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Vol. 40 | Issue 5 | December, 2009

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Windows & Skylights

• Three BSIA retail stores win national awards • BSIA salutes Olympic sponsor member companies

Building Supply Industry Association of BC

Windows & Skylights: How the Energy Efficiency Act is changing the Industry – Pages 24-26


Volume 40 • Issue 5 • December, 2009 Cover photo courtesy of VELUX Canada Inc.


Thomas Foreman President


Contents BSIA salutes Olympic Sponsors

Marijoël Chamberlain Member Services Coordinator Jackie Trafton Office Administrator Unit #2, 19299 - 94th Avenue Surrey, BC V4N 4E6, Canada Phone: 604-513-2205 Toll Free: 888-711-5656 Fax: 604-513-2206 Email: Website:

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Publishing & Printing: Chairperson Message. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 BSIA Committee Reports. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10, 11, 12 Accent Walls Add Extra Drama To Homes . . . . . . . 12 New Wave Print & Publishing Inc. PO Box 150 Harrison Hot Springs, BC V0M 1K0, Canada Phone: 604-491-6250 Email: Website: Paul Barrell Publisher


Tips To Speed Up Checkouts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Ottawa News. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 Turning Back The Pages Of Time - 2000. . . . . 44, 45 Index To Advertisers. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 Presidents Message: Last Word. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46

MEMBER NEWS Cook St Castle Building Centre is Newsmaker Of The Year. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6


Sara D e s i Elias gn|Balanced Geoff Fraser Phone: 888-792-2624 Email: Website:


Jessica Owen Joanne Severn Summer Dhillon The BSIANEWS MAGAZINE (ISSN14831279) is published 5 times per year. The BSIA News Magazine is distributed to all BSIA members. The association is made up of retailers, related suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers. The membership is made up primarily of companies located in British Columbia; however our magazine is distributed to other Provinces where, Corporate, Regional and Divisional Head Offices or Plants are located. It is the official publication of the Building Supply Industry Association of British Columbia.

CanWel & TimberTech Announce Distribution Deal. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Global Vision Marketing Set To Launch In January. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 IRLY Distributors Announcements. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 New Product Spotlight. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 Two Retail Members Win At ORA Awards. . . . . . . . 33

SALES & MARKETING Who Is Your Target Market?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 29

HEALTH & SAFETY Achoo! Is It Bacteria Or A Virus. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

FEATURE ARTICLE Peek Inside The World Of Windows & Skylights. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24, 25, 26

MEMBER PROFILES ADP. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 BW Creative Wood Industries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 McGregor Hardware Distribution. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 Canex Building Supplies Ltd. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 39

BSIA Recognizes Olympic Sponsors. . . . . . . . . . . . 37


Hockey Is A Hit With TIM-BR MART Dealers. . . . . . 43

Victoria Golf 2009. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18,19

BSIA Retailers Win National Awards Pages 6 & 33

The views expressed in this publication should not necessarily be interpreted as the official policy of the Building Supply Industry Association, nor does the publication of product information of any advertisement imply recommendation by the BSIA of BC.

BSIA News Magazine

December 2009


Ray Cyr BSIA Chairperson

Managing Your Marketing


he fact that marketing your business is an important part of your overall business plan is no secret. But mention advertising to some people and an overwhelming sense of uncertainty can result. The fact is, advertising is only one part of an effective marketing plan. There are many different avenues through which you can educate consumers about your particular products and services. As a result, it’s very important to investigate as many of these avenues available to you as possible, especially in light of the current state of our economy. Making every dollar count can actually help you discover new ways to deliver your message. A lot can be said for ‘word of mouth’ advertising. The question is, how do you generate interest and enthusiasm on the part of those who would offer it on your behalf? Community Involvement is one of the best ways to garner a loyal following of people who appreciate who you are and ultimately what you can do for them. Become an active contributor to your local area interest groups and you’ll begin to see the benefits that being better known within your community can bring. Amateur sports are a great avenue for involvement in your local community and provides a relatively affordable means of marketing through team sponsorships. Often, sports coverage in the media (print, radio,etc.) enables free name mention of sponsors for sporting events. League play provides repeat name recognition through team uniforms, venue signage and special event activities. Charitable Contributions are another great way to develop your company’s image within the community while helping others. Free publicity results from involvement in worthwhile Fund-Raising Drives and Charitable Donation Campaigns, like the United Way, the MS Society, Big Brothers and Sisters, to name a few. Consumers recognize companies that support worthwhile charities and tend to patronize them more due to their goodwill contributions.


BSIA News Magazine

December 2009

Print Advertising is the most common form of advertising for all levels of business, though the landscape of the publishing industry is changing rapidly due to advances in Information Technology and the Internet specifically. Directory advertising is leading more and more toward on-line search engines. Even newspapers are developing their Websites to reflect the content of their daily, weekly and periodical publications. However, local print advertising is still a highly effective and relatively affordable means by which to address your particular target audience. Newspapers offer display advertising for ‘price and item’ ads and periodic directory and special event ad spreads that appeal to many for different reasons. Broadcast Media is an obvious avenue for advertising goods and services, though it is one of the most expensive. Radio and TV advertising is highly effective, though only if used consistently and for longer periods of time (ad-campaigns). Of course, this further increases the costs associated and is best left to larger enterprises as a ‘Branding’ vehicle. Identifying Your Customer is ultimately the most crucial part of developing your marketing strategy. There is a wealth of information available due to market research and all demographic audiences are determined by age, gender, status and social class. Once you identify who your customer is, you can then determine how to reach them with your various messages. Sharing the Wealth of information about those avenues for marketing and advertising that have served us best is one way our members can support one another. In building an effective and affordable marketing plan and sharing what works best for us we can strengthen our industry as a whole.

Ray Cyr BSIA Chairman

Anick Rousseau Rénomax Lac-Saint-Jean QC (4 locations)

“Despite the economy, the only things red are our shirts.” “Home is the banner that enables independent dealers to grow and prosper by making their own choices. The great variety of products that Home offers was certainly a deciding factor in our choice. Our customers are equally pleased. In just a few months, in spite of a difficult economy, our sales have increased. The team at Home gives us access to the tools we need to improve our business, and we wear our red shirts proudly.” Anick Rousseau

To find out how you can benefit by joining Home, visit – or talk to one of us. Dunc Wilson, National, 519.498.1302 Georgette Carriere, Ontario, 519.501.5988 Luc Martin, Quebec, 819.357.0203 Andrew Parkhill, Western Canada, 604.751.3853 Kevin MacDonald, Atlantic Canada, 902.368.1620

BSIA Board of Directors CHAIRPERSON

Brad Dixon IRLY Distributors Ltd. 7846 - 128th St. Surrey, BC V3T 4X7 Ph: 604-596-1551

Carole Hamanishi Wilway Lumber Sales Inc. 28728 Fraser Hwy. Abbotsford, BC V4X 1K8 Ph: 604-856-5144

John Horsnell Woodstop Building Supplies Ltd. 1335 Draycott Rd. North Vancouver, BC V7J 1W1 Ph: 604-986-5281

Ken Humphrey Country Lumber Ltd. 22538 Fraser Hwy. Langley, BC V2Z 2T8 Ph: 604-533-4447

Jocelyn Longmore ICI Paints (Canada) Inc. 4088 Dollarton Hwy. North Vancouver, BC V7G 1A2 Ph: 778-838-4786

Rick Mielke RONA Home Centre #148 348 Duncan Ave. West Penticton, BC V2A 7N1 Ph: 250-492-7660

Brad McCluskie Coast Distributors (Nanaimo) Ltd. 6855 Mart Rd. Lantzville, BC V0R 2H0 Ph: 250-390-3187

Sam Menzies Menzies Metal Products 19370 - 60th Ave. Surrey, BC V3S 3M2 Ph: 604-530-0712

Jamey Paterson Paterson Products Ltd. 4414 - 217th St. Langley, BC V3A 9C7 Ph: 604-530-4513

Brian Tancock Parkland Building Supplies 1998 Ltd. Box 159, 1125 Hwy 97A Eagle Pass Way Sicamous, BC V0E 2V0 Ph: 250-836-2574 and Parkland Building Supplies - Salmon Arm 1371B - 10th Ave. S.W. Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4M2 Ph: 250-832-2518

Ray Cyr Cobble Hill RONA/ Duncan Pacific Builders Supplies Ltd. 6476 Norcross Rd. Duncan, BC V9L 5T3 Ph: 250-746-4456

2009 Newsmaker of the Year

PRESIDENT Thomas Foreman Building Supply Industry Association of BC #2 - 19299 - 94th Ave Surrey, BC V4N 4E6 Ph: 604-513-2205

Member News

Cook St. Castle Building Centre awarded 2009 Newsmaker of the Year


n a year when big boxes have lost market share and other large-format stores are losing ground, the Independent Dealers in Canada have successfully maintained their share of the retail home improvement market — and remained connected with their local customers. That’s why the Independent Dealer in Canada was selected as the 2009 Newsmaker of the Year. Each year, Hardlines, the information

service for the retail home improvement industry, presents its Newsmaker Award to a company based on its performance that has made a significant impact on the industry. Many major retailers have garnered the Hardlines Newsmaker Award over the years. But this year, it wasn’t one company but a particular segment of the industry that has consistently made a newsworthy impact. Five Dealers, representing different regions of the country and varying retail banners, were invited to Toronto recently to accept the Award on behalf of every Independent. Cook St. Castle Building Centre in Victoria was chosen as the BC recipient of the award.

Vicki Hagel, Cook St. Castle Building Centre, 2nd from right 6

BSIA News Magazine

December 2009

As Castle members for 16 years, and well-established in the downtown

Victoria community, Vicki Hagel and her husband Frank decided to go with Castle’s own store design and imaging program. “We were looking to stay somewhat unique to ourselves, and there are no other stores branded Castle in town,” says Hagel. “Castle has a really good program for store renovations, so we went with that. The store looks great and the customers are very happy with it,” she adds. They celebrated their grand reopening back in June and have never looked back.












AGNETIC SOCKET | # 14 MAGNETIC SOCKET | 11⁄2” X 2” X 3’ UNIMESH CLOSURE | 1/8” X 3/8” BUTYL TAPE | 1/8” X 1/2” MA




14 X 1 – 1/4” | CLIP SCREW 1/4 – 14 X 2 | ENDLAP SCREW 1/4 – 14 X 1 – 1/8” | GOOF SCREW 17 X 1 | 3/8” X 3/4” X 13’ A








R NO. 14 SCREWS | 5/32” X 7/32” BUTYL TAPE (40FT. PER ROLLS) | 1/8” X 1/2” BUTYL TAPE (30FT. PER ROLL) | 1/8” X 3/






WESTMAN STEEL is one of Western Canada’s largest manufacturers of premium steel products. For more ANDARD FLAT SHEETS | RESIDENTIAL FLASHINGS | COMMERCIAL STANDARD 10FT. FLASHING | ROLL VENT | LOW PROFILE RID than three decades, we’ve pursued innovative steel solutions – from roof tops, to walls, doors, and most products in between. Our ground-breaking solutions and paint applications make significantly better

NT | UNIVERSAL MASTERbuildings FLASH– |true RETROFIT FLASH | DEKTITE FLASHING SYSTEMS | RETROFIT DEKTITE | DECRA STO StatementsMASTER in Steel – for agricultural, commercial, and residential applications.





