are so much a part of this city. From up-and-coming bands and singers to drag performers and comedians, StageFest at 13th St. will give you entertainment galore with performances all day long. See the list of entertainers on the following page.


Photos by Andrew werner

KIdSPaCe Unfortunately, due to construction scheduled for June of 2011, KidSpace will not be located within Seravalli Park at PrideFest for this year. We are hoping to incorporate it within other elements of PrideFest to continue to provide a welcoming area for parents and their children. Games, toys, and organized activities are provided. Parents and their children can enjoy PrideFest in this safe and fun space.



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A Turning Point in the Gay Rights Movement

“The most thorough documentary exploration of the three days of unrest beginning June 28, 1969, when patrons of the Stonewall Inn…turned on the police after a routine raid…” —The New York Times “Stonewall Uprising does an evocative job of coloring in the oppression of gay life before Stonewall, so that when the eruption happens, we feel its necessity in our bones. A-” — (Entertainment Weekly)

AvA i l A b l e i n S t o r e S n ow The Stonewall Uprising DVD and much more are available at shopPBS. Visit today! Ad design © 2011 PBS Distribution. 110520.

NYC PRIDE EVENTS Featured Performers This year’s Stage is brought to you by lifeBEAT, featuring amazing performers such as…

Melissa Li and the Barely Theirs Widely recognized as one of the most notable independent artists of her generation, Melissa Li brings her band and her talent to StageFest this year. She’s been featured on PBS’s “Asian America”, lauded by the press, and even invited to give songwriting workshops at several universities. Known for super catchy tunes and light, candid lyrics, hers is sure to be a fun performance. Don’t be surprised if you walk away with a couple of her songs stuck in your head. JFortino New York based singer/songwriter JFortino, brings a fresh and dynamic flavor to the world of pop music with the sensitivity of the most prolific balladeers and with the honesty of his emotionally raw vocals. He sings of hope; he sings of love; he sings the truth. His music transcends a world of discontent while embracing passion and mystery.

PrideFest 2011 Sunday June 26th 12 PM - 7 PM Additional performances by… Renowned “Queen of Gospel Energy”, Dawn Tallman, whose appearances on tour with the likes of Patti LaBelle and Michelle Williams have made her a household name. Kylie Edmond, a quirky girl from Down Under bringing us a strong collection of infectious pop/rock tunes about iPhones and broken hearts. Hosted by… Tyler Alyxander, the very first Miss Gay Asbury Park and 1990 Miss Gay New Jersey. Tyler teaches psychology, sociology and social work at several New Jersey colleges. 38



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Museum quality. Preview online. “I never tire of his paintings he is a leader in contemporary realism.” Sir Elton John

“Ross’ work masterfully encapsulates realism and desire.” Jake Shears Scissor Sisters

Untitled 01-10 (after Caravaggio, 1602; featuring Francois Sagat) Oil on board Sold for $42,000 Private Collection, New York. Available as a Hand Signed Limited Edition Print of 45 Limited Edtion Prints from $660

Edition Photography from $1200

Paintings from $12000

Selected collections: National Gallery of Australia, National Portrait Gallery, Sir Elton John, J.D.Wolfensohn (World Bank President, 1995-2005) Selected exhibitions: London Europride Festival 2006, Berlin Pride 2009, Cologne Gay Games VIII 2010, Sydney Mardi Gras Festival 1996-2011


sAvor the cIty

new york City Pride Week is soon upon us. Between the rallying, dancing and marching, we guarantee you’ll work up an appetite. Lucky for you, new york City is teeming with fabulous places to fuel up. Whether you prefer food from the likes of celebrity chefs, grab-n-go park fare, or a visit to a hidden local gem, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to stop by at least a few during Pride Week as these are spots you WOn’t be proud to have missed!


The Plaza Food Hall

3 Scarpetta

by todd English An italian expression that this 5,400 square-foot Europeanmeans “little shoe” – or the shape inspired specialty food hall is the bread takes when used to soak up creation of chef and restaurateur a dish – scarpetta represents the todd English, with design by pure pleasure of savoring a meal renowned architect Jeffrey beers. down to its very last taste. located on the Plaza’s Concourse designed by s. russell groves, level, this spot offers dine-in and the space refl ects Chef scott take-away options from more than Conant’s honest and personal eight culinary stations including: approach to italian cuisine: equally the Cheese & Charcuterie Counter, grounded in tradition and modern brick oven Pizza, the bakery, the interpretation. the airy 70-seat resocean grill & oyster bar, the taurant features a retractable roof grill, sushi bar, the wine bar, and in the main dining room, a striking dumpling bar. we highly suggest glass wine display, a long mahogany the dine-in option to ensure you get bar salvaged from a European the full effect. seating is arranged farm and a casual 20-seat café in amidst and in connection with the the front. scarpetta’s cozy bar and prep stations, which makes for a outdoor café are both ideal spots truly engaging culinary experience. for a casual dinner or drinks. while there’s plenty of seating in 355 W. 14th St. the hall, be sure to request a seat Corner of 9th Ave. at one of the culinary stations so 212-691-0555 you can watch the chefs in action. The Breslin you might even consider making 4 the hearty, meat-centric a reservation to ensure you get a seat at the station of your choosing. menu at the breslin has a strong emphasis on artisanal products, Maps of the space are available on small growers and farmers and their website. seasonality. the menu embraces One W. 59th St. “nose-to-tail” cuisine methodologies Concourse Level and offers handmade terrines, 212-986-9260 sausages, and charcuterie. rich, The Meatball Shop salty, roasted fl avors predominate. 2 Co-owners daniel holzman the restaurant offers a bevy of and Michael Chernow salute tasty cask and draft beers, an array this beloved comfort food at of cocktails and a thoughtfully astheir accessible, value-oriented sembled global wine list, including restaurant that features fi ve types wine on tap. of meatballs, a selection of sauces the breslin has a no reservations and sides, house-made ice cream policy, unless guests plan to have a sandwiches, a carefully edited wine whole suckling pig or lamb dinner list and beers on tap. (for eight to 12 people). featuring locally sourced 16 W. 29th St. meats, the menu is made to be 646-214-5788 highly customizable, creating Spotted Pig an exciting spectrum of possible 5 The ken friedman and April fl avor combinations that keeps you bloomfi eld opened the spotted coming back again and again. first, Pig in february 2004, and new decide how you want your balls. york City’s fi rst gastropub has you can choose from naked, slider, been a local favorite ever since. hero, or smash. then, choose your ken friedman designed the space balls from Classic beef, spicy Pork, himself with curios and artwork Chicken, vegetable, or their special from local markets and abroad. weekly fl avor. Pick a sauce from located in the heart of the either: Classic tomato, spicy Meat, west village, the original carriage Mushroom gravy, or Parmesan house has been transformed into a Cream and you’re done! convivial three-story pub serving an with so many ways to mix and assortment of seasonal british and match, you’re sure to fi nd balls to italian fare with a heavy emphasis please even the most discerning on local ingredients. Pull up a stool pallet. do not forget to try their at one of the two bars where cask scooped-to-order homemade ice conditioned ales, an eclectic wine cream sandwiches. list and signature cocktails are 84 Stanton St. served. 212-982-8895 314 W. 11th St. Corner of Greenwich St. 212-620-0393



Hill Country Chicken 6 imagine if a little piece of the

south were to be picked up and dropped into the middle of Midtown. this is precisely what you should expect to fi nd at Chef Elizabeth karmel’s southern-style restaurant. this gem features her all-natural fried chicken, made from scratch daily with fresh ingredients, which is brined in buttermilk and fresh herbs before cooking. hill Country Chicken offers two kinds of fried chicken, sold individually by the breast, thigh, drum or wing; Mama Els’, skinless pieces of tender chicken that are handdipped in a crunchy, savory batter; and hill Country Classic, skin-on pieces that are double coated in seasoned fl our and fi nished with a dusting of signature Chicken shake, a special blend of sweet, spicy, salty and savory seasonings. Pair all this with some of her famous sides like Cheesy fried Mashed Potatoes or house-made buttermilk biscuits and a Pie shake (yes, it actually has pie in it).* *this meal should be followed by a long nap. 1123 Broadway Corner of 25th 212-257-6446



Balthazar 7 restaurateur keith

Mcnally brings the Parisian bistro to Manhattan’s soho neighborhood with his Michelin recommended balthazar. opened in 1997, balthazar has since become a downtown staple, offering a french menu prepared by chefs de cuisine riad nasr and lee hanson. you will be treated to hearty, classic french dishes such as escargot, steak tartare, and duck shepherd’s pie. diners can also choose from an extensive wine list, a raw seafood bar, and breads and pastries from the celebrated balthazar bakery. 80 Spring St. Corner of Crosby St. 212-965-1414

Milk Bar 8 Momofuku Milk bar is the


bakery-inspired dessert branch of david Chang’s Momofuku restaurant group. headed by pastry chef/owner, Christina tosi, Milk bar is a collaborative environment, drawing talent from a number of new york establishments. since its opening in november of 2008, Milk bar has focused on putting a playful and approachable spin on familiar home style desserts and savory snacks using quality N YC PR I DE GU I DE


J U N E 2 0 11


ingredients and locally-sourced dairy. Popular items include Cereal Milk™, Compost Cookies™, and Crack Pie™. Christina tosi and Milk bar have been featured in television programs and publications such as the Martha stewart show, live with regis and kelly, the new york times, bon Appétit magazine, o magazine, and in style magazine. we’ve personally tried the banana Cake and it’s out of this world. As well, the Cereal Milk will take you back to a simpler time of your adolescence. East Village: 207 2nd Ave. Midtown: 15 W. 56th St. Brooklyn: 382 Metropolitan Ave.

