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Mission Electric NYCLHVCC has created Mission Electric as a partnership among non-profits and the Mayor’s Offices of Boston, Philadelphia, and New York City to educate and engage the public around electric vehicles. These three cities are partnering so that residents can take steps towards cleaning their air with less harmful emission pollutants to breathe. Mission Electric is setting out to give you the opportunity to learn more about electric vehicles, and participate in decisions about how they will be deployed in your city. Check out the website for past and future missions and to participate in cleaning the air in your community. Mission Electric empowers you to pave the way for electric vehicles, and for a future of clean and efficient transportation in our cities.

Duane Reade and Mission Electric have partnered up to allow New Yorkers to vote on which Duane Reade stores in the city receive electric vehicles. After 35 days and more than 300 votes Park Slope and Howard Beach received enough votes to get their local Duane Reade electric trucks! *Private company partners actively promote clean and efficient transportation

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support, but do not fund, Mission Electric initiatives. Mission Electric is funded through a grant from the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities program.

NYCLHVCC Newsletter Stakeholder Spotlight. City of White Plains: Mayor Thomas Roach How has the community reacted towards the greening of the city's fleet? We are getting a great response from people about the natural gas sanitation vehicles. And we are being viewed as a model in our region for really taking a pro-active approach in greening the city’s fleet. The cost is always an issue for us, as it is for all consumers. So we are working with NYPA to see if they can help cover the incremental cost of electric or other alternative fueled vehicles. Our goal is to bring three electric passenger vehicles into the fleet by year’s end.

Do you think the efforts in White Plains will affect the surrounding municipalities? Absolutely. Because White Plains is the county seat and geographically located in the center of Westchester County and only 30 miles from New York City, a lot of what we do has the potential to impact the million residents of Westchester County and also New York City’s 8 million residents. In addition, White Plains is interested in drawing people closer and closer to the inner core with progressive zoning, mixed use development, mixed-income neighborhoods and a variety of mobility options linking the city to its neighbors. White Plains is already well positioned to move to this next phase, as 50% of our diverse population lives within a half mile of the downtown center of Main Street and Mamaroneck Avenue. Each weekday the population of the City of White Plains expands from 57,000 residents to approximately 250,000 people with the influx of office workers and shoppers coming into the City and its vibrant downtown business district from all areas of Westchester, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland Counties, New York City, and southern Connecticut.

What benefits do you believe Zip Car will bring to White Plains? Zipcar is a vehicle sharing service that offers an affordable option for those who can’t afford to purchase a personal vehicle or choose not to own a vehicle, but need one from time to time. It is also a way to reduce traffic congestion and emissions, which is good for the environment. This program works particularly well in a downtown area because residents can walk to the vehicle locations and pick up the car for an hour, a few hours or an entire day. For those who live in the more suburban part of White Plains you can now ride your bicycle on our bike lanes to get to one of the garage locations downtown and sign out a vehicle.

What was the reasoning behind adding EV charging stations? In July 2011, I attended President Clinton’s Global Initiative and made a commitment to action that addressed critical issues that are common barriers to implementation of EVs on a large scale and that leverages White Plains’ assets that make it a prime model for full scale EV implementation. The commitment includes: 1. Leverage the City’s location in the midst of an affluent, highly populated region with large numbers of drivers that pass through the City each day. White Plains is located within a 30 mile radius of 8+ million people 2. Work with stakeholders in and around the City of White Plains including NYPA, Con Ed, Metro North Commuter Railroad/MTA, The Electric Drive Trade Association, as well as major data and real estate management, automobile manufacturing and other companies to create public/private partnerships to accelerate acceptance of electric vehicles across a highly populated region. 3. These partnerships will work to: attract and/or supply the financial and technological resources needed to install charging facilities in both municipal and private parking facilities. Some of the stations will be equipped with solar PV to offset charging related energy demand. In the third phase, the partnerships will create a program for installing home charging stations and furnish a diverse fleet of electric vehicles for sale or multi-year leasing and provide vehicle maintenance programs. From there, The City of White Plains was awarded five electric vehicle charging stations through a US Department of Energy program called ChargePoint America. The five charging stations with dual ports were installed at the White Plains Metro North Station and can service ten vehicles. The City of White Plains has begun a permit program for those parking spaces to encourage White Plains’ residents to purchase electric vehicles. White Plains residents are given priority in being awarded these permits which are also in a prime location to the entrance of the train station.

Fall 2012

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EV Events in White Plains Revenge of the Electric Car: A Movie On April 18, 2012, Cinema De Lux in White Plains along with the Federated Conservationists of Westchester hosted a viewing of the film Revenge of the Electric Car. This documentary is a thrilling film about the global resurgence of electric cars. Director Chris Paine was in attendance to answer questions and to discuss the film with the audience.

