Northwest Yachting August 2020

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At age 17, most kids are searching for their date for Senior Prom or navigating the oftentimes awkward shift from youth into adulthood. Not renowned naval architect Howard Apollonio. By age 17, he had already built three boats. This was the start of a lifelong passion to design superior boats, and he believes he has done just that in Apollonian Hull 5201. This brand new 52’ motor yacht will make her debut at the Crow’s Nest Yachts’ dock on Seattle’s south Lake Union. Howard Apollonio grew up on the coast of Maine, known for its maritime history and 3,478 miles of dramatic coastline. A 1969 graduate of the University of Michigan, he pursued a degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering and has been a Licensed Professional Engineer since 1974. His career in boatbuilding spans over 50 years and includes propulsion, designing advanced commercial and military craft, and running his own firm to design and engineering performance-oriented craft of all sorts. His yachts have been built in the US, Canada, Holland, Taiwan, and China by Christensen, Westport, Diaship/Heesen, Hampton/Regency, Cheoy Lee, West Bay/ SonShip, Queenship/Caribe, McKinna, Heisley, Rayburn, and Canoe Cove among others. Noticing a current lack of affordable pilothouse boats, the Apollonian team went to work to create Apollonian Hull 5201, a 52’ raised pilothouse with three staterooms, three heads, and a huge 16.8’ beam. With the same superior design qualities that set Apollonian’s boats apart from the rest, Hull 5201 is fast and efficient, user-friendly,


and features a sizeable galley and spacious layout often only found in much larger boats. “We have desperately needed a boat like this,” says Vic Parcells, broker of Crow’s Nest Yachts in Seattle. “Hull #1 has arrived in Seattle with a buyer already lined up,” Parcells adds. “Hull #2 and Hull #3 are now in production, and also have dealers from California and Florida lined up.” The deck and hull have been created using special vacuum-bagged and infused fiberglass with vinyl ester resin construction to minimize the deck and hull weight by 35% while maintaining strength. This process produces laminate that is especially tough and resistant to damage, with a solid feel in rough water. Interior construction is equally robust, light, and quiet, having been cored throughout. Sea rails are at the edges of virtually all horizontal surfaces to help keep objects from falling off and can double as hand grips to help people balance as the boat rolls and pitches in rougher seas. Her exterior is proportionate and modern, with wide decks and cockpit that are spacious enough to give passengers room to stretch their legs. Then there’s her cruising speed. She will arrive with a 430 hp Cummins, offering a cruise rate in the low 17-18-knots range. Stay tuned as a punchier 660 hp Cummins option is coming for higher mid-20s cruising speeds! If stability is what you’re after, the Apollonian Hull 5201 exceeds the U.S. Coast Guard’s stability requirement for licensed passenger vessels in Exposed Waters (ocean) service. That’s a lot of stability for you, your friends, family and fur babies on