We were able to snag some of the delectable recipes from daniel holzman & Michael Chernow’s must visit eatery, the Meatball shop. try your hand at some of the most talked about meatballs in new york City.


Maialino 9 Maialino is a new roman-

style trattoria in the gramercy Park hotel from danny Meyer’s union square hospitality group. thoughtfully designed by the rockwell group, Maialino captures the warmth and comfort of a traditional roman trattoria, re-imagined for present-day new york City. serving lovingly prepared italian cooking from Executive Chef nick Anderer, the menu draws its inspiration from the classic dishes found throughout rome and features fresh, seasonal ingredients. in the center of the restaurant is Maialino’s cucina, featuring a salumi, cheese and antipasto station on one side, with a coffee, dessert and bread station on the other. the bustling bar area serves as a local coffee bar throughout the morning, transforming into a lively wine bar serving small plates of food throughout the afternoon and evening. Make sure you book reservations in advanced, since its opening it continuously is one of the hardest seats to secure. Gramercy Park Hotel 2 Lexington Ave. 212-777-2410





Shake Shack 10 originally opened as a hot

dog cart in Madison square Park to support the Madison square Park Conservancy’s fi rst art installation “i  taxi”, shake shack has become a staple new york City cuisine. shake shack offers visitors the feel of a modern day “roadside burger stand” serving up some of the most delicious burgers, hot dogs, and frozen custards you can fi nd. shake shack uses only the freshest, high quality ingredients and all of the menu items are cooked to order. burgers feature fresh ripe plum tomatoes and a dollop of their shake-made mayo. tack on a little beer or wine, and the shake shack proves it has all the necessary bits to keep patrons coming back time and time again. the March runs right past the original shake shack so make a point to grab a bite before heading to the big event! Original Location: Madison Square Park + other locations Corner of 23rd St. and Madison Ave. 212-889-6600

Spicy Meat Sauce the Meatball shop yield: 8 cups 1 ea. 1 lb. 2 tbsp. 2 tsp. 2 tsp. 2 tbsp. 2 ea.

large yellow onion, small dice (about 2 cups) Pork shoulder, ground olive oil Chile fl akes salt tomato paste 28 oz. cans, Canned tomato, chopped (preferably san Marzano)

1. Cook the onions and pork, with the olive oil, chili and salt over a medium heat in a large pot (6 qt) stirring constantly until the meat is thoroughly cooked and the onions are soft and beginning to brown (about 15 minutes). 2. Add the tomato paste and continue cooking for fi ve minutes. 3. Add the canned tomatoes and stir constantly until the sauce begins to boil. 4. Continue cooking for 35 minutes stirring ever four or fi ve minutes such that the sauce does not burn.

Spicy Pork Meatballs

the Meatball shop yield: about 24 golf ball size meatballs 2 lbs. 1 -1/3 tbsp. 4 ea. 1/4 cup 4 ea. 3 ea. 2 tbsp.

Pork shoulder, ground salt hot cherry peppers, minced (about 1/3 cup) Pepper pickling liquid slices white bread, minced (about 3 1/2 cups) Eggs olive oil

1. Preheat the oven to 450 deg. f. 2. Combine all of the ingredients except for the olive oil in a large mixing bowl and mix by hand until thoroughly incorporated. 3. drizzle the olive oil into a large baking dish (9x13) making sure to evenly coat the entire surface (use your hand to help spread the oil) 4. roll the mixture into round, golf ball sized meatballs making sure to pack the meat fi rmly 5. Place the balls into the oiled baking dish such that all of the meatballs are lined up evenly in rows and are touching each of their four neighbors in a grid 6. roast until fi rm and cooked through (about 14 minutes) 7. Allow meatballs to cool for fi ve minutes before removing from tray



hostess wIth the mostest

“Girl, i don’t have time for this, i’ve got 40 people coming here in an hour and i haven’t even made the bruschetta!!” hmm, sounds like you could use a little help. here are a few simple ideas that are guaranteed to make any party a success.

MUSSELS WITH TOMATO BASIL BISQUE yield: serves 4-6 (Appetizer) 1 lb. 14.5oz can 4 cloves 1/2 tsp. 1/2 cup 2 tbsp. Equipment:

Mussels, cleaned and debearded wolfgang Puck tomato basil bisque garlic cloves, peeled and sliced Crushed red pepper fl akes white wine Extra virgin olive oil Medium sauce pot with lid

1. in the sauce pot, combine the soup, garlic, red pepper fl akes and white wine. heat to a simmer and add the mussels. 2. Cover the pot with the lid and continue to cook the mussels for 5 to 6 minutes, until the mussels have opened. remove the lid and discard any mussels that have not opened. 3. remove the opened mussels from the pot and place in a serving bowl. keep warm. Continue to cook the remaining liquid over medium high heat for 6 minutes, thickening the broth. 4. remove the broth from the heat and swirl in the olive oil. Pour the broth over the mussels and serve. >> for a summertime twist, try chilling the mussels and the broth before serving.


A little bubbly, fragrant, fruit aromas, the sweet taste of apricots and peaches. Barefoot’s moscato Spumante deserves a seat at your next dinner party. Can you say crowd pleaser?


Looking for a fun centerpiece to spice up your party? the funniest way to add flair to any home is, hands down, to take cues from amy sedaris. her new book Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People is filled with crazy crafts to compliment any décor.

Marshmallow Stars 1. Using a needle, pierce the marshmallow with string and knot it at the end so the marshmallow won’t slide off. 2. Rub glue on toothpicks and roll them through glitter. 3. Insert all the glitter-covered toothpicks into the marshmallow at various angles. Hang the star in a suitable place, preferably somewhere “out of this world.” 4. You can color the marshmallow in food coloring mixed with water and you can cut the marshmallow into more of a ball shape. >> The skill and coordination required for this project is minimal.




J U N E 2 0 11



HUDSON RIVER PARK SATURDAY, JUNE 25 3:00 – 11:00 PM Pier 54, 13th St. at West Side Highway After eight years of rocking women’s worlds, Rapture on the River has decided to supersize this year’s version with an EXTENDED edition. NYC Pride is thrilled to extend the event an additional three hours earlier for a day to night party that will surely not disappoint. Afternoon festivities will feature a number of fantastic comedians as well as a Happy Hour from 3:00-4:00 featuring 2-for-1 drinks! In the evening, we’ll switch into full party mode with an awesome DJ line up to keep your hips shakin’. This year, Rapture will also include a first-ever Wet T-Shirt Contest (winner takes home $250!). Whether you want to engage in some afternoon revelry with friends or dance the night away, Rapture on the River is THE event for all lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer-identified women. Rapture takes place after the Dyke March 44

and the night before the official NYC Pride March. Come celebrate your out-and-proudof-it self at an event like no other. This year, move your dancin’ feet to the beat set by none other than legendary DJ’s Susan Levine and Mary Mac. Event Pricing: $25 General Admission ($35 at the door) $75 VIP (includes open bar for the entire event and admission to Pier Pressure after-party) – while supplies last Tickets for this year’s Rapture on the River can be purchased at: NYC Pride Offices

154 Christopher St. / Daily from Noon – 7 PM

Online Where you can pay on their site or call 800-494-8497



J U N E 2 0 11

What does it take to meet today’s healthcare challenges?

The vision to dream big. At Siemens, we are devoted to bringing you the science you need to dream big—redefine early detection, develop innovative treatments, deliver truly personalized care. We are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of patients. And we’re committed to helping you every step of the way. Siemens is proud to sponsor NYC Pride March and Pridefest 2011.

Answers for life. A9124-11916-A2-4A00

Corporate Office: 51 Valley Stream Parkway, Malvern, PA 19355-1406 USA © 2011 Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. All rights reserved.



HUDSON RIVER PARK SUNDAY, JUNE 26 2:00 – 10:30 PM Fireworks Opening DJ’s: Vito Fun and DJ Lina Closing DJ: ANA PAULA Pier 54, 13th St. at West Side Highway The Dance on the Pier was born out of a time when the LGBT community could not dance openly and proudly together. It is a protest set to music, a celebration set to the western skyline and fireworks… and a reminder of how far we’ve come. NYC PRIDE is thrilled to announce the schedule lineup for the 25th annual Dance on the Pier. DJ Lina gets the party started in a serious way, followed by well known, hometown favorite DJ Vito Fun. Wrapping up the night is one of the most popular female DJs on the dance circuit, DJ Ana Paula. 46

Ticket Pricing: $55 May 1 to May 31 $75 June 1 to June 25 $125 at the door $200 VIP: Unlimited open bar, VIP bathroom Tickets for this year’s Dance on the Pier can be purchased at: Wear Me Out

353 West 47th St. / 212-333-3047

Village Apothecary

346 Bleecker St. / 212-807-7566

Mark Nelson

237 West 20th St. /

Online: Where you can pay on their site or call 800-494-8497 N YC PR I DE GU I DE


J U N E 2 0 11

FILTERING OUT INEQUALITY RÖKK Vodka congratulates GLAAD and all nominees.


As the National Presenting Partner of the GLAAD Media Awards, RÖKK is proud to celebrate outstanding images of the LGBT community in the media.

RÖKK is owned by Diageo, who has again earned a perfect score in the annual Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index survey. PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY. ©2011 Imported by Rokk Vodka Co., Norwalk, CT.