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EV Showcase On April 21, 2012, the City of White Plains hosted an EV Showcase which gave consumers an opportunity to experience EV technology during the cities’ Earth Week festivities.The Coda, BMW Active E and Mercedes Benz Fuel Cell. dasHaus Traveling Pavillion During July 10th – 19th 2012 White Plains hosted dasHaus, a traveling pavilion that showcases cutting edge architectural and technical concepts for maximizing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy in construction. The BMW Active E was showcased at the July 12th Grand Opening

Fall 2012

NYCLHVCC Newsletter

NYCLHVCC Food Truck Program Have you ever tried a bacon flavored soft serve cone from the guys at Big Gay Ice Cream Truck? What about the best falafel in town from Moshe’s Falafel Truck? The food coming out of trucks in NYC is endless…and so good! In NYC, there are thousands of food trucks that operate all hours of the day and night. These food trucks are becoming more and more popular in NYC as well as other areas. Generally, these food trucks are older vehicles and therefore may be operating old diesel generators or engines, making them perfect candidates for biodiesel use. This summer New York City Lower Hudson Valley Clean Communities set out to the streets to research the popular trend of food trucks in New York City. The goal of the project was to establish an idea of what type of fuels these trucks are running on and to see if there is a possibility for them to convert to biodiesel. To find out this information, NYCLHVCC created a survey to understand food truck operations, duty cycle, current engines being operated, and fuels being used. Fifty trucks have particiapated in the survey showing interesting trends in how they operate. Surveying will continue throughout the summer to create a comprehensive review of the fuel types that are being used and what areas they can approve on. Stay tuned for the results!

NYCLHVCC Green Fleet Program Empire Green Fleets is a new program developed by NYCLHVCC that sets the standard for what it means to have a "green" fleet operating in the New York City and Lower Hudson Valley Region. Empire Green Fleets is a certification program that rewards fleets who are taking steps to reduce their CO2 and related criteria pollutant emissions. We work in partnership with fleet managers to compile a fleet's vehicle use information. We then utilize various tools to convert this data into a set of fleet emissions in the following five areas: CO2, PM 2.5, NOx, CO, HC. We compare the actual emissions to a set of expected emissions developed based on the fleet's profile and industry averages. Fleets whose actual emissions are lower than their expected emissions are then awarded points. High scoring fleets earn "Green Apples". Empire Green Fleets is a one-to-one partnership between fleet managers and NYCLHVCC staff. We work with you to identify where your fleet is thriving and where improvements can be made. We pay special attention to potential fuel cost and vehicle maintenance savings that come with switching to alt fuels and vehicles. Participating in Empire Green Fleets also means that your business or organization will receive customized attention when new funding opportunities are announced. High performing fleets will receive public recognition. For more information contact Michael at:

Meet the NYCLHVCC Staff! Christina Ficicchia- Executive Director, New Mom, Gluten Free Eating, Scuba Diver Hometown: Rochester, NY Favorite alt. transportation: NYC MTA's CNG Express Bus Quote: "If I was an alt. fuel vehicle I would be a PHEV with a diesel engine operating B99, which I don't think exists yet, but I have confidence in our vehicle manufacturers. I would be owned as carshare, of course!" Say “Ciao” at:

Julie Migliacci- Director of Development & Communications, Bad TV Watcher, Mom to Chloe Hometown: Paris, France Favorite alt. transportation: The Segway! Best thing about working at NYCLHVCC: Speaking to residents of New York City and the Lower Hudson Valley and seeing first hand how our hard work is helping clean up their air. Quote: "If I was an alt. fuel vehicle I would be the all electric Vespa!" Say “Bonjour” at:

Kevin Kraft- Intern, Yankee Fan, Spicy Tuna Roll Lover Hometown: Hainesport, NJ Favorite alt. transportation: Subway Best thing about working at NYCLHVCC: Learning about the different types of alternative fuels and how we can fit them into our society Quote: "If I was an alt. fuel vehicle I would be a_BMW ActiveE.” Say “Hey” at:

Michael Reed- Intern, World Traveler, PeaceCorp Alum Hometown: San Diego, California - Go chargers! Favorite alt transportation: Unicycle Best thing about working at NYCLHVCC: Getting to learn about the complex and fascinating world of alternative fuels and advanced vehicles Quote: “If I was an alt. fuel vehicle, I would be the Mazda Kaan.” Say “Hola” at:

Fall 2012

NYCLHVCC Newsletter Upcoming Events

GoGreen Conference: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 Where: The TimesCenter 242 West 41st Street, New York, NY 10036 st

National Plug-In Day: Sunday, September 23, 2012 Where: Times Square on Broadway between 41 & 42 the Pedestrian Plaza from 11:30 AM – 3 PM For more info:


Street on

Westmore Fuel New Biodiesel Terminal Grand Opening: October 10, 2012 AT 11 AM Where: Westmore Fuel, 2 Purdy Avenue, Port Chester NY To RSVP Click Here: Bard College Green Vehicle Expo & Bard CEP Conversations: Saturday, October 13, 2012 AT 12:30 – 3:30 PM, CEP Conversations from 4:00 – 5:00 PM Where: Bard College, Red Hook, NY To RSVP Click Here: Odyssey Day: Thursday, October 18, 2012 Where: Brooklyn Bridge Park, 11:30 – 2 PM Alternative Fuel & Vehicle Conference: Friday, October 19,2012 AT 8 AM – 3 PM Where: Lehman College, Lovinger Theater City University of NY, Bronx NY

New York City & Lower Hudson Valley Clean Communities c/o Office of Alt. Fuel Vehicles th Sponsorship and Tabling Opportunities are Available for all NYCLHVCC 55 WaterEvents! Street, 9 Floor Contact Julie Migliacci at or 212-839-4382 for additional information New York, NY 10014

w| p| 212-839-7228


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