BSIA News Magazine 2009 1/4” WOOD GRIP FASTENERS | 14 X 1 1/2” WOOD GRIP FASTENERS | 14 X 1 1/2” SELF GRIP FASTENERSDecember | 14 X 2” WOOD7GR

Affinity Member Profile

ADP Comes On Board To Offer You Outsourced Payroll New Exclusive offer for BSIA members!

Imagine – a simple, economical service that can save time and money, protect your business from payroll tax penalties and improve your productivity while staying focused on what matters most to you – your employees and your customers. ADP and BSIA have put together an exclusive offer for outsourcing your payroll. You can have access to services, tools, and resources that will give you a competitive edge without burdening your budget. What Can Outsourcing Do for You? Quite simply, outsourcing with ADP offers the peace of mind that lets you focus on growing your business, not just running it. It’s the freedom to concentrate your time and energy on strategic initiatives that drive your business forward. No matter what size your business, you can be rest assured your clients will be paid on time and accurately—every time. ADP manages the time-consuming tasks of payroll processing and employee payroll tax filing. You mitigate your compliance risk by being up to date with the most recent payroll legislation. As an ADP client you will experience the difference our reliable, expert service can make through our dedication to providing unparalleled products and customer support. 8

BSIA News Magazine

December 2009

Why not also consider reducing your labour costs? What if you could cut payroll preparation time by up to 95%? Your company can benefit from the accuracy and savings of automated time and attendance processes, absence management and vacation tracking. ADP facilitates your time collection and data management on your behalf. Access a powerful time tracking system that significantly reduces manual errors and virtually eliminates time theft from understated breaks, overstated hours and buddy-punching.

the areas that boost your bottom line. Paying one in four Canadians in the private sector and serving more than 50,000 clients across Canada, we have the experience you can trust. Too Big or Too Small? We work with companies that have from 1 to thousands of employees and have flexible solutions designed to fit your specific needs and budget so your company, no matter the size, can take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing. Through our new partnership we are proud to present an exclusive offer that includes significant savings on your ongoing processing fees.*

Who is ADP? ADP is the leading provider of Employer Services in Canada, providing a comprehensive range of payroll, human resources manage- Members of BSIA will receive 20% off of all services and free set up for payment, benefits administration, time & labour management and comprehen- roll services.* sive outsourcing services. Operating in I know outsourcing makes sense, Canada since 1979 we have more than but how do I get started? 1,800 associates dedicated to providing a level of personalized attention and To find out more about this exclusive offer call 1-866-787-8269 and mention expertise that no in-house software package or systems vendor can match. the BSIA offer, or visit With ADP Canada as a partner, companies gain the freedom to focus more of *Terms and Conditions apply. Offer availtheir human and financial resources on able to new clients only.

Expertise and Reliability you can

Count On Imagine – simple, economical services that can save you time and improve your productivity. Payroll Management 

ADP provides solutions to process payroll in two ways: Telephone Payroll – relay payroll data by phone or fax for input and processing pay@work - send payroll data via a secure ADP web-based application

ezLaborManager can help automate time collection and eliminate errors and time theft by: 

Employees are paid by direct deposit or cheque

Employers have access to comprehensive management reports

Taxes and deductions to government(s) and third parties are automatically remitted 

Human Resources Choose our basic Essential Performance Pack or the more robust Premier Performance Pack: 

All employee information is automated, in a secure environment. This can include data on payroll, benefits, training, attendance, performance reviews, personal histories, skill sets and more

Both solutions are flexible and can grow with clients’ needs

Time and Attendance Management

 

Managing employees’ needs is made easier by consolidating employee information

Automating employee hour tracking for payroll or billing purposes via a web-based ADP hosted solution Eliminating time consuming processes and costly errors Providing flexibility and control of data Supporting company defined rules and pay policies, and highlighting exceptions for management approval Pairing with ADP payroll solutions for an efficient and cost-effective combination that will take clients from punch to paycheque

We are committed to providing unrivaled expertise and reliable customer support so, no matter which solution you choose, you can be confident that your employees will be paid accurately and on time, every time.

Please call 1.866.787.8269 and mention the BSIA offer, or visit to learn more.


BSIA and the BSIA logo are registered trademarks of the Building Supply Industry Association. ADP is a registered trademark of ADP Inc.

BSIA News Magazine

December 2009


Committee Reports


As the year comes to a close, the various BSIA committees take a look back on the 2009 programs and look ahead to what is in store for BSIA members in 2010. Bursary Program Committee Here is a summary of 2009’s BSIA Bursary Timeline : • Posters & applications went out in the middle of April 2009. • Reminder letters sent end of May 2009 • Bursary updates were sent via Web site, e-news & magazine • Scoring took place from end of June to mid August 2009 • Winner’s announcement letters went out September 16th • Bursary Cheques sent - October 16th  As you may now know, the Bursary’s are complete for this year and the recipients have been chosen based on the scoring. This year the BSIA office received a total of 38 applicants (22 less than last year) and have chosen 10 applicant to be awarded Bursaries for 2009. I would like to comment that every candidate sent in an excellent application summary to consider and made the overall scoring a real challenge. The committee members were very impressed with many of the applications. This year the committee consisted of 3 members, with 1 from outside of our industry. I would like to formally thank my bursary committee for taking the time to go through all of the applications. It took a great deal of time to read through and score every applicant. The committee members worked very hard to give fair evaluations of each and every bursary application that was submitted.

We are pleased that we at the BSIA have again helped people from our industry on the path to success by assisting them financially with their career goals. Recommendations from the Judging team: The Judges were very impressed at the quality and calibre of the people who applied for the BSIA Bursaries however they all agreed that there were very few that expressed “a clear need.” Many of the applicants did not directly explain to us “why they needed the funding” and as this is a very important part of the scoring many fell short on their marks. The committee recommends that in future we continue to deliver a clear message regarding need. Moving forward we would like to see the Bursary applications increase in 2010! My thanks goes out to the Board members, Diane, Jackie, Thomas and our office staff for a great job informing the members about the Bursary program this year! Let’s keep the momentum going! On behalf of myself and the committee members, congratulations to all the 2009 BSIA Bursary Winners. Brad Dixon, IRLY Distributors Ltd Committee Chair, BSIA Bursary Program Committee Members: Edward Martens, Allstream Communications Canada Brad Olsen, IRLY Distributors Ltd. Shaun Russell, IRLY Distributors Ltd

Awards Committee The Building Supply Industry Association of B.C. presents the ORION Awards to BSIA retail store members and supplier salespeople and companies that provide exceptional customer service. The awards are presented to retailers in the following categories: • Retail store less than 10,000 square feet • Retail store between 10,000 and 20,000 square feet • Retail store greater than 20,000 square feet Retail stores are graded by an outside “Mystery Shopping“ service using a template designed by the awards committee members and BSIA staff. These results are then used to determine the front runners in each of the retail categories. In the event of a tie, further steps will be taken by the awards committee and BSIA staff to help make a decision. The awards are presented to suppliers in the following categories: • Most appreciated supplier company • BSIA Outside Supplier Salesperson • BSIA Inside Supplier Salesperson


BSIA News Magazine

December 2009

The ORION supplier awards are decided by asking all retail stores in the province to submit a ballot. In addition the BSIA periodically presents the Industry Merit Award. The Industry Merit Award is presented to an individual who exemplifies high standards, innovative leadership and outstanding contribution to the Building Supply Industry over a number of years. The mystery shopping process is currently being reviewed to ensure a uniform equitable return, and should launch in January of 2010. Results expected by the end of February for review by the committee. Additional information will be gathered if need be and winners will be announced at the Westcoast Building and Hardware Show Gala on May 6th. John Horsnell, Woodstop Building Supplies, Committee Chair, BSIA Awards Committee Committee Members: Jocelyn Longmore, AkzoNobel Morris Hutchins, Strome Sales Ltd Lon Miller, North Shore Door Ltd Lee Dickens, IRLY Distributors Ltd

Communications/Media Committee On the Communications and Media front of the BSIA, you may have noticed a change in our BSIA News Magazine format and will continue to see a difference moving into 2010. With a new publisher on board, new ideas and layout are taking shape. Each issue will have a feature article on a certain area of our industry designed at educating our members to changes, challenges and trends taking place in that part of the industry. We will have a TRADE SHOW issue in 2010 which will feature a “New Product Showcase.” Be sure to send us info on new products you have coming up. We have also integrated all of our media and communication products (website, e-news, directory and magazine) into a 9 page ‘Media Planner’ to make it easier and quicker to identify information. Our monthly e-news has gained momentum this year and provides up to date information, highlighted and linked to our website with ease. We are working towards creating a more easily navigable

website which will allow all users, including the public to find products and services offered by our members. In order for all our members to take advantage of the benefits this will offer make sure to send in all pertinent information to the BSIA. We are excited about the possibilities these changes will make for you, our members. You can now see the BSIA on Facebook (BSIA of BC) and Twitter (BSIAofBC). Become a ‘fan’, and make your voice heard on the discussion board. Carole Hamanishi, Wilway Lumber Sales Inc., Committee Chair BSIA Communications/Media Committee Committee Members: Michael Gibson, Shell Busey Housesmart Referral Network Paul Barrell, New Wave Print & Publishing Inc Thomas Foreman, BSIA

Show Committee The show committee has been very busy getting organized for the 2010 BSIA Westcoast Building & Hardware Show, May 6 & 7 in Penticton, BC. The response to date has been over whelming with over 50% of the booths now sold out! We have started an aggressive mailing campaign to vendors, which has proven to be very successful. Our committee will shift their focus from vendor participation to retail participation as of January 1st 2010. Thanks to the four new members who now sit on our committee. We look forward to working with you and having your input into the show. For further information please contact any one of the show committee members.