HEY MISTER DJ We were able to get our hands on the latest and greatest playlist for both Ana Paula & Vito Fun in preparation for their big debut at this year’s Dance on the Pier. Make sure you download these greatest tunes. To stay up to date on all of the latest sounds within the dance music scene check out the official NYC Pride podcast on iTunes.


aNa PaULa



Give ‘em The Bizness (Damian Major & Vito Fun Remix) Tombstone Featuring Larry Tee & Alexander Technique 2. we No Speak americano (Alvaro Bootleg) - Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup 3. Grenade (Roger Gangi Bootleg) - Bruno Mars 4. Nothin More Than The deep Avicii & Philgood Vs. Adele 5. Hot as Hell (Yolanda Be Cool Remix) - Drop The Lime 6. Sway - Pristine Blusters 7. Let It Rain - (Cristian Marchi & Paolo Sandrini Original Main Mix) Nari, Cristian Marchi, Milani Featuring Max C. 8. Quacky - Sidney Samson & Afrojack 9. Hey Sexy Lady (Afrojack Remix) iSquare 10. Only Girl (In The World) (Funk D Bootleg) Rihanna


your ber vem r/no octobe

sic ■ mu vies s mo Book

amanda Morra Rebel For Life (DJ Ana Paula Remix) 2. Britney Spears Hold Me Against Me (Just For Fun DJ Ana Paula Remix) 3. donna Summer To Paris With Love (Wawa Remix) 4. Jean Claude ades Feat. Sam Obernik Work Of Art 5. Ultra Nate - Party Girl 6. Jamie Lewis Feat. Kim Cooper - 1001 7. Zodiac Feat. Loyalty Nothing Better (Original Mix) 8. Josh The Funky - Rock To The Beat 9. Ivan Frost - Pump Up The Volume 10. amanda Morra Kisses (DJ Ana Paula Remix)

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Ruckus on the Roof

NYC Pride & Rafferty/ Mazur Events Present:

The Newly Renovated

VIP Rooftop


Saturday, June 25th 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM

621 West 46th Street New York, NY



Opening DJ: Dan De Leon Headlining DJ: Tracy Young 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Rooftop Garden Lounge 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM: The Salon and Garden Terrace Open SKYY Bar: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM A limited number of tickets are available for this event. Pre-purchased online tickets are highly recommended: *Rooftop has retractable glass roof in case of inclement weather


NYC Pride & Rafferty/Mazur Events are bringing you an afternoon dance event featuring none other than legendary DJ Tracy Young. Water guns, hot boys in underwear, and delicious SKYY cocktails, this party is going to be the one to beat during Pride weekend. Attendees can choose from a stand-alone ticket option or a value option that gets them access to the party in addition to the Dance on the Pier. Bringing back the old New York style club event, the VIP Rooftop Party will surely be the event you won’t want to miss.


Tracy Young



Get down And flIrty

it’s nighttime, but that doesn’t mean you should let the sun set on your fun. there’s plenty of places to keep the party going, so cozy up to the bar, dance ‘til you sweat, or snuggle into the corner of one of these fabulous nightspots. in the city that never sleeps, the drinks keep flowing and the music keeps playing until you’ve had enough!



remember prohibition? we didn’t think so. luckily, you don’t have to – you can experience the excitement of a bygone era at one of nyC’s most notorious speakeasies. located inside of Crif dogs (another new york tradition) in the East village, this hot little number requires visitors to pull a “Maxwell smart” via some secret agent-style phone booth action just to get inside. once you’re in, snuggle into to one of their booths and throwback a couple of their old fashioneds, made with bacon-infused bourbon and maple syrup (now thAt’s breakfast). sink your munchies by fi ring a couple of their cheesy tots down your gullet. whether you start the evening here or stagger in late night, make sure P.d.t. doesn’t drop off your list. Crif Dogs is located at 113 St. Mark’s Place Call P.D.T. at 212-614-0586

Boxers NYC

batter up! looking for a laid back spot to catch the big game? Just want to slug a couple of beers with your boys? trying to cruise in your jockstrap? whatever you’re in the mood for, boxers nyC is a slammin’ good time. grab on to your stick and shoot a little pool, scoot up next to a hottie at the bar and cheer on your favorite team, share a pizza with your bud before you head to one of those sexy Midtown nightclubs. it doesn’t matter if you’re a pitcher or a catcher, you’ll have a ball at boxers nyC. 37 W. 20th St. btw. 5th and 6th Ave. 212-255-5082

The Standard

2 Beer Garden

the standard, a mainstay in the Manhattan hotel scene, has become a hotbed for boozy attractions featuring tasty beer and even tastier food, not the least of which is biergarten. open all of one year, biergarten has fast become a hit with locals and a legend in its own right. timeout new york voted it their best new beer bar/garden of 2010 and the rest of Manhattan has voted it their new favorite Place to hangout with friends.


featuring a fat list of primo beers of the german and Austrian persuasion, biergarten keeps the high-browed beer crowd off of their soapboxes and planted politely in their seats. foodies will fi nd this spot a safe haven from the battle of the bland as they can please their discerning palettes with some house-made ‘wursts’, pretzels, and other hearty bavarian-leaning fare. fun, food, beer, it’s all here. the standard’s biergarten is just blooming with reasons to visit, so do yourself a favor and go already! 840 Washington St. 212-645-4646

Mister H 3 designed by visionary

nightclub designer Armin Amiri, Mister h is the newest addition to the Morgans hotel group’s collection of nightlife venues. the inspiration for the space is said to be based on a place that humphrey bogart might have frequented circa 1930. Exuding a decidedly oriental design theme, Mister h envelopes guests in a rich sea of red, appointed with plush cushions and fabrics, decorative lamps, and sprinkled with an eclectic collection of Chinese furniture and ephemera. those visitors who are a little more well-traveled will appreciate a prominently displayed neon sign, written in Chinese, reading “lovE. hAPPy. drunk.”, three words that we feel succinctly summates exactly what to expect from this exciting new addition to Manhattan’s nightlife. 150 Lafayette St. btw. Grand and Howard St. 212-389-0002

A proverbial temple of dance, the sheer size, décor, and nasty tunes from amazing dJ’s is enough to get you down on your knees, praying for more. Please, don’t stop the music. 29 W. 36th St. Suite 401 212-244-3636

Henrietta Hudson

for girls who like girls, for girls who just want a drink, for girls who just want to kick back, there’s henrietta hudson. A staple of new york’s lesbian scene, henrietta’s attracts a diverse array of lady-loving ladies by offering up a simple, comfortable, unpretentious spot where dykes of all walks can come together. henrietta’s has been keepin’ it real for the better part of two decades now, and doesn’t show any signs of stopping as she’s consistently lauded as the best lesbian bar in all fi ve boroughs. so if you’re fl avor is dJ’s, dancing, drinks, and dykes (but without all the fuss) then get yourself down to henrietta hudson. 438 Hudson St., corner of Morton St. 212-924-3347

1 2


district 36 4 do you often fi nd yourself

lying awake in bed at night, unable to fall asleep, tossing and turning because all you can think about is… dancing?! no more restless nights, we’ve got the cure for your disco fever. district 36 is the hottest new dance club on the island, smack dab in the heart of midtown. A former clothing factory, district 36 features 3 fl oors and 14,000 square feet of pure, unadulterated, laser light-appointed space just aching to be danced in. the district’s only purpose in life is to spur you to lose yourself as you thrash about to some of the sickest beats known to man.




J U N E 2 0 11

Supporting LGBTQ For more than 20 years! PROUD SPONSOR OF

California Table Wine, ©2010 Barefoot Cellars, Modesto, CA USA. All rights reserved.

Job Number: 9974 BFC 080 174078 Brand: BFC

Size: 7.625” X 5.00” Stock: TBD

We’re proud to serve all communities. Ernest

Item: Pride Ad. Program: March Date: 04.21.10 Revision: 04.22.10 Spell Check:

Special Inks: 4c/Proc. Coatings: Proofread:

Mandatory Check Pass Incorrect

And proud to sponsor NYC Pride 2011



Fancy restaurants, swanky bars, posh clubs—there’s style just dripping from the rafters around NYC, so why should your apartment be any different? Our favorite design diva, Jonathan Adler, graciously provides us with a few tips on how to get the most out of your space (and what to avoid). Ahhhh… home sweet home.

Splurge on your rental.

If you’re going to live there, you might as well make it look great. When I lived in a rental I never did any real work on it because I figured it was only temporary. Silly me. Paint, hang chandeliers, swag curtains, make some of the improvements you might make if you owned the joint. It’s every Gay’s responsibility to obey the campsite rule — “leave the apartment better than you found it”. It’s good for our image.

Embrace the cool mid-century vibe of Tina and Bette’s groovy Silverlake house on “The L Word”.

Some Danish swank, a good vintage Nelson bubble lamp mixed in with some cool contemporary totems those girls really got it right. I miss that fab series and their fab house. Respect.

Keep a video of Boys in the Band running at all times.

Whenever we have a dinner party, we pop in our trusty Boys in the Band DVD. It’s a real crowd-pleaser. It’s fierce, it’s hilarious, it’s iconic, and it’s a great reminder to us Gays to lay off the hooch! Bad things can happen.

