Northwest Yachting October 2019

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The Dynamic Duo: Aaron Wenholz and Nico Jensen.

LONGSHIP LONGSHOT Longship Marine consignment and supply store re-opened at a new location in Poulsbo, Washington. One of the last of its kind, the dream of a boating couple has grown into a pillar of our maritime community. Words and Photos: Norris Comer

There is no denying magic exists in marine consignment stores. Often this power is felt as a surprise within an unassuming old building as at home on a small town’s sea salty waterfront as a barnacle on the tide. You open an ancient, creaking door to an old bell’s trill and behold the magnificent piles of treasure chest loot a century in the making.



A porthole, its origin a mystery and brass luster seasoned, sits before you with a $70 sales tag. The rack of used anchors catches your eye. Sure, more than one has a bent fluke, but one looks just fine with a price that gives you a singular kind of thrill; the rush of a bargain only your eye could’ve possibly identified. You become the ace trophy hunter on safari; a perfectly serviceable tiller for $20,

a Chapman’s Guide to Piloting and Seamanship only two editions behind the times, and two old but clean five-gallon jerry jugs for $10 apiece that you realize you just need for the dinghy. This, my friends, is paradise. These momand-pop establishments are the beloved independent neighborhood bookstores of the sea; the diner down Main Street that defines