Brad McCluskie, Coast Distributors Ltd Committee Chair, BSIA Show Committee Committee Members: Brad Dixon, IRLY Distributors Ltd Carl Tozer, Lance Bisset Ltd Chris Galer, Port Coquitlam Building Supplies Ltd Colin McIntosh, Country Lumber Ltd Kevin Deane, Southridge Building Supplies Ltd Richard Porter, Windsor Plywood Val Wright, Wajax Industries Russ Shaw, RONA Nanaimo Shannon Cupskey, IRLY Distributors Ltd Marijoël Chamberlain, BSIA Thomas Foreman, BSIA

Educational Committee The BSIA Educational Committee has been working on getting the best benefit for our members from the BC and Canadian government’s 15 million dollar education grant available for the upgrading of basic educational skills. Government approved educators are currently available to all who wish to participate and have staff assessments conducted. The program is designed for employees who need general skill development to grow and become great contributors in their respective fields of work. Members that wish to participate are encouraged to do so quickly as space is limited. It is important that members wanting to take advantage of this opportunity do so right away, as this money is available on a first come first serve basis. In order to qualify for the funding, your company must match the following criteria: • Employees must be interviewed and determined what additional education is required • The company must be active and have less than 50 employees

The amount of funding available for each company is $1,500.00/employee or a maximum of $5,000.00. We encourage our members to evaluate their staff and if you feel you could use this generous funding to build your business, please contact Thomas Foreman at the BSIA (604-513-2205) for additional information to get your company evaluated. This is a tremendous opportunity that you should act upon right away while funding is available. Sam Menzies, Menzies Metal Products Committee Chair, BSIA Educational Committee Committee Members: Susan Robinson, IRLY Distributors Ltd Thomas Foreman, BSIA

continued on next page BSIA News Magazine

December 2009


Accent Wall adds Extra Drama to Home

Committee Reports cont’d Social Committee

By Marijoël Chamberlain

The BSIA hosted numerous social events in 2009 which were enjoyed and well received by many members. Most events were very well attended, but a few events did fall short of our goals. As we are all aware, 2009 witnessed a lot of cut backs on spending within our industry. The BSIA, like you, have also had to look at what we should and shouldn’t be doing for 2010. We are planning on having both Vancouver Island Tournaments again next year, Naniamo on May 20th and Victoria on September 15th. The Lower Mainland Tournament however will be changing as we plan on holding two separate tournaments, the first on June 9th at Redwoods in Langley and then Swan-E-Set on September 29th. The Kootenay Tournament will be held August 17th in Rossland and the Ladies Tournament tentatively scheduled for June 17th. We plan on adding mini trade shows at some of the events with the idea of ‘special buys’ and product knowledge being discussed. The golfing casualties in 2010 will be Prince George and Okanagan Golf which will not take place. The ever popular Night at the Races will take place April 9th with our co-hosts The Canadian Homebuilders Association. The Sun Run is on May 9th, so start training now and join the BSIA’s ‘Splinters’ team. Slo-Pitch is one of our growing events and will take place August 7th and 8th, and we would love to see a few more teams participate in 2010. Let us know if you are interested, it’s a great weekend! Our Member Appreciation Breakfast is scheduled for June 23rd, with skate with Santa wrapping up the year on December 12th (to be confirmed in the New Year). Thank you so much for participating in this years events. It is no fun without you, and we look forward to seeing you in 2010! Jamey Paterson, Paterson Products Committee Chair, Social Committee Committee Members: Norm Williams, Guardian Building Products Marijoël Chamberlain, BSIA


BSIA News Magazine

December 2009


nterior design is a complicated category to describe simply. It encompasses personal style, trends, budget, space and many other unforeseen factors. By looking at a space through the eye of a camera lens it allows you to spot holes in your design plan. Whether it is a vacant wall that needs a mirror or piece of art or an easy DIY project using paint or wallpaper, working with the existing furniture. Making these subtle changes can add those missing touches and transform any room. When looking at budget friendly dramatic changes there are a few quick and simple changes that can be made. Picking a strong rich colour for an accent wall that accentuates an existing room colour then adding small details throughout the room that play well off the colour can add that extra touch of drama that really helps tie the look together. Another alternative to paint would be wall paper. With new patterns and modern prints, wall paper is a great way to spice up any space and add impact with little output. Wall papers have vastly improved over the last few years adding young modern prints in a rainbow of colours, prints and textures. If wall paper scares you, adding decals to the wall can be an interesting and fun way to change your space – easily adhered to most surfaces and easily removable when you are ready for a change. A few easy to follow tips for choosing your accent wall 1. Traditionally it is the first wall you see when entering a room – this however, can be modified

for a great room layout as well as for smaller spaces. 2. A properly selected accent wall can help define individual spaces in a larger open plan living area 3. Picking a natural focus wall is always a sure bet – behind the headboard, entertainment unit, or bookcase/reading area. 4. In many cases the accent walls are strong vibrant colours that if painted alone in a room may be too dark or strong but when paired with lighter neutrals really pop. An alternative to neutrals is selecting the same colour as the accent wall only in a tone a few shades lighter. 5. When using wallpaper as your accent wall pick colours or tones that flatter the wallpaper for the remaining walls and remember if the wallpaper is dark you can always brighten the room by picking a complimentary lighter colour. Once your accent wall is painted and you are happy with the colour it is time to pick out a few little touches that will tie it in with your existing furniture and décor. This is as simple as picking out accent pillows for the couch that highlight your new colour select or a throw for the couch. These little finishing touches really are what makes a room feel complete. Always remember no matter what the trend is at the time, this is your space and choose colours you enjoy not just what is in style right now.

Wolmanized Residential Outdoor Wood ÂŽ


Copper azole preservative s Ideal for decks, freshwater docks, fences and walkways s Natural appearance of real wood s Decades of protection against fungal decay


BSIA News Magazine

December 2009


Health & Safety



Look out, not all sneezes are alike.

It all comes down to the bug factor: is it bacteria or a virus?


e’ve all been there… the runny nose… the runny eyes… coworkers running away when you sneeze—you’ve caught something. But just what have you caught? This is where the mind games begin— after days of sneezing and not sleeping—you start agonizing about how to get better and whether you should go to the doctor or not. To help you make this decision, you must get up close and personal with… “bugs” (the microorganism type that is—not the six-legged type crawling across your basement floor).

Should I stay or should I go? The answer lies in your grade 9 Biology textbook… When you are sick and have “caught a bug”, what type of microorganism it is makes all the difference in terms of treatment—and for the future, in terms of prevention. Remember grade 9 science class? The microscope, the amoeba, the nucleus—just in case it’s not all coming back to you—here’s a refresher. Microorganisms are tiny entities that can only be accurately seen by using a microscope, and two common types are bacteria and viruses: • Bacteria: although they are incredibly tiny, they are true cells and living entities and they can reproduce on their own. After invading another organism (like humans) referred to as the “host”, they start multiplying and causing illness.

Examples of bacterial infections include strep throat and bacterial pneumonia. • Viruses: are not considered true cells or living entities. They cannot reproduce on their own and to multiply, must invade the cells of another organism and “hijack” some of the machinery in the host’s cells. Examples of viruses include the common cold, influenza, measles and HIV. Knowledge is power. Understanding the difference between bacterial and viral infections can help guide our decision making regarding treatment—not to mention save time and money, both on an individual basis as well as for society, in terms of when it is most appropriate to access public healthcare services. To help you decide whether what you have caught is bacterial or viral and whether you should access the healthcare system, take a look at the Public Health Agency of Canada A to Z listing of infectious diseases for information like what the disease is, how it spreads, and typical symptoms: http://www.phac-aspc.

Combating these invisible invaders… What’s the best way? The human immune system is our natural disease-fighting machine. It recognizes invading bacteria and viruses and

produces chemicals, called antibodies, to kill them. In the medical world, this is called active immunity. You may also be able to help your immune system along: • If your illness is bacterial: bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics, so a visit to the doctor may be useful to help your immune system and speed up recovery. If the doctor prescribes an antibiotic, it is important to not stop taking the medication part way through (unless you are having a serious adverse reaction) without first discussing it with your doctor. Even if you feel better, use the entire prescription—this makes sure that the infection is completely destroyed. • If your illness is viral): you just have to wait it out until your immune system kicks in and in essence, kicks out the virus by killing it.

Modern medicine to the rescue In addition to active immunity where our natural immune system tackles the infection on its own after we have caught a bug, we can also practice passive immunity as a preventive measure. Passive immunity means immunization—a preventive way to try to avoid having to battle the infection in the first place. The immunization process requires that we inject vaccines into our bodies to prepare our immune systems to effectively ward off diseascontinued on page 32 BSIA News Magazine

December 2009


BW Creative Wood Industries Ltd.

Supplier Profile

By Jessica Owen

Recognized for Innovation

“BW Creative became the first railing manufacturer in North America to become environmentally certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)”


ver the past three decades, BW Creative Wood Industries Ltd has grown to become one of North America’s leading manufacturers of railing systems, components, and accessories. The organization’s thirty five year history of success is the result of a triple commitment: innovative products, sustainable practices, and leadership excellence.

a decade ago, BW Creative became the first railing manufacturer in North America to become environmentally certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). BW Creative is also certified for the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC/CSA) and uses wood that is harvested only from sustainable, well-managed forest lands to ensure long-term forest health.

Under the brand name RAILSIMPLE®, BW Creative offers an industry lead- “Wood is used not only for its warmth, beauty, and strength, but also because ing range of both interior and exterior it is the most environmentally logical railing systems. Created by design engineering the entire railing section, choice as the most renewable, re-useable, and recyclable resource availthe RAILSIMPLE® system is precision trimmed, drilled, tested, and pack- able today,” says Rob Mitchell, president of BW Creative Wood Industries. aged in a single box. The end result simplifies the process of buying and “It is our responsibility to make wood a key part of our product lines.” installing for the customer. BW Creative is also committed to its BW Creative uses wood species that people and the community. Perforare native to British Columbia: clear mance, leadership, and innovation hemlock, western red cedar, and lodge pole pine are used for their warmth, are celebrated and rewarded through workability, and structural strength. a quarterly profit sharing program. Combined with modern elements “Our strength comes from our people,” such as glass or powder-coated alu- says Rob. ”We are committed to sharing the growth and success of our minum, RAILSIMPLE® offers the best business with each of our employees.” of both worlds. From contemporary to traditional, wood to metal, and comLeadership excellence also includes ponents to kits, BW Creative offers supporting communities through cordealers and customers an extensive porate and employee contributions, product offering combined with years volunteer hours, and community of experience. events. Recently, the organization was awarded the “Best Business Recycler Taking an industry leading position for environmental stewardship over Award” from the Ridge Meadows Recy-


BSIA News Magazine

December 2009

In 2006, RAILSIMPLE® introduced the Clearview Glass Railing System and won “Cool New Product of the Year” at the Pacific Coast Builder Conference. Two years later, the world’s first DIY Stair Railing Kit was introduced and won “Best New Product of the Year” with BuilderNews.

cling Society. In addition, BW Creative supports the following organizations: • Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation • BC Children Hospital • BC Cancer Society • Rick Hansen Foundation • Canadian Red Cross • Vancouver Boys & Girls Clubs • Big Brothers • Pacific Salmon Foundation • Meals on Wheels • Easter Seals 24 Hour Relay for the Kids • Room to Read continued on page 30


Less Sell



• • • • • • • • •

Complete Railing Section in a box Simplified inventory management Fewer SKU’s, better turns, higher GMROI’s Ultra Premium Quality Installs in minutes Profiled & Pre-drilled Rails | Powder-coated balusters | Quick mount rail hangers Self Merchandising Boxes | POS Signage | POS Displays 1-800 Tech Support line Independently test certified to National Building Codes 1-800-667-8247

BSIA Victoria Golf Tournament 2009 As the 2009 golf season drew to a close we saw a wonderful turn out for the last tournament played at Olympic View Golf Club in Victoria. Once the rain cleared, all our eager golfers from Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland started off the afternoon with a BBQ and shot gun tournament. With the help of Alison from Target Products who manned the putting contest in the pouring rain we helped raise over $460 for the BSIA bursary fund and an additional $230 from the sale of 50/50 tickets.