Don’t go too butch and don’t go too femme:

There’s a fab expression to describe the private lives of many interior designers: “Chintz by day, Chaps by night.” The key to your decorating style lies somewhere in the middle, between chintz and chaps. Though you may think it makes you seem hot, no one is going to believe you if your pad looks like an old factory, full of industrial iron carts and rusty old bolts. Conversely, it ain’t so hot to have a pad that looks like the inside of a doll house, all chintzy and pink. So, men, be dude-ular and have some beat up leather chairs and some raw wood, but throw in a bit of squishy comfort and some pops of bright orange.



Don’t end up on

Thank God for If you aren’t familiar with this sex-pic/ decorating blog, you should be. BUT, under no circumstances should you post a picture on the internets that could end up on! If you must must must share your physical majesty with the world, for God’s sake shoot your pic in a bland room. Your sex pic shouldn’t be about the decor, it should be about you! And your areas…

Don’t decorate like the Straights.

We’re gay! We’ve already made the most fantastic and proud choice to come out of the closet and live our lives as we want to live them. We can exist outside of the dreary mores of conventional society. So, don’t be too conventional—make your decor quirky and personal and a true reflection of you and only you. I want you to walk in your front door every day and feel happy!

4 3

3. Modern Anthology

Four MustVisit Décor Havens 1. Bright Lyons

A hip colorful destination for all things modern and contemporary was founded by Canadian native, Paul Bright. Whether it’s an Eames sofa or a sexy pumpkin–orange sixties plastic Pastil chair by Ero Aarnio, this store has everything you need to brighten up your digs. 383 Atlantic Avenue 718-855-5463

2. Housing Works Thrift Shops

One of the most recognized and philanthropic destinations to find vintage goods with character. Not only is it one of the best places to find that floor lamp you’ve been hunting for but every purchase goes to help Housing Works main cause, providing support for homeless and low-income New Yorkers living with HIV / AIDS. Various Locations


Bright Lyons Photos by Mindy Best



Recognizing that men’s taste have evolved beyond “one-size-fits-all”, the new Brooklyn store and design studio Modern Anthology has curated a selection of unique, authentic furniture, home accessories and clothing to give men what they really want - sophisticated pieces that reflect an experienced but masculine lifestyle. 68-117 Jay Street 718-522-3020

4. Partners & Spade

Established in 2008 by Andy Spade & Anthony Sperduti is a storefront and studio in the trendy NoHo neighborhood of lower Manhattan. The storefront, open on weekends to the public, presents a constantly re-imagined group show of artwork, objects, and ideas generated by an ever changing cast of collaborators. The shop features some of the most unique one-of-a-kind objects within the city and serves as a showcase for art, objects, and unusual projects. 40 Great Jones Street #1 646-861-2827



J U N E 2 0 11

This is New York City


my oh my

What would Pride, nay life, be without a couple of phat beats to bump your body to? Fret not, we dive headfirst into Oh Land’s new album to give you the skinny on what makes her the next big thing.

Oh Land Oh Land, born Nanna Oland Fabricius, is a hot little Dane on the fast track to fame. Releasing her second album Oh Land on the tails of her US television debut via the Late Show with David Letterman, Oh Land quickly moved on to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Shortly thereafter, she found herself the proud recipient of the Brink of Fame: Music Artist award at the 2011 NewNowNext Awards. In anticipation of her 2011 Pride Rally performance, we picked up (with oven mitts, mind you) a copy of her new album. Oh Land is guaranteed to take listeners on a fun ride. Clearly her goal with a few of these numbers was to pull her audience into a totally different mental space. We wouldn’t go so far as to say that this stuff falls into a trance genre, but expect to feel a little spacey at times (especially if your visualizer is going full blast like ours was). “Sun of a Gun” is by far the track that she’s most known for but far from the best in our opinion. The driving beat, the cheerful supporting xylophone/piano, and engaging vocals are all crowd pleasers and are a solid recipe to keep toes tapping. “Lean” takes on a little more sinister feel. Maybe not sinister, but we definitely felt like this girl was trying her Sireny best to seduce us. The breathy refrains and the circular motion of the chords were more than enough to keep us swaying for the entire 3 minutes and 28 seconds. We’ll lean on you any day Oh Land. The last few tracks deliver a happy merriment to balance against some of the heavier feeling tunes. A favorite around the office here was “White Nights”. The jolly lyrics are supported by a nice combination of easy chords and a little chorus of handclaps. We’d be lying if we said this wasn’t on every one of our playlists. All in all, we were blown away by this album. While Oh Land very clearly has a distinctive style, her album is so well balanced that most everyone should be able to find a track or two that tickles their tympanic membrane.


LADIES WE  Keri Hilson – No Boys allowed Mosley/Interscope Favorite Tracks: Pretty Girl Rock The Way You Love Me Lose Control/Let Me Down

adele – 21 XL Recordings/Columbia Favorite Tracks: Take It All I’ll Be Waiting Rolling in the Deep

Jessie J – who You are Lava Music/Republic Records Favorite Tracks Price Tag Stand Up Rainbow

J Lo – Love? Island Records Favorite Tracks: On the Floor I’m Into You One Love

Lady GaGa – Born This way Streamline/Kon Live/Interscope Favorite Tracks: Born This Way Americano Highway Unicorn (Road to Love)



J U N E 2 0 11


A COMMUNITY OF SERVICE Pride is all about community and this great land of milk and honey is just teeming with some knock-out organizations that are committed to serving all of us LGBTQ peeps. Take a little inspiration from these fellows and then find the groups in your own community. Now get out there! Happy Serving. Happy Pride.


irst, we speak to Carl Siciliano, Executive Director of the Ali Forney Center, one of the leading New York City organizations providing aid and shelter to homeless LGBTQ youth. Carl gives us the inside scoop on the state of his organization and their mounting struggles in the face of deep cuts to the state budget.


Hey Carl, We’ve heard so many great things about your organization. What are some new initiatives that Ali Forney is currently working on to help support LGBTQ youth? We are seeking funding to expand our drop-in services to be open overnight. Given the terrible shortage of shelter for 56

LGBTQ youth in NYC, hundreds of kids are stranded on the streets at night. We want to be able to offer them an overnight space where they can be safe while they wait for shelter beds to open up. And of course, we are always seeking funds to expand our shelter and housing, though unfortunately that has been very difficult in the past two years with major shelter funding cuts from the City and State. Also we are hoping to launch a new project in the coming year aimed at educating parents and families about the terrible harm that family rejection causes to LGBTQ youth, and try to offer more support to assist families in accepting their LGBTQ children. That’s really amazing! With Ali Forney’s expanded activities and increased attention towards LGBTQ youth initiatives within the media over the last twelve months, how is that affecting your organization? The reporting of a spate of LGBTQ youth suicides last fall opened a window of public attention on the terrible harm that homophobia causes the teens in our community. I believe this has led to more attention and awareness on the part of media, though not as much of it has been focused on the harm done to youth through family rejection as through bullying. Both are devastating to LGBTQ youth. To be honest, I am bitterly disappointed that even with this awareness we are seeing cuts to the City and State support for homeless LGBTQ youth. It’s really unfortunate that the City and State have cut funding even in an urgent time of need for your organization. I’m sure that you have conveyed

your many stories to City and State leaders to convince them of reasons of why not to cut funding. What is one of the most memorable stories you can recount from a youth that has sought out help from Ali Forney? One of the first people who came to us, Ksen, was violently kicked out of his house by his mother, who ripped out a piece of his scalp because she couldn’t accept having a gay child. Ksen was one of the first ten youths to stay in our first shelter when we opened in 2003, and we helped Ksen get into a foster care placement for LGBTQ youth. He has gone on to co-author the LGBTQ anti-discrimination policy for the New York City Foster Care System, and is currently in his first year at Law School. We are very grateful that we were able to be there for Ksen in a time of terrible need, and are very proud of his accomplishments. Ksen sounds like such a brave individual and a true success story for the organization. Switching topics, Ali Forney has always garnered a lot of attention in the 20-something professional circles. With Millennials and Gen-Y being extremely tech savvy, how do you convey your message to an audience that is so focused on a digital lifestyle? We currently use Facebook as a mechanism for messaging potential clients about inquiries and services. We also have a YouTube page with PSA’s that our clients created talking about how the services at AFC have helped them. Additionally we maintain a Twitter page and have plans to use that for outreach purposes as well. Finally, Ali Forney is known for throwing some great fundraising events. Do you have any events coming up this summer that people can attend and support your cause? We are so thrilled to be producing our second annual “Oasis” event, currently scheduled for Wednesday July 20th. Last year’s inaugural soiree featured a performance by JujuBee from RuPaul’s Drag Race. This sold out event was packed with New York City’s sexiest young philanthropists who enjoyed cocktails and an amazing silent auction. This year will be even bigger and better. Stay updated on AFC events and other agency news by following us on twitter at AliForneyCenter or find us on Facebook. N YC PR I DE GU I DE


J U N E 2 0 11


346 Bleecker Street (Corner West 10th)

212-807-7566 Open 7 days Monday – Saturday 9am – 9pm Sundays 10am – 7pm Most insurance plans accepted, ADAP, Medicaid & Insurance Assignments 20% Discount with Mention of this Ad Visit us at



ext we hear from Jarrett Barrios, President of The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). Jarrett gives us a rundown of GLAAD’s past, present, and future initiatives over the last 25 years and a little advice on how we can help their causes.

