Northwest Yachting June 2017

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THE TRIP Professional delivery captain Chris Couch tells the story of one of his Puget Sound deliveries. Jump inside the mind of a pro to see how it’s done right.

How a nearly century-old concept might transform sailing

By Chris Couch


I park my car at Kenmore Air’s South Lake Union terminal, and my friend (who we will call Teresa) and I walk with our overnight bags to Chandlers Cove. It is 0700 hours on a Wednesday morning. I got a call the previous Saturday from a client asking if I could reposition his 62’ Tollycraft from Lake Union to Roche Harbor. I told him


I would be happy to as soon as I found some suitable weather. #1: The Weather Window I immediately went to the National Weather Service Seattle website to look ahead ( The National Weather Service forecasts out five days. The inland waters of the Pacific North-