BSIA Events

The most

honest golfers were:

Derek Hurst, Dwight Miller, Steve Moir, and Nicole Watson

Low Score goes to Brett Matheson, Dallas Smith, Curtis Smith and Les Timothy

Thank you to the following companies that

sponsored holes: Akzo Nobel Building Products of Canada Corp. Coast Distributors (Nanaimo) Ltd. Green Shield Canada King Marketing Paterson Products Ltd.

Marsh Canada/Novex Insurance Ltd. Menzies Metal Products ADP Moulding & Millwork Wajax Industries 18

BSIA News Magazine

December 2009

The KP’s were won by Frank Bayuk and Bruce Prittie. Longest drive went to Brad Parno for the gentleman and Connie Dahl for the ladies. Closest to the pin was Rees Eyre and closest to the keg (and no it wasn’t the prize), Gord Webb. Closest to going swimming without getting wet, awarded to Barb Dawson.

BSIA News Magazine

December 2009


Member News

CanWel Building Materials and TimberTech® Announce a New Distribution Deal in Canada CanWel Building Materials is very excited to announce that we will be distributing TimberTech Decking and Railing Products. CanWel will be the exclusive National Distributor of TimberTech’s products across Canada. CanWel has already received its first shipment of inventory, with more on the way to support the market.

About TimberTech TimberTech is a leading manufacturer of alternative decking, railing and fencing products for residential and commercial applications. The company offers a wide range of durable, low-maintenance outdoor solutions in an unmatched selection of colors and styles. TimberTech shipped its first decking product in 1997 and now has an expansive offering of alternative decking, railing, and fencing products. For more information, visit

About CanWel CanWel is one of Canada’s leading national distributors in the building materials channel, operating 12 distribution centers across Canada. CanWel distributes a wide range of building materials, lumber and renovation products. For more information, visit

A Paint Program you can Smile about! Cloverdale Paint has developed a complete program to support the needs of independent paint and building suppliers. Our premium paints, stains and clear coats - including environmentally friendly formulations - supported by our full colour palette will satisfy the business needs of the most demanding markets. Our unique distribution support program allows for fast access to products so you and your customers don’t have to wait. Contact us today to understand all of the ways we can enhance your business.

Cloverdale Paint is a proud sponsor of Shell Busey’s “Home Discovery Show”


BSIA News Magazine

December 2009

Dealer Inquiries: Erin Cosens (604) 596-6261

Reliability is Everything From material to design, JELD-WENÂŽ is leading the way to a more energy-efficient, healthier and sustainable future. Our products help you conserve energy, save money on energy bills and provide you with some of the most environmentally beneficial features on the market. For the performance your project demands, choose the reliability of JELD-WEN Windows and Doors. Visit to find a dealer near you.

Š2009 JELD-WEN of Canada, Ltd. Reliability for real life is a trademark of JELD-WEN, inc., Oregon, USA. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Global Vision Marketing set for January launch January 1st, 2010 will see the launch of Global Vision Marketing Ltd, Western Canada’s newest manufacturer’s agency. The BSIA News Magazine sat down with Dina Harding, one of GVM’s partners, to learn the why’s, what’s and how’s of this new partnership. Dina Harding and Shawn Dooley Where did the idea to form Global Vision Marketing come from? My partner, Shawn Dooley, and I met a year ago to discuss sharing office space and possibly an inside support assistant. As we talked, we realized we shared a very similar passion and drive in what we do, along with a common strong work ethic. Shawn and I have both built agencies in different industries and starting GVM enables us to sell our companies under one new name, providing stronger coverage and shared knowledge. What are you backgrounds in relation to the building supply industry? Shawn has spent over 25 years in the electrical and industrial industry in the sales, marketing and management areas. I have worked in the hardware retail store industry for the past 16 years as a manager as well as being involved in merchandising, and product knowledge training. For the past 2 years, I have run my own agency, D.M.H. Marketing Ltd. What do you see as the key benefits to your customers and BSIA Member companies with the formation of GVM? Let me see, - better coverage, increased number of product lines and product knowledge. Shawn’s technical skills have also enabled us to launch a new website


BSIA News Magazine

December 2009

Why do you feel companies like GVM (manufacturer’s agents) are important to our industry?

How do your current suppliers feel about the merger of D.M.H.Marketing and Shawn Dooley?

Without local representation, companies are not always aware of all the products a supplier has to offer. Agencies like GVM fill that void along with offering the correct product knowledge and support required to sell their goods.

Our suppliers are very confident in our decision. We can now drive sales as a team rather than relying on one person to cover a territory. On the whole, we share a real synergy between our different personalities and our common goals.

What companies and products do GVM represent? We represent an exciting and diverse group of companies and offer some really unique products, some of which are internationally patented and recently launched, such as the Ripso Linkstrap (see ‘New Product Showcase’ on page 31) as well as our lifetime guaranteed unbreakable boot laces by Armorlace. Companies such as Fusion enable us to offer a real one stop shopping experience. You can buy their Fusion brand products such as solar garden lighting, tarps and brand names like Dewalt glasses and gloves and Holmes metal free CSA safety boots (see “New Product Showcase” on page 31). Fusion designs and imports their products under their own brand name and are the master Canadian distributor for other major branded products as well. It really is the best of both worlds. A complete listing of the companies we represent can be found on our website.

As a new business and with the challenging economy, how does GVM plan to market itself to the building supply industry? As well as the launch of our website, we are planning an advertising campaign utilizing various trade publications such as the BSIA News. A letter of introduction is also being sent to our existing customers and a presence at trade shows is also planned for 2010. We look forward to seeing you all at the Westcoast Building & Hardware Show in May!

Some of the companies that Global Vision Marketing represents are: The Designers Edge, Fusion Products, Ripso Canada Inc and Vista For more information, visit

Trained Service Technicians Energy Efficient Quality Products Extensive Training Programs Order Quotation System Dedicated Sales Team Owned & Operated Shipping Fleet Outstanding Dealer Support Program

There’s more to us than meets the eye We’re more than just a full range of award winning, energy efficient window and door products. We bring over 30 years of superior service, a consummate knowledge of the Canadian marketplace, and an outstanding dealer support program to the table. Discover what the nation’s largest Canadian-owned and operated window and door manufacturer has to offer.

All Canadian made for all Canadian weather All Weather Windows is a CSA Certified Manufacturer

Visit us at

V a n c o u ve r - K e l o w n a - E d m o n t o n - R e d D e e r - C a l g a r y - L e t h b r i d g e - S a s k a t o o n - R e g i n a - W i n n i p e g - To r o n t o - H a li f a x


Peek Inside the World of Windows

By Joanne Severn

Like many other parts of our homes and our lives, windows have gone high tech. From huge picture windows to small reflecting tubular skylights, built in blinds to mini foldout balconies, the range of innovative products continues to increase. Manufacturing windows has become a lot more complex than it used to be. It’s also a highly regulated industry, and the rules continue to change, particularly in regard to energy efficiency.

The Green Machine

Anyone who thinks that our governments aren’t serious about environmental sustainability needs to take a few hours (or more like a few weeks) to learn about the federal, provincial, and even municipal acts, regulations, and bylaws, not to mention programs, rebates and tax incentives, that our elected officials have enacted around energy efficiency. Canada was one of the first countries in the world to establish an energy use labelling system, which the federal government launched as the EnerGuide program more than 30 years ago. They passed the Energy Efficiency Act 16 years ago, in 1992. Canada also promotes and monitors the use of the Energy Star program, and both


BSIA News Magazine

December 2009

the federal and BC governments have offered incentives for use of these high efficiency products. For windows (including skylights) specifically, there are a host of standards and regulations around energy efficiency that all manufacturers have to meet.

It’s All About U

All windows sold in BC are subject to the BC Energy Efficiency Act. Energy Efficiency Standards Regulation. The regulation is based on U-value, which is a measure of heat transmissivity (taking into account conduction, convection, and radiative heat transfer). U-values are measured in watts per square metre per kelvin,

written as W/(m2 x K). A lower U-value means less heat is transferred through the window. The BC Regulations have been amended three times since June 2008. The most significant of these amendments required changes to the specifications for windows and skylights beginning in March 2009, and include several more changes that will become effective over the next two years. David Bruce, the Energy Efficiency Compliance Enhancement Coordinator for BC’s Ministry of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources, provided the graphic on page 26 summarizing the BC regulations. (Manufacturers who have any questions about the regulations can email David at david.bruce@ Recent past president of the Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) of BC, Al Jaugelis, says that in Canada and many other developed countries, the objective is to keep moving towards net zero – buildings that are so energy efficient that they use no energy at all or produce what little they do need without drawing any energy from utilities.

Don’t Try This At Home

While any handyman used to be able to put a window together from a wood frame, pane of glass and a bit of putty, to meet today’s standards you’ll need a dual pane unit with a “low emissivity” glass coating and argon gas sealed into the gap between the two panes. For the frame, while wood and metal are still used, the most energy efficient windows are made with vinyl or fibreglass frames. On the horizon are even higher tech window products including vacuum sealed units, and windows that are actually transparent solar cells that produce energy.

The Enforcers

Standards regarding energy efficiency in window products are set by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). (Fenestration is just a broader term for windows that includes all openings in a structure.)

and regulations, and for the testing and certification required. BSIA member manufacturers though, are also getting more efficient in their operations, which is good news for everyone. By fine tuning the manufacturing process to eliminate re-makes, turning waste wood into mulch, selling broken glass to recyclers, and using recycled content in frame materials and packaging, the industry is contributing to the greater environmental good, and helping to keep consumer prices down.