GLAAD Jarrett, I hope you’re doing well today. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me! For those of us who may be unfamiliar with your work, can you give me a little overview of what exactly it is that GLAAD does for the LGBTQ community? For many Americans, the only LGBTQ people they know are those they meet on TV, in the movies or in stories that appear in newspapers. Shows like Glee and Modern Family, stories about LGBTQ people on CNN, profiles of local couples — it’s these images and stories that are changing hearts and minds, and it’s those same images that influence people in the ballot box come voting time. GLAAD is the lead organization working to ensure that news and entertainment media represent our community fairly and accurately in both English and Spanish, so that when Americans see images of LGBTQ people, they come to understand that we deserve to be accepted, respected and valued for who we are.

GLAAD is the lead organization working to ensure that news and entertainment media represent our community fairly and accurately in both English and Spanish, so that when Americans see images of LGBTQ people, they come to understand that we deserve to be accepted, respected and valued for who we are. 58

That’s fantastic! I must say, it’s comforting to know that there’s a whole team of people working to keep our community portrayed in a positive light. Now I’m sure that the focus hasn’t always been on shows like Glee, so tell me, how has GLAAD’s focus on LGBTQ issues shifted in the past 25 years? GLAAD began 25 years ago to protest coverage of HIV/AIDS in the New York Post that created fear and intolerance towards our community. Our work quickly spread to push for LGBTQ storylines in Hollywood. Media has evolved and GLAAD continues to shape positive stories about LGBTQ people in new spaces. Last fall, we bridged an unprecedented partnership with Facebook and helped create the Network of Support- an educational initiative that will help put an end to anti- LGBTQ cyberbullying and keep the site safe for everyone. I had no idea that you guys were involved with Facebook in such a huge way! Network of Support sounds like a standout program, and it’s certainly relevant these days. Can you tell me a little more about some other initiatives you guys are focusing on at present or ones that you are planning for the future? After basketball star Kobe Bryant used an anti-gay slur during a recent game, GLAAD formed a partnership with the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA to help players speak out in support of LGBTQ people and ensure such slurs are not part of the game. GLAAD has worked with the New York Yankees and the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) to combat anti- LGBTQ slurs during games. When parents and teachers read about these major organizations speaking out against anti- LGBTQ slurs and violence, it helps shape the schools and homes across America. In New York, GLAAD is working to push messages of support for marriage equality – from training couples and allies on how to speak out in the media to working with notables like Russell Simmons and Rev. Al Sharpton at the GLAAD Media Awards. While many read about GLAAD’s work with Hollywood, much of our work

happens on-the-ground to amplify the voices of local LGBTQ individuals and allies. For instance, GLAAD helped Damian Furtch tell his tragic story to NYC media outlets after he was violently attacked in the West Village - and in the process educated millions of New Yorkers about how to combat anti- LGBTQ violence. The fight for marriage equality is really starting to accelerate here in New York. I’m happy to hear that you guys are on the front lines. Now, I’m sure there’s plenty of us out there who want to get involved but aren’t sure how. What can we do to help support GLAAD’s missions? Are there any major events scheduled for this summer that people can get involved in? When you see media coverage about LGBTQ people or issues that is inaccurate or offensive, contact GLAAD at incident@ Anyone can help GLAAD build support for LGBTQ equality by liking GLAAD on Facebook and by following us on Twitter, where supporters will receive important news, information and Calls to Action against media outlets. We also hope that everyone will participate in Spirit Day again this year on October 20 to send messages of support to LGBTQ youth by wearing purple. N YC PR I DE GU I DE


J U N E 2 0 11













THE NORMAL HEART is proud to support:



THE NORMAL HEART is proud to partner with: AIDS FUND






dsQuared, suMMer 2011 MensWear COLLeCtiOn insPired By “JuLian kaye, riChard Gere in aMeriCan GiGOLO”




11,12 | HAMILTON 1883





J U N E 2 0 11









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Where we’ve been. Where we are. Where we’re going. Larry Kramer and Ricky Price give us a guided tour of how they see the LGBT community shaping out and what we can do to ensure that the spirit of Pride stays alive and kicking for years to come. 70



J U N E 2 0 11


i think being gay is the most wonderful thing to be. I love BeInG GAy. i am a gay man before i am a white man, before i am a writer, before i am a Jewish man, before… everything else. i wish all of us could feel that way and put that at the top of our lists.


f 2010 was the year of the Tiger, then 2011 has most certainly been the year of the Gay. The year began euphorically on the heels of Congress’ repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, the archaic Clinton-era military regulation that prevented homosexuals from serving openly in the armed forces. February brought an executive order from President Obama that the Justice Department would no longer defend the “Defense of Marriage Act” in court. Both of these moves were landmark shifts to the manner in which LGBT individuals are politically classified and legally protected in this country. As the LGBT community and her advocates continue to forge a path of equality and acceptance into the future, some of us are taking a moment to look back at how far we have come and how the Gay Rights Movement has morphed over time. Two community members give us their perspective on things, Ricky Price, recent contributor to The New Gay and PhD student at NYU’s New School for Social Research, and the notorious Larry Kramer. Kramer’s shift from relative obscurity to renowned gay activist was swift and controversial. From his 1978 release of Faggots to the recent re-release of the Tony Nominated 1980’s play The Normal Heart,

Larry has used his pen to stir up a storm that is still brewing to this day. Larry was painted as a sort of traitor by his peers as they were shocked, oft offended, by his jarring truths and scathing criticism of New York’s gay community. Ostracized at times by the very community he sought to better, Kramer went on to found and administer two of the most influential activist organizations to ever arise from the AIDS crisis: Gay Men’s Health Crisis and ACT UP. After founding GMHC, Kramer moved on to found ACT UP as he felt the HIV/ AIDS movement needed an organization willing to take a more striking and militant approach to activism. GMHC and ACT UP fought tirelessly to secure better access to AIDS medication, higher quality treatments for AIDS patients, and more government spending to support AIDS research. Much of ACT UP’s work centered on mass protests and demonstrations, whose backdrops ranged from Wall Street to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. People may ask Larry “Why?” and the answer is really quite simple, “…all my friends were dying”, he says. There’s really nothing more to it—a man felt so called to action by the suffering of his friends that he spent decades working tirelessly to bring about change. His life’s work was

founded in the notion that those souls would not be forgotten and that their sufferings should spur the community to demand a solution. Kramer says that his re-release of The Normal Heart is meant to do just that, “…remind people that [AIDS] was a plague that has not gone away.” The idea that the populous needs to be “reminded” of AIDS may come off as strange, but Larry may be on to something. “No one is raising the issue! I don’t see that much attention being paid to HIV/ 71


If gay marriagE rrow omo t d e iz l a g e l WERE how would our t community trea want ’t n o d o h w e s o th or to get married, e, never fell in lov usly? o r mo a y pol e iv l or


AIDS”, says Kramer. “I think everybody thinks AIDS has gone away, especially the media…the media is out to lunch on so many issues that pertain to us.” Ricky agrees with Larry. “I think you see action from GMHC, Health Gap, Housing Works…”, says Ricky, “…but I think a broader conversation about HIV/AIDS within our community isn’t happening.” Price reiterates a point vocalized by many in the community, that AIDS has become a global pandemic, no longer apparently unique to the homosexual population. The now global scale of the AIDS crisis seems to be taking the issue away from its once prominent role as a unifying cause. So HIV/AIDS just needs additional press coverage? We just need to drum up dialogue again and we will start to see more change? Not so fast. The media is not the only guilty party here. According to Kramer, “Gay people, as far as their health is concerned, are living in a relatively calmed down environment because there are drugs. They think that protects them.” So the gay population at large is somewhat to blame? Have we been lulled into a false sense of security by the media and modern medicine? There may not be an easy culprit to identify when looking at the demise of the HIV/AIDS movement, but one thing is for sure, AIDS is still very much a public health crisis. “There are 75 million people who have been infected”, says Kramer, “It’s a never ending plague and we don’t pay attention to it as one.” So if HIV is still “the killer strain” and more and more people are becoming infected everyday, where are groups like GMHC and ACT UP? Where are our gay advocates and our lobbyists in Washington? Larry believes that our community has been experiencing another epidemic, one that’s just as difficult to cure: a lack of leadership. Kramer feels that, “…any gay issue requires a leadership…and we just don’t have that. We never had leaders…” Never had leaders? What have groups like GLAAD and HRC been doing all these years? Twiddling their thumbs? What’s so lacking in our community’s leadership? Kramer explains, “They don’t protect us; they don’t fight for us. The just play the beltway games.” Sounds like classic Washington politics; beltway games are certainly nothing new to this country, nor are they a problem that’s unique to the LGBT population. Larry says bluntly, N YC PR I DE GU I DE


J U N E 2 0 11

FEATURE “They are really punishing us by being so ineffective.”

“They are just… tragically useless.”

One of the key distinctive features of the LGBTQ minority is this paradox where we exist within every community but we are not tied to each other through traditional family or kinship structures.