Consumers Play a Starring Role

One BSIA member pointed out that consumers are paying attention to these greener manufacturing practices, and that the environmental initiatives noted on the company’s website do generate sales. While consumers may not understand the technicalities of low E coatings and the Kelvin temperature scale, they do know about the ENERGY STAR rating system. Originally developed in the U.S., it is widely used in Canada and other countries to identify energy effi-

cient products including windows. Consumers know that in addition to saving on energy bills, a better rating means a lesser impact on the environment, and more people are including that consideration in their purchasing decision. The ENERGY STAR standards for windows have always been slightly higher (requiring greater efficiency) than the mandatory requirements, motivating industry go-getters to jump ahead of the rule makers to keep up with demand from consumers concerned about the environment.

A Window of Opportunity

Terry Adamson, the current president of the WDMA BC says the economic downturn has affected different sectors of the window market in opposite ways. New construction north and south of the border is down considerably, so manufacturers supplying spec builders are suffering. In the renovation sector though, it’s been a banner year for many BSIA members in the window and skylight business. Several factors are driving renovation sales. First, since many people are curtailing discretionary spending like vacation travel, they’re in their homes more often. Second, homeowners view the cost of renovations as an investment that will add to resale value. Third, the current federal Home Renovation Tax Credit program, the province’s sales tax exemption, and the looming implementation of harcontinued on next page

Regulations are set by various jurisdictions, including the Province of BC, and the City of Vancouver. Product samples from each manufacturer must be tested by an independent lab for compliance with the standards. In addition, the company and line of products must be certified, through regular audits and inspections, by an accredited agency to ensure that the products coming off the line match the specifications of the ones that were tested. Manufacturers bear the cost of adapting products to the newest standards BSIA News Magazine

December 2009


monized sales tax (HST), have encouraged consumers to complete renovations now. As one BSIA member manufacturer pointed out, featuring windows and skylights prominently in renovation plans makes a big impact and is less expensive than some other types of structural changes; and it’s the value-added products that are most in demand. Replacing older windows and draperies with a new window that has built-in shades can dramatically update a room. Homeowners can also make better use of the space they have by using skylights to bring natural light into dark corners, or creating an attic loft with a cleverly designed window that folds out into a mini-balcony. Women in particularly appreciate having natural light in bathrooms, and tubular skylights are great for that purpose. Promoting these newer products and giving homeowners ideas they might not have thought about, is where the opportunities are in the current market. While the end of tax credits and impending higher efficiency regulations are likely to create challenges for some in the industry, these factors also seem to be motivating others to develop exciting new products. It certainly seems that it will be the innovators who will continue to lead the way to a brighter future for all.

The BSIA News Magazine would like to thank the following companies and organisations for their assistance and input with this article: • David Bruce, BC Ministry of Energy, Mines & Petroleum Resources • Terry Adamson, President, Window & Door Manufacturers Assoc of BC • Al Jaugelis, Window & Door Manufacturers Assoc of BC • Allied Windows • All Weather Windows Ltd. • CWD Windows & Doors by Ply Gem • Gentek Building Products Ltd • JELD-WEN Windows & Doors • Milgard Manufacturing • VELUX Canada Inc.

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BSIA News Magazine

December 2009

Coming March 2010 The Next Generation Skylight

The No Leak Skylight • No Leak Promise • No Worries

Skylights & Sun Tunnels


WIndoWs & dooRs inspired by you

We Work

hand in hand WiTh you.

but not literally. That would be awkward.

At Ply Gem, we’ve built our business by building yours. And we are proud to introduce the ultimate in value and dependability with our new Pro Series windows. For over 50 years, we’ve provided you with the windows and doors your customers want, the options they demand and the solutions that help make your business a success. Combine our ezQuote ordering system, distribution and industry-leading service, and you have a partnership you can trust. Ply Gem. Building Products. Building Success.


Doo r s

So lutions

Sales & Marketing

Aim for your

TARGET MARKET With complete confidence and accuracy By C. McDaniel

Whether your business is in retail, travel, entertainment, hospitality, recreation, or any other industry, you need to know who your customer is…

… Who is your TARGET MARKET?


ith an economy that is always in a state of flux, most businesses can’t rely on the old-school method of depending solely on the quality of their respective product to remain profitable. Are you successfully focusing your efforts on that segment of consumers who should be purchasing your product or service? Whether your business is in retail, travel, entertainment, hospitality, recreation, or any other industry, you need to know WHO your customer is…Who is your TARGET MARKET? Many new and existing businesses have a grand vision about where they want to be financially as outlined in their strategic plans, yet may not be totally aware of how to find that pot of gold at the end of the consumer rainbow. Whatever your industry, utilizing a credible Mystery Shopping company can greatly increase the odds of identifying WHO your target market is. Simply assuming that ‘everyone’ will buy your product or service could lead to poor decision making, wrong pricing, inaccurate marketing strategies, or worse, business failure. By definition, a Target Market is that select group of consumers who will purchase the bulk of your products or services. The parameters of a target market include areas such as age, income, geographic locations, and lifestyle habits (sports, fashion, food, etc), as well as a host of other variables. Those businesses that have correctly

identified WHO their customers are know where to invest their dollars to capture the highest return on that investment. By establishing a strong relationship with a credible Mystery Shopping company, you will be better able to determine how to attract those CONSUMER DOLLARS and keep your customers coming back for more! Research has determined that consumers generally purchase for three reasons: • To satisfy basic needs • To solve problems • To make themselves feel good Are you a new business, an existing business that needs to readapt to the evolving market demand, or do you want to introduce a new product or service into your current market? Using a properly implemented mystery shopping program will enable you to determine WHO is buying your products, who WANTS to buy your products, and WHY they are buying your products. Having solid communication with your chosen Mystery Shopping company will allow you to analyze, create and choreograph a successful program that can then be tailored to fit your changing needs over the long term. The data that can be collected from a successful program will allow you to analyze those criteria that are keys to your business success. From there, you can then make sound decisions on where you are falling short; whether it

lies in pricing, service, location or any other factors that are integral to your product or service. Where are the areas that you could be falling short? Pricing? Customer service? Hours of operation? Product quality? Wrong demographic? Your Mystery Shopping program could be as simple as an online survey, or a full-blown program. The frequency of your mystery shopping schedule will also allow you to determine other less obvious variables including seasonal spending habits and time-sensitive needs. Depending on the nature of your business, it may take as little as two sessions of mystery shopping, or it could very well become a permanent element of your business strategy. Again, effective communication is key in determining the program type and frequency that will yield you the best results. Once you have the data, you can then determine where to spend your marketing dollars, enabling you to hit your target right on the BULLS EYE with complete accuracy. Spot Check Services Ltd. is dedicated to providing quality business tools to enhance your business’ customer service needs; thereby improving client relations and ultimately PROFITS!! Brent Poole—President 1-877-780-7467

BSIA News Magazine

December 2009


Member News

Three announcements from IRLY Distributors IRLY promotes Brad Dixon

IRLY Distributors Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of Brad Dixon as director of business development, purchasing and branding. Brad has 17 years experience with IRLY. As part of the restructuring, Brad will appoint an assistant to the hardware buyers and a building materials customer service rep. A director of supply chain will also be hired.

BW Creative Wood profile, continued from page 16 Committed to product excellence, environmental stewardship, and leadership development, BW Creative offers customers an impressive portfolio of award winning products. With innovation and continuous improvement at its core, BW Creative looks forward to continually evolving the RAILSIMPLE® product line that is best described as simply beautiful.

IRLY announces New Board of Directors

The IRLY Building Centres of BC and its distribution centre IRLY Distributors Ltd. are pleased to announce the appointment of their new Board of Directors: President – Susan Robinson (top row, left) Chairman – George Linger (top row, center) Vice-Chairman – Kyle Conway (bottom row, left) Secretary – Carole Hamanishi (top row, right) Directors: Steve Nixon (bottom middle) , Faizal Alimohamed (bottom right), Ernie Lawrence (not in the picture)

IRLY welcomes new account manager IRLY Distributors welcomes Shannon Cupskey as their newest Account Manager. Shannon brings with her extensive experience within our industry. She was most recently account manager of Ingersol Rand Security Technologies in the Schlage Lock Residential Sales Division. She started her career in hardware retail, became a manufacturer’s agent, worked with a manufacturer, then moved into the builder/renovator channel for the last six years. For more information, contact: Catherine Brownlow Advertising Manager IRLY Distributors Ltd.


BSIA News Magazine 604-596-1551

December 2009

RAILSIMPLE® Dealer Program BW Creative offers a comprehensive dealer program for RAILSIMPLE® dealers. In addition to an innovative product line and decades of experience, dealers are provided with comprehensive product knowledge training, in store set up with POS merchandising and marketing support, installer training and certification, and toll free dedicated customer service and technical support phone lines. For more information, visit

New Product Spotlight No More Bungee Cords!!! If you’ve ever been hit in the face or pinged in the finger by a bungee cord you’ll want to check out the new Link Strap. The patented arrow head design allows you to link and lock into itself or to other Link Straps for additional length when securing equipment on all types of vehicles, boats, trailers, bikes etc. Weight stamped to 50kg they are constructed from an incredibly tough thermoplastic rubber material that’s weather, oil and salt resistant. No metal ends means you won’t scratch your paint and above all they’re SAFE.

Tired Of Heavy And Cold Steel Toe Boots? There is a solution. The Holmes line of METAL FREE work boots by fusion products, are lightweight and flexible, waterproof and shock resistant. The boots are CSA approved, and being metal free, they are also Omega rated. With a composite toe and Welmax resin used for the sole, the boots are puncture proof. Competitively priced and available in BC, visit www. for more information.

Distributed by: RIPSO CANADA INC.

CSS CONNECTORS For Wood, Concrete and Steel Structures

Supplying: • Scaffolding Equipment • Structural and Miscellaneous Steel

Manufactured by

Canada Scaffold Supply Co. Ltd. • Custom Work, Etc. • Grand Stands, Bleachers

(The company manufactures, sells, rents and installs most of the above products)

Canada Scaffold Supply Co. Ltd.

Proud recipient of the “Consumers Choice Award for Business Excellence” for 1999-2006.

13611 Mitchell Road Richmond, BC V6V 1M7 Tel: (604) 324-7691 Fax: (604) 324-0862 Toll Free: 1-800-293-0133 1-800-333-1012

BSIA News Magazine

December 2009


Achoo!, continued from page 15 es. Each vaccine is developed by using a small portion of the dead bacteria or virus. When the vaccine is injected, there is just enough of the microorganism to stimulate our immune systems to produce antibodies to prevent the disease. Health Canada recommends vaccines as a safe and effective way to prevent a number of potentially serious diseases. “Health Canada regulates vaccines through a rigorous licensing process that includes an extensive pre-market review of information about a product’s safety and effectiveness, and post-market assessments, such as adverse reaction tracking. In addition, Health Canada monitors and analyzes the incidence of vaccine-preventable diseases, identifies risk factors, develops guidelines for the control of vaccine-preventable diseases, and works with the provinces and territories during emergency situations to help ensure that outbreaks of disease are contained.”¹ For a list of vaccine preventable diseases, visit the Public Health Agency of Canada website at http://www. ¹Health Canada website: php Source: Green Shield Canada, Inside Story, October 2009

Say Cheese! Visit the BSIA Photo Gallery for ALL Association event photos

Each location has CNC Computer Sheet Metal Brakes to provide custom flashings (colored, galvanized and copper) and fast turnaround service. Special requirement? - talk to us at Menzies.

Menzies Metal Products innovative answers since 1978

Phone us Toll Free: 1-800-665-8840 Catalogs available on request Head Office 19370 60th Avenue Surrey, BC V3S 3M2 Ph: 604-530-0712 Fax: 604-530-8482

Victoria Branch #5, 6-744 Fairview Rd. Victoria, BC V9A 5T9 Ph: 250-381-1020 Fax: 250-381-1188

Summerland Branch 9207 James Avenue Summerland, BC V0H 1Z2 Ph: 250-494-9797 Fax: 250-494-9737

Visit us online: or email:


BSIA News Magazine

December 2009

Member News

Two BSIA Member Stores Win at the ORA’s

Left to right: Chad Mielke (RONA); Robert Wilbrink (Burlington Merchandising & Fixtures). Hardware Merchandising magazine recently honoured the winners of its annual Outstanding Retailer Awards at a gala event in Toronto. Dealers, executives and vendors from across the country were on hand for the event, now in its 18th year. Founded in 1991, the Outstanding Retailer Awards were created to draw attention to excellence and innovation in the field of hardware/home improvement retailing. A panel of industry experts selected winners in six categories from entries submitted by dealers and buying groups from across Canada. Two BSIA member stores were the proud winners in their categories: RONA Home Centre Penticton, Penticton, BC (Outstanding Building Supply/Home Centre-Over 25,000 Sq. Ft. category) Sponsored by Burlington Merchandising & Fixtures. The Penticton store continues to go from strength to strength and has won an award of some kind in each of its four years in business including the RONA ‘Initia’ Award for initiative and entrepreneurship.

Left to right: Tony Anderson (CGC); Kent Wingerak, Rick Kurzac, Ryan Kurzac, Brad Eliason (Home Hardware). Kamloops Home Hardware Building Centre, Kamloops, BC (Outstanding ContractorSpecialist Dealer category) Sponsored by JELD-WEN. Designed and merchandised with contractors, renovators, builders and developers in mind, Kamloops Home Hardware Building Centre has been described as a contractor’s one-stop-shop. The 25,000 square foot store employs 102 full-time staff and 10 parttime staff. In-store displays include flooring, windows, numerous bathroom vignettes, full kitchens as well as a wall of fireplaces. The store also includes departments for paint, blinds and a Home Expressions decorating centre. “We are honoured to have been selected as winners of this prestigious award,” said Rick Kurzac, who has been Dealer-Owner of the store since 1996. “We take great pride in serving our customers - contractors and ‘do-ityourselfers’ alike - with quality products and advice. We have worked especially hard to go beyond satisfying our contractor client’s needs.” Congratulations to these stores!

“We are totally honoured to have been recognized with this national award” said Chad Mielke, “especially considering the competition of over 5500 other stores.” Chad credits RONA Penticton’s “amazing” staff for helping bring the spotlight upon the store. “We look great because of them” he added.

Photos courtesy of Stephen Ferrie, Art Director, Hardware Merchandising and Canadian Contractor Magazines.

BSIA News Magazine

December 2009


McGregor Hardware Distribution

Supplier Profile

By Jessica Owen


ince opening its doors in 1985, McGregor Hardware Distribution (MHD) has focused on building long-term relationships with customers. Twenty five years later, these relationships have helped MHD become one of the leading commercial security hardware wholesalers in the Pacific Northwest. Today, MHD carries a large selection of products for residential and commercial applications, including architectural hardware, steel doors and frames, washroom accessories, and high security key systems. “As a twostep distributor, and as part of the McGregor Group, we have the ability to provide customers with a greater selection of products,” says Mike Longhi, general manager of McGregor Hardware Distribution. “But more importantly, we are a key resource for customers. With our extensive product and industry knowledge, we help each customer select the right brands and product mix for their customers.” To build win-win relationships and become a resource for customers, MHD invests heavily in staff training. After a rigorous interview process, continuing education and career professional development goals are set. Staff continuously grow and develop product and industry knowledge through factory training programs, door and hardware institute courses, and certificate and diploma programs at institutes such as BCIT and Royal Roads University. The result is a highly skilled team of accredited hardware consultants, door specialists, certified locksmith personnel, and product experts dedicated to honesty, integrity, and service excellence. Based in Western Canada, MHD has dedicated sales representatives in British Columbia, Alberta, and Washington. Warehouses are located in Vancouver, Calgary, Seattle, Kelowna, Nanaimo, and Victoria to ensure speed to market throughout the Pacific Northwest. Representing brands such as Schlage, Assa, Baldwin, Weiser, Abloy, Sargent, LCN, Von Duprin, Falcon, Abus, and Daybar, McGregor Hardware Distribution is both the source of choice and expertise. “At the end of the day, we want to be easy to do business with,” says Mike. “For us, that means providing solutions and solving problems for our customers through a wide selection of products and unmatched industry knowledge.”


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December 2009

McGregor Hardware Distribution Welcomes Terry McMullen

The team at MHD welcomes Terry McMullen, an industry veteran with over 20 years experience in the door and hardware industry. “Having worked with Sauder, Premdor, and Taymor Industries, Terry brings key insight and knowledge to MHD,” says Mike. “His experience will be an important resource for both our team and our customers.”

B-Series Residential Deadbolt Introducing the B-Series Residential Deadbolt that provides more security, more style and is designed to install in a snap.

Enhanced Security • BHMA Grade 1 product performance • Increased latch/bolt size offers maximum kick-in resistance • Exclusive patented Schlage design • Anti-pick shield

Faster, Easier Installation • 3-piece assembly • Installs in half the time • SNAP & STAY™ feature for hands-free installation Sleek, Low Profile Design • Larger thumbturn is easier to grip • Contoured edges for added style

Newly designed interior thumbturn is larger and easier to grip.

McGregor Hardware Distribution 604-253-7785 / 1-800-663-5625

What Team Are You On? Top performers thrive in a supportive environment with core ethical values where everyone contributes to success and every employee is valued.

We are adding an Outside Lumber Sales position serving contractors and developers of multi-family residential housing in the Vancouver-Richmond area. We are proactive about positive team attitude, competence and co-operation (vs. competing). With minimal hierarchy, we encourage your need for flexibility to run your own show, demonstrating initiative and fresh marketing ideas in creating new opportunities. We are a long-established, stable and secure company with many loyal customers and long-serving employees. This could be the last career move you’ll want to make. If you are striving for or already earn a six figure income in lumber sales and want a supportive environment where people really do work together, call me, in complete confidence of course. Compensation and benefit details will be discussed at in-person interviews. Contact Vincent Willden, CPC. Phone 250 756-1109 (days, evenings,weekends ) or email with resume: Coast Personnel Services Ltd. Nanaimo.

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Tips to

Speed Up


As retailers you all know about Customer Service – making the customer happy with their purchasing experience so that they come back and are a repeat customer. As consumers, we all know the frustrating things that drive us nuts while shopping, and one of the biggest complaints, is waiting to check-out. I know it’s one of my personal pet peeves.


ere are some tips that will help you speed up check-outs and keep your customers happy!

Bar Code Scanners

I’m sure we’d all easily agree that scanning a bar-code at the check-out is faster than manually entering a SKU number using the keyboard. But too many times I see retailers using the cheaper scanners that require the item to be turned to a specific direction because the scanner only emits a single line scan. If you really want to increase throughput, you should consider using “omni-directional” scanners. These scanners allow you to check items much faster because it doesn’t matter how the bar code is positioned when scanned.

Debit/Credit Card Processing

Its still surprising to see how many retailers are still using a stand-alone, dial-up (over the phone line), Debit/ Credit Pin-Pad. With Debit/Credit Card processing that’s integrated with your Point-of-Sale software and a highspeed Internet connection, you can receive authorizations in as little as two seconds. If you’re Debit/Credit Card authorization process is slow, you may want to consider an upgrade.

Touch Screen or Hot Keys

For those of you on a current system that utilizes Windows, it is always an argument that using a Mouse at the Point-of-Sale will make things slower, especially at the check-out. But that’s why most POS software vendors that sell a Windows-based solution allow for alternatives to be used.

It is much faster to use the keyboard, so the best solution is to use a POS system that utilizes “Hot Keys”. This means you can use the keyboard (whether a standard keyboard or a specialized POS keyboard), instead of the mouse. This will speed up the time your cashier takes to complete transactions.

Receipt Printers

There is nothing more frustrating to the customer or your cashier, than struggling to replace a paper roll in an old receipt printer. Most of the new receipt printers on the market today are designed to be very simple, very quick load. If you are still using older receipt printers, invest in some new ones, and make everyone happy.

Reliable Equipment

I’ve been selling computer hardware for about 25-years now. If there is one thing I can tell you, it is this: If you buy the cheapest equipment, expect to get poor quality product. Yet, it still amazes me to see retailers choosing the cheapest keyboards, computers, scanners, printers and software they can find, and then turn to their clients and blame “darn computers” when the system breaks down in front of them. There are many good (as well as many poor) manufacturers of POS hardware and software on the market. You don’t have to buy the top-of-the-line to get a decent product with a decent warranty, but do your due diligence and investigate the products you are considering.

Touch screens allow you to move the Article by David Pestill, who has been in the IT computer mouse cursor by touching Industry for over 25-years. He is with CashierPRO, the monitor with your finger. Yet they who provides a Windows-based POS system are not perfect. I have watched count- for the Building Supply industry. Questions and less times, a cashier repeatedly tap- comments are welcomed. ping the same spot to get a “cursor” Email: or recognized on a touch screen. telephone 888.250.8135 x:706 36

BSIA News Magazine

December 2009

The countdown is on ... RONA and Acklands-Grainger step up to the podium with their Olympic sponsorship With only 60 days or so remaining until one of the largest events ever to hit our city, province and country, Olympic fever has truly gripped British Columbia. The torch has been lit, and the countdown is on ... The BSIA would like to take a moment to recognize two of our member companies who have partnered with VANOC for this momentous occasion.