Price expands on this: “I think the bigger issue regarding the national orgs is that they walk this very fine line of trying to represent a diverse population of people while working within a political system with a very limited field of possibilities. Their agenda inevitably excludes many portions of the LGBTQ population in favor of political victories.” AIDS it appears, a once centralizing issue, has been replaced by an endless horizon of diverse and varied causes. Such an assortment of efforts makes for a difficult political landscape. Change, or the lack there of, feels slow and oft stagnant given the current state of the community’s agenda. According to Kramer and Price, we are a gay population lulled into submission by modern medicine, long forgotten by the media, betrayed by our leadership. Sounds like a pretty dire situation. So how do we fix this sticky situation in which we find ourselves? A lot of folks like to pin hopes on future generations making the real change. Not Larry. Larry hasn’t been much of an advocate for the present generation of gays. His biggest complaint? For a time, he’s believed that younger homosexuals “…were all turning their backs on our history…”, that they were shirking responsibility to their gay brothers and sisters in favor of parties, drugs, and the like. Their perceived apathy was infuriating to Kramer, and he has made this clear on more than one occasion. Price begs to differ. “I think anyone who makes a blanket statement that the current generation has turned its back on gay history is clearly misreading the present moment”, he says. Price offers up several projects he has researched where modern day gays are attempting to connect to the past through oral histories, archives, research, and queer theory. One of his most astounding examples is the fact that gay history will soon be included in California’s public school curriculum. Though he long took to deeming the younger generation of gays “tragic” and lacking in action, recently, Larry seems to be humming a different tune. With the re-release of The Normal Heart N YC PR I DE GU I DE


J U N E 2 0 11

FEATURE comes a new notion of modern day gays. Larry says: “What’s been wonderful to see is so many young gay guys coming. That’s been so meaningful to me, that the young people are coming in and responding. Now it seems that there are really a great many out there who want to know our history.” Perhaps the apathy he originally perceived was simply a symptom of a greater issue in gay society: the previous absence of any real role models for today’s LGBT youth and a gross lack of access to gay history. In the past, and still today, youth

our history with today’s generation; foster an understanding of where we’ve been and create some urgency in charting a new course. The way Price sees it, “… there are very few places where we can get together to share, listen and learn from each.” This just exacerbates the problem. Ricky explains, “…we exist within every community but we are not tied to each other through traditional family or kinship structures.” History, a shared past, a familial lineage of sorts, may be just the unifying thread the community needs. So how do we move forward? Kramer

it’s the bills, the kids, family, school, work. Whatever the case, Kramer’s advice should resonate with all of us. AIDS, still a definite concern for our community, was once the rally flag of the gay community but is lost on today’s generation as an urgent cause. What will be the modern day call to arms? Do we even need a central effort on which to focus? Maybe our time is better spent nurturing the knowledge of our shared history and experience? Perhaps, in our history, there lies that which we need in order to once again unite under a com-

for e op h e v I ha e… r u t u f e th ield f e h t e hang c n a c e that w ities… l i b i s s of po h we c i h w n i ways e h t d n a lves. e s r u o and underst did and do not have much, if any, access to gay elders or positive gay role models. Price offers up his thoughts on this situation. Having grown up in a rural, conservative part of Wyoming, he explains that, “I found most of my gay role models through books and plays…” Even today, many youths access gay culture and “role models” via media rather than interactions with individuals in their communities, allowing for the expansion of a sort of chasm between older and younger members of the gay population. This chasm between the generations is a clear detriment to the wider community and stifles a feeling of any sort of shared cause or sense of community. In Larry’s eyes, the solution is clear: share 76

calls upon the gay community to hold themselves to a higher standard. He believes that progress, “…requires every gay person to be responsible for his and her life and for their brothers and sisters.” I’m sure I’ve heard that one before, although, I think it went more like, “Take care of yourselves, and each other.” Sound advice all the same. Seems like a pretty easy pill to swallow, but Larry feels that the community doesn’t “…own up to that responsibility enough yet.” Last I checked, this is a concern in most corners of the globe and in almost all realms of society. Humans have become surprisingly adept at focusing less and less on the needs of their fellow man. Maybe it’s human evolution gone wrong. Maybe

mon understanding. It’s hard to say, but according to Kramer and Price, the media, the gay community, the government, we’ve all got work to do. Our history is incomplete; our stories are still untold; our community is continuing to strengthen. The road is likely to be long; it’s likely to be difficult; it’s always filled with hardships. If the spirit of Larry Kramer is even half of what lives within the rest of us, then we’re in for a wild ride. If the conviction and drive of Ricky Price is even a fraction of what lives in our modern generation, then we’re in for a world of change. Let the Renaissance begin. N YC PR I DE GU I DE


J U N E 2 0 11


thAt’s not All folKs

the March, the dance, rapture… all this not enough for you? have no fear, you’re in new york City, dear. Pride runs, regattas, photo safaris, take your pick. variety is the spice of life and June is going to be one sPiCy month.

nYc Gay pride launch party by pride Goes east 6/4/2011 - 3:30 pm - 7:30 pm orchard Street (between e. houston & Stanton) An outdoor Pride Month Launch Party featuring a Go Gaga-Lookalike Competition, performances including headliner Sir Ari Gold, Isle of Klezbos, Josh Zuckerman, Micia Mosley and Anthony Rodriguez. nY4Rome Gay pride 2011 6/11/2011 – Rome, italy NY4Rome is a group of Italians living in New York City who are organizing an official group from the New York community at the upcoming EuroPride in Rome on June 11 2011. Come to Rome and carry a message of solidarity and political advancement in Italian civil rights issues. NY4Rome is a subset of NY4Nichi, which supports the current Governor of the Puglia Region in Italy, Nichi Vendola. Governor Vendola is the first openly gay politician in Italy and has overwhelmingly won two general elections in one of the most conservative regions of the country. Governor Vendola is planning to participate in the parade and we want our group to walk in support of his message. Get an opportunity to be in the Rome Pride Parade and attend all events. Check out the web for all the info, including special deals on travel to the event! Safer Sex in the city 6/23/2011 - 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm la pomme - 37 W. 26th Street Safer Sex in the City is a fun evening that playfully spotlights the importance of HIV testing, knowing your status, and protecting yourself and your loved ones. It’s part of National HIV Testing Day in June; it’s about playing safe in the age of AIDS; and it draws a fantastic audience for a night of dancing, celebration, and awareness. 78

With your attendance to this spectacular event, we can continue to develop sustainable solutions for people with HIV/AIDS that maximize independence, promote awareness, and help reintegrate them into society.

knickerbocker Sailing association — Stonewall Regatta 6/25/2011 - 9:30 am pier 66 Knickerbocker Sailing Association is a gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender sailing club. We encourage members who support diversity and enjoy getting out on the waters of the greater New York area. Members do not need sailing experience to join, because we are a welcoming group that will teach each other the basics of sailing and boat safety. Our membership consists of over 200 members, including crew, and captains of sailboats and powerboats, and we all love the outdoors and the water. On June 25th, we will be organizing our 9th Annual Stonewall Regatta, a race around the New York harbor in cooperation with Hudson River Community Sailing, a non-profit organization that raises money to get inner city youth out on the water. We will be using Hudson River Community’s J-24 sailboats at Pier 66 and the race will take place from 9:30am to 2:30pm with an awards ceremony at the Frying Pan immediately following.

front Runners pride Run 6/25/2011 - 9 am central park mineral Springs Join Front Runners New York and 5,000 of our friends and allies for the annual 5 Mile Lesbian and Gay Pride Run, June 25, 2011 at 9 AM. The 30th running of the Pride Run this year will be the biggest and best ever with entertainment throughout the day, stiff competition for cash prizes, and a banging after-party.

new York city photo Safari 6/25/2011 - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm high line Photographing People on Location Photo Safari for June 25, with NYC Pride in mind. It is being held at the High Line elevated park so that participants can go from the safari to Rapture on the River. It’s a great way for people to learn how to take better photographs for that all important Facebook page! We are also offering a 25% discount for anyone registering two participants at a time using code PROUD2011, good for any photo safari during pride.



J U N E 2 0 11


NOT YOUR MOTHER’S ART Push up your glasses and look a little closer, nyC is ripe this month with some of the best art exhibitions around. From cutting edge sculptures to photos of bare-skin Manhattan boys, and everything in between, there’s a little something for everyone. leslie/lohman Gallery — Stanley Stellar Established over 20 years ago, the Leslie/Lohman Gallery is the Mecca, the granddaddy of LGBT art installations throughout all of New York City. Their collection includes over 4,000 individual works spanning nearly 300 years of gaycentric artistic expression. Wholly unique in its dedicated focus on LGBT artists and artwork, Leslie/Lohman is a must during Pride (and year-round). “Stanley Stellar: A Photographer”, which opened May 17th, is a 4 decade-long expedition into the beauty and range of the nude male form and a necessary addition to your catalogue of hot city spots. With New York City as the backdrop, Stellar allows his interest in tattoos to be a pseudo-guide, as he takes patrons on a tour of some of the most engaging, oft erotic, images of the male body ever to be captured. Says Stellar, “All men share their

nakedness with each other; yet are never allowed to see each other naked.” Lucky for you, this is New York, so head down to Leslie/Lohman and share in the bare.

leslie/lohman gallery

keith haring at gladstone gallery


26 Wooster St. between Canal and Grand St. 212-431-2609

Gladstone Gallery — keith haring In 1982, Barbara Gladstone, namesake of Chelsea’s Gladstone Gallery, commissioned a young man named Keith Haring to make a series of lithographs. These would represent the first in a long line of prints the artist would go on to produce. Despite his untimely death at the age of 31, Haring was and still is considered by many to be one of the most influential artistic minds of his time. Appropriately, the Gladstone launched an exhibition of Haring’s work in May that will run through the entire month of June. The exhibition mostly features sketchbook drawings and works from his early years,

applying a general focus to the evolution of this great man into an established artist. Patrons are treated to the contrasting, oppositional effect exuded by his stylized focus on angular compositions set against loose, gestural lines. Wildly popular and widely respected for his pop-graffiti aesthetic, Haring’s works are all founded firmly in a message of subversive attitudes towards gender, sexuality and religion. His pure, raw talent and decisive focus on his own sexuality should make for an impressionable experience. Heritage of Pride, the organization that produces NYC Pride, is honored to have one of Haring’s commissioned pieces as its logo so make sure you check out an artist that holds a special spot in our hearts. 515 W. 24th St. 212-206-9300

moma’s pS1 — laurel nakadate Originally founded by Alanna Heiss as the Institute for Art and Urban Resources, MoMA PS1 was devoted to the goal of organizing artistic exhibitions in oft abandoned and underutilized spaces around the city. Today, MoMA PS1, located in Queens, has been functioning as a contemporary art exhibition space for nearly 40 years. Since opening in January of this year, Laurel Nakadate’s exhibit Only the Lonely, has been entertaining visitors with her distinctly modern, film- and image-centric exploration of the female form and the manipulative power of the camera. The exhibit includes several of Nakadate’s earliest works, videos in which she invites herself into the homes of anonymous men

keith haring / red, 1982-1984 / govach and ink on paper / 106 3/4 x 274 inches (271.1 x 696 cm) Copyright keith haring foundation / Courtesy gladstone gallery, new york



J U N E 2 0 11

ARTIFACTS to dance, pose, or even play dead. The exhibit also premieres her most recent photography series entitled 365 Days: A Catalogue of Tears. The series documents Nakadate’s year-long performance during which the artist photographed herself before, during, or after weeping each day. Unsettling, touching, exciting, provocative – Nakadate’s exhibit is a must this summer and the perfect excuse to pop into Queens for the day. 22-25 Jackson Ave. @ 46th Ave. 718-784-2084 /

The New Museum — Lynda Benglis Since it’s founding in 1977, the New Museum has been wowing visitors with its massive collection of ultra-modern, contemporary art. It currently stands as the only art museum in Manhattan dedicated solely to contemporary art, thus, it’s only appropriate that they should decide to feature renowned contemporary sculptor Lynda Benglis. Benglis’ style is drawn from the likes of Jackson Pollock and Helen Frankenthaler and heavily influenced by Minimalism and Color Field painting. The human body is most clearly an inspiration for many of the objects she creates. Many of her sculptures exude an almost palpable tie to the body and its potential poses and actions. The exhibition itself features works from across the entire range of her artistic career. Featured exhibits include some of her early wax paintings, her popular brightly colored latex pours, as well as some of her more recent experiences with plastics, glass, paper, and gold leaf. Most importantly, her tenacious pieces embody a sort of sculptural machismo

that plays into gender relations within mainstream society. If you’re specifically on the lookout for a contemporary art exhibit or just want something to most certainly get lost in, the Benglis exhibit at the New Museum is at your beck and call. 235 Bowery 212-219-1222 /

Public Art Fund — Rob Pruitt’s The Andy Monument Pride, summer, and life in New York City just isn’t complete without a stopover at everybody’s favorite gay Pop artist, Andy Warhol. Located just outside the building that once housed his famed “Factory”, Rob Pruitt’s statue stands in quiet observance (camera and all) of the hustling, bustling, technicolored, labeled and branded world we call home. Says Pruitt, “Every day a thousand more kids come to New York propelled by his legacy. And even if the decades pass and Warhol’s legacy becomes further distant, there is a direct link to him…there should be a destination in New York to mark that journey.” Pruitt’s vision is that his statue will be a sort of pilgrimage destination, a touchstone if you will, for New York’s artistic community which he so clearly adores. Get lost in the chrome emblazoned glow of his erection or find yourself some inspiration at the feet of one of the twentieth century’s most iconic and creative minds.

…And If You’re Abroad: Ross Watson Producing intriguing works, many directly inspired by previous works by Michelangelo Caravaggio, Ross Watson, Aussie artiste extraordinaire, presents us with his series of “Untitled” works at Sydney’s famed Mardi Gras celebration this year. The exhibition is timed to match the release of his new book Untitled # ROSS WATSON, featuring a number of his recent paintings as well as photography. Watson’s skill is undeniable. Taking a decidedly classical approach to the styling of his paintings, Ross pulls some of Caravaggio’s works forward and updates them with a hearty breath of fresh, techsavvy, sexually-charged, homocentric air. His work has been described as “… the ultimate depiction of the secular society of the 21st century…” and as “… encapsulat[ing] realism and desire to make it seem as if anything is sexually possible.” We know most of you (even the seasoned globe-trotters) didn’t make it to Sydney’s Mardi Gras this year. Still, that’s no excuse not to kick back with a Foster’s and pop over to his website for a few clicks. Ross Watson Gallery 465 Nicholson Street, Carlton North, 3054 Melbourne, Australia / Ph. +61 3 9348 2821 or by appointment

Pedestrian Mall, Union Square @ 17th and Broadway

Figure: 84 high x 26 inches wide / Base: 40 1/2 x 50 x 50 inches / Chromed, fiberglass reinforced polyester resin, concrete base / Photo: James Ewing , courtesy of Public Art Fund

Linda Benglis at The New Museum

photo by Benoit Paillet

Rob Pruitt’s The Andy Monument

Ross Watson in Melbourne Australia





s ze ace Pri t-R sh Pos ays ide a C ing w Pr YC it -A Exc Give er of N al





30th Annual Pride Run June 25, 2011 - 9 AM 5 Mile Race Through Central Park *ING New York City Marathon Qualifier* WWW.VIENNA.INFO

Front Runners New York NYC Pride Guide Ad. Size 1/4 page: 3.625” x 5”


How to Get to PrideFest Sunday, June 26th, 11 AM - 5 PM PrideFest is located on Hudson Street between Bethune and West 13th streets: By subway: Take the 1, 2, 3, A, C, E to 14th St. or the L to 8th Ave. By bus: Take the M14 to 9th Ave. The M7, 11, and 20 all stop near 14th St. By PATH train: Take the PATH to 14th St. and walk west. How to Get to the March Sunday, June 26th, Steps off at noon BY SUBWAY The Formation Area: Depending on your assembly point, you may be closest on the west side to the Times Square or 34th St. stops on the 1, 2, 3, N, R, Q or the 7 (at Times Square) trains or, on the east side, to the Grand Central stop on the 4, 5, 6, 7 or Shuttle trains or the 33rd St. stop on the 6 train. To points along the viewing route: Take the 1 or 2 train to Christopher St. OR take the A, C, E, B, D, F or M trains to the West 4th St. station and walk west to Christopher St. or north to 8th St. The 1 train stops at 18th, 23rd and 28th St. and the 1, 2 and 3 trains stop at the 14th, 34th or 42nd St. stops; from there walk to 5th Ave. OR take the R train to 8th, 14th, 18th, 23rd, 28th, 34th St or Times Square stations and walk east to 5th Ave. OR take the 6 train to Grand Central, 33rd, 28th, 23rd, 14th or Astor Place or the 4 or 5 trains to Grand Central or 14th St. and walk west to 5th Ave. BY BUS Major disruptions and detours on bus routes will be caused by the March itself. However, any up or downtown bus that is operating on the avenues will stop at streets that are convenient to the march via a short walk toward 5th Ave., 8th St. or Christopher St. Crosstown buses travel on 42nd, 34th, 23rd and 14th St. BY LONG ISLAND RAILROAD, AMTRAK OR NJ TRANSIT Into Penn Station, you will arrive within walking distance of the Formation Area, or you can connect from there by subway or bus to any of the stops above. BY METRO NORTH INTO GRAND CENTRAL STATION You will arrive within walking distance of the Formation Area, or you can connect to the 4, 5 or 6 trains there or via the 7 or Shuttle from Grand Central to Times Square where you can transfer to the other subway or bus routes outlined above. BY PATH TRAIN FROM NEW JERSEY Take the 33rd St.-bound PATH train. You can easily walk to good viewing from any of the Manhattan stops. 84

Things to Keep an Eye Out For THE REVIEWING STAND, at the intersection of Christopher St. and Greenwich Ave., is the place where the organizations participating in the March strut their stuff. We ask participants to limit their performance to approximately 30 seconds – there are many other groups right behind you, waiting for their moment before the judges. THE VIEWING BLEACHERS on the east side of 5th Ave. at 24th St. (Madison Square Park). One set is reserved for the physically disabled and seniors. Another will be reserved for organizations and businesses that are Pride Event sponsors. Our volunteers will assist with seating. We ask that you treat those volunteers as you’d like to be treated yourself. THE MOMENTS OF SILENCE ARE AT 1 PM & 3PM and last one minute. Wherever you are, be it the Formation Area or on Christopher St., ALL sound equipment, musical instruments, voices — whatever is capable of making a sound — MUST BE SILENCED. We ask that everyone, including spectators, respect these very important, and for many, highly emotional moments in the March. THE DIVAS (Drag Initiative to Vanquish AIDS) are proving their protest in skirts and will be at the Reviewing Stand on Greenwich Ave. Members of DIVA participate in making our world a safer place by distributing condoms, safer sex packets, and other helpful information. THE DISPERSAL AREA What the volunteers at Heritage of Pride call Dispersal and what most folks call “the end” of the March is at the corner of Christopher and Greenwich St. We ask that everyone respect our March Volunteers especially at Dispersal as they are working to keep you safe. Don’t Rain on our Parade! Please be considerate. There are sets of portable toilets at the following locations: • On the corners of blocks in the Formation Area from 41st to 36th St. and 5th Ave. (there is at least one disabled accessible unit on each block) Near Madison Square Park: • There are pay toilets on the east side of Madison Square Park at 23rd St. • Just after Dispersal near Greenwich and Christopher St. How to Get to Rapture and the Pier Dance PIER 54 IS LOCATED ON WEST SIDE HIGHWAY Important: The entrance to get your wrist band for entry will be at the corner of 10th Ave. and 14th Street. You must pick up your wrist band there prior to entry. The entrance intersects in theory with West 13th St., but to get to the Hudson River side of the highway you must cross at the crosswalk at West 14th St. By subway: Take the A, C or E or 1, 2 or 3 train to the 14th St. station. Head west on 14th St. until you reach the highway. From Brooklyn or the east side of Manhattan, take the L train all the way to 8th Ave. at 14th St.. Walk west from there. Take the PATH train to 14th St. and walk west. For NYC Transit information, call 718-330-1234 or visit



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Photos by Nisperos, Christopher Gagliardi and Andrew Werner

How to Get to the Rally Saturday, June 18th, 3 PM - 6 PM The Rally is hosted again at its new home in Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield. Enter the park at East 69th St. or West 72nd St. You’ll find Rumsey Playfield between 69th and 72nd St. right off the Mall. By subway: Take the B, C to 72nd St or the 6 to 68th Street. By bus: M1, 2, 3, 4 or M72 By PATH train: Take the PATH to 34th St and transfer to the B on the MTA.