As Canada’s largest distributor of industrial, safety and fastener products, Acklands-Grainger is proud to be an Official Supplier of Industrial Safety and Material Handling Supplies to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Rich in Canadian history with a business presence from coast to coast to coast, seizing the opportunity to partner with the Vancouver Organizing Committee of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) seemed a logical choice. For 120 years, Acklands-Grainger has played a key role in supporting the growth of Canadian business by providing them the supplies needed to keep their operations running efficiently and safely. As part of its sponsorship, Acklands-Grainger will provide safety supplies, such as safety vests, emergency blankets and traffic cones, together with welding equipment, industrial shelving and lockers, pallet jacks, platform trucks and hand trucks. This equipment will be used both in the preparation and support of venue and logistical operations during the 2010 Winter Games. With over 17,000 individual products available in this category, Acklands-Grainger has the largest selection of supplies in the nation. Ready when the organizers need them, availability of stock when it is needed will be important when executing in 2010.

RONA is committed to creating sustainability programs through its partnership with the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games around four pillars. Athlete support: The “Growing with our athletes” program supports 100 high performance Canadian athletes. Sustainability: The RONA Fabrication Shop, host to the development and delivery of a 30-week community-based training program providing carpentry skills training and supported job experience to individuals who have yet to successfully enter the workforce, oversees construction of 8,000 items, including wheelchair ramps and warming huts. Venue construction: RONA has provided building materials, such as FSC-certified wood and non-VOC paint, for several Olympic Winter Games venues including the Vancouver Olympic Centre. Employee involvement: 100 RONA employees selected from across the country will act as volunteers while still receiving a salary. Students of the first cohort at the RONA Fabrication Shop

BSIA News Magazine

December 2009




Style. Beauty. Efficiency. When renovating, remodeling or building your new dream home, we realize that you want style combined with energy efficiency and functionality. The NEW CarriageCraft Series offers an outstanding collection of garage doors integrating beauty with technical excellence, featuring an emphasis on quality that is consistent in every detail.

Vancouver 1.800.361.3667 Kelowna 1.800.880.0755

Retail Member Profile

Canex Building Supplies, Chilliwack

By Summer Dhillon by giving preference to wood products manufactured by certified mills.


ostered from competitive pricing and customer satisfaction, Canex Building Supplies has been providing service to its clients in Chilliwack and much of British Columbia for the past 26 years. The founding partners had a vision of providing contractors, farmers, and homeowners a competitive alternative with a ‘we deliver anywhere’ philosophy. Canex is recognized for its inherent responsibility as a community leader, environmental steward, and philanthropist.

Part of the Canex Building Supplies’ business model is its growth strategy. In light of the current economic situation, the partners feel that growth is going to come off the backs of their competitors in the Lower Mainland and the rest of the province. Canex has, and will continue to be, a fierce competitor throughout British Columbia and Alberta. It involves bringing expertise to out-of-town clients by assisting with their projects and pricing structure, but to the extent where local options are generously exceeded. with current space, a new location was needed to accommodate this new venture. With the closure of Yarrow Building Supplies and the sale of Amigo Building Supplies (the two local contract drywall suppliers to the Chilliwack market) to an out of town interest, the partners at Canex Building Supplies felt the new division presented a good and timely opportunity. The new operation features local ownership, the best available delivery equipment, experienced staff, and a great location, welcoming professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

Having the ability to offer lower pricing is a strong advantage, but saving “Canex is the perfect example of a your pennies has been redefined in hands-on business that has built itself the past few years in light of the global from the ground up. It started up in economic downturn. Companies have 1983 with the two owners and two had to cut costs, lower prices, pro- staff and built up the business one mote alternate higher-priced products customer at a time, based on strong to niche markets, and really push cus- relationships, pricing, and service. The tomer service to stay afloat. However, employees treat the customers as their Canex Building Supplies has always friends and try to meet all their needs,” prided itself in these areas—price, says Bruce van den Brink, Operations product and service selection, and cus- Manager and co-owner. tomer service. Bust or boom, this founDespite having 60 employees, ‘corpodation has always been in place. rate culture’ is relaxed and casual where Since TIM-BR MART Ltd. leverages its the emphasis is on the workplace being collective buying power by negotiat- fun as well as productive. “We have ing the lowest possible price on prod- a very relaxed work environment but ucts and enables strength in numbers, hard working. As management, we members such as Canex Building Sup- have an open door policy where staff is plies are able to offer competitive pric- encouraged to bring any issues directly ing, and, equally important, customer to management. We feel happy workers service has always been served fami- produce happy customers. The majorly-style by personalizing relationships ity are not only customers but friends and exceeding expectations. and contractors who come in the store everyday are on a first name basis with Canex Building Supplies recently our staff,” says Bruce. opened a new Drywall and Masonry Division just a mile down the road, west Canex Building Supplies reinforces TIMof the main store on Knight Rd. Due to BR MART Ltd.’s precedent-setting stanproduct line expansion and challenges dards on environmental sustainability

Although the Canex philosophy has not significantly changed since its inception, the operational side sure has. “Inventory control…what’s that? When we bought the business, we did not use a computer system for inventory or POS. With the dust in the yard and store, we would figure out what turned over. The thicker the dust, the slower moving the inventory”, says Bruce van den Brink. Canex Building Supplies is a privately owned family based business that was founded by Bert and Gerry van den Brink. In 1994 the business was sold to a group of partners headed by Bruce Kehler, which included three nephews of the previous owners. Today, the company is owned by Bruce Kehler, and the three nephews Bruce van den Brink, Beverly van den Brink (widow of Barry van den Brink) and Brian Wierks. Canex Building Supplies has won numerous awards--Established Business of the Year from the Chilliwack Chamber of Commerce, was twice a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and was awarded a Silver Georgie by the Canadian Home Builder Association under the Supplier/Subtrade/Manufacturer category. Actively involved in the community, Canex employees contribute by supporting the local rotary clubs’ varying projects, sponsorship, such as the Chilliwack Bruins WHL team, fundraising initiatives for the Chilliwack Hospice Society, and donate to local homeless shelters and youth sport and adult recreational teams. For more information, visit BSIA News Magazine

December 2009



Submitted by: Brian Linklater, CRBSC Government Relations Advisor Recently, David Campbell, President of the Canadian Retail Building Supply Council (CRBSC) appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance. The Standing Committee is composed exclusively of Members of Parliament, and Mr. Campbell was testifying on behalf of CRBSC’s prebudget submission. His remarks follow. I am here today in my capacity as President of the Canadian Retail Building Supply Council, an umbrella organization comprising all five of Canada’s regional and provincial building supply associations. Our pre-budget submission is supported by the Canadian Hardware and Housewares Manufacturers Association, and a letter to that effect is contained in our brief. Together, CRBSC and CHHMA represent 2,300 companies that, in 2008, employed 75,000 Canadians and generated some $83 billion in sales. Members include all major aspects of the building materials, hardware, housewares and lawn and garden products industries. The contents of our submission reflect the views of 334 companies that participated in CRBSC’s pre-budget survey this summer. Prospects for the Canadian economy to return to growth in this quarter, or perhaps even in the third are encouraging. and would mean an end to the recession. The damage caused in the past year, however, will not soon fade away. Within our sector of the economy, just consider these facts, all of which were obtained from current published Statistics Canada reports. • Residential building permits for the first eight months of this year were worth almost $9.5 billion less than for the same period past year. • Retail sales in building and outdoor home supplies stores in the first seven months this year


BSIA News Magazine

December 2009

dropped $519 million from the same period last year. • Wholesale sales of building materials were off almost $5.7 billion from the first seven months of 2008. • There were 93,000 fewer construction employees in September 2009 than September 2008, and 229,000 fewer manufacturing employees. Budget 2009 announced four major programs to help Canadians acquire and improve their homes, all of which had a positive impact on the retail building supply sector. The Home Renovation Tax Credit was particularly beneficial.

with the contrast between the administrative burden placed on retail customers by the two environmental programs and the HRTC. That led CRBSC to ask whether retailers and suppliers felt the benefits under the EcoENERGY Retrotfit and ENERGY STAR programs would be utilized more readily by consumers if they were offered a more user-friendly alternative such as a tax credit modelled on, for example, the HRTC. Sixty-five per cent of retailers and 72 per cent of their suppliers believed this would be the case, and that is what this brief recommends. Our position paper reports that most respondents to our pre-budget survey favoured significant personal income tax relief to increased government spending. Therefore, our third recommendation advocates that the Standing Committee recognize the importance of broadlybased and major personal income tax relief.

The Standing Committee asked what federal stimulus measures have been effective, The HRTC is definitely one of those measures. Without it, the results for the housing market would have been significantly worse those I have just pointed out to you. Eighty-six percent of our retail members and 87 per cent of our supplier members stated that the HRTC should be continued until the recession’s impact on the Canadian business Standing behind our community has exceptional products are lessened significantly Accordingly, extraordinary people. we recommend that They are passionate about the Home Renovaworking with dealers, tion Tax Credit be extended until Febsharing knowledge, and ruary 1, 2011.

Our people. Your confidence.

The Standing Committee asked what could be done to make stimulus measures more effective. The EcoENERGY Retrofit and ENERGY STAR programs are both designed to stimulate environmentally responsible behavior. We have struck this

been year

providing thorough, responsive service with skill and professionalism.

Why not see what our products, programs and people can do for you? For more information contact Rob Cameron at 604-253-3131 email: WEBSITE:

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Build in savings. Build in protection.

A smart and economical choice for interior applications where fire retardant construction materials are specified, D-Blaze ® treated lumber and plywood are highly effective in controlling the spread of flame, smoke and devastation caused by fire. And in most applications, it offers a lower installed cost than noncombustible classified materials.

• Approved by major building codes and insurance rating bureaus • Tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) • “FRS” classified, exhibiting a flame spread and smoke development of 25 or less at 30 minutes • Class A Fire Retardant • FR-2 Interior Type A High Temperature System • Non-corrosive and low hygroscopic properties • AWPA standardized fire retardant wood treatment • 50-year limited warranty

Available from these Wood Preservation Specialists West Fraser Mills, LTD, Sundre Alberta 403-638-3772 Thunderbolt Wood Treating Co, Inc, Riverbank, CA 916-402-3248 Fontana Wood Preserving, Fontana, CA 909-350-1214 Allweather Wood, Loveland, CO 970-667-4082 Superior Wood Treating, Sumner, WA 253-863-4495

For more information on these and the full line of Viance treated wood products, call 800-421-8661 or visit

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The 2010 BSIA Media Planner

Looking to reach our members with your message, product or service?

The 2010 Bsia Media planner is now available to download at, containing advertising information on our 4 exciting communication vehicles.

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Member News

The votes are in!

Hockey is a hit with TIM-BR MART Dealers. TIM-BR MART has broken new ground on a few levels with their sponsorship of the World Juniors. They’re skating into the world of hockey and used Facebook to get the word out about a contest to send an entire minor league team to the Championships. Steve Stremecki, VP of Retail Services took a few minutes to talk to Association publications about TIM-BR MART’s sponsorship and the role social media is playing in it.