Drink Specials • Piano Cruise & Dance Bars Monday - Friday 4pm to 4am Saturday & Sunday from 2pm - 4am


80 Grove Street • Sheridan Square New York City NY 10014 • (212) 924-3558




Heritage of Pride wishes to thank our sponsors for making Pride 2011 a success!





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lAvender lIne 2o11 Every year, Heritage of Pride offers members of the LGBT community the opportunity to dedicate a block’s worth of the Lavender Line to a person or persons whom they would like to honor. Here are this year’s dedications and honorees.

fifth avenue between 41st & 40th to Franklin - always there at step-off. XO JT — JT

fifth avenue between 12th & 11th Little Kevvie - I Love You! – OXON – Steven — Stephen Littell

fifth avenue between 24th & 23rd Dedicated to the memory of members of the Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps Band that we’ve loved and lost. — The Lesbian & Gay Big Apple Corps Band

fifth avenue between 10th & 9th In loving memory of Horst Buehl, Vincent P. Fragola, and William Marena. We miss you more than ever. — Joseph Lupo and Michael LoPilato

fifth avenue between 23rd & 22nd In Memory of Millie Baxter - As always, you are in our thoughts and will never leave our hearts. — Bea Baldassarri

fifth avenue between 9th & 8th To Mary Ann - I love you. — Janice

fifth avenue between 22nd & 21st Happy Pride, Dennis. I love you! George — George DeBolt fifth avenue between 19th & 18th To the great guys who came into my life all these years, I love you as you complete me and I hope I returned the favor. — Paul L. Saulnier fifth avenue between 18th & 17th Jeffrey Sacks, Dr. Enrique Calvo, Allison Needham and Mom: The brilliant guiding stars in my Night Sky. Missing you. — Julian W. Sanchez fifth ave between 16th & 15th In honor of The Church of St. Francis Xavier — Dava Weinstein

eighth Street between 5th ave & Washington Square West and christopher Street between Greenwich & Washington St. Come celebrate Gay Pride 2011! Best wishes to everyone. — Mark McGovern, M.D. and Humberto Ponce christopher Street between 7th ave & Bleecker Dedicated to Lois Hiers, Merill & David The Noose NYC & All My dear friends who have passed on. To Gable & Frank. — Lenny Waller christopher Street between 7th ave & Bleecker Lenny Waller, you are dearly missed. Pride will not be the same without you. We release a balloon in your honor. — Franklin Fry and Alberto Ramos christopher Street between Bleecker & hudson and christopher Street between hudson & Greenwich — Steve Damiano

fifth avenue between 15th & 14th In memory of Dr. Malcolm Berg. Our love lives on. —Rob Sinacore fifth avenue between 14th & 13th Here’s to the next generation from Julia and Randi. — Julia R. Cohen fifth avenue between 13th & 12th With tremendous pride in, and respect for, Brandon Lee M — Brian Gorman




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Lenny Waller This year we remember an individual whom many consider to be more of an institution than a man. Lenny Waller started serving the LGBT community in 1968 when he began work in the city’s S&M clubs. Lenny was well known in the community for operating a number of clubs in the city including: The Vault, Cell Block 28, The Manhole, and, most notably, the Hellfire Club. Lenny played a pivotal role during the government’s sex club crackdown of the 1980’s by speaking out against laws seen as being anti-gay. Late in his life, Lenny was a strong and vocal critic of issues that ranged from the city’s crackdown on public smoking to the Bloomberg administration’s role in the hypergentrification of New York City. For decades, Lenny served as an advocate for the LGBT and HIV communities. One of the most notable community programs he administered was the annual AIDS Candlelight Vigil that takes place in Greenwich Village. Beneath his gruff, manly exterior was a soft, warm interior, made of love of self, unwavering devotion to community, and belief in a freer existence. A longtime champion of the people, Lenny will be greatly missed by his family, his friends, and the LGBT community. Godspeed big guy!




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is a proud sponsor of NYC PRIDE 2011 The

Queer Issue 2010

Jersey Guidos! Lesbian bed death! straiGht bears!

Vinny, Ronnie, and Mike from MTV’s Jersey Shore

And on the serious side: AIDS suicide and remembering the first Pride March

_MG 6143 June 24–30, 2009 I vol. lIv no. 26 I AmerIcA’s lArgest Weekly neWspAper I free

Visit us at

_MG 6144

L eslie L ohman

Gay Art Foundation

A Lesbian Paradise in Bethlehem, New Hampshire

The perfect place to tie the knot legally. 1 877 LES-B-INN w

world outrigger competition The Liberty World Outrigger Competition is one of the largest sporting events in New York Harbor and one of the most prestigious outrigger canoe races in the world. The race begins at The Cove in Brooklyn Bridge Park.!/NYOliberty

Please join us for our annual Pride Mass and social Saturday, June 25, 7:30 PM HoMiliSt: JaMie ManSon, M.div. ™

st. john’s in the Village church 218 weSt 11tH Street at waverly Place greenwicH village

We meet every Sunday of the year (except Pride Sunday) for Liturgy and a Social at 7:30 pm at St. John’s.

www . dignityny . org


HAPPY PRIDE 2011 NEW YORK! PETER MITCHELL PRUDENTIAL CONNECTICUT REALTY 305 FLANDERS ROAD EAST LYME, CONNECTICUT 06333 Experience Element New York Times Square West. Energize in an eco-friendly space with complimentary breakfast and Internet. Plus rooms featuring full kitchens and the Heavenly Bed.® Check out to book your special Pride rate today.





(212) 206-1589

Lesbian Therapists Referral Network

GMHC takes PRIDE in its new home

446 West 33 Street (between 9th & 10th Avenues)

Experienced Psychotherapists Offering Individual, Couple, Group and Family Therapy In the New York Metropolitan Area

Lesbian Therapists for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community

You can learn more about GMHC services and ways you can help: (212) 367-1000 or GMHC gmhc_online

Also visit

The GMHC Center for HIV Prevention 224 West 29 Street (between 7th & 8th Aves.)


since June is Pride month we’ve compiled a day by day to do list for this very hectic month. do you have what it takes to complete all thirty days?


If the sun is shining grab a bucket of beers with some friends and head to the Frying Pan.


Sunday Funday with friends! Head to Intermezzo for unlimited mimosas and then do some shopping down 8th Ave.



Write a letter to your House Representative voicing support for same-sex unions.






Wink at that hottie across from you on the subway.

Show the love: Volunteer for a LGBT non-profit.

Attend the last NYC Pride general membership meeting before Pride begins! The meeting begins at 8 at the LGBT Center.

Get your girlfriends Go commando. together and put on your own version of TLC hit “No Scrubs.”








Legendary event Broadway Bares is tonight. What legendary Broadway star will show up? AY

Munch on some Borrow a friend’s dog The Mayor’s Annual delectable treats at the and see how much “tail” LGBT BBQ is today. Did Center’s Annual Garden you can get. you get an invite? Party on Pier 54.




Submit your own video to the It Gets Better Project.


Re-enact a kiss scene from your favorite Disney movie with a friend or a stranger.


Create a flash mob in Union Square to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way.


Today is the DAY! Check out The Trevor Jam packed with the Project’s gala event at Pride March at noon, Capitale tonight. PrideFest, and the Dance on the Pier!






Happy Pride Month! Hug Wear something Change your Facebook Priscilla Queen of the every LGBT person you lavender to show status to “I’m LGBT” for Desert on Broadway is know today. support for LGBT youth. the whole day. outrageous! Check out a matinee performance.

Dress up like a Stage a RuPaul for lumberjack and see what President Rally in the sort of looks you’ll get. West Village.

Put on your best pair of Check out Broadway Daisy Dukes and go play hit play, Larry Kramer’s in Central Park. “The Normal Heart.”


“Glee” is coming to the IZOD center in NJ. Grab some friends and go GLEEK out!


Pride weekend has arrived. Bring on the house parties and out of towners!


Chelsea Lately’s Ross Mathews is hosting the Rally and a performance by NewNowNext award winner Oh Land at Central Park’s Rumsey Field.


> Ladies, take your girl(s) to Rapture on the River & shake your stuff > Run for a better tomorrow: the Frontrunners’ Annual Lesbian & Gay Pride Run.

photos by nisperos, christopher Gagliardi and andrew Werner



Have a ticklefight with a member of the same sex on the subway.

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