This is something different for TIM-BR MART. Tell us about the sponsorship. We’re the exclusive LBM sponsor of the IIHF World Juniors Championship event – Canadians know it as ‘the World Juniors’ – and that gives us some fantastic exposure throughout the series on things like score clocks, rink boards, arena signage and promotional nights. It also gives our Dealers across the country an opportunity to promote it within their communities on print, television and radio; from what we’re seeing in the field, it has clicked with our Dealers.

Why do you think it ‘clicked’ with your Dealers? Hockey binds us as a nation and the World Juniors represents something true about the love of the game. It’s a genuine passion to win, to represent Canada and our national pride is on display. I believe our Dealers see it as a way to connect on a different level with their local communities. Yes, with the sponsorship because they can say: “We sponsor the World Juniors”, and also with our Video Challenge. Both combine to create a different dialogue with customers allowing them to grow that relationship and make an emotional connection. And it’s clicked with our Vendor partners too. Again, it opens up a dialogue outside of the normal course of business that people can relate to quickly.

Tell us about the Video Challenge. We challenged minor league teams— hockey or otherwise—to videotape their team spirit and tell why they should be our guests at the Championships in Saskatoon this December. They uploaded their videos to our interactive website at but there was a twist: Canadians who voted online determined the winner, not us. The winning entry won a trip to Saskatoon and the World Juniors for the entire team plus coaches, parents/ guardians etc. They’ll take in games, stand on the ice during intermission of the first game and the audience will see their winning entry. It’s going to be an energy-packed event for them.

Interestingly, you used social media to promote the Video Challenge. Tell us about that choice. We used traditional methods like ads and in-store and community signage, but because our Video Challenge was an online contest we wanted to use complementary media to spread the word. Tools like Facebook, Twitter and the blogging community fit the bill. We considered our target market for the contest (teams between the ages of 7 and 17) and saw that this is a demographic that’s only ever known the internet and certainly are comfortable with social media. To try and reach them only through traditional means would have been short-sighted.

Thanks Steve. The IIHF World Juniors Championships are held in Saskatoon and Regina, SK from December 26, 2009 to January 5, 2010. The Video Challenge contest ended midnight on November 21st EST. The winning entry can be found at

BSIA News Magazine

December 2009


Turning Back The Pages Of Time - 2000 Not only was a new decade upon us, but we were experiencing the great unknown – entering a new millennium with talk of a Y2K bug creating global havoc. Take a journey with us through the archives of the BSDA News Magazine and see what was happening in our industry and association a decade ago. In his message to the membership in the Spring issue, President George Tracy talked about the tough business climate BC had experienced in the past couple of years, which included our industry being affected. Slow housing starts have been a concern created in part by the ‘leaky condo’ problem. Although this had created a market for some retailers supplying repair materials, the reluctance of people to buy condos had a trickledown effect on the entire housing market.

WESTCOAST 2000 Tradeshow and AGM The most anticipated BSDA event of the year was the WESTCOAST 2000 Tradeshow. The Show Committee, chaired by John Physick of Delroc Industries Ltd focused on making the show a true ‘buyers show’. March 3rd and 4th were the dates at the Delta Pacific Resort & Conference Centre, Richmond. The Breakfast speaker was Peter Legge and entertaining the troops at the Annual Gala was rock ‘n roll impersonator Big Tom.

to Monica Busey and former long serving BSDA staff member, May Luther. The show was a tremendous success with 84 exhibitors in attendance, up from 57 in 1999. The Annual General Meeting was also held at this time with David Dupont, Hardware & More, handing over the chair to Terry Crofford of Revy Home Centres Inc.

OSB – the structural panel of the future The spring issue of the BSDA News Magazine ran an article regarding the rise in OSB sales stating that OSB now enjoys a 70% share of North American residential floor, wall and roof sheathing sales.

BSDA pioneer reaches century mark February 24th, 2000 was a day of celebration for the Perry family and the BSDA as Bert Perry turned 100 years young. Bert was President of the BSDA (then known as the BC Lumber Survey) from 1945-47, and was very active within the association for a decade prior. Bert was a man who always had the best interests of the association and its members at heart. His son, Tremayne would later become BSDA President from 1960-61, and his family store, Kerrisdale Lumber, remains a proud BSIA member today with great-grandson Mark running the business.


BSIA News Magazine

December 2009

Burg & Johnson, a 63 year old retail store in the Powell River area, moved to its new 21,500 sq ft facility, two and a half times larger than their previous one, on October 23rd 1999. The store would also capture the award for best building supply store over 15,000 sq ft in the Hardware Merchandising Outstanding Retailer Awards, held in Toronto. Griff Building Supplies also moved to a new larger location, saying goodbye in February to Lougheed Highway, Coquitlam and hello to a new 25,000 sq ft retail, warehouse and office facility in the Queensborough section of New Westminster. The Wostradowski family experienced the phone call most retailers dread on the 4th December 1999, when they learned a huge fire had destroyed their Westside Builders Do-it store. Even

Burg & Johnson move into their new larger building

The ORION Awards were also handed out during the festivities and the 2000 BSDA Bursary winners were introduced

Taiga’s Team at the WESTCOAST 2000 Tradeshow

Knothole News

Walter Hachborn, President & CoFounder of Home Hardware Stores Ltd was awarded the Order of Canada by the Adrienne Clarkson, Governor General of Canada.

Four generations of Perry’s. From left: grandson - Mark, great-grandson - Lyle, Bert and son Tremayne

Griff staff pose for the camera oustide the new Ewen Avenue Facility

their 1999 ORION Award trophy won for best store under 10,000 sq ft melted in the fire. Four months later on April 15th, 2000 the Wostradowski’s hosted a successful Grand Re-opening.

Taiga Forest Products opened their Gloucester Estates, Langley distribution yard and head office, a year after the opening of their pressure treating plant on the same property.

Fire also destroyed Victoria’s Revy Home Centre on the evening of May 25th with an estimated $3 million in damages.

The Futura Corporation acquired CanWel Distribution Ltd. CanWel also named Tim Creech as National Pricing Coordinator.

Recochem (BC) Inc. wished sales manager Joe Esteves all the best on his retirement after 35 years of dedicated service with the company. Thomas Stafford of Westman Steel Industries also called it a career in 2000 after 30 years in the steel roofing industry. Randy Martin joined the TIM-BR MART Ltd team as Director of Merchandising

In Memoriam

The “Complete Choice” for Metal Roof Drainage Systems & Accessories Across Canada!

The BSDA mourned the passing of former Director, Bob Lamoureaux who passed away in January. He was employed by Still Creek Forest Products at the time of passing.

BSDA Membership on the rise As the number of members joining the BSDA continued to grow, the association welcomed Harris Rebar, Insul-West Distributors Ltd, Mouldens Britmoor Tool Company and LBMX Inc and on the retail side, Mayne Island Building Centre and Merc Building Supplies.


Snow Guards

Copper/ACQ Approved Products Roof Edges


Trim Coil

Golf Tournaments as popular as ever Some things don’t change in a decade! The annual BSDA Golf Tournaments were once again a tremendous success in 2000 with many of the tournaments attracting record numbers. The summer issue of the BSDA News Magazine was full of tournament recaps and photos.


Roll Valley Flashings



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BSIA News Magazine

December 2009




Index to Advertisers ADP............................................................. 9 AFA Forest Products Inc........................ 48 All Weather Windows Ltd...................... 23 BSIA Westcoast Building & Hardware Show...................................... 14 BW Creative Wood Industries...............17


ne of the interesting aspects of working in our industry is that we get to see many new products, places and people. Our industry is very dynamic and it never stops changing. Think about the mergers, acquisitions, buyouts etc. that we have witnessed in the past few years. How about the Stanley purchase of B & D? There are just too many others to list on this page. We have seen banner changes, color changes, product consolidation, resigning and even some reengineering. Are we any further ahead? It really depends who you talk to doesn’t it. One thing is for sure, change is inevitable. The past year has flown by; the months seemed to fly off the calendar. And now here we are preparing for 2010 and all the changes that a new year brings. Recently, Colleen and I took a couple of days off over the Thanksgiving weekend and drove the Sea to Sky highway to Whistler. Talk about change. This has to be one of the most scenic roadways in the world. Not only are the views spectacular, but the highway has been improved in so many other ways. Firstly it appears to be much safer in that the lanes are wider for long stretches allowing more areas for the slow traffic to get out of the way of the roadrunners! We took our time and found the drive very relaxing, something you couldn’t do in the past. The boulevards are spectacular as well, lining the road with trees, grasses and wonderful artistic concrete work that is really world class. We were impressed with the retaining walls that were stamped with murals all the way from Horseshoe Bay to Squamish. It really is impressive. As we closed in on Whistler, we commented on how well the roads are marked and lined. Even the village is looking wonderful with the fall colors and the local roads are finally finished to a world class standard. I visualize of all the lumber, nails, hardware, hand tools and equipment etc. that has 46

BSIA News Magazine

December 2009

gone into building the highway, the new homes, renovations and the new buildings in preparation for the event. I appreciate that 2 of our members, Rona and Acklands-Grainger have made large commitments and taken sponsorship positions and are excited by all that this brings to them and their customers. Our members and industry have done well by all the construction throughout BC. Like many though, I am torn by all the talk regarding the Olympics, the good and the bad. I see the positive impact all the building and construction has had on our members and at the same time I see the social issues that need addressing. Let’s continue to work at both and support this once in a life time event for all the good things it brings today and into our future. All the leading indicators show that British Columbia is on the road to recovery after a challenging year. 2010 will see positive growth in single and multi home construction. Our renovation tax credit should be extended to keep that sector busy and active as well.

Canada Scaffold Supply Co. Ltd............31 CanWel Building Materials....................47 Cloverdale Paint...................................... 20 CWD Windows & Doors by Ply Gem... 28 Euramax Canada Inc.............................. 45 General Paint Corp................................. 40 Gentek Building Products Ltd............... 26 Global Vision Marketing........................ 22 Home Hardware Stores Ltd..................... 5 JELD-WEN Windows & Doors...............21 McGregor Hardware Distribution........ 35 Menzies Metal Products....................... 32 Princeton Wood Preservers Ltd........... 19 Steel-Craft Door Products Ltd.............. 38

The BSIA has a great schedule of events ready to roll out in 2010 including our Westcoast Building & Hardware Show in Penticton May 6-7th. Plan to attend and take advantage of all the great opportunities offered at the show.

Taiga Building Products........................... 2

We look forward to a better year ahead in 2010! Thanks for all your support in 2009!

VELUX Canada Inc...................................27

TIM-BR MART Ltd................................... 42 Trinitec Distribution Inc.......................... 19

Viance........................................................41 Westman Steel Industries........................7 Westminster Industries......................... 13

Feel free to contact me directly at 604-513-2205 or by email at

Window & Door Manufacturers Association of BC................................